Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED S7BKT AFTBKNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THI ITil BPlLIIIIiet, C?TMr V Pm. MAM mud Elmttuk nrtti, By W. D. WALL ACH. fM?n aerred in |Mki|N br oamtrt at #4 a jeer, ?or TT mux pec Booth. To mail sabeeribera the aa0 *onation prioe la 93.50 a rear, ?? adveaea; ft for an montha; fl for three m oath a; and for Maa thai care* montiia at the rate of 13 oeote a week. Single oopiee, one oent; in wrapper*, two oenU. AsTHTiaKMVTra >of eicht lines to the aeerted three timee for fl; everj other day or eemi weekly. & per oent. adranoe; onoe a week. 90 par oent. adranoe. VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1858. NO. 1,589. THE ENGLISH NATIONAL SOK?. Mr Tmnvton. the KaillifaDoH-lMrratp, wrote the following stanza* to be added to the national ?ong when ?un^ and performed at the wedding of the Princeas Royal tiod bleu our Prinoe and Mride ! (i>nl keep their land# allied. tfou *ave the Queen ! CioUe rnein with ru "teousnest. Crown '.hen with happineaa. Tfeem with all bleaainga t>;e>?. God wve the Queen ! Fa?r f*U tbia hailow'd h' ur. Farewell, uur Kagland'a tluwer, God save the Queen ! Farewell, lair roeeof May, Let all the people eay God Mesa th> intrr.aza day, God r>.eaa the Qaeei. ' VERY DITCH. '?Weeg*t?s. Mr i'hon how you does Ji* morning - Putty better how are you yourself" "Goot Vot ist de new?. 'Oh, nothing; I don t bear de newz now." "Vy s daus "Veil, I don't run mit de vire uiachecne no m?>re," Mein hiLuniel ' Vy for you give up7" "I'dells you Vou know .Shake Skiffers uu \ illy Rennet an Pully Hickeus. un all de vire boys used to Come down in uiy saloon alter de vires un drink segars un lager, un play tominoe* '' ?'Yaw '* '?Veil, von day Shake speaked to me, 'Sbon, vy don't you belong mit de tires ?' 'Vy for r 1 asked h'lui 'It maks }uu So better pizness.' he aav." 'So it .lood." '?Nein, nein, I be darn vot it dood '?How V "Veil. I goed von efenin mit Shake down to de macheengine house, un after dere vas a ineeding. pmpozled ine as to be a member. Shake be uells dem dat I vas a good veller, un I keeps so better lager, un I gifs druat. Un dev dakcs a fote. Shake be fay dem all you do be iu raver of my gompany vu to day -yes.' un all dat don't been m vavor of mine gompany and vauts deir head;* poked to say 'Nc.' "Daus is right." "Veil, nobody don't say no; so Shake he dell* me 1 vas lected ; den I ax him vot 1 shall d<> mit mioeself. on he say, 'l>reat de gompany.' bo I dreat* de gompany. uu den I get* de slate uu a marks down mit dc a next tra trick to dem all, un two to Shake. Veil after ve drink s^niedime day goes home, and 1 vas a viremau." ??Dat night I g*?ed to bed. nn I dreams all night J*>ut bouses on fire, un I dought I vas breaking the viudows. un suiashin de ting* un safin eferybody> un in de morning veu 1 get up I vines mineself lyin on da vloor, vere 1 rails off a ladder iu mine shleep. Da next day ven Shake comes into my saloon, he dells me I vas vined vifty cents. f?r I don't been out of mine house. So after a leedlc he splain to me vot it vas, dat I must pay vifty cents, so I pays it, un I make up mino mind dat I don't miss de vires no more." "Daus vas pesscr." "Veil, de night before last dere vas a rire in de Bowery, un I goed up mit de maeheen gine. un ve gets to vork. un de maeheengine plays on de rire. so den de foreman of de gom pany he Comes to me un he aay. -Shon, dere'a a vouian in de upper story, you go up de ladder un hand her out.' So of g-ws as I gets in de rindow. bat dere vas no rotnan dare ; I looks all arount, un 1 calls for de voman, but she don't come, ao I dinks I better go out so soon a* I can I goee to de Tiniow un?mein Gott in Himmel, de ladder vas gone. I puts out mine head to call somebody to bring him ba<"k, but shust den a stream of vater from de hose gine corned right iu mine race un drowd mc right on mine pick " ? Dander un blitzen'.*" '?Da vater keeped com in un de shmoke was putty mrb drowned me too. I couldn't speak, for ren [opened mine moot the vater rilled it up. Virst I ras mad, den I sheveared, un den I getted skeert. an I prayed, un at last I feel* putty bad mit mineself, un T dinks I vas dead Shust den somebody shutnt ed rite in dc middle of the vloor. un it vas Shako ; be duked me up to ax me vat I vas doing dere. so I feels shamed., un I dells him I vas lookin rount to save somebody, an he say, -Vou tam fool game aiocg un save yourself ' So I vollered him out, un dere vas de ladder , he putted his legs arount it un fhlided down; den I dried to ao de same, but ven I comes down half de way. mine legs cotched one in de oder, un down I damble, rite pon top de heads of pout a dozen rire rellers. I prokes mine pack up so far as mine boots I vas all over so pluck un blue as blood color efer since, un I don't run no more with the macheegine." PKiruEsyr? and Pobtic Cannibals?How mtfY Eat thbir Esukiks.?Tho nineteenth century has been carried to the Islands of the Pacific by the Missionaries. and one of the best of our '-Western exchanges is the Honolulu Advertiser Its principal contents are whaling reports and advertisements of a commercial and marine ehara<-ter. but wc find tbe follow ing iu a late number. Thin* of sending a rc K?rter to a cannibal battle and feast! Its very eraldisb: llauaveve Valley, which lies opposite tbe Bay, does not resem'ule our Hawaiau valliee. It is not a gentle slope between two hills, but a ravine with steep sides, apparently split out from tbe mouutaiua. It is, however, oue of tb * largest, mo-t beautiful and productive of the mauy g'.ens of Fatubiva Tbe valley has re cently been tbe wane of a protracted war be tween the neighboring tribes One of these ewoteats la?t?*d nine days, at the cl jse of whieb tbe bodies of tbe captured dead were eaten. This cannibal custom prevails throughout the group 1 hey <lo not have a great least over these human bodies. u? is generally supposed to be the case, but the body is cut to pieces on the battle field, and earh warrior takes his piee*? an arm a joint, a rib, according to bis merit? r*i*es it on his gun over his shoulder, aad marches home, There he calls his relations together, and they devour tbe flesh?some cook ing it iu slices like pork, but most eat it rav Tbe motive which induces them to eat the bodie4 of their enemies is revenge; tbey feel that their revenge is not satisfied until they have tasted of tneir blood and flesh. When their hatred, anger, and revenge are at the highest point and their anemy lies dead before t'aern, then it c.iluminates in the fiendish act of eating human desb. and we may easily imagine tbe quivering heart that cringcs and grates be tween their bloody teeth, is tne sweetest morsel thata heathen warriorean Utste. Thiscannibal i?m is confined mostly to the older natives. The younger people agpear to be ashamed of tbe practice, and it is probable that before many years it will be extinct amotig the Maranes w This famoa? battle of Hanavere. Keketa tolls u*, lasted nine days. It consisted rather of skirmishes, though shots enough were fired to have killed a regiment. It is <jaite likely tbat these simple warriors dU their flriu' with eyes shut, as during the entirecontest. but one Of two persons were killed The heathen party <n this terrible scare entered into a compact wiib their dou^uerers, in which bostagea were riabarred, but tboee of the vannuisned ran ^?a/, \fr-m fear of being devoured, perhaps.) and returned to thelt tribe, wbo immediately, ta the m<^t secret m .nner, took "bag and bag gage" fr?ui tbe soil of their eneectors, aud made a b&st^ retreat to the Island of Tahuaka The victor* having gained more than they an ticipated. but just what tbey desired, took poe aession and divided tbe spoil. ThU contest was ao ancient lead. There were but two points of approach to the valley, one by the moautaiu paaa and oue by tbe sea. Never'be fore had the enemy been able to force this nar row paaa age?a fasinoa* of nature. They had been farced to staal through aa aperture worn by the wave* through the northern point ol the island from wheuee they discharged their flre-arm? upon their enemies and retreated. Il is bow said that the exile* are home-riak, thai they desire to return! and tbat thara are thoei afjhe conqueror* who would welcome them THE B ASCII K?SH ALL IT GO Oil OF fashion? The dressmakers say that the basque is pass ?g out of date that it is not *> much KHi ?ardid nTh l-\Dd th*t U wiI1 *>on be dis mn? g r C,re,e9 We ,h? first moment to enter our protest against this movement. W e gave our heart to the basque >ears ago We made the surrender publicly in these columns We recognised the eternal fitness of things in which the idea of the basque finds its basis. The trunk and chest of a woman have a distinct honor, and perform a peculiar office, in the economy of her existence They contain her heart, her breath, her life and the fountains of other life It is fit there fore. that this portion of the frame be dressed by itself, as it were?that it be honored as the se?t and centre of life. The skirt is another thing entirely. The limbs are used only for the purpose of locomotion, and they are simply to be ignored by graceful falls of material from the waist. Now we protest against this rubbing out of all. distinctions. There is just as much pro priety in attaching the hat to the neck of the dress as there is in fastening the skirt to the waist; and the whole idea of the old-fashioned gown can only be carried out by making the bonnet and shoes a part of it. If we are to lose the basque, let us go the whole figure fas ten everything together, jump into the re!iult and see how pretty we shall look. Let the gentlemen imitate the ladies, and revive the earlier patterns of breeching which filled all the offices of clothing between the neck and heels But such an operation as this would be impossible The c.*at is a sacred vestment. It is to man what the ba>>que should be to woman. I erhaps we shall be accused of meddling with that which does not particularly concern us. I?on t we have to pay for the dresses' Don t we have to sit with them evenings' Doe? not every caress of wife, or sister, or cousin, or sweetheart embrace this great ques tion of ba?ques or no basques ? Docs not the abandonment of the basque involve the aban donment of all those pleasant varieties of dress pr<?curahle by the simple change of skirts ' Is it none of our business,? For whom are these dresses made we should like to know ? \\ hose admiration aro they intended to excite ' What do ladies wear hand some dresses lor except for the purposo of pleasing " the brethren ?" We, therefore, take this early occasion to declare that we shall hold ouriNelve? bound to admire no woman who dis cards the basque, and adopts the idea of the incal bag. \\ e will not place our arm aroum the waist of any woman who may happen to be in danger of falling unless she wear a basque. W e are determined to frown down this threat ened change with all the power of a severely corrugated countenance. So, dressmakers be ware !?Spriujiel<l Republican. Plajis or Exrrpstonists.?Preparations cf sorts are making in many quarters for *11 sorts of sport next summer. First, there is a party which proposes to start in April to hunt lions, tigers, and other wild animals in Africa. It is to be composed of gentlemen of means and leisure in fcurope and America, who delight in Vie sports of the tented hunting ground. They go out fully equipped wiih tents, dogs, horses, and attendants. Their landing place and head quarters will be Algiers. Of this proposal we eannot speak very ap provingly; for if any one desires to hunt Hons and tigers, they can do it to much bettor ad vantage in India, tskere just now there is, be side. much other entertainment. A trip to Cal cutta, or better still, perhaps, Bombay, is just now one of the most interesting excursions imaginable and the most desirable to those who have time and means to make it comfortably. The second project is an excursion to the Mediterranean in the steamer Kricsson. leav 'D? New \ ork about the 1st May, and arriving about the 1st of August. According to the pro gramme. she will touch at Gibraltar, Malta. Alexandria. Jaffa (for Jerusalem.) Constanti nople. Athens and Naples, remaining at each place a sufficient time to enable the passengers to see the sights. The number of passengers is limited to ISO. and the fare of each, if adults, will be $75u. Other expenses of the voyage it is calculated, will raise the whole cost to about f900 This will do pretty well, but any one who has the time and ?900, one would think, could tra\el more to their taste by ordinary convey ances. But a still more attractive excursion isofferod to Americans, across the plains with the army to be sent to I'tah. * "Besides the journey in pleasant company at a delightful season of the year, they may witness the military operations of which Salt Lake is likely to be the theatre during the current year, and which may be memorable. Thearmy wiil begin to move about the ls'| >f May, and det tchuients will keep leer ing until late in June ?.V. Pott. The America* Horse-Tamer?The Ameri can horse-tamer has been busy during the week at the Royal Mews, and on Tuesday he com pletely mastered a wicked little mare of Lord Derby's, to the great delight of her nobleowner, who had hardly a quarter of an hour to wait before she was brought yut by the magician, as docile as a lumb no is an active looking man, of somewhat about 11 stone, and seems to ride and turn his pupils rather by an indication with bis hand than by touching the rein. It remains to be seen whether the secret can be applied impromptu in the hunting-field to in corrigible " pullers'" and ''rushers.'' Mr. Karey has determined to open a subscription list at ten guineas each for persons desirous if learning the now method, and when the sub wribersi amount to 500. classes will be iortned to receive the necessary instruction, (under certain conditions to be agreed to at the time of subscribing.) nt the riding-school of the Duke of Wellington, who has kindly placed the building at the disposal of Mr. Karey We have ourselves seen sufficient to be convinced of the humanity and efficaciousness of this mode of subjugating one of our most useful animals, and believe that very soon the plague ot a restive and unable horse will be unknown. IliuttraltJ l.u)uluu AViw. Thk IUrk Adriatic Auain K -capkd?A Paris eorresporwtent of the I.ondoti Globe, writing ou the 31st of January, nays: Von have already bea-d how that maritime Ja. k Sl.eppa'd. Capt. Durham, of the Adriatic flipper, ha* broken loose again, and in once more over the waters of the dark sea CountCavoor telej/rap bed to the authority* at Mamellle* and Toulon his arrival in the Gulf of Hpezzia, where the Krench war steamer dragged him to Genoa. tb?- weather being too stormy to proceed farther It would appear that they relied on the Genoese captain of the pott for hi* safe custody, nnd the port *-an'a in on the Freneh; but b??ween tUem. 1 amid tLe squall* and dvkness, the rlipper crept out at night, and dashed off in a smart and clever *fyle Lever tell* of a Tlpperary peasant, when asked to pay for prayer* for hi* son. who had come to grief, saving, " My boy, when alive, b'olceoutof ?rery jail in Minister, and he won't ?tay long lu purgatory." Russian M ovkmixts is PaLbstixe.?A letter from Jerusalem say*: Numerous caravans of Russian, U ?rk and Armenian pilgrims have arrived here from d.f fcrent pirts of Russia and Turkey The Ureek Patriarch is at the present time making e*ten*ive purcbw* of bourn and land, both inside and ou'suie ct the city Russia is also making coa-M siderable purchases for the purpose of construct ing religious establishment* of different kleds r?r some time past, the Greeks have Wen mak !?* use of all means to become sc-le or part pro prietor* of the ruins of the old habitation of tfce Knights of St. John of JeriiAalrvo, gt a short di* tance from the Chnrch of the Holy Sepulchre " 1ET In the second day's trial of the great Du mas lawsuit abont the pert Maraud claim* in the fabrication of eighteen romances bearing Al exander'* titular authority, If turns out thaT the elaimast lev iHerary distinction and ?UMMt 1s .the son of an lrisbwM Of " JfoQuayor Mackay Special Voticei. Dysfemia aitt> Ftra.-Dr. Tracy Delorme, great our*r < nmoinptMni wae for tevtrel years so badly afflicted by dyepej*ia that for a fart of the time he waa oouLned to his bed. lie wan eventually cured by a presorption furnished him by a young 0hUijV01[a!'t *'r1, *,h'* ?,r*8*nPtion. fiven by a mere child while in a state of tranoe, has oured everybody who has taken it, never having felled once. It is equally as sore in oases of fits as of dy spepsfh. The imredipntj may be fonnd in any Jruit store. I will send f his valuable prescription to any person on the receipt ol one postage stamp te pay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Delormk, New York Pott Omoe' jua-tm* 1a* in rosssssioN of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of Us efficacy is relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. TheSyrup is pleasant and sale.and line..mposed of roota and herbs procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no oommon article. They are nioely enveloped in my circulars, where my place of residence is seen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Omtmeat for the PiUs. can, with the Syrup, I* found at Mr C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other places on ennsy 1\ama avenue, as well as Georgetown, si Mr. Newman'* on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter'a; In Baltimore, at Hauce'a, l.? Balti more street. dl-tf SrwtAL Norte*.?Por Perfumed Breath. White leeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of l.Ono Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Wnod land Cream," a new pomade ; it causes gee tlemen's hair to eurl beautifully. Prioe SO cents ?a?&? W. P. Fktkidok & Co., Proprietors. New \ ork. Wholesale and Ratail Agents for Washington. Tatlos k. Maury, Booksellers, between 3th and l?th St.. Pa avenue. n 17 Dancing. J^ASHIONABLE DANCING. ti/hWrT ^DER respectfully announces to his friends and the puMie generally, that ML his last quarter will commence on Tuesday 5m afternoon, t eb 2d. 18.58. All those who desire/? to tie prepared for the exhibition are earnestly taiMA K(l IdltfUl #1? liiin u a arwwi ?- - .Ui a ?_ _ _ mint f f' join,?- ,0<10 ?>,,-8,ble ? the ar'^TT ment ul Fai-cy Danoes will take plaoe immediately. I he programme for this season will be entirely new, and far exoel any ever oti'ered to the public. Parents wliodesire to sae their children easy an.l fraceful in their o.trnage, should not fail to enter them very soon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual,from 7>; uniil 9>? o'clock. _jan :?o-dtf |) A N C 1 N G A C A IKE M Y ~ Mr.T F.GASZYNSKTaud DAUGHTER hare the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen- ?a tlensen of Washington and Georgetown that tf# ??? re open his Classes for Dancing in/7m Washington on Friday, the 9th of October. atuJR Temperance Hall, K street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o clock p. in.; for Ladies and (ientiemeri, IC&L" ?^C.k ,p" Georgetown?ou Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'cJoek p. rn. ?*?Vr 'S?1" aud particulars application can be made J. G\" rM'J?noe, vn ? street, between 9th aad lath streets. ? 12^m Dentistry, Ac. D }R. K. FIN LEY HUNT, ai qif, d , DBHTIST, ,1T11 p*o. 310 Pennsylvania avenue. ** *'? perfo m all operations belonging to his ?w profession at his old established office, as above. a 19-tf 'JIHE IMPROVED BETS OF TEETH, ? M* the inventor and patentee o! Loomi* Mineral Piatt Ttttk," having/wp^^ ? ucoe8sfuoy introduced his improvement h,)U&m various cities, has now permanently ostab ^CuuCD liahod himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsistaohief iy in making a set of but one pieoe of material, and that indesUuotiole mineral. No metal ta used in their construction, and thej are therefore free from falvTtnio action and nietalic taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of rood, henoe they are pure and titan. They are lighter, stronger, less oiumsy, lar more durable, and ?^u.r?iln they appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars tosnyone who will produces simitar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistio exoeflenceor any other requiaite I u&i 1 ty ? All work responsibly warranted. 376 Penna. avenue, between 11th aad 13th street*. M 13-U P'A^V ER\ CH t A P.?I have now in store the following er a' barga ns: A very superior Piano of Hallet. DavisA- ? !i0/^ ??of*T??- fin* rosewood;original prirrfc^PH ? ?'*>. it has be^n ronttHl our in a oureful'l I \ " family,Hnd will be sold tor Also abimilar Piano, sama makers, G*. octaves ori^oia' price ^3(10; wil! he ?old for S.-25. These Pianos a e reilly bargains; we warrant and guarantee them as willingly as we do our ik?w ones. A I! persons in want of a good rotable y-iano are so licited to cm 11 and see these inst'uiii-nts, A>?o, a Second-band Piano, which we have ac oepted 111 pari p. sment for a new cue, for $ L.V; one for f 40; one for !* 15; and o. e for S!i>. Ours is always the largest stoclc of Pianos in tins oityj; therefore call at No. M Pa. av., between ?th and Idtn strortts. J**' JOHN F. ELLIS. Dentistry . DR. STEPHEN BAILY, ""''ii1*0, i98 "KMatLVAfllA Avsltll, Tkr?4 Joort from 1 ilk Strut. D*. BAILYbega leava to iuformthepubliothatha can be seen at all hi>urs,alhisoiLud,lo>tateJasa(>ove. Ho ree.s assured that an experience or fifteen years' praoiice. With tho large number of patieuts.and grent variety of difficult oases that he has treated success iu'ly, will einutle hun to surmount any uiiliou ty. aoioiitihc or otherwise, relating to tne Teeth. His own experienoe oonhrmmg the opinion of many met eminent in theprofession, and especially Urs. Harria 1 if Pkrnily, has led hiin, long sujoe, todM oard ?all mercurial preparations for ffltiAjr Teelh.also all Knamala, Gutta Percha, fndia Rubber, and Ce fo'L.t1l??. oonstructiou of Continuous Gum Teetn.and that Poroehan, mounted ou <iold Plate ta the only relutbie aubatanoe that can l>e worn in the mouth, a* was most conclusively shown by the laai Aunenoan Dental Convention. Although he flattfra iimself from hia long reai deuoe and praetioe in Washington, he is favoraUi known to his numerous frmndh an<l patrons, he bees leave to refer them to the following . TESTIMONIALS: Prom the late Rector of the Church of EalahaBv ot ? thia oity. Dr. Stkphkn Bailt: Dear Sir-! d^airetoexpreai my eateem for you peraonally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations esocuted for me have been highly aatisfictory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from my frieuds and tha publio that your skill so wall deservea. nr l. * . ?. . Y""1* ??rt Washington, Ang. SC, I3M. J.W.FRENCaU From one of theoldeat firms in Baltimore, Meaan, Cotnuin 4, Co. #i3VJ1&enVplo,.da^I^. Stephen Baily, 8urteon Den tist. of W ashing ton city, to exeoute for me an im portant aad difficult p.eoo of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in viow of the foot thai one of the moat distinxuiahed members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform tne same work satisfactorily, it gives tit great ple&aure to expreae my entire ooufidenoe and nigh estimation ol lus professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12, 1857. HARMANN BO668. Extract from a note rooMved from the late Hoa, J oh> M. Clayton. U. S. Skhatb, Aug. It. UMk The teeth job made lor me work admirably; noth ing could be better. Very cratefullj, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To thoae that aeek relief from the maladiea of ttia teeth, I can cheerfully reoommeud Dr. S. Daily aa a auperior Dentist; ke made a set of poroelian teeth for one of mr famil?.and plugcod aeverai teeth tor Caelf, and the work has all stood well for more than y?V.v ? ? # JaOBERTT. NIXON, . , ^eVa, Coat of the M. E. Churoh South, Atnl 19.1864. We, the oiideraigaed. having had oeoaeion to avail farselves of the professionai akili of Dr. S. Daily, ujgeon i)OQU?t of tuui oktj9ot havmi been oogniB ant of his oparatious on our faaulias or fridiids, take pisasure la expressing our admiration or hia artistic ?kill, as well aa of the uniformly satisfactory manner in whioh he perforins the most delicate aad difficalt operations in Dental Sursery,and we reapeotfull* m oommend him to the confidence and patronage of the public, of which we oonaider him eminently worthy. Thomas U. Waits*. Architoct U. 8. Cepifcoi, T?oma.s Millkk, m71).. of Waaiiingtun, D. C, B. 8. Bouaaa, 1UL D. of Georgetown, D. C, N. 8. Lincoln, M.D.,of Washington, 6. C, Joe. H. BaaDLKT, of Washington, D.fc. Oaoaes Walton, Kx-Governor of Florida* JWAira* Lbnox, K1-Mayor of MTaahlagtoa,* iNaj BiLuwin, y. S. Patent Ofliee, . C.W leHT, PrinoipaJ Ritteahouae Aaademy, QWDER9 FOR ErROPK OI^ATCHED BY TAVLOR A M M'Rt; H/ioWIer* and Sfati era, Pa. avenue, near 9th street, offer to the publio great facilities in the importation of foreign Books, lfiy?tha?r arrangements With European lyases they are enabled to exaeute all orders oominitted to their charge, aad at a low rate of letporuUion pcioes. Te iw . ^ FAfiHIONABt.E tIMTINO CARDS, AND Plates Encravad in all Styles, and oarda printed "* f" ^VCSS'fsAusr^ s?^ . fit aear 9tl. street. PiaaoMfcc. Qold medal premium ? PIANO FOHTMS. ,-WlLLlAM KNAHF, "> the late farm of ctnnt..,. . . ***?*. Gaxhlx 4; Co., *S???ANO FOIt rKs"^*1 2?1* of ?rMd **4 KJs'iethfl K^f?wT^?rU ^ufaw str** ^rh ? k- hut^w Hou?o, Baltimore. ^oanR.u?? jls*t <>l>?ned anew Sale* Room at ^srtfiky uw. 2^ ^.v.%rr. K'jjsraissi:^- "??"? ??<?? PnuS^wJ^TZSiV^W m '*?? nianufaoturecf ZSwl teTmfc wholesaleand retail, cn tli* inoat r^rtr^te?!.T^rVaward? highest prennun. wi.?i!la!)at of the Maryland Institute ?wo successive years?October, 1866, awl i8o6?tn od

!??h kL ?' ^0"rle?n am' eighteen pianos from Borne ..n,b" bfe4vt-',lHker8 N>w VorkTBoston and Bai :b? in/?n J 8 Fgr^'M'o.awarded the lirst premium at tin? 1846 ^Sd TkS h?fW ,n,R'Osmond, Vir ?hj h,.h7., ? Ihe' h*ve Rlti0 f*?n awarded 1' " "" ?nT."Cf 'It *"S ^ 1'^'''' 1 ?^L inutdnri in the country, which oan M iaaii rt on, "h^hi^h'n*' ,pt,4'fln* f?r theinaelvea arid otheraol ivenr where "held.'?n Wh,oh m.trumen^e i *Ja ran teed for five years. ^ ??n?h: '? Krai.ted within the first <u **r ?'?viaiauiiun. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advant*** I? give u? a oali before purchasing. ??MEg hired, ard tuned. mwtg-ly , WM.jtNAHK * CO. FIupwISmm A Nnq " A) ES' ?C"N *? CO/S Ware rooms of N?9,JU8t Mnved at a, . . W. G. METZEROTT. Seoond hand Pianos for saie cheap. jyUNNS A CLARKE'S rrrrr n3n-tf _ HAL LETT, DAV'Ts1 a CO.'gJTTI CELEBRATED PIANO fOKTES Constantly reoeiving and for sale ouiy by * p. . ^.JOHN P- ELLIS, . **,??? ^v-? between luh and 1*th stu. Tof ?irB wi J 11 trt their interest to examine Puuws? superior qualities of the above hand!''1"' Cover*? Melodeons, Ac., Ac., also on ThottU]?,c of w; g. wktze Pfrm Vlv 'er Lleveuth strnel O..H ?? ? ?? rcnn?y I vania avenue. i* the larzest anilK^ESSS? '"^r? ?iv'i#!. r,,,cf ? superior MKLODMO^S. ?truine!ar?^i ii."" '"??????"*** "T Musical In . fleet Music of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by M>. Rebine. 514 8E VENTH STREET r I A n tobTas. 01* 0 P T I C I A N t Off oe Seoond Story, three door* from _ Ouc FKLLOWfl' UaLI.. Speotaeles and Glasses suited to every sieht fit ' R?sdinlt. and W atchmaker'a *?*? Ulasses; I elenoopes, Miomsotpes JAr"tT; 9??moraniil! Stereoscopes with views M superior aod choice pictureson band. Se? adver tisement in National Intelligencer. Testimonials. m.. ki ? ^ Noxron, September 7,1S54. ve?, y?iu ,rMlde for n,e "?? mc i~ ' tlid "eero to have improved my aixht more than any other I have latei* tried. L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of SpytaWea obtained from Mr. Tobias, and hnd them of creat assistance to m? ?Utit.and oorrespondinr with h-a desenpt.onof their locus. 1 reoouimend him ac b tliillfui opt:oian HENRY A. WISE. ..... P*T**??0*?. Ootober21,1854. 1A^"tk fivf y?ar8 Mo. I obtained from Air. toUu. \a Washington, a pair of Glares for the spectao.'ea nioh X used. an?i found them of great igsiat&net to rn. deoay i:ik vision ; and iny opinion of him is. that .! ?k'",ul "'the preparation of Glasses for e?e? not too lar gone to be benefitted by such aid J. F. MAY. Lvm-hbcrg,November 7,1854. r rom an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses,and trom hia observations and rem&ika, am convinced that he .a a skulfui optician. . J. J. BLACKFORD. M.D. u w U Ltnchbcro, November 10. 1854. Mr. John Tobwa, having furnished ine with Glaa ies, by which 11 have been greatly aided,(my vieiot fiaviRg autlcred greatly from reading at night in my earirer life. J it anorda m# the higheat pleasure tc ?&y that I conside.r him a skillful practical optician, ind well prepared to aid those who mar nerd hia professional services. WM. B. Rut'ZlE, Kldor ol the Methodist Conference. .t? . WiLKiNoToN, N. O., June27,1854. Mr. J.Tobias?Jj ear St r : I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last w?ek ire entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in ttie visual ranf e oi my eyes, 1 have heretofore J6undgr?at Jiiliculty in getting g!.ass?s of the proper focal ilia tancos. It aHords me pleasure to atate, that by the kid of your optometer this difficulty has been happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the beat adapted to my ey eaof any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfull? yoora, R: B. DRANK. Rector of St. Jamea' Pariah. Having been induced by a friend to viait theestab liBhm^nt of Mr. 1 ohi&s lor thf? porpus^ of trying hit glaasea l was furnished with a pair aliKhtly oofored blue,.whice have aflorded rne in<ir? relief and gratifi cation than any I have aver tried. My sight,orisix all* very good, wms injured bj writiug aud re&diue at nijjht, frequently to a vary late hour: but with the aid of these gla?a?6 1 can study ahnoatas late a? aver,and that too toithoul tht* patn I have prevuiui iyaufleftd. JOHNWILHON; IjRte Comnufidioneer iien'l Laud OtLue. Deo. 11,1855. I have uacd Mr. Tobiaw's Spectacles for three or four mouths,and take great pleas'ure in saying that I arn much pleased aiththem. I have !>een mueh benefited bf theru. UEO. P. SCAR BURGH. May 5th, 1866. I was reoommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilftil optician; and as I have e*ea of remark.Hble peeulian ty ? 1 was gijitified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and some alight measurement, and he has made me apair of Specta cles that auita me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. J u.y 11, Ioou. U . ? Wasuinoton, Aug.8,18i'. Having been for years under the necessity oT hav two sets of rlasso*? or.efor use in day lieht, and one lor lamp light?1 ixooured oue cet from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. I have used hia for aevdral montiis, and hud theiu exoelient. F.DWA K U STI RBS, Ol Department of State. Mr. J. I'oBiAg. Sir: The pair ol Spectacles yon furnished me yebterda) are particularly eatistictory to .ae. 'I hey are very decidedly the beat 1 possess, and 1 arn the owner or eight or nine paira, oaieiully aelaoted indifferent places and'trom opticiar.a rec oiaineiKied to me on account of their professiorial standing in France, England, and the United States 1 have been alao pleaaed with your remarks and 4i reetioua on the treatmout of the eyes, for the par pose of preserving and improving the sicht Respectfully roura, CHS. CALDWELL, Proieaaor of M. C- Louisville, Ky. Brooxltn Ortiiopasltc Institution, . ? . , , Aeril, 1864. Alter moat careful examination of Mr. J. Tobiaa'a Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, cl?arno4?, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoommeudable to thoae whose merely optieal impairment of the eyea are in want ol such auxiliaries. 1 oonsi Jer. moreover, Mr. To?>?a full* qualified tr> determine the foous of the eye.L^th by his optical knowledge and experience, and by meana of hia optometer. In addition, I oan further atate that Mr. Tornas has supplied some or my pa tienta with Ulaasee, to their and my satisfaction _ LEWIS BAUER. M. p.. Phyaioisaand Sarreon, Berlin: Member of the Koy?l CollegeofSurgeona, Enaland; Member of the Medical Society of London, and of the Patholozioal Sooietv of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Naaefaeeter, England, and Surgeoaof the B. O. inatitjU&a. , .. No*?oli, Va., Jnly T7.1354. in the experience of even two yeara, I have found great difficulty m obtaining Speotacle* that were ex aotiy adapted to the weakness ol my sight. This m oonvenienoe Mr. Tobias aeems to have removed for the proseat hy the aubetitaUon for me of better aed more auitfctMe Gleases. They are elear, ehryatal-like ami oomfortable to my eyea. 1 would eommecd hun akaasimawr ?r ? WiLHiaaTow. N. C., June 16. 1854. To penona who h&ve had the lirht oTtheir atm to impaired ax to reqnire the uae ci Glasses, I would reoommend Mr.aJohn Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain suoh Glasses as they msy re J"lrV** ^ suited me wiOi a pair of Speetaeles forahraad oearatght. My sight hasiMea tmpairrd very rauah by a aervioe of years inthePoet Office Department, whieh oerth required me to be on duty from 11 o ciook at night till after day, during which time 1 used but one light. W.A.WALKER. DxPARTMf !fT ft* l!TTXR'ox, May 8, lfiM. rroanitnnl defects and the unequal rang* or nsy ey ea, I have been compel'ed to uee tlasaes for seve ral years. 1 L months Y wiujfoiicu IU uac f, Ia?aca iui mxswwr I hav? triM. different optician* wittioyt ? ^laaeee perfeetiy fitted to nsy eye*. ? Fout .*einoe Mr. Te*ty Mde two paira eapeoially ror me, which I hare nulnd to serve me perfeotly. By the aae or his optometer he m enaliled to adaat rlaeees moat minutely to the eve.31 most cheerful ly teooamend Mr. Tooiaa to all feavioc eoeasion to Asq't ftee'y tosiyn Laad WarraiUa. WpMI " IUMW TrtTtltrt* Dilatory. ALEXANDRIA The lte?n?i G?orge I've towi hNi ****? <ltf he route for repairs, flie COL l.\ t.R rill, until further notifte. ?aae her. tiaoe. running at the hoar* mentioned4 >elow, from tne f?*ot of 7th street, Washington, and lanney's Wharf, f? A of Kin* street, Alexandria. Leave Alexandria at 5 7k,9. lf>H, li\.?. Leave Wash in* ton at 6.8V 9?a. 11\. Jf, 4, 5\. The Mouut Vernon trips will f?e discontinued an il further uotiee. , . < . fe 3 W ASH1NGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains run as follow*: Leave Washington at t a. m. Do. do. at 8 a. m. Do. * do. * at s p m. .Do. do. at 4.2n p m. Do. do. at 5.15 p. m. The Trams at 6 and 8 a. in and 4.2<? p. m. oonnect iirectly at Baltimore for the East ana at Relay lot the W est. Those at 8 a. m. a> d 5 is p. m for Aoap ?lis. and at S p m. for Frederick and Norfolk. Tne > a. m. and 4.A> p. m. train* are Express, and stop ?niy at Annapo isand W ashington junctions. The Eastern traiu of Saturday at 4 30 p. ni. goes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only one train?at 4.<a> p. rn. lan 20 d TH. H. PARSONS. Agent. >' AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOK ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. 9 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extension and improvement of its i?ad ing oonneoimg lines at the West has repaired an ea tire revision of the runninc arrangements of this road t>y which highly important advantages to the trav ? er are secured. Ou and after MONDAV, June 15. 1857, THREE DAILY TRAINS will be rat in both directnms for through passengers. First-The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts from Camden Station, Baltimore.at7 A.M..(except Sunday j stops at way stations and arrives at Cam t>erlana at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex oepted) at 8 9> A. \L, and arrives at Wheeling at 4 3 A. M., oouneotinr at Benwood with Central Ohi trains for Coiumhur. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Los isviHe, Chicago, St. Louis, Ac., and at same p'ac* with trains for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, k.c.. by Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersburg with Ma rietta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5J06 P. M.,ooa neotinc at Benwood st 9 A. M.with express trains from Bellaire to Cincinnati, ivitktut chaure */ Cats at Columbus,) end reaching there in but 2f| hours from Baltimore and % hours from Washing tou. It ai\o connects directly, in both directions. *t Grafton w!?h cars I>t Parkersburg and Msnette roads lor CbiMic*>lhe. Cincinnati, etc. These tramr OiM.ect at Xei.ia for Indianapolis. Chiotigo aad St. Loins, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Louisville. Cairo and St Louis through to St. Louis in lens than 42 hours fron Baltimore. By litis train the ttme to all the oectra %;.d southern places in the W est is much tees, while the dtstmnre is from 4? to K*? miles shorter than by the shortest of otner routes. From the West thear oonnecSriojis are equally close and satisfactory. ar rivintat Baltimore at 83) A. M. |[7" Baggage cheoked through to all points. THROUGH TICKETS soi<; nt lowest rates at Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington may ti<u the entir* roal hy daylirht, >>y tafri;.? morn ing trains, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ac commodatiori train, leaving Cumberland at I and Oakland at lo jo. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M.. will stop at all Stations east of Cuml>erland. and the Wheeling Acoommodatiou at all Stations beyond nnint-erland going West. Kastwarily, the Mai Train leaves Wheeling at S3'A. M.and Aocommo laticc 'naves Cumberland at 3. reaching Ba.timort st 6an P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH. bt-<ween Grafton and Parkersburg, way Kssengers will take the Express westwardly and e Mail eantwardij. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M , ?topping at way stations. Leaves Frederick at9.1* A. \l.. arrivine at Baltimore lJaoon. The ELLICOTT'S M1LLTRA1N leaves at 5? A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leave* Ellioott'a Mills at7 A. M. and 7 P. M.< except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND TH F SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15 and 9.14 A. M.. 1 aii*i6.lS P. M. On Sundays at 4.16 A. M.. ind 5.15 P. M.only. Leave W asbmgton for Baltimore at 6 and 8 A M.aud Sand 4^> P. M. On Sundays at 7 A. M., and 13" P. M. only, The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and tht ie*ond and lourth trams trom Washing:''U, w?il be sxpress mail trains, shopping only at \Vash:ngtoc Junction and Annapolis Junction. The 9 15 Hnd 5.15 trains from Baltimore and the 8.91 ind 4 2"? wanis ftom W ashingt ?r. e??nnect with the trains from Annapolis. For tickets, iuform4t:on. fare. ft.o., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent,at the Ticket office. Camder Station W M. 8. WOODS!DE, jf IS tf Master of TKinsB-Jttfu.on. BaUanore. RANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD 0 tf R E AT SOUTHERN "1 AIL LINE Twice Daily, (Snnday excepted.* betutss WASHINGTON CITY and the SOUTH, vu ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE sNu RICH Bond. Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. " Waahinfctou at 7 o'clock p in. For LYNCH KURG and the SOUTHWEST. Leave Wa?hln*tun at 6 o'olock a. *m.. arrive u L\ NCHUtKu next uionuiif at 4 a in.,oonrn-otiDi with the trains on the Virg.n.a and Teiuiesseu Ri< K<>aid for MEMPHIS. Mail Sta?e? from Char ottesviile to Ljno^burg a distanoe of tin miles. Faie froiu W asn.nstoii lo Lynuni urg. #7.75. The steamer GFORGE PAGF^, foot ofSeventl st-eet, being owne<t t>y the Railroad Companj, rum in connection with the trains. Tickets lor Lynchburg procured or the Boat. Omnibuses and Bargscc Wagons will beat ths Depot of tne Washington RaiLroad, to ounvey pus senders and baggaee to the Staainboat, for Alexan dria. a distance or six mdes, allowing aaiple tin* for meals. JAMES A. BVAN8. Agent. Alexandria, Jaly.lbd7. iv - tf JEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL OH i'LED STATES MAIL STB A ME*? N T*< Shirt tcmrotint Uu L i?. a r? : The ATLANTIC ?.Capt. Oliver Eldndgs The B A LTIC? ? ? Capt Josepn Comstook The ADRIATIC Capt. James Wast. These skips having beeui uilt by cont.aot expressly for Goveinireut ?ei vice, eve;y or re has been takes in tneir oocstruobaa, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and spee*4.. ana their aeoommodatint.s for pa?senger< are une*ua..ed for eieganoe and eoai furt. I The steamers of tfiis line La^e improved watei tight ooiiipartmsuU, csnd no expense has been spared to make them all as good as new, tne thorough exam inr.tion given them proves their mode ol const, no tion y etuncqualled. Prioeof p&Rsage tr?)rn New York to Liverpool, is ftrst calsn, #130; in sscond do., #75; From Liver pool t< New Vork, i' and gummas. An expeu perienced Surgeon attached to each ship. No berths aan be seourau until p?wd for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. rmOM MKW TOBK. I FROM Ll V kKPOoL. Saturday. Jan. 16 1858 Wednesday, Feb.3.. IkiB Saturday, Feb. 13 1858 Wednesday, M'ch 3 lgr4 Saturday. Maroh 13 1858 Wednesday, M 'ch 3: IH Saturday, Apr I l?i....lhMl' ? vi raiuvvunj ? s"s ???? ? -w ? Werinesdav, April 5H1 IW Wedne?dny, May 12 .185* ^aiuraay, o i W'ednes*i&) , May 2?i ItSt Saturdav, May ? ... l&VH W'ednesday. June 9 !??? Ai l _ I ?. 1 om Ik' Ai4 .i Axia m 1 as sua V.'t I M V Saturday, April 24 1858 Saturday, M*y 8 1H58 Wednesday. June *3 18-8 Wednesday, July 7.. .Iti Wednesday, Jslf tl. .1JJ Wednesday, Aug. 4. Wednesday, >"ept.L Saturday, June 5 lSju Satnrday, June 19 ...lit^i Saturday .July a 1&4 Saturday, July 17 185C Saturday. Aug.14 18S8, f? CIIIU*\IUJ | - Saturday. Aug.<8 lii^l Wednesday, Sept. Saturday, Sept. 11 .. .1856, Wednesday, Sept. 89.ia^? Saturdav, Sept. ? .. .ISWi Wednee< ay. <??t. IS 18W Saturday, Oct. 9 Jj?58, Wednesday. Oct. 21. .'?* Saturday, Oct. 53 la'?' Wednesday. .Nov. 1?> 18? Saturday, Nov. 6 1x581 Weduesdav. N?r. >4. 8J f?o.?. w?.???. A CO., L,r.rr*ol. B. G. W A^ N W RIG H i A CO., fai m. The owaers oi these slaps will not be accosaUui* for cold, silver, bu.lioa, apeeM, jewairy, precious ?tones or metals, unless Lilts of JU-.n* ar- SigneS therefor and the va.ue tueraof expressed tnetem. , d 1ft . TklflLA DELPHI A. WlrtllWTni* AND I* BALT1 VliiRE RAILROAD. PasaengFt trains 'or Philadelphia leave Prendesit street depot. Uaituno e. daily, exoeet Sumfaye. as follows, *i?: Express Train at 8.40a. m.; Wnj MaJ Tram at 1' O'clock a m ; Evetung Mall sti.~5p m Onf* da*s at 6.25 p. m. All Iraiui oonneoi With New Yo*t trams except 9 vS p. m. Satnrdsys. . FOtt HAVRE DE GRACE ONLY Leave Baltimore at 4. 4o'?lwak p. ? Prom Philadelphia a- 8 a. m.. 1 p. m.,and 11 p ??? FOHEEArORB.OtL. THE WEEKLY 8TAR. 7. late oo fooomlly unaikeit tbo (owtrr. 'bo Mlu M?u Will be allow m BOOiamiSaion of >1 M&t. TmveleTt' Directoi rauHiiip OUM f. ?p** FACiriO MAIL SjBpgg1 CALI FOKMA, Slid ORK(i()N, Mfti Panama tin.? ?&oh month. o? the arri vaiol tho LuimI M"" tt " n -nnij 'i i sra, vki.ti leave N ?* Oi.mli nndNswYork rati torly on Sth and 9th of eaah month with the aim's. mkI I ^w<4*n oonuoouag via FAN A MA &A1L TrVae steamships kava ham fa?asttid u4 p proved h* Ui? Navy i>?pai uuent, and guaraalj v??? and safttv. The Pamma Railroad <47 milee long) is now oast piett-d from ooean to ooean. and is crossed ia S or 4 noun Tbe baggage of paseengers is skewed ia New York (kronen to San Fnuioisoo. and passeagera ara errtarked at Panama by steamer at fne oompary's ixhom. The aMj*q paid (a Nov \ ork eovase au expenses of ti.e trip. _ Rncrr* steamers are kept ta port te Panama and San Franciaoo. to prerut dateatioa id oaae of aoci V"?i a IWJOI ?w. tu r' ??? -1 ?> *? ueot, to that the route it entirely bo !%;i ?re harm* occurred in eight years. Passenger* imt? Puua tba mm day Uwy ar rive at Aspinwail. Conductors go through by eaofc at earn sr. Bad lata charge of women and children without oiker protsc tors. For throBgh t.okets at the low Aft rates app<y at the agency. 177 West street, Near York,to I. w. Raymond,?or ta ARMSTRONG. HARRIS* CO.. New Orla Jytt-tf C L. BARTLETT. Boston. pOR NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTfl. V? The itnai^r LOUISIANA leaves (M^'biu Dock, fool ol Conoord street, B? u mors, every Tuesdar. Tharsdar. and ' Saturdar.a^d the ateame- NORTH* CAROLINA every Mooda?. V\ edneadap.aedi Fri day. at 5o'clock p. m. ,M. N. FALLS, fe Vtf R^ltimor# *te?mho*f Co NITED STATES MAIL. LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE ana without vailceb roa bibht tbabb. mi CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. U KagttJar Smiling Dayi.hih tV*k *f ?*k Caption.?So manr fraud* and imposi tiona of vanona kinds have been lately perpetrated on travellers bound toCA LI FOR NI A. that the aubeoriber. the only authorised Agent for pasaage br the V. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma. in the oity ol New Yark, feela it hia daty ta caution aiJ persons seeking pwiwc to California, that, to avoid mroamow. they meat he aarofol ta find the true office of the Steamships of the 17. 8, Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, aa bo other otoa ua New York ia authorised to enrage paaaage. The Companies have amy one office ib Now York* which ia at 177 Wear utreet, corner of Waijen etreet, fronting on the North River, at the head of too Com pany's Wharf. rr Oboervo icy sign over the dooj. ^ I. W. RAYMON^jk?|^ invar in ce, 4tc. Home insurance com pan V of new ^ ORK. ranh Capital f/m? . 2S",<*?' The uud?*raigned. haviuc L^eeu appaiated Agent o( thia Company, ia prepared to laaue Policies on Bui. dtfira, Mercliandiae, SteamttoBta. Ac. on aa iBvarfc !?le terma aa other respond Me oumpanies. T. M. HaNMONT Acen?. No. 512 7th St., oppo. Intel 1 igenoer ORoe. lai 23 eo^ni G EDWARD 8NOWDEN, ENERAL CLAI M AND REAL ESTAl K AGENT. For Bonntv I^ands. Pension Claims, Prtiaeoa tion of Claims before the Court oi Claims, ^ougres* and the Departmeuta, Purcha?e and Sale of roa: es tates, attend to Renting Hoaaea. But and Sal) Laad Warrai.U. Negotiate Loaua, aad ail buuuaas of similar character. _ . . Office corner 7th and [.ouismns avenuo. jan?? ly WaakHftap, C?ty. Gold AND 8ILVBR PURCHASED ATTHE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS Of EXCHANGE SOLD. OA' THE P RISC I PAL POINTS IN EU ROPEAN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS. WILL BE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS. PAYABLE INSAME FUNDS. OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?C HECES MUST BE MAREED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES BOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. PWEENY, R1TTENHOUSK, FANTtOO . d 4-3m Bank era ^pEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davo&fort, Iowa, paying lu per oent. intaroet by Coupon ib Now York. Bouds of ?Miu each. The growms oity ol Davenport has now about 20.W0 inhabitants, and is rapidiy increasing in wealth and population. Its uuuieipal debt is only ?!?.?*>. and its miiruat: leN only CISjMn, und cannot now be inoroaood. Tho statistic* of the city were published in the latoiU^ goncer of the X'tn Septamt?er. ^ o reoooamond theae bonda. be.ieving them to bo aa aaie as any State or city Unda. ByoTf|FKft WASHING'IXiN INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS C AriTAL. ?~ ?? ?? ? !C This Company is now prepared to receive aseLioa tiona for IN^TR ANCE ONBItILDINGS,MFT CHAN DIKE. Ac., at tho asuai City ratoa. without *iy charge for Policy, at tl eir ORoe. our nor of enth Street and Peniisytvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Dikbctobs. Wm. F. Bayly. SamneiBMOC, _ Joseph Bryan, James F. Haiiday, Wm. Or me, Ty?of? Francis Motion, M. W. Gait. Bonj.BeaJl.AMiiB c MoGUIRB, Pro?d?t ?aarToii D. Hswaow. Secretary. M H-lJ HOU8t ?iHUBB BBOTHEBB. Dbposits.- Deposits rooeivod aad Chocks paid Without charie. Drafts on the northern seaooart a ties reeaivod o?i Deposit at par. and Exchange ot said Cities lurnished to depositors without onarfO. lat**K?T on DvroatTS.?Interest wJl be allowed an Deposits at suoh rates as may tie agreed agon. DSPO'its l? VlBOIHlA AIIP Deposits in Virginia and other L ncurrent Money re oeived to t-e checked fur.payable in samefhnda. orut specie, we charting the reeuiar "^rW *oh?r>? Disc orsTS.-Notee, Drafts, and BiljmifKxt will tiedisoounted.ajvJ Loans made on Stock a. B ud Cralit wUi ??o (kmIh"U^? m the i ^ United Stales, on Dopo^o fMmjjy ^OoUat er^^ and interest allowed if ?? ?. ? oharged if Co,laterals, on soon terms as may BOBgraed B,Ftav*Li!?o Bills or E*cmaiia?.-Tmv?lorawia of Credit on Engiand. Ire.and and Europe.fmrmabed Bt kteaa'ket rate for Exobange, in same U> ouit B? .tu*. STocgs, Ao.?Bonds. $ look a, apd Secun ties pay ing fn>m ?to 12 pr. oent.. always Tor sale, or botisht in the dlfleront Citios at a comtmsategi of a % pr. oent. Wheis Stocks are bought upon orders,wo irvetho right to oal! for a deposit or 1<* pr oont oa eoot. Bands or Btooka wiU bo ordorod b* tale IL _ _ .. the R A.1LR3S&. ClTT, XlfD Btatb Bowds.? City, ana State Bonds can bo ptaood in oar haad.i for nogotiatiou. oituor in this oountry or Knrupa. rond T*on puronaswl fur aash or with Boms. Laud W ABKAirta ?1 iBnd Warrants boaghtat inO in. ? , T . ~ . market rates. 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