Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1858 Page 1
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Vll&OBt vitaonl iMifitanr . BESTI! IKJSfr^ >mi" U*l baa Ude TliTrUiM ??T4i o.rM at* m raoanJty tfcroartoat tfca ?o?niry. |?T*Bu???* aofian fta wnwfil <*? to pranrW s?# THE EVEMNCj PVBL18RFP B*HKT AFCBKJHVON, (AUN0AV KXCBPTbD.) IV ??? STAR Rl<IL0tN<M, Cpmm Pm ??mim ?ni E'.tv+nth ttr$i4, By W. D. WALLACH. Pi>iri aarvnd in HokifM by oarneri at #4a f?v, or TT mdu por mootti. To mail aabnonb?ra the ??b aoription yriM 1? fj.5r-* 7aar, ta airaaci, 92 for ?is aontha; fl for Uiroo mootha; aad for ?n titan tar** months at Um rata of IS oaota a v**fc. Single oopt**, om oont; in vrap^ara, two o*nta. Adtiitdkmuti (of Sight tiDM to th* a*uar*> oa*rt?J thr*? tint** for 91; *r*ry othw day or ? ?nil w?#k!y. 25 p?r oont. advano* ; on cm a waek.SO par o?nt. advano*. | ?_ * t Jp| ' > * I VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1858. NO. 1,580. ^ LOLA MOMTEZ IS COURT. Monsieur J ?!>*?? Afili-Ult five* her His. t?rj?A Rich Skrar. [From the New York Day Book ] It seems that Mr D Wyems Johwn U again in tie law. and an aocount of his, m attorney id a oa<? against one Norman B. Griffin, was aligned to Mr W. H llarvey. Madame Lola Monte*.who. it seems, knows Jobson.was called ?s a witness Theoase is before a referee, and yesterday a very exciting scene took place. According to Lola's statement. Jobson ia any thing but a clever fellow. She says be wanted to write her memoirs upon a ccrtain occasion in London. Lola was greatly amused to hear Jobson called "Doctor 'T The following sketch ut herself Lola gave in her cross-examination' L ro,tyamiued ?My name is LolaMootex my familv name was Maria Kosanna Gilbert V ?Where were you born* A ?In the beautiful town of Limerick W ?How old are you? A ?Thirty-three V?When were yon bom' 1 C??Bot te,,; 1 WMn'' present when I was born; I have had two husbands, and am on the point of having a third, mv first bus- I band was Captain James. *'~~S"uPC y?u married to Captain Jamo*? A ?The nng was put on my Gi^er by a cler K7,?*?JtUt ?J *pint wa3 neve' unitod to him - W ~ v oth6r bu9ban<1 bare you had' A. Now wait a moment; I d never have you. be ?ure, I was married to James near Dublin 1 WM ? child of fifteen; he ran away with me; that was my first marriage; he ran away with another lady about a year after I was married .k M l!T,ng Mu?wr' then; I lived there about nren years; from there I came to England I think in JH42; I was married about ^?. yo*rrft*40, I don t know how long I remain e J in London after 1 returned, a few months' I JrlMhi *nd Pra',ti,,ing ?nd?r the in struction or a .Spaniard named Kspa; I was lodging with an old Scotchman and his wife my tat her was Adjutant Geueral of the Beneai army. 8 Q ?Were you living with any man at that time ' i. n.e1fr liv,,d with sn^ since my husband left me; my husband charged me with an intrigue with a man named Captain Lenox, on shipboard, but it was a false accusa tion made by him. bccause he was then livin" with Mrs Captain Lomar. of the 21st Regi ment; l went from London to Spain, and all over that country; I remained in Spain a few months learning to dance; I was traveling perfectly alone, as I travel now; there was a etarming little girl named Dolopes in Spain whose husband had deserted her. W-?For you ' ti^."-Xo; I never did any of that sort of ^?Sow manJ intrigues have you had 7 A ?How many have you? Well, come lis two~SJT I resided at the Court of Bavaria Q ?Who did you know there ? -fwA?7?Tery??d^, but J?urs?IfI I knew all. about *?reral millions of persous; I knew the King of Bavaria. Mr. Wittelsba<her, he was Called that was his family name. ^ ?Mu?r? you the mistress of the King > v A --(Rising) What! (emphatioally) jVo, Sir. You are a villain. Sir; I II take my oatb on Bible,) whioh 1 rea(l ?rerv night. I had no intrigues with the old man; I knew the King, and moulded the mind of the ,'D* ,tblIor* of freedom; he took me before the whole Court with his wife, and presented me as his best friend; I was on the stage in Bavana. it is easier to be a man's mistress than a dancer. I was in Bsvaria in 1847 and 1HH; in 184V, the Revolution occurred, and liberty and I fled; the King and Wueen sup ported me while I was there; I wa. engaged in political business; you might call ure prime mi u is ter if you please. or, as the King said, I was the king; there was a man of straw there as prime-minister, true, but he was oulvaman ut iiraw, the memoir* that have been written about me are lies; that man is trying to get my memoirs I suppose; iMr. Jobson was writing:) WlU' livin< in Piccadilly. London, in ISly when I saw Jobson; I had come from Switzer land ab>ut two mouths before; I was in India T. n?k/ TF ltT> /?a.n*; 1 wa" ?^>ut three months old When I sailed for India the first time. i W yuu C^U un Mr first, before he called on you ? .?A^"iU!tlUPr)~;N,0 no; l,??^'ngaloud,) eh that ia too tnnny I was Countess of Lands felt and not Mrs. James. ^ tMr. Jobs >u subscribe a guinea to CST1^ frwm Ujin? uk?n to the watch A.?lie hadn't a guinea. y -Did not he give you a guinea to keep you from taking to the streets for a livelihood ? t,^ d'gaautly rising)-Am I to be insulted Gentlemen, will you not protect fbe referee quieted her. . ~'Vlr: ^bermerhorn should not have ?shea the question. Oh^h^'T-^rmerhorn > f9 thllt hig name> . ' * shall have ?jqiV questious to a*k Counsel ) Wr?te d?Wn *** n-m? ?f P,alntiff ? At this point a little before 6 o'clock, the reteronce was adjourned. 1]^ The following touching account of44 Old Grimes's Last Gasp'' we are assured is entire ly *' founded " After remaining some fifieeu minutes, perhaps sixteen, in that placid, half uncouscious state, which ia the 'gently in clined plane' of dissolution, ' that good old teaa slowly lifted his filmy lids. With a flut tering hope, that was still half despair. 1 watehed the electric kindling ot the old intelli jeaee far down in the cold, vacuous depths of tfcoee beloved eyes, where once retributive lights ing and healing beniaon. the lion and the lamb u[ hi* nature, had lain together. Sud denly the lips moved I bent eagerly forward as the ghost of that voice, once so rotund and majeatic. murmured brokenly : 'What?kind? of?a?panic Is this, which U?disturb?ing the?eountry V 1 could only shake my head In sorrowful incomprehension, for griet had be reft me of voice The old eyes wore irradiate once more; a palpitating fire seemed to pos sess them, as half-rising, and with a victorious wave ot the arm. he shouted : ' a tin-panic !' The jaw fell ; there was a gurgle in the throat; and -4 we ne er shall <ee him more ' " IV Some interesting facts are stated in the journals of medi?'iue in regard to the increase of nails and hair in man. From the statements made, it appears that the growth of the nails is aiorerapiJ in cbtldreu than adults, and slowest in the aged It goes on more promptly in Sum mar than iu W inter, so that the same nail which is renewed in one hundred and thirty-two days t iu Winter, requires only oiw hundred and six- j teen in Summer?a fact depending on the "vis ; vitalis,"' which seems to be proportioned to it . The increase of nails of the right hand is more \ rapid than for the left It diners, also, for the ' UiOereut fingers, and corresponding with the length of the tinger being most rapid for the middle tinger, nearly equal for the two either side of ibis, slower for the little fingers, aud ; ?lowest for the thumb. The growth ot the hair is well known to be much accelerated by frc- j quent cutting. It forms more rapidly by day ! than at night, and in hot seasons than in cold. A Good Hit.?While Miss Ilenn was play ing ? Camilla." at Detroit, the audience aud the actors were much disturbed by the barking and bowling of a dog in the vicinity of the theatre, and this howling became excesaive during an ! effective scene; at last, ? Camille," in declining an interview with a visitor, thus addressed her ! maid : " Tell the Count he need not wait. I am ! not well, and oannot go out to-night; and stay ?one moment Find some one to hang that | dog " The addendum airs the Free Press, ; was given in a lower tone of voice, bat was dia tiaetly audible and gave rise to a eheer which overoaaae even the gravity of tb? actnv for -JnJT? B.JP PV? ~The Bo,,ton L^ ger of Thursday. publishes the following ? Itil78?, a y?mth, then residing in IVfaine owned a jack-knife, which he, being of a some i? # tradlnK and Monej-making disposition ? M?riB g ? ?f ?eti Indi* rum. This he retailed, and with the prooeed* purchased two f ji i *uJ, er*Jnto*?J a barrel, which was followed iu due time with a large stock In a word, be got nob and became, the 'Squire of thl i!lnu Vlrou*h the P?**?*sion and sale of toe j^ek-knife, and an indomitable trading iu | dustiy. He died worth property in real estate and money valued at feO.OOU. This was di vided, by testament, among four children three boys and a girl. Luck, which seemed to nave been the guardian angel of the father deserted the children ; for every folly and ex travagance they could engage in seemed to occupy their exclusive attention and cultiva tion. The daughter married unfortunately and her patrimony was soon thrown away by her spend thrift of a husband The sons were no more fortunate; and two of them died of dissipation and in almost poverty. The doub ter also died. The last of the family. for many years past, has lived on the kindness of those who knew hiui iu his days of prosperity, as pride would not allow hiui to go to the poor .. ^ ff'" d"V a?? he died- suddenly and unattended, in a barn where he had laid him self down to take a drunken sleep. On his pockets being examined, all that was found in them was a small piece of atriug an/i ,i j,tri ll'' . r S* foJta"e that ***?" "ith an im plement of that kind left but its simple dupli wh!t. VT'* -Le U,0ri11 to ** drawn, in whatever fashion it may suggest itself to the reader?simply stating that the story is a true one. and all the facts well known to many whom this relation will donbtlesa reach. * Art at *hk National Capital ?The Wa?hl ington correspondent of the New York Post says there is a purpose to make Wa>hington the American metropolis of art. The Wash uigton Art Association was organized some eighteen months since. Dr. Stone, the sculp t. r. is President, and it comprises among the members" most of the men of wealth and dis tinction in the city, and many lovers of art from all parts of the country. Its gallery of pictures has been on exhibition during the on'ift^ "t'1 tbereba* >'en a course of lectures on art. The funds ot the society are rapidly hniMU,nJilng' lan'J to erect suitable buildings and establish a permanent gallery of nnd- ?tatua7 by American artists. | Which will increase by the annual contribu tions of our artists. It is hoped that the old hall of representatives will be converted into a gallery for the exhibition of works of art where they can remain exposed to public criti cism for a certain period. By opening and glaung the whole of the lantern in the dome, there would be abundance of light, and no room could be better adapted for the purpose The society desire to stimulate the ainUi? of artists by giving the best possible opportunity for merit to make iuelf known, ft wishes to I TV.? ob8tru?Uons on the road to fame. I V \v sa?e time il wou,d cultivate and elevate the national taste for art. From its situation, its means, and the character of those who are endeavoring to carry out its purpose. it will contribute much towards making uVan. art loving people, if we are ever to become one lit kR s Primbsck op Mmd.?Col. T B Thorpe furnishes the following reminiscence of the imperturbable Burr:'' " When in Louisville. Kentucky, some Tears since. I had the pleasure, a plea'sure wbich4 shall never forget, of meeting Judge Rowan one of the most remarkable men of his day. In a conversation of an evening, the Judge, among other reminiscences of earfy times, alluded U, the arrest of Aaron Burr, on his arrival in Louisville, in charge of the United States au ??rn ?e" ? ^Urr" f0r the tim* occupted the priuc.pal room of the then fashion a ble^ ! J ?Pd waa constantly surrounded by a crowd of visitors drawn together either by sympathy or curiosity. Among the persons present were Judge K..wan and Mr. Clay As uight drew on, the crowd outride of the hotel composed of the wild patriotic sons of the West ec.iine violent in their denunciations of Burr and so warm did this clamor become, thai many persons thought that Burr would be seued by the people and summarily dealt with T "r! tbe ?*citement almost every person immediately about Burr, became more or less anxious for his safety, when Mr Clav then just ,n the owning of his brilliant careo'r' with a pol teneas that he alone could assume' stepned up to Mr. Burr, and said : ? Sir d? Ede 2U?v U' ^Hte,Ver be th? out s de. we. your friends present, will defend you ' Burr, hardly half the statue of Mr. Clay in. thS l "r a',r ?f diKnitJ that rivaled that of Harry of the West.' His brilliant n aD ^ppin* back? b? replied : I have never in my life, .ir, been placed un /w?y.;7/-o-'UBce' "hm '?""*< * Dahjubo th k Ijvpaxta.?An exciting scene Wobu7n a,vi"lg i? c"n?re?i,,iona??sts at North Alnheus' sM^^busetU' a ^ys since. A pheus 6^ Nickerson, a recent graduate at Andorer Theological Seminary, made applica tion to be admitted as an Evangelist, iu con nection with the Congregational Church and Society of that village. The examination of the candidate was generally satisfactory to the council, except upon a single subject. Beine questioned as to the salvation of infants, he expressed his unqualified belief in the old doc trine ol preordination, predestination, elec tion, ?nd infant damnation."' Jle did not know precisely how the thing could be accom plithed consistently with other parts of his creed^ and with Divine justice and g<x>dness, but yet his confidence in Divine justice and goodness satisfied him that it was possible that those innocents, who have no agency in their creation, and who had committed no sin. could be eternally damned, her Messrs. Cady, of West Cambridge; Marvin, of Medford; Seward, of Burlington, and Emerson objected to this general!y 'obsolete'' doctrine, as a heresy not to be tolerated, and refused to proceed to the ordination of the candidate. The council dis cussed the matter warmly until 7 o'elock in the evening, and then adjourned for eight weeks to reflect upon it. the audience havftg waited in the church from 10 o'clock, in expectation of the services. A SaLL.-GcTTA Pcrciia P.rh.-A Yankee from the land of wooden nutmegs and split brooms, came to this place a few days since and sild two of our merchants a lot of what be railed Gutta 1'ercha Pens, for $2.00 per gross, ma king them believe, at the same time, that he would supply theui with as much wrapping pa per as they could u*e in their stores in the bar gain. in shaj?e of band bills recommending to the public his celebrated (Jutta Percha Pens, for which they ihould be the sole agent* for this country. They bit at the bait and were sold to the tune of about six dollars each. We think it was rather a high price tor common steel pens, but when we take into consideration tbe wrap png paper, we don't think them very dear after all. lias the paper come to hand yet gentle men ' l. tck liavru Dt mucrut. v T TO B* Outooh*.?An Englishman and a i ankue were recently disputing, when tbe for mer sneeringly remarked : "Fortunately, the Americans could go no farther than the Pacific shore 1 ankoe scratched his prolific brain iLu lbus triumphantly replied: ;.WhJ' ^ gracious they re already leveling tbe Roi'ky MouuUins, and carting the dirt oat W out. I had m letter last week from my eousin, who is living 2oo miles west of tbe Pa cific shore-on made land !" The Englishman gavei? ? * U7 LitudjIrMfwm the Haiti Mountains Oeruiitnv, ?[>eak of the great scarcity of water People were obliged to dlspeuae With washing ttielr landa and .faoes. I,aundreaaee were prt^ blotted from puisulng their calling and cattle Wf rt dying fer want of water, Special ffoticei. Diipmu and Fits.?Dr. Trtoj Delorme, great oarer of Consumption. wu for ??veral years ?o badly afflioted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he vu oonhned to his bod. He wu eventually cured by a presor ption furnished him by a young clairvoyant girl. This pressriptio ;i, given by a mere ohild while in a state of tranoe. has oured everybody who has taken it, never having failed onoe. It is equally as sure in cases of tits as of dyspepsia. The ingredients may be found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the receipt of one postage stamp to pay postage. AdJress Dr. Tract Oiloime, N?v York Poat Office. Jan 28 2m* 1 am in possession of some valuable certificates in favot of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its etbracy iu relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. TheS>rup is pleasant and safe, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Kid/e; it n no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my plaoe of (enideufO n se<?to. . The tract of a fl^rer called the Alpha Oil t men t for the Files, oan, with the Syrup, l>e found at Mr C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other planes ou Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Goorgetown at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at llanoe'e, Hie Balti more street. dl-tf Special Notic*.?For PerAimed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, us* " Balin of l,uiai Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade; it causes gen tlemeu's hair to curl beautifully. Price 50 oents each. W P.Fmifls* tCo., Proprietors. New York. Wholeaale and Retail Agenta for Washington, Taylor 4 Maury, Bookaellera, between 9th and loth at.. Pa avenue. n 17 T O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. WOLFE'S ScHEIOAM Aromatic Schnapps. The proprietor begs leave to oall the attention of strangers and the citizens of a very superior article of Holland Cia, which he mtroduoed to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidam Aromatic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Sohiedara, Holland. It is made from the beat Barley that can be procured in Europe, at any cost, and flavored and uiedioated, not by the common harsh berry, but by the most choice botanical variety of the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extract m distill ed and reotified with its spirituous solvent, and thua becomes a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, a'togetber trauaoending in its Cor dial and Medicinal propertieaany alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor haa submitted it to aaarly the whole Medioai Faoulty of the United States, and haa reoeived answers fom about four thousand Phyaioiana and Cheimats, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medioa. Persons who purchase should be careful to get the Kenmne artiole, as the wholecountry is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint bottles, in caaea of one dozen eaoh, and for aale by'all the respectable Drug gists and Grocers in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE, Sole Importer and M an u fact are r. Depot, No. 32 Beaver street. New York. deo 13-3m IQ GASTON k CLARK, *xO LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, DEALER* IN CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers oall attention toa desirable Stook of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, aeoond door froin 7tn street, and as they are determined to olose off the lot if possible, every effort neoessary on their part shall be used m order to please their customers. In the Clothino Department we can guarantee the stook lo be perfeot in point of durability, tit and style, beoause we make everything ourselve*, and have no hesitation in saying our goods will be foufel equal to the best order wont in the oountry. Watching the various ohanges of fashion. Parties may rest as ured of finding the latest out ana make in store, subject to the., inspection and approval. $IS,uuo worth of Goods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auotion prices, and pur chasers wouid do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, n* our assertions can be proved on ex amination. Call and see us ?t the above Store, d 2H-Sm ASTON A CLARK. np CARRIAGES. 1 HIT Subscriber having made additions to his Factory, making it now one of the larust.jVTbB in the District, wncre his facilities forwKjIgg: manufacturing at kinds of CAR -?? "? - RIA'iF.S and LIGHT WAGONS oan not be sur passed, and from his long experienue in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds ol Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All K EPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second-hand Carriages taken in exohanre for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d lo-tf oorner of Mth and E ats. B AGGAGE EXPRESS OFFICE 304 StREKT Adjoining Tkt Statet Printing Ojfict. The subeorilier, Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branch Railroad, haa opened an office, at the above piaoe. for the accom modation of the publio, where ordera oan be left for the use of Wagons to convey Buggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot, Steamboats, Ac., or Tor removal to anv point in this City or Georgetown. OfAoe open from 7 o'olock a. m. to 10 o'olock p m., daily, except Sunda*.7 to to o'clock a. in.. 2 o'olock to 10 p. m JOHN M. MoCLlNTOCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad. N. B ? Persons coining to Washington or goiug to Baltimore, ii<>t having made up their ininds where they will stop, by giving up {.heir ohecka to mr agenta on the cars, wild have their baggage taken wire of at this office, or at Baltimore office. No. 11 Sharp street, and uo extra charge. d 10 ^TOP THAT RATTLING. I am now prepared to put on " Chapman's Elastu Ai.ti Rattling Shaft Fastener." a ?ure^jgmo remedy for the rattling of the shf*?-olipswgiaig2J of Carriages and Wagons, which oan be-*** ~ put on at a small expense. ('all and examine at my Factory, where I have certificates from the leading Coaolnnskers in the country. ANDREW J.'JOYCE, d 10 tf oorner Uih and E sta. A" LEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON. NEW A H hANG E ME NT. The steamer George Page having been taken off the routeforrepairs,the COLLYER JP'Ww M ./ill, until further notice, fake herj place, runmugat the hours mentioned' below, from the foot of 7th street, Washington, and Jauney's Wharf, foot of King street. Alexandria. Leave Alexandria at 5 "l\, 9. ujf. 3,4\, Leave Washington at 6.8\ 1 ij*. 2,4,5\. The Mount Vernon trips will be discontinued un til further notice. fe 3 ^ioach varnish. English H*rd Dying B<>DV VARNlBH, COACH B"DY VARNISH. CARRIAGE VARNISH Just received and for sa e by ELVAN8 A THOMPSON, jan 29 SA) Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th sts, ILLINERY. DRESS MAKING AND TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respoot fully in formrd that we are prepared tu make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ao.. at short notioe, iu the latest sty lee, and satisfaction guaranteed in a'l cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of lato?t and handsomest stvles, with CLOAKS, B ASU l! E8, IN DER DR ES??ES. BON N ETS, RIBBONS.and MILLINERY.of everv Uesorip tion. al way s uu hand. M. Wll.LlAN, J IS 2m opposite Centre Market. / N f jOC !?C LOC K S!!?C L? ?C KS!!!?J ustre V ? ceived.a great a?*ortment of CLOCKS, from fit to 112'.. Call and see for vour?elves,P? at J ROBINSON'S, 1 349 Pa. av., opposite Browns' Hotel. N. B,?CLOCK MATERIALS, such as Oils, Keys. Balls, Cords, ko., for sale,?the trade sup plied cheap. '? 6tt E SPECIAL NOTICE.?Oursincera thaxiks arc U^d hereby tendered to all who have settled their ao oounts With ua sinoe our last isaue ofbills. Hutour principal ubt*ol ?h>w is tw call the attentioa ol those who hive not paid to this u??tioe. W e want them to know that w* *r? tuffuring ftr th* ust of the money du, Hi. and hope that without delay those pers?i? whom we have in good faith aoootnuuNlated will oall or seiid in th?ir settleinoiits. . nnnsnM ianK d4w CLAGKTT A DODSON. 20,000 PEAC" bdit fruit. t f%a m a t i1 ?: txnt a d?.n-? t't Jaa?il JOSHUA PKIRCK. Fimot, *0. QOLB MKDAL WILLIAM KNABK, * (Senior Mtrtdm- m the lit* fern of Kmabb. G abhLb A. Co.. Continues the ruauutaoture and aaie of grand an?. eaaare rlANO FORTES, under Wie u>nieEj^ or William Knahe A Co.. at the o'd I'ti.J.IBMa Noe. I.J, 5 and 7 North Hutaw street op *T1 poaiteifce kutaw House, Baltimore. Tli#j feave also just opened a new Sales Koom at No W1 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light atreeta.on tfea premises partly oooupiod by Mr Henry flfoCaJtery aa a musio store. where they will keep qenatantly on baud a large assortment ol plats aud niahfy-tinmbed grand and square Piano Fortes alao, Heiudeons, from the beat makera, from 4 to 5 ootave, aome with double kay -boerda, doable raeda, and ttwy* to a ait email ohurobea. Betac extonaiveiy engaged in tfea manafaotare ?i Pianoa, we will aall wfeclssaleand retail, on the most literal (anna. Our fiMim were awarded the hiicheat premiun, (gold medal i at the Fairs ot the Maryland Institute two eauoeasivA ytotra?October, IBW, and 189K? in op poaiiiea to lourt?*?>!: and eighteen pianos ftom soinc of the feast makers from New York, Boston ami Hal timora. We were alaoawarded the first premium at tne Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir 6ima, 1866 and 18.16. They have also lieeu awarded

fie highest premium (silver u.eJaH at tke Metro poiitan Mechanics' Fair lor 1897. Iiiadditio-i to tins we are in possession of teetirao mala from the most distinguished professors ant. amateura iu the ooantry. wlnofe can I* seen at oui warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation in wluol jur instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed .or five yeara, \cc a privilege of exoliaage is (ranted within the tirst six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not ?ive eatire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to rive ns a aall before purchasing. Pianos exoliauxed, feired. and tuned. marl&-l> WM. KNABK t CO/ Five moke of raven, bacon a co.'s superior PI AN OS, just arrived at the^ Warerooms of _ I W. G. METZEROTT. ? Seoonri hand Pianos for sale cheap. n 30-tf J^UNNS A CLARKE'S ~ CT' HALLRTT. DA>fll8 A CO.'S^f I TP CELEBRATED PIANO MUTES, Constantly reoeivmg and for sale only by JOHN F. El.1.18, **> Pa. aT., between 9th and loth sts. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine fartfee, tselves the superior qualities of the above Pianoa, Stooi's, Covers, Melodeona. Ac., Ac., also on hand. n 16-tr THE MUSIC DEPOT OF w. G. METZE KOTT, corner of Eleventh street mid,,, Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest audi only oo%plete .MuniojI Ks.ahlishment in1 the UistTiot of Columbia. Bnoon, Raven A Co's and Rouenkrnnze'a oeie brated rl A NOS are always on hand ib great vane ty;also, Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together with an immense stock of Musioal In struments and Sheet Musio of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by Mr. Rebine. d 9-tf SEVENTH STREET tobTas, OPTICIAN. Office Second Story, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall. Spectaoles and Glasses suited to every sight; a>era, Reading, and Watoiimaker's^^Mat asaea; Teleaoopea, Microacopes in*t_^~ great variety; Coamoramio Stereoscopes with viewa of superior and choice pictures on hand. Sea adver tisement in National Intelligencer. Testimonials. Norfolk, September 7, ItM. Sib: The Spectacles yon made for me snit mt very wsll. and aeem to fears improved my sight more than any other I have Latetv tried. LITT. \V. TAZEWELL. 1 hare tried a pair of Speotablea obtained from Mr. Tobias, and fend them of great assistance to mj eight,and oorreaponding with hisdeacriptionof then fooas. 1 recommend him as a skii.ful optioian. HENRY A. WISE. PRTBR?BrR0, October 21,1954. A boat five years ago. 1 obtained from Mr. Tobias in W'aslungtou, a pair of Glasses for tne spectac<ei wfeiafc 1 used, and found them of great assistance U my deeav ing vision : and my opiuion of him is, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eye* not too for gone to be benefitted by such aid." J. F. MAY. LTNCHBuae, November 7,ISM. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, anc from his observations and remarks, am oonvinoe<j that he is a skillful optioian. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lynchburg, Novembor 10. 1354. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished ine with Glas ses, by which I have been greatly Hided, (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life,) it affords me the highest p ensure tt say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who mar need hit professional services. WM. B. ROl'ZIE, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. Wilmington. N. C., June Tt, 1634. .M R. J.Tobias?U'.ut Sit : I am hnppy to say th1:' the Spectacles which I obtained troin you iast week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in Uie viaunl rangeof iny eyes, I have heretofore found ereaf difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It allords ine pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty has l>eer: happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyeaof any 1 have ever yet used. Very respeotftilly yours, R. B. DRANE. Rector of St. James' Parish. Having been induced bv a friend to visit the estat> liahiiient of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of tryins bi< glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored blue, wluoe haveatforded me more relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sisht, origin ally very good, was injured by writing aiul reading at nutit, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late at ever, and thai too without the pain I have previous ly sudered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioneer Gen'l Land OlLce. Dec. 11.1855. 1 have used Mr. Tol-ia^'a Spectaoiea for three oi four months,and take great pleasure in saying that I am much p>ea*ed with them. I have been muoii benefited by them. GEO. P. SGARBL'KGH. May 5th, 1856. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a sbilfni optician; aiidas I have e*es of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to fititf that Mr. Tobias ssemed to comprehend thein by inspection and some alight measurement, anil he has insde me a pair of Specta oiis that suits me admirably. A. P. itL'TLER. Jaly 11, 1856. Washing ton, Aug. 8,1855. Having been for years under the necessity of hav two sets of classes?one for use in daylight, and one for lamp liglit?I procured one set from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. 1 have uaed iua foi several months, and hud them excellent. EDWAKD8TUBBS, Of Department of Sfate. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Speotncies you laruished m? yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the beat I possess, aiul I am the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selected in different places and from opticians rec ommended to me on acoouut of they professional standing in Franoe, England, and theTJntted States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and di rection on the treatment of tLe eyes, for the pur ?oae of preaemng and improving the sight Reapootfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL, Profeasor of M. C.. Louisville, Kf. Bbooklyn Obthopabdic Institution, April, 1854. , After moat careful examination of Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, 1 am enabled t9 testify that their hardness, olearness, polishing, and exaot obtical shape reuder them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optioal impairment of the ayes are in arant of suok auxiliaries. I oonaider. moreover, Mr. Tobiaa fully qualified to determine the foona of the eye.both hj nia optical knowledge and ezpenaooe, and by means of hia optometer. In addition, I enn furthet state tfeat Mr. Tobiaa has aspplied some of my pa 10 tt'Vis MiTWp.. Phyaioiac and Surgeon, Berlin; Member of the Rojal College orSurgeoiis, England; Member of the Mediae! SooieTj of Lom'on, and of the Pathologioal Sooietr of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Vanolieater, England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Norfolk. Va., July 27,1854. In the experience of even two years, I have found great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted u> the weakness of my sight. Tins in oonvenieiioe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are clear, chryatal-lika and eomfortahle to my eyes. 1 would oommend him to tboae who from age or other infirmity require ar uficial aid ia Una way. J.J. BIMKIN8, M. D. WiLMiNeTON, N. Cn J une 16, 1854. To persona who have had the sight ofthetr ayes so impaired aa to require the use of Glasses, I would re oommend Mr. John Toluas as a suitable person from whom to obtain sueh Glasses aa tfeey may re ?|Uire, as he has suited me with a pair of Spectaoies or a far and near sight. My sight baa been impaired very much by a service of years In the Post Offioe Department, which berth required me to be on dut* from 11 o'oloek at night till after day, daring which timo I used bat one light. W. A. WALKER. DBrABTHBNT of Intbbiob, May t, 18M. From natural defeots and the unequal ranre of my eyes, I have been oompalled to use glasses for seve ral yeara. I have triad different opticians without obtaining gla*?es perfectly fitted to my syee. roar months siunp Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, wBToh I have found to serve me aerfecUy. By the asa of his optometer fee is enabled to adaat glasses moat minutely to tha eye. I most chyrfuj^ ly recommend Mr. Tobiaa to all having opeesfon to ae K Aas't Seo'y to aiga Land W arrasta. streec, Pa, aye* u\+m Dancing. pASHIONABLE DANCING. UNDER r??p?etfiltj ir.nounwi {,?. i?.? * lf?e PuWlc feuerally, that 0% if wnmenoe on TaeidM gf ? . laS*" .A" ,ho-# vbud(itr?/ft tb* exhibition are MrnrttijUM nh-nt of haj.oT Dauoea will take piaoe immediately. I he programme for thia muob will t* entirely new, and lar tiotl any ever otf e-ed (o the ?ul?lia farjnt* whodesire to aae their ohildren easv Mid graoeral m their o*rria?e. should not fail to enter tliem very eoon. lientlemen's Otaiwi on Tuesday and Thurad ? evenings. as usual. Irorn 7X uatil?* o'oloek. Jan M dtl |)ANClN(j ACA DK.VV. Mr.T F. <? AS'/YNSKIand DAL'tiHTER have the honor to amiouice to the I*adiea and Geo- *%. rleinetiof \\ ashingtoo and Georgetown that #? J* *'!' r? open his Classes fur Datnoiug lbjnA aahinctMi on Friday, the 9th ol October. atLJL remperaiioi llall, E afreet, f?.r Miaseaand Masters, Iroiii 3 o oi?a.-k p. 1114 lor i.adiea and Oeniieiuci., ?ruin'7o clock p. m. Uoorgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th ol October, at MiksHar rover'a Ladiea Bmi inary, from 3 o olook p. m. terms Htid particulars application can be made Si; . b,.# r??'?le>'oo. *n t street, between ??th aiJ HHh atreeta. ,e \2 6tm Dentiitry, fto. Dk. r. finley hint, U E VT 1ST ... ? No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue. ' willjerlo m ail operations bolongtnc to his ''d'y""}00 **'ll* sstabhshed office, aa at?>ve. 'PHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH, M. LOOM IS, M. I).. the inventor aad patentee ol Loomis Mineral Plau Tttik,** havmr^?b auooesalully tntrodaeed hia improvement u MaflkaJ hs* now permanently eatab Uthed himself in Washington. Thia improvement for Seta of Teeth oonsieta ohiaf it in making a aet of bat one pieoe of material, aac that indeatruotibie mineral. No metal is uaed it their oonatruetion, and thej are therefore free f-om galvanic action and metalio taate. There are no a:a to become ilied with moiatare or pertiolee of . henoe they are Pure and clean. Thej are lighter, stronger, teaa olatnsy. far more durable, am* nMur? in they appearance. 1 will give a reward o One Thousand Dollar* to any one who will produces Similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, ^uijir wtjitio exoeHeiiOe or any othor retuitiU All work responsibly warranted. MIWj"1,avei*ue' tetween 11th and ISth atreeta CIIEAP.?I have now in atore the following gr. a* bar* a us: A very superior Piano of Hailet. Davis A _ t Co.. 7 ?>c avea hue rosewood: original ?ric?Wtt 9*1 0. It lias bo-a rented out in a carefui*^^^^ lazily, and will be sold for $*K). Ai?o a aimilar Piano, aam* makers,6* octaves ? onciiia price {4m, will be told for %^5. I heae rianu?a e reillj har* in<; ?re warrant and cuara- tee them aa will;naly aa we do our new ones. All peraonaiu want of a good re lable fiaao are so licited to call and aee theae init um nti. A so. a Second-hand Piano, whieh we have ao cepted in part p^vment f:>r a new one, for one for 340; one f?. 915: and oi e for *10. Oura ia always the largest atock of Pianoa in this cit?; ?he efore call at No.-OC Pa. av., between 9th and loth atreets. r*9 JOHN F. ELL19. rkENTISTRV. \f 3>R. STEPHEN BAILYt J98 P**!**TXTaMlA AVIRII, Tkrtt doors from Mf& Street. Ds. B AIL V bM? leave to inform the p n blio thai he 9fn r ??6n at a.l hours,%t his ofto^, looated &iAbovt, He feels assured that an experiecoeof fiAeen years' praetioe, with the large number of patienta.and great ?ariety of diflioult caaes that he haa treated anooeee Tally, will enatile him to aurmount any diScultv scientific or othenriae, relating to the Teeth. Hit OWB expenenoe ?"^nfinning the opinion of many met eminent in the profeasion. and eapeciaiiy Dra. Harris j 11 rai'nkly, has led him, long aiuoe, tcnois eard ail preparauoua lor filling Teeth,alec all Enamels, Gutu Peroiia, India Rul.Ur, an<l Ce ments for the oonatruetion ol Contmuoua Guir Teeth, and that Poroeiian. mounted on Gold Plate la the-only reliableaubatance that can be worn in the mouth, as was most ooac.uaively shown by the last American Denial Convention. Although be flatters himself from his lore resi dence and piaotioe in \Vaahington. he le favorably knowu to hia numeroua friends and pal-ooa. ha b??a leave to refer them to the fotlowmt P .W . . TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Eitihiay of _ ? this eity. ". Dr. SnrHin Baii.v: Dear Sir?-I deeiretoexerees my esteem for yoo personal]/, and my oonhdeuoe m you ae a superior dentist. The operationa executed for me have beau highly satiafaotory. I hope that you ruUiiXtloMsPWl^eeldii^,M5, %ui lb# Washing ton, Atyt.*. l?f"1/'V?,ttVfeN0B. From one of the oldest frms in Baltimore, Moasra Bucgs, CotnAn A Co. Having employed l)r. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of asinngton city, to execute for me an lm portant and dilhcuit pieoe of work, which he did U my entire aatufhctton, and in view of the faot that one of the most diatinguiahed meml>eraof the Denra College ol Baltimore, failed, aller repeated tnaia, tc perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure lo express my entire ooufidoaeeaiu* high eatimation of Ins professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, la57. HARMANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hotu J oh* W. Clayton. 1. . .. . y* 9- Swill, Aug. I?, IBM. The teeth vou made for me work admiral*!?; noth lag oould be oettor. Very tratefully, _JOHN M. CLAYTON. To thoae that aeek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can olieerfhUy rooon.ineud Dr. S. Baily aa s superior hiontist; he inovle a set of porce:iM teetfc for one of my lamilv uid piussed aevaral teetu for myaelf, and the work has ail atood well for mor? that tec years. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Va. Couf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19a lttfis m ? We. the underaigued. having had oooasion to avai ourselvea ol the profassional skill of Dr. S. Bany Surgaon Denial of thia aty, or having been oogiua ant of Lis operatious on our families or lnenda, take pieuare in expresamg our admiration of Ins artiatic skill, as well aa ol the uuih>ruiiy satisfactory mthnei in which he performs the .Uoat dehoate and difhou'l operationa in Dental Surgery,and we reepectfullv re ooiiiineiiu him to the oonndenoe and patronage of fl ? public, of whioh we oonsider him emineutly worthy. Thomas U. Walter. Arolitect U.S. Caeitot. TnoMAe Milles, M. D.,of Waahu^tou. D.C, B. S. Boiirkk, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln. M. D.. ol Waaiiington. D. C. Jos. H. Buaulky, of Washington, 1). C. Gsomok Walton, Ki-Goven*)r or Florida* Waltee Lxnox, Ex Mavor of Wa^hingtoc.' HtNHY Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, . PiC. W laMT.Pnnoipal Ritlenhouae Aaadesy. Iibsn tf * f ACE! LACE!! LACE!!! ~1'he right place for bargains is at T>*e Ijikea' rancv H.tzaar, Pa. avenue (W. Adams* hx press) whcr? W. HAVMAN offers his rerramiiig ufv.l/w1 N1i P<MNT. POINT APPl.lOl V; HO NITON, and other UCE8 m C A PES. SHAWLS, seta and singe COLLARS, HaND KKRCHI^FS. CnFFfV-.CRS BARBS, and VL11.S. all at loss tban wholesale pric*a. Ladies, consult your interests and oa.i sooa. fe? lw r NOTICE HE UNDERSIGNED HAVING SOLD HIS Store to Mr. P. S. Whittlesey, takes thia method of informing th>iae indebted to him that their *c oounta are now ready, and that he wih be found at !V' for the *??rP??? of aettling them until the lOihof tebruaiy. Every acooant not then get tied will t>6 pl&otd iu tlif iituidi of an (t&oer. At C.8. Whittlesey'a Pa inland Oil Store, jan 3it-tFehl<< S3i7th street. Books fhom London. Polyglot of Foreign Prov^rba, l vol.: !?|.K. .Memoirs of the Duke of Solly, 3 vols.; S3." A (lUideto the Know'e<lge of Potter*. Porcelair, and other objects ot VerUi, I vol.: Life of Alexandria Popa, l vol.: ^1^5. Lives ard Works of Michael Angelo an*l Rnphel, 1 vol : f 1^5. Wh?*wili a History of the Induotive Sciences, 3 vols.: %7. ? ? Pier's Ploughman's Vision and CieeJ, 2 volumes ; 5li Sel.l-n s Table Talk, 1 vol; 91 25. Sir Th iiiins Overbury'js \N ocas. I vu1.; ?1^.. Kranoia (jfonrle's V neb i rid ion; S7cts. John Aubrey'a MikcrtKoie*. 1 vol.: $1. Chapman'* H- iu^r'? Iliad,SvoU.; fi Dictionary f?f Classical Ouot*tion?, I vn! ? 25. Pettigr?'w'a Collection of h pitapha, I r?d., #lJtS. hm.< Boiitof -t;as^tav,0. #1,000 AVKAK: SljdOA A VKAR l,(?*t A VEAR. Prottabl: an.1 honorahle rmplo'v I,ton A VKAR. meat lor all times. Pew^s id iCi vvii' or^ search of em 1?J2 ^ \ 8' ""JTr M * '?"roe of inc?>tre, !*lsinA^FA8* i! leisure boors, !!"!<? a VP ah* .e*r ,uch ?n" ? ?*r? ??" two to ? idAtiirD to I'ftJi A VF A H " K^fVJAMK?^ HoVne! rtw A y5a?' n* N y*w V?" iana a VP ad* P?0? The employment is fitted I ?* a <'t a 6* to e.ltheT *1* 5 station in life itn i m. i material. It ia aiiartiole ofdai.y , ? Xj:* 8* oonsumstion. and oan he manu i*2^S ? ? red in the Meat's dweibag: i JrS^v-S^K* ^ oosyright: sale ae '?2 ? penuwont as flour. An agent la ,]'^?AYRAfc. wanted iu every town ia the H .W A \ RA R Union. Jan lw btora, ??ar uu sueei, f?a. avo. aio-a? Educ&tion&L Y'OUNU LA DlIV INSTITUTE A ?Ju*i ?KV u * Y *rHOOL, fc,NOfcL*%.A5i8 h RE.NCH. The Beoond Tarn o|tt?e tenth year of this laau tilion will tOMMM* February Mh i*C* jM ** **** c. H. NORTON^A rrtrl. |}oa*mn?va?d. At the corner of 6th and L Streets. MR!>. \YM. KESLEY * DAUGHTERS Circulars. term#, f.nd all beoeaeery inforatauon liver, oa ut'Mtw* to Mr*. VN ?> Keeiay. jaa 15-dtFcb*colm ????????????????????'??????????a InaaranoR, <U. HOMK INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. 0miA C*rtial fur.nun Smrplu* arer^. .. ..... 2S?i.nau The tinderaigned, bavin* l?eei. apvyisted Aiept of this Cotnpany, is prepared ti> issue Policies oa RtiiJ dings McrehtiMliM.HiMnhiiMi. A?. i* u Uv>m ? lile I arum n? ulliii respoi kib e oonpano-*. ^ ^ t. m. Hansen. A?eat, No. MJTth St., o^pu. Intel'iger oerO#ioe. _ ma 2* eo2m KUWAKU SNOWDEN, ?ENERAL CLAIM A > D REAL ESTATE AGENT. For B"*ntv C^aixJ*. Pension fVaime. prheecu tion of Claima before tk? Court of Clkian, ^dmwm and the Departments, Ptroitaee and Sale of rati ee tates. attend to Renting Houses. Buv and Boll I -a?J Warraata. Negotiate Loans, and all bu.icieas ot similar cba?acter Oftoa corner 7th and Louisiana avenue, jaa It 1y _ Waehiaf toa, City. _ Gold AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE B KST KATES. FOREIGN BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD. ONtHE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE. IN SUMS TO SUIT. BOLD CURRRNCyTaND TIRO INI A MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BK OPENED rtth DKPOSITORS. PAY ABLE IN SAME FUNDS. OR IN QOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CHECES MUST BE MAREED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS 0~N~ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION.SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTSJURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. BWEENY, RITTe"nHOURE, PANT * CO, d 4-Sm _____ _ Banker*. 'pEN PER CENT. IN VESTMENT. Corporation Band a of the City of Daracnort. Iowa, paying 10 per oent. internet by Coapoa in New York. Bonds of each. The growing city ot Davenport has now about *>.0uu in on Urania, axel a rapidly icereasint in wealth and population, lie municipal debt ia only If 15B,nno. and it* railroad del* only ?126,00", and oannot now be inoreaaed. I 'a statistics of the oitv ware published in the lut*;!. reticer of the Mb September. We raoommenj these bond a. balievinc them to be aa aala aa any State or eity bonds. 006 CHUBB BROTHERS CHA.NDiSE, Ac., at the uaual City ratea, wttEoat *iy aharg* for Policy, at their (Ima. corner of enth Street and Pennsylvania A venue, over tts Washington City Savings Bank. Dieectoes. Wm. P. Bayly, Sam a a: Baoo*. Joseph Bryan, P. HaJday* Wm. Urraa, Hudson 1'vwr, Ftanoia Mohan. M. W. Gait. Banj. Baal., JAMF.B C. MoGl'IRh. Praaideat. ? Eafto* D. Ha?or, Saaretary. aa II -ly O AN KING HOUSE OP D CHUBB BROTHERS. Detoiits.? Deposits reoeived and Chaoks paid Without oharce. l>ralts oa the northern seaboard oitiea received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on aaid Cities furnished to depositors without ohaige. Interest on Deposits.?Interest wil. be a:*ow?t1 on Deposits at such rates aa may be agreed upon. Dkfo? 1T* IX VlHjlSU AND LniTKKKXT IWo.NkV. Deposits in Vircinmand otuer I'ncurrant Nloney re eeived to be oheoked for. payable in aame funds, or m specie, we olArstUK the recular Eiohanye. DtsrorwTs.?Notes, DraTu.aitd Bti.sot Kxabanfa will be discounted, and Loans marie oti Stooka, Bo%da, and Securities, at the market rate. Lkttfks or Credit.?Letter* of Credit w<|l t>a {urnistied, uerutiab.e in the dilierent Citiaa of tha riH>d State*, on Dep sit of Money or Coilateraia. and interest allowed if Money ia depoaited, and charged il Coiiatenus, on auoli terms as inay baacYaad upon. Teavkliks Hills or ExcHawa*.?^Traveler*will be famished witn drafts in suoh sums as aiay be 4a ?ired negotiable in the diflereut Cities of the L'bioa. Bills anp Lettee?ovC*ei>itom KMkUsi.lts Lend awi> tnori.?Biila of Excuar^e ai.d Letter* of Credit on Encland, Iraland and Europe, furniahe J at the market rate for Exchange, in aums to suit. BoNSe, Stoces, Ae.?Bonda. Stooka, and Saean tiea pay ini; from 6 to 12 pr. oeut., always for aaJa, or bought m the different Cities at a c< in no ?s ion of a It pr. oent. Wlifte Stocks are tHiught upon orders, wa reserve the ncht to oali lor a depoei t of 10 pr. oent ua the ooat. Bonds or Stooka will be ordered by tale trash. RaiLEOaD. Citt. and State Boissa.?Railroad. City, aud State Bonds cai. be placed m our naiXM for negotiation, either in thia country or Europa. Raat toud Iron puronaaed for caah or with Bonda. Laud WaEEaHts.?Land Warrants bought at tha market rataa. All W air ants told by us are isaraa Utd in every reapeot. Warrants located on ooaimtaaioa. d Warrant quotations ret uiarly f-mirhH if ra neated. Warrants will be forwarded to Weetem Honset on orders, ot aenl for aala on oonumaaion to raapooaih!* par tiea. Real Estate a!*p Inseeahcu.? Real bought and said, and Insuranoes etfaoted. Claims on Lkited STATEa, CorET o? Claims, CoMaXKsa.? Claims on tha Uwtaa btatea. be<or? tha Court of Claima or Contreaa. mtruatad to aa, will ha prosecuted by prompt and able at'oruevs. 'r CHl'BB BKoTHERS, Jaa Tt Opposite tha Treaaary?_ Banking house or CHUBB BROTHERS. Dapositoia deaoaitiu* Bank Note? will piaasa mark their Checks payable in currency. Depositee of Oold will be paid in G<>id. Account a will be opened with depoaitora allowint them to depoait Go'da fl Check for currency, the depositor t?eing credited wi'h the differenoe. aea tf CHUBB BROTHERS. JM EREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITED." MONEY f LOAN o*~STOCE SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. Jan tt?tf Oppotiu tki 7Vsaj?t ??er?. 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