Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ?? PUBLISHED BJBRT AFTBKIfOOJf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AX nut STAR 1C1L1HNM, Cmiir tf Pm nmM mnd KlmmUk itraK, By W. D. WALLACH. P*p*ra aerrad In paokacaa by eiman at 94 a year, ?r 57 text* per bbocUi. To a?il aabaoribera the aab eoriftioa pnee ia fSJOa year, in *dv*nci; |2 for aiz montha; 91 for three atonttia; and for taaa tuaa thraa montha at the rata of U oaola a vaak. Stogie aopiea, oaa aant; ia wrappera, two oenta. ADTiRTiaaMSNTa (of eight linaa to the aaaara) naerted thraa tiaaaa for #1; rrary other day or eemi -weekly. *? per oant. adr&ooe; onoe a week. 50 p?r Mnl. adnHM, JWawa'' uatjipa nia^e Tvn a Um aataaageata will I yol. xi. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1858. WO. 1,587. THE WEEKLY STAR. LEMOXFIXGERft. Five Tear* ago, I was telegraph clerk at New stone Station I had a week of day daty. and a week of night daty, alternately. Christmas eve had rolled round, of all nights in the year, and there I found myself cooped ap in the little offioe; two great flaring instruments in front of me. a flaring gaslight overhead, a well-heaped grato by my aide; not forgetting ft three volume novel to assist me in wiling away the long dark hours. The night messages at News tone were never very numerous. There were rarely any for pri vate people; they referred, mostly, to the busi ness of the railway oompaoy. That evening I felt very low-spirited. It went against the grain to work on Christmas eve, when every body else seeming to be keeping holiday, and enjoying themselves. Carry and I had been engaged about two years; and for any prospect of marriage, we might be engaged twenty years lonrer. Mr. Lancaster, Carry's father, was a tradesman in a good way of business, and na turally refused to let bisdaughter marry a fel low who was getting only seventy pounds a year. He several times advised Carry to give me up. but. as she would not do that, be con tented himself with forbidding mo the house, trusting to time and distance-for they lived several miles from Newstone?to aid his cause. 1 knew that Mr Lancaster always invited a number of young people to his house 011 Christ mas eve, and 1 pictured them there, dancing; Carry flittiug about in her white muslin dress, with the ribaod round her waist thai I gave her only a month before. Would any thought of my miserable self evererossber mind, as she moved among the gay company ? Perhan3 my detected rival, Brinks the draper, might be even dancing with her, and pressing her waist with his arm at that very moment. Though not calmly to be borne; so away I went on the platform for change of scene. A clear, starlight night, with a keen breero that whistled shrill and dry through the tele graph wires above my head, and brought to my ear I he faint sounds, made Soft and sweet by distance, of the Christmas waits. Lanterns, flitting like firefliss among the wagon* in the station-yard; hoarso uncouth shouts of men. and wild shrieks from distracted locomotives that seemed tearing madly up and down, mere ly to keep themselves in a glow on such par ticular to do. So into the office again, with numbed fingers, glad of such a haven. JTho long dark nours sped slowly; when I wa? rom.-oi by the quick tinkle of the electric-bell. A-private message : "Mr Korf. Ironville. to Mr Darke, H9 High ttreet, Newstone.?Lemonfingers starts by the m?*il to-night. All Choue. Tako caro of the blaok dwarf." I was accustomed to queer messages, but thia was the oddest I had seen. I spelled it over twice to see that I had got it down correctly; then oopied it out on one of the printed forms; signed it; entered at the foot the time I had re ceived it?three, forty-five?and placed it in an envelope. Number thirty-nine, High street, was the residence of Mr. Breem the tailor, and wasouly five minutes' walk from the station. Mr. Breem generally had apartments to let, and Mr. Darke was probably a lodger. Having locked the ot fiee-aoor, I proceeded at a rapid trot towards Mr Breem's. I concluded that Mr. Darke was a showman, and that somebody was sending him a dwarf?perhaps a giant also?but cer tainly a dwarf, to put in his caravan. There was a light in the second floor of number tliirty nine. Was Mr. Darke waiting, expectant of a message 7 It looked like it. I * loud knock, and stepped back to note the effect. The light in the second floor was not moved, but the window was opened, a head popped out and a gruff voice demanded : 44 Who's thore ?" " Does Mr. Darke live here7"' 44 Why do you want to know?"' 41 I ve go\ a telegraphic message for him "Ugh. All right. Wait a moment/' A very gruff voice, certainly Next moment, the door was opened, as far as the chain would admit, and a great muscular hand was thrust out. ?? Hand it here," said Mr Darke. Aeoordingly I placed the note in his hand. Wait a oit, till I see whether any answer's required In a minute or two the window was again opened, "No answer, ' and the casoment was slammed down. With the exception of his voice, I had no more idea of Mr. Darke when I left number thirty-nine, than I had when I went. I had merely seen the outline of his head #hen he looked out of the window Whether he was a young man or an old man, a lair man or a dark man, I was equally at a loss to know. Ironville is thirty-five miles from Newstone. The mail train runs tho distance in rather under an hour, and reaches the latter place at half-past fire. As the clock pointed to hall past five. I set off for a stroll up the platform, determined that if any dwarf or giant, or other strange monster, arrived by the train, it should not depart ucseen by me. I half expected to see Mr Darke waitingfor the train; but he was not to be seen. True to its time, the train erawlcd slowly into the station; and. in another moment, the platform was flooded with those strangely attired individuals whose business or Sleasure induces them to fly by night. No warf. no giant, nor other slnnge monster. Only one passenger for Newstone; all the others booked through, as was evident from theirfran tic struggle* to find their seals the moment the bell clashed out its warning note. And this one passenger * A slim gentleman, stylishly dresssd Young, without whiskers, but with ? lo?gf*ir. moustache, which he was fond ol ?trokiag with his exquisitelv gloved thumb and He alighted jauntily from a first class carriage, smiled amiably on the porter, who touched bis cap, took up his small black port manteau, gave one harried anxious glanoe round, broko into a smile again, swaggered slowly down the plat/orm. and pushing through the heavy folding doors, emerged into the street. Home swell from London come U> spend Christ mas with his friends. I said to myself. But where can he be going at this time in the morn ing ' None of the inns will be open for above an hoar. Without waiting to consider whether it was any business of mine, I pushed through the folding-doors after the traveler. He was walk ing slowly across the little square in front of the station, looking from side to side as if not knowing which road to take Suddenly adark ?t5ar* glided out from some projection, and ad vanced towards him. 1 could hear the mur mur of a few words 1 hen, the stranger took the portmanteau from the traveler's hand, and they went on together at a rapid pacc into the town. All this 1 saw by the light of the sta tion-lamps When the two figures got beyond their influence and passed out of view in the denser darkness beyond, implied l?y a vague feeling of curiosity, i drew mycoatcloser round ate, and set off after them at a stealihv pnee, taking the darker side of the square as I went. I had not far to follow. They passed ilito High street, and stood opimsite number thirty-nine. A moment more and they wer? both inside the bouse, and the door was shut; another iii->meut and I saw the light shining from Mr. Darke's room in the second floor front. Having no expectation of seeing anything more, I turned Ltck to the office, and there, bending over a iovial fire, fell gradually iutoa dose, in which Mr Darke, th?; traveler. Carry, a black dwarf, and Binks the draper, were all mingled in a fantastic drama, revolving end lessly in my weary braio. What had a tele graphic message to do wilh the handsome traveler 7 I sleepily kept asking myself, at in tervals of a few minates. but without troubling myself to find an answer. Suddenly, a new light burst upou me. I started up, thoroughly awake; aud. touring open the despatch-book, read over again the first part of the message : '? Lemoaflutters starts by the unil to-night." Well what has that to do with the handsome traveler7 Why, this: don't the traveler wear a pair of tight-A Cling lemon-oolo red gloves7 and waii't Um oatade team oI the firvt finger of the right hand glove burst open! This I had notioed ui h? stroked his moustache But even supposing the traveler to b? the Lemon-' fingers of the menage, what ahout the blaok dwarf? He was alone. Alone? Yes?but bad he not with him a small black portmanteau' of which he seemed to take particular care, re fusing to let the porter so much as take it out of the carriage for him ? A theory ingenious, but improbable, I remarked to myself, as I put out the gas and drew up the blind, to admit the struggling day. My duty was over at eight o'clock. The Loudon train was about to start as I went up the platform on my way home. Passing a group of people stauding near a carriage door, i whs suddenly startled by a deep gruff voice exclaiming to some one : 44 We shall be off in half a minute more." " I would piok that voico from a thousand as Mr. Darke's!" I ex claimed under my breath, a? I glanced quick ly round. The group had dispersed, except two persons, a man and a woman, who were preparing to take their places in the train lhe person whom I took for Mr. Darke was a bulky middle-aged man, dressed in a good suit of black clothes. He bad black hair, and thick, black eyebrows; his whiskers were black, meet ing full and bushy under his ehin; his face was pale, and marked by the small-pox, and his eyes were black, bold, an! cunning; altogether a herce follow, whom it would be unwise to en rage. His companion s face I ooubl not see it being concealed by a thick veil; but, judging lr?m her figure, she could not bo much above twenty years old. She was well, but rathor conspicuously attired; having over her silk dresa a voluminous scarlet shawl, comtortable looking enough, certainly, on a cold Christmas morning, But see ! As I liva, she has got on the v ory pair of Icmon-oolored gloves that were worn by the young dandy who arrived by the night mail; the same pair of gloves without doubt, having the out ide scam of the first fin ger of the right hand a little torn. There, too, is the ideutiual little blaok portmanteau, care fuilly earned, this tiuie, by Mr. Darko himself. ?> h;it can it all mean ? l uder ordinary circumstances I should have at once gone to bed and slept till two or three 0 clock in the afternoon; but, on Christmas .lav, such a proceeding was not to be thought ot. So, having breakfasted, I put on my Sunday suit, and left home with the intention of taking a lone stroll into the country. Before setting out, 1 went to the station to see if I could not induce a certain friend to accompany mo; when whom should I meet on the platform but Mr. (. iioop, the chief constable of Newstone. Mr. Choop is a small, wiry active looking man, with a sauntering and negligent air, as if he were in want of something to do. Mr. Choop has a smiling, open countenance; he wears his hat very much at the back of his head, and generally displays an ample amount of shirt bosom; seeming, in hi* quiet way, to invite the confidence of everyone. But, tell him some thing tnat interest* him; cxcite him, bring him out of the oassive into the active mood, and you will see his eyes beoome keen and piercing, his features sharpen, and his teeth glisten. He looks at such a moment, as dangerous and mischievous as a tiger-cat crouching for a spring. Air. Choop is a distant relative of mine by marriage, and was aware of the slate of my affections. He wa&in the passive mood, when 1 encountered him on the platform, and looked the most amiable and artless of men. ??uW Joa thi" corning?" he said as we shook hands. "And how is Carry? Have the out man and you made matters up yet 1head disconsolately. Weli faint heart you know," he added, with a smile 44 What brings me down here ? Business, to be sure. The fact is," mysterious ly taking me by the button, 44 the're was a daring burglary committed last night at Iron ville. and property to a large amount was stolen. From information I recoived half-an hour ago by telegraph, I have reason to believe that one ot the accomplices, having in his pos session a considerable part of tho stolen proper y, arrived here early this morning by the mail ya,n- ? slender young man, fashionably dressed, light flaxen moustache; wearing a pair of lemon-colored kid gloves, and cairying a small black portmanteau." 1)ar"'8 friend, by Junlter !" , , ' w.h?t do you mean f" asked Choop, sharply with his eager ferret look thatchangf?d him at ence into another mau. Three minutes sufficed to put him in possession of all I knew Choop gave an almost imperceptible jerk of the thumb, and a tall ungainly looking man, having the ap^aranca of a farm laborer in his best clothes, lounged up; and I recognized timothy, Mr. Choop s confidential subordinate. [to bk continued.] SHIP.RAISING AT kCBASTUPOL. A correspondent, writing from Scbaatopol under date of November 5, says : '* We had a terrible excitement on board one day last week. One of the divers, (Harris, the Jbuglish marine spoken of before,) a first-rate lei ow, and bold as a lion, goes down examining tho outside of tho ship on which they are at work. He had been forward and was going aft along the bottom, in sixty feet of water, when he suddenly signaled for more air, and, though the pressure was instantly increased, two more signals for 4 air,' and 4 to come up' followed in rapid succession, and then ceased all reply to signals given. Thinking the fault was in the air-pump, the speed was increased until a pipe bursting near the engine showed that the hose was foul. Then shouted to the other party in a row-boat at a little distance to come to the rescue, that diver was brought up by his tend ers, and tbey commenced rowing for the steam er. Meanwhile, poor Harris made no more re sponse to the anxious signaling of his tenders, and they had tried in vain to haul him up; the life-line was also foul. The pump was kept slowly iu motion, but no bubbles came up from the water, and we knew that no air was reach ing him. The row-boat was coming as fast as possible, but t thought it never would arrive. At last they came alongside. The diver's hel met was closed, strong hands worked rapidly and sileotly. and in an instant he was lowered oat of sight, the hose of bis suffocating oomnan ion in his hand, 1 hero was an interval of two or three minutes of fearful suspense, in which no word was spoken by any of the score of men gathered there, save one whisper.4 It must be too late.' Suddenly a second column of rising air-bubbles appeared. 4 The hose is cleared - be has air,' several voioes spoke eagerly. 44 Then followed the signal for rising, and up they earns-poor Harris all stark and motion less. Stop Lhe pump, he is dead,'said one. unscrewing the eye-glass through which he saw the ghastly countenance and frothy lips. But the cold air striking his livid faee, the eye-lids half oncned and closed again. 'He is alive!' they all cried joyfully, and removing the un sightly helmet and dashing water on his head and breast, be presently began to breathe per ceptibly, and after an hour's diligent rubbing from as many s rong and willing hands as could get around him, be began to come to con sciousness. He suffered great pain for hours in the head Hnd breast, but is now altogether recovered, and diving as usual." A'ovhrr KentuckyMleder?An Attempt at RaacDB.-We learn from the Mt. Sterling >Vhig that 4,a great deal of excitement exists at tbe present time in Johnson eounty. It ap pears that one of several of the Ward family, which is a very large and extensive one, killed **"i W^rds was arrested and pluced in jftil, when, a *hort Lima Afterwards, a party of seventeen, composed of the Wards and their friends, attacked tbe jail and attempted to rescue the prisoner. Tbe people now gath ered from alt aoarters and drove baek the res cuers, and in tbe melee killed one of the Wards. The jtil has since been barrioaded, and is gu;tril?d night and day, as another assault is anticipated by a large force. Our information is up to Saturday; since then we have not heard anything. The next news we antioipate to bear of more bloody work "?Lout Journal, Special Hotices. Dyspkpsia and Fmi-Dr. Tracy Delorrae, great ourer of Consumption, vu for several ;?n so badly afflicted by dyspepma tnat for a part of the time he waa oonfined to hia bed. He vai eventually cured by a preemption lurmahed him by a young clairvoyant girl. Thia preseription, given by a mere liild while in a state of trance, haa onred every l>ody who haa taken it, never having failed once. It la equally aa sore in oaaea of fita as of dyapepaia. The ingredienta may be found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on ths receipt of one postage stamp te pay postage. Address Dr. Tract Dhlormi, New York Post Offioc. jan 28 I am in possession of some valuable oertifioatea in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its effiraoy la relieving bronohi&l disease attended with severe cough. The Syrnp pleasant and safe, and isfoomposed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Ridgs; it is no common article. They are nioely enveloped iu my oiroulars, where my plaoe of residenoe is seen. The extraot of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, can, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well aa Georgetown,at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Led better's. Id Baltimore, at Uanoe'e, H? Balti more street. dvtf Special NoTtfB.? For Perftimed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiftil Complexion, use " Balm of 1,000 HJnwers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a sew pomade ; it c%uxes gen tlemen's hair te ourl beautifully. Price so oents each. W P. Fetridgk tc Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Taylor A. Maurt, Booksellers, between 9th and 10th st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 Dancing. ounces A f^ASHlONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDER respectfully announces to Ins friends and tho public generally, that Ins la?t quarter will commence on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 2d, IHja. All those who desire J to be preparod for tho exhibition are earnestly|_ solicited to join as soon as possible, as the arrange ment of Fancy Dancos will take plaoe immeriiateW. The programme for this season will he entirely new, and far excel any ever offered to the publio. Parents whodesire to see thoir children easy and graceful in their carriage, should not fail to enter them very soon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual,Iroin 7>k until 9X o'clock. jan 30 dtf D ANC1NG ACADEMY Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announoe to the Ladies and Gen- ?4 tlemenof Washington and Georgetown that Jn he will reopen his Classes for Dancing in/TR Washington on Friday, the 9th of October, at UUlQt Temperance Hall, E street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clook p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from7o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Weduesdaj, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s resideuoe, 4"7 E street, between 9th-and 10th streets. se 12-t?m Dentistry, 60. D R. R. FINLEY HUNT, DENTIST., No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue. Will perfo'in all operations belonging to h\tk frofessioa at his old established office, as above. . d 19-tf yHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. D.. the inventoried patentee of "Laomis' Mineral Plate Teeth," having^ successfully introduced his improvement infl various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsistsohief Iv in making a set of but one pieo? of material, and that indestruotible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanio action and metalic taste. There are no joints to beoome filled with moisture or partioies of food, henoe they are pure and clean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy. far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one wno will produoe e similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistio excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 27b Penna. avenue, between 11th and l*th atreets. ap 18-lx PI ANOJ*?VER Y CHEAP.?1 liave now in atore the following gr a* barga na: A very superior Piano of Hal let, Davis . Co.,7 ootavea. hne rosewood;original pricelEgfie It has be?n rented out in a careful"'*? * fa'nily. and will be sold for 9*100. Also, a similar Piano, same makers, BX octaves; ongiiia' price 9300; will tio sold for These 1'ianosa e re illy Itarguns; we warrant and guarantee them as willingly as wo do our new ones. All persons in want of a good re'iable Piano are so lioited to oa.ll and see these iiisWuin?!ita. A'sn, a Seoond-hand Piano, which we have ac oepted in part pnvment for a new one, for ?IV; oue for $40; one for $15; and one for .410. Ours is always the largest stoclc of Pianoa in this city; therefore call at No. L06 Pa. av., between 9th and loth atreeta. fe9 JOHN F. ELLIS. ? DENTISTRY. LP DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Ovrici No. 19B Pkmnsti.vania Avmi, Tkttt doors from 14tk Strut. Dr. BAILY begs leave to inform the pnblio that hs can he seen at all noun, at his office, located as above. He feels assured that an experienoeof fifteen years' practioe, with the large number of patients.and great variety of difficult cases that he has treated suooess fnlly, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience oonfirming the opinion of many men eminent in thsprofsssion,and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. tmrmly, has led him, long sinoe, todis card all mercurial preparationa for filling Teeth,also all Enamsls. Gutta Peroha, India Rubber, and Ce ?enta for the oonstruotion of Continuoua Gurr eeth, and tliat Porcehan. mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable aubatanoe that can be worn in the month, aa was moat oonoluaively shown by the las) Amenoan Dental Convention. Although he flattqra himxelf from hia long resi denoe ana praotioe in Washington, he ia favorably known to hia numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer tbem to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Churoh of Epiphany of this oity. Dr. Stephen Bailt: Dear Sir?1 desire to ex press my esteem for you personally, and my oonfidenoe is you as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have l>een highly satisfactory. 1 hope that yon may reoeive the patronage from my friends and the pumie that yoer skill so well deserves. Yours verr trniy, Washington,, 1856. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms m Baltimore, Messrs. B iggs, Cotman h Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington oity, to execute for me an im portant and diffioult piece of work, wluoh he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform ths same work satisfactorily, it gives me ifide great pleasure to express my entire oonfidenoe and nigh eetimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1897. HARMANN BO0SB. Extract from a note received from the late Hob. /ski M. Clayton. U. S. Senate, Aug. It, ISM. The teeth yon made for me work admirably; noth ing oovld be better. Veryyratefui^, __ CLAYTON. Te those that seek relief from the maladies of ths teeth, 1 can cheerfully reobmmend Dr. S. Baily as ? superior Dentist; he made a set of poroelian teeth for one of mr family, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the wori has all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Vn. Conf. of the M. E. Chnreh South, April 19. ISM. We, the nndersigned. having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. 8. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having been oognis ant of his operations on our families of friends, take pteasare ia expressing our admiration of his artistie skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in whioh he performs the most delionte and diffioult operatioas in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re oommend him to the oonfidenoe and patronage of the public, of which we ooasider hum eminently worthy, Thomas U. Waltxr, Architect U. 8. Capitol. Thomas Millrr, M. D.,of Washington, D. C. J. 8. Bohxrr, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. B. LtHCOLN. M. P., of Washington. D. C. ICS. H. Bradley,of Washington. D.C. Bxorsr Waltoh, Ex-Governor of Florida, Walter Lbhox, Ex-Mayor of Washington^ v* Offioc, O. C. W isht. Principal Rittenhonee Ai iebMtf 0BDE?9 FOR,^P^mHgATCHM BV TAYLOR A MAURY. Booksellers and Station ers, Pa. avenoe, near 9th street, offer tc the public great faeilitiee in ths importation of forstgn Books, Statio-ery Ac. ? Bf their arrangements with Furopsae houses they are enabled to exccuteall orders committed to theu Charge, and at a low rate of importation prices, fe 10 Fashionable visiting cards, and Plates Engraved |n all ety lee, and oards printed Piano*, *c. GOUB MUDAL WILLIAM KNABK. (Senior partner in the late firm of _ Knabb. Gauls A Co., Coctmaee the manufacture and eale of grand u< square PIANO FOR TK9, under the iuiiMb-j^

of William Knabe 4. Co., at the old stand. |fc3H9 Not, 1. 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw strert op- ?" ?* ' tout* the Eataw House, Baltimore. They have aieo just opened a new Sales Room at No 307 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCafiery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plats and luthly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* ale?, nlelodeons, from the t>est makers, from # to 5 octave, some with doable kef -boards, doable reeds, and stops to snit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture of Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos wers awarded the highest ?remtun> ((old modal)at the Fairs ot the Maryland Institute two taooeesive years?October, 1856, and l&Sfi?in op position to foart%eu and eighteen pianos from some of ths best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We wore also awarded the brst premiums! the Industrial Kxhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1*56 and 1856. They have also been aw^led the highest premium (silver modal! at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair lor 1857. In addition to this we are is possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors am) amatssr* in the country. winch oan be seen at our warenoms, *p?*Viujc for themselves and others oi the high appreciation in whioh oar instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for Ate years, \n<i a privilege of exohange is granted withia the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. asar 16-1* . WM. KNABK A CO. flMVK MORK OF RAVEN. BACON A CO.'S superior PI AN OS, just arrived at the^KSRB Warerooms of Bwll W. C. METZKROTT. ?* ? ? ? ? Second hand Pianos for sale ohenp. n 20-tf J^UNNS A CLARKE'S HALLETT. DAV^S A CO.'S*? ? * CELEBRATED PIANO FORTES, Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. av? between 9th and inth st*. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Pianos. Stoola, Covers, Melodeons, Ao., Ac., also on hand. n J6-tr 1MIK MUSIC DEPOT OF W. G. METZK ROTT, oornor of Eleventh street and. Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest and! only oomplete Musical Establishment in' the District of Columbia. Baoon, Raven A Co '? and Rnsenkranxe's cele brate PI AN OS are always on band in creat varie ty:also. Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together with an immense stock of Musical In* struments and Sheet M usio of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by Mr. Rebine. d9-tf ?1^ 8KVENTH STREET o eTmn*. _ Ofloe Second Story, throe doors from Odd Fkllows' Hall. Spectacles and (ilasses suited to every sight. Opera, Reading, and \Vatohniakei 'fWSigW Glasses; Telescopes, Miorosoupes ** great variety; Cosinoramic Stereoscopes with of superior and choioe pictures on hand. Seeadver tisemeut m National Intel iigenoer. Testimonials. NoRroLK, September 7,1864. Hum T*S Spectacles you made for me rait me very weUT and seem to have unproved :ny sigh) 'SW. TAZLWKLL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectables obtained from Mr Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight,and corresponding with hisdescriptionof theu focus. 1 reoommend him as a skiURY?A^WISE PBTBBSBrKS, October 21,1834. About five years a*o, I obtained from Mr. Tobias in Washington, a pair of Glasses for the spectaoles wluoh I used, and found them or great assistance to my deoaying vision; and my opinion of him is, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eyer not too far gone to be benefitted by such aid. J ? r . MAY# L7HCHBCBG._November 7,1864. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, anc from his observations and remarks, am oonvineeo th.t tie .. . a.llfbl ??"??;u,KHIIlDi M. D. Ltmchbcbs, November 10. Ii64. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glaa ses. by whioh 1 have been greatly aided, i my vision tiavmc suffered greatly from rwulini at night in njj earlier life,) it aflords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may need his nrofAaiiODAi R6rviOM> \V Ifl? !!? Elder ot the Methodist Conlereiioe. WiLMineTos, N. C.,Junstt, 18>4. Mb. J.ToBiAS-Dear Sir : I am happy to say thai the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. * rom an inequality in Mif visual rauxe of unr oyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty iu setting glasses of the dVJ: tances. It affords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difSoultv has been happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished decidedly the beat adapted to my eyes of any 1 have 8VeVerjr respectfully yours, R. B. DRANE. Rector of St. James I arish. Having been induced b? a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias lor the purpose of try ing hi? glasses I was famished with a pair slightly oolorod blne?whice havs atlorded me mors relief and grwtife cation than any I have ever tried. My sishl^ origin ally very good, was injured by writing and reading at awssrsis: reJ'sarftis s&fs vastf.*" "ih"" '"jffffti gar I Ate Commissioneor Gen'l Land Offioe, Deo. 11.186V , , I have used Mr. ToUas's Spectacles Tor threeoi four mouths, and take great pleasure nisajingt'Si I am much Pleased with them. I havsbeeu muob benefited by tnem. GEO. P. SLARBL RGH. May 6th. 1856. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a ski fu. optician; audas I have eves of remarkable peculiari ty, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias sseined to oomprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement,and lie has made meap?.ir i?f *? P?gl* oles that suits me admirably. A. P. rL.fcit. July 11. 1856. Wabhimtow, Aug. 8,1856. Having been for years under the neoessity or hav two sets of glasses?one for use in daylight, Md one for lamp-light?I proonred one set from Mr. rouias which answered both purposes. I have used his for several month., and find 1!bbs. Ot Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Speotacles yos furnished me yesterday are WUon.Krly satisfa??.ry to me. They are vers decidedly the best IJJO"?"; and 1 am the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully seleoted in different plaoes and 'from opticians rec ommended to me on aooount of their professional standing in Franoe, England, and the Lnited State#. I have boon also pleased wi?h your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sight. Respectfully roars, CH8. CAL.DWKLL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. BBOOILTN OBTHOrABDTC IHSTITUTIOW, April, 1864. . After most careful examination of Mr. J. Tobias s Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, olearness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want ol saoh auxiliaries. I oonsider. moreover, Mr. Tobias fully sualified to determine the foous or the eye,both by hri optical knowledge and experience, and by rows of his optometer. In addition, Icanrurther stats that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa lo LTwis SlPf-M'X Physician and San eon, Berlin; Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. England; Member of the Medical Society of London, and of the Pathological Sooiety of New.York; late Sur geon ol the Royal Orthopaedio Institution of Manohester, England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Nobvolk, Va., July 8,1B64. In tho exporienoe of even two years, I have found great difioulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. This in oonvemenoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are clear, chrystal-like and oomfortable to my eyes. I would oommend him to those who from age or other infirrmtr require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SIMKINS, M. D. WiLMiNaroii, N. C., June 16, 1864. To persons who have had the sight of their eyes so impaired as to require the use orGasses, 1 would reoommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glaasss as the? may re quire. as he has suited me wiU? a pair of Spectacles for a far and near sight. M v sight has been very much by a service of years in the Poet Office Department, whieh berth required me to be on duty from 11 o'clock at night till after day. dorms which tine I aeed batons Tight. W.A.WALKER. Dbpabtksnt or IwTBBiom, May 8, From natural defects and the unequal r?nge or my eyes, I have been oompelled to use gUsM?s h)r seve ral years. I have tried different optioians without obtaining glasses perfectly fttted to my *yss. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two P?ir" 1?PPSJJJH'' for me, whioh I haveXund to eorys me Perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is en^>lM joadapl glAsees m.?t minutely to the e^-ln^tcheortU^ fy rtmommend Mr. Tobias to.all having oeeasion to TrsYtltri* Directory. Alexandria and Washington. NEW aKaASOEME.ST. The itiMMr OMrr< Page bavin* been Uken off the route for repairs, the COLLYER wilt, until further notice, take herj place- running at the bours mentioned" below, from the foot ofTth street. Wsshington. and Janaey's \\ harf. foot of Ring street, Alexandria. Leave Alexandria at 5 1\. 9.1?Hi. 12*. 3, 4\, Leave Washington at 6.8*. I'Uf. \ ?. Mi The Mount Vernon trips Will be discontinued un til further notioe. fe S WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains run as follow*: Leave Washington at 6 a. m. Do. do. at ? a. m. Do. do. at s p m. Do. do. at 42n p m. Do. do. at 6.15 p. m. The Trains at 6 and ? a. m and 4-2*' p. m. connect directly at Baltimore for the East and at Relay to? the West. Those at K a. m. ai d 5 IS p. m. lor Auap olis.and at 5 p m. for Frederick *n<f Norfolk. The 6 a. in. and 4.VO p. m. rrains sre Kxpress, find stop only at Annapo'i* and Washington junctions. The Eastern train of Saturday at 4JO p. m. goes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only ore train?at 4.30 p. m. lanao d TH. H. PARSONS. Aretrt. N EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL FARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent ex tension and improvement of its lead mg oonnccting lines at the West has required an en tire revjsion of the mailing arrangements of this road awhioh highly important advania/es to the trav jrare secured. On and after MONDAY, Jnn? 15. 1857. THRKF DAILY TRAINS will U ran in both directions for through passengers. First?The ACCOMMODATION TK AIN starts from Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M.jexoepI Sunday,) stops at way stations and arrives at Cam lierland at 4 P. M. Seeond?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted I at a 30 A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 a A. M., connecting at Beuwood with Central Ohn trams for Coium^us, Cincinnati. Indianapolis, l.?u isviile, Chicago, St. Louis. Ac., and at same p>aor with trams for Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Ao.. bj Cleveland Koad, and also at Parkersburg with Ma netta Road. Third-The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PRF.SS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.05 P. M., con oeotingat Beuwood at 9 A. M.with express trains from Beilaire to Cincinnati, (t*t:Aoa( ckant* a' Cam rtt Columbus,) and reaching there in but hours from Baltimore and 2K hours from Washing ton. It also connects directly, in both directions, at Grafton with cars br Parkersburg and Marietta roads lor Clullicothe. Cincinnati, eto. These trainr oornect at Xema for Indianapolis. Chionco and St Louis, aud at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio axx Mississippi Express for Louisville. Cairo and St lx>uis through to gt. Louis in leas than 42hoursfrom Baltimore. Br this tram the timt to all the osntra and southern places in ths West is much less, whilf the dittance is from 40 to 100 miles shorter than by the shortest of other routes. From the West thest connections are equally dose and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8,?> A. M. JD* Baggage checked through to all points. THROUGH TICKETS soM at lowest rates At Camden Station and at Washington D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington maj ei?ir tkt <slir? road by daylight, by taking morn tug trains, and Ijing over at Cuml<er!and or Oak land, and resuming aext morning by Wheeling Ao oommodation train, leaving Cumberland at > auc Oakland at 10 jo. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M. will stop at all Stations east of Cumberland, and tht Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations bet one Cumberland gcieg West. Kaatwardlv, the Mart Tram leaves Wheeling at 8.30 A. M..auu Acoommo dation "leaves Cumberland at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 30 P.M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between Grafton and Parkersburg, way Rsseiigers will take Ihe Express westwardly and e Mail eastwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M , stopping at way stations. Leaves Frederiok at 9.1* A. M., arriving at Baltimore 12 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.4* A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott's Mills at 7 A. M. and 7 P. M., exoept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15 and 9JJ A. M., 3 and5.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 8 JO A M. and Sand 4.20 P. M. On Sundays at 7 A. M., an* 4?< P. M. only. The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and tb* seeond and fourth trains from Washington, will b* express mail trains, stoppiug only at \Vaslangtoi Junction and Annapolis Junction. The 9.15 and 5.15 trains from Baltimore and the 8J9 and 4 20 >rain8 from Washington oonnect with thf trains from Annapolis. For tickets, information, fare, Ao., apply to J. T ENGLAND, Agent,at the Ticket ogioe. Camdet Station. WM. 8. WOODSIDE, is 13-tf Master of Transportation. Baltimore. o RANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD OREATSOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily, (Sunday ntjphts excepted.) betweei WASHINGTON CITS and the SOUTH. vi? ALEXANDRIA. GORDONSVILLEans RICH MOND Leaves Washington at 6 o'olook a. m. " Washington at 7 o'olook p m. For LYNCHBURG and tne SOUTHWEST. Leave Wasiuugton at 6 o'otock a. fin.. arrive u LYNCHBURG next morniugat 4a. m.,connecting with the trains on the Virginia and Tennessee Rai Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesville Po Lynchburg a distance of W miles. Fare from W sshington to Lynohburg. J7.7S. The steamer G FORGE PAGE, foot ofSevenU street, being owned by the Railroad Company, ran* in oonnection with the trains. Tickets for Lynohburg procured op the Boat. {[^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons will heatth* Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pas sengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for Alexan dna, a distance of six miles, allowing ample timt for meals. JAMES ?. EVANS, Agent. Alexandria, Jnly, 18Sf. |y i-tf N JEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL 9 NIT ED STATES MAIL STEAMERf "LiZ mrt. fhe ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldridge. be BALTIC? ... Capt. Joseph Comstock The ADRIATIC Capt. Jamee West These ships having been built by contract expreesly for Government service, every care has been takes in their oonetruotion, as also in their engines, to in sure strength aud speed, and their aooommodatiana for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and oom fort. The steamers of this line have improved water tight compartments, and no expense has been spared to make them all as good as new, the thorough exam ination given them proves their mode of constiuo tiun yet unequalled. Prioe of p&ssage from New York to Liverpool, in first oabin, #130; inseoond do., 075; From Liver pool trNew York, 30 and 20 guineas. An ex pen penenoed Sargeon attached to each ahip. No berths be seourec until paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. PROM IfXW TOXK. Saturday, Jan. 16 18.** Saturday, Feb. IS 1*58 Saturday, Maroh IS . .1 *58 Saturday, Apr I 10 1&56 Saturday, Abru 24....1R5A Saturday, May 8 1M? Saturday, May 22 ... I8.W Saturday, June 5 ,185ft Saturday, June 19 ...I?to8 Satnrday, July Saturday, July 17 1858 Saturday, Aag. 14 1K58 Saturday, Aug.28 law rxoM liverpool. mM Wedsesday, Feb.3...1*58 Wednesdav, M'oh 3 .1858 Wednesday, M'oh 3i law WednescaV, April 28.taW Wednesday, May 12. 1R56 Wednesday, May * .1*58 Wednesday, June? . .ia? Wednesday, June *^ 8 Wednesday, July 7.. .1858 Wednesday, July 21 .l*'8 Wednesday, Aug. 4 ?*'? Wednesday, ^pt. I. IK* Wednesday, Sept. 151** Saturday, Sept. II .. .1858 Wednesday, Sept. 29.U68 Saturday, Sept._25 )85B Wednesday, Oct. 13 !M| Saturday, Oot. 9 185P Saturday, Oot. 23 1858 Satnrday, Nov. 6 1858 Saturday, Nov. 20 18.W Saturday, Deo,4 185B Wednesday, Oct. 77. 'M8 Wednesday, Nov. I0.1WW Wednesday, Nov. *4.l?5? Wednesday. Dec. 8 18* W? dassdap, Deo. ? tit#siairctrtfrs rf?-?. wdi.??, The owners of these ships will not be aoooantabit for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preoiout stones or metals, unleee bitis of lading are simtx therefor and the value thereof expressed ihereth. d 16 Philadelphia, wii mington and baltimore RAILROAD. Psssenser trains for Philadelphia leave President street depot, Baltimo.e, daily, exoept Sundays, as follows, vis: Express Train at 8.40 a. m.; Wsy Ma.l Train at 11 o'elocka. m ; Evening Mailat&?5p m On Ss1 days at 6^5 p. m. o?ly. All tram. ?>nnect with New York trains except 6 ?5 p. m. Saturdays. FOH HAVRE OF tiRAi'E ONLY. Leave Baltimore at 4. 4 o'clock p. m From Philadelphia s 8 a. in.. I p. m .and 11 p ?? FOR SEAPORD.UEL. Passengers leaving Saltimoie at ????a. m eonne at Wilmington with tjm p. m. tra a end 6^5 P- ">? irom Baltimore With IM m ^wloRD. Ag-fc \ vi m> o?Dk Travelers' Directory. PACIFIC lyu^ BTKAHttMlf OU?t. tsw&msxvsxis, CALIFoKMA.UKlORKGON.MTM^m Panama tw,?<? earh month, on the ra.olt.l- I ruted l*tates Mail S.S. Con pata'a eisam #rs. wh.*h leave NewOrleana and New York regu larly on Mh and a*h of aaoh "^kwitk Um a2&. and pUMDftri oooMotioi ?? PANAMA RAIL ROADS. Tiww ?tea?aships bar e proved by the Nary Departaaaat. and gauar'y tpsstf la/t'v- _ . ... . Thf Pai?me Railroad <f? mites lamr> ?? aom Ceted frum ooean to ooeaa. and ta erowdii Ior* >urs. TlwkaimeoftuMoitriuiiniMlifWt York *f*?cli loflaa FraaoiMu.Md i>iini?iaf? embarked as Panama by steamer at the company a expense. The money r*id in New York covers ail expenses of I be trip. ., _ , Reserve *teamera are kept In port in naun and i*an Francisoo. to preveat de:ent ion id ease of sosi (lent, ao that tne route is aattraly r* oo Ml* are having ocourred in eight years. I'aarrr,*er? ieav? I&uama the same day they ar rive at AepinwaU. Condnotora ro thronrh hv eaoh steamer. and take oh urge of woman and aiuMrea without other protoo tore. For through tickets at the towaft rates aaply at the agency, 177 West street. New I. W. RAyM ON D,?or to ARM*TR</N6. HARRIS A CO, " New Orleans.- or Jt* i/ O. L. BARTLETt. Boston. nOR NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. Ti The itramfr LOUISIANA leaves the I'awt D?>ck, loot of Concord street. Balti- -II 1 ? ^ more, evfrj Turidaj, Thirwla?, Saturday ,a?d the steume; NORTH CAROLINA every Monday, W edresday. and ?? n dnt, at So'olook p. w. M. N. r ALLe. fn vtf President R?ltimor? C.w. N1TED STATES MAIL. LINK ONLY REGULAR LINf ana withovt ran.raa ron siaHT vsaaa. rat CALIFORNIA AN1> OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. U Rsgaiar Sailiai Dap*, 5<A f JRiA *f is?* Ca?tioh.-So nuuiT frauds aad imposi tions of varioua k;D<ia have been lately Frpetrsted on traveller* l*>und toCA LI - OK MA. that the auUc-r.l^r. the only authorised Agent for passage hr the y. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma. in the oity of New York, feela it his duty ta caution all persons seeking passage to Califoinia, that, to avoir mrosmofi. they msst he carefal to filtd the true oftoe of the Steamships of the I". S. MaiI I,me, via Panama Railroad, as no other offica in New York is authorized to engage passare. The Companies have only ore oftoe in >ew ? oik* which is st 177 West street,oomer of Warjen street, fronting on tha North River, at the bead of tha Coaa pany's Wharf. tir ?Ifw"XiLhy*irNSfJMfS!> la ?? Insurance, dfco. JJOMK INRURANCF^COMPANY OF NEW C?i?A Capita/... Smrplm* o?er_^... The underlined, having l*ien appc i?ted A Kent of this Company, ii >rfpareato issue I oliciet on Bnil d nca, Merchandise. Steamboats, h c.onu favora ble tcr ma as other responsible c^rn pan ?es. x. N. H ANW)^. A gen.. No. 512 7th St.. oppo. Jntrlligeneer Office. iar2S-eo2m _ EDWARD 8NOWDKN. TENERAL CLAIM AND REAL EHTATE AGENT. For Bount? I^andn. Pension Claims. Prbse^a tion of Claims before the Ourt ot Claims. <oi?re?e and the Depart meute, Purchase ao^l Saie ol rea. as tares, aitend to Ren'inr Houses, Buy and ^ell LA 1 Warrants. Negotiate Loans, and all business of similar character. . Office corner 7th and Lpuisiana svons', jan 16 ly Washing top. City G ULD AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS O W EXCHA SO K SOLD. ON THE P R INC IP AL POINTS IN EU ROPE. IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO. NEY ACCOUNTS. WILL BE OPENED FOR D EPOSITORS. PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS. OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CHECES MUST BE MAREED ACCORD INGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION.SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS 80LD ON COM MISSION UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED ATTHK HIGHEST RATES. 8WEEN Y, RITTENHOI BE. FANT A t 0? d 4 Jim Baakera.^ rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of tha Cit? of Davaoport, Iowa, pKj iiic 10 per oent. inler<*t by Coupon in l>#W York. Bonds of #.??? each. The (rnwiac e?ty of Davenport has now ai*??t 2?JUM inbatwlaiila, and^ia rapidly increasing these bonda. State or city bonds. cH,,BB BpoTHE|l8 Carivax 9*k>.("0V CHA N DISK, A?., at the ssaal Cit? anv oiiarge for Policy, at their Offioe, oornar of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avaoaa, o?ar tha Washington City Savings Bank. DiaacToas. Wm. F Bayly. Joseph Bryaa. Jaaies F. Haudat. Wm. Orme gadya Tartar. Franoi* Mohan. M? W. trait. ^?^'jAMKS C. MoODIRE. President. tiArmi P. Hanson. Secretary. apH-1? BANKIN? HOU8E BRuTHERe. DaposiTt ? l>aaoeits reoaived and Chooks paid without charge. Drafts ou the wfthga seaboam aities received on Deposit at par. on Deponts at such rates as may be agreed ??"?? Dkfosits in Viaaima a?ii> I m t-sksmt M?n will bedisoounted. and Loans m?deon?u>oas. v oas. and Soouritias. at the mark*l ?***? f credit will ba Lkttbss or CsBDiT.-Lettersor Lraoa furnished, negotiable m the d^^t Citi^^I^aa I'nihed States, on Defoait.of Money or c y and interest allowed if Moneyis oep. sueu, a^a obarged if Coilaterals, on each tarms as nay beat reea ?'ra'AVBLina Bills or E*rmaBam.-Tmval?rswiU beVknuSaTnU%Af ui asoh as may ?>s da sirod negotialne is the different Cities of tha I nion. "v.biTTB*B or O* epi7 on E waLannTa? lamp x^ Kraori. -Bill. of V*chai*a a?J LitUea of Credit ou England, IrakuK! and Earope, fsraished at the market rate for Lxohangs, ta earns to sait. Boictw, Stocks. A#.-Bonds. Stocks, apd Sacari tiee paying from 6 to 13 ar. oent.. always for sala. or bosgnt in the dUFsrent Ciues at a commission of a* pr. cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders.'wa reeenre the right to call for a deposit of lfpreenton the oort. Bonds or Stocks will ba ordered toy tola graphs Rtxioai. Citi. an? Srar* Bonne.?Railroad. City, and State Boads san ba plaoed in oar hands for negotiation, either ia this ooantry or Esropa. market ratee. All Warraats re/d toy as are *? Utd in every Land Warrants located on oomausaHm. . 1 Aad Warrant auotat iocs ragaJarly faralsa* u r? "KSLu***. forwarded to W J orders, or sent for sale on r- ~' ?d ^ ? Oppoaite tha Traaeary. house B ^?posites i>f Ooiiwilt be pe din ftold. U lU 0r"' ^ Wvifo WoV&ERS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSIT MONEY U LOAN STOCK SECVElTIMm ^ rlUa ** 9%QTKSiSJt$SftS^^*