Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1858 Page 3
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1'OCA L INTELLIMEMCB. Cimimi Cor*T ?Tr>nt of Ogle, far tfu murder of John Webb.?The Court was "'?g^g^d during a!i of yesterday in trying to cra psnnel a jury in this case, and at the heur of ad journment had obiaiued but nine. To-day, a jury was empanelled as follows;?. John l*aurie, James W Coomb*, Richard Ab bott. George W Uttermuhle. Henderson Fowler, George Bum*. William H Ban in. Rob't Cohen! Benjamin F Mll*te*d, Henry A. Clarke, Lewi* V\ right. and J a mes Crandell Mr Fowler, nne of the jurors, here Mated to the court that the condition of his health would not admit of his being confined to the court in that capacity; and he begged to be excused from serving The Court replied that It could not interfere in the matter, but if the unanimous consent of the counsel could be obtained to his plea, he could be excused on that ground, but on no other. The seveial counsel consented, and Mr Fowler was dismissed. and i?ir. Richard Butt was taken In his place. The jury were here called, and the Clerk pro ceeded to read the indictment, which had been found against the prisoner. The witoeMtes for the prosecution were then call* d and sworn Mr Maury, for the United State*. proceeded to state the case to the jury, saving that it was one of no oidinai y impo.tance, and one that shocked the senses of the entire community He alluded to the sense of insecurity for life and Its privileg es that had been created on the public mind in consequence of the perpetration of this most atro cious murder The character of the alleged crime was dwelt upon at length ; and the extreme youth of the victim enlarged upon, as well as his incapacity, from bis tei.der age, to give provoca tion for so dreadful and diabolical an execution of vengeance Mr Maury then proceeded to state the law de fining the crime of murdei, and stated in brief what was expected to be proved on the part of the prosecution He alluded to the evil day" upon which the community Lad fallen, and the necessary impres sion on the public mind, that the strong arui of the law should be put in severe requisition to May ai once this recklessness of the depraved and lawless, and tijerel>y restore confidence and peice again in the community now outraged to an ex treme amounting almost tosocial disorganization. Mr Maury cloMd, and was follow, d on the part of the defence by Mr Ratclit'e, who con t;.andated the jury that tbe difficulty experienced ii the outset of this case, In finding a jury, had at length been overcome, and that they were now prepared to enter upon the trial. He compli mented the jury on their good sense and judg ment. and proceeded to enter into an explanation of the position which the defence occupied in the trial now pending He charged the jury to avoid, in this Investi Ktion. all thoughts which were calculated to spire sympathy or invoke prejudice, and to en ter upon the trial with calmne** and deliberation worthy ol a case of so much magnitude, and in volving so many deep interests. No one could deplore the commission ol this crime more deep ly than the unhappy and unfortunate prisoner when in his lucid moments He was In that con dition that abundantly proved this hypothesis, as Would be shown in evidence; no man unless a devil incarnate could do so diabolical an act. un less laboring under mental aberration. He alluded totbe lac' that the prisoner, after the commission of the act which had placed him 2u the cha a<-ter of a murderer most villainous, had return* d to his bouse and calmly sat down to a repast of oysters ; he had been in a state of intoxication since the month uf December, and was oil that day intoxicated, and his mind in i completely moibid state. Mr. R. stated that the family of the prisoner I Las il. Wr;e more or less insane; his mother aud sis ! .A *f.,er ?uw heiug totally mad, ar.d argued thai in sanity wa> hereditary with the piisoner. Wr R- closed, and after the jury had taken a i .--**? short recess, the examination was gone into by I calling, for the United States, John Stanton, who p Klv'ng hi? evidence when this report closed.. Aiii!i?ixiSTf have been made at Ricl mond, Va , for the comfortable quartering of at ie**t fifteen hundred men of the several volunteer companies which will 1* there on the SM Ic*. Arrangement* to accommodate a still larger num ber are yet to be made, as one thousand four btin d ed and eighty volunteers to be prevent have ai re; dv been reported. This includes 75 of the Ba.timore City Cijards, 14o Washington and 40 from Alexandria. It appears President Buchanan is expected at Richmond. Va , on the 22d, as arrangements have been for his accommodation. Secre Mrtgf[ *4^y Floyd, aud Governor Newell, of New Jer ' i? ? n, Ljvc acceptrd invitations to be present. A ' i M j?* #r4tr dinner' is to be given on the oci as ion, which will be sold at *5 each, to such ?4la?otber thau invited guests, who may de siVeiW participate. ?T*ilWiBn<tKitiii){ companies have been informed by ?vma .BB'afeMtle-camp that ratious and quarters will he tbem *' tb* expense of the State. Ut ?m< attendance from this city will not be a tenth (.art wb;.t it would had a liberal reduction cf fate been made for round-trip tickets It is not too late yet if the compaine* choose to act promptly on the hint. WasmsuTOX Theatre ?Miss Heron, last night, as the consumptive French lorrtte, again held her audience in painful Interest through the five acts'of "Camille." For pieces of this clas* we can profess no very hearty admiration; hut if peopte prefer, as they now aud then do. to see " puvs" rather than Shakspeare's, we cau lecoiiuoeml " Camille" as quite as unobjec tionable as any of its class, aud as mitigated by a sort of half and half moral. Mr Ey tinge has done his part iu putting "Cainille" on th?^?<iage mo.t handsomely, atid the company have (done theirs in sustaining Mi s Heron W e must pa. ticularly commend the conscientious manner iu which Mr. Howe while making the most pos sible, legitimately, of bis part of " Armand i>uvai, yet lefralued from the obvious tempta tion to Ita a passion to tatters utti.d'-A by the rol' Mr Bangs aiso played the part of Count de Varville judiciously and well. Mr. J M Dawso.i wli i^ood a* the light-Learted and Lea led Gaston Rieux; and .Mis ?| p. (jrattan a.s the hungry Madame Prudence was excellent Camille is to be repeated again to night. Twe Estiri Vote ot the Distiict on tLe new (.'ode siaud-. - Fo it Against it W ashiagtoa i.i.'h 3, lli Georgetown 36c 336 Country precinct* ?(l gig 1,576 ;j Irtio The countiv precin. ts voted as follow* : For it. Against it. (iood Hope 16 101 Seventh street toll-gate .. W 5*2 Tenallytown.. 25 70 -Jli A Bold PicaroixsT.?Between seven and it o'clock last night, Mrs. Lowe, who keepa on the Avenue, while walking on reet in company with some friends, had ret picked of a buckskin purse contain ?iouey receipts of the day, viz a six dol _> Coiporation of Georgetown, #.i Union ?ft Baltimore, counterfeit gold dollar and f^tkount of specie?altogether about #(*i rtlf befoie ?Le missed the money, a youth, _ a ently sixteen or seventeen year* of age. S jessed ? losely against her in parsing, and oobtlesn tu*k the money at that time. He was ~a | %iia> ed to I he viciuityof Baptist Alley where he .fisi Joined a i oiii ale and esc i ped VJi.*su l'e SaWBB- ?We afe requested to call tne attention of the autboritles to the condition of the d op ?ewer at the corner of Pennsylvania aveaue aud tour-and-a-half street, which is con stantly *o choked up by reason of the trash which Boats into it whenever a tain storm occurs, as to p.event the water which accumulates there frcm tl .wiuJ <>!!', and thus it temain*. prod in ing a dtsagieeable and coutagious crea ing stench which is a nui*am e to the whole neighborhood Fvery heavy rain that falls Hood* this portion ol the avenue with a pool of water, which only dis appears under the gradual ell?*c.t? of the sun's rays, aud sometimes remains au annoyance to the place for week* together Hat*ah Wino* was ?.-nt to the workhouse the other day for disorderly conduct?d d.i t like ttje a rangements there-ran away?got into a iit.iss iu BaptiM Allev with a colored sister?col oied sister threw scaldiug water into Hannah1* jace ? Haunah tiaveled f om ti;at tot ality -^oi into another muss las! night ?was hauled up by the officers, and this morning was relnstattd in her late quatteisat the workhouse, very much to her satisfaction ? Kelioiov Mkctixo*.?During a week pa?t, a series of religious meetiugs of peculiar interest have been in pr??gPess jf the 9th street Methodist Protestant Church, and still continue. Among ti,e ministers present to aid the pastor. Rev Dr t*?entzel. a e Rev J J. Murray. 1> i) . Revs. J Robe it* aud George L> Hamilbui uf the Mary land Conference. St'rirMi Cooit ? Tn'ii/iiy?Thomas J . Rey nolds. Ksq , of New York, was admitted an at torney and counsellor of this Court. >o 31 Cyrus II McCormick, appellant, el. Waite T^lcott et al , suivivor* of John H Man uev The arguiuent of this cause was concluded by Mr Dlckersoo for the appellant. Adjourned. Amoso the fielght by the steamer Wm. Jen kins, at Baltimore yest?rdiy from Boston, were ten oaen brought oi from .Maine, to be used for hauling stoae at the Traaaary Department They ire fin* specimen*, aad cost some 91,900. The Regulations for Lint.?Ash WeJiiM day, (he first da? of ImI, falle tfeta fW <Ml thta 17fh city of February. The following are the regulation* to be obwrved by Catholics in thla Diocese during Lent: 1 All the faithful who have completed their twenty-first year, are, unless legitimately dis pensed, bound to observe tha Fast of Lent. 2. Thev are to make only one meal a day, M ceptlng Sundays. 3. The meal allowed oa fast day* Is not to be takes till about noon. 4. At that meal. If on any day permission should be granted for eating flesh, both flesh and fish are not to be used at the name time, even by way of seasoning. j A small refreshment, commonly called col lation, Is allowed in the evening; no general role as to the quantity of food permitted at this time is or can be made. But the practice of the most regular Chrlstim is, never to let It exceed the fourth part of an ordinary meal. A. The qnality of food allowed at a collation is In this Diocese; bread, butter, cheese, all kinds of fruits, naiads, vegetables and fish. Milk and eggs are prohibited 7. General n.vage has made It lawful to drink In the morning some warm liquid: aa tea, cof fee, or thin chocolate, made with water. 6. Necessity and custom have authorised the use of hog's lard Instead of butter, in preparing hah, vegetables, tic. S? The following persons are exempted from the obligation of fasting young persons under twenty-one years of age, the sica, pregnant wo men, or those giving suck to infanU, those who are obliged to do hard labor, all who through weakness < aunot fast without great prejudice to their health 10. By dispensation the use of flesh m?at will be allowed at any time on Sundays, and once a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with the exception of Holy Thursday. 11. Persons dispensed from the obligation of fasting, on account of tender or advanced age, or hard labor, are not bound by the restriction of using meat only at one meal on days on which its use is granted by dispensation. Otners dispensed from the fast for other causes, as well as those who are obliged to fast, are permitted to use meat only at one meal. Health of thb City ?The deaths in thlscl y during the month of January, so far as repotted, were as follows: Apoplexy 2 Hydrocephalus I Brain?chronicintlam- Hydrothorax I mat ion of I Intemperance 1 Bronchitis. 2 Lung?disease of.... 1 Do chtouic.... 2 Maramus '2 Childbed 3 Measles 3 Consumption 15 Old age 3 Convulsion* 3 Paralysis 2 Croup 4 Peritonitis 1 Dentition si Pertussis I Dropjiy 1 Pneumonia 12 Dysentery l| Do. typhoid... 1 Enteritis, 1 Rheumatism 1 Fever?purperal 1'Small pox 4 Scarlet 2 Stillborn H Typhoid 4 , Sudden 2 General debility lll'lcer 1 Gunshot wound 11Not reported 3 Heart?disease of 2| ? Total 97 Aged as follow*: 5 years and under... .20 60 to P0 18 5 to 10 | Over W tt 10 to 20 5, N ot reported 3 20 to 40 21' Stillborn 8 40 to 60 ?, Total 07 Til > North en n Liberties G host ?On Thurs day night, some excitement was created on 7th street, between G and H, by the inexplicable tumbling about of furniture in the house of Mri Harvey, widow of the undertaker. It was sus pected that some mischievous person was under taking to play ghost, and circumstances seemed to confirm the supposition. A slave boy. on lieing questioned by Bail ill' King, accusea a colored ii rear her, named Levi Collins, with being at the bottom of It Collins was accordingly arie<ted and taken before Justice Donn, who, after g ft 11 examination, was *ati>tled that the accused was not guilty, and the case was dismissed. So the mysterious noises remain unexplained, and the Northern Liberties ghost has not been laid. Ma Kditoe : When the citizens deposited their ballots for or against the Revised Code on Monday last, many tickets were polled with the words "No Charter," written on the backs. True, the surrender of the City Charter up to Congress was not the question at issue, but would it not be nn item of interest and useful for future reference, to furnish the public with the number of votes thus cast ? Curious. A Fine Party.?The entertainment of the Washington Quadrille Association, at Philhar monic Hall on the night before last, was a very interesting and agreeable party. attended by the strength of the corps and their friends, male and feniaie We have rarely seen a more respectable set of young meu gathered together on such an occasion, or more beautiful and tasteful young ladies. Everyln-dy there was happy; as all should have been. House Chaplains ?A second allotment of the House chaplains has been made. Tbcy are, forty in all, arranged alphabetically The Rev. D. B.sll. who is flrst on the list, will officiate on the 20th of February, and the Rev Septimus Tustin, who is last, oq the 7th of April. Watch Retuiio.?John Warner, col . D C., vagrant; wo.khouse 60 days Hannah Wilson, col , Va , fugitive from the farm and disorderly; do. .Michael Hollis. Ireland, disorderly con duct; tine mid costs |2 44 Fight lodgers?all non residents. Eastern Lock-up for the week ending Februa ry 15 ?Agnes White, Ireland, drunk and disor derly; dismissed for want of evidence Seven lodgers?two from the District. WEtiDiso Cakes very pretty and very cheap; Ice Cream and Water loesat f!J0 per ration, at the Philadelphia Confectionary, corner 12th and F sts. jan& Im* J. Fussrll. DIKD. On Tnesday. the 16th instant, at uudnight, Mrs. MARY CALLAGHAN. Her f. leiuU are tuvued to attend her funeral on Thursday, at 2% o'clock, from the residence of Jaa. Guild, corner Mi and F atreets north. * On the 16th lustant, MARY, the beloved wife of J. P. Wol'ard, in the ant h y? ar??| her ace. Her f neral will take piace on Thursday, the '8th mat., ?*t 3 o'clock p. in., from her late residence on D st. north, Imt* eon 7lL and ?th. I he friends and ac quaintances of the famil) are respectfully requested to attend. I LATEST ARRIVAL. H WE just received n large assortment of fine HAVANA CIG A KS from the celebrated 'aotones of Rivaa. Partagas, Crespo. Konquillo, Veiaocj and others, c >nipnsing? Regalia Hritamoa, Pegalita, *T'nsa m, Hrt-va, Trabucoe, Concha, fistoues. Opera, Millar Commun, Lund res. Some or whicn are the finest Cigars that are im ported into this country, and all of them are rec ommitted with couhdeijc j to o.?uiioi*seu s G Em. W. COCHK AN, as* Pennsylvaniaaveeue, te 16 V between and fith sts. Ol.L? BOURBON.?A limited quantity of A *o. I article of OLD BOUH HON WHISK V c.*u t?e bought by the gallwn or bottle at EMKIC'K'S RESTAURANT, fe 16 3t * llth street, near the A venue. LADIES' TUCK, and all sorts of COMBS, a GIBBS' Hair Store, near 13th St., and at tu* 3*l*s Room nrut?r Willnrda' hotel. n <MW?i "?jr* particular NOTICE. THF S PL F.Slit u COSSIQXMRlVT OF SILKS AND SILK DRESS GOODS Fkov New York, Now on Exhibition on the Stronif Floor ' of our Establishment will Positively Ihj Withdrawn from Sale and returned to theownersin NewY'ork.on SATURDAY NEXT, February ?th. I j?die? are respectfully invited to call and make their srlect ous early toavoid the orowd and pres sure at the latter part of this week. N. B. These are not old goods, rnaiked down from an enormous profit to a reasonable sellm* prmo. bat onoue, fresh ard desirable novelnee,ofiered at Onr-halj Ike Cost uj luifurimten. HOOF., BKOlHER k ? O., l"e l.VSt Pennsylvania a venue. WOLFE'S SCHtflDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS. The proprietor particularly recommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or ahoat to settle in the South or Weet on ancoant of its Medicinal pro perties in correcting the disagreeable aud often dan gerous efieots prodaoed by a change of water?? visitation to whioh all travelers South and Wast are particularly liable. Strangers should be aarcftil in purchasing the Sohnapps, aa the whole oountrj is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genatae hae the proprietor's name on the bottle, oork and label. For sale by all Druggists and Gro eers. , UDOLPMO WOLFE, #t 111 Pmva? V/?*v BR A I I 11 VV AI I K'S Km auBftiU i" t kj tk JANUARY, MM. 1 Scenes of Cleno^l Life; a new novel from Black wood's Magasine. Hide and Seek, by the author of 'The Dead Se or*c." Graham'a Magasine for March. Kmerspn'Jt Peurson's Monthly for March, Ballou'a Dollar Macsziae do. do. All the sew booka reee.vedaa fast aa >u Mi shed AI so, a hae eeleotion of P*-' For sale at JOS. SHII.LiNGTON'9 Bookstore, Odeoo Building, corner at. (lit aa4 ra, av, ?? I ntr resting from lk( Utah Armj. v Lrtter from Col. Johnston?tie Sibhf Ten*?? Out Ration a Han?no Drning^nt?Col John >. Hon anxtous for a Battle with the Saim's The following is an extract from a letter from Colonel Johnston. commander of the T*tsb expe ditlon, to a member of hla family m Loolsvllle, Kentucky: Camp Scott, near Fort Brldfer. > Black'# Fork of Green rltit, Dee. I*;i867. $ I hare an opportunity of needing you a line,but only time to say a few words, u 1 bare been en gaged till the last moment in ray public corre spondence We are still encamped at this piace, and will continue until we move In the Spring. The army has abundance of food and clothing, and is well sheltered from cold In Sibley's tents. With your knowledge of camp life yt u would pronounce our situation one of great comfort. These Sib ley tents are tali, conical tents, twelve fret high, and tweaty feet la diameter, open at the top, with a vane to prevent its smoking, which it does not quite do. With a stove or lire built in the is a great improvement in the com fort of the soldier, out not as good as a wall tent, with a stove, for an officer. 1 said we have abundance, but Inasmuch as no one. from the Governor and civil odlcera to the private soldier, can obtain more than oae ration, we bave nothing to give in tbe way of boapltallty, for if 1 invite my neighbor to dine, he would be no better oil'than if he had staid at home, while I should be damaged by bis eating my ration The regular diner out would fare baaly here. What genius and tact he must be endowed with if he could procure an invitation ' The day before tbe reduction took place, we gave a dinner to tbe Governor, Chief J oat ire, Arc , on our surplus In the larder. Since tbe it I do not think we could feed an extra rat at our mess, such la our health and so nicely is the quantity allowed adjusted to tbe measure of our wants. ?Ve, of course. And it irksome here, but time will soon roll round, and we shall tlnd ourselves again in tbe midst of those we love and admire. Until then we must be patient. We fear oar ft lends will suffer from groundless apprehensions on our account. We have no reason to complain of any thing but absence from our families Some think the Mormons, when it necessary to make the Issue with them, will submit to the government. I do not agree with tliern. I think their fanaticism and villainy will lead tliein to try one encounter at least; and 1 think our Oov eminent ou^bt to desiie It, as affording a simple solution of a difficult political question. Jf they resist, a final settlement would tie on the basis of a conquest We could then dictate to them the term# of adjustment. Brigham Young wrote to me a few days since, sending, as a present, some rt(Jli pounds of salt, or if preferred, we might buy It for the troops. Knowing they would entertain a fiendish deligbt in the knowledge that we would starve or freexe, neither of which we intend to do, although we have no salt, I sent it back to him with this mes sage: '* Brigham Young and his associates are in rebellion against tbe government, that until they return to their allegiance and obey the laws.] will accept ne favor or courtesy from them, nor hold any correspondence with them ; that when 1 advance, the people who remain at their homes or engage only in their private business, will l>e undisturbed. If 1 find them arrayed in arms I will attack them wherever | meet them ; that if they entertained the deiusive hope that the army wonld retire from the Territory, they had better banish it; that the army will never take one step back." A. S. JoMMTOX. The Overthrow of Cemenfart. Pull details of the recent Mexican revolutlpn show that the overthrow of the late government ha* been complete. On the 11th of January, Comonfort, closely besieged in the capital, Issued a final appeal to the nation to come to hi* sup port, and from that time until tbe 21st, with oc casional intervals for the purpose of negotiation, the belligerent forces were almost constantly er g*K*d. On the morning of the 21st the city was at the mercy of the revolutionists. Comonfort had abandoned tbe Plan, and taken refuge in flight, accompanied by a few adherents. G?n Zuloaga immediately nominated a House of Representa tives to proceed to the election of a President ad interim, and the choice felt unanimously upon him. the chief of the " Reformed Plan of'Tacu baya." Zuloaga took the oath before the House, and eotered upon his duties on 22d January. Comonfort dictated his last dispatch from the roadside inn of San Antonio, on his way to Vera Crux, placing at tbe disposal of the Governor of that State the troops who had remained faithful to the Qovernpient. He also promised, on bis arrival at Jalapa, to issue a manifesto detailing the recent event* in the political history of the country, and explaining bis own motives and conduct. The manifesto has not yet appeared. The ex-dictator will probably find leisure to write It in this country. A letter from Mexico dated from the 25th says : 44 A new ministry has been formed, composed of Louis Cuevas, for Foreign Relations ; D Hl laro Heiguero, for Justice; D John Hierro Mai donado, for Fomento; and per interim for Fi nances, and Parro for W ar One of the agents of Santa Ana. Geneial Cortes, was arrested at the Point San Francisro, and is now rigorously im prisoned iu tbe barracks uf the Defenders of Or der."' Tbe return of Santa Ana is, nevertheless, freely debated in political circles, and his resumption of office, after the fourth or fifth exile, would Burp.ise no o?>e versed in the mutations of Mexi can politics. That his downfall would come just ns surely might i>e piedicted with tolerable certainty. At present, such is the confusion ai,d agitation among the several States of tbe confed eracy, and such tbe ambition of a number of prominent men to leap into Coni<>nfort's vacant seat, that a condition of things not very far re moved from anarchy may be said to exist Cy The public meeting that Jul not tale place in Xew York, called to npoo?e the adinis;iou of Kansay into the Union, was very large. A Cool Reception?In tbe lower house of the Tennessee legislature, a resolution of Mr. Keudrick. Know Nothing, tendering tbe use of tbe ball to General William Walker, and calling upon bim for a public address upon Nicaraguan affairs, was. on motion of Mr. Bale, Democrat, tabWd by a vote of 31 to 2*1. The Catholic Church o.i Dauaaxftni?? ? Bishop Bayley, the Catholic Bishop of New Jer sey, has Issued a manifesto, bringing the ma chinery of the church to beai a^aumt the vice of drunkenness. Ilis letter on ttie subject has been read In ail ihe churches, In which he calls atten tion to two classes?the drunkards themselves, and tbe dealers in liquor. Leaving to the pastors the choice of tbe particular means to be used, be suggests that each should keep a list of thedrunk ards and iiquo.-dealers in his church. He says: 4,I am determined to make use of the most se vere measures against all who are addicted to this scandalous vice; and if they contiuue iu the prac tice it, they must do it as outcasts from the Cath olic Church, who bave no right to the name of Catholic while they live, nor to Christian burial when they die." H7* On Wednesday morning a negro woman, ?lave of Mr. Law ence Smith, of this city, t?a*e bulb to an anomaly, which has set tho wits of the dootors agog to comprehend ' The child was perfect in its feet, legs, arms a id the lower half of its body Hut from the in ddle of the breast to the top of the head nature had stamped the In dnbltable impress of afrcg. The head was fiat, the mouth wide and forming the extremity of tbe face, nose wh I y undeveloped, and eais, the only feature not agreeing with the prototype, standing out like a oat's It inly lived a few h< ur< after birth. This freak of nature, we ven tvre to say. Is upprecedentedr?Pttersburgh Ex press. Novkl Lawsuit?During a revival, in the Second Metbodiat Church of Lancaster, Pa , last week, tbe Rev. Mr. Walters, pastor, peremp torily ordered " those persons who did uot wt*h to comply with his request (to kneel during prayer,) to leave." Mr. Henry Miller, of that city, efused to do eituer, whereupon Mr. Wal ters Instituted a suit against Mr. Miller, before a magistiat* A clergyman of the same church appeared as a witness, testifying that It was not compulsory with every one to kneel but simply customary, when judgment was given In favor of defeudant. A Sham Doxl asda Has.tFlio it ?A -ham duel took place last Friday itlcruo >n, nea Phila delphia, between two medical students, named De Chamont and Sheriden Tbe balls were drawn fioin the pistols by the seconds before they were handed to the combatants, a fact of which Sheriden was aware As the pistols wer-? fired. Sheriden fell, and De Charmont, fearing the cousrqueuces, tied to parts unknown. Iu a letter be left at home, he stated that if he killed hi* antagonist he wunld leave for Europe imme diately . fET1 Sleighing wa* the order of the day at Pe tersburg, V a , on Saturday last, the streets being made merry throughout the day with the jingling Svt OI.FK'B CHEIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS it prescribed with great saooees by theMedioal Fao alty in Gravel, Goat, Cbroiuo Rheumatism, Drop ?y. Djipspsia, Sluggish Ciroulation of the Blood, lokde^uats Assimilation of Pood, and exhaaatad Vital Energy; aad as a beverai* it kae no saperiar in the world. Pnt up in *aart and pint bottles, aad for sals by all fin Druggists aad Grooers in Washington. UDOLPHO WOLFJ8, Sola Importer and Maaahetarer, Noe. II,?, aad a, Bsavsr street, New York, deelt-fta ?vonoviAus. By C R. L. CEOWN A CU.. Auctioneers. THURSDAY MORNING, 18th taut.,at 9% " o o! ok. we shall sell, in front of the ?U>t* corner yf fetfc street and Fa. ursnac. a larjs assort - snant or Crook err sod P ara'iin, which wid b? bold Without reset re, to aluee ooostfament. Trad* taviied. Ttrai at sale. i.. ^C- ** *" URUWM * CO., Aaots-, ?* No.W.wnwrof Cth street aad Fa. av ave. FOE REJT AMD BALI. pVR RENT.?That large and desirable RESl r DENCE on I street, opposite Franklin Square, reoeatly in the oorupauty of Jadge LI. S. SMipraiue Coart. For terms, ho, applj to the ad vertiser. southwest corner ef 12th ana K streets, fe 17-61 * THHE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS HIS MAH 1 KKT FARM for Rent ?Situated about S miie from the Navy Yard iiridge, on the rned to Uoua Hope, containing about tight acres, and la well adapted to the growth of eailv vegetabea. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. A pply early to JAMES T. BOlsEAUTooraer of O and 9th sts.. Nary Yard, or at \V. It. Uppermsa's Grocery. Pa. arcane fe 16 Sf A VALUABLE FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE?The advertiser offer* for sate, for less than oost. or wi'l exchange for im proved City Propartjr.a F ARM of32 acres, sitaated

aboat two miles from the city. The taed la in a high state ol cultivation: the betiding*, fences, Ac., are all aew aad of the beet kind. A more desirable piaoe fur a market garden farm or gentiemsa's ooun try residenoe, la seleom to be met with. Persons wishinc to parohase will pleaaa address M . Box No. 8. star ?itfioe. fe 12 eol m FOR BALEj?The Stock sod Fixtures of the DRUG STORE No. M4 Maaa. avenue, will be sold rery low. as ths owner is aompened to suit the bastaaes. The Store can be rented with the House, or separately if desirad. Apply on the prem ises, or ardreaa G.C. T., City Post Otfioe, felh-eolw* TO RESIDENTS OF THE ISLAND AND OTHERS.? A Good f tsacr /er t- prrutaiio* or lnre<i*n%.nt.?The undersigned has for sale a Urge Lot on the Island, in the immediate vicinity < f the contemplated improvement of the arsenal cronnoK, which will be aold low and on very reason able terms, if application la made soon. CHAS. t>. WALLACR, Attornev fe 8 law3w opposite City Hall. FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RKVT on Sale. Hiving determined to reside permanently in Kansas, 1 will rent or sell iny residence No. 922 K street, north side of Fraaklin Square. The House will be rented furnished, and presents s favors! I e opportunity for anyone desiring a first class resi dence. For terms apply to suter, I<ea A Co., Bankers, No. 517 7th street. fe2-tf L. R.SMOOT. FARM FOR SALE.-I offer for salemt FARM ooniaiuing 70 acres of laud, 30 aoies of whioii is cleared, the Ist.anoe in oak,hickory, and pine wood. This Farm is situated on the City Tump ke, ten miles from Washington and IS from tlie Seventh street Turnpike, and has a beautiful view of the surrounding country for nules in extent. Inip.ove iii uts, a house and barn. Terms: One-half cash valance in December, 18C1; would exchange for oily property. A. F. HINF.S, fe 8-eo2w* No. 329 2nth street yesl. For sale or exchange for city PROPERTY .-A FAR M ot 441 sores of I And. situated in Buckingham eounty, Va , with Stock and Farming Utensils, together with a Saw and Grist Mill, and Engine attached. Inquire of J. V. DU Ll N, on G atreat south, between 4H and 6th sts. JaaO-las* ROOMS ON PA. AVENUE TO LET.-Two Rooms, on 3d floor, on Ps. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, over Sam'!. Lewis' Jewelry Store, will be let low to a petmanect tenan t. W ould make Sood office room*, APtut to \VM. F. BAYLY, tstioasr. jsn 12-tf OEOROKTOWH ADVERTISEM'TS. I?OR BOSTON.?The superior A1 schooner Sy vanns Allen. Srars. m.tster, has arrived,^* and will have quick dispatch for the sbove port. For freight or paskage apply to ?*lrg HAR ? I.EY A BRO., fel7-lw Water street. Qeor^etown^ LOST.?Oh Thursday l*st, in Georgetown. a wrought fiOLaD BRACELET, which the ower values much, and for which a suitable reward will be guen if left at CISSELL'S Dtug Store. fe 15-3t FfOR SALK-A SERVANT WOMAN, about 3J years of age. and a Boy Child, 2 rears old. She i* a good House Servants nd sold without fault, the owner having no use fo* her. She is stout, heal thy sue strong,and slave* for life. Inquceat Alex and*r Dalxeli's feed store, near ma.ket house, Georgetown. fe 15-it \1 AYOR'SOFFICE, Georgetown. D. C. 1*1 Febru ry 13,1858. A REWARD of Two Hundred Dollars u heroby ofiered for the spprenensKtn and due oonviction of th< person or persons who. on the night of the lZtb instant, wilfully and tnalieiously set ore to and burnt the carpenter*a shop and situated near High street in the ssid town. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. feb 15-dlw Mayor. FOR B O S T O N.?The superior A 1 dipper schooner H. F. Peyton, Niokersou. has/^gi arrived and will have quick dispatch for the/^\^_ above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A BRO., fe 11-lw Water street, Georgetown. AT COST FOR ?ASH?From February 1st I will offer my entire stook of DRY GOODS at coat for cash. W. R. HURDLE, fe 4 ?w High street, Georgetown, D. C. rpHE WAY TO SAVE YOUR MONEY SELLING OFF AT~COST FOR CASH. I will offer my entire stock of Dry Goods at prime cost. The stock is complete, and all ot the <>oods have been purchased for oash, therefore you cau save your moneT br oallinr early, and get? 4 4 heavy Brown Cotton at 6*4. Good VV hite Fi&unel at 12S, 4-4 heavy Bieach'd Cotton at 6>?; French Merinos at 62H worth-fl.25. Buck Uauntietts at Sic., worth 91. Calicoes &im1 O inghanis. Hosiery, A c.. k c , at , _ W. R. HURDLE'S, fe 4-?w No. 92 High st.. Georgetown, D. C. REDUCING STOCK?CHEAP FOR CASH? JOHN H. SMOOT, Xo. 119 Brtdft itr^l, Georgetown, D. P., wishing to reduoe his stock an ow as possible t<> the 1st of Maroh, will sell from this date every descrip tion ol WINTER GOODS at reduced prices lor oash. Fancy Colored Dress Silks, printed Mousline De.sines, Merino. Piaids and Poplins, Frenoh Merinos, Shawls.Soarfs, Cloaks, Ao? will be sold at a VERY GkbAl at.DUCTION on former prioes. Piompt customers supplied upon the usuat terms. Those having settled their Bills rendered to 1st instant, he tenders his grnteluI ac knowledgements and will be under many obligations to all who have not. to do so t?> cash or note at their earliest oonvenienoe. Jsn 21_ J. H. SMOPT. I^OR RENT.-* hist class RESIDENCE at F the corner of Fajette and 4th streets, George town. Terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R. O'NEALE. jan 25-eolm BO A R DIN G.?MISS G W Y N N. occu pying Mrs. Raphael Semme's house, in Georgetown, First street Smith's Row, can aooommodate several fam llies with vory desirable Rooms and good BOARD, j an 22 1111 * I4MN E ALES.?We lespeotfully announce to our r and the public that we have at last sue ceeded iu liaviug a large quantity of A LF.S of vari ous kinds brewod expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to tie ihe huett aud the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. Al! persons wishing a nioe article of A!e can have it by apply ing to us for either of the following brands, viz. Kennelt, Burton XXX Pale, India Paie, Phil adelphia and X X. We slso have a hn? article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand. Alt orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will b? attended to. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17-d Georgetown, D. C. N m. rlppel. ORTH side of Market Space, No. 37, between Bridge and Canal streets,Georgetown,^ auuounoes to eis patrons tuat at hist' RESTAURANT may l?e found st all tunes the choicest and most excellent assortment of LIQUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kinds of GAMb 111 season. Seals served at all hours at.d at ttae usual pi ie n4-3m A CARD.?Our sincere thsnks are hereby ten dered to our customers aud the public generally for their kind indulgence in granting us the privi lege of closing our store on Friday and Saturday of last week aud ou this day (Monday) for the purpose of taking a oorrent inventory of our stook. We will open the store on Tuesday, February 16th when we will be prepared to offer the balance of the stock, for ca*h, at much lower prices than the same quality of goods can be bought m asy part of tne country. Those who have not settled their aconunts will , lease call and attend to them withmt fu ther de ?y. ?? we desire to olose the businees ss speedily sa possible. CLAGETT, NEWTON. MAY A CO. fe 15-31 Corner of Pa. avenue and Wh si. IN'CE MhAT FOR PIES. 17, uetween r, M An additional supply of MINCE MEAT of beet quality. KING A BURCHELL, isn7T Corner Vermont seenue and 15th ptreet. OH EN'S NEW YORK PLAYING CARDS. Delsrse's L>ondou r.syiug Cards. New v ork Congress Playing Cards. * Crehor's Steamboat flaying Cards. Hart'a Philadelphia Playing Cardat Just unpacked. FRANCK TAYLOR. Daily espaotad?A few German Playing Cards. fe 15 |OH N RUSKIN'S NEW BOOK?"The Political ' Economy of Art," by the suthor of Modern Patu tars, 1 vol., cloth binding: price So oents. Jastreoeived in Washingtoa by TAYLOR A MAURY, fe '5 Bookstore near ftth street. JUST RECEIVED. lu hhds. N.??. SUGAR, prime quality, from 7 to 8 oents per pound. 35 boxes A DM ANT1N E CAN DLES, 34 oeats per IS baa. JAVA COFFEE. *jn..jriC..?UQA\. WM. ORMF. tmsssKtssis* *?Orders fo^Paper?w?ia* ajjd Wiadow Shades sx ^uUd W,U^lia.dd,.parch. ??!>-?* f|o,4W7th at? aaxt to Lammood's, AUCTIOWSALM TO-DAY + TO-MORROW MORNING B? WALL A BARNARD. Aoois Cof?4t 1/ PMiuy.'tt*i? at(?M and Bt*-. ttruA h'Vgi&lr&foTZL'iaZ =r IT,nf?i^?.vir.5*5'NO,at 1 o'etooi Mitobf TwttfTuLZtZ&Z?1 th* whoi# ^ '? walla BARNARD. Aacfs. By BADKN 4 LOWNU9, Aaotioa^rs. No, 94 C. Market Span, 6ttwerm 7ik mne gr A ?f? (JARDWARK. CUTLERY ANU BUILi>lNG 11 MtTll'lL TO ?? fOLD WlTBoCl Rt*SSVS ? We wilt oommeoo* the sale. at our atore of a iar?a ?took of Hardware, A e.. on SATIR DA V Mo|V INC. at 1? o'clock, aad ?ontinae each moraine until the whole stock ii olo?ed oat- We name in pert? Planes of all kinds, Saws of every description, Ka?M< traces. ??smtners, Hatchet*, Rules, Chise.s, Plumbs. Levels, Srews. H?nges. Looks, Shovels, Hoes. Nails, and Carpenter's Tools of every variety. Housekeeping Articles, Fine TsMe Calien, Plated Spoons and Forks, Pooket Kmvee, Bowie Knives.Pisfois, Ac., A c. And every thing pertaining to Runtimes, The trade, builders, and persons generally are re speotfally invited. Terms of sale: AM sums of and under #10, c*eh; the balance in, 3. 4, and fi months, with satisfactory endorsed paper. fe 12 tf BADEN A LOWNPS. Auct. By J. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. [ARGE AND ATTRACTIVE HALE orOm -j W inks a*n LiQfoR??On SATURDAY MORNING, Februsry 13th. at 1(>S o'oloak, at the s?o?nd floor of the auotion rooma, corner of loth and l> street, we shall sell, Wittout reserve, one of the most desirable stocks of Wines end Liquors ever offered in this market?mans of ihem being purchased at the sale of taa pruate stock of Wines of the late Judge Glenn and Josiah Lee of Baltimore. These Liquors Will be guaranteed aa represent ed. and gentlemen in want of choice' Liquors, are respectfully invited to attend the sale. Catalogues will be ready on the day of sale. Terms oash. fe in <1 J. C. McGUIR E, Auct. jn-THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Feb. 11, at 4 o'clock. Mime plnoe. fe 15-21 JAS. C. McGUIR E. Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome building lots, on 7th. Bxtwkkx I. and M Stbut*, at Acctio* ? On WEDNESDA Y. the 17th '.natant, 1 shall sell at 5o clock p. m., two ha?'.eome Building Lota, front - mg on 7 th st. west 42 feet 5 inches, and running lack to a wide alley 116 feet, being lots No?. 13and U. in square No. 449, agree*hie ?o subdivision. Ti.e whole oontaius 4,9(21 square feet. Each lot will be aoldsep erate. We deem it uuneoea?*ry to any anv thn.g relative to the location of the above deecribeo probarly, as it la well known to he one of the moat desirable and handsome pteoea of property now for sale on 7th atieet. Terma: One-half aash: balanoe in aix months, the purchaser or purohaaera to give a note for ihe de ferred payment, tearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. fe 11-d A. GREEN. Auct._ ?i By WALL 4 BARNAR D. Auctioneera. SALE OF FINE FUR AND BUFFALO Roats at Acctio* ?On THURSDAY, 18th in stant, at ten o'clock a m , we will eell, at our auo tion rooms, an invoice of fine K?r Robea. aa Fine Hudson Bay Lined Kobae, Extra do. do. do. do. Do. do do. edged do. Genette and Rear Robes, Buffalo plain and lined Kobea. Also. Fur. and Hair Seal Coats. Collars, Gloves, Ac., Ac. Terms oaah. fe 16-ta WALL A BARNARD,Aa?ts. FUTURE DAYS. O pij of a By BARNAKD4 BUCKEY; Georgetown. RPHA.NS' COURT SALE OF FIRM ti're Ac.?On F * I DA Y M t >R NING next.19th instant, at in o clock, we will se I. at the late resi dence of Airs. Com. Caasin, deceased, the entire Personal ?? fTeota, as Mahogany side. Dining, and Centre Tables, l)o. Softi, Mahoganv and Oane seat Chaira, I.ookin?-g'a*Kes, Curtains, Carpets, Dressing and other Bureaus, Warurolies. Bedstead*. Beda. Mnttreagea. Bedding, Dining-room and Kitchen Furniture, Crockery, tilaaa. Iroa and Tin Ware. Alao. Sliver Spoons, Forka, Ladles, Ac. Terms cash. fel.Sts BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auota. By A. GKLEX, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Jeeae Reeler, reoorded among the land rooords of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, in Liber J. A. S . No. 1,7. fo.ioa 144,et seq .the underaigned wul aell at public auction, to ihehighest bitder, on THI'KSDAY. the25th day of February, 1858, at 5 o'clock p. m . in front orti e pre miaea, part of Lot No. S. in Square No 558, b ?gin ning for the same at the southwest corner of aaid 3uare. and running thence due north with the Una ad street west 71 feet M inches the depth of the lot thenoe east 25 feet, thenoe south 71 feet 11 inches to the line of K street north, thence with the line of K street north 25 feet to the beginning, with tha im provements thereon which consist of a new end well uuilt three story Brick Building. This property is situated at the oomer of 3d and K streets, one square in the rear of thf hi.e dwellings recently erected by Mr. Douglaa and others, and la in a moat rapidly im proving part of the oity. Terma: #1.2uu o?*h; halance in 1. 2, and 3 rears: the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pay ments, hearing intereat front the day of sale. A deed 4iven and a deed of truat taken. All oonveyanoe at the coat of the purchaaer. If the purchase or purchasers sf.ou d fail to oom y with the terma of sale in ten dava after the day sale, the truatee reserves the right to resell the property, at the riak and oost of the first purchaaer or purchaaera, by giving three days' notioc in the National Inteiiigenoer. J. H. GODDARD. Jr.. Trustee fe 4-eoAds A. GREEN. Auct. \|ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of hen IvJ faciaa.under lh?lietuaw,ia&ued from the clerk'a office ol the Circuit Court of the Diatrict oJVoiumtna for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I will expose to Dublio sale, for t'a?h, in front of the Court Houae door of aaid county,on WEDNFS DA Y, the 24'h oi February ,ltio8,at 12o'clock m., the following descrit?ed property to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No, 5. in reservation D. on Maryland avenue, between 4\ and 6th sta., in the City of Washington D. C,. seized and levied upon is the property of James B. I ocke?, and will be sold to satisfy Judiuials No. 279, to October term 185J, infavor of Snuth A Fowler. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan :?>-dts for the District of Columbia. By J. C. McGUIR E, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE UN, 1MPKOVAP RkAi. Ektatx.?B? virtue of a deeo in truht, liear.iifc date the 3d day of Apri*. I#S7. and recorded in>er J. A. S.. No. 133, f?aio 231. et aeq., the subscriber will sell, fit public aaie, on WED NEsDaY, Ihe 3d day of February, 186H. at 4 o'- look p. m., at the auction store of Ja*. C. McGuire, on the corner ol Peui.ay lvai..a avenue and loth street weat, the whole of Square 1?54. fronting 433 feet 1 inch on each of uoith C and D s'reels. an'J 3u5 fee ton each of 14th and 15th streets west, and Lot No 14, in Square N?>. 732. front ins 54 feel on 1st street eaat, between souih B and C atreets, by one hundred feet deep. Terms of sa!<*t One-third cash: and the luilance in six, twelve and 18 months, for uotea bearing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of truxt on the property; and if not oomplied with in five dnya after the sale, the property will lie resold upon one week's notice, at the rn>k and expense of the purcliavcr. All oonvej aiiOii'C at the coat of the purchaser. C11AS. S. WALLACH Traatee. jan 13 2tawA ds J. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. 1L7~ THE ABOVE Sale is postponed until FRIDA\ ,the 19th day ofFebruary, 1858. same hour and place. CHAS. S WALLACH. Trustee. fe 4 2a w A da J AS C. McGUlRE. A net. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtne of five writs ol fieri facias, on judgement of condemnation, iscued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the Cotinty of Wash ington, and to me directed I shall expose to pablio ?ale. for Cash, in front of the Court House d<?or of said Couuiy. ou S ATI) K DA Y. the 2fHh day of Feb ruary. laaM, at 12 o'clock m , the following described property, to wit, yi* : Part of Lot 1, in square west of square No. 4. iu the City of Washington, D. C., begiaing ar the southeaat corner of aaid Lot No. 1, running thence west along the line of K street north 17 feet, thence north 75 feet, thenee east 17 feet, tenoe south 75 feet to beginning; also, the undivided half part of Lot No. U.inaaia square, fronting on 27th street west 60 feet, running back with that width with the rear of said l,ot No. 1.40 feet ? inches, as purchased by John MoGarvey of Messrs Ennisand Woodward j also, the other undivided moiety of Lot No. II, in said square, and that part of Lot No. 1, in aaid square, commencing for the same at ? point on K street north, 17 feet west of the southeast oorner of said Lot, aad running thenoe on K street weat 23 teot 8 inches.thenoe northwardly and paral lel with 27th street 75 feet, thenoe with the rear line of saia Lot eaetwardly 23 feat ? inches, thenoe south wardly to beginning, together with all and singular the improvementslhereon, seised and levied upon as the property of John MeGarvey, and will be sold to satisfy J odioials No. Sbfl, 3a6,356, 367, and *5t. to January term 1858, in flivor Geo. Lowrr. Howell A SiriWing,Timothy O'Dooohue A Son, Patrick Lnd W 0?," 1 Wj'"S*fi00VER. M.r.h.1 jan 27 dta for the District of Columbia. B U Y YOUR BOOKS phtlbkicvs GIFT BOOKSTORE, No. 476 Pxs*?ti.vajii? a vkotk, <F?rat Store F^atj'n.j^sutea Hotel.) With every Book Sold. Woith 1-aOM 25 c??? to. tlOU., N. B.?A large lot of NEW BOOKS aM JF.Wr BT.RY Inst reoeivd. fe ll lw Butter, cheese, Ac? 65 kegs GOSHEN 6lTTTER, 1* boxes do. CHEESE. 90 casks do. do. U do. d0 v"*' ALED HFRRJNGS, 'S^s^SMAcf^F.L. a0 do. NO I enr isCH SALE AT A BARGA1N.-Th* ber Will aell his eat ire Stock and Fiataree of his wood yard. This is n rare ehAaoe for a person wian MC toco iato aaaie business. It ^ ili ?et andbest stands for fc?is^as m tke few ? good run of a?nu>? Tor ftjrthjrj?t^l?ra eall ofiotnaww^ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Wdliri Riiifttln. ^ tf -Ibt M*tca(tM ?T(U Ohie river ti Mttnlr suapendod at all Mian Ir ITw*.C1>c>>SM Pittaburg. TktMUMW \rfm be* will aot lr?Tr till tie rtver opeM and thf DWflcf 1)?woh thta and Pirkrr?bur| u broken up. Tbe ice haagortedet Bnnrr. ? Island BaMaraUaa la ? r?i 9tia*. Tahaqt*. Pa., F*b I* ?J E4md Ba ne*, auperioteadeat erf tbe Little Sr buvtktli Riurva and Duncan Weir, mine agent, were s.iflorated be tbe **? In the cral iiUoea T**iec4av The bodies were recovered at mkdnigbt Arrestof ? Ktdu^r. l-oriirtti * FH 15?A private dispatch savs that V B Twyke, who k?dnt,^jwd two free ne urn*? at fltofVa, New York, and ?oM on# aa a In tht? Mate. ba? Wn irmtrd In Mew Or *"<l welts a requlaitiou from tbe Conr >or ol Kentucky . Basks RwhwUr*4 la Beat ark y. l,oci?riLLr, Feb 15 ?Tbe Northern Bank Bank of Kentucky, and Bank ?f l^MiiavlUe have been rerhartered BSr tbe Legislature for tweety fear* ? Health af Bishep Patter. GlIHiirkfi, Pa . Feb li ? Bi*hop Potia, mis morning evinced derided ? vinborn* af recovery from hl? recent severe attark of slckaeaa He *.? sitting up. Mid i? able to walk about hit room Tbe Bay State Mills ( aapaar, Bo?ro*. Feb IS ? Judge Tbotaa?, of tbe Su preme Court of this State, baa *rant??da aerpetuai lnjurtlon a^ainat tbe Bar State Will* Coiupan> tbe receivers to be appointed by tie crnditoia Sail lag ef tbe Arabia. Naw Voai. Feb 17.?Tbe mail afeamer Arabia aatled thta forenoon, with 9000,M<0 In aparie, for Liverpool. Tbe Pealaealar Bank *1 Detroit. Dktsoit. Feb Ml ?Th" PeataauUt Bank o* tbiacity resumed bvaim-a* today Baltimore Markota R*LTtaom, Feb. 1? ?Flour la quiet at ba 37 for Howard street and Ohio Wheat Inartive. prices nominal and recelpu light; red *1 Uinl lb, white 91 ISal *? Corn quiet, white and t*1I?w W blaky buoyant at *t\*J3r , Ohio t3 Clover veed dull at 95*#S If Bow York Ntv Yoil.Teb 17.?Floar ia aawt: aale* b.XJO bbla.; State *4 15at4 ?, Ohio 94 :5*94 95 Boutb ern 94 5ftaS4 15 Wheat is dull, but aales are nominal Corn ha* declined ; sales of 6.0UU bushels , white at 6 Pork buoyant; mesa at 916 NO Beef la steady, Western repacked 910 MU913.U0. La d I* firm a 9\aHl\c. Whlaky 1* firm; Ohio 24c. The Collins Stbambbs xk tbs Cveroar ct riti SacKirr.?The steamers of tbe Collins 11a* a-eln tbe hands of the Sheriff Measra Brown B'otbera bave sued out a writ of ei?ii"?* for 9&*,?91 atralnat the New York and I tewpooi Mail Steamship Company. and the ateame.a ?*f the line have been attached to satisfy the claim Suty days from tbe Mh of J nuary. th ? date of the execution, bave been allowei th*- Company to raise the amount.?X. V. Trtbvm*. Firiy Wni ?The employment of oulphur in the treatment of vine diaeaa*-" has dad a very slfa jjular and a very awkward effect Tbe wine made from jfrapea which have grown on tbe vines ao treated naa au untu stakeable brimstone flavor Thow who are singular eson/b to like a fiery w ne, may now hove it In tbe highest d>-grre, but the flavor l? desrrllKd bv tnose who baveea perienred It aa beinj abemniable. Buffalo tuck combs, very oh**?. *t fe 16-St LaMMO MI'h SPIRAL SPRINGS, lor ladies' Bkifta. U? plain Brass and Reed HOOPS, at felfiSt LA MMoNP*S. 7th street. 'I'AVLOK A MAt KV'8 LIST OF NkW I BOOKS. Scenes of Clerical Life; hj Genre* Elliot. Life and Love in Norway; t>? E. Joy Moms, raw edition Tti* World of Mind, by Isaac Taj lor. European Aoquamtanoe. being aketohoa of peo pie in harcpe; by Lie Forest. Geialer'a Church History,9d volume. Piuotton Copper and Mining tels-'t Bookstore, near 0th wreei. |T18 Ot NO USK, IT CANNOT Bfc BEAT. LEVY'S OLD WRKCK WHISKY, oi 19T, oha lenres the world?<a U# word, bat too tra? a to be a jokei?jnd?*s from all narts say no. A 1 little left- Also, oan be foutxi at Ma store, aM choice lot of oiher Whiskies. Wm?, Brandies.? Rams. Old Juiup. W ormword Cordials, kne^ Grooeriea, Teas, Kriilisfc, boot oh Ale, atid Hrowti Stout, wholesale and retai'. JONAS P. LEVY, No. &4 12th and H streets nortL, fe 18-tf near tne Canai Clocksi-CLOCKsr-cLo^kia'ri-just t ceived.a eraat assortmet.t of CLOCKS, froiu f: to $125. Call and see for ?our>e:v at J RoBINSOva >4S Pa. av., opposite Hrowna' H >te N. B -CLOCK MATKRIALS, iu^h aa O^a. Keja. Balla. Cords, Ac., for aale,?tbe trane ant plied cheap. le S-tf DOW LAND'S MACASSAR OIL. at&1BHS9 ?a U*<> 4ima *m.i*|i *tra? ? iT, .III IIIUI PEACH TBOS, Ai 9ii< Paa Hr>r*ii? I- or aale at my Nursery, nea< \N aahiuxton. TL9 abov? Treea are ail of hr?e *rowth. and ol the?M? beat select fru :t. Also, a eenenu assortment of ORNAMKN "? TAL. kVEHoRLKN, SHADK. and FRUIT ?J* J." ian'?? 2m JOSHUA PKIRCK. ^ IMPROVE YOUR EYES. STRENGTHEN and assist them, by the Pari* Opticiar.. p. WOOLI- SON, who has arrived from Europe with kia own, as well as the manufacture , or*"-'* of the tnre*t improved SPEC' E GLASSES : amon^whioh are the 'aCLES ai.d own, as well as the manuteotj^-e <^Tacpod a j ri PERlSCOPIC CONCA\E and CONVEX. The DOUBLE FOCUS and DOUBLE POLlsVlf D -JLl BRAZILIAN PEBBLES. CRYSTALS. Ete t which are warranted to improve any EY K aflecteo with weakness, oataract or tenU,ux to it; a.c? SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are compelled to use glasses, or thuaa now usinc them, will be suited at fcret sirht. Thosa wonderful DOUBLE POLISHED VENEZUELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK have teoeived the hixhekt reoonimendation* at rt e World's Pair, at Pans, through their produc?n? a Clearness and easiness of vision heretofore anknowu in any other improvements. Also, all styles of OpERA, SPY. and MAGNI F\ ING G LASSES, Compaaaes. and Mierotoopes are for sale at his store, corner of Etytath street ai.,1 PeMisyu-ania avenue, or Eighth street No. 4S?1. be tween D atr??et and Pa. avenue. ll f~ Do not minakf the rorntr III street. Pnoes ver* reaaooable, the same as at kis eetal> liahmeut in Europe. a 9-tf J^ADIES, PLEASE READ. For cennioe, reliable FI RS, free from moth, at a fresh iniule, oaii at STINEMETZ'S, W Pa. ave nue, between 12th and 13th streets, wan ha* re ceived instructions from New York, to nail tbs fine aaNortment now hand, on o>>mmi*?ica, at less au oount than heretofore offered. Ain<?iir them wilt be found the handaonet te:s Frei cii Sabi?*. half and auarter Capo* ere brvbght to this oity. for 9 in and #12. Viotorines #6. Also, Capes and Cloaka, of auporior aaabty, very oheap. Particular attention is invited to two very tarre ink toi --?'"ifiiT^^ Wurth or,r tl?.?aoafor #?* M.r.k Sable Cape,medium sia#. 090 aad ?9t Mml &aoie V ict?.riuea ai? and 9iC Also, eeveraJ sets real Hndson liar Sabla. Together with Siberian Squirrel. Fitek Marten French Mink, Ae . in all their variety. Ira Irmine Opera Cloaks, very handmas; Mufa to matoh, of ai! kinds, from %i sn toRai. Every artiele warranted, and if proven aa not rat resented, the money will be refunded. B. H. STiSeMETZ. 2* Pa.ave., bet, iJth and lfith sta jar H ?at door to Madame Dolarae AMBROTYPES FORFIFTY cents. , Pvt CP ta 6oot Curt fine assortment of oaaea from SO neats u> 9 with food Likenaaaas, either Ambrotype, DaaaV reotype, or Melaaiaotypae. Warranted goodlike b Voina early is the day. ROBERT SANDS. Pa. ave., bet rh and*t k Streets. janai-tf Market S?ao* QREAT SALE OF CARRIAGES Th* firm of Gardner A Plaoe having dtaaoivad on tbe 7th instant, by mutaaJ oonsent, y>rJg^JL, alone ap their bnainoM we now aller forBUK sale, at e?st, at their stand, No. SH Htk^"^^*? street, near the corner of C. tae lonowun C^rrAg st Five Hwggiee, four R oekaways^oneFonr-pa* soofer Phaeton, aad tWo Eapreef Wtpaaa ^ All the above were mnde.oftkfjw^^and^moat th^ nii uir iiu,?P ,rir rongk aanaoned I amber and be tit by akiilfal aad ea perianoed Workmen, aad will t>e warrated for tws va months; a satislaetor? guarantee being given wrr ?very aale. N. B Ccryeet funds reeuired la every Ata. k lan siaetv ? Setteoeeore to Gardner A P,ac* 2 utters of aflm.ri??ration. With th* will ana*led. tbe personal estate of Sophia M. Ca**ia, late Washington ooeety, aaceaaed. All persons havoia claims against the eatd deceased are hereto warped taa auh^inK^ JUb the voeehera tberW. to lSt?V7^rh*r' ?r befora the Sc day of Pet ua/> otherwise by law be asaiad^ from ailfcawait of aaid estate. Gtraa ander my baad thia ad dag af Fehraary, ta theftvUB, w _ JOHN RITCHIE. Adaa'rW. A. ft. B.?All persons haviag besinees with the above ?state ean eail upon Dr. Joekna S. Bitebie, of GSaS?-?-c7?"Tb. arrcHii,