Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Şubat 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Şubat 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING FUBLUSBJUP BVBRT ATTBRNOOX, (SVnOAT EXCEPTED;) if V (IK ST Ail BtlUllifiS, Ctntr *f Fm mxenu4 tsnd hler*j?ik tirsrt, By W. D. WALLACH. K*p?ra aerved m peofcacea by camera at #4 a year, er fl oMiti par month. To mi! aabeoribara tbe a?b ?or.?tioL pnoe ia a year, ?* (rftaati; #9 for ?is aiontka; fl for thre? ruoutna ; und for -eaa tr.aij tuie* nontba %t tbe rate ol 13 mdU a sraak. ?optee, una oent, in wrapper*. two oaata. ADTBBTiaraiNTa <of aifbt Uaea to the Hurt) BMrtaJ tbree tieiea for $1; every utkar day or eeuii weekly. & par eeot.aJvauea; oooe a week.flo per oaat. a>lv&uoe. VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. ?., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1858. NO. 1,585. THE WEEKLY STAR. fl? 8?SS=:=3 S Ft nwormai t?* i?na raieed i?ou aaifhbora witaont t>e miarrea^aa of a mli will be ass1- S eSSi&vn&tiss k?urs?5Ess?m irrSiBd* onpiee ila wrapper*) ItTPwti ?ater* uf Ml i ie taeae a toe will be allowed ADVENTURERS. Adventurers. persons who luck the necessary discipline and balance ot mind to submit them selves to the laws of society, while at the same tiaae the^r *re devoured bj the ambition of dis tinguishing themselves, of making a fortune or ? a sensation They stand in the same relation ?o, the ch*v.iher d* Industrie as the pirate to pickpocket, while to men of genuine ambition they compare a? a cox'omb to a man ot the world, or a poacher to a sportsman. Adventurers are rarely without a redeeming love of glory, and, if they are successful, thev become heroes like Napoleon. On the other hand, they seldom listen to the appeals of con science; and, if they are successful, they become scamps like Cogliostro. In the historical rec ords of men of brilliant fame, we find as many adventurers as persons of infamous repute in the police returns They are to be found d uly in the walks of private life, as well as in the realms of fiction. M wawber, in David Coppor lield. would hay* Seen a groat advetuurer, if he had Dot iltf9tindd to b^ColQ6 thd grc&t Macawber. lie was al.rayg waiting for sotne tliiug to - turn up."' This peculiar *tate of expectation is, in fact, the normal state of inind of an adventurer. As long as this state of sus pend last*, he keeps wisely in the background, ransacking earth and heaven, his brain aching with thought, his heart swelling with hope, his very soul bunting with ambition; but. as all the while his pocket is empty, and as he does not perform any honest labor for the purpose of filling it. his life is that of an outlaw. His name, nay bis very existence, is utterly un known, except to bis unfortunate family and his miserable creditors. But ot a sudden his corroding ambition is gratified, the dreams of his life are realized .Something uat turned up. He jumps into s..mrt conspicuous or notorious position. The tact of his existence is like a new revelation to mankind. His name falls like a bomb upon the public ear. - Who in the world is he ask a thousand voices, and echo answers; "An Adventurer." If he is a person of military turn, he be comes a filibuster, like I/ipci or Walker. If ot an cncr^etic, souii-intriguing nature, he be comes a rajah, like .Sir Jam** Brook <?if Sara wak. It bis predilections are of the financial order, he become* a railway king like Hudson, or a colossal swindler like Law If of a reli gious disposition, he becomes a prophet, like J i'unof Lcyden or Joe Smith. The word adventurer is derived from the Itfttin adcemre. The knight-errauts were adventurers, and the poets of the middle exalt the " Dame Avcniuire," as she was ?ailed, to the diguify of a goddess, and repre sent iier as a woman of angelic beauty, pos sessed. like tJyges, of the power of making herself invisible by putting on a mysterious ring, which enables her to travel incog, all over the world, and to observe, without bein^ observed, the doings of in:inkiud. lu order to make her divine I'aul Pry mission uiore com fortable. she carries a staff in her hand, which has the magic power of helping her over land and sea. ? * * * Female adventurers are also pretty numer ous Nell <Jwynne, Lady Hamilton, Madame de Pompadour, Lola Montez. all come more or 4ess under the category ot adventurers. lu Italy, female adventurers abound among the ^ybMcesses and highest nobility. In Europe and America they occasionally make their ap as governesses and teachers of foreign JaHMM?Am. Cyciuyatlia. **' :< "^^ABOLISUISG women. ^Tjlfc^^arriott K. Hunt is, much to her own M|^Ba? ? woman. She is by profession a phy tieian and resides in Boston. Dr. Huut is one of the dozen women in the Lnited States who pine \>ccau*e Naturo did not make them meu. This unfortunate cir cumstance is the standing grievance of their lives. What avail the privileges, immunities attentions, and advantages accorded to them by the gallantry of the rougher sex, so long as they m&y not go to Congress enlist in the militia, be watchmen and constables, wear pantaloon*, or even vote? Impressed with an indignant sense of these disabilities, Mrs. Dr. Huut is seeking legisla tive relief I nlike her compatriot, Lucy Stone, she doe? not despise the power of the State, or altogether rctuse to piy her taxes. She brings tier case before the Leg stature of Massachu setts. That body has appjinted a joint Select Committee to consider i<nd report whether or no Dr. Harriott and the rest of womankind shall be admitted to the ballot-box. This Com mittee. we learn from the Boston papers, has held a public hearing in the State House, whsre Dr. Hunt "expressed her disgust at the freedom allowed to men to vote, wh.le women are debarred the privilege." In this "disgust1" she was ably sustained by lion. Samuel ? bewail and Wendell Phillips. The Committee listened patiently, and appointed another day toheti it will listen still more. Mi*. Dr. Hunt mistakes the best way to ap proach the oljeet she has in view Instead of demanding the pri\ilege of suffrage, which she would not care tor after she had it. she should go at once to the root of the matter. Let her demand the passage of a hill in the following words: ?' Hr 11 euaetetl, That all women shall become men ; this act to take effect immediately." Nothing short of such a comprcheusive and thorough proceeding will answer the expecta tions of Dr. Hunt and her small band of female nf ?ruiep. verthelcs* we will not promise to support .Ml'NMVtaure. To eonfe** th? truth, we do not liiikltM women abolished. We would rather frVMA-'ut them. If they were all like Dr ILucy Stoue we might think differ But the softer sex. we ure free to say Pto us worth preserving as it is. We call up.n the Massachusetts Legis re to exercise a judicious conservatism it would become of us if there were uu w^men '?JV. 1". Tun*.*. c~Ski.Li*o a Dki'xhkx Mas run Dissection So*a?- nights ago a number of young men. while Ml their w&y home, cauu across a seedy-look ing iodividual^perlectly insensible from the tsffacl* of liquor, stretched at full length upon the sidewalk. Their fuuds were quite ex hausted. and how to '-raise the wind' had for some time bceu a matter of discussion. Two of the party, in .re feeling than the rest, pro posed to set the man upon a stoop, and accord ingly laid hold of him with that intent, when the proceeding was put a stop to by another proposition, which was to bag the drunken loafer and sell him to the doctors at a medical college. This idea struck all bands very fa vorably. A big w,*s pricured. the inebriate slipped into the sack and borne upon the shoulders of the party to the college. The doctor answered the summons at the hell and demanded what w.-ts wanted, when the sp>kes urin said, " Doct<?r, we have got a 'stiff* for y.?u." 1 he doctor asked but lew questions, ami paid $J for the "Stiff, that being the sum required '1 lie sack, with its contents, was deposited in tb* ball, and the fellow* had taken their de parture, when the loafer, who had been thrown in rather an uncomfortable position, attracted tb* doctor's attention just as he was about closing the door. He at once perceived thai the man was alive, and again opening the door halloed to the young fellows, who lingered ot the walk, telling them that the man was alire " All right," said the spokesman ; "you've go him now. and you can kill him wheu you wan Li.u " The doctor saw that he had been *old and pocketed the joke ; but unfortunately thcr was a bole in his pocket, and the joke leakei out.?iV. Y. Tribune. II <aai?LK Disc-lost a* ?It appears that one o the most fashiouabl# d ret*-makers ta New Vorl turns out to be a man Far several years past h has been flttiru: dressing to the charming form of the New York ladies, and tilting ladle* to tb charming forms of their dre**cH He is said t have been extremely popular, and many regn that the discovery of hit s*x extended be you theniMtlves. p"!*0,' -Tk. followiBg t, ,b. ,i,t ? J "" '""d t""" 'ho Doited Stole. Patent zzxsz ,ndin< m-,o' ^ Daniel Ammen, of U S N?... c?^ . , signal lantern * ?For Improved ?KrKrS' M? -F? '"'P? lu,pr,!i?Sih";.?' Com.,,, N v -P.. p1"*o".t!r?1V,;0,f n?For tm WtiittiirvS'i. v , ,m p.ovement in roller* for window shade* * ' p ?Y^eaw?tir?' Morri9tow? N Y -For Im Henry Barnaid, of Morrlstown N V Far im proved gold washer. ' ' im" Jabez K Bobrock. of Honeoye Falls V Y ??ZTp pW. _ p?ri Bement, of Philadelphia Pa - for improvement in hanger* fur shafting cU.tJlf B^rb"' of Pari'' Prance ?For ma ksT * C',^ar',? Pjfenud ia France, i. H. Breckinridge, of Meriden Conn improvement in powd. r flasks. Leopold R Beisach, of New York N Y Ai&Trl p'oa..o,?* 1 - AiDert D. of Sprio^tield Mna, pllf improvement InliaiTester*. For Derwiu K. Butler, of Che*terfleld Ohio For Herman Camp, of Dunkirk, N Y For im pFdwr?nt;,i^rtru,,,?r anai ^ S^r 8 !??For John B Cornell, of New York \ Y ?For ('Kr?"r" ? ?h,,Vt,rV uoorve Graine. of Fairteid. Iowa ?For Im proved shingle machine . r lm \i^-P'c ?H,ma"a,d E M Qolmbf.of Warren Aaron D ''VPr?v^ lif.-pre?ervl?V matiras* ' p.4Tp,Pwl,c.r: 0' >??? Tboiuds W Currier, of Lawrence, Mas* ?For improvement in rocking chair* ..IdSJS?**'Uu,"n'N V-F?' Improved J A X F Dunworth, of Dobb* Ferrv N Y ? For-device for holding bors* reins ' Karl f). Fink, of Columbu*, Ohio. For tran for catching ra:s and other anhnul*. P John A Pinn, of Simpson County. Kv F >r improved surveyor* p:of a> tor ? Josiah Poster, of Siiid^ich, Mass.-p.,r im provement in tree protect.?r* ''run , ultz' or N. V-For Im proved flte-box and grate. lornn r.SS'*?' of B"?'on, Mas* -For improved Joh^r?irSCtlir'N lj,e *ron to it* Stock. John Goro, of I- eedonia, N. Y ? For improve ment in cntfer* Tor harvester* improve Henry T Iiartman, of Lexington, Va ?For im provement in railioad snow pltws h-bastiaa Haas, of Buffalo, N Y ?For im provement in window frame*. ,n' II. W. Harkues*. of Bristol, Conn ?For im proved harpoon and lance. Darius J. llendiickson, of Otego, N. Y ?For Improvement in tools for clenching nail*. Ill v "orrall antl 11 -U Sirwelf, of Grayville I vo o M,pr0ve!n!in,tfin rev?lving harrow*. ' Geo O Houck and Henry Gore, 5f Springfleld r? . U"rrVraU fn ?r,rk machine*. Cbaile* Howell, of Cleveland, O ?Por im. proveinent iu reaping and mowing machine* James Ingram, of New York, N Y ?For im provement m water backs lor langes Jacob Kuizer, of Pittsburgh, Pa ?For im proved easier for furniture. J"*:?* K tnd Ejw^d K Kilbourn, of Nor chm'es ~ improvement in knitting ma ark if jR,'eK?ld andD B ^?rge*,of New i vi> . j '"Provement In harness tree* J. W. Langdon, of Marengo, III ?For im provement in extension reach for wa"on* \N m. D Ludlow, of New York.N Y ? For improvement in refrigerators. John C Mason, or New Hartford Centre Ct Por improved hinge. vl Francis McGhan, of Washington, D C For Improvement in water closet* ' i ha les Monuin, of Buffalo, N. Y ?For im proved ice spur. Frederick Nishwitz, of Brooklyn. N Y ?For improvement in harvester*. Janie* \v. Patterson, of Philadelphia, Pa ? Por raking attachment for harvesters Nathaniel Parks, of Rome, N. Y.?Por im proved receiving magnet Stephen E Parrish, of Nashville, TVnn ?For improvement in railroad car wheels. H W. Handle, of Baruesviile, Ala ?For im provement in cottou presses ^Scotl.ofLijGraage.ea -Fo. flv-t<nv Geo \\ . baaw, of ThompHon. Conn For nil wheels UMf,bod of furlint ,he sail* of wind Win M Himp'on, of Newark, N J -For Lank rheck canceler. * Win K Steven*, of Alexandila, La ?For im provement in lubricators George St.ause, of Boonsl>orou^h, Md ?For improvement in mill hushe*. Charles C. Terrell, of Shuilsburu, Wi? For implement in repeat!^ lire arm Maish.tll Turley, of Galesburgh, 111.?For im provement in plow*. 111 Charles .VIA ail, of t?o*quchannah Depot, Pa ? ror improved churn. 1"!,denburg and James Harvey, of New ?\\- i V.T1; 'r imPrwVed Ironing table \\ illiani \\ Van Loan, of CatskiU, N Y ?Por iittpiovein-iit in plows orJ.uiVl ,UVt"u,rt-? ut trie, Pa.?For Improved gravimotometer 111*i^1' V A a,,d Wemple, of Chicago, ha-yester* rOVe,,lrat ,akil,t4 a?^?'U^utsfo; Cullen Whipple, of Piovidence, R I ?For ltn p ovement in diawing cotton. Daniel White, Jr., of Lowell, Ma<s ? For im proved rest a'tu< hnient for lathes. Thomas Winarts, of Baltimore, Md For im proved carriage-spring gua:d. Joseph Wocd, of Jersey City, N. J ?For iin provemeut in railioa?l safety switches. Calvin and G^oi^e M. Woodwaid. of New J ?r'"iproved hydrau lc valve ? W itting, of Vorktown, Texas ?For im provement in cotton presses. a ot ,,0s,0n. Ma**.,assignor to Sc*th Aduitis, of .same place.? F or improved steam pressure gauge. Elijth H. Bioodwoith, of Thomaston, Ga ? For iiupiovemen: in plows -George W B own. of Gale*hurgh ^or Improvement in seed planter*. Pat ented February 2, lt&3. 1 a Buckaian, Jr., of New York, N V ?For walking-stick gun Patented Auguat 4th, 1^57 M U T"Lr.d J? DflMy and J"?"? Mar tlno. of Philadelphia. Pa , assignor* to Cresson, ^ f II j| . I A P. tAr>llill i\/ a> . . ?? ? ? 1 _ _ m . ^ I. : 1 ill l,rP?iHOU, >tna.t A I cterson, of same place.?For dssimi for stove plate*. Henry llebbaid and John Polhamus. of New #' ^ ?P*?r dasign for the handle* of spoons, forks. Ac f, F Piatt, of Rotbury, .Mass ?Por desl?n for table* for sewing machines. Additional ImprovtnitHls.?For Improved bui .e: mould Patented March :j|, it<57 Elbridge Fo?ter, of Hartford, Conn ?For Im provement in life-preserving berth* for steam and other vessel*. Patented dept 1, 1857. Dkital Cojinrcr or a Mob.?Yeaterday af ternoon our oily was the theatre of a most dis graceful proceeding, hut one in which, to the credit of our people b? it said, cone but the vury dregu ol the population were engaged. The bodies of the Mi*Keenport murderers, after l.eing cut down, were placed in coffins provided for the purpose, and placed in a furniture w?gon with a view to their removal to the grave yard for interment. The kister of Charlotte, with an affection, however wicked or abandon ed its object may have been, should secure for her the sympathy of the crowd, took a seat on one ot the coffins, and the wagon inured on to its destination. Toe crowd at this time was immense and the conduct of many of the loafers who formed it dmgusting. As the vehicle neared the grave yard, however, it became much woim, and the scenes "hich followed were disgraceful to hu minity. 1 he unfortunate woman seated on the coffin of her sister, and filled with grief for her untimely end, was booted and abused, and called all kinds of names and flnaUy pelted her with stones until her Ids was almost put in jeopardy. Foremost in the brutal were a number of abandoned negroes who did every thing that their brutal instinct* oould taggesl to annoy the woman, and but *hat they wew prevented, we believe they would have laid violent hands upon them. A few respeetabh men. who saw the transaction, however, inter fered and succeeded in getting the uaob to de sist, and the wafpm proceeded on its way - ritt*6prg Chromcl* of Saturday. Special Botices, Dysfkpsia axd Fits.?Dr. Tracy cnrer of Consumption. vu f,.r several year, .o hadly afflicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he vai confined to hi* bed. He was evontually oured by a prosorpfion furnished him by a yonn* ",rl* ThU I"*8*'-'ptioo, given by a mere child while in a state of trnnoe. has oured every l>ody who ha* taken it. never having failed once. It ia wjualh asaure in cases of ftta as of dyspep.ia. The ingredients my be found in any drug atore. I will aend thia valuable prescription to any person on th* receipt of one pottage stamp to pny postage. /i?dJre" I,r-TlAC* Dkloumb, New York Poet Office. jan 2a ^m* m ?? ? I a* IN POMKM4TON of some valuable oertifioates ! in ravor of the Consumption Deatroyer; also of its 1 ?menoy in relieving brouohial disease attended with severe oouith. TheSnup is plea?ant and safe, and la^oompoaed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Midge; it ia no oommon article. They are nioely enveloped in my circulars, where my piaae of residenoe is seen. The extraot of a flower ml led the Alpha On tmer.t lor the Tiles, can, with the Syrup, tie iound at Mr. C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other plaoes oh Pennsjrivaiua avenue, Jt?i well an (j^or^etown, m Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alex-tndria at Ledbetter's. lu Baltimore, at Uauoe'a, IGe Bait!. moreatreet. J7-11 ~ '?? Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, nse " Balm of l,MQ Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use XN oodl.tnd Cream," a uew pomade ; it causes gen tlemen's hair to ourl boautifully. Price 5ft cants ?*oh. W P. Fktripgk tc Co., Proprietors. New York. Wnolesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Taylor & M auhy. Booksellers, between !?th and loth st.. Pa avenue. n 17 ___ Dancing. FASHIONABLE DANCING. . . M UNDER respectfully announoes to his friends and the public generally, that his last quarter will ooininenoe on Tuesday 3* afternoon, Feb. 2d, I8.W. All those who desire/lM to d<j prepared for the exhibition are earnestly Ll9& solicited to join as soon as possible as the arrange ment of Fanoy Dances will place immediately. I he programme for this sea?on will be entirely new, and far excel any ever offered to the public. Parents who desire to s?e their children easy and graceful in their carriage, should not fail to enter them very soon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual,lrom ">i until 9^ o'clock. jan .Hi-dtf A N CING ACADEMY. Mr- T F. GASZYNSKfand DAUGHTKR have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen tlemen of Washington and Georgetown that <dni he will re open his Classes for Dancing in/7ft Washington on F nday, the 9th ofOotober. atUMK I empcranoe Hall, K street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o clock p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, ?L0,!I.l0 P m. Georgetown*?on Wednesday, the 7th of Octol>er, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3o ciook p. m. I* or term* and particulars application can be mode * r*8ldeuce, 4117 L street, between 9th and loth streets. ae i2-6m Dentistry, fto. Dr. r. fin ley hunt. oln ? , DENTIST. F*?- S1,? Pennsylvania avenue. 'II perfo-in ali operations belonging to his ?? '>r?\?*siou ?'<' aatablished otfioe, a? above, <119-tf 'pHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOO MIS, M. D.. the inventor and patentee ol Lootnis Mineral Plait " ?- ? , ?uocessfully introduced his improvement ii.|MBa^ various oities. has now permauontly eslab-^-*?f? ll*hed himself 111 Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsiataohief y in malcim; a set of but one piece of lanterial, arul uiduatructible mineral. No metal is used ic their construction, and they are therefore free from faivanio aotion and metaiio taste. There are nc (pints to become filled with moisture or partioles ol food, benoe they are mure and fleam. They are lighter, stronger, less clumpy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance, twill give a rewird o One Thousand Dollars to any one who wili produce a similar work of art to equal mine 111 purity, beauty, durability, arti&uo excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 776 Penna. avenue, between 11th and IfttJi atreata. ftp IS-lF PIANO*?VhR\ CHEAP.?1 have now 111 store the following er..a> Ltrea ns: A very superior Piano of Mallet, Davis ?Co;. 7 opiavea. hne rosewood; original pricet^a It ha* be-n rented out in a careful*! II. fl i^ily, and will be sold for JjHO. Also, a similar Tiano, sarn- makers, 6^a octaves: or.jfiua' price S3>?; will be sold for .f<25. 1 bese fianosa e roilly bargnus; <re warrant and guarantee them as willingly as we do our new ones. All persons in want ofa good re.i ible Piano are so licited to call and see these lustrum rnts. Also, a Secondhand Piano, which we have ac oeptod in part p-tvment far a new one, fur $150: one f?r *40; one for o 15; and o< e lor $10. Ourslis alway s the larges'. stock of Pianos in this clt*; therefore C.1I1 at No. CJ6 Pa. av., between 9th and loth streets. fa* F- kllis. I hENTlSTRV. 1/ DR. STEPHEN BAILY. Orvici No. 198 Pknmsylvania Avknvi, Tkf Uoort from Mi4 D*. BAILY be|(B leave to inform thepubliothat h? can l>? seen at all ins olhuo, located us above. He feels assured that an experience of ii I teen years' practice, with the large numi?erof patient*.and great variety ol diuicult oases that he has treated success lully, will enal>le him to surmouiit any dilhculty, scientific or otherwise, relatiug to the Teeth. His own expenenoe confirming the opiniou of many men eminent in theprofession, and especially Drs. Harris k. Parinly, has led h:m, long since, to dis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also all Knamals, Gutta Percha, India Rublwr, an(f Ce meuts for the oonstruotion of Continuous Guir, Teeth, and tliat Poroelian, mounted ou Gold Plate, ta only re<iabie substance that oan be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the laal American Dental Convention. Although he flatters hunseif from his Ions resi dence and praotioe in Washingtor., he ia favorably kuown to hu numerous Irieuds and patrons, he bees leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: ? From the late Reotor of the Church of Epiphany ol ? ? this city. Dr. Btichsn Baily: Dear sir?I decire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence il you as a superior dentist. The operations exeouteu Tor me have been highly satisfaatory. 1 hope that yon may receive the patronare from my fr.enus and the publio that your skill ao wall deservea. Washington, Aug. St, From oue of the oldest farma 10 Baltimore, Messra. B-oggs, Colma:: X Co. Havir.g employeu l)r. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of \\ ashington oity, to execute for nio an Im portant anJ diCioult piaoe of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fuct thai one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives mt great pleasure to express my entire confidence and high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1357. 1IAKMANN BOG6S, Extract froraanotareoeivod from the lata Hon. J0L1 M. Clayton. y. S. SkitATB, Aug. 11,1654. The teeth yoa made for ine work admirably; noth ing oould be bettar. Very aratefiillj, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To thoae that aeek relief from the maladiea of th? taeth, I can oheerfully lervimmead Dr. S. Daily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcelian teeth for one of sir fanulv, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more thai tan years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South, Aa"! 19. IBM. Wa, the undersigned, having had oooaaion to avail oursslvea of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon D^otut of this oity, or lurinc beeu cogmi ant of his operations on our families or ftiuJa, take pleasure in expreasin* our admiration of his artiatie skill, aa well aa of the uniformly satisfactory ma^mei in which he performs the most delicate aud difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and werespeotfullv ra oommeud him to the oonndence and patronage of tha pablio. of whioh wa oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas U. Waltsx. Arohiteot U. 8. Capitoi, Thomas Milll*, M. 1) ,of Waahmgton, 1). C.

B. S. Bohxxx, M. D. of Georgetown, D, C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. Bradlkt, of Waabincton, D. C. 6iomi Waltor, Ex-Governor of Florida* Waltik La.sox. Ex Mayor of Washington.' 8kwhy Balkwin, U. S. Patent Otfioe. . C. WieHT, Prinoipal Rittenhoaae Aeademy. ORDERS FOR KITROPE DISPATCHED BY EVERY STEAMFR. TAYLOR i MAURY, Booksellers and Station era, Pa. avenue, near 9th street, offer to the public treat facilities m the importation of foreign Books, Siafio'erjr 4c. By their arrangementa Wifn European housei they are enabled to execute all orders oommitted to their charge, and at a low rata of importatioa prioes fe ? F" ASHIONABLE VISITING CARDS. ANC Plalea Em raved ia ail atylea, aad cards pnntec at a few! lioars aotioe, at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S Bookatora, fat aavtta atreat. Piano*, *0. (w?U> MEDAL premium : jP 1AXO FORTS. .-WILLIAM KNAHE, (Senior partner in the late firm of - . Knabe, Gaihlk A Co., a??J1i^*???y?W?gtureat*i of grand 62Syi*!***' ?nderM.e uan:'?L-. *V lilum A Co.. h the old stand. |fe3i* auejteth? ?'North l,pt*w street op Ml IV 'SJK? l^e Eataw House, Baltimore. 1Vn u?iv,# ? J"1 <>P?ned a B?w Saiee Koom st^^L "?hl# ,treet *??*??? Charles and l?j He??i Vi??-?irL ***'7 oocupied by Mr ^??to?LmMt,rMi5to?s5r, tunf,fc \Vfr fT,?>" Ne? Vor" fEEto?a?B? tunorig. \\ ? were aim awarded the first premium -.t t2 hH? ,n. K'f?>mor.d, Vir Fh K.-K^ . ,HA6- ' b?? nave a;so been awarded th< hiRhe?t premium t silver inedai) at the Metro M>.tan Mcohanics' Fair lor 1R57. 'Aelrw nii?. r, ltl0,ii!0 thi* *?.*re "> possession of testimo aSiteu? in thJnOB distinguished professors and ^ ????ntry, which can be seen at out warerooms, speaking for themselves ai:J others ol a ^r!l!^iIUT"t8uare intamnt^d for five rears, \rd ?nntili ? ^ '? '"^ted Within the first six u2? ,b"r ?"????? Pianos exchanged. hired, ard tuned. J5ijy? WM, KNABE A CO. FJKrfinR A vlw" AyEN? BACON A CO.'S Wmroomi ??ANOS, jast arrived at the^^j^ . . W. G. METZEROTT. ^ * FT yeoonrf hand Pianos for title clienp. n 2fl-tf j^UNNS A CLARKE'S) _ *A LLETT, DAVIS1 A Cl?/s' ? ? C EL R B RATIl D PIANO b'ORTR^ Constantly reoeiving and for sale oult by * ? k a*prc^^MT* Will find it to their interest to examine Piar*? "upenor qualities of the above hand*?'*' CoTerB' *?'od?ooa, Ao.. Ae., also oa ? n 16-tr Fito'rr1^'0 OF w- f; ? METZE ? RO ri . corner of Eleventh street n ' ...n ? I eunsylvani.t avenue, is the largest anuri yaH n?iJ,i??Vip ?'Murlc*' K?i?t>lishmout in' " ? If' the Dirtr.ot n| Columbia. hr^Tp'uiww4 CV '? a,uJ Rosen knuize's eele oratel PI AiVOS are always ou hand iu great vane ty: ai.o f rince s superior MELODE<l&S. I off ether with an immeme stock of Musical In struments and Sheet M uric of every description, d 9 tf umn* exeoul**l by Mr. Rebine. 514 SEVENTH STREET rjj ? tobTas, n- o tr I C 1 A N. ??ce Seoond Story, t.'iree doou from Obll h ELLOWS' Hall. pp?ctao.ea and Claa^es suited to every sight: Opera, Reading, and Watchmaker's ? m , ,* iriMgen; 1 elasoopen, Miorot?>ope>8 great varisty; Costnoramic Stereosor>pes with views oi superior and choice pictures on hand. See adver tisement iu National intelligenoer. Tbstimojijals. u ? . Nop.fole, September 7,1854. 8ik .? The Spectacles you made for me suit me very weil, and seem to have improved my aight more than any other I have lately tried. LITT. \V. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectables obtained from Mr. robias, and hnd them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with ti is description of theu fooua. I reoouuneud him as a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. .. . , PKTEassuRe, Ootober 21. 1854. ANout five years ajro. I obtained from Mr. Tobias ashington,apair of Classes for the spectacief Whioh I "used, aad^rvsnd them of great assistaiiee tc my decay ing vision ; and my opinion of tum is, that he is skillful ill the preparation of Glasses for e?e? not too tar gone to be benefitted by such aid. J. F. MAY. . Ltschbtjeb November 7,1854. ?? rom an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and Irom his observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a skillful optioian. J.J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lynchburg, November 10. 1854. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished rne with Glas ses, by which 1 have been?great!y aided, (my vihiol having sudcred greatly from reading at ihkM in my earlier life,) it anords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may need his professional servioes. WM. B. KdUZIK, Elder ol the Metnodiat Conference. ? WitKiKTOi, N. c.. June Z1,1854. ?N?. J - Tobias? Dear Sir: I am happy to say that the Spoor/iolcs which i obtained from you last weak are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in Wit visual range of iny eyes, I have heretofore I.iund great difficulty in setting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It aMords me pleasure to state, that by ttic aid ol your optometer this dithcult) has been happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished rue art deoidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any i have ever yet used. Very respectfully yonrs, R. B. DR ANE. Rectorof St. James' Parish. Having been induced b? a friend to visit theestab listiineiit of >lr. Tobias for the purpose of trying hit glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored biue,.wlnce have afforded me more relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight, origin al I\ very good, was injured by writing and reading al nojht, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aia of these glasses I can study almost as late a? ever, nnd that too without the pttui i have previous ly suflcred. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioneer Gen'l Land Office. Deo. 11. Iiii5. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spoctac.'es for three oi four months, and take great pleasure in saying thai I am muoh cieased with them. I have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBURGH. May 5th. 1856. I was reooininendfed to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician ; and as I have even of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed tc oonipreheiid them by iiiRpection and some ?!i?ht measurement, and ha bis made ine a pa ir of Specia . f .J meadmimlily. A. P. BUTLER. July II. 1856. ...... , , W ashington, Aug. 8,186% na\tng '>een for yenr^ under the necessity of hav two sets of glasseo?mm fur u?e in daylight, and one for faiiip-luht?I prooured one sat from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. I l?ave used Ills foi several months, and find them excellent. EDWARD STUBBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furutshed me yesterday are uarticularly satisfactory to ine. They are vers decidedly the best 1 possess, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine paire, careful!* selecieil in ditlerent places and 'fiom opticians rec onimen led to me on acoount of their professional standing in Franoa, England,and the Uniteu States, 1 tiave been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eves, for the pur pose of preserving and improving tha sight Respectfully tours, CHS. CALDWELL, Professor ol M. C.. Louisville, Ky. SaoOILTN OSTIlOPAECtC l!fSTITUTIO!f, ??? . . , A.Pr,l? 1W4. Alter most oareful examination or Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, I am enabled to testify tliat their hardness, oldarness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoommendabie to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want ol suoh auxiliaries. 1 oonsider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fullr qualified to determine tne focus of the eye,both by nis optical knowledge and experience, and bj means or his optometer. In addition, I oan furthei state that Mr. Tobiw has supplied some of my pa tients with Glasses, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. PhvBiotlA and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of tha *"7*1 College ofSurgeons. England; Member of the Medioal Soo;ety of Louuon, and of the Pathological Society of New York; late Sur teonof the Royal Orthopaedio Institution cl Manchester, Englaud. and Surgeon of t?e B. O. Institution. , t. Norfoli. Va.. July 27. !964. In the expenenoe of even two years, I have found great d-moulty in obtaining Speotaoles that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. *1 nis in oonvanienoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are dear, ehrystal like and comfortable to my eyes, I would ooininend hm to those who front age or other infirmity require ar Ufiotal aid in this way. J. J. SIMKINS, M. D. _ Wil*i!??toi?, N. C., Jsne 16, 1854. To persons who have had tha sight oftheir eyes so impaired as to require the use oi Glasses. 1 would reoommeud Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person rrom whom to obtain such Glases as thay may re quire, as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles for a fur and near sight. My sight nas been impaired vary much by a servioe of years in the Post Offioe Department, which berth required me to be on duty Trom II o olock at mint till after day, during whicn timo t used Imt one light. W.A.WALKER. Department or Interior, May 1. 1855. From natural defects and the unequal ranee of my ?l*> 1 nave been compelled to nse glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to ray ayaa. Foui months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially Traylffi' Directory. ASH1NGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. ljjt. JStSESffftS" lh!' A "? ???? m. fc: ?: "J*" w&afu w&A?ir. 6 ft* m. And 4.2" p, in. truinn nra i?*?nrmu_ _ ^ lSut?r?Atrn*P0^*ii1*1 yLM"'n^ Ionotion*. The Has?018at"^u, w >?m?? 2.u"4l*J, ?nl> one train-at 4.20 p. m. I mna>d TH. H. PARSONS. Ater.t, J\KW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 9'L na-" required an en rw Vkinh """"n* arrangements oftkis roac 7 ?jvp1' hicJi.y important advauuu?s to t&e trav f?.dTH?&Ji,?TR'A^%VS! ioTu/hltV.Station, Baltimore, at 7 A.M..<exoepl w3'Jt 4 jf".M WM etat,?" Md Rrnv?* at Cuin T*A|N lUrt. (Sunday ? sept.d)*t R3? A. M.. aud arrive* at Wheeling at 4 21 A. M., oonneoting at Benwood with Central Ohio ^ih'e nhT^i'n'ndian^olm. Lou n'ltto0*"'-"d ",0*' ??!!. il. F$PRKs??tr AiNM0119^ 'f1'1 CINCINNATI r. a r K I K AIN leaves duly at 5 M6 P M nnn r^C'in1,at,BetiWoodnt 9 A- M with ex,.?m uSSSs r??* ?reraJ/r??jLP0l,?i*u' Vr"Ao"' cka*** of J; * * ?' Columbus,) and reaching there in tat 2? ^n i?r?.? ? hours from Waahini WGr^fi.n Kd necLI,r* ,n ,K>th direction*. SLtS r 9-.T-J*1 ?*f" *>3 I arkerebarf and Manettt roads for Chiliicothe. Cmoinnati. etc That, tmm *>nnect at Xenia for Indianapolis. Chicago and St Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio an' kX.l'r2"".for Cairo and St ^ouia through to St. Louts in less than 42 hours froc Baltimore. J? tin* train the time to ail the oeirtra ff? rf,\UA, PV** !n the ^>st '? much whiU ?h '?*? '? fr:"" 40 lo 100 ni.le. shorter than b> .he shortest of other routes. From the West the*' sonnechons are equa.'y close snd satisfactory ar r,';J!il*t. Baltimore at 8.30 A. M. "u,iaol?^' *r *L' Bacgage cheeked through to all points. THROl GH TICKETS k>H at lowest rates a Laiuden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Was in niton mat n.T. '** tnttr*rad bv ?'T t*kmr nurn m?i :iuJT' an*1 ^lDK ov?r at Cumberland or Oak and, and r^uir.r;< next morning by Wtioeling Ae jaS?l'oVram' leaTin* Oumiirland a*f & rkw *AT PASSENGERS. I Be i umrterlaxid Accommodation Train at 7 A M jriil atop at all Stations east of Cumberland. and th'r -i IV* Aooommodatioc at all Stations bejonc i'^ Rome V\ r?t. Ka.twardir. the Mai 1ra. if leaves \\ l.eeling at.?.*? A. M..and Aooomroo !t5?P?Me" mt><r 1 9' re^hlt? Baltimore BRANCH NORTHYVKSTKRN VIRGINIA f'^ween GraHon and Parkerat.ure. way rXLTAZSLft' l"e K"r- ?"'*"* ? The FRKDKRICK TRAIN starta at 4 P. V itopDing at way stations. Leavea Fredenok at 9,1* i?L "oiriv.?* at Ba.timore mkid. a m* i! J I K* 'J L'S ^I L L TR AIN leavea at 5.4t ai '?? i l i? *' Leavea Lilioott'a Mills at 7 \e Me and 7 P. M.t exoept ^uudity. FOR WASHINGTON AND THK SOUTH. A MV5.^Tpeiw'r Washington at 4.15 and 9Ji wd 5.ivp.1M- ?n Sua5a,?"4-15 A- ?*? Leave \\ aahincton for Baltimore at 6 and 8.30 A lluap. .M? onfy^' 0|J 6undfcy> w 7 A.M., anc The first and'fourth train* from Baltimore, and tb* ?e?ond and fourth trains from Washington, wili br trains. atoDpmg omy at Wa*hingtoi and An capo! ia Junction. . i s;,s trains from Baltimore ai d the 8 > ind 4 ?i sraics tr,.m \V'aatin?ton content witti tht .rain* from Atuiapolu, venf'4fllormat,on' Car?? &0- "PP1! to J.T KNGLAND, Agent, ai t!,e Tioket olfioc, CamJoi iVu!<'n.v . wm. s. woodsibeT **"ti of fnuii^orUitioQ, l^ltioiorCt [JRANGK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD EAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE ..AAHi^V.tVN Cl >:,<l the SOUTH, vit t'OK DO!>l8V'L^E aKS R1CH Loaves \\ aahington a! 6 o'clock a. m. NN &4liiU(tvU tot 7 o'uiOck p Qi? For LYNCHBURG and the SOUTH WEST. i v?^?u.aui.m*ton. at 0 ?'c'"ok a. m., arrive tt -,,h.V".TL K(* n?tuicmr.Rat 4 a. m., connect in* with the trains on th.? \ irg:ira and Tennessee Rai ?f k V ii ? Stirpes from Char ottesviile to l.jrcchburg a diiUnoe ?>f?> miles. r arc lrom t^luugtou to Lyuohburc, (r7.75. The steamer GFORGK~P AGE. foot of Seventk ?treet, being owned by the Railroad Coinaany. run* in connection with the trains. tor Lync.'il'urg proonred or the Boat. l^tMombuse* ami Kaggage \\ a^ou* will teat the Depot of the \\ [nbii.jt(in Railroad, to <x<uvey paa set'gersabd baggu^e to the SlociutNiat, lor Alexan fotiesla' ?o ofaut nuies, ailoaing ample tuna . , , J 1ME3 A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, July, 1837. iT . tf NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL ON IT ED STATES MAIL STEAMERS r*i S'4t?< cem?c???g iAir Ij# ATf'i.m'"' ? .Capt. Oliver Eldridga The B A LTIC.. .C&pt. Joseph Corns took Tne AbRlATiC ^^Icapt. JameeWWu These chips having been built by oontract expreaa.y for GoverniiieLt aetvioe, <?very crire has been taker in their ooLtti jction, is aU.-j in their engines, to in jure eTength aad speed, and their ncciimmoti.Htioiit for pa*saiigers are uue^ijalied lor Kdgauce and com IOrf. The steamers of this line have unproved water tight coinpai tiii?iil*, and nofxpeuse ha* been *i>ar..d to irir.kc them alias tood ax new, the thorough exam ination given them proves their mode ol i?ustiuo tionyet ui.c^ual!cd. Price o: paaaac* iVom New York to Liverpool, it aratu.bin.fiai; in a.coiid do., C75; From Liver p^?ol tr New \ crk, Sn and 20 guineas. An experi perienoed Suigeon attached to each aiiip. Nobeitha can be aocurec uzitu paiu for. PROPOSED JjATRS OF SAILINQ. tkOM NXW tORK. Saturday. Jan. 16 135B Saturday, Feb. 13 185H Saturday. March 13 l&jb Saturday, Apr I 10... ia* Saturday. AJ>r.I 24... .1U58 Saturdrty, Nf^y 8 185K ?r tao* LivcarooL. edaesday, F eh. 3 .1 aSB Wednesday, M oh 3 1C58 Wednesday, M ci. 3..lKitt \N edneacav, April 28 1R58 \\ edneadav. May 12. .lhdl Wednesday, May 2C lu'* Saturday, May 22 1B5R Wednesday. J une 9 la1? Saturday, June 5 li&!, Wed. esuny, J u^e Ui ia 8 Saturday, J une 19... .lain! Wed net Jay, J uly 7.. .iW Saturday, July 3..?_^ld.'S| Wednesday, July al. .18 8 Saturday, July 17 ... laai Wednesday, Aug. 4. .U8 Saturday, Aug. 14 lit*; WedneE.iay, >ept. 1 18 8 Saturday. Aug.28 linfi; Wednesday , Sept. 15 I&8 Saturday, Sept. II .. .1458 Wednesday, Sept. ?9 lag Saturday, Sept. 25 ...18S? Wednea- ay., Oct. IS lt'J Saturday, Oct 9 ltJ6e, Weduet lay, Oct. Saturday, Oct. IS ... litis Wedneaday. Nov. Saturday , Nov. t> 18o?, Wednesday, Nov. 24 18.'* S?-?urday, Nov. S0....1858 Weduesday. Deo. H .8 8 urday, Deo,4 1858 Wednesday, Dec. a 18? Ej^mrssttiwg.' f?. New Yore. BRO\VN. 8HIPLEV k. CO., Liverpool. l?. G. WAINWKIUHT A CO., Paria. The owners oi the?e shipa will not be acooantaMs for gold, silver, buiwon, sp.-cic, jewelry, previous atones or melals. unless bills oi Uuiing ar* aiguec therefor a..d the value thereof expressed thateib. d lb PHILAOELI'lll A. V\ II MIM-TfiN A N L BALTIMORE R\ILRO*D. fo. H, Wall a treet. Passenger trains for Philadelphia Irave Preaident street depot, BaittiiiO e,ilMiy. except Sundays, as follows. v?: Fxoress Train at 8.4>>a. n?.; \\ sy Ma. 1 Train at II o'clock a m ; Kveuieg Mail at 11^5 p m On Su days at t? .5 p. m. ?nly. All iraiii conneet with New York Irnin* except 6 .5 p. lu. Saiurdsvs. FOH HAVRE It E (i RAI' E ONLY. Laave B?l'imoreat 4, 4 o'clock p. m From Philadtl, hia a 8 a. in.. I p. Bi ,and II p m. fokheaford.okl. Paasongers leaving ka!tim..,e it 8.?? a. m connect at W iliHington with 2. h p. m. tra u aad .. from Baltimore withll 28 a.m. trail. F Fwe from BaUiniore to Sraf??rd fe 5 tf N\ | L L?A M CKAWkuKD. A gent. A LEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON. NE* ARRANGEMENT. etaamerGiefft Pige having lieen taken off the roaufor repair*. tbaCOLLYER ' w Will, until farther notice, take li?r^^?^?j|K^ p.ace. running at the hours mention*d^^^^^^^^T below, from the foot of 7th street. Weskingtna.awd Janney'g Wharf. Fw?t of Kmg street. Alexandria. t Alexandria at 5 7V.?. '<??. s> ? Washington at 8. ?\ l'\. *, 8.5,V ??--? v .g triM Vlu discontinued un fe* Travelere' Directory. r^Ak. PAOlHO M^lj^STKAMSHlP OUM thVr^srsM CAL1 FUR NIA. and Oil KGON. IaavM^ffife ruuM tviM Met aonih. m the arn MMHb val of the I mtad Statea Mii M.ConiMM'i atM.ii er?.wh -k,*vt Niv Urittoitad New York nu lar'y Ou Mli aiid 1Kb of each moaih with thi a^aDa. ud oowaoaing ma PANAMA HAIL ROADS. ^ I Theae ateamahipe have bean inapected ^rovW bf U( N??) Department,uiaitni *VheVa-Hme Rti'mtd<47 amlee lot*) ia bow ?ob pJatad fro? ?**?? ?? < ?* '? U> ? boQra. The la*ra#eofdmmdiwi ia checked id New Vork ikroHii to wa Fwwma. and iMamiw an ambarked at Parana by ittuMr M tM axpeaae. The money paid in New 1 ore of the trip. eaerve at Minora are kept in port ia Bin Fraaciaeo to prevent deletion in lent, eo that IM nwti ia entirely r*l%mkl* tTe havitut ooourr?-d in eight t?ra. Paaaencera leave Panama tr.? aaroe day the* ar rive at Aapmwal. Condnoton *o through by each ateamer. and take nbarge oi vonfaaad anudrwa Titfeoat rtkar protac tore. Por throurh tioketa at the lownt rata* apply at tbeaaenoy. 177 \Ve?t at reft, Nmt \ I. W. RAVMONU.-orto ARMSTRONG. HARRIS A CO., New On?m.- or jy M-tf C. L. BA RTLETT. Boetoo. pOR NORFOLK AND PORT8MO! TBI Va The ateamer LOUISIANA '*i"M tha Caion Dock, foot of Concord strait. Ba'ti nora, every Tue?da?. 1 hura<ia?. and Saturday,a?d the alMin^' NORTH' SAROl.lNA every Monday. Wedneaday,aad Fr? laj. at *o'olock p. in. M.N. FA 1.18. f? nv.nifinrf VlMmhn<t Co. u NITED 8 I A t hS MAIL. LINK ONLYREQULAkLINE ami without faU-chb roa bi&ht tbaub. tea CALIFORNIA AN|? oricm?N VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. RagwJar Satiiai Dmyt.btk # JPlk *f ?m4 Caption.?8o mari fraada and impoai tiona of ranona kmrta have been iatejr perpetrated ontraveUera boaad to CA Li FORMA, that the aubeoriber. the only aatfcontad Igent for paaaage hv the 1'. 9. Mail Line, ra Pana na, in the oity of New N ork. foeia it hia duty to mutton all peraona aeek m paaaace to California, hat. to avotit !MPo?iTioM. they rr uat be oareftil to inu the true office of the Steaiuah,pe of tae lT. 8. Vfail Line, via Panama Rn road. aa no other off)oa n New York ia authorized to encage paaaace. The Compamea hive only one office u New York, rhich ia at 177 Weai ?trret,oorner of Watreti at reel, routine on tha North River, at the head of the Coaa *ni'a Wharf. Iarartio*, it. riOMK INSIRANCF. COMPANY OF NEW H YORK. Ca?A Capital tSWfna? Smrplm* orrr - 2Sai,?*i The undemigned. having been appoiated Acerf of hia Company, ia prepared to laaue Polieiea on Buu lmc?, Merchandiae, steambnata. Ac. on aa fivora >!e tariua aa other reappraise oompanea. T. M. HANSON, Agaftt. No. 512 7th at., oppo. Intelligencer Office iar.23-eo2m H EDWARD 8NOWDEN. IJENERAL CLAIM AND REAL F.ST ATI AGENT. For Bonntv Land a. Penaion Claima, Prhaeou ion of Claima before the Court of Claima, ^oncreea ird the Depart menta, Purohaae and Sale of real aa atea, attend to Renting Houaea, Buy aod Sell Land iVarranta. Necotiate Loana, and ail buainaea of umiiar character. OAoe corner 7th and Loniaiana avenue. janl6 ly Waahmytoa. City. a OLD AND SILVER PURCHASED ATTHE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS of EIC HAXG E SOLD. ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. JOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS. WILL BE OPENED EOR DEPOSITORS. PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES-CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. S/ftHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE V If ION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS ANU STOCKS SitLD ON COM MISSION. U NCU KKKNT MoltEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PU RC HAS ED AT1H?! HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY. RITTEN HOUSE. FANT A CO.. d 4-Sm Bmmw. ^EN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonde of the City of Davenaort. Iowa, paviuc 10 per <*nt. intermit bf Coupon in New York. Bonda of $**? each. The yrowimt eity ot Davenport haa now aUiut inhabitant a. and ia rapidly increaainc in wea th and population. 1'a mumcipai debt ia only 9lAtt.'KW, and ita ranroad dein only and aaunot now be inoreaaed. l ite itauatica of the city were put'lahed in the Inteli. leuoer of the S'tn Septeml>er. \N e raeommaad theae bouda. believing them to be aa aale aa any 81 "t"""" CHI HB BliOTMKKB W""IJ Vhah't^P u Capitax CHAND1SE, the aauai Cit* rwtee. withoat any charce for Policy, at their Onoe, oomer of Tenth Street and Pennaylvania Avenue, ovar tha Wa?hin*ton City Savtn*a Bank. DiaacTots. zsj&iz- fgrvgau. ^,,B?iljAME8 C. Mc6UIRB. PraaidaU. ?Karroo D Ha wow. Wooretary. M 11-ly BANaiM? aouaa ^>UI|B Drroaira. ? Daaoaita raoairad aad Cheoka paiti Without oharia. 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