Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL IMTELLIWENCt. Con* MitTiia ii Timpik&nck Hall ?Pur mint to <t rail published in the daily papers, h?*ded " Mechanics, Workingmen snd others, att??fioe,?> a meeting wm held at Temperance H?? 11 Inst ai^ht. tb* object of which ?a< the dls. ? of the new Cod" of Law* The meetleii wa> called to order by Mr. James W Dunawm who nominated N'ich Callau, Esq , a? chairman carried; and Mr. Lewia Newton wan chosen sec retary On motion of Mr. Dunawln. person* objecting to the new Code were Invited to state their ob jections, for refutation The meeting wa? addressed, on the part of the objectors, first, by Mr Wood, who s'ated that at a late meeting of therltlieii. at this pi are h- bed npnii. d biiri?e!f iu fovor of tin* proposed Code and his determination to vote for ft - but tbaP since tbatmiieeting he h-td examined, and come almost to the conclusion that he would go against It. He object* d to the large amount of fees given to the marshal of the District. He also wanted tbe l^rvy Cou't to lie elr-cit-d l>v the people One of tbe codlfie's had stated that ?be new law In relation to eipiil*ion from the schools had special reference to the county outside the city. If It related to any one school, It was wrong In every sen-e of tbe word He objected to the superln tendent of asylum being appointed for a life term He thonvbt that the said functionary should be appointed for a term of years 11 relation to the Sunday-amusement provision the speaker had not been satisfied at tbe former meeting with the explanation of tbe codifiers; he d.d not liel.eve in punishing tbe boy who weut tUbinu on Sunday, with a line, and letting the servant or footman of the rich church-goer clean bis horses, drive bis master to church and wait cutside for him, go scot free He believed them w?? more attained bv good works than by prayer. He believed tbe Sundiy law. as proposed iu tbe new Code, was an arrangement to suit the rich and not the poor man Tne speaker remembered a scene w hich transpired st one of our city hotels one Sunday, whe e a pirty of persons were in tbe bar drinking gin slings, or some other kiud of Mings, wbrn the diiuks had been swallowed, one of tbe party Ihiew down a piece of money for Eayment; whereat the bttkeeper gave bl?n a nowirig wink, and a gentleman present, a hl"h city functionary, responded by saying, V\ ellTlf I am in ?be way of a business tiansaction, I'll r tear nut Thus this official winked at a trans action which was against Hie law He was opposed also to the law in relation to marriage, and stated a set les of objections in this connection, whii h were more mirth-provoking thau a.gnmenrative The law. he *aid. ouoht to have been so plain that common men eoul3 un de stand it, without three or four coditiers to explain it. Mr W reviewed the law In relation to me chanic*, and urKed that there was uot a clause in tbe new Cod.- for tueir protection in any way or form The law in relation to bawdy bouses, he thought, was ridiculous; why did not the cod illera provide a place or refuge for tbe unpro tected victim of man's villany* Tbey could form societies to send missionaries to eoovert mullet headed Africans who hid not three Ideas aliove a inonkev ; but no civilised l hrtstian law makers had thought of the wa'it* of tbelr fellow white creatures at home, who bad no place of refuge whereon to lay their heads k relation to tbe provision made for con victs discharged from the penitentiary by padon of the Executive, he thought It was the very worst In the whole Code He thought an ac ? ount should be kept with each prisoner during confinement in the |>eiiih ntiary and that when discharged be should be paid the full amount of his earuiugs, and come forth as a man aud not as a beggar-a ripe subject for the renewed commis sion of crime. .Mr. Wood concluded his somewhat lengthy retnaik*, and Mr. Jos 11 Bradlev, senior, was called to tbe stand at Mr. Wor da request, to ex plain the proposed law in relation to riots. Mr B slated the object for which the citizens were called together on this occasion He held that the safety of this country rested on the !>a<is of tbe Christian religion?be did uot speak ot sects or creeds, but that L'reat Christian principle which wa? the true foundation of a government Tbev bad met to deliberate upon that wbich wa.? the foundation of our every inteest. He knew no party or sect, when they were meeting to gether as brothers to provide for the government of all. The ?oeaker had written that law in re lation to riots himself, and was proud to have written It. There was no law which belon<'ed to this District providing for the calling out"" of the military; It was time there was. There was no law providing for the reading of the riot act: It was high time lh*re was. The provision of tbe new Code in relation to riots must be taken as t whole, aud not picked to pieces, in order to a proper understanding of it. Mr B went >n to read the section from the new Code in this relation, after which be com meuted upou It at length, asking if tbe proposed law was not a wholesome one, aud one calculated to restrain the ruthless passions of bad aud un scrupulous public officers. In reply to a question propounded by Dr. Clayton. Mr B went on to state that In ra?es of Insurrection the President of tbe United S ates was compelled to call out tbe military Tbe proposed law the Mayor to exhaust all other authority before call ing for tbe regular military In cases of riot* First every effort must be made by the Mayor, the Mar shal. the Magistrates and Coustablesto quell the tlot; that proving in< fflaiious, then tbe District militia must tie < ailed upon, and then tbey must not fire upon the niob without lull aud sufficient notice to disperse When the srmiuty tjritltJ for the military to be called upon, the speaker would stand by'tbe ?tutboiities to the very List. As the rio law now exist*, Iheie is no exigency shoit of an in?uir ?? tiou, giving power to call out the military The proposed C.sle subjects the President to Im peachment should he dare to order out tbe mili tary without the clearest proof of the civil au thority Uriui' first eibausud, he must have clear proof ?\o law is worth a?traw unless we have judges and jurors to enforce it. The execution of tbe law Is ..ften oppre-sive Tue speaker did uot wish to be consider* d as reflecti 114 upon any in dividual, but as speaking In view of a great principle Now one man selects the jurors for the courts In high party times, a man clothed with the power to souuiioo Juiies will, without being conscious of It, summon those belonglug to bi? political party If theie weie nothing else in the rode to recommend if, the chapter iu re lation to the luiitmonin^ of juries was a chapter which was founded on the l>e*i principles of ltis t.<e it was not that one inau was dress*<1 in broad* lotb a- d another In homespun, that Wr were to find fault with this Code; we must com promise foi the best public good We must not expect to have laws to suit every one's mind in every respect, but those which will effect the greatest public good Mr B.adlev spoke at considerable length ou the subject of tbe provisiou in relation to slaves aud free negroes lu relation to juiies, the pro posed hw piovobd for the selection of one hun dred aud fttty elttaens and householders out of all the citizens of ihe District,and they take turu so as not to have the sjiue Juiy for two siM'cessiVr terms ; no jury to serve after once serving, uutil the wboie shail be exhausted. Mr. U. entreated tne people to consider well upun the subject under discussion, and to read aud understand for themselves Tbev could Vote foi It with th. lr objections attached to their votes, aud then when those objections liecatne known, let them go liefore Congress and have p-oper re vising of tbe ohjectiouable parts bv Coiigiess. Mr H concluded, and Mr James Wise mount ed tbe si a ud and stabd sevoal objections to tbe Code. lie regarded tbe adoption thereof or Its reje.110 1 as milter tuvolviug so much interest to tbe ct'iiens that he moved a committee of live gentlemen oe appointed from this meeting to Visit the P.e? ai.d ask him to extena the time for voting on the Code to sixty days. i'he motlou being secouded. tbe question was put, and tbe motion carried unanimously Tne meeting w as then addiessed by Capt J P. l.evy, who piocted> d to state a long series of ob jections to lue Code; but the audience, apparently satisfied by the motion of Mr. Wise for a cum MuHee to petition tbe President to extend the time on its adoptiou to sixty days, rapidly thinned out, aud In a tew minutes the Hall was pretty Weil cleared The t 'halr appointed ou the committee to wait ou the President, Messrs Samuel Chilton, Fsq , i) . Clagett James K Dunawin, J W. Spalding, aod W P TV iH J Altec mar few remarks by Messrs Ould and Chilton, tbe meeting adjourn, d Colkt or Claims?Yesterday, on motion of Mr O'Conor. I!dsa d Alonxo Hiown, Ksq , of 1-owvllla, New \ ork, was sworn au attorney of thla Court. Jbdje Blnrkfoid d.-llvered the opinion of the . court in the case of Nathaniel Goddatd's ex. cii tcrs, adverse to the claim. Judge N:arburgh delivered the oplnlou of the court in the t as* of Joshua J Uappy, trustee, ad verse to t he claim. Jcdge Scarburgh also delivered the opinion of the court In the case Charles D A.fwedson. ad v. ras to thecUllll. Mr. fluah>n snbiuitted a prinl.d argument in the esse of AI mill Aon Huston. Mr Kalcilfi'e ft - plied for the goVei uiUr ut, .mil Ihe case Wan sltbr nutted Wr Phillips op -ned Ihexri'mnentfer tbeclaim a>it in the case of Ku haid l'ili|>atri< k. M ? Katclifl'e replied for the L ulbd States, aud the case was submitted. J iseph fi Crane. F.?q , r.f I. d ana, was ap poiiiUd a coin 111 is*loner of ibis couit. The court adjouriud until the ^Ith Inst. The AtauaiKii Cocxtt Covrt was occu. pled yesterday with tbe case of Clark Mills e*. Sunual Strong, la relation to the model horse '? Boston;'* action la d tiuue Tbe jury were un able lo agree, aud tbe rase was coutinuvd. (Itn I! B Whits* Co are offning some lllne bargains In Ihe way of gentlemen's furnish ing goods They are moreover gentlemanly and accommodating dealers See their advcrtlse liicut and give tbciM acfili. wood, Esq , of New York, wn admitted an at torney afcd counsellor of this Coart. No. 39 John H Lyon*, plaintiff In error ?*. J<?hn Bertram etal In error to tbe Circuit Court of the United S'ates fur the district of California Mr Justice Campbell delivered the opinion of tht Court, atD'tiiing the judgment of said Circuit Court in this cause, with coat* and interest No* 51 ai>d 5ei. Kdwin Chaffee, trustee of Hor ace H Day. plaintiff in error. c?. Nathaniel Hay. wardhand Horace H Day, plaintiff in error, rs. Nathaniel Ha- wa d. Krrort to the Circnit Court of the United States fur the district of Rhode Is land Mr. Justice Catron delivered the opinion* of the Court, attuning the judgment of said Cir cuit Court in these c auses, with costs No 66 Ho: are H Day, appellant ri the Union luclia Klibber Company The argument of tbia cause was concluded by Mr. Jenckei for the ap pellant Nn. Sh Isaac M Fisher, appellant, r.< Jacob M Haldeiman ai.d Thos Chambers, adminis tiators de bonis mom. he. of Tbos. Duncan, de ceased Tbe arynment of this cause was com menced by Mr Fisher for the appellant. Adjourned. Tuesday.?F.dwa d Alonzo Brown, Esq., of New Yoik, was admitted an attorney and coun sellor of this Court. No 58 Isaac M Fisher, appellant, r.? Jacob >1 Halderman and Tbos Chamber*, hdrninta tiator? de bonis nom. Ac , of Thos. Duncan, de ceased. The a-giiment of tbisc auae was contin ued by Mr. Fisher for tbe appellant, bv Mr Head for the appellees, ai d concluded by Mr Fisher for the appellant. Adjourned The Ball tiivi?Yesterday. two gentlemen from Virginia, Who had just aruved in the steam boat from Aquia Creek, were stuck tor by a skilful ball-game player. The sharp bad fol lowed the " green uus" up T orn Virginia, ar<d a favorable opportunity preneutiitg itself on Four and-a-half street south, tbe wondeiful invention was exhibited, and large bets m?.de upon its practicability As soon as the gentlemen found they were stuck, they attempted to anest the sharp; but he diew a pistol and threat -nrd dab to the oue wuo approached him. The victims started for the police; and in the mean time the thief or thieves escaped Criminal Court ?The business of the term having been nearly all dispatched, the petit ju rors were yestn d ty dismissed until next Tues dty. on which day the case of Bengamin Ogle, c.ha gtd with shooting John Webb, in (Ji-orge town, Is to be ti*e-d The above is. v*e believe, the last c ate on the ducket for the pieaent teiia, d.i ring which n larger number of case* have been tried tnan appears on tbe record of any pievious teun, for many years. Dmiug this term upward of thirty criminals have been sent to tlie Distiict Penitentiary, and a laiger numbei to the County Jail. Tim W ashing ros Thiuki ?The managers of the new theatre seem determined to put their pieces ou the stage only ill the most peif. ct nan ner. and by persevering in this course they can not fail to secuie the public confidence and ap probation. Thus they will not put the admirable piay of ?? Slill Waters Ruu Deep" upon the sta^e until to-morrow night, w hen it will he brought out In incst satisfactory shape. Meantime a charming bill of fare is substituted to-ulgbt iu thre? such pieces as 44 The Rough Diamond," " Naval Engagements'1 and 44 Mesmerism" For ge inline tuii, this bill is hard to heat. Accidental Shooting ?We learn that a man named l'otter was severely injured yesterday af ternoon by receiving a pistol shot in the calf of his leg. It appears that he was walking along Pennsylvania avenue near Sixth street, in com pany with Mr. G W. Todd, who in attempting to put a pistol in his pocket let it fall, when an explosion occurred, with the unfortunate result of wounding Mr P The necessary sur leal a? sistance was immediately rendered the wound d man, who is now di>fng as well as could be ex pected under the circumstances. It is with extreme pleasure we remind our many readers, especially the 44 fairer por tion," of the near approach of St. Valentine's day; and at the same time to iuform them that Cnoid has made his headquarters at our frieud Cot. Shillingtou's, Odeon Building, corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue, ?*'here they will find a large assoitiuerit of choice valentines, both sentimental and cumic. Who is thi Ladies' Man ??The M lodeon Opeia Troupe commence their Valentine Fairs this evening, performing the tlrst part in white faces, when each purchaser of a ticket will be presented with an order for a valentine. The gentlnuan who accompanies the greatest num ber of ladies to the concerts until the yOtb will be presented with awplendid diamond ring worth SiiS W ho is the lucky man f Friendship Lodoe Lever comes off on Mon day evening next, at Odd Fellows' Hall. We h tppen to know that they have engaged one of the most eloquent speakers in the country to de liver ai* address; have secured some excellent musical performers, and are p.itfiu^ things in Mm generally?and of which moie hereafter? for a Hue entei luiumerit Anothib Siiad ?Mr. Jas. The. ker caught his second shad this season at his fishing shore at Aquia Creek, weighing three pounds and a half, which he presented to Mr Hope, atturke of H. B M Legation, who happened to be gunnin? on the shore at the time, and Mr Thee ker kindly in. d" siid haul for his pleasure Good sign of a good fi?bing season In the Circuit Coukt, yesterday, the case of Robert Mayo vs. Jacob Gideon, in which the plalntitt had brought an action for balance due fur alleged seivice, rendered in lace of a receipt in full was demded by a jury in favor of plaiu titt ai d the damages were assessed at #llvit> J?, with interest from lltb December, 1-.a5. Plea-e Call at the Star Office ?The wi iter of a communication appearing iu the local coluuius of the Staron Saturday last (February fij, signed 4 A Sub-crlber," and dated on the 2d instant, will confer a favor on the editor by call ing at the Star office The New Yorkers, we see, are grumbling because the milkmen have raised the price of milk from 6 to 7 cents per quart What would tbey *ay at being charged lu cents j>ei quart, us we are iu Washington ' Prof Wiutnrt, the magician, made a most satisfactory debut last night before a Washington audience, and his budget of tricks were not ex ceedingly well performed, but most of them were quite new. ? ? In consequence of a death In Prof. Munder's family, the Soiree advertised for this evening is postponed foi the present. Whatever nny be the commotions in the halls of Congress, the Gift Bookstore at No 4T6 Pennsylvania avenue, Is always the same, lis paf i lolic prop, letor pursues the even tenor of his way, unrutfi'd, courteous, and self-collected, af fo.ding an example to uervous politicians and excitable people geoeially. His shelves were never crowd?*a with a better stock of books tbuu at present, and his supply of gifts suffer no dim inution It Watch Returns ?Cast night one pilsooer was conflued In the Guard house. A II Wil liams, Virginia, drunk and disoiderly; woik * house 4Ju days. Seventeen le dgers?all non-resl dents. The weekly return of the East and West Lock up houses show uo prisoners, and eleven lodg> ers?all non-residents. Drs. Hunter A Williams, Pkv*iri*ns for />?.?*? i?? of Tkrout mnd l.unt*, fu North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williiuis will visit Washington on the* l/i ii himI Attn of each mouth, The next vtail will be on Friday. trie 12 h inst. titlio ? '4?o Pentisylven a avenue, over Mrs Voss's Jewelry Store*. fo iu gt ? ? ii m ^ - m m ' We DDI No Ca k in very pretty and very cheap; loe Cream and Water loesat fl-AO per vallon, at the Philadelphia Confectionery, eoruer 12th and F sts. jan Zi lin* J. FossfLit. MAKHIIU, in Baltimore, on the Mb instant, ty Hev. W . II. P.lciier, AL. I'.'AiOl ?e I.AS, . ol VN sslwu* toy, lo Miss l AliltA VlKUlNlA PI iVHKM ol Hsi tiaaoce. Ou the Hi h instant, by Rev. D. Ball, Mr WIL LIAM W i.e.*TKH, *1 Mi-aissipp, El.l/.ABk.TH J. WAI.kKK.daughiftal Mr. 4. T. Walker, ef this city. (lu the^fh instant. Rev. Vfr Pali, Mr. JOHN W . A .> UfcKSUN, of If.uliuio.'o, to Alias I'HAR LO rTK I- KNlUHT.of Washington. (In the'?? h of Deosmber. by t>ie Rev Mr. Rog ers. TUOM AS SKUttlN to Miss ELIZABETH CL M BER LA N D.both eif tnii uily. UIKDi Oa Tuesday, the iKk instant, M/s. POVKY O.vDSttY, widow of the late John Gadsby. aged 13 '^Tho funeral will take plaoe from her ate residence N?. l President's Ssaare. on Thursda., at |.i^oloek a m t be friends of the fhmily are respectfully iu vitad to attend w^theeqt farthe^m^^^^^^^ o BO KO it TO W m AFFAIX*. Ctrtsptndtnct of tkt Star. SiouiTowr. Feb 9,1958 The meeting at For rent Hall, lint night, held for the purpose of considering the new Cod**, wa? attended by an immense concourse of pei tons. On motion of Mr Edes, Dr 0 afton Tyler was called to the Chair, and Mr. J. L KidweU was appointed Secretary. On takiog 'he Chair, Dr. T. remarked that, doubtless, all present knew tne objects of the meeting as well as himself; it Lad been railed for the purpose of inviting a full and free discus sion of the new code of law?? birb had been repared for the District, afid which would 1* prepar laki b* aid before the people In a f?sw days for their ap proval. Mr Ould being called for, took the stand, and said that if there wis any gentleman present op posed to the Code he would be thankful to hi in if he would come forwarxl and make hi* objec tion* known. To such an one be would cheer fidly yield the floor and take bis chances at a re ply The opponents of the Code had been solic ited and challenged to com i forward and discuss it fairly; all be asked for it was a fair discus sion. Mr. O remarded that the Code had been prepared under peculiar circumstances. No law ever prepared for the government of the people had been subjected to so many and such rigorous tests, and then to a vote of the people />rr cajiiia before going into operation. He th.-n informed the audience of the persons by whom the Code bad l??*ii prepared. They were all citizens of the District, men who ex pected tj live and die under them, and their cbildieu's child-en also After its preparation it had been submitted to the criticism of both the C^sent able Attorney General and hispredecessor, th of whom had heartily approved all its pio visions The Code was not his production. It was the result of enlightened iea<on and legisla tion for tbe last twenty years, both at home and abroad It was not the I3*v of the c-'ditiers; It wa, the work of wiser heads G?d forb'd that he, as one of the ci?diders. should set himself up as a Lycaruii* to make laws for this people. I hold in my hand (said Mr. O ) the whole ot tbe laws which have t?een providt d foi the future of the District If you should ask me for the laws by which we are now governed, ] must tell you a-? l did the people of Washington, I should have to bring >011 two cart loads of ln>oks and a wheelbarrow Icud of duM, and when i had brought (the law) would lie haul to find, and atter found, 11 ke Chat ley Jones * horse, wood for nothing. The opposition to the new Cede consisted of several classes of persons. Each of these he should mention; una in doing so be should speak plainly. In the tii*f place, all the gamblers were opposed to it; second, all the lottery ticket venders; thlid, all the keejiers of houses of Ill fame and their pimps, fourth, all the grog sell ers, with a few bonoraliie exceptions; and tlflb and last, though not least, the chief of a groat buzzard roost in Washington and his iiiyimi d.?n*; and his opposition grew out of tbe fact that he now held some four lucrative otfl.e*. which the Code proposed to distribute aiming as many individual*. And, as be held in bis hand a copy of the Intelligencer which contained a rehash of all the prlnci|tal objections of these parties, over the rignature of \V. H. VV., he would take them up in order and discuss them fairly He did not know what W. H. W. stood for. unless it was what heavy whappers, as he had no hesitation In saying that his statements were false. These objections, be said, started out with the charge tha? the new Code was designed to re-agi tate the slavery question. This was false. No change in the law whatever had been made. Tbe odiflers determine d from the be^innino to ?make no change, and left it just as they found it. They also chained a revival of the old militia law This was also untrue So far from it, it prohibited the old malitia muster, and simplv imposed a trifling tax of lifty cents u|K>n each white male citizen over eighteen years of age for the purpose of creating a fund for the sup{>ort of volunteer companies. The old militia muster law had never been repealed ; it bad only grown into disuse. The opponent* of the Cede were clamorous al>ont the proposed repeal of the usury law. It was at best an antiquated concern, dating back before the days of the Revolution, and he regardi d it as a stupid law. Money was a com modity which men had as much right to trattir in a* they had in flour oi wheat. The usury law, he believed, was the very thing that had butli up enterprise at the North to the Injury of the South. The South had held to the stupid cou < *i n, while the North was more liberal, and thus Southern capitalists had been compelled 10 in vest their money in the North, where it yielded them a ??ettei- late of interest. These objectors were also very loud in their complaints about the revival of tbe law of attach ment as proposed bv the Code The whole law proceeds on principle, if that priuctple Is wrong the law is wrong, and that was that dishonest creditors should not have the power to tie up their property iu such a manner as to d? fraud their honest creditors. If any honest man object ed, nay more, if there was any dishonest man present let him rise and give his objections If the dishonest creditor thought proper to shut himself up to evade tbe htw, he went for smok ing hi in out. Ttis was he u..d been trying to do with the opposeis of the Code S.j fai from the proposed law Wing an oppressive one, he rega.di d it more Lu urine than the one now in force, for while under the old It had been deci dcil that an individual could lie held to bail by his creditoi making oath that he believed that he intended to fraudul-nti) dispose of his p.operty. in no ease, under the Ciale, not even of Faudi could a Ci?ditor be held to bail before a judg merit was obtaimd against him. The chaptir on evidence, he sa.d, ha.l b'Cn made a gicat ou.> bear This he r<-gaid?dtbe gieat caiainal fea" ture of the Code?as altogether right and just in priuciple It did not, as bad been as*ert? d, put the iutldel on an equal footing with tb?- chibtian but it put him on an equal footing with the no torious liar. It done notbing more It was also objected that it places unnecessary restrictions upon religious and cbai itable insti tutions. This objection Mr Ould argued at some length, and completely, iu our judgment, annihilated ail such objections. Another objec tion, he said, was that it interrupted the rela tions existing between landlord and tenant In this respect he acknowledged the law dlflr-retl somewhat fiiiiii the old It, however, only gives to the laudout a more speedv method of re possessing his propeity iu ? a-e of dishonest ten ants. and upon the other hand exempted the tenant from being required iu many instances to pay claims he never owed The homestead law was also discussed In a manner by Mr O which elicited considerable applause. Others, be said, weie clamorous agaiust the proposed law of div?Kce This Wis no new law. hvery !*?ate In tbe I'mon, except Sjiith Caioln.a, had a similar law, a-rd in this State he believed theycariied their rousei vatisin so far that nothing but the sod could separate man and wife He gave all the grounds which would justify an application for a divorce Surely, said the speaker, uo honorable man conld object to a divoice for either of these ofl'.-nces Tbe Code did not giant the divorce, but simply the power to apply for it. In conclusion Mr. O said lie h:.d aii!>wer?d all the objections, and would lie glad if time would permit, to give some of the lienettts which Would result from its adoption. In the flint place, the law was reduo d to a small compass; under its fuovinions every man could tihd out what the aw was?he would not be compelled to fe>e a lawyer to tell him what it was, to be defeated by it afterwards. All he had to do was to tliul out for himself what it was, and then only pay bis counsel to enforce it for him. Mr. O spoke n'M-ut two horns, and simply to say that bis speech v? as an ableexposition of the Code, would not be to do it ju-tice. It was a masterly defence of it In all it* parts We learii that Mr. Shoemaker, the flour In spector, has appointed Mr. Daniel McCan as bis deputy SrecTATom. LOST AID FOUKD. NOTICE.?Lost ot Mislaid -certifi ate No. -8 for tove share* of stock in the Washing ton Bui <tuiK Association ls.ued to Hurh Pugh, and dated licoeml^r the 5th. 1851. All aarsons we cautioned agaiust negotiat ng for said Certificate. fe9-3t* BOARDING. BOA RUING.-MRS. RUFF, No. 3% D street, uMur Sevsuth, has taken this large and commo dious House, where ah* intends to rent her rooms, lurtusiied or unfurnished, to single Gentlemen, or Gentleaen and their Wives, with Hoard. Transient Boarders by the pay or week. Meals seat out at all hours of the day. A lso, wanted, 3 girls to do general housework. jaii ll-lm* MB BRADY respectfully announces that he ? hns ectsb ished AGAI.I.ERY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART m Washington, at No. 352 Pa. avenue J over Sweeny, K111? nhotrse, I-ant A Co.'s banking House.) He is urepaied to cxecute commissions Tor the Imperial Photograph, luilie. to m-tdM only at his srell known *ttib ishinent in New York. a variety of unique and rare Photographic speci mens are inoluded in his colleotim, .t'pettier with portraits of many of the most distinguished citizens >f the I'uited S ales. Air. Ba ady brings to hts Washington Gatlerv the results of lourtcen jeais' eapenenne in Kurope umI AMVeiioa, antl the ehoioeat priMbicts <?t his art luring hat period. He leels eonhdeut that the iu K>urces at hot coiionanil and tae aitistic duality of iin wotks will coiniueod his Gftllcry to IheatteuHon ?f the H ?shi.rt<>n puMie. . f*n'^l-e*tf 1 |^rFiTE OF CAUKtiHMA The law sroviding fc?r Fumling the Bonded,and >ther specified imleUednees ol the State ol Calr brnia. requires that the old B nds sial i-ertifioates mall l?e forwarded to Sacramentc dunint this year, o Im> tsuiceiled and replaced by new onaa, we will tot as wgonts iu this business, and request an early "" *mt": OUIHH BROTHKBS. Yl. ANU BAIOiV TV "xiJg&sssiSxr ?JWr % JAS.C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. beautiful oil painting* llJ^s Th^R8DAY AFTKRNOON. Febraary - A f?iTj|rlTth". jfe?* flortr of th* *"o*ion iSnfin nf^ . n*'11011 resarve, hvh'ihI-Ip ?ol. CmmIKa V nt Paintings from iBe pencil of T. M. Sl.r.^?: FremonUsexped.tioii; ^ 1 aLd h,'h,> hnishart landscapca 22 2? u*tur#> viewa in L'Uh,la?oy sketch * ? 7 C. McGCJIRK, Aoot. . ifiaJ f C; M?GUIBK. Auctioneer. feYiavr.? vs mmtt "ri.y'r.r fe-?' """"?? si r*?P?cfn'!ly invited to attend the sale T*rm7^11Wl111# remd' ?n th* day of ?*!?

fel0,1 J. C. MoGUIRE. A up'. QEOKQBTOWy AI)YKB.Tl8ElfT8. rT??K??Ki.<NV,,'L BK A UI8CUURSF Dtlivered Eheaeier Afriean Meth.idut Church o i "pcV'z xrxrjir?15 KvtMNu..,, The public are invited to atterd. It* 1^' ?, uinu?^ ^*~A ootn.nodiout WHEkL Gfr.r *nd BLACKSMITH SHOP naaj the centre of Georgetown. These shops are loca'ad near the tuirket. auJis one of tae best stands in th# h? r?Tt w.'.?eKS- *2 ?tood ?nd *?????' "t?iS KKV?I A iiLO?#,*te- 1 "MUirw of HENRY ft? 10 St Butoher, Georgetown Market. I^HK INDIVIDUAL WHO EXCHANGf7|! ? ? ,v?rooat*at the President'* H"U*eon Tu ?d j VVhVlU^'ST'V'dlW ,h"> CooBt.?? Room,? . i . ^l!^r street, return the <-n? ST *''1 *"J "et h,? "wnv fn ths Pocket of the one u lCv ji l"|nnt( Jl T" R memorandum l>ook fo'l" 3f 1,118ht ** ?f V*lue to ,he owner. pOR PH11,A DELPHI A. The r^ packel ? schooner Ann Pickrel, Dukes. u aster,'-* Ti.l teavA to-morrow for (lie above port. j&. b??r IreigW apply tu n? hvde a dwidson. J1 " and \\ at or street. Georgetown b.C. S^Ho/.'lV ,r ' C t-(' E O R G ETO \YN the Foil ti* r p thL" <v>0*^1u*n?? ??f the uon-levy ol ihS.nhi^i^'* f"rt|,e present ,ur, tuei.e.^es itiea ol i.o?p* i" rt:,iutr*>t"" ifua.dian. to ask I ron, every I i JS ,,luntanr oonlril'Ution of One dollar to be hJd^ rU,V P"IU' thM 'Mh inua t. 'to th! ?k^2p Lwl?ot?o?,t who will ri-oorJ the i.ame ol tho donor. B, oider ol the Guardian.. . (Intel (ItiA'h ) I/l?,Th IT,'" 7,"r""1f.<F.'h mewh^te ot w\r.M ?rr?M . a I .aril's GOuIi f \tJ ^ ? N , with two attnehec aaul^f. r which ft liberal reward will bu aTur Kufw-ir!""'uT fa!,nf.,t at l??? Sr*r Othoe.oi Huh ?t.. Georgetown. In h St l|)l BI.IC MEETING.?There will he a public THi'T^UaV Vvi?lTvr "l"' Georgetown, or r\ A KVENlNG.tbe.lfh.nst. ntTo'ol's ?or the purpose of discussiiig the C.?de. Us frmndi and opponents ire invited to wttend fe ? St A T COST F OR CASH.?From February 1st I /?will otter my entire stock of DRY GOODSai cost for oa.h. W.R Hl'RDLE. to 4 2w IIikIi itreet, Georgetown, D. C. XHK WAY TO SAVEJV OUR MONEyT SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASH. o,LWI'!|Jt[er '"T ?!lt?r??t<>ok of Dry <J,n?ds at prime cost I he s(?n k is compktc, ai.d allot the lioodt h&ve been purchased for cash, therefore you oai save your tnonev br calling eariy, and *<*? Cotton at 6.'^ Good V\ bite Flan a*. 4-4 heavy BijwclAI Cotton at Frenoh'.Mer.nos at n ,,4'i w??rin Buck Gauntlettsat50e., worth fl. Caliooes and Guiglianis. Hosiery, Ac., *0 . Rt fe 4-2w v M u ,Wl ?!? HURDLK'S, ? 2w No. 92 Hi^h St., Georgetown. D. C. ^OME WITH THE CASH. .,\Y" 7?]* "jr,sr our of WOOD and COAT ai V Mrt flfTvn*iPric""' f"i C-H,lh ?uiy, delivered ir HJu vi* ^^*Rhia*ton hi id Georgetown Oak \\ f?od at 45 So per cord Pine d.?. do 4 50 do. H ickory do. 6.75 do. \\ i.ite a?li Coal at per ton. Ktd do., all sizes, a: per ton twain"I?it.!) "k P' J* 8t,,7'? Store. 7th' street, be pTomptly hiled '?r &l e'J,"r ?f ?Ur Vard?' Wlil ^ r fJ W- ?f MYERS A CO., Corner G and Zul street*, f ,r?t Ward. ,?lm ?r . C. MY Ells A 80N, 'e 2'1 m U ater street. Georgetown. L?. C. !NJi ~ V1 l8S5 ? W YN'occupying Mrs. street " ,,ou,,e' ,D G??rgetowii, First street Smith ? Row.can aooommodate several fam jan^ lm 6r* ?8ir*b'' Rooms and good BOARD. JJEDDCING STOCK-CHEaP FOR CASH v llfl Ao. 119 Br,,1ft street, litorfttoitn, I). C., n\^ hl* ?,f"ck as ow H.i po,mt>ie by the If i i!ff ii'pf.' J,8"!1 f,om tll'? dat.? ev.TT descrip ICh WLNTKR ?UODS at reduced pr.oeSX fancy Colored Dress Silks. Piinteu Mousliue Delaines, Merino. piaid*? and Poplins, French Merino*, Shaw 18^, Scarfs, will be so d at a V FRY G R EAT?'k fI>LtC'I ION ori to. mer pn-eb. P oinpt oiiatoiners supplied upon thi-usual terms. Triune havinr settlrd iheir Bill* rendered to ist instant.lie tenders ins rrM. lulao knowlediPemo .is and will be under many obligations to ail who iiavs not. io do so b, cash or note at tneir e^/lie?r convemenco. 'an 21 J. H. 9VtOQT. ..!Ir f iff ii M ? M9l SK neur ?w?'tbwesr c.?r nerof IJe-.ll and Washin<toi streets, Georeetuwu i mi? !? *.9ul'?n",r reiidenoe; lar?e and commodious; built in the very best style, wuh modern improve menti. It eont?i!iifl lfi ro<>mii, p.intri*k<? ai. J (Togelt, and kitchen in the hack huildir.g. There is also a Utoby lauTett' U"j6r U,e wt4Ule buildinjr. The lot u Also, the large three st..ry Rn. k House on K it.. . ,"".i!'" ? 1 <-ue ol the two h.iuscb ?>p>oa te the Brewery. I- or tcring apply to jan 18 3law3w M. ADLER. K(t,|Ra?RKN rr~t* fir*f RESIDENCE at ? ^ 8-r r,l<,r"f ,\a>,ott?, 4th Streets. George i?? A ai V"" ,n,H'eral?- Apply to Mrs. ANN R. *? Jan?eolm I^INE ALES.?We respectfully a..nounoe to oar ? ft lends and the public that we have at last sue oeeded in having a large quantity of A LES of van ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the linest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this martet. All persons wishing a moe article or Ale can have it by applying to us for either ofthe following brands. ,lo?rnn^tv ?nrt^ X f X !>"? ,n,ha Pnl'? H,"( mletphia aiid X X. V\ e also n tin* article ol Brown 9tout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be atteudedto. ARNYAKHINN, L mon Bottling Depot. 57 Green street, a 17-d Georgetown, D. C. FVR irAijlV~ARNY'? CONFECTIONERY is offered at private sale. A great tmrgain and a go???l opportunity for a Confectioner who under stands his business. If not disposed of by theSth of February next the whole oonoeiii. together with the three story Brick Hunse, 94 Bridge street, will be offered at public auction. _ Georgetown, D. C.. Jan 8-tf N' ? . M. RL'ppel. ~~~ ORTH side of Market Spaoe, No. tn. between bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown, v*'i patrons that at hisfl^ R k!? I AI RANT may tie found at all tunes the choicest and most exeelieat ??f-'13&li?iiLuf 1-HiyORS. 'he freshest ' ERhand all kinds of GAME in season. Meala served at all hours aud at the usual pnoes jan 4 Sin r " FOE REKT AND SALS. f^OR RENT.?The t-ur itorj BRICK DWE1. I.I NG, with bsck building a;d stable, No. 4'? street. Apply to Dr. KIiTHARDS, No. 4i E sireet, ooriier*^ 8th. fe II -eoSt* FOR SALE.?The Stock and Fixtures of the DRUG STORK No. 544 Maas. avenue, will be sold very low, aa the owner la compelled to quit the business. The Store cau be rented with the House, or separately if desired. Apply on the prem* laea.or a dr-ss G. C. T., City f oat Office. fe 1?> eolw* Fm;?nished HOUSE FOR RENT o* sITi. Having determined to reside permanently in Kansas, I will rent or sell my reaiaenoe No.&2K street, wrth side of Fraxklin Square. The House will t?e rented furnished, and preaenta a favoral le opportunity for any one deairiuga firat-olass resi dence. For terms apply to Suter, L? A Co., Bank#ra, No. 517 7th atreet. fe 2 tf JL. R. SMOOT. L^ARM FOR SALE.-I otter for sale my FARM I ooiiiHining 7? acres of land. :?? acres or which is eleareit. the ba auce in oak, hickory, at.d pine wood. This Farm is situated on me City Tump ke, ten miles froin Washington and IX from the Seventh street Turnpike, ami has a beautiful view of the snrrouod'tig couutry for miles m extent. Improve in nta, a house and nftre. Terms: One halt c*sh* l>alaiice in Deceml>er, ISCi; wuuId exchange (or oity property. A. F. HINEH, Fh H engw * No. SWSlbtlt street west. I>MIR VALE OB UXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPER I Y.-A FARM ol 441 at rea of l^ed, situ.itr-d lu BuckinghMa ??ounty.Va . with Stock and Canning 1 tensils, together with a Saw and iirial ill. and Engine attached. Inqaire of J. V. |?U* I.I N '*aG treat soeth, het weenand Clh ate. jaua-lui* : L^'R SALE.?A serf valuab'e FARM for aale. a lyi'g on the east side ol the Eastern Branch and onea'.dft half mi es??iiu the Navy Yard Bridge.and ad^oimag John A. Smith's farm, containing between filty an??ixty acr*a. It haaon it a good Dwelling House, with seven rooms-nd all the necessary out houses. No objeotioa to takes house and tot la the oity in exclwngs. In_? ? . I* or further particulars apply to jOtlW.n.A. W11.SON. or to Rests Arnold, sear the Ep'soona,I t'huroh. Nnvt V?r.i ??" ?? ' ??? ai UU|U| ?v?i a saw a <fi*ww Church, Navy Yard. jan fi Sw Rooms on ha. avence to let -Two Rooms, on 2d floor. oa Pa,avenue, between 12th and ISta streets, over saun*l. Lewis' Jewelry Store. ?H be let low to a peimanent tenant, W ould r will be Ut low to a p" ?uayT^* ^ood ofoe rooms. A?ptY 10 W*. F. ?Y|^, ivonoi TOBAT ? TOMOR&Otr MORNIKO VBy BARNARD* BUCKKY: Georgetown. ALt'ABLEHW1XKW STAND AT AUC -T/Th ",7??-.WAF TB R NOON, ,n fhmt of tbeprem *f ^y fT - ** *alw?h ? prop^rt* kaown ?? ^3X i **' friilut on Bridge street, n<?rth J\*"!*??? Vk *?liiiuUw and Confrcaa streets, T1 .<?<?( wid rumrm hack 2W fort Tiitrt ts on the lot A first oM. thr?e?tor* brick store and dwellmr. bu,?dng, .uMu, im house. k c. Thts sale offors n <>>.?ortonit* fur a 4r?r niiinrntinni. s*Ue?oeitive. T * Term*: Oi?e third, i??h: rt?? rssxlue in 6, 9 lJjtnd 15 months, i??r note* tearing latereat; a 4-nd gire* aid a d-ed of liuat taken. Th? till* k ^rUat, a ad the ttrmt must t>e Mmip'i^ with by t-'ndav to.iow luf. dAKNAKu t BLCliEY. feb 4-d AttotionMrt. FUTVKB PAYS. By A. GRKKN. Aietioiirar. VALl*ABLE BlILDtNG I.OT FRONTING US *?TH SraKET, IX THI FiRST W'ilD AT ACC tioji.?On KRI 1>A V , the 12th inatant, I shall sail in Iroat of the premises, at 5 o'clock#. flt., a handsoma Building Lot id the First Ward, fro at i tig 46 feet on the vast side of 2 th, between K and L sts. north it being originally Lot No. 27. in Square No. 1$ but is aabdivided in lots of 22K leet Trout and bO feet dees. Terms: One th rd cash; bdance ta (, 12, a d It months for nates bearing intereat fro n day of sal*. A d.-ed given and a deed of trust takaai. feS-d A. UK KK, V. Aoetloneer. By WALL A BARN a RD, Aaotioneera. IARliF. STOCK OF FINK IMPORTED L! j yiOK?, Wibb4 ?md Cosdials. Kociiok, Mo soncaIIkla asd Old R\x Whiskit ?t PtaLir AtTCTio*.?Owing to unexpected business arrwoge laent* elaewnere, the Messrs. Moner ft Co..of!\e% York. will di?o ftmue their mcce) in tbia oil* . anJ TUESDAY. the itth instant, at 1" o'clock a m. at the stor* No. 8*7, opposite the Na tional Hot-I. oifer ihtir extensive a> d well frtec.ed stock at auction. Wo name? f in? and pure French Kntndi*a. inand ^ ctaka, Otard.^ewneiieandotherbinnda ?B equit trieci chi**, eh? be p'oprieiors, Ai?o, Une Brandies in doimjohna -id Unties, Superior Old K?e, M oongahela and RobiUmi Whiskey. Those are vary hue. Alar:, a h:ie st?* k of pure old .Madeira and Port WlHMIi Bordeaux. A?sette. M ruohmo, Cairaeoa No >au *?;?! Perfect I .ore Cordials. Rett s< al t ahmet, Pnnor and other choioe Cham PS}; II#, MarcKDX, Ma .??. St Juben and otlur Claret Wine, AM, tM simple. I.i etghtq casks Roche! e huh II ?vore*l llmady and V ca?es of Claret ai:d Cham puenes. in bond in the Oeorgtfown custom hou.-e. Attention of d alersaud others la called to this sals of first o ass Liquors. They will 14 sold in lute to suit. Terms at sale. fr?* ts WALLA BARNARD, Auots. By C. W. HOI'KLt.K, Auctioneer. Rare old wines and liucorb at Acct OH ?On SATL'ROAV KV KNIN??, 1*1, Februaiy, oommenoing at 6 o'clock. I shall s??lI at my Auction Room. Iron Hall, a choioe o.dleotion of rare old Wines and Liquo. a iu bottles, ambraaiuf in part? .tladre Xeras Vu?o Sherry, Duk^'a v>ld Indiau ?^u<>en .Madeira Harmony Golden S^errv. l)utl Gotaon'a Maziml a Brown Sherry, Uo?aril, March k Co'a old tea.rva Madeira,Queen t?-alie!la Sherry, 3*? uuart ceniij .hns superior old Boatbon Whisky, Dun (iordou's o il Conversation Sherry, old London Port, L. P. Madeira, Imperial Crown Sherry, Retina A'ort, Lot** Sherrv.Queen'a Port, Cohioopar pale Sherry, Old Ho land Gin, Rudolph pale Sherry. Choioe Amontillado cherry, old Fast India Sherry, Sir Joh i Oliveira's favorite Madeira, pure Juice Port, Superior o d Coftnio Brandy, Moet and ChatK.ou'a rrr c:. seal Champagne. ? o flacks of Maret ft Co.'s Brandy, Muiiini's Cabinet Chanipaine. old Ptnet Caatillon Brandy, I.auaenheiina Wine, St. Jnlien C!aret, Curacoa, Maraachino, Fu liali Shrub. Bratv y Sherries, French Olives, Florence Oil. Bordeaux, Frer ch Mustard Calhoun Whisky. London Cordial Gin. Monongahria Whisky, O.d Virginia Pe&on Brar.dy, lslay Malt Whuky, k c. Thealiove stock comprises a consignment from ar ?> d, t xtenMVe ?nd reliable house in New \ ork, and M re; rase tad aa being of M| superior quality Those who have purchas. d at our former sales apoak iu unqualified teinis ol their decided superio ity. Terms at sale. R feii8 d CHAS- W. BOTEI.KR. Auct. VIA RSH AL'S SA LE.?In virtae of a writ of fieri if I iaciaa.under t he lien law. issued from the clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for i:axh. in front of tee Court Hou?ed? or of sa.d ouuuty.on WED>F.8 DA V, the24'h of Fehraar) ,l& 12o'clock m., the followinr described property to wit: A.11 defrndant's right, title, claim, and interest iu and to the three houses erected on Lot No. S. in reservation D, on Mary .a?>d avenue, between 4>a and 6th ata., in the City of \\ p.sLmgton, D. C,. aeixed and levircf upon as the proptrty of James B. Lockev. aud will be sold to satisfy Judioials No 279, to Octobar term 1057, iu favor of Smith ft Fowler. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jar. 30-dta for the District of Columbia. T By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. RL'STEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a Head of _ trust from Jesae Reeler. recorded among the land records of Washington county, in the District of Columbia in Liber J. A. S , No. I 7. fo ios aeq .the undeiaigned w il sell at Lublu auctum, to thehi<heat bidder,on THl'RSDAY. the25th day of Ft-bruary, 18j3. ?t 5 o'obx-k p. m . in front of t e pre - rinses, part of Lot No. 1 in itquar* No 556, b gin ning for the same at the sontliwest oo'n?*r of said suuare.and running thence d*.ie north with the lir,e or -d stret-t west 71 feet '1 incl^ the depth of^^ he lot thenc? ea?t 2r. f??ef. th. nee south 71 fret I. inches to the line of K street north, thence with the line of Iv stieet north 25 leet to Ike t>eginning. with the im provements thereon which consist of a new and well built tfnec --lory Buck limldmr. This propeity is sit u.'ited at the e.n .\er of -si nnd K street a, one square til the ruai of tlar ti 'C dw~liing<< recently erev-trd by Mr. bouglxsauJ others, and is in a ir?o?,i rapi.lly mi pn-Viiis i hi t of the City. Terms: cs'li; Uiltn^e in 1. 2, and 3 sears; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pa> ments, t>eariiig inteiest frr>m the day of sate. A deed tit-en and a deed of trust takan. All c->nve>auoe at the cost of the purohaner. If ih?> purchasi-r or purclia^crs should fin to oom plj with ilie termsol sale in fen da?s atter the day ofa:*le. the trustee reserves the right to lesell the |.r< pert). at the risk and cost of the first purchaser or purchaser's by giving three days' notice iu the Intelligencer. J. H. GODDARD, Jr., Trustee fe4 eoAcda A. U KEEN, Auct. By J. C.MatiUHE. AMtwwr. ? 'fRl'BTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE I'N I iupmovku R y At. F.fT? rx.?B* virtue of a deed in trust, date the 3d day of April. IH57. and recorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 133, foiio231,et aeq., the subscriber will se'l. at public sale, on WED NESDAY, the ;id day of February, 1858, at 4 o' lock p. m.. at the auction store of Jas. C. McGuire, on ilie corner of Pennsy Ivania avenuo and U?th street we>t, the whole ol Square l?A4 fronting 433 f?et I inch on each of north C and D streets.and 365 feeton each *>t Uth and Utk street* west, and Lot No. 14, in Square N ?.732, fronting >4 feet ou 1st street east, between -oulh B and C sticeis. by one huudiedfeet deep. Terms of sale: One third cash: and the liaiance in six, twelve and lit months, foi notes liearing lutereat from day of sale, scoured by a deed of trust on the property; and if not complied with in live da> a after the sale, th. property will t>e resold upon one weok'a notice, at the risk and expeuse of the purchaser. All oonveyancp g at the cost of the t>urcha?er. CHAS. S. WALLACH Trustee, jan 13-2tawftds J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED unlu FRIDAY, the 19th day of February, le5d. san e hour and place. CHAS. S WALLACH. trustee. fe4-2aW&d* JAS C. McUl'l R K. Auct. JVfARsHAL'S SaLK.?Iu virtae ol five writsof 1' I fieri fMCias, on judgement of condemnation, issued fr >m the Clerk s office of the Circuit Court oftbe District of Columbia for the County of Waah ington, and to me directed I ahall expose to public sale for I'ath, in front of the Court-House d.?or of aaid County, on S VI'l'R DA Y. the a th day of Feb ruary. Ittw, at 12 o'clock in . the following demerit* d property, to wit, vix : Part of Lot 1. in square west of square No. 4 in the City of Washiu?ton, D C., beguiing at the southeast eoruerof said Lot No. 1, running Ihet.oe wesi along the line of K street north 17 feet, thence north 15 feet, theuce tast 17 feet, teuoe eouth 7b feet to beginning ; also the undivided hall part ol l ot No. 11. id aaid square, fronting on 27th strevt west &? feet, running lack with that width with the rear of said Lot No. feet tt inchea, as purchased by Johu MeGa-vey or Measra Ennisand \Yoodward; also, rhe other undivided moiets of Lot No. II, in said square, and that part of I ot No. 1. in said square, oommenoing for the same at a point on K street north. 11 feet weat of the southeast oorner of said Lot, and runninc thenoe ou K st-eet west 23 leet 8 inches.rhence northwardly aud paral lel with dth street 75 feet, thenoe with the rear line of sai'J Lot eastwardly 23 f*et 8 inches, thenoe south wardly to begirmiur, togethe- with all and singular the improvement* thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of John MeGarvey. and will be sold to satisfy Judioials No. 3oii, 316. sr>7, and s58. to January term 1858, in fSivor Ge<i. Lowry. HoWell ft S.nbling, Tiuiothi O'Dooohueft f>on. Patrick Lad wage, and tietty A Williams. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan 71 dts for the District or Columbia. WOLFE'S SCHKIDAM AROMATIC *? SCHNAPPS. The proprietor particularly recommend* the abov? Schnapps to persons travelling or aUtut to settle in the Sooth or West on account ..fits Medicinal pro pertits in oorrecting the disagieeable and oftendan gt>rous effects prodaeed by a olian^e of water- a Vilitatiou to which all, tra\ ?l< ra South aial Wast arc particularly liable. Strargers should lie carelui in puMthasing the StihiEipps. a_~ the whole couniry is floodkd wall e tunter leiia and iiioiations. The genuine ha.- the propriMot'a name on the bottle, ooik aad label. Fuisaleby all Drucrista and Ura aers. UDOLPHO WOLFE, if 12 1m l>e?.'t H Beavor > ?st. Now Ynrk A CHOICE LOT OF I.AKQ?: FRESH OY? TERSiuat received by T. R. B. f~~\ SCHWAR7.K, southwest corner ofFK fAJ Itth ai d E streets. sasAlA/ Also, en hand, a superior lot of my so favoibU known fickled and SpioadO)s* tera. laat try them. fa 4 eo4t Washington academy i?f music. Co**x? or 11tm Stbekt a*o Pa. Ave. MR, F. MCHOLLS CROUCH. Priuaif?'. The iprtnc term having oommenced. all person a deairoas or iomioc Oie Siiigiug aud risioforti Classes must apply wumadiately to insure ssooeaa W ??yirohitig their nau*as for the season. Ol&oah urs 12 to I, aver y day. ? fak- M WftS R*BS.'ti'i'.utiuffeASm* olu*'?'i?5i* TELEGRAPHIC NEW8 TBKKt DAYS LATER FROM lUlOPt. Arrival of ?UtHrr ladUa M Partlu4. fOBTLAJIP, Ml *F?b 1(1 rb* (MMMhtf) !? dan.f'ciu Liverpool *nk iuutrr, bu arrt??4 at tb<s p< rt. Sale* of cottoa, at Llverp??,', during tbe three day* preceding tb? rtwmn 'i ultlu wara M.OOlt bale*, all at a alight ainar*: 4,Abalaa?ar? a Id on speculation, 1,00b Iw oapoit, rle*ed booyant at *d advance Miacknui vires were flvoraole. and holders drmu II., ?? higher prior* a irbfdton ft our ?fr\ d on. Spence A Co '* Cirenlar eeotee . jull, and lower, Weetera Canal ?*?*. Philadelphia and Baltimore *5alTa Wbeat duQ atmitloM l?rrlr n aintalnt-d. red toad Id. *k i? I .?*< "d, and ?? inl for rhotr* Con active, It aa ! advance of tidal*; in *?-d follow S3* MaM; White Ma37a Breadatufla bad ? d^rliatDf t+r*4*mcy Corn flrm aid ?1 Ihb?ly dearer. Provlelona steady LotiioU for money and account Bt'tf quiet and atevdy Pork dufl. Bacon qaiat I<ard L'mSfffUM} -Ru" Anll< w Carat loa flrtn at 19? Maflh 3d HplriufrunX?M toKaId I-OIDO* Muiitt ?\Vbeat dull aad U lower Sugar dull at bdals decline. Coffee cutet si.O flrm Tea heavy Klcedull H Urtiili of tbe Indian nrai aia unimportant. Til** ia*urgent? we e threatening Alumbagb Tbe wridlae of tba Princess Royal oa tba ?25' b wa* conducted with imposing ceremonies The Am*rli an ahlp Adrtat e bad b**a capm ed by a F.encb abip-of-wnr aad takee back to Mat aetlle*. Se iou* disturbances occurred at Belfaat, !<*? labd.on the evening of th< tStb Rocks wara (brown, and 'ba riot act waa read The Mob wm* tlualiy dWpereed Numerous arraete we;* on?i a Operations bad been resumed on tba Levia tb <n s?be wn mov. d nine fleet on the 94th, ai d tb * mim distance on the 3S(b The Hartford (aaatr lastltatlaa. frl79,OOt? Defalcattea. H artfo* t> Ct , Feb 9 ?The amount of loaa to thr Hartford county Saving* Institution ta one bur drrd and seventy-two thousand dollara Tba company have offered a teward of flee thauaand dollars for the delivery of tbe defaulting treaou rer, John %%' Seymour, tn Hartford V%> have reliable Information that Jrthn \V Se) niour waa in Columbu*. Georgia, laal W ed nexLiy, travelling South Tbe laatUution which be robb?d *o heavily will be wound up. It baa remaining only two hundred and ninety-Are thousand dollara of aaaeu Male af tke Peaabertaa Mill. Bo?tob, Mann , Feb 9 ?Mr N A Thompson *old at auctioa, tbe Pembarton Mill at I .aw re nee. ait mill power?, tbe iaad and build tags, with wheels. ?baftlair. gearing, Ac , together With ten board I ok houaes and four taae m -nt* for overseeis, to Mr. David Navia*. for three hundred and twenty-gve ibou*and dollars. There wa* a large a iter, d nice of capltaliata lute; ? tf?;ed in manufacturing, and the sale waa consid ered, under the clrcumatancaa, aa a vary good one. Frena Ra St. Loi'ia, Feb 9 ?Tbe liaaaas lettar ta tba Democrat says that tba Legislature baa paaard tke bill providing for a new coaatltutlaa. Tbe Delaware Croaking aad otber airetion re turn" were found bnried beneath tbe wood pita in Mr Calboun'a office, at Lecomptoo, by Sheriff Walker, dinpatched thither to aearch by tba boa'd of conimi*sioner* engaged in Inveotlgatiag the fraud*. Writa have been leaned for tba ar rest of Meeer* McLean and Sherwood, who are said to Lave fled. Gav. Wise's Letter ta tba AaU-Lecoipiaa Meettag. Philadelphia, Feb 9?Gov Wise, of Vltr s;inia. tn reapon?e to tbe Invitation to attend tbe anti-l.ecompton meeting in thia city, reiteratea hi* argument* againat the constitution In bla Tammany letter, reviewing the Prealdeot'a Kan ?aa meaaage and combatting hia argumaata Rival. New Volt, Feb 10?The Sloop St Louia ar rived laat evening from Porto Praya, having bora absent twenty-aeven tnontha on the African Sta tion . Tbe CumWrland Vincennea, and Supply waea at Praya. The latter would leave la ten days f*.r Rio. Kaaaaa 1b the Peiiiylmll Legislator*. Haanisacaa, Feb 8?Tbe Houaa tock upa reaolution offered bv Mr. Ramadell, to last rue I the Kansas committee not to report till tbe Ikb March. A discussion of several boura on sued, with much aacitament, but tba House adjourned without coming to a vote. Philadelphia Academy of Maalc. Philadelphia Feb 9?Tro vat or* tblaeeentag at tbe Academy of Music, proved the graaiast ?uece?*of the season U11 msn's troupe will prob ably appear again at the Academy, after return ing from Baltimore Operatic Prospects. Philadelphia. Feb. 10 ?II Trovatore proee4 tbe createst success of tbe season TbeCilaaaa troupe will probably appear again at tbe Acade my. after returniug fiom Baltimore Political. Kaltimorc. Feb 9 ?The Democracy of Bed tuid county have held a ma? meeting and adopt ed strong re?o'utious sustaining the National and 3tate Admiiiistratlor.s Sale af tbe Faebtea. Mnitit F'-b W>?Walkei'a at-amer, Fasbioo, w.>a*o!d on Monday, bv eider ot tbe Government a; d w*? brought in by Mr Humpbtie*, tbea^ni for unopp->s< d Seateared to be Haag. OaWRun. Feb ? ?Dennla Sullivan, convicted of the minder of Joabiia Ifibbard. waa ro-dsy sentenced to be bung on Friday, the 2d of Apt fl next Seathera Markets. Mobil*, Feb 10 ?Sales yeste<dav H AtW boles, at t,c advance Middlings quoted 10^c Re ceipt* of tbree days M.tM) . sale* 15,000 Savaxx ah, Feb lu ?Sales 1,700 boles, ranging from 6*11 V e Receipt* at ail the ports less than last year suu.iaa) bale*. Baltiaaore Markets. Baltimore, Feb 10?Flour stejdv : rovniar *bippmg i.rauds Ohio extra SS , Howard street.. City Mills *5 -6a5 Aj. \V beat dull; red SI <am?l 06, white *1 3al 10, liid SI 15a 1 18 for prime lota Corn?white SiUMc ; yelWw SlaS3r for fair to prime. Whlaky tla?. r.xebange on New York ltt$c. Raw York Starkeu. NlW Yell. Feb 10.? Flour ta firm; sales of ?.Mi barrels; State S4 15s4 t5. Ohio S4 ?9a4 9U, Southern ?4 50a4 85 Wheat fa quiet; sale* of 26 000 busLeia ; white &> ?>)< yellow 64od>V Pork I* higher, SI5 m5i16 00. Lard is buoyer t; at 9t*a?}|C. Spirits Turpentine heavy; *3c VlaaarMtl. New Voie Feb 10 - Stocks are yenerslly act ive ai d hi^ber Cbtca?o and Rock Island 71; Cumberlnr?d foal Co 2i; Illinois Central ?.bares 97; do bond* 95^ ; l.a C<o-?e an.1 Milwaukle |i^. Michigan S^attra 9k; New York Central m*s ; Pennsylvania Co^i Company 78 , R-ed^nj; H K <f< \ . X* 6's 98, Mi?*ouri 8 * Sterling exci>auge fl.inat lul ^illu 1^o THK C11 IZfcNS OF WASHINUTtlN. XYolfi'* SrHElbaM ABOMATIC St BIaPPS. The pmpnotor beca leave to oall tke attention of atrangers and the oitiaens of Wasktnctoa. to a vary superior arlioie of Holland Gin. which ke aUrodaood to the Amorioa.ii public undoi the name of Woffe'a Soheidam Aro?at?o Sohnappe. This Gin is manufootared h? the proprietor oxoit sivslv at kis Distillery m Sohiedam. Holland. It is made from the t<est Barley that aan be proetired m K a rope, at any oust, and havorad aad ?ailf ts1 not b? tke ootamos tiarak berry, bat by the aaua; ohoioe botaniaal variety of tbe Arooaatio Italian Ju mper Barn . whoee more varioua extraot is diatd ? od and reeCiked With iU apirttooaa aolvaat. aad rhae beoomea a oonoentrated tincture of ex?aieile Va vora and aroma, altoeetber tranaoendiac ta its Cox dial and Medioinal propertiesauy aleubohe beveiaie Uoretolore known. Tbe propuetnr has aubmi'tod it to asarly the whole Medical Faculty of tbe baited States, aad h&a received anawera f'oin about loar taoaaax?j Phyaioiaus and Cheuuats. wto oodorse it over taeu Buoaturea aa a moat desirable adJitt??n to the Ma teria Medina. Persona who purabaee skoaid be earaful to ?et lie Ieauma article, aa the wfcoleeuaatry ta horded witk o. anterfsita and iioKaUoae. Pet up in euartaod piat bolt lee, ta caaaa tf one d..t en eaoh. and for sate by^ll thereepaataua Dm* tista and Grooere in tke (Jaited Statea Cists anu u t'DOLPHO WOLFE, Sole Importer aad Maaafcatarar. Depot, No. tt Beaver atraet. New \ oca. dee It-? Or thanks to Those customkbs who haeaao proaap ly aoaae forward aae settled their aaooaats, ne roe ursted la par fornaor aoUaa. To tkoee who tisve not oioeed their bills we ear nestly reenest to do to at aa early a date -a posslMe M,d would lacroet that it is of pant importanoe to us that all aooounta oa oar books aiaeald no sc^d to tke let of Jaauary- COL LEY A SEARS. .. jaaS5 ?weod ? Ttk et.. S doors aortkPik av. UJ^^S425Alta.*0E