Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE COLO Mir. Tbe winter weather of tbe last lew da fa baa taken everybody unawares, and the following is,a vary good description of the manner in which It la retired : TUB SNOW. BY A OllXtl MAN. Fierce blasts, ohill aira, like those of a ooqustte; Canadian noses blue, nod frozen toaa; Sidewalks of glass, o'er which tba walker joes Shambling along, in agony's cold sweat; loeianrt's snow drifts, into which >?? fall. At auaooaUob'a risk,and sadly feel The Bend rheumatic through your vitals steal, Whps furious driver* at yon lingering bawl; The beam's water alt in a flask of ice ; Holes in yonr hoots that ne'er bad holea before; Expensive sienth rides, called by school girls nioe ; The jingling bells, the beak that tips you o'er! And then yon feel that folly, Irost and flaw Are the preoureurs of a splashy "thaw ! onk' In delightful contract to tbe above, read tbe following It ia like whipped syllabub after aoercroat: ON THE SAME SUBJECT. BT a T0r*G LADT. Deer! ain't it nioe I Oh, what a cnarming snow! How sweet it talis?so feathery soft and white! Scene of enofcantmen', ftury light and bright! A nd how tha winds romantica ly Now! Oh. won't we have a gbnoss sieiga-ride now. W ith lovely hells, toe den rest littie horse . And Harry, he wul go with me. of course, Ai.d we wi.i x*liop. Lord .' I can't tell how ? We'll have the ride? W e'll h*ve a splendid daaee And sapper, too, and some of that mu.led wine. And afterward An dear, devoted glance, Aa we ovnnb<rk by moonlight so divine. And then one plrasure 1 must ne er forget. 'Twould heavenly he if we could just upset! Hurrah ! to P~7?* The Territory of Kansas baa a public del' tbe amount of $ll,2Gti. fjjr The fishermen have commenced opera tion* in l<ake Michigan. Three new counties will be asked for at the nresent N.J. Legislature. id- It is announced that Prince Adalbeit. of tbe House of Bavaria, bas made up his unnd to leave tbe Latin for tbe Greek Church. irr The Boston Transcript, say* a music house In that city ha? paid one thousand two hundred dollars to Mr. Geo F. Boot for tbe copyright of tbe littie song of "Rosa Lee." It is reported at Pittsburg that the Gover nor will pa'don Mon io?* Stewart, who was con victed of murder with Henry Fife and Charlotte Jones IET A clerjjvman in Santhfl^ld. Mass., bad a model donation visit last week. His people put on bis table an evergreen tree, and bung all its branches with gold eagles irr The New York Mirror says that antbra cite coal bas fallen in that city als low aa St 50 per ton. This is much cheaper than It can be nought In tbe coal yads up tins wav. We find the fo'lowing marriage in the Portsmouth Chronicle: ' Sealed ia Gilsum, by Solomon Mack, elder of the Latter day Saints, Mr. Joslah Grimes, of G., to Mrs. Maria Madison, of Keene." JET In removing some bodies from an old graveyard in AUentown. Pa., recently, two bod ies were found to be petrified?one perfectly and tbe other partly so. The one was found to r>e al most as perfect as it appeared in life, but turned Into solid stone. It bad been buried fourteen years, \ZT~ In the Barberini palace, at Rome, travel ers are shown an excellent painting, said to be by Guido Reni, as the portrait of the beautiful par ricide, "Beatrice Cenci," and this charming pic ture has been the means ot spreading over all of Europe the tale of horror that Is connected with it The sto.y is now going tbe rounds in this country. 10~ James P. Slade, while passing up Con gress street, Portland. Me . Saturday night, was met by three men with fares masked, one of whom *tahb< d hiui in the ch?*st, while the oth ers threw a small strap of cord around his neck, drawing it tight, until be was choked. In this condition, his pockets were rifled of S"20, and then the rogues decamped. II?" Oa Monday of last week, a young man, named William C!?~kson, about 19 years of age, committed suicide by taking arsenic, at Pheuix, N. Y. He purchased the arsenic at a drug store, stating that be designed using it to poison rats. Hit mother Unding tbc article in his trunk, sus pected its character, but was assured by the boy that it was magnesia. On the night stated, he retired to bis bed and swallowed the poison, and was found dead tbe following morning. Kissino os the Ice ?A lad in Boston, wri ting to one of tbe editors of the Mirror, states that, while out skating one day last week at Ja maica Pond, a young lady promised any man who could beat her'in skating across the pond, a kiss. As the young lady waa rather pretty, all present started off, and at the enU of the journey, It was found that a young darker was the winner The lad, who is not slow on skates himself, writes us, that tbe lady gave the "buss" as though she used to the buss-nes*. (TT A correspondent of the Boston Traveler, writing from Dover. N. H , states that a stage driver between Wolfboro' and Smd^'lch, w ho was entrusted with S3.'20U belonging to the Car roll county Bank, a month or two since, pretend ed that he lost the package, but his subsequent movements exciting suspicion, the stage driver and another man were charged with having stolen it. They confessed, and restored most of the money, and as the rest will h? forthcoming, no legal proceedings will be bad. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL -?-J Laid-r, Ky: R S Boulward. do; T A Bond. .Md; J P Brawley Pa; A R Stevens. Ind: O M Watfleld, Vd; D Lyon, jr, Va; W O Terrell and lady, do; A C Wilson and lady, do; Dr A D Newell, New J; Gov W A Jewell, do; W W Fraaer. SC; H N Brown, do; R Murphy and family, NC; W S Eakin, Teuii; T T Creed and lady, Kp; Gen E C Wilson. Pa: J B Hopper, Md; Jam?*s Hopper, do ; Hon A Plummer, Pa; Miss M Hatnner, Pa E Stoetf t, .Md; Miss F Stoeff-r, do; J Eaglar and lady, do. N W Long, Ala; W T S-xsmith, Va ; H Jen nings, Va; J Green, do; C T Ileale, do; W W Newman, do; B T Manceerand lady, Mass; II H Fanning, NZ; W W; A M Glasgow. 'Va; W A Glasgow, Va: J G Harris, USN ; J E Kittridge, Mass; G W Emery, NY; F A Benson and lady. Md; D Martz; J Reece, NY; G Short er, Ala; O W Potter, NY; H Falkenberg, Pa; A Heimau. Tenn; A Edward*, Pa: L Pierce, do; W E Jones. Tenn; A W Wyng- >nd family, Ga; R A Rankbead, Miss: A N Thoruas, do; H P Da vis. do; T W Goodwin, do; T W F,vans, Tenn; J L Brew?ton, NY; M T Bark?d?le, Va; F. Wa ters, NC; D Delong, NY; J Burt, do; R S Can non, do. W1LLARDP' HOTEL ? E Lynch and family, A Duncan, Dr Roseman, R Burnett D Duncan, N Yk: C L Thayer and daughter. Mass; Mr and Mrs Mtnton. NY; Miss McKim, Md; > Young, F S Winsley and daughter. Miss Martin, N Yk; C W Trotier. J J Levick, Pa; Gen Harney, I'SA; J Simpson and lady, N Y; M A Barstow. Wis; B Fallon, La, Mr S (jlynn, N Vk; S R Phillips, J D Whitfcam. S S Bishop S Norris, R E Randall, J W Bordeil and fatn, Ind; F A Darvel and lady, Miss C Darvel, Pa; W Luce, Mass; W Muller. A H Miles, Ohio: S G Frsnch, Miss; 8 R Hansell. Pa; J l.awson, Va. S P Warner, 111; P Warner, Mass, A E Albright and lady, Miss Eastwood.N V; H Mudite, Pa. U Jennings, S C; K T Monta gue, G G llavf-n, N V; J t ook. III; W D Russell; ?? P Alexander, t'SA; R T Clarke and lady, Ct; B W StrouB. NYk; Gen A E Burn.slde. RI; G 8 Winston, NY; G Allen, Mass. NATIONAL HOTEL.?L Ritterand ladv, J D Cook Md; W H Scavev, Mass; Judge \ W Drain, H H Mitchell. Md; (i J Rogers, Md, J R Bowie. Va, a Mason, S Smith, NY, C S Bradlv, RI; L S Well?, Texas; W \N'adsworth, Mass; S TLcnias, Vt. J K Redfl??ld, do, J L Ritchey, Md; G Babeon, Mass; H Wright, Vt; J A Beck. Pa; W T Ellis. Miss, M Towers, Pa; J McDonald, Y E VVickham, G Fisher, Va; J Stansberrv, Md; F S Low, NY; G W Beekwitb. Vt; Wm Field, RI, E Bulkley, NYork. J B Smith and lady. 111; Capt L Cbainberlin, NY; A Eggers, O: J Reese, X NY; J E Kittridge, Ct; J B Lnnt, Va; J M 8 Williams, G L Davis, Mass, A F Emery, R E Coxe and lady. NY; S B Bucklay. J Sorrell, Va; Robt O Edwards, NYork; A Refd; B Todd, R D Mcllwaine, Va. r :'^r>o:,rn- *,d l"<iv'. Mass PS Carer', do; b T Larkle, do; W S Ashe, NC; SS Fre mont, dd; W W Williams Set A McFarland, do; A L Rovenel, do; W Brverly, Cal J T Pavne, Va; J W Almond do; J WG?rrUon; S McDonough, Pa; M Friedman, do; D G Mver do; W B Croofc*, do J U- S HOTEL, (L O. Swith s.?J R Lsun ders, Va; w B'irkley, do; R B Allen, do; W T Trnman and mother, Mo; L Rist, Md. E Mt>orr Va Judge Dnnnel, La; F Mo; R \\ Waahlngton.Va; .MrsEShort; A S'aysman, Kv; C J Prentice, do; J H Harris, NY; Hon P Powel, Va; F?B Davldaon, I'SN; J Sttaper 111; J u **okben. NY; J W Henley, Va; W T K T'en? do; E Drlak, do; A W Deal, do, 8 A Tracy, NY. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Pn?M TIB UniTBB Statb*. Stismiri Li?r?. For Da** TafltBO Purt1n;td .... Liverpool... Feb 97 Borusv^a. New Y?rk...Hamburg ...Mb i Africa .w>Vw York...Liverpool. . Mb 3 City Wash ton? New York...Liverpool...Mh 4 Arago Nfw Yoik...Havre ...... Mb 6 America Boston Llverpool...Mh 10 Glasgow Naw York.. .Glasgow... . Mb 13 Pbo* Ett*o*a. City Wasb'U>a..lJveip?ol...N?w York...Fab 10 A *:?? ? ?a'ampton.N'ew Yerk.t.Fsb 10 irnerlra Liverpool... Boston Feb 13 laegow Glasgow... .New York... Feb 13 'J'he California mall steamers lffef New York MtbeftUudHU ' p Medicinw. K R U V 1 A N ? Y ft U P. O* Piotbcrn SOLUTION OFPROTOXrDB OVTROlf H.rint .uoMnhll, ,uw ek? ordMl tn >kl?h miV** J.? ?uDjeciea, mast now be reeeiyed as It. RffcWfiSSS** -Bff . - . , , DYSPhPSlA, J Li**r, Dropsy. Ntwralgim, 1?"<*?<?? ?*d Consutupiir* TtnJeneiet, U?*0rd*Ttd Statr 9/ tkt * srsrt'jr, 7*A? Prostrating EJftris of Ltad or iW?rr?ry, Utn'ral . DekiNtf, Ana nil diseases which require * Tonic and Altera tive medicine, is beyond question. The proof's of it* efficacy are so numerous.sowell authenticated, and of such peculiar "'" - character, that sufferers cannot reasonably hentate to reoeive the. proffered aid. / The Peruvian Syrup doee noli profess to he a oure all. but its! range is extensive, beoause many diseases, apparently unlike are in timately related, and prooeedmg fp>>* one csese, inay l>e cured by one remedy The olass of diseases for which the Sjrup tm tapeeisely that which lhas so often battled the highest order of *kil. The facts *** thewitneiui** aooessible, awl thosafe t',?i?d e*"CAoy of the S>/up incontrovertible. who may wish for an opinion from d.sinter estert persons respecUag the character of the Syrup cannot fail to be satisfied wUb the folio wine among numerous testimonials in the hands of the Agent*. 1 he signatures are those of gentlemen well known in the oommumty, atd of the highest respectability. . . ? CARD. The anderugaed having experienced the benefi cial efl MJts of the "Peruvian *yrup," do not hesitate to recommend it to ths attfntion of the public. t rooi our own experience, as well as from the tes timony of others, wno<e intelligence aoit integrity are altogether unquestionable. we have no doubt of its ematey in on#es of Incipient Diseases of the Lung*and BronottVil Passages. Dyspepsia, Liver (?oiiiplaint. Dropsy, Neuralgia. Ac. Indeed its ef forts won.d be incredible, but from the high charao ter of those who have witnessed them, and have volunteered their testimony, as we do ours, to its restorative power. Rev. J/HIN PIER PONT, THOMAS A. DEXTER. H. II. KENDALL. M.D. HA Ml'EL MAY. THOMAS C.AN/ORV, PETER HARVf.V, ... JAMES C. DUNN. It is well known that the medicinal effect of Pro <*">?""?? h" >??? In the Peruvian Syrup, this desirable point is at anowa: and'thi! s**ut?? ma*repfwe"*tneEproto ate" r Attisr^i!v,a,,ria Atauter to the state of MaagtchutteUs, 16 Boylston street, Boston. For sale by Druggists generally. Price for lame bottles, $2; medium *ized bo'tle*. 91. CLARK A CO. Proprietors, Boston. \Je?t v? 111 WaehiMton bv i?. Gilman, Speoial Ln ^ Palmer, /ohii Schwartxe, f(. M V. Harbanch, II. H. McPherson, F. S. Ilr n *M W w Bu.[y'iai- "? Stone. J- S. Love joy, i.JJ^'B. Clarke, D. Rjdgelv; and in Georgetown uj R. J. Ci*selltand J. L. Ki<l well. fel)fM>rn ProtJi-'A n F SU A " ? f?fi. T *7 Ko>al Letters Patent of red by the Seato of the Eoole de Piarmaoiede Parisand th? Impena. CollegeofMe I U?,',o ien*,iA- Tr,?*'rr No. f 15 a remedy for He iHxatiOii, t?permatorrh<pa? aid Kxhaus ion of the ^ystem. Tnceemar N?. 2 effectually, in the shi>rt J^J7^com/,ere,>r a"d ?Dtirely erid': all traces of those 4fisorders winch copaviaand rfiS?K'"I1 i^r" thou*ht an antidote for, to 'I? 4! health of a vast portion of the pop u - ltlo1|- Jr,?."e">y No. 3 is the great Continent" 1 l-?L?dy,K0r[-'!il,claBf, 0f dlsord??rs which, unfortu nately, the English physician treats with mercu-T, to the inevitable destruction of the patient's ooneti tution. and which all the sarsapanlfa iiit'.ew^ld cannot remove, friesemar Nos. 1,2. and 3 are alike nevoidI of taste or smell, and ofsll nanseating quali 1 he' ina> lie on the toilet table without their nse being suspected. Soid in tin cisee. and divided in e-parate doses a? administered by Velpeau, Lal lem-n. Roux, Ricor.J. Ac., Ac. Price each, or four oases in one for $9, which saves 33; and in ?e** CH8CS. Sold by Dr. H. A. BAR ROW. No. 157 Prince st.,a few blocks west of Broadway, Slew York. Imnn on "o?,1?., ,,f thp ?mwunt Dr. B. will forward the 39 cases of 1 riesemar, and the large sues, car nage paid, thus insurir.L' genum* European prepara tions. The .?3 oases also sent, but not free or car riage. Consultations as usual, from 11 a. m. till 2 p. m. ana from! till 8 p. m.. at No. 1S7 Prinoe st., a i'rr.TT iv*?1 ?.f Broadway. Sold also by J. gfOrT, Washington. fe i iT 'PHK 9 RE AT EST ~ I. MEDICAL DIS90TMMY OF YHE AVE. Mr. Kkknmt, *t Roxbarr, has diseoverM in eaa sr oar oommon pasture weeds a remedy that eares BVIKT XIHD OF KVM0S, ? from Tkt "?**t Sertfula down to ? common Pimplt. nSJlX tried it in over eleven hundred oases, and except in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in his possession over one hundred Boston? U" TRirie'1111 twenty miles of Mouth bottl6* ar* warranted to oare a nursing Sore pPd?}? ttrsw botUee will oar* the worst kind of Pimples on the Faoe. Two o* three bottles mill olear the system of Bilee. Two bottiesi are warranted to oure the worst Canker in the Month and Stomach. -7 1^? l? ?I? bottt5'? are warranted to oure the Worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to oure ail Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to oure Rnnn ng of the B*fs and Blotches among the Hair. ?? our to six bottles are warranted to oureoorrupt ana rnoning Ulcers. One bottle will oure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin, rwo or three bottiee are warranted to oure the Worst kind of R lngworm. or .three bottles are warranted to enre the 1112ft most desperate case of Rheumatism. Three to four bottiea are warranted to oure Salt rn*Qm, Sorofula? bottiea will oure the worst oaae of ?li^ ? always experienced from the first bot guanUtyais*aksn?Ure 11 warranted when the above Nothing looks so improbable to those who hare In ?ain tri^d all the wonderful medicines of the day, as TE^XT?00 "owing on the pastures, and along old stone, should oure ever* humor in the system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you have a humor, it has to start. 1 here are no IFSnor ANUS, hums Bniting some oa***, bntinot yours. I^peddled over a thousand bottles ofit in the vicinity li h?'.^L iinow * effects of it in every case, y ???.already done S'>me ?if the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to ohildren a year ""tty. I have ?een poor, Dui.y, wormy-looking ohildren, whose flesh was soft and notUe' ^Mtor?<, to & ??rf?ot state of health by one Tothose who are subjeot to a tick headache, one ???il i^l h 7r,ly* oureJt- It gives great relief in oatarrh and dixxiness. Some who have taken it had ^enoostive for years, and have been regulated by L . **.her? the liody is sound it works quite easy, out where thera is any derangement of the functions ,l. r1" v?r* Iar feelings, but you mas. not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a f?d re sultrrom it; on the contrary, when that feeling is rone, you will fhe. yourbnlf like a new person. I neard some of the most extravagant enoomiams of it that ever man lister^d to In my own practiee I always kept it strictly for hu mors?^but since its introduction as a general family med-cine, gr*?t and woiiderful virtues have been foand iq it th%t I nev?r susp^oted. Several eases of epileptic fits?a disease which was always considered incurable, have been oured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tua. in all cases of that awful malady?there are but few.who have seen more of it than I have. 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, s II of thorn aged people ^ured by it. I* or the various diseases ofthe Livbt, Sick Headaohe, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, I ain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys. Ao.. the eveTknown*" m?r* f00d than medicine ssixx ~J?ATJlelL?f\*A/or y*?-?Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no direotiona om h? apphoahie to all ooustitutionc. take mviolent to operate on the bowels twice a day. MAltCFACTDFID BT - DONALD KENNEDY. No. II# Wmrrtn Strut, Rozbury, Massmekuttttt, Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott ft Co., Z. irTh Iiml4 Lawrejoe, J. B. Gardner, Burry A Co., D. W alsh A Co., F. S(. Walsh, J. P. Ston% Martin King, Nairn A, Palmer, Schwarta 4 Co., 0 Boewall. Daniel B. Llark, J. P. Milburn, Duaiar TUE 8KC?SSJU{??liW?OF VOUT" Just Publuktd. Gratie. the 2Stk Thousand. A few worrts of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Locai VN eakness. Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debility. Prev^^*SflV mature Deoay of the System, Impo-^E^^^r tenoy, and Impediments to Marriage generally, bj B. DE LANEY. M. D. The important fact that the many alarnung com plaints. originating in the imprudeaoe and solitude of youth, may be easily removed without Medioine. is in this small traot, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly snioessful treatment.aa adopted by the author, fully explained, by mennso which every one la enabled to oure Himself perfectly and at the least possible oust, thereby avoiding all the advertised rostrums of the day. .J.??1 to say address, gratis and post free, in ? to^ by "nutting two postage sump. FlRti?^.')?i,DOuN HY LA8T STEAMER. *mst * rtl1 America, its Agriculture aad 800tt|idfSti%*nd Dom*,t10 Architecture,present ' s-ajsr.'.1" HniWUiili.. ^I*?S<1m'1{5'vooum Jean's Navigation and Nautili a-V-1 English Glees. Duets, and Owtotu^th Piano so-ompaaiments, l vol. wltn ~***> Ludewig^Li^atureof Ameneaa Aboriginal La. tousseau's Emilias, translated into Sncli>h Helo,M- ?SKi into FRANCK TAYLOR. COKE FOR SALE. "* Superior COKE, m any *u?ntitv, now for sale nqairat wit^ovt deiay, at the offioe of tka Gas l.igk* Company. d zpm J.F,SK0WN,8?flr?l?fT, AYIR'S Cathartic Fills, iMUBAR COATED.) fe rTuo^he'puSfi o?ih( tee* Huo't baeo?iepared with the utmost .k.ilwhmh the aierfi (MryrOWWWHWIwBil if6 ^OIB#tA6B? AMI tbftir ?bow they have virtues whioh surpass nnr oomli nation of aedinnei hitherto krowiT^ther pJewi raiioos do mora wTaaa itood ; bat this cures.ifali dangerous oorapfaints, go 4aiok ana bo sorel* to I1?** *?> efltaaey ud a power to uproot dneaa^hi yond any thing which men have hnowa 2ifo?T Br removing the oba^ruotioLsol the internal orcauaand simulating them into healthy aotion, they renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health oouraea aaew through the body and tWsick n,an? "Jn again. They are adapted to disease, and diiMi? only, for when taken by one in health tber or STJI ih^^nX'^Vt^rfh S^SST* theyDare *f th<" ^ wel1 the' wffl Give them to aome patient who has been nroe trated with bihoua oomptamt; aee hi'a bent-np tot terina form straighten With strength a?5n;?ee hia long-Tost appetite return; see km ciammyY^UureS bloaaom into health. Give them to aome ..tfere? whose foul Mood lias burst out inecrolula till His skin is covered with sorts; who stimdsor sit* on? wiTk"" Hehaa been drenohed inside and mi ('it TT PotHin which ingenuity ortuld aug **?*? Give him these Pills, and mark the *k?n ? It1* 'ro? his body; aee the new, f?ir thit i. 5 .Tn un(J8r ^em: see the late feper that ia dean. Givo them to him whose aa?? i humors iia?'e Planted rheumatism in his joints arS bones; move h.m. and he soreeches Mm! ' too has been soaked thronch every muxcla of'k . ^?dy with li-'iment. aU s&ea; giv? hua the*" for iiV,?.P,U,riOLh." bJood; th?? niay/uut oak hi?, r? ftlw. there ftrf o&mii which no inorliu uiwAr can resoh; but mark, he walks with crut^tes now snd now be walks alone; they have oured TZ' ?ive thern to the Iran, sour, haggard OyhDentio whose gnawing .tomanf, h*8 jonK aRM enten J^Vr? smiie from his face and every n,uncle from his bodv See hiK appetite return, and with it his hea!th- *!? the now man. See her that wn* radiant with heairIT wanr*^0!1""8 a8,ed ;ujd to? witnenne away - duSi.e has^pr* U1*h. or some lurking -I . ,irB^ t,,e internal orrnn* ofdnrea II Hlrw'^1011 ?r *?oretion.t.ll tliev do their office her the.?WP^ ,,T,tlat#d; her health is aoS"! gTvS ren?w??i ? stimulate the vital principle into renewed . igor. to cast out the obstructions and in fu*e a new vitality mto the blood. N,,w lo^kwim sorrown?*f" iblT?m OIJ h" cheelt- "">d where ?te|* sorrow ?atv joy bursty from every lecture. See th? fJ*T with worms lt? wan, sickly [mIrtK.ML? without dieguue, and painfull* dia tincf. that th<-T are eating its life awar. its pinched up nose and ears, and restless sleepmes, tell the dreadfol trnth m laagungo which everr mother kaowa fcivv> it the Fill* in large dosns tnaweep these vile pirasKee from the l?ody. Now tun. ajra .. th,; W.wn of childhood. Js u noffiDg Nay, are the? not the marvel .ff ^nui age. And yet tney are done around you every ? J2ave y?.n the lep? symptoms of these dis tempers, they are the essier ourod. Jsundicn C'oa tiveness, Headache, Sideache? HenrUnirn Foul Momaoh. Nausea, Fain in the rfowels. Flatnlenor ^H*rf APPe.Mte- Ki"k s fcvil. Neuialgia, (iout^i.d whi if ?hC"m?'8,nt8 a jV6 'rora derangemoiits which these Vilis rapidly cure. Take them perse" veringly,and under the counsel of a good Physician if you can; if not, take them judiciously by aueh advice as we ?ive you, and the distre-sini. danger hon? nr?tOBi y CUr8' wh,on "way mil liongi of the fcumsn race, are c?ist out like the devils of old-they must burrow in the brutes and in the 8<y' nr0,*,2?,0^* ?? b.nx~5 l>"xns for V A,Al\Rt GILMAN, U aahincton; and by H. COOK elJ^?w\,Ar? ' aud &'' dealer8 in Medicine everywhere. d 9-4m ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARgNESS, &o. The prevalence of the above complaints at thi? season, generallv has ihe effectof bringing ont a host of professed y new speoifics, and while some are jyw.d, many are useless, and o'hets even danrerous. f.m.u'V5*' cour8e to pursue is to consult jour COAIPOTN ?)*" SYR UP* OF^GUM aVaB(CS ? ruinslly the favor te prescription of an eminent phy s' soon bcoame a popular rem-dy. and has continued to enjoy a growni* reputation for the l*?t twenty year*. Iu cases oi com-i.on Colds. Concha nhh'ia w!' ' a ?,h*rm,and in Chroniccasea, Ur?n* P"1*1 Cou*h' Croup. Asthmr. Influenza, who have u23"it? UEparai ?d* &nd lnoat testiy Frioe 25cent?? and SO cents per bottle. Soldby \airn tc Palmer. Chas. Stott. *0.. Wash ' ,'wr<e,??ni J*?*1 *? Stevens, Al f.f? o/in' ?* f'e "ft' 1,d had also, for convenience, kniwn A'uT r.m'. l r'?* ?nii 25 cents a l?ox ?? Tylers Gum Arabio Coiinh Can'y m?? ?'r "" an eiel5ant? pleasant, and effioaC OUB pu|I moino Lozense they are unsurpsaaed. fe II -3.n The shoals and chticksanus ~~~ OF YOUTH. ?/!<?'/ published, the 3'/ edition, NaT oft F A SK SM ATOR ? y K 4 ? R 8E*I' - ;;..r u. K A."KS.?A soieLtific Trea ise on the ttVSffV1! Perfe,ot 00re <>f Nervous Debility. i. a r."**'rVolunf4ry Kmissioas, Impo tencc. Ac., resulting from vicious habits acquired during the critical passage fern Youth to AW y? ' BY DR. CITLVFRWELL, i?nJ*^?o-?( t* 0X1?f Surgeona of Eng land, (Ifti71, Licenc;ate of the Hall, (1854) ?nd Vi yeara Reaident Practitioner in f.oncion Author ?f fuhe ?V,ide?to Health." ' Green Rook"" "flow t? ?.*i and Married Life. ftc w 8,Va?.!? valu*bl? Treatise,wri'ten by world" renownetl i hysician and Surgeon, pninta o?it the only anre and permanent cure ((iralidiiieasea result ing f'om se f-abuse. and is the only publication ofita *'n?Wnt\?nr *1 ]>?a"ToI"nt spirit and by a scientif ic man. 11 should be in the hanls of all wh ? vi'ue tneir nfe and health and happiness here and hercaf . ^T'2 or V14"1!"!at the receipt of which i?w,tJ?e,e'8"? WP" Sfcur-Ki. by l)r. CHI KLINE, No.430 1st Avcnua, box 43?<5. New ?? Ian 12 OKIVAVE MEDICAL TREAT18K *? oi? T0B PHISIOLOG1CAL VIEW OF MARRIAQM, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany, N. Y. pages and 130 fine Plain and Colored Lithograph* and Plates. in-?:.fJ77PRI,CK ONLY?CENTS.^31 ? S??tfr$$ P9stmgt to mil pmrti tftti W?4ta, L* Croi?'? Phygiologiaai View of Mar A new and revised edition of pages and 180 piatea. Pritxvaf oenta a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of single and married life?-haapy and frcitftil allianocs, node or securing them?infolioitou? and infertile ones?their obviation ind removal?nervoua debility, ita causes and cure, by a process at once ao simple, safe, and effeotual, ?hat failure is impossible?rules for daily mauacement?an essay on Sper matorrho?a. with oraotio&l ooaervationi on a safer and more successful mode o f treatment-precautionary ?Ki i?n rP8u't8 from empirioal practioe ; to which is added o?>mmentaries on the diseases of fe '""""iiifancr to old a?e?each case graphicai ??T J*'51?!- It'points out the remedies for those self-innicted miseries and diaap pointed hopes so unlortunately prevalent in fhe young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those oontemplatinr marriace. Ita perusal is partic uiarly recommended to persons entertaining seciet doubts of their physical oondition, and who areoon- , !r fhe health, happiness ar.d privileges to which every liuman lw?ing is entitled to edfeff WltyW p^^fThaUmteJkut'i; Jew g%ilZ' (PUBt P*'dJA,bailT' rOmvlh.1!? !Tno P*y oonamt Doctor !LA LROIX upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cine, often cure ,n the short space of iut day." and T \ ?nt,re|y eradicate all traoes of those sii?. ??!. T!"0'1 ^ cubebs have so long been thought an antidote, to fhe rum ol the health of J?4"" Vj'?!* ^^J?t" is the grwU con tinental remedv for f hat class of disorders whioh un fortunately, phys,oians treat with meroury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's oonstitu - tion, and whioh all the sarsapanlla in the world oan pot care. J^l^li0* N?'51 Maidan LlkD?? Albany, If. Y. 'O WESTERN TRAVELERS. FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENTS. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. On and after January 28th, 1858, Two Daily Trains will leave Calvert Station, fialtimure, for Pittsburg, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. I.ouis. and all oities and towus in the West and North and Southwest. THE MORNING MAIL TRAIN Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday excepted) at 8.15a. m., for Pittsburg and ail Western Towns and Cities. THE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN Leave* Baltimore daily (Sunday exoeptedlat Sp. m.,for Park ton. THE NIGHT EXPRESS TRAIN Leaves Baltimore every Night at in p. m .oonneo! mg with the Lightmng Express over the Pennsyl van a Railroad lor Pi. tsburg, arriving at 1 p. m. The 8.15 a. m.and in p. m. trains oonneot oloselv at Pittsburg with trains over ?he Pittsburg, Fort Wa\ne and Chicago Railroad and its Northern, Souihernand Western connections. Pasaengers for Chicago, Rock Island, Bur ln>Kton. Iowa City, Milwaukee. Dubuque Sr. Paul, Midiaon. and other lead ng cities m the Northwest. Will save ON K HCXDKKD MILKS OF TRAVKL and TBI* hoohs in time, with four lis* changes of oars, by taking this route. fn" Paaaengers for Cleveland, Sanduskv, Toledo arulDetroit go by this route, and the tim< is un equaled. being 43 miles shorter than any other route. ID" Passengers lor St. Louis, Indianapolis. Terra Haote, Cairo, and all points on the Lower and Up per Mississippi, make less ohanges of cars and arrive iu advanoe of any other route; and to Cincinnati, Co lumbus, Dayton, Louisville and other pronuuent cities as qmok as by any other route. All Western baggage ohecked through and handled with care. Passengers for Williamaport, Niagara Falls, Elmira, Buffalo, And oitiaa and towns in INT WESTERN NEW YORK and CANADA, will find this the shortest, cheapest and moat expe ditious route, and leave by train at 8 15 a m. Paaaengers far Hanover. Gettysburg, Emmitta burc. Wriahtsvillle. Columbia and Lancaster leave in the morning train at 8.15 a. m. Paasungarsleaving Washington atfia. m., oonneot with the 8.15 a. m. train, and those by the trains at 3.4.2T and 5.? with the 10 p. m. train for all parte of tb# VVfHi For flirther oo'reotand reliableinfortaation please aaply at the Ticket Offioe of the Nor hem Ce tral Railwnr, Calvert Htation, ooroer of Calvart and Franklin streets, Baltimore. . C. C. ADREON, Sup't. if 8 it J. U. WARNKR, Ttokat A?eat. mm U l ii NltSD ftTATBI ttAlLI. Post trnci DatiBTvnT, Fifcrurr U !?? jo, imp, in ths Maim of PmIIbVlVAaIIi CAHoLlNA.?OCTHCAROLI?iA,okoR?IA. and FLOKIDA.on tk? roulH?JKiuitli?Hma* ti?# in speciaed. will !? reoer v. .1 atthsountraot. fio. of tlii* departmrpt until 3 p. in., of March SI next, to be decided br April 24 following. (Being, wnl iom< exception's, routes fittblithad by sot of Congress spprwed March 1,1857.) MAINK. Frim July I, I We, /? June 30, 1861. 159 Prom Skowhsgan to North Anton, 11 mriee and baak. six times a week Leave Skowhemn dady, except 6 p in, or on arrival of cars Arrive at North Anson by 9 p ra Leave North Anson daily, exoept Sunday, at 5 a m Arrive at Skowhegan by 8 a m. 160 Prom Rockland, by Rookville, Weet Camden. South Hope, Union, MoLaia's Mi.le, North Appletoii, Searsinont, South Montviile. Li berty, Montviile, South Freedom. West Preedom. Centre Albion. Albion, East Ben ton, and fientou, to Kendall's Mills, 47 miles and hack, three times a week Leave Rockland Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Kendall'* Mili* by 8 p rn Leavo Kendall's Mills Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 a in Arrive at Kocklar.d by 8 pm. 1C1 Fn>m North Castme, by West Brookville, South Brookville. and Brookvi.le. to Sedz wick, 15 miles and t<aok three times a week Leave North Castme Tuesdar/fkarsd*), ard Saturday at 4 p in Arrive at Sedgwick by 9pm

Leave Sedgemck Tua?day, Thursday, and iNiturday ntCam Arrive at iNortli Cnstine by II a m. 162 From Patten, by Island halls, to Smyrna,30 miles and back. once a week Leave Fatten Thursday at 7 a in Arrive at Smyrna by 5 p in Leave Sim ma FriJay at 7 a in Arrive at Fatten by 5 p m. 168 From Weston, by Bancroft Mills, Barker Tract, and Rend Plantation, to South Mo Innkus, 9) miles and Imck. twice a week I<eeve Weston Monday end Friday at6am Arrive at South .Mounkus by 4 p m Leave South Molunkus Tuesday and Satur d'yatKit in Arrive at Westou by 4 pm. 164 From Mars Hill,by Letter C and Maple Grove, to Fort Fairfield, 16 miles an*1 back, three tunes a week L?ivo Mars Hill Tuesday, Thursday, and Snturda, at 7 a in Arrive et Port Fairfield by 1 p m Leave Fort Fairheld Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p in Aruve at Mars Hill by 8 p m. NEW HAMPSHIRE. From July 1, 1958, to June 30, 1861. 337 From Keene, br Swaneey and North Richmond to R ichmund, 12 mile* and back, three times a week A sui'aUe schedala of departures and arrivals to be arranged. VERMONT. From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 1961. 4#5 From Catot, by South Walden, Waldea. East Hardwick ani East Greensboro,to Glover, 25 miles and hack, threo times a week A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged. 436 Prom Joneaville, by Huntington and Starksbo ro, to Bristo , 23 miles ana back, threa times a week. A suitable sohedule of departures and arrivalc to be arranged. 487 From Arlington, by West Arlington, to Sand gate, 8 miles and back, three times a week. Leave Arlington Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 9 a m Am re at Sandgata by 11>? a m Leave San'lgaie Tuosday, Thursday and Sat urday at 12H p m Arrive at Arlington by 2>* p m. MASSACHUSETTS. From July 1,1858, to June 30, 1861. 736 From South Westport Point, to Adamsvilla, R. I , 8 miles and baok, six times a week. A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged by the postmasters. CONNECTICUT. From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 1861. 974 From Waterbury, by Middlebury, to Woodbu ry, 11 miles and btck, twiee a week. Leave Waterbury Tuesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Woodburr by 11 a m Leave Woodbury Tuesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Waterbury by 3 p m. 975 From Wolco tville, 6? Tornngton, to Goshen, 6 miles and Un it, six times a week. Leave Wolcottville daily, except Sunday, at 2 p m, or on arrival of cars Arrive at Goshen by 4pm Leave Goshen daily exoept Sunday,at lAam Arr.veat W'olooit* ule by 12 m. NEW YORK. From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 1861. 1444 From Lowville, by West Martinsburg. West Lowville. Harnsburg,Copenhagen,and Rat land, to Waiertown, 27 miles ani baok, threa times a we<>k L-av* Lowville Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat urday atfi a m Arrive at Waiertown by U)? a m Leave Watertown Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Lowvill# by 9 p m. 1445 From Hudson, by Humphreynville, to Livings ton, 9 miles and baok, six times a week. Leave lludsou daily, except S>usday, at 11 am f,rrive at I ivingston by 2S p m ??ave Livingston daily, exoept Sunday, at 8 a m Arrive at Hudson by a m. 1446 From Oneida, by Oneida Castle, to Vernon,6>* miles and hack, twelve times a week. Leave Oneida daily, exoept Sunday,at 9}?a m and p rn Arrive at Veraon by 11 a m and 5pm Leave Vernon daily, exoept Sunday, at 7X a in and I p m Arrive at Oneida by 9a m and 2>? p m. 1447 From Comstock's Landing, by North Granville and Middle Granville, to Granville, 12 m.lea and hack, aix times a week. Wave Comstock's Landing daily, exoept Sun day, at Cam Arrive at (iranville by 10 a m Leave Granville daily, exoept Sunday.atlla m Arrive at Comstock's Landing by 3 p m. 1418 From North Hector, by Hector, to Logan, 5 miles and back, three times a w*ek. Leave North H?otor Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10a in Arriv' at Logan by 11 a m Leave Logan Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 8^ a m Arrive at North Hector by 9>? a m. 144'J Prom Klizabethtown, by Lewis, to KeeiisviUe, 21 miles and Imck three times a week. I*f*ave F.lizaljethtown Tuesday, Thursday,and Saturday at 6a in Arrive at Kee?rvtlle by 12 m Leave Keeseville Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p lit Arrive at blizalwthtown by p m. 1430 From fl ivauna, hy Odrdsa. Mecklenburg, and Perry t'lty. to rrtimanHburgh, 25 miles and back, three times a week Leave Havanna Tuesday. Thuisday, and Sat urday at 9 a m Arrive at Trumansburgh by 4 p in Leave Trumansburgh Monday, Wednesday, and Fri lay at 9a m Arrive at Havanna by 4 p m Proposals to run b* a schedule differing from the foretoing, to be stated by the bidder, will he considered. Proposals to run but twioe a week are invited. 1451 From Ow?go, hy South Owegn. to Warren Centre. Pa., 16 miles and back. Iwuwa weak. Leave Owego Tuesday and Friday a11 p m Arrive at Warren Centre by 6 p m Leave Warren Centre Tuesday and Friday at Cam Arrive at Owego by II a m. PENNSYLVANIA. From July 1, 1858, lo June 30, 1R60. 8619 Prom Conneautville, by Crossingvilla and Kdenl>oro', to Waterford, S) miles and baok, twioe a week. Leave Conneautville Monday and Wednesday at 7 am; Arrive at Waterford by ? p m; Leave Waterford Tuesday and Tkuraday at 7 am: Arrive at Conneautville by > p m. 3520 From Hanover, bv Littlestown and Monooeoy vill*. Md., to Emmittsburgh, 22 milee and baok, three times a week. Leave Hanover Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 1 p m; Arrive at F.mmittsburgli by 8 p m; Leave Emmirtsburgh Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 a m: Arrive at Hanover by 9 a m. 8521 From Brookville. by Kiohardaville. Mary Ann ville, Shaffner'e Corners, Beaoh Bottom.and Bear Creek's Mills, to Ridgeway, 35 m.les and back.onoe a week. Leave Broekville Saturday at 7 a mc Arrive at Ridgeway hy 6 p m; Leave Ridgeway h riday at 7 a mi A rrive at Brookville by 6 p m. 3082 Prom Marietta, by Silver Spring and Hemp field, to (<anoaster,12H miles and baok,daily, except Sunday. Leave Marietta daily, exoept Sunday, at 1 p m; Arrive at Lanoa ter by 5 pm; Leave Lancaster daily, exoept Sunday,at t am; , Arrive at Marietta by 12 m. 3523 From Lancaster, bv Willow Street. Rawlins villa, and Bethesda, to MoCall's Ferry, 18 miles and heok, twioe a week. Leave Lancaster Monday and Thursday at 7 a m; Arrive at MoCall'a Perry by 12 m; Leave MoCall'a Ferry Monday and Thursday at 2 p m; Arrive at Lanoaster by 7 p m. 3524 Prom Lanoaster, b? Greenland and Souders hurg. to Paradias, I miles and baok, aix * times a week Leave Lanoaster daily, exoept Sunday, at S p m; Arrive at Paradise by 6 pm: Leave Paradise daily, exoept Sunday*t7a?; Arrive at Lauoaster by 10 a ra. , _ From Beaver, by Parkiaon and Seryiee, to Frankfort Sprince, *> milea and baok, twioe Leave Beaver Tuesday aad Thursday at8 am; Arrive at Frankfort Springs by 3p m; Leave Praokfort Springs Monday awl Wsd ftt I &?! Arrive at Beaver bv Is si. From Kvansburgh. oy Shermasvilla, to Lisas ville, 8 miles aad baok, three times a week. Leave Evaaaburgh, Monday, Wadaesday, aad Friday at 10 a h?. ' " i I ilfifl M I I?I Ilia by II ?; Cyn LiaHTilUkoaiif, WtdaaMv, ?ai Friday at Jam; " Amn at Evansburgh by 4 9 m. MSB From Moiudatsbarak, by PrukKon ud Canoe Creek, to Wiluem?bnrgh. 11 a??e . MM back, aix timet a week. Lear* HolliO*ysbwrth daily, exoept Punday, arrival of * eetern mail; A rrive at \\ llliaaisburgh by P m; Leave Williamsbargh daily, exoept Sunday At Tan; A rrive at UciUday?burgh by II a m, proposals to arobraoe the \ allow Springs of fice are invited *M From Orcatt Crwt to Chemung, N. Y., di miles and back, twice week. Oraatt Creek lueadaj and Saturday at 9 a m. Arrive at Chemung >f !?>, a m. Leave Cbemang'I u*>sday and Saturday at II a m; Arrive at Oreutt Creek by 1*X P m. 3529 From Stameoa to Taiinaniville, 5 mi lee and back, twioe a week. Leave Staruooo Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p m; Arrive at Tallmantville by p m: Leave Tallmaaaville Tuesday and Saturday at l(*S a m. Arrive at Staruoca in time to connect with tke mail trom Susquehanna Depot?say at IS m MARYLAND. From July 1, 1*5?. to Ju*t 30, l?80. 400# From Allen's Fresh to TorupkinaviUe, 10 miles and back twic? a week Leave Allen a Fresh Wedneaday and Saturday at IIS a in Arrive at Tompkinaville by t p in Leave Toinrkiuaville Wednesday and Satur day at 8 a 111 Arrive at Allen's Freak bv tl a ?. 4010 From Tort Tobacco lu Pisgah, 19 milea and back, twice a week Leave Port Tobaeoo Wednesday and Saturday at8a m Arrive at Piajrah bv IIam Leave Pi?gah Wedneartay and Saturday at 12 in Arrive at Port Tc-haeoo bv 3 p m. 4011 From Frederiok, by Lewiston a*d Catoetin Furnace, to M?>chanioi>t<?wn, 30 m.lea and hack, ?ix timea a week. Leave Frederick daily, except Suedat, on ar rival of tbe Eastern mail I* railroad ?say at S p in Arrive at Mf*chanicstown bv 9 p m Leave Meobaniestown daily, exceptSuihlay, at6a in Arrive at Frederick in tune to connect with the mail for Baltimore??a% if it a in. 4012 From Battle Swamp, by W ?t Noitlngham. to Bluing Sun,6 milea and back, three timea a week. Leave Battle Swamp Tuesday, Thuradty, a:?d Saturday at 12 m Arrive a Rising J*un by 2 p m Leave Rising Sun Tues ay, Thursday, and Saturday at R a in Arrive at Battle Swamp by 10 a m. 4"13 From Oakland, bvaliirv's Hod House, Forks of Horse Sh?>? Run, H<>naihe!d's Mills, ai d Holly Meadow*, to New Interest. Va., 49 miles ana back,one a week. Leave < >ak and Mondav at R a m Arrive at New Interest next dai bv 12 m Leave New Intereat Wedn?*dav at 8 a ta Arrive at Oakland next day by 12m. 4014 From Cockey sville. by Shaaran and BuMer, to Black Rock, I3>s miles and back, twioe a week Leave CockevavUle Wedneeda* and Sa?nnl?y on anivai of the ihail from Baltimore -*?> at 9* a 111 Arrive at Black Rock by 12 m Leave Black Rock Wedneaday and Seturdav at 2){ p m Arrive at Cocke* aviile In 5pm. OHIO. From July 1, 1858, fa Jun* 30 1M0 94# From New Bremen bv KnoxviMe. to Wapa konera 15 mi ea and back, onoe a week. Leave New Bremen Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Wapakaneta by 12 m Leave Wapakoneta Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at New Bremen by firm. 9429 Frem Racine to Ravenawood, Va., 11 n.ilea&nd back, once a week. Leave Racine ?aturdav at 8 a in Arrive at Ravenswood by 12 m Leave Ravenawood Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Raoine by 5 p m 9430 From Reed's Mill*, by Eagle Purnaoe. Wilka ville, Ewmgton. Vinton and Pine Grove, to Galltpolia. 37 milea and l*ek. onoe a week. Leave Keed'a Mills Friday at 6a m Arrive at Gallipo:ia by 6 p m Leave Gall poll* Saturday at t> a m Arrive at Reed'a Mills by 6 p m. 9131 From Oak Hill, bv Rocky Hill and Key Stone, to Wilkeaville, 3u milea and baok, onoe a week. Leave Oak Hill Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Wilkeaville ny 5pm Leave Wi kesville Saturday at 7 a m /arrive at Oak Hill by 5 p m. rora Greenville, by German. Republic. Tam pto.and Dark, to Greenville,,twioe a week, eqnal to 14 milea Leave Greenville Wedneaday and Saturday at 8am Arrive at Republic by 12 m Leave Republio Wedneaday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Greenvillebv 7 pm. 9433 From Conreant, by Clark's Corners. Beaver, Pa., and Beaver Centra, to Conneautville, 20 miles and baok. once a week. L*ave Conneaut Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Conneautville t>y 12 m Leave Conneautville Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Conneaut by 7 p m. 9434 From Perrraville. by Paimer'a X loads and Riper'a Settlement, to Ashland, 16 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Perry aviile Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Ashland br 12 m Lftave Ashland Fnoav at 1 p m Arrive at Terrysville hj 6 pm. 9196 From New Philadelphia, hy Altoaa, to New Comeratown, 30 mue? and t?ick,onoeaweek. Leave Naw Philadelphia Friday at 7 a m Arrive at New Comeratown by 5pm Leave Ne^ ComersUiarii Salurda? at 7am Arrive at New Philadelphia by 5 p m. VIRGINIA. Ftom lit July, lS3d, to 30lA Juns, 1M9. 3312 From \N ater Lick to Burner's Spriogs, 13 milea and )<ack.aix times a week fr<>m Ut July to 3-th September and once a we?k the residue of the year. Leave \> aier Link Tue.'dsj at 11>* a m, or af ter arrival of oars Arrive at Burner's Springs by 3H p m Leave Hurner'a Springe Tueaday at 6>* a m A rrive at Water Lick by 9>t a iu Dai y, except Sunday, during aame hours, from 1st July toSPth Septemtier. 5313 From Woodstock, by Saumavibe, to Mount Olive. 0 inile* and hank, onoe a week. Leave Woodstock Wednesday at 3 p m Arrive at Mount Olive by 6 p m Leave Mount Olive Wedneaday at 12m Arrive at Woodatock t?y 2 45 p m 5314 From ijincaaterC. H. to Merry Point, 5 miles and baok, twice a week. Leave Lancaster C. H. Wednesday and Satur day at 4 d in Arrive at Merry Point by C p m Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m A rrive at Lancaater C. H. by 2 p m. 5315 From Norfolk, hy York town, to King and Queen C. H.t 108 milea and heck, once a week. Bidderswill propose a achedule of departuroa and arrivals. 5316 From William's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to North End, 6J? miles and hack, twice a w*ek Leave William's Wharf Tuesdav and Satur day immediately after arrival of Norfolk ma. I say 2 p in Arrive at North F.nd by 4 p 111 Leave North Kud Tuetday and Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at William's Wharf by II a m. 5317 From Concord, by Spanish Oak a, to Oakville, 12 miles and lock, once a week. Leave Cenoord Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Oakville bv 5 p m Leave Oakville Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Conoord by 12 m Prop isala for a seoond week'y trip, and to end ronteat Spanish Oaks will Ge considered. 5318 From Rowleaburg, by Wolf Cre??k, Furinton, and Licking Creek, to St. George. 23 miles and back.oooe a week. Leave Rowlesburg Wedneaday at 5 a m Arrive at St. Georre by 12 m Leave St. George Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Rowlesburg t?v * p m. 5319 From St. George, by Holly Meadows and Red Creek, to Dry Fork, 30 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Si. George Thuraday at 6 a m Arrive at D17 Fork by 6 p m Leave Dry I- ork Frioay at 6 a m Arrive at St. George by fi p m. O?o From St. George, by Laurel llill,(loaal name.) to Meadow villa, 15 inilee and ba?k, onoe a week. Leave St. George Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Meadowville by 12 m Leave Meadowville Thuraday at 1 p m Arrive at St. George bv 6pm 5321 From Point Ple*?an[. by Angerona. to Jackoon C. H..80 milea and back, onoe a week. Leave Point Pleaaant Thureoay at 7 a m Arrive at iaokaon C. H, by 6 p m Leave Jaokson C H Friaavat7am Arrive at Point Pleaaant by 6 p m. 539 From Buffalo to Jackeoo C. H? 3n milea and baok, onoe a week. Leave Buffalo Wednesday at6am ^rrive at Jackson C H. by 7 p m eave Jackson C. H. Tuesday at 6a m Arrive at bullalo by 7 p m. 53? From New California, b* Wm. Gandees. Plat Fork. Elijah Leforoe's, and New Kentack. to Siseunville, 36 miles and baok. onoe a week. Leave New California Tneaday at 6 a rn Arrive at Sisaonville by 6 p m Leave Siaaonville Wednesday at C a m Arrive at New California bifpm. 5394 From Estllnhe to Stony Creek 13 milea and hack, onoe a week. Leave Estillville Monday at a a m Arrive at Stony Creek by 12 m Leave Stony Creek Monday at 1 9 m Arrive at Eatilhrille by 5 p m. 4 NORTH CAROLINA. Prom July I, le?6, to J tin* 3U, 1339 9tm F rom Durham, bv Jimms'a Mill, Ornnge Far Mry' .Rouod jhllv DmT? Creek, and Red Mountain, to South Lowall. and haek, twice Le*re Durham Taeedav and Fnday at 7K a ? Arrive a? South Lowell by 4>k ? m Leave Soath Lowell WeaneMlay iutd Saturday ?tTam Arrive at Durham by 4 p m. mm Front Cuapel Mill, by FaariRgton'e Mill. Aea Higgshae's store, Thoa. B. Farren'a, Manly Snipe's, and White Cr*?ea. to Chapel H II, equal to 18 mi'ee and hack, onoe a week. 1 eave Chapel Hill Matarday at Sa m Arrive at Chapel Hill by ? p m. WW From Manolia, by Dre?dm and Preeeott. to Sock fish, 34 miles end laok, oaoe a week. I^eave Macnolia Friday at tf a m Arrive at Ro kfceh by 6 p m l eave Roekish Sat rda? at 7a m Arrive at Magnolia l>* 5 p m. Proposals to omit Dresden and perform the round tnpMOMday, wm be ousgifcred. t * . . ? . i * Mil l?i M Fnm Cli*tot.b|fTi;ior'i Kort,amiNiadlMk Lwnthatos Kndar itSm imnitlwnU'iMorikri}. Leave lUrrei: ? More Froay ai ? p m Arrive at CljntoE by It p m. ?P rrow LuMviKt, be Ha i ley's Fwf.ti i^sttciahra.yj iday it(H?n frrive at Kook>a<h?iii by 1* ??re Reck ingham F nday at Arrive at Lileevylle by a m. ?1 Prom Aimrt Mill, to J? ton Plank K<?a, > SI males mm! " . L"v? Troy Wednesday atUn Arrive at Page's by % p m m Leave Pace's Thursday at t*am,or on arrival of HigkFomt Mai! Arrive at Troy l?y tH p m Proposal, f<tr ao additioi al vmIIi tnp are aa mad. SOUTH CAROLINA. Frew JmJy I, Is-tK. ie Hi i860 ?173 Frura Andereoa C. H., by Piarae Town Esaa' 1tr.8AUovB.CaurulMwou.atMi Mulwaoa. up Ai dcrson C. H., equal to It nulae and ta'-k. once a week. Leave Andareoo C. H Tburwdav attain Arrive at Andereoa H. by a p m. <174 Frosn And?n<>n C. H.. K* \ arennes and Leve1 l*and, to Ablieville C. H.. 31 milea aad kant. oooe a vwk. Leave Anderson C. H. Wednesday at Sam Arrive at Abbeville C. II. by 7 ? m L?a\e Alibevilie C. H. Thursday at ? a m Amat Amleraoa C. H. by 7 p m. SI7A Kn-m Horse Shoe. by Heily Senngs, Ltwi Creek and Cherokee. to Ciaytoa, St., f7 nilee and hack. oooe a weak. Leave Hurts fki* SeturUa> at t a re Arnveat Clayton by 6 p m J.eave Clayton Fridas attain Arrive at Horse Shoe be f a m ?176 From Pickens i:. H? be Cr??w Creak, \pdwf - site's >1 ill*. Hook Mountain. 1 ar>.e Hock. Table Mountain. and South Saiud, to Qrr^u viUa. Sh miles and back.or.oe a weak. Leave 4'ickens C. H. 1'uawday at I p m frrive at Greecvil'e next day by f p m eave Greenville Monday at 6a m Arrive at Pickens C. II. next day by It a. GFOROIA Ft Bm /afyl, l-.V- to Jun* tt9fi 6837 From Amerioua, br Danville, to l>raytoa. milea and btck.twioe* ae?k. J .cave Atuerious Tu??dav a**l Friday at*a in Arrive at L) a>ton (?> in m Leave Drayton Tuesday and Fr.dnyat I p in \rytTe at Aiaeriewe f>y It p m. <5533 From Athens, b? Planter's stand. Fort Lani*'. t'a.ataville. Aumlla. Parker's Store. ? air C., a-d Pownville, to Pendleton. Tn ? mile* aud buck, t Miee limes a week Leave Athrna Moudsy. Wedneaday aud Fri day at 12 m Arrive at Pendleton next daya bv * p m Leave Pendleton Monday, Wedneeday and Fridav at 12 m Arrive at Athena neat daya tnfipin Proposals Iv run bv a d liferent schedule will b? onnnde-ed. 653# From Ciaiktville, by Nnooocbae, Mountain So*-ne, Ifiwaaaee. N. C.. a?d Peach Tree, to Mmphey. ttf milea and back, twice a we? k. Leave Claikaville Wednesiay and Satmiay at I pin Arrive at M urpli*y next day a I9 ? p m Leave MurthM Tii?*ada* and I ntlar at6 a in Arrive at Clarkavillr next da? k by l5 m. 6# Fiom Covington, ly Kocky Flaina and Snap fin* Sboala, to B^rahrba, is mil?*a and t?ok. wiee a week. Laaee Coviacton Tneaday and Fridav at I? m Arrivert Brraliel* ba S p ni Leave Btrabeba Tue dat a?d Friday at H m Arrive at Covin?ti iihT ilani. ^541 From Lumpkin. t>y Floienoe. to CrlaBOVil.a. Ala.,3d mil ea and baek. once a week. Leave Lumpkin Toaedae at 8 a n? Arrive at Gleunville b* 4 p m Leave G etinvilie Wedneada* at 8 a m Arrive at Lumpkin by 4 p in. bide for an additional trip per weak Till be considered. 6S4J Fr m Newnan to Weedowee, Ala., asmileeaad back, onoe a weak. Leave N>wnaa Tbureday at 7a m Arrive at Weedearee next dav by 12 m 1 e^ve Woedowee F riday at 1 p an Arrive at Newnan next ear by ? p m. bMS From Rocky Mount, by Holly .to Grant ville. 15 miles ana back, twice a week Leave Rooky Mount Wedneaday aad Petunia? at 9 a m Arrive at Graatville bv 12 m Leave Grantville Wednesday and Batarda? at I p m Arnveat Rocky Mount by 5p m. 6311 From the of the Brenewiok and Florida railroad weat of the Satilla river, to the terminue of the Savannah, Altany. and <? uIf railroad, weat of tfee Aitamaba river. Biddcra will atate the distanoe. name interme diate points, propoae the amount and kind of aervioe. and present a aaitabla achedaieof departiTrcs and arrival*. FLORIDA. /Ve?n July 1, 183b, te /ear 30, I0H 6880 From Orange Sprinca. to Fleming ton. 38 nu!ea aud back, one a week. I^ave Oranxe Sprinns Monday at S a m Arrive at Fieminxton by 5 p m Leave Flemington Tuesday at a a m Arrive at Orange Spi inrs In 5pm Bids to erebraoe Iola will be oonaidered. INSTRUCTIONS. Containing ronditiont to b* ttarerperefed ?? rka contract* te tke ezttnt the drpartmrnt may deem proper Seven minutes arc allowed to eaok intermediate office, when not otherwiae specified, for openinf aad examining the mane. No pay will t?e tnad* for trips not performed ; and for each of anch omissions not aati-fbotorily ex plained, three tunea the pay of tb* trip may lie de ducted. For arnvmla e<> far Iwhind time aa to breek oonnt-xion with depending mails, and not rufboient ? I) excuaed. on- lour b of the oompenaatioa lor ike trip is subject to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency t<e promptly am aatiafactori r explained by certiboatee uf puitmastei t. or the afTidavita of other ortdiltle peraons. for faiune to arrive in contract time, for neKieoting to take the mail Ipto or deliver u iiito a poat office: for autienux it to be wet, inured, de atroyed. robbed, or 1 jat. Tee Poatioarter General may annul Iheoontraot for repeated failures to run agreeably to oontraot. for violating the poat office law a, or diaol>eying the instructions of the department; for refusing to dis charge a aarrier when requested bv the Department to do so; for aasigning the oor.traoi without tiie aa sent of the Poat master Generator for tranaporting peraona or packages oonveying mailable matter out of the mail. . . , The Postmaster General may order an inoreaae of aervioe on a route by almwing therefor a r? increase on the ooiitract pay. He may ohange ache dules ofdepartnrea and arrival* in all oaaaa.and par ticutarlr to make tbem oontorm to oounexions ? ith railroads, without mcreaai of pay, provided taeiua mng time be not abridged. He mat aiso order an in crease of speed, aiiowmg, within the restrictions of the law. a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or earners, if any. The contractor may, bow ever. 111 the ease of increase of speed, relinqui h ilM? contract tn giving prompt n??tiee to tlie department that he prefer* doi??g ao te earrving tlienrtler into effect. The Pstlasster tiencra" 11.ay also curtail or diacmitinua the service, in ? hole or in part, at pro rata <ifcreaae ol pay. alb wing one moutb'a extra oompena.itmn on tlie amount dispensed wdh. wLen ever. in his op'.oton. the public intere'ts do not re ?iuire tae aaine.or in oiac he deaires to supersede it bv "different grade of trair-poitation. Pay menta will be made for the service by collee ttons from.or draftso*. p< stuutsteis, ornther?i?e. a'ter the expiration of each quarter? aay m Fatwa ar>. MavgAugust,aad November. Thediatanoesare fiven accnrdire tothel?eft in formation- but no increased pa? will l>e allowe-t should they begrcator than advert ist d. it the points to be supplied M correctly elated. Biddrrt mw*t inform thtmselrts on th i? ptml, Biddcra are request??d to use. aa far as practice ble, the printed form of pinporals forrished by tlie I>epartm?nt, to write out in full the sum of their bid*, and to retain oopiea of them. Kach bid must lie gtarantied l<? two reaponul a persons. General cu.vautecs cannot be admitted The bid should be seale?l; aupert-cril>ed "Mail Proposals, State of ." add reaped S*ms4 As siatant Poetmaster Gereral, i'oaitraet Office, and sent by mi</, not by or toauaireni; aud pustmaa ters will not enclose proposals (or letters of any kind) in their quarterly returns. The oontraeta are to l?e executed and returned tn the Department by or before the 1st of Aaguat. MM, but the aervioe muet be oommenoed on tha 1st J uiy, or the text niiul da* thereafter, whether the con tracts be executed or not. Srotion It of an act of Congress, approved March 3.1.14S.provides that (Mnitracta for the transportation of tne mad sha.l l>e Irt "in every aaee to the I?eat bidder tendering sufficient guarantees for faithful performance, without ?>lh?r reference to the mode of such transportation *han may lie neoeaaary to provide for the due celerity, certainty and security of suoh transporfation.*' I'nder this law a near de scription of bid hj* Iteeii received, ft does not spe oify a mode of oonveyancc, but enga?ea to take the entire mail each trip with oeierit*. certainty, at>d security, uaing the terms of the law. These bida are styled, from the manner 1a winch they ared-aig nated on the tiooks nf the Department. "?tar bids." and the* will be construed aa providing for the oo?i vevanoe of the entire trail. *etr>r>r Immr, arvl srkeierrr mat ht tkr mod* ntett$mrp t* 1 mjwrt us "celerity, etr a 1 n 1 n, and teruri'p." In all cases where the lowe t grade of sart is believed tofibe sufficient, the lowest bid will be ac nested, if duly guarantiao, in preferenoe to a "tut' or speciac bid hen the lowest bid la not a star bid.and *peeifte? either no mode or an iaad'?uers mode of eonve> anes. it will not l?e accepted, but set aMde for a ape eifie^bid proposing the necessary service. When the bid does not specify a niO'te of Oonvet ance; alao, when it aropoaea tn aarrv **aeo>>rdirif to the advertiaement," but Without aach specification, it wilt be oouaidered as a arop?wal for horacback ser vice. P?>?tmaatera are to he e-reful n??t to certify tha sufficiency of guarantora ??r sureties with?mt know 1 tig tt at thry are persona of sufficient re*pot?iin jt y; and sII butdeis, guaraniora. ai-d sureties are dia' tmctly notified that, on the failure to enter in'n or perform the contracts for the aervice proposed for in the ancepted bid?, tbeir legal liabilities will be en forced agamat them. Present oontrac'ora.and persona known at the de part men f, iiius', equally wita others. pro<r ie guitr *nt ?ra and eertibcttes of their Miffi'-iene* suliataiiti ally in the forma al>ove praaeril>Md. The eertiho>to? of suffic ency inuat be aignod I.) a poatruaoter or a ju Jge of a court of reoord r M , _ AARON V. BROWN. fe 4-law4wT Piwtwi'tsr i;sner?i. BItlOHJLV'S ANAL\TICAL DIOK^r OF the Lawaof the Laited States from the Coa constitution ap to the end of the Thirti fourth Coacreaa. "l ae text given in the worda of the status boo* , ?a*y.^"" arrmn**^ alpUalietioaily aad analyti "And the notes taeiude tha deeiaatooa of all the Coarta, both Stale and Federal lu Win oh th* oon st ruacioa of the Stat ue I aw or the T'aited Statee aae i>een the aahjeet of adjad<cet .oa. as well ae those of the head* of tne Kxsootive Dep^rtniebt> " Coten 1 ste in one volume of l.lqn liu-ge and aloaeiy srintad oatavo pagaa. full taw o.ading. Prior f6. Just pnb.iahad. >aa *7 V ai aNC|f TkVI nm ? -s -a ? W* 1 ^ T FASHlONABLt Ptb ? Vf.MlKo. It beat aoaaea, at 61B3?'S. mm tM a llMi ptraai. Pa. ava. ? 1 r on ma * of