Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. R a*? NlriDii ?About nine o'clock on Saturday night, a dreadful scene of riot and bloodshed was enacted on Massachusetts avenue* k near the corner of Second street, in which a |f 7 young man named John Rawling*, m?id about 16 I y?ar?, was abot dead, a man named Dink Kin^ wa> Usdly wounded in the abdomen, and one named Geo W. McKlfresb wounded by a market ball through the fleshy part of the left tbigb Prom a survey of the premises and from the statement* of Mr. Dacy, in wbone house the aff.ay took pla? e. we are enabltd to give a statement of the afiair as follow* It seems that a hog ruffle took plate in a hon%e belongiug to Mr. Dacy, and which is situate d in the rear of bis own dwell ing, in an enclosure, and occupied by an Irishman named Win McCslgatt Some twenty-flve per sons were Lfif collected to participate In the raffle, and, as far as we can learn. thev rallied under two different heads?the " Rams"' and the R^nlators or 4< States Hose." They were en gaged in tii-* ratfl-, when they were attacked by a party of twenty men or thereabouts, known as the " Svrvpers." who charged upon them from the outside. A dreadful alfYar n<>w ensued, in which some aixtv shots were dred, with the re sults abov- stated. Dacy't dwelling, fronting on Massachusetts avenue, is completely riddled with uiusket , bails and slugs. Five balls Were flred through a | second story window, passing directly over tbe Lead of Mrs Madigan who lives in tbe room, and struck tbe ceiling, and then glancing o0 K-dged in the chimney where the stove-pipe en ters u. A ball went through tbe front door, which is of plank, andd then passed through a side door in the passage Into tne sleeping room of Mr. Dacy, where it lodged Tbe front of the house is variously ma ked with balls and slugs Tbe corner of Second street, where Rawlioga was killed, is about fifty five feet distant from Dacy's house, ar.d still bears tbe bloody marks of the butchery, the snow and Ice being stained for some distance around with the unfortunate young man's life-biood. He was shot through tbe neck, the ball severing the wind pipe and jugular vein, and killing bim almost instantly His mother informs us that he had not been absent from borne more than fifteen minutes when he was brought la k a hi ody corpse. Yesterday morning a jury was summoned by Coroner Woodwaid to inquire into the circum stances of John Kawling's death Thejurycom menced at 10 o'clock a. 111 , and heard evidence until 4 p. m., when the following verdict was re turned : " Kiom tbe evidence adduced, which came fiom sixteen witnesses, it has been satisfactorily proven that the deceased came to his death oil the corner of Second street and Massachusetts avenue, W ashington city, on Satuiday night, at about 9 o'clock, l>y a bullet shot from either a tun or pistol by shooting bim in the neck, the i?all passing and lodging under tbe base of the skull, causing immediate death; and that from the evidence a fight ensued between parties called the 11 Swyper*," " Regulators," and '? Rams," but from which party the fatal slioi came we cannot from the evidence determine." The auxiliary gna.ds and police arrested Wil liam II isaey, Thomas Brown, Michael Kelly, ai.d Frederick Denny, on Satuiday night, on charge of being concerned in this bloody affair; and they were committed for court by Justice T t' Donn l*a*t evening another person implicated,named James Ragan. was a'lestedby officers McHcnry and Irving, between and Beitsvillc on the Baltimore road, and be was committed by Justice Doun. John Kearney, a delinquent witness, in the Murphy mil der civ, was also coiniuittnl to jail by Justice Donn, that be miglit lie forthcoming at this trial, he Wing a witness also in this* case. After making the arrests on Satuiday night the oifi.-ers proceeded to examine the premises sus pected of lieing the Swypers' club Louse, where they obtain> d the following?rticlc? : I I' S rifle; l single ai d t double shot gun; 1 bobtail musket; v: I S Muskets; I broken and 1 Swyj*-r sword; I cut-otf swoid: 1 horseman's pistol; I small pistol; 1 slung-shot; I dark lan tern; - tin Isixe*, containing ImIIs from tbe Min nie to tbe buckshot, caps; bullet moulds; and nu merous articles, such as compose the burglar's kitt; the books and papers with their roll, show ing that tbe Club was organized on the litfi No vember, I?i7; the list of oflb-^rs for the term; and the treasurer's report. The head of the hook, which was the prop erty of a different club, shows that in 1^5 U was called the "Junior Friendship Club,*' in 1.S36, the --Junior Friendship Club Plug L'glies,"' and Nov Mb, 1^57, ibe name changed to the "Swy l?er?' Club " The same rules, and nearly the same officers have governed throughout. Semvuks ior List.?Subjoin.d we give the programme of exercises to i?e followed at various city churches (Catholic) during Lent: At St Mathew s?There will be an instruction, witb other services, on every Tuesday and Tbnis day evening, at 7)j o'clock ; and the Devotion of the way oi the Cross will take place on every Friday evening at the same hour. At St Mary 's Church? F.ach Sunday, after ves peui, Miserere, and Benediction of the blessed Saciaiiient; on Fridays, at 5 o'clock, p in , the Devotion of the way of the Cross; and at tbe same hour on Wednesdays, Miserere, and Rosary of the blessed Virgin. At St Patrick's Church?On Mondays, Tues days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, at 7 o'clock, p ut , the Rosary of the blessed Virgin will be *tid. and will be followed by an instruction, sometime* on doctrine, sometimes on some point or d'M trine or discipline, sometimes on the mosal precepts, and again, sometime* oil interesting t aits in the history ot tbe chuicb. on Fridays, at the same hour, the stations, or the wsy of the cross. On Saturday* and Sundays the services will ba thr">ame as dining the year. Great pain* will tie taken to makeeveiyarcom irindation *uital>le to the requirements of those who may cboww to attend at the above exercise*: but it is expected that nil who may attend will do so in s proper devotional spirit. WssRiMOToa' Birthday is not observed in this city otheiwise than by tbe adjournment of Congrrss. The steamer llaltimore, Capt. Mitchell, left her wharf yesterday noon, taking tbe Kncainp iuent of Knight Templars, with Major B B. French as Grand Commander; tbe surviving soldiers of the war of ISI'2. Acting Marshal Dor sett ; Washington Light Infantry, Capt Jos. V. Davis; Washington Yagers, Capt. Scbwarzman, . iiud a number of private citizen*, on their way to Richmond to participate in tbe Washington statue ceremonies. Tbe Postmaster Geueral was ui?o S passenger by the Baltimore. The Secretary of War left Washington for Richmond on Saturday. Tbe Mount Vernon Guard*. Csptaln S H. Devsugbn, and Alexan dria Riflemen, Captain Arthur Herbert, left Al exandria for Richmond on Saturday night. Tbe snow-ttorin and unpleasant wi at her, and the failure on the psrt of tbe lines between here and Richmond to furnish round trip tickets, at a reduced rate, nerved to diminish tbe number of v.sitors to Richmond froin this city. Wi busies to Invite especial attention to the announcement in another column that the superb consignment of silk goods from New York which, for the last thirty days, has proved so at tractive at Ho.?e, Brother A Co.'* establishment, will be cont.nued on sale for a few days longer It was intended that the good* should be with drawn f om sale on Saturday last, and returned to the owners in New Yo*k The inclement weather of Friday and Saturday, however, brought with it so many urgent applications fiom ladies (WLu could not venture out during the snow ttiiruij tLal the go<>ds should not be return ed until they could have a flial opportunity of M.akin^ neiectious, that tbe Messrs. llooe were induced to telegraph to New York, requesting permission to defei the closing of the consign ment for a abort period Tbe requisite permis sion was obtained; and for further particulars we ief?-r our readers to tbe advertisement itself. Washington Tbkatbb ?Miss Fanny Morant, who, it will be remembered, was the very ds servtng lessee of the National Theatre at the time of its destruction by II re, commences a short engagement at the new Theatre to-night?open ing in tbe always popular "Lady of Lyons" Our Theatre-goers "will be very glad to renew their tu .jualntance with so acceptable an actress. The cast for the "l.?dv of Lyons" is a good one Pauline, Mi*s Fanny Moraut; Mad Des chappelles, Mrs H H Hrattan; Widow .Melnolle. Mrs Stoneall; Claude Melnotte. Mr J B Howe; Col Damas, M D Whiting; H*-auseant, Mr F Bang*; Glavis, Mr J M Bawson; Deschappclles, Mr Russell; Gaspar, Mr. Howard The performances conclude with the sidesplit ting farre of "Slasher and C-asber," with Daw son a* '-Slasher" and D W biting as '?Crasher." -fHi W'?si.*t fHiru C?'*cebt, to-morrow evening, will, we presume, draw all the lovers of *acred and solid harmony, and who, by this J time, aie aware of tbe exceedingly satisfactory manner in which this class of music Is reudered at Wesley Chapel, as well at the tegular church se. vice a* on special occasions like this. The efficient choir is, moreover, to be largely rein forced to morrow night, and naturally we may anticipate a flr*t class peifoimaiice, the more es pecially aa P.of Daniel is to conduct it. Tme Melodko.i Opim Tbocpb.?This even ing bei.ig set apart as a complimentary benefit to 1-ee Mallory. business managar of the company, the programme lucludes many novelties?? quar tette by the Harmoneons; a challenge Jig by a volunteer; ww song*, burlesque*, 4tC , under tbe direction of Mr. Kdward a'den, a celebra ted burlesque author and actor, who will sing his inioitlahle bnrletta on the Italian Opera He wilt al*o perform In his celebrated cbaracterof the While Warrior, to bis own pantomime of tue Ked Glioma, tro ?aily : Distbict P*?itmtia*t?Warden Tho n Z ?" T ?f h" adm'???tnrtioB of the rttriV j>en'l??tlary, like hi* preceding tive 18 highly interesting and sugges dal^^ t0 th< credit of ,h<" Institution M the ?^rf. (October 1) was #13,13150 dur 1 no"th I??j r *uPP?rt *n<i maintenance re# id up of the fiscal ye*r. rbe number of convict* at the clone of the last >enr wu 7?, since which time 31 bad been re ceived. M discharged by expiration oMerm^f I sentence 3 pa dnned, and I had died; leaving 75 in confinement The*- were divided at follow* ?Number of white men, 4i; black men ?i '? white women, i. bUck women. 5 ' ' Nuuiber of convicts born iu the District of Co lumbia, IS; Maryland, 13; Virginia 15- Penn sylvan la. 5; Ireland. 5; German? *? FnJland l" Je? .od. l; ?w-d-n.'l: RaraaJ, t: nJw VOTk' V..,ool!,1 N?"h 'i Kentucky, ij mltUK,'itakl.*, 1; S,V?lld"5: tailoring, l; laltoitng, 4; carpentry, (farmed out i b,, dln^ "; gardening ?,Ut,) The difficulties which attach to the profitable emp.ovmeut ot the convicts are aet forfh la ? ?nil in the report. Same of them are of ? unit nature and must continue *0 lon? penitentiary is located a* it i* now and wTth u! re^STEfiSS; *7? ?g tr^iTX r.,jw o.h., ..?r,ir??' & cz"'v ^SksftftSSS !??? ? buildinga, with proper facilities and th* *en .n^** J"r l^e profitable employment of worth"!? ,ni,?hfr perhaps, also be well worth the consideration of Congress whether such new penitentiary should not be made of such dimension* as would accommodate all pe sons convicted in the d,fierent States and Te^i I niuVli^0 f,tr<,nre" ngalnat the laws of the hard luS? Th^re Pun,"wl b>' confinement to u.?ra labor. There a>-e now in the oeniteiitiarv i,eJon* whw b?*e been convicted in the SaJ! of ,h* United states I he sum paid by th? Tnited St*te? i? e^bteen States arid Territories during the vears 5>*nd l-1.^: for the keeping of this class o^nrls doMars^Thoie11 m?r<; than thlr,>' tliouSLnd aoilars Those convicts could be kept and main jHiiud ina properly constructed penitentiary in this District at little or no cost ?' ^n,ienu*ry ln gent 'nlli" MtSffH I**' ,Pst'inrtnV to inteili c aoa tory manner in whirh \i r Thornley has di*<har?f>d hi* duties a* WanlVn .ndr " ?a ,h(, a,,, lion ,|f j u"''mK; Lu iito,con,ic' ?? In regard to discipline, the Warden gives it as ht, ?f hN experience with the convic" duabi i P"*itlve admonition# make a more Impression than harsh ejpressions a.! connpaiiied with corporal punishment Solitary Xi !T"t' With l,read and w^er. is far prefer^ able and more successful in snlkduing the stub born heart than a resort to the lash fthe latter ^. .H. resistance and initiates an irritaticn nrh officers are liable to l?? swayed by whilst """ -???? Tiik IIvks Jiat.-On opening of the C iinlnal Co,nt this morning, the jury in the Ogle case were brought in; and, at their reque.,, the court read to the,,, portions of the testimony which sh't ^r^r[n^hrtriai in r<*iati?n ?!>? . ,"dr?!* in Slimmer'*house. Afterward tliev equested to l?e taken to Georgetown to examine th?- premises, and were accordingly provided bv ?, r of ll"' ^ourt. with two omnibuses, in whi. h bey were driven to Georgetown, under he barge of Deputy .Marshal Phillips and severa of his posse, when they spent considerable ? a ininnte examination of the place, and imicmI ofi at which, it is alleged, the boy Webb fell dead the CiryH|Tan en COndticted ^ 10 '^e'r room in A Pkbsoxal Collision, it Is understood, oc curred yestefday morning |n the hair-dressing fTeM?n h vV nard!' b^tween I'^otenants Bell and \\ illiams, both Army offi.-ers The poll, e were on the alert, in conseouem e of rumors of a hostile meeting*? theunfs * consequence of this altercatlonfbut it is ssPd the CuM.?ani>BB Bout well y*. Kx-Lt. Rhino their appea ance at 5 ox-lock this eveni^ ' are hB!^ N } WA",XaTO* MOBCMFBT BoaBD are a n.eeting to-day, and are endeavor Tux Riot -Justice l)onn 1* bu.ily engaged ln ' A'"" J"?to?lavil, ->f witnesae* of the riot on Sat urd.i> night, pieltminary to a fl?d! hfa ing. ' WatchRktcii^, Feb. 20 ?Patrick Ronev .?d'v?' r"d1' ?? "?"???i?' ?,w> d.. "'-'r' all to jail for further hearing Fifteen ir.!i - ' nonresidents f meen lodgers? tb^i^ce.Tath0 Hev.M,Uli?y' If#>!ar,d- *'rea, h of it' -f | , 1 lud^ern?non-r#Hidents l-OLLeaoj,,. " ?"<1 disorderly; \Vki>d so Cakes very pretty and very cheap; Ice Cream and Water Ices ai per calion, at the Philadelphia Conleotionery, corner 12th and K st*. Mr. ti 1 m* J. FrssiLL. DIED* On Sunday rnorninc, 21at ir.atsnt, Mr*. ANN1K K. McUON A L L), ui tii* 24' n ? ear of her a<e, eldest dauanterof tne late Lewis Kaioiitl'd deoeased. Her relatives and friend* are >vited to attend her foneral on Tuesday inormnx, nt 10 o'olock, from the resideuoe of her inotber. 6n3 H street. " On the 2iith instant. FLOK KXCK, only daughter of Key. T. Melsou ani Anna Edsrards Haskell,aced It mouths and 15 day*. On the 2i*t in*t.. after a short but painful illness, THOMA* LAMB,a native of London, Knctand, but for the last twenty-mue years a re*.dent of the oity of W asii.nKton. In Portsmouth, Vs., on t^e 1 Sth instant, M*. LE VI C. PA K K KK. in ih* tfih year ai his age. PROFITABLE INVESTMENT. Hooks of Sulisoription to the Capital atock of the Jetl'erson Cit* Cosl Mimmc and Oil Maiiufscturinr Company w.ll l<e opened at tne Hanking House of Chuhn brothers on Saturday.20th inst. Specimens of the Coal, Candle Wax, and Coal < made from this Coal, can be seen at said Bauk ii.r House. Pamphiet* describing the property. with estimates thown.K anticip-ited pro6ts of over H?? per cent per annum, can l?e obtained at said house, and a* to tbe relialul.ts of the edtiuiates appiiuation oan tie made to tne loliowmr gentlemen : Hon. Wm. Kigler, S. Senator, lion. Win. Montgomery, House Representatives, Hon Alliaon White, House ot Representatives, Dr. Whi M. belt. Brown*' Hotel, Orto JAMES W. BONTA, le 18 Iw Secretary. C REAT CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY. Now on exhibition at H. O. HOOD'S Jewelry Store. No 'SU Pa. aveuue, the fol.owmc artio1#*, but tittle used, and wilt lw> sold at a very low price, be low oo*t: One large Brilliant Breastpin, set in a anake. With forty eight small brilliant* *et ou the body, with ruby eye*, ooet - - .?5oii no One farga Oriental Psarl, set on a gold rose leaf B eastpui ... an on One pair of large Brilliant Ear Rings, each one containing hve brilliants ... Stf no One large Closier Hrilimnt Finger Hin* - isn t*i One large single Diamond R ng - - - isn no t?ne ("luster Dismond King - 19ft ?i One Scarf Pin, e**le and pearl - - - Will One h'svr donlue case tiold Chronometer, mnker Charles John Cope, Rathl>onePlao?, London ------ SW (*i One tiold Curb Chain - - - 25 no The atiove artiae* will be aold, to oloseatruat, very low. fx IH 'h M A R B L E WORKS WM. RUTHERFORD. ? AKT1FICKR IX MARHLK, I". Street, l?etw<?en Ifh and 13th Streets North, Wash I no to ji Citt, liivite* public attentt<>u to his extensive itook or beiuti'ul designed aud Elabt rateiy Curved MAN TKI.S in a variety of MarMea, together with & choice a,?..rtinent of STaTLaKV, Wt. ch for de aign an<l h .uh cannxt be surpassed, and are well adapte i for the tj'a den or Tomb. A lar*e assort mei.t < f I'u.u .\!an<el*, Monumetit*, and Tomb s'oi.esat very low price*. Monument* of any dss.git executed to order With punctuality and dispatch. Kstuuare* riven |,>r lirownstone or Marble work or North River F<aning,aud every other work iu our hue. pie se csll and make an inspection of oar stock. N. B.?Make a note of the addrea*. fe l7-?m Proposals am k invited toe tae Exe* vatuif mmI reo'ivinx of a large quantity ofearth eairner of Hth avd K atreeta, a large part ol whieh is ?ravel, suitable for streets. Persons desiring to bid ,r the above are requested to send in writina to J. C.A H A. WilUrd. fe 17-lw ZJuPEBlOR MhipIC AI'ED UlN.?Just re H ceived. eases of the ealebmted I oodou Cor dial Uiu and Invigoratin* Cj^{KVY* No. 5M 12th street, oorner of B street north. (irt> ?enea and Liquor Store* d U-tf OEORGETOWff. Correspondents ?/ Tkt Stmt. j Gioiojiows, Feb.?, 1S58. following business wu before our City Councils on Friday night last: ?evVnhd Frnest'sli*! WM frem Dor tTo? uf .ll^T m ?7"' Praying the Corpora H ,Wa\ fro,n Mr. W. tbe Jud^^ftV p! .Vng,h,i "'"'KMtion an one of f<""? ' to^afShTnl Prev>nt? d the petition of the sex ce?tti!,t? b?t.*rlan Ch"**- ?" relation to %ip f P0" M,rVing ground: referred. .. 'I!*0" ?*?red a resolution in relation to .... . ' ? if* ProP?*'nK lo release him from to Aldermi^a l? the Cor?M>ra,ion; ^frrred Mr. Seymour presented the petition of 8. A. 1*1 01 ton, in relation to taxes on a lot of ground rH"er"Sing l? the e*UtC *' lhe late Wm Alor,on; Mr. Oyster presented the account of Lewis ?rerry,'.town *ur^y?r? *^?0; referred. ., ,, Idermen passed a resolution in favor of Mrs. E. A. Trunnell, administratrix of Henrv ^ru:.?co;,d?"r""1' *" ?"J0i uu?" Mr. Thomas, from claims committee, reported D* VI d?"h or of Jobn H Smuot for ft.'15 75, a.A. U,rroWA.for *l6-J?hn J McQuillan fo. f 19, V Wilau Fire Company for $30 34, Jaiues L Owens for 910. and the Orphans' Court for #43 5b passed both Boa'ds. He also, the tun* committee, reported a *7u. Si 1 of Dr l*wi* McCall for *110 *4; amended by striking out *30; the reso "f'on- "amended, nassed the Council, but wm laid on the table in tbe Aldermen. .Mr Oyster asked that the committee for the poor and the workhouse be discharged from the further consideration of the annual report of the trustees of the poor, and that said report bt placed on file; granted. A resolution, passed by the Council at the last meeting authorising the public sale of lot on Frederick street, was substituted in the Alder men by one authorising its sale to Mr. I, A. \|or Council ' laiJ on the table iu the Council hills in favor ol Appleby I> W. Oyster, and \V r u'Pas,rcl Council bill in favor of Dr ijijO having reduced it from $140 ti by CouncTindm<?nt '* thl" b,U Was co??rred ir A verbal message was received from the Alder men proposing a joint meeting for the purpose ol electing a judge of elections to till the vacancy ?aused by the resignation of Mr. Clabaugh. Messrs 1 homas and Barron were appointed a committee to conduct the Aldermeu to the Coun eil I harnber. The two Boards, in Joint meeting, elected Jas A. Burns to liil sa^d vacancy. The joint meeting then adjourned and the A1 deruien returned to their chain tier M^r\viTurel,J!ra^then ral,ed to the chair, and Mr \\ hite ottered the following resolution which was passed : Resolv'd, That the thanks of tho Board arf deni SD F? ^f^vcordially given lo the Presi fi?i ? 5 U ? L"q ' for tbe aM*' and Impar. tial marine, he has presided over its deliberation. during its sessions. Mr. English then return, d thanks In a ver\ felicitous and feeling manner, referring to th'? ?rea intimacy that had existed between him and his fellow-members, the uninterrupted go< d f-el Ing and harmony that had characterized all tbeii deliberations, and the constant support he had receded from the members while discharging the responsible duties of bis posit S M, uv8!'^ tl!e '^oa:d were aLso tendered tc ?*'r? *? right, the clerk. A message was then received from the Alder nil!1 I" M Counell that they had com pleted all the business before them, and propos nig that the Boards then adjourn sponded to by the Council, and both Boa'duNbet adjourned amid jocularity and congratulations Spectator. OEORQKTOWy ADVERTISEM TS PtM'ATtlK^ ?Jugt arrived, 2,<mj husheis Nov: Scotia WHITE MERCERS, per schonee' niasba^oit, and lor sale in lots to cur purchasers la 22 ? PKTER BEKRY,* - . - 85 W ater street, Georgetown. IYI I' s I C A L B OJX E S. rarreand smsll MUSICAL BOX ES R EPA IK Knri .h vv??k l 8 2^ Experienced Practio, Poff maker,? Bridge street, below tin t ost Ottice. <je?T|(ctown, D. C. fe 2n-.1t * JMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. fh'^j!1 ^""menoe this day to run off tho balance o Nu ofMennos, Plaids. Shawls. Scarla iSulues. Opera hans. tine French Veils, twured ^v'.r MbsIid. Checklin Wool. Suliei orsted, 4 o.. that I reoaived fast week fft>rn ruc w?ih\ par "I"01* 'e"sthan the u?ual p ice lii^ve'ino a SffCh6aP JJEDUCINO STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASH o ^PHN H SMOOT, ? ,yVo- J19 Bridgt strert. (ieortetown, D. C., n,*l'"V U?n hlf,*,to?a owas possible l? th< 1st March ??n?ell from this date every descrip tionol WlSTER GOODS at reduced prices }5, Fanoy Colored Dress Silks, Printed Mousline Oeiamea, .Merino. Piaids and Poplins, French Merinos, Shawls, Scarfs, Cloaks (Vp wilii??8odat a VERY <?RKAT KEuUCTION on former prices. Piompt customers supplied upoi the usuai terms. Tliose hnvin,; settled iheir Billi rendered to ist instant, ho tenders hiu grateful ac kn??w]ed*ei"o?tsa,.d will he undei many ohluationi toa 1 who have not. to do so by cash or note at then eailiest. oonveaienoe. _i5" 21 J. H. SMOOT. P(^ RENT.?A hrst olass RESIDENCE ai . the corner of Fajotte and 4th streets, Georee iV?Tini." A nM>derate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R NEALE. jari ? eolin F1^'' I'ES-?W> respectfully announce to oui friends and the public that we have at last suo oeeaed in havins a larne ?j uantity of A LES ol van ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which wt wnl guarantee to be the finest and the iarsest van ? ii WM ever offered m this market. All persons wishing a nioe article of Ale can have it by applying tons for either of the following brands vix Kennett. Burton XXX Pale. India Pale, Phil Hn ?n s?J. . / V V u'1"" h^ve 11 fcn* Hr,|cle o! a iT Stout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given toour drivers, will be attended to. A RN Y 4k SHINN, I'nion Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, a 17-a beorgetowH, D. C. I\I M. RUPPEL 1 NORTH able of Market Space',' No. S7, lietweer Bridge and Caual streets,Georgetown,\ announces to eis patrons that at hisf^^ RKsrAtR ANT may lie iound at all tunes the choicest and most excellent nv?Pri?B?wf ii'VI <re??'??t at i RS and all kinds of GAME in season. Meals served at all hours ai.d at the usual prioes. abeautiful HEAL or KIC II GLOSSY HAIK, COMPUT ? LY I'RKSRRVKD TO THE GREATEST AGE. And who that is gray would not haveit restored tc former color; or hKld, but would have rhe growth re stored; or troubled with da ,drufl and itchm* Out would nave it removed, or trout.led with scrofula scald head, or oth<*r eruptions hut would be oured or with sick head:,che< neuralgia but would l^cu ed' J w,,ll.?Uo 1rlei?!,v,) ail pimples from the lace or skin Sia ,*u? ri'i.?^Kj;M' '? wul do ?" ?" rmaw-O. J. Wooo-U^J'sirrfM.^tw'mii'oli said ol the wonderful effects of your Hair Restora tive, but having been so often cheated bv auaokar* and euack nostrums, hair dyes. Ae.,1 w?s disposed to place your restorative in the same category with tha thousand and one loudly trumpeted quick rem I edies. until I met you in Lawrence ooiinty some months since, when yon gave me su..h assurance as induc.^d the tri lofyour Restorative in my family, first, by my good wife, whose hair had become v?rc thin and entirely white, and before exhausting one "f your large bottlen, her hair was restnr. d nearly to ita original beautiful brown color, and had tfiicker.ed anu tiflcome bjau ilul and glossy upon, and entirely over the head. She ooniinues to use it. not simplv because of ita beautifying efleets upon the hair, but because of its healthful liiflueuoe upon the head aud irJnd Others of uiy family and friends are using your Restorative with th- happiest eflects; there 1'iJe mt skepticism and doiiht in reference toits val ue and character are entirely removed, and I oanand do most c irdially and confiden: tally reoommend its use by all who would have their hair restored from white or trav. by reason of sickuess orn?e) tooriir i Al mtlor aud beaaty. and h* ail young persons who would have their hair lieantilul and gloss* Very truly and gratefully yours. SOLOMON MANN. Wood: It was rlong time after I rawyou at Blitkheld before I got the bottle of Restorative lor Which you gave me an order upon your agent in Uetrou, and when I got it we concluded to try it on "Irs. Mann s hair, as the sorest test ofits power It has done all that son assu ed me it would do; and others ot my lanuly and friends, having witnessed its effects, a. e now u-ing and rsoommending its use to others as entitled to tbe highest oonsidrration yon olum for it. Again, very respeotfully a rl trnlv yours. SOLOMON MANN. ml. , Ca?tTLK, III . June*. ISflt. I have used Prof O J. WimnI's Hair Restorative, and have admired its won lerful effects. My hair wa? I thought, prematurely nay, hut bf the use of his restorative it has resumed its orisi nal color, and. I have no doul>t, permanently so. S. BREESE. ex Senator U S. O. J. WOOD k. CO., Proprietors, SIS Broadway. N. Y.. (in the ereat N. Y. Wire Ratting Establish ment) and 114 Market st..St. Louis. Mo. And sold by all good Druggists. fe I* Snir HAMS For FAMILY USE. direct from Cln

einnati ?We have received to-day a lot of SUGAR-CURED HAMS whioh we reoommendas being very superior. KING ft BURCHELL, j fe 4 Comer Vermont avecae ud lUh it. FOB Km in) 8ALB. I^OR RENT?A neatlj-furniahed ROOM, in a m. genteel private family; in good location. For addreaa appft at the Star offioe. fe ?-3t? _ y?OR sale?A DRUG STORE on Pennsylva 1. maaveuue; ai, excellent aland, doing * g??oJ bu siness;,ttln aotory reasons given lor selling. Ad dreea A H. L.. City Pout Office. te?-lw Three furnished rooms f?r rent Two Bedrooms aad Parlor adjoining, in a very deairable location. No. F street, one door r ora 7th street. fe 22-3t * RARE CHANCE.?For aa'a-a medium-sued and ooinfortal<!e BRICK HOUSK. on 11th at. weat, nearly opposite Dr. I'utUr'a Church, oontain me Eight Good Rooms. Houae nearly new a:id in g.od repair. With gas tixturea througuout. Term*: 9 .W?i. 9&"0 on Mi; remainder in four equal annual payments of 95<*>. secured hy note* bearing interest and deed of truat on the property. Apply immediate ly at 276 G atreet. fe l?Mw* FOR R F.NT.?That lar<e and desirable R F.SI dence on I atreet. oppoaite Franklin Sauare, recently in the occupancy of Judge Daniel. U. S. Supreme Court. For terms, Ac, apply to the ad vertiaer. southwest corner of 12th and K atreeta. _fel7-fit*_ fjU?*NISHF.D HOUSE FOR RENT oa Sal*. Having determined to reaide permanently in Kanaaa, 1 will rent or aell my reaidenoe No. 322 K atreet, north aide of Franklin Square. The Houae will l>e rented furniahed, and preaenta a favorable opportunity lor any one deairing a firat-olaaa reai (J 6!10?. For terms apply to Suter, Lea k. Co., Bankera, No. 517 7th atreet. fe?-tf L. R.SMOOT. l^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY r PROPERTY.?A FARMol441aoreaofEand. aituated iu Buckingham oounty.Va . with Stock and Farinii'g Utenaila, together with a Saw and Gnat Mill, and Engine attaohed. Inquire of J. V DU Ll N. on G atreet aouth, between 4)fc and 6th ata. jan 23-lni* Rooms on pa. avenue to let.-two Room*, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue,between 12th and 13th atreeta, over Sam'l. Lewi*' Jeweirv Store, will be let low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good office rootua. Apply to \VM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. jan 12-tf q>0 THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. Woi.fb's Schkidam Aromatic Schnappa. The proprietor bega leave to call the attention of strangers aad the oitizens of Washington, to a very superior article of Holland Gin, whioh he intr??duoeJ to the American public under the name of Woife'a Soheidam Aromatic Schnappa. Tina Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exciu aively at hia Distillery in Schiedatn. Holland. It la made from tho beat Barley that oan be procured in Europe, at any ooat, and flavored and medicated, not by the common harah berry, but by the moat ohoioe botanical variety oi the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Merry.whoae more various extract isdistiil ed and reotificd with ita apintuoua solvent, and thua beoonieaa concentrated tincture of exquiaite Ua vora and aroina, altogether trauacending initaCor dial and Medicinal propertieaany alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor haa submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United Statea, and haa received anawera from about four thousand Phyaioiana and Chemiata. who endorae it over their signatures as a moat desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Peraona who purohaae chould he oareful to get the gennine artiole, aa the whole country ia Hooded with counterfeits and iimtationa. Put up in qnar: and pint bottles, in cane* of one dozen each, ami f?r sale by'all the respectable Drug gists and Groccra in the I'm ted States. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver atreet. New York, dec 12 3m ^JAV1AR, PETITS POIS, champignons We call the attention of connoiaeura to our im portation rf PETITS POIS, inrbutter and natural. SARDINES, in oil. CHAMPIGNONS, natural. A SCHOV I ES. in kegs, pickled. HUT<'H H EK W IN G. in kegs, pickled. TRUFFES, natural, in cans and bottlea. ALSO, CAVIA R, of the best quality, and extremely rare in this country. KING & BURCHELL, jan 15 oorner Vermont avenue aud 15th at. RYE AND BARLEY MALT. for sale at th a CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of Weat Falls av ?nne and Rlook at.. Baltimore. Mrt. ro? *-l? Ambkotvpes for fiftv cents, Pct cp in Good Canity. A fine assortment of cases from 50 cents to 95, with good Likenesses, either Ambrot>pe. Daguer reotype, or Meleainotypes. Warranted good lik? nesses Come early in the day. ROBERT SANDS. Pa. ave., bet. 8th and9th atreeta, jar 21 -tf Market Space. t>n (WWt PEACH trees, i.U,W\;U AT IIAPtB ncnnilKn. For sale at my Nura*ry, near Washington. I iie above Trees are all ol hue growth, and of tne< best aelect fruit. Also, a general assortment of ORNAMEN TAL. EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT Trf fs tan W 2m JOSHl'A PEIRCE, S IMPROVE VOIR EYES. TRENGT11EN and assist them, by the Paris Optician, D. WOO LI* SON, who has arrived from Europe with his own, as well a^ the manufacture of a good man? others of the latest improved SPECTACLES and EYE-GLASSES ; amont winch are the PER I SC't) PIC CONCAVE and CONVEX, The DOUBLE FOCI Sand DOUBLE POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLKS.CR VSTALS, Eto., which are warranted to improve any EYE affected wi'h uei?kne?a, ontaract or tending to it; alao SHORT sightedness. Persons whoare compelled to ure x lasses, or those now using them, will be suited at hrst sight. Those wonderful DOU BLE-PO LISH E D V EN EZU F. LI A N CRYSTAL ROCK have received the highest reoommenda? ions at the World's Fair, at Pans, through their producing a clearness and easiness of viaion heretofore unknown in any other improvementa. Also, all styles of OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI F^ ING G1.ASSES, Compares, and Microscopes are for sale at hjs store, corner of Eirhth street and Pennay Ivama avenue, or Eighth atreet No. 4*l,be tween D atreet and Pa. avenue. Jl Vfl# ??>! mutak' the torn?t of 9th strut. Pr oea very reasonable, the same aa at hia estab lishment in Eumpe. n 9-tf lu GASTON A CLARK, xO LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th atreet, under the Avenue House, DKAI.1CKS IN CLOTHING AND GENT.'S furnishing GOODS. The aubacribera call attention toa deairable Stook of CLOTHING whioh they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, aeoond door from 7th atreet, and aa they are determined to cloaeofl the lot if posaible, every eilort necessary on their part shall l?e used in order to please their customers. In the Cloth:ns Depa*tmext we car guarantee the stook to be perfeot in poi^t of durability, fit and style, beoHuse we mske evnrythmg ourselves, and have no hesitation in saying our goods will t>e found equal to the l?ost order work in the country. \Vatching the various changes of fashion, parlies may rest as tired of hnding the latest cut and make in store, subject to their inspection and approval. 9I5,<*?' worth of lioods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auction prices, and pur ohasera would do weil to examine tnc lot. Thia is no humbug, ss our assertions can be proved ou ex amination. Call and see us at the al>ove Store. ii'? ?tm fiASTON A CI.ARK. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to lus Factory, making it now one of the largest. in the District, where his facilities ior\ manufacturing aM kinds of CAR RIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS cannot be sur passed, and from his long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinda ol Carriagea and Light Wagons kept on All'REPAIRS neatly done,and al! orders prompt ly attended to. Seound-hand Carriagea taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10-tf oorner of 14th and E ata. ^TATE OF CALIFORNIA BONDS. The law providing for Funding the Bonded, and other apeoined indebtedness, of the State of Call forma, requires that the old Bonds and Certificates shall !>e forwarded to Sacramento during this year, to be car^elled and replaoed by new ones, we will act as hgents in this business, and request an early delivery of the Bonds. jan 23 1m CHUBB BROTHERS. I TIS 01- NO USE, IT CANNOT BE BEAT. LEVY'S OLD WRECK WHISKY, of \KTJ, challenges tfce world?(a big word, but too tru* to be a ioke >?judges from all parts say so. A little left Also, can be fouiiu at his store, ni choice lot of o'her Whiskies, Wines, Brandies Rums. Old Julup, WormwoVd Cordials, fine Grooeriea, Teas. English. Sootch Ale. a;id Brown Stout, wholesale ana retail. JONAS P. LEVY, No.554 12th and B streets north. felS-tf near the Canal. 1IK7, i J A DIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FTRS, free from moth, and fresh made, call at STIN EMETZ'S, 23b Pa. ave nue. between 12th and 13th atreeta, who has re ceived instructions from New York, to aell the hue asaortment uow hand, on commiaaion, at leas dia oount titan heretofore ottered. Among tham will Re found the handsome! sets French Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought to this oity, for 910 and $12. Viotorines ?5. Alao, Capea and Cloaks, of superior quality, very cliea*. Particular attention is invited to two very large Mink Sable Capes, worth over #10t), eaoh ror 9r76 and 98* M ink Sable Cape,medium site, $30 and #36. M nk Sable Vmtorinea *14 and Also, several aeta real Hudson Bay Sable. Together with Siberian Squirrel. Fitoh Marten, French Mink, &o , in all their varioty Im Irmine Opera Cloaka, very handsome; Muffs to match, of all kinds, from #2.?i to 93n. Every artiele warranted, and if proven as not rep """M-"? ""SIVS'TINKMrTZ. 236 Pa. ave., bet, 12th and 13th sts., Jan II next door to Madame Dalarae. ora*^?vswii!3as Biora, iw Uth atrtii, H. telegraphic news Tr'm "? rrml,.,,. ,RO? EtROPE. New Voe? Africa at ?i'wY#rk. Africa which left LtveTnlio* C"na d *,r?mshlp ?rrjVP<i h,?. .ri.'^P?01 the ftth instant. The British Par" m~ J b?nr ,bl" instant lx?d Palme^o^?^?!** on ?*? ??b in regard to conspiracies J^hT v l,,re of n bl11 rffuifeequr.tion'KSo^S:11 *?? ???* ?t,e for amending the Government * hSu? ?f * b'11 Address?* congialulatlag the laf.w couple had bwn voted in both hou^C ?*?1ed In the |inine of Common* Mr R,*e???.w w asked l.o,d Palmerston whether anh** cation* had passed between France ai.d Fn^V'!i!i* Inregard to'the .lien art or thelhewi?"8^ renn"ua- He "P0*** bitterly ag.ln?t \ap<>' leon an, -:,e French oflkials. ***" Lord PalmerKton acknowledged tl:e reeeint nf tloii*f!*?, cal.,,nK attention to the refugee q?,e*. wh^t ir?i!l Kf?8rlt,,h Government would do s^?retn ^ht ?/' *"? *a,d ,bat ?? ?-Wer had Xh.'r?n,ji' r"",krd mf "=">?' ? - 10 b,ln? ln ? >>?' Mtbor. X10.(Mjo.CMm on debentur^^TkT b?rrow not ov<>r in Knvland aet*"tur*? ?" the next two ream hereafter wlU?not ?rant tb*" Fr'nrh Con?n!? jects. The new F?er?.^',,?rt" to Br,t,ah ?u*>* Inn some modification* ^CdjLr'^Ti*** ""d^go Jeronie Bonaparte wirh '?? ?^ 'nwe*t* Prince 'shsr 1 Utre is no. hint? later from India or China t . The Market* ?bl <??"<"'? 5,3UI and """ !*'f* ?.iw't? wr4' d"i:r| ?le.blc. and DrSl ??? KfiiS'" *"-*>?."??>?? *n?liUe..V,(h,lV ?f ltkte iHpUTS' <?? mu"<> *.??d >Th. f-,1 [*KCO!*D DISPATCH 1 geuce byt?W??nh V" V',rjr Ufest *?*HI i-;r r" pondent of the \r.>rnin? u ? .? Par'? corres tbe opinion of many Vin^ tbat' ln much Importance ha*^^ biiien; to? to the military addresses in ,h a* .klarul demonstration* he ?^T n,,he/'onit-?r the influence of the e???,'J. 5 plac* under lo\altvof the Km nor nl ? and the uniform more weiuht rh? iilT M an allY "hould have r'",ma"n" '< .j?T ""m.m f.llarrof ?h? S?,"T"V "' "" zp *?< r jx.l1uuw%rM4,;^hp*r!" 1,"d p??w? they reixid ate the <tcn ? ? '-nijieror, in which Italian*. The ailtlre*. ? wi,iclh.,^rj;'.? ='???'y,' epoch to the chi?-f ?f .-? 2 *heow,d at a great her children ali s,,, ? }?('t\ ^"^y. d|?vow, ,* press of the genius of Vanni roi{"s Jf'ar the im know that Napoleon rh TKrli1 i ^ a?d We est.d tX'v Tas ,!^:' Th''d- Li" natioualitiey'" protected the wishes of c^mmiMVon^rpcrcsi^tl^^N1^ ^1,b * maiui. Into which France Las fieiTdW Zd?U1 Infantry of .nadne ,h** artlll^y a' d refugees question. ' ?nce i* made to the d.i n . Fac**ia. >? "? The Prim e stated that he^ II ' . 'ation*, organizations, and V^i^.f ""V'^ P?ltfi<-a' ob.iiitrp l>p made in o any durable ?d 5Ludb?dp?'"to,?LK^S5j? of Prussia an 2?. leVSS, ?ru,OT5"' ??'<H II..I .M.'d:!d. J'-r-ala. He tirmly on it* b;,siH |, .. n, .,'V. b more 4iTable to confl ,n /LVi l'b ?r he ,1m. Who , a,d the, ?/ rT"* ^r^?" the liiiin 1 M-r ofd5n?,,^ unt ">f taxrs ; to ledure ri~ or tuilitary ^ 7r. J "" "'?'???? ;:r'" *"d Constantinople 8dvirp? tn riio .\%?k Tiebizon, anShaving a.,o hea"d of nTulT " tlM? siilTau to inteidict the^i?r^fbepr?mi*eof ??k "P ar??, ,?d w.?4lb',.;" sill 9 house The residf-nt r ,rl c"n" ? ononis of Fran,! ITh r K',r<>peans, with the of three hundred, all 'aMmd Lad n"lll>,*'r around .he ^ owTX v 1-, at ?IVLe. .ho? d ...ake ,1 "Vl'"?*?*""' "??"?'*? Laula. PaciUo HolH. (lilted r,h,? ^ "?r.> ????. i sternal ion among the boardf^rs ""ff'rt^,es^' co9m out In the drug store under ,Le ho'tel flanip^ Mprpad ho raniHlf n i? t ?? l* and the could " r'"for" 'he inmates "? Ure and al egress ^ "T, env-'?l* ^ windows. Many l "aoed ?^pt by tbe and were horriblv ina!i ri , third story Many we.. .iab>tot'ssb*USi",?S'' and were burned to dealt, i? iheir xk were about one hondud per*on. ?^ ,L Z!' between (o?y aiul .VlftuJlnT The following are the name* of the persons far T, k"?WI'- ior ?* killed Bruce Mr StTBurk^ ha dt \V urst, Pane Sterrel \t -? ? ' i aud child, all of St Louis; Mr Johns'on^of Chi" cago; Henry Rochester, T Hart Strong' of Ro* Crane rMiss7?Y?rk; t!?ud?? )av?r' iv i 'e : residence unknown; Charles "avis, \\ ill,am CunniBghain, of Terra ilant^ ll'imttr iu^rUad' Mf a"d MrK "ubbard. M iss llunter Also, nine per*,.,,* who are j? oneof the r<K,?.s, whose names are unknown, and a negro man of the house QBrPe, the watch Several more bodies are supposed to be in the ruin*, and hundred, of e*< iied men are eiiervrt i, ally engaged in removing the rubbish W wounded are promptly take^n |? charge sr the.r f lend* or sent to tbe ho.pital, where fhelr inn, aie immediately attr-nded to. Several of tbe wounded cannot possibly recover. The loss of property amounts to upward of 8>50,ouo The LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Land "li,rAi'n(i ?'"h* I-a Crosse and MIL waukee Railroad Company i* now under exauiI nation by the Legislature 'of Wisconsin for ill ! ^ ^ a\! .co.nnectlon wfh the and grant* received from the la.t Congress, a* also for o?h? charges of bribery and corruption toward certafn memler* of the W isconsin Legi.latur? duri^ the session* of the past two vear* R.-,n. t-i * bourn, the former pre*lde.,t of^the railroad com oanv, wa* arrested at Milwaukee on Wednesday for contempt in refusing to an*wer certain rnltteih,t Wer<f PUt t0h'mby tbe legislative com Attempted Escape of Prlsoaera?Three Shet. ?.i^TW.i^ 0**' *'??n Thursday evening, while the convicts in the State prison, at Sing . ing, were filing into th# mess roi?m for supper, five of them made a rush for the river, which Is frozen over, thinking to escape on the ice They were puraued and fired upon by the guards, and all brought back, when three were round to be wounded. John Spence, the well known com panion of Mabie H .'dge*, Lad received fiw ball** Pete Devlin s?*nt up for 'ecrivin-/ stolen good! two ball*; and Quinn, a F??n th Ward bur^l r got four bullet*. The other two were not i?.' jured. Hpence and C^uinu are badK hurt and will probably die ' a Burning of Pive Steam boats. Niw OaLusi, Feb i'J ?The steamboats Vir glnia, Montsuk, Jame* Montgomery, Shermmi and S PrentU*, were burnt opposite the elti-ih".' morning. Loss about ?40.0UB? and fully Inured" The Span:th.*lexlcaa Difficulty lettleJ New Yoas, Feb.Sa.?The Havana ?neei*i /nr respondent of the Diily Time, write^htt /L diJcuUles between Spin ind >7elif4 i^ b^n return to^in ' ^ U UUd" ord*r* to Oealk of Jadge Kaae. I-!. Feb ? ?Hon. John K fcane, ?J ? ji j ^ 8 Supreme Court iu thi? Dii tnci, died at bit residence in thi* city ieat even Tfc? Rlrki .i RintMoxo. Feb ? -The W sshtngton del* gallon* did not r*?rh her* naill eleven ?>lock ln*t nigbt. Laviug Iwn detail oa th* rtw br the Jo* To* Waohn wtoa inMttary w r* received hv tl.e Vrrgi.U Kitm TLIs aornin- (he Kmtbu Wrr* pwiifd with ? hag bv Mr* Gill. The wither Uui morning wu unfsvora Ol? * The prnanaalan wu formed at lUoVlnrk, aad made a magnificent display wtae wel comed the visitors .o VliKinla. He was followed bv J no R Thompson. Eaa . \m h? pr^^r^i for tbe orcasioa. Senator Hunter aeit took tbe ?'and, and was still speaking * ben th* dispatch cloeed. ?? D*ath af ?? Editor. IU rralo, Feb ? ?Dr Foot*. eUitor of th* Commercial Advertiser of this city, died at his residence on Saturday Dr. F. was Ara*rlcaa Consul to Bogota iN . C.,) under the sdmlalMra tion of l're?ident Harrison, and to Vienna under that of Preaideut Fillmore. Baltimore Market* Balti*os* Feb ? ?Flour Is Irm; Ohio ?* quoted at W but most holders are demand ing W St) for tbat as well as Howard street \\ heat steady; red tl Oflal 05 white f 1 lOal la. Corn dull; white 5SaSec ; yelWw .W*S7c. Whisky steady. Cioveraeed. uuaS |<w Molasses (Orleans) firm and active, XuiMr N?w Tark Marktu. N*w roll, Feb ?.?Floor oatet, sales th's morning T.lW bbls ; Stale ban advanced, and Is quoted at W 3?>a94 84. Wheat very dull,and quotations nominal Corn dull and heavy. Provision* quiet. AUCTION SALES. TO-DAY * TO-MORROW MORN I NO Br BADFN ft I.OWND8. Aaotionaara. No. 34 C Market Specs, bt iwftm ttk mud trh its, HARUWARE.CUTLF.RY AND BUILDING Material to sk sold A'iihoct Kisikvi.? We will commeno* tbe our store o( a lore* stock of Hardware, A c.. on SATUK DAY MORN I NO, at 10o'clock, and continue aaoh morning until the whole slook is do?*d out We nam* in part Planes of ail kinds, Saws of every description, Ka?ps. Mraces, hammers. Hatchets, K ules. Chisels, P!nml?s, Levels. Srews, H'rges. Looks, Shovel*, Ho**. Nails, aud Carpenter's T<M>ia of every variety. Housekeeping Articles, Flire Table Culler) , Plated Spoons and Forks, Pocket Knives, Bowie Knives, Pistols, do.. A0. And ever; thin* pertaining to Buildings, The trade, huiiders, and persons tenerally are re spectfully invited. Terms nf sale : All sums of and tinder ftin. oath ; the Iwlance in, S. a, and t> months, with satisfactory endorsed paper. fe lJ-tf B A 1)F.N ft I.OWN PS. Auot. By WALL d BARNARD, Auots. Corner of Ptnntylrauta nrtnut and Nk street. CALK UK GROCERIES, FKU1T. WINKS. 5^ and i-tyvon*.?On TUESDAY MORNmC, ?/U insinnt, at 11 o'cl.?ck, we will **li, in front of our store, a large stock of prime Gro art**, W inea. dc., as Barrels of prtni* Brown Surars. Do. Crashed aad Powdered do? Ha T Iarrets and ke?s Puear house Sirup, Box-s Ada" antineand Mould Candles, Boxes of Csatile. IIown aud Chemical reap. Chests Klackaml Gwen Teas, Boxes Starch. !*oda. Saleratu*, Boxes Salad Oil, s prim* art ci*., Large iot Cigsrs, Tobaooo, Bags Cotfee, Molasst-s, Barrels of fine old and Corn Whiskey, Oct five g of Brand*; Corneal, Claret, A lot of pure Cincinnati Brandy. good. Sweet ?>,antes. Kainns. New Figs. Bmss and iron bound Buckets, V\ o^d-Wor*. 2" cases of Cabinet Champagne, guod, Ba?kets Heidsick Champagne, With other articles n >t ner? mentioned. Terms at sa'e. feH- WALL d BARNARD. Auots. \V ILL IIF. ADDED to the sale of Grooenea. a large lot of superior Biandiea, W ines. Cordials aid Champagnes, ca?Ws, t>arre!s, deiuyobns. and boi tl?s. These Liqco's are trom a fc st class N'ew Yoik house.and muat tie *old. W.A B. FUTURE DAYS. wtimoL.?' A' Auctioneor. H"St??SJB* ?JR?'A5E8- farm 0 0'ock a. m , at the Farm ??, <A?y"aId bTtiiXJZ D Livincston. on the PiscatawaTRond aUuD?? Anacosr.a Bridge. nllTh*' sV^i Za (-.fleets oii th* arm, oomrnaing? 5 .xoelleiit work Uoraea. hogs. Cattla r ows, Harness. \A aeons. Carriage* Carts. Hay. Straw, l odder. dT 2?<n head of fin* Cald****"' A tine lot of choice Uarden Seeds an assoriment of Household Fumitar* r.Tr A Iff ? JVl AKSHA I. ? S A I.E.?la virtu* ofa writ of San !?! bicias.under t he lien law. issued from .j, ' officeoftheCircuitCoar? oftke District ofrolumn.i lor the C onnty of l\ astiiugton, an J to me directed I IfSjPfftl Da v ,hlC rv Kf Mld ?"nnty.oB WF.DNFS UA> . thejMrh of F ehruart, I2o'clock m ngi!tWt?neec?rm ?pri0po.rl' lo w,t; All defendant's W t* A C,,I<IT,? ,llt^ ??Iweet in tod to (he thr*A 1 r^ine Houses ereotej ou Lot No. 5 ... reae^L.^? I^i Miryiari?l %\r?nu6, 4>n'?r d r,r? ?? the City of u aslimgton'O C\, aVTiod aod V/vl^ upon as the property of james H Locke* ?J?/*n u. sold to satisff Juthcais No lo Oot<'?t^r lt?S7, in favor ot M.ulh ft Fowler. '*? J. D. HOOVER. Manui jar.? dts for the Dutrict of t\.iumb'n. ScHKllJAM AKOJ*AT?C SCHNAPPS i prescribed with creat success by the Medioai Fa* ulty in <>raval. Goat, Chrome Rheumatism, Drop sy. i^yapepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted V itai Energy; aud as a leverage it has no aupenor in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for anie b? mi the Druggists and tirocers in Washington. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sol* Importer and Manufacturer. Nob. 18, an, and &, B*av*r street. N*w York, dee 12-.Hro VI (Win A VKAH ? gi,infu |],?ni a yfak 1 ll'lli'i^ vl-1 S* honornMeemploy J 'l?a v t*A u" ,<>r ?" ??Hies. Persons m ; 2 v L-}u' ,uWn or ??u ,ltr* ?1 ? sear eh ot em , ' !I i S* ,,L"n, ** * sourc* of iriooiiitt, ?I S? vtau* "r to ill up th*ir leisure hours. i i!am a vtaS* !"*T h.e*r "f "uoh r'? ^nelos.i* I '1 .'**i A \ FA R. two stamps, to pny pos'age to ? I A YEAR. Prof. J AM E8 T. HOtfVF n?2a?K?2' /ti" N%4-w- N"m YorkPo.i Mi vtiB* Otho*. The employ merit la Lt ted %\ *<i "a vt a b' ?" : otati.A? in Uf* m. ! I ?! A V b A 5 ? It is an articl* of dan, J.f-A K. ootiKumpMoi). &nd oai, be i.^uu ?5 a vpa2? lhedw^; t'!r?A vt'A?' *?oure right; sale a* I'M. pern.aneiit as flour. Anagentia wanted in every town in th* dl.'SW A > FAR. Union. jan25lm* Butter, chkesk. Ac? ??> kegs GOSHEN B' TTFR, liiil?oxes do. CHFEPE. ^ casks do. do. 3.m?i 't?s. CODFISH, S.iski It*. HAKF.FISH. Itsi box** 8CALED HFRKING8, ??> barrels No 3 MACKEREL, So do. No 1 do. list boxes PK \RL STA RCU. 7S do. BKOW M SOAP, S>5 do. CASTILE do. ?? do. F A \CV do. B?ASia.NUvftpffe UAV, FOR At the oorner of fith aud L 9traata, MR??. WM KE8LEY d DAUGHTERS Circulars, terms, and all ueoessery information given on app ication to Mrs. Win. Keafoy. Jan IS dt F ebft eol m Baggage fxp rkhs office , , 3ft? D STa**T, i^Mstsi Tkt Statu Prtnttmt OJktt. Th* sabaontwr, Baggage Agent for Baltimorn and Ohio and Washington Branoh Ratlfond, baa opened ac oftioe, at tbe above piaoe, for the aoaom modation of the pablio. where orders oan b* left for th* us* of Wagons to oonvey B^rgag* or Paoknna to and from Railmad Depot, St e?a ir, txmts, dcTorloi removal to an/ point m this City or Georgetown Oftioe open from 7 o ciook a. m. to 1ft o'oiock a m daily. ex oept S u n Js?. 7 to Hi o'oiook am* n'nlnnt' 10 "'.f m A ,Ju"N *? M ' ^vrocK. Bagsag* Agent Baltimore nod Ohm Rmlrond. BTOr THAT RATTLtNG. I aiu nov prepared to pat on " Chapman's Elastia Anti Rattling Shaft Fastener." a sure. remedy lor the rattling of the snaft-*iit>sl of Csrnsgea and Wagons, wkiek oan h*J pat on at a small expense. Call and examine at my Faotory. wh*r* I oertifioatas from th* lending Ooeohimkei* m th* country. ANDREW J. JOYCfe. d Ifl tf oorner lath and g ets. p LOC K?S -C LOCKSV^LU^Kf J trn V oeiv*d,a gr*at as*ortia*nt of fj? ?. u.?!?. D C4? Pa. av., opposite Browns' Hotel. pBB \ h -CLOCK MATERIALS, aaah as Oil*. Keys. Balls. Cords, Ac., for aaio,?the trao* ssr r .ec.fear- S-tf I ESPECIAL NOTICE.?Oar aino*r* thanks are *j a*r*by t*ud*r*d to all who have settled tbeirac oounts with us sinoe our last issu* of bills. Bat oar pnn?pa< object now ia to eall th* attention of thoen Who have not paid to this notioa. We want them tn know that we are rs/inst /*r tkt nse a/ tkt \ jut and hop* that without May thoa* p whom we have in good faith a?omiwnrtatsd will < or sand in thou a*ttl*m*nts. law ? daw rt.AOFTT d DODSnN. ROWLAND'S MACA