Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Dt 15? Dxclabatiob or W* Fabbbll ?On Tuesday sight It being announced that William Farrell. who was stabbed in tb? back by tb? B il t?m??rean, Williams, in a critical condition, Justice Dona proceeded to his bonne and took from the lipa of the young man the following statement: Farrell said?on Monday afternoon I was, with my brother, working on the Island; having coin pieted our work, we started for home in company with Kelly and Wm Kinsley, and we met a ma.i named Ferry Knight and commenced talking with him; h? invited us to drink with him Mr Knight then called a man, who was a little ahead, did not know him; be appeared to he latoxlca'ed; went to the Vulcan House, when two young men came In; one spoke to the stranger and called him Peter; J thought they were acquainted Fete asked him (the man) to drink; r did not like them; he wanted to bet Fete I'JU on a horse race; not liking their appearance, I called the man Fete out. and asked him if he knew them ? He said yes 1 then toid him it wa< all right, as I thought they were sharpers Tben Pete said he did n t know them 1 asked him If he had much money' He said yes, he bad SUo. I then told him ae bad better take care of it, or give it to some person to take care of for him. He then bailed an omnibus and got on It and went towaid Capitol Hill. Williams then came out of the bouse, and called him. He observed that he would be back directly; but he did nof return Williams tben came out and asked Perry Knight if be wa? a good Democrat? He mid no. Mr. Kinsley then spoke up. and asked h'm what be wan ed to know for, as it was none of his busi ness* Williams went to Donnelly's door and beckoned for his friend, and then walked out and struck Kinsley in the face with his fist I tben struck Williams. Then the other one drew a pistol; I followed him up. and wrested the pis tol from him; about which time 1 was stabbed. *?.nd went Immediately to Giiman's drug s?ore, and sent to Dr Boyle's Did not see the knife, as it was taken by my brother The man who drew the pistol presented it at me, but bad not time to rock It, as I Immediately clutched him, threw him down, and took it from bim 1 struck William* before the man drew the pistol; 1 struck him Immediately after be struck Kinsley. MlAD'a "Kxcobd>*3 Aioil The early risers of B.atileboro', Vermont, were startled Nrw ^ ear's morn. 1?57, by the radiant appari tion of a crystal statue of colossal size, standing, In serene and majestic beauty, at the meeting of two thoroughfares They gathered In admira tio . snd astonishment about the glittering won der, and scanned with delight its accurate a:.d jc'rarefisl proportions The noble face wore an expression of intense and thoughtful attentirn ? an expression as if a calm and comprehensive wisdom was recalling and balancing all the events of history The drapery lav in easy, well defined folds tipon its bieast, and Bowed down to the feet in classic, simplicity A distinguished editor, uewly returned from bis wanderings In tne climes of finished art, came with the rfst to admire and wonder at the " Snow Statue," for it was in fact mould>d of snow and water, which, during the night, bad hardened into Arm ice The traveler could not be persuaded that the idea was conceived and wrought out in a single night by a youth of nineteen and uniti.strncted In the sculptor's art. lie saw the scroll of record in the left Land, and the style in the right, dropping at the side, not entirely at rest, but pausing for the coming eveut, and he said " It is a masterly sta tue of History " So near did the Snow Statue explain itself that he called It History," and another, who was eoually uncertain what the artist Intended to symbol, pronounced It44 Mem ory " Young Mead himself thought of the Re- | cording Angel of the closing year when he moulded that mature and solemn air of undying recollection. Nicholas hon^worth. of Cincinnati?a name that carries with it thoughts of patriotic utilitv Jtntl !1Vw*ral aid to HnolxTVHj talent?wrote to Mr M^ad to execute a smaller copy of his woik in marble, and supplied the means to do so. This !il?eral act has endowed America with another artist; for, when the work was finished and placed at his disposal, hedirected it to be brought to \Y a?h ington for sale, and the proceeds handed ever to the young sculptor to aid him in execu ting new works. Mr. Mead's friends recommend the sale of the statue by raffle, and it Is now lemnvrd from tbe Rotunda of tbe Capitol to Taylor & Maury's bookstore, .'Ml Pennsylvania avenue, where it is on exhibition, and tbe books oi>en for subscrip tion to tickets. . Sc*bk*e CorBT ? WW?,vf#y -R Biddte Roberts, K.sq , of Pennsylvania, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No 45 Kugene Leitensdorfer et ah, plaintiffs lu error, ej. James J Webb. In error to tbe Su preme Court of tbe Territory of New Mexico. Mr. jH'Uice Laniel delivered the opinion of tbe Court, affirming the judgment of the said Su preme Court in this cause, with cost* and inter est No 5 Adolpbus Durant, appellant, vs Samu el Lawrence et al Appeal fiom tbe Circuit Court of the I nited States for the district of Massachu setts Tbe decree of tbe said Circuit Court in this canse affirmed, with costs. No 41. The Covington Draw Bridge Compa ny. plaintiffs in error, e? Alexand-rO Shepherd et al. In error to the Circuit Court of the united States for the district of Indiana. Mr Chief Jus tice Taney delivered the opinion of tbe Court, af firming the j-idgment of the sa'.d Circuit Court In this cause, with costs ar.d interest. No 49 Jacob I*. Payne et al , plaintiffs in er ror. r? Jonathan J. Nile* et al. In error to the Circuit Court of the L'riited States for the eastern district of Louisiana Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, dismissing this cause, witb costs No 3d George W Watterson, plaintiff In er ror, t * Andrew M. Payne. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the eastern district of Louisiana Mr. Chi?-f Justice Taney deliv ered tbe opinion of the Court, affirming the jud ' mentof the" said Circuit Court iu thts cause, with cost and dimiges at the rate of ten per cent per annum No. Irs7. Tne l.'nited S'ates, appellants, rj. Charles Foosaf The argument of this cause was commenced bv Mr Giliet for the appellants, and continued by Mr. Bayard for the appellee Ad ourned. Washi*?to* Thbatbi ? F.x eedmgly well d.d Miss Moiant perform the difficult part of *? Meg Mernles," in Guy Mannering, last night Since her last appea'ance in this city, at the Na tional. she has quite apparently studied hard, and is certain, we think, to place her name high among theatrical celebrities, should she persevere with the same assiduity lu perfecting herself in the laborious details of her calling The '? Dandle Dnrnont'" of Mr Dawson was also an exceedingly c 'editable performance a* was also the "Dominie Sampson ' of Mr Whiting Mr. Dawson as ?? S^lim Pettibone," in the Kiss in the Dark, was Irresistibly comic To-night we have tbe admirable Comedy of the ??I.ove Chas^." with the parts allotted thus : Constance, Miss Fanny Moiant; Lvdia, Mrs Stoneall ; The Widow Green, Mrs H. P Grat tan , Pbrebe. Miss C Carman; Master Wildrak-, .Mr J M. Dawson; Master Waller, Mr J B Howe; Sir Wm Fondlove, Mr. D WhiUug Tiiifwouh, Mr C Howard; Neville, Mr. Jl. Whit tag, Humphries. Mr. Tree; Lash, Mr. Newton The perfonnance concludes with the ioili< king of the "Maid of Minister," in which Mi?s Morant takes the part of Kate O Bri en, and gives a recitation from he* Horaces in imitation of Rachel. To-morrow ni>?hl, the benefit of Miss Morant, a<td on Saturday night, that of Mr J. B Howe A VDscioi* Robert ?About C o'clock this mwiuing. as .Mr llaoey, tbe pilot of tbe steamer Powhatan, was walking to his residence after tbe arrival of the steamer at her wharf, be no ticed that he wis followed by two men, wbo . d.?gi.'?d his f>ofsteps, gaining rapidly upon him. and finally they came so close that Mr. II made up his mtlid to widr-n the gap betweeu them by ?farting into a tun. Before he could put his in tention into execution be was struck on tbe back of the bead ?>v a slung shot and knocked sense less Reviving In an instant, he began to cry for help, but one of the rnffim* drew a pistol, and placing it to his head, told him to hush instant ly, or l.e would blow his brains out. They then compelled bun to deliver bl< pu'se, which luckily contan?-d but ?S.Vl. Tbe roblier> th-n took to their heels, making good their retreat Mr H thinks these fellows came up from Aouia Creek as passengers on the Powhatan last night, and noticing that he wa? alone and fan* ying that l?e was possessed of a large sum of money, fol lowed, hoping to make a big haul. Due of the fellows was tall and slim and apparently accus tomed to the business doing bis uefariout wo k with the dispatch and dextei ity of a professor i ue other villain was a small man. and wore a tigLt fitting knit skull cap KisaL Hkabixo m thi Riotxbs.?Last even ing tbt parties arrested for }.a*tlcipation in the not Saturday night, when young Rawtings was killed, appeared before Justice Donn, to have a final bearing The evidence having been previ ously given l?efore the Justice, a lengthy exami nation was unnecesaarv. and tbe derision was that James Rayan and Patrick Barry were each held to bail in SI.UMi to appear at Court; Ailoi* phua Krb and Win. Hussey, *.S4i each. and Au gustus Heisler, SJuU All to appear at the Msicb term. ?? Tmb Bc*t.x?^cx CoxPA^raredispensing mirth and choice masic most lavishly at Odd Fellows' Hall. To-night Mr. Wardeu will give bis In imitable I ml tat loo of Miss Cbatlotte Cushman, as "Meg Merriles." and also his burlesque on the Italian Opera I* thi Ciaccir Cottar the case of Van Ria Wick ?J. Van Kiswick, Wdlla~b. and Ryington, which has been up for two day* past, was re sumed this morning, aad was atill pending when lh.* report cloned. CMfM Makekt ?Aa usual la the Utter part of winter, tbe attendance of country dealer* at the city taarkeU begin* to drcIlM. The aupplv to-day wan, however, of good quality. At the acale-honae a line lot of pork w*? offered, the prices ranging from (7J0 to |8JO per 100 lb* The hay market wai rery well attended, but aale<? were dull, the price# were 90c. to 91.10 per cwt The fl?h aland* were not all occupied, and tbe demand light. Tbe price* In the aheda were for? Beef, fresh, pr lb. 10a15 Pork ? ??????????? lOali Mutton IS Lamb.prqr 75al 00 Sausage, pr lb.... \i% I.ard 12 Veal 1*115 Beef tongues 5tla75 Calves he?d?,each 25a37 Bacon 12a 15 Shoulders IDal'i Breast piece* .... 12a 15 Dried beeP. 18 Chickens, pr pair 50a?I Corned ulaioa... 15 Herring, per do*.. 20a.1l Terrapin*, earh... 37 lriah potatoe*. pk 37*50 Sweet potatoe*, pk 75 Corn, pr bush.... 55a70 Dried peaehe#,qt..l2alS do. apples, pk.. 50 Roll butter 25a31 Phll'a print 40 Honey, per lb .... 45 Onions, per pk... 40 Cabbage, pr head. 8al2 Apples, pk.????*.. 37i'5 Be?t*, per bunch. 3 Carrot* 2 Celery 5a8 Turnip*, per pk .. 20 Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Tin key, each... 75a?2 50 Wild turkeys.... ?2 Pheasant*, pr...f lal 50 Geeae, each 75aSl Rabbits, each.... lMa25 Squirrels, each... 12 Ducks?Canvas... S2 Mallards 75 ? -? - - Corn, ear,pr bush 37a4u Beans, pr bush.... M1 Red Nttka! 75 Rye, pr bush 80 Shufflers . 50a62 2*t?- 40a45 Meal 85aW Shorts 20a*>5 Shi pat tiff* not,?' Kgsrs. per do*.... I5al6 Widgeons 50*62 Shad, per pair f I *5 Rock, per bunch.. fr. do targe ,...SIaS2 50 Perch, bunch 77 Th* WitTRti.?Range of the thermometer trom Thursday noon, F??b 19, to this morning : Morning Noon. Night Thursday ? 25? 32? Fridiy 28? 28 ?4 Saturday 22 34 28 Sunday 10 38 38 Monday ..32 32 28 Tuesday- 18 28 28 Wednesday. 13 24 26 Thnrsdav ..18 ? ? Remark*?Feb 18th?snow ; 19th??now fell all dav; 20th? snow, but cleared off at end; 21*t?>barp frost, colder, cloudy, slight rain at end. milder; 22d?? iondv- cold and raw; t?Td? fine, much colder; 24th?fine, and much colder; 25th?lightly cloudv, sharp frost. Full moon Saturday, Feb. 27, between 4 and 5 p m B. Gsohgsiows, D C., Feb 25, I85B. Some Sia?LtTo\, writing to the Baltimore Re publican, over the signature of "Colorado," says: ??In a fl<?ht Situ relay night between the "Sni pers" and '?Hibernians,'* on Massachusetts ave nue, several persons were wound'd aid one man killed For crime, generally, Washington stands In the foremost" ranks of desperate ci ties '? This is refresh I nglv cool, considering the fart that nineteen-twentieth* of the rowdyism heie is tbe overflowing surplu*ago of the God-forsaken city of Baltimore. Corht of Claim*.?Yesterday, Judge Black' ford delivered tbe opinion of the court In the caae of Oliver Dubois, adverse to the claim. Judge Scarburgh delivered a very elaborate opinion in the case of Jonas P Levy.the testi mony being very voluminous, adverse to the claim. Adjourned. Tub Tlc*? Jtry?The Court met at 10 o'clock tbi* nio'ning, and a messenger being sent to ?he Ogle jury, returned with the intelligence that tliey were no nearer an agreement than yesterday; and. accordingly, the Court adjourned toto-mor row at 10 o'clock, a in. Washimuton I.ioht Iheaktrv.?ThedrilTof this company on the Square, commanded by Cap tain J Y. Davis, was admired by all who saw It, and Warner's Brass Band, which attended it, re ceived Its meed of praise ?Richmond Diipatrk. Police Rkpobts ?The police officers making their returns to tbe Chief of Police, returned 97 cases for the week endifig last Saturday: 1st Ward. 8 cases; 2d. 22; 3d, 27; 4th, 15; 5th, 7; 8th, 2; 7th, 8. Total 87. To-morrow is tbe day fixed for the execution, at Alexandria, of Jenny, the colored woman con victed of the number of her mistress. Mrs. Hall. Tbe execution will take place in the jail yard. Rial F.htate ?On Monday last, A. Green, auctioneer, sold part of lot No 6 In square 519. with the improvements?two frame dwellings? for $1,145 Purchaser, N. A. C. Smith. Gavx Bail.?This motnlng. Martin King was arrested for being present at the riot on Saturday night, by officer Irvin. He gave bail in 8300 to appear at court. The speeches of Senator Hunter and Governor Wise, at the inauguration of the Equestrian Sta tue of Washington at Richmond on Monday last, were equal to the best speeimens of ancient and modern eloquence. Call at Philbrick's Gift Bookstore. 476 Pennsylvania avenue, and buy the wo.ks of the great orators that you may make the comparison. Valuable presents thrown in. It Watch Returns.?H. J Jones, Pa, drunk; fine and costs, S4 19. Twenty-six lodgers?aii non-residents. There is a tide in the affairs of men, and ao it is with Lager. At this time the tirte run* to Fmkick's, whose reputation as a caterer of good things drink able is now unsurpassed. It* Drs. Hcnter 4 Williams, P hjnaam for Distate$ of Throat and Lunt', 52 iNorth Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williams will visit Washington on the >2th and ?Hh of each mouth. The next ruit will be on Monday, March 1st. Ofhc* ?? Pennaylvan.a avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store. ? fe 2S St MARRIED. On the 23d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Cummins, Dr. C. P. CU I.VKR, of Georgia, to Miss LOUISA E? eldesr daughter of W. M Morrison, of this city. DIED, At I o'clock on the mominz of the 24th instant, MlCllAKL ll'HAUK. a?eJ U year*, a native of the county t'lnr . Ireland, but for the last 2a years a resnlunt of this city. His lunerai will take place on This (Thursday) Afternoon, at SJ* o'clock, from his residence, oorner of 2d street, Isiand. * On the ZSth mutant, KM.MA, daughter of Benj. B. and Su?an J. iieall.aged 5 yeara, 4 months, and 1?> da) s. < Winchester, Virginia, papera please oopy.l On the 5fh instant, JOIIN II. A. WILSON, iu the Xtii year of bis IIm funeral will take To morrow.< t'riday) the Xth, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence aerosa the Eastern Branch. * Not losi.hut goue before, on the24tliinstant, Mrs. MAKY M. I'O W KKs, wife of Jauias Power*, aged years. Her funeral will take pla<te from No. 2S.J ?' street, at 2 o'clock To morrow. The friends of the family are respectfully luvited to attend. * At her residence in Hoboken, New Jersey, on the 15th tnstnnt. Mrs MARY S.CHILTON, reliot of the late <>e<>rce t'hiltou, of New York, and mother of K. S. Chilton, Kaq.( of this city. SWOLP&S CHFIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS is presuritied with great sucoesa hy the Medical Fao alty n< (iravel, Gout, Chrome Rheumatism, Drop . sy. Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, IwiUe^uate Assimilation of Food, aud exhausted Vital F.nergy; aud as a beverage it haa no auperior in the worid. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all tbe l>iutgists and Grooera in Wasningtou. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer aud Manufacturer, No?. 18, in. and 22. Beaver street. New York. <tei<I? tin Y~^l M PORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT k b b b b b MfrSSRS. HOOF.. BRO A CO.. respectfully announoe to the Ladies of \Y&s.hi"?ton. that, in response to the urgent and earnest solicitation* of a large nemher ofihdir cu to ner*, the* have succeeded in eneotint an arnuiremeaf with the ownera i?f the Splendid Cousirmnxiit of hll.KS AN L) SI LK DR ESS FABRICS. from New V ork, by which thi* I'ne^ualled aeaortment CHOICE AND DF.SIRARLE NOVELTIES w*ll remain ou sale for A Few Dat* Lo.iuer. Tin* l.adie*o| \Vs?hmg'onand v.cinity will there fore haveanot ertl ut m?it poaitivrly the a*t l op portunity of *e*ee inc from t hia superb stock of Flounced and Aquille Silk Robes, Black >tlk Velvet, ^lain amt Mgured Black Silks, l>e I Allies, Cashmeres and Mertnoe. Poplins and Va'esc as. Kid Glov a. Grenadine Robes, Ae., Jto. Ac HOOE, BROTHER * CO.. PE!(!?*VLVAH1A Avmci, f^ 22 betweeo W h and <Hh ate TVOTICE.-A eiter mai ed in thia citjr oatae llth IN tnatant. to tbe add re** of Lemtnoa* Urogden. Baltimore oovering "ote drawn by oa>*elTe? to our <>wn order aud eudoraed at J jnonthe, 5 h February, IK* for 7D, payable at tbe eoanring-rooiii of Lernmon * Mrotden, Baltimore, he ring fhiled to reach its destination, all partiee are hereby <mui '"Sa 7 "*?"1i3K*i!5s'? BE MM KB, egOEQlTOWJ APYKlTimrTB. WANTED-A tidy. smart WOMAN to Cook. Wash, aad Iron for a small family. Inqatreat thia otto*, or ooraerof West and Montgomery iU., Georgetown. fog?* A DISCOURSE will be delivered in Church. Georgetown. on next SABBATH MORNING, at 10 o'clock, by the Re*. B. A. Ma o oik a, President of the Georgetown College, and a ouileotion taken up for the relief of the neeeeeitoaa Mtiio are reapeotlully invited to attend. P Q^A J a ?t arrived, 2,(#o bushels Nora Maaaaaoit, i OTATOKS ?Jait arrived. LOH) bushels Nora Sootia WHITE MERCERS, per aohoneer saaaoit, and for aale in lota to auit purchaaera. , _ PETER BERRY, J* 22 as Water street. Georgetown. R EDUCING STOCK?CHEAP FOR CA9Ur JOHN H. SMOOT. A'o. 119 End ft strut. Georgetown, D. C within* to reduce hiflstook aa owaa possible by the lat of March, will aell from this date every descrip tion ot WINTER GOODS at reduced pnoea (or caah. Fanoy Colored Dreaa Silka, printed Moualine Delainea, Merino. Plaida and Poplins, French Merinoa, Shaw I a^Scarfa will be sold at a VERY GREAT REDUCTION on former prioes. Piompt ouatomera supplied upon the usuai terms. Thoae hanus Battled tnoir Bills rendered to lat instant, he tenders his grateftil ac knowledgements and will be under many obligations to all a ho have not. to do ao by oash or note at their earliest convenience. Jaujl J. H. SMOOT. FINK ALES.?We respectfully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last sue oeeded in having a larse quantity of ALES of vari oas kinds brewed expressly to our order, whieh we will guarantee to be the hneat and the largest vari ety that waa ever offered in this market. AM persona wishing a nice artiole of Ale oan have it by applying to us for either ofthe following brands, ?is. Kennett. Barton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and X X. We also have a fin* artiole of Brown Stout and X X Porter aiwaya on hand. All ordera by mail, or given to our drivers. will l?e attended to. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green street, jl 17 d Georgetown, D. C^_ NM. RIP PEL. ORTH aide of Market Space, No. ifl, between Bridge and Canal streeta,Georgetown./ aurounees to eia patrons that at hu'v< RESTAURANT may be found at all times the choicest and most excellent assortment of I.IOUORS, tlie freshest OYSTKRSand all kind* of GAME in season. Meals aerved at all hours and at the usual prices, jan 4 in; OFFICIAL. Trra*0ry Department, February 12,1 KM. Notice is hereby civks that sealed proposals will be received at this office until the fifteenth day of March proximo for the issue of any portion, or the whole, of five millions of dollars in treasury notes in exchange for gold coin of the United States deposited with the treasurer of the United Statea, the treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia, the treas urer of the branch mint at New Orleans, or the as sistant treasurers at Boston. New Vork, Charies ton.orSt Louis, within ten days from the acctpt ance of such proposals, ur.der the authority of the act of Congress entitled *'An act to authorze the is'ueof treasury notes." approved the 23d Decem ber, 1367. The treasury notes will lie issued upon the receipt here of certificatea ofdep >aitc with those officers to the crrfd t of the treasurer of the Unted Slates, They will be made payable to the order of such bid der or bidders aa shall to make sueh exchange at the lowest rate of interest, not exceeding six per centum per annum, and will carry such rate fiom the date of the certificate of such deposite The proposals must state the rate of interest with out condition and without reference to other bids, and contain no other fractional rites thanone fourth one half or throe fourths of one per centum. Five per centum of the amount proposed to be exchanged must be deposited with one of the treasury officers above enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must aoooinpany each proposal, aa aecunty for its fulfilment. If the proposal ia not accepted, imme diate directions will be given to return such depoa ite. Should the proposals l>e variant from the pro visions of the act of Congres, or of this notice, they will not be considered. All proposals under thia notice must be sealed and nscribed on the outside "Proposals for Treasury Notes." They will be opened at thia department at 12 o'clock m., on the said fifteenth day of March. HOWELL COBB, fe 12- Seoretary of Treasury. I T IS Oh NO USE. IT CANNOT BE BEAT. LEVY'S OI.D WRECK WHISKY, of 1827, challenges the world?<a big word, but toot run to be a joke>?judges from all saris say so. A ir.d h little left Also, can he four.d at his store, a| ohotce lot of other Whiskies, Wines, Brandies. Rums. Old Julup. Worniword Cordials, hue Grooeries, Tens, English. Sootoh Ale, acd Brown Stout, wholesale and retail. JONAS P. LEVY, No. 55412th and B streets north. fe 13-tf near the C^nwl. AU GASTON A CLARK, xO LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th atrset, under the Avenue House, DIALERSIS CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers Mil attention toa desirable Stock of CLo THING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, seoond door from 7th street, and aa they are determined to oloae off the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall be used in order to ple&?e their customers. In the t;LOTHi!f<? Department we can guarantee the stuok to be perfeot in poiut of durability, fit and style. beoause we make everything ourselves, and have no hesitation in saying our goods will be found lal to the best order work in the country. the various changes of fashion, parties iia i nave no hesitation in saying our goo.ia will L equal to the best order work in the oountry. Watching the various changes of fashion. may rest aa.ured of finding the latest cut and make in store, subject to their inspection and approval. $15,00" worth of Goods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auction prices, and pur chasers would do well to examine tne lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions oan be proved on ex amination. Call and see us at the above Store. fl ASTON \ CLARK. S 'TOP THAT RATTLING. Ik I am now prepared to put on " Chapman's Elastic Anti-Rattling Shaft Fastener." a sure, armp remedy for the rattling of the shaft-clipsKacjSflR; of Carnages and Wagons, whioti oan be^Mr - IP put on at a small expense. Call and examine at my Factory, where I have oer'.ihcvites from the leading Coachnmkers in tne oountry. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10 tf corner 14th and F. sts. BRIGHTLEVS DIGEST OF THE LaWSot the I'uited states from 17?? to IHS7?the text given in the words of the Statue Book, the matter arranged both alphabetically and analytically:giving also the derisions of a|l the Courts, both State and Federal, in which the construction ol the statue law of the United States has l?ecn the subject of adjudi cation, as well as those of the Executive Depart ments. ?'A most convenient (took of reference for profes sional men and others."?Judge MeLtan "Cannot f til t?# b* of great utility to the lietioh and bar."?Judge Cvrtit. "Of great ut lity and convenience to many c'asses outside of the legal profession."?Govt mc r U'in? loir. " Almost indispensible to the lawyer, ai.d high!* useful to the statesman and man of buRinets. ' I(" hancellur Foxier. "Indispensible to all whoss business it is to make or administer the laws."? Judg* (tgden Hoffman. "*>reatly facilitate the latior otherwise required in the examination ofthe Uu ted Stales laws. ?-Judge Barbour "Will greatly facilitate the labor of the profession and of all who have occasion to nsccrtxin what the law is in reference to the enaotmenls of the Federal Legislature "?Judge San ford. "Will save the bench and bar an immense amount of labor."? Judge Marvin. " I he arrangement of Mr. Brightley is not only far preferable for business men. all of whom ot nave suoh a work, but is more convenient e' the profeaaion."?Judge Blair, Solicitor C Claimb. Complete in one volume of 1,063 large and c'osaly printed pagea, in full law binding: price six dollars, or by niai., postage prepaid. s?ven dollars. fe 1" FH A N<-K TAYLOR f REAT SALE OF CARRIAGES. AT COST. Toe firm of Gardner A Plane having diaaolved on the 7th instant, by mutual oonitent, to. close up their business we now offer fori sale, mt eott, at their stand. No. f&i 12th ' st reel, near the corner of C, the following Carriages: Five Buggiea, four Roeknwaya, one Four pas senger Phaeton and two Express Wagons All the altovn were made ofthe best and most tho rough seasoned lumber and built by skillful and ex penenced workmen, and will be warrnted for twelve months; a satisfactory guarantee being given with every sa e. N. B Current funds required in every instance. Alao, Hand Bugties very cheap for cash. CHAS. T. GARDNER & SON Ian 20 2tawtiw* Successors to <?ftrdner A Place PELLISS1ER PORTMANTEAUS. A New Article of Gents' Hand Bag. This splendid artiole is the me plus ultra of Traveli g F.quipiuenis. Gents will please c ill ai.d examine thia new and oonveui ut style of Traveling Bag. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO . 322 Pa avenue, bet. <Hh ami loth streets, fe&eolm IHtato?A Intel.I LADIES' TUCK, and alT aorta of COMBS, a GIBBS' Hiur Store, near 13th St., and at nit ?**1 en Room, nnrier WMHr Hotel. si de T CARRIAGES. HE Subsonber having made additions to hia Factor), making it now one of the largest^ in the District, wnere hia facilities fori manufacturing a I kinds of CAR RIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS cannot be aur passed, and from hia long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to kits general satisfaction. All kinds ol Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRSasatly done,aud all ordera prompt ly attended to. Seooud-haad Carnages taken in exohanse for sew ones. ANDREW J. JO^CE, d lft-tf corner of uth and K sts. ^CPEKIOK MEDICATED GIN.-Just rs 0 oeived, 20 cases of the celebrated I oodon Cor ? dial Gin and Invigorating

No. ?64 19th street, corner of B street north. Gro eories and l.iaaor Wo? * "? ?f nrogs-wMM. 'li'Wonuh, AUOTIO* BALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. NEW AND HANDSOME BRICK OWE!,, u-o-tforsxow L?r*rrr. BirwKM to Acctioh.?U? FRIDAY, tbe?th instant. I ?fta!l cell on tbe premise*, at 4 o'clock p. m., a new and handsome Bnck Residence, sito ated on part of Lot No. S. id Square 5?. having a front of JO f*?t on K street north, between *1 and 3d streets west, runnuit back lot* feet to a twenty - irt feet alley. The house ooatauM fou? fine large chamber*, a handsome saloon. parlor, dining room and kitchen ; ail of whiob 0i main the most modern improvements and oonr. niences. The pronrty, on account of its locality, is rapidly enhancing n value, and offers ? most favorable opportunity to persons winking to purohaee a residence or to invest. Terms: One thousand dollars cash, twelve hun dred dollar- in three year?;the residuein three equal instalments of6, 12and It months. All o( the de ferred pay meuts to be secured by a deed of trust upon the pr?perty. Title indisputable. fsfc-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. FOR REST AHD SALE. LjHRNISHED APARTMKNT8.-A large third I* story FRONT ROOM, suitsbie for a Parlor, with aBED-KOOM oommunicvting, aud Brrak faet supplied if desired, by applying at Blanohard's, (late Farnham's,) bookstore. corner of ntn street and^Pa av. fe ?4 St * FOR R ENT.?A verr desirable two story Bnok DWRLLING HOUSE, containing 7 Rnoms.a large Cellar, and Basement Kitchen, situated on Maryland aveuue. between 1st and 2d streets east, nuir? old Capitol. Rent J|3uper month. Inquire of T.1 AT. H ANSON. No. 512 7th street, oppoaite Intelligencer office. fe 34 dtf FOR 8ALE OR RENT.-A three story and basement BRICK HOUSE. containing eixht rooms, aituated on 11th street, between M >u>l N. Te?ms fl.UHi in cash ; the balance in monthly lustall ments. Also, for Rest.oorterof lrtth and L street* a rood STORK ROOM. Inquireol SAMPSON SIMMS, L street, near l?th. feiiJt* AVALUt BLE F jTR M OR COUNTR Y SEAT FOR SALE?The advertiser offers for sale, for less than cost, or will exchange for im proved City Property,a F ARM of XI acres,situated at>outtwo imIcs from the oit). The lar.d is in a high state ol cultivation : the buildings, fences. Arc., are all new and of the best krid. A in >re desirable place for a market garden farm or t' ntieman's coun try residrnce, is seiuom to l>e met with. Persona wishing to purchase will please address M , Box No. H. 3ta?- Office. fe 12 eolm I,H?R SALE?A DRUCi STORE on Peni-sylva nia avenue; an excellent stand, doing a g?n.J bu siness; satis actor) reasons given lor selling. Ad dress A H. L.. City Post Office. f?22-'w RARE CHANCE.?For s.Ve?a medium-sited and comfortable BR ICR 1IOUSK. on 11th st. west, nearly opposite Dr. Uutler's Church, contain in* Light Uood Rooms. House neatly new and in good repair. With gas fixtures througnout. Terms: 9.&*K .%?<> cath; remainder in four equal annual payment* of seourfd by note* bearing iu?ere?t and det-d of trust on the property. Apply immediate ly at 276 U street. fe l!Mw* > |^U 'NISIIED HOrSE FOR RE or S?.?. I H tving determined to reside permanently in Kansas, I will rent or sell my residence No.SfiK street, n >rth side of Franklin Square. The House wiil I* rented furnished, and presents a favoral le opportunity lor anyone desiring a first class resi dence. For terms apply to Suter, Lea A Co , Bankers, No. 517 7th street. _ fe 2-tf L. R. SMOOT. Rooms on pa. avenue to LET.-Two Rooms, on 2d door, on Pa. avenue, l>ef ween 12th airfl?l3th streets, over Sam'l. Lewis' Jcweiry Store, will l?e let low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good office rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. jan 13-tf ^O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. Wolte's Sciikidam Aromatic Schhapps. Th* proprietor begs leave to oa!l the atteulioc ol strangers and the citizens of Washington, to a very supei lor article of Hollar,.11,' in, which he introduced to the American public under th9 name of Wolfe's Scheidain Aromatic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It is made from the best Barley that can be procured in Europe, at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the oommon harsh berry, but by the most choice botanical variety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extract is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus becomes a concentrated tinoture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alcoholic beverage heretofore known. * The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of tlie United States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a moet desirable addition to the Ma teria Medioa. Persons who purchase shoulJ be careful to get the genuine article, as the whole oountry is Hooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint bottles, in cases of one doxen each, and for sale by*all the respeotable Drug gists and Grooers in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York, dec 12 3in J ADIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable Fl'RS.Iree from moth, and fresh made, call at STINF.METZ'S, 236 Pa. ave nue, between 12th and ISth streets, who has re ceived instructions from New York, to sell the fine assortment now band, on commission, at less dis count than heretofore offered. Among them will be found the haidsomet setr French Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought to this city, for 9'0 end #12, Victor 1 ties J5. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, verj cheap. Particular attention is invited to two verr larre Mink Sable Ca^es, worth over fbsi, each for #75 and 9 M ink Srtble Cape, medium sixe, $'*> and $65. Mink Salil? Victorines 914 and A16. AKo, several sets real Hudson Bay Sable. Together with Siberian Squirrel. Fitch Marten, Frencli Mink, Ac , in all their variety. Im Irmine Opera Cloaks, very hniiJsome; Muffs to matoh, of all kinds, from $2 5n to ??. Every artiele warranted, and if proven as not rep resented, the money will be refunded. B. H. STINEMFTZ. 206 Pa. ave., bet, 12th and ISth sts., Ian II next door to Madame Delarue. ^?AVIAR, PETITS POIS, CHAMPIGNONS We oall the attention of oonnoiseurs to our im Pirtation ni ETITS POlS. in butter and natural. saR Din es, iu oil. CHAMPIGNONS, natural. ANCHOVIES. in ki'gs. pickled. DUTCH HEH m ING. Ill kegs, pickled. TRUFFES, natural, 111 cans and bottles. ALSO* CAVIAR, of the best quality, and extremely rare 10 this oountry. KING A BURCHELL, jan 15 oorner Vermont avenue and 1.5th st. RYE AND BARLEY MALT. for sale at th* CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of Weet Falls av ?mi**nH Rlofllr ?t? Hultimnr*. Mil. in* fi-lw M UKU'fV PES FOK FIFTY CENTS, Pot dp ii? tioob Ca^ks. A hue assortment of owes from 50 cents to $S, with goo<l Likenesser. either Ambrotype, Daguer> rtot>pe, or Meleainoty pes. Warranted good Uke? uesses Come early iu the day. ROBERT SANDS, Pa. ave., bet. 8th and9th streets, jan 21 -ff Market Spaoe. on PEACH treks, fcU^Ul/U At $io Pkr Hvndrkd, For sale at my Nursery, near Washington. The altove Trees ?re all of line growth, and of tne< best select fruit. Also, a general assortment of ORNAMEN-' TAL. KVER(>REEN, SHADfc, and FRUIT 1* K F FS ianWVm JOSHUA PKIRCK. Baggage express office D Strkkt^ AUj oiniHg Tkt Statu Prtutiug OJtct. The subscriber. Baggage Agent for Baltimore ami Ohio and Washington Untnoh Railroad, has opene<< ail oftioe, at the above place, for the accom modation of the public, where orders can be left lor the use ol Wagons to convey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. Steamboats, Ac^orlor removal to any point iu this City or Georgetown. Oftioe open from 7 o'olock a. m. to lo o'clock p. m.t daily, except Suudav, 7 to 10 o'clock a. m..2 o'olock to Ih p. m JOHN M. MoCLiNToCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. N. B.?Persons oomlng to Washington or going to Baltimore, not having made up their minds where they will stop, by giving up their checks to my agents ou the oars, Willi have their hag gage taken aare of ut this office, or at Baltimore office. No. II Sharp street, and no extra oharge. d 10 fcjAMUEL p. HOOVER'S BOOT.SHOE, AN# 0 TRU.xK ESTABL1SHMKM'. I have on hand a large assortment of Ladies' Oentleinen's, Misses', Boys' Youths', Children's R ubt*ers, Overshoes, Sandles Mn|A Gosemers, Boots, Slippers. Buskins helled ai d without. Water proof Boots and Shoes, which 1 will sell cheap for cash. Also, a splendid stock of Sole Leather Trunks at reduoud prices. Call and examine for yourselves, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Pa. avenue, between ian 14 9th and 10th sts. ESPECIAL NOTICE.?Oursinoere thanks are hereby tendered to all who have settled theirac couiits with us sinoe our last issue of bills. But our prmcipa1 object now is to call the attention ol those who have not paid to this notioe. We want them to know that 1 re art tuferint for the use of tkt monty du* *?, and hope that without delay those parsons whom we have in good faith aooommodatsd will eall or send in their settlements. ???? ian 3ft d4w C LA RETT A DODSON. PICTURES FOR SALE -Several fi^oojored ENGRAVINGS and LITHOGRAPHS, hand somely varnished snd framed. . .. Artists invited to piaoe their Pictures on exhibi tion, or for aalf, free ofj' Orders fo7"^APKRHV^OING or WINDOW *?0 Hn" MA R K*R!^PE R. (? No>m Old Stand, auctio* nAUOL TO-PAT ? TO-MORKUW MOKfflPfO Bf C- R. L. CROWN * CO.. Auctioneers. 0^,TfJuRSDA.Y AFTER NOON .the 2Stfc inst., .V ? ?? the OMW of 9d street eut sad " "5V?L\?J w#***" eell.withoat reeerve,atwo -VlilVt with Ground aUacfc??*9 feet Xio',Z7LZiZ'?? ?2u2,^2" 'kml b*:"~ ?? ?? '? A deed given and a deed of trust taken C. R. L. CROWN & CO AMftt. fr oorixf of cth ?t. ^d pir!;, Bv A. GREEN, Auotiuseeri TRUSTEE'S SALE.-By virtne of a deed of trust from Jesse Reeler. recorded among the land rooords of Waahinfton county, in the Diithet of Columbia, in Liber J. A. 9 , No. 117. fo.ios seq., the anderatrned ami Mil at anblio auction. to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY. the 25th day of February, 5o'olock p. m .infront of the pre mises, part of Lot No. S. in Sqnare No s?, begin ning for the same at the southwest oomer of said square. and rnnninc t rienoe due north with the Iim of 3d atreet west 71 feet '1 inohea the depth of the lot thence eaat 25 feet, thenoe ?onth 71 feet II meheai to the line of K atreet north, thenoe vith the line of K street north 25 feet to the beginning, with the im provementa thereon which consist of a new and well i>?ilt three-story Brick Building. This property ia aituated at the ooraer of 3d and K street a. one square ? h the rear of the hr.e dwellmas recently ereoied by Mr. Douglas and othera, and ia in a moet rapid'y im p roving part of the city. Term*: os?h; halance in 1. 3. and 3 years; the purcliaser to give notes for the deterred eav meats, I farm* iniereat from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All oonveyanoe at the coat of the purchaser. If the parchastr or purchasers ahould fail to com ply with the term* ol sale in ten dais after the dav of aale, the trustee reserves the right to resell the property, at the risk and oo?t of the first pnrohaser or purchaser*, by giving three days' notice in the Natiouai InieUigenoer. J. H. GODDAR D, Jr.. Trustee feVeoAds A. OR EEN. Auot. AB E A L T I F U L HEAD or RICH GLOSSY H AIR, COMPLErrLr PBB8BHTBD TO THE GREATEST AGE. And who that u grav would not haveit restored to former color; oi Laid, but would have the growth re stored; or troubled with dandruff and itching hut would have it removed, or trouMed with scrofula, scald head.or other eruptions but would be cured, or with sick headache < neuialg ia) but would be cured It will also remove all pimplea from the face or akin Prof. NVood'a Hair Restorative wi.l do all this, aee circular and the follow mg: As* An oi, Nov 5, l&5fi. Pbof.O. J. Woon? Dear Sir: I have heard much said of the wonderful effects of your Hair Restora tive. but having t?een so of.en cheated by quackery and quack nostrums, haird>es,Ac.. I w?s disposed to piaoe your restorative hi the same oategorv with the thousand and one l.-tdly trumpeted quack rem edies, until I met you in I.awrence county some mouths since, when you save me audi assurance as mduced the tri I ofyour Re.torauve in my family, first, b/ my good wile, whose hajr had beooine very thin and entirely white, and before exhausting one of your large bottles, her hair was res tor- d nearly to its original l>eautiful brown ooior.and had thickened and liecome beautiful and glos?y upon, and eutirely over the head. She continues to use it. not aimply tieaau e of us lieautifying effects upon the hair, but because of ita healthful lntfuence upon the head and niind C'thers of my fnmily and fneuda are using your Reatorative with th ? happiest electa; there fiue my skepticism and doubt in reiurence to ita val ue and cliarnct r are entirely removed, and I can ami do most cordially and confident tally recommend ita use by ail who wou'd have their hair reatored from white or gray, by reaaon of aioknesa or age) toorig color and Iteauty, and by all young peraona who would have their hair beautitu! and glossy. Very truly and gratefully yours, SOLOMON MANN. FRtKJtn Woon: It was a long time after I saw you at UliHsheld Ik fore I got ttie bottle of Restorat ive for which you gave me an order upon your agent in Detroit, and when I got it we concluded to try it on Mrs. Mann's hair, as the surest test of its lower. It has done all ?ha? vou assu edcie-it would do; and others of mv family and friends, having witnessed its eff ects, a-e now u^ mg and rpoommeiiding its use to others as entitled to the highest consideration you claim for it. Again, very respectfully a d truly yourr. SOLOMON MANN. Cabi-tl*. Ill , June 28.1852. I have used Prof O. J. Wood's Hmr Restorative, and have admired its wonderful effects. My hair wa? becoming,as I thought, prematurely tray, but by the use of his restorative it has resumed its origt nal color, and. I have no doubt, permanently so. S. BREESE, ex Senator V. S. O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 312 Br ?dwav, N. Y.,(in the great N. V. V% ire Railing Establiah nientland 1!4 Market st.,St. Louis, Mo. And aoid by all good Druggists. fel7 Smr B R AITH WAITE'8 RETROSPECT FOR ^ JANI'ARV, 1H.W. Scene* of Clerical Life; a new novel from Black wood's Magaaine. Hide and Seek, by the author of 'The Dead Se ortft." liraham'a Magazine for March. Emerson* A Peterson'a Monthly for Maroh, Rallou'a Dollar Magazine do. do. Alt the new books received as fast as published Also,a fine selection of Stationcy. For sale at JOS. SHI I.LiNGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4)? st, fe 15 and Pa. sr. DEBIT AND CREDIT, tranaiatedfrom the Ger man. (lutram A Havelock'a Peraian Campaign, by Cap tain 0, H. unt. Hide and Seek, a new r.ovel, by the author of the "Dead Secret." The Millionaire, bv Dudley Costeilo. Roliert Burns and Walter Scott, twohvea by Rev Jarnea White. The Young Hagmnftns, a new toy h<N>k. Chand>er's Journal for Novemlwr and Decern!>er. Blackwood's Magazine for Janjary. Reoeived and for aale at JOJS. SHILLINGTON.t* B.*.kstore fel Odaon Building, oor. ?)* st and ??a. *v. m A R B L E WORKS WM. RUTHERFORD. ART IFIC F.R IS MA RBLF, E Street, between I2tfi and l un Streets N'oith, WASHlMOrO!* <*ITY, Invites uiblic attention to extentive a took of l?>aiitiful designed aud Elat<orately C-irved M\N TELS in a variety of Marbles, together with a choice assortment of STA TL A R Y, wti oh for de aigu ami finish cannot be surpassed, and are well adapted for the Garden or Tomb. A large assort ment cf Plain Mantels. Mouumeuta, and Tomb stones at very low prices. Monuments of an> design executed to order with punctuality and dispatch. Estimates given lor Brownstone or Marble work or North River Fiagiug.and every other work in our lute. Pie se call ami make an inspection of our stock. \ . U.?Make a note of the addresa. fe I? fen ^ IMPROVE YOUft EYES. STRENGTHEN and assist them, by the Paria Optician, D. WOOLI-SON, who > , 2, has arrived from Europe with his own, as well aa the manufacture ofago<nl maij others of the latest improved SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES: which a/e the PERISCOP1C CONCAVE and CONVEX, The DOl'BLE FOCUS and DOL'Bl.E POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES.CRYSTALS, Fte., which are warranted to improve any EYE atiected with wetikness, cataract or teuding to it; alati SHORTSIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are compelled to u.?eglaaaea,orthoae now usin^ them, will be suited at firat sight. Those wondnrfui DOLBLE-POLISHED VENEZUELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK hn\*e received the highest recommendations at the World's Fair, at Paria, through their producing a olearuesti and easiness of vision heretofore unkuovu in any other linprovenients, Alao. all sty lea of t)PEK A, SPY. and MAGNI FY IN(? G LASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for aale at hia store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania bvenue, or Eighth atreet No.?31, be tween D atreet and Pa. avenue. fp~ Do not misrule* tkt comer of 8th street. Prices very reasonable, the aame as at hia eatab liahment in Europe. n9-tf NEW PUBLICATION.-"Historical and LecZ Examination of that part of the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case whioh de clares the uuoon?titutionahty of the Missouri Com promise Act.acd the aeif extenaion of the Couati tution to Territonea. carrying alavery afor.g with if* By the author of The Thirty Years' View; oc tavo; David Appleton A Co. New York, I?i7. The above work just issued from the pre?a, for aale at the well known staud. corner of -i'? atreet and Pennaylvinia avenue. Stere<?tyj>e edition, beauti fully printed on clean new type, fine white paper and with best hiaok ink. Bound iu black cloth and gilt lettered. Done up in a durable form for permanent use. Pnoe |l. This work is what its title purports to be, an ex amioation of (what the author deema to be) the po lineal part of the Court's opinion, avoiding any io tiue of the iudical pait. which related to ths perao.:a! olaimsoftne pa'ties on record. It ia writeu in a spirit of entire devotion to the institutions of our oonntry.and with total abstmeiioe from all parry views. The authors own words are: "I write for uo party, bat for ali men who veneratethe woikaofour anceatora, aud who w.ah to see our Government kept ou the foundationaon which they placed it." (p O'.) And it ia believed that thia pledge lots l>*en kept in the work, and which is considered, t.y com petent judges, as the moat original aud profound of all the author a works, and so treated as to present new views to the oldest reader*, and m fact to ap Kftar as a new work ou a sutyeoc supposed to have ^ed exhausted. . _ Jt?S. SHI LLINGTON, B.Kikseiler, Odeon Building, corner ?S at, d 14 tf and Pa. av. Pl.KOANT CARPETINHS. We have yet reiiiainiag ?a atocjk eg ant IMPERIAL VELVET MEDALLION CA R PETS, which were received from F.urope a lit tle too late lor our fall aales. They are aoine of the very lateat and most -uperb go.>da or the kind ever issued from the looms of any conntry.and in oonse quence of the lateness of the aeaaon will be sold at a aacrifioe Houskeepers who desire to furniah their parlora i?r draeing-rooma wi'h an uncommonly au perb Carpet now have an opportunity to do so at fig ures so low as to be very uunsual. The aizta are jg feet 9 inchea. 25 feet fi inohea, and 28 feat iong. The widtha can be made ?a required by the room CLAGKTT A DODSON, Dealera in all kinda of Furmtare Dry Gooda. fe 23 eoiw No. 4 Market Spaoe. HAMS FOR Family I^SK, direct froai Cin cinnati.?We have reoeived to-day a lot of SUOAR-CU RED HAMS, which we reoonunend as being very superior. ? UNO * BDRCHELU fa 4 Corner Vermont avenue and l.Hh et. rjUITAR8.-A large assortment of Mar?1* * VI Schatae'a celebrated GUITARS have jast ar n.vm ^ W^O. METlitSOTT.^f^"' TELEGRAPHICNEWS Tke Facliu Met,) * r~ Sr. I/oria, Feb ~~ Sr. I/oria,Feb 54 -Th* funeral (he uurerognlxed virdatof tlx- Pec lie H*??l<1* k,trr look |>l?f to day Tb? bodies?In 1* a a 1*1 \?r_w*r* followed to the grave by tbe city ?A oem enrlow* brnevoleat ui rltlten* Tbe proceaaloawa*asn?a? " r-'? ?>? a moat x>Lmm and imposing spectacle. It occepled aa hour m pw ingagiven point. i Mrs Holland, ol Boston. AH of tbe injured, dlfdvn'trd?y,and Mr J??w?F Ovt tMtbft died this morning?making In nil twenty t?c ttim Several other* among tbe wounded ?w not expected to aurrive. Eadtrwaeat of the _ Win. H Aaaoavao. Feb 94.?In tbe Senate to-day the majority of the commltte* on the Kanaes res olutions reported the resolution in favor of the Lecompton Constitution. accompanied by n very l^nytbr report, urging the speedy admlaaion of Kansaa under tbe I<er-ompte? Constitution with a declaration that it la tbe right of the people to alter whenever they deal re through propet legal meana. It warn ordered to be printed . and a no tlon to poet pone the action to allow tbe minority to report wa* defeated by tbe united vote of lb* Democratic member* (?aaaerdnl Matters at New Orleans. N iw Otlltlt, Feb vOd ?The movement la cotton veaterdey wa? very active, and ftrtly 15.000 bale* were ?old at fm price*; bat mortly at nn average of II cents for middling Tbe demand appeared to rnn rhiefly on Northern account ? Ttie receipts continue pretty free, and the total J? re*?p a? all tbe port* l? now reduced to ?W 000 bales The exports during the past week rear bod 60.U?i 1 tales, including 4H UCMI to Liverpool and the Italance to Havre Freights are irw at 14 59d ? tchange on Londoa 7a7 % pei cent pre ml am? the latter for A 1 billa Froaa k eases. St Loua, Feb 25 ?The l.eavenworth Tlaasn says that the judgea and clerka of the Shawnee election have been arrested, and testify that tba poll at Shawnee waa taken to West port and 90b name* added thereto at that place Mr Ciarkean, postmaster at Leaven wort b.wa* burned in oAgy, and threat* were made to bang bim. If caught Advices are to hand from Camp Scott, January 5. The health of tbe troops was good, tbeweather was rentaikablv miid The District Court had indicted Young, Kim* ball and other*, for high treason lasaraace oa a Ls?t Ship ? A Verdict Agalast Abolttiaalans. Bono*, Feb 24 ?The John Milton wa* In sured in the New F.ngland Mutual Company for PlO.Otai; in tbe Union Mutual, of New York, for >10(KM; in the Manufacturers', of Ronton, for *7.U?i. and in the New Bedford olcei for #40, IHKJ The jury in the case of Ela v's Ex-Mayor Smith, tieneral Rdmond* and other*, who claimed damages for injury received In the ren dition slave ca*e of Burns, rendered a verdict in favor of the defendants. Peaas)l\aaia Politics. W?r Citsrn, Pa , Fob *1 ?The Demo cratic County Delegate Convention, now In session here, passed a series of resolutions yeete-day en dorsing the National Administration without re serve, by a vote of fifty vea* to twenty nays An immense excitement exists among tbe delegates A resolution to instruct the delegates to the State Convention to vote for Thomas S. Bell for judge of the Supreme Court was alao passed Froaa fcorope. Nkw York. Feb 25 ?The steamship City of Washington has arrived, bringing dales from Liverpool of the loth, but her advicoa have been anticipated The mall steamer due at Halifax has not arrived Experts of (ettea from Mobile. Mobile, Feb 22d ?The exporta of cotton from this port to Great Britain during the past week were but 1.300 bales Freights were steady at 7-17. Exchange on lx>ndon 7 per cent Apnlachicela t ettea Market. AfaLachtcola. Feb 20 ?Tbe stock of cotton at present on hand is qnlte reduced, and holders are firm at 1 la 11 ^ for middling. Freights are ? mat *d * Pewder Ex pies lea. r*or. Feb 24.?The percussion cap manufac tory of Charles U Kellogg was destroyed to-day by an explosion of powder One man was killed and another seriously Injured Factory Marat. BatDcxroiT. Feb. 24 ?Tomlin?on e spring and axle manufactory wa* burnt last night by an' incendiary Loes #40.0011, Insurance ?lg,0U0 Seuthera Markets. MoniLK, Feb 25 ?Sales 5 500 bale*, tbe steam er s news having caused an advance equal to he ; middling Is quoted ?l*c ; decrease 14 (loo bales Receipts last three davs 14 ?? bale* Tbe cotton market has generally an advancins ten dency. Ar.-.CsTA, Feb ?S ?Sales of 1 000 hales %t kC a a cent advan.-e Ba'tiaiere Markets Baltimoie, Feb 25 ?Flour is grm; Howard street and Ohio #4 50, City Mills *4 37a#4 50 Wheat steady; red &l Olatl 05. white SI.15* *? At Corn Arm; white and yellew selling for Provisions in better demand, and prices are somewhat 111mer, but no quotable change Whisky dull at 22a23c. New York Marketa. N?W Vosi, Feb. 25?Flour heavy; sales of 5,500 bhls ; State 5c. lower. #4 3t?*4 35. Ohio 5c dearer, (4>Saf5.Vl. Wheat continues very dull and prices nominal Southern unchanged *4 70a<4 9u Corn continues dull, white 67c aodr : yellow Otic aCSc. Pork i? buovanf; mess having advanced 10c . and quoted at 916 oo. ? Finaaclal. N iw 1 uti, Feb '25 ?Stiv ks are lower gener a:lv. Chicago and Rock Island 7*; Cumberland foal To 21; Illinois Central bonds 97; LaCrosse and Mllwaukle Ilk Michigan SoM'.ern 29* Ntw \ ork Central H Pennsylvania Coal Co' 76. Reading RR 6:t\, Cauton Co 24 k: Virginia ?'sV2t; Missouri 6 s. ftlfc * Sterling ncLan^e dull and nominal Hooks* FROM LONDON. l'oi?rlotof Foreign Proverbs, t vol.: #1.25. Memoirs ol tiie Duke of Sully. 4 vols.; #3. A Guide to the Knowledge of Potter*. Poroelaiu, and other ohiects uf Verta, I vol.; #1 25. Life of Alexandria Pope, 1 vol.; % 1.25,. Liveaand vv.ttkaof Michael Angelo and Raphei, 1 rol., 01 .^5, Whewill's Hiatory of the Induotive Seieeoea, 9 *'ols.: #7. P"*^2 Piounhnuin'a Viaionand Creed, i volumes : Seiden'a Table Talk, I vol ; SI K Sir Th<?nisa t ?verbur? 's orxa, 1 vol.; Qi is. Frant la (.^uarle's Enchiridion; 87 eta. ' John Aulire) 'a Miscellanies. I vol.: #1. Chaptnan'a Homer's Iliad, > \ ol*.; %3 Dictiwuar) of Claacical U uotati >iik, I vol ; fl t5. Pettigri-w's Collection ol Fpifapha, 1 vol., 4i.& Hand Book of Proverb*, 1 vol.; #1.25. fre franck tayi.or. CM?HEN?S NEW YORK PLAYING CARDS ' Dt-larue'a London Piayinr Cards. New v ork Congresa Pia?ni? Carda. Orehor's SteamtKjat fla> ;ng Cards Hart's Pni Hiielphia P*> ins rards Just unpac-kcd. FRANCK TAI LOR. INt 11> expected?A few German Pla>>n( Cards. fe 1$ Boarding and day school for YOUNG LADIES. . At the oorner of 6tk and L Streets, MRS. WM. KKSLKY A DAFCHTEfcg Ciruukars. terms, and all : eoesserj inlorma: ,.>n Riven on application to Mra. \\ m. Kealey. jan 15 dtl'MUAeol in I J* TO GIVE NOTICE that the setnor. I>er l?atli <?l?rained fr.?n? the Orphans' Court 04 Washington County, in tlie District of Columns letter* ol mliiiinistratioii on h- personal estate ..f John McDonald, late of Wa?binKton i-naiied. All persons ha\ ing <? am.a against the said leoeased,are herel.* war-ed t? exhitat the awne, eith tne vouohers thereof, on or h*f re tbe !6tti dav * Febraaiy next; the may otherwise by law ti *XCitU-d ir?i(n tt)6 of ttl# thkd f| fit, tiiven ULder iu> hand tt is iwh d.yof f ehruarr. . . Jas. \v. Mcdonald. te 'ft w_>w Admiaistrntor. JOHN RFSKIN*SNkW HOuK-"Th-P.?hr:o I Kc->noni) of Art." tiy the author of Mc-den. Pao. era, I vol., cloth price >1 oenu. Jaat reoeived in \Ya?hiiutoe h? TVS LOR A MALftl. fe 5 Bookstore near fcth -rreet. pARTON S LIFK OF AAKOM ve . V;-"- a "?'frwyirT?Fvi?.5" Adamantinl candlks-i^i iba. Ada . mantine Candlea, of excellent ?aalny. at 9S ^TS^hem"1"1' KJNU k Bt RCHEI.L, f/j "Corner Verne'nt ave. ao?l l&tk at. A? V K R V BF.A UTIFL'L ROSKNKR A.NTZ PIANO. 7 ootavea. t?et little ased. haa haac >11 rehaaed at a great lierirain and will he eoid low. ? I ? a se^md ha d Piano lor #15'?. and one lor #?. it ou'r Piano and Muaie Sto.s. *>6 Pa. ave., between ith and isth atreeta. 1 f.Ts JOHN F. F.LLI*. |7i0LINS.GF!TAR9,FLUTK#, ACCORDE y ons. Violin Striaga. Maaic Paper.dc., da., ai >*r P>a?e aad Meate Store. _ fa is JOHN P. RLLI#. kRIKNTAl. NAIL POLISH, giruw a SMatWal L # last re to the ingOT natia. aft GlBB^'S Hear ? nMr ink <"?? Oa