Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR YtLK HtRDY-UCEDY U THE RURAL DISTRICTS. With juuUnf void. oM and worn. Grind on, U vudwiai mis*tr*i brown! I lor* to bw Its echo** born* 1 oar nupl*-*had*d town. Altbouh the note* b* hartii nod rude, JFhonll lumitiri *impl*air, Wlthaoni and **mt unsubdued Coiaoe from the *ardy-|urdy there. *t ???b dietanoe aoftened too*. -.^?ob^bAlf forgot, familiar atr&ia, ?bo fcried tlrami in ? 111 I hood known Am baanung memories oome wui. A b, Md and Wild, and hrav* aad fat, rbo ebaacinc moaauraa float and ra.?! I Mo Uio daaeore' hgurea iwar la rhythmic oodaoee toroug h tha bail. I fiaar tha neigh and bora and drum? I aoo tha plowiaa and sinning atoal. ?ad ataa< a/da Happing aa they oom?, Aad e'en tk*b?-ary tram ping feoi. Aa Sootiaad'a windy pibroch rin*a. Proib heilad-eeega aad olden L> ettrt tha snadaa of hantar king Aad ride aioag tba brouiny tun. ?*? G?rman rnaaaurea tbrill Tba alia waits aad lyria wild, Dim. graooful thuoghta tha fancy tfll. Anu ej en are moiatened. though they ainile. Tb?r oagro oborna rue* froo? ?oob uumnt aud plaintive rualody In au oia monstrous ilui of aoand ' : "itai Vankao Dwodl*'* ohima! mOtl! thaatorinjr MoraebM.e rorbdmaa Looia, bid* thy time r cbaar, boy a of Soort aad Taylor'a day a. Lot o-*noaoenti what their ariia, r'??k^!2>^ffc?r "huuaeya o'er-refined, J 0* h*?irty moaic n *, Thoak haavaoa, my untaught ear anJ minJ. ??? ??'ooma to oar western ahora. * Brown ounairei Irons aeroaa the water! Bft play thy programme tnrou<h .moo more And tase my bless.n* md * quarter I liVaw Yerfr Trtb UHt. in^r?oJf?Vle Ci4in>>ridge d?s9cribe* mat ing aa "letting off sleep ?? HT" The young lady who waa lost in thought i5l?7KS0;;L. "" "w ??'*?? liy A circus rider In Mobile lately threw 71 ?omeraeta in succession. ICT" II ia said that Soj.uoo native* of Uanada are, at this time, permanently aettlfd In the Uni ted State*. IET The Western Texaa planters on the Colo rado are busily engaged lu preparing for another rnp. ^ 'n Philadelphia, oysters are counted, and not measured by the bushel. One hundred and ?ny oy?t?r? are allowed to the bushel. JET* A jtreat revival la In pro^rex?at North Or f 9 ' j ? * ? ?niongst tbe Methodist and Preaby t*rian denomination*. ' LCTWIr. Lent Rovce. of Sheffield. Mass , has a """""""" - KT T?* ?*^Te*,on papers of a late da'e have fn *CCOUat' ot bl*h Water and bad roads la almost every portion of tbe State .-^ Tbe Tennessee cotton manufacturers weie neeted^wlih IheTrade' l? ^ ? J&y?, tr?rolor?l, ronvirted In ?Uvm K^I of,tea,in.a a"d carrying off three Jf jJJy H 1 *n,encW ^ be bunjj on the ^tb . '' '? "'?'ed thaf, on Saturday, the 9th of r^fr^th<> dw??rs uf 'he English ercleaiastkal Coort* tbron^hoat the kln-dom. closed, to open no more, after having existed for nearly 900 years. One of our exchanges calculates that with th? r present y??rly Income, it will take the Bible tbe 15*" 800 3r**'* ?nPP1V a copy of mtin^ Scripture* to each of iht seven hundred millions m the heathen world - ^und3v la?t- ???? "ev. Newton Helton E t v^T0" tp 'he firemen of Philad^l c*A - ^ ocr4!,ion or,e thoiiaaud seven p.,..;.. m"nb""",i,e t?!Z followms"dV '* ?"'?l'?"1 '? ?' '? d'd the cat sar, aa she looked out of the Window when the Ark got aground " la that 'or m rat ^Pn?id?t of a Weatern Bank rushes up to hia friend: "Charley, can't you wire ine " ib? B?krs?Ps."?,s: ?anlt ? ' Want *oaie "P?0'* in the The eonunisaionera appointed bv the Im t]^r: U2*Z2?k bou,,d^ Tork^S ??) ?1?^ Cr,n~,''ut- cont N>w Jk? f^-300> *l'bough they have an engineer on rrV^U'w*1"! tbe W?rk in department. rb^N. Y. Commiaaioner* are pushinsr the before the'v1 Ufra"11 n.e,1003''?Sandy Hook, V f iiA* Legislature, it Is thought tbe "po" i!K,.*J2bSrt'J ,'?bt ftfi # lh,> ^her belnu eleven Kr b^riirJ?th^f4tVer }n,t The kite self was born in the poor-house. BpnJ^in Rollina, klllT^,? vi* T * y ot WJUt 'oeently wi!Tto n ,Vr T'-^ AUt,a"iai while on his JLuic rJLTeia* llt- b?<* tbe s vo?^?n *hort diatauce. and was discovered ?V a young man, whom he so frightened bv hi. ,Uut #"d ^llm' bla peraoa^' * ?nd ,ilTer? Wer* f?">nd upon ?,i^TvA '?'eler In Paleatine says that not tar Mouut w^ *U"i Wh"re tb" ^rn^? ?? the Mouat was delivered, our ^uide plucked two 5n7l ?rU"',fiP!r!i 10 ^ ot ,bat "Pe^ies to which lHl^nf ?k ? be Mld' "Consider the lllle* of the Held The calyx of this lily resein if wbuTand mir1' *j?d tbe iior^ flower was I 1 M' and tru,y nu earthly monarch r'fVh^ vr>'td ,nore K'orlously than fkT ? a 8oeb is tbe testimony of nature to the words spoken by our Lord ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS FENdS,.TELi;raKlrk''?di i>r B [KIA- ",5 w'mk v*-u w c???. rt* Wd w W f A a r.OBe.r, Kv ; J J \or JNve ill .Vr' ,dvVL M w*?urton, Del; J *ye, 111. L SO onney, NY; A A icker Pa \V V ?si'U vJ**"' ? ^ Bnrniiiste.- Pa; P O Bavlv Vn. \V c Coiz;,M, lady. RI ' B F Jam Pa' ivi 5^!' in R ? 5?y^'vi J cfhuS!'n^ ?sXV%ii.5?isnf'ooi^Twfr ^ycniii?f.,Ki5bdrNi"-c64BN,r?^ Showacre, Md; H Sohultz- Md -^Tli lo-i \ ts.A*sr?2*A; i k OrC.W^d, C? ^ E A " "?? W C W1LLARDS' HOTEL ?G R DasLlell R p Sfl?Ci.lNN<-CFFHr|U>r"^' Ky;,B FL#h> rf^vtrSiX^ "f;v: 'V O f^r and lady? H u,,d A'ias T Bryarlv' b I?DrnBl,,?ul* Wm ?"d ly, K I" J J *'?w#w?^ Maas, F. M Town^d and l"dv c5S2Tn"y K B ^ortoaTMri j Oo'ld.Coii o Jew ni W7' Pa; ? K Y - c K ?< i ? Hall and lad v. N Mo?7^Vv;'c c ^?m, n"j ? ,C<" WmVl'l" Wmr"'- W ? ?'niuiNv' >> ? Coliainer, Mr* Coliamerand IwodaT/hN.,, !; a?*r*earmbara- Md; c VV Livingston, Ky: .NATIONAL HOTEL.?8 L Peters mh i m ^?rd> WV; S W Stockton, NJ; C r \V;aldo' NY wPr^r*' j W ^ Rhodes, do; Jas Buchanan' N Y T i?Di m ?,',bert^ J * U'Mt a,,d 'y* > * , T R Hollyday, Md, Jno Frlnk. liiin's: LP G R McGregor Ii|; C Aidrick Vlir ioNV,*Rdrin' Miibor'n, L R Hub^d'. SkwbW M at son, J C Abbott, J V fhiri L i i Calhoun and lady,C?>nn; P CokWu n'o I^l?*Ca^ Conw?y. Robimon.Va: ? ? ckiat^r n ?H L Nichols.Dor K S Tetbins V *r . 'T'u'o 1 V U,*n"ett. Mass Pa; B M Haslett c 'i i ' John Haldeman. ^%-J;/riVnJe?t:; S i Uor^;vF D? Brluiblerour, III; .^d; Ham'1 A CI it re, R p Glenii t?l MuVr" W A Mc man. St Iritis, Mo: \V*H I^,?r?n' X' K P Plt" B.augber, W l^eaun Ma*,"'?"?> F 11 pJ ^K?lZ,?J, 4 5-ssTfrft zjrvi'M X c'n-SS: k i udiesfdo; PS Sutton, Md, Capt Retj^*^ l^en.N Y; L G Oshom'. Pa;'\V b Jon7. 'do Po ttkyly.Va; J M KlUjour, Md: Capt Braddoci do Kansas'* '* f:n*' W k VV?t'?) KIRK WOOD HOL SK ?IV Filter p*; E Ad. ?'; J B Carter, Va: i$ Watts iJSvV VVt1I,''? an,i ,ad7-v?; TS Conner aoj \?r ^Ml" c Hone*, do; A B Haz-ltine,do; W C Thomas and fa?ilv, NH; H Thou,as, Co,.a[ l>aw. WT?. ^4,"i T Mollis, do; J A Seiuple, ? VV AUasnder, Mo[ H W F Mott, do. ow'1' MTi Keniball, NY; OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS AU"tU York... LlT?rpool.. F?b U Fiok Esiori j=g ???**>**? k (? llllC6ll4BB01li. W, IMPROVE YO|TR EYES. ^arrived front fc^arope w^tii hi. : improved riUl tils PC-r Ts* ?3cf s rcina ^C^bWbWAfo'ft'vEX TM :r. ^.af??kIsS 0 w hi ok are warranted to improve any EYE -KStt&RW.RgtxBS'tts "bd BLE.P0LT|H|D VENpUBLUN tfT-i2!#*iJ#d liie recommendation. at the *N orld a Pirn, through their producing a nearness and aasineaa of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvement.. r^V^W^L<tfJJ^KRA'8PY' ud MAGNI FYING GLASSES, Compuiea. and Mieroaeopea are for aaie at hia ?tore, oorner of Eiphth atreet and Pennsy Ivania avonue, or Eighth at re* No. 491, be tween D atreet and Pa. avenue. JL/~ Do mot mit<akt th* corntr of 8 tk %trtet. Pnoea very reasonable, the aameaaathia eatab liahment in Earoae. n g.jf LEA N D P O R~T~ilu " 1 be* to[ inform the inhabitant. and visitor. of th< ?'\ a*^\n*ton <">d Georgetown. D. C., that L%T**fliaitoaU oonstantly keep on hand, a atook oi XX ALE and BROWN STOUT PORTER, ?r# ?ntjr*'y from Malt and Hop., vsrriDtM fro* front all injurious ingredient., put upinoaaka of various sites, suitable for Hotel., Keatauranta, Boarding-house. and private fa mi lie* delivered by my own dray a, in any part of the above ?t the EE-ewery pnoea. Order. reoeived by poat will t* attend*! to th? day following. Alao, Malt and Hopa for sale. Brewery and MaltEoaae oorner of K and TTth ata. Washington oity, D. C. d'< JOSEPH DAVISON. | A DIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FURS, free from moth, and fresh made, call at STINRMETZ'S, OB Pa. ave nue, between 12th and 13th atreeta. wno hue re ceived inatruotioua from New York, to aell the fine utortnieot now hind, on commission, at leaa die oount than heietofore offered. Among them will be lound the haridaomet aeta Frerch tables, half and quarter Cape* ever brought to thia oity. for ?10 and $12. Viotohnea 95. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very olwap. Particular attention is mvited to two very large Mink Sable Capea, worth over flm), eaoh for ?75 and 985. Mink Sable Cape, medium sue. #S0 and 939. Mink Sable Wtorinea f 14 and A16. Alao, several seta real lludaon Ba> Sable. Together with Siberian Squiirel. Fitch Marfan, Freuoh Mink. Ao . 111 all their variety Im Irmine Opera Clonks, vnry handsome; Muff's to nuitoh. of al! kinda, from 52.50 to 93?. Every artiste warranted, and if proven aa not rap resented, the money will be refund*!. _ ? B. H. STINEMETZ, 236 Pa. ave , bet, 12th and 13th at... Jan 11 next door to Mndaroe Dels rue. DEBIT AND CK E1>iT, a new novtl, ira ainted from the German. The Reaaon Why, a hook of condensed *oi? ntifi wVthin '*e t,ie m,Uloa' >>r th? aiKf?or of 'Inquire Northern Travel, by 'ayird Taylor. W offin '"ton* "eW nove1, bjr ,he *uthor of " Pet oJid S?SefTk'a n0reJ' hy th# aUth,r of 'Th? t?nv l.ivimrstone, or Thorough. Atlantic Afoiith|jttar Februarye IiJhed W puk,Ilc t,OIJ# rocelv?d a* fast as pwb A seleot aaaortment of Stationery. Foraaleat J OS. SHII.LiNGTON'S f c Bookstore, Odeoii Building, oorner 4>? ?t, _! ? *_ an 1 Pa. av. AMBROTYPES FOR FIFTV CENTS, ac. . ^ ? Put vp in Good Causa. A fine aaaortment of casea from 50 oenta to #5, with good Likeneaaea, either Ambroty pe. Daruer reotype, or Meleain.aypea. \Varran:edPg^id likL n0?8e8. Come early in the day. ROBERT SANDS, 1 C1 - ?ve., bet. 8th and 4th atr*eta, jar 21 tf Market Sp*<U. QREAT SALE OF CARRIAGES. AT COST0 thI^Kfir,n ?f G^dner A Plaoe having diaaolved on initant, by mutual oous^ut, tuA jkad close up their business we now off*r forfta sale, at eo*t, at their atand. No. ?>s3 I?>n 8p^-'Wr' th??orrn?r of C. the following Carriages: B **1?*' fwl,r Rookaways, one Four Dna P^">n and two Express tVagon, P ?.? Kth? *U,V*. rer? 'ntde ofthe Mat and moat tho rough aeaaoned lumber and built by skillful and ex perienced workmen, and will be warrnted for twelve every ile.*"118 being given wilh ? Current funds reouired in every instance. Alao, Hand JBuggiea ver* ch^ap for cash. ian3n ? T GARDNER A SON 1 vi 3 ^taw^w MucceRnom to Gardner 1 Plane A R R I AGE LAMPS. lOh/,hjC*inil."8o ay be*n ftPJ>o'?fed ager.ta for Edw. 4! * Carnaee and hnfine Lainoi The attention of Cmchmakers and others interested is "SfflSSlJmtS.10 the ?amp,e at ?ur ?twro ELVANS a THOMPSON, lan 14-eolm qntH.l^onTs'^e"."'* aVe"Ua CLPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Juat dTaiTln*.^'i?f the oe!ebrated I oudon Cor dial bin and Invigorating Cordial, and Tor *ale by wnM^n h ,trft*t; ??nier of B atreet nor'tli^Gro oenee and Liqnor Store. j ia_tf l?TV5i.OP THK rKPI--BLIC of the I nited States, aa traoed in the wntmga of Al 92flu n ton: b> John c- Hamilton, volume I, the I'niled States, volumea Sand 4, 91 .Ki per volume. B^tun'fV.'0"?f tf'e Dred 90011 Ca*?: b* Th??"- H. The ijueena of England and their Times, by Fran cis lAnoelot, Esq , 2 volumes, %3. 9,^tr4lt" of ,n? Married Friejds; by Uuole Ben, Storesi for the Home Circle.'5 ceuta. i.V. ^ u y! ''J ?MemPk"8. or Sketches of the Pub Uhle'ian?M wnti ' tJie ?'d J ^ ^onn^.T;^raHe0;5^r,lh Cleme'"' ?'* Wi^7%nu.h,,e SU,,>hUr by Mary J atr^'by^:^^;?:/'-'--''" ? CLri.tma. \\m. L Rh^a.'i o5nt.&.m,th,0niAn ,n"t,tat,on; b? Almanack Franca,, do. Ftat.P^ M INCE MEATJ-MINCE MEAT !! ?? JS&u fzssx?.^ H^naif'?* FAMILY I SE. direct fru,? Cin SFGAR-I?I'Vi'n uZZi*?"ly*? u>-d%y a lot of tlngverysu JJtmr Wh'?h Wo ^...unend a. fe4 c?r*.r vKfN0 & BURCHELL, - _4- ^?r??Ly*,rm<Mit av^i.ue and 15th at. ?JYE AND BARLEY MALT, CITY MALT HOUSE, ^rfwSfwi. ADAMANTINE CANDLES.?2,nno lbs Ada o^itiX^und "' ?f "?fll,?nt ^ ? Try them. KING A BI RCHF.LL, Corner \ ermont ave. and 15th sr. COKE FOR SALE. Vy . openor COKE, in any quantity, now fbr aale C^mpan delay, at the otfioe of the Gaa Lathi J 1. P BBnWW.tUMwemrr. K^GRAVED Gf.ASS PLATES.?A beautTKTl o^23iiBi3rd'onl?fo b-,een tob?appr? ELVAN8A THOMPSON. Agenta, jan 15 eolm <Intel,Union*Sta^ear*\CTalh?ngton. the nuh. J.vl hath obtained from the Orphana' Court fetterS'ofiSm? 90"11;*.the Diatrict of Columbia, letters of administration, with the will annexed on ? Caaa.?n"ate of >> asmnfton ooantf, deceased. A oersoni hAvmr the Mud d are hVr^by warn?3 ?Xninit tfie savoe, witfi the vouchers thereof to n?*t" tfc0f r* OD b*'for* the 3d day of Feb oary 3lhi'i?r,of"S!Sd e5?ar^." by ,aw Le exc,ude0 tlun' the year h4nd U,i' ? ds' February, iu N H ?All ^^?F, Admin'r W. A. estate oan h*vin< with the above _fe3 lawaw? JOHN RITCHIE. ^TATE OF CALIFORNIA BONDS. ??!if.Ln.T.i,IIivid,,nf C,r Fun<!,f?f the Bonded, and other specified in<lel.teoaesa, of the State ol tali forma, requires that the old Honda h,h! Certificates ahall I* forwarded to Sacrninento during thia year! to be cancelled and replaoed by new ones, we w.ll act aa agenta in this business, &ud request an eari> delivery of the Bond/. ' jan?fm CHUBB BROTUEnS. ?AML EL P. HOOVER'S BOOT. SHtlK, AND *7 _ TRl ,\K ESTABLISHMENT. I have unhand a large aaaortment of ladies'. ri7,M "f" ?x Nl. Boy.' Youths', andgprr^j J-.Inlijran . Rubbers, Overshoe., San-lles Ooaetnera, Boota. Slippers. Buskina he'led^l'D i w,? sii'ouh^fo?rcirf Boot'and wi>,ch rcduoed'pr'oea^'^ "took of lather Trunk, at Call and .xarutB. for youraelvc. at , ?>M'L. P. ilOOVER, jan 14 Hall, Pa. avenue, between ? ? 9th and ICrh ata. Br;rn,rT>? P.w HIaa Book or Gov I."nit?kTSUtta, o.v* n,?,,!!1"' ui ?" oft',.,a ,n the looatiooa, aaJariea, A o. Pnoe"ia W.ifh o?ntaprepaid. ?* ?3-40? Poetafeklty For aale in \\ ashing ton by -Uk Pa. arena*. . - ? *au li J'ci/1. ?VMIII*. MS' IO?h mtfmt ff IS w. Hiaoellaneon*. IVKW PL'BLIC ATION.?"HtatoricaJ and L^i tuti?? to Territories. carrying slavery alon* wiVu J* By iM w?th*r of The ffirty y?r.'vX ' tavo; David A p piston & Co. New York lVw ' The above work jsst iui?d from ihJ VvSTi t wile at the mil known ?tin*, oormr oUxVtreit PeeniTlmi*avenue. Stereotype iSrtion K^nh fullr printed oa clean new type/fine whit? >L-S?? !i r.'i is- tt?k "*? ^3ttJB?52?'27a! !??,'.J," """ton. i? mLStt work m what ita title purport* to he an ?*. ?J lil* *ut^or deems to be)' the po SfesrS 'Sf 5^S^2^2E5i2r??M an^a'toi ,venw??*th* wo: ka of our k-?o.'/? w.*? Wk8* 10 ?ee oor Government t ?si J 2 t{l*/9?ndation?on which they plaoed it." (p 180.' And it ta believed that thia pledge hai been W '?wl,d whlch u considered, by oom ? M the moat original and profound of all the antnor'a works, and ao treated ai to present new ?w? to the oldeat read en. and in fnot to as KSdM^";.T^.?rk ?" -PP<>"dtohavP, D V _ JOS. BHILLINGTON, .,. Bookseller, Odeon Building, eorner 4* st. dl4-tf_ and Pa. av. CK<? V?? Songa lor Muaio by . L tort- Maokay, 25 oenta. Ballad* and Lynoal Poema; by Charlea Maokay, <5 oenta. The Salamandrine; br Charlea Maokay. 25 oenta. Legenda of the Isles; by Charles Maikay. 25 oenta. oe^ta'0*' Cr~wd; oy Charlea Maokay, }6 Voioea from the Mountains. by Charlea Maokay, 3D C4?tS. w The Lump of Gold; by Charlea Maokay,25 oenta. K?T^Vn t**iV#V>Ky ?hai'fe* M,,ck*y- 25 oenta. mn^ t^T l,J[ ^k*'l?s Mackay, antique rno roooo, $2.75. For aale at tf TAYLOR A MAURY'S J*n Bookatore, near ?th atreet. T?K ADVKNTURES OF A CAT. and a~fiw ,cV'.lo?- colored engravings; London, 1857. The Adventures of a fl.-ar aud a great Bear, too ooioredengraviuga; London, 1R57. ?XhLiAdv?n,urM ?.f a P??* ar,d * food Dog. too, oolored engravings; London 1851. ?. 11 'M'18 Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquil. beauti fully illustrated; I.ondon. 1BS7. . * ' iur>rt',o".?;".-a:tS""0 *?*? ?-? ?? JSRtdJ^K.8'0''"'"*c,l*"d<?? for"" v""*-"""" With many other new Books. F.ngliah, French, and American, for youtha of all ages. jan 1 FRANCK TAYI.OR. T*iS?R^ASi0J^ W?Y.-A onreful collection ?f ,^^"y hundreds of reasons for things wl.ioh, f*n?ra"y believed, are imperfectly under fi?St.fiS?TBl!r 1 ,UBtrntM,: edition; price stamps lnai' on r?oeipt of ninety-aix oenta in . '-IV1;? tl>e Valley; My Kxperience of Spiritinl v' !L? n Ciuaaland; illuatrated, .f I Violet, or the Denaeuae. ? eta. I^Bjfonraphioal and Hiatorioal Sketchea; by Macau Appleton'a Rnilway Library.50ota. Punch a Pocket Book of Fun, do. do.,.V>ota. The Biographical Hiafory of Philoaophy from ita origin in (.reece down to the present day; by George Flenry I,ewes; 1 volume, $2.75. The Maine in 2 vol (J 17168 t rj >J Just publiahed and for sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S J,l"T Bookatore. near 9th at. P'?jKVi'0isjtmas prks V? 2i . Al"?' Melodeora, Violins, Guitars, Music. Mutes. Accord??.iis. Tainhoriues, Ac.. ?c? suitaole for substantial holiday cifta. o . ? . ? JOHN F. ELLIS, Music Store, 30b Pa. avenue, betweec 9th ami loth atreets. d rjHKAP PIANOS FOR SALK OK K KNT.? 'wnoa for JSI5 each; one do. $75: two do. ?I00 each; two do. each; in addition foa large "t Boston and New York unrivnlled Pianos 41 '? tf JOHN F.*. THKKK SECOND HAND PIANOS. One for #60. Two /or 9?j. At the Musio Store of 'aw A w G. MKTZKROTT. fFVi?rVER.V FINi?SE''OND-HAND PIAN Arl li%.8A.!e very V ou,r eud Muaio M.ore.S>6 Pa. avenue, l>et.9th and l<>thsta. J*"5 JOHN F. Et.LlS. | ONGPELLOW S# POKTICAL WORKS ? iwt 1" ?"p^? wilil one hundred deaigna, by Gil 0|h*-r?. finely bound. 7 1 11 t " POKMS, London C'>py, numer onjly illustrated and finely bound. THK HOm rh7!0'^ SELECTED FROM inS?fiYnil?ul?nr.0liM8' ,mal1 *uarto' 71 tri^d;ndAb.SndOKH? 'ma" ,Bart?' finel^ i"" BRACEBRIDGE HA LL, small quarto, numer a ?Pl5:r?v"yfs eud finely bound. ri ?n w r?tA rail!'p* 2! Ino"tV,.'?her *=nigli.h and A me fii Jl ? !i 2u "???try and Prone, some t>eautiruilT ^Va71?ree nrr^i?rVl1l''>-^'"rJl1, ma',,,e the -iiiU FWANCK TAYLOR. A^"D CUKDIT, trauaiated from the Ger I n (in. laiJ.UG?H.4 ant.Vel??^'* Per,,an Campaign, by Cap "Dead Secret/^' * nCW E?V?1, ^ the author of th? Rhf ^'U'owM'e. by Dudley Coatello. JtimeJTvVhi't?.'" alter Soott. two lives by Rev The \ oung Raxmiiffiiia a new toy l??ok. Bno kmn^W'*1 f"r N,"v1r"tk'r a"J Decern tier. 0 nek wood a Mncaune for Jan jar?. Keoeiveu and for sale at f? 1 oVS- s?MV'-,NGTOV-s ??>"ksfo.e fe 1 Odaon Bunding, oor. ?t and '?a. av. KAA'''vpi;N 1,1 ^ V tkiai s and sketcTT :Remini-cences of the Public Men of the United States. A o.. Ac.; by Hon O H Smith, formerly United Slates !*en tor fm?n Indi ana,one largw octavo volume">f tun pni(eH ff.iTrWS'.Ti.""'" 'uthw "IS: iiSr'!i So'd for the pubfishera by FRANCK TAYLOR V??WS AND OPINIONS OF AMERICAN One volume ootavo ; prioe 75 ota. *?J6 PR A NTH TAYf,f)R. 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"The text given in the worda of the statue book ; the matter arranged alphabetically and analyti cally." "And the notea include the deciaaiona of all the Courts, both State and Federal in whioh the con atruotion <>f the Statue Law of tue L'nited Statea haa been the subject of adjudication, as well aH those of the heads of the Executive Departmental' Complete in one volume of 1.140 large and olosely Srinted ootavo pagea. full law binding. Price $6. ust published. Jan 27 FRANCK TAYLOR ?AVIAR. PET1TS POIS. CHAMPIGNONS. We oall the attention of oonnoiaeurs to our im portation of PKTITS POIS. in butter and natural. SARDINES, in oil. CHAMPIGNONS, natural. kegs, piokled. fUTCH HERKING. in kegs, piokled. RUFFES, natural, 111 cans and bottles. ALSO, CAVIAR, of the best quality, and extremely rare in this oountry. KING A BURCHELL, jan 15 oorner Vermont avenue aad 15th at. DiBOW'S REVIEW, INDUSTRIAL RE sources, Ac., edited by J. D. U. DeBow, pub lishrd monthly ; $3 per annum. 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One bottle will oure Soaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to oare the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottlea are warranted to eare the aaoat moat deaperate oaae of Rheumatism. Three to foar bottlea are warranted to oare Halt rheum. Five to eight bottlea will oure the worst oaae of Scrofula. A benefit is alwaya expenenoed from the first bot tle, and a perfeot oare is warranted whoa the above goantity is taken. Notbiuf looks ao improbable to those who have In vain tried all the wonderhtl raedioinee of the day, aa that a oommoa weed (rowing on the pastures, and along old stone walla, should cure every humor in the ayatem; yet it ia a fixed foot. If you have a humor, it haa to start. There are no IFS nor A N*DS, hums nor ha'e about it suiting some oases, buttnot yours. I eeddled over a thousand bottles of it ia the vioimty of Boston, i know the effect* of it m every oaae. It haa already done some of the greatest cures ever done m Massachusetts. I gave it to ohildren a year oid, to oid peopie of sixty. 1 nave seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soli and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health bt one iKttls ? To those who are m jjeot to a aiek headache, one bottle will always oure it. It gives great relief in oatarrh and dixsiness. Some who have taken it had been oostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will oause very singt-lar feelings, but you must not be alarmed; the? always disappear in From four days to a week. There is never a Dad re sult from it; on the oontrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant eticommma of it that ever mau listened to la rav own praotioe 1 always kept it striotly for hu mors?but since its introduction as a general family medioiue, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected.

Several oases of epileptic fits?a disease which ' always oonsidered incurable, have been oured by a few bottlea. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in aii oases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen moce of if than I have. 1 know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged people oured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Fain in the Side, bneases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseasesof the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery has done more good than any medicine ever known. No olianse of diet ever neoeeaary?eat the beet yoa oan get and enough of it. Direction* for Vs$.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?ohildren over ten years dessert-spoonful? children lrum five to eight years, tea-spoonful. Aa no directions can he applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowela twioe a day MANUFACTUREDBT DONALD KENNEDY. iVe. ISO Wmtrtn Strut, Rozbury, Masimekuttttt. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott k. Co., Z. Gilman, Kidweil A I,awrenoe. J. B. Gardner, Burry A Co., 1). Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walah, J. F. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartx A Co.. O Bos well, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburu, Dunbar gyson, Pord A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. , Cissell. O M Lenlhain. J. L. Kid well, mv 5-ly AYER'S Cathartic Pills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies are of fered to the public as the best, must _ perfeot, which medical scienoc oan afford. A YER $ CATHaRTIC PILLS nave been prepared with the utmost skill whioh the medi cal profession of this age possesses, and their etJeots show they have virtues whioh surpass any combi nation of medicines hr.herto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cures such dangerous complaints, so quick ano so surely, as to prove an eflioaoy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thing wuioli men have known before. By removing the obstructions of the organs and stimulating them into healthy aotion, they renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health oourses anew fhrough the body, and the siok man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and disease only, for when taken by one in health they produce but little effect. This is the perfeotion of medicine. It is antagonists to disease, and no more. Tender ohildren may take them with impunity. If they are siok they will oure them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give them to some patient who has been pros trated with bilious complaint; see his bent-up, tot tering form straighten with strength again ; tee his loug-iost appetite return; see his clammy features blossom into health. Give them to some suderer whose foul blood has burst out in scrofula till his skiu is covered with sores; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out with every potion which ingenuity cthild sug gest. Give him these Pills, and mark theeflect; ?see the scabs fall from his t>ody ; see the new. fair skin that has grown under thein: see the late leper th8t is olean. Give thein to him whose angry humprs ha?-e p anted rheumatism in his joints ana bones; move him. and he soreeohes With pains; he too hat, been soaked through every musole of his body with Uniinenls and salves; give him these Pills to purify his blood; they may not oure him, for,alas! there are oases which no mortal power oan renoh ; hut mark, he walks witti crutches now. and now he w&ika alone; they have cured nim. Give tuein to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stomach has long ago eaten every suiiie from his face and every muscle froin his body. See his appetite return, and with it his iiealtn: see the new man. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness b asted and too early withering away; want of exerciseor mental anguish, or some lurking disease, has deranged the internal organs of diges tion. assimilation or seoretton.rill thev do their office ill. Her blood is vitiated, her heaitn is gone. Give her these Pills to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to east out the obstructions, and in fuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look again ?the roses' blossom on her oheek. and where iatel< sorniw sat, joy bursts from every feature. See the sweet infant wasted with worms. Its wan, sickly foatures tell you without disguise, and painfully dis tinot, that tfiry are eating its life away. Its pmohed up nose and ears, and restless sleepings, tell the dreadful truth in language whioh every mother knows Give it the Pills in large doses to sweep these vile parasites from the body. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things? Nay, are thev not the marvelof this age.' And yet tney are done around you every dav. Hsve you the less serious symptoms of these dis tempers, they are the easier oured. Jaundice Coe tiveness. Headache, Sideache, Heartburn. Foul Stomach. * au-ea. Pain in the Bowels. Flatulenoy, Loss of Appetite, King's Evil, Neuialcia, Gout .and kindred complaints all arise from the derangements which there Pills rapidly cure. Take them perse veringly, Mid uiiiler the oounsel of a good Physician if you can; if nor, take them judioiously by such advice as we kive you, and the distressing, danger ous diseases they cure, which affliot so many mil lions of the kuman race, are oat-t out like the devils of oid-they must burrow in the brutes and in the sea. Prioe 25 cents Per box-5 boxes for #1. Z. I), GI I.MaN, Washington; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and all dealers m Medicine every where. d 9-4m PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE X ON TUB P HISiOLOB ICAL VIEW OF MARKlAOt, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany, N. Y. 300 pages aud 130 tine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. IE7"PRICE ONLY U CENTS?ni |J^Smt/rtt ?/>oifag? to mil part* sis Wmim. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiologiaal View of Mar riage. A new and rev.sed edition ? of 2*> pages and IdO piatee. Pno&Sft oenta a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties and o&s unities of single and married life?haupy and fruitful allianoes, allianoes, securing them? infelicitous ertile ones?their obviation lire?hai?py mod? of se< and infertile ones?their obviati and removal?nervous debility, its causes and cure, by a process at onoe so simple, sue, and effectual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily management?an essay on Sper matorrbcea. with sractioal observations one safer and mors suooessful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil reselts from empirieeJ praotioe; to whioh is added commentaries on the diseases or fe males?from infaucv to old age?each oase graphical ly illustrated by beastiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those setf-infiioted miseries and disap poiutsd hopes so unfortunately prevalent ia the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and tbose oontemplating marriage. Its peraaal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining seeret doubts of thsir physical oondition. and whoareoon soious of having haxarded the health, happiness and privileges to whish every human being is entitled to, Prioe 25 oeuts per oopy, or five oopies for Al, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United States, by addresnng Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid J Albany, New York, enclosing 35 oents. N. B. Those wno preier may oonsnlt Doctor ILA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which his book treats, either personally or by mau. Hismedi oines often oure in the short space of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate all traoes of tbose dieorders whioh oopaiva and euhebe have so long been thought an antidote, to tbe rum of the health of the patient. His " Frenob Secret" is tfis great ooa ?remedy for that olass of disorders w" oiBoiurrs whioh oopaiva ana eunebe nave so long been thought an antidote, to tbe ruin of the health of the patient. His " Frsnob Seoret" is ths great ooa tmental remedy for that olass of disorders whioh bb fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's oonstita in-etrievable deetruction to the patient's oonstita tion, and whioh all the sarsasanlla ia the world mm BOt oure. J^^Offioa No. SI Maiden Una. Albany, N. Y. From London by last stkamkr. Russell's North Ainenea, its Agriculture and Climate. Soott's Secular and Domestio Architecture, present aad future. Delaaiotte's I'iactios of Photocraphy. Mortimer's Pyroteohny, ad edition. Denson on Clocks and Looks. Hughes' Duties of Judre Advocates. Jean's Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. English Glees. Daeta, and Quartette with Piano aooompamments, 1 vol. I.udewig's Literature of American Aboriginal Lan guages. Rousseau's Emilius, translated into English. Rousseau's Nonvalle Hetoise, translated iato English, *4 FHANCK TAYisOJEU PERUVIAN SYRUP. 0? PlCTKCTlP SOL UTIOX OP PRO T0X1D E OF LR O-V COMBINED. davint nroM fbltv paaaed the ordeal tn whiah MW AnoTeriMlo tii* Materia Medic* are sa tpeeted, rnnet now be received aa . _ _ an eetebliahad luedieine. Ita F.moacj in Caring DYSPEPSIA, I Ajfectxons tf th* Lit'f. D op*9, thmrmifim, I Bramrkitu and Con*umpttrr TVarfMnrf, Dt <orJtr*d Stmu of tk* Blood. Both, SfBrrjf, The Peostratinf Ejf'tts ?/ Lead of Mercury, Qenermi Dthilitp, And nil diabases whieh require n Tome and Alter* tive medic.ii?. is bey ood q east ion. The p roots of ita efficacy are eo nuinerou?,ao wail authenticated, and of such pecul ar character, that sufferers cannot reasonably he. itate to reoetve the proffered aid. / The Peruvian Syrup does notl profess to lie a eure all. bat its! range is extensive, been use many dseases, apparently anlike are in 11 mate I y related, and prowodniK from one oause, may be cured by one remedy The class of diseases for wiiiah the Sirup pro ril"* * ,ur*- '? P ?oieel? that wh oh ihas ao of.en baffled the higbeat order of medical >kil The fee's are tangible, the witnesaea aoo-sa.bls, and the safe ty and eficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Tboae who may wish for an opinion fiom d.nat r esled persons respecting the character ot the Syrup cannot fail to l>e satisfies with the lollowi* a siiiong numerous testimonials in the hands of the A cants. The signature* are those of gentlemen well known intha community, sod of the highest respectability. _ , , CARD. The unJersieneJ having experienced the bareli o al en ctsof the "Peiuvian ?yrup," do not hesitate to reoommend it to the attention of ti e public. Frora our own experen :e, as well aa from the tea tummy of othera, whoae irtel igenoe ami integrity are altogether una we have no doobt of ita efficacy in oases of Ir.Oipient Diseases of the Lungs and Passages. Dyspepsia, l.ivrr J omplaiot, Dropsy, Neuralgia. Ac. Indeed its ef fects would tie incredible, but from the huh charao terof thoae who have witnessed them, aid hnve volunteered their teat irnony. rts we do ours, to ita restorative power. Kev. JOHN PIER PONT, THOMAS A. DEXTfcR. S. H. KK.MiAI.U M. U. HAML'KL MaV. ? THOMAS C. AMOR V. PETER HARV? V, JAM KB C. DUNN. It la well known that i*e medicinal efleet of Pro f oxide ol Iron i? lo?t hjr ?voo a veri fxp^tiire 'i* a,rj*ndthat to ma ntam a solution of Protox ide of iron, wrhout further oxidation, haa beeu deemed unpoa-ib'e. In the Peruvian Syrup. this deatrabie point a at tained by com six *t io* m a Wat irpo * c Jf - bnowk; and (his eolation ma* replaoe all the proto oertvoiatoa citrates and tartrates of the Maieria Medica. A. A. H A Y ES, M. D. Aaaayer to the "?tate of Massachusetts, 16 Boylston street, Boston. For aale by Druggiata geaera ly. Price fur larga bottles. -92; medium aized N>*tlea. fl. N. l.. CLARK A GO. Proprietors, Boston. For sale in Washington b? 7.. D. Oilman, Special Asent; Nairn ? Palmer. John S hwartre. L. M Smith. V. Hart-anch, H. M. McPh*-* -n, f. S. Wnl.b, Joseph Bury. J as. II. Stone. J. S. Lor .joy, l?r. D. B. Clarke. D. Kidxely; and in tit-orretown bv W. i. CfaeH.and J. I,. Kidwelly feb8-fim_ E S * M AH. ? OTKCTKD bv Royal Let,era Patent 0t e.ntlai?d, and aecured t?y the Seals of the heole dc Pharmaoiede Parisand the Imperia Co'lexeofMed icine, Vienna. Trtesemar So. I laa remedy for Re laxation, Spermatoirlxpa, and Kxhaua ion ol the System. Tnesemar No. S effectual.*, in the short space of three d ms, <x>mplrtely and eutirely eradi oatea all traoea of thoae disorders whtcti copaviaand cut*eba have so lonr t>oen thonsht an antidote for, to the rum of the health of a vast portion of the pnp u NUon. rr.escniar No. 3 ia the treat Continental remedy for that clasa of disorders which, unfortu nately, the Knxliah physician treats with mercurv. to the inevi'ab e deatruotiou of the patient's cot.Fti tution.and which all the sarsaparil.a in t e wo'id oannot remote. Tneeeioar \o? 1.2, and S are alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauseaMnr uuali ties. I hey may lie on the toilet table without their use beiug suepeoted. Sold -n tinc\?ea. and divnled in separate doses aa administered by Ve>ceau I aJ lem- n, Roux, Rioord. Ac., Ao Pnoe *3 'ee'oh or f<?ur oaaea in one for .^9, which ?avea f3; and is Sold by l>r. H. A. BARItOW, No. 177 Prmoe at.,a few bio ka weat of Br<*Jway, New York, fmme 00 feceip of the amount Dr. B.wil fo. wa'd the S9 cases of 1'rieaeinar. and the larre aiaes. car ria?e paid thus .nsuring genuine huropeau pracara tiona. The $3 oases also sent, but not tree or oar na?e. Consultations as usual, from II a. m. till S p. m. arid from 4 till 8 p. m.. at No. 157 Prince ?t.. a 8foTTOVMh,'.?';UB''*d*"'- S W ?K f*,/ T "K SEC"$5OT&tfff op VOUTB Jmtt Published. Gratit. the 25tk Thousand. WOf aof th?. I Treatment, without Madioine, of Spermatorrhea or Laoal m/STmi VV eakueas, Nocturnal Kmiaaious, flMllBA. Genital, and Ner>-oua Debility, Pre ApaC^P mature Decay of the System, Impo Jar teucy, and Impediments to generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D. TUe important faot that the many alarminc oom plaints, originatin* in the imprudenoe and aoiitud* of youth, may \>e easily removed without Medioir.e ta in this small tract, clearly demonstrated : and ttu entirely new ar.d hishlj suooessfu! treatment aa adopted by the author fu!!y explained. bT?^,^ whioh ayervone la enabled tooure Himaeff perfectl* and at the feast possible ooat. therebr avoffiaf tLe advertited l-oetruma of the day. % addreaa, fratia and post free, in e aaa,ed envelope, by reuiittm. twouuitwe atampr aa?-<lAwtf IT Liapenard street. New YorV. THE SHOAL8oWowrTHKsAN08 Published. th> 3d edition *ShASKS.?A acieiilihc I rea ise on t??t treatment and perfect cure of Ner\>ou? Debilitt Seminal VVeakneaa. Involuntary Kmiseioas. Impo tence. A e., resulting from vmious tiabita acquired te'." ******* r olu Vouth to Maa .r . . .BY DR. CCLVEEWF.I.L, i** R?Tll!1 CoIteueofSurseona of Kng ?"Kl-I-ioenoiate of the Hall. ,1854). and V ^osideut Practitioner in I.ood??n. Autln.r of the (tuide to Health." ? (iraen K.^.k," "How to U "ttfy Married LiTe! A * Thia a mall but valuable freatiae.wri-ten by world renowned Ph>sician and Sure eon. Points out the !?'V"!9 Per,w*nenf cure for al I Ji?eaaes result mi; from ae f-abuae. and ia the only publioation ofita kind written in a ttenevolent spirit and t?y a scientif ic man It ahould be in the hand* of all who value their life and health and happiueaa here and hereaf Pnoe ^oenta.orl ther^eupt of which t. PoatfVee.and well secured, b, Dr Vnrk -t AretlU?? Box 45UC, NrW 1211^- jan 12 _ Traveleri^Directory. . 1^t? WESTERN TRAVELERS. FALL A ^ D WINTER ARRANGEMENT*. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. On and after Ja>>unry 28th, 185t. Two Laily Tratna will leave Calvert Station, Baltimore, for Pittaburc, Chio?*o, Cleveland. Cincinnati, St. I .ouia.and all c tira and towus in the Weat and North and Southwest. THE MORiMlNG MAIL TRAIN Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday ax? p.ed > at 8.15a m., for fittiburg aid all Waatern Towus and Citie*. TITE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN Leaves Baltimore d.uly (Sunday excepted) at 1 p. bu, for Park ton. THE .?IG HT EXPRESS Tit A IN Leavea Baltimore every Night at I" p. m . oonnec' ing with the Lightn ng Kxpreai over the Pennayl van a Railroad lor Putabuig, arriving at I p. in. The 8.15 a. in. and in p. m. trams oonnect cloft- v at Pittabmg witn traina over th* Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chioano Railroad and its Northern, Southern and estern oonneotions. Passengers for Chicago, Rock Is'and, Bur liiigton. Iowa City, Mi Dubuque S?. Paul, M dison. and other lead nn cities in the Northwest will save 0*1 HcunaKD milk* of travel and Tk* HocRa in time, with roca lkss chan<ea of cara, by taking this route. ITf Paaaengera for Cleveland, Satduaky, Toledo andl)atr<>it go by this route, and the tiiu ? is un eaualed, being 43 milea shorter t ban any other route. JC7~ Passengers for St. Louis, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Cairo, and all points on the Lower and I p per M isaissippi. make tees ohanges of oars and arrive m advanoe of any other route: and to Cincinnati. Co tumbua, Dayton, Lwaiaviile and cthrr prominent cities as MUiok aa by any other roate. All Western baggage oh ecked through and handled with care. Paaaengera for WiiliBT,spurt, Niarara Fails, Elmira, Buffalo, And cities and towns in WESTERN NEW YORK and CANADA. will find this the shortest, oheape>t and most expe ditious route, and leave In train at 8 15 a m. Paaaengera for Hanover, Ueityaburg. Kmm tta burg. Wnrhtavillle, Columh.a and Ijincaster l?a\e in the morning traia at U.I5a. m. Paaaeugera leaving Washington atfia. m.,o.>nnect With the 8.15 a. m. train, and thoae by the traina at 3, 4 2hand 5.2ii with the 10 p. m. tram lor all parts of the West. Fo' farther oo reet and reliable r formation p en e app'y at the Ticket Offioe of the Nor'hern t'e tra Railway, Caleert station, comer of Calvert aud Fiankliu streets, Baltimore. C. C. ADRFON.Siip'r. 1*8 tf J. H. WARSKR. Tnket Arrnl. PHlLAIiKLI'HIA. Wfl.MINOTON AM BALTIMORE RAll.ROiD. Passenger trains f??r Philadelphia leave President street depot. Baltimo e, daily, except Sundays, a* follows, via: Fx press Tram at >^?a. m.; Wsy Mai Tram at 11 o*e!ocka m ; Evening Mail atfi.25 p m OuSu days at 8 *5 p. m. o?>ly. All train- connect with New York trains except 6 *# p. m. Saturdays. FO t HAVRE DE GRACE ONLY. Leave Haltimore at 4, 4 o'elock p. m. From Philadelphiaa la. ni.. 1 p. m.,aud U p m. FOR SEA FORD/i) F.L Paaaengera leaving Raltimoie st 8.?n s. in connect at Wilmington with 2/? p. m. tra a and p. m. from Baltimore with (Main. tr?in. Fare from Baltimore to tteaford fa A tf WILLIAM CRAW FORD, Agent. pOR NORFOLK ANU PORTSMOUTH, Va Tha steamer LOUISIANA leaves the I'mon Dook, foot of Conoord streat. BaTti _l| "? ^ more.erery T a eadav. Thursday. andt^trfT Satanlar.anu the steamer NORTH****" C A RO LI N A every Monday, Wednesday. and Fri Trmrtltfi' Lirtetwry ARIilNGTON km a .m m railroad. Trains ??ii w follows. L*kvi Wa*MMUNi?i?t hi. Do. 4". at?a.m. I?u. do. ? Do. do. it 4 ft> p m. Jki. i|n. at 5.15 P. m. The Train* at 6 ami ? a. m and 4 ? p. ia. MlIlK ! ?oi.) at Mutim* re f<>r the Ka?t and at Rets; for tli* Umi. 'Thw?fttta.<l5l}f. n lor Aaa> olis.and ai 3 p in. Im I'rN-r'ck utl Norfolk. Tk? 6 a m. and 4-ai p. uu trams ?r? Kx press. aad atop only at Aiuiapo i? and \Vuliiuito? jenotioaa Tkt Eastern train of Saturusy at 4 *> p m. s>>os waif to Philadelphia. On Sunday only u? tram?at 4Jn p. m. taaJP d TH H. rARSo.NS. A gut. N kW AN 11 iM PORTANT ?CUEDLLfc. FOR ALL PARIS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Tfea recent extension aad improvement of ita lead ng oonneoting liaeeat the Wat bae reaeirodaa aa tire riraiua of the ruuuiag arrangement* of thia road Swkiok highly important advantages to tae lra? ?r are eeeurod. On awl after MONDAY, Jaa? i?. l?W. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be raa ib both diroetume for throach passengers. Fiiat?Tbo ACCOM MODATlONTRAlNeUrtA from Camden Stati<?u. Baltimore, at 7 A.M.,<eseept Sunday,* stop* at vaj stations and utitm at Can. ?erianj at 4 P. M. Seoornl- I Im MAIL TRAIN aiarta "uOa? ?* - oepted l at 1A.M.. aya arrives at Wkeeliaa at ? M A. M.. ooonooting at B*tivood witk Central Ohio ira.Ds for Coteinbos. Cincinnati. Indiaaapoli*. Loa laville. Chiua.o St. ljoai?, fte.,and at same p'aeo with tiaint for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. A a.. Itr Cleveland Road,and alao at ParheraOurg with Ma netu H uitj Third-Tbe ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI Ea PR ESS TRAIN 'mvcs daily at 5.t* r. M.oon netting at Henwood at 9 A. M .with expipes trx ua from Bella, re to Cincinnati, iteiiAeat Ttaan of r?n at Ceikfn6?t.l arid reecking thore in hat M hotirafroro Baltimore and Jh hours from Washing ton. |t alao connects directly, in t?uth dirootiooa, at Grafton W;th cars lis Parker* burg and Marietta roads for CtiilltOothe. Cincinnati, eto. Taeee trains aaaaaak at Xema for lidianapolis. Chiaago aad St. Louie. and at Ciuoinnati witn the Great (Ikio w Miaaiaaippi Ex pre** for Louisville Cairo and St. l.ou i? through to St. Louie ic leee tkantlkoaralrua Bain more. Br thia traiu the ttm* to all the oontral aad goatherd p.\i?c?io the West la much ieaa, whoa the Jisimntt |g from 4" to tOi* shorter than t>y the shoteet of other rout ?a. From tae Weat the*e oonaeotions are equally oToee and aat.s factory. ar riving at Baltimore at !.?? A. M. (Lr Bafgage cueoked taroagh to all potato. THRHI OH TICKKT9 eoM at oweat ratoe at Camdea Station and at \\ aahinttoa, D. C. Paaaengere from Baltimore or \Vaaliingtoa map ?u? tki tadri read bp da plight, by taking anna tag traina, and l^ing over at Cumberland or OaA laad, and reaami'.if seat m<<ru.t.g by WhaaUna AO o^Mi.mtxiation train, leaving Camborland at 1 aud Oakland at lu jo. FOR WAY PASSElfUKRS. Jflml>eriMid Aooomm<>da?t<m Train at 7 A N.. Vttl aU?f at all Station* eaat of Camt>erlaBd. and tkf VVaeaang Aooominvxlation at all t*tatume t>ov?od Cambonaad going Weat. Kaatwartfif. tae Man Train leavea Whaehng a; A. M .and twnnu dation lenvea Can.berland at 9. reaofciug Baitimor* ?t&9> P. M. ON THK NORTHWEJ?TF.KN VIRGINIA BRANCH. tM-tween GrafU?c and Parkerat.ur*, tai ?aaaongarc will uke the Kxpreag wear war Jly and the Mail eaatwardiy. The FRKDKRICK TRAIN atarta at 4 P. M.. atoDPing at way atationa. Laavea Fraderiak at 9.11 A. m.. arriving at Baitnnore f> iiona. The RLLICOTTS MILL TRAIN laavaa at Ltt A. M., ai.d5.l5 P. M. l.oavee Kmoott'a MillaAtf A. M. and 7 P. Mexcept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THK SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for W aahingtoa at 4.l$and?.lA A. M.,SaiidS.I5 P. M. On Sundaya at 4.15 A. M., and 5.15 P. M.only. I.rave W aamngton for Ba'timore at 6 and ? >* A. M.and 3 an J P. M. Oa Sundaya at 7 A.M., and 4 2) P. M. only. The firat and fonrlh traina from BaltMitore.and the aoeond and foarth trama from W aelungton, win r.e expreaa mail traina. atoapmc only at AYaahingtoa Janoti *1 and Annapolia Junction. The 9.15 and *.15 traina from Baltimore and tka 1.30 and 4 2" traina from Waahington ounnoot wita taa traina from AnnMoua. For tiokete. lalormatioa. fare. Aa., aaply to J. T. ENGLAND. Agent, at the Ticket oSoe, Camdea Status. WM. B. W OODSIDK. it lf-tf Maatar of Tranaportation. Bait^mora. QRANGKAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD 9RBAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily. (Sunday mtfita aaoepted.l betwaaa Washingtoncm* and the fuuia. *?? ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLiiaap RICH MOND. Laavaa Waahingtoo at? o'elook a. m. " Waakingtoc at 7 o'oiook p m. For LYNCH BIRG and" the SOUTHWEST. Leave WMhiugtoo at 6 o'o<ook a.'an. arrive ic LYNCH Wl'RG uext morning at 4a. m.,OMQneaUag witn the traina oa the Virr.nia and Tenneaaee Raa . Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stagea frwm Char ottfavilie to Lynohl'iirg a diatanoe of 6t< miiee. Fare from W aahington to Lyaahburg. %7.7k L The ateainer GEORGE PAGE, foot of Sevaotk atreet. being owned In the Rtiiruad Company, ieaa in opnnection with the traina. Tlokttta for Lyncnt>urg procured or the Boat. ir^Uennitiuaoaand Bar gate W agotia Will beat lua Depot of the Waakingtim Ra,lruad,to eocvey paa aaugeraand baggage to the SteainU*t, for Alexan dria, a diatauoe ofaix mi.aa. allowing aiup.e tuna for maala. JAMES A. EVANS. Agacl. Alaxandna. Jaly.ltM. It s-tr KW YORk AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM MRS. N Tkt Skipi rowipoiiag itu Lta? are: The ATLANTIC Cmpt. Oliver ElJrtdga. The B A 1.TIC-- ? . ?..-Capt. ioeoph roaittock The ADRIATICi ?... Capt. Jamee We?t, Thaee ahipa living been bhilt by aotitraot expreanty for Government eervioe, every oare baa baan Ukea in their oonatruotioe, aa also in tha;r eug:i.ea. to in tare etrengtli &nd apced. and their acoonunodntioua for paaae^gerc are BiieauaJled for aieganoe ana oom fort. The BteamerMofihia line beve improved water tight ooinpartmenia. and tM> naa been apared to make them ail aa good at new, the thorough rxaih lnation given them prove* their mode ol conat. Mo tion yat ane<iaalled. Pnoaot paaeagetrom New York to Ltvarpool, la krat oahin, in eaooud do., 975; I rom Livar pool t< New York, 9u and V- guiuaaa. Aa axper. perienocd Sa gooc attached to eaon akip. No bertha oan ba aaoarac antii paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILINO. taoM mw voax. | paoa LivrarooL. Saturday. Jan. 16 1H53 W'edaeaalay. Fet> S IMS !%turda), Feb. IS W'edneeday. M'ok a I KM Saturday . March IS . .1H5U, W edueaday, M 'ch 3 18M Saturday, Apr I lu lHitl Wedneacav. Apnl <k la* Saturday, a brii 34 W'edueaday, Ma) la lf5e Saturday, Nfxy 8 ISSc! WedncBitsy , May 2t la? Saturday, Mav 12 ... IKSh Wedneaday, June9 IM) Saturday, Juue5 loV Wedneeiiay, June iS lag Satutdav, Jane is lark Wedaeeday, July 7 IW Satarday, July 3.^?.lSWi Wednaeday. July tl las Saturday, July 17 18&> W'edueaday, Aug. 4. .I?KA Saturday, Aug. 14 135t! W'edneaday, ^pt. I .1MB Saturday. Aug.28 las*; W*edne?day , Sept. IS ik^e Saturday, Sept. II .. .IW Wredne?.lay, Sept. lk'4 Saturday, Sept. i.5 l>ia? Wednea^ ay, Oct. IS la-^J Saturday, Oct 9 ItV W'?*u,<??day . Oct. t> Saranla*, Oct. iS ... li^ \\ , Nov. lu.laM Saturday , Nov. f W'edneaday, Nov. *A 1?!< Satarday, Nov. 4* l?C3 W edneaday , Deo. K IS ? ia'.arday, Deu.4^___lF-S?,XVedaesday, Deo. a Um For froirht or paaeega, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. Ik, Wall New \ org. BROW N.SHIPLEY A CO^ Liverpool. B. G. W AIN W RiGH I A CO.. Paria. The ownera ol theae ahipa wiii not be aoooaataUa for gold, atlver, tui'icn, specie, iewelry, preoioaf ?tooea or mota.a, an'eaa bille of lading are aimod therefor and tka vaiua theraof axpreaaod therein. d 16 TAE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. One of the Stearaa.'iipe of thia Comp< &y, oarrylag the Uruled stataa Man* for ACAPt'LO, + CALIFORNIA, and OREGON, leavaai Panama twiee tach r.onth. on tt.e arn ? val of the United Statee Moil S. S. Company's a teem era, whioh leave Net Orieana and New \ urk regu larly on 5th and ?>th of each month wiih the mane, and pamcr>ngera oounacting Via PANAMA RaIL ROADS. Theee etaamahipe have l-eea iacpei?tod and ap proved by the Navy Department, anil guaranty ?r?.a aad saftip. The PaiMma Railroad (47 miles lorg) is now oom plated from ooean to oojan. and is oro^aod it 4 or 4 bonre. The haggage of paasengers is oheokad in New York Mirotieii to San F ranoieoo, ard paaaengvrs are embarked at l'-inaina l-y eteainer at the company'a exponae. The m.mey paid in New York oovore ail expenses of the trip. Reeet ve ateam?rs ere kept in port in Panama and eFranoiaco. to arevent detention in caeeol aoix t, s<? that the rWit* ia entirety rtltabli-no fkl? are having occurred in eight years. Passenger* leave t'aj-iiita the same day they ar rive at Aspmwall. Conductors go through by raok s'.aamei, aad take okargaof women and otuldrru other protac tors. For tkrojgh tickets at the lowest ralee appa at tka agency. 177 W'ckt strict. New York, to I. W. KAYMOND,-orto ARMSTRONG. HA KRIS ft CO., 5ew Oriaaaa,- or Jy St-tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boaton. N1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REUULAR LINE aMk witbovt PAiLcax vox ?iubt Vkaka, p*a CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. (Uislsr Satitag Dmpt,btk f-Rttk ?f sag* swau, ? * CaVTtoN.?So mar* frauds and lmpoai uons of vanoes kinds have boec Melv perpetrated on travel ere loand to C A LI ' V'ORNIA.tkat the sahssriler. tk*<?iy a?thonie4 Agent for passage by ike U. S. Mail Lino, via I'ana ma, ia the city of New York, feeis it kis duty to aaation all persona seeking passage to California, U that, TO AVOID imposition, they muat t? oarefa; to find the traa oftoa ol the Steaiuahips of tke U s. Mai! Line, via Panama Raj'.rood, as no other a#sg in New York la aathorited to engage paeaage. The Coaapaaiee have osdv one oHee ia Naw Yorft, which ia at 177 \veat ?trsst,BOmer of W'arrea eti?ei, .'rocting on tka North River, at thakaad of tka Coot