Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR IS PVBUmUMD MWMM.T AfTIJUMMf, (SUNDAY EIOL-.'TBD,) 4V TUB STAB BVILII1IIM. OftMr V Pa. wmtti Eimnntk r*rt*t) By W. D. WALLACE. PiHt served in paefcacee by arrwn tt|4i year, er *7 otalt Mr month. To Mil aabeenber* th* *afc ?onptioa pnae u #3-? a year. ?? md+mmct; #3 for ?is months; fl for three months; and for tee* than laraa months at Ue rata of IS ooata a week. Stasia eoptce, oaa oent; m wrappers, two eenta. ADmTmKixTi (of eicht lines to the Moare) u*erted thro# tiaiaa for Si; every other day or aeau weekly.% Mr oent. advanoe; per oaat. advaooa. I THE WIFE'S DOWER. ? T A KKTIRKI) ATTOR.NET. Everybody who knew John Gordon, knew him to b? one of the meanest and most contain p tibla men that ever waa permitted to walk the aarth. Hi* brother Peter was not a whit better; so that it would appear that meanness ran in the blood of the family. John waa pretty well off so far as this world's pood* were concerncd. Ilia property was all invested in a building which had cost him about thirty thonaand dollar*. He did not marry till he waa forty, probably from the fear of incur ring unnecessary expense, and when, finally, lie did take a wife, it waa only as he would hare taken him a housekeeper?a servant. Mrs Gordon waa a poor woman, and had been obliged to work very hard for a living. Prob ably she mairied on purely prudential consid erations, for she could not possibly have loved such an abortion of a man as John Gordon. She took g ?nd care of her husband, treated him better th.?n he deserved, and waa in every re speet an obedient and faithful wife. All she received in return was the meagre support her husband's bouse afforded her. When they bad been married some three years John was taken sick, and lingered along for a year, during which time his wife was an excellent and devoted wife. Her whole aim seemed to be to discharge her duty to her lord with fidelity, Stie had made a bargain with him. and she performed her partof thecontract with scrupulous exactness One day I beard that John Gordon was dead. 11 was small loss to the community, and I could not think of pitying bia wife, for her lot would certainly be ameliorated by his departure. She would be entitled to one-third of the income of bis real estate, which, for a poor woman, as sho had been, and having no luxurious tastea to gratify, would bo a princely stipend. I neither thought nor beard any more of John Gordon or his wife for two months, when h woman appeared at my office and introduced hersclt as the latter. ?' Mine is a very bad case, Mr. Docket," said she seating herself by my side. " Indeed, ma lame. I thought you were very comfortably provided for. You have one-third of the income of your husband's estate, or about a thousand dollars a years." ?? It seems I am not to have this, 'shereplied gloomily. ?' Not to have it ?'' '? Peter Gordon has taken possession of the estate, declaring it belongs to him. He says my husband sold it to him a lew weeks before he died'' " How could that be ?" ' Peter showel me the deed, and saya it has been recorded." *? Doe* he ' So much the better for you, madame. The law gives one-half of his per sonal estate " " But he aold it for one dollar,'* interrupted Mrs Gordon " Ha could not sell it without your concur rence. Did you release your right to dower in the premises "No, ?ir; Peter 9ays I did, though, and abows me my naiae, duly witnessed, on the deed " 4* Did you sign it ?" *' No, air." II Then it is a forgery.'* " I suppose it it. ' "You are confident you did not sign your name to the deed >" " I am very sure I did not, and for a very good reason." ?' How's that ?" " I cannot write; I never even wr*te my i name I was brought up in the country, i where girls did not get so mu;h schooling as now. My folks were very poor, and I never had a 1 chance to gp to school," replied Mrs. Gordon. 1 with someconfasion. " Did your husband know that yon cauld not i write?" ?'No; I never told him.*' I dismissed her with the request that she would call the next day 1 went at once to < the Registry of Deeds, and found that Mrs. 1 Gorlwutoad told a straight story. Her miser- i able, contemptible husband had given his property to bis brother in his last days, so as < to cheat his wife, who had cared for him in 1 health, and nursed him in siokness, of her just l claim upon his estate ' 1 He was a villain! I need not say I felt a i deep interest in the ca*e of my client, and ' resolved to bring matters to an issue at ouce. \ The next d%v. when she called, she directed me I to her sister, by whom it could be proved that I Mrs Gordon could not write bername; who ' bad seen her make her mark often, within a i very short time. < The person who professed to have witnessed ( the signature of Mrs. Gordon, was a clerk in the office of Peter My first move was to tike steps to arrest him on a charge of fraud, and ] to sue his employer for my client's share of ; the rents, which he ha 1 just collected, and which he had refused to pay over to her When I had ppx*ec led thu9 far, I received a visit from Peter Gordon. , " What do you mean, sir Le ceked rather i sourly. '? 1 mean to get justice for the widow." < " Her husband was worth nothinz when he died" " Hut his wife has one-third interest in his real estate.*' "It wsi sold to me; ani she signed a?vay ker right to dower " Did sh-'*' "Certaiuly she did " Did you m her sign ?" ?? To be sure I did , so did my clerk." "There is a warrant out for the arrest of , your elerk ; and I have some hopes that be will turn Statu s evidence, and convict his princi pal." He started back with astonishment and ter ror " I?I don t understand you he stammered out ?? Don't trouble yourself about it, Mr. Gor don. you will understand it all in good tiuie." " For <iod s sake, don't arrest my clerk. He w ill be the ruin of me,*' groaned he. " You should ha\e thought of that before,'' I said " You don't ineau to say that everything isn t all right about my brother's afiairs ' He cause. if it isn 11 will make it right, you know," he whined iu supplicating tones. " You say you saw Mrs Gordon fiijn that deed \\ ell?ny; exactly; but I suppose she tinned it.' " You don t know she didn t." " How should I know " She can t write' She never even wrote her name iu her life ! " Gracious I prea el the ras<-al closely, and made him acknowledge that his elerk had signed the uame for a consideration. I would have caused both of them to be sent to the State Prison, it Mr*. Gordon had not begged me spare them. As it wa.; I secured the entire iacorne of the estate foi my cHent, and charged my bill to Peter, who was but too glad to pay it. Cj^Evcrytbing to be known about the Prin- ] cess Koyal of England, recently married to the Prince of Prussia, is just now of interest. 'I he , foMowing anecdote is authentic, though never j before in print: "A few years pgo. a gentleman named . Brown bad occasion to be at Windsor some time*. and the Princess was accuatomed to Sreet him with, " How do you do, Brown ?" | [er mother rebuked her for the familiarity, | and finally said, "If ever I hear you addressing that genMeman * > disrespectfully again. I shall | instantly order you to bed." The next time he j appeared the Princess said, "Ah. how do yon do, I Brown, rood morning. Brown, and good night, too. for 1 am going to bed"?and to bed she went; bat in an hoar or two her kind-hearted mother relented, went to her, and by a little admonition affectionately administered, oured her more effectually than by bedding her."? - ? ' ' 1 ? ? VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MARCH I, 1858. NO. 1,594. ?? ? ? THE RECTOR AND HIS ('IRATE. Allusion* have been made in oar retent English intelligence, to the case ot scan. mot?. (great scandal) brought against the Rov. Mr. Uent of Liverpool. The case hu been con cluded. and Mr. Gent'scbaracter triumphantly vindicated. As the case illustrates a common failing in human nature, and as a famous Liv erpool preacher is concerned in it, we copy from an English journal the following article, in explanation of the affair which has made so much stir ou the other side of the Atlantic : The Hev Dr. M'Neile had a curate, the Rev. Mr. Gent. Mr. Qent preached wall? some people who know Dr. M'Neile say, too well, lie became popular with a large por tion of the oongregation; indeed, a controversy arose among the dock ou the respective merit* of the rector and the curate. It was discovered by some persons, that this Mr. Gent did not live with great decorum. Ilia discharged ser vant woman carried queer stories to the right quarters, after the manner of dismissed demes nes. A sexton, with whom he was not in favor, discovered that he drank the wine provided for the communion. A schoolmaster, with an in efficient school, reported against by the Gov ernment inspector, regretted, right and left, that Mr. Gent smelt so strongly alwnys of alco holic liquor. Some of the ladie? of the congre gation who had made the acquaintance of the dismissed girls, were shocked that Mr. Gent, while playing with bia child, should have tickled the nur^e. Is it necessary to describe the rise and progress of a scandal ? There was nothing tangible?that would have spoiled the plot; but something terribly vague came to be generally and incessantly talked about. Dr. M'Neile went away for recreation ; in his ab sence, be received many letters, represeuting that Mr. Gent was an immoral man, of scanda lous life; and though, on his return, the doctor found that Mr. Gent's three sermons per week had been of a very powerful character, it was clear to him that be could not remain in asso ciation with Mr. Gent. The accusing persons ?dismissed domestics?were taken to the Doc- j tor's inquisitorial study. The schoolmaster re- j vealed everything. The Doctor sent for Mr. \ Gent; and, to abbreviate the narrative, told ' the reverend gentleman that?he must go. ' Mr. Gent denied all the charges. Answer? , But you must go. '* I will appeal to the Biih op.'" said Mr. (font; and so he did. The result was. that Madam Rumor, which had played such tricks with Mr Gent's char- < acter, could not, when put to the proof, sustain her allegations. Mr. Gent, it appeared, was a close student, a benevolent man. a kind hus band. a fond father, and a good preacher. The | people of Liverpool have declared Madam Ru- I mor to be a liar and slanderer, and as a prac- ! tical proof of their conviction they have raised ? a handsome sura of money for Mr. Gent, and t propose presenting Mrs. Gent with a substan- J tial testimonial of their sympathy. Too Ooon to bi L >9t.?The following good j one from the Memphis Bulletin is too good to I < be lost: Viftgt Un.?We have a friend?or, with the J . emphasis of the inimitable Toodles. we have a 1 friend, who for the nonce we shall cull "the Major,'' though his rijjht to the prefix is some- \ what questionable. Now the Major has had, f through life, one besetting sin, and that is an . unconquerable love of a certain game of cards t known as vmsrt un, which is the French for I twenty-ono. This well known game, a fat wife ? and a large family are about trie only weak- 8 nessaa that can be laid to the Major's charge, v Huff often he has been married the record 11 sayeth not, nor is it important. Suffice it that | during over thirty odd years of the Mnjor'a t wedded life, aa his wealth increased and his j hairs became gray, one after another, in regu- f, lar succession his board was honored with the f presence of miniature additions of himself, [, until the number had reached twenty, when the ( Major concluded things had gone far enough, i and should be stopped. But they didn't, as d the Major in due time found out, for be bad ' salculated without consulting his wile. There were indications of anothur bond of union and well spring of happiness I i The M:ijor became nervous, for his nomen- J jlature was exhausted. In bia desperation, he finally declared that the coming heir to hia ^ name and fortunes, whether boy or girl, should f be named Vingt un. In vain the old woman remonstrated. I he Major was inexorable. I 0 The new comer, being the twenty-first, should t wag his way through life with that appropriate ? title. In the ante rooum the Maj.r awaited 1 [he announcement of the little stranger's sex. I o The nurse appeared, and, to the Major's hor- I f ror. whispered the terrible word?twins! I 'Busted, by thunder," yelled the Major, "why a didn't I stmd on twenty V I A.V ESOLISHM ?Ji's VlKW OF PuiLAHELPHlA. J J Dr. Mackay has given in bis ''Transatlantic Sketches"' an opinion upon the appearance of Philadelphia, which does not at all please the press of that city. Here it is : I '? Philadelphia, the second city of the Union, with a population of G00,000 souls, is neither attractive nor imposing. It stands upon a level with the waters of the Delaware, aud does not contain within its whole boundaries an eini- I nence one-third the height of Ludgat? Hill. I It contains a very large number of churches and chapels, but none of them is distinguished by architectural beauty of dome, tower or I spire. The whole place is formal, mean, pre cise and unattractive, leaving no impression I upon the rniud of the traveler but that of a wearv sameness and provoking rectmgularity. i Except in Chesuut street, (the ccn're of busi- I 1 netw,) and Walnut street, (the fashionable quarter,} all the streets of the city are built on ' same model. The same third-rate houses I ?of the kind which the Englishman sees in ' Birmingham and Manchester?seem to rise on I j every side, all of one color and of one shape ; I , all with green Venetian blinds on the upper, I I and with white blinds on the lower stories ; all equally prim, dull and respectable. The foot I pavements are of the same color as the houses, I I neither drab nor red, but a mixture of both.'' | IdTA southern gentleman owiied a slave, a I | y^ry intelligent fellow, who was a Universalist. 1 Oo one occasion tie illustrated the intellectual character of bis religion in the following man- | ner : - A certain slave had obtained a licence of the Baptists to preach. He was holding forth in the presence of many of his colored brethren atone time, when he undertook to describe the I process of Adam's creation. Said be, "When God made Adaui. he stoop down, scrape up a little dirt, wet it alittle, warm it a little in < he hands and squeeze it in do right shape, aid and den lean it up agaist de fence to dry ?" " 'Top dere!" said our Universalist darkey. I "You s.?y dar are de lustest man eber made ?" j "Sartan said the preacher. ??Den," said other, "jes tell a feller whar dat ' ar fence come trom ! ' 4 Hush* ' said the preacher, "two more ques tions like dat would spile all de foology in de ( world.'' {y A man named Streiger, near Daven- , |>ort, Iowa, was last week in the woods, chop ping a heavy limb from a prostrated tree. The 1 limb struck him on the back of the neck as it fell, and bent his body down so forcibly as to break his bark. A portion of the limb pene trated his thigb. making a terrible wound. The injury to his spine paralysed all the lower fart of the holy In this condition, and far rom help, he used his axe as a lever, and pried off the limb, so that be oould get out of the t -ap lie then dragged himselt by the arms? his lower limbs being entirely paralysed?a quarterof a mtle through the snow, till he oame within view of the people at the houee. During the tedious trip, the lower part of his body was entirely naked. It is very doubtful if he can survive. Rarhel wrote down, a frw daya before her death, to please a distinguished gentleman who d."?lied her autograph, these words: "In a week fiom now I shall begin to be de voured by the worms and biographers !?? And so U happened. Special Votiees. Dyspepsia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great ourer of Consumption, wm for several years so hadly afflicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the tine he was oonfioed to his bed. lie was eventually oured by a presor ption furnished hiui by a young clairvoyant girl. This prescription, given by a mere ohild while 111 a state of tranoe. has cured ererybody who has taken it, never having failed onoe. It is equally as sure in oases of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingredients may be found in any drug store. I wil. send this valuable prescription to any person on the receipt of one postage stamp t* pay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme. New York Poat Office. _ jab 28 2m* I am I if possession of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its eficaoy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. The Syrup is pleasant and safe, and isfooinposed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Kidge; it is no oommon article. They are mealy enveloped in my oirouiars, wnera m> place of residenoe is seen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, oan, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avsnue, as well as Georgetown. a? Mr. Nuwmau's on Bridge street. In Alexandria nr Ledbetter'a. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 103 Balti more street. d 7-l( ?? ^ ?# ? ? ? ? ? Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Benutifni Complexion, use " Ba'm oi I .'mo Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use ' Woodland Cream," a new pomade ; it oauses gen Clemen's hair to ourl beautifully. Price cents saoh. W P. Fktridge A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Taylor A Madry, Booksellers, between 9th and i0th st.. Pa avenue. n 17 Dancing. ounces a ASH ION ABLE DANCING. PROF. II. W. MUNDER respectfully announces o his friends and the public generall*. that ns lai?t qu'?rt>-r will oomnienoe on Tuesday itreruoon, Feb. 2d, I&58. All those who desirej o bt* prepar. <1 for the exhibition are earnestly L? lolicited to join as soon a* pog.sible an the arr'in*?* nfnc of Fanos Imnees will take place immediately. Tim progiamme for tins sr son will be entirely lew. and lar t-x?e; a.iy ever ottered to the public. Parents whodesire to s#e their cmldren ea.y and :racelul in their ctrria^c, should not fail to enter hem very noon. Gentleman's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday ivenings, as usual.Ironi 7>4 until 9'* o'clock. jan Hn dtf A N C 1 N GA CADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKn*nd DAUGHTER have he honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen leinon of Wasninirtoii and Georgetown that le will re open hi? Classes for Dancing in, Vashington on Friday, the 9th of < Ictober. ??' , renip.. ranof Hall, K street, for Missed and Master*, rom 3 o'c!i>ck p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, rom 7 o'olock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, he 7th of October, at Miss llarrover's Ladies Sem uary, from So'olook p. m. For terms and particular^ application can be made t Mr. G.'s residenoe, 407 E street, between 9th and nth streets. se 12-6m Dsntiftry, 4fco. |\R. R. FINLEY HUNT, U DEyrisr No. S10 Pennsylvania avenue. J Vill perfo-m ill operations belonging to his rofession at his old established office, a a above, d 19-tf pHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LO'JMIS, M. D . the inventor and patentee of Loomis* Mineral Piatt Teetk," havmg^-aaKa uooesKfully introdueed his improvement in arious cities, has now permanently estab shed himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsists obief r in making a of but one pieu* of materirwl, arc uat indeitructible mineral. No metal is used it neir construction, and they are therefore free from alvamo aotson and metalic taste. There are ih nnts to become filled with moisture or partioies o! ???<). hence they are pure and clean. They are ghter. stronger, less clumsy, (ar more durable, and rrtural in theirpppearanoe. I will give a reward o ?ne Thousand Dollars to any one who will produces imilar work of art to equal mine in purity, boaut* gnihility, artiatic excellence or any othor requisite uality. All work responsibly warranted. 27b Peuua. avenue, between Ilth and Uth streeta. ap IS-It ?>IANO??VERY CHE A P.?I have now in etore i he following gr.-a* barga ns: A very superior Piano of Hal let. Davis A _? o., 7 octaves, fane rosewood; original p< iceK^^^f l?<!0. It has l>e-n rented out in a careful"! ? *? ? ' i-"ily, and will be sold for ?500. Also, a similar Piano, nam* makers. octaves; rigina' prioe S300, will be *old f<>r .$-*5. These Piano*a e reilly ba.-g.ina; #e warrant and u-ira? tee thein as willingly as we do our new ones. .11 peraoiiuin want of a good rei'ibl* riano are so oited to o?li and see tht-se inati um nts. Aiso, a Second-hand Piano, which we have ac spted in part p .vment for a n.-w ^ns, for ^IS'; one >r one for 4IS: and tn e for 8"t?. Ours is aiways the larges' stocK ?.f Piar.os in this it?; i lie elore call at No. 306 Fa. a v., bet?reeu 9th nd lotn streets. fe 9 JOHN F. F.LLIS. fkENTISTRV. Lf DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Uvrici No. 198 Pennsylvania Avbntb, Tkrtt doort from 14tk Strttl. Dm. BAILY begs leave to inform the publio that he sn be seen at all hours,at his office, located asalN>\ e. le feels assured that an expenenceof fifteen yean' ractice, with the large number of patientH.anu great arioty of diflicult oases that he has treated succesa iiliy, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, oientibc or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hit wn experience confirming the opinion of many mac minent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris nd J. and E. Farmly, has led him, long since, todit ard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also 11 hnamuls. Oufta Perclia, India Rubber, and Ce dents for the construction of Continuous Gure reeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate > tiie only reliable subsUnoe that oan be worn in the was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from its long resi enoe ana pract^e in Washington, ho is favorably uown to in* numerous friend* and pairoLs, Ue begs save to refer thein to the following TESTIMONIALS! prom the late Rector of the Churali of Epiphany ol thu city Dr. Stmpekn Daily: DoirSir?I deaire to express ly esteem for you personally, and my eo;:fideuoe ic ou as a superior dentikt. The operations execute) r>r me have been highly eatis'iotory. ] hope that yor lay receive the patronage from my friend* and the ablio that your skill so well deserves. ? Youra very trulr, Waahingtcn, Aag,*, 1?5G. J. W. FRENOfl* ''rom one of the oldest tiring m Baltimore, Meairt. Dvzra, Cotinan A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily, Surgeon l)?n let. of Washington city, to execute for me an im ortant and difhoult piece of work, whioh he did tc ny entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that >ne of the most distinguished members of the Denta. 'ollege of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to >erform the same work satisfactorily, it giveo me reat pleasure to expreas my entire confidence and iigh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, 1867. HARM ANN BOG68. ixtraot from a note received from the late Hod, Johi M. Clayton. U. S. Sknati, Aug. II, ISM. The teeth yob made for me work admirably ; notk t< oould be Letter. Very graiefullv, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of th< eeth, 1 can choarfuMy recommend Dr. S. Baily as a inperior Dentist; he made a set of poroelian teeth or one of my fHnuIv, aid plug^t^l saveral teeth tor nyseif, and the work U&a a'! stoo<) -rrellfor more than myeara. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church SouU. a?nl 19.1866. We, the undersigned, having had oooaaion to avail >arselvee of the professional skiil of Dr. S. Baily, iurgson Dentist of this city, or having been oogmi knt of hia operations on our families of fneuds, take Measure in expressing our admiration of his artistic ikiil. aa well aa of the unilormiy satisfactory mannei n which he performa the most aeliaate and difficult iterations in Dental Surgery, and we reapeotfully re wmmend him to the oonndeuoe and patrorugce of tht pablio. of whioh we consider him eminently worth*. fHOMxs U. Waltkr, Architect U. S. Capitol, Homir Millkr, M. 1>.,oi Washington. 1>. C, B. S. Bouama, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. . S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C? Joa. H. Bkxdlkt, of Waahicgton, D. C, 8ioegk Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida, WaLTII Lkioi, Ex-Mayor of Washington*' Hbkey Baldwin, U. S. Patent Offioe, O. C. WieuT, Principal Ritienhouse Aoademy, feb>' tf THAT RATTLING. I am now prepared to pat on " Chapman's Ela?tic Anti-Rattling Shaft Fastener." a aura. remedy for the rattling of the ahaft-olipaV STOP of Carrisgoa and Wagona, whioto oan beJ pnt on at a email expenee. Call and examine at my Factory, where I have oertifiaatee from the leading Coaohmakera in the oountry. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d lft-tf oorne#l4th and F ste. /ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,gmnc a(>eautiful fJOLD MEDAL PREMIUM ? PIANO FVKTEB. WILLIAM~KNABK, (Senior partner in the late firm of Ikabi. Guru A Co., Coatbraea the mandmoture and aaie of grand and MiVt HAND FORTKS, undert-he oaraek? of Wiiliaro Kaabe & Co., at the old stand.pcSKI Noa. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Kut&w street op- Ml IT * posite the Eataw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened anew Sales Room at No 8vn Bs-'timore atreet, between Charles and Light streets. on the premise* partly occupied by Mr Haury MoCrdfery as a music store, where they wtli **ep oonstantiy on baud a large a^aortin -nt of plan, ajd hisfci-fin. shed grand and square I'm do Forces* lieo, MaTodeous, fmm the heat makers, from 4 to 5 o-uave, son?* with double key-boards, double reeds, an<1 stops to auit amall churches. Bwng extensively engaged m the manufacture t f Pi?n>s, wa will sell wholesale and retail, on the moat liblrat terms. Oar Pianos were awarded the highest premium

(gold n>edal)at th? Fairs ot the Maryland Institute two aaoceaaive years?October, 1856, and 1856? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the k*st makers from New York, Boaton and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at tao Industrial Exhibition held in Riolituon t Vir ginia, tiW *od 1856. They hhve r.lso been awarded th- highest ,?r-?mium (silver medal) at the Metro polian Mechanics' Fair lor l&*7. In addition to thie we arc in possession of teetimo raa:a from the moat distinguished proienfors anc amitrurs id the oountry, which oan l?e seen at out warereeiai, speaking for themselves and others o| the high appreciation in which oar instruments are ?verjr where neld. All laatrumants are guaranteed for five years, anfl a privilege of exchange is trai ted within the first months from the day of sale if the instruments ao n rt give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give as a call before purchasing. Puu*>e exohacged, hired, acd tuae-1. _marIf-lv WM. KNABKft CO. Five moke of raven, bacon a co.'s superior PIANOS,just arrived at mewo Wareiooius of Pf Wvi W. G. METZEROTT. ? ? ? ? ?' Seoond hand Pianos for sale cheap. n a>-tf PJUSN8 t CLABKfS ^ ^ HAl.LETT. DAVIS A CO.'S** ? ? ?* CELEB HAT Kit PlAXO *X)KTKS, Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 l':i. av., between 9th and lOtk at p. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Pianos. Htooia, Covera, Melodeona, Ac., Ao., also on hand. n 16-tr rFHK Ml'SIC DEPOT OF W. G. METZK I KOTT, corner of Eleventh street ar<L Pennsj Ivenia avenue, ia the largest ?n-lfw zr on.y complete Musical Establishment in' ' ? the District ol Columbia. Baeoau Raven A Co'a and Hoaenkrarzc's oc!e brated PI A N(?S are alwa> .< on hand in great varie tyialt,., Prince's superior MELOi>E<>\S. Together Wiih an immense stock of Musical In struments anJ Sheet Music of ever} description. Pianoforte tuning exeouted by Mr. hehme. d 9-tf SEVENTH STREET r\A TOBIAS, , _ O PI' J C JAN, Offioa Seoond Story, three doors from Odd Fsli.ows' Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to every aight; % Opera, Reading, and Watchmaker'a jc-* ? ? J i?,ajK??; l'ei?seopes, Microsoope* m^f"1 1 great variety; Cosinoramic Mereoscopes with views of superior and ohoioe pictures on hand. See adver tisement in National Inteiligeaoer, TESTIMONIALS. u _u NoRFoLg, Sep?emt>9r 7,1GM. St*: The Speo<aclos you nifide for me auit me very weil, and seem to have improved my sight more than any ottter I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Speotablea obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find thein of treat assistance to my sight,and corresponding with hia rfesoriptionof their focus. 1 recommand him as a sk'illful optician. HENRY A. WISE. Pktkr?bor?, Ootober 21,1854. About five years ago, I obtained from Mr. Toh;as. in W ashmgtoia, a pair of Glasses for the spectacle* which 1 used, and found them of great assist.--.nce to my decaying vision; aud my opinion of him ia, that he ia skillful in the preparation of Glasses tor eyes not too far gone to be benefitted by such aid. J. F. may. Ltnchbcrs, November 1C54. rom ar. examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and from his observations and remarks, am convinced that hu is a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD, M. D. Lthchbcro, Novemuer 10.1854. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses. by which 1 have been greatly aided,'.my visiob having guttered greatly from reading at ni?..l<t in my earlior life,) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, anJ well prepared to aid those who ma* :te^d hia professional services. WM. B. Rot'ZIE, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. Wilmington, N. C., June i7, !8M. MR. J.Tobias? Dear Sir : I am happy tossy that the Spectacle* which I obtained from )i>u last week *re entirely satisfactory. From an lnequtliij in the visual rangeof my eyes, 1 have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focj?l dis tances. It aMords me pleasure to state, that by the an! of your optometer this (.lifticultv has l>een happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the (test adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANF. Rector of St. James* Parish. Having been induced b* a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias lor the purp<we of trying his glasses | was furnished with a pair slightly colored l>!ne,whice have atlorded me inor* relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight, origin al!* very good, was injured by writing and reading a) njght, frequently to a very lata hour: but with the nia of these glasses I can study almost as late as ?ver, and that too without the pain I have previous ly suflered. JOHN WILSON, I Ate Commissioneer Gan'l Land Oihce. D#c. 11,18V>. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for throe or four months,and take great pleas'ure in saying that 1 am much pleased witii them. I have been much benefited by thein. GEO. P. 8CAHBURGH. May 5th, 1856. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias a? a skilfnl optioian; and as I have eves of rein&rkallie peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias setmed to comprehend thein by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has made me apair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 1856. WAeiilNGTOW, Anc.R. 1E65. Having been for years under the necessity ol' hav two sets of glasses?or.ef?r use in daylight, a> d one for lainp-ligrit?I prooured one sot (roin Air. 1 obiaa which answered botii pi rpoacs. I have used his for several months, and finu them excellent. EDWAKD STUDB9, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: TUe pair of Sp6ctaolcs you furnished me yesterday Ere particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the best 1 pi-asess, t.n?; I am the of e.ght or nins pairs, oarefuily i oleo'ed in different places ar.d from opt.cians reo ommended to me on aco; ur.t of their profen-siona) standing in France, England, ana the United St&tee, i have been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of trie eyes, for the pur pose of preserving ar.d imp-ovine r"ht? sight Respaotfuily yours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor of K. C.. Louisville, Ky. UnootLTN ORTHoraiDic I'tsriTUTiort, After most careral examination or M <?. J. Tobias'a GlaaBes, 1 am enabled to testify '.hat their hardness, olesrnoss, poushiug, ftnd exact optical shape rt nder them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optioal impairment ol the eyes are in want ol suoh auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the foous of the eye,both by his optical knowledge and experience, and by means of his optometer. In addition, I oan further state that Mr. Tobias has aupplied aome of my pa tieuta with Glasses, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. PhTaioian and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of tha Royal College of Surgeons. England; Member of the Mediae! Sooiety of London, and of the Pathological Sooiety of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester, England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. No*?oli, Va., July 27, 16S4. In the experienoe of even two years, I have foui.d great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted t<)the weakness of my sight. This tn oonvenienoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removeJ for the present by the substitution for ine of better and more suitable Glaaaea. They are dear, ohryatal-like and ooinfort&b'ie to my eyes. I would commend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in thia way. J.J. SIMKiNS, M. D. _ WILMINGTON, N. C., June 16, 1854. To persona who have had the aight of their eyea ao inpaired as to require the use of Glaaaea, 1 would recommend Mr. John Tohiaa as a auitable person from whom to obtain audi Glaaaea aa they may re ?|uire. as he has suited me witii a pair of Speotaclea or a far and near aight. My sight nas been impaired very much by a service of years in the Post Office Department, whioh berth required me to be on duty from 11 o clock at night till after day, during whioh time 1 uaad but one Tight. W. A. WALKtlR. Dkpartmrnt or Interior, May 8, 1855. From natural defecta and the unequal range of my ?yea, I have been oompelled to uae glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glaaaea perfectly fitted to my eyea. Foai months since Mr. Tobias inade two pairs especially for me, whioh I have round to serve me perfectly. By the aae of hie opionater he ia enabled to adapt gleaaea most minutely to the evo. I most cheerful ly re oo mm end Mr. Tobias to all having oooaaiop to aae glaaaea, aud bear my testimony aa to hia akill aa anoptioian. HENRY E. BALDWIN. . ae 25 Aaa't Seo'y to aign I .and Warrasta. DYE AND BARLEY MALT, ""iiUi-Uifaswsssjf&r k'w TriTtlTi* Directory. ^yASHliNCTON BRANCH RAILROAD. . run u follows: l>?ave \\ /i i a*ion Do. do. al * a. m. l?o. tj,,. ttiini. ft!' d.?- al !?*'? m The Trains at 6 aid and t.'arT p. m oonnect V Ui''im,ir? f"r the Ka*t JUi<A"at Relay lor the W eat. Those at 8 a. m. a d 5 I a m. m. for Anas ?lis.atKi at 3 p in. (or Frederick and .Norfolk The ? a. it, and 4> P. m. trams *re Express, and st? Vllr"a*t>? V*ffnd junctions. The tere,;rh%" Vt ^tlurua? at ?-? >? m IOM only to ,(?I! oniy on,S traw-?t 4.X p. ni. -,Hr ? d TH. H. PARSONS. Acent. (\tvv AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. recant extension and improvement of its lead Jeotia* lia?? at the Wast hat re*mred u en J *h?e" ffihiy ,m?iS tdvan"t?e.n,t'o? tLe Vr^ fjts.yn StKfHSH^liMs^uJS! , N .Urt| Sun^*^*" >tatK'n- 7 A.M..teioepi SVfiSJWV "tati00, ttd ?t Cuin o^^aTs^V^'vi,L IKA1> ?t\'u (Sunday ex a \T nn.f.? ft' 'arm** at Wheelin* ar 4 2i',r^. V at Benwood with Central Uluc t?VJ? ?"f1 at same pHe* ??v?i^o ^ Detroit, Ac., t.j ne^U K^id ' P*rker??>?r* witti Ala KXPRK^TR li CINCINNATI r.a t n h>jj ! K AiN inaresdaily at 5.115 p if ann ""mmieS^eTwi'at9 A' N, wah ?**re? train* S *? C,nc""'*ti. <t*i/A<,?i rkaugi o> i?I V and reaching there ;n but 2? ton W?? BiItlHlor? *?<* -te h.mra froru \\ ashinf mt r.r?f> ?'?,.<E>,,"eot? directly, in both directions, atbraJtonWith oars by Paraersburc and Marietta * r ^'nwnuati, etc. fhese tramr aonneot at Xema for Indianapolis, Chicago and St ^.?Hiia, and at Cincinnati wit/i the Great Uhio anc Mississippi Expres* for Louisville Cairo and St U*o t0i. ^?",a ln teas than U hours froir Baltimore. II* this train the it mt to a il the centra ?h? 2'Z**? pilc'* fl" We,t '? niueh less, whilf rt2 ? ' f" '? fritm 4010 10,1 shorter than bj l^ortest "f other From the Weat thew Of?nnevhons are e^uali* cJoae and sat:sfactorr ar rivme a' fJ&ltimcre at A. M. L.r li?<KHte checked throu^n toa!i pomtt. THROUGH TICKETS aokl at lowaat rates at C&rnaen Station and at Waahuigton, D. C. rase enters from!re '.vaahmttoE iret bV davli*kt' t>T c&klu< "wrn i..1^ li ' 1,!n* OVfcr at ^mnl>er,ruid or Oak laiid. and resumir jr ?>eit morninz br Whaelins Ao O^'^dat'VoV"^ 3aVU" ?* Th.ranfZ* ZJV PISHENGERS. ? I ??, n ?} 1 'f? Acoo;nm >dKti<>n T.aii, at 7 A.M. WhM?if^ /iLh w**t of Cun.l?erland. acd tr < f'undtirV/, ?00,"nn,;;(i>t,?n at all Stati.ina hevonO r? 1 ^e,t* Eaatwardly. the Niau Train leaves \\ hselir.jt at 8.*> A. M.. and A coomnicT atl'??^Me" " ld&t 9' r**cl,lu? Haiti mors rassasf ^ REDEKICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M stoppinj at wa> station*. 1.eaves Frederiok at 9.14 Vhnli'i2./ 12 noon. A vr" ^ 'i Vc f,8 %,Lt' TRAIN ieaves at 4.44 it i-Ut> s. WOOD^IDE. _JJ l?-ti M^st*T of Transportation. Baltimore. QRANfiEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD 9 HEAT SO UTHEJlit MAIL LINE MOND A* GOK1,^SVILLE ANt Ricu at 6 o:ciook a. 10. ?> asnmstoc at 7 o'dock p r.. f Mv?Vur.Jk !ilIR6 !Ve SOUTH \\ b i? r. rhe steamer GEORUK PAGE, foot ofSeventk Jtroat. beyi^ owned by the Railroad Company, rnnr Eomineotion with the trains. p?ny.rMB I ickeu for l.f ncfi^c-* procured or the Poav . 'i-' ' ^nuiOuueia;i(| Wucouk ivi>iu*RifhA .4;Tl.?i }V"?h'r?:-n ^,To^:to convey pas^ J ?"? ^raf? :o Ster.mhoat.for A:ex\r br mStlt DU M' ample tim# Alexandria, i^y,!^9 A' EVANS' l\u? V ? ? 5TK AM) LIVER ???.<?!. STAfsSMAILSTEAMFRS Tkt Sii?? reaipdisi :ku rll2 DA1LT1CT1C ?/'wti Ohver Eidndr?. I he A u-t 1 Cap:. Joseph Coinst.k* ine AD.ciA 1 It, ,. . Capt. Jamea Waat. , "h^s harirc t by contract exprfat'y or Oover iirent ^ervic*. evety c*re has been taket n ti.oir uons.ruotioii, um olsa in their ent.nes, to ln or LiV/ln/ii'A^l8>? ' a,^ [h*,r, Aceoi:ir.o<5ation? "ci i uuaied for aJecanee and ooui The b: earners of this line have improved wa'er Uht compartmanU, and no expense nax been sup red .0 make them all s* food as new. the tWouzh exam nation Riven then, proves their mode ol oonsnuo :ion yet ur-e^uailed. Prot-ol p insane Iron New Ycik Lirsracol ir. irst 913? i ,'n ^O" #75; From Liv'cr ' F^T tit.J kUiQ3as, An exsen r ar:encwl Sn-feon attMhcd tooach aLip. No bertha al t>o secdrec nulil pat a tor. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILINO. ..V*.?."175**,T0j1S', ,-o!?- uvKRhcoL. Saturaa,. j-?: ifi 1 Wedne^aV. ">b 3 1B? ^atnrdnj, Feb. 13 Ih* \\ ednef iay, M'ph 3 i 58 2 {"'?!" 152 ????!!<??. V?!? !?*? VVednes?ia?. April 28 laiP U ednesday. May 12 laati *aiuiday, July S is?x Saturday,July 17 ... iidi ?*atard;.y, Aue. 14 !H&; fat jrday. An?.2r. 1 j5*j Saturday, Apr I 10. .' .IRS8 Saturday, Aj>ri: 24....IK58 >Htuid?y, May ^ I8W Wednesday, May 26 1868 Jaturday, Mar 22 jaja U odnesdny, J une 3 ]&i8 .aturti.iy, June5... ..JS08, \Vedntfcday, June i3 .8 .aiiir<taT, June 19 .. i8^8| \\ odriest'ay, Ju1* 7 18^8 *-Q 'WedneadaJljulyS! IM VVeducsday. Au?. 4 .18-8 \N eoneaday, rept. 1. .I86tt ."-atu 1 day, Sept."Vi'!! !iu5! WwlnegdaJ,' Sept! Sy Sa; uroav, Sept. 25 . . .ISi Wedr.esilay, Oct 13 1^8 Saturday, Oct r l?^ WedneSaJ: Oct! ^ .aturday, Oct. 23 Wednesday. Nov. in.l?58 >aku:dav, Nov. fe lh?8' Wednesday, Nov. 24 185.8 ^a.urd&y, Nov. 20 1858j Wednesday, Deo. 8 18 8 Saturday, Deo,4?^_ 18.58? Wedaesuay, Dec. ? For freisi.t or rats,'.te, apply to NewYorsRD K" CO' I",' S' No. ce. Wall straat, BROWN .SHIP! LY A CO., L-vnrsooi B. G. WAlNW RIGHT A CO., parish r^The MWr'eir" 01 \U>r 8,"P8 not be *oo< nr tabic lor ?old, stiver, bullion, tspecie, jewe'rr cec .m* stones or metals, unless \^K\rV^iu^ d F16 a vame thereof expressed therein. JJNITED STATES MA_IL LINE * ONLY REGULAR LINE AHD WITHOUT VAILURK FOE KISBT YlAES, ft v iCaAIo'?(iR.NwA U OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtgulmr Smiling Duyt.itk t&th *f sat A otmsiA Caution.?So many frauds and imposi tions of various kit as iiave been ;?tel% f-If> PfrP''rated on travellers hound toCAI.f ????? KORNIA, that the subscriber, theon'y authorised Aeeut for passage bv the U. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feels it his duty to oaution all persons seeking to California, that. To avoid impo?itiok, they must tie aareful to find the true office of the Steamships o| the U. 8. Mail Lme, via Panama Rsi'road. si no other oftc? in New York is authorised to encage fussaxe. The Companies have only on?' -ifico in New York which is at 177 \\ est ?treet. corner of Warren strnat' frontin^on the North River, at ihehsad of the Con (>b??'*s rr.T s:rn ove/ the door. i. w. R AVMOND, Ami, . _ . *s? V?rt T)H1LA I) EL I'll I A. WILMINGTON ANn V RAI.TLMORE RMLRoiS. D street'depot l'*ve Pre.,dent foirw.TzV m? *? <la"Jr- "M" Sundays, as o'?^k7"J.rV::t??: Mail Train st II a? 6 ? i -' Kv,6,,ib?! Matlat6j?p m OnSu <*a?s York tnTin???^2 ?? ? 1ra,n OMIMSt withNsw 1 orl trains except 6 ?5 p. m. Saturdays. r m^?n^iTRR DE-GRACE only. v?!T?k,teT ar *' * "'cl^ck p. m ^ ro? Philadelphia n- 8 a. m.. I p" m.. and H p m. FOR SEAFT)RD,OKL. ?. Raltimoie at 8.?*?a. m eonnaef ? ilniinston with *.?? p. m. trs n and 6J3b p. m. Irwn Baltimore with ?u*a. in. tram. W"teii cltS^fiAa. *??. THE WEEKLY STAR. By ?abaarflbuai ia Cl?to mmd am< without the mtarreattoB of a aaul ag?_. _ w_ _ Nrmi tnat baa mada Tin KnrM Sria ?riT :5?s?ek,r C7Po(iaiMUnvtoMtw?|MtiVilikiaUev*i ft MuaiMiua of? oent. Traveler*^ Directory^ A LKXANDKIa ani> waminutun. PAGE and THOMAS COIiLi KH till rii, k?rt*|tM, rtf j?*?. ularly 11 u? h> l<>*ii| Isoara : Luri Ai iiiXMu at r,f%t Pat'?4 V a. mi a lt)<> V *?d * ? I Tkotnaj Colly ?-7,?. II a. m.-. 2 er!d 4pm Lf*M at W??rf ???.; V4. a?4MkP in 7'*???? ?f?a ia , I3V.3W. hnis? m W'lmln'i Ominl>u*e? ?'nnr<*iiii witto the < ace nod Collye*, will leave the ? apito. and ooroat of utt. street and f a. avenue a? follow* : 7,8, 9,10. II, 1SV8. S- ?. and So'cioek. hlcliAKl) WALLAtH, Prae ia COLLYEK vilt leave for Voiut Veraon oa FlSDAYSand PRIDAV^frun VN ul.iuitM at u Alexandra at c'c.ocA. whan bar ueaai The CdLI VRR wii. leave for Mount Varaon oa TiEr ? | " 9 anJ mnrnina trip* Ij-iwmi. \\ utuulus and A.exaa*it * will l?e loterniitted. _ _ fa87 SAM't. BAKFE.Capt. faClTlU M.V^STKAMSfaiP CUM Oca af the *te&mshirs of thia the United mates Ma. *s for ACAt'l LAJ. CALlFoK.MA.aiMi OKtGUN, leave* Panama caoh ai^th. on the arri ?a of th ? United Sta'ea Mail 8.8. Costipniiy's wVuri . ?n Sth and yth of each mor rhw PADS. . . Tlieae steamships have been inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, ami guaranty spa #4 ti'l softly. The Panama Railroad <47 mi.ea lone* ia now oorn aan. and ia eroeeed n )or < aasengers ia cheoked in Naa e.a, leave Nee Or.ecut* ami New York res a lA' ly on sth and y-ih of rack north with the mail a, s? t.gers <x-ciL.ect.rt na PANAMA RAIL eleted from ooean to ooean, and ia ereeaad ia 3 or 4 honia. Thntmggaceof p&asengera ia cheoked m New Vork throUfcb to San Fr.?nci?co. and passengers ara emharked ai Panama fry atramrr at the oompany'a The money paid in New York aovera au ept _ San Fraaoiaco. to prevent detention in caae of aooi expense. expenses of the trip. Reserve atiamrr* are keat in port in Panama and a i ? j i v.. p \ ? a? ? ^ivvrui uririitnil I Li 'MV Ul IWl'J ? df nt, ao that toe route ia entirely rtltat/it?ao toil er* having occu red in eight year*. Passenger*>eave Pauanta tha name day they ar rive at A- pinwall. Conductors go throurh fry each at earner. take charge of woman abd children without otter prolao tore. For thronrh tioketa at the Inwaat ratea apply at the agency, 177 West afreet, New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,-or to ARMSlRirNC, HARRIS ft CO., New Oriaaoa,- or JyM-tf C. L. BARTLETT. Roatoa. pOR NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH. Ya The atoamer LOI'ISIANA leavea the I'ninr. D<* k. Hint of C nao?rd afreet. Raltw ^Frt' iator^coe, ?o. H G ? OMR INtfLRANCK COMPANY OF NF.W YOKK. r??A Capital \ t5<*>.r*ci Swrylw* e?vr SMjMB Th? un<lerMt;ned. navina tieen appointed Arant of thia Company, i* prepared to luue Policies on Rmi tliniia, Merctiandiee, Hieamhoata. Ac. on aa favora bit terma aa othar reeporail.le oon paniaa. T. M. HANSON. Agent, No. 5127th at., oppo. IntelUgenoar Ottoa ian2S e. .m i J KDWARD 8NOWDEN. VJTKNF.RAL CLAIM AND RKAL E8TATL AOFNT. For B?-nntv Landa. Penaioa rimma, Prhaecu tior. of Claima before the Court of Claima, ^oasreM and the Departmenta, Purohaae and !*ale of raa. ea ta'es, attend to Renting Mouaea. Bu? and Sail f^and Warranta. Negotiate Loan*, and ail buameaa of aimilai character Office oorner 7tk and Loaiaiana avenua, janl6Jy _ Waaluagtoc. City._ L D AND SILVER PURCHASED ATTHE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS OF EEC H ANO E SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU HOPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. OOLD CURKWNCyTaND VIRGINIA MO SEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS. PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECES MUST BE MAREF.D ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED ATTHE highest Rates. SWEENY. RITTKNHOUSE, FANTkCO.. d 4 3m Ha ok ara. 'EN' PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bond. r* * * w Davenport haa now alxint 2".OuO ini atntauta, aod ta ?apid'j increaaing in and population. I (a munK phi del.t ia only fiae.'am, and it* railroad del* >niy ^ia,??, and cannot now ?* increased. The itatiatice of the cirv wore pnHiahed in the Intelli tencer of the ?>th Septemf>or. We reoommend heae frond*, relieving them to be aa aate aa any ?:&ieor cay bonda. ce6 CHI'BR HROTHKRf* AS>H1NOTON INSURANCE CoVI?'A>Y. CHART EKED BY CONGHESS Can Tax.. - Rauo,mi :n Thi* Cwir.p&?* ;* tow prepared to reoeive apelioa lora for INSURANCE ON Kl'ILDINUS. MKR "H A N DISK. Aco.. at the uanal City ratea. without ir.y charge for Policy, at their Office, oorner of r*iith Street ard Pennavlvnn.a over u.a iVaahiugtoii City Sariiiga Bai.k, Diaacroaa. Wm. F. Bayly, Sam&e. Baooc. Joseph Bryan, Jamea F. HaJiday, Wm.Orw, Hu^aon Ta#lof, Francia Mohan, M. W. Gait. BecJ. Beall, JAMES C. McGL'IRK, Prae.dant. <aaktow U Htwmi. Secretary. a? 11 -ly IIANKINU HOUSE OF I> _CHUB*BROTHERS. PapoaiTt.?Daaoaita reoaivad and Chaoka paid rutout charge. Drafla on trie rorthem aaafroard utita reoaiveu on Depoait at par, and Kictianga oa ia;-l Cities furnished to dcpo*itor> without charge. Inte**?! on D?"ra.?later eat w.. m a .owed m Dep-'aita at audi ratea aa may fre agreed upon. l)?j>.>?tT* i* Vip.eiTtu >?tr I scftKFfiT Me?frr. Depoaita in Virfir.ia and other In current Money ra ioived to t? c!iecae?j for, payaUo in aar efuuda. or in \d Seountiea, at the market rata. <tTTKR* or Credit.?I.ettera of Cradit will ba rurniahed. nagotlabia in the different Citiea of tha IM obi a von. _ nit-ed Statea, <>c Dopoa.t ol Money or Collat mJ interaat a .???d if Moner :a ilepoaited charged if Coi.ateraia.on auok tarmaaa mav bea? ?r i'o.lateral a. eposited, and ma* beat read Tii*mi!M Bills o? ExrHaaaa.?'Tiawalara will he fur.nahed with drafta in auoh ?usia aa may be de ured negotiat e in the dliferent C itiea of the L Dion. BtLLa and LaTTaaaopCaaniToa KxaLAND.Iaa lamd aid* of Kxotiangeaad Lattara of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe,funnakad U ti e market rate for Exchange, ic auma to auit. BoNb*, STocgs. Ac.?Bonda. Stooka, and Sacun tiea paying from 6 to 12 pr. oent.. a wa?a for aala, or bought in the different Citiaa at a eommiaaion of a If pr. oent. Where Stooka ara froagUt upon order*, w# reaerve the right to aail for a depoait of 10 pr. eentra the oat. Bonda or Stooka will ba ordarad by tale - traph. Kailxoad. Citt. and Stat* Boana.?Ra.lraad. City, and State Bonda can ba plaoad in oar haoM for lagotiation, either ir thia oonntry or Europe. Rail road Iron purcri&aed for oaak or with Itoada. Land Wariart*.-Lard Warranta l-ougktat tka narket ratea. AH WarranU told by aa ara rasr? i?sd in every reapaat. Land WarranU located oa ootarruaaioa. Land WarraataaotatMiM reguiariy faraiafcad If r? laeatad. WarranU will ba forwarded to Weatarn H< *ilfcrs, or aant for aala oa ooaumaaioa to i parti aa. Rkal Estat* Afrp I tan a bought and aold, and Insurs Claims oa I'situ Pta Consaxs?.?Claims on the Coart of Claims or C proaecutadM Jan Ti TBS, CoCBT Of CLatHB. l asted State*. baforaUa aims or Congre*a. intraated to aa, will ba ?"^M&ygmbaa. Oppoaita the Traaaary ANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. B Depositor a' den.?aiting Bar.k Notea wUl mark their Cheoka payable in currency. Depositee of Go d wilt he paid ia Gold. Aooounts will be opened with deeoeitora aUowiaa them to depoait Gold aod Check for ourreaoy. taa depositor lieiug credited wi?h the dilereaoe. >e?-tf CHUBB HROTHERS^ |NTERE8T ALLOWED ON DEPOSTTES MCNEY toLOAN om~8TOCE SECURITIESI CHUM BROTHERS. BANE RIB. <s* y?If (Aa W*?erv. LUBIN'S EXTRACTS,all O??ofa. at Hair Store, near 1?U aU aad a? kia Satff Woo^ M4?Wtuar<U awML