Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL 1MTELM8ENCE Titt Cttvycim -Banr* Ald'rm,n.? ~ Board a*! last night. at the usual boar, rreeldeei, W. p Bayly, in the Chair aui',rm"n,IMl!nn wa* "ad from the Mayor r b,a b?v'"g signed a resolution di. K?)JPj,r#^01' *? Cong re** for tbf pa*. S*thiT*ty " for ,hf ben??d, of ,b* P"?>l* ?chL. Al?o, one transmitting the acrount of tht Cor po,atjon w,th the Bank of Washington .Td ?f tb' Corpora us;} wb* p""",, w"^"" lm^'mUon L'ZfZT*1 ViT Pe,,,Ion of Dr Clinton, :"r"Z?Jlra* ,bero?r*^ 'he Potomac Mr Vlfi" Improvements committee, and otbe "'Lak^l ""petition ofCbas. HiU Of Vla*?arh?lft * ^ Of -IA*l*tch.??*tt? avenue, betwrfn * Fourth tb coninimT streets: referred to improvements J!*??" r~,ntM lb* <?????* account of ?.rilT L-?'latMui, for conducting a *wrr uu (i street; same leference Mr. Smith presented (be petition of Dr. Win B ??m, a^kwijf compensation for n*dical service* commHtf ' Robertson; relern-d to tbe claim* Liff'rtf,m l0??:' c?mn>ittee, reported a paiad ' 0t Law,B D ^umuioud ; Also, one for the relief of T M andG D Han ?on; pa?*ed parsed' ?nr f?r ,he r'Uef ?f T M Han*>n J . J*1**" aw,lM>' froui *am?* Committee, reported iir u'JT> ?**P*-nse?of printing ; passed ,b' committee reports a bill for letting tbe curbsto e and pav ing the root way on Massachusetts avenue I*. V?1 a!'n'lTlb ?"d *?'???*"?*> ?"?*?"; p^-d Miller aUo, from tbe same cotuuiitbe, re * b,U fwr ?r?dW and graveling M?**a < >u*etts avenue, between Fourteenth and Fif teenth streets ; passed. Also, from the same c >mmiltee, a bill for tLe ?ge, ^LLd Sluar,.r?ommeodiu; Us pus Also, a oiil providing for re-laylm; the uutter on I. at reel south, and lor ether purposes; passed Alao. from same committee, a bill to supply a Ja?rwerriT M p *P}?0J!n*ti"'* f"r '? a sewer in the Fourth Ward ; passed. A law, a resolution calling upon tbe Cilv Sur ITS ,o0ffKn'rb !Lt; *4? -,tb?pf-iof ?he f . "trwt, from Tentb to Fourteenth in? "1"^ iV W"b eo?t of glad. ln? and graveling tbe same; passed .?lr Dove, from the committee 011 walla Dre ^"ih? V?,1,,nin"1, "Mo" from ,Le commlaJi!??er m n" * " ?f U,r ca"al' aski,,? ??" W ? o??mlitre on cai.Kla , ao refe/red. l?i. - t. *&*' ?" eaV,*? ^ ? bill author izii.g tbe Mayor in reilain caaea, to refund taae* rrroaeMMly ra,d ; named And the Board aajouriied. Cvmmom t ?unr./ -The Mayor', communica tion transmitting tbe hank account of tbe Corp, - ration waa received and referred to ways and means rommittee >1 r. Kennedy, fiom claima committee, reported :-"^:rv^.w v- ??- tor u- -?? r f'^" lL'?*>??"? commlin*. re ported tbe change of sjieciiiiiitiona so as to aei ure tleledTaf.T' T?r Wa,"r"1 lh* n-w.tavlum, com alte.anon !?~k' l'on8truu' n,'? ces* pooia. Ac The alteialton make* nocbange in tbeifeneral Dlan of ^ i a,rK'fTlb<y det?>rui.,u?i at tbe outaer .bat ?^/7Tr. L .PrOJr2!rd "hould not . tb^co"1 ?*??niated ? ? tbe superintendent i??yu!,VfTlnlarU tw,ake '?<> ?'*T which Would wS^JTcil rontrar' wb'ch haa l>eeii made 1 1?, ? Cameron, and none which would irive him an undue advantage over other comi)etitoi<i for the additional work, and none bv whiJb a? etf?^e "Vh"* ,he Would not be a ? # ^P?rt Wa" ,aia ?" tb* ,abI< A bill from the Aldermen to supply a d^tlcien cy tor bunding a bridge over Tiber crcekwoa r? furred to Improvements con.iiilttee. ' .rl' i i"lWB mtroduced the following preamble boM i 1 r*7>,u,io"S Wkaiola were .eferied to {5S??I ??"??'?ttre, and ordertd to be VYbeieas, it appears that the Senate Committee win1 A>,,trict of Columbia bave expressed a w lllngnrss to recommend an annua! appropri ?tion equal in amount to any sun. that mav be JlJiM r" yemr,y by ,b<*rily of U aah Ington for tbe suppo.t of public schools therein ? Atid Wberesa tbe nro^toaition deaeives in our accepted by the city, fciving, aa It doe*, as-u anre tbat if faitbTullv t^'n ' ,he "yH,7n of P"blir "Cboola will >,K>n be placed upon u aubatantijil baaia, adbrdnii/ fa cilities for the education of the children of fvery citizen of the metro,Kills : Therefore, lie It V with'it?i ' ' bat 1 be J'>l nt con. m it tee c ha rg.d U.fore V^n r"^ '?kL of the Corporation brtore Congreas, be instructed loaid in pro^nm* T .1 Vi V""1" an appropriation of not ess than Iwruty five ll?uu*?iid dollars for Hie suppo.t or tree acbowla w.thin the City of Wash 1 rig ion upon ibe condition xuggealed by the Sen ate Committee on the District of Columbia *1. Blow 11 also udered tbetollowinv preamble aod joint reaolutiou lelative to tbe safe of Judi ciary Squuie to the Government; ,b* V?*?,,,lswlu,M,r of PuMie Build lugs and tironi.ds, iu his late annual r.-port, ie a thnt tLe Centre Va.ket Square be ,e yarded aa [orfeiled to the Government uulesa speedily o,^copied by a auiluble building for mar ,n,.P. T^" A"d wb<-^. ?' ?he opinion of Ibis lor, Hilar to", tbe loss ??f so ?aluai>le a a.iuare nf groundl. w.t bout r.xtipensat >on. would be iu tnoua in the beat inter, Vs of the city: And whe.e as the uieana to avert lb ., threaten^ leyersion is l.ot iu our municipal treAsu, v, a..d . u.not be now whe'r'r^Tfr ' W,^'uut a,d Congress; And |T,? i w or a aepurate tor tb? JVpaitment or Ibe Interior, to be ere, led upon n s|le yet to )>e purchased by tl.e I i,i|r-?l . lates; |? apuare.1t to every ,-itiz-n of Washin Ion: Therefore, Itc it " "'"x ? rbl' Joil,t r?romlttee charged With attending Iu the mlvresis of this Corn?7ia tlou before c..?g.esa \r inatructed to propose io tbat honorable Unly tb^ purcb..?e from the citv ijaa a.te tor the I liter 101 Ifc-partmenf buiidin-, oi J ad" ?aiy isqujtre, tor the sum or f^si,lui; j 5*;^^-non of-.,;; da boTaff. il T- W,,b "?"??''?* a. seroml story th-reof for UU!Hi"S"< ban leal exhibi ordeied Z"? p.m,^ P?l,C? c?a??i The Board tbeu took a r?ce?a of twenlr S7?eT*f0!l the moiilbly r^f'rr^' tU* a*>'*,ni Wa"? ??tetreil and * from Aldermen to defray expenses of m!u? W" rfcii to m*y a,ia coui A bill to amend an act to regulate markets as Bt*rd^*fr?r ' Aldermen, and returned to this Hoard for concurrence, was takeu up ai.,1 the amendments were agreed to. F ,oA.bll,/rr refund an excess of iSSSTttw by waM to ?at*1,'*1? fmUhl?'U tU - *lle otn" *U'Y >n square 513. from Fourth to Fifth streeta we^t ??rm7 tW J!1*' ri,i'd U a,d ^'^at.on 1 1 ?fadiug and graveling Massaclnnetts ?^enue. belwsen fourteenth and Fifteenth streets 4^i m**r tW ,n,Provrn,rnls' committee A biH for settlug Ibe curb stones and paving north aide of tbe same avenue, between Four^ um,t >itd FUtmlb w;?. Z?" HZ: A bill to refund taxes erroneously paid - re leued to ways and m-dns committee ' A bill lo supply d irlenry for construct lav a <*ewer Iu the Fourth Ward was referred to drain Mge committee. . f.U,ty?.'. fSom in?Proveinenls committee, rcpoilrd a bill for trimutiug and gravelin-' It ?tieet uoilh. betwe-u I wellih a,,d Thirteenth half Also, bill for trlinuiuii' and ?ravelinir E street, between Tw.-irth a:.d fourteenth streets west, amended by the committee by cxteudiu* tbe work to F.leventb street; passed Alao, bill from Aldermen to supply a deficiency for an lui, rove.urnt in the First Ward : paaaed ^gra<!''a,,d *rav"1 B Vrw*f nortb. pL^d 8ecwd s,rret e??t, In Fifth Ward; Mr Llojd Offered a resolution declaring that the present bankrup- aoi.d.lion of tbe Corpora lion does not authorize any fuitber appropriation* for improvements iff m md-f ,baf "?e reao rc'peuful ' being di? Tbe Cbair decided tbe resolution iu order Cialk appealed and tbe decision Was nt4 ?attained?ayes d, mn 11 Mr Lloyd altered his resolution by -uh?IHutin* the word '? unfortunate'1 for ?? bankrupt ?' i>n motion of Mr Jt-tteison, ibe resolution was laid 00 tbe table. And Iben the Board adjourned. Cocit or Claims.?Vent*day, BoLt k S. ott, ^'"l ?Fu?l?drlpbia, Fa , waisvyorn an attorney of this court Judge "VarbuiaL delivered the opinion of Ihe ruuri iu tbi-?a?e of Fctef Fa. ker, allowing cla iu aaf Wr} 19 ? J F-lk, hsq , opeuf-d tbe arguuieut for the clnlmant in Ibe < ase of Jobn Peeblrs Mr Hat reP'??'d for the government. Mr. Folk clr~ed Ihe arguiueut, and tbe case was submit t ed Adjourned Can ? TCCK ows Uusuuit ?Mr. Win. A Cauuon, ayent,.4who la to be found at 7* Sev enth street) has left with us an Ingenious cootrl vance for preventing the eutiauce of burglar* into a chamber. It is a little machluo which falls 10 the gronnd on the opening of the door or window to which Is attached ar.d explodes a tor pmb>. <t wlU doubtless answer the purpose or a sieepsr iu the room. ^mitxomun Lcctcsc. ? A large audience was entertained on Friday evening at the Smith sonian, l>vth? Inlroductive lecture on tb? "Etfect of Occupation on Health," by Dr J. Wynne, of New York. The lecturer remarked that although hi* subject would not allow of any rhetorical dis play, it Involved important Information The nn canity of labor is contort table to a iaiv*r?al and unavoidable decree of Divine Providence and the studjr of its influence on the physical or ganisation of man of great practical utility. It la true, that to a healthy peraon a proper afnoant of labor ia advantageous; but experience has ahown that health and sickness are liable to be alternate conditions of the system. Some provldeut people make provision while in health for their supco t when nick Thin la fequently done through the medium of beueticial associations, wblch the Uc turer regarded as important auxiliaries In pro moting the welfare of the people of any country. These societies, however, should lie conducted !n acco;dance with certain established lawa which govern health and mortality, for thus only can tliev be rendered permanent and efficient It was to the?e law* or health he desired to call atten tion. A resident in a neighborhoodcaunot point out who of hi* neighbors will be nick or die within a year; but lie may, with verv consider able certainty, tell bow many will lie sick art! how many will die if he has statistics of the health and mortality of the district for several yrV*;- societies. By consulting si.itist.c* of *m-b cbarartfr thevcan forma toler ably correct estimate of the health and mortality of their memliership. and thus be enabled to se cure their organization fioin any shortcomings in the.nMH.nts of benefits enuring to its members This truth has lieea recognized by life insur ance association, and from their statistics the computation of health and life has been rtduced to a science It was formerly thought (hat the chances of longevity were in favor of that class of society which Is most exempt from labor The Friendly Societies of England have dis proved this. Oeing chiefly composed of work ing men, tbev show that the average length of life among their membership, as compared with the average of the promiscuous population of England, is largely in their favor. Here the lec turer called attention to a tabular illustration of this compaiison. It Is also shown by these societies that among those employed in the various tranche* of in dustrial pursuits there is likewise a gr*at differ ence in the probabilities of a long life Some classes of mechanics dying at an average age considerably under that u( other classes. This he illustrated by a tabular statement, and ob served that between it and th* mo tality returns or the .-state of Massachusetts thete is a -^rikiniz similarity. The latter gives the average length of life of the several classes of citizens as fol lows : Judges,(17.19 years; agriculturists, 64.11; gen tlemen, Ki k|; millers, 61.5"; coopers oH tvl; law yers, 56 541; clergymen, 5rt5l; physicians, .15 natters, 5196; blacksmiths,; merchants, 5ti ??, butchers, 49 63; carpenters, 19 33; masons, 4. 01; cabinet makers, 47 (M. seamen, 45.49; la?Kir ers, 41.57; Stone cutters. 43 titi; shoe makers, 43 A'.; jewelers, 4*> 56; tailors, 4-? 51, glass blowers, 39 -Hi; printers, 3ti 55; cleiks.73 The lecturer said that it doe* not follow that the amount of si< kuess is proportionate to their d**giee of moiiality. Oa tbe contiary, some of those who die at the earliesi average ages a.e less liable to sickness than the longer lived Another table to which Dr \V. called atten tion, was iilustiative of the fact that as life ad vance*. after twenty years of a^e, the liability to sickness are increased, airtl the ratio of this iir iu propoitioii to the age. I he closing portion of his < was rela tive to mariiages. Marriages, like deaths, are conformable to certain laws, and although with out intention on the part of those who marry, they will occur al mtnin age* and under certain ci:cuiustances. The time in the year for marriages also comes within the jurisdiction of certain rules or habits. In .Massachusetts the fewest numlMtr occur in March and the greatest In November, winJe in Kentucky the greatest nnrnher occur in December. This, he thought, was probably owing to the festival seasons of rhanlcsgivint; in the tlrst and Christina* in the last named f*:ate. Females are fifteen tunes more apt to marry under twenty years of age than in .Us; between twenty and twenty-five the chances aie nea-ly even, and over twent'vflve the chances preponderate i.i favor of the males. 1'he aveiage ages at which marriages occur in different count lies vary, lu Belgium it is at twenty-nine years for miles, and twenty-seven for females; in Massachusetts, at twenty-live for the former and twenty-two Tor the latter; and in Kcutur ky, at twenty-thiee for the former and twenty-one tor the latter. As a general ruiemtr riages take place at an earlier age as the couutries are situated farthest south lu this climate, the lecturer said, a w orn in at twenty yen* of age ha* already lost one fourth of her chances of matrimony. Mr. Wynne had a large audience agi-lu last evening, and delivered a very interesting dis course, which we will hereafter notioe more at length He also lecture* again to monow even ing. " Thk Coi^ctTTx,:' a statue executed by a Vir ginia artist, Win B Barter, is now on exhibi tion in (his city, and is attracting no little atten tion Mr. ftarbee j* a native of Happabatmock county, and is an alumnus, we believe, of fl icb m ind college llis admirers?at d the circle is widemug daily as his works are becoming known?claim for him all the delicacy of mani pulation for which Hiram Powers, heretofore defined at the he:id of American sculptor*, is di-tinguisht'd. aiid 3 much higher decree of cre ative power lb hi is possessed by I'oweis. '? The i.'oquette,:' the only work of M r Bai bee's we have yet seen, is reitainly an extraordinary pro duction for an eatly ?tfnrt of a young and mainly self-taitf ht artist, and may well justify the confi dent expectations or his friend* Without entering upon tet:hftital d.-tails, for which we lack spa< e, we may say tbat in ? The Cuqm Ite' is iepre>ente?| a semi-nude female Ag on-of exquisite nr?i|Mirti?ns, holding in the left hand a heait, and in the right an arrow, which she holds poised as if to strike, hut hesitates, while a sinile, half arch, half innocent, lights op her Jicautifiil luce and sue seems halt-inclined to relent and allow tier palpitating victim to vjo iiii pierced ? NV-e think, however, she will 41 skewer it,'' the more e*|iecially as we see she has a full quiver i?f arrows in ieserve. all >ha |?en?d up for u-e Her |Milh is strewn with roses, \fhich par tially conceal some awkward looking thorns, and it i* easy to see that iutakin^ many ateps forward in her coi|iiettish career she is certain to expe rience that the pain is not to l>e ail cn one side Thn* the work of art has a nioia', wnlch Is well; otherwise the sweet giace and Itulii mi successes of the <-(M|iiette would inevitably Induce all wo mankind to tread in her footsteps. The manipulation of the statue is nearly as te markable as its graee. The light-absorbing texture of the surface by which a glare is avoid ed, and tin- marble made to repre*eut the soft ness or tteshj th? easy gnwe of the foldings of the drapery; the anatomical correctness of the muscular developments : the eninisite finish of the extremities, even to the tips of the taper tin. gers. We advise our readers to pay an early visit to "the Coquette,'' at her quarters, on Pennsylva nia a veuue, ami wherein, Dr B tibfe, brother of the sculptor, will lie found a mont intelligent and agreeable illustrator. Criminal. Cocet?Yesteiday, I'ae jury iu tl ? case of Frank Shannon and William Johnson, charged with assault and intent to commit high way robbery upon one Charles H Robinson, re turned a ve diet of guilty of assault ouly, and not with intent to rob The Court then took up the ca<e of CJeorge A. Spri ugmau. charged with assault aud batttfiy upon one Cuarle? S< hunck The jury returned a vetdictof guilty a* indicted, but recommend d the defendant to the mercy of the Court. The defendant was called to the bar, and, in reply to certain questions propounded, stated that Scbuni k was, upon the diy when the otl'ein e i* Charged '.<> have been committed, lu his em ploy, auil thai, for some im-d -meauor. he had rieen discharged That ni^ht he broke into de fendant's back-ya'd. a d int?i the stable; and d'-ponent, hearing him there, and not knowing but that the depredator wa* a thief or an incen diary come to do him damage, entered the stable iu the dark, aud seizing upon the discharged servant, and uot knowing him by reason of the darkness, threw him upon th? pavement, break ing hi* c dlar bone. Ttie Court fined the defend ant #10 Fiank Shaunon and William Johnson, were each sentenced to one week s Imprisonment In the jail and each to pay a line of $5 The grand jury beie came in and wete called, after which they weie discharged filially with the thank* of the Court for their puuctunl attend ance dui iiig the ti iui The CouiI then adj.imned The tirand Jury and the member* of tbe bar, to^ethei Wltb the officers or tlie cour*. were iu vited to the fraud jury mom byilie Maishal and partook of something substantial then ar>d their provided in form of llqu.ds aud solids. To-da* t Vlr. Morgan appeared with a moticn for a couiinuanc - of the case of James Powers, charged with the tnmder of Edwatd A Lnlz, who b Was fixed loi to day, to the fiisl day I of the next te. hi The motion was argued at leu th by tbe cou.isel on either side, ai.d Anally, it appearing in the affidavit that an linpoi tant witness for the defence was absent ai d could not be obtained during this, the motion was (.'rSiltcd on condition that it tie fixed positively for tbe first diy of the .March lei hi ^ lu F'trguson, I)ink K nig, and Andrew K id well, in jail on charge of being engaged la the 'election riot* last vear, weie brought into court and gave secuiity for their appeaiauce at tbe next 'term of the Ciiuiinal Court The Mkluiieon Opera Troupe reprodure, tor this evening only, tbe celebrated pantomime of t*am Patchino, a burlesque on the Ravels, writ ten by E A. W nideu, E?o , to be preceded with Ethiopian Minstrelsy. The new biiriesoae of a Manager in Search of a Siar Old Folka Concert, 4c , keep up tl)e shake. W AIIIS8TOS LlBRART ?We *T? pleased to learn that this Library, which hw been cloeed lor some weeks for the purpose of making re. patr* to the building, is shortly to be re-opened. The bnildlng has been much beautified and put ??.?!!Ph 8t?te of rePair; ?*?e Library roim cotistdrrabiy enlarged, and gas introduced with the intention of hpreafter keeping it open every Z: \ln? " w?il V dur,nK the day* We are par. tl^alarly gratified to learS this fact, and hope the J^rk .!r.n ?*r?,'ty Will avail themvlw of facilities thus affoid?d them at a trifling ex. pense, of spending their evening* in improving ? *?? T. y r,,"d''m, instead of loitering ..11!. , 1."<l"or saloons and corners of the i , * , e trust our citixens generally will Jfv ** interest in iu?iainlng and encouraging enterprise, and though they may not wish personally to avail themselves of its benefits, vet, *>e,H'ft it will confer on others, .wi Prtd* lo *'dlng it by every means with in their power. Among its present friends and supporters are some of our most wealthy and in fiuentiai citizens, and we hope many more such may be added to Its list. We understand a meeting of the .shareholders has been called for Thursday evening, for the purpose of considering some proposed important change* in it* plan of opr^ation*. *o as to make the Libiary more generally arce**H>Ie to our citi zens and stranger*. Tbe 6,000 volume* now in the I.ibiarv are l?eing re-arranged and classified Persons wishing to subscribe or learn It* term* and regulations will find the Librarian in daily attendance at the building. Success to t lie Wa-h ington Libiaty! Trial or J Caverlt Hall?From Hon. W W. Kingsbury, delegate from Minnesota, we Lave the following in relation to the arrest of Mr Hail: "J Caver ly Hall, who was arrested 011 Th <rn day last by officers Boss and Allen on suspicion o| being connected with the robberies at the National Hotel, Lad his trial on Satin day before Justice Dorm. No evtd-nre wLaf#?ver appealed to criminate Mr. Hall, and iu fact no definite 4 barge was made against him it applied on tual that none of the propetty in his possession was that which had been stoleu fiom the Na tional. On the contrary, the possession of every thing was satisfactorily accounted for by the tes timony adduced in Mr Hall's behalf The evi P'oniineut citizens of fannesota I the fart that bis character, while a tesideut of that Teiritory, was good, and that Le tiad, until within a short time, been employed as ?Mte of the detective force of the city of St Paul I be arrest was evidently a mistake-;.., ui.war ranted and inexcusable one, too?for nothing ap peared on evidence which aflo.ded the leasl ground for suspicion. Ou the c.oiitraiy, everv thing went to prove that Mr. Hall's cha actei for integrity is aitove suspicion. W. W . K i ngsbprt. Habit Sanokrson's Concert? The greal number of enteitainnients occurring about town last night, occasioned a sparser attendance al Sanderson s concert than his many warm f.iendi "mT.'T* C.<l"Id but We are cer tain that for the audience, the concert was nil ro,l,d have been deslrtd Can somelnxly tell us something more about those excellent lingers, tl.e Misses Heron, who have lately made theii appcarance in musical circles here, and with such !Xn 1 . V "ucres*? How many times they wei e jf 01" ,:i8| n'ftht, by encores, we are not pre pared to say, but believe that a repetition of every piece they sang was demanded. So of Sander. r."nW 'l*f performances upon the piano llerr R. dolphson rec eived his share of the a-? plause of the evening; and we must not forget to Pr?e ?r?.the unexceptionable manner in which t-rof 1 hunder?a new ta. e, too, in our concert rooms?presided at the piano. 1'hk Washington- Theatre?The lovers ol sterling comedy will find most attiactive metal in the performance tc-night of Morton s ad mirable play of " All that Glitters is not Gold " whTJh % Prod"c,*d '? superior manner in which pieces have been brought out at thi* iSenhT., P?e ,tS "P**1","* Subjoined is the cast : ^ Pu,u I!1,,m' Mr J U Howe; Jasper Pluin ?ir a,.!" V Twinkle. Mr. Jofn Sloan \ Plnm Mr J* Hangs ; Frederick UarTharfhK v? ?r^' Harris, Mr Warden, bndle Mriiiu' ."f0 I'^dy Leather, b idge, Mrs. H. P. G rattan; Lady Valeria, M.s C.Stoneall. | he afterpiece is the comedietta ot "ihnif\i it ;!"*?!! sT,tb Mr John sloa" a* Hans Moritz, and Mrs. Sloan as "M.nnie." C'e Market.?This morning, the market opened with a very good supply in all the sheds and at the stands in the space. The hav stand-, we.e also weU supplied, but the demand did not appear to be as lively as usual; the prices for good hay rang, d from 91* lo $1 per cwt Ti e SUx k on the vegetable stands, furnished by city and country dealers, was of excellent m.'dlitv and the prices were about the same as on Satur wl it l \Y ,n?'ket the supply was some what less than at the close Of last week, but the ? eVV*"\Un' |jai'ged. At the scales, pork wis ottered at the old prices, #7aJ^ ? pernio lbs ; the qiiaiitit) ap|??-ais (U decreasing. Bp*jl?rv ?Between one and two o'clock this morning, the house of Mr W. C. Bestor on 1) between Setond and Third, was entered by t?p' bold Ihievcs, who, having overhauled various ^Lsv'??,?i TnL?""r^r> *U(l Uuat* th,ors topsv -turvy, dellbe ately i? .a,. t|Jrir w<ty lo tge ? wh*Te Mr. Bestor and his w if* were slec^ng. and stole a gold watch and silver cup n ? ul was awakened by their movements wMrl r.h^n.'' a"i Tan?f 0,,t of bi" bpd. ?P"" which the bu.glars beat a s.,., d\ relteal ihe f.-l ^w ?"" j.,, w^" tel., lie Ot.lig.d lo Ii.a.e his exit through the window. Fan* WHAT \vt hkah, the exhibition on Fri day last, at the Georgetown Female Seminary, must have been highly inteiesting. The exer cises consisted of recitations and dialogues in Kngllsh and F .ench, elocution, inusu ,4c., being r.M ,,? ?r 'he daily? xercises ol1 the scho.ll rl.u .1 .fi I." a,,d ?>^"?t^ious show VI u! ,lVhellrK,^,,,i,?"i0n "( 'he Seminary Sin. e Mi?s Harrover fleeame its p:incipal, and In all r? spects was most creditable to her. A Cask Fur 1'aiAL.?This morning, a warrant was issued by Justice Donn, against a i>er>o.. who wa> accused of selling a Cow in the maiket which he recommended as a good cow. in proper condition, and healthy. The prosecutor ile .Up?n to milk the cow she found that two of the teats were spoiled She wanted to return the cow hut the de.der refused to receive her. The case was ruled for trial be fore Justice l>oiin. Wf. cam. attention to the advertisement of the performances of the |T||man (>p<.ra Troil. in Baltimore. This troupe comprises such ar tistes as I .a Grange, Miss Milner, U'Angri Tib erlni. Bignardl. ?err Carl Formes, Perring" tias. sler, Signor Rocoo and others. Arrangements for round trip tickets to Ballimo.e have tee,, ma^e he railroad company Any information can M? isic Store rt> B^to ,Le tr,P ^ Metierott s Bogus Coin ?This morning a gentleman pre sented us with a bogus twenty-five cent piece, which had been passed upon him a short whilj before. It is strongly suspected that the mint n'eT tbii Hiv iM1" proceeds |, ]oCafed in or ne?r this c ty. |t Is a very olose representation Of the genuine coin of 1HJ8, but may be detected by a greasy teeliiijr, and a pewterish lustre pro duced by rubbing it l^tween the fingers. # Keliwioi'4 Meetinos -The Rev Dr Swent zel commenced a series of religious meetings last ni^ht at the Methodist Protestant Church Ninth street, and intends to continue il.*m nro!|:'b wf"uk O'Hiug the se.ies the Rev Dr. Murray and Rev. John Robei ts are expected to assist the pastor. ? ASHmoTO!* Yagers?This corps, attaciied to the volunteer regiment of the District military, is miking extensive arrangements for their anti cipated visit to Richmond on the'22d of February Among other additions to their corps h. a section of six pioneers with a chief. Police Kspoit ?The cases reported to the Chief of Police for the week ending Saturday last were .TV. First Ward, I; Second. 3; Third. II, fourth, 13 Fifth, 3, Sixth, 4; Seventh, 4 To XIOHT, It will be seen, Prof. Whitney opens hisbLd<et of magic wonders, at Philhsrmooic Hall, Slat Buildings. 1 he Proceedings of the Code meeting held in Georgetown last unjht. are unavoidably crowd ? d out to-day. An I'm.'ommon Wintee -Shad In the Poto iiuu-, ea.thqnakes at Naples, trees budding and everything looking like Mhv Phllbrick, at the gift bookstore, .No. 4?C Pennsylvania avenue. finds this weather prodtable as well as pleasant. It enables the ladles to visit bis establishment, and make purchases and receive presents of biac - lets, riugs, cuff-pins, etc. Kv?rvthiog looks tlst teilng, politi.s, Kansas, t.ade and the weathc Cell at Puilbrick's, 47? Pennsylvania avenue It Watch Returns?Jehu Wi PhlUips, pt , abusing his wife, fine and costs, ?fl, Rebecra Washington, colored, Md , diso derly and pro fanity; fiue and costa, S3 44. John Keunedy, Ire land, drunk and diaoiderly; woikhouae M/days Charles Miller, colored, D C, disordeiiy and assault; do Virgiuia Brooks, colored, D C , witness, dismissed Francis Shannon, drunk and disorderly; workhouse d?jr? John Nn/eat, colored, D C , disorderly.fin and costs, fS in. Andrew Wall, Pa , drunk and d.syid^tly: work houso 90 days. I T*? Lat* JtMit M. Ramsit. PXZZgZI?.i t roller. at hi'f nut 9 ?'~J?. r~ . . l. " _... luwrastee VII11h* ?u|i(f(tii??( the Comp troller. at hi!f past 2 o'clock p. in.. for tfce purpose of oon?nllaliou upon the propriety of taking sortie atsps indiuiu iv? of their regret at tne iosa the ofnoe *ud tb- public had suataiaed in the recent deceaaa of Mr. RtiuMy, tad upraiNTt of their eoodolenoe with hia mourning f*nnly, the nma vm organised l>> the choioe of (he Comptroller m chairman, and Mr. Bade, utesrettri. The accompanying reeoutiona wer^anbmitted, and unauimoualy approved : 9 bvoLtrnia m Mil TIOKB. la view of the recent dwinneof Jaiaea M. Rtm *e>, Esq., late our honored and esteemed Chief Clerk, whoie associations with aa. hie fellow lal?o mrs, have been of a pleasant and grateful eiuiiaMer. and with moet of ua intimate aodtamdiar for years at. aa a memento of tka esteem ia which h?> was i for Ms mtalliienw, olaarneas of perception, oloee application tobuaiaaaa, sound judgment, Ingi cal mind aod sterling lutein ty; lor Ims character as a studious and well-read law>er. a faithful public officer, and above ail, aa houest naa, the noblest w rk of God. Rtsolrfd. That his loas to the publio la a great

one, jet a much heavier one te hta familv-that while we res ret the former, we inoura the latter, and thua seek to express our heartfelt aympath) and condolence with his liereft consort and fatherless children in this their sreat atflic i?n. Ht.flvrd, That while we are aware that it is but a poor tribute to his worth, to assure them tiiat the remembrance of his kindness and efficiency as an officer, his many estimable traits as a husband and father, his restoration to the Divine dispensation as a Christian in the last try lscene of earth, is cherished by us as worthy of our earnest emult behooves us to attempt, in this slirht de gree, to kghteH the bur*bun or his stricken family. Hut to Him, wh<> ia the Mod of the widow and t he orphan, must they look for that consolation not in the power of mortals to administer. To Him we c tnmend them, feeling that we should all bring home to ourselves the convmlion that sooner or liter we must follow our departed an.I lamented friend and ompanion. who haa cheerfully 'aken the advance id ua, no one knows tor how sli rl a period and that ill this instance the words of the mo*i l?ave lx?en but too lainentab'y verified?'* Death loveaa shining mark." Ke.tulmJ, 'I hat we will endeavor to emulate hia esample?hold in fond rememb anoe his many amia ble qualities, and strive to be prepared to follow hint, in our allotted time, to that bourne from Whence no traveler returns. w>tb as little reluctance aa mani fested by him at parting with all that be held most dear on earth. Httolrfl, That,at the ?ame time, we commend hia mourning and sadly ktflieted family to the cure ol' Him who holds our lives, and all lie has intrusted to our care; at Hia d.rpo-al. they may confidently look to us for material md in case of need. Jt*.?e/r ?/. That, if practical" e, a eopv of th.?se resolutions l?e h:iiid?d,bv one of <tir numlter, to Mia Ramsey, otherwise transmitted to her b* ijinl, with the accompnnvitiK assnrmc. of our warmest wivb-s for the pio?p^rity of heraclf and children, and our deep regret at their l>ereavement. The S?cr<*tary was designated to communicate to Mrs Ramsey a copy of ihe proceedings ol this meet ing and t he resolution a adopted at the same. Voted that the proceedings of this meetnu go up on the records of thiaolfic*. and tliit copies ol the same, for'publication, tie furnished the respective daily papers of this city, The meeting was then dissolved. W. Meiull, Chairman. Johs Bkdzl, Secretary. It Wkddino Cakks very pretty and very ehaap; Joe Cream and Water loeaat $1.50 per gallon, at the Philadelphia Confectionary, oorner 12th and P ata. 1 ' jan 23 1 m* J. Ftr?*ii.L, Ol KD. On Monday afternoon, the 8th instant, Mr. JO SEPH STEPHENSON, Sr., aged 81 yiara. The de eased was a native of Nor humh'rland oountv, Kng'and. but for the last tuirty-t hree year. are?i d >nt of thia city. The friend < of the deofaafd and of the family are reaoectfull* invit-d to attend the funeral from Kv land Chxpel, on Wednesday, the lotto mat. at 2 o'ol'k p. m. ? On the 8th instant, LOUISA DAVIS, daughter of Arthur T. *rd Virginia Johnson, aged 2 years, d montha sno i days The friend* of the family ia respectfully invited to attend her funeral at 2 o'clock on WedneaJa\ even iag. ( Baltimore Sun please oopy.) * AUCTI01 8ALB8. By A. GRKKV, Auctioneer. Vr ALUA BLE BUILDING LOT FRONTING O.I 20th SrREKT. 15 TH K FlR*f WARDAT AlT Ttox.?I in K RI DAY, the 121 h instant. I shail sell in front of tne premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., a handsome Building Lot in the P rat Ward, fronting 46 feet on the west aide of 2 th, lietwoen K and L sts. nor'h it Ixjing originally Lot No. 27. in Square No. 16 but is eu'divided in lota of 22Vt feet front and lin feet dee?. Terms: One-third cash; b lance in 6, 12, a d 18 montha for notes bearing interest from day of ?aie. A u -ed given and a deed of trust taken, f*f>-d _ A. HKKKN. Auctioneer. By WALL & BA RN A R|), Auctioneers. IARfiF, STOCK OF FINK IMPORTED LI j QVOBa, Wish axd Coriiiai.s. Bourbox, M?? xokoahkla Ann Ot.n KykWiiisrkv at Plblic Apc tioi.?Owing to unexpected business arrange merit* elsewhere, the Messrs. Moner 4 Co., of New > <>rk, u i;l diso irtmue their agency in this city, ana will,on TUESDAY, the 16th instant, at in o c^ook a in. at the store No. 3^7 Pa. av., opposite the Na tional Hotel, offer their extensive a id well selecird stock at auction. We name? F ine and pure French Krandi a. in and c^sks, Otard SeunetteaiMtother brands- B.s^uit tnco chee, Chil e proprietors, Al-o, fine Brandies in deni'johns "r>d bottles, Superior Old Hye, M n?i gabela and Hourbon Whiskey. These are very line. Also, a tme slock of pure old Madeira a ad Port Wines, Bordeaux. Annesette. M-rasehino, Curracoi. No ? an Perfect Love Cordials, Red H?-al ( al.met, Pernor mid other choice Cham pagne, .Vlargatix, Ma'oc. St. Juben and otli -r Claret Wma, Also, it sample. 15 euhth ca<*ks Kochelle hign tt a-or.-d Brandy and 5<> cases of t'laret and Cham paynes, hi bond in the Georgetown custom hou?e. Attention of d aleiaaiid others is called lo this Ml- of brst c ass Liquor*. They will be sold in lots to suit. Terms at a*? e. le *? t k WALL .V BARNARD. Ancta. GEQ&0KT0WN ADVERTIBEMT8. PUBLIC AlKKTINfi.?There wi I tie a public meeting at Forrest llail, licorgetown, on THURSDAY EVENING, the :1th mat. at7o"cl'k, for iho purpose of uiscuseing the Code. Its friends and opponents are in silked to attend. _ _fe 9 3t ATCOST FOR CASH.-From February lat I will otter my entire stock of I'HN' (?tM?i)>at cost for uasii, W . K IIl'RDLE, !<? 4-2w lligU street, Ueorgetowu, D. 0. wA\ TO SAVE \ OUR MONEY. SELLING OFF AT~C08T FOR CASH. I will otier my entire slock of Dry (iood* at prime cost. The slock is complete, and allot the UooJs huve been purchased for cash, therefore you oan save your monev lit oalling early, and get? 4 4 heavy lirown Cotton at 6L, Good V\ hite I'laime! at i:>?', 4-4 heavy ILeaoh'd Cotton at tit; French Menu.* at worth #1.25. Buck (>auntletts at 5oo.. worth #1. Caliooes and Uiughams, tlo^ieiv , AAo .at W, R. HURDLE'S, fe 4-2w No. 92 High st., Georgetown, D. O. CI* M HKRLA N D COAL?For tale in quantities to suit purchasers, very superior Cumbeiland COAL, lump and fine. Also OAK and PINE VVOODol superior qualities. ORME & KURT'/, fe 3 Iw No, 31 Canal Wharf, Green street. ^?OME WITH THE CASH. ^ We now offer our stock of WOOD aifl COAL at tke following prices, for cash only, delivered in any pnrt of Washington and ueorgetown? Oak Wood at $5 50 per cord Elue di>. do. 4 Sft do. ickory do. 6.75 do. Wnite ash Coal at jC.25 per ten Red do . all sizes, ar $t'.5>.i per ton. Oideri left al P. J. Steer's #fore. 7th Street, be tween I) and E,or at either of our Yards, will be promptly filled. J. W. P. MYERS ft qu? Corner G and 22d streets, t irst Ward. C. MYERS * SON, fe 2 lm Water street. Georgetown, D. 0. Bt?A R Dl NG.?MISS (i W Y N N, occupy in* M rs. Raphael Semme's hi.use, in tieorretown. first street Smith's Row,can accommodate several (am Hies with very dosnatile ftouuis and good HOARD. jan ?j Iui* J^I.DI CI.NU STOCK-CHEAP TOR CASH JOHN H. SMOOT, No. 119 Bridg* str'tt. (itorgetoir*, D. C., wishing lo reduce his stock aa ow as possible by the lat of March, will aell from th>? date every descrip tion ol WINTER GOODS at reduced prices for cash. Fanoy Colored Dress Silks, Printed Mousline Delainea, Merino. Plaids and Poplina, French Merinos, Shawls, Scarfs, Cloaks, Ac., - ? will be ao'd at a VERY GREAT REDUCTION on former prices. Piomot customers suppIieAipon the usual terms. Those having settled their Billa rcndereiTto 1st instant, he tenders iiis grateful ac knowledgements and will t>e under many obligations toall who have not. to do so by aosh or bote at thur earliest couveuienoe. jan 21 , J. II. SMOOT, I^INE ALES.?W? respectfully annouiK*# to our r friends and the pubtie that we have at last sua oeetled in having a large quantity of ALES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will Kuarantee to lie the 6neat and the largest vari ety that was ever offered m this market. All persons wishuta a nice article ot Ale can have it by npplv tug to us for witiier of the following brauda* i viz. Keniictt. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelpfiia and XX. We also have a fin* article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders b> mail, or giv<m to our drivers, will be attended to. ARMY 4 SHINN. Union Bottling Depot, 57 Creec street, d 17 d _ Georgetown, D. C. I^OR HALK^ARNY'S CONFECTIONEB V is otferM at pnTateaale, A great hargain and a good opportunily for a Confectioner Who under stands ins business. If not disposed of by the 8th at February next tb? whole conoern, together with the three story Brick llout,84 Bridge street, will be offered at public attoWrtti. Georgetown. P. C.. Jan M-tl Nm. ruppel. ~ ~ , . ORTHaideofMarket Space, No. ST. between Bridge and Caaal streets, Geontalowa, anaounoes to eis patrons tuat at RESTAUR ANT naa* be foaad a. tunes thei ehmoeat aad most excellent assortment of I.IO UOltk lN freshest OV SPURS and all Iniida of GAMb ut e?Mon. Mania aerved at all hoars and at Ua aausl prtoea, jan 4-Sm AUCTIO* 8ALKS. Br C. W. BOTELKR. AaettooMr. DARK OLD WINES AND LIQUORS AT AA Apctioh ?On SATURDAY hVMM?, 13th r ehnwn, oomroencung at C o'dook. I shall *? l st ray Auction Room. Iron Hail, a choice o iltctton of W'?" 5- L'iS?7i 1^2% ? I Sadra Xeres Vt?o Shern iBdl^Wa^n^da.ra. Harmony Go,das ? la?l?ll?!lMm. "" "???> ? Mxlxn.ctawi 3???uart cemij Inn superior <.td **-?. ^ U?'or?r n'9 ? J Vo,IT*r"tl0uSk^^??< l^wloe E. lmP?r'*1 Crown Sherry, Regina Choioe Ainoutillado Sherry, old Eaatlndia Phrrr* fir John Oliveira's lavorrt# Madeira. pura Jhf* Superior' o d Cognso Brandy, Mwl and Chanson's free i teal Champagne. i S<> Haiti of Maret & Co.'a Brandy. Muinm'a Cabtcet Champagne, old Pinet Caaiil.on Brandy, I.aujenhmna \Vin#, St. Julim Claret, Camooa. Mara?chino, En lish Shrub. Bran y Shames, French Oliraa, Florence Oil. Bordeaux Pick as, French Mustard Calhoun Whisky. !??h v"1 <*>rdl*' Gin. Mouongaheia Whisky. Oid^VirgiBia Peach Brandy, Islay Mail vVhisky. The above aU>ck conipnaea a oor.aiiament from an pd.exterstvrand reliable house in New York. ?nd superior quviii I note who> have purchaa?d at our former sates sp<mk TorinTiu w3a ' ?l tl,eir d6w,de<1 ??*?"?? ity. RfebB d ' CH AS. W. BOTELKR Auet. By BARNARDA BUCK BY: GeorcMowa. VF AI.UABI.E BUSINESS STAND AT M C nos.-On WKDNESUA V AFTERNOON, ine ItHh instant, at 4 o'clock. in front of the prera iara,w<* will Mil that valuab e property kn.*n as Af'A. * l"*?' , front in* on Bridge street, north aide. between Washington and Concrm streets a |eet. and running Iwek 276 fed There ia on the lot a brat class three story brick alore and dwelling. extensive lack bui'dmg. stable*. ice house. &c. Thin a.*iie offers . u opportunity for a br?t raie investment. >a!e positive. T> rtna: One-third, each: the residue in 8. f?.an<1 ? i.iontha. i.>r notos lie.Ming interest; a d .si guen and a d,?ed of trnat taken. Tne title it perfect, mu the terms must Ite complied with by Friday to low "MK M . bARSAHU A Bl't'KKY, lf,t'4 rt A uc>i?.neera. MAKSHAI/9 SaLR.?In virtue of a writ of hert 1.owe.under I he lien law. issued from tbe elerk'a ottioeof the Circuit Court of the Diatrict of < olumbia lor the County o| \\ aslungton, and to me dir?oted. I will expose :o public sale, for < A?ir. in front of lite V??uv ., ,u,"?, iJiM.r uf said county.on W ED* H8 DAN , llie2?'li or Fehruarj 12o'oW m . tbe lollowin? deaorilM^l property U> wit: All defendant^ right, title, ciann. and intereat in and to the three Frame House-erected on lot No, 5. in naarvMmi .i* ?S. 7l"Tr|*"d avenue, Iwtween 4>* and 6th ata.. ln the Lity of Waahin<t(Mi D. C.. seized and levied upon aa the prop?rtjrof James B. Cockev.and will ^ sold to sat itfj Judiciala No 2T?. to October term 185T, in favor of Smith A Fi'V^r i.r on HOOVER. Mara ha I jac ail-Jta for the Diatr.ct of Columbia. By A. GRKEN. Auottooeer. Trustee sale of valuable iMPtorw P*OPE*TT. ON7TH ?TBKJLr, HI** TIIK NaVY . ABU -By virtue o? a deed of truat July executed and reoorded beinj dated the 6th of February. 1856 fh-~i reqneat of the party entitled to the deht thereby secured the aubaoriber will tell at public ".-?t,in',,anJrort?of.^e ?" THURSDAY. Jan. 28. IJM,.at 4 o clock p. m.. part of a^uare nine hundred and five <9i?5) l?iundt>d forty one feet from tneaouthweat oorner of said aqoare, and running thence north a on* the line of 7th street eaar 21 feet b inchea; thence east S5 feet, theroe *?ofhward!y ?, tha'ImTv48r^vv* ^i.l',e boi.inninf, aituateJ in the city of W ?shinc?o?j. ) lie improvement* ootiSint House ?ubtaiitial aiid weii-Niili FrEme Terms of sale: One-half cash ; the halanoe in six and twelve montns. the purcliaser tocive hia notea !ii- !!? d*ferr#il pay menta, bearing interest from the day or sale. A dead of trust taken to secure the pay uieiit8 of the iiotea. All ooaveyancmg at the ex - pence of the purchaser. If the tertna of sale be not oomplied with in ten days rroin tae day of sale, the trustee reserves the UJ r?*'e" ?a,il PKmisea at the r:ak and cost of the defau.ting purchaser, by giving five day's notice ,V*aie in ??m? newspaper puiMtaned in the city of \> astiitiiton. MM ROD GARRETTSON. Truatae. janl3-eo2w A. GREEN. Auct. ABOVE SAf.E 'IS POSTPONED uiiiil FRIDAY , the 12ih day of February next, same h?-ur. By order of tbe Trustee. jmi ^i-eo2w A. GREEN. Auot. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of Bvewntsol heri faoias, on judgement of condemnation. 'V.??d./r^mth?rV,"rk a <?<hoa of the Circuit Court orthe District of Columbia for the Coanty of \\ ash. inston, and to me directed I shall expose to public saje fc?r Ca?k, in front of the Court-House door of said County. ouSA I I R DAY. thea>th day of Fab ruary. Itt58, at 12 o olook m , the following described property, to wit. vig : Part of I,ot I, m square west of square No. 4. in the City of Washington, D. C.. begiuiag at the ai>utheast corner of said Lt?t No, I, running thence west along the line of K street north 17 feet, thence north 75 feet, thenne east It feet, tenoe south 75 feet to beginning; also the undivided ball part of Lot No. II. m aaid njnare. fronting f>n *7th street west u?t leet, ruiiiiing Iwck with thai width aith the rear of aaid lM No. 1.4" fHetBn.ohes.aa Dlir.bjvsud b> J?hn Metis ve? of Messrs Eiu.i* and >> <x><lward ; also, the other undivide<t moietr of Lot No. it, in said aqnare. and that part of Lot No. I, in stud square. Ootiiiiieiicug lor the same at a point on K atreet north. 17 feet weat of the soutb^a-t >x?rner of aaid lx?t, and running thenoe on K st eel Weat sfifMt 4 incnea. tnenoe rortawardlt and pfiral lel with /7th slieet 75 feet, thence with the rear line of said I .ot rtast w-vrdly ? feet 8 inchea. thence south waidly to bef iunmc. together with all and aingular ilie iiiiptovemenia thereon, seited and levo-d upon hs ihc- property o| John McGarvvy, and w.!l 1^ -old tobauaiy Judiciala No. a>U. iift, ttfC. SS7, and .^5K, to Janutti > term IKW, in favor tieo. l.owr>. H. welt A Sirtblitig, rmioili* O'Douol.ue A 5on. Patnek La>l wace.anj l>ctty A Williams. _ .. i D. HOOVER. Marshal Jnn v7 ?l h |<?r the Uis(i??*c<s| 4'oluinhia. UrOLFE'S SCH KJD AM A RUM a'tTc SCHNAPPS. The proprietor particularly ifcoommends the alM>ve Schnapps tc. peraons travelling aU.ut to settle in the South or Went on account of its Medicinal ,m. pcrtiui lu oorreuting tbe disagreeable and oHeii .tan geroaa effects produn?d by a oha;ika of water?a visitation to which all travelers St.ulh and Waai are particularly l(nUi?- Stran?era ahould be careful in purchaainR the Schnappa, aa the whole country ia tfooded with ounterfeils and imitations. The geuutne has the proprietor's name on the bottle, cork aud lal?l. For sale by all Druggists and Gro oers. UDOLPIIO WOLFE, d 12-St Depot It Beaver a raat. New \ ork. ADAMANTINE C A N DJ?KH.-2.iWt l|n>. Ad r\~inantiue Caudles, of excellent quality, at 25 Ada _ sidles, of excellent uualitv. cents per pound. Try ihejii. KING A BPRCHELL, fe 4 Corner Vermont ave.a'id 15th st. fl^HK 4".|TV OK THK GREAT KIMti ; or Jeru 1 salein as it was. aa it ia and aa it ia to be ; by J. T K-irolay. M. D? Missionary to Jeraaalem ; price jM.tI1. Just published, and for sale by TAYLOR A MAl'RV, Booksel ers. near Ninth street. fc C. 4t [Union, Gl- be, Slates) OK THE LEVEES AND EVENING PAR p fj A v?r? select asaorlment of CAPES, HEAD DR ESSES, WREATHS. BER1 HAS FLOW ERS. FANCY 11A TK PlNS. Ac., Ac., suitable for evening p .rtiea, m.iy be found at MISS M. A. WEBB'S, fe 6-3t * '>*> Pa.avenue, uuder Naiioual Hotel. ABCIMMELFEN'VING a CO., ? EXOlNEfBING. Db?WI?0 A XI) ExgR A V! MO. Ojficc D Utrett. Near the corn ro; Pa. a venne and Tenth street, Washington D. C. Maps Compiled, Drawn, Raduoed. Cop.ed. and Engiaved. Diawing of any description Copied, Reduo.d. Ao. Photography on p am paper, trsofng paper. m< tal. stone, a:id w<?c.d. Pitotosraphs of scientific aul jdcta thken from nature. Baing pre pared to npply electroty ping alao, their office is en : b'ed to"fil! orJeis ia s shorter tune and with greater 'accuracy than has heretofore be?n done. fe6 St* 'rn?, YOI'NG RAGAML F^ INS.a story of a 1 Hoy who v?.is cureless of his oiotties, pric :"s cents. The liltl'i Mil X. or the girl who would noi lea. n to sew price?" cents. The l'la> Ground, or the Boy's Book of Games, pii- eu; cents. The History of Tive Little Pigs, colored, p ic<7l Th-* Greatest Plague of Life, illustrated by Cruik> sba k. price 5" ccnt>-. The Millionaire, b* Dudiev Costello. price 5>' ctF. Four-aiid-Twenty F_iry Tales, selected f y J R. PWncha. p ice S' 5?. Just publishe<J, and for tale by Taylor A MAURY. Booksellers and Stationers, fa. av.. fe 6 3t nenr9th street. CORE FOR SALE. 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AtiiBT, Feb 8 ?A man aamfd Gurney and hi*-later In-Uv ?w irrwted here on Saturday , rbtr|M vltb roint?ilrltlR| litlei Stateucoln In ilMti poMmtM were found aoeaatttyof coun terfelta, ron.l-tmj ?f twenty ebllltnf dollar, I a'f dollir and i wentv flff crflt pltrff, ID ? fin i?brd and unfinished etate * The Ctlliu Mnacrt &Maia| NiwYom.F* 9 -Tbe Atlanta wilt n>4 *ail on Saturdnv, nor win any otbar of the Collin* itae leave for Europe until a ee? tlrment 1* m-idr of paat due* from the Gove a ment, wblrb now need dm hundred doll a * and nwrv rarou^natai U ? ttie continuant of the name Ferelga I m porta at . Hotroa. Feb 7 ?Tbf follow tag a1* tbr f?*. rtvrn import* at tbla port tor tbe week ending February 5 : "" Dvroodi, ? !?,?*; hnaeed. ft9.9t7. guanie*. bide*. **).??; rofr?. ?17.296: ?wi ? IH.thf?; otber articles. -total ?iy, correa ponding Wtrl of 1857 t7tN.5?-d*cteaae, ?3MH.5S0 Robbery. Jeb?Kt Citt, Feb *1 ?Tbe jewelry tetnbliab in^nt of J 8 NXlrtvlllc vra* entered venterdav Hfternnne by mean* of prying open a rear bail door, and robbed of jewelry to tba value of tTlW ora?*?. Tbe *tore bad alwavt been watrbed. but a d' a" h In the family bad raitaed tbe tempo.ary abnriice uf tbe watchman. " Kew York Bank ttateairM. New Yoee, Feb * ?Tbe weekly atatemetit of tl?e cltv hank* show* an lnrrea*e of S1.4t3,0Ki in loan* fi.V4.UMt tn < 1 eutnlon; R2.W.000 In noim n?l deposit*; f UO.iW* In nnd iwn deposits. and a dec re a* la specie of 9490.000. t oavlcted of Marder. 0?wtuo, N Y.Feb 8?The trial of Denni* Sullivan. for tbe murder nf Joahua Hlhha'd nea tbla cHy, terminated on Saturday. tbe jury hav ing brought in a verdict of guilty. Reqaiiitlta for a Kidnapper. New Yoee, Feb ?An otfirer proceed* ta Richmond to-day with a reqtii*ltion for Pnwera, tbe alleged kidnapper, wbo was Indicted by tb? grand jury. Loti of the Steamer laabeaa. New OatEAWa. Feb 0 ?Tbe at a ner Sunbeam ?unk In tbe Red River on Saturday, and la a total lo*? No Uvea were loat. Baltimore Mark eta Baltimoki, Feb 9?Flour steady; unchanged \Ybeat dull; unrbanged Corna-whlte HUM yellow 5l&53c Whlaay 21a?2 Raw York Market*. New Yoee. Feb 9.?Floor la firm; aakaa of C.50U barrels; Ohio 94 7&a+1IU W beat la 9rm; *alea of l.UUU buabela Corn la buoyant; white S&aBTr . yellow 9ta9fif Pork 1* buoyant; tlS <10*15.74. Lard la higher, at 9Ma9*c. Spirlta Turpentine heavy; 43c. Niw Yott.Frb 8?Stork* are Arm Chlen^o and Rock laland 6WJH; Cumberland Coal Co IVj^ . Illinois Central bond* IttJki LaCronne and Mil - waukle lUfc; Michigan South'n 'A)\, Now York Central Blk; Penn*vlvania C??ai Company > Reading R R 5f.\ M.luaukie and Mississippi!, Mi**ourl 8'* 83\ . Sterling exchange firm at llRt^allu. *|>0 THE Cll IZENS OF WASHINOTON YYoLrs'i Scheidam Aeouatic ScbhaW*. The proprietor be?a leave to eall the at teat too of strangereand the oitisens of a Very superior artieieol Holland Oia. arkiok be introduced to tbe American public undar tba nana of Wolfe'a Scbcid&in Arosoatic Scbnappa. Tbia Gin ta manufactured by tbe proanetor exolu aively at kia Diatillery tn Schiedam, Holtaod. It ta made fiom the l>eat Barley that eon be pr<>o?ired in Kurope,at any ooat. and flavored and medioaiei, not t?y the oommon harah harry, but by the aatt eboioe lolanttaU variety al the Ammne Italot Ja nip?r Kerry .whoae mora varioae eatraot ia dtat> ?d and rectibej with ita tpintuoea eolvent. a*d thca become* a oonoentrsted tmotare of axauiatte ba vora and aroma, altoretber tranaoendmr m tta Cor dial and Medicinal properueaany alcoholic beverwa heretofore known. The proprietor baa auboiitted it to aeartj tLa whole Mudiflol Faculty of the I mted Statea, and h&k received an*wera fiom about Joar thouaard l'hy*ic>&na and ('hemiata, wbo endorae it over *i*nature* aa a aioct deairable addition to tae Ala tena Medio*. Feraoaa who purcbaae aboald be earefal to ret rb* ten iiue arucie, a* the whole country tafiooded wan eoanterfrita \nd inntationa. Put up in miart and p.nt bottlaa, m caaea of one doxer* enrb, ai.d f.?r ante t^Vl the ie*(.eetati'.e l?tu< ? ikti and i.r<w?era m the t'mted Statea. I IMH.PHii WOl.FE. S<ile Importer and Alanulaeturer. Depot, No. S Beaver eireet, New Y or*. dec !2 9mi E ^XTR AORL>!N AH Y_ IN UDCKAIKNTS. In order to ra *e money in a ahort time to meet our iiiaturinc euR?*?-nieuia, we <?Miiiiietie* i hie day olteruut our targe M>d well aaaoited atock'ol II ATS, r ? P* and tiF.NTLKMKN'S F I'B NISHINO IjOdUS at greatly rrduoed prioea for cn*li. Thia it n<> "erUoh,** and all in want <?f arnelek <n our line wni. <>n ch?iiiiii'i>hi, hnd that w* are eel ling at prioea that will defy the oonipet turn ol any other q?r*l>liahMient of the kind in ttaactt),* Theref ire all who hava tke oaah Jpriil please ce.i, early maf get bargaina, aa our ohjeof la not to make profita, t>nt to reiae rnouev. Ui:u. H. B. WHITE ft CO.. S? Pa. av.. tietween 'nh and lOtb ate.. fefi 3teo north a?Q? ^ o ac h varnish. Kngliali Hard Dying h77dv VARNI?H. COaCH-B'^DY varnish. CARRIAGE VARMbH Juat received and for ea e tiy KLVANS ft THOMPSON. jan y Pa. av.. l-et. nth >.nd loth ale. MI LLI N L R Y". DR K>H- MAKING AND TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladie* vtaiting Waehington are reapeotfully la formed that we are prepared to mnke up Dre*aea, Cltiaka. Baaquea, fte.. at ehort notioe, m the latest etyiee, and eatiafaotion guarantee in a'l caaea. A large atock of Drea* and Cloak Trimmiac*. of iateat and handaome*t atj lea, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, UNUKRpRlKSeES. BONNETS. RIBBONS, and Ml LLIN ERY. of every deaenp Uon. alwaya oa hand. M. WILLI AN. d IS oppoeite Centre Market. ? ACE! LACE!! LACE'!! The right plaoe for bargain* le at T*e Lake?' Fane* BAgaar. 5m Pa. avenue (W. Adams' Ki preaa) where IV IIAVMAN offwr* hi* remaim.? Block of KtllJ \D P??lNT. POINT APPL?QI> . HONITON, and other Ltl'M <?* i !*H AYY" LHf *?*l* and amgle COM-AKS. H a N 1? KKRCHIRFS. COFFlfcrBS. BAKU?. ei.J V El I .S. all at lea* than wh?.ie?aie p< icee. l.adiea. conauit y?mr inteieaiaaml oall eoon. let Iw rii NOTICE. I HE rNDK.HSIG n HAVING ?Ol,l)H,i Store to Mr. C. S. Whittleeey. takee U.ta metti.xl of informimr tlicee indebted to htia that their ac oouiit* are n<>w ready, and that be wUi be foua^l n.: hia old atand. for the purpoae of nettling them ant:: the 10-h of February. Every acoount not thee aet tied wtl! be plaoed m the bande of an cfieer J. R MeGRKGOR, At C.9. WhitUeney'a Paint and Oil Store, jan y-tFebi< SStTth tiwet. ^TATE OF CALIFORNIA BONDS. The law providinc *ir Funding tbe Bonded, a! 1 other specified iixlehteoneee of tbe State m Ca'< forma, re^uirea that the old B<?nda *nd ?>rttko*te? ?nail be forwarded to Sacramento dui ing thia-y?ar. to be cancelled and repiaend by new onea. we w.. aaa agenti in thia Ituninoee, aud request oo ea> t ?very of tbe Bond.. jan CT-lai fHIBH BROTH I DENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE 1 o , R t?r Pa LtbkLPaia. Caoital #eis?io' All tk* f?rnA?< dtT>JrJ amon**t uer^?< 9 ae<ilt-? ?f"? >??' ' , . Descriptive Pampuiet%. B ai?k foiw ??? 4lt'?? tiofix and ^-ery lofwrnaiiKHi o? ta? eot? eet of Mum ai Liie laauiaaoe. furmaaod on application, w.tkoui obarge. peteoaaily or hy mn?i. Ageat f?* W'M.nnat^a. i<(MN mlCiiLf p No.saiTih atre^t,??pp<>aiie fe ?-Veod the Aveaoo kog>?. klKNTAl. NAIL POLISH,giruif at >abiiii>i klatre to the hiiger uaila. at Clfll>> Ma.. *T,?r? niar IWh atre?f. Pa ava TEVaNDKIA AND W ASHI Hii i%* AJiV iK HA S I* K ME V T. Tka etearner George Page baring been taken uf tke routelor repaira. the COLL V FR ??? . ?riil, until further uutiee, take her^^4a^^ eo? runnincat tke bourn a?ent mned^*^^^^* of, from tae foot af 7th etreet. WneLiagt-n. and Janney'a Y\ barf, font of Kmc etreet. Aiexaodii* Leave Aie*anJriaat S 7^1. '"H K%Tr tK. l eave Wanhtngtonat C. At 9R.liJk.*.?,?*?? The Mouat Veraoa tripe will be dieoonemood aa , tripn anil til farther aotiee. fa s |1\<> .?? CAll-Kt M..,