Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Notes os thi Kxcra?io* or thi Washiko tok Lt?ht Tsfa stey to Richmond. V*., Fkb ?Weir* indebted to one of the excursion ists for the following rich and racy description of the trip of the Infantry By the tall "cunning" raised in Petersburg, Norfolk. and other places, It would seem that the military and other visitors were treated in the shabbiest manner at Rich mond : Left Washington on Sunday at 12 m in the steamer Baltimore, in company with the German * agers. Masons, and a good share of citizens our compaay numbering thirty-one muskets, six officers, W it hers' Brass Band of twelve perform ers and two attendants. Dress parade uniforms, knapaack*. and In other respects In creditable condition, Steaming down the river, encountered a good deal of ice; boat lurching and careening; raid to have bad much more wa ter in the bold than was considered necessary for (ulawl '"^ing fo eat, except a few snacks car ried by the members, most of us supposing a dinner would be served on board; was Informed we could obtalu such acceptables at Ashland, of rourae must stand it like men. At Aquia Creek, by 6 p m ; glad to be relieved of the steamer? who tried its hardest to produce a sensation something akin to sea sickness Got into the cars after straggling into some four or five.which wore not for the special accommodation of tbe military; got seated and congratulated ourselvee on tbe now pleasant prospect of keeping our equilibrium Cars started, found we were s.tdly disappointed, as they kept up a constant rollin ;, tossing, lifting, and. with all. a deafening ra< fe et, the whole getting ahead of the steamer by 25 per cent; but we took it coolly. The speed of the cars was also a subject worth noticing; at times we were driving along at the rate of ten miles an boar; then, by the way of giving us time to re gain our breath*, we crept along at a pretty good rfog-frof Arrived at Fredericksburg, got a drink ?of water?very dry People of this place ap pear to be agreeable; thankful for civilities Off again At Ashland, gong agoing, niggers also: plenty to eat; first regular meal for fourteen hour*. Ofl again; happy to hear Richmond is only sixteen miles off Disgusted with railroads and steamboats generally Richmond at last; the word Is passed from car to car. Anticipation exceedingly lively; ' battalion to escort us to uuarters ' "good quarters, plain fare, and a sol dier s welcome,'* such weie the arrangements that would be made for us; we expected it; we told our friends in Washington of tbe pleasant times we would have; otherwise we would have done our own arranging At the terminus of the railroad in Broad street, % past II p m ; sorry to have kept our Richmond fiiends up half the night to escort us to uuarters; looked out of the cars, through the darkness, could discern some thing of a crowd. Thought tbe military would receive us in military manner; did not notice particularly any great ado; cheering, Ac., com mon. as a welcome to a stranger company. Too much engaged in getting our military toggle in order to notice anything of that sort; out of the cars; Yagers on the right of us; Virginia Rifles (German) acting as escort, to them we return our sincere thanks for that and many othercivilities Arrived at our quarters; Strang- place, not accus tomed to such arrangements; looks like a re spectable butcher stall, with plenty of books to bang up one's self without any extra exertion; we are supposed to lie horses by our entertainers, as tbe floor is nicely covered with an extra quantity of straw thrown aronud and covered with cotton, at the centre some nicely-i?at;ged straw; these were intended, doubtle**, to l?e occupied by tbe company officers \N e noticed the absence of some very needful articles to complete our estab lishment, vli: pitchforks, currycombs, brushes, and buckets. Mine boat, tbe landlord, in shirt sleeves welcomed us ts our quarters with a lew words, which were understood easily. The State furnished tbe straw, Are, and gas; for board e?tch man would pay per diem *II2j{ To say we were taken all aback, surprised, bewildered, Ac. would be but the truth. It was too ricb. and we soon determined upon taking care of ouiselves in the best possible manner. Up went tbe merry laugb as some one was tumbled into tbe straw no exceptions; in went landlord, officers, and men; then tbe dance, gymnasium, war speeches; lor, at times, we imagined ourselves bound on a war tramp, declared our independence of Rich mond, toasts to the capital of the nation, 'o tbe nation generally?but excepted Richmond?to a merry time, and we had it. Thus passed tbe night. Morning came; rambled about; came near getting lost; no guides, committees of any thing in tbe usual way, to show us about town Appeared ipon parade, tfcecreditof the Wash ington military not impaired by oar general ap pearanee; marched in overcoats; snow, backed by a cutting north wind, came driving at us at an angle of 35 degrees; iniul and slush, four inches de?-p,was abundant. Good long march; of course, aH Richmond must see the great procession. It was an immense affair?a just tribute to the mem ory of him whose name is dear to bis country men, and may it ever find honor, respect and ven eratlou at their hands. Further details are un necessary. Rich and racy incidents abounded It forms a chapter in our lives not readily effaced Our thanks are tendered, with sincerity and all respect, to the Yagers and their whole-souled captain; also, to theVirginia Rifles German), and to Washingtonians generally, as we clanned togother, went together, and saw a merry time in company. We returned home Wednesany morn ing at 5 a m .bearing,as mementoes of the grand inauguration, a photograph of our quarters, a curry-comb and an old horse-brush, which will be suspended in our Armory for inspection by the public on parade days. la Til* CiacviT Coukt, yesterday, tbeca<eof \N m \ an R'swick ri John Van Riswick, Rich'd Wallach and Samuel Byington. was decided by the jury for the plaintiff, and the damages award ed were the sum of 31.098 07. The case of Sarah Faulkner vs. Jacob F. King was decided for defendant?damages one cent ** The next case?that of Lawrence Bess vs Cbas Kemble?was also decided for tLe defendant; damages on cent. Tbe Court ikm took up the case of Thomas J. John H Wise and Johnson Simonds; which w ? decided in favor of plaintiff; damages one ce? I. The uext case taken up was that of Trueman Doraey vs Baruch Hall, survivor of Isaac; which was decided for plaintiff; damages S133 5:f The n-*t case, that of Sarah A Faulkner rt. Horatio R Marvman. was decided for defend ant; damages one cent. The Court then took up the case of R J Wild r? George U and Isabella Cassidy, which was decided for the plaintiff, damages $90.65. with interest from 27th April, 1*57. The case of William Orme v$ John H Tren bo m, was decided for tbe plaintiff; damages award -d *56 27, with interest from 24th Septem ber, lb5j r The last case taken up was that of Benjamin I Morsell rj John T. Stanley, which the jurv returned for the plaintiff, setting tbe daunges at flirt *?. with interest from :23d of May, 1*57 Adjourned To-day.the Conrt met at 10o'clock and took up the case of Jas. C. McCarty r.t. Ge.>. McNaugb ten, an action to recover compensation for ser vices rendered the defendant as clerk The ? mount claimed in ilie account is som<j sixteen hundred dollars This case was pendin" when our report closed Philp's New Gallkby of Ait Is to be inaug urated next week by tbe exhibition of Miss Hos mer s statue of Beatrice Cencl; meantime the ar tist Heine has the u?e of one of the rooms of the Gallery for the display of bis flue collection of paintings These are not all hung as yet. but among those now to be seen are some excellent marine views?one in particular, representing one of the striking scenes encountered in Penol? scot Bay, coast of Maine, and which we have wondered artists have not hitherto mad ? available. The coa>t of Maine Is the boldest and couseq.ienMv the m->st nictnresqu# upon the At Untie borders of the l"nited States, and a rich aud heretofore unton Led fleld is open here for tLe atisf A no'her fine picture in this collection is the "Morning in tbe Tropics." The District in Coxeiisi ?Id tbe Senate, ou Ibursdav, Mr. Hiown, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, to which was re ferred the memorial of tbe Corporation of Georve "! re'aMon to the expenses of county roads in V\ aslnngton countv, submitted a report ac companied by s bill to relieve the Corporation of Georgetown from ibe expense of making and re pairing roads west of Rock Cieek Also, fiom the miae committee, to which w*s referred the bill to inrorpnrate tbe Wa-hi.igton National M(Moment S.wiety, reported back the same Without auirndmrnt, and recommended its passage. ?? National Mkdicai. Coi.lkok ?We learn that the committeemen at this Institution will take place at ? o'nock p m on Wedne day next at the College At 7if o'clock on Tuesday evening. Mr Rob ert S Be ma d. of Norfolk. Va , one of thegradi - atmg class, will deliver an address tWo e the whole vhocl, to which the public are invibd fist *su Ai*im.?About nine o'clock last night au attempt was made to create an alarm of tt.*e iu the Fifth Waul, but it did uot succeed Between teu aud eleven o'clock the stable a' tached to the property formerly occupied by lion. J Forsyth, aud owned by Dr Mavnard was de stroyed by lire. It is supposed to be tbe act of an incendiary. L'ImT11 Market.?There was a fair supply in the various departments of the market. The hay stand* were all occupied, and sales were nude ?t Dfli'iSI 12 per cwt There were several lots of pork at the scale-house selling at &<a.fs 541 per lUi lln. A small quantity of bref of good quality was offered at *>? 50 per 100 lbs Rkal Kstati ?Yesit uay, A Oreen, auction eer, sold part of lot No *?. in square56*. with the improvements, for 92.850, to Dr. F. 8 Walsh. Also, part of lot t, la sq tare .? to M Qfo Particular* of tii Execution, mt Alt*raw tiria, of Negrets Jtmny, on yesterday, for the murder ?/ her mistress, Mrs. Hall, in Alexandria ccwntj, Va , r* December last?Jenny wu re moved from ber oell in the jail to an upper room, at an early hoar in the morning, where she was attended during her last hoars by Rev. Father Kroes. pastor of St. Mary's Catholic church, and by several ladies who humanely performed vari ous needful office* for the criminal. As the time of execution drew nsar, she wa<* robed in a whit* dress, with cap and gloves to match, and saw and conversed with a number of persons who had come to receive ber last messages in relation t* her husband and children, and as to the disposal of her body after death. She expressed a horror of having tier remains fall into toe hands of the medical fraternity, and had sent a message to her husband, requesting htm to have her buried out of the reach of the doctors. Mr. Wm. Garey, a friend of the deceased Mrs. Hall, caine into the room and informed ber that her husband refused lo have anything to do with her, either before or after her execution She expressed no surprise or emotion at this, but tequested Mr. Garey to have two of her children, who had never received the rite of baptism, baptised in the Catholic faith; which request Mr. G. readily promised to comply with. She expressed a desire to have the truth known as to the commission of th? crime for which she Wit* now to suffr.. Had she not been drunk, ac cording to her own statement, she would never have committed the dreadful crime. She spoke feelingly of her late mistress, and said she had always been kind and good towards all her ser vants, and that the sentence of the Court was just '? Hlocd for blood," said she, '-is right and just, and 1 ain satisfied with the sentence, and willing to die for my sin." She seemed very anxious to Lave the newspapers contradict several false reports that had gone out as coming from her, with regard to the cruelties of her late mistress towards her; she denied ever having accused her master or mistress of harsh treat ment of herself, and repeated in the presence of several witnesses the assertion that they never treated her beyond hei deserts. She refused to give any cine as to who furnished her with the wlii??key, a bottle nearly full of which she had drank on the mornin? of the murder, saying that It would do no good to tell, and might effect much harm A few minutes previous to 1*2^ o'clock, she was conducted by the Sheriff and accompanied by her confessor from her room in the jail to the jail vard. her aims having been previously pin ioned; a die of the military with innsk-ts, but in citizens' dies*. guarded her passage from thejail door to the scaffold steps, which she ascended with singular firmness and self-possession; when on the platform she was seated in a chair, with her feet resting on the fatal trap-door, and Kev. Father Kroes, her confessor, addressed thecrowd which lined thejail walls, and the few specta tors who had l?een admitted inside the yard, (con sisting of the mil tary, various members of the newspaper press, and of the medical profession, with memWrs of the county court, and the jail officers) saying that she had made every confes sion which was requir?d by the true Church; ttiat shedi.d in full confession of faith in that Church and was resigned and happy. The Sheriff. Mr. Sangster, now adjusted the rope around her neck, bringing the knot under the left car; her feet were bound together, and her white robe pinned about them; a white C ^com pletely covering her head and face, was placed on and securely fastened; and a cord l?eing at tached to the fall prop which sustained the ttap in its place, its other end in the grasp of the Sheriff's officer, the criminal was made to stand up; and. at the signal, which was the dropping of a piece of white paper from the hands of the She: iff, the cord was drawn, the trap ell, and a sudden plunge was followed by the IIrial strug gles of the victim, which were terrible to behold. During all this tune the utmost silence and de corum was maintained by the crowd of spectators who thickly lined the jail walls, the neighboring trees and house tops. Two of the military, over come by the spectacle, fainted, and were carried away from the scene. The lx)dv allowed to hang for eleven min utes, and was then cut down and subjected to a galvanic test by the physicians present, which proved life to be extinct, and only had the effect to cause a slight twitching of the muscles of the fare. It was then placed in the coffin, a simple box, constructed or pine nlank, and shortly after wards nailed up An Lour or two afterwards the coffin was placed in the possession of an un dertaker, and by him taken off and buried. The repoiter takes this opportunity to express in the name of the **tar. bis gratitude to Sheriff Sangster, and to Capt. Baker of the Thos. Coll yer, for kindnesses and facilities affoided him. Supreme Court, Tkursday.?No 55 Eliphas Spencer, plaintiff in error, r? John \V Lapsley. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the eastern district of Louisiaua. Mr. Justice Campbell delivered the opinion of the Court, af firming the judgment of tue said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs. No. 41 The United States, plaintiffs in error, r.?. Gotlieb Breitling lu error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the southern dis trict of Alabama. Mr. Chief Justice Taney de livered the opinion of the Court, revi rsing the judgment of the said Circuit Court, and remand ing the cause, with directions to award a venire facias de novo. No. 57. Gilbert L. Thompson, plaintiff in error, t\?. Seidell, Withers A Co. In error to the Circuit Couit of the United States for the District of Co ljmbia. Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs and interest. No li?7. The United States, appellants, vs. Charles Fossat. The argument of this cause was continued by Messrs. Bayard and Badger for the appellee. Adjourned. Friday?And ew H. H . Dawson, Esq , of Ga . Nathaniel G White, E?q , of Mass., and Henry C Adams, Esq., of N. V., were admitted attor neys and counsellors of this Court. No ?J.'iO The United States, appellants. ??*. Sebastian Nunez. Appeal from the District Court of the Uuited States for the northein district of California. On motion of Mr. Gillet, on behalf of Mr. Attorney General Black, this appeal was dismissed. No lfcT. The United States, appellants, vs. Charles F >ssat. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. Reverdy Johnson for the apfiellaiits Adjourned until the 5th of April next. Washington Theatre ?Mr. J. B. How , who is undoubtedly one of the most promising young actors upon the Am-rlcan stage, takes his benefit to-night. Mr. llowe has rare personal advantages for his calling?a fine figure, hand some and expressive features, and a rich melodi ous voice; and to these gifts he has the requisite good taste which teaches him to eschew clap tiap and rant?errors into which young actors of genius are so liable to fall He appears for his benefit as "Alfred Evelyn" in Bulwei's fine comedy of "Money," and as " Lieut. Kingston" in the two-act comedy of "Naval Engagements." On Mmday night, Mr C. W. Couldock, the eminent English tragedian, and who accompa nied Miss Charlotte Cushman to this country on her letuiii from Euro|>e, will commence an en gagement of six nights. He will open as "l.uke Fielding," in Bourcicanlt's thiilling play of "The Willow Copse " On Monday week, March V, Mr. Charles Mat thews, the celebrated English comedian, and his beautiful wife?lecently Mrs. l.izzie Weston Davenpoit?commence an engagement. ?>o it will be#seru ilie managers are redeeming their promises to the \\ ashiugton public to the letter. [communicated. The Ogle JutY - \lr Editor : In your paper of yesterday afternoon I observed a part of the names of those gentlemen who were on the jury in the case of Benjamin O^le for murder, and as there seems to l>e considerable Interest manifest ed as to t he result I think it but an act of jus tice to those geutiemen that the correct vote in regard to the conviction of the prisoner for mur der and manslaughter should be given to the public The vote stood as follows : For Murder?Messrs Henry Crandel, Jas. W Coombs, George Burns, George W . Ulterniehle, Kol?ert Cohen, William II. Baum and l.ewis W ig ht. For Manslaughter?Messrs Richard Butt, Jno Lamie. Richard Abbott, Henry A. Clark and Milsteail. . A Citizen. ODD Fellows' Hall.? The Burlesque Troupe give their last entertalnmeut this eveuinf, and present a rare combination of novelties. For the humorous gratification of their patrons, Mr Wa den will give his admirable Buffo song, and delineate the extraordinary character of Meg Merriles, ii, imitation of Miss Cushman, which i? a most capital impersonation The Raiboad Explosion will close the entertainments of this excellent company. Tall Ri nsing?The citizens of thesouthein pait of the Seventh Ward having complained of the noise made by numerous young men who as semble in that vU inlty a id iu their sports dis turb the peace a'nl violate the law, the police made a descent upon them last night, but after a warm chase, hi which the young men proved to be lbs fastest, ihey escaped. It iot.? Last night a uuumerof persons, banded together, attacked tt.e restaurant kept by James Bean, Odd Fellow* Hall, Navy Vard, aud by a shower of stones and other missiles, smashed one of his windows. The damage, we are in formed. was not very threat, but the violation of law was outrageous. Appointment ?Allred Ray, Eaq , his been appointed a Justice of the Peace for this city, and. lu addtion to those we nan.ed yesterday, was confi med by the Senate and baa received his commission Tm Navy Yard ?In the ordnance and ma chine shop department*, the workmen are busily engaged in getting up machinery of all kinds for the purpose of making improvement* about *be ^.ar4_" At present time, the machine shop is being improved by the addition of an immense turning Lathe, capable of turning an iron plate thirty fret in diameter. If necessary. This is a most valuable acquisition to the ma chinery of the Yard. In this department, Just now, a great deal of work is also 1*1 ng done, in w*y ?f new machinery, for the U. S frigate Roanoke, now stationed at Boston.. Her six new bell buoys are now nearly finished. They are designed for the most dangerous portions of the American coast, where other marine beacons are, In many respects, Impracticable : such as rough shoals at d qnick-sands. In the Iron Foundery, on last Friday, was cast an Immense cylinder, a portion of the proposed Hydrostatic Machine for the new Marine Rail way. This cylinder Is twenty-two feet In length, with a bore of twenty inches in the clear, and weighs seven tons. The Marine Railway, when finished, will be a vast addition to the facilities of the Navy Department in this Yard. The Toll Gate Casks.?For some time past there has existed a misunderstanding between the Rockville Turnpike Road Company and trav elers upon the road, the latter claiming that they would pay no toll on account of the defective condition of the road. This state of things has resulted in a ilot at the Seventh street toll gate, and assaults have been committed upon the toll gatherer and sev eral who were called to bis assistance. Warrants were served upon Messrs. John T Davies, Thou. Davies, Henry Gifting* and James Barnes, by county officers Martin and Piggott, and they yes terday appeared before Justice Murphy fur trial, and were held to bail for their appearance at the March term of the Criminal Court. Numerous civil suits are pending relative to the road, and the Hghts of the company and t:avelers. Court or Claims.?Yesterday, Hon. P. Phil lips opened the argument for the claimant In the case of Henry \V Morris Mr. McPherson replied for the United Slates. Mr. Phillips closed the argument, ar.d the case was submitted Adjourned. We call attention to the advertisement of the reading to-night by Prof. Churchill of his fine new play. Therk will be plenty of ice after all to cool the parched tongue next summer, and there will be plenty of good literature in W ashington as Phiibrick's Gift Book Store continues lo exist here. Call at 4?6 Pennsylvania avenue and have ocular evidence of this fact. Rich presents are still given away as usual. It. Watch Returns.?Mary McElegan, Ireland, vagrant; fine and costs 9'2.41, workhouse 90 days. Win. Ewing. Pa , disorderly conduct; fine and costs $4 44 Michael Cure, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; fine and costs 93.01. John Sul livan, Ireland, drunk ; fine and costs 93.01, work house 00 days Twenty lodgers?non-residents. Drs.Hi'nter A Williams, Pkystrians for of Throat and Lung*, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williams will visit Washington on the >2th and 29th of each month. The next vuil will be on Monday, March 1st. Offic- 2H0 Pennsy avenue, over Mrs. Vnss's Jewelry Store. fe 25 3t MARRIED. On the 2l?t instant, by the Rev. Mr. Ball, JAS E. WAUGH to Miss SARAH V. MoKKl.DKN all of this city. ? DIED, On the 26th instant, C-ESAR A. GANTT, in the 49th year of his age His friends are requested to attend his funeral on To-morrow (Sunday ) Morning, at in o'clock, from his late residence, o. 2W7 41* street. ( Baltimore Sun pleate copy.) * On the23d instant, ALBERT LAURENCE, in fant son of A. M. and Robert R. Fy well, aged seven mouths. Farewell, Albert, thou hast left us. We thy loss most deeply feel; It is God that tiath bereft as. He oan all our sorrow heal. * At the residence of her hrother-in law, Dennis Cullen.MAKY ELLEN DA V IS, in the 2fith year of her age,a native of Charles county, Md , but for the last mix years a resident of this city. May she rest in penoe. Amen! (I'ort Tobacco i'nnes and Baltimore Sun please copy.) * On flie2r"th instant.of mease's, HAR VEY ROB ERTS, son <>f John M.aud Eliza Glover, aged nine months and four weeks. The f lends of the family are invited to attend the funeral from the residence of his parents, W7 11th street, at 3 p, m. on Sunday. * ATJCTIO* BALES. By WALL A BARNARD, Auotioneers. SALE OF GROCERIES, FRUITS. L qc?b?. Ac.?On TUESDAY MORNING, the *d of March, at ten o'clock, in front of our atore. we will sell a large stock of Grooeries, Ao., as? Barrels brown and yellow Sugars, Do. orusbed and powdered do. Ha'f-barrels and kegs sugar house Sirup, Boxes adsmantine and mould Caudles, Do. brown, ohemioal and toilet Soap, Ch* sts green and black Teas. Boxes Starch, do. Pipes, sacks Salt, Large lot of Chewing febaeoo, 3S uuo Cigars, diff erent brands. Macoaro ii, Sardines Rook Candy, luo barrels vo. 1 Herring, kits Mackerel, Barrels Old Rye, Vtonongaho a and other Whisky, "otaves Cincinnati and other Hr ndies , Cases fine Claret Wines, and other bottled Liquors, Cabinet Champagne, a prime article, 2- boxes Oranges. Lemons. With other goods, all to f>e sold without reserve. fe27 WALl. A BARNARD. Aucts. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. aian shares Washington and <3? I ?t\f Gkoruhtown Firkmkn's Insurance Stock ? On TUESDAY AFT E R NOON, March 2d,at 4 o'clock, at the auction rooms I sha'l sell? 12u shares Washington and Georgetown Firemen's Insurance Coinpauy Stock. Tei ms cash fe 27-d J. r. MoGI.'IRK. Aucts. By J. C. MoGUIKE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF SPLENDID Jkwki r\ by Ordkr o* Trustee.?On MON DAY MORSiNG, March 1st. at 10 o'clock, at the Auotion Ruoms, I shall sell, without reserve, the following costly and beautiful articles: One large Brilliant Breastpin, set in a make, with forty-eight small brilliants set on the body, wuh rub* eyes, oust - - - $550 1# One large oriental Pearl, set on a gold rose leaf B eastpin - - 00 One pairof large Brilliant Ear Rings,each one containing five brilliants - * 3<0 oo One large Cluster Brilliant Finger Ring - I Mi on Oue large single Diamond - 150 on One Cluster Diamond Ring - 1M) 00 One Scarf Pin.eagleand pearl - ? ? 50 00 Oue heavv double case Gold Chronometer, maker Charles John Cope, RalhbonePltic*, London ------ - &10 no One Gold Curb Chain - - - 26 <>0 Tiiey may be examined until the hour of sale, at II. 0. HOOD'S Jewelry Store, No Pennsylva nia avenue, near 9th st. Terms cash. Bv order of the Trustee. fe2b d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Will be Added. anil sold without reserve? 1 supwrior double-barrel English Fowling Piece in mahoeany case nearly new and cost $lt>u. 1 splendid rold Hunting ca?e Watch, made by Da vid Taylor, London, nn<l cost $140, 4 g'iod sccond hand (?old Watches, 2 heavy gold F"h Chains. It J AS. C. MoGUIRE. Auot. OFFICIAL. Treasury Department, February 12, IH5B. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at this office until the fif'eenth day of March proximo for the issue ofany portion, or the whole, of five millions of dollars in treasury notes in exchange for gold coin of the United States deposited with the treasurer of the United States, the treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia, the treas urer of the branch mint at New Orleans, or the as sistant treasurers at Boston, New York, Charles ton, or St Louis, within ten days from the accept ance ol suoh proposals, nuler the authority of the aot of Congress entitled 'Anaot to authorze the is?ueof treasury notes." approved the 23d Decem ber, 11157. The treasury notes will be issued upon the reoeipt here of oertifiuates ofdeposite with those offioers to the cred.t of the treasurer of the Uuted States. They will be made payable to the order of such bid der or bidders as shall agree to make such exchange at the lowest rate of mterest, not exceeding six per centum per annum, and will carry suoh rate fromtha date of the certificate of suoh deposits. The proposals must state the rate ofinterestwith out oondition and without reference to other bids, and contain no other fractional rates than one fourth one itaif or three fourths of one per oeutum. Five per oentum of th? amount proposed to be exchanged must be deposited with one of the treasury officers above enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must acoomperiy cach proposal, as security for its fulfilment. If the proposal is not accepted, imme diate direo" ions will be given to return suoh depoe ite. Should the proposals tie variant from the pro visions or the aot of Cougres, or of this notioe, they will not be oonsidered. All proposals under this notice must be sealed and nsoribed on the outside "Proposals for Treasury Notes." They will be opened at this department at 12 o'ulook m., on the said fifteenth day of March. HOWELL COBB, f# 12- Secretary of Treasury. rp THE AMBROTVPES 1 AKENatinv Gallery are said to be the best taken iu the oity. They are true iikeuesses and are cheaper than any taken in the sit;. I have a fine lot of new s'ylecases. LIKENESSES (either Daguerreotypes or Am brotvaei) COPIED. ? MINIATURES takeu and set in Breastpin*, Lock* s.fto .by ROBERT SANDS, fa l?-f Pa. ava.. bat. nth and 9th ata, G E ORGETOWN. Clrniy?a<?K? ?/ r*s SMr. Georgetown, Feb 26. 1^50 We have frequently, of late, seen oar city stock quoted in different quarters at 4 to 10 per cent below par, and for the life of us we have not as yet be?n able to ascertain any good reason why it should not range as high as any six percent, stock in the country. When compared with the general wealth and business of the town, our public debt Is as small, tf not less, than that of almost any city of the same size and amount of trade In this section, and nearly one-fourth of what may be strictly considered our Corporation debt has already been absorbed by the sinking fund, and is now held by the commissioners of

that fund for the use and benefit of the Corpora tion. So far as we are informed at this time we have no floating debt, the luteiest upon the stock Is invariably met promptly, and besides all this, we doubt whether there is now to be found in the District five hundred dollars worth of the stock which could be purchased for less than one hundred cents on the dollar The a flairs of our Corporation generally were never in a more encouraging condition, and from present indica tions we incline to the ltelief that the general special tax can next year safely be reduced from 70 to 60 cents on the #100 The flrst of the new coaches (the R R. Craw ford) of our enterprising friend Vanderwerken's Union Line was placed upon the route yesterday. It is certainly a magnificent coach, and reflects credit, not only on the proprietor but the skilful mechanics who constructed it. A number of others will be ready for service next week. We would'advise one and alt of the Star's readers, who wish to hear a real eloquent dis course. and at the same time assist in relieving the needy and distressed, to go to-morrow morn ing, at 10 o'clock, and listen to Rev B A Ma guire, at Trinity church. Our newly elected City Councils will be regu larly installed and organised on Monday evening next at 7 o'clock Tbe pulpits of several of our churches will be filled every evening, commencing next Wednes day. by ministers in attendance at tbe Methodist Conference which is to assemble at the Wesley Chapel. Tue offerings of Itecf cattle at the drove ya d? yesterday amounted to about head; vhJU of which were purchased bv District butchers at S3.50a96 on the hoof, equal to ?7a*l'2 nett The remaining 10tl were driven to the Baltimore mar ket. The quality, as a general thing, was un usually good, which we presume accounts for the advance in prices. Sheep 5a6c. per lb. Hogs -J5. The steam-tug Wide Awake brought up yes terday the sch4?oner Entire. Caut. Holse, from New York, with a cargo of salt to Howell \ Stribling The flour market this morning is firm at *4 50 for extra super. Wheat #1 iKfciSl .10 for white of good qualities. Spectator. QEQ&QETOWH ADVERTISEMT8 ELECTION NOTICE.?Notice IS hereby given that an Eleotion for President. Treasurer. Sec retary.aud nine Directors of the Georgetown Build ing A ?sociation will be held on TUESDAY, March 21, ??. 1 lid polls will l>e opened at 3 and eloee at 5 o'clock p.m. At er the organization the annual meeting will tie held. fe 27 3r HFNRV KING, Sec. MA\OK'S OFFICE, Georgetown, D C. K kuki'aii y 25. 185B. Sealed proposals will be received at this office un til l2o'< lock noon on Friday, the8ih of March next, for the rent of the Fish Wharf m Georgetown, for oath, to the first Monday in March, 11150. Je_2K dtSthMh R.R CKAWHIKD. Mayor. A DISCOURSE will be delivered in Trinity Church, Georgetown. on next SABBATH MOR NING, at Hi o'clock, by the Rev. B. A. Ma ooike. President of the Georgetown College, and a oollection taken up lor the relief of the necessitous poor. The public aie respcctlully invited to attend. fe 2-? 3t POTATOE"* ?Just arrived, 2,t*><> bushels Nova Sootia WHITE MERCERS, per r Massasoit, and for sale in >ots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, fe22 85 Water^street. Georgetown._ DEDUCING STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASH JOHN H. SMOOT, So. 119 Bridie street. Georgetown, D. C., wishing to reduce his stock as ow as possible by the 1st of March, will sell from this date every descrip tion ol WINTER GOODS at reduoed prices lor oash. F&noy Colored Dress Silks, printed Mousline Delaines, Merino, Plaids and 1'oplms, French Merinos, Shawls. Soarfs. Cloaks, &o? will be sold at a VERY GREAT m.ul'CTION on former prices. Piompt customers supplied upon the usual terms. Those having settled their Bills rendered to 1st instant, lie tenders his grateful ac knowledgements and will be under many obligations to all who have not, to do so by oash or note at their earliest convenience. jan 21 J. H. SMOOT. FINE ALES.?We respectlully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last sua oeeded in having a large quantity of ALES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, whiob we will guarantee to be the finest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it by applying to us for eitner ofthe following brands, viz. Kennett, Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and X X. We also have a fin* article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given toour drivers, will be attended to. ARNY At SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17-d Georgetown, D. C. N M. RUPPEL. ORTH side of Market Space, No. 5#7, between Bridge and Canal streets,Georgetown,. announces to eis patrons that at hisO RESTAURANT may be found at all times the ohoioest and most excellent assortment of LIQUORS, the freshest OYSTKRSand all kinds of GAM E in season. Meals served at all hours ai.d at tbe usual prices. jan4-3m FOR RENT AND SALE. I^OR RENT. ? Three handsome large ROOMS r (furnished i to rent after 5th March, at No. 452 Thirteenth street, between E and F. fe *7 eost* Furnished rooms for rent.-a par lor wi th bed room attached. Also, a single i.ed room, all furnished with gas; situat on on G street, between 13th and 14th streets, No.311. Appl> on the premises. It* IjH>R RENT?On E. between 3d and 4th st eets, s near the City Hall, a very desirable BRICK DWEi.LING HOUSE, with dry and oommodious Basement. The house contains two parlors, a din ing -room, tire targe and airy chaiul>ers. pantries, a broad t all and many conveniences not usually found in houses tor rent, including gas and fixtures com plete. The situation is remarkably healthy, central and delightfully pleasant in summer Toa good and punctual tenant the rent will be made moderate, if early app!io>tion be ma-le to THOS. C. MAURUDER, fe27-eotf Capt. M. C. Me:gs'soffice._ tjM RNISHED HOOKS FOR RENT.-A com fortable Parlor and one or two Bedroom*, for gentlemen, at No. ?tit> Pa. avenue, l>et ween :2th and 1stli streets. fe >6 at r^OK RENT.-A large double FR AME HOUSE, containing 8 room?, with a whole squire of grouud attached, with a pump of excellent water hi the yard.withall the stal.lesandout-huildiuns. Kent $20 per month. Situated on the corner oi 15th strett and Mass. avenue For particulars inquire opposite of the premises, or to me in the Northern or Centre Markets. fe 26-eoSt* J AS. E. DUN A WIN. I/OR SA I.E.?Several very desirable two and r th;ee-?iory new BRICK DWELLINGS, STORKS. STABLES, ice., eligiblv situated on New York avenue, convenient to Market and the Departments. Terms: One fourth cash; balance in 1.2. and 3 years. Also, a large Dwelling for rent. Also, several Building Lots, a small Farm near the city, and a large Brick House in Alexandria, Va? used as a hotel, will be sold low. LLOYD A CO ,lMh street, fe 26-3t* opposite the Treasury. |7?OR SALE?A DRUG STORE on Pennsylva r ma avenue; an excellent stand, doiug a good bu siness; satis actory reasons given lor selling. Ad dress A 11. L., City Post Office. fe'22'w Rooms on pa. avenue to let.-two Booms, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue, Itet ween l^th and 13th streets, over Saiu'l. Lewis' Jeweir* Store, will be let low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good olfioe rooms. Apply to WM. F. HAYI.Y, Stationer. jan 12-tf S WOLFE'S CHF.IDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS is presonlied with great success by the Medical Fao ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chromo Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Inadequate Assimilation ol Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Grocers in W ashmgton. UDOLPHO WOLFE, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. IB, 2u. and 22, Beaver street. New Yoik. dee 1? Soi N [No. 596.1 OTICU OF Till. POSTPONEMENT OF PUBLIC HALES IN MINNESOTA. ORDER ED TO BE HELD BY PROCLAMATION No. 587, lMotioe is hereby given that the public sales ofthe vacant public ands within tbe I ;te reserve for the half-breeds or mixed-bloods ofthe Daeotah or Sioux nation of India iS. ordered by proc'amation No. 587, dated September 10, IH.57.lo be held at the land office at Faribaultand Henderson, in the Territory of Min nesota, on the 1st and Uth ot March next, have tn-en postp tied, by order ol the President, to the 3 th day of Augutt and 6th September next, prior to whicn dates the sales will I* again advertised aoo<>rdiiig to law. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner ofthe General Land Offioe. FkBBT aS V *1 IK5H. f?? 2fl ittw PELL1SSIEK PORTMANTEAUS. A NrW Article of lit*i*' Hand Bag. This splendid article is the ne plus ultra of Traveli g Equipments. Gents will please c ill ai d examine this new and ?.T.n,.n?.r,l.^fAT?.^TKl^kN8 ^ CQ 333 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets. It ft tal tn I States* Intel.] AUCTION BALM. TO-DAY + TO-MORROW MURMI*0 By WALL A BARNARD. Au*h Gold and silver watche*. chaim*. JlWIUT tr. at AUCTION.-Ou P A 11 K - DA^ bVENIN<?. ?7th uutu!. oomraeccint at o'clock. at Store No.i?" 7ih street. ander tne Ave Due House, we will sell a Urge stook of Jewelry. As . *? follows : (io d Hunting und otM rased Wttrktt t?old Fol>, Veal, ana tiusrd Chain* Gold Breastpins. Ear-rings Gold aeta inCameo, Jet, Mosaic, aLd Gold Stone Chased and Seal Rings Seal*. Key?. Hold Penci's.Gold Pena, Silver Pens Lockets. Card Cases. Portemoneise With a great stock not her* mentioned. The ladies are respectfully invited to attead. Tenascasu. ^V^LL k. BARNARD. Aacts. FUTURE DAYS. By J AS. C. MoGUIRE. Auotloneoc. EXCELLENT FURNITIJRK and HOI^K hold Effect* at Public Arcnos.-On Tl ES DAV MORNING. March 2*1, at l? o'HoHr. at the lata residence of the Belgian,! harre d'Aflairee, No. 437 K street. between 6th ana 7th. I shall sell all the Furniture and Effects, oomp isme ? Suit-of walnut oarved parlor Furniture, finished in crimson satin broostelle. oonsist nig of two So las, two Arm and six Parlor Chairs, Elegant walnut carved marble top Centre Table. Two cnmion satin brocatelle Window Curtains. Coruioe aud FiX'ures, Excellent Brusaeia Carpets, Oilcloth, Bruaaela Stair Carpet, walnut Hat-tree. Be?utiful Engravings and Oil Pain'iugs, Walnut and mabogan- Bookstands, Whatrots, De?ks and Writing Tables. Gas Fixtures, Window Curtains and Chides, Oak Extension Dining Tab e and Chairs, China, G!a?s, and Crockery Ware. Silver-slated Castors, Spoon*. Forks, Table Cutlery, W niters. Mats, Ac.. Mah tgany Sideboard. Ref tgerator. Suit* "t oaked Chamtier Furmtuie, consisting of ? pieces, Siiuid imiu double Cottage Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrolws, W'aslistaiids, Tolet Sets, Looking glasses. Chaiul>er Tables, Vfahogany and rosewood damask -covered Sofas, ? ounges. Easy Chairs. Rockers, Hair, spring and husk Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows. Bedding. A c.. Radiator, Airtight aud other Stoves, Cooking Stove and Fixtures. Togethei with a general assortment of Household and K tclien Requisites. T? rms: .?*> and ander, cash: over that sum, a credit of twoand four months, for satistactonljr en dorsed notes, b aring interest. fe2G-d J. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to his Factory. making it now one of the largest, in the District, where his facilities forS manufacturing a I kinds of CAR-J RIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS oaniiot I* sur passed, and from his long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages aud Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRSneatly done,aud all orders prompt ly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10 tf oorper of 14th and F. sts. Boarding and day school for YOUNG LADIES. At the oorner of 6th and L Streets, MRS. WM. KESLEY A DAUGHTERS Circulars, terms, and all veoensery information given on application to Mrs. Wm. Kesiey. jan >5 dtFebAaolm SUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Just re Ct-ived, 2" cases of the celebrated I ondon C*r dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale t>y JONAS P. LEVY. No. 554 12th street, corner of B street north. Gro qsriMi iiml Lieuor Storn. il 11-tf -y~5=? IM POR T ANT A N N Of NC EM EN T^j fe fe fe fe fe fe MtSSRS. HOOE. BRO. A CO., rexpectfully announce to the Ladies of Wathi^cton, that, in response to the urgent ard earnest solicitations of a large number of their cu?tomers. the> have succeeded in effecting an arrangement with the owners of the Spleudid Consignment of SlLKS AND SILK DRESS F ABRlCSt from New \ ork, by which this Unequalled assortment CHOICE AND DESIRABLE NOVELTIES will remain on sale for A Few Days Longer. The Ladies of Washington and vicinity willthere fore have anot er(but moat positively the ast) op portunity of seleo'ing from this superb stock of Flounced and AquilleSilk Robes, Black Silk Velvet. Plain and Figured Black Suka, De I Aines, Cashmeres and Merinos. Poplins and Valencias, Kid Glovrs, Grenadine Robes, Ac., Ac, Ac. HOOE. BROTHER A CO.. Pennsylvania Artici. fe 22 twtween ath and '^th sts. IVJOTICE.?A letter mai ed in this city on the IIth IN instant, to the address of Lemmon A Urogden. Baltimore covering rote drawn by ou'selves toour own order and endorsed at 4 months. 5 h February, 1858 for $US4 7?). payable at the counting-room of Lemmon A Mro?;d. n, Baltimore, having failed to reach its destination, ail parties are hereb) cau tioned against negotiating said note. fe 22 tf RARBOI M A SEMMES. UI TARS.?A large assortment of Martin A I Schatie's celebrated GUITARS have just ar rived at the Muaie Depot. Also, some fine VIOLINS and F LUTES. W. G. MET/.EROTT oor of llth street inn 23 tf and P?nn avenue. AGGAGE EXPRESS OFFICE ^4 p ^TREKT Adjoining Tkt Stats* Printing Q#e?, B The subsonber, Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branch Railroad, has opened an office, at ths above place, for the accom modation of the publio. where orders oaa be left tor the use of Wagons to oonvey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. Steamboats, Ac., or for removal to anv point in this City or Georgetown. Office open from 7 o'clock a. m. to 10 o'clock p m., daily, except Sundas. 7 to in o'c <-ck a. in.. 2 o'clock to 10p. in JOHN M. MoCLINToCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Oluo Railroad. N. B.?Persons oomlng to Washington or going to Baltimore, not having made up their muids where they will stop, by giving up their checks to m? agents on the cars, Willi have their baggage taken cere of at this otfice.orat Baltimore oflioe. No. It Sharp street, aud noextra charge. d in 12 AMU EL P.HOOVER'S BOOT.SHOE. AND TRC.nK ESTABLISHMENT. I have on hand a large assortment of Ladies'. Gentlemen's, Misses'. Boys'. Youths'. Children's Rubliers, Overshoes, Sandies EVS t * Gosemers, Boots, Slippers, Buskins lie led^"' *-* ard without, Water-proof Boots and Shoes, which I will sell cheap for cash. Also, a splendid stouk of Sole Leather Trunks at reduced prices. Call aud examine for yourselves, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Pa. avenue, between jan 14 _ 9th and lftth sts. tTs OF NO USE, IT CANNOT BE BEAT. 1 LEVY'S OLD WRECK WHISKY, of iKJl, challenges the world?(ft big word, but too true to he a joke)?judges from all parts say so. A little left Also, can be found at his store, a choice ,o' <T other Whiskies, Wines, Kraudies Rums. Old Julup, Worm word Cordials, fine'? Grooeries, Teas, English. Scotch Ale, and Brown Stout, wholesale and retail. JONAS P. LEVY, No. 554 12th and B streets north, fe 13-tf near the Canal. |0 GASTON A CLARK, ?*0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, DEALERS 1W CLOTHING AND GENT.'S FI RN1SHING GOODS. The suh8cr.bors call attention toa df tirable >*tock of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 4rt Lfiisiana avenue, seoond door from 7th street, and as they are determined to close oil the lot if Dossible. every etfort necessary ou their part shall be used it order to pleas? their oustomerg. In the ClothiniJ Pk?art*k*t we can guarantee the stock to be perfect in poipt of durability, fit and sty le, because we make evnrything oursefvei-. and have no hesitation in saying ciur goods will be found equal to the liest order work iu the country. Watching the various chai?*es of fashu/u. parties may rest as ured of finding the latest cut and make in store, subject to their inspection and approval. .$15,i*si worth of Goods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold al auction prices, ai d pur chasers would do well to ekHnune the lot. This is no humliug, as our assertions can !>e proved on ex amination. Call and see us at the above Store. d 2S-S.ii OASTON A OLAWK LEG A NT CARPETING*. We have vet remaining hi srock a few ofthose el egant IMPERIAL VELVET MEDALLION CAR PETS, which werereoeived front Europe a :it tle too late lor our fall sale*. They are some of the very latest and most superb goods of the kind ever issued from the looms of any country, and in oonse quenoe of the lateness of the season will be sold at a sacrifice Houskeepers who desire to furnish t heir parlors or dra? me-rooms with an unoommooly ku peib Carpet now have an opportunity to do so at fig ures so low as to be verv unusual. ? he sites ar? 18 feet 9 inohes,25 fe*t ? incftes, and & feet long. I ne widths can be ^^A^TT * DoSSoN. Dealers mall kinds of Furniture Dry Good., fe2S eovw No. 4 Market Space. C" Tf^ocKS'?CLOCKS? -CLOCK* Vr-J?.st re ? ceived. a great Assortment of i'l.Ol'KS from #1 to *l?. Fjl S49 Pa. av.,opposite Browns' Hotel. JKJ N. B.?CLOCK M VTERIALS, such as Oils, Keys. Halls, Cords, Ac., for sale,?the trade sup plied cheap. le 5-tf CRABS!?CRAUS!! ....... First of thk Sbaso*. HAM MACK A HHo. have ju>i received a fine lot of HARD CKAItS, winch ihey are prepared to serve in thei? usuai style. Also, fiue SHAD, to settier with all the delictoies that water can produce. W'ehaveafull supplv of mountain VENISON: also REAR MEAT c*>t hi steaks to suit latnilies. PHEASANTS, GROUSE, DUCKS, Ac .always on hand. Dinner and Supper Parties served at short aot"* Our Bar is stocked with fine OLD WINES aud BRANDIES. , No. 2<H aud 2l? Pa. avenue, under W illards Hotel, fe 23 5t H OWE A mil's MACASeAK OlUaltolBXS'V iUu? Mr!?*axr?i ?WN A Mtun frvptllrr OaxRLRsvoa. Feb * ?The itnn prapalle Atlanta. CipUln Gager from New Y?i fh' tkt? Rrt. went ashore twenty mile* soofb of Boddy and light, and is btgh wp on tbe heath Tbe latest advbea from her miv that ?be will probably become a total Wreck Tbe et earner Gated or la left here vealerdsy for Halt-more, and will ren drr any assistance tbe unfortunate ? aael May re quire. A wrecking ?cbooner also goes dowa Reepealai mi the ?!??* Trade. Ntw On tius, Feb. 98?Tbe Drtta ?wm? that the South ha* already opened tbe African ?lave trade, and that a regular depot for Mlaala* slppl ba? been established on Pwl fiver, wket ra>uor? bare already been recelred and sold Tbe veasela general.v nae tbe French flag, hr cause British crulaera will not trouble It. The SI. Lawta t atastraphe. St I#oria. Feb 37 ?The examination of Cbaa S Taylor, on suspicion of having set fire to the Pariflc Hotel, occupied nearly tbe whole of vas teiday, but nothing waa aUclted to sabataatiate tbe cLarge a-zalnat him. The Invastlgatloa will be continued to-day. ? Three Perseaa Maraed to , Boston, Feb 25 ?At Clinton, Maae., this morning. a man a?'d 70 yea a. a widow woman, tged 30, and ach:ld (all Irish) were buraed to death in a wooden t? nemeat in which tbey lived. We have not learned their nan tea. Later fi Califeraia. New Yoaa, Feb 27 ?Tbe I' 9 mall steam ship Moses Fm lor has been signalled from San dy Hook and will probably be up too lata for tbe eveniag papers of the South. The t aaadtaa CarllaBeat Toronto, Feb 45 ?The new Psrltsmant met today There was a full atteatance of member? Solicitor General Smith, ministerialist, waa aWc ted Speaker by a large majority Rhode Island Politics. Providrmcr, Feb 85.?The Democratic State Convention met to-day, and adiouraed till the |v*tb of March, without making nay nomination Tha Expected Steaaier. Halifax, Feb 96, 10 p tn?l/pto thin hoar we Lave had no tidings of the expected steamer from Liverpool Billy Bowlegs Agala. Charlrstor, Feb *7 ?Gov Perry, of Florida, ha* Issued a call for tbe enliatment of mora vol unteers, to serve in the Billy Bowlegs war ^???Arrlrsl of the America. Halifax, Feb 27. V a m?There are no signs of tbe America, now fully due from Liver poo. Hsatbrra Markets. N'fw OgLFAJii, Feb 17?Cotton unchanged Sales yese.dav 6.500 bales. Sties for the week 64.000 tales. Receipts same time SP MU Kales Stock at this |>ort 317.500?tieing a decrease of l-.jti" ba'es from laat vea. 's amount a? same date Dec e ise at a'l Soitb>rn ports 413.SOU ba'es Freights to Liverpool easier. Sterling exchange 107alU*. MoIile, Feb 27?Cotton?Sales for tbe week 27.two bales ; rectlp's for the week 2*1.500, ngalnst I I 0"KJ la<t year. Receipts at this port leas than l<tst year's, up to dite, V> 500; stock In port MM,* tMHi hales, against 143,000 laat year at this date Charlrstor. Feb 27 ?Cotton unchaaged , sales to-day, 1,300 bales. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Teb 27?Flaur Is quiet; Howard street. *4 50. Ohio, S4 50, City is offered at ft 17 ca?h, and f4 50 time W beat steady at $1 02afl 05 for red, and ffl 05 af I 20 for oidinary to fair white. Corn Is a shade lowe-; white 56. ye I lew 57c Whisky dull and l?wer; City 21. Ohio 22a?2>| Provisions are flat. Bacon la offered at 7Jf for shoulders and 6 ^ for sides. Mess Pork, ?itt 75 Lard tf\ai* V . Flew Tork Markets Niw York, Feb ?7 ?Flour Is dull; sales of 6.500 bbls ; State 5c. lower. ?4 00**4 .10, Ohio 5c dearer, ?4 i5aJM.9ii; Southern M 7?ia4 SB. W beat continues very firm and prices nominal Corn continues dull; white 66? aTUr ; yellow 66 Pork is droop!np; mess at ff It 4i?al6 50. I.ard declined; ke?;9^a9\e. Whiskey flrin; OhioJi^c. rial. Niw Yori, Feb 27 ?Sto? ks are higher gener ally. Chirauoand Rock Islaud 79\; Cumberland Coal Co 21; Illinois ?'ent shares t*"^, do. bond* 1*5; Li-Crosse and Mllwaukla 10\ ; Michigan Soutbera 2>-)f; N?w Vork Central m. Read i g 63; Milwaukie and Miss 30, Canton Co 2<k; Virginia 6's 92\; Missouri fla, KJ^ . Sterling exchange dull and nominal T O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON Wolfe's Schiidim Aromatic Schnapps. Tbe proprietor bats leave to call tka attention at strangers ami the oitixens of \N aahiuglon, to a very superior article of Holland bin, which tie introdnoea to the American publie under the uam* of Wolla'a Scheidam Aromatic Schnapps. This Gin is manulaotared by tbe proprietor axoia sively at his Distillery in Sohied&m, Holland. It in made f rum the best Barley that oan be procured in Europe, at an? oust, and flavored and medicated, not by the ornnmoa harsh berry, but by the most otioioe botanical variety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whoae more various extract isdistui ed and reotifaed with its spiritnous solvent, and thua becomes a ooncentrated tinoture of exsuisite fla vors and aroma, altocetber transoendinc in its Cot dial and Medicinal propertieaany aloofaolic leverage heretofore known. The proprietor haa submitted it to nearly tha rhole Medical Faculty of the I'niled States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medioa. Persons who purchase should he careful to cat tha genuine artiole, as the wholeoountry is flooded With counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quartand pint bottles, in oases of ona dozen each, and for sale by "ail the respectable Drug - lints and Grooera in the L'mted States. tDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 23 Beaver street. New York, dec 12-Sm j^TOP THAT BATTLING. I am now prepared to put on "Chapman's Flaet.# A tit i Kattlir* Shaft Fastener." a aurer remedy for the rattling of the ahaft-otipa of Carriages and Wagona, wluoh oan bo put ou at a small expense. Call and examine at my Faotory. where I have oertifioatea from the leading Coachmakers in tka oountry. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d lii-tf corner 14th and E eta. M A R B L E WORKS WM. RUTHERFORD. AKT1FICER IX MAhBLK, E Street, between 12th and I3tn Streeta North, W A SHtRttTOR CiyV, Invites public attention to hi* extentive atocK of (?eautiful destined and Elal^rateiy Carved Ma> TELS in a variety of Marbles, together with a ctioice assortment of STATl'A kV, wh>ch for de si/u and tuiish eannot he surpassed, and are well adapre I for the Garden or Tomb. A <arge assort ment ?f Plain Man'els, Monuaants, and T??ml? stonesat very low pnoes. ... . M<?numents of any design executed to ordar With punctuality and dispatch. Estimates given for Hrownstone or Marble work or North River Fiaging.and every other work in our line. . , Pie se eVI and make an inspection of onr atook \. h.?Make a note "Mhe address. fe ?7-?m \flLITARY SADDLE AND HKIUI.E, witb If I fail equipments.! Campbell's Patent Fxpans.\a Tree,? for sale on arc unt of tbe ownar. whom it did not re^ch in time. Of the beat workmanship, being made to oJder for an eminen' offic r of the arn.y. Thought to be tbe one on exhibition and which tooc the preinmiu at the Mechanics' Institut* Fair, last spring Col. Johnson, of ?d Cai airy, < I'txh, i haa one sua*, and lauds it hirmy. Call "ii LUTZ a BE ALL, Pa. avenue sdj^inin* National Hotel. |e?i 4.* _'*H UN RS !-TR V N KSV! SJ2 Pa. ar., 6? :te> -a MtA t?>f* <?*? WALL, STl-.PH KNt* A CO nave at thia lima inatoreone ol the largest a*iir?ir*s?a W S . '-V Sola leather. Ladies' Dress, and Packin? Q* * Tru >ks. Hat Roxea, Yalises, Carpet Bsgs.'***** Satchels, Ketieules, Ao . Ac., to be found tkia I city, which, lor oheapness, hmshanddurainbty.oai not lie equalled toli-lT Rye and barley malt. for sale at the CITY MALT HOl'SE, oorner of VVaat Falls ar *nnaan^ Rirwd ?? Htiiisw"* iww a.l? MbKOH PES FOK FIFTY CENTS, Prr rr m Goon Cassc. A tore assortment of oases from S? oeots to f5. with good Likenesses, either AMhrotype. Dacuer reoty |?e, or M eiea>o<*ty pvs. V\ ar ranted good iika> ne^aee. Coma early in the day. ROBERT SANDS. Pa. ara., bat. tt h andtth straets, |an tl-tf Market Spaaa. OA AiUl PEACH TREES, ^U,UIWI ATliApRlHclNIL For eale at my Nure*ry. near Washington, rte above Trees are all of fcne growth, and of tna^a best seleat frait. Aleo, a genera! aseortmant of OR N AM EN TAL. EVERGREEN, SHADh, aial FRl IT TKF.K6. ian W 2m JOSH FA PKHCF FOR SAI.E.-A hftaao horse power RN4MNE and BOILEK will i* aold low ?wl on dating terms. Apply u> ALKX'ff Rl JRFK FORD, Martse and Brown Stooa \ ard, t*rw een ISth and 13^, streets. Peon, avenue. lets Stawtw