Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1858 Page 4
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evening star. KITCHEN POETRY. I'm tired of wot* said Polly Gray. Its nothing but sorub the livelong day ? I've walloped tie pots and kittles round. 'Till mi ?ri ?? *i0k <>' ?!?? *?r* sound. My bands are as hard aa aorittWs born? Such things 1 never, sinoe I was bora. On any dsoent body did see, KieO mors on oae that waa made like me. ?ret there! that pot it spluttering over, ieasase 1 forgot to take otr the oover? rhe sat IS soorohiac. the bread is burning rho broom is wore to the very bub oes brush is only a tangled stub? flow many spradJling.liitohing motions rs tuade in wsanngout them notions! "ve twisted mr hips and shoulders out, in tinging the Wis and blankets a boat. There <rs two lout marks aMnde my nose! They husbands mean, but the deuee only ?aowi W hen one will some: and J mast stay, lathis stived ap kitohen to work all day. There waa Betsay Grant, and Hnldah Drew Two iaay oralis as ever I knew? They wriggled and twisted their bodies about, And aid all Uiey earned in finery out. And eaob wore behind a frightful lump, tlooked, for the world, like a i-unci's hump ! y stars! I wonder the men don't go And bring home a Hottentot Venus or so * The girls would be in utter despair To match the form of the Hottentot fair, Well! Hftldah Drew and Betsey Grant ?Are married now and lire with in* aunt: bay drawl their words and hold back their hsaJs, Oo plaguy proud to earn tneir bread, I wonder what tne reason oaabe That nohody oomes to nuury me ! Splash ! goes the dish cloth into the kettle; I'll try for onoe Miss Polly's mettle? The eakee may burn as blaok as my shoe Stay hereforadrudre?I'll hedang'd tf I do' I mean to flirt, and idle. *n?l wriggie. And love, and pad, and stare and giggls? And thsn if no one the question pops, By jingo! I shall ba as mad as hops. uy By accounts from tbe d-partments It ap pears that the cold bas been very severe all over F ranc*. |[T Col (nglis, w'uoif defence of I.ucknow is likely to rank among ibe most memorable in stances of gallantry aud endurance in English martial history, is a sou of tbe late Right Rev. Dr. John lng"'s, Bishop of Nova Scotia. To IK Huso ?Sherifl Parker, of New O'leans, bas received from Gov. Wickliffe tbe death war rant of Fitzgerald. wlio murdered bin sinter, nnd Kreppell, who murdered bis old inistresa, Mr* Sc.humaker Tbey are to be bung on tbe 1Mb inst. Valor or a Yoit-io Lanv'e Tbkth?Tbe Pa rl* Courts value a young lady's teeth atrt.U*)f. An English governess waa lately knocked down by a carriage, and lost by the accident all her teeth She brought an actiou for damages and tbe trlln unal awarded ber tbe above amount. Tmk Kiss who was a Gkxtlzmam ?It Is re. lated of a certain king that on a particular occa sion be turned his tea into bis saucer, contrary to his custom and to tbe etiquette of society,l>ecauae two country ladies, whose hospitalities be was enjoying, aid so. That king was a gentleman. |[T Andrew Johnson, near Paydown, Maries eouaty. Mo., recently shot his step-mother, Mrs Johnson, wife of \V. H. Johnson, member of the State Legislature, through tbe breast, with a pis tol, Instantly killing ber. He was arrested and made a confession. JET The Ainberst and Belcbertown, (Mesa.,) Railroad, has passed into the bands of ttie bond holders, not being able to meet its obligations. A small portion of tne road bas been washed away, preventing tbe passage of trains, and a stage line has been pm on. Llv- As soon as the Ministry and Opposition In Canada have ascertained who are tbe real vic tor* In the late hotly contested election for mem ber* of Parliament, the great and absorbing ques tion of the free oceaipaucy of the Hudson Bay Territory will come before the stateemeu of tbe province*. JET1 Messrs Blackwood, of Edinburgh, have in preee a reprint from their own magazine of the charming " Seaside Studies at Ilfracombe, Ten by. tbe scilly Isles, and Jersey," now confessed to be fiom the versatile pen of Mr G. H. Lewes, the biographer of Gothe, and tbe author of the 44 Biographical History of Philosophy." iLT The Lawrence. Kansas, correspondent of ?the Cincinnati Gazette, says: '*Mr?. Mary P Canfield Is undergoing a preliminary examina tion here, on the charge of poisoning her hus band There also rumors that she took tbe life of her infant child in a similar manner. Illicit love I* assigned a* the motive for the horrible deed. She la youag and pretty, and the aflklr la ? resting a great sensation." A QniTiov or Fact.?The Spiritual Tele graph ezp e?ses the belief that theapirituall>ts or Beeton do not >4commit tbe impropriety o.'sltting In their circles unclothed," It has ''instituted Inquiry, and has as yet been unable to And any person, either spiritualist or skeptic, who knows or believes such a thing bas occurred^ j~ Among the items of theatrical gossip i* the intended marriage of Mr (Dick Tlnto) Good rich, eni of tbe authors of tbe ?*Poor of New York." and several other productions, to a Miss Stevens, a young lady who left a comfortable and luanrioua home, to try her chances for fame upon the stage. IH?" At a hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, tbe other night, a man in tbe absence of two lady occupants of a room; secreted himself under tbe bed. The ladies returning to their room late at night, the fellow took one of tbein around the ankle, which ?ausr d her and her companion to scream loudly. The house was aroused, and in tbe confusion tbe tiiief escaped IET The soil of Salt Lnke Valley Is very fer tile. Tne Mormons have had an uncommon!v fruitful season, and tbe yield or their land ba'? been immense One man * wheat yielded 7'2 bushels to the acre; another t4 bushels ; and | o tatoes turned out bbo bushels to the ac>e These potatoes all weighed from one to Ave pounds each Rrxiwii Slavks.?Tbe Albany correspond ent of the Journal of Commerce says that he saw the other day aiz runaway negroes marched through the streets under the protection of Ste phen Myers. a blaj-k u?an, who claims to be the rreeident of the 44 I'nderground Railroad," an organization which occupies itself in running off darkies from New York to Canada. arrivals at principal hotels BROWNS' HOTEL?W W Boyden, L., J C Chlnn, Ky; T B Horwitz, Md; A Dudley, V?; S Simorids. Md; Col Jas Collier, t); J S Collier, ?io; L B Smith. Md; Thou Smith, d >; A K Hor nor and lady. Pa; J T H?*negan, do; A P Sprinj;. NY; B F Croat and. do; G < S.uiemy, Miss; W ? Alderson, Ala; K H Brodbeud and lady, do; A J Armstrong, La. John Farrow, do; \V Biad ley, Pa; C S KautTman, do: XV Esber do; h XV Oakes, do; R J Howard, Mo; G W Robinson, N Y; F F Milne, Pa; C J Milne, do; J B Crawford Md; T H Shapbun, .Mass ; H I.emare, do; R H H 11, NY; T \\ Anderson, Mo; J 11 Scrivener, do; J F. Wilson, do; Mr Berkhaus. Pa; J no Ber Man, NY; W J FIsber. do ; C Horner. Virginia; O B Clarke, Md; P F. Hines, NC; R W Bvnuiii, do; J G Rainey. do; C Moore, NY; K O W Hall Md, M Tooth. Mo; Charles Goodrn in, O; C >|r Cormick and lady, 111 ; Miss K G Mirick, NY; P Hofeckrr, Pa; W Clapp, NY; W Butcher, ir, P ?g; W D McCraw, Miss. J W1LLARDS' HOTEL -A I.athrop, Pa; Geo fihaiwood, do; H K Browen, NY R G R ?ot>, I s N; W C Dow, 111; W H WiiM.n. Va; C I'enn I ny lon, jr. Aid; A P Mnae, Mexico J Williams, Ya; Mr and Mrs Wealcott, Mr and Mr* Clark, SH Carpenter aud ladv, Miss Carpenter, Pa; C H Hessey. Mass J P Levy, Pa; Capt Meade, USA J A Lowrey, N Yk; W H McNarv, do; J T Mer lon and lady, do; L D Cupper, Mich; Miss Sav dam, L Surdam and lady, Mrs J G Syr, Jed Foy and lady, & Yk; J D Farquharson, Md; R C<?ok, Mo; Mrs A Huuer. Miss H Rogers, Pa; T B Stt te.thwaite, Miss Bleeker, friiss Learv, A Leary. Mr Klngsley, Jno Jackson, C Keep, N Y; Hon C Fsrnaworth, Mich. R Woire and lady, NY; K H Carpenter, Wl; J W Todd, USA; F J; Jno Pitts and ladv, NJ; Wm L Stone, RI; W S fforte, RI; W S Mull ins, S C; S A Co?le, Mo; I. W bickley, Pa; M Brady, USN. NATIONAL HOTEL ?W M McPherson. N J Eaton, B Able, J h Kads at d lady, Missour ; S S ansbury, Md; H B Fuller, Mumi; W H Dav s, Iowa, B R Croasdale. Pa; I^*o Smith. NM; J P ?antmyer. O; 0 N Senders. G W Farnbana, Car rie T Parnham, Miss Harrison, Miss Pauldia/, Gcw Panldlnj NY; P Qulglrr, Del, S II Berry, ^^Iau.bSry'*(d' U 11 Kussell. Mo; H Gohlen. NY; E Fcrnandis. R A Wall, II Ferguson, T F llawle, fa Md; t Todd. Mo; 8 M Curtis. Del; J V Burr. C v . .. . - ? ? KIRK WOOD HOUSE?J \V I^wdain VY /D Henderson. Kah, W c Youu^, Tcz-'c A dgki.lag, do, J Buckley, do; J T Raasn IVl'in t?? Blanc hard, DC; C W Raboirv, F?; % A Bogn'ton MY; C M Str*nb, Pa; T Ma shall, Md, J T Che"' uj, do; Mrs ftteva-t. N?-b; Capt C-?m. NY> Mrs Cram end child, do; B S Porter, I'SN, T J Bond Choc Nat; W S Lovell. USN; J B SUnard; j Jackson. Md; F Hall, Me; E Krwln, Mas>; J m Wharton, do. U. 9. HOTEL, (L. O. Smitm s ?W h Han aoa, NY; C?1 J Shaw, do; O Coe, do; Dr A Jam tu?, Mo; J L Devoa, Del; J T Heard, do; P b Sutton. Md; Hon J Goorer. Pa; Q Vandewrlte. W Dearmont, do; H C Withers, do; N C O.rirk* do; J Ker, do; G T Thomas, NY; G Parsons, d i 9 Chapin, Ct; T H Bos well, Va; W J Morgan, do; T Evans, Md; P Hog an, NY OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Pbok tit Usited Statu. - mum* ift. Lee?s. |kr. 0*y< Stasdi.........Boston Liverpool...Feb 10 Atlet**' New York...Liverpooi...Feb 13 PmoM Enori. Glasgow Glasgow...,New York...Ja-? If ArscU ? ? - Liverpool.. .New York.. .Jan 23 City BaltimoiC. Liverpool...New York...Jan S7 Indian Liverpool...Portlaad Jan ? Niagara Liverpool...Boston Jan 30 The California ma11 ?teamer* leave New Yerk ta cte ?a *** * |J N I T E D ITiTKI MAILS. Post Orrici Dipaitmiht, Ftbroirr I, IBM. Proposals fbr ootiv eying theami la of the Uaited HmtN from July t, 1M, to Jim an, mi (D the States of MA IN K. WRW HAMWiniK. VM MONT. MAWAUHI'SKTTH. CONNECTI CUT. Hd NEW YORK; from July 1, IM^toJans a^iip, in Ui? MtalM of PkNNSYLVANIA M A R V L A N D.and OH 10: and f om JHiV 1. lULt* )? neap, 1*3*.in the States of VIRGINIA; NORTH ?^ f?nHm\??LCA*?L1NA'?R?k. I DA, on ths routss and m the times here in speoined. will be reoei v-d at tla* ountract otfioe of Patt*J* f ? ?f Maroh a aext, to be . y APnl 84 following. (Being. witk lomt f?ute? established by act of Coogrees approved March 3, lg$7.) MAINE From July I, 1958, to Junt 39, 18GI. 1JB From Skowhegan to North Anaon, 11 aulas and back, six tunaa a week Lear* Skowtia,an daily, exoept Sunder, at S p m, or on arrival of oars trrive at North Ansoa by 9p m $ eave North Anaon daily, exoept Sunday, at 5 a m Arrive at Skowhegan by 8 a m. 16* From Rockland, by Rockvi I?, West Camden. South llupc, Union, MoLain's Mi la. North Appletoa, Senrsmont.Souta Montvjlle. Li berty. Montville, South Freedom. West h reedom. Centre Albion. Albion, East Ren ton, and Bentou, to Kendall's Mills, 47 miles and wck. three timea a week Leave Rockland Monday, Wednesday, and * nday at 7 a m Arrive at Kendall's Mills by 8 p m k?*? Kendall's Mills Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7am Amva at Roclcland by u p m. 161 F roiu North ? satine. by Weat Brookville, South Brookville. and Brookvi I?, to Sedg Wick,15 Uiilea and baok throe lime* a week Leave North Castiae Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4 p in Arrive at Sedgwick by 9 p m Leave Sedgewick Tuo.,day, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 a in Arrive at North Castine by 11 a m. 1?2 From Patten, hy Islm.l Falls, to Smyrna. 20 milea and tack, onoe a week Leave Patten Thursday at 7 a in Arrive at Smy rna by 5 p m Leave Smyrna Friday at 7 a in Arrive at Patten by ?> p m. 163 From Weston, by Hanoroft Milla, Barker Iraet, and Keud PlAbtatiuo, to South Mo lunkua, 3i> miles and back, twioe a week Lttave W eaton Monday mihI Friday at C a in Arrive at South Mo unkiis by 4 p in Leave South Molunkus Tuesday and Satiir d y at 6 ? m Arrive at Woiton toy 4 p in. 164 Front Mara Letter rand Maple Grove. lo r or I Fairnel<!, I ti mile* ami tiaek, thru# tunot a week Mars Hill Tueaday, Thuraday, and Saturday at 7 a in Arrive at Fort Fairfield by 1 p m Leave Fort Fairfield Tueaday, Thuraday, and Saturday at 2 p in Arrive at Mar* Hill by 8 p ni. NEW HAMPSHIRE. From July 1, 1S5*, to Juhc 30, 1961. 3ff7 From Keene, bv Swaosey and North Richmond to Riohmeud, 12 imlea and baok, three time* a week A aut'able schedule of departurea a:.d arrival* to be arranged. VERMONT. FYom July 1, lt5"J, to June 30, 1961. 485 From Cabot, by South Walden, Walden, Eaat Hard wick an! Kaat Greenal>oro,to Glover, 25 miles and lstck tlire timea a week A suitable schedule of departurea aud arrivala to be arranxeu. 488 From Joiieavill?. by Huntington and Starkibo ro, to Briato , 23 nules and baok, three tunes a week. A amtable aohedale of departures and arrivals , to be arranged. 487 From Arlington, by Weat Arlington, to Send gate, 8 miles and tack, three times a week. Leave Arliugton Tueaday, Thnraday end Sat urday at 9 a m Arrive at Sandgate by ll){ a in Leave Sandgat? Tueaday, Thuraday end Sat urday at 12}* p m Arrive at Arlington by 2'<* p m. MASSACHUSETTS From July 1,1S59, to June 30, 1981. 728 From South Weatport Point, to Adamaville, R. I , 8 miles and baok, six times e week. A suitable aoh^duie of departnrea and arrivals to be arranged by the postmasters. CONNECTICUT. From July 1,1859, to Junt 30, 1961. 974 From Waterbury, by Middlebury, to Woodbu ry, 11 miles and b*ok, twieee waak. Leave Waterbury Tuesday and Saturday at S Arrive et Woodbury by 11 a m Leave Woodbury Tueadey and Saturday at It 171 Arrive at Waterbury by 3 pm. *:? From Wolco tviile, by Tornngton, to Goshen, 6 miles and baok. six times a week. Leave Woloottville daily, except Sunday, at 2 p m. or on arrival ol oare * Arrive at Goahen by 4 p m Leavs Goahen daily exoept Si n lay,at 10 a m Arrive at Woloottville by IS n . NEW YORK. From July 1, 1959, to June 30, 1981. 1444 From l?owville, by West Martinaburg. West Lowville,Harriat>urg, Copenhagen, and Rut land, to W atertown, 27 inilea anj baek, three timea a week Leav? Lowville Tueaday, Thuraday, end Set urday at 6 a in Arrive at vVatertown by im a rn Leav? Watertown Tuesday, Thursday, anJ Saturday at * p in Arrive at Lowville by 9 p m. 1*** From Hudson, by Humphr?ysville, to l.ivings ton, 9 miles and tiaok, aix timea a waok. Leave Hudson daily, except ^?day, at 11 a m Arrive at I ivingaton bv 2'i p in Leave Livingston daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m Arrive at Hudson by a m. 1446 From Oneida, b* Oneida Castle, to Vernon, Oj miles and back, twelve tirnos a week. Leave Oneida daily, except 9Ss m and 3>( pm Arrive at Vernon by II a rn and5 p m Leave Vernon daily, exoept Sunday, at 7>, a m and 1 p in Arrive at Oneida by 9am and 2*? p m. 1447 From Coru*took'a Landing, by .North Granville and Middle Granville, to Granville, 12 mdes and liaok. six times a week. Leave ('omitook'a I^andinx daily, exoept Sun day, at 6am Arriveat tiranvill? by Ida m Leave Granville daily, exoept Sunday,at II a in Arriveat Coiiistock'a Landiug by 3 p m. 1448 From North Hector, by Hector, to Logan, 5 miles and bark, threw tunes a week. L^ave North Hector Tuesday, Thuraday, and Seturday at 10a m Arrive at LAican uy II a in ? Leave l^san Tuiud .y, Thuraday, and Satur day at a m Arrive at North Hector by 9>? a m. 1419 From F.lizabethtown, by Lewia, to Keeseville, 21 milea and tiack three times a week. Leave ElixabetUtown Tueaday, Thursday.and Saturday at b a in Arriv? at Keeaeviile by 12 m Leave Keeaeviile Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Elizabsthtowu by 8,lt p in. 1450 Frara Havanna, by Od-ssa, Mecklenburg, and Perry rity. to rruinaimburgh. intlrs and liaek, three times a wuek. L*eve Havanna Tuesday. Thuraday, and Sat urday at 9 a in Arriveat Trutnanaburgh by 4 p rn Leave Trumanshurgh Monday, Wednesday and I* ri lay at 9 a m A rrive at Havanna by 4 p m Proposal* to ruii bv a schedule differing from the foreconig, to be atated by the bidder, will b? oonsidered. ..e. .Proposals to run but twice a week are invited. 1451 From Ow-go, by South Owego. to Warren Centre, Pa., 18 nines and lack, twioea w??k. Leave Oweco Tueaday and Friday at 1 p in Arriveat Warren Centre by 6 p in Leave Warren Centre Tueaday and Friday at 6am Arriveat Owego by Mam. PENNSYLVANIA. F'Otn July 1, lb5*, to June 30, i860. 3619 From Conneautville, by Croaaingville and Kdenboro', to Waterford, 30 miles and back, twioe a week. I,e*ve Conneautville Monday and Wedneaday at 7 a m; f rrive at Waterford by 8 p in: e*ve Waterford Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a in; Arrive at Conneautville by 8 p m. *320 From Hanover, by Littleatown and Monoo-.ey ville, Md? to Em uittaburgh, 22 iruiee and back, three timea a week. Leave Hanover Tueaday, Thuraday,and Sat urday at 1 p m; ?rrive at Kmiuittaburrh by 8 p m: eave Emmittaburgh Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday at 4 a in; Arrive at Hauover by 9 a m. 3S21 From Brookville. bv Kiolia dsville, Mary Ann ville. Shatloer'a Loruera. Ke?ch Hot' -in an<| B?er Creek's Mills, to Ridgeway, SB mitee and back,one? awe?k. Leav? Mrookvi.l? Saturday at 7 a rn; Arrive at Ridcewav by 6 pm; Leave Ridgeway h rioay at 7 a n ; Arriveat Brookville by 6 pm. 9B& From Marietta, by Silver Hprii* and Hems field. to (Anoaster,12>i uuIes and baok,daily, exoept Sunday. , Leavs Marietta daily, exoept Sunday, at lpm; A rn ve at Lanoe ter by 6 p m; Leave Lancaster daily, except ?anday,at ? ?m; . Arrive at Maristta bv 12 in. MBS From Lancastsr, bv VVUlow Street. Rawlias ville. and Bethesda, to MoCall'e Ferry, 18 miiss and back, twice a week. Leave l^noaster Monday and Thursday at 7 a m; Arriveat MoCall'e Ferry by 12m; . McCall's Ferry Monday and Thursday at z p m; nsa vA"'v 111 ^"aasterbj7pm. Greenland and Souders Smes a weak 9 miles and back. Six Lsajre Lanetster daily, exeeyt Sunday, at t Arriveat Paradise by ? pn. Leave B?av?r Tuesday and Thursday at a am Arriveat Fr?nkfort Springs by gp Leave Frankfort Springs Monday and Wad oeeday atl am: ' ^ Arrive at Rsaver bv S p m. 3906 From Kvansburgb. by Sharmanville, to Lines viile,8 miles and back, three times a waak. Leave Evensburgh, Monday, Wednesday,and Friday at 10am; ? .j ? .il Arrivs at Ltneeville by 12 n; Lmt? Liaeeville Monday, Wednesday, tad Pndtf at Spa; AmT? at Emiilmnk by 4 p n. 3V7 Fron Hollidavaburgh, by Frankstown aud Canoe Creak, to Wtlhamsburgh, W milea aad back, six timea a week. Leave Hollidaysburgh daily, except Sunday. arrival or W eetera nail; Arrive at Wilhameburgh by 6H p m: Leave Williamsburgh daily, exeeyi Tan; Arrive at Hollidayabarth bv II a n. Proposals to embraoe tae \ allow Springs ?f b<^are invited ^ * Wl 3528 Froi^Jroutt Creek to Chemang, N. Y.. 4* milea and baek, twice a week. Leave Oroatt Creek Tuaaday and Saturday at ? an; Arrive at Chenang by 10* a m. Leave Chenuat Tueeday and Saturday at U /an; ?? irrive at Oroatt Creek by 1SH a m. ram Stnraoaa to Taliataaaville, * milea and . baok, twioe a week. Leave Sturaooo Taeeday aad Saturday at 1 9 n; Arrive at Tallraansville by >K p m; Leave Talltnaiisville Tuesday and Saturday at I0H a m. Arrive at Staruooa in time to oonaect with the mail from Susquehanna Depot?aay at 12 m _____ " ? MARYLAND. From July I, 1858, to Junt 30, I860. 4030 From Allen'* Fresh to Tompkinsvitle, 10 miles and back twice a week Leave Allen's Fresh Wednesday and Saturday at ilM a ra Arrive at Tompkinsville by 2 p ra heave Tompkiusville Wednesday and Satur day at S a m Arrive at Allen's Fresh bv I] a in. 4010 From Port Tobacco to Pisgah, 10 milea and tack, twice a week. Leave Port Tobacco Wednesday and Saturday at 8a ra Arrive at Pisgah by 11 a m Leave Pi>gah Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Port Tobacco b? 3 p m. 4011 From Frederick, by Lewi*tuu and Catoctin Furnace, to Mechanicstowu, 2u miles ami tiack, ?ix times a a eek. Leave Frede'ick daily, exoept Sunday, on ar rival of the Fasteru mail bv railroad?say at 3 p m Arrive at Mechanics town by 9pm Leave Meclianicstowii daily, exceptSundav, at 5 a in Arrive at Frederick in time to connect with the mail for Baltimore?say uj |i a in. 4012 From Hattle Swamp. by Woat Nottingham, to Rising Sun, 6 miles and l*u-k, three timea a vx?k. Leave BattleSwainp Tuesday, Thursday,and Saturday at 12 in Arnvea Rising Sun by 2 p in Leave Rising Sun Tues ay, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 a in Arrive at Battle Swamp by 10 a m. 4013 From Oakland,by Shirt's Ked House. Forks of Horse Shoe Kim. Boiinifield'n Mills, and Holly Meadows, to Near Interest, Va.,4!i milea and luck, once a week. Leave Oak'aul .Monday at 8 a in Arrive at New Interest uext day by 12 m L?ave New Interest Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Oakland next day by 12m. 4014 From Coekeysville. by Shawan and Butler, to Black Rook, 13>? milea and beck, twice a week Leave Cookeyurille Wednesday and Saturday on arrival of the n.ail from Baltimore? say at 9^ a m Arrive a' Black Rock by 12 m Leave Black Rock Wednesday and Saturday at 2H p m Arrive at Cockeysville by 5 p nri. OHIO. Vrotn July 1, 185", to Junt 30. 1800. 9428 From New Bremen by Knoxville, to Wapa koneta. 15 mi es and neck, once a week. Leave New Bremen Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Wapakeneta by 12 ni Leave Wapakoneta Saturday at I p in Arrive at Sew Bremen by 6 pm. D4J9 F rem Racine to Ravenswood, Va., 11 miles and lutck, onoe a week. Leave RaouieSaturday attain Arrive at Ravenswood by 12 m Leave Ravenswood Saturday at I p ni Arrive at Raeine *>y 5 p m 9430 From Reed's Mills, by Kagle Furnaoe. Wilks ville, Ewington. Vinton, and Pine Grove, to Gallipolis, 37 miles aud back, onoe a week. Leave Reed's MiUs Friday at 6 a ra Arrive at Galbpons by 6 p m . Leave Gall polis Saturday at 6 a ra Arrive at Reed's Mill* by 6 p m. 9431 From Oak Hill, by Rooky IJill and Key Stone, to Wilkesville, 3? miles and baok, oaoe a week. I.eave Oak Hill Friday at 7a ra Arrive at Wilkesville by 5 p m Leave Wilkesville Saturday at 7 am Arrive at Oak Hill by 5 p in. 9432 From (ireenville, by German. Republic, Tam pio, and Dark, to Greenvilletotwioe a week, equal to 14 miles Leave Greenville Wednesday and Saturday at 8am Arrive at Republio by 12 m Leave Republio Wednesday and Saturday at 1 9 m Arrivs at Greenville by 7 p m. 9433 From Conneaut, by Clark s Corners. Beaver, Fa., and Beaver Centre, to Conneautville, 20 miles and baok. once a week. Leave Conneaut Frul&y at 6 a m Arrive at Conneautville by 12 m Leave Conneautville Friday at 1 p ra Arrive at Conneaut by 7 p in. ?434 From Perrysville, by Palmer's X Roads and Riper's Settlement, to Ashland, 16 tones aud haok. onoe a week. Leave Perry sville Friday at 7 a ra Arrive at Ashland bv 12 in Leave Ashland Frulay at 1 p m Arrive at Perry sville l>y 6 p m. t*43S From New Philadelphia, ny AItoan. to New Comerstown, Ml miles and hack, onoe a week Leave New Philadelphia Friday at 7 a m Arrive at New Comerstown by 6 p in Leave New Comerstown Saturday at 7 a ra Arrive at New Philadelphia by 5 p m. VIRGINIA. Fruw W July. 1858, to'JUth June, lfcs5?. 4*12 From Water Lick to Burner's Springs, 13 miles aud back, six nines a week from 1st July to 3 *th Septeiiibei. and ouoe a week the lesidue of the year. Leave water Lick Tuesday at ll.S a ra, or al - ter arrival of cars Arrive at Burner's Springs by 3>? p m Leave Burner's Springs Tuesday at 5>fc a m A rrive at Water Lick by J?S a m Daiy, except Sunday, during same hours, from 1st July toantn September. 6313 From Woodstock, l?y Saumsvilie, to Mount Olive, *<i miles and back, once a week. Leave Woodstock Wednesday at 3 p in Arrive at Mount Olive liy 6 p m 1 eave Mount Olive Wednesday at 12 in Arrive at Woodstock i?y 2 45 p m 5314 From Lancaster*'. H. to Meriy Point, 5 miles aud liack, twice a week. Leave i.anc.istcrC. H. Wednesday and Satur day at 4 p m Arrive at Merry Point by C p in Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Lancaster C. H. by 2 pm. 5315 From Norfolk, t.y Vorktown, to King and Qu^en C. H., 108 miles and baok, onoe a week. Bidders will propose a sohedule of departures and arrivals 5318 From William's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to North Knd, 6J? unles and back, twice a week Leave William's Wharf Tuesday and Satur day immediately after arrival of Norfolk inail say 2 p m Arrive at North F.nd by 4 p m Leave North bud Tuesday and Saturday at 9 a in Arrive at William's Wharf by II am. 5317 From Concord, by Spanish Otiks, to Oakville, 12 miles and Itfick,once a week. Leave Conoord Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Oakville by 5pm J.eave Oak villa Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Concord by 12 m Proposals fot a second weekly trip, and to sod route at Spanish Oaks will be eousidered. 5318 From Rowlesburg, by Wolf Creek, Purinton, Liokmg Creek, to St. George. 2a miles and back.onoe a week. Leave Rowlesburg Wednesday at 5 a in Ariiveat St. George by 12 in Leave St. George Wednesday at 1 pm Arrivs at Rowlesburg by * p id. W19 From St. George. l<y Holly Meadows and Red Creek, to Dry Fork, 30 miles aud back, oace a week. A Leave Si. George Thursday at 6 a m ? Arrive at Drjr K ork by 6pm Leave Dry h ork Friuay at 6 a m Arrive at St. George by 6 p in. 5820 From St. George, by laurel Hill,(local name,) to Meadowv.lle, 15 miles and bask, ones a week. Leave St. George Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Meadowville by 12 in Leave Meadowville Thursday at 1 p m at St. George by 6 p in ? 5321 From Point Pleasant, by Angerona, to Jackson C. H.. 80 miles and liaok, onoe a week. Leave Pomt Pleasant Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Jackson C. H, by 6 p m Leave Jackson C. H Friday at7a in Arnve at I'oiut Pleasant by 6 p m. 5322 From Butfalo to Jaoksou C. H., *: miles aud beck, ouoe a week. Leave Butfalo Wednesday at 6am Arrive at Jackson C H byipin Leave Jackson C. H. Tuesday at 6a in Arrive at butf alo by 7 p in. ^23 From New California, by Wm. Gandees, Fla* Fork. Klijal Leforcers, and New Kentuck, to Sissouville, 35 railes and Jbaek, onoe a week. Leave New California Tuesday at 6 a ra Arrive at Sissonville by 6 p m Leave Sissonville Wednesday at 6a in Arrive at New California by 6 p ui. 5324 From Lsti Ivihe to Stony Creek 13 milts and hack, onoe a week. Leave Estdlvilie Monday at 8 a ra trnve at Sioux Creek by 12 m eave Stouy Creek Monday at 1 p ra Arrive at Estillvilie by 5 p m. NORTH CAROLINA. From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 1859. AU76 Krom Durham, br fimmi'i Mill, Orange Fac tory, Round Hill. Dial's Creek, and Red Mouutain, to South Lowell, and heck, twioe a week Leave Durh m Tuesday and Friday at 7k a m Arrive a* South Lowell by 4ft p m Leave South Lowell Wednesday aud Saturday at 7a m Arrive at Duihim by 4 p m. *77 FromCaapei Hill, by Feanngton'a Mill, Asa H iggsbee's Store, Thoa, B. Farren's, Maaly Snipe s, and Wkite Croea, U> Chapel H.lf, equal to U mi es and laok, onoe a week. Leave Chaeei Hill Setardey at (a n Arrive at Chapel Hiil by 8 p in. tm From Maapolia, by Dreeden and Preeoott, to Mocktfsh, 24 miles aad haok. ouee a week. I^ave Magnolia Friday atlani Arrive at Ronkfiah by 6 p in I .eave Roekfish Saterday at 7 a n Arrive at Magnolia t>y 5 p in. Proposals to omit Dreedea. and perform the raaad tup la on* day. wall he eoaaiderad. 3679 From CUnt<m, by Tsjior's Bridge, to ? Store, 9 rmles ana back, onoa a vm. Lurt cliatoa Friday at 5 a m Arrive at HarreU's more bv 13 m Leave HarreH a Store Fndi) at 1 p in Amre at Clinton by 8 p m. SM* From Lilesville. by Hailey's Ferry, to Rcok ingkam, >6 tniles and back. onoe a week. Leave Lilesville Fnday at t>H a tu Arrive at Roakinghsm by lz m l e?ve Rockingham Friday at I a at Arrive at Lileeville bj?Hpm. M81 Froos Troy, by Aumaa's Hill, to James Page'a, ion Plank Koad,) XI uiUes aad back, onoe a

Leave Troy Wednesday at 12 ra Arrive at Page's by 6 p m Leave Page's Thursday at 8H a m, or on arrival of Higa Point Mail Arrive at Troy by p m Proposals for an additxnal weekly trip are in vited. SOUTH CAROLINA. From July 1,18*8, to Juno 3u, laiS. ?179 From Aaderson C. H., by Pieroe Town. Eqaal ity, Stab town, Ckurubuaoo. aad Millweae. to Auderaon C. H., equal to 19 miles aad back, onoe a week. Leave Anderson C. H. Thursday at 6 a in Arrive at Anderson < . H. by 8 p m. 6174 From Anderson C. H., bv Varennes and Level 1 .and, to Abbeville C. H., 31 miles and hack, onoe a wee*. Leave Aaderson C. H. Wednesday at6 am farrive at Abbeville C. H. by 7 p m .tave Abbeville C. H. Thursday at 6a m ArnTe at Anderson C. H. by 7 p m. 8175 From Horse Mioe. by H?.|ljr Springs, Long Creek and Cherokee, to Clayton, tia., 27 mi lea and haok, onoe a week. Leave Morse Shoe Saturday at K a m Arriveat Cla> tun by 0 p in Leave Clayton Fnday atnatn Arrive at Horse Shue by 6 p m 6176 From Pickens c. H., by Crow Creek. Andor son's Mills, Rook Mountain, Table Rock. Table Mountain, and South Salud. to Ureeii Ville, 58 miles and back.once a week. Leave Pioki ns C. H. Tuesday at 1 p in A rnve at G reenvil'e next day by 6 p m Leave Greenville Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Piokens C. H. next day by 12 m. GEORGIA. From July 1, iHfitf. to June 30, 1H5M 6"S7 From Americus, Iry Danville, to Drayton, 21 miles and liaok. twioe a week. Leave Aineriout* Tuesday and Friday at Sa m Arriveat Drayton by ti m Leave Drayton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p in Arrive at Amerioua by 8 p lit. (1538 Fiom Athens, by planter's Stand, Fort T.aniar. Camesvillc. AqoillH. Parker's Store. Fair Play.S.C.,a d Townville, to Pendleton, 70 miles aud heck, three times a week Lt?"ve Athens Monday. Wednesday and Fri day at 12 in Arrive at Pendleton next days by 6 p m Leave Pendleton Monday, Wednesday and Friday ?t 12 m Arrive at Athens next daya by 6 p m proposals to run by a ditierent schedule will be oonvide ed. 6530 From Clarksville, by Naooochea, Mountain Some, Hiawassee, Hiwassee, N. C.. aid Peach Tree, to Murptiey, 62 mites and luick, twioe a week. Leave Clarksvtlle Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p in Arrive at Morpti*y next days by 6 p m Leave Murphey Tuesday and F riday at 6 a in Arrive at Clarksville next davs by 12 in. &>tn Font Covins ton, by Rocky Plains and Snap ping Shoals, to Ber?heba, IS miles and back, twice a week. Leave Covington Tuesday and Friday at 12 ui Arrive at Bershelw by A p m Leave Bershelta Tue day and Friday at 6am Arriveat Covtpgton by lani. 6541 From Lumpkin, t?y Floience. to Glennville, Ala.,afi mil es and back, once a week. Leave Lumpkin Tuesday at 8 a in Arrive at Glennville bv 4 p m Leave G ennville Wedneaday at 8 a in Arriveat Luinskm t?y 4pm. Bids for au additional trip per week will be considered. 6>4J Fr m Newnan to Weedowee, Ala., 45milesand back, onoe a week. Leave Newnan Thursday at 7a m Arrive at Weedowee next day by hi in Leave Weedowee Friday at I p m Arrive at Newuan next uay by tpm. 6543 From Rooky Mount, by Holly, to Grantville, 13 miles and hack, twiee a week Leave Rocky Mouiit Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a ia Arrive at Grantville by 12 m Leave Grantvilla Wednesday and Saturday at 1pm Arrive at Rocky Mount by 5 p m. 6644 From the terminus of the Brunswiok and ? Florida railroad, west of the Manila river, to the terminus of the Savannah, Albany, and bulf railroad, west of the Altainaha river. Bidders will state the disranoe, name interme diate pouits. propose theamoant and kind ol servioe, aud preaent a suitable soheduie ol departures and arrivals. FLORIDA. From July 1, 185W, to June 3l), 1^59. 6880 From Orange Springs, to Flemington, 26 miss and back, onoe a week. Leave ('range Springs Monday at U a m Arrive at Flemington by 5 p m Leave Flemington Tuesday at 8 am Arrive at Orange Springs by 5 p m Bids to embrace tola will be oousidered. INSTRUCTION.", Containing conditions to be incorporated in the contracts to the extent th> department may Jet m proper. Seven minutes are allowed to aaoh intermediate otfioe, wtieu not otherwise specified, for opeuiug and examining th# mails. Nu pay will be iuad? for trips not performed; and for each of suoh omissions, not satisfactorily ex - 'piained, three times the pay of the trip may be de ducted. For arrivals so lu bemud tune as to break oonn> xion with depending mails, and not safboient ly excused, one-four h of the compensation for ihe trip is sunjeot to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency t>e promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates of pvstmasters; or the affidavits of other credible persons, tor failing to anive in oontract tune; for neglecting to take the mail lr->m or deliver it into a post odice: for sulleiuig it to be wet, injured, de stroyed, robbed, or lost. Tliu Postmaster Henoral may annul the oontract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract, for violating the post ortioa laws, or disobeying the instructions ol the department; for lefUstng to dis charge a oairior when requested bv the Department to do so; for assigning the ooulract without the as sent of the Postmaster Geneia!;or for transporting persons or packages conveying mailable matter out of the mail. The Postmaster General may order an increase of service on a rou*e by allowing therefor a pro ruta increase on the oontract pay. He may change sche dules ofdi paiture* and arrivals iii all oases, and par ticiiiarly to make them conform to connexions w it h railroads. Without morease of pay, provided toe run ning time be uoiabridged. He may alsoorder an in - crease of spe?-d, a.lowing, within the restrictions of the law, a pro rat < increase of |>ay fur the additional slock or carriers, if any. The oonti actor may .how ever, in the 0"se of nrnriase of speed, relinqui- h the contract by giviug prompt notice to the Department that he pref< rs doo g so to carrying the order into effect. The Postmaster General may also curtail or discontinue the servioe, in whole or in part, at pro rata decrease of pay, allowing oae mouth's extra compensation on tnuaniou t dispensed with when ever, in his opinion, the public intere ts do not re quire the same,or in <vise he desires to supersede it by adiHerent grade of transportation. Payments will be made for the servioe by collec tions from, or diafts on, postmasters, or otherwise, alter the ex piratiou ol each quarter?say in Febru ary , May, August,and November. The distanoes are given according to the best in formation; but no inurea.etl pay will tie allowed shouid they be greater than advertised, lithe points to lx? supplied be correctly slated. Bidders ntuxt inform tkemsolvn on this point. Bidders are roquested to use. as far as praotica ble, the printed form of ptoposala furnished by the Department, to write out in full the sum of their bid*, and to retain copies of them. F.ach bid must he guarantied by tw? responsible persons- General guarantees oannot he admitted The bid should be sealed; supersoribed '*>1 a11 Proposals. State of ," addressed Second As sistant Postmaster General, Contract Oftioe. and sen' by ma /.not by or to au agent; and posfmas ters will not enclose proposals (or letters of any kind) in their quarterly returns. The ooutracts are to be executrd and returned to the Department by or before the 1st of August. 1358, but the servioe must be oominenoed on the 1st J uly, or the text mail day thereafter, whetuer the oon traots be executed or not. SiOtion 18 of an act of Coagress, approved Maroh 3.1845, provide* that contracts for the transportation of tue ma 1 sha I be let "in every ease to the lowest bidder Undering sufficient guarantees for faithful performance, without other reference to the mode of such transportation than may be necessary to provide for the due oelerity, certainty and security of suoh transportation." L nder this taw a new de scription of bid has been rec?iv\ d. It does not spe cify a mode of conveyance, but engages to take the entire mail each trip with celerity, certainty, and security. using the terms of the law. These bids are styled, from the manuer in wbieh they aredt-sig natedoutlie bo >ksofthe i>ej>ar ment. l'ttar bid*." and they will tie oouatru? d as providing for the con veyance of the entire n ut, Aowrrtr large, and tcknuver may be tkt mode metenary to tnsun it* '"celerity, ctr ain p, and securi'y." Iu all case* where the lowe t grade of service is believed ti^bo sutlioient, the lowest bid will t>e ar. oepted, if duly guarantied, in preference to a " j far" or speciun tnd W hen the lowest but i? not a star bid,and specifies either no mode or An inadequate mode of ooiivey atko? it will nut baacocpted, but set ft'lde forasjie oilie bid proponing the ueceasary service. When the bid does not specify a mo<)o of convey ance; also, when it proposes to oarry "according to the advertisement," but without such specification, it wilt be oorisidered as a proposal for borsetaick ser vice. Postmaatcrs are to be creful not to oertify the sufficiency of guarantors it sureties without know ing tt at tn*v are persons of sufficient respoasibi ity; aud all tudders, guarantors, and sureties are dis tinctly notified that, ou the failure to enter into or perform the oontraots for the service proposed for in the aooepted bids, legal liabilities will bs en forced against them. Present contractors, and persons known at the de partment, mus\ equally with otbars, procure guar antors aud nertifi^ites of their sufficiency substanti ally in the forms als>ve prescribed. The certificates of suffic ency must be sigued by a postmaster or a judge of a court of reooru _ AARON V. BROWN, fa 4-lawtwT Postmaster General. NEW CONFECTIONERY, No. 447 7U it., one door north of O tt. The subscriber repseotfully announces to the citi zens and the public that he has fitted up his estab liahmant ia the best sty la. and ha* on hand the Qhoiaest CONFECTION EKY of ail kmds. ICE CREAM always to b? had.aad of the vary best quality, whioh he will famish to order, ia aay Trli'VlE^ .?.rr d., at Ito'olook. made or tbe bast material th* market TSlI kinds of FANCY CAKES that ia usually ke?t ia a plaoe of this kind. flails..Hartley Weddm^, ka., ftirm.bad to order in the shortest noUoe ana 04 the maet reasonab.e WM, p. FOR?. /i?oriAJ A?L. Mr. Kumar. af Bra Nut . It* dteaavarad ta eta NNtMUOB pasta re weed* a raiM) thai wm ITUt KIKC ov aanox. jmk Tb? ?mi S?r?/Wa detra ?? ? (mmm Ptmplt. He haa tried it in over eleven hundred QMN. wd MTWfriied ?!Of< in two oases. both TktiMtr Hi ?or. He haa new in his poeeeeaion over ooeanodred oerubaatee of itavalee.ail viUia twenty miles of Two i?ottiea are nnutad to mi* a nursing 8ora Mowtb. Oaa to Uiw bottiee will tin the vonl kiad a# Pun?M on the F* Two or thrM bottle* will eiear tfiaayateea of Bilm? Two bottles Ere warranted to oare the worn Canker in the Mouth and Storaaoh. . Three to fire bottles are wanaatad to eara the worst kiad of Erysipelas. ? _ One or two bottles are warraatad to eara ail Ha* "KS bottles are warranted to care Raaniag af the Ears and Blototies among tlie Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to oare oorropt and running Ulcere. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the IB Two or three bottles are warranted to eara the worst kind of R ins worm. Two or three bottles are warranted to eara the moat most desperate oase of Kheamatism. Three to four bottiee are warranted to oare Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will oare the worst aaae of Sorofela. A benefit la always ex penenoed from the fcrat bot tle, and a perfect oare is warranted when the above quantity u taken. Nothing looks so improbable to thoee who have la vain tneo all the wonderful medioines of the day, as that a oummcn weed growing oa the pastures, and along old stone wails, should oure every humor in the system ; yet it is a fixed toot. If yoa Wave a humor, it baa to start. There are no lFSnor ANl)!?, huma aor ha's about it aaiUng some oases, butiuot yours. I p Addled over a thousand buttles of it in the vioimty oi Boston. 1 know the effects of it m every oase. It has already done souie of the greatest onres ever done in Massaohusetts. I gave it to children a year old, to oid peopie of sixty. I have eaen poor, suny. wormy-looking children, whose tfesii was soft and (tabby, restored to a per test state of healUi by oaa i*.ttle To thoae who are anbjeot to a aiok headache, on* bottle will always oure it. It fives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Home who have taken it had been oostive for years, and have t>een resaiated by it. Where the body la sound it works euiteeaay, but where there is any derangement of the functions of will oause very siugt-lar feeling*, hat you mutt not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four days to a week. 1 here is never a had re sult from it; on the contrary. when that feeling is gone, yoa will feel yourself like a new person. 1 heard some of the most extravagant enoomiams of it that ever man listened to lu mv own practice I always kept it striotly (or hu mors?but smoe its introduction as a general faintly medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that 1 never suspected. Several oases of epileptic fit*?a disease which was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O. what a inerot if it will prove effec tual wall oases of tuat awful malady? tn ere are bat few who nave seen iiium of it thau I have. I know of several oase* of Dropcy, all of them aged people cured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dys?*paia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Fain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly iu Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery has done more good than any merfioine ever known. No ohange of diet ever neoeesary?eat the beet yoa can get and enough of it. Dxrtcttoni for Vtt.?Adults one table spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful? ohildren from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no directions aan be appiicabls to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowela twice a day. ... MANrrACTCKBD ST DON A LD KKNNbDY. iVe. ian Wmrrin Strut. Kozhttrp, Afastmekuttili, Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott It Co., Z, Oilman. Kidwell A Lawrenoe, J. B. Gardner, hurry A Co., 1). Walsh A Co., F. S. Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmqg, Schwarts A Co., CJ Boewell, Daniel K. Clark, J. P. Milbum, Dunhai pyson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R 8. Cissef!. O M Lentham. J. L. Kidwell. my ft-ly AVER'S Cathartic Fills, (SVOAh COATED.) The following remedies are of fered to tne public as the best, most _ perfect, which medical soienoe oaa afford. A YER S CATHaIITIC PILLS nav? been prepared with the utmost skill which the medi cal profesaion of this age possesses. and their eflecti show they have virtue* whioh surpass any combi nation of medioines hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this oures suck dangerous oomplaints, so quick and *o surely, a* to prove an efficacy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thing which men have known before. By removing the obstructions of the internal orsansanc stimulating them into healthy aotion, they renovat< the fountains of life and vigor,?health ooaraes anew through the body, and the sick man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and diseas< only, for when taken by one in health they prodnos but little effect. This is the perfeonon of medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more Tendei ohildren may take them with impuuity. If they are sick they will cure them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give tlism to tome patieut who has been pros trated with bilious oompaint; set* his hent-up, tot tering form straighten with strength a?,aiu; ?ee hn long-lost appetite return: *ee hi* clammy feature! blossom into health. Give them to some aiifferei *lwie foul blood has burst out in *croluia till hie *kin i* covered with *or** ; who stand*, or ait*, oi lie* in anguikh. He ha* been drenched insula and out with every potion which ingenuity <vnild sug gest. Give him tlie?e Pill*, and mark the effect; aee the scabs fall from hi* liody ; *?e the new. fan ?kin that ha* grown under them ; ace the late leper that la olean. Give them to him whoae nngrr humors ha*-e planted rheumatism in his joints and bones ; mu<e nun. and he screeches with pains ; he too has been soaked through every musoleof his body with liniments and salve*. give him these Pill* to purify his blood; the> ma> not cure lam, for. alas ' there are oases which no mortn: power oau reach : but mark, he walk* with crutches now. and uow he walks alone; they have cured r.nn. Give them to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stoma.-h has long auo eaten every smite from his face and eveiy muaelc fr<>m hi? body, ^ee his appetite return, and with it his h**alth: aee the new man. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness b aated and t?M> earlv withering swaj; want of exercise or mental aiiguiaii. or som^ lurking disease, has deraueed the internal organs oI diges tion. assimilation or secretion.till the* do their office ill. Her blood in vitiated, hrr iiea tn is gone. Give her the?e I'ill? to stimulate the vitnl principle into renewed vigor, to oast out the obstructions, and in fusea new vitality into t<ie I>!.wm1. Now lo..k aga n ?the roses' liloMsom ou her cheek. a?ni where latej. soriow sal, joy buratu trom every feature. See tha sweet mlant waited with worma. Its wan. sickly features tell you without diaguise, and painfully dis tinct, that they are eating its life away. Its piuchnd up nose and ears, and reatlusR sleeping*, tell the dread in I truth in language which ever> mother know* Give it the Pills hi large do*es to sweep these vile parasite* ftom'he UKly. Now turu a<rain and *ee the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothmr to do thCHe things? Nay, are the* not the marvel of thiaage? And yet they are done around you evci? dav. Have you the less serious symptom* of ?he*e dis tempers, they are tlia earner cured. Jauvdioe t'f^ tiveness. Headache, Sideaohc, Heartburn. Foal Stomach. ^au?ea, Pain in the Bowels, Klatoiency. Loss of Appetite, King'* Kvil. Neu.algia, Gout.and kindred oomplaiuts all arise from the derangements which theae Pillx rapidly cuie. Take them perse veringly.and under the oounsel of a good l'h?sician if you can; if not. take them judiciously by Mich advice as we cive you, and the distressing, danger ous disease* they cure, which afHict so many mil lions of the human iace, are catt out like.the devil* of o'd -they must burrow in the brutes and in the sea. Price^5 cents per Imix?5 tMixes for -*l. Z. 1). OILMAN', Washington: and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and aill dealers in Medicine everywhere. dMm RIVATE MKDfCAL TREATiSK ON THI P J... P tflSIOLOR !C A L VIEW OF MARRIAOM. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N. Y. jno pagee and 19* fine Plain and Colored Lathographa and Plates. IC^PRICE ONLVISCENT8.X3I ICTSiwAn (friiMfi ?? ail parli *ftki Vat as. Dr. M. B. La Croix'a Phyaioiofieal View cf Mar riaxe. A caw and rev:acd edition of 25" pages and 130 plxtea. Prica 2i oents a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the dutiee and oaaunltiea of single and married life?haapy and fruitful alliancca, mode of aeourmrt them?mfeiioitoua and infertile ones?their obvianon and removal?nervous debility, its oauses and oure, by a croceKS at once so simple, aafe, and etfectua!, that failare la impossible? rules for daily management?an essay onSper matorrhcpa. with practical otiaer vations on a safer and mora suocessfiil mode o f treatmant?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practioe ; to which is added commentaries on tue diseases of fe male*?from infancy to old a<e?each caae graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plate*. It'pomt* out the remedies for thoae *elf inffioted miaeries and di*ap pointed hopee so untiirtuuateiy prevalent in the voung. It la a trutlifurad viser to the married, and thoae contemplating marriage. It* perusai la partic ularly recommended to persona entertaining secret doabta of their physical condition, and who are oon aoiou* of having hazarded the health, happmeaa and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Pnoe 23 cents per oopy, or five oopies for ftl. mail ed free of postage to any part of the United State*, br addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Albany, New York, enclosing 25 oents. C. B. Thoae who prefer may oonaalt Doctor |LA OIX apon any of the diaeaeee apoe which his book treats, either pereonaily or by mail. Hia medi otnea often oare in the ahort spaoe of six days, and completely arid entirely eradicate all traoee of thoee dieorders whioh oopaiva and oubeba have ao lona been thoarht an antidote, to the ruin of the healtk^ the patient. Hie " Freuoh Secret" is the great con tinental remedy for that class of disorders whioh an 61101*10!/, physicians treat with mercury, to tka retrievable destruction to the patient'a oonatita tion. and whioh all the aaraapartlia in the worTd aot pare. reo 14? No. a Matdea Lane. Albaay, N. y. POR NORFOLK ANl) PORTSMOUTH. Vs The steamer LOUISIANA leavee the Union Dook, foot of Coooord atreet, BalU- Jl ? mi>re. every 1'ueadar, Thursday. and^^A^Qac*? Saturday.a?nl tbe ateamer NnRTIl*k,*f" CAROLINA every Monday, Wed needay, and Fri day, at ft o'eloek p. m. M.N. FALIS, h 5 tf Preaident Baltimore t*teaml?o-1 Co. ieMe t a IT?' 5*??rtment of ORNAMKN-^* 5^E^V?HGRh.EN. SHADfc, and FRUIT jaoajm . JOSHUA PlsIRCM. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains rati m (nRtrw% 1.NVI \\ ashmgion *1 #?%. m. I >?>. 4u. at a a. m. W do. ?>??. l><>. do. at 4 >? p tr. Uo. du. at A.1S p. m. i Trai Tfta Tnmt at ? and tan. and 4 >> p. m. aoaneot ?? Baitrm. rs for the and at Relay to' tk? W??t. Tki?4?tia. m.ft dIMi. n.for Aau ?OM.aaduI. m (or Kreoeriek aad NuHUk 77 s 6 a. m. m>d 4>> p. , >f%?? era Enpraas, aod Mop vaiy at Aunap.i i . ai*J \VMtuncUxi adoii?m Tba ??"i TT" ^,n **?urday at 4 Sr> p m. (cas owj to PMMfephia. Or Sunday only on# train?at 4Ji a m ?aaS0d I'M. M. rARHONS. A N*TA &SA tf B AB. Tit iil^l (??VNM| tiii ma ATLANTIC .<>NK OUvar K Tha BALTIC Oa* Joseph " The ADRIATIC Capt. Ja Theee ships baring boej baiit by oontras* ? tor Government service. every oare baa b in their construction. aa also in their engines, to tn sare strength and speed. aod the r a o>-rvrr.,^ai,vHA? for Maatoirri ara a?aaaiiad for ait?tee ami out fort. The steamers of this Itaa l*v? improved watsr tight compartments, and no npftiir naa baaa apawi toutafce them ailasgaodas ot a . the thoi? ?ugh a*am i nation given ttieo. proves (hair mod a of roan ao tion y et Ui.equa.ied. Prioe at >?"???? noa Naa York to Ltvanaol, ta Irat aatim. #Ua?. n a aeo?d do. 075 rroa Lirai pjvl i. Naw Vork. *? ai<d * guineaa. Aa ax pen penenoed Saiceun attached loaeob ahip. Aw berths At ba a ecu rev. aatU pa*d for. PROPOSFD D ATFS OF SAll IXO. vaoM wiw rum. raoM uvgaroot.. Saturday. Jen. Id .. late Weoaesda*. Iwb S II? Saturday, t a?b. Id ... IUH VVmlmadM. M'ck I ISM Saturday. Marcn IS liite Saturday, Apr I Hi IK'? Saturday. *prn H.. .JSjH Saturday. Ufa* ? l*V Wednesday. M oh S. Itite Wednee<.a? . April <0 U* Wi-dneada*. Ma) 12 1M? eaday. May SI IW - i.xt I** ik.* \V?.l"e*da?. J" jg k*.? Hanla*. **"?/? ?; \]xmrn\* Saiurd ?* . J i*? ESjUgfrrig S'rtS' a" ? ''w; fs? ? '? iaiurday- ,, ,..i? 4???.?= saiardaf.W^?'Ij ? ^^day.0?* *' ,8W A'odnaaday, jaly 7 II Wedneedai. Jaly ? 1W? Wadnaaday, Am. 4 1S64 \V?diM'?ltf, hepi I .'IHa waiaaaday . Sept. 15 late Saturday, Sa^t. .S . .ia"m Sattirdfuy , Oct V la1* Saturday, Oot. 4 ... lata Saturday. Nov. b la.'x Saturday, Nov. a' lft.SK Saturday. l)ec.<Itla WaiMtdb), N*r. ta.l^M Wednesday, Nov. S4 laA?: U'edaaa<ay,p(a.l late Wadaaxiay. Dao. S late For fraif ht or paaaa#a. aaaly to KDW AKi) K. COLLINd, Na. ?, Wall Nav Yora. MKOtt N, SHIFLKY A CO.. Lirarpool. R G. WAINU KloM I A Co.. fana. Tl.? ovuara of tltena ?hipa wil! not be aooountaNa for ?o<d, ailver, hu'lion, apeoia, jewelry, ptaotoaa atouea or wetaia. ualeaa mlla of ladina ara aifaad thereior aod ibe va.ue thereof ax?raaaaa tbari d 16 0 RANttE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD 9 RE AT SOUTHERN MAIL LIUM Tvioe Daily. (Pcnday m0ita asoMtad.) batvaaa WASHINGTON CITS and tba STOUTB. na ALEXANDRIA. GORDONS VI LLE AND RICH MOND Laavaa Waabiactoa at C o'ekxdt a. aa. " WaaliiDKion at 7 o'oiook p in. For LYNCH B(TRG %od the SOUTH WEST. Leave WaahuitUNi at 6 o'eloek a. 'm.. arrive la LYNCH BC'RG next morning at 4 a. m., aonooatiM with tbe traina on the Virginia aod Ter.i.eaaoa Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail ?ta?aa froa Char atteaville tu I.vnohhurc a diatanoe offlb nailaa. Far# from \\ aaiiiacton to Lynohbarc. #7.7*. The ateamer tiFORGE PAGE, foot of SoveeU atreet, tieinx owned by tha Railroad CotaaanT. raaa in onnneotion with thetraiaa. Ticket* for Lynobbarf procured oa tha Boat. d^Oaimtmaeaaud Uacgace Watona will boat tha Depot of the Waahiucton Ra^.roa*:. to ooavav p*? - aengera and bar fa* e to the Steamboat, for Alaaan dria. a diatanoe oraix nuiee. allowing an.p.a tima for maaia. JAMES A. EVANB. Agaot. Alexandria. Jaly, lUf. It t tf N EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Tba raoant extaoaionand improvement of ita lead ing oo tin eating linaa at the VVeat naa repaired ac en tire reviaion of the running ar rang amenta oft hia road awhioh highly important advantacea to tha trav ar are aecured. On and aAer MONDAY, June IS. 1M7. THREE DAILY TRAIN- will ba ran in both diraotuma for throach paaaencera. Firat-Tl.e ACCOMMODATION TRAINatarta from Camden Statiou, Ba.(iinore,at 7 A.M^iaxoept Sunday,) at?>pa at way atationa aod arrivoe at Cam ber land at 4 P. M. Reoond?The MAIL TRAIN atarta i Sunday ex ? oapted)at 1 an A. M.. and arnvea at Wbee ing at? A. M . oocnectitx at Kenwood with Central Ohio traina for CoiBinbua. Cincinnati. Indianap<>>ia, Lou lavilla. Chiaago St. lx?uia, k o.. and at aaate p aoa with traina lor Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit. Ao . by Cleveland Road, aod alao at Parkerabaig with Ma rietta Road. Tbird-The 8T. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX I'R ESS TRAIN leavae daily at P. M .o.* nectingat BeuwoodatSA. M.with eipy>a? trama from Beiia re to CinotaiAti, (tri(4eai r4??<* V Cmrt at Celmmbmi.) ai.d reachtug tliere ta bot dk boa ra I rum Baltimore aud SB boura from Washing ton. It alio connect a direotly. in t>otii dirrotioiia. at (irafton with oara Ij l*arkeral>urg and Marietta roada for Chillioothe. Cincinnati, etc. Theae train* oornect at Xenia lor Inditnapo'ia. Cluoaao and St. Louia. and al Cineiuiiati with the briat Ohio and Miaaiaaippt Kxpreaa for Louiaville Cairo aod Si. Louia In rough to St. Louia in Ivaa than 4* boura Srowi Haaimore. B? tlua tram tne iimt to ail tbe central aud Southern p!noei< iti the Weal it much >?a. whiio the dt*t*nrr la fn>m an to lu? mi'aa ahortar than t.y the shorten! o| other routee. From the VVaat theaa oonnecH.iua are eauaJla o*oee and aanafaotoit . ar riving at Baltimore at h.J?' A. M. |Lr Bagcage checked through to all pointa. THROl'GU TICKETS aoW at lowest tatea at Camden Station and at Washington^ D. C. I'aeaenitera from Ba tiniore o? Washington may ?trie the tntirt toa4 by daylight, t.y takiny Mw>rn ing tran a, and lyittg over at Cumberland or Oak - laud, and rrauniing aegt inorniag l>y Wheeling Ac ocnimodaium tram, leaving Cuuil<oriaj/d at a aud Oak land at In^i. tXjR WAY PASSENUKRS. The Caiiiberiaiul AooonmiodatHiii Train at 7 AM., will ?u.p at all Slatioim nut of Cuniiier:and, and tbe VVbeeiiiig Aoooiiim>?tation at all Stations beyond Cumberlatid <?>inr. Wuat. Eaatwaidlv, the Aliul Tram leave* Wheeiinr at >.%? A. M . an.) Acoomiuo dntion leaves Cutui>erland at 9. ruaolung Baltimor* at s ?> P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIR6INIA BRANCH, tietween Gra?lon aod Porkerabura. way passengers will take the Express weotward'y and tha Mai; eastwardly. The FREDERICK TR AIN starts at ? P. M . ?tossing at way stations. Leaves Frederick at^.ls A. M.. arrivmc at Ba.tunore U noon. The KLMCUTT'ft MILL TRAIN leaves at S *4 A. M., an<i &.I5 P M. Leave* Eliioott's MilltatV A. M. and 7 P. M., exoept Sunday, FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SGl'TH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at A. M..3aiidS.i5 I*. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M., and VIS P. M.oaly. Leave W ashincton for Caltimora at 6 and t.V A, M.and Sand 4Jii P. M. On Sundays at 7 A. M.. and t SO P. M. only. The hi at and fourth trains from Ba.tMnora, and tha seeond and fourth trains from Washington, will ba express m&i1 train*, stopping only at VVaahington Juuotion and Annapolis Junotion. The 9.1S and ?.1S trains from Baltimore and tha IJO ajid 4 trains from W ashington owaaaat wita tba trains from Annapolis. Fortiokets, information, feja. Ao., apply to J. T. ENGLAND. theTiokei omoe, Caiudeu WatioB. WM. 8. WtK)D8!DE/ jy IS- tf Master of Transportation. Baitimvra. slE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. T One of the Staairahips of tlra C Kiiptny. oarry ii the United Std'.ea M? f. r A > apULo, CA LI FOR NI A. and OREGON, rv.. Panama twive each month. >?r the am val ot the United State* Mail S. S.Company'ssteam ? ers. which leave Ne?r Orleans and New \ ort regn larly on 3th and #?th of aash month with the muu:s, and pa^seugera oonneotmc via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. Theae ateamahipa have baea inapaoted and ap proved by the Navy Department, andgaaraaty ip?ad a?J ia/iln. The Panama Railroad <47 miles long?la sow toa Bated from ocean to ooaan. aod te oroeeed ia 3 or 4 >urs. Theba^gaat-ol passengers is obeoced in New York througn to San Franaisoo, and Mus?acar? ara eint*rked at Panama by stccmer at the company's expense. The money paid in New \ ork oovers mi exjsensesof the trip. Resarre steamers are kept port m Panama aad eF ranciaoo. to prevent < it ion in ease ol ao.. t. so that the route i? e?. *y r*l\*bls?aa tail are having ooouira^ in ei?bt > sara. Passengers leave Pauama Uw aaine day they ar rive at Asptnw2Jl. Conductor* go through by each steamer, aad take charge of women aad aiildrea without other protee To, through tickets at the lowaot rates apply at the acanoy, >77 West street. New I. W. RAY.iloND.-or tu ARMfTRONG.BARRlS A CO., New Oriaana.- or JyS4-tf C. L. BART LETT. Boaton. ^JNITED STATES MAIL LINK ONLY REGULAR LINE ana wiTBotr* ?ati.ra? pot biobt tbakb, pea CALIFORNIA AND ORRGON VIA PANAMA RAILRUAP. Rsgmlmr Smiitmt Dayg.&iA #9M4 aaah OavnoM.?So mat j fraud a and impost tionsof vancua kinda have boon 'at^iv daty to tn. W r?isons aeetntg paasase to California, xmmx, to atoid tvposinoR. they must be eareful to fcpd the trae oftae of tbe Steamships of tbe U. S. Mai. Litis, via Panama Railroad, as no otaaroftoe ew York is aathorixed to engage passage. - Compaauee have only na* nkce in New York. u at 1T7 Waat street, eoraer of Warraaatraat, ? ? the North River,at the heed of the Cuta arf. "Br ai 'TWl?4Wi