Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Febraary 9, IMS. jjy AdrrrlUfm^ti ilaald be iea( !? *T It ?'clack atkcrwiie they mmj ?>* pear aatil Mif ant day. . MS MIT Ob' THE fitOKNINO PKESS. Tba lutflltgmttr is to-day devoted to yes WftUy'i Congressional proceediaga ??"* the ?aw? of the day Tba Union thai teraelJ *?d effectively aums up thi results to bf ?chi^vcd bj committing tba Kansas imbroglio to a special committee of tba House : "Mr. H?rrl?. of Illinois, a recruit to the Re publican", is ?elected to lead off He open* the work with a most formidable effort to clothe a committee of the House of Representedve* with all tbe powers usually conferred by State legis latures, by which the will of the people is ascer tained upon any given question. The first as sumption in this process is this: that the federal government has been in rebellion against Law rence and Topeka; the second Is, that it is the Crvlnce of Congress to conduct State and terrl tal elections, and to decide their results; the tblrd is, that those who legally adhered to the act of 1^5! ought to be punished and degraded ; the fourth is, that the "iniquitous rebels" and those "mob-law men" denounced by Mr. Doug las and .Mr Harris a year and a half ago are now disfranchised patriots and political martyrs, whose vindu at ion Is to be the chief object of this new holy alliance in American politics." WASHlNG'Tobf NEWS AND GOSSIP The Tore of the South.?We take tbe fo' lowiog extract from the Augusta (Ucorgia) Com stitutionahat, a conservative, influential, and always moderate and well-balanced journal, tu show the temper in which the South, one ar 1 all, view the current efforts to defeat tbe ad miasion of Kansas into tbe Union with the L - compton Constitution. We know not a single newspaper published south of the Potomac thut fails to subscrilw to tbe propriety of these views. With that unanimity on the part of the south ern pres.i of all parties, is it not clear to tho most obtuso comprehension that the defeat ol tbe Leeompton Constitution will instantly aroase tbe South to measures of self-protection such as must suggest themselves to the miudi of all wbo comprehend tho importance of tbe material interests she seeks to protect against tbe successive aggressions of tbe anti-slavery aentiment of tbe times f The following is tbe extract to wbicb we refer: " The people of Kansas, acting in stilct con formity with a law of their Territorial Legisla ture, which Congress, the Kxecutive ai.d the Federal officer* of the Territory, have repeatedly recognized as regular and of binding force, have held a convention to frame a constitution and State government?have adopted a constitution? and after submitting its most iuiportaut feature to a popular vote, and obtaining for it the popu lar sanction, have presented this constitution (o Congress, with an application for admission into tbe Union under it. But the Black Republican Krty of the Territory denied the authority of the ?s under which these proceedings were taken for tbe formation of a State Constitution, and re fused to participate in thein, and the Black Re publican party of the Union resists the applica tion of Kansas for admission Into the Union, because, as they allege, the constitution it pre sents does not represent the will of the people of the Territory These are the facts of the case. Nobody contradicts them?nobody denies that tbe Lecoiupton Constitution is the will of the people of Kansas, legally ascertain*d? noUdy doubts but that the opposition to that Constitu tion is founded in the inveterate hostility of the noitberu section of this Union, to the admission of any new slave State. No one doubts that such la the aecietoftbis opposition, and yet we are told we must not meet it, but quietly succumb to it and Yield Kansas to preserve the Democratic Krty and perpetuate its lease of power! that the mocracy of the North will be . pi it in twain by its admission, and tbe South, abandoned by them, be left to the mercy of a hostile majority in Congress ! "The reply to all this, which we cannot believe it Is necessary to suggest to Southern Democrats in Congress, is, that they are placed thereto pro tect the interests?not of the Democratic partv, but of the South, of the people of Kan?as, and of the whole country?that tbev cannot buy northern support by abandoning southern rights or south ern intetests. or make the great principles, for which tbev are contending in this Kansas im bm>gllo, subordinate to the interests or necessi ties of a party. The demand of the South is the unconditional adimsoion of Kansas under the Le eompton Constitution, and upon it must her Rep resentatives insist, whatever mav be its effect upon tbe fortunes of the Democratic party. That party is an instrumentality?not to secure power aud to retain it. but to assert principles vita! to the existence of the Union, and the equality of the South in it, and carry out these principles in the practical administration of the government It becomes Worthless to southern men when it shall lose tbe ability or the wih to carry out these principles A Mistake* .Polict.?Tbe policy of expe'l ing all tbe free negro population from Vir ginia is again being agitated throughout the State, niw with far more earnestness than be fore. We have never discovered its wisdom or propriety. There is no reason why the laws of tbe State should permit a single tree negro to be a vagrant, and therefore a nuisance and pos itive injury to the population in whose midst be or she dwells, as so many thousands of them are, in Virginia. They should, one and all, be oompelled to labor steadily, systematically and profitably. Tbe rigid execution of rigid po lice laws to that end. is all that is wanted to make thein profitable to tbe industrial inter eata of the State. We do not believe in tbe idea that they are not to be controlled easily and profitably. Tbe extradition of those of them already driven North from Virginia has already done infinite mischief to the cause of tbe rigbta of the South in the Union, and acarcely less to tbe interests of the States in wbicb they now dwell. In Virginia they can ba easily managed; as they cannot bo in New "i ork and Ohio, for instance, where Utopian no tions of the rightsof the black man so uuiver aally prevail among the whites. IicroRE Getting Oct or the Woods.?We are not a little amused with the excitation of many of the Republican-party in Washington over tbe vote of yesterday ia the House, by which the reference of the Kan aka mcasage to the standing Committee on Ter ritories waa defeated by one majority. Those gentlemen evidently imagine thut it involves tbe rejection of the Lecouipton constitution by tbe House They deceive themselves amaz ingly. indeed To us. and to those even of their own siie who are competent to judge iu auch matters, it embraces assurance almost as atrong as Holy Writ, that when tbe bill to ad mit Kansas as a State on that constitution eomes down from tbe Senate, as it surely will not long hence, it will go through the ilraise in ?bort order. We are rarely deceived in such | matters, and stake all our reputation for the accuracy of our prediction of results in similar cases, on the eorrertaess of this intimation of wti li is desliued to be the result of tho current Kansas imbrogiio in tbe House. We have abid ing faith in the cobesrvenera of the Demoeratie organization Hone Thiths - We find in the New Yoik Hr rahl of the ith inr-tanl, an article upon th? tendency of the agitation of the slavery quej tion as involved in the present phase of the Kaaaaa imbroglio which deserves special at tention, for it is replete with truthful state ments of facts aud sensible deductions from tbem. In it, after republishing a paragraph from a Washington letter to the New York Trt. tun*., alleging that unnamed Southern Sena tors and representatives regard the Kansas difficulty with favor, because tending to bring about a dissolution of tbe Coufederaey, tbe Harold says : " It Is in tb'.? view of the subject that the use ttoaal content upon this l,e< ompton constitution aeeumes Its uioat alarming proportions. It 1* In tble view that tbe present crisis becomes the ?KAet ? ? - * i?--..4 ci i*i* ijfi'omfi lUf most inomentons of any In the country's history alnce our colonial revolution. We believe that tbe bulk of tbe Southern |x-ople are still attached to tbe Union, as we know the hulk of the North ern people to be But these Northern anti-slavery tru?*d*s of thirty-odd years have been produc ve of their bitter fruit* In both ^ur mn,t popular Protectant churches have been torn ?7XrPupSn Muon and Dixon's I in. ;our ?fc rient sectional reciprocity of ?ocHI harmoav nd confidence have given way to Sou'hern vigi lance committee. <maln.t ttoohtle* et?l*-am? nd Noithern iind?rground railroad. Wom than all, the go?d old polllical principle of *?c ltonal concession. I. fast giving way to the law of sectional supremacy ana coercion. " Such is the existing atute of things when the North?already possessed of .Ixteen free estate, against fifteen slave State*, and with two new free State constitutions awaiting th. action of Congress?still threaten* the useless, and worse than uaeleaa insult to the South, of the rejection of the Kansas State Constitution, because of the mere abstraction of slavery. Wltnln six months, in any event. Kansas will be a free Slate; and thns, with nineteen free State, against fifteen slave Stales, ar.d with two or three of tho* un dergoing the tranaition to free States, the reader will detect some method in thla disunion mad ness of the Southern pro-slavery ultras. The very existence of the white and the Mark poptilttion of the cotton States depends upon the absolute ntegrity and security of their Institution of slave ry. Hut security will they have for the fu ure against Northern aggressions, If from North ern prejudices against the South Congress .shall refuse to recognize even the abstraction of slavery in regard to Kansas ? That is the question. "To make the matter worse, so intense lias the fanaticism of our ultra Northern abolition sis be come since the election of Mr. Buchanan by the solid vote of the South agaiuat Mr. Preinontthat our abolition societies have been fused into a gen eral Northern disunion faction, upon the simple ground that the North should cut loose at a single blow from all its debasing associations with sla very. This is something , but the overwhelm ing pressure of the general Northern anti-slavery sentiment, resulting fiom the Kansas-Nebraska bill, U much more Thus the Northern vote ol lJ5<i has emj hatically warned the South that the day of compromises upon slavery is forever gone, should this small concession of tl.e Lecompton constitution be refust d Upon this t? st q. es ion. thertfo e, the solemn and momentous issue ol disunion inay depend, with all its Immeasurable disasters to the peace, prosperity and industiial interests of the country, und especially of tbe North. '?Granted ti a leading Southern politicians be lieve that "the true inteiests of both the North and the South leqol.e ase| aration. and that they are det?i mined to bring it al>out,,, what bcttet Erovocation for deliberate a-tion could they ave, under the state of things deaeribed, than the rejection of this l<ecompton constitution ' I?et it fx* rejected, and we may expect as the next step the secession of the Southern representative? from Congress in a bodv, and an appeal from them to their State legislature* for immediate action in h half of a southern confedeiary. " 'The times are out of joint ' Th<* sentiment* of trateruity, conco d, and mutual conciliation Which have existed between the North and South exist no longer. Distrust, hat rid and fanaticism North and South, have succetdrd; and in every res|>ect, among politicians, parties and people, unsettled, confused and (evolutionary Ideas pre vail. To the mischlcts of the prolonged agna tion of slavery, we tind, at this crisis, the demo, raliziug ? flVcts of the late financial levulsion in full play among all classes, pai tie* and section* of the ( on lit iy. And here we would uiliiionisli our Northern people that while we are slowlv recovering from the disastrous consequences ol tue late financial panic, we are threatened, upon this outside issue of Kansas, with the most dis astrous panic and revulsion, including all oui financial, commercial and industrial interests, that human imagination can conceive, lu fact, the calamitous consequence*, financially and commercially, to the North, from a dissolution of the I'nion, are beyond the limits of human calculation But the rejection of this Lecompton Constitution, from the disunion inclinations ol the South and tbe de-potic. anti-slavery tenden cies of the North, may bring all these calamities upon us before the close of Mr. Buchanan's ad ministration, *' Is this the time, then, for Northern Demo crats in Congtes* to be chattering upon quibbles of " popular sovereignty" in Kansas, when the test question is the test of S uithern confidence in an overshadowing Northern Italatice o power lor the future? Southern men declare that the Union is au expensive concern to the South, but we know that it i* immensely profitable to the North. Southern politicians believe that the South could get along more cheaply and ?afely ai.d prosperously out of the I'nion than lu it; but we know that, separated Lorn the South, the immediate effect to the North Would be au over whelming panic and revulsion Our railroad storks, lank storks, manufactories, shipping and commercial Interests, real estate and the wages of labor, would go down in tbe general crash, involving us, from Boston to Kansas, In univeisal bankruptcy, widespread destitution and confusion. " We call, therefore, upon Northern men in Congress, and upon Northern men at home, to consider what they are doing. We call upou our commercial men of New York, and upon out manufacturing men of the Northern Stales, here, there and everywhere, to look to the momentous contingencies involved in this desperate purpose of abolition agitators to inflict an insult upon tbe South, which Southein men are disposed to in vite as a provocation for secession and a separate Southern republic. Now is the time to think aud act; and there is not much time to lose. We must resto:e the lost confidence of the South lu the good faith of the Noith to the principles and spirit of the constitution, before we can hope to restore the peace of the Union The South i? j alous, because she is Weak; the Noith should be generous, because she is stiong." Th* Assassination or Mr Stover?Wi omitted to mention, in noticing th. recent cow ardly attempt to murder Samuel Stover, Eeq., by some member of the band of Jim Lane's se eret oath-bound followers, that be had just beer e'ected to be State Senator (Democratic) foi Leavenworth county of Kansas Territory. Ai the election of the 4th ult. resulted, the Demo crats had one majority in the Senate and th< House was tied. Thb> atteiupt wa- made whollj to effect tbe political result?the destruction o' the Democratic majority on joint ballot thui to have been effected. It is practically to aid and abet the political schemes of such personi as him who way-laid, to assassinate, Mr. Sto ver, that the Lecompton Constitution meets sc strenuous opposition in Congress, it pains us to have to write. Baltimore.?The persistent anti-slavery at titude in Congress of Mr. Henry Winter Davis is creating no little excitement throughout the South. Its immediate effect is to inducc the Southern newspapers of all parties to publish strong appeals against according the trado of the slaveholding States to a city that persists in sendiug a colaborer with Messrs. tiiddings A Co. to the national legislature From the tone of many articles in Southern journals ou the subject, we doubt whether the effect of the oourse of Mr. Davis in the House will not be to drive millions on millions of her annual sales of merchandise away from the city he represents. ? The Gist or the Controversy.?Wo have to .ay to our many thousands of readers in the South and Southwest, that it is perfectly well understood by their representatives in both Houses of Congress, that the renl question in issue on the Lecompton Constitution is, whether another slaveholding State shall or shall not be admitted under any circumstances whatever, into the Union. Such is the cause of quarrel ?if we may be allowed to call things by their proper names?between the Administration and the main body of tbe Democracy on the one side, and the Republicans and their nomi nal Democratic allies who are seeking to outbid them for tbe favor of the anti-slavery vote in I8?i). The Weather.-Tbe following report of tbe weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to tbe Smithsonian Institution Tbe time of observation is about 3 o'clock am: F KBKCAUV U, 1158. Buffalo, N. Y... snowing: wind NK New York, N. V cloudy, cool Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, mild. Washington, D*C.........r loar, cool. Richmond, Va clear, cool. Petersburg, Va clear, cool. l,ph hbnrg, Va. clear, cool Wilmington, N . C... clear, cool. Columbia, s C cloudy, r< ol t.arlewtoii, S C...........clear, eold Augusta. ^ia....0.4#.......cleai| cold. savannah, ?ia ..clear, cool Ma. .", tia. "...clear, ttM-l Columbus, Oa clear, cold Moatgomriy, Ala rb-ar, cm,I. Pearb Tree, Ala....clear, cool. Fion the W.?t w??Tr,and0 Md pleasant. m Vii. snowing very hard. M.!2 M lh" Han, at 7 a m , (cor reeled for temperature,) 'JO 0-1 Thermometer, on tbe Hmithsonlan tower min imum last night, 30'; neai tue ground, JUjf*. i m ? \i-J~ Mr" Le Vert, of Mobile, has just col ected one thou*and dollar* for the Mouut Ver lon Association Mrs. Fogg, of Tennessee, trie ;rapb* that she hat collected over two thousand lollart. CONOR ESS ION A L. Tklrly-ilfth Ceagress?First Seas lea. '" *** Wat"' Mr Mi?m pre * P?tltl? of a it timber of 8lt|M?, of J??Wn r"?*n*trating against the the bill prohibiting the ismie and eiiculatioo er bsnk w(n of sirtaM denomination in the ni.Wi.? of Columbia; laid on the table Dlsfrfct ? resolution for prlntUur mS?.^ ?f ,h* P^i<?ent sP.j85 ?hr^g?^rt^onapnr^tiCn?gnSti,Utl0n 5 "*"?? * J'sxsssttsztttsvsda was resumed after the morning hour After considerable debate, the question WM taken on the amendment of Mr. Wilson to the motion to refer, being to Instruct the Committer on YVrrltorles to ascertain the number of vot#? gl*?n in earh county 1n the TVrnXfcWXl question of calling a convention to form a^?!i*tl. ttfltta ; to nqnlre Into the apportionment of del egates to the convention, aud the census and registration under which the same was made *nd whether the same was In compliance with Uw; the mi in i nt of votes cast for each candidate for and the places where cant, and * bet her said constitution received the vote* of a majority of the delegates to said convention. 4c and resulted as follows: ' Bmderick, Cameron, Ch%ndier Col lamer, Dixon, boolittle, DoucUs, burkee Fes send en, Foot, Foster, Hale, Hamlin. Harlan, Kmc ^^TwIlso'iT^.11"' 8luart? 8umner,Trumbull,Wad?; R^.4KV oMe"r,;..Be,l^Benjamin' B'Ws, Bifler, Br.*ht, Brown, Clay, Crittenden, Dans! Kvans ( l i/nn'r zPatrick. Gr??n, Uwin, Hammond, Hous ton, Hunter, Iverson, Johnson oi Tennessee Km. nedy. Mallory, .Mason, Folk, Stlaitian Sluioii Toombs. Wright and Yulee-at. ?UR"l,an' s?,l<lel1 The question being taken on the reference ol the message to the Committee oU Teriitorie*. Ii was agreed to. Mr. Douglas then moved to take up ?,e resolu. tkiiis of inquiry subiuittcd by hint on Tbursdaj Fending which Mr. Mason moved that lb< Smate adjoin 11; which was agreed to ' * THK House, yesterday,after our repoit chased the question on the ameudmeut or Mr. Harris, o Illinois, to refer the special message or the Fr'es dent on the f.ecompton Constitution to a selec committee, was taken,and decided In the ?itl.m at I ve?yeas 111, nays Ill?as follows : ?^y.*?"TrWAbbott, Adrain. Andrews Ren h ii.? u f'1, Bingham, Mlsir, Mil.*, Bra* ton B"ltmtou,B?lrlimainc. litirrou?hs. <?ntnpt?ell i" n>? r V14? .Cochrane oi |\ew York, t'ockerill, ? ;f|- |Vv\rt;' iCVw" Curtis. Dam rHI. IKvihuI Maryland, Davis of Indiana, Unvn: o MiWMchu.etlh, Dhvis ..I Iowa. DawJd, i>ean. l>e * rt. I>it k. 1 >.mJ<I. ilurtee, hdie, Kiulish, Farns Ttfn ' Xrr\Vr'n<,ilr' ,,r"t"sl' <'k. Grow. Mil in a- V? ?***??hu*etls, Harlan, ilam* o 0w^i !vHiek'nan. Hoard, Horton, Howard uwen J?mes of Pennsylvania, KeHo**. Kels>'? r ,i*?r,i' knapp. Kunkel o| I'enn* vlvmin. Mw of fh!i .r'\V 'f' *-<'vVJ"y. MoKiblun. Marshal ol Illinois. Montgomery, Morgan, Morrill, Morns ol Feiinsi Iv.tnia. Morns of IiFii.o.s, Morse o"t >le Alorsenl \ew \ ork. Mutt, MuriKt, Nittlnck \n-h ..Is, Mm, Fal.ner, Parked, Fert.V. Fike i'otter I ottle, 11 urviaiiee, Hitc-ie. Kohbnia. K.>?*irts W^rL"' "T1"; slI,.,fr""i" *'f shunuai Stewart i ? 'l}!"""1' Spinner. Stmton Stewart ol I'ennsyIvainn, Tnpp%n, Thaver I ton' wIkiV""' VVall,r"V' VValdron, v\ ...... \\ H l i " asliluiriie ?< |j|,. nois. \\ .-uhhume of Maine. Wilson, a,.d Wood Avp^8 AJ'lVAndrr!,0n, Arnold. Atlms, Hr*. Bishop, Uooi>ck, Howie, Biauch, Br?an. Burnett, Burns, Caskie, Clartc o C.^kVone ul Viw v'T' Cl""K?"1. Cobb Johi r?in? ui i\ew i ?irk, Conunc, Craur ol ?our'?CraiK? of North Caroliim. Omwford. Currt Uavuhjon, Davis ol Mississippi, Dunnuck l???w dell. Kdmutidson. Elliott, F.usos, Faulkner Flor Hushe's f. t"1"- Hill. Hopkins. Hou?t<>u Jwnkins, Jewett. Jcnei \i i ? * of Fa.. Keitt. Keilr. Kunkel o '-?teller, Maclay, McQueen ^aarmjc, Seward. Shaw of North cirolina^h^rtw . ukles, . iiiejeton, Smith of 'l'enneg?ee Smith o ol"^1^?'..^ I S4?Phw,1"? Stevenson. Stewart of 1 .oili?.?ua, T*rippe',' I ilderwo< \vn,d[\\ 'l^u WoMendyk^Wrif ht^of'"^^^"^Vn'xht^l^/Bn' nessee, and Zollioofler?lit. 1 e,i Mr. Harris moved to reconsider the vote lasi aken. and to lay the motion to reconsider on th< table; which was agreed to?yeas 115. na\s III I he reHolutlon of Mr. Hughex, as amended was also adopted by a similar vote Zl K?*itt then addressed the House as follows , , Pfaker: 1 a"k tbe I,0Use to indulge ait a moment in a personal explanation. The Houst ^.11 remember that its pro.eedings during th* inl-iH. V ?y We!.e brok"n wi,E an unp?ea? i i ,"r,de,,t- D lM due to fair dealing that I should assume upon myseirall the responsibility for the vioiation of its order, dignity and de. o ..'.^raM t,,e aggressor, and wbat-ver of re sponsibility attaches to the act properly be!?n.n to me alone. It is also due to justice that I should make whatever reparation Is In my ,N,wer ?o th. dignity and decorum of the House thus violated the expression of profound regret ai ,n?i^ /"re- 1 T"?"al collisions are alway. unpleasant, very seldom excusable, rarelv tustl 1 ,n a ?^i??ative body. | feel then the full force of the responsibility which' 1 as "?yiOK t?'?t 1 Was the aggressor, and tha r,'.re rMponsibilitv properfv- belongs to me In this connection, I have bin one other reiiiatl to "lake, and that is, whether any blow wa< struck at me is mor* than I can say. I am at leat iitterly unconscious of having received any Witt m el,P ation1- 1 Part with the subject Mr. ft row said : sP?aker: I have been tanjjht from in\ g^acefluu?*l tallflK,lltK a,non?i n,r"n are dis n!?n i jUman nature and to a Christian coin iiiumty, and especially when it occurs anion. denil?\\o*.Vr"'pLaj>Tple in tLe mid',t of lh*" a liberations. The judgment, sir, of mv rinei years has fully satistled me that my ed.icatil.i. v ? i 'Ti' at lja* *>een good and true yt, sir the law of self-defence I reco"nlse ?r<ed u.K,n M ri?htV'f Ina"' to"?^ ?T I n a" occasions and under all ciicum stimes, where it is necessary to protect life oi (erson ; and, si-, at the last sitting of the llou?? I found n.yseir unexpectedly engaged, for tl? fir,t time in my life, in a personal coi tlict T< toe H .use I tender most cheeifully whatever o apology is due for this violation of their o de. m\ielfCt|r?,t,Viai,d 1??^ i3" ra'rel U1'>r** M,a" for a violaUau of either *"* <* C*'i0' On motion of Mr. Curtis, the House adjourned tiouWto rTfTr'fi followi?K l* Me viHe on the ques ion to refer the special message of the Freriden wbt:blwnnh,rrtll,lli.e Terrilories Committee ?,te vi? "otu^ >?terday as being lost by on< vote, viz : ^ eas 113, nays 1H. s y ^ * as?.Messrs. A III, Anderson, Arnold AiL-ina Pl&sss Fau kner, Florence Garnett, Uart^ll, o/d.s (i f uLn' u !0, Gresnwood, lire**, Ilami, Hh-'l Hi! . Hopk.ns, Houston, Hush *. * ensins. Jewett, Jones of^Ten'.iJLse- 'j ri " SSIS- "avftirs A'.': VirifilliA klifiwrll ^?l! i r?nnu?tee, Svmth ?| "iw.wc.'vsri1 1'riPP?. l-'nderwo??d. Ward iVarre'n li'nois it ?t'' tA,y')?!j MoKibbin, Marshall of II Rotm K,t0!;j0' hohbms, Holirt. .-{Wssitess "f Feiiiisvlvama, lassui Th??l, I Ikmnmoij, r.-inpkiiis, Ua,le.\v"5,dV- \\*Im .Vlll WaahlMl^of WlMMMlb ^Ishlirn ?ni!"10'"' w'"?f^Maine, Wilson,aud Wood Frsceediaf s ?( To day. Ix thi StNATK. to-day, various memotialsand resolutions of no very Important public character | were submitted and Introduced, all of which were appropriately disponed of. Mr. Douglas called up tbe resolutions submit ted by him on Thursday last, calling on tbe Ad ministration for all information in his possession concerning tbe election in Kansas of delegates to the |j*comnton Convention, ard the vole on Ihe adoption of that Constitution prepared by that Convrution, le. Mr. Mason aud several others opposed tbe tak. ing up of the resolutions, aud alter considerable debate ? Tbe Army bill was taken up, and was u: der 1 discussion when our report closed. In THK Hous*, the Speaker p re i en ted a com munication from tbe Interior Department, ac> oin panyIng transcripts of certain private laud claims Mr. Curtis submitted a series of resolutions from tbe legislature of Iowa relative to post olBces and p?Mt reeds, tbe admission of Kansas, and certain land claims Mr Stephens submitted joint resolutlohs from the legislature of (Jeorfls. asking Indemnity for military operations agnrnst the Indians. Mr. Htallwdnb submitted a Joint resolution from the Legislature of Alabama, afking that Montgomery W mxdea port of entry. Mr Cling man Introdxcrd a bill relative tc m?rylmf Into ffffct Ibe tmtin of 1^17 and 1*1! with lb* Cherokee*. / Allot the ?||?ve wef+aparojMatele refer?r<l .Mr Je?kitt Int ndv*d th? ??l?< t rammlUrf to Inquire mtr tbe a< iMflU o tb' late Doorkeeper, Miboriclac tbetii also te hi outre iato the misappropriation by any (?bri prrson, of bask* or <?fcer pnhltr document*. Mr. Sheriasn, of Okie, offered aa am^ndroen*, empowering the Committee to tavrstigaM en; charge* against the present Doorkeeper The resolution as amended was adopted Mr Stanton Introduced a joint resolution, ap proprlaflng a sum not exceeding S5.000. to paj tbe expenses Incurred by the several investiggtlr; committees; referred to the Committee onWi)i and Means. i ? ? . ? ? . we i ? ? . ? ' ? -' PERSONAL *\... Ree P N Lynch. "D T) , ha* been ap pointed Catholic Bishop of Charleston. Hon Edward Everett 1s expected soon li this city, and will be tbe guest of his daughter Mra. Lieut. Wise. .... Hon. David Paul Bwn has accepted tb appointment of Knight of Mount Vernon fa Pennsylvania. recently tendered hiiu by th Southern matron. , .... F. P. Stanton, late Actlng-liovernor c Kaunas, is to speak at the Acadeinv of Music, i; New York, on Friday night, upou the President1 recent special message. .... The King of Prussia, for the first tim since his illness, appeared on New Year's Da with the s?ar and r1r>bon of the Rla< k Eagle, t receive at Cha lottenburg the authorities, wh came to otter their congratulations. His Majest couversed with them for some time .... A ladv??ends to the Bridgeport Farmer verse supposed to have been uttered by the splr of a whale: 44 And now inv bones are whisking ronnd. With many a skip and jump and bound ; Hut 1 know they fill the same space about, As they did before they were taken out." .... Th- New York correspondent of the Bo* tou Gaxette furnishes thefullowiug : "Two ratlH splrv cases were before a referee one day thl week?one being that of A II Davenport n Lizzie Weslon Davenport, suit for a divorce o the ground of adultery. and Annie Jordan r George Jordan, ditto, ditto. They are both i tbe same court, before the same referee, an prosecuted t?y the name eounael Testimony I the former case wa* taken on Wednesday, nn

the proof was abundant ; indeed, the lady, believe, consents to the proceeding. The thr? gentlemen whose names are mixed up in tt affair I shall not particularize. The report wl be nude and the decree issued immediately I both the suits. Rttofffc I si. a MP.? A Democratic State convoi tion of this S ate will l>e held in Providence c Thursday, the 25th instant \\J- A correspondent of the Alexandria Sent nel, writing from AmisMville, Kappahannor county, Va , says that business Is destroyed I that village, on account of the small-poi, wbic has taken away half of a family of six pemnns I the past thiee weeks. The disease was taken I a meml)er of the family (young Phillips) al?oi the middle of December, In Georgetown. D. ( Phillips died '21st January; Mrs Willett (widev his aunt, died 'JGtli, and her daughter, six yea old, died 1st February. Porter Berkeley Is vei 1<*** The two sons of the late Mr Willett?oi four and the other eight years of age?are thougl to be mending. TiieU*cbi Laws.?We see that a~report hi been presented In the YirginIm Senate from tl committee to whom was referred tbe message < the Governor on the legal rate of interest, and tl usury laws of the State of Virginia, and again their repea!, recommending a modification oftl law so as to allow 8 per centum interest to be t; ken on hills of exchange and promissory not? not having more than four months to run ; an also a bill 4'to amend the 4tb section of chapt* 111 of the Code, so as to allow interest notexree* i:ig the rate of P per centum per annum on bill of exchange and promissory notes made payahl within I months from their d?te, or not havin more tl^n 4 months to run." rr"5=?N ATIONAL GUARD.-The members ai IL < orderet to meet at I.orch's Saloon, o THURSDAY EVENING, F.b. II, at 7 ^o'clock By order of ? le 9-3t* THE CAPTAIN. V"5=? PI? H I. I C LECTURE.-Da. Horati 'A.5 Stonk will deliver a Lecture before tl Washington A t Association on WEDNESD.S EVENING. Keb. I th.at7Sp.m. Ttao pu /lie are invited. fe 9 ATTENTION, NATION AI. GUARD. '.Ljf Yon are hereby notiheri *o attend a :ncetm of ilie Company on V\ EDNtSDAY EVKNIM Feb. 10th. at the Kooin ove Lurch's Kesta.ran 7th street. Island. Br order: f*" .'?? JNO. g. DUDLEY, Sea Y^NUTICK.-fj the Holder.? of the tune i teed Month of the Alira dria and Wa,t i hk ton Kail road (" ompanyf? The interest on tiiei bonds,guaranteed to 1st January last, payment < which was guaranteed l>y the Corporation of Waal melon City, will n w be paid by order fur ao.ouut t said Corporation by f>- ? ' ?* (States oopy) RIGGS A CO. r^THE WAY TO SAVE YOUR MONB J_< is tocsll at J. SCHAFFIELD'S B-tltiir.or Conl'ectioue y. ttth stieet. t>et wee-i ?? and H, wnei tne-e is the very best assortment of Cakes, m ul of the t?est uiateriHls, and sold lower than elsewhei in th? Distri t. ('reains, of all llai or?. made of tli purest cream, at i .Vi p-r itallfin. Particular aMer tion p tid to the furuishtiiK of Private Partieo, Ball Cotiflous, at the lowest rates, and at tbe shortei n-^tioe. _ fr 9-eo2m fY"r? MECHANICS. WORKINGMEN AN OTHERS,?ATTENTION ! Sacosn Ward.?A inoetinx for the ^eoo-<d Wm will Ite heid at Teinpeianoe llall, on TIJESDA EVEN IN G. Feb. 9th, at 7 o'olock, in re*ation to tl new Cod*. All persoru tUat are opposed to the s^n will state their obj^utioja to the meeting, tnat the may Ite oisousseO lairiy. FoOrtii Wapd.?A meeting of thecitizens oftli Fourth Ward will b? held at the Ass< nittiy Kimxi on TIIUKS'^AY EVENING, Fei?ruarjr ti. at o*clock, in relation to tne New Code. The opp? nent i?f the simi-are particularly inviteil to att and da'a e the ^ultj^ot writ the c alibers. Fifth Wakd.-The citizens of the Pif'h War fere invited tw attend a meetuu to be held at the c? iumhia Euiine li'>u?e. on FRIDAY EVENING Ft bruary 12, at 7 o'clock, in relation to the Ne1 Code. The opponents of the same are invited t attend and delate the sulijeot with tbe codihers. Sixth Ward?A meeting of the citizers of tli Sixtn W&rti wi!l be held at Odd Fellows' Hall. Nav Yard, on FRIDAY EVENING, Feb.uary 12, at o'clock, in relation to the New Cod**. The oppi iients of the came are particularly invited to iittau and debate the subject with the codibers. Skvkmth Ward.?A meeting will l>e held at Od Fellows' Hal!, Island, on WF DN^SOAY EVEN ING. February 10, at 7 o'olock. The f iends of th Code arc oordially invited. Those oppoai-d to i will atten ? the nicotinic and state their object ion ami deliate the subject Isirly before the voters i tbe Ward. febR 51 (Vj-ICECRKAM AND WATER ICES, of th I L < l>est quality, in moulds or otherwise, at &1.' per gallon. Fairs and other pnblio einertainmeut furnished at less rates, at the Philadelphia Coufec tlottery, ooruer blth and F ata. jsn 2B-lni* J. FUSSELL. Beautiful head pins and fans. J usi received, anotner supply of Head Pins am Fans, rt MeLAL'GHl.IN'S. fea st Pa.ave . bet. Hih and Mb sis. HAMMAI'K A HIIOTHKK have just reonve. a hne lot of KKAK M E AT, suitable lorsieik and roasting. Families suppiie<l in quautities t< suit. i fcaat* VAI.ENTINf-S! VALENTINESM-The lar? e t (ssortmcnt and grfat^st variety ot VAI. EN Tl N E5, wlu.lesaleaud reta I, at Mol.AI'GHLI \'S fe Pa ave.. Ixr.8th and 9ih sts P IANO--VERY CHEAP.-I have now in ston the following <r ?? Isirra ns: A very superior Piano of Hallet. Davis A_ , Co.. 7 oc aves hue rosewood; original pricellpSSBH ? 4?o. It has he-n rented ont in a careful"!? fa-mly, and will be sold for $uw>. Also, a similar Piano, same makers, octaves , oriruM1 price #9)0; will l?e sold for 9^25. These Tianosa e re illy Inrgiina; we warrant and Ituara' tee them aa willingly as we do our new Ones All perxoiu in want of a good reliable t lano are ao netted to c-sll and see these mat Uin ta*. Also, a Second-l and Piano, which we have ao eeptod in part pavnient for a new one, for 915>; one for f40; one ftir $ IV and o e for .^iu. Ours la always the largest stock of Pianos in thia city: therefore call at No. tOC Pa. av., between 9th and tot it streets. fe* JOHN F. ELLIS. UAMMAt'K A BKO.'S, m OfeJ K EST AI KA\T, No. 204 and 206 l*a avenue, l uder Wll aids' Hotel. \N e wonld inform tne puWic that we are fully pr^ Kred to fiirni h parties with Meals at allnnursot ? dayo-rn ht. Geutl-nica oan hsvoiheir *ea a furiusiied at their r om- at m<Nfe ate priccs. Oar house is snpp.tcd with the very bet<t the ma-ket nt affo d All desc.iptiftu of Amerman and Foteign (jame coimtantly on hand; served by on? of the l*st Cooks in baeonntr*. Our Bar is supplied with the very best of l.iquors, selected b* one of the beat ol judges, andweare oonfident that a trial is all that is neceisary.* "jJOING .'-GOING M-GOINO !'! For a few days longer l.adies will have ao oppor tunity ?*f purchaeinit these Elegsiit Flounced SII.K ROBES at #15. The entire ooiysuninent cf these go?ids will be withdrawn in a i hort tia.e. Now or mvw is the tisM to buv New Goods at One half th* Cost of Importation. HOOK, BRO. * Cat,, Pennnyivaoia avenue, f?8.lw between Mb aotf Mh ata. OtU.SIgM, WAITS. ARkSPFCT4?LK.YOlN' r,|?L WISHES a Situ?M?n ?* CL?inWfm?'H or Nurse Apply a> 41? . tre*'. b ttwn P W I. M W~ ANTK1)-Br *l?at clftni COOK.a n*mnutm. Cade. ?'a?#? aM kinds of snap* and meats. Wenld nr?fer p?TT* Qffr'k. |>oud reierenoes gt* ?ji. iUdrnw Hn r. ?t rOffi tfce city. A siava preferred. Inqaire at ( HILBtfys. B street. n?re-im#'' of I th Inquire at OtONG K ft*Vt WAITED?By an American Woman, a Mfaa tion atCUOA in a prirate faainj. Go d r*' erenoe oan be given. Address H. L... J4tar Office. \J|7ANTED?By a MAN and his WIFF. without " any family, a situat,on on* Farm The worn ? toattend to dairy, Ac. B<Hh fomtt we I r*co?? raard^d Add e*a Kami r. Star ?*<j io. ^ WANTfcD.-A BARKEEPER ai.d a snail HOY.- Aprkr at tn* II ? aomat oomsr ?f Louisiana avenue and 7tb street. f?f->t W'ANTED-A competent CHILD'S NIRSR: one who ana bri. g good recommend*1 inn* * >? character and qualifications. Apply at ibe omwr >4 O and 22d streets. ft 8-3 * WANTKD-A wo VI an to t'.ook and do hoese vork foe & email f.imilv To a uitable one rox) wage* will be xireu. Addres* Box 9 Star Of fice ? le II ?? WAN'IKii?A desirable S'IO"E BOOM. on Fa areuu?. between ??h aad lwth streets. Ad dreai Box M, City Post Otfcoe. fe 8 aolm WANTED-Ry two re.pectal.le WONK*.?it uaiiona aa COOKS. Apply at MARTIN GRIFFIN'S, on F street, !?t?<-?u 6th and 7th. fe8 ** A\OUNU WlOMW LADY USIMNC IN the cit* of New York wi-hea to hire a fumisbed bo*s ? "i \V-tshingion. suitable for taking a lav *? leet hoarder*. To a pa ly of gentlemen who won d (o security for rent, or uake for the tame, *he would secure a pi asaut, oomlortalile home, free from the nnoyanoes of hotel life. Ad dress MKS. b. U. DI N UAH, New York poet of boe. , te3-6t* I? MIM.ON M K\T - $v< * moirtli an ? ail expenses a paid. An AWKNT ta \N A NT HI) in everp4own and oouuty in the United States, to engage in a re ?peciaMe uii.l ea*y business, b? which the above profita in?r ><*? certain*) made. For 'nil paittculari addreea C. MONNETT A tH)., oorwef of Broom ami Meroer at*.. Now Vork City, moloaing one poa tage atamp. jnu MSw * WANTED IM MKUIATKLV-A fstrniahad HOl'SK, with lira or aix chainlwra, parlora, and dliimig room. Apply to No. Ibl Browns Hotel. FOB REST ASD SALS. J- AH M FOR ^A1.K.-1 f..r uW n.> KAHM ooiiliiiiiing 7H*cr<*a of ImiH. ?? ricre* <<| which n cleared, the hi auc** in and pine wo<mI, TIiih Fnriu u mtitated on tue t'uy Tuoiv ke. ten inilea from VVnalnngton find '?i from the Sovrutl ? n'reet Turnpike, ?ml hit* n honutilu! view of th( nurround ng country for nale* iu extent. Improve in nta, m b'<uae hiuI bam. Ternia: Oiie-lmireaotr l*Unoe in Deccml>er,Ia6'i would exchange for otty property. A. F. HINK8, fe 8 e<>2w* No. atli ?treet weer^_ i/I RNISHKI) KOOM>? Ft>R RKNT.-A l*rg? find well furniahed KAKI.OK nod CHWHKH on the firat floor, with Dining room ruid Kitchen, il deaired. aitmted on IJth atreat. between I- and <? ?treetH, No. 441, will l>e rente.I on rett?ou*i>le ternia. Apply on the premise*. fe( 3t' F^OK fALK, \ BAKtiMN-The hnnd?ome COTTa??K K ?? SI IIK.NCK, No MH. on Sixth atre?t e(i?U three Hqunrea aouth of PennayIvanis avenu-. n< w occupied by Dr. A*ron \Y. .Millar. ^^>T aala low forcaahoron time Apply to J \ M K? H. JoNk.8, in tbe adimiiina home. le f> * * FIRNISHKD ROOMS FOR KKNT.?One PX K H?K and tw<. CI! \M HKRS. handaomaly fun.Mhed. Utelv aocup!?d by Hon. Mr. Fau kner, with or without BOARD, at J. P CRl TCHKT'S, oornerofr,th and D atrenta. No 477. fafr-aolt" FFINISHED HOl'SK FOR RKNT o? Sal?. Htving d?tei mined to reaid* permanent!* id Kanaaa, I will rent or aell my renJeiice ,\o.^2 K a'reet, north aide of Fnthklm Squtie. The Houpa will t?e rented lurmahe-:, and prenenta a f*vora"l? opportunity for auy one deairmc a brat-olaaa reai dence. For termi apply to Suter, I.ea A Co., Bankera, No. 517 7th atreet. fa2-tf L. R.8MOOT. P^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY.?A FARMol Ml aore* of I^ud. aituated in Buckingham county,Va . with Stock ai<d Fanning Ftenaila. together with a Saw and Gnat Mill, and Engine attached. Inquire of J. V DU 1.1 N, on G -treat aouth, between 4>, and 6th ata. j&u23-lm* 1^!?R SALE.?Aver* valuab'e FARM for aale. r ly i- g on the eut mde of tbe l-^aatern Branch and one at d a half ini'ea from the \*vv Yard Bridge, *nd ad|oining John A. Smith'a f^rm, containing between fifty and aixty aor?a. It ha* on it a good Dwelling House, with aeven room* xud till the neoeaaary out houaea. No objection to take a bouae and lot in the city in exchange. For further particular* apply to JOHN H. A. \Yll.SO\. or to Resiu Arnoid, near tbe E?imoo?<?1 Church. Nav* Yard. jan 22 3w* Fj^OR R KN T?Store ?i,d Dwelling, .N?. 518 Penn avlvaiua avenue, between 2daiel Jd aireet*, for merly occupied by (?. Knot,a* aconfectionc;) , |{?ke h -use att?.ofted find every convenience for the trade. Alao, STORKand DvVfe.Ll.INU No. Sib. atljo h ing the Express otbve Poaiesaion given immediately. Inquire of J. V. Exp'eaa Ottioc jan K eotf Rooms on i>a. ayenite to let'^twL Rooms, on 2d fl(t?r,on Pa. avenue, Iwtween 12th h! lath streem, over Sam'i. Lewis' JeweiiV More. wi!l be l-t low to a petmaneut tenant. W ould make Sood offioe rooms. Apply to \VM. F. VAYI.Y, tatioaer. ian12-tl LOST AKD FOUHD. |\]OT1CE-U)?rok Mi.laid- KHTIFI ATE I* No.: 8 fur b ve Khar?? of st^ck in the VV%?hiii? ton Bui ding Association is>ued to Hugh Pugh, an J dated D^oenib-r the S'b. I8SI. Ah nersont are cau'ioned against ne?nrtaf n? f< r ? tid C rtihnate f? * St * IOST This morning < Feb xth.t *<>iiie? h^re on i Hi^h street, tieorgetow-. a Lady's GOl.D WATCH a<d CHAIN, with t?o Loo et? attaoh*-d for the reoiwrr of wiiich a liberal reward wiil be ?*id to the tinder, by '.eaving it at the Slur Office, fe 8-St LOST.?On .*tu'd*%, Jantsarr ???,a silver CAR D CASE, marked Mr. L. P.. and oon' oards wrb tbe owner'* name. Suppo.-ed to have l<een left in one of the citv hack*, or iDoppel near Brown's Hot I. Pleaser-ta n to Mr. BROWN,and receive reward. fe??-St* BOARDING. BOAR DING.-MRS. RIFF. N.I. D street, ne.r Seventh, h.i* tnken thi* large and C 'tumo diou* Hou*e. where m'en-ls to rent her rtMiins, furiiistied or unfurnished, ?o single GenlU men. or Gentlemen and their U'lves.wirh Board. Trausient Boarders hy the fay or week. Meal* sent out at all hour* of the day. Also, wanted, t girls to do general housework. jan ll-lm* 1 1 LAST CHANCE. 11K El? gant Consignment of RICH SII.KS AND SILK DRESS GOODS. MOI SSELINK DELAINES. Ac., Ac., Ae., Ac. now on exhibition on the Seco*if Floor of our fs tab uhinent. wiil l>e withdrawn la a lew day . Ladies call end purchase .-it once. The p esti;t week will 1m the last opportunity tor seeunug Unrr*crdtHt*d Bargains. Penns>lv*ma avenne. fe 8 1 w between 8th and "?th sis. $100,000. * ,J< SILKKROBF.Sat ft % MOUSSKI.INE DKL.AINKK.all woi I, at ?i>. and 51) ocnt*. Velvet side STRIPED ROBES, at fi*. Riou Velvet FLOIJNCKD ROBKS at *3iand ??0 dec , to.. Ac.. Ac , Ac.. now on exhibition ou the Sbi osu Floor of our ?*? tsblishment. This consignment of magnifieent novelties will shortly lie closed, and l.adies nr? issured, tha'.alter teSttSMiM WitMitan fr??m sale here. b> tbe owners in New \ork.the same articles e^uuot t?e purchased in thi* market at doub e the p'ices u<.w asked. HOOE. BRO I'HKR A ? O., PtCNXOVLVAXI* Al K>US. feSlw ^ between W'b and ?'? ?n ft OLFE'S OCHEIDAA1 AROMATIC SCHNAPPS is presoribed with great suocessby tbe Medical Fac alty in Gravel, Gout, Cbn>nio Rtieuinatisin, Drop sy. Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Knergy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up ic quart and pint bottle*, and for sale by all the Droggists and Grocers in Washington. I'DOI.PHO WOLFE, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, No*. 18. 2n, and 22. Bearer street, New York, dec 12 3m ' A LKNTIN KS, H iioleaale and retail, at fe n LAM BOND'S NDIA HUBBKR FOOTBAI LS, Bat Balls R>*clring Hor?es, Wheelharrow*. Ae. at fe i it LA M MON l?'S,7th st._ New lamp and oil store. Oppoaite Hkswxs' Hot\l. The undersigned ,a u<>? preparml I., furnish the public with Sperm and l.a d Oi s, Cnmphine a .d Spirit Gas and tila sand Metal l*ainps of nil de scription, size and prioe. A. HATCH, fe * 3i S35 Pa. a v.. aouth snle H'llKKV VKI.PF.KS - TI'RKKV FM.i.s.Ti 1 in) nwi make au>d palUru. <nu l*> mii'ed i" anjr Siare in tbe Luion by cii closing 11 to S^SUTHER LAND, Uuu Maker. fc*'* - Ri?b11nii.d, a. | IJM libit!?LI'M UbR !!? LI MBKR !f! ? * _ . Fur Sai.r at Co*t. ? wlnhinr to ul hm ?f'M-k of LUMBl.R l>? the 1st of Aprn.from this da> will C*eil it at oost lor oaab, or approved notes at short ites. I'l.e assort meat u go?d and well sea* uied. arp<ntors and others iu want of such inatertal would do well to call at Blag ten's Wharf before purchasing elsewhere. fe??t? THEODORE MOSHRR. FASHIONABLE VIM I ING CARDS. AND 1 rlates Engraved in alt at) le*. and oards printed at a few hoars notice, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. Mftr mil ilfMt (?3 lot (Intel., Union,States A Globei W A8HIN6T OJ* THEiTRB. SECOND ORANIJCOMjRATION COMEl * THIS F.VK.NINC,. Feb ?. nrtt ftr*4 orfr r*preeen?at??n of ?? ALL THATGUTTEkd IS XUIGOLD Stephen Plata - - Mr. J. ? Howt. rubj Tvilklt - - -Mr. J <>hn Wu??. Martha Gtbba ? Mra. Jefta ?teeii. the Co edetta <*l SO ME HOD T t/JSE Han* Mont* .... Mr. Job* ttwa Fet*re enc*r#m?tn. aill predate tha poaeibsUl t of theee UhiwiIin Us. n< presented altar itia week. Oa*ra op?n at 7; perforata oe mwimmm at 7*. O PERA IN BA1.TI Mud E. MR. VLLMANN. D rwtm of Ilia N*w York Aoadamr of Mnair. reevec f t y tnfbmeWaamr n* of Washington that be ha laaatKi th? H?d da) fttreet IWira. Baltimore. fo?? al^?. aaaaaa. ? *a inccing on F R I DAY. Fab It, f?* tha perpo.eol I W ? FOLK GRAND OPERA PERFORMANCE!*, during which aJ the greet Article ?utn*. u? hm., and who have created aurti a widely *<sn? tioa. w.ll appaar. m Thar a will be THREE EVKMSti P K H FO K M 4 MC Eh Ob FR I DA V. Fab. 12.^. It- Taovarwag On ?ATI R l> A V. Feb. 13 M aft ma. Ub MO.N DA V, Fab. 15. ...FcftttaW. AspOu Dar Pmroiiiisirt, OPERA MATINEE. Oa TUESDAY La Bosxwmn a. Taa boar selected for (ha Matinee wi I enaus Tiai tor* from \\ a?luiigton to return after tba day perioi mance. For partiovKri eee Baltiff.ore f?^n, U llaMU Proframiwi ara tooeh*dat Mcts^l't M umc S ??ra If ? ^EOON Lm?R A ft D CO I ILLON PAlTI *_*F k the Wiuk Aw a k i i li a lo lake pa a TI K8DAV hVK.NMli. Fab Ifcih. I*te. at Potomac Hall, e roar of Maryland aveuwe hh.i lltb atrcft, I* and. Tick eta Kil TV ChNTS,iJailtin( a#aa.M;Mi? fttid Indie* f.-ft Te.S.MftTu* COMMITTEE & B A R VKK'R C O Q I F. T T F.. Thttjaatly oal I .rated and kneety piaaa of Stately ii uow in v\ ashi.tgtou, aod uu EXHIBITION At <?? Frmm''i. .rraw, ??'*???? ?aJ 4S? Sii"'', where she n*y I* seen tioin 9a. ni. till I" p tu The name of the "Coeuette" tewow *o weti la wo I hat it iwaila no advertising mediate to la I >4 bar lame. Hn<? haa reoeived tha highest uwnHMtid tt<Hia of praise from critic* mid oonnet*acura, U?t)i in I u rope and \meurw. and u imw jvar'y iaike< among the moat Im I tan! a-hievemeats ??( modern Aitisis. .Tha ?o*ourn of the "Coquet tc" in this a* <y twuat neoes>ariiy t? v?r> it is the purpose i?f the owner to proceed furth*' *>uth im ft lew day a. Admittance Mi OfHita ; fur me season. fa* iw* __ C (II R E K DAN8ANTE. PROF. II. W. MUNDER takea treat p.ea?u>a liixnnouimnf tniiii fri nda p ttroaa. and the puh ic thai hiaSevamh !*?'??<? will take yUe?? JH at hi4 Hall, corner ol Wli ltd D |lr?fU,oaOTB WEDNESDAt EVENING, l ab.l-th. im+.LLMk at to'aUwk p'a.M<elf. The l.aiio?-ra. Polk, and othar Qaad ille* ^iil Sa ibtrodaoed in tha aourae <?l the evamua A t ihoaa wt.o :nve ne\ ar aean tlia unoiial l,tii?>r'a<4uftliil.a ahou d Dot f. il to avail thema* Irea wf thia opp.mI a - Bit). fe ? i. PHII.HARMONIC IIAI.I.. TI'ERDA V, Pit. am, ?r?V| ?V*i nr?. St*it 2' Ctnts; Children airatripaar'rf hmlfptf'. WHITNEY, the great AMERICAN WI7.AMII I.ECTl RF.R . will open hia budget of Neorontanl >e Wondara. Phitn?<iphioal Carioaiiiea. airf Terp?i cimraaa Variatiea. in Itiia city aa nU.ra. fe? V IK ST GR WD ANNUAL BAEL or tu g Bowman Guard*. To th<>ae who like totrip it on tlia lie lit fantaatir i>ta, T<> tha B"?~mau tiuanl a Ball ?? advise all to ??*>. The oftcwra and memttera af tba Bowman WaarJa moat reapeotfalljr announce to their iimi frienda and the puh ic in general tha tl fire their Firat t?rn>id Annum Rati at i In a Hall. Capital I 111 on TIRSUA NIN'G, F#l?r ary lltb. IU?. The ftuatda pledge themselrea that 51 ta no or ezp<*nae a alb ?pnre4on their part Ui 111.k* this the fig ? M>K?r Bait, of the aeason ami guaran'v* enj<tymeat to all who may laxorua With Thair praa aaoa. Prof. Wm. Wither* lift* l?eao engaged for the ?c aaa^ta. No bate or r\pa allowed in the room, unloaa w jrn t?y the militarv. Ticke a Filly Cent*, admitting a Gentleman and l^die* Ertrmttre Commute*. G. I.. Ba dwin, J no Jobaatoa, M. Marrer -n, Thoa. O. Pr.or, J aa R. Doht>yn, Win. T. Baaaford. fe?-Ta,WATh* F Mowinan Huar.ta ii sin-roil a aft they wil. Wf at rouiii/la i\ EVE CJ& Mklodkon, Pa. Atkkpb. wui Tmth ^trkct. BUR I.1TKglR O 1? 1: H A T K <> IT F K, A New Comiikhtiov op TWEI.VK STAR VKR FORMI.R**. Unaurpft-Nkad l>y an* Trouee in the C>??niry. D. CUNTON#RlfK, The anil\"ftMed Anieriaan Gunariet and Vooaiiste. iu hi* GuiUr Solos and !<onga. MASTER WII.UK. The Jnvcnt'.e Jig Oai.oeranJ Woi .ter of tha Age. in Ueorit* Daneea, 111 eonneotiop with t lie WHOLE COMPANY. who will appear Ever* Eveiunr in NEW' somjs, \n\ iiam'ks.i.aI gii ahi f BL R LESQUES. PANTORlIMF.?* ft?. Admiaaioa oent*. Doora open at t"H : aoir nience ftt 7>*. feS LKE MAM.ORV.AfiH I^INAL NOTICE. r UkIRI AR\ SlH. I?%4. The l.ftdiflgof Wa>hingti>n, iieurgnt< A exindriaarr resaeoifally inlotiiied, that, im ten day ? from this date, tne SPLENDID CONSIGNMENT RICH DRLSt* ti<M?l>S ?miw ottering at HOOE. BROTHER ft CO/S. will be withdrawn and returned to New Voik. It is earn<*?11y Imped that Ladies wiH arail thnii selves ol the presenr op ortnmty, and ?v<al the dioapp'Ontinent wh ch must certainly lie ea?erioiio> d after the withdrawal oft ua mvoioe. in bixdi ig tn< m aelvea 00m pel led to pay douMe the prie.a n<? ask< <1. Lad tea, oal I at < n<-e, at Hot IE, BROTHER ft CO ?S, PE5SaTLV*XlA Av.Ntr, if h 'w >>?-(we?.|i Hth aitd nth aia P" E R U V 1 A~M ? y K U I'." Or Pkotc? ttn SOL VTIOX (thTHO T< )XII) i: OI * IIlO.X COMBINED. Having successfully fund the ordeal to win new disoovertes in the Materia Medio* are aubjet;ie?l. ihikI now l>e reoeived as an established loedinue. It* Efficacy in Curing ^ DrSPEFSIA, Af- rftea.t of thr /.irrr, /)m/'ijr. .V?*<r?/g<a, B romchitit an// Con ?am/, fur frai/rari'*. OitorttrrrH Stn V *f the R!no4. 11 oil *, ?Srvicy, TKt f'rottrittmg Eff*(t* vf Ltmii or Mercury. Uemtrml Dtbilti gr. And all dia> aaea which require a Tonic and Altera tire wd?oine ia l>eyoud queatioti. The pr>M)l* of it* etTieacy nre so a e autaeirtfaled. nnd ol mrh peei. ar ?v.v onara *er. that anderer* atimot r<?a?onai ly hentate to n-v-fivo the proffered aid. i The Peruvian ^rrnp loe? noil prolea* lo l?e a cure all t>ut it?\ rj?nge ia ealenaive, Imtiuiw toaiiy d seaars, appai<fi.tlji unliLenre tu tunateiy related, and proceeding ~ from one cause, ma* lie eured U one remed<. She cla&a of di*< aae* for wi>nh the Syrup <? ?a a ure. i* p ecisely that wh oh baa *o of en ed the highest order of tuedionl sg il. 1 be la<- a are tangible, the witnesa* a aroeneible, and the aalv ty aud ? ftoa.-y .tl the Syrup nioofttrovert?t> e. Those who i! ay ai?h lor an opinion |.(.m d.stnt r etted persons reapeetir.g tlie c' aravtrrol the *>?iup cannot fail to t>e ant abed with the to|tfiWi"g iiiaa a nuineroua teatiuioniala ia the hamla ol the a?ci Is. Th- aici.ature* are tlaoae of ^entlsiorn w^U kn..wa in the oommuuity, and ol the tu?he?t re pe :i?L.Ut|. CARD. vAno. The underaigmd havn.)! experienced (he la ? t elf'Ot?of the "Peruvivi ^jrup." do i.ot hesitate to recommend it to the attention of the public. From our own eg per <-hop. aa well aa from the *ea timouy of other*, whoae i talugauoe aat inter'i'y are alrogether unii'jeatiohahle, we have aft dou^t < f ita efficeev in eaaea of Incipient Diveaaea ,1 the Lung- and Bronohial Paaaaf>-s. Dyspepsia, l.i\ i Complaint. Dropsy, Neuralria ftc. Indeed itr ? fects won!d bo incredible, I ut fiom the high cli*r ? ter of thoae Who have n itneased them, and have volunteered their laatimowy . aa we do our a to it? restorative power. Rev. JOHN PIER PONT. THtiM A. DKXTh R. S. H. kEN HAI.L. M. D. . fiAMlKL UaV, THOMAS C. AMOR Y, ?KTFR II A R V e V , JAMES C. IU NN. It is well known that l?>e me<li<-inal eirecT of Pro toiide of Iron ia lost by even a very U.el po>ure to fti?, and that to ma utam a solution t.f Pr.?t<>x - ida oi Iron, wiiliont Inr her oxidation. Iiaa l?eu deeno d iinpoasible. lathe Peruvian Sj rup. tb<* deairal4e p<>iut i? a tamed by rouniiiaTiox ix a w?t bi fo k m *WOW!lt and thia eolulien a#i replace all tnc pro"-? ea i Iminlia citrates and tatrai^a ol I he MatOni Medio*. A. A. HAVES. M. D.. A**ay er to the -tale of M*gs-.ohu?etU. Ifi Boylston atreet. tloator For sale by Diurgiata generally . Pr.ce for ia..o bottlea, 9i: medium sized Uiill*?. 01. ft. I.. CLARK ft GO. Proprietor*. Kost?r For *a'e in ^ a?hiu?ton **? Z. P. Gi man, Si)?^-,al Agent; Nairn ft Palmer, John Hthwartte, L k Hiuith. V. Hai Uuib. II. *?. Mdfhws.a, F > \% algh, Joaepii Hury. Jaa. II. Stoae. J.S Uvt io?. Dr. 0. B. Claike. D. Rid*?i?; and in i..-??rget..*? t?? R. J. Ciasell.wixl J. I. Knfwell. fab" IJ*SI'EC| A I. NO'l'lt' E.?t?uf sinoere tkankp aia A hereby tendered to all who have sett led i heir n. coabU with U* aiaee onr last issue ol htlla Hstusi principal obieot now is ta eftil the atteuUon ol tho?e who have not paid to thi* uotioe. We waat them to know that er art igftriai /or r|r?b of tkt m?#??*. Was as. and bope that without delay tt?oea person* whom we bftv iagood taiih aoooanaiiaalad mil call or tend m their aeftiewata. iaaM dew TTlaGFTT A DODSO\. LU BIN'S EXTRACTS, all odor*, a* dllfifl Rt%Lr tttora, near iau at., Md at lu* Baiea R ota e?d?r WiiWii'boUl. lHa