Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAK PUBLISHED EVER I AFTB&NCON, CSVftDAY EXCEPTELC,) At TUI Ifil BDILJHNM, C*m*r Pm mxhm mnd EintrUh strut, By W? 1}. WALLACH. P?Mrt ??rred in ?>y oarnara it |4 a raw, ?r ft oaata ft mouth. To mail aubaonbara tha aib aoription proa ia |3J*i rtar, ??? mdvmnc*; #? for ?iz muntba; 91 for thro* moatha. aud for >?ai thao iOre* mootha at tha rata of 12 oaula a vaak. 8inf la ou?im, una oant; in vrappara. two orata. Adt?eti?i>?lira (of aiibt iinaa to Uia hhti) naertad three for $1 ; every other day or aemiwaak.y, A per oaot. advaaoa; onoe a week,50 ?er e*m. advauoe. VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1858. NO. 1,588. THE WEEKLY STAR. tSS aMlE# is C'aba raiaafl *r+d. ?? NT oaut- of T?? w kkklt Br A a wiU by* iviiTlt inrambty ooataiaa Afti n? that mm nade Tub hrtmiaa Sraaetraa lm fc" ao ceu*ra;.y throatboat tha ooaairy. IL ^8tafte oopt? (in wTajpera' oaa be proca-e* ~" rss^met^kr?? "? ' ^ Poat oaatera ? ho aot aa areata Vtll ba ai lowed ?? ?*?iaaion?f?oent. LKMUHI.HERS, ICOITIKCID.) Mr. Choop sent Timothy off to Number Tbir tj-niM to make certain incline*; theo went himself to the bookingoffice to ask of the clerk whether be remembered to what atation Mr Darke and hi* companion were booked The clerk booked so many passengers by that train that he c.uld not possibly remember; but he thinks, through to London. Mr Choop then desired me to accompany him to the telegraph offlce The eight o'olook train had hardly got half way to Loudon yet. By consulting a time table Mr Choop found out at what part of the line the train ought to be; *>, at bis request, I telegraphed to the station at which it would next stop; giving a brief description of Mr Uarke and his companion, desiring the train to be searched on iu arrival, and the individual in question to be detained. In a quarter of an hour we received a reply : " The train has been searched, but no individuals, answering to your description, were in it." " Telegraph to each station where the train has stopped, said Mr. Choop, "until you dis cover at whioh vf them the man and woman sot out. ? So I telegraphed to four stations without sue cess, but the fitih answered, " Ves, the individ uals you meution reached here by the Ham train." * ?? Til have you yet, Jim Riley!" exclaimed Mr. Choop, with a grim smile. ?? Fred, by boy, .{0S-WanL to **? * bit of fan- "n<J g<' with Timothy and me. you are welcome " A* the clock struck twelve we found ourselves at Fulwood-station?Mr. Choop, Timothv. and After making a few inquiries of the ?tall?.master, Mr. Choop sent Timothy in one ?traction, while he and I took another. Mr. Choop put cautious questions to several indi viduals, but without gaining any decisive in formation. Neither was Timothy, when we me* biin able to furnish any satisfactory intel ligence. Mr. Choop considered for a few mo ments. " It must be as I have suspected all along Mid he, at last. 44 We shall find theiu at the Ten Tramps; step out, lads. Best leg foremost. ? We lefi the village at a rapid pace, and still keeping on the high road, got into a barren, moorland country. Fields, hedgerows, and trees, were gradually left behind; until, at length, we were shut in oruujKry side by swell ing hillocks, of moor, which tWept away as far ^?r*ueye Can reMch< *nJ bound the horizon wit* their sinuous, graceful liucs. Following guidance of Mr. Choop, we quitted the high **ter a time, and came to a halt under the lea of a higher hillock than oommon. Mr. Choop. taking off his hat clambered up the hill and took a stealthy survey over its summit. He then beckoned me to follow. Peepingover, I found that we were on a summit of a ri igo of country, from which the road swept down into h small valley, in the middle of which, and close to the high road, stood a small square house. ^ The Ten Tramps. I dar* wajjer that Jim ?k *UJ his wife are in that bouse," said Mr. Choop. 44 It is a notorious gathering-place for the rogues in the district." Mr. Choop descended, and he and Timothy ?old secret council for some minutes. Then Uimothy opened a email bundle?brought all the from Ncwstone?and proceeded, with much gravity, to induct himself into a wag op*.V .""'*fc-fr?ck. plentifully braided anJ ''liMd. after the fashion in which wag oners delight. He next turned up the bottoms of bis fustian trowscrs. so as to bring into more prominent view his laced up boots; then he ?ive his hat a push back, and his hair a push forward, and set off at a swinging pace in the direction of the Ten Tramps, whistling the Plough Boy as he goes. Mr. Choop and I pissed the next half hour together, smoking cigars and discussing various matters, with a glance over the hillock every two or three iuioutes in the direction of the inn. " why not wait till night," I asked Mr Choop " when you oould approach the inn without be ing seen ?** " Because, after dark, we should be pretty aurt 0? finding half-a-doion rough customers ihttrc wti.* would make the matter awkward." "Theo WLT not take half a-dozen men with you. so as to a? oid all risk t'f 44 What credit would be in that? When Timothy and I fail* "ill be time enough to *alk about ou'.Lng iu fiber assistance. There he isl" Timothy was lo^sginjr again 'f the door-post, ?moking a long el ay-pi do While we were watching him, be took off his hat, and scratched <.iis head vigorously: a secondtiaie; and a third time. "All right'" said Mr. Cboop "Tbatwns the signal. Lend me your cap. Fred, and you take my hat; 1 don't want Riley to recognize me till I get into the house." Having make the transfer, we set off, Mr. Choop walking with an assumed limp. Timothy w*s sti!l smoking his pipe at the ?door when we reached the inn. 44 Foine day master." wi#rJ "V m*n'" "Plied Mr Choop. W u&t iort of a tap have joa got here ?M "Oh, toidyiah. You ll foind the landlord ~?mewhere insoide. All the women-folk seem to be goDc out souiewhere.'' 'Two/lasses uf your best ale, landlord," ex ' - *'?ed Mr. Choop to a burly red-beaded man with a villainous eountenanaa, who cunie for ward, scow I iug suspiciously. The landlord s otck was hardly turned before aquick whisper "~a exchanged between Timothy aud Mr Choop W e were lighting our <*jg?rs when the landlord returned with the ale. Ji? showed us into a small room, and we left the oo?ntry waa still smoking at tbe door, lie seemed to / ,jr "?u1, this countryman, for he cailod for glass after glass rapidly, as if fully determined on vetting drunk in the shortest riossible time, lie drank so much that the landlord s big jug was at last exhausted, and he lighted a candle to go down into the collar U? draw more ale. Hardly had the landlord reached the bottom of the cellar-steps, before tbe door was quietly looked behind him. Mr. Choop s a pithy vanished in a moment, ilii ejres daiLed, hi* teeth j(Ii*teueil. he looked dangerous " cJo you into tbe garden." he whispered to me, 4- and lake your stand below the window on tbe left. If J,m Kj|ey jUII)i,a out. though I don t think he 11 have time, lay hold of him, and stick to him till I come Now, Tun, quick *n<i jileiit! 9 Air Choop and lim othy, each pulling out an ugly-looking staff ?7E '^althil> ? tvvo burglars, while I hastened into the garden A mingled moiso of shouting and oaths, crowned by a woman's wild shriek, the crash 'J a ?od then tbe window was tlung up, and Mr Darke dashing madly through, followed closely by Cboop Tbev came to tbe ground almost together. and rolled over in a fierce struggle. But Mr. Darke. twice as strong as his opponent, was uppermost, sitting astride of Mr Cboop. Ouly for oue moment; for the next, my arms wore round bis neck. I gave bim a sudden pull back, with all my strength. Choop, now on his feet, whipped out his hand-cuffs, and bad Mr. Darke safe and fast before that individual could recover his breath * At thlj moment Timothy appeared, escorting Mrs. Riley, as I suppose she ought to be called; and carrying with much ."?are. the small black portmanteau. Mr Choop opened it. and I perceived it to bo half-lull of watches, rings, pins, and jewelry of various kinds. The wo man's veil, now thrown back, showed me the midnight traveler, minus the moustache; a l??id, forward looking. g<?od-featured woman, bearing her misfortnue with a hautv indiffer ence that exc-ted Timothy's admiration The landlord, kicking at his cellar-door, and calliD# to be let out, long before thi*, was re leased by Timothy; and very blank h? looked when h? beheld bow his guests bad suddenly eome to grief. By Mr. Choop's orders ho brought out bis horse and a light eart. and we drove back, through the darkening afternoon to Fulwood. rorougb Mr. Choop's indefatigable exertions, th? wbek of the gang of burglars wu speedilj captured. One of them turned Queen's evi dence; and it then caine out tbat Mr. Hiler was the planner only of the burglaries in which they Lad all been engaged for some time back; it duty 10 P'ck ?at the premises to be rubb?d, to make plans of them, and arrange the details of the attack, leaving toothers the mere ly mechanical part of the business, and reoeiv ing a certain share of the proceeds for his part of the labor. r Three days after Christmas day I roceived a note Irom Mr. Lancaster, asking me to go over to ironville, as he wished particularly tosee me lie received me in his grave, quiet way, looked me through and through from under his bushy grey eyebrows, motioned me to a seat, and then spoke received yesterday morning from Mr. Choop an account of certain events relative to the recent burglary on my premises " The burglary on your premises, sir?" " i es Were you not aware of it ?" "I was of course aware that a robbery had been committed, but was not aware that you were the sufferer." "Suoli, however, is the case." said Mr. L " Mr. Choop informs me that it tu through you he first obtained the clue which enabled bim to traik and capture part of the gang, aud recover a portion of the stolen property, and that he was much indebted to your courage and activity in the capture of Riley. Now, 1 hiu n.o* ungrateful you have long had a liking for my daughter, which. I believe, is re tar ned by her; but you are not in a position to mnrry. 1 will tell you what I will do for you. I will take you as an assistant in my shop, at a moderate salary, and if I find that you bring into your new trade that amount of intelli gence and activity which 1 am told you possess, I will advance you accordingly ; and, providing you and Carry remain in the asm* mind auother year, I will not object to jour marriage. Let me have your decision in the morning. You will fiud C.iry in the parlor." I need torfHry gay. that both Carry and I are .very glad to *ee Mr. Cboop whenever he favors as with a ?nil in our new home, and bring* us news of Lemonfingers; who, now that Mr. Riley is working out his penal servitude, is doing well as a licensed hawker in the hoosiery and .Nottingham line. A( TORS AND ACTRESSES. from the period immediately preceding the .Shaksjterian epoch, down to our own time re ligious excommunication and social ban have rested on the (theatrical) profession. Occa sionally there have been great spirits, like Uarriek and the Kembles, who. to tome extent, ha va. thrown off *hc general stigma and risen proudly above it by the force of individual character; but. as a body, actors and actresses have been, down to a very recent period, and are still to some extent, regarded as social pa nabs. With the increase of intelligence and liberality this feeling is fast passing away, and actors aud actressesare beginning to be judged, like the members of all othor professions, by their public capacity and private worth. The profession of the stage is perhaps the most laborious of all crafts, requiring almost unceasing mental and physical effort. The duties of an actor comprise a study of new parts, and recovery of old ones, occupying on an average, from two to four hours a day an attendance at rehersal in the morning, occupy ing about two hours a day; and a performance each evening, occupying in winter four, and in summer about three hours. The salaries of actors vary considerably; they may. however, bo set down as averaging in trance, from 20 to 2<?0 francs a month; in Eng ,fn. /n"n to ??2rt tt month ; and in the Linted Mates from $*> to$l60a month. Actors who have some acknowledged excellence, or peculiar individuality, or are especially at tractive. are called stars, and earn generally I from $400 to $2.5(? a month. Actors aud actresses, as the records of the | stage attests, are proverbially long lived, and free troin bodily infirmity, ferformancei are seldom changed by illness of the performers. In many theatres a season has passed without a single alteration, even of a part, from illness. This healthiness is doubtless owing to their no cessarily active life, aud regular exercise, not only of the limbs, but also of the internal or gaus of the throat and lungs, thereby fortify ing the weakest portion of the human system. W ben not addicted to intemperance, to which the exciting cbaractor of the life Inclines too rnur.y of the malo portion of the profession, many actors have reached the very longest pe riod of duration of human life. Of all olasses, th?y are freest from crime. This is owing mainly to the constant occupation of mind, time and body in their pursuit; but it may in soDi0 degree also be attributed to their softness of feullng. and sympathy of character. They are charitable, almost to recklessness.?Ayplu tun i New Atntriimn Cyclojuet/in "Sr*Ayboatisi?" iNb "Sniping "?Perhaps every one docs not know what is meant by "ste.iuiboating on diy land. The term means humbuggiug, victimizing in the worst possible degree. The last case of aggravated steam boating took place in Yuba county, at the ex pense of an inveterate story-teller. The com pany g ot bim t?> toll m favorite story, and when near the laughing pota't they all wa'lked off, by pre-concert, and one of theu?, lacking in at the door cried ??steamboat." In the western tiitej they have a similar process, called -'sniping." When a stranger arrives in thl* neighborhood, if he makes any pratentions whatever, his initia tion is not complete until ho goes a-sniping. There is hardly a fowl of the sort in the country^ but they make bim believe that the prairies ar? alive with tnipe, which cau be naught at night in great numbers, in a bug, held after the manner of a seUnet On the way a dispute is rained as to who shall hold til* hag, and it is finally agreed that the strangor'fhafl too l.e if stationed at a certain place, with a bag, while the others go out to drive the birds, j he vil lains keep getting further off, "shooting" at the ima<riuary fowls all the while, until, getting j out of bis sight, they dodge off home, leaving : the victim'toffind out that he has been "sniped. Big, fat men, members of the Legislature und ! Congress, aud .Ministers of the Gospel, are like subject to the misfortune of -'sniping " .Sharp fellows, suspecting humbug say, "Come, old hoss, you can't snipe mPieayunt. I J. P. in tub Smkit World.?a' few days ago Mr. Alfred Lister, of Tarrytown, X. Y , called at our office and related that at j a circle composed of some eighteen intelligent persons held at his house a few evenings pre vious. a spirit purporting to be that of J. P. Donnelly, who was lately hang as the porpe trator of the Sea Yiew House murder, took possession of the medium, and discoursed at | great length by way of showing that he could | not have committed that murder Me ex : pressed much grief tbat his ' poor old gray I headed father' was so bowed down in sorrow because he could not believe in his son's inno 1 e*-nc?, and that his '? dear sister" had suffered such great distres* on account of his having , oome to such an end, but spoke of '* that dear . girl Liny as never having believed him guilty His appeal and argument firmly con vinced oar iuformsnt aud others of the circle that he was innocent, and greatly excited their sympathies, although, it appears, they knew nothing of Donnelly or his family. We men tion these particulars at the request of our friend, without expressing any opinion as to i matter involved ?A'. }' Spiritual TfUgrayk. A boy,whose patent* were French, sTmo i y**r* *i?' when ^ or 1? years of age. van i dered to Bangor, Me. There he shipped on I board a cossting vessel; he was Industrious and economical, depositing his earnings iu a Savings Bank, in Boston. When the Califor nia fever broke out, be shipped before the mast on board a vessel bound for the gold region. He was successful there, and has returned to Maine with $30,000. After distributing 91,000 among bis relatives? bis parents died in his absence?he is now having a vessel constructed of -too tons, in which he proposes making ? voyage to California. Special Hotices. Dyspepsia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme,ureal eurer of Consumption wm f.>r several years *o badly afflicted by dyspepsia for a part of the time he was oonfined to his bed. He was eventually cured by a prescription furnished him by a young clairvoyant girl. This prescription, given by a mere ohild while in a state of trinoe, has cured everyl>ody who has taken tt, never having failed once. It is equally as sure iu oa?es of fits as ol dyspepsia. The ingredients may be found in any drug store. 1 will ?end thia valuable prescription to any person on the receipt of one postage stamp t? pay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Dei.ormr, New York Post Oft oe. jan23 2ni* I am in possession of tome valuable certificate* in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its effiraoy m relieving bronohial disease attended with severe oough. The Syrup is pleasant and safe, and is'compoged of roots and herb* procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no oommoii artiole. They are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my pluoe of residenoe is seen. The extract of a flowercalled the Alpha Outment for the Piles, can, with the Syiup, be found at Mr. C.Stott'a; tiifl Sjrup in at several other plaoes on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Hridge afreet. In Alexandria^ Ledoetter'a. In Baltimore, at H&noo'a, 10b Balti more street. Ul-tl Special Noticb- For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of 1.000 Flowers " For dressing I.adiea' hair use " Woodland Cream." a new pomade ; it causus gen tlemen's hair to ourl beautifully. Prioe 50 oents eaoh. W. P. Fktridoh ft Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale aud Retail Agents tor Washington. Tailor ft Maury, Booksellers, between 9lh a:.d 10th st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 Dancing:. FASHIONABLE DANCING. ounces a PROF. H. W. M UN DF.R respectfully announces to his friends and the public generally, tnat ~ his last quarter will commence on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 2d, 1858. All tho?e who desirei to he prepared for the exhibition are earnestly! solicited to join as soon *s possible. as the arrange ment of Fanoy Dances will take place immediately. The programme for tms seawon will l>e entirely new, and far excel any ever ottered to the public. Parents whodesire to sue their children easy and graceful in their carriage, should not fail to enter them very soon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual,from ?){ until a>? o'clock. janMO-dtf D ANCINO ACADEMY K have iJL Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen tlemen of Washington and Georgetown that he will re open his Classes for Dancing ini Washington on Friday. the 9th of October, atl Temperanc- Hall, F. street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'olook p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from7o'clook p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of Octol>?r, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sum mary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s residence, 4<i7 E street, between 9th and 10th streets. se ia-?m Dentistry, Ac. Dr. r. fin LEY HUNT, DEXTIST., No. S10 Pennsylvania avenue. Will perfo in all operations belonging to his professiou at hit old established otfioe, as above. _dl ^ If rpHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of "Loom**' MiturtU Plats Tftk," haviag successfully introduced his improvement u various oities. has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsists chief It in making a set of bat one piece of matoriai, and that indestruotible mineral. No motal le used ic their oonstruetion, and they are therefore free from gal van io action and metalio taste. Tiiere are uo joints to beoome filled with moisture or partiolea ol food, henoe they are j?*r? a*ri cltan. They are lighter, stronger, less olumay, tar more durable, and nniural in their appaarauce. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars toany one who will produoe ? similar work of art to equal inine in purity, beauty, durability, artist 10 exoellenoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 37b Penna. avenue, between 11th and 11th street*. at is-lx TOIANO*?VERY CHEAP.?1 have now in store the following gr?-a' bir-a ill: very superior Piano of Hallet, Davis A?jWi. Co..7 octaves, hue rosewood;originai price^p^jl|^ It has be--n routed out in a careful' A very superior Piano of Hallet, Davis Jc Jo..'" fi'D, fa?"ily, and will be sold fjr \lso, a similar Piano, sam^ makers. 6^ octaves; oriKina price $ WO; Will be sold for $*25. These Kianosa e reilly bargiin*; %re warrant and guaiarrce them as willingly a? we do our new ones. Ail persons in want of a good reliable Piano are so licited to call and see these instruments. A so, a Second-'.and Piano, which we have ac cepted in part ptrment for a n?w one, for 615"; one for $4"; one for $15: and oi.e for ?I0. Ours is a'ways the largest stoclc of Pianoa in this oity; therefore call at No. 106 Pa. av? betweea 0th and loth street*. fe9 _ JOHN F. ELLIS. I MENTISTRY. II DR. STEPHEN BAILY, OfVics No. 196 Pennsylvania Avrneb, Thru doort from Htk Strut, Db. BAILY beg* leave to inform the public that h# can be seen at all nours,at his ofhoe, located as above. He feels assured that ?ui experienceof htteen roar*' practioe. ?ith the large numtierof patients.anugreat variety ol dittuwlt esses that he has treated snoceea fully, will enable turn to *i|H<;i'URt o.r>* difficulty, eoientifio or otherwise, relating to the Teeth, bis own experience coytii mmg the opinion of many inec emineul in the orotessiun. aiuJ especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. rarinly, ha* i?q him, long sin^e.todia aard all merounal preparation* for ailing Teeth,also ail Enamels, Gutta Ferolia, India Rubber, an*J Ce ment* for the oonstrnotnm ol Continuous Gun Teeth, and that Poroehan, mounted on Gold Plate, it tQt* urj.'T reliable substance that oan be worn in the mouth, a4 was ifrioat car.;'!"*'*?1* ?hown by the laa< American Dental Convcntfok. Although be flatters hjnmclf from hi* long reat ai'd uraotice in W&shiLgton. he is favorably known to his nutittrsce fneruls und patron*, he bega leave to refer them to the fbliowir^ TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the t'huron of Epiphany of tfc>f ??Hf Dr. ffTtrHxif Bail*: DaarHir?I desire to sxpreat my eateem for you peraonallr, and my oo^fidaiioe ie you aa a superior dentiat. The operitiou* exeouted for in? have bean highly satisfactory. I hope that y<>o tgay receive the patronage ffom my frieua* and to* puDiif vU; 7r,,jr skill *o well <ief*rves. Your* very truly. Washington, Aug. St, 1^5t. J.W.FKENOH. From one of the oldest firm* tn Baltimore, Mea*n< fiv>gg*, Cotman 3c, Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen B*dy, Surgeon Den tiat, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my eutire sutisfantion, aud in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perforin the same work satisfactorily, it gives ir.e [reat pleasure to express my entire couhdenoeand !U?h estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12, li67. HARMANN B0688, Kx tract fromanotereoeived from the lata Hoa. J oh* M. Clayton. U. S. Sbnatb, Aug. 19,18M, Tke teeth roa made for me work admirably; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefillr, John m.claytow. To those that aeek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I oan cheerfully reoommend Dr. B. Baily as ? superior Dentist; he made a set of porcelian teetb for one of my fa.nil*, and plugged several teetb for myself, and the work lias al! stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Charon Soutfc. April 19.18.VS. We, the undersigned, having had oooaalon to avail onrsoi/es of the prof<?aaiotial skill of Dr. S. Baity, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oognis ant of hi* operations on onr families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our adnnrat.on of his artistic ?kill, a* well as of the uniformly satisfactory nutansi in wnioh he performs the moat aelioate aud difficult operations in Dental Surcery, and we re?peotfully re oouimeud Iain to the oonhdenoe and patrouage of th? publio.'of which we oonsider him eminently worthy. ?H0Mae U. Walter. Architeot U. S. Capitol. nuMAi Miller.M.D.,ol Washington, D.C, . S. Boiiuer, M. D. of Georgetown, D, C. N. S. Lincolk, M. D., of Washington, D. C* Joa. H. Bradley,of Washington, D.C. Geordk Walton. Ex-Goveruorof Florida. Walt*e Lenox, F.x-Major of Washington,' Hbnht Baldwin, V. S. Patent Ofliee, O. C. Wisht, Pnnoipal R ittenhouse Academy, tf ORDERS FOR EUROPE dispatched BY BVF.RY STEAMRR. TAYLOR ft MAl'RY. Booksellers and Station era, Pa. avenue, near 9th atreet, offer to the publio ^reat facilities in the ltnporUtion of foreign Hooka, By'thsnr arrangementa with European Hon sea they are enabled to execute *11 onlera oommitted to their charge, and at a low rate of importation prioe*. fe 10 FASHIONABLE VISITING CARDS, AND Plat?e Engraved ia all aty le*. and oarda printed. "* f,W Book..,.re, bi MHttaMnU. PUnot, fto. /JJOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PI ABO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, f Senior partner in the late firm of n?.K?ab?. Gabhlk A Co., uoLlinues tne manufacture and nit of crand and 9Wii ?? f OftTES. under "e o?mS^w! >fKn?b? A Co., at the old *ta?d. fc?&U ZlZTt ?? ' North Eutaw street op ttmm poftle Ue Eutaw Home, Baltimore. veaiso just opened a new Sa>B Room at Snfta 1"Vh"* ,tr**t' be,ww;n Charles *nJ Litht 8?#ks2S? jremiaes partly occupied by Mr

a ?*Ve,lor,>' "herethey will <?'iiS hftnd .? '"fte assortment of plan JP:. IStfcfclfW will square Piaoo Fortes? also, Melodeons. from the beat makers, from 4 to V octave, some with double key-boarJ*. double reedi and stops to suit ? ma!I churches/^ * Beta* extensively engaged in the manufacture of liberS^ermsT *??taii, <>? tne moat Our Pianos vera awarded the higbext sremum (<otd medal) at the Faira of the Maryland Institute two BUooe?sive years?October, 1856, and 1856?in o? rt<MV' *?d eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New \ ork, Koston ami Bal ?L??ir i V e awarded the lirst premium at tke Iudustrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. I8M and 1856. The, have also be?, am'arded thf highest premium (surer medal) at tne Metro P?"'tau Mechanics' Fair for law. n.I?. fr lt,IOn?k- th'" ,M possession ol testimo n.ala from the most distinguished profe?ao.-s ai.c amateurs in the country, which can t? seen at oi, warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol tu* nigh appreciation in which our instruments are tv^r? where lieid. . A! tnstrunMnts are guaranteed for five years, \nd ?? .u J*? ?f ?*?J?ange is (tmnted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not five entire satisfaction. Wholesale doalers will find it to their advantage toxive us a call before purchaamg. Pianos exchanged, hired, ard tuned. P*"1' WM. KNABK A CO. piVK MORE OF RAVEN, BACON A CO.'S ? superior 1 I ANOb.just arrived at the ?i-m.? Warerooms of tmm . . W. G. METZEROTT. " ?? ?'1 r*eoonn hand Pianos for s.tle cheap. n 20-tf JVUNNS A CLARKE'S RALLETT, davis a CO.'^R tffl CELEBRATED PlAXO hr)RTES. Constantly reoeiving and for sale only by or^D JOHN F. ELLIS, p?, .. Pa. av., between 9th and loth sts. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine ttanot"1"? superior qualities of the above Stooli, Covers, Melodeona, Ao., Ao., also <?D ?"r'3- . n 16-tr Trott1^'0 D5?.?r OF w- r>- 1MKTZ15 ? HO I r. corner of Eleventh sireet and w? Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest aisdf^^^.r? only oomplete Musical Establishment in** HI ' the Distriot of Columbia. brj??5l'Wl Aft-CV'? ", tJ R?aejikranie's ce.'e ! ?i, LA "?nr? always on hand in rreat var;e ty, alao, Prinoe s superior MELODEONg. immense stock of Musical In Btruinents and Sheet Music of every desert ption. d 9 Vf tunl11* executed by Mr. Robine. 514 SEVENTH STREET rtA ? TOBIAS. OPTICIAN. Office Seoond Story, three doors from Odd Fillowi' Hall. spectacles and (i lasses suited to every sight Oi?era, Readinr, and Watchmaker's \ m ? 1*lusueH ; I eicftoopoa, Microno.prs int srtvvt variety; Cosmoramio Stereosoop?*s with views of superior and ohoice pictures on hand. See adver tisement m National Intelligencer. Testimonials. . Nob?oli, September7,1854. ?i*. I he Speotaoles you inade for me auit ni? very well, and seem to have improved my sichl more than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I havetned a pair of Spectables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistanoe to ra? sight, and corresponding with his description of thew feous. l recommend him as a slniful optician. HENRY A. WISE. .. . _ Pktkrshcro. October 2!, la*. About five years ago, 1 ol tained from Mr. Tobias '? ** ashirgton, a pair of (ilaxsea lor the Kpectaciee which I used, and found them of great assistance t? my <lfjiy in* vision : and my opinion of twin is, that he is akilllul in the preparation of G'a*nes far eye* not too far gone to be benefitted by auoh aid. J. F. ray. Ltnchbchc, November?, 1854. _ r rom an examinatioo of Mr. Tobias' Ulaises, anc from his observations and remarka, am #unvuioed that he is a skillful optioian. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lynchbcko, Novembsr 10. 1854. Mr. John Tobiaa, having furnished rns witn Glaa sc8. by which I have been greatl' aided.tiny vision tiAvuig sulfercd greatly from resding at t>ii;lit in my earlier life,) it anords ine the itfhe?t plwinure to say that I consider him a skiliAii pr.ujticai opucian, and well prepared to aid th?i^ who may no?>d hi* professional services. \\M. B. RnrZIE, Elder of the S^thodist Conference. WimiNGrtrff, N. C.. June 27,1854. Mr. J.Tobias?Hear Sir : I am happy to say that the ?poctaoies which I obtuned from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an itiequality in tbe visual range of iny eyes. I tave heretofore found sreat difficulty in getting glares of tne pioper focal dis tances. It atfords me u^asore to state, that by the aid of your optometer {lis difficulty has beenhappiiy obviated, so that the Classes you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respeotftill? yours, R. B. DRANE. Rector of St. James' Pariah. Having been indt(K>d l>y a frtond to visit the estab lishment of Mr. T?bias for the purpose ol trying hit classes I was lusushed with a pair slightly colored blue.whice haveariorded me mora reliefand gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight, origin ally very nood, vas injured by writing and read>iig at norht. Ire^uentfy to a very late hour: but with the ain of these gasses I can study alinoat as late as ever, and that too without the pain 1 have previous tj suffered. JOHN WILSON; LauCommissionoer tien'l Land Office, Deo. 11, l8/o. I have us#d Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three oi four months, and talie jront p!ea?'pre >n saying thai I am in lit*) w.iu i/.eni. I have li^oii muct ^uk m' "EG. P. SOARBX'R VH. ..LTS* f0 \{r john Tobias as a skilful urtioian ; and as I have eyes of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias s?emed to oomprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Snecta 0i? that suits me admirably. A. P. BL'TLER. July 11, liiab. ?? . , Washinotoji. Ang.8, la&S. Havtnjr been for years under the necessity of tmv two sets of ^t.ssses?one for use in daylight, and one for lamp light?I procured one set from Mr. Tobias winch answered l>oth purposes. I have usad bis for ?eventl mouths, and find thun excellent. EDWAK D 8TUBB8, Of Department of State, Mr. J. ToatA*. Sir: The pair of Speotaoles you rurnishetl me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are ve?v decidedly the best I possess, an<1 Jam the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully aeltoted in different piaoes and'from optimans rec ommended to mo on account of tiioir professional Btanduig in t ranoe, Ensiand, and the United States, 1 nave beeu also pleased wibh your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving tne sight Respeotfally yours, fHS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. Bsooklyn Orthopaedic Institution, . _ , . , April, 1864. After most oareful examination ol Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, olearnees. polishing, and exaof optical shape reudei them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optioel impairment of the eyes are in want of such auxiliaries. I oonsider. moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the foousorthe eye,both by his optical knowledge and experience, and by means of his optometer. In addition, 1 oan further state that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa tients with Glasses, to their and my satisfaction . Ja LEWIS BALER, M. D.. PhysiciBJi and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of the K^/al College of 9urgeons. Enrland; Member of the Medioal Society of London, and of the Pathologist, Society of New York; late Sur geon of the Ro^al Orthopaedio Institution of Ibaiioliester, Eatland, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. . ?0??OLI, Va? July *7, 1R54. fa the experience of even two yeais, I have found great diilioulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex aotiy ailapted to the weakness of my sight. Tnis in oonvenienoe Mr. Tobiaa aeems to have removed for the preaent by the aubstitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are clear, ohrystal-like and oomfortabie to my eyes. I would oommend him to tnose who from age or other infirmity require ar tiboial aid in thiB way. J. J. S1MKINS, M. D. WiLKTlieToif. N. C., J une 16, 1854. To persons who have had the sight of their eyes ae *f> r??iuirei the use of tiisses, I would reoommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person ?row whom to obtain such Glases as they may re quire, as he has suited me wi^h a pair of Spectacles for a far and near sight. My sight naa been impaired very much by a aervioe ofyearamthe PostXlfhee pepnrfinent, which berth required me to be on duty Troiii 11 o ciock at niaht till after day, during which time I used bot one Tight. W. A. WALKER. Drpartwxvt or Intkrior, May 8, 1855. From natural defeets and the unequal raaf e of my ?y es, l have been oompelled to use glasses for seve r*1 yaare. I have tne^ different epticuana without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyee. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially lor me, whioh I have found to serve me perfectly. By the nee of his optometer he is enabled to adapt glasses most miuutely to the eye. I most cheerful ly reoommend Mr. Tobias to all having oocasion to use glasses, and bear my testimony as to his skill as an optioian. HENRY E. BALDWIN, "?a Ass't Seyy to sign Land Warnmts. EXTRACTS,all odors, at GIBBS'8 13U St.,Md at his Sales Room I UBIN'S EXTRA' tiiS%^S!X TrmTOtort' Directory. Alexandria and Washington. NEW Ah a a sa e me y T. The itwmtr George l'ui having been taken of the route for repairs, the COLLYER will, until further notice, talc pi ice running fit the Imurt umitioned^^^^^" below, from the foot of 7th street, Washington. *n<l Jnnupy's W harf, foot of Kinc street, Alexandria. Leave Alexandria at 5 T\,l, H>S.\-'K. 3, 4\, I ?bve Washington at 6. 8 At V\, 1 >\. *. 4, .*>>?. The Mount Vernon trips will t?e di?ooDtinue<1 *B - til further aotios. Wl W WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. k Trains ran as follows: Leave Washington at 6 a. in. lh>. do. at 8 a. in. Do. do. at s p m. {>o. do. at 4 it p m. >o. do. at 6.15 p. m. The Trams at 6 aiid 8 a. at and 4.5f? p. in oonneot directly at Baltimore l"r tiie Ea?t a.iu at Relay for tlie West. Tlio?e at 8 a. tn. ai d 5 15 p i*.. for Anap olis.aii-l at 1 p in. for Frederick and V orfoik. The 6 a. m. mid 4 .n p. in. trnlns nre l.X|r* km, and stop only at Annapo i? and Wnahirigton ju actions. The Eastern train of Saturday at 4.20 p. n i. goes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only one train?at 4.20 j. in. tan ?? d TH. H. I'ARP ON8. Airent. N EW AND important SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF TH S WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD The recent extension and improvi aient of its lead ing connecting linen at the Wast ha % required an en tire revision of the running a-rangcj i?nts of this rmui bv which highly important advant* tas to the trav eler are scoured. On ami alter 5 ON DAY, June 15, I&7, THREE DAILY TRAI'JS will be ru in tmth directions for through passea~ers. First?The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts from Cainden Station, 1 A.M.,<exo?pt Sundav,) stops at way stations and a rnves at Cum lieriand at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN st? ts (Sunday ex cepted ) at 8 an A. M..and arrives at Wheeiing at 4 -J A. M.. connecting at lien wood w th Central Ohic trams for Coiumbus. Cincinnati. I' tdiaiiapoiis, Lou isville, Chicago.**t. Louis, Ac., a id at same p'ace with trams for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, io.. by Cleveland Road, and also at Part arsburg with Ma netta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS aid CINCINNATI EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dv iy at 5.<>5 P. M., con necting at Kenwood at 9 A. Mwith express trains from Be!iaire to Cincinnati, {without rkanr* of Cnr> at Columbia,> and re\ching there in bnt 2? hours from Baltimore and 2U hours from Washing ton. It also connects direotly. in both directions, at Gralton with oars by Piukerslmrg syd Marietta roads for Chillioothe. Cincinnati, etc. These t mini oonneot at Xenm lor IniiM.apoh*. Chtoitgo and St. Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for f.ooisville, Cairo and St Louis through to St. Loun in less than 42 hours fronr Baltimore. B? this train the nine to all the centra and southern piaoes in the West is much less, whil? the tit name is trom to too miles shorter than by the shortest of other rouses. F rom the West thes? connections are equally close and satisfactory, ar rivingat Baltimore at 8 A. M. HjT Baggage checkeJ through to all points. THROUGH TICKETS sold at lowest rate* ai Cawden Station and at Washington D. C. Passengers from Biw'timore or Wasr.mgton may vttt* <A? tnttr? road #v daylifht. by taking mom mg trams, and lying ovor at Cumtierland or Oak land, and resun.uig not morning by Wheeling Ac oommodation train, .eaving Cumberland at fc and Oakland at 10A0. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumlterlanu Acoommodatiou Tram at 7 A.M. will stop at all Sun ions east of Cumt>er!and. ana tht Wheeling Aoco?sniodation at all Stations t?eyon<i Ouinheiiand gong West. Eastward!}, the Mai Train leaves Wheeling at 8.30 A. M .and Aooommo flation leaves Onmber.and at tf, reaching Baltimore at 6 30 P. M. ON THE northwestern VIRGINIA HRANCH, between Grafton and Parkersburg, way passengers will tsJie the Express westwardly ano the Mail eaara&rdljr. The FREDERICK TRAIN ataru at ? P. M ? stopping at way stations. Leaves Frederick at9.1? A. M., arriving at Baltimore T2 noon. The ELLICOTT'8 MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.4* A. M., and 5.15 P. M. l eaves Ellioott's MilUatl A. M. and 7 P. .VI., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.?5 and 9.11 A. M.. 3 ar.d5.15 P. M. On Sundaya Li 4.15 A. M. and 5.1) P. .M.on'y. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 8JO A M.and Sana 4uu P. M. On Sundaya at 7 A. M., and 4 2>? P. M. only, The first and foarth trains fro* Baltimore, ae<J th* sesond and fourth trams from Washington, will be express mail trains, stopping only at AVashmgtot Junction u>d Annapolis Junction. The a.ij and 5.15 train* fr.>m B&'timore and the 8Jt and 4? Kams from Washington connect with th? trams fruin Annapolis. For tickct3, lufLrmation, fare, 4o., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent,at the Ticket offioe, Camdet Station. \\ M. S. WOODSIDE, jy 13 tf Matter of Trab?irort?tion. Baltiuiora. QRANUEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD O RE AT SOUTHERN MAIL L IN K Twice Daily, fSundav nig? ts excepted.) betweei WASHINGTON CITY and the SOUTH. *u alexandria, GORDONSV1LLE AND RICH MONO Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. ?' Washington at 7 o'clock p m. For lynchburg and the SOUTH WEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock a.'in., arrive u LYNCHBURG next morning at 4 a. m., connecting with thr trams on the Virom* and Tennessee R;u R"iwl for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesville to I.yno^liurg adistmoe r.f>?> nnUe. Fare !r?ou \N ashingtou to Ly uahbu rg, 9?,?5 The steamer GEORG F. PAGE, fo?>t ofS^<?ftli street, being owusU hy thQ Railroad Crni^aiu. ran* in ojjn?e?.non; tt*? tiams. Tickets for Lynchburg procn;^ op the Boat. _1L' 4nnibusesai1d Baggage WKtonswillbeatths Uepot of the Washirgion R.-.itroao, to convey paa sengers and bas?ase to the Steamb *t, fct Alexan dria. a d'.?uno* of six miles, allowing ample tims for meais. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, J j.j. i it 8 tf N JEW YORK and LIVERPOOL UNITED STATX6 MAIL STEAMERS Tkt Shift tampeii+i this Lita at* ; The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eidndga. The BA I/l'IC Capt. Josepu Comatock The ADRIATIC Capt. West. The?e gfcsps having heen bnilt by eontraot expreatlj for Goverumeai service, every uare has bosu takoi in their construction, as also in their ei^ines. to in sure strenrthaad sored. Mai their accommodations for passsngers are uineaualled for aieganoe au>i oom fort. The steamers of this line have improved water tight ccmphrtmailts, aud no expense lias t>een spared to make tnem all as good as new, the thorough exam mat ion given them proves their rnode of uonstiuc tiou y et uneii iailed. Prioeol pnc&age tiom New York to Liverpool, is first calnn,$13o; in f sound do., %1S; From Liver pool t? N*w York, 3? and 30 gummas. An experi perienceit Surgeon attactHjd t*>each ship. Nubertha oan be secureo until paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. VKOM NEW VOEg. I FROM LIVKKrooL. Saturday, Jan. 16 1*58, Wadr.esday, Feb. 3 .la** Saturday, Feb. 13 185SI Wednesday, M'ch 3 .1856 Saturday. March 13. 1858' Saturday, A pr 1 10 18r>8 Saturday, Aj>rii 24 'RW Saturday, May 8 IHVt Wednesday, M'ch 3 lai WednesoaT, April A lav Wednesday, May 1? lKSfi We.lnesday , May 2H 1858 Saturday, May 22 1858 Wednesday, J une ? 1&S8 Saturday, June & .. ..Ib58 Saturday, June 19 1868 Saturday, July 3 I&8 Saturday,July I7.....HSH Saturday, Aug. !4 1*)8 Saturday, Aug.28 IhW Wednesday, June Ji lit8 Wednesday, July 7...1868 Wednesday, July 21. .18^8 Wednesday, Aug. 4 ,1*'8 Wednesday, J*ept. I .1858 Wednesday, Sept. IS.I Saturday, Sept. II ...1H58 Wednesday, Sept .2*1 Ia58 Saturday, Sept. 25 .. .l?.S8i W#dnea?.?y, Oct. lit MM u . i a v . ? e\ ? tr t IV _ 1 . . I ? ? I I ?? i>< IOL. The ownera of these alnps will not be aooouiUbls for gold silver. bull;on, sp^ie, Jewe.rr, preciow .Vnnt? or metals, uiiless bi'ls of lading are S'gLW therefor and the vame thereof expressed therein, d 16 TaHILAnELPIHA. * 11 M1NGTON AND " BAI.T1MuRE RAILROaD. Paaaenger trains for Philadelphia leave President street depot. B&.tnno.e, daily, exoept Saindays, as follows, vis: Ex?reas Tmtftat !?.4ea. m.: War Mall Tram at U o'clock a I* ; F.veumg Mail at6.25p m. On Ha-?la?a at 6 45 p. m. o^Iy. All train i oonneet with New York traina except fi 24 p. m. Saturday a. FOK HAVRE DE GRACE ONLY. Leave Baltimore at 4, 4 o'clock p. m From Philadelphia ai ?a. m.. 1 p. m.. and 11 p m. FO R BEAFORD, DEL. (Vinn#et Passengers leaving Baitnnoie at 8.4f> a- m oonneot at WiliNHMton With *M p. ?a. tsa ? asd 4.? P> m. from Baltimore with 9 28 a. m. train. W iLLUM Clf Travelen' Direct or j. I'aik PACIHC Ayu^Y?TluAM??llt COM On* 0f t he SUuniK^i ol tiua CoapttT, the United StnteeMai.s for ACAPl Ml, CALIFORNIA, and ORKttON, ton* Panama twiee eeoh month. on the arri^ rmol the United States MailS.S.Cotnpany'ei ere. wh< ;h leav* New Orleans *nd New York rega larly on tthud *** of an* movj* witfc IDd A ouuiiMlini ?? PANAMA RAIL Sua da. .. . . _ Tk(H I taeroah I pa ?!?*? **?" 'WP'Wri *Od *f proved by UiiNtvf Impertinent, nnagoaiaaty vm4 nUtcAty. . _ ? . .. The Paneae Railroad <47 milee loui'i* poweoeo p.eted from .i?een to tiMts. *ud u eroaaed in 9 or 4 hour*. Thebeggafeof pe*eengers is *be?k*d in N*v York WvroucD tu8u Fmnoi*oo, ud immoiwim* eraharked nt Panama b? itWMr nt fat oompaoy a ?xpenee. Tht mono; pud in N*w York oov*re nil exj?enaeeof ih? trip. KM?nr?at(?m?ri arc kept in port in PinunMf San Franomoo. to prevent detention in MM of acc* der.t, ?v that the rout* u entirely ftlttfilt? no tkt. are having oecnrred in eight years. Paeaenge-* leave faniM lb* aame dny thay nr rive at Aspinwa^. Conductors go through by each steamer, and tat* charge of woman and ohildrec without other proiee tor a. . For through ticketa at the loweet rata# an*ti at the agency, 177 West street. Naw \ 1. W. K AYMONP.-or to AKMt* fRONG, HARRIS* CO., WNiev O- eana,- or . float on. pOR NORFOLK ANU PORTSMOUTH. Va 1 ha steamer LOUISIANA le*ve? the Unio* Dock, foot of Concord a treat. Kalti- "*la mora, every Tueaday. Thursdaj. and Saturdav.and the eteame- N V* 1 CAROLINA avery Mouday.U ?duaaday.nnd F? dar. at 5o'elook p. m. M, N. r ALLS, re Vtf President HlMmhoat T#. | TN1TED STATES MAIL. LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE ahd wtthopt F*n.rmn ron kioht tum, ton CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. KtiuUr Smilimt Dmyi.Stk t *?* *f ?k CaFT'on?So many frandr and impoai tiona of varioua kinds hava been lateiy < Ptrp6tntHJ ontnv^ilen boondtoCALl1 OKN! A. ti?Kt the ?ubwil^r. tb# oolj aatr?ont*d Agent for peakitge b* the I'. 9. Mail Lin*, via Pana ma. in the oity ol Net York, feeis it hia duty to caution nil persous seeking passage to CnhforBlta that, to avoid imposition, tiiey muat be earefu Ui find the true office of rha Steamships of the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, aa no other offio* in New York is authorised to engagq, paasage. The Companies have only one omoe la New l ork. whioh la at 177 Wokt street, oorner of Wanen street, frontmr th^ North K iv^r, tt the tfc* Coni - pany'a ? barf. ,dr vsrJf?y. Inrarianc?. 4o. Home insurance company of new YORK. Casfc Cmpttml tmn.?W Surplus ?r?r The underaisned, havinc l>een appelated Agert of this Company, ia prepared to laaue Polu iea on Bun - dmea. Merchandise. Stcamboata. Ac. on aa favor* Ue lei rui aa otbar reaponaiNe c >rr>pai.iea. T/M. HANSON. Arent. No. 512 7th at., oppo. lntelU*enoer Offio*. iw2) eo2m G EDWARD 8NO^YDEN, TENERAL CLAIM AND REAL ESTATE AOF.NT. For R iidIi Landa, Pension Claims, prhsro^. tion of Claims before the Court of Claims. <~"onj' and tha Departmanta, Purchase and Sa e of re?| ea ta'ea. arieud i< Rentinc Mouses, Buy and fteii Land Warrants. Negotiate I.oans, and ail bnainoaa of auuiiar character Oiioe oorner 7th and Louiaiana avenue, jan 16 ly NVaakinftop. City. C* O L D r and silver PURCHASED A T THE BEST RA TKS. FOREIGN BILLS of klCHA.VGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE. IN SUMS TO SUIT. OOI.D CURRKNCyTaND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR DFPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS OjTaLL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS TuRCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTENHOL'SE, PANT A CO.. d 4-3m _ _ Bsaksra. ?yEN PER CENT. IN VESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of th* City of lMv?c?ort, ' Iowa, par inc 10 per oent. interest by C??pon in New York. Bonds of each. The growing city of Davenport h&a now aiK>?t *?,? ., inhabitants, aiid i* rapidly inoreaaing in wealth and population. Ita municipal debt is only 9 .X'.utiu, and its railrottd debt rn;iy ?r^,ws', and c-rinut now be in?ra*sed. Th* stntibtica of the 01r) were pub.inhed in the Intelli *em*?r of ,nft September. We recommend tuese '.<3bds, twheviag tncui to b* aa aat*> as any ,.h, rb ?p?thh? WA8H,sViWVV^IAsorE0^"??JS? Cafrtai ?? !!t CHAND1SE, the usual C?t? ratea. without anr cn?rge for Policy, at their Offioa. corner nt Tenth Street and Penney Ivauia Avenae, over u<* W&al.m^toKi Citf Sfc-vinr^ Bank. OlftKCTOKf. ^ Win. F. Ilayly, Stmuei Bajoon, Jr.aeph Bryar.. Jamea F^HandiV. Wm. Orin*. Hudson Tmyior. France MoUun, M. W. bait. JAMK8 C. MoGUIRH. Pi*ai?j*ot. S?*VT0!? W Hanson, ^ecrc'jtry. ^P H 'r ^ANIINS SSOTHKSS. Dwosit*. ?Depoatta reoeivad and Checks paid VUbnat oiiarge. Droits oi the aortherii aeal^xwd nities reoeivedon Depoait at par, and Fxchaiige on aahl Cities furniahed to depf.sttora without eharte. Imtireai on DaPOfcira.?Iniereat will be aooweu ati Deposits at such rates as u.a; be aareed DafOSITSIM VlROTUt* ' D'V'iiU in Virginia and other t nourren. ceived to be checked for. payable in -aine fu^ds, or in af-eote. we chancnu the regular E*cnaag*. D:?uriiH.-N.'l?. Drefts.aiid Willl?edisc>unted end l.or.nsmadconHtooka.Bouda, cV^^f-c.^'of Credit will b* furnished, negotiable in ?he dii>reat C-'b* L'tu ed States, on De??osit of Money or i>olA.e?aja| and Tntwest ailSwed if Money i* deposited^ ehr.rged if C...,aiera.a.on auoh terms a* hat bengre^ "TumiM Btlls or KxriiAW**.?Trav*t*rswt',1 hn furnishaJ with drafts in audi sums aa may be Ue aired negotiable in the diflerent Citiea of the Tii.oa. Bills a*i? L*tt*mo?OnnDiTon Emland. ian _M.I W?Ah.r...rJ I aflara tes pHviug from F to 12 pr. oent.. always for rale, or bought in tha ditferent Cities at a commission of aK pr. oent. Where Stocke are t<onght a pen ordera.w* reserve lira right to aail for a depoeit ol 10 pr.ottil oa the ooat. bonds or Stocks will be wrderod by lol* graah. _ . . Railboa*, Citi. add Stat* Bowne.?Railroad. City, and State Bonda ?vn be plaoed in our ha?.d* for negotiation, enber in thia eountrv or Rjjiapa nm*t toad Ire? purenwed for oaah or with Bon<U. Land WttUHTH.-Lnrd W arrants tmught at th* market ratea. AU Warmat* ?*4 by naar* reer-si md in* very respect. . ... fea &s5$KK2r.333?*a-?i? .iL, I. ?? ?rdera, or **nt for aaia on poiumieaw* to parti ea. RbaL E?TaT* a*P 1 LDd aold. and Irtf nrmoc^s ko?ght ajid m.!d, and Inaunu^e ^ ,-Clait ? | "'T. on lhe Umt*d Statea. leforeUe oVcumis or Congress, in treated to ??.will te Court of cnaiwwor^ ^ attonwa. proaecuteo by aromp CH{^jB BROTHERS, __ ?- 0?r->?te the Tr*a**ry. tan TV B anking HOUSE chubb Brothers. _ . _ ?poeite?s de??Tetting Rank Notes will plea** M.k their Cheoka aayable in eurreeo*. depositee of Goldwill be pau! in Gold. Accounts will be oaeaad with depoeilors a lowing ??*iic* vi w in ?- r"*? ?" " ??ants will be ope?d with ?4eeofc.? -c _ te deposit tiold aud Cheek f??r ourreuoy, th* iepj-ttor being crW.t^ L^RR*1 B ROTH EMS? INTEREST ALLOWED OH DEfOilTlA MOEEY* LOA*~~*TOr* BBCVE*n9*I MfCSUBS SSOTSjJJ>Mj*N?^?i^