Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE ClTV CoCXCIL*.?Board of Aldermen ?The l*Mfd met at tbe umiil boar; the President, W. K B <? > I v, in the chair. Mr Donobo presented the |ietiti??uof the Pr?*? ident of the iVrnrvemmr Kire l'um|Muy, Mkiti)" an appropriation, referred to tbe Are department committee Mr. Goddard presented tbe petition of Augus tus t Perry, and others, askng for tbe removal s,t tbe jail from it* presen' location referred to tbe committee to attend to tbe interest* of the Corporation before Congress Also, the petition of L Neuman. asking for tbe remission of a tine, leferred to claims com mittee Mr Miller presented n joint resolution instruct ing tbe committer to attend to the interests of tbe Corporation before Congress, to ask of tbal body an appropriation for tbe impiovement of M?*?arbn*eu* avenue froiu Tbirtrenth street to Kock Creek: passed Council Dili to grade and gravel B street north from First to Second street east in tbe Ftfib Ward; referred to improvements committee Also, a bill tor tiiiumtug and traveling E street north, tietween Kleveutb and Fourteenth streets west; same reference Also, ? bill directing a water-tight bo* or trough to lie placed under tbe spout of the public pump in the alley in square No 436; same refer ence Also, a bili for tbe relief of Charles Van Ness, for taxes erroneously paid; referred to finance ? omuiittee Also, a preamble and joint resolution In rela tiou to tbe sale of tbe Judiciary Square to tbe I oited State* as a site for the Interior Depa t iuent bnllding. the proceed * to be pledged to tbe eiertlon of a new Centre market-bouse ; referred to police committee Mr. Ruff, from the public schools committee, made a report, accompanied by a bill to pav W Ui Ballaritine the amount of au arcount for books furnished to tbe public schools. The ac count wi< made in consequence of a resolution which passed tbe Board of Trustees of public scbools, making vocal music a regular branch rf education In the public schools, sulyrrt to the same regulations as other ItraiK'hcs. Mr. Mdler objected to paving the bill, on the ground that the Board of Ti Ustee* ot public schools bad no right or power to act in the mat ter. If this bill was allowed, tbe next thing then would be a dancing mastei, and tbe fiddler would have to be paid. as well a> bills for soiree? and ice cream a* ioinpanimcnLs. lie did not know how far tiie power of the said Boa d extended, but he did not think they bad any right to get the Corpoiation into debt in such a manner. Mr. Pearson contended that tbe bill was justly aud honestly due, and ought to be paid ; the liooks had been furnished in good faith by the bookseller, aud there was no way of getting out of it. even should the Board be dispoaed to do so. Tbe bill was laid on tbe table. Aud tbe Board adjourned. ( emffioH Council ? Tbe Chair presented the petition of Raymond Clark, President, aud A P Robinson. Trustee of the \\ ashiugtou Iron Pave ment and Street Railway Company, in relation to paving Pennsylvania aveuue With Robiuson's patent cast iron pavement. On motion of Sir. Brown, it was referred to a select committee of tour mcml>er* of the Couu cil and three from tbe Aldermeu. The Chair presented the petition of suudrv cit izens. for the use of the school house iu tbe First Ward for ? inday School purposes; refeired to public schools c> u.mittee Mr. O. me presented tbe petition of P B Bar ry; referred to claims committee. Mr, Brown, f.o:u ways and means committee, ported the bill to aiitboiize tbe Mayor to refund erroneously paid; passed. I, a bill to defray expenses of priuting with in amendments; passed. Turtou, from the improvement* commit Feported a bill from the Aldermen f >r setting ttone and paving Massachusetts avenue, be tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets west. 0 Mr Kenmdy moved to amend by providing that if three dollar* per front foot is not sufficient then tbe woik shall not l?e commenced until the property owners obligate themselves to pay the additional expense; lost. The bill was then passed as reported Mr. Turton reported the Aideimeirs bill for grading and graveling Massachusetts avenue, be tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth sts wast, passed. Also, tbe Aldermen's bill to supply deficiency for building a wall. Ac., on H at. north, between North Capitol and First stieets east; passed Also, a bill autboriiing the Mayor to have the opened in sqi.are 79, and for other purposes; "'llso, a bill for paving of two lateral alleys in ?qaaar TT4; passed. Mr. tfas^nedy, from claims committee, reported Aideimenfor the lellef of W m i*Ked rly on the petition of Geo Miller ion of a flue, and asked to be dia led Tnsou moved to refer It to the Sixth itiou; passed Iwu, ftoni the drainage committee, re Uderinen's oill to supply a deficiency for cor.stiuctino a sewer in the Fourth Ward; passed Mr l.lov-d offered a resolution instructing the police committee to take into cout,deration the piopriety of collecting all the laws respecting free negroes and mulattoes into one. and report *uch am^ndm-nt* ai may i>e deemed needful, at the earliest possible time; passed Mr Willaee a bill relating to tLe Good Will H^se Company, referred to fire de partment commit let:. Ai?o, a joint resolution instructing the com mittee before Congress iu id au appropriation to llrfht New Jersey avenue south with gas ; passer* Joint resolution of the Aldermeu instructing ibe comic atee befo.e Congress to a*k au appro priation for tbe improvement ij Massachusetts avenue, from Thirteenth *treet west to Rock t.eek was parsed Mr. T art on, from liip'ovement* committee, icported a bill fiom the Alder^ien for the Im provement of 1 stieet. between Li-hth a?d Fourteenth meet* we?t, With ceitain amend ments; a- amended the hill was passed AJr Tiee from public schools committee. r? p.?it>*da joint revolution atklngof Cougress jn appropriation of *45 i?*?, on certain coi.ditiou*. lor tbe support of public school*; parsed Mr. Brown, fiom Third Waid delegation, re Corted a bill for establishing a grade for an alley efween Fourth aud Fifth streets west, in squaie 513. with a substitute ; passed lie also introduced au art to establish the office Of Superintendent of Public Schools ; referred lo public school.* committee The Chair announced Messrs Bro\* n. Fisher. Turton and Lloyd as the committee on tbe peti- | tion of Me?srs Clark and Robinson Mr. Hutchinson introduced an act reviving an ar t jpj?roved June, ls$l; referred to the improve Bient* committee. Tbe Boa:d then adjourned. SBPBKMK CoCET ?Mundntf?Chav 11. Thorn sou and Harmon S. Cutting, F.*q., were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. Osd'f of L'vurt.?There having iieen an Asio cijUj^Juitice of thia Court appointed since its I JAMitatui). it Is ordered that the following allot 'Jjnrt4iMiie of theCbief Justice and Associate Ji'tkw of *sd Court among the circuits, agree. :t of Cong ess in such case made [and that stu b allotment be entered mi I'or the first circuit. N'athau CI f ile Justice; necoiid, circuit, Samuel foci ate Justice; third circuit. Robert issociate Justice ; fourth circuit, Roger _____ Chief Justice; fifth circuit, John A Ciwipbell, Associate Justice; sixth circuit, Jas Wayw, Associate Justice; seventh circuit, M l<ean, Associate Justice ; ei^htb circuit, ^Catron A*M?ciate Justice; ninth circuit, Daniel. Associate Justice. O'J Hvde and t>giesby, plaintiffs in error, _ Jikry 1. Stone. 1 n error to the Circuit Court of the I'uiieJ States for the Kottern district of Louisiana. Mr Justice Campbell delivered th * ? opiuiou of tbe Court, affirming tbe judgment ot the Mid Cirruit Court in thia cause, with co*t? an 4 inte eat. No 3J The Commercial Bank of Manchester, s appellant, r? Henry S. Buckner. Appeal from tbe Circuit Court of the United States for the eastern district of Louisiana Mr. Justice Wayne delivered (he opinion-of the Court, affirming the decree of the said Circuit Court In this cause, with costs No. il. Wm B. Dean, appellant, rs. Nathan Mason, et at. Appeal from tbe Circuit Court of tbe Li aited States for tbe district of Kbod - Island %4r. Jnsfiee M' l?ean delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the of the said Circuit C-?urt, with costs, and remanding tbe cause for further proceedings in coufoimity to the opinion ?f this Call't. No I- Win B lirant et al , appellant*, e? Cdife-lim PoilIon el al Appeal fioiu the Circuit C >urt of the I'aiti d .--"iHtes for the southern dis UMt of New York Mi Justice McLean deliv ?.ed tbe opinion of the C.uirt, aULmiug the de i .ee of the -aid Circuit Court in this cause, with CO*t* , No tu Wiu S Hungerford. ippellaut, John Sij^ersou Apieal tbe Distiict Court of the Cuited ^t Vs for the district ol Wisc&n ?in Mr Justi? e Mc L?an delivered the ^piuion of tbe Comt atfiriu'.ng the decree of tbe vaid i)i"?tri.*t Court in this ei?.i*e. with coats. No :>4 Cyiua 11. McCoiiuick, apprll int, W. Waite 1'aUott et al , smvivors of John H Man pri, Tbe ars?i?ue;?t ??f tbis cau.-e was contniuf d by Mr Kdwin M Stanton fo> the appellee*. Adjourned li li> Liii'im ?Last night, at Wall & Bar nard* auction, a gold watch was offeied for sale Tbe aab sinau handed it down foi examination bjr tbe bid<l'i* aud it was pa*?? baud to hand > unti! it was ?'knock-d dowu" to Mr Go Is in Tne saleaiuan called for it* leturn, but It was no l_ . ... >? Im# fuuisi Toe last seen i>f it wa? In the P i wuere to be found Tue Ust seen of it wa? In the te?ad* of a young man who was supposed to he the pu c baser. ?nd who with It Tu desrription of tbe peraon m?us yIven, and ibis morntaif W m and fho* Cropsey were a. reated on snspicion. but uo one identifying either as tbe peraon, they were discharged ^MiTiaoxiA* Lkctcri ?The concluding ler liipe of the course by Dr. Wynne at the Smithso nian took place last evening. Thin wa* devoted almost exclusively fo literary pursuits, and tbe longevity of the difleient classes engaged in ? hem The le? Inter said tint one great reason for the unliealtliinr** of literary pursuits Is the habit o! those engaged in them to occupy one position for too long a time, and tbi? position, one in which the muscles are relaxed, tbe chest compressed, a d tbe bead bent forward and downward. I nder such circumstances breath ing Is difficult, and great relief is frequently ex perienced from a prolonged respliatlon Ano ther detriment to health arises from tbe habit of confining tbe mind for too long a period to one subject The faculties are thus overtasked, and the consequence is that the physical system is impaired It Is also frequently the case, the lectuier remarked, that the habits of literary men are in other respect# eriatic. They engaged with great ie?t in festivities, and many of them are intemperate A? a remedy for all tbose evils, the lecturer re commended tempera ce, *egular habits, and fre quent relaxation fioin labor Relaxation, he said, was imperative for the pre* vat ion of health and life, with every human being ; and he gave as a reason why some classes of merchants re tain vigorous health until a late period of life, and are still so successful in business that their habits of temperance and oft-repeated recreation of mind and body, prevents the rapid exhaustion of their vitality, and preserves boto their mental and physical systems from debilitation. Thus, while health of body is retained, the miud is kept in a condition at all times competent for tbe discbarge of whatever duties may devolve upon He did not. however, desire to be understood as saying that a life of leisure was promotive of lon gevity; for. fioin a comparison of the aveiage length of life among the privileged classes of England and thegeneial masses of the Knglisb people, tbe diflerence was by several years in fa vor of the former. He also took occasion to say that at different |>erlods In the history of F.ngland there vi as known to be a remarkable different *In tbe average longevity of the nobility and piivl leyed classes. He next alliid> d to the fact that among the sev eral classes of those engaged iu literary pursuits theie is a great difference iu the average length of life. Ina tabular statement prepared by Air. Madden these ditt'eieiice^aieclassitli d as follows: f vol n . Natural Philosophers 75 Moral Philosophers 73 Painters and Sculptors 70 I .aw Authors 69 Medical Authors 68 Authors ou general subjects 67 Philologists 66 Musical Composers 64 Novelists and miscellaneous writeis 62,<$ Dramatists 62 Poets 57 This table was made up by taking indiscrimi nately twenty of each class, whose merits in their several branches weie generally acknowledged, no attention being paid to their advantages of habits, modes of life, or to locality. Tbe lecturer next proceeded to particularize the habits of several well known authors, among whom were Byron, Hums, Bacon, Cowper, Jamiesou, Scott, and Lelbrstz; and concluded with some general rema ks relative fo what care should be used by students and literary men to guard aga<nst too great excitability of the nerve* This series of lectures would constitute a valu able book, and we cannot opiit expressing the hope that the author will publish thein at an early day. They comprise very many important facts, wnich it would 1* well were they more generally understood. r Washinotos Theatre.?"Camille" is all the talk to-day. It displaces, as a topic, tbe New Code, Lecompton, and the YVolcott case. Every body inquires of everybody "Did you see Ca mille?" "What do you think of Miss Heron V And everybedy is forced to admit?even they who protest against certain mannerisms of Miss Heron, and suggest Cherry Pectoral as a mollifler of Camille'* racking ana unpleasantly natural couyb,? that she is an actress of singular power. Our i#aders, or many of them, will remember Miss Heron onlv as the fragile, infantile, sweet faced young actress, who some year? ai;o was so graceful and pleasing upon tbe Doad* of the old National Theatre. Since then, she has developed into full womanhood. and comes before us now with round'd proportions, arrj the deep thrilling voice and tbe stately swe?p of the tragedy queen. As an intellectual peiformance her adaptation of ?? Camille'' will uotcomfxire with that brought out here by the Laura Keene company; but it is but fair to admit that it is twice as truthful to nature as the latter. The cha'acter of Catnille, as portray* d by Miss Heron last night, exercised an interest almost painfully intense upon every person?and the house was crowded?-In the theatre An actress who can do this has powers of a high order. A single performance, bow ever, does not justify us iu defining her precise histrionic *tnt*?, and this we d^fer until after seeing her in other parts whirb we are promised iu the tia^edies of "Medea" and " Pbipdra.'' now in rehearsal. " Camilie" will be repeated again to-night for the bent fit of the many who could not obtain sitting or even standing room last night TBiKKD-HiP I.odge Letee ?There wis a tine attendance, both numerically, and in good looks, at the Friendship Lodge Festival, last night P O M Fred D Stuart, in a frw opening re marks. introduced P G S. fhos VVildey, who exp ensed himself most happy to mett so many Odd Fellows and their fil-*ndi; ai.d be expressed the bone that, after a life of usefulness the speak er ana audience wouid meet before tbe Great Grand bire, in eternal glory Then came a fine song, written for the occa sion.. by i'rof Crouch, and sung by Mr F.d?vin Jones tiev J C McCabe followed in an address upon Odd Fellowship; and in the course of which he alluded most eloquently to t ie j..try member? of the O.der who fell in the woik of ie iieving the distressed, visiting the sirk, and bu rying the dead during the prevalence of tbe yel low fever wbtch scourged Norfolk and Ports mouth The address was truly felicitous through out. as was to have been anticipated, coming from one of the finest pulpit oiators of the coun try After the address came more vocal and instru mental music by Prof Crouch. Master and M iss Pugh, and Withers" Baud; and then the floor was cleared and dancing entered upon with a <est which, when we left the room, threatened Its maintenance until the ".small hours ." What was near proving a fatal accident by tire, took place at the Kirkwood House last night. Miss Reiliy, daughter of Hon. Wilson Keilly, of Pa., was preparing to attend a hop at the Na tional, and in passing a tire In a grate ber ball dress caught 6 e and she was instantly envelt>|ted iu dimes Her screams brought her sister, Mrs. MrClue to her assistance, but whose d'es? was also of light texture, and both might have mst their death but for the prompt interposition of Mr. John N.Jones, of Wisconsin, who separated the ladie-, and throwing Miss Keilly u|kui the floor, succeeded in smothering ML* Keilly, we regret to hear, Is very seriously burnt on thee ie?t a id arms, and Mr. Jones did not Ct catw* u .scathed. One of the proprietors has called upon us to request that we should deny the statement that tbe accident occurred by the explosion of a earn phene lump. No caiupbene lamps are, or have been, u?ed in the building, and the tire as above slated, caught from the grate. The vote upon the new Code yesterday was not a laige one?the uopleasaut nature of the walking, doubtless, deterring many from visit ing tbe polls. The Code was rejected by the fol lowing decisive majorities; For it. Against it. Washington 1st Ward.,.. IIM 3H 2d Ward 2*1 377 3d Ward..,, If* 452 4th Ward..., 235 ^36 5th Ward ... 113 325 6th Ward.... 151 7th Ward.... 127 5iJ6 Georgetown, entire 3BW 3**} Total 1,*W 3,44* We hear of the following returns from County precincts: Tenallytown 35 majority against tbe Code Second precinct of the County 2?'for the Code, 52 against. Good Hope 16 for, 161 against. A rrksted o* St'spieio*.?Last night, the aux iliary gun ds aud officers on the beat which in cludes Sixth st;eel and Louisiana avenue arrested a man who gave bis name as W F Norton, as a -uspicioas person. Officei Donnelly aud bis partner bad been watching him for several days Circuuntaiice-. it seems, have led to tbe suspi cion that tills persi.u has been hired to assassi nate Gen Calhoun, and has dogged him from Kansas to this cit> for that purpose. He is also ?u*|M'Cted by the officeis to be the peisou for whom under the name of Meredith, a reward of tiui is ottered bv the autbm itics of Tennessee on charge of muider committed in that State Tu? CuxNixcxatxTor List.?Sh'oveTues_ day (tfcts dav.) the day preceding Ash Wednes day, or the first day of Lent, is observed In tbe Catbolic and F.pi?copal Churches. The name of Lent is deny, d from a custom wbi< b pre vailed in the primitive chu.cb, lor penitent* a this time to express their humiliation by lyiug la sackcloth and a-bes lleu.e the ancient mines, " l)'t* Ctntiurn." and ''Caput JtjMitil,'' tbe Head of tbe Fast. Lent, in tbe Old Saxon, signifies Spring It commences on Ash W tduesday. and ends on the Saturday before Easter; a period, not Including the Sundays, (which are regarded as festivals rather than fa?ts,) of forty days. Who wants to buy a c?>py of tbe ?? new Code'" Our Reuben has one foi *al* low, it being ?' of no further use to tbe owner.*' Fill ?This morning, about one o'clock, the truck bouse of tbe American Hook and ladder Company, in the Sixth Ward, w? discovered to W on Are, and in a short time the dwelling of Piof Full*, nf ILe Marine band, nf?r liy, vrualw noon in flunv^ |'he two buildings were soon pI. i , h" n|n>n Prof *J*"? *ho ,s a worthy and industrious citt ii ,,, "" *PP,,r?ta? of the lire company being at 11^ " ','a""f?r,?rV/or repair, escaped destruc Wa* d?uhtle*? the work of an in. Riot \ rstrbdat ?Yesterday afternoon, tbe police were again called to Swam poodle to quiet ? disturbance which had been created there by a disagreement between a landlord and tenant. Michael Muntz and his son John Muntz were arrested by officers Watson and McIIeiiry, who wrrt <oniewbal cut and bruised by the prisoners who res i? ted tbe arrest. They were taken before Justice Donn, who held them to appear at tbe March teim of the Criminal Court. Criminal Cocbt.?To-day tbe Court met at 10 o'clock, ar.d took up the case of Benjamin Ogle, for the murder of John Webb, and Laving run through the list of regular jurors, and from tbein only selecting three, tbe Court ordered that thirty taiesmen be summoned, f.oin whom to makeup a jury to sit In tbe case. r Oub F bikxd* of the Dramatic Association of Georgetown College are having a carnival holi day representation to-day, perferming "Hamlet" and the "Spectre Bridegroom " We regret our inability to avail ourselves of their polite invita tion to attend. let?The schooner Clara, Captain Crowell, has arrived at this city, wltb a cargo of ice from Boston. Mass , consigned to J. C. and If. A. Willard. I lie \\ illa'ds arp determined to have their ice-bins well storked Isifore the warm wea ther sets in. Aaron Btkr undertook to fouiid an empire In the southwestern part of this continent. If he had succeeded, there wonld have been an empe ror called Burr Thlid by thin time in Mexico. a? as there Is a Napoleon Third In France. Who ever is anxious to know the whole truth about Burr, mii.t coiiMilt Puiton's life of him. a work a." i",*"?ti"K a" OMe 'he Waverly novels. In ! Js romanee of American history (io to I bilbriek's Gift Bookstore, 4?? Pennsylvania avenue, and buy a life of Aaron Burr, or any other boook you please, and get a piesent with It. It Watch Rkti'rxs?Wm. McLean, Ohio, dis orderly and assault with a knife; tine and costs, $?21.4-1. Win. F. Norton, Mass., suspicious cir cumstancca; jail further hearing. Wm. Cropsey and Taos. Cropsey, D. C., suspicion of larceny, dismissed Seventeen lodgers?all non-residents WiDptxe Casks very pretty and very cheap; Ice Cream and Water Ices at *1.50 per gallon, at the Philadelphia Confeotionery, corner 12th and F sts. jan22lm* J. Fcsskll. DIED. evening, the 14th instant, LEVI H. PAR ISH. agpd 6? years. The friends ?f the family aia respectfully invited toatt<||d his funeral on Wednesday, at ? o'olock. troin nili late residence, Missouri avenue, betweeu 5J and 4>( sts. ? \iAtmuij0k<Vn th? l5th inttauf, Mr. JOHN C. Mb VINS, of the Department oi State. ?JoseJ his eyes upon the scene* of this life. Mr. IVavins graduated at Georgetown College, and has Riwsys resided in the District. He wita anions the moat efficient clerks employed in the Census Office under Mr Kennedy, where his knowledge of foreign languages and his talents as a statistician rendered his services of great va'ue. From the Census Om -e he was transferred to the Department of State, where he has l>een highly esteemed for his varied talents and exoe lent characteristics. In the ate 1 residential campaign he lal>ored earnestly i?> Maryland ami the District in the dissemination of a oorrect knowledge of the national conservative vi?wsanu principl a wt.ioh placed the present exe cutive administration in power. His frieu-s are invited to a tend tho funeral at hit mother s residence,on K st .opposite the Genera] Post Office, To-iuorr.-w. ( \\ ejnesdfty) at 4 uclook p. ni. (Intel, and l-'niuu please copy.) t.ilf1 instant, of consump tion. Miss MIJiNIK McREA,eldest daughter of Msjor Jhs. M. McKea. Ti>e friends of the fanulv are respeo'fully r uues'ed toatt?udtne funeral To morrow Evemn*, at four o clack, from the reside: oe ot her father, 2d street west, between B and C streets, witii.ut further no tice. On the 16 h instant, after n short illness. HAT . t?J,oUn*e- ? daughter of Hiram and the late Har r''ri. i- iey? a*e" lwo years and ten months. I he friend'* and aou uaintanoes of the fam ly are invited to at'end her funeral at in o'clock on Wed nesday morni-g. from tbe res dence ot her father, ooaner of 7th and N streets, without further notice. ( Baltimore Sun please co,?y.) ? At Alexandria, \ a , on the rinht of tiie 12th V',5ih , ??**?? * months and ;;u d.ys, infant s..n of l.harles and Sarah l>arley. QEORQETOWH ADVERTISEMT8. I OS 1 .?On I'hursday last, in f>eorgetown. a -J wrought '?Ol.D BRACELET, which the ow;er values much, and for which a suitable rawaid Wjji J?? Risen if left at ClSSKLL'S Diug Store. F^V'H SALE-A SFR VANT W4)M A \7hlM^t 32 years of age, and a Boy Cl.ild, 2 years old. >he is a good House Servants nd sold without fsu't, the owner having no use fo* her She is stout, heal thy ano strong, and slaves for life. Inquire at Ale* ftnn-r iJalzelTk feed store, nonr riA.ket house, Oeorgetowu. fe15 if \| AYOR'SOFFICE, Georgetown, D. C. iTf li iry ] j 1b A RM\ A RD of Two Hundred Dollars i? herebt otteied for tiie apprenension t id due conviction of the person or persons who. on the uight of the 12th insLnnt, wilfully and ma ioiou?ly set hre toaud hurnt the carpenfer's shop tnd ^lat^ es situattnl near High street iu the said town. , , , RICHAKD K CRAW FOR D. feh I5-dlw Major. P* O R BOS T O NThe superior A I olippcr sohiKtner H. F. Peyton, Nickersnn. haw arnvedand will b.ive quick dispjitoj, for tbe^Ve atiovepoit. For iruight apply to -I *"M hartley t bko.. 11 1 w \\ utor itr^et, town. AT COST FOR CASH.-From Fel.ruariT lbM will otter my entire stock of DRY UO<>DSat cost for cash. W. R. HI'RDLK, fe4 2* High street, Georgetown, D. ('. tIie Way TO savf. YOlll MONKV. SF.LL1NG OFF AT COST FOR CASH. I will oiler my entire stock of Dry Goods at prime oost. 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Those having settled their mils rendered to 1st instant, he tenders hia grateful ac knowledgements and will Ins under many obligations to ail who have not. to do so by cash or note at their earliest convenience. 21 J. II. SMOOT. FOR RENT?A first-class RBSIDKNCK at the oorner of Fayette and 4th streets, George town. Terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R. 0 NEA LJE. jan 26-eolm ^OME WITH THE CASH. We now offer eur stock of WOOD and COAL at the following prices, ft?r eash only, delivered ui any part of Washington and Georgetown? Oak Wood at &5 an per oord Kiue d >. do. 4 50 do. iokory do. 6.?5 do. Wnite ash Coal at $6.25 per ton. P ed do., all sues, at #f .50 per ton. Oiders left at P. J. Steer's Store. Tth tween D and E, or at either of our Yards, will be pioinptly filled. J W. P MYERS & CO., Corner o and ?*1 streets, 1 irst Ward. C. MY Ells St SON, fe 2 lm Water street. Georgetown. D.C. BO A R DIN G.-M ISS GWYNN. oocupy nig Mrs. Rapharl Soinme's house, in Georgetown, First street Smith ? Row, can accommodate several Aim lues with very desirable Rooms and good BOARD, jan 28 ii* t'lNK ALES.?We respectfully announce to our 1 friends and tbe public that we have at last sue ceeded in having a large quantity of ALES of van ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the finest and tbe largest vari ety that was aver ottered iu tins market. All persons wishing a tiiee article of Ala can have it by applying to us for eitherofthe following brands, vis. hennott. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia aud XX. We also have a hu? article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on nand. All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARN\ 4 8HINN, Union Bottling Depot,5? Green street, d 17 d (ieorgetowa, D.C. N m. ruppel. OKTH Side of M:urket Space, No. tf, between Bridge aud Canal streets, Georgetown^^. /?\ announces to eis patrons tnat at hniXvl f a J RESTAUR AN T may be fouud at aU^Jjifly times the choioest and most excellent ^8Br assortment of I IOUORS, the Ireshest OVSTFRSand all kinds oftlAMh iu season. Meets served at ail hours and at the usual pnoea. Jan 4-Sm LADIES' TUCK, and art sorN ol COMBS, a GIBBS' Hair Store, nsar lata st., and at bia Mtea Room, under WUiards' hotel, a9 %m AUCTIO* HA LIB By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer.. S op?f,ne fur a vo buffalo L.. ? AT -On TRUR9DA V. mihin m n ,?t ten o cl?Hik a m , we will *ell, ?t <??r auc 11? 11 Bay Lined Mobe., j"- do. do. do. ??. do 4?. edged do. ?22TV* Bear Robe*. Bali *Jo plain and lined Robe., Alao, Fur. ud Hmr Ss&l Coats.

collars, uloves, Ae.,Ae. Perm. oash. fel< *? wall a Barnard. Aucf?. FOB KEJT AJTD SALS. Tkkt^b^?IHd R OFFERS his mar fr?m fhifv ^ 21 Rent.? Situated about >? mile II?.7V y * . Ur,ti?e'on the road to Good mn* sbout eight acrea. and is well adapted to the growth of eat It vegetab'ea. To a Wm?8T RmHKiir' "od,r*{V ^up', early v-,-. v.',5 . ??? A I,0<kr*?r of Oand 9rh ar?.. ' ? W. H. I pperinnn'a Grocery. Pa. "etlU* fe I6 ?t* A SEvVVniFafiV1 COUNTRY ?, rr ,*"B BALK-The advertiser otfera Tor sale, lor Ini than ooat. or wnl exchange fur im lTnuto."nr,yi\F.A R W o;?acre.,?tuaV2d about two nult . fn,m the city. The lai d i. in a high *tate ol cultivation : the buildings, fences, Ac., rn?T * . J***?, kind. A iiwu-e de.iruble place for a market garden farm or gentiamaa's coun try re.idenoe, i? .eluom to be met with. Persons to purchase will please address M . Hox No. H. Star Office. fe 12 eolin F?n? h^'SivvdJ. IS0?11 a'Ml^ fixture, of the DRUG STORK No. AM Mass. avenue, will pe .old very low, a. the owner is compelled to quit the business. The Store oan l?e rented with the House, or separately if desired. Apply <>n the preui* ?r ^drr" C- T? City Post Othoe, fe IQ edlw* T OTHkIirK,V^ ?wJHK '^LA\D AN1) a O I H r. IIS.?A It on J (hone for * p * r ul <i ton or /*iftitn, hi.~The Undersigned has for sale a l<j.rge Lot on the Island, in the immediate v.cmity i f the ooutemulated improvement of the arsenal grounds, winch will lie sokl low and on very reason able terms, if application is mails soon. . CHAS. S. WALLACH, At'ornev fe 8 lawttw opposite City Hall. PU NISHED HOUSE FOR BENT o* Sat*. ? Hiving determined to reside permanently in Kansas, I will rent or sell my resilience v.. 't>-> k street, n-rth side of Krai-kliu Squnre. The House will Iw rented furnished, and present, a favoral le opportunity lor anyone desiring a first-class resi dence. to *uter' Co .Baiikere. fMo. 517 7th street. fe *'tf. L. R. SMOOT. tj'ARM FOR SALE.?I otl'ar for sale mr FARM containing 7n acres of land, 9> acres of whiaii is Cleared, the In, mice in oak, hickory, und pine wood, rtii. Farm is situated on the City Tump ke, ten mile, from Washington and l>, from the Seventh street Turnpike, and ha. a beautiful view of the surrounding countrv for mile, iu extent. Improve in nts, a house and i<arn. Terms: One-half cask* balance in December, 1861; would exenauge for oity property. fe?-ao2w? *o.m\&'3& weir. FOR BALE.OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY i ? i ??A F A R M ol Mi acres of I.and, situated in Buckingham oounty.Va . with St?.ck and t-arming Ltensi.s, together with a Saw and Gnet Mill. and Engine attached. Inquire of J. V DU L ol^l '* "tre?t aouth, between4X and 6th Cs. jan trim ROOM8 ON PA. AVENUE TO LKT.-Two ??\P\ avenue, between Itth am.,13th streets, over Sain'l. Lewis' Jewel rr Store, will be Ipi lovr to a pein.?nent tenant. W ould make rood oftioe rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY. Stationer. jan ?.tf ? W 'OLFE'8 SmiMU AROMATIC The proprietor particularly recommend, the a hove Schnapps to per.on. travelling or about to settle in the South or NYe.t on acoount of it. Medicinal pro pertu. in correcting the duagreeable and often dan gerou. effect, produoed by a ohtnge of water?a visitation to whioh all traveler* South and We.t are particularly liable. Stranger, should be careful in the Schnapps, a. the whoie country is flooded with o>unterfeit. and imitation.. The genuine ha. the progrietaf'. came on the bottle, cork and label. For aaio by all Druggist, and Gro o*". UDOLPHO WOLFE, d iS-Jm Denot IB Rixvur ? r??>t. New Vorlr. RAI I HWAITE'S RETROSPECT FOR JANUARY, ir>58. Scones of Clerical Life; a new novel from Black wood's Magazine. Hide and Seek, by the author of 'The Dead Se cret." Graham's Magaxine for March. Kmer.nn' A Peterson'. Monthly for March, Ba'lou's Dollar Magazine do. do. All the new books reoe ved ai fast as published. Also, a hue selection of Stationery. Foi anient JoS. SHI I.LlNGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4>? st, _?? j1* an < Ta. av. A CARD.?Our sinoere thanks are hereby ten dered to ojir customers and the public for their kind indulgence in graniing us the privi 'e*e of our "tore ?n Friday a id SatUid.iy of l*"?t week and on thi.dav < lor thr purpose of taking a oorreet inventory of our sfoog. We will open the store on T>i.c(lst, Fcbru.iry ltlth whfii ?e Will be prepared to otfer the Istlaiu-e of ihe stock, for ca?h, at much l?w.-*r prices than toe same quhlity ol good? can be bought in any part of tne c-ouutry. Thi'so who hive not srttl-'d their ncv>urits a ill pl.?is.- evil and attend to thein With, ut lu th r de Ity, as we desire to cUise the business a. ^peeOi!) a. po.sib>, CLAGKTT, NEWTON, MAY * CO le 15 3t Corner of Pa. avenue and Mb st. OLD DOMINION BF.KF- FROM LOUDOUN COUNTY. Three of'lie very hnest and (attest b<eves we have lately set eyas on passed down the aver.u<?, by ourotfiee this morning. They were raised by Jrdiu P. Delauy.ot l.ouiloun county, Ya.. end have been purohft?e<i by Jonn Hoover, r.sq , butcher, of this city, and will doubtless rmce his stall in Cenrre .Viarkef some day hereaftei. The v nttle alx?ve noticed in Friday evenins's S'ar will Is? slaughtered to day and will t?e on exlubirion at my Stalls, No. 18, tft, and 2ft, in Centre Market, on Finl*> and Saturday next, 1 Ofh and <?h mst , and all gentlemen or tamilies who mn\ leel disposed to purchase a part or j? int of the Mme, by previously ifiid ii< me ih-ir orders, e .n have it delivered en Fndn* next. JOHN FfOOYF.R. fe !*> M* (Intel., Union, and States i j^=? p A R T I C U I. A R N OTICt. THE SFI.EMUIO COXSWSMEhT OK SILKS AND SII.k DRESS GOODS From Nih' York, Now on Exhibition on the Stron>l Floor of our Fstaliii.hmeM will Positively lie Withdrawn from Sale and rem rce<1 to the owners in New York,on SATURDAY NEXT, Febrnnry 20th. I adie' are respectfully invited to call and make their select ous eir.? to avoid the crowd and pres sure at the Intier part id this week. N. B. These are not old goods, marked down fiom au enormous profit to a reasonable selling price, but choi.e, Iresh at d desiraMe novelties,ottered at One-Ualt tht Cost of Importation. HOOK, BKOTIIEK A ? O.. _l'e 15-Sf' Pi-mis) lvania avenue. BERTHA CAPtS.?Just receivtd a splendid ;is aortniei.tof Bertha Chpcs, new style, Opeia Hoods and She:land Wool Newlos, Black, white and o?>!ored Faucy Hair Pins, French Flowers and Headdr-sses. N. B. Another ot of those fi ie flat Reed Hoops, 7 and 10 feet long. WM. P. SHEDD, fe 13 at 502 llth street. rl'AYLOR A MAURY'S LIST OF N?W I BOOKS. Scsiies of Clencal Life; by George Elliot. Life and Love in Norway; b? E.Joy Morns, new edition The World of MinJfHy Isaac Taylor. European Acquaiutanoe, Iniiug sketches of peo pie in mrope: by Le Forest. Geisler's Church History ,Sd volume. Piggott on Copp.r and Mining. fe 13-?t Book .tore. n"ar <>th .treet. T IS OF NO USE, IT CANNOT BE BEAT. 1 IWI, i LEVY'S OI.D WRECK WHISKY, of 1B?7. challenges the world?(a big woid, but too true to be a j?ke>?judges from all parts say so. A little left Also, can be found at hi. store, a| choice lot of other Whiskies, Wines, Brandies. I Rums, Old Julus, Worm word Cordials, fine Grooerie*, Teas, English, Scotch Ale, aud Brown Stout, wholesale and retai'. JONAS P. LEVY, No.554 12th and B street, north, fe lS-tf near th. Canal. QI.OCKS!?CLOCKS!!-CLOCKS!!!-Just re oeived.a great assortment of CLOCKS, from #1 to a. S19 , a great assortment oi $125. Call and see for your<telTe..?/ja J ROBINSON'S. HI Pa. av., opposite Browns' Hotel; plEJ N. B -CLOCK MATERIALS, .unh a. Oils, Keys, Balls, Cords, Ac.( for sale,?the traae .up plied cheap. le S-tl |JU\ YOUR BOOKS philrakick's GIFT BOOKSTORE, No 47t Pt>i.\S\LVANI? AVKNDK, <First Store Fa*t United States Hotel.) A G I P T With every Book Sold, Worth Fho* 25 Cxmts to .$1uo. N. B.-A arge lit of NEW BOOKS ami JEW ELK V just received. fe It lw Bli ri fcH, CHEESE, Ac 6S kegs GOSHEN B"1 TER, boxe. do. CHEESE, J1 o/tsh. do. do. S.issi ba. CODKISH. 5^?o lbs. HAKEFIvH. mi boxes SC A LE D HERRINGS, 4U barrel. No 3 M ACKKkEL, A) do. No t do. lito tioxes PF. A R L STARCH, V> do. BP OWN SOAP. 15 do, CASTILE do. . 3? d6. FA ^tCV do. J , . . Just reoeived from New Vork. and for ^ale by te IV 6l^o MIHR'V * SEMMES. |j*OR SALE AT A BARGAIN.-The >?Uoti r ber will aed hi. entire Su*k eod Fixture* of hi* wood yard. Ttuai. a r<*re chsnca fora poraon wi.h ing to go into a ante busmese. It none of the old o.t and beat aland, for bu.iue.. in the eity,a^d ha. a guod run ol cuatorn. For further particulars oall at my otfeoe, oorner of luth sD??et and Caiwl fel-aoCt R. E SIMAff, AUCTIQ1 SAUCS. TO-DAY 4- TO-MORROW MORN 1 NO By WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. ^r(r??i? uriiiM and 3U titer!. WORTH OF iVw'L I L v II' ?,R WATCIIKS. pink i,I X iUir? ruani ISii M)7ln street, undpr lti^ AvAtiud Hiihb? mmmm:THI* Ebt continued every ????? until the Whol* .took i? disp eed of without rtMivt. fali-iw wall 4 Barnard. a.**** Bf BADEN A LOWNDS. Auctioneer*. ~~ fio.MC. Marktt Start, itt?<tn 7tk **J 8,h ???, HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND Bl II.DING Matkr AL TO U SOLD Wiihoct K curve.? We will commence the saie.atour (tore of a .(trie stitck of Hardware, to..on SATUR DAY MORN ING . at 10 o'cl ck. and o-?ntinue Mich moruing until the whole stuck is olosed out We name in part? Planes of all ki'ds. Saws of every description. Rasps, Braces, t-amrnera. Hatchets, Rules. Chisels. Plumb*. Levels. Srew*. H naes. Locks, Sboveis, Iloee. Nails, ai:d Carpenter's Tools of every variety. Housekeeping Articles, Fine Table Cutlery, Plated Spoons and Forks, Fooket Kn ves. Bowie Knives. Pistols, & c., Jk 0. And every thing pertaining to Buildings. The trade, builders, and persons generally are re spectfully invited. ? Terms of sale : AII sums of ami under flu, oash ; the ttalance in, 3. 4. and 6 months, with satisfaotory endorsed paper. te 12-tf BADEN A LOWNIW, Aucf^ By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. \rALI ABI.K Bi ll.ding U)T y kontivg v os 2oth St a k itt. i\ thk Fi*?t Wikhat Acc Tiox.?On FKI DAY, the l?th instant, I ahail sell in Iront of the premises, at S o'clock p. is., a handsome Building Lot in the First Ward, fronting 45 feet on the west side of i th, twtween K and L eta. north, it being originally Lot No. 27. in Square No. 76, hut it subdivided in lota of 22K fret front and H u feat deep. Terms: One-ttrrd cash; biUncs m ?>. Ii, aid It montlis lor notes bearing iatwsst from day of wile. A dr? d liven anil a deod of trust taken, fe^-d A. URKKN, Auctioneer. fp-THF ABOVK HALF. IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY the lGtli instant same hour. &? 13-d A. GREEN. Auot'r. Uy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Fl'RNI in* at APL'tios.-Oti WEDNESDAY, the 17th instant. I shall s?mI at ten o'clock a in., at the residence of M. M. Hitchcock, Fsq., No. 44a Uh street, bf tween F and G, opposite the we>| Iront of l's'ent C-lfice, an excellent a?*ortu est of fr urmture viz: Maiio^auy Sofa, rnr'.or and rooking C-aira. Do. itiaibie-top side Table, tilt frame Mir hif? Do. walnut curd extension, dining, *nd other 'I ables. Dressing ai d other Bureaus, Window Curtain*, China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Parlor, Chamber and Stair Cmper*, Large ball and stair OilplotM and Matting, Cooking. Radiator and other Stoves. A1 o, a ?oq<i lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: t'noer $25 aisli; over .f*5 a credit of 60 at11 91) day ?, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bear ing interest. fell-d A. GREEN. Auct. FUTVKE QAY81 By J, C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. Large and attractive sale or old AND l.tyPoas?On SATURDAY MOR N ING. f ebruary 13th, at 10^ o'o'ock, or the *e3<?nd floor of the auction room*. ooro<*r of loth and D street, we shall se!l, wit! out reserve, one of the most desirable stocks of Wines and Liquors ever offered in this market?manr of them being purchased at the sale of the private stock of Wines of the late Judge Glenn and Jostah Lee of Baltimore. These Liquors will be guaranteed as represent ed. and gentlemen m want of choice Liquors, are respeof fully invited to attend ihe *ale. Catalogues will be ready on the day of sale. Terms u&sh. fe 10-d J. C. MoGUIRE. AuoL ID"TIIK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Feb. 17. at 4 o'clock, same place. fe H-2t J AS C. McGl'IRE. Auet'r. ... ? By BARNARDA BL'CKKY ; Georgetown. ORPHANS' COURT SALE OF Fl RNI tckk Ac.?On FKIDAV MoRMNGnext, 19th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will ae 1. at the latere*. denoe of Mrs. Com. Cassin, deceased, the entir* Personal Mahogany Mde, Dining, and Centre Tablet, l>o. Sofa, Mahoganv and Cvne scat Chairs, Looking-glasses, Curtains, Carpets. Dressing ar.d other Bureaus, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Beds, Mattresses. Bedding, Dining-room and Kiteheu Furniture. Crockery. Glass, I roe and Tin Ware. Also. Stiver Spoons, Forks. Ladles. Ac. Terms oath. fclAta BARNARD* BUCKEY. Auots. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'9 SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Jesse Reeler. recorded among the land rccords of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, in Liber 4 A. S . No. 117, fo i<>s 144,et a**q.,the undersigned wul set! at public auction, to thehighekt bidder,on THURSDAY. theiAth day of Frbryiiry, ia5H. at 5 o clock p. m . in front oftt e pre mises, part of Lot No. 3. :n Square No 558. b?gin ning foi tr.e same at the southwest corner of s;.id suuire. and running thence due north will, the line or Sd street *?kt 71 feet *1 inches the depth o| the lot thence east feet, tli< nee south 71 t?-etll inobes to the line of K street north, thence with the liri?* of K ?tieet north 25 f?*et to the beginning, with the im provements thereon ? liicj. consist of a new and well hunt three ston Brick Building. This propert) i* situated at th?r ol -VI and K stre^fs, one square in the rtar of th?* ti. e dwellines rccentl) elected by Mr. Douglas and others, at d ta m a iiiost rapidly im proving part o| the ony. Terms, fljisi oa?h; baianr? in 1, 2. and 3 vears, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pay ?neuts, t?ei,niig interest tn>m the day <?f *a>e A deed ?iven and ad"cd of trust taken. All oouveyanoe at the ci st of the puichaser. If the purchas, r or purchasers abou'd fail to com ply with the terms of aaie in ten dats after the day, the trustee reserves the right to resell the property, at the risk and cost <1 the first purchaser or purchasers,^) aivrng thice dajs* n.itioe m the Natiotjil liitelaseneer. J. If. GODDARD. Jr., Tui:?tro lc 4 do\ds A. GR EEN, Auct. IARSH AL'S S.A LE.-ln virtue ol a writ < I hen i Jao?a?. under the hen iaw, issued from the HoVs ofceeoftheCircuit Court oftne District ofColumt.a for tl:e Cout.t) ol Waif;;r.gton, tu-d to mr d.rected, 1 will expose to public sale, for Ca>h, iz front of tiie Court Honse door of said county,t>n WEDNLS 8aY, the^4'hoi l2o'cl?>c< p , t'.e llowing descnlN-d property to wit. A!i defendant's right, titie, c aim. aud interest in ai.d to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No. S. in reservation D, on Maryland a\ enue, betweou 4>? and tth sts , in the City of Washington. D. C,, seized and levied upon as the property of James fi. I.ookev.and will be sold to satisfi JudiOiala No ."TO, to October term 1H61, lu favor ol Smith A Fowler. J. D. HOOYEK . .Maishal jac )>-dti for tbe District of Columbia. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome building lot*, on tth, Bktwkk* i.awii M St a eet?. at Auii ? l ?n W E DN ESDA\*. fli" 17th instant, I shall sell at 5o'olocW p. m., two handsome Building Lots, front ing on 7ih at. went 42 feet 5 inches, and runmi k t?ck to h wide aliev 116 feet. l)??uig lots Noj. 13and U hi square No. 4*j, sgreeat^e hi sul?di vi?ion Ti e whoie oontains l.H^l square feet. Each lot will be *oldser> erate. \\ e deem it unnecessary to say a:iv thing relative to the location of the above dcscrit.ed property, as it is well known to ta one of the most desirable and handsome pieces of property now tor sate ou 7th street. Terms: One naif oash: l<a>arOi' in six months, the purchaser or puiciMscrs to give a n<-te for ihc de feried p-*ment. bearing interest ftiim the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of Irmt taken. fell-d A. GREEN, Auot. M By J. C. MoGUIH E. Auctioneer Trusiek's sale of valuable u.v, improvcd Rkal virtue of a deeu in trutt, date the 3d day of Apri . Ia57, at d recoi'led in Lil>er J. A. S.. No. '33, foiioSSl. et seq., the subscriber will se 1. at public tnle, on WED NESDaY, the 3d day of February. ]&56.at4o' lock p. ni., at the auction store of Jas. C. MoGuirr, ?n the corner ot Pennsy Ivai ta avenue and 10th street we>t, the whole of Squnre 1*64. fronting 433 Let 1 moh on each of north C and D streets, an'd 3?5 tee ton each of 14th and 15th streets west, and Lot No 14, in Square N". 732. fronting 54 feet on 1st street esst, ketsreen south B and C streets, by one hundred feet deep. Terms of sale: One-third oash; and the in six, twelve and 18 moiith*, for notes l>eariug interest from day of sale, aecurrd by a de?*d of trust on the property; and if not complied with in five days after the sale, the property will be resold upon one work's notice, at the risk aud expense of the purchaser. All oonveyancujt at the coet of thepurchaser. ChAS. S. WALLACH Trustee, jan 13-2taw&ds J. C. McGUI R E. Auctioneer. frrTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY , the 19th day of February, 1?58. same hour&nd place CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee, fe 4 2awAds JAS C. MoGUIRE. Auct. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtee ol Bve wntsof fieri faciaa, on judgement of ooudemnation, issued fr^m the t'lerk s office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of W asb> ington, and to in* directed I shall expose to paolie sale for Co?A, in front of the Court Rouse door of said County, on dATt RDAY*, the*tl> day ol I-eb ruary, 1 u58, at 12 o'clock m . the following desorit? d property, to wit, viz : Part of Lot I. of square No. 4. in the City of N\ beginiug at the southenst corner of said Lot No. I, running thence west along the line of K J^eet north 17 feet, thence north 75 feet, thence east li leet. tenoe aouth*!5 foet to t^ginmng ; aleo the undivided half Dart of 1 ot No. II. in aaid square, fronting on 21lh street we.t 6" feet, running back with that^width with the rear of said Lot No. 1.4n feet 8 inches, as purchased by John McGa-vey of Metsra. Enais and Woodward; also, the other undivided moiety of Lot No. II, in said square, and that part of Lot No. 1. in said square, eommencing for the same at a point on K street north, 17 feet west of the southeast corner of said Lot, and running thenoe on K stieet west 2S feet 8 inches, t hence northwardly and paral lel with 27th street 75 feet, thence with the rear line of said Lot eastwardly i3 feet 8 inches, thenoe south wardly to beginning, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized aud levied upon as the property of John McGarvey. and will be sold tosatuly Judicial* No. 3M>, 35&.35G, 357,and "5?, to January term iK5ft, in favor Geo. (jownr, Howell A Stribliug, Tunothv O'Donohue A Son, Patrick Led wage.anj Getty A Williams. J. D. HOOVER. MarskaJ jan 27 dts for the Distrie* of Columbia. Mince meat for pies. ^, An additional supply of M1NCKME4T ?f beat Qualitv. KING A BORCHBLL, isnW ^itmsr Vsrmwit at???? mH I5t>ftr?i. telegraphic news Deslra* Uaaal . Baptist f h,rrfc hf F|r#< Church .7 4 t? this place. took fire fore tbr services ro(.lllfDrM T_ d?*?troved Loa? quite heavy ' W** The flreoriginated in tber?iltac tK, p D* Tbe dwelling-house adiolnlay tbe!?hs7i b?4ongiug to Abraham Cottretl also >o. a fl,r * *a? destroyed Mostly covered by kusuranc* The p;luting oflbe of the New Jersey I iiwea ?i?o toiik fire, t.ui ?at subdued w:tbc_; nui. b injury to tbe building AtUa^tH Mar4rr.< -.*_LV*T .t*'b 14 ?A man naued Albert Bray ST^mu d .?!'? 1Y7 """"r' w"* ."oof*I un ma dor h/i'J f to rMBBIt i ??to a prWv wj-r7 ? '* ? ntlilto. old ?od i?Si??" it w?. ^ *?sl"22,?r,i Was dead He has been married al?uf tLrlL . "*??*? ball tn tbe ?f ^ta sand dollars to answer tbe charge Freaa fcai Pt Una. Feb 18 - Kansa* advice* u;a thai some of Lane's men bad visited YT eat a aid la search of iianfortb a member of tbe |.e? on.^i^t Convention, Mr Stove-la recovering f oatbu wounds The grocery of Patrick Laughna. wLo kilted I nil ins at Doulpbaa a N ear ago. was dejnoliabed. and its content* burned in tbe street A *klimish had occurred at Tort Scott. but Denver rrf.iR.Hl to send troops la BraaLlfa, ^?w ^ ?>rk, 1 eb 16 ?Four large buildings on Fulton stieet. Brooklyn, near tfie Ferry occu pied i?y a carriage repository, alcohol stores, biding bouses. Ac .were burned this mo n.a* The loss is probably over ft.Vi.0U8 Nothing of the steamer Baltic, now about due Fire at Alfred. N. V. Alprfd. Feb to.?Tbe' building of tbe Altred Academy was burned down yesterday morning It* content* were nearly all saved The loss is about M.u*>. and Insn ranee #1,00(1 Tb* other departments of tbe school go on as^ususl. Fire ml Fredericatoa, N. B. Sr. Joun *. N B . Feb tf.?A Ira which broke out in tbe house of .\lr. Wilson, near tbe Barker House in Fiedericktoa, yeste day moraiag, de stroyed seven bouses and a blacksmith'a abop A man named A Taylor and hia wife were barut to death. . .. New Yark Bank Statement. New York, Feb. 15?Tbe weekly utit^mer t of the bank* sbows an Increase in loans of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, and a de crease of WiW.IIUO in specie. t3G6.00t> in clrrula tion. #1,771,(Mi in nominal deposits, and fllS.uuu In undrawn deposlta. Defalcatlaa. St. Locii, Feb. 15?Recent developments show George Srnlser, late Collector of 9t Louis county, to be defaulter to tbe amount of f 10ti.tMU Chicago Mayoralty Nemiaatlea. Chicaoo, Feb. 15 ?Joha C. Hmes has baan nominated to run for tbe Mayoralty of tbla city, by the Republican party. Havaaa Steamer. N*w York, Feb. 16.?Tbe sailiug of tbe Phil' adelphla is postponed to tbo 1Mb. Baltiaaara markata. Baltimore, February 16?Flour la lower, Bales 1,5100 barrels ; Howard street and Ohio su per *4 .37*. Wheat; rtd flal 06, white ftl ISal JO Receipt, rtry light. Corn firmer?white 5ba54c ; yell? w J7c. Pravisions very stifl, bulk sbouldr rs 8c?lde* ; Pork S17 00, prime f 11 00 Laid v*a life. Whlaky Arm at 21#; Obit. TS^rSV N?? Yark narksto. New York, Feb 16.?Floor is dull salas7.<M) bbls. State fA 15aS4 *>. Ohio 94 70aS4 00, South ern W 50a?4 S5 Wheat buoyant, but sales are nominal; South ern white SI -?>a*l ^. Corn haa a declinlat( tendency, and sales auiuinai; white 67abUc.t yel low 6Ga6*c Fork tends upward; meas SI6 6>??16 75 Beel la steady; Western repacked ftl SUaftlS t*i I.a d is firm at W\al0c. Wbiakv is advancing Ohio Xl^rSt. i Fiaaartal. New Yorx, F?-b 10?Stocks generally high er Chicago and Mock Island 80 ; Cumoeriar>d Coat Co. VI; IllinoisCeatral do bonds wj La Crosse and Milwaukie 1 \ Michigan S^witb e n *23#; New York Central "<3. Reading Penn Coal Co. 75#; Milwaukie ana Miss 't3 \. Va 6'stf3; Missouri 6 s Sterling encbatige ldiMlUfd^ Q HO KG K TOWa A f P A i R 3 . Co tnpond<*it uf the Star FeO Id l'sW So tar as tbe weather overhead was c&ncernf 1 vesteiday. it was as good as could be desired for securing a full vote of our citizens upon tbe re vised Code Nevertheless, it will be seen from tbe returns that there wis not moie than a two thud vote polhd. The general impress .at, ?? that h/iil all the friends of the Code voted that the msjorlty In favor of it in onr city would not have been les? thin two to three hundred Ev erything connected with the election parsed r>a in the most orderly and peareable manner Tbe following is the result ? For the Code 38? ; ar.4 agair*' it *<*: majority for Code .32 At Tennallytown. S4 votes were polled ?45 tor, and 50 against the Ctxl**. making a majority ot x in opposition to the Code From du advertisement tn another rolomn u will t?e seen that Mayor Crawford has ofiered a reward of y-MO for the apprehension and convic tion of the incendiary who fired tbe carpanter sbop of Mr Smith, on last Friday evening The Yigilaut Fire Comfiany deserve all praise Tor this promptness in urging the matter upon tbe con sideration of tbe Mayor and the Councils The ice on the potoma' opposite our wba'ves Is about an Inch thick The tug Trumpet tow?*d down, this morning, the packet schooner P F Peytoa.ofthe Meesrs Hartley's Boston line. Flour is held this morning a' >4 37a* 30, tor strfudaid super There beinit but little shlppiu^ or speculative demand sales are limited, and con fin d mostly to the home trade Wheat Is ar!l ing a Vl.tlSal U5 for red. and * I COal 10 for white No corn ottering ; no change in price; held at Jo cents. !*. Baptism ii the Niont ?Tbewatchmen baard a singular noise in and ainurt the grounds ut Ktha i Allen. F.sq . a l.ttle after midnigi t <>n Sat urday n.ght last, Htid, upon drawing near, tbey heard first a prayer, and then the Song of Zion, the wo d* being an appropriate seerioR from Watt-' bvinns They also observed four men standing upon the edge of the ornam*-atal pond In tbe yard afoiesaid. and they awaited anxiously the result. Very soon a hole was mad? in the Ice, and two of the yo??ng men walk, d Into the element, and each i inu?. d utely Imnn-nrd bla comrade. Alter another pr?ver and another sonu of p aise. they turned to !? ave. a-hen tbe watt h m n in ercepted them, and inquired "wb- t uo earth tbey were about?" Tbey replied that the wet and dripping individual who was shivering b fo:e them hfd just become converted, and eouljn't wait mnttl wttrmimg to be baptised ? Worctittr (Ma>? ,) Sft ??Mcrde* will Oct R?*c*ntly a prisoner was sent to tbe Na-hville i^nltentlary from Ea?( Tennessee, for counterfeiting He gave bla name as Henry Ford It ?*as afterwards ascertained that-bis true name was Thomas Wayne; and that eight yea's ago he entlr ed a man into tbe woods, near ClarksvUle, where he cut his throat, robbed him, and best bim over th? bead uatii be sup posed him dead Tbe poor victim, however, re vived. and wss seen bv a steamboat passing, tak - en on boa'd, and lived at leant long enough to uirr the pa ticuiars of tbe deed Wayne wasar* rested. and ifter an examinatiou held to ball lb ten ot twenty thousand dollars. His mother, an estimable lady, be* a me security for hia appear auce, and he fi?d. Mrs \V was pecuniarily rn in**d bv the payment of the bond-money Wayna is in tbe penitentiary for three year* After nle t'tne PiM es be will b? beid to ball fbr tbe crma of which we have spoken No More Mudssu ?A Fnnchal dent of the PbilRdelpbia Ledger says thatlt U no Rn open question wke<her any ^ w n- Will ever b.- pr.du.ed b*f" mad- since I-SI. r.k! there are now onl> wm. seven or eight tfaoa?and pip?^ upon the enura ttVwi \n recent attempt- to manufacture the w ?; U , !?^7v r.-.l.-O .Vd pu,opkl. n?^w ow i~r 'it".!*? .....ndASt clust^ of rleb |M w OI F K*& ScHKIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPH IS arasoribwi wttk treat suooess by tbe Medieftl Fae ? ult* iu Gravel. Goat, Chroaie R heamatism. Droy sr. Dyspepsia, Sluggish Cireaiatioa of the Blood. Iiauleaaate Aaauailatioa of Food, aad exhausted Vital fclaercy; aad aa ft beverage " ?? aa#?r,or ta the world. Pat ap laauart and yiat bottiee. aad for aftU by aU tbe Oragftsts aad Urooers ta WaaRiagtoa UDOLPBO W OLFE. Bole la^rternad Maa***^ No^U.Baarwatreat. New ^ k, dee V3 ?