Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WOMAN. What aichest prise hath wonto won Ja soissoeor iaart.' wkt nuxhtiaat work by woman dona, Bouti ?ty, field, or mart ? "Sha hath no Raphael! Painting aaith; ??No Newton"' Uanian orioe; "f how ue her ateaui-ahipTher Maobeth . Her thoaxht-woa victories." Wait, boaatfbl man ! Though worthy are Thy deeds when thou art true. Things worthier alii', aod holier far. Oar atater yet wtil do; For thia the worth of woman ahowa, On every peopled shore, Tut a till as n?n in wisdom crowa. He honora her the more. Oh. not for waalth. or feme, or power, Hath man'a meek angel striven. Bet. silent as the (rowing flower, T?* nmke of earth a heaven! And in her garden of the sun Heavaa's brightest roae alia!I bloom ; For wuiiian'a best is uabMiu! Her advent yet to ooiue. Ebtntxer Elliott. A Model Bouk-Bcver.?The last No. of Harper'sWeakly has a portrait of "Mr. Brown," whoae stomach had been fully provided for, however his mind had been neglected : seated in a Book store for the purpose of furnishing his Library. ?? Let me see," says he, "I'll take twelve feet of tbem, 'sorted?blue, red, and jailer bindings, and two and a quarter feet of them spotted backed wollums to till up over the door of the Liberary!" Another picture represents the same " Mr. Brown" visiting a Picture Factory, for the purpose of purchasing Paintings for his mag nificent Uallery of Art. Brown.?" 1 want a picture4by 5 exactly, as I have jest that space to spare." Dealer.?*' Any particular subieot? Moon light, Eruption of some of the Volcanoes, or a domestic subject, or?" Brown. "Don'tcare what subjeot, or who Is the Painter, so that it is 4 by b exactly." (Brown is accommodated.) ID". "Don't rob yourself,'' as the farmer said to the lawyer who was continually calling him ba d names. Hy Elghtv-flve pardons were granted by the Executive of Maryland during the two year* past Thirteen or these were given to persons convicted of murder and manslaughter. |[T The Toronto Globe fears that the effect of ' tbe mild weather now prevailing in Canada, as well as here, will be unfavorable to tbe wheat erop, which prospers best when protected by a covering of snow. ITT* Kansas is now a prominent missionary field, and the Methodists have succeeded In erect iag the first church in i ecompton. Tbe building is of stone and large enough to accommodate 3ou persons. irr Judge Cloeson, of Windsor (Vermont) Probate District, has decided that a good family newspaper is one of the necessary articles for the support of the family during tbe settlement of an estate; and aa such, the administrator, in an in solvent estate, is justifiable in paying for one? the widow to make her own selection. ||T The Council-General of Guadaloupe baa just voted an address to the French Ministry of Marine and Colonies, praying the Imperial Gov ernment to furnish that laland with 10,000 fresh immigrants; and with a view to pay for their introduction has laid an additional duty on the admisaion of tobacco ID" The Philadelphia Bulletin learns from inquiry into the condition of tbe Ice-houees along the Scnuylvill. that with some rare exceptions, but little stock remains on band. The largest establishment has only about four hundred tons, M>me have five or six tona each, while otbera Lavs none at all. irr The Bangor Union say* thatflaat week one of the first ladies in Bangor, while engaged in the diversion of akating on the river, went into an opening in the ice, but was saved by her crin oline. She immediately repaired home*rbanged her wet garments for dry, took a small horn of brandy, and returned to the sport with renewed vigor from her double bath. E- The Wheeling (Va.) Intelligencer makes ailed atatement of the doings of one Dr. Chaae, a dealer in nostrums, who deserted bis family and run off with a young girl, whom he ?educed Mrs. Chase endeavored to inatitute a criminal prosecution, in Wheeling, but as the aliased offence was committed in Pennsylvania, nothing could be done in her behalf. A Mischievous Esei*e.?More than twenty distinct fires was kindled on tbe line of tbe Bos ton and New York Central Railroad, by sparks and cinders from the locomotive "Quincy," at tached to the 3 o'clock train from this city on Saturday afternoon for Med way. Tbe beautiful grove at Fairmont was set on fire in two place*, and at DedLarn Lower Plains nearly five acres of grass lands were burnt over.?Boston Pott. icr m m Russell has imported a number of daar into Honolulu from California, also a num ber of mud-turtles, toads, and frogs. The toad* and frogs are to be a set-oft against tbe moaquitos, cockroarhes and centipedes that infest tbe Isl ands Two young ''cinnamon bears," a main aiul female, have arrived from Oregou, as a present to His Majesty. Tbe bees imported from Cali fornia are doing well at Honolulu. Or^. A Paris lettr says "the grippe (influenza) which is now prevailing extensively at Paris, seems to have extended over Europe, and more than one of tbe crowned heads have had their lives put in danger by it. The news from the king of Wurtemburg, now the oldest monarch in Europe, who has been attacked by this disease, continues alarming. The Empress Eugenie has bad a severe attack, the Emperor a much lighter one." ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL? G T Smith, Md: Jas P Leak, Md, J W Leak, do: J Goode, Jr. Va; TF Holden and lady. Mass, J T Lndeling, La; R R Hird, Va; J T Seawell, do ; E S Harrison and family- T L Pugb and lady, do, W M Mur ray, NY; M S Smith, do; John Gallaher, Pa; A L Horsey, Va; T S Lawson, do; Miss Law son, do. Dr E P Duvall, Md; F A Glass, Ga; J R Pirkerton, O; P Edwards, do; J F Smith. Mo; J A Whurton,NY; A P Call, Iowa; S R Hasmer, O, G Harding, Pa: S J Megargee. do; E Keade, NC; T B EdXar Mo; T R Reading, Miss ; W Nicholson, La; J H Sturgeon. Mo; J O Long. I) SA: Miss H M Long, do; J B Haslett and lady, NV; J S Shearer, do: 8 Kaiser, La. S Genaler. Dr McDonald. Tex. s H Christian, NC; Jas M Barrere, Lar J Courtade, La ; Jas Carinicbael, Va; J D Frteraon, Ga; A J Fort, Va. A J Myers, Md: John Williamson. Va; Tho* J WLarton, S C; B H Snead, Va; G G Byron, NB; R W Hy maa, Md: Wm Barkewell, jr, Va; P Lantner Mich; Edward Bettle, Pa; T C Earle, Mass; \V Pcaraall. Pa; C L Nicholson. Pa; R Brigham, do, A S Johnson. Kz.neas: J T Heald, Del; J L Devan, do; W R Bernard, Mo; Wm Griswold, NY. W1LLARDS' HOTEL ?? N Salomon. N Yk; Mr Kdder, Mass: N Ben tie v and lady, R J Mo rel toe, H A Smythe, A ec'-eper and lady, Mia* E Brooks, Dr J W Turnbnll, N Y; S Parknurst and lady, Md, W 8 Kernocban and lady,La: A Mann, Jr, and lady, NYk; H Riahey, Pa; W Kales, Md: C J Clinch and lady, D Hamilton. R He bell, H Sondueim, A Ot'enhelroer. S B Babcock and ly, R M Coolev, N E Paine. E A Brown, J B Has lett and lady, J S Shearer. N York; 8 P Baron, A Beal and lady. Mass; VV T Archer, 8C: A L Wfcltaker, Tenn, Purser Semple, U H Navy; R B Parker, W L Walker, Hon Truman Smith, Gen A Ward, Hon W W Woodworth, Q M Nevltt, R M Clark, NYork; P 8 Rowland, Rob't Tyler, A Miti hell. Pa, T B Edgar, Mo; Mrs J D Jones, N Y; Dr L F Jones. (J S A; Daniel Dougherty, Pa Hon Jno A Searing, NY J Mann, Mien; Hon Jas Bishop. NJ; Hon C O'Coiior, NY; C Gibson, La; Mob A S Murray. F Gibbons, NY: Col W Duianv, Maes, P Higgtns, do; P Rndolphaon, Mi?*?*s F and Agnee Heron, Mra Heron, A C Thunder. Pa NATIONAL HOTEL ?Hon W Smith, Va; 0 L Parker, Md, H J lbboteon. NYk; C Cooper, O; Mr Keene Mr Dobbin, Md; G H Glddlngs. J C Wood, Ed Hall, San Diego; J B Harvie.DC; Geo Foibea, Dr J Dove Md, S K Hosmer, Ohio; F ?? Cummings, T T Richards. W Terrell and ladf, A Mas ? P C Rn,\d. Va; J L Mr Gee. do; J T Briscoe. Md; N I> Eillngood*. N Y; Geo Stickney, C O Shove, Mas*; J ifupont. Del; J W Blake, Ind; Capt Wallin, I' S A A A Rau* Md, E N Dickersoa, MY; F E Sickle, T 1! Hank G M Knevitt, NY , M Willcox.Pa; tfc Bander*! H B Beatty. Jas Cooova, N Yk, M F Robertson Va: W N Braina'd Cal. IT 8. HOTEL, (L. O. Smith a?J M limit ford, NY; Misa E M Hautfoid. do; W II Dulj. nev, Va; F H Gould, Pa; Mlaa Reaches, do; .Mi a C Reaches do; D O Smith, Va; Mlas Smith, do, H D Coleuiaa. do; H H Strawbrldge. la; J p?|. 1 saa, Ernr; W D Makeley, Va; I. MakHydo; L Llntou. DC; H B Smith. Mo; Col L P Lovetf, Cal; E Mui>i. Mass KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?J A France; C A Al exander, Me; H K Brad?haw, Vs; H C S^ott. Pa; A Grlffls, do; W M Hall and lady, NY; Col J R Johnston, Md: W E Bartleft. do; T J Mirnmo: Dr N M Miller, Mo; A C Bradford. Cal; R B Alexander. Va; O E Words. Pa; Mrs J B Evans, do; H Williams, Md; E C Brendest, NY; Mra Watson, do: J A Machado, do; F J Medurrs,do; M Gllston. do. OChAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fmom the United States. 8l?s?iri. Ar. Daw* Canada Boston ???*..Liverpool...p^b 10 Atlantic New ^ ark...Liverpool...Feb 13 Fao? Evbope tJIasffow t'laagow. ...New York. ..Ja?? it AraHa Liv? rpool.. New York... Jan 2a t'lrr Baltimore. I.iverpool...New York...Jan 27 ledian Liverpool...Portland Jan Niagara Liverpool... Boston ......Jan 30 I re California mall steamers leave New York ee ttt fth and MK* of each Moatk. Mifcellantoni. f^RKAT BALK OF 0AJUUA8ES, TMinBof^rtow k VU*m havi? <?S&L ?lot* op their business we nowoffer for( Ml*, at fit.jit their staad, No. A? 11... atreet, near tbe oorner of C, the to)towing Cwtuim: Fire BumMf Rocka^fsT^e i-~ur1^ Phaeton. a?d two Kxeress Wa? on a. All the above were made or the beet aod moat tho rough aeasoned lumber aod built by skillful and ex perienced workmen, and will be warrnted for twelve months; a satisfactory guarantee being given with every aale. , N. B. Current funda required in every inatanoe. Also, Hand Buggies vary cheap for oaeh. CHAS. T. UARUNER A SON jaa 90 2taw6w* Successors to Gardner A Plaoe THE ADVENTURES OK a CAT, and a fine Cat, too. colored engravings; London. 1857. Tbe Adventures of a Bear and a great Sear, too. colored engravings; London, 1857. The Adventures of a Dog, and a good Dog, too, oolored engravings; London. 1857. The Little Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquil, beauti fully illustrated; London. 1857. Fairy Gold, translated from the Frenoh. many il lustrations; London, 1857. Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger man; London, 1857. Sax el ford, a story for the Young, many illustra tion*; London, 1857. Eda Morton, or School-room Day a, many illustra tions; London, 1857. With many other new Books, English, French, and American, for youths of all agea. ianl FRANCK TAYLOR. CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR 185*.-The Little Commodore, Mother'a True Stonea. The Won derful Mirror, Richard, the Lion-hearted, Heroes of Historv, Tales of Sea and l.and, Inquisitive Jack. Dick Boldhero. What to do and how to do it, Siberian Sable Hunter, True Stories end False Tales from the German, Belle and Li. /y, or the Golden Rule, Aunt Mavor'a Nursery Rhymes, Naughty Boya and Girls, Fairy Tales by the Coun tess D'Aulnoy. and many others for youth of all ages, some of them juat from London, d 23 FRANCK TAYLOR. ? A R R I A G E LAMPS. We hwe this day been appointed agenta for Edw. Uaher A Co.'a Carnace and Engine Lampa, The attention Coaohmakera and others interested is respect lully called to the aampleat our store. Orders solioited. ELVANS A THOMPSON. 3SS Pennsylvania avenue, ian 14-eolra (Intel. Union.AStatea) 1ANOFORTES FOR CHRISTMAS PRES ENTS. Alao, Melodeona, Violina, Guitara, Music, Flutes. Aocordeons, Tamborinea, Ac., Ac., suitable for aunetantial holiday rifts. JOHN F. ELLIS, Piano and Music Store,906 Pa. avenue, between fXh and 10th atreeta. d 21 FINE EDITIONS, in Kine Bindings, of Giboon. Hume, Hallam. Macaulay, Bancroft,' Irving, Carlyle, Umh, Robertaon, Rollin, Plutarch, Ros ooe, Goldsmith, Dean Swift, Hogarth, Mitford. Maokintoah, Burnet, Ranke, Milton, Whewell, and other emii ent prose writers, may he found at the booka'ore of the undersigned, moatly imported di rect form London. dg FRANCK TAYLOR. CHEAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT, Two Pianos for #15 eaoh; one do. #75; two do. 9100 each: ti*> do. >12* each; in addition to a large stock of Boston and New York unrivalled Pianos d 15 tf JOHN F. ELLIS. SUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-iust re oeived, 20 oases of the oelebrated I ondon Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale by JONAS P. LEVY. No. 564 19th street, oorner of B atreet north. Gro ceries and Liquor Store. d t?-tf THREE SECOND HAND PIANOS, A One for *60. Two for #80. At the Muaio Store of l?a * W. G. METEEROTT. TWO VERY FINE SECOND-HAND PIAN OS for sale very cheap at our Piano and Muaie Store, 308 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sta. MnS JOHN F. ELLIS. FROM PARIS.?Fine editiona, in fine bindings, of Racine, La Fontaine. Sevigni, Duois, Rabe lais, De Stael. Delavigne, Monteaquien. La Bru yere. Saint Pierre, Rouaseau. Chateaubriand, Cou rier. Rotrou. Balzac. Marmier, Voltaire.Canefigue, Boasuet, Thierrv, Roohefouoauld, Malherbe, Cor neille, Soribe, Regnard. Guizot, Froissart. Alon atrelet, Biichon, Moliere. Roch, Barthlemy, and other standard French authors, imported by da FRANCK TAYLOR. LONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS London copy, with one hundred deaigna, by Gil bert, ptbziel and others, finely bound. TENNYSON'S POEMS, London oopy, numer ously illustrated and finely bound. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM TH E POETS, Charlea Mackay. one volume, small quarto, London, 1*56, finely bound, with 100 euzrav inga. BRYANT'S POEMS, small quarto, 71 engriv inga. finely bound. LALLA ROOKH, small quarto, finely illus trated and bound. BR ACEBRIDGE HALL, small quarto, numer ous engravings and finely bound. Aad fine editions of moat other Engliah and Ame rican writers, in Poetrr and Proae.aome beautifully llluatrated. others riohly bound, may be found at the bookatore of the undersigned, moatly imported by himaelf direct from London. Jan FRANCK TAYLOR. DEBIT AND CREDIT, translated from tbe Ger man. Outram A Havelock's Persian Campaign, by Cap tain G. H. unt. Hide and Seek, a new novel, by the author of the SoflfAt " The Millionaire, by Dudley Coatello. Robert Burna and Walter Soott, twolivea by Rev Jamea White. The Young Ragmuffins, a new toy hook. Chamber'a Journal for Noveml>er and December. B'ackwood's Magazine for January. Received and for aale at JOS. SHILLINGTOV.S Bookatore fe3 Od?-on Bmlding. cor. ?t and Ja.wy. Ij^ARLY INDIANA TRIALS AND SKETCH J ES. Peraonal Reminiscences of the Public Men of the United States. Ac.. Ac.; by Hon. O. H. Smith, formerly United States Senator from Indi ana, ode large octavo volume of 640 pages, finely printed, with portrait of tbe author; pnoe 82.00, or post free by mail *2.50. Sold for the publishers by ianSI FRANCK TAYLOR VIEWS AND, OPINIONS OF AMERICAN Statesmen of all times on Foreign Immigration, eolleoted into one volume, with atatiatioa, Ac., Ao. One volume octavo ; pnoe 75ota. ian 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. NEW MUSIC reoeived semi-weekly: Muaio or dered from and aent to any part of the oountry ; Muaio Bound, Ao , Ac., at our Piano Warerooma, 306 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th atreeta. * y towat y. klLIR. Ju . . GASTON A CLARK, " ??0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, aeoond door from 7th atreet, ^uder the Avenue Houae, _ DBA I KE* IN CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. W^ETiS/ST" ??n *?tnt,on to* desirable Stock CLOTHING whioh th?y now hAV6 on axhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, aec >nd door from 7th street, and as they are determine J to close off the lot if poaaible, every effort neoeasary on their part shall be uaed in order to please their customers. In the Clothino DKrAKTMBNT we can guaran'ee the etock to be perfoot ui poiut of durability, fit and atyle, beoause we make everything ouraefvee,and have no hesitation in saying our roods will be found equal to the best order work in the oountry. Watching the vanous ohaugea of fashion, parties may rest as ured of fiudipg the latest cut and make in atore, subject to their inspection and approval. f'S.oonworth of Gooda for Men'a, Boya'and Ser vanda Wear, will l>e sold at auction prices, and pur chase** would do well to examine the lot. Thia ia no humbug, as our assertions can be proved on ex amination. Call and see ns at the above Store. d*?-3m GA8TON A CLARK. LORD BYRON'S WORKS. ? vola., Murray's London edition, in purple oalf binding. Knight a Pictorial Shakapeare, 9 vola., octavo, London, green oalf The Stratford Shakapeare, 10 vols., London, in oak casea. The Cabinet Shakapeare, 12 volrf, London, eloth British Poets. 4 vola., London, half oalf. , E0,V Biographioal Dictionary, 12 vola., London, full oalf. 1 Roilm'a Ancient History,9 vola., London, many maps, in half calf. Burnet's Histories. 3 vols., London, half calf. Dean Swift a Works, Roscoe's edition, 2 vols., London, haif oalf. ? Whewell'a History of tbe Induotive Sciences, 3 vols., tendon, fu 1 oalf. ' Bulwer's Novels, 20 vols., London, green oalf. And many other standard works in tne bindings, imported from l.ondon, by FRANCK TAYLOR. NEW PUBLICATION.?"Hiatorioal and Lega Examination or that part of the Supreme (Court's deoision in the Dred Soott case which de clares the unconstitutionality of tbe Miaaouri Com promise Aet, and the aelf extension of the Consti tution to Territories. carrying slavery along wuh tf* Bf the author of The Thirty Years' View; oo tavo; David Appleton A Co. New York. 1877. The above work lust issued from the pre?e, tor sale at the well known st?nri, oorner of 4>? atreet and PennayIraniaavenue. Stereotype edition, beauti fully printed on dean new type, Ine white paper and with Wet biaok ink. Bound in black oloth and gilt lettered. Done up in a durable form for permanent use. Prieetl. This work is what itstitle purports to be, an ex amination ofj what the authoi deeina to bei the po litical part of the Court's opinion, avoiding any no tice or the iudioal part, which related to the peraonal claims of the parties on record. It is wrifen in a spirit of entire devotion to the institutions of our 2V""1/*w,t.h total absrinence from all party 'Vv*fathers own words arer "I write for no ? *'r 'J""" who venerate the wo ksof our w. ? w'"h to *ee our Government keat xnlh* has been ' . wrx. end whioh ia oonaidered, by oom rfl fhI s^tO^VorWprofound of JOB. SHILLINGTflN Bookseller, Odeon Building, oorner it. d 14-tf and Pa. av. DIPLOMATIC HISTORY of the W^h^7t7^ and Adams Admmietratious, by W. H.Treaoott l vol.; <1 2fc. Just pnblished. 4U PHilHrKTAVMH. NICK LITTLE PIANO for fao. in g?odu.0e Excellent for new beginera. Call early at Pa avenue. jan 2S JOHN F. Kl.LIS. NEW MUSIC received semi-weekly at JOHN F. ELLIS' Piano Store, near I0tb street. No, , Wl'a, avenue. ju re WtSI in the oonstruotion of oertara railroads therein men tioned, havmi been eo far adjusted as to authorize the release from withdrawal of the lands herein after desoribed, aottcs it herehp gtrtn that all the vaoant offered lands heretofore withdrawn from sale or entry along the routes of said railroads which lie outside of stx mites on eaoh side of the said roads, situated in the under-mentioned townships, which have not been selected in virtue of said grant or any other grant made by Congress, or legally claimed by pre-emption, and which were subject to private entry at the date of withdrawal, will be re stored to private entry on the days and at the plaoee hereinafter specified, at the ordinary minimum of one dollar ana twenty-five oents an aere. to wit: At the land offioe at DUBUQUE on Monday, the 15th day of Febuary next, vis: North of the base line and rust of the fifth prime* ?pal meridian Townships 85, 86,81.89, Wand 91, of range 1. Townships 85, 06,87,88, and VK of range 2. Townships 84,85, 88, and 87, of range 3. Townships 84 and 85, of ranges 4,5, aud 6. Township 84. of range 7. North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian Townghips 85, 88 87, 89, 9"\ and 91. of ramie 1. Tnwuthips 85,86. 87, 89, 90, 91, 92,and 93. or 'ange 2. Townships 85. 86, 87,88,90,91,92, and 93, of ranges 3, 4, and 5. Townships 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, and 93, of range 6. Townships 85,86,87,88,90,91,92, and 93, of ranges 7,8.9,10, If, 12.13 and 14. Townships 85,86, 87,88,89,91,93, and 98, e{ ranges 15 and 16. Townships 86,87,88,89,91, 92, and 93, of ranges 17 and 18. At the land offioe at FORT DES MOINES on Monday, the 15th day of ? ebruary next, viz: North of the base line and east of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 77,79,80,81,82, and33, of ranges 1 and 2. Townships 79, 80,81, and 82, of range S. Townships 81 and 82, of ranges 4,5,6, and 7. North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 77,80, 81.82, and 83, of range 1. Townships 76,77,79,80,81, 82, and 83, of ranges 2 and 3. Townships 78.77,80,81,82, and 83. of range 4. Townships 76,77,78.80,81, 82, and 83, of ranges 5 ^Townships 76,77 78, 79, 81, 82, and 83, of ranges 7 and 8. Townships 76,77,78,79,82, and 83. of range 9. Townships 76.77. 78,79, 80, 82, and 83, of range 10. Townships 76, 77,78,79, 81,82, and 83, of ranges 11, 12,13,14,15, and 16. Townships 76,77,78,79,81,82,83, and 85, of ranges 17,18,19, aud jo. Townships 76. 77.78.81, 82.83, and 85, of range 21. Townships 76, 77,78, 80,81,82,83, and 85, of ranges 22 and 23. Townships 76,77,79,80,81, 82,83, and 85, of ranges 34,26,and 26. Townships 76,77,79,80,81,82,84 and 85, of range 27. Townships 76,77,79,80,81,82,83, and 85. of ranges 28. 29,30, and 31. Townships 76,77,79,80.81,82, and 83. of range 32. Townships 76,77,79,80,81,82, 83, and 84, of range 33, At the land offioe at CHARITON on Monday, the 15th day of February next, viz: North of the bast line and irest of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Township 73, of range I. Townships 72 hips 72,73,74, and 75. of range 2. Townships 68, fl9.71,72,73,74, and 75, of range 3. Townships *7,68, (?, 71,72,73.74, and 7S, of range 4. Townships 67,68, 69,70,72,73, 74, and 75, of ranges 5, 8, and 7. ? Townships 87,88.80.70,71,73,74, and 75, of ranges 8,9, in, 11,12,18, and 14. j^Townships <T7, 68,69,70,71, 72,74, and 75, of range Townships 87,68,89,7?, 71,74, and 75. of range 16. Townships 67,68,69,70, 71,73,74, and 75, of ranges 17,18,19, and 20. Townships 67,88,89,70,75.74. and 75. of range 21. Townships (77,68,69,70, 71,73. 74, and 75, of rangea 22, 23,24, 25, 26, 27 , 28 , 29, 30, 31,32, and 33. At the land offioe at FORT DODGE,on Tuesday the 23d day of February next, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 86, 87,88,91, and 92. of range 19. Townsbips 8a, 87, 88,90,91, and 92, of ranges 20, 21, 22, and 23. Townships 86, 87, 88, and 92, of range 24. "Townships 86, 87, 88, 9\ 91, and 92, of ranges 25, 26, 27, and 28. Townships 86,87, and 88, of ranges 29,80,31,32, and 33. At the land offioe at SIOUX CITY on Tuesday, the 23d of February a ;Xt, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth princi pal mr vidian. Townships 86, 87. and 88, of range 34, Townships 87 and 88,?f ranges ? and .17. Townships 88 and 88, of ranges 38,3B, and 40, Township 91, of range 41. Township 9?. of range 42. Townships 86, 87, and 88. of ranges 43,44, and 45. Township 88,of range 46. At the Land Offioe at COUNCIL BLUFFS, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of February next, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 67. 68.69. 7", 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79,80, 81,82,83, and 84. of range 34. Townships 87, 68.69, 7", 72, 73, 74, 15, .76, 77, 80, 81, 82,83, and 84, of range 33. Townships 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 74,75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82.83 aud 84' of range 36. Townships 67, 66. 69. 70, 73, 74, 75,76,77,78, 80, 81, 82, 83. 84, and K5, of range S7. Townshlps 67, 68, 69.TO, 71, 73, 74, 75,76,77,78, 80, $ 1, 82. 88,84, and 86. of ranee 38. Townships67,68 , 69,70,71, 73, 74 , 75,76,77,78,83, 84. and 85, of rsnre 39 -oT?-wn,hlp? 67? S 70- 71 ? 73' 7?. 1?. 17,79,80,81, 82, 83. 84 and 85, of range 40. Townships 67.68,69, 70,71,73, 74, 75, 76, 78,79, 80, 81, and 82, of range 41. Townships 67. 68. 69. 70,71,73,74,75,77, 78. 79, 80 81,and 82, of range 42. Townships 67,68, 71, 73, 76, 77,78,79, 80, 81, 82, and 83, ol range 43. Townships 68, 73,79, 80,81,82, and 85, of range 44 Townships 79,80, 81, 82, and 85, of range 45. Township 85. of range 46. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-fourth day of Deoemfter, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven. THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. <1 9S_law? V i. M.ACKAY. ?StmgB for Muaio* by V/ Charles Macks*, 28 cents. Ballads and Lyrical Poems; by Charles Maekay, 25 cents. The Salairandrine: by Charlea Maekay, 25 oents. Legends of the Isles;by Cnarles Maekay. 25 cents. Voices from the Cr?.wd; by Charles Maekay, 25 oents. Voices from the Mountains, by Charles Maekay, 25 o*nts. The Lump of Gold; by Charlea Maekay, 25 oenta. fader <*reen Leaver by Charles Maekay,25 cents. Poetical Works; l?y Charles Maekay, antique mo roooo, $2.75. For sale at Taylor a maury's J*" 2-tf Bookstore, near 9th street. PROTECJED by Rofal teller? Patent ?f England, and secured by the Seals of the Koole da Pharmaciede Pansand the Imperial College of Med lcine, \ leima. rri^semar No. fit a remedy for Re laxation, Spermatorrhoea, and FxhauS'ion of the System, rrieaemar No. 2 effeotually, in the short spaoe of three d*vs, completely and entirely eradi i thoi? unorders which oopaviaand cubebs have so long been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of the health ofa vast portion of the popu lation. Triesemar No. 3 la th? great Continental remedy for that class of disorders whieh. unfortu nately, the English physician treats with meroury, to the inevitable destruction of the patient's const! tution, and which all the sarsaparilla in too wo'ld cannot remove. Triesemar Nos. 1,2, and 3 are alike devoid of taste or smell, and ofall nauseating quali ties. They may lie on the toilet table Without their uso being suspeoted. Sold in tin oases, and divided in separate doses as administered by Veipaan. IjU Iemsn, Roux, Rioord. to., Ac. Prioe *3 eaoh. or four eases in one for *9, which saves and in #/7 oases. ' Sold by Dr. H. A. BAR ROW. No. 157 Pnnoe St.,a few blocks west of Broadway, iVsw York. Imine ?.! I J nn rec*JP? the amount Dr. B. will foiward the 96 oases of Triesemar. and the large sizes, car riage paid thus uuurinr cenuine Kuropean prepara tions. The $3 oases also sent, but not free of car riage. Consultations ps usual, from II a. in. till 2 p. m. and from 4 till 8 p.m.. at No. 1.57 Prince at a MTiiTT wTV' . *"'d "Iso by j. STOTT, Washington. fe 1 jy TH E R EASON WHY.?A oareful collect IonTTf many.hundreds of reasons for things which, tnouch generally believed, are imperfectly under stood. Oopioualy illustrated; English edition; price ?0 oents: free by mail on receiptof ninety six cents in stamps. Light in the V*U#y; My Experience of Spiritual ism; by Mrs. Newton Cropland: illustrated, *1 Violet, or the Danseuse, 38 oU. Hyographioaland Historical Sketches; by Macau lay ? Appleton's Railway Library.50ots. Punch's Pocket H?M?k of Fun. do. do.,50cts. The Biographical History of Pmioaophy. from its origin in flreeoe down to the present day; by (inures Henry Lewes; I volume, $2.75. The same in i vol uines, ?3 Just published and for sale at . , TAYLOR A MAURY'S _ J*n 7 Bookstore, near 9th st. pOR NORFOLK ANli PORTSMOUTH, Vs. L<uj,!,?ANA leaves the Union Dook, foot of Concord street. Balli mora.every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.and the itenme' NORTH*-???? CAROLINA every Monday, Wednesday.and Fn ?'aloou p- . . i. PALL8, f _ _ President Baltimore Steambo t C o. DEBIT AND CREDIT. translated fro?, the (icrman of Gnstav Freytag, by L C. C? with preface, tw Chevalier Bunsen: prioe 91 Lucy f^uyard's Journal, by Mrs. L. H. Sigourney ; The Poetical Works of James R. Lowell, 2 vols blue and gold ;75 oenta. Army Resistor for 185a; >? cents. Just yubUshed.ajid for sale at Taylor a maury's . tan ?2 Bookstore, near Xfc at. FINK EDITIONS, ? tae bindings, of Byron ? Campbell. Pope. Burns, Ml ten, Shakspvsre, ryant, Halleck, Longfellow. Tennyson, Cowper. homson. V ounc, Akenside, Rocers. Gay, Hemans Hood, Hhelley, Sou they, Gray, Wordsworth, Keats, Moore. t*o.?tt. Howitt. Spenser, Dry den, Goldsmith, and many other Poets, may be found at the Bnnk ?'yreof the undersicned, mostly imported by hira ?elf direot from London, mm of tiiem witn boauti ",i illustrations. FRANCK TAYLOR. ALL OF HARRY SANDERSON'S COM Po sitions for sale at the Musio Store of *? 5 W. 0. METZEROTT. AmSS|2mvSSm pp e> mot, frosi Tks wmii Htrttful* down to a tommmi PtaapJt. n, has tried it in oyer eleven hundred 0WM,inl war lluled ?xo?M u t*? o??i botb Thunder Hi ?nor He hM now in hia pomniiob over one hundred ^rtifiS2JT^uVL.?,i?JrTuu? twenty nuiee of ^Two'bottiea are wvruUd to oure a nursing Sort MoSfto three bottlee will ear* the wont kind ef ^Twoortlroe bottles will eiear the eyetem of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to oure the worat WOn? o?two taUu?!r*i to oor. *11 Hi mot in the Eyee. , ^ _ .

Two bottlea are warranted to eare Running of the Bart and Blotohes anion* the Hair. Four to six bottlea are warranted to oure oorrupt "one^Sufe wiTfeure Scaly Eruptions of the 8kin. Two or three bottlea are warranted to oure the worat kind of Ringworm. .... _ Two or three bottlea are warranted to oure the most moat desperate case of Rheumatism. Three to foar bottle* are warranted to oure Salt rheum. ? Five to eight bottlea will oare the worat oase of 8 Abeneht is always experienced from the 6rat bot tle, and a perfect eare is warranted when the above euantity la taken. . Nothing loofca ao improbable to thoae who teve in vain tried all the wonderful medioioea of the day, as that a common weed growing oa the paaturea.and along old stons wails, ahould oure ever? humor in the system; yet it is a fixed fact. If yon it haa to start. There are no IFS nor ANUS, hums aor ha'a about it suiting some oasea, buttnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it m the vioimty of Boston. I know the eifeots of it iu every oase. It has already done some of the greatest ourea e*er done in Massachusetts. I cave it to children a year old, to oid peopie of sixty. I have seen poor, pnny. wormy-lookinr children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfeot state of health br one W'fvj*thoee who are sutyeot to a sick headaohe, one bottls will always oure it. It gives ureal.relief in catarrh and dimness. Some who have taken it had been oostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will oause very singrlar feelings, but yon muct not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four daya to a week. There ta never a bad re ault from it; on the contrary, when tluit feeling la Eone, yon will feel youraelf like a new peraon. 1 eard some of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to , , In my own practioe I always kept it atnetly for hu mors?out since its introduction as a general fawny medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that 1 never suspected. Several cases of epileptic bta?a disease which was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove eflec tual in all oasea of that awful malady?there are bat few who have aeen more of it than 1 have. 1 know of aeveral oases of Dropsy, all of them axed people oured by it. For the various diseases of the Over, Sick Headaohe. Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery has done more good than any medtome ever known. _ AA. . No chance of diet ever neasaaery?eat the beat yoa oan get and enough of it. Directions for Ufa.?Adults ope taNe-spoonfhl per day?ohitdren over ten yeara dessert spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonlul. As no directions oan be applicable to all oouatitutions, take auAcient to operate on the bowels twioe a day. atANOFACTVXXD BT DONALD KENNEDY. . Ho. 130 W*rr$n Strut. Roxbury, MattntkuttiU. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Gilman. Kidwell A Lawrence. 1. B. Gardner, Hurry A Co., b. Walsh A Co., F. 8. Walsh, J. P. Stone. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartx A Co.. O Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburn, Dunbar Dyson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. 8. CisseTl. O M Lentham. J. L. Kidwell. mr 5-ly A YIR ? ? Cathartic Fills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies are ol fered to the publio as the best, most M perfeot. Which medical science oan afford. A \ERKS CATHARTIC PILLS have been prepared with the utmost skill which the m?di oal profession of this age possesses.and their ejects show they have virtues which surpass any combi nation oJ medioines hitherto known. Other prepa rations ao mnte or less good ; but this cures suor dangerous oomplaints, so quicx and so surely, as to prove an eflioaoy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thing whioh men have known before. By removing the obatruotions ot the internal orransand stimulating them into healthy action, the* renovate the fountaina of life and visor,?health couraea anew through the body, and the aick man ia well again. They are adapted to disease, and disease oftTy. for when taken by one in health they pn?duoe but little eiieot. This is the perfection of medicine. It ia antagonistic to disease, a;id no more. Tender children may take them with impunity. If they are sick they Will oure them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give them to some patient who has been pros trated with bilious oompiaint; see his bent-up. tot tering form straigtiteii with strength again ; tee his long-Tost appetite return: see his ciammy features blossom into health. Give them to some sutferer whose foul blood has burst out in scrofula till his skin is oovered with sores ; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out with every potion whioh ingenuity e?hild sug gest. (Jive him these Pills, and mark theeflect; see the scabs fall from his body ; see the new. fair skin that has grown under them; see the late leper that is clean. Give them to him whose angr* humors ha?*e p'anted rheumatism in his joints and bones; mo?e nim.and he screeohes with pains; he too has been soaked through every muscle ol his body with linimenls and salves; give him these Pills to purify his blood ; they may not oure him, for,alas! there are oasea which no mortal power can reaoh ; but mark, he walks with crutches now. and now he walks alone; they have cured him. Give them to the lean, aour, haggard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stomach has long ago eaien every arnne from his face and every muscle from his body. See his appetite return, and with it his healtn: see the new man. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness b aated and too eany withering awa>; want of exercise or mental anguish. orsomeTurkmc disease, haa deranred the internal organs of direa tiou. assimilation or aecretion.till the* do their oftice ill. Her blood is vitiated, her heaitn is gone. Give her these Pills to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to oast out the obstructions, and in fuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look a*a n ? the roses' blossom on her cheek, and where lateli sorrow sat. joy bursts from every feature. See the sweet infant wasted with worms. Its wan. sickly features teil you without disguise, and painfully dis tinot, that th<-y are eating its life away, its pinched up nose and ears, and restless sleeping*. tell the dreadfnl truth in language whioh every mother knows Give it the Fills in large dosoa to sweep these vile parasites from the body. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of ohildhood. Is it nothing to do these things.' Nay, are the* not the marvel of this age.' And yet they are done around you every da*. Have you the leaa aerioua symptoms of *hese dis tempers, they are the easier cured. Jaundioe Oos tiveness. Headache, Sideaohe. Heartburn. Foul Stomach, Nausea, Pain in the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, King'a Evil, Neuralgia, Gout^tnd kindred complaints all arise from the derangements which theae Pills rapid!* cure. Take them perae veringly.and under the counsel of a good Physician if you oan; if not, take thein judioiousiy by snoh advice as we sive you, and the distrea8ing, danger ous diseases they oure. whioh affliot ao many mil liona of the kuinan raoe, are oift out like the devils of oid-they inuat burrow in the bruteaand in the sea. Prioe 25 cents per box?5 boxes for #1. Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and ul dealers in Medicine everywhere. d 9-4m PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OR THB PHISIOLOGICAL JJBW OF MARRIAGE. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N. Y. 300 pages and ISO fine Pjiain end Colored Lithographs ICTPRICE ONLY * CENT8.^3I ID- Strnifrt* ofrotftt to mil pmrtt of IM Vu ion. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Phyciologiaal View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of260 pages and ISO plate*. Pr:o&25 oenta a oopv. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of aingle and married life? haapy and fruitful alliateea, mode or securing them?infelioitoua and infertile onea?their obviation and removal?nervoua debility, ita oauses and oure, by a prooess at onoeao aimple, aafe, and effeotual, that failure ia impossible?rules for daily management?anessa* on Sper matorrhcca. with practical observations on a safer aaa more suooessful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practioe : to winch is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age?eaoh case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'pointa out the remedies for those self inflioted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and thoae contemplating marriage. Its perutal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are oon scioua of having hasarded the health, happiness and privileges to whish every human being ia entitled to. Pnne fcS cents per oopy. or five oopiee for ftl, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United States, S addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (poet paid,) Albany, ew York, enolosing 25 oenta. N. B. Those wfeo preiar may eonaalt Doctor |LA CROIX upon any of the diaeaaea upon whioh his book treata, either personally or by mail. His medi oines often cure in the short apace of aix daya, and completely and entirely eradicate all traoea of those disorder a which onpaiva and eubeba have ao long been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. Hie " French Secret" ia the great oon I mental remedy for that olass of disorders whioh an ortuuately, physioians treat with meroury, to the irretrievable deatruotion to the patient's constitu tion, and which all the aaraaparilla in the world oan n"jr^7Vffioe No. SI Maideo Lbm, Albany, N. Y. THB 80NGS OF SCOTLAND, with the en graved music, and Pianoforte accompaniments, by Graham, Madia, Dibdea, Dun,and other eminent musioians. Complete in one large volume, richly bound, and containing about three hundred melo dies, beautifully engraved. Prioe fSJO. Imported SjjPRANCK TAYLOR. ALMANACH DE GOTH A; Annuaire Diplo matique et SUtisti^oe pour I'annee 1S.S8. The Koya) KalerxUr for I lift, a Register for Eng land, Seo flaw! .Ireland and the Colon lea f?, LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Researchee in South Africa, 1 vol., 8vo.. with Maps and En " FRANCI TAYLOR. TrtTtkn* Dlr?t?y. ^yTABHINOTON BRANCH RAILROAD, Trains ma ee follows: L?rt Wuhimlon U8i.ii. Do. do. at l a. m. So. do. at * p m. o. do. at4.3>pm. Do. do. at 5.15 p. m. The Trains at 6 and l?. m and 4 jn p. m. aorw*pI direetlyat Baltimore for the East and at R?aj ior the \Vcut. Those at 8 a. m. aid 5 15 p. n?. for Anap olis.aad at 3 p in. for Fredenok and Norfolk. The 6 a. ni. aod 4o<) p. m. train* are Express, and stop only at AnnapoTis and Washington junctions. The Eastern train uf Saturday at 4 .30 p. m. toes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only one train?at 4.30 p. m. >an?> d TH. H. t'AKSONS. Agent. r*? Sti^l (e?v?nsi tAis Tiie ATLANTIC?*Capt. Oliver Eldndga, The BALTIC - - Gapt. Joseph Comstook The ADRIATIC Capt. James WeeU expressly takes There skips having been built by oontraot exp for Goverm.ieut rervice, every oare has beea in their oonstraction, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their aooomn.<>dat,<.aj for passengers are unequalled for eieganoe and oom fort. The steamers of this line have improved water tight compartments. and uoexpense has l>een spared to make them all as good as now, the thorough exam ination given them proves their m?de of oonstino tion yet unequalled. Pnoe o* iron New York to Liverpool, in first oabm,#190; inseooud do., #75; From Liver pool U New York, 30 and 30 guineas. An experi perienced Sutgeon attached toeaoh ship. No berths can be securer until paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. nog naw tokk. raoM livikpool. Saturday, Jan. 16 185R Wedaesday, Feb.S...l858 ?-i - L'-U so .A.?lss? * ? ??? * - Saturday, Feb. 13 1JV38 Saturday, March 13. HW Saturday, Apr I in I8W Saturday, A j>rn 24. . .JS58 Saturday, Msy 8 1K5B ? v v vuuo?<i(vy | m *a j gw nvw Saturday, May 22 1H5K Wednesday, J uue 9 . 1868 Saturday, June5 185* Wednesday, June .3 la. 8 Wednesday, M'ch 3 .1858 Wednesday, M'eh 3i.IteR Wednesoay, April a iasn Wednesday, May 12. ,1?M Wednesday, May % 1H58 Saturday, June 19 lifcJl Saturday, July 3 layt Saturday, July 17 HBe Saturday, Aug. 14 1** Saturday, Aug.28 1858 * * ?? ? ? e mxv ? ioi n Wednesday, July 7.. .1858 Wednesday, July SI 18t? Wednesday, Aug. 4. IM Wednesday, frept. 1 .18# Wednesday, Sept. 15.ISM ' T'Ctov.J ite, ^ 'So#/ * ~3 , .,UV. P 1HJK Saturday, Nov. 20... 1858 Saturday, Deo.4.^. 1858 ' ? ,,VM '" -"aw Wedn*?day, Oct. 2) .1891 Wednesday, Nov. 10.H>4S Wednesday, Nov. 24.1858 ednesday, Deo. 8 l?'v Wednesday, Deo. *2 IBM Eot freight or passage, apply to DWARD K. COLLINS, No. IS, Wall street. New Yore. BROWN, SHIPLKY A CO., Liverpool. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., fans. The owners of these ships will not be aooosntable for gold, sliver, bnllion, speoie, iewe'ry, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading ars signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. d 16 Q RANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twice Daily, (Sunday nijtfits excepted.) betweec WASHINGTON CITY and the STOUTH. vie ALEXANDRIA, GOKDON8V1LLE and RICH MOND Lee ves Washington at ? o'clock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'clock p m. For LYNCHBURG and the SOUTHWEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'olook a. *m.. arrive it LYNCH UURG next morning at 4a m., oonneoting with the trains on the Virginia and Tennessee Raj Rosd for M KM PHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesville ?u Lynchburg a distance of60 miles. Fare from Washington to Lynohburg, #7.75. The steamer GEORGE PAGE, foot of Seventh street, being owned by the Railroad Company, rana in connection with tbe trains. Tickets for Lynohhurg procured on the Boat. fn^CVmnibusesaad Hugue Wagons will beat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pas sengers Mid baggage t? the Steamboat, for Alexan dria. a d.stance of six mnee, allowing ample tune for meals. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent, Alexandria, Jnly.lttTf. fv #-tf J^EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing connecting lines at the West has required an en tire revision of the running arrangements ofthis road by whioh highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. On and alter MONDAi, June 15. IR57, THREE DAILY TRAINS will be mo in both directions for through passengers. First-The ACCOMMODATION TRAINstarts from Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,i except Sunday,) stips at way stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Second?Tbe MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted ) at 8 30 A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 26 A. M., connecting at Benwood with Central Ohio trains for Coiumbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago, St. Louis, Ac., and at same p'aoe with trains for Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, 4o.. by Cleveland Road, and also at Parkers burg with Ma rietta Road. Third-The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI KX PRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.06 P. M., oon neotins at Benwood at 9 A. M.with expyss trains from Bellaire to Cincinnati, TieitAoMt change ?/ Cars at Columbus,) and reaching there in but 21 hours from Baltimore and 26 hours from Washing ton. It also connects directly, in both directions, at Graft<>n with cars by P&rkersburg and Marietta roads for Cliilliootlie. Cincinnati, em. These trains connect at Xenia for Indianapolis, Chicago aad St. Loins, and at Cincinnati with th? Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Cair? and St. Louis Uirough to St. Louis in less than 42 hours from Baltimore. B? this train the tim? to alt the central "nd southern places in the West is much less, while the diitnnrt it< from 4i> to loo miles shorter than by the shortest of other routes. Fmm the West these oouneoHnns are equally close aud satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8Ji) A. M. ICr Baggage checked through to all poicta. THROUGH TICKETS aoKI at lowest ratee at Camden Station and at Washingtont D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington maj rine tkf *Ktire rond by daylirkt, by taking morn ing train", ?nd l_yirg over at Cumt"erlar.d or Oak land, and resnming aext morning by Wheeling Ac ooinmod?tmn tn>n, leaving Cumberland at t and Oakland at lojo. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. TheC?nni>erl*iid Ao???mmodation Train at 7 A.M. will stop at all Stations en?t of Cum tar laud, and the Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations beyond Cumberland toag M>*t. Eastward It, the Mail Tram leaves Whee'trig at A. M..and Acoommo dat ion leavea C?int>eriainl at 6, reaoiung Baltimore it 5 3" P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, b^.ween Grafton and Parkersburg, way passengers will lake the Express weetwardly and the Mail f*stward!y. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M.. stooping at way statiors. Leaves Fredenok at 9.1i A. M., arriving at Baltimore f2 noon. The ELLIOOTT'S MILLTRAIN leaves at 5.44 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott'e Mills at7 A. M. and 7 P. M.. except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimotefor Washington at 4.15and9,li A. M.. 3 and !>.15 1*. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 8.98 A. M.aud 3and 4.2<J P. M. On Sunday a at 7 A. M., and 4>> P. M. only. The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and the seaond and fourth trains from Washington, will be express mail trains, stopping onty at waahingtot Junction and Annapolis Junction. The 9.15 and 5.15 trains fron Baltimore and the 8 JP aud 4 an fcains from Washington oonneot wikh tbe trains from Annapolis. For tickets, information, fare, &e., apply to J.T. ENGLAND, Agent,at the Tioket oflfoe, Camden Station. WM. S. WOODSIDE, jj l*-tf Maater of Transportation. Baltimore. TACIFIC ajAIL^TEAMSHIP COM One of the i"eamaliips of this Company, carry Ing tho United States Mai.a for ACAPULO, , CALIFt^RMA. and OREGON, leave.^gftlT> Penamafwia" each month, on the wn "'*? val of the United States Mail S. S.Company's steam ers, which ieeve New Orieana and New \ ork regn lariy on 5th and 20th of each month with the mails, and pa. sen* erg oonneot ing via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have been inspected and im proved by tbe Navy Departmenl,andgaaranty tpttd and ,?af*ty. The Panama Railroad (?7 miles long) is now oom pleted from ocean to < oean, and la orossed in t or 4 hours. Thebaggaeeof passengers is oheoked in New York through to Sjtn Francisoo, and passengers are eml?rked at Panama by steamer at tne company's expense. The money paid in New York oovers all expenses of tbe trip. Reserve steamers sre kept in port in Panama and San Francisoo. to ?>ravent detention in oase of aooi dent. ao that the route is entirely r?/iak/<?no fail ure having ooourred in eight years. Passengers leave Panama tbe same day they ar rive at Aspinwall. Conductors go throesh by eaeh steamer, and take charge of women and children witkoat other protes tors. For through tickets at the lowest ratee seel? at Hie ageney, 177 Weat street. New ^ ork. to 1. W. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO., Jy *-tf C, L. BARTLE*r/?BTeuli!Ma,~ ?' |JNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE aas WITHOUT FAILUXX Toa K1SHT T1AX8, Pel CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtflur Smiling Dmyt.Stk t?tk sack mewtk. Caotiob.?So many frauds and imeoei- ^Aes tions of various kiuda have been IstelydSRC. ETKW?! S? trmTeUbonnd to C A LI FORNIA, that the aubsariber. the only authorised Agent for paasage bjr the 0. 8. Mail Line, via Pana ma, Tn the oity of New York, feels it kie duty to oaetion all persons seeking passage to California, that, to avoin imposition, they meet he eerefel to find the trwe olftoe of the Steamships of tbe U. 8. Mail Line, via Panaaui Rsilroed. as so other oftoe m^New York ia authorised to enrage p ? ? "?? ?? ?uinori*pfT to rnr?ge pmssere. have only on^ ofiiee in New Yort, ft.n r.t,!" ,V ^ ?tf?et,oorner of Warren ?tre^t, pany's^harf* River. tbe head of tbe Co? I"" Obeerve mj sign ever the door, ).?. l.V.SiVMONj^A^ 514 ???***?_? 1 eleeoopea, MlC great nriHj; Cos mo ramie St? of and etooiee notareeoa I Ueemect IB NatiomU '?"mmif. Tutiioiiuu. a.: ti.. very wet!, and seem to have ua*e*wd my mM more than any other I have lately LITT. W. TA2F.WKLL, I have tnH i pair of SpMtablae obtaiaed from Mrv Tobtaa. and find them of great imiiIum* to m* sir ht, and oorreepoodtng with hisdeennptioaof tM locus. I raoouiiueud him a* a elilifui optica*. HENRY A. wSk. Prrsxaarue, October *1, ism. A ho at 6v? yean ago. 1 obtaiaed from Mr. Tobias. IB Washington, a pair of Glasaee for the iyf?taoi?r whioh I used. and found them of great aeei stance to m> <>?*? in? vision ; sjmJ my opinion of hiai ia, that 'lllful * be ii skillful in the preparation ai Glasses for (fM not too Car goua to be benefitted toy seek aid. J. P. MAT. Lticiuu, Norrabtr 7.I1M. Prom an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses. and from hi* obeeivatioaa and remarks, am ooanMOT that he ia a ?killful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. LTncHMCBe. November Ii int. Mr. John Tobiaa. having furnished me with Gtae aee. by which I have been rrestly aided, (my n*i*a havin? ? uttered srsatly fr.?m readme at aight ia my eailier lifs.i it affords me the hiafeeat pieesure to say that I ooneider him aakillfal practical optimaa* find well prepared to aid those wh<? mar need hie profeasioual services. WM. H. Rllt 7IK, Elder of the Methodist Conference. WiLiim?To?, N. C., June 2T. 1M. MI. J.T(i?u?-/)rar Sir ; I am happy toeay that the Spectacle*. which I otttamed from yoa laat weefc arc entirely eatisfaotory. I- n?m aa luequahty in Aa virual ranee of my ey ee. I have heretofore found great uifhcuity in getting gtaeees of the proper focei d.? - tauoea. It aaorde me pieaaiire to atate, that by tea aid of youi optometer tine difficult* haa been happily obviated, ao that the Glaaaea yoa furnished me are deoidediy the tieat adapted to my eyeeof aay I hare ever yet need. Very respectfully to ore, R. B. DRANK. Rector of at. Jamaa' Pariato. been induced b* a friend to viait the estab lishment of Mr.Tobias for the purpose of trying kil 5lasses I waa furniahed with a pair sl.ghtly com ? ed lue, whioe have afforded me more ronef and gratifi cation than any i have ever tried. My eifht. origin ally very Rood, was injured t?y writiirg and reading at ijjcht. frequently to a very late boar : bat with the aia of theae ! i can atady almost aa late aa ever, and that too without th? ' M*e previoaa ly suffered, JOHN WILFOgU^ ? Late Commisaionaer Gsn'l Land Deo. 11.1R.V>. I have nsed Mr. Tobias's Speotaoleo for three or four months, and take great pleeAire in saying thai I am muoh pleased with them. I have been nnak benefcted by them. GEO. P. BCARBl RGH. May 5th. lbjfc. I was recommended to Mr. Jo ha Tobmeaeaekilftol optician; and as 1 have eves of remarkable peonlmn ty. I waa gratihed to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to ooiuprehend them by inspeotioa and oome slight measurement.and he' haa made me apair of Specta ci?a that se<ta me admirably. A. P. BIiLER. Jalyll. 1MB. WasHTneroH. Aag.t. IMto. Having been (or years unaer the nooeeeity of hav two sets of tlaeees?one for use in daylight, and ona for lamp-luht? I procured oue set from Mr. Tobma which anawered both purposes. I have used tus for several months, and find them excellent. edward btubbs. Of Department o f State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectaeiee yof furnished me yeeterdav are particularly aalisfaotor v to me. They are very decidedly the oeet I poeoaee. and | am the owner of eight or nine paire, oarefhlly selected in different places and from opticians rec ommended to me on acooant of their profeeeioaaJ standing in France. England, and the l'aited Ptatee. I have been also pleased wiMi voir remarks and <b ? tactions on the treatment of the eraa, for the per poee of preeerving and imrrovinc the sight Respectfully roan, CHS. CALDWELL Professor of M. C.. Louisville, ay. BBOOELTB OBTBOraSMC Ibstitctioii. Apnl, int. After most oa-eful examination oi Mr. J. Tobias'a Glasaea. I am enabled to teetify that their hard clearness, polishing, and exact optical shape them partscalarly recommend able to thoee merely optiaai impairment of the eyae are in wut of saoh auxiliaries. 1 oonsider, moreover, Mr. Totaas fallv qualified to determine the fi>cnaof the eye.botto by his optioal knowledge and expenenoe. and by means of his optometer. In addition, 1 oar farther atate that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa tients with Glassee, to their and m? sal s(action LEW IB UAL KR, Ja. D., Phvsioian and Surceon. Berlin: Member of tha Royal College of Surgeons. F.ns>and: Member of the MedioaJ Society of London. an<T of taa Pathological Society of New York; late Bar aeon of the Royal Orthopaedio Institution of vanobeater. Knglaad. and Surgeon of the B. O. laatitatiOB. Nobbole, va.. July 17, int. In the experience oi even two years. I have found great difficulty in obtaining Spectacle* that were ex act It adapted to the weakness o( my aiaht. This la oonvenienoe Mr. Tobias see ma to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better a^rl more suitable Glasses. They are clear, ehrystal-lika and comfortable to my eyes. 1 woald oommend him to those who (Vom age or other infirmity reauire ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SlMKfNS, M. D. Wilmimtob, N. C., Jane 16, ItM. To persons who have had the aight of their eyes ea impaired as to require the use of Glasses, I woald reoominend Mr. John Tob<as as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasaea as they may rw aaire. aa he haa suited me wi',h a pair of SpecUolee for a far and near sight. Mv si?ht has be?n <mpa. , ? d very much by a servioe of years in the Poet OArw Department, which berth required me to be on dntv from It o'ci<M>k at night till after day, during whion time 1 used but oneTight. W. A. WALKER. Pkpaktmkxt or Ijrrxnioit. May t, taw. From narural defects and the uneqaal range of my eies. I have been compelled *o use r'aaaee for seve ral years. I have tried different optioiana without obtaining *lassea perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobiss made two pairs espectaHy for me. which I have found to aerve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt glasses moat mmuteiy to the eve. 1 most cheerful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to all having oocaaion to use classes, and bear my testimonv aa to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, se 25 Aee't Sec'y to sign 1 And Warrants. W1LDMANS LAW OF SEARCH. CAP lure, and Prixe. 1 volume, Loudon. Thompson's Uwiof W?r, affecting shipping and commerce, 1 volume, I?ond>>n. Hosackon the Rights of NeatnUs, 1 volume. Lon don. Shipping Laws, bv Mr. Sergeant Atkinson. 1 vol ume, London. Marten'* Law of Nations, translated by Wm Cob belt. 1 volume, London. I jiw of Nations, by Pol a on and Home, 1 volume. London. Tnson's British Consul's Manual, I volume, Lon don. Lynn's British Consul's Hand Book, 1 volume, L<>udon. Green on Consu'ar Servioe, < pamphlet) Ixm^m Sir James Mackintosh'on the Law of Nations. I pamphlet) I .ond n. Heushaw's Manual for I'm ted States Cnaeule. Kekulatioas for I'nited States Conaula, 1 volume, ro. rht'inioreon International Law, 1 voleme.tvo. Wndmac's International Uw, 2 volumes, tvo., L asoa. Wheatou's International I .aw, I volume. Elliott's Diplomatic Code. S volumes. Rvo. Etudes?Diplomatique, par la Vioomte da Boaae val. I volume, I'aria. lie Clercq it Vallet?Guide dea <'oneulata. 1 vol ume, Paria Combea?Diplomatique Europaccne. 1 volume. Pane. Gasae at Janets?Munuel dee Jugae da Com merc^, I volume. Paris. *Vh*#ton? Histoire de Droit dee gene, t voiainee. Leipxia. De Menaeh?Manael Pratique du Conaalat. I re* ame, l.aipsic. Marten*?Guide Diplomatique, 1 volumes, Lcr sin. Marten*?Canaes Celebres do Droit das gens 2 volumee, Laipaio. Martens? Nouvoiles Causae Ceiebrea du Droit dec Gena,2 volumee, l.eipzic. De Cuesv?Phase* et Cauaes Ceiebrea da Droit dee Gens. 2 volumes, Leipzio. Mor^uil?Dee Agents Consulaires, I volume, Pa ria. L?e Cuasy?Diofionaire du Diplomate. 13 FRAN'CK TAYLOR PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE R All.RO \D. Passencer trains f?r Philadelphia leave President street depot, Baltimo e, dailv. except Sunday a. s* follows, via: Fxpreas Tram at t.t?a. m.; Way Ma.lTrain at It o'olock a m ; Kveumg Mail sttJj p m On Su da?* at C.S p. nj. o~>ly. All train? oon<ieet with New York traina except 6 ;5 p. m. Saturday a. FOH HAVRE DE ORACF. OKLY. Leave Baltimore at 4, 4 o'clock p. tn From Philadelphia a' 8 a. m.. I p. m.,and II p m. FOR SKA FO RD, It EL. Passengers leaving Raltimoie at Ijfi. in. ouwiert at Wilmington with ?.*t) p. m. tra n and p. m. from Baltimore with 9 28 a. m. train. Fare from Baltimore to Seaford fe 5 tf WILLIAM CRAW FORD, Agent. HISTORy7)F^THK RKPl'BLIC OP THK I'nited States, ea traoed iait he writings of Al "~der Hamilton, by John C. Hamilton, volame 1. ^T^ker's History of the I'niled Btataa, rola 3^anifn^o^?Vt?beDred Soott Caae: by Ttooa. H. BT*be tioeens of Kngtaud and ttoeir Times; by Praa ois l*noe(ot, Esq ,2 volumje.t^a i??traits of my Married !? rie.>ds; uy Lnole Baa, B1J5. >tofi*s for the Home Circle.*# cents. Thr*e Days u< Memphia.or Sketches of tba Ffb Iieai>d Private life of the Old Egyptiaaa ; toy Dr. Ua'*m*a. 75 oeuta. Miia^snv Giwv: Hv Hn? l-'??*iieh Clemens. #1. BeaBtones, I volume, 75 oeats. Lif^at the White Sulphur tarings; toy Mary J W ladls, 7* oeata. Perns of Ceriaia t-ns'^h Pnaon< re, a Ck net mas story; by Dckeaa.25 caata, Aa Aeeoant of the ^mitheoamn luatitaUoa; hy Wm. J. Rtoaaa, so oaata, Aimanaeh Fnutaaie dee Ftats Tnia, int. n eta. janl FRANCK TAVI OR. \1INCE MKAT'-MINCK MKtT!! I* I \V? have a supply of Doaaaetie M aae Meat whieto aanaat toe snipaaeed. KING A HI Bv Hi 1 I A '#9 Mirv^e iRtp afra^t 'MtmiP* firptja. JOHN P. El J. IS. Sole A rent for Hsilet. Davis A Co.'s and Alunn A Clarke's Piaii?>s, No. Pa, ft venue, near loth street. ia& ? .