Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Capt Josarn B T**e, the founder of this pa P*'?The Fventng Star- and since the 3d of July, 1-^3. the manager of it* financial affairs, died at h'a re* denee on M street, of a pulmonary affec tion, which had been gradually waiting him. aw*y t?r tour year* past.^ No man was better known to the present generation of the cttlioM of W ashlngton, for no other intODg them? though making no pretensions ? waa more noted for active business haMts and substantial use fulness in hia sphere. In ali of hia doling* with every one. he waa strictly an upright man and took no thought of aught but the coMclen tious discharge of hia duties to hia fkmlly, his friends, and the community A? a husband, fa ther, eon, and friend, his death will leave a void in many hearts that no change* of life through out time, can All. He Herd a bright example of the value to society of true public spirit, probity, Industry, and temperance in all things; and. dy ing. has left behind him a consequent reputation which should be a consolation to his widow and two orphans, so mournfully bereaved In hia death. His end was calm and peaceful. For thirty-six hours before it transpired, be was nw?r?of Its approach; and, after receiving the consolations of the religion of Christ, the Re deemer of arranged his worldly affairs with as much equanimity as though in perfect health.^He was a native of this city, and was aged thirty-nine years and nine monthiD His fuueral la to take place on Friday next, at2 p m , from bis late residence (on M street, near the corner of Tenth) from whence his earthly remains will be escorted to their final resting place bv the Washington Light Infantry and the odd Fellows, and his friends and those of his family, who are invtbd to attend. We shall rarely look upos bis like again. < haioi o? Jvdji Ckawfokd io THI Gba.ND Jc?Y?Subjoined we give the charge of Judge Crawford, delivered at the opening of the March term, and a copy of which was solicited by the jury for publication : OemtltmtH of Ike Uritm>J Jury: A very short vacation brings the different branches of this tri bunal to their several duties. Ah each sLall ren der the appropriate service, so will be the result of ?wir combined endeavor If the proper-pint Is the animating motive of all who are officially engaged here; if we are resuectivAy determined. "?. , a" niay be practicable, to reach every one who ha* been guilty of a crime, without thinking of men or looking to consequences, and sedulous ly pursue this object, we may reasonably hope that oar efforts to promote the public welfare will not lie f u it less I have, therefore, remarked, on occasions like tne present, that the certainty of punishment baa i 1 *'ro,|K?r restraining influence on those viciously inclined than the severity of ttie pen alties visited upon convicts. This observation experieu.-e seemed to justify; but the recent de clension in moral*?not greater, and I think not so great, here as elsewhere, but lamentably growing worse?seems to warrant the opinion, that to certainty should be add-d increased -rri'J' ^ combination of remedial agents ia railed for by the circuinstauces of the day; and, perhaps, this union of tbe chief means for re pressing crime may be found to operate more beneficially than either separately, which, how ever used, have been less effectual hitherto than all good men could desire. This conviction has pressed itself so conclu sively upon tbe Court that It has been ac ed upon wherever there was discretion. The punishment award*d throughout tbe last term, were more se vere than I had thought my duty theretofore required me to make them. especially in relation to riotous conduct and drunken brawls with the use of fire-arms or other deadly weapons, which baa become alarmingly prevalent, and in which It la a matter or deep regret that the principal p?irti^*ipant* are youth or Ypry youn^ men?gome of Whom are now expiating their graceless and wicked conduct in thejailand penitentiary The 1 will pursue the name course for (he future, and those who subject themselves to the disci pline of this tribunal, may be assured that if they wu1 perversely and wickedly continue or rail into the evil courses of life, that are so de structive to themselves and injurious to society, they shall be to feel the weight of thelaw's condemnation, even, in canes which call for it to the utmost limit to which legal authority will warrant the Court in giving. What, if they re flect at all, these young delinquents can promise themselve* in tbe ruture, or how or by what rea son parent*, who are ma nlyculpable.can just try their ivegrt-ct or duty to their ofl?pring, it is d'tli cult even to imagine The ruin or their sons and the wretchedness and disgrace or themselves are the certain rate of both. ' ?Jh.!re l,>!",tt-of n"0'*1* apparent through out tbe world. A ou can scarcely look into a newspaper without meeting notices of embezzle ments of funds, by those who have been en trusted with the safe keeping and disbursement of money In banking and other Institutions, *,UnM ia ,b* ev*T day transac t.onsof their business Men who, In long lives, and by supposed honorable conduct, made fo? themselves enviable reputations, and been re garded a? deserving or the fullest confidence, have been discovered in the pecuniary, manufac turing, and merrantile walks-and even in the religious?to be utterly unworthy of trust; and not to have fallen by a siugle act or dereliction, but to have beeu corrupt for longer or shorter pe ? i?ds or time?thus manifesting deliberate trans gression that shocks the moral sense of mankind a d bodes no good to us in years to come If the recent development* of fraud shall result In holding men to stricter accountability and a persistent observance of integrity it "'??We oflVt to the pecuniary*revoi? Vvl1 whieb ha* ?>fO"tfht about these disclosu.ea , ben V?u that those for whom you had a right to expect most have fallen away and sunk Into disrepute and contempt, you may calculate with reasonable certainty upon the moral taint ' running down through others who are less for tunate in a worldly sense, who have smaller stakes In the social relations of lire, who have fewer props to keep them erect, who have not received tbe advantages or education, and. worse than all, who b;ive not felt the rest.aining arm of home InBuenres. nor have had the benefit of parental or guardian guidance In their approach i? "4*n,r"nc? "Pon the . age of manhood. JNeglect in this particular is the proliflc source of on me, and the broad highway to the peniten tiary and an Ignominious death. II id associa tions lead Immediately to intemperance, and that emboldens to the commission of every sin which is still further prompUd by the united a? t!on of the bad and the thoughtless. Force and violence are sought to be substituted for tbe laws of the land and it behooves all gocd men and especially tho?e wo<>. like you ati-.l me, are entrusted with r*?wer, that we may subserve the best interests of the community by holding up a- examples to others tho>e who shall be proved to he justly amenable to the law, to be particu larly vigilant to do mir whole duty. While the crying sH-nce of the passing time is the one just d welt upon, there are not wantiii" others o! which more or fewer always en n?e the attention of (irand Juries, and among the com plaints that shall be present*d to you, some will probably be found that the public have little or uo interest in These will, of course, be the sub jects of investigation, but it is respectfully sub mitted that if you shall think (bey do not concern society, and that no good will follow their pros ecution b? fore the petit jury they should be dis missed The cases f|jit Will lie brought to your notice will be, accoidiug to ja%t experience, in large p.opo-tioa not remarkable for deep atrocity, nor yet free r.oni the dark stain of crimes Such aie the violation* of the rights of property by simple theft as d.stioguished from biiiglary, robbery, and the like high off. -mcs, and violent attacks en the person without endangering life, or limb, or female purity. I b?se, in the geueial, you Will be able to dispose of satisfactorily to your own conscience* and public justice without much difficulty, exercising only the diligent scrutiny, which should be invoked in every case. Other charges of a mixed < La acter, such as making and passing counterfoil money, forgery, and oi; taiuing money a-id other property by false p;e tences. will require, u-.t H different rule of a? tion but a more laborious examination or the compli cation of circumstances H which those who per jvetrate these offences seek immunity the penalty of the law. 7 Of the great crimes which go beyond those re ferred to, and may, in their consequences, even reach 'he lives of the partl> s accused, it is neces sary to say only a word. On the perpetration of ?ucb acta, ana the announcement of their commission opinions ate expressed of their atro city; these are, however, but the testimony of worth and virtue against vice, and to tbe neces sity of upboldiug society by the stern infliction of whatever punishments aieotdained for ascer tained guilt The forming of opinions under all the responsibilities of official duty, and the mak ing of declsious that must t>e followed by fixed legal c??iiseqoenc? s. are or a different and very grave character. They mu?t be pr ceded by the most rigid scrutiny, conducted calmly and cielio eia'tly as cautiously as they are important and as fl inty as justice demands Sucb considera tion, I am confident, such charges, should they be made, will ret ieve from you Permit me, in conclution, gentlemen of the tirand Juiy. to suggest that your service at this term be in^de as short as a proper discharge of the duties it imposes will allow Chimijul Cotkt ?To-day, tbe Court met at tbe usual hour, and after the calling of tbe O. and Jury tbe witnesses in tbe case of the United Htales r?. Powers, which was yesterday post poned until to day, were discharged till further notice Tbe Court wai waiting for b?ain?M When this report cloned j w ..ji in n.nij, ? T*t Pbbsti>r*t'? Ot****or?? ? Ob flotor T-*ft<rBOOa'' trom MM o'clock to iknr, the greenhouse attached to tfie Executive Mansion, !? open to the public?a privilege which, wo hardly need add, io made much of The visitor* having paid their respects to Miss Lone, of her afternoon reception, flle to the vest, and to the gre*uhoaae as inevitably as on Tuesday rLevee) nights they head easterly Then imagine, dear tho lonr lanes of flower-spangled verdnr* In thw magnificent conservatory, extending 170 feet in ooo line east and west, and ?0 feet north and south, hy an uniform width of 32 feet: lm *?}** ihese lanes?parterres?chinked la to the foiled with the beauty of the metropolis tho nation?the world?draped In brilliant colors, and e*"h individual beauty filrly bubbling over with musical canary-bird-like twitter and chat, tor, natnraily elicited by the surroundings, and every way fa keeping with them?Imagi? all this and say if the White-house conservatory is not well worth seeing when thus in donbleblos. somon a sunny Saturday: Very much to your credit. Mr. John Watt, lathis admirably arranged greenhouse' Miss Lane s acknowledged good .k"' We W Pr??nni*? had "ometbing to do 7mS 1! Bn rJ'*rminK tnstmblt; m!Vj^ fw ?. *'We 5now?b*??> indefatigable in making the boose and its collection a credlta ble aopendage to the Executive Mansion. Won nri:Tfi . rlfcei*d w,tb the limited appro priation at command; but, to make it in all re spects such a collection ? is desirable, an adS rnoM j!lim ,tw,? or thousand dollars could be most judiciously applied. The fruits Dr* Rl?k?I*,^i'm Philadelphia and vicinity by ?hAti k .".1d Mr Walt'?? b"e in the Znn!tut of PUnt? now in flourishing condition The collection of Japomicat, with ?dd',,wn*. 1? remarkably fine; the larger Khododrndron* are superb specimens truly; the collection of Bigonias Is, perhaps, the best In mis part of the country, comprising some eight varieties; something rare too hereabouts is tbo sweet-scented Rog ria Thrysiflora-, and the fine strtlttzta rtgtna. There are several new varie ties of axalias and of acacias, of the latter a fine specimen of the ncana -pubtsrtnx The display of ever-blooming carnations Is a noticeable one. In roses the collection is particularly rich?some two hundred specimen* of choice varieties hav ing been recently nrocured for it by Dr. Blake. The inexperienced observer might well be excused for en wing Mr. Watt his vocation amid all tbr** )x?autifnl plant* and flowers, and vet we imagine that the ceaseless vigilance and labor required in his business would discourage most people undertaking It. Should the temperature fall suddenly in the night, and this often hap pens in our climate. Mr. Watt must spring from his bed and hasten to look after his plants. In many other occupations what is not done one day can be done the next, but not so with him. for a il ^"\'Ld.t0 t.b''ir w*nt"i for ? ?'?Kle day, would l>e death to the flowers and perhaps to the parent stems. So when others seek rest or plea sure, we may count upon seeing Mr. W. at his P?*t; and. judging by his sunny countenance and cheerful air, his love for his catling makes it a pleasure for him to follow it, with all its exae tions. . w Baltimore Axkcal Co.xfbrbjicb ?'This large and respectable body of the Methodist Episco pal clergy met this morning, at 9 o'cloc"-, in Wesley Chapel, comer of Fifth and F sts. This Is the first session since the division of the Con ference into two bodies. fpon c.lling the roll it was ascertained that b~,? w?r< "r1Tntr niinlatersln attendance, the hfv. Bitthop Ames presided. Rev. Mr. "Au!;,T?r.unl '*??"?'? ."d Ke, M, Kg ? JOndinj Necessitous cases, Seminaries, Temperance, **duc!tt>?n of preachers' children, Colonisation, Membra, Bible cause, Missionary money, to receive money for the Education Board, and several Special Committees. On motion, it was resolved that Conference RSrVpi1 ?'ClOCk * m ' *nd adJ?urn ?< one #_77?T ?f the last Conference were adopted Ior the government of this body. Rev Mr Brown off-red a resolution that the questions in the examination of ministerial char acter, shall lie asked in succession, and the ex amination be conducted with closed doors An amendment that the Conference sit with closed doors dally nntil 10* a. m., lor the exam ination. was accepted. los?*V Mr WorKan moVfd Jay Jt on the table; ^The resolution, as amended, was then adopt Rev. Mr. Brown moved to reconsider the vote w. 1 UiHX table)* in.^K Mr MorCan '^red a resolution Instruct in^ the committee on memoirs lofurnish suitable minutes touching the lives and characters of the late Rev. John A. Collins and Rev D Lark in for publication in the Annual Register; adopted "jesting Father Griffith to fnr ?U i,'.fl",nh and tU* hi? aulobiog tV' at bis earliest convenience, was adopted. The operation of the resolution relative to ex amination of the superannuated ministers was suspend* d. and the call of that class of minis*? was commenced The name of Rev ?- V"51! m?nu?alled V Ta# ?tated lhat thl* venerable minister was in his 95th year, in good health. * ? mith, years of age, pteaches occa rrferrlno the.Conf?rence a letter briefly refe. ring to his early ministerial history. Th? Alexajidbja Mcbicipal Elbct ox, yes terday, resulted in the choice of the following Corporation officers for the ensuing year: Mayor?Wm. D Massey. Auditor?S J. VcCormick. Aldermen?First Wild. B. H Lambert - s ?nd )ya,d' J Smith, Third Ward, O Bryan; Fourth Ward, T B Robertson Councilmen-First Ward, L McKenzie, O H J 4'f.n i K'ni?r, G Markell; Second Ward J Stansbury J. Howell. C W Alexander, A. W East lack; Third Wad, J. p. Smith A Jam,son. H C Uorsey, J H McVeigh; Fourth w'B Ki" ?rd.??iV h?8U'?,ne'" J W N""' Superintendent of Pollce-J. C Moore Superintendent of Gas?J. Roxbury Market Ma*?er-T Whittington Collectors?J . A Field and V Avery. Assessors?P G. Anderson and W . Davis. Attorney?G. W. Brent. Measurer of IV ood and Bark?J P Col, mm jinrp.' * Lnmbor-w. H McKnlgLt and John Greenwoo<l. * Gaoger?George McClelsli Surveyor?W. D. Stuart. For Fir? Engineer?No choice. W A?iiijtoTo?r Thbateb ? Bulwer's play of Richelieu wan well-very well_p.,formed la.t niglit. Indeed, taking the rast altogether, we doubt If It was ever enacted more creditably In this city. Mr Couldock's personation of the ^,l*1c*rd,n*,? though not the ?.e*t we have seen of this character, was yft an exceedingly fine performance, and abounded in good points In compliance with persistent requests at the r;y a repetition Of Bourcicault's pl.!y of '?The Willow t.opse," H will I* given a/ain loir" Mr' c'lV^r f,;1| : '"ke Field ingMr. C W. Couldot k; Rose Fielding Miss . allie St t^lair; Sir Richard Vaughan, Mr J B llowe; Colonel Vanguard, Mr. Svhitlng; Dirk A rt 1 nr M r Staggers, Mr. Russell; Arthur, Mr i.. Howard; Augustus, Mr J M Dawson; Bubblemere, Air. J. Whiting; Fungus, Mr. Corby; George, Mr. Sommers; Joseph Mr onW l?ni. M;fT ~; Walter, Mr. ^mith son, Lady Apsley, Mi?? C Carman; Lucy Van guard, Mrs Stoneall; G orgina, Miss Tree; Miss Ap?!iy, Mrs Howe; Meg, Mrs J Sloan ro-morrow evening Mr. Conldock takes his Jieneflt, and the play of " Louis XI" will lie brought out. Cost EBT OK THE FofXDBKT CUAPBL CllOlB ? Bradbury', l^autiful oratorio of Esther, together with a weli cboseo selection of solos, duetts, quartetts, etc., from some of the old Bud staud ",d r^rfonnr-d by the Foundery Chapel I. boir last night, in a manner to rejoice the musical h, art of the ??lHon, and that of our Mend Potter particularly The rendering of some of the choruses was truly superb; and all the solos gave evidence of careful study on the part of the performers, under the guidance of a leader who teaches his pupils to respect the mn sic they sing rather than to show off their Indi vidual accomplishments. Ykstkk dav, as a colored man named Bell, a slave of Mr. Kelly Lambell was driving a mule Uaiu with a wagon with a heavy fly-wheel from Ellis's foundery to a brickyard, when on Vir ginia avenue bridge, ?he mulea became stubborn and pushed him against the handrail, breaking it. and precipitating him to the tow-path some feet t>eiow He fell on his neck and shoulders, snrl was picked up In a critical condition Dr. Uovle was .ent for and administered a?l possible relief, but hn wouud* i # believed to be fatal. Thi Puilodbmic Socibtt. of the Geo>getown College, have determined to celebrate the land ing of ibe Pilgrims Hon. James A. Pearce, of Mar\lnnd. has been chose as the orator, and 9. Teackle Wsliis as alternate. G. H Miles, the poet, has also been selected to rtad a poem on the occasion, and R?v. John McCluskv, of Mount St. Mary s, Emomisbury. as chaplain Pbob Mcmdib, whose lessons in dancing are deservedly so popular and fully attended, gives one of his delightful soirees to-night at bis acad emy, corner of Ninth and D streets. Go, dear reader, and see the fascinating I*ncter Quad rilles . and take a band and a foot In them your aelf' A CokB1APOMDIC3T complains that the chimney awoep for the Fifth Ward does not attend to his duty, a id that a house on East Capitol street cau-f near being destroyed by fire last night through tho burning of o foul | R iot -Vntfrdiy afternoon, oietrt MtHnnr, Ashe, and N?b, iof??4Wl It entering ? party eeaeiating of Hu?h McCaffrey, Henry Brady, Pttriek Farretl, Patrick Brtnton, and Themea Canavan, who were rioting and flithtias at Spald ing's tavern, near the railroad depot. The parties thruM earh other to their heart'* coftteat, and "then all newt to jail for Court, by Justice Do nn. Thi public should not loee the opportunity of hearing Dr. Mrllvalne'a lecture* at tha Smltheo nian. There have bare few lecture* delivered there mere iatereetiag er instructive than tbeae. T?* Pai* of St. Paul's Lutheran Church con tinues open nightly at Odd Fellowa' Hall. It is attractive and deeerving, and a visit to it will be time well spent. To-otoht Or. 8illiman Ives lectures at the Metropolitan Hall upon the "Right of Private Judgment." The Natiobai. Medical Collbok graduating exercises take place to-night. W '.tch ?Tbomas Murray, Ireland, drunk; fine and costs, S3.44. Charles Hazard, France, vagrant; workhouse ninety days. John Dougherty, Ireland, drunk; do. Thomas Manly, Ireland, do ; do. John Derrirk. Ireland, drank and disorderly; fine and costs, S3 44, Tnlrty-two lodgers?non-residents. MARRIED. On the 2*th February, by the Rev. Father Aikea. 9. J.. Mr. WILLIAM 6KYANT.of Wilhamsrort, Va? to Misa 8AKAH PAIN E, of \Vlahiogtou, D. C. ^(States and Baltimore Sua please copy.) * DIED. Suddenly, on the 2d instant, at Clover Dale, the residenoe of Peiroe Siioemaker. K A T K, third daughter of the late George and Charlotte Temple man. Th* friends and acquaintances of the family are respect full? requested to attend her iuneral from Trinity Church, Georgelown, on Thursday next, at 10 a. m GEORGETOWN ADVK&TI8BMTB. P>R BOSTON?Fikst Vwssbl.?The packet sehotner Marietta Burr, Gapt. Nicker son, has arrived and will sail as above. For freight or passage apply to HARTLEY A-? BRO . 101 Water street, (iciirotnwn. m 3-1 w MAYOR'S OFFICE, Gbokgktows, D C. KkBKUAkv 25. 1858. Sealed proposals will be received at th s office un til IJu'i lock noon on Friday, the8th of March next, for the reut of the Wharf in Georgetown, for oasli, to the first Mouday in March, law. feJ6 dtrithMh R. R CRAWFORD. Mayor. JJEDUCING STOCK?CHEAP FOR CASH JOHN* H. SMOOT, No. 119 Bridg* ?tre*t. Georgetow, D. C., wishing to reduoe his stock as owas possible by the 1st of March, will sell from this date every descrip> tiouof WINTER GOODS at reduced prioes for oa?h. Fancy Colored Dress Silks, Printeu Mousline Delaines, Merino, Plaida and Poplins, French Merinos, Shawls, Soarfs, Cloaks, Ao., will be sold at a VERY GREAT KEDUCTION on former prioes. Piomet oustomers supplied upon the usual terms. Those having settled ineir Bills rendered to 1st instant, he tenders his grateful ac knowledgements and wili be under many obligations to all who have not. to do so by oash or note at their mrliest convenience. JauJi J. H. SMOOT. Fl N E ALES.?We respectfully announce to our friends.and the public that we have at last suc ceeded in having a large quantity of ALES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the finest and the largest vari ety that wai ever offered in this market. All persona wishing a moe artiole of Ale can have it by apply iug to us for either of the following brands, vis. Kennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin* artiole of Brown Stout and X X Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARNY A Slll.NN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17-d _____ Nm. ruppkl. ORTH aide of Market Space, No. XJ, between Bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown, announce* to eia patrons that at his RESTAURANT may be found at a!I times the choicest and most exoelient assortment of LIUUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kinds of GAME in season. Meals served at all hours at.d at the usual prioea, jan 4-3m 37, between ;r"*? SATURDAY, MARCH 6th, 18W. k ? fe fe fe 5 Flounced Silk Robes at $15. Aquille Silk Robes. Double Skirt Silk Robes. (The moat de? iranle article in the market.) All wool De Lames 25 and 37 S eta. India Foulards, tiros de Paris, Tone d'Asia. ic., Ac., A j., Ac.. Ao , Ao. Misses' Bajou Kid Gloves 75 cent*. Ladies' " " ?* 8T7H '? The most positive assurano?s are given to the Ladies of Wash.ngtou and vicinity, that the New York consignment of STAPLE AND FANCY SII.K DRESS GOODS now being ottered at one half the actual co?t of manufacture, on the Second Floob of our establishment, will be with drawn from sale on t>at*T(lay ntxt, Marck 6th. Ladies may depend no con&id.ration will in duce the owners to keep the goods on sale afur the time above designated. Suoh an opportunity for the purciiaso of seasonable goods, at unprecedentrdiy low prioea, can nev*r oocur again and an early call and purchase will save ooi.siderable disappointment in the future. HOOE, BROTHER A CO.. P*!fJISTLVANIA Avim, ml-tt between 8th and 9th ate. T1 THE AM BRUT V PES AKENatmv Gallery are said to be the beat taken in the city. They are true likenesses and are cheaper a.ny Utk*n in the city. I have a hue lot of neir s') le oases. LIKEN ESSES (either Daguerreotypes or Ain brotvpes) COPIED. M1N1ATI'RES taken and art in Breastpins, Lockers, Ao., by ROBERT SANDS, fn |}-r Pa. ave.. b*t. 8th and Sth ?ts. Proposals for engraving and PRINTING. Ofpicb Superintendent Public PBtxTix?, Wasiu ngton, Febru rv 25, iic.8. Proposals will ba received at this offioe until Thursday, the llth day of March, 1858. at 12 o'clock m . for executing the follow ng engraving ard print ing. to aocouipany the eighth edition of " Maury'a Sailing Directions," viz: 1. I-or engraving on steel twenty five medium quarto pa es of illu trutions?two pages to be en grsvnd on each plate. 2. For prmtii.g from steel plates six thousand oopies of nineteen quarto at.d two folio paiex. 3. For prmtiug from ateel pUtes six thousand oopies, ai.d oolorinc by hand thr?-e thousand oopies of nine quarto and live thousand oopiea of one folio page. 4. For franafurring from oopper and printing on atone six thousand oopies ot nine and live 'bou^nd C 'Pies of thr e quarto page*, and tor transforms; and priu ing, iutnree colors, hve thouuiiid copies of one fo io pitte A ll of ? h.i work is to f?e executed in the highest style of the art, and will be open fur the ir.speoii'iu of bidders at this office uutil the moruiug of the day forolosiug the bids. Proof impressions, with the original, are required to be submitted to this office for approval or oorreo tion free of experse. lor transmission, in-fore the platea are received or the printinr oommenoed. It is to b'distinotly understood that no bid will be entfi tamed from any party iot directly engaged in, and practice ly acquainted with, the character of the work bid f>r. Bonds will be required from the successful bidders for the faithful execution ot their oontiacts The paper for these plates will be furnished by this ollioe. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished to per sons wishing to bid h) appl cation at this office. Trie proposals must b? addressed to the under signed, and endorsed "Proposal's for engraviog, Ac" GEO. W. B WMAN, f* 28 eotd Superintendent Public Printing. to our % ^ U R N 1 T U K E-F U R N 1 T U R E. We have just received a large a'dition to our stock of Cabinet and other ^'ur-i'ure, vUnT* has t*eeu gotten up in tasteful and "leg&ut "tvle to our order, the workmanship of whioh wa warrant of ttia best quality. PARLOR SUITES COMPLETE Of Rosewood, Walnntand Mahogany; upholstered in various oolora and matenal. Sofa, Centra, and SideTablea, Esoritoires, i* tagerea,and Whatnota. Pier and Mantle Glasses, in gil', with Marble S.aba and Br*ckets CHAMBER SETS COMPLETE. _ Solid oak. handsomely orna>neii'ed in Gold. Aolid Wai..ur and M-hogany,o>rved; Black, Enam elled in gold and flowers, with other paiuted seta all oolora. DINING ROOM. Oak. Walnu*. Mahogany, and Cherry Extension Dining Tables, from <>ight to twenty feet. Oak. Walnut, Mahogany, and Rose Ladies' Dining Ctaira. Oak. Walnut and Mahogany Sideboards, with Mar ble topa, Shelves, Ao., ornamented with Looking Glaaa Backa. FEATHER BEDS, BOLSTERS AND PIL LOWS. Curled Hair, Husk, and Husk and Cotton Mat triwaea. OFFICE DESKS. CHA?R?. AND SALAMAN DER SAFES. Stearne's and Marvin's Wil er patent salamander fire eroof Safes, aeoared by tha oeiebrated " La Belle l.ook." A1 so, in gi eat variety, Bcdsteida, Bureaus. Ward robea. Wash stand?, uigMarands. Sofaa. Tete-a tet*s, Easy. and Mocking C airs, in hairoktth. Two t nousand cane aeat Chairs All of whioh wil! w kM m a* * co.. Noa 5fM Sun, a"d 5 1 fi22-*oew Seventh atreet. TVTOTIcE.?A tetter mat ed in this city on tna llth IN inatant, to the address of Lemmon A Urogden. Baltimore e*?verirg eote <trawe br ou'se^yes^ t?oer own order and endorsed at 4 nioetbs,.$ h Fehreary. IBM for #8.14 70, payable at the counting-room of Lemmon A Brogden, Baltimore, having failed to reaoh ita deatination, all parties ara hereby oau mty-?naatowr-a usiw. AUCTI01 IALM. By Wall ft BARNARD. A octiooee re. Ctr**r*f Prwn^rtrani* ?Y'?wr and 9tk itrert. il(AT auction.-?. V. THUtsSbAY MORNING. ten o olock, we will sell, to cover idrueN aad < m. CoiJ n ? ? - - ? .. - m >* "???? ?? 4 ou 'oiook. wo will sell, to oover tdvuooi aad charges. 6 Gold Hantioc com Watches in rood order. Tom* eaah. Sale popitivs.

*j? WALLA RAR\ARD,Aueu. Br WALL A BARNARD. Anrtioneara. OKREMTOK Y SALE OF GOLD AND Silt** I WilClll. ClilSI. JIWKllI, Ac., AT Atc tiom -On MONDAY MuRNI\G. March II o'clock, and to b? continued eaoh Morning aad Eve ning at 7 o'clock, during tbe week until the whole ?took ia dii^oiod of. at Store No. 527 7th atroot, under the Avenae House, we wfl sell a large stock of Jewafrv, Ao., aa fol owe? Go d Hunting aad open cased Watohes Gold Fob, Vest, and Guard Chains Gold Breastpins, bar-rings Gold sets in Camao, Jet, Moaaio, atd Gold Stone l haseu and Saal Rings Seals. Keys. Gold Penci'e, Gold Pens, Silver Pens I<oeketa, Card Cases, Portemooaiee With a great stock not here mentioned. |i The ladies are respeotfully invited to attend. Terms oasli, mS WALL A BARNARD.Aucts. FOE MIT AJTD SALE. CGENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED T with FURNISHED ROOKS at 470 Uth street. opposite Willards', m3-eo3t* l/OR RENT.?A handsome three-story BRICK IT DWELLING, uiuated on L, between 4th and Sth streets. No. 642. The rent will be very moderate to * reliable tenon:. Apply on the premises. m3-St* IT0* KKVr^A very desirable two story Br.ok ? pW tLLlNO-HOU8K,(K>Dt*jn!n|[7Kooms, s targe Cellar, end Basement Kitchen, si'uated on ?. a7*nue between 1st and 2d sts east, near yj4 twts!* ??*Bt ?*) m?nth Inquire ofT. M. HANbON, No. 5127;h st.f opposite intellir**) *???. ffioe. n i j?r iT-dtf I?OR SAGE CHEAP-A Wine aid Liquor r STOKE; is a good stand. An advantageous arrangement will be ottered to an enterprising per son. Apply or addrees 967 Pennay Ivaaiaav., Wash ington. t>. C. m 1 fjU:KNISHKD KOOMS TO LET. located on D street, between 13th and 1*)?. and a short w&lk from 1'eiinsjlvaiiia avenue; also, near the pub io of fices and the hotels. App.y fourth door from lith street. in l-3t^ IiO RESIDENTS f'F THE ISLAND AND OTHERS.?A Good Chance for r mcula ion or Jsre?l?iisi.-Th? undersigned has Tor rale a I krge Lot on the Island, in the immediate vicinity t f the contemplated improvement of the arseual g.onn is, whioli will be sold low and on very reason able terms, if application ia made soon. - CHAS. s>. WALLACH, Attocnev f? 8 law3w opposiU City H\fl. RiM)MS ON PA. AVENUE T^LET.-Two Rooms, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue, between tiih and l$th streets, over Sam'l. Lewis' Jeweirv Store, will be let low to a permanent tenant. Would make ood "ffioe rooms. Apply to WM. F. HA VLV, tationer. jan 12-tf s S WOLFE'S CHEIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS is presoribed with great suooesa by the Medical Fac uity in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up m quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Grocers in Washington. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sol? Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. 18. an, and 22. Beaver street. New York. dec U-Sm BAGGA G E EX PRESS OFFICE S94 D Stkbkt^ Adjoining TKt States Printing OAIrs. 3he subscriber. Baggage Agent for Baltimore Ohio and Washington Branch Railroad, has opened an office, at tbe above place, for the Aornn modation of tbe public, where orders oaa tie left lor the use of Wagons to convey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot, Steamboats. Ac., or for removal to any point in this City or Georgetown. Sffioe open from 7 o'clock a. m. to 10 o'olock p. m., y, except Sunday, 7 to 10 o'c.ock a. in.. 2 o'olock to 10 p. m JOHN M. MoCLINToCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad. N. B.?Persons oomlng to Washington or going to Baltimore, not having made up their minds where thoy will stop, by giving up their checks to my agents ot the oars. wild have their baggage taken oare of at this office, or at Baltimore otfcce, No. II Sharp street, and no ex Ira charge. d iQ |Q GASTON A CLARK, *0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, UKALXRSIK CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers call attention to a desirable Stock of CLOTHING which they now (lave on exhibi tion a' their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, second door from 7tn street, and as they are determined to olose the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall be used in oruer to please their oustomers In the tjLOTHis* Dkpaxtment we can guarantee tbe stock to be pfrfeot in poii.t of onrabttstv. tit and style, broause we make every thing ourselves. and have ao hesitation in saymc our goods will be found equal to the best order work in tbe oountry. Wa'.olung the various ohanges of taahion. parties may rest assured of finding the latest out and make ui store, subject to their insp*otion and approval. %I5,1*0 worth of Goods for Men's, Boy s and Ser vant's Wear, will l>e sold at auotiou prices, at d pur chasers would do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions can be proved on ex amination. Call and see us at the above Store. d2M-.<tm GASTON A CLARK. I respect bhc got. reef, he Pi! (1. NOTICE. vf EORGF, W. DI'TTON. No. ?20 7th street, be twecn G an J H s'reets, would most i fii 11 y inform his friends and the publ erally t'.at he is now prepared to inake l.a d.ts . Gentlemen's. IV"isses' and Children's* BOOTS and SHOES to onier, wi?h neatness and d'spalch. Boots and Shoes repaired it short notice, in the best manner, and upon rets nnb'e terms. D- n t forget the place? No.42n 7th street, between G and H streets, one door north of Ch&pin A Brother's Wood Vard, Washington, D. C. _ie l!?-lin TC^a"R r i AGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to his Faotory .making it nowoneoftho largest. in the District, wnere his facilities for) manufacturing a I kinds of CAR-J RIAGES ana LIGHT WAGONS oannot I* sur passed, arid from his long experience in the busi ness. he hope* to give general satisfsotum. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second-hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d lft-t/ oorner of Uth and F. ats. HE GREATEST GOOD TO THE GREAT EST NUMBER. i wish all gentlemen to lu*ar in mind that the plan adopted three years ago of soiling ILATS and BOOTS at re dmttd prtrts, for ^ is now in suc cessful operation, as thousands of gentlemen can testify. I have just received a full supply of the litest NVw York styles of DRESS HATS, which I ???'? selling a? $3 50. equal U< any. and much better than is usually sold at $4 or $->:au<! the bt'st llat in tfie United States; and a good fashi"iial?l? Hat at 9- 5".?in fact, all kinds of Huts and Caps per cent, lower flifti the usual prices,?/or ra?A only. No exti<t pr<>htc, in order to offset fiad d^bts. I also have,on commission for a Philadelphia mau ufaeturer.a lirst-ratn Dross CALF-SKIN BOOT, at $.S7.S.jusf as good as anv that are sold from AS to ?R: and a splendi PATENT-LEATHER (MIT ER, at A3 S?. equal to anv at S5 or .$r>; and tne very best CAliF-SKIN GAITERS at $2 5n. The Bootmakers of this city can t>e supplied wi;h Boots, as usual, at my regular prices. 'I ?rins cash. At ANTHONY S. New York Hn'. Store, 7ih street, opposite the Avenue House, fo23 3m Agent for the uiaiiufactmera. JUST RECEIVED. ? dozen Fresh PEACHKS, in cans. So *? CUR RANT and other JELLIES, 15 " OLIVES and CAPERS, 10 M HOKSK RADISH. 11 " PATITS POIS, in " Fresh CORN and TOMATOES, 9 " EXTRACT VANILLA, ROSE. OR ANGE and LKMON, 12 oases Prime PINEAPPLE CHEESE. Also, in store ENGLISH PICKLF.S and SAUC ES. FRENCH MUSTARD, CHOCOLATE, COCOA. BROMA, RICE FLOUR,Ao. For "a'* Thompson, Hamilton a co. le24-?olw (Inta'.aolw) jy|ARBLE WO> K FOR SALE. A large atook of STATUARY ar.d ITALIAN MARBLE MANTLE*, manufactured within the la t few months A large number of ITALIAN MARBLE MONUMENTS, sjme of whioh are of exquisijja design and Bnish. will be sold without referent* to oost. Al LEX'R. RUTHERFORD, Marble and Brown Stone Y'rd, fe SC-eolm Pa ave , bet. 13th and 13K sia UAlTlMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO. D Incoeporatkd IKS'. JOHN I. DONALDSON. President. . . A. B. COULTER. Secretary. Th ia Company IN SI RES LIVES aad BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES. Ao. Descriptive pamphleta may be obtained at the Cowpanv's Agency for the District of Columbia, office of t.ewis Johnson A Co., bankers, 10th street and Pennsylvania avenue. J. W. MAGILL, Agent. D. R. HAGNF.R.M. D.. Med. Ex'r. le2S-eoltn* LOCKS!?CLOCES !!-C LOC KS !!!-Juat ceivedTa rrcat assortment of CLOCKS.H from fPto $125. Call and see U?r yourselves, r at J ROBINSON'S, ' 349 Pa. av., opposite Browns' Hotel. ?? JaA-tf V'^LINS. GUITARS, PLUTES, ACCORDE onr P^JiinJ?tu,.,S.rSio^l?,10 *%Pmr' AC" " -fcl> JOHN P. KLUS. Ko9. SALK AT MR. B. W. i I j 8 upper Farm, twe miles from the 5AlK^WXkS> ??m tLSC,,i5Mr??rd fe U *o?v ^EgTLEV CAT. LIN, AfWt, APCTIOR ULB. TO-DAT ? TO-MORROW MOKIfUfO By A. OR KEN. A?o?lonwr. uoi^kholu and kitchen furni ll uu.Nuiti Niw, AT AccTiow-Oa TUES DAY, the 24 of Mftich, I ah*). Mil, at M o'clock a. th?r?sid?csof a ??ationiaa d ?chimb* kmmmm k*epmg. No 29 4fcetreet . aear fa. arwut. (the !?? will designate the house.) as excellent assortment of o?arly mtrm Kiifcta ?.?lok as? Black-walnut Sola. Reception and Rooking Chairs K Mai hie tor Dressing Bareaus do VN uhiiaadi and Work 1 Black-wainut Wardrobes aad Wrttinc peek Do Marble-top Etegersaed Mus.c Stands Mafcogony ainw-nat Chaira. Hat Rack "A ^. Bada.t:^.. tao. Mat Chair. Lounges, Card Tabls, Stdehoerd. ft e. HmiMll. Three p!y, Office, and map Carpet Oilcloth, Curtains. Window B icds Ha.r. Cot toe, and Shu eh Mat feitei Looking Glasses. Toilet Set* and Dre*smg Stand* >Y ith a food assortment of (>!ua and Crockery _ w?rt. Terms of sate: All sum* of #?, caah ; or?r (25, a credit of an and 6<i days. far notes endorsed, bear ing interest n?-d A. GREEN. Aect. CD*THE ABOVE SALE IS postponed ?futTo*SV???* lh* 'ncienient weataer, until THURSDAY, the 4th mat , aame hour. uli A. OKEE*, Auot. FUTURE DAYS. By C. MoGUIRE, Auotioo**r yALl'AHLE BUILDING LOT ??N G BF DAVa"FTF?5,*uTBB55f^n" .thurr DA> Ah rERNOON, Marcn 4th at 4 o'clock. oa 1 R*r? of Lot No. 2. m t^iar" No. 56, fn>nting 4? feet on G street north, between Sad ai d 23d streets weat. running back I2u feet. I erma: One fourth oaah; the reaidus inf, 12and is month*, with interest, aecured tj a deed of truat on the proaiiaea. _5_ d J. C. MoGUIRE. Auctioneer. Br A.GREEN, AuotionMr. BAILIFF'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND * M1 r * K A T Uc nox.-On r rtlDA\. tbeMh iBbiant. I ai a i aell. at the reai denes o| James H Boss, on the south side of Mas saonisetti avenue, uni to the oomer of 4th sttoet we.?t, at lOo clock a in., an exoellent assortment of t* u nature, vi*: Msno<any Sofa. Rockisg ?r.d other Chairs, O0, _ Hureaut. Wasustands, Pier and other Tables, Fine Paiuted Cottage Chamber Set. V\ ardrobes Bedstead*, Beds. Mattresses, ? arpete, Oilcloth Hearth Rugs. St-ir R.ida, Clock. Looking-glasses, Pictures, Stoves, Ac. ierms oa*h. SOLOMON GODDARD, Bailiff. m * A. GRKKiN. Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF household fur. siTtTRjc.-On MONDAY MORNING. March >ftti. at 10 o cock, by virtue of a deed of trust dated Sept-mber 1st, I85fi, and duly recorded iu l.iber J. A. S., No 12*. fouos 4?7, Ac , I shall sell the Furni tnre and Etleots at No. 44-7 E street, between 9th !Oth and streets, ocmprisinK? Damask oovred Solas and Parlor Chairs, Mabog>ny Rockc, Loung*, Tables, Cane seat and wood-scat Chairs, Gilt fram? Mirrors, Curtains. Window Shade*. Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth. Matting. alnut and mahogany Dressing Hureaes, Washstsnds. Toil t Sets, Lookmc gla**e?. Bedsteads, Mat)reuses. Bolsters and Pillowa, Featlier Beds, Bhukeis. Comforts, Quilts, China. Glass, aud Crockery Ware, Cookinc a d other Stoves. Fire Irons, Together with a general assortment of Kitohcu Requisites. T-rms: $2'and under, cash; over that sum, a credit of thirty and sixty days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest THOS. J. FI5HER, Trustee mi t>o J. C. McGUIKE. AuotionMr. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fierie fscias, under the lien law. issued from the clerk ? office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of W ashing ton. and i o me directed, I will expose to public sale, for Cash. in front of the Court House d< or of said oosiity. on F KID.W , the 26th of Maroh, io3?j, at 12o cluck in , the following described property, to wit: All de fendant's richt. titl?* olann, and interest in and to the three 3) Frame Houses erected on Lot No. s. in reservation D, on Maryland aveuue, betwrsu 4'^ and H'h streets, in the city of Washington. D C.t seized and ievied upon as tiie property of James H. Lokey.and will t?e sold to satisfy Judicial No.V79, to October term, l?i7, in favor of Smith a Fowler. J. D. HOOVER m 2-dta Marshal for the District of Columbia. MA RSH A L'S SALE.? In virtue of acven <7? wnt? of fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's of fice of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington and to me direoted. I shal expose to public sale for Cash,in front of the Court-hou>-e <fc?or of said Count* on FRI l?A Y,the Jrttii day of March, at 12 o'clock, id., the following described property, to wit: r 11 defendant's right, tit.e. e aim, and interest in and to all that piece or pnrcel of gr;>bnd l>ing in Georgetown, in the Dis tr.e: of b?a. which is included within the fr?! It' metes and IniuihJs. to wit: Beginning on the west sit.e of Market S;aceat a point IU f??et Id itch fs south from the corner of Bridge s'reet and Mar ket Space, and rurminr thence west with the north wall of the t?o stery brick houses ou the lot hereby described and tne line thereof exteuaed "W feet, theice south and parallel with Market Space 27 feet 6 indie*. more <>r Its*, to a point which will be intersected b> the line of the south wall of said house extended wear, then by aaid line reversed ea^.t to Market Space at the southeast corner of said house, and then north and with the :ire of Mar ket space 27 feet 6 inches to the place of beginning, which is the northeast corner of said house, togeth er wuh all and singular the improvement* thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of <?eorge K hode?. jr.. and will be sold to satisfy Judiwals No*. SM a<5, ai d 3*5 to October term. ISofi. in favor of Joshua Hatcher and Hntcher. and Nn?. U4. iS'j, ISu. and 137 Judicial* to May teun. 1853. in favor of ?;ime a nd Dillon, Peter Dillon, Benjamin Triplett, ai d John Crumbaugh. J. D. HOOVER, in 2 d!a Marshal for the District of Columbia. OFFICIAL. Tria'Drt Department, February 12, luiC. None* is hkbkbt anrBH that sealed proposals will be received at this ofiioe until the fif eenth day of March proximo for the issue of any portion, or the whole, of five millions of dollars in treiaury note* id exchange for gold coin of the United States deposited with the treasurer of the United States, the treaturer of the Mint at Philadelphia, the treas urer of ths branch mint at New Orleans, or the as sistant treasurers at Boston, New York. Charles ton, or St Louis, within ten days front the aooept ance of suoh proposals, order the authority of the aot of Congress entitled 'An act to authorize the is?ueof treasury notes." approved the 2?*d Decem ber, 1637. The treasury notes will be i*sued upon the reoeipt here of certificates of deposite with those officers to the crad t of the treasurer of the Unted States. They will be payable to the order of such bid der or Udders as shall agree to make such exchange at the lowest rate of interest, not exceeding six per ocnturn per auoum, and will carry *uch rate from tue date of the certificate of such deposite. The proposal* must state the rate of interest with out oonditionaiid without reference to other bids, and oor.tam no other fractional r^tes than one fourth one half or three fourths of one per centum. Five per ccntuin of the amount proposed to be exchanged must be deposited with one of the treasury officers at>ove enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must acoo r.pany ei. L proposal, as security for its fulfilment. If the proposal is not accepted, imme diate direc'ions will be given to return such depos ite. Should the propose,s be variant from the pro visions of the act of Congres, or of this notice, they will not be considered. All proposals under this notice must be sealed aud nsuribed ou the outside "Proposals for Treasury Notes." They will be opened at this department at 12 o'olock m., on the s.Md fifteenth day of March. HOWELL COBB. f*12- Secretary of Treasury. CJ 1* R I N G STYLES OF H A T S ^ Fob 1B5B. Gentlemen are in'*ite<i to call and see the new atylesof DRESS HATS for Spring, eiub aciug the Paris. New Yrort, and Philadelphia styles, winch enrmot tail to please the most fastidious. Also, the Cloth (or Cashmere) flat, so inoeli adini ed and worn. Together wi 'ii FELT H ATS and CAPS in aJI their' variety. The quality and price of our HATS will be found to be the same as sold in anr other Imnae m tni* oity. and our fSjn, fs, and 9-'.V Hats uauuot be surpassed by any. "Tue pro f of the pudding is the eating of it.* Then give u* a call; but remember? terms, reac/p pay. Please don't ask for c edit. B. H. SriNEMKTZ. Hattk*. 236 Pa. av., near corner :3th st? fe 26-tr between Wil ard's A Kirkwe.od House. 25 PER CENT LESS THAN COST. We will sell the remaineer of our stock of LA DES'CLOTil CLOAKS at per cent less than oost. We have a few very large Black Cloth CIRCU LARS. (unhned) suitable for Spring wear, which we are offering very low. MAXWELL k BRO.. fe'7 .121 I'a. avenue. CELLING OFF TO CI.OSE.-Having bought J? the stock of DRY' GOODS in store room No. o757th street, third d??or al*>v? I. in the store lor merly oooupied by C. F. Perrie, we ere now selling off the stock at reduced prices. 1 Here is a large as sortment of Domestic Goods. Blankets, Bed ? cm forts. Shawls, Hosiery, EmbroideTTjftc. / allMrly and get bargains. W, i.GAN ft SON. N. B. All person* indebted to C. F. Pe rie will pleMe call and settle their acooants as early as pos ? W. K. ft 8. HERMETICALLY' SEALED. Freeh VagaiaNM-^Vinslow'a Corn. As para gas. TomatoM.Tomato Sauee, Beans, feu, Mush rooms. _ Fresh Fruits-Peaches, Cherriee, Strawberries. Respite mas, Btaekbernes, Qui noes. Pears, Pine Apples Trnfesand fata de Feiee Gra*. RING ft BURCHELL. r**7 ? Corner Vermont avs.and 15th street. OA AftA PKACH TREES, ~ &\J at ?to Pea Hrj?br to. For sale at my Nare^rj, near Washmgion. Taa above Tree* are all of fine growth, and of tRe i|fcMisEnaiB5.NiSVk* JmS| til JOSHUA FKIECE. TELEGRAPHIC NEWtt r,r* In BMMtH, Mai by fir* this morning rkr^^TLT copied by tbe I nto* *ud Journal L/_ Tbeir in?n ?nrf inonttiu ttJBO ~T_ other auflVrera are Soodwte * Kale* .t....... . 4T^.kb'rU* hwl^Md^.Vrt*'***5 HiUan * elOtbters. at a Hn rii. crforw f^ building wm? valued at (IS UUO. and tWe latnree. amount* to SIU.UOU Tbe Aw waa. Imblafilu the work of aa Intend, ary Aatl.l ifpiH. Ciacia*Aft, Marrkt?A lirM tati-Lfcoms Ion meeting wan held laat evening. at which olntiena werv adopts frxlerteg tbaake to Dmu as, ?tnart Brodertck, Wl?, \talker. and Stat *? '* ,h* <n>r",ratlvedntv<rf Can ,b* Pending applicative for ad ml a K*""" ,,nd" 'be Lwcoaapton constitution Stanley Matthew,. f Dlatrlct Aturney vu among tbr ipmkfri, ' The Tirkrrua Mail Bobbery t aa*. Bono*. March 2 ?Tbe raw of Tockrraaa charged with mall robbery, waa given to the grand jury to day. The cbarge waa atroam aad explicit, aud it ta auppoaed that tb* Jary will come in to-morrow with a bill, although there are Mxnr doubta about thia The ladiaaa t'naterfrttm. Chicago. March 2?J. B Sbtara. alias WU foid. supposed to be the leader of tbe Indiana tran^ of counteifeitera, waa arretted here oo ikl urdav night A large amount of bogua coin a~aa found In bi* potmiioa. Saata A ana Galag U Mexico. N a w Yoax. Man h 2 ? A Havana letter ataiaa that Santa Anna Is expected from St Thomas and w 11 proceed to Mexico In a Spaniah war ateaiaer to mumf tbe Prmideacy of Mexico far tbe laat time. - Maalclpal. Xrw Yoxi. March 2.?Tbe Detuor rata elected the mavor* of Rochester and Oswego yesterday Tbe opposition majority elected tbe aldermen in Rochester. and Aldermen tied in Oawego. The Ship Joaeph Rovea, Charleston, March 1.?Tbeahip Joaeph Ro wen. from New Orieana for Liverpool, toorbed oil tiiia port yesterday, but la conaNuencf of her heavy draught waa unable to cross toe bar. and proce* d'd to Savannah Mantel pal Elecliaa. Cwicaoo, March 3.?The mnnic'pal election took place bere yesterday. It waa tbe largaat vote ever polled in the city. Tbe mttre Repub lican ticket waa re-elected by I,(MO majority. The Naehvllle at < harleat Chaki.**toii. S. C . March i?The United State* mail ateamship Naahville. Captain L M Murray, arrived here from New York at daylight thia morning ?? Sallies af Steamer. Niw York. March 2 ?Tbe mail at earner Af rica sailed at 1U a. m . with $TO,OUO in apecie Baltimore Mark eta Baltimore. March 3.?Flour ta Arm. and la good demand at unchanged ratea Howard at root super sold at H 31 a4 SO , Ohio, $4 J7!f ? #0, aad City Milia at *1 37^alM *? Wheat firm; red.fl (rta*l OS; arhlte 91 19al.90. Corn white lower: but v^liow rather dearer; white 54a55; vellow 5fa60c. W biaky dull at 2la2l \ Provisions quiet, ratber firmer. Coflee. a aale wi? made !ate yeaterdny; Rio !? a 10\c , the latter tor select Now York Markets Naw York. Mar? b 3 ?Plnur 1? firm: aaln of 7,500 hbla ; State S4aS4 30, Ohio ?4 fiOafitS South ern SI TUaSV Wheat ia firm; aalea of 1.000 bu*bela; cholca Southern while Si SO. Corn la firm; aalea o( I7.0>C biiahela; white and yellow 6Safi?r. Pork ia bnoyant; meaa at 916.4* alfi.SO; prima do S13a9l3 10. Beef ta quiet at til fiOaSLS for weatern mr??. Lard ia ateadv *t 9l%aW\c. Whiaky is unchanged, Ohlo&fcc. Niw York, March 3?Storks are dall. Chi caj(oand Rock Island 87)^; Cumberland Coal Co. 21 ig.; Illinois Cent ahares 99; do bonds 96; La C>osae and Mllwaukie II. Michigan Southern 32J<; New York Central 93; Penn Coal Co Tfi^; Reading 63Jf; Miiwin'kle and Mlaa. 36; Cantou 21 \, Miaaouri 6'a, 83J, Sterling exchange dull. T O THK CITIZENS OK WASHINGTON. Woirs't Sthstdam Aromatic Scbsapm. The proprietor beta leave to oail the attention of atiaugera aad the citisena of Waabington.toavary superior article ot' Holland Gin. vhioh be introdnood to the American pulaie noder tbe name of Wolfe*a Soheuiatn Aromatic Soli nap pa. Tin* Gin i* manufactured by tb*proprietor exo:a ?ivr- . at hia Diatillery in Schiedam. Holland. It ia ?nude from the Kist Barley that can he proonr*d la Europe, ta ai.? oost. and flavored aad rr.edioated, not by the eommon harali berry, bnt by the moat choioe botanical variety of ti.e Aromatic Italian Ja niper Kerry, vhoae more varioaa extract ia diatdi rd and rectibed with ita apintaona ao,vent, and tkua beoomeaa oonoentrated tinotare of axaaiaita fla vor a and aroma, altof eth?r tranaoendinx in ita Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alooholic havett^e heretofore known. The proprietor has anbmitted it to neariy the whole Medical Facnlty of the United States, and haa received answers from about fonr thonaaad Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over then signatures as a moat deauable addition to the Ma teria Med?o&. persons who parchase ahonld be oarefki to get the genuine article, as the whole oountry is fioodod wiU. oounterfeits and imitations. Put up ia quart and pint bottlea, in oases of on* doxen each, and for sale by "all the reapeetabie Drag gists and Grooars in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer and Mannfhctarer. Depot, No. 23 Beaver street. New York, dec 12-Sm LEGANT CARPETINGS. E WTe havejet remain. n? in atock a few of those aj exant IMPERIAL VELVET MEDALLION CA K PETS. w>.ioli were r*oeiv*d from Europe* lit tle too late for our fall sa es. They are some of th* very latest aud moat auperb gooda of tbe kind *v*r issued from tbe looms of any oonntry.and in eona* quence ol the lateneas of tbe seaaon will be a<?id at asacrihce Houskeepera who desire to furnish their parlor* or draaing-r>x>ma with an uncommonly su perb Carpet now have an opportunity to do ao at fig ures so io?r as '<> be very an usual. The aist-a ar* )? feet 1 niche*.25 feet t> it ches, and 28 feet long. Th* widths caii l?e uuule a^ required l>y the room CLAGKTTA DODSON, Dealers iti all kiuds of Furniture Dry Gooda. fe 23 eo2w No. 4 Market Spaoe. Threat sale of carriages. Ijt AT COST. Tiie firm of Ganlner A Plaoe having diaaolved on the 7th instant, by mutual consent, bloae .? p their business we now offer forVCR^KPr sa!e. *( ro*t, at tlieir stand. No. Mi I2tb mf MS street, near theeom^r of C, the following ?-5arria*ne Five Hurcies.four Rockaways, one Four pa* senger Phaeton and two Expreas Wagona All the afiore were inade oftbe b*at and most tho rough a?riaoned lumber and built by akillfnl and ex perienced worknten. and will be warm ted for twe.'ve month*: a satisfactory guarantee being given with every sale. . .. . N .B Current funds tweuired in every instance, Al~. u"JcB^i'rfe2At^;,Ki.cri<>N fan Jn 2UHiv# SnocMiMir? to Gardner ^ Fa mm FEET OF OAK PLANK F OK ? HI aale in lots to suit Apply to ?H. H. DODGE, No 63 ater streot, m 1 -eofit * r.tnnitova. D. C. ^pHE NEW BOOKSTORE. FRANKLIN PHII.P reapectfnlly informs hie frier.,I aud the pub.ic that he haa leaMd the a tore, t now in the occupancy of Meaars. White A Ca.,1 No. Peunsy ivauia avanue, between Niaik aad Tenth streets Having just returned f'om th*north ern ei?ie?. he haa personally inarfe a aeleetioa of En giia ? and Aftnerioan Hooka and Stationer^, which will be iouud, on examination, to b* of the oboioeei kind. From F. PniLr'a long and varied experience fa Eun-peand America, oosp ed with Oouaexioas a London and Paris, his facilities wilt not be inferior to any houae in the United States. F pHit.r purposes opening kis *etaM?shmont oa or aUtutihe toth of Msroh aaxt. Farthar particu lars in future advertiaementa. MB eotiothMch FRANKLIN PHILP MB. BRADY reapectfaiiy aaaonnoes that h? ? haa eaUbUshMl AGALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART in No.352 Pa. arenne.iover9aeeny, Rittrnhonae, Fant A Co.'s Banking Houee.? He is prepared to execute eoaninieeions for the iiepernu Photograph, hitherto ra*de oaly at hia well kaown eatabiishment m N?w York. A variety of ani*ae and rare Photo*raphiespeei^ mens are tnoluded in 1 * ^rV'rit - portra ta of many of the moat diatiagaiabed citiaans of the I aited fiiaHs. ... ^ . p _ ? ia__ .| Mr. Bract bringa to his Waahiagtoa Gallerv th* r??iilts of fourteee years' azparieaoe tn ?? aropa (junni 'hat period. He i*ela oonteeat that the r* s.?uroe, at his command aad tae artiatie ?nalil? ol BbA''D,so^vSo ?iiiF^aooL roa At the aoraar of 6th aad L I MRS. WM. KESLEV A DAUGHTERS Cirouiara. ternu, and ail esassssry laformattoa given on app'ioation to Mra. W m. Keeley. #an 16 >lt FebApoles