Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR !? PUBLISHED El EE J AFTERNOON? (0UNDAY EXCEVTED,) AT THX ITAK BDILAIROi Corner tf Pm. mmmm mnd Eleventh str?i, By W. D. WALLACH. Paper* iwt?4 in pnhtw by earners it |U year, or ft oente per month. To mail aabeonber* the sub eenptioa pnoe ii #SJn a year, in adeaiMt; ft for ?is months; ?1 for three months; and for toee than tore# month* at the rate of 12 oents a *nI, Biofle ??f !M, one oent; in wrapper*, two cent*. AcriaTtHsaiTfT* (of eight tinea to the square) neerted three time* for ft; every other day or eerai-weekly.SS per oent. adranoe; onee a week, to Mr cent, advance. THE ROYAL WKDDINCi-PARTY'S E!?. THAWTE IHTO BEItMN, The Berlin correspondent of the London Times, writing February 8, thus describes the ?utry of the Prince and Princess Frederick William into the Prussian capital: By 1 o clock, the entire lino of the procession was clear from one end to the other or the broad and splendid avenue leading from the Brand enburg gate to the palace, and a more admira ble locality for such a spectacle as that of to day eould not be conceived. The crowd each side was dense, but not sufficiently so, however, from the great breadth of the spacc cach side of the principal route, to preclude a tolerable amount of circulation, which added not a little to the liveliness of tho scene. The tribunes were completely filled, and presented immense surfaces of eager heads, from time to time agi tated by a sort of wave undulatirg across it at ?ome common object of attraction, which moved all glance* in one direction, The#o occasional simultaneous movement* were chiefly caused in the commencement by the passage along the space opened for the procession of the trades' corporations, with their bands of music, ban ners, and multifarious engines and emblems, proceeding to their places in the fin- of march. At last, although no signal was given in the shape of salvos ot artillery, the bolls of the Pom broke into a peal, shortly followed by chimes from other belfries, and bodies of mounted po lice galloping rapidly d?wn the avenue, pro claimed the approach of ibe festive train. In a lew minutes the roar of the multitude traveling alon^ tho whole line grew nearer, and at las" the bead of the proceseion came in sight, prcce ? led by the marshals. The honor of preceding the entire pageant on this august occasion was assigned, with a somewhat eccentric selection, to postillions, forty of whom, mounted on the pick of the postmaster's studs, now made their appearance. They were splendidly attired in bluecoats. with orange facingsand belts, leath er breeches, jock-boots, and shiny hats with plumes, and they continually exerted them selvee to produce a harmonious result with their ?po-thorns Sext to them came the honorable company of butchers, who form a sort of equestrian order among the guilds, and always lead off on these occasion*, a mure amiable and barinloss set of inen as tbey appeared could not be desired. They were dressed in black with cocked hats and white plumae, and had altogether a court ly aspect, belying the ferocity one is apt to connect with their trade, and quite justifying the choice assigning them the honors of such ceremonial processions. Next in order, mount ed also, and in something like the same dress, came the merchants of Berlin. These were followed by three carriages, drawn by six horses each, containing the chief burgomaater. Herr Peryoncher. and other principal magis trates ol the city, for the demonstration to-aay ie entirely a civic one, and is the compliment which B?rlin claims by ancient privilege to of fer on the occasion of the marriage of any of the royal family of Prussia. A squadron of the guards advanced next in succession, in light blue uniforms and plumed helmets, headed by drums and trumpets?the escort of the sUte carriage, containing the Prince and Princess Frederick Williain of Prus sia, which now came in sight. The shape of this specimen of the municipal splendors of Berlin is much the same as the a^jque and clumsy one of our lord mayor, save that it is not perhaps quite so finely painted and varn ished and so brightly gilt. The same sort of scroll work adorns it, however, and. most im portant of all, the large windows of plate glass allow the personage* inside of it to be distinct ly see*. The horses drawing it, however, were a magmficcnt eight- -eight in number, with im mense black and white plumes The Princess wa* dressed in an ermine cloak befitting the weather, but on her head was no other orna ment than a simple tiaria of diamonds. The shouts of the multitude at her appearance were deafening, and redoubled at each gracioue bow of the illustrious bride and bridegroom. Op posite to them sat the lady of the chief burgo master. The Volunteer Kifles followed the state carriage, and detachments of Dragoons and Life Guards. As a sample of winter in Berlin, nothing eould have been better arranged than the wea ther to-day; if it bad been bespoken it could . have b^en hotter?ooid, sharp, bright and of dasaling clearness I can in these few line# inform you that no1 similar event of Prussian history -not the a?A emn entry of the present Queen, when as the bride of the Crown Prince she entered the oity in grand state procession as en this tb-i Pria cess Royal does, aur even the Huldiguug that en ned in Berlin. sfr?r the coronation . the weeea* k?mgsberg. has been cole brated with so mnch real enthusiasm of the heart as this festal reception of the Printer Frederick William of Prussia Tba?ght of that most noble of promenades. Unter der Lindas* to-day, was most imposing From om put at where i stood. I calculated ? with the assistance of a military friend Well v?r?sd in those matters, that above 180,00?> persons ware steading ia qaiet expectation of the 1*1 ill' aw arrival, surrounded by the most taatetul and ample decoration, and in the pres ense of sisoc of the most beautiful monumental malpturo that any eapital of Europe iau boast. ~ THESEA SERPEXT MYSTERY SOLVED. The London Times of February 12, publishes the following letter, which spoils the largest snako story ever promulgated : Sis?In your paper of the 5th inst., is a Jet tar from Captain Harrington, of the ship Cas pian stating bis belief that he had *ecD the Sreatern serpent near St. Heleua. Ilia confi ne is jtrengtheaed from the fact of some thing cimilar baring been seen by ber Majesty's shin Daelafus near the same position. The following circumstance, which occurred on b-iard the ?hip Pekin, then belonging to Messrs T. and W. .Smith, on her passage from Maul* mcin, mar be of soma sen ice respecting this ' queer fish " <>w December the 2rtth, l&P*f being then in Int. 26 8. Ion. 6 E., nearly calsi. ship having only steerage way, aaw about half a mile on part beam arery extraordinary Look, iuz thing in the wator of considerable length. With the telasoope wo eouUl plainly liimarn 4 huge hea l and neck, oovered with a long shag* gy looking mace, which it came lifting at in tervals oat of the Water This wae eeon by *11 hands and declared to be the great ana serpent. I determined on knowing au:ue' >*tug about it, an-! accordingly lowered a boat, ig ivhieh my rhi??f oftjer aul IHur men went, t^kir^ wiih them anal? lino In esse it ahoulu be ie quire-! I watched them rary anxiously. a^J th* monster itemed not to regard Their approach. At lewtb Iky get clone to th? bead^ 'JV jf seemed to hesitate. aMThen bu?y themselves with tho lino, the momtor all rtie tim- ducking its head, and showingtts great length. Presr ently the boat began patting toward the sbl;>. the monster following slower In about (flf an hour they got slnnptfdf ; a U<flkre was got on the main yard an<f)tATa* hoisted It appeared ?>9ifwh?tfnnpl< vheu bangiug, bat ao eomplstcly corirhd s^th suaky-ivAjaiur barMclss, abou^l^ lun^, Ukat wo bad tb" 4iis lt d?J | as it had ? rather , o^srboard ? time la Kngland id reported having ' r - to ths beat iby 1 k* toealhy. astd which - I , -See at the satus weed I Mo like a h*?e fl^fg dji It appear that h*l circamstanass p*w?eated my sending a hoax to It I ahmm earUl^ly have hpHaiiZ II hid ^n tWffeSM M^jTa. 1 am air, your obedient seryanL rfv "iMWft Pmjtjt.' "^ewwua.fcTyaa,le> 10 1 * jl VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1858. ISO. 1,597. ? ? ' . ? List or Fatbits.?The following is the list of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending March 2,1858?each bearing that date: Jacob Arudt, of Wheeling, Va ?For improved bellows. Joseph Baker, of Washington, D. C.?For ma chine lor stoning cherries. Jelhro W. Rames, of Mnrfreesboro", N. C.? For improvement in manure wagons. Waldrou Beach, of Baltimore, Md.?For im provement in metallic carriage wheel. Dana Bickford, of Westerly, R. 1.?For im proved compound penduluiu. Tbouiu Blanchard, of Boston, Mass ?For im proved method of bending shovel handle*. Aquila Bolton, of Fort Carbon? Pa.?For im provement in machines for breaking coal. Andrew Buchanan, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in paddle wheels. J. 8. Butterfirld, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improvement in harvesters. Benjamin Carley, of Pa'erson, N. J.?For im proved eccentric for operating steam valves. Henry Carter, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For improved bolt machine. Willis L. Childs, of Piermoat,N. Y.?For Im provements in harvester*. Birds*!! Cornell, of New York, N. Y?For improvement iu continuous metallic lathing. Theodore Christian, of New York. N. Y.?For improvement in operating window blinds. Onuan Coe, of Fort Washington, Wis.?For niproveiucut in harrows. Frederic Cook, of New Orleans, La?For im provement In metallic, ties for cotton bales. Peter S Caiharit. of Collatner, N. Y ?For im proved Ji^ld fence. <) K. Collin*, of Murfieesboio', Tenn.?For muroved machine for cutting the moulding for tasn John N. Dennisson and Thos. Sealy, of New t:k, N J ?For improved apparatus for supply ng water to boileis. Patented iu Fiance Aug. It! 1857. Wiu. DeWitt and O. D. Barrett, of Cleveland, D.?For improvement in harrows. Thomas Denhain and Joseph W. Briggs, of Cleveland, Ohio?For alarm sash balance. Simuel Dennis, Jr., of Jasper, N.Y.?For im- I >rovennnt ia bill-side plows. Chuiles W Dickinson, of Newark, N. J?For j mproveinent in loop chains for jewelry. i J ulius C. Dickey, of Saatoga Springs, N.Y.? For improvement in shaping and punching netals. Andrew Dietz, of Ilantan. N. J ??For improved I arm gate. Frederick G. Ford, of New York, N Y., and 'a?cal Plant, of Washington, D. C.?For im- I >roveinent iu method of raising sunken vessels. Win II. Forbes,of New York,N. Y.?Foe im provement iu sash fasteners James W. Gi-ddw, of Baltimore. Md?For Im- I Hovrment iu registers for hot air furnaces. Daniel and Salomon K Hooker, of West Poult ley. Vl?For improvement in cotttus. Charles Howell, of Cleveland, Ouio.?For im irovcment in mowing machines Wm. W. H ubbell, of Philadelphia, Fa.-For mprovement in eccentric explosive shells. Jacob Keller, of Fairview Township, York I ounty, Pa.?For machine for making paper bags. I John Iieezer, of Chillicothe. O?For improve- I uent in hominy mortars. Reuben L. Lewis, of .Milford, Mass.? For im jrovement in boot trees. Wm .Manning, of House's Point. N. Y.?For I mproveinent in machine forcuttlng barrel heads. I James II Mattison. of Scriba, X. Y ?For Im- I movement in machine for cntting barrel heads. John Parham, of Philadelphia, Pa ,and Sarn'l I Parham, of Trenton, N. J ?For improved I i yd rant. Warner Pi'kett and Andrew Hills, of Natiga- I nek, Conn?For improvement in corn huskers. Jas. Powell, of Cincinnati, O ?For improved ivdrant. Aaron King, of Westbrook, Me.?For improve- I nent In seeding machine*. Honore Roth, of |l?rville Parish, La.?For mproveinent iu method of setting sugar kettles. I 'J homas Sheeban, of Dunkirk, N. \ .?For im- I ?roveui?nt in sub-marine grapples K. A. Smead, of Tioga, Pa.?For improved 1 nachiue for forming sheet metal pans. Henry C. Smith, of Cleveland, O ?For lin- I jrovemeut in harvester tlagers. Holly Skinner, of Huron, O.? For improved alender clock. Salomon Stransberry, of Kooxvllle, Tenn.?For mprevement in l?ee hives. iiosea South wick, of Little Cooley, Pa.?For mproveinent in grinding nulls Isaac Van Doreo, of Soinerville, N. J.?For tnprovement in harvesters. j Isaac Van Dorm, of 8mierville, N J.?For I mproveinent in rake* for harvesters. Harvey Waters, of Northbridge, .Mass?For I mprovement in manufacture of scythes. ! Abner B Week*, of Rockland, M?.?For im irnveiiieiiia in lime kilns ' F.idridge WneeUr. of .Marlltnrough, Mass.? I ?'or improvement in horse slioes Wm D W.4g%t, of Baltimore, Md?For burg- I ars' alarm Harry A. WU1*. of K**ev?vlllc. N.Y ? For lm- I >roved horse-slio*. mach lue Na'baniel Wilton, of Boston, Mass.?For im iroved piano loi k Isaac P Wendell, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For I mprovement iu boxes and journals for railroad ar aal**. John B. Wln>low, of New Bedford, Mm* - "or linprovement in machines for regulating the I apply ?t roving to spinning machiues. I Joshua Oray, of Medford, >lass., assignor to I timself and tieorge O. Brastow, of Somerville, I il ass.?For improvement In sewing machines. John M Perkins, of New York, N.Y., assignor o Robeit M Patrick, of same place.?For lm- I jrovement in locks. Heurv F S?iaw, of Boston, Mass , assignor to limseliand Moses H (iiagg,of same place.? For I mproved method of operating scroll ?aws. Amos W. Sangster, of Buffalo, N . Y., assignor I O.Victor M. Hue, James Sangnter and Elixa Iteming ion, of same place.?For improvement In sewing machine*. JUiiswes ?Isaac Crossett, of Benninqton, Vt. I For improved machine for making barrel* and I >tbercasks. Patented July I, l?U j Septimus Norrls, of Philadelphia, Pa?For j inp.ovement In running gear for locomotive en- | .jines Patented Sept "iB, IHSl. I Lorenzo Tag^art, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For j mproveinent in life preserving raft*. Patented I tauuary'Jo, Ie5e. ! Rcxawats.?John Wesley Pullan. a married nan, persuaded a young and beautiful girl, of brookville, Indiana, daughter of a respectable ritixen, to accompany hiiu to Cincinnati, O. In three days he returned to Brookville, when the uruole town rose ajalnet him for his nefarious renduct He was taken before a magistrate, but !be young lady refused to testify against him,and !?? was acquitted; but the Indignant citizens es corted him to the canal, and, tutting a hole through the ice, duck<d him. At La Salle, Illinois, an Eugllshmau from the Crimea, with a pflk. hover his eye, is advertijed m having run away with a young girl of seven teen, nam* d Kmily Hooper, and ?700 in Illinois :urrency. ? A **w Idea.?A New Haven correspondent of foe Tribune relate the following as one of the incidence growing out of the late light between the student* of Yale and tbe boys of the town: Ou the night of the affiay a party came off, at which several *iud?uU wws preseut. One indi vidual came armed with a hatchet. One of the ra ilages, coming home la e from the party,With two ladles and a student inside, was stopped by a party of men, who demanded to know whether there w** any student inside. In an instant the ladle*, with lemarkable presence of mind, con rr*ird the student with their hoop*. The fire men looked ia, saw no student, and permitted the carriage to pass on Vive la crinoline ? * n ? !. v1 The Philadelphia correspondent of the Tilbunc wrUfs as follows;?"A most singnl-ar story has obtained currency here within a week or (wo, which ia worth reproducing forphe In J ?nnation of vour readers. Thorna* Aliibone, the distlryulsh* '1 flnanelal hero of the Rank of Penn sylvania, It is said, is likely to come In po*sfss sion ef * fotune of two mill ions of daliar*. in y?e right of his wife, who ia said to lie ou* a1 Uie the great Jennen* estate now about to be ^?Hkiftetft In England ameng those lawfully en to receive If. This great estate. It may be laldad in this connection, Ts not merely a news T*per mylfc. P - ^ Am a* I ca I Posiat? An English writer says: VTh* following poeois, -by American author* wen Id do boner to auy age or conaKy: The ln dis? bf Frenean; The Culprit Fa?, by W-ek-; 1* like ?h* summer r*se. t>v Wild; 1 hs VVafei-KvWl, ?>v Brvant; Wo?-d!nen spare Uyf4 hV W Mwco BozariU, by Hal leek; TtiV neglec ted wire.ljy I'ercival; The VVulow Mam. bv S. P- W?iU?s The Old 0*k?u u.^Wet. by Wood worth; a?d I U 111 tM* up ? one made up, by WwKpfT Ttts collection . ? tbeiresm green river a'ffcNrt on ind will flow on foreve^" 1 4 Special Yotioet. DrsrspstA akd Fits.?Dr. Tracy Deioririe, great oarer of Consumption, for several years mo badly afflicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was oonfined to his bed. He was event nally oared by a prescription fnrniahed him by a young olairvoyant girl. Thia prescription, given by a mere child while in a state of trance, has cared everybody who haa taken it, never having failed once. It is equally as sure in cases of fits as ol dyspepsia. The ingredients may be found in any drug store. I will Bend this valaable prescription to any person on the reoeipt of one poatage atamp te pay postage. Address Dr. Teacy Deloeme, New York Post Office. jan 28 ftn* I a* ijf possession of some valnable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. The Syrup is pleasant and sale,aad is'composed of roots and herbs procured from the Bine Ridge; it is no oommoo artiole. Thar are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my piaeeof reaidenoe is aeen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the Pilea, can, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stott'e; the Syrup ia at aeveral other plaoes on Pennsylvania avenue, aa well as Georgetowa??? Mr. Newman's on Bridge atreet. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 108 Baiti. more street. d 7-tf Special Notick.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiftal Complexion, use " Balm of 1.000 Flowers " For dressing Indies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a now pomade; it oauscs gen tlemen's hair to ourl beautifully. Price fio oents each. W. P. Fktriugk k Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Tayloe k Maxjet, Booksellers, between 9th aad 10lh St.. Pa. avenue. n I? iTancing, f^ASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDKR respeotftiUy annoonees to his friends ar.d the public eenerallv, that his last quarter will oominence on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 2d, It*. All those whodestrei to l>e prepared for the exhibition are earnestlyLw sol%;itod to join as soon an possible as the arranjte ment of Fanoy Dances will take place immediate)v. The programme for this aoasou will be entirely new, and far excel any ever offered to the public. Parents wbodesire to ace their children eaay and graceful in their carnage, ahould not fail to enter them verr aoon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual, from 7>? until 9H o'clock, jan XO-dtf ? onnoes ia A N C 1 N G ACADEMY, D Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the I jediea and Gen tlemen of Washington and Georgetown that 39 he will re-open his Classes for Dancing m/'A Washington on Friday, the 9th of Ootober, ntUM Temporanot? Hall, K street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from7o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clook p. m. For terms and particular^ application can be made at Mr. G.'a reaidenoe, 4"7 E street, between 9th and loth streets. ae 12-6m Dentiitry, Ac. Dr. r. FINLEY HUNT, DENTIST,, No. 310 Pennajlvania avenue. J W ill perfo-m all operations belonsine to his profession at Ins old established office, as above, d l?-tf P yHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor aad patentee of "LoomiV Mineral Piatt Te'tk," having,, ? successfully introduced his improvement in various cities. has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Seta of Teeth oonaistsohief in making a aet of but one pteos of material. End at indestructible mineral. No metal is used ib their oonstruetion, and they are therefore free from galvanio aotton and metalic taate. There are uo foints to become filled with moisture or partioiea of food, henoe they are pure and clean. They are lighter, atronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thouaand Dollars to any one who will produce s similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic ezoellenoe or any other requiaitf quality. All work responsibly warranted. 87$ Pa. av.. between llth aim mi ???. aplS-lr IA NO!*?V ERY CHEAP.?1 have now in store the following great bare a ns: Avery superior Piano of Mallet, l)avi? ft-???? . Co.. 7 octaves, hne rosewood; original price It haa been rented out in a careful*?!*? ? family, and will be sold for Jjinn. Also, a similar Piano, same makers. 63* octaves; origiua' price !$3"0; will be sold fir ffJJb. These Pianos a e re illy tiargnns; we warrant and guarantee them as willingly as we do our new oui;s. All persons in want of a good reliable Piano are so licited to caii and see these inst-uin'nts. Also.aScoond-hand Piano, winch we have ao oepled in part p iv merit for a new one, for $13"; one for .$40; one for $15: and ote for fitin. Ours is always the largos' stock of Pianos in t.>.* oitj; therefore call at No. Pa. av., betvrecu 9ih and loth streets. fe9 JOHN F. ELLIS. ? EKNTI8TRY, 1/ DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 19* Pennsylvania Avekve, Tkrtt doors from 14(4 Stritt. De. BAILY begs leave to inform the pubiiethatha ean be seen at all hours, at hta office, located as above. He feels asaured that an experienceof fifteen vteara' practioe, with the large number of patients.and great variety of difficult oases mat he haa treated success fully. will enaiile bun to surmount an* uiffiouity, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profeaaion, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. I armly, has led him, long since, todis oard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Knainela. Gutta Peroua, India Kubber, and Ce ments for the oonstruetion of Continnona Gum Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the mouUi, as was most oonolusiveiy shown by the last Amerioan Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long reai denoe and praotioe in Washington, be is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the fbllowing TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Churoh of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stephen Baily: Dear Sir?I desire to express my esteem for joe personally, and my oonfidenoe is tou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have boer. highly satisfaotory. 1 hose that you may reoeive the patronage from my (Vienus and the publio that yonr skill so well deserve*. Yours very truly. Waehingtoa, Aa* *, 1M6. J. W. F RKNCH. From one of the oldest firms m Baltimore, Messrs, Boggs, Cotman k Co. Having employod l)r. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington eity, to execite for me an im portant aHd difficult piece of work, whioh he did to my entire aatiafhoUon, and in view of the faot that one of the roost distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work gives me treat pleasure to express my entire confidence and irh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jaa.IS, 1857. HARMANN BOGUS. Extract fromaoetereoeived from the late Hoa. Johi M. Clayton. V. 8. Senate, Aug. It, 13M. The teeth von made for me work admirably; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, _JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, 1 oan oheerfslly roonmmend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcelian teetk for one of mr fhmtlv, and plugged several teetU for myself, and the work has all stood well for more thaa tea years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of Ute M. E. Church South. April 19. ltM. We, the undersigned, having had oeoasion to avail ourselves of the professional srlll of Dr. 2. Baily, Sufteen Dentist ef this eity, or havinc been eogius aat of his operations on our (amiiies ui frifads, take eieasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic ?kill, as well aa of the uniformly satisfactory mEunei ia wnioh he periorms the most aelieate aad ditfioult operations in Dental Surgery, and we respectfully re oommei.d him to the oonfidenoe and patronage of the piblio. of whieh we eonsider Mm eminently worth*. ~1ao?|AS U. Waltee, Arohiteot U. 8. Capitol, HOMAa Millee, M. D.,of Washiugton, D.C. 1.4- Bobeee, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C, 1.8. Lincoln.M. D-^fWashington,!). C. oe. H. Beadley, of Washington, D. C. iese waiton.Ee-Governor of Florida* _. aLTMt Lenox, HE-Mavor of Washingtooi* Heney Baldwin, U. S. Patent Oiee, O.C. wmr, pTinoipal Rrueahoaee An " ~ tf Ui k Hl'RCIIEI.L. fe a? Corner Vemmut av. and 15th ?t. DELLlbSlKR PORT M ANTE A UsI a A S't-V Arltfle of (lenl*' Hand Fug. This splendid article is the me flvi ultrm of Traveli gKqeipmeaie. Genu will please otil md examuie this new and ooavenirnt style of TraveMac Bag left eolin * [StatesAlntel.j GSi:5~*E5irS|!!5~p __ r0Kr" OoWuoe, &tCnna o/ aqnare PIANO FOR rES. under Me mure ? of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand, |E3BB Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street up- HI \T* poMte the Kutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2m Baltimore street, between Charles and L ight streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCaffery as a musio store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Meiodeoua, from the beet makers, from 4 to .V ociave, some with double key-ltoards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. lie.og extensively engaged in the manufacture cf Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, oa the most libera! terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal tat the Fairs of the Maryland institute

two suooesstve years?October, 1856, and 1856? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from Mime of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the firs* premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in R-chmond, Vir ^mia, 1*55 and 1856. They have also been awarded ti? highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mecluuiios' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nia'.s from the most distinguished professors anc amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at out ware room*, gpeakmg for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are ?verr where held. All Instruments are guaranteed for five years, *nd a privilege of exchange is granted within tfie first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantags to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, ard tuned. mar 16-1 r WM. KNABK ft CO. Five more of ravf.n, ha con a co.'s superior IMANOS, just arrived at the^ Ware rooms of W. G. METZEROTT. Seoond hand Pianos for sale cheap. p 20-tf J^UNNS A CLARKE'S HA I.LETT. DAVIS A CO.'S* CELEBRATED PIANO EOKTES, Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN F. EI.US, 306 Pa. avM between 9th and loth sts. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Pianos. Stools, Covers, Melodeons. Ao., Ac., also on hand._ n 16-tr The music depot of w. g. metze ROTT, oorner of Eleventh street and. Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest andf only noinplote Musical Establishment in' the District of Columbia. Bacon, Raven A Co's and Rosenkranze's cele brated PI A IS OS are always on hand in groat varie tv; also. Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together with an immense stock of Musical In struments and Sheet Music of every description. Pianoforte tuning exeouted by Mr. Rebine. d3-tf 5|? SEVENTH STREET tobTas, , - OPTICIAN. Office Second Story, three doors from Ono Fitiow?' Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to every light, Opera, Reading, aud Watohmakei's Glasses; Telesoopes, Microscopes ic*V-* v_L^ great variety; Cosmoranuc Stereosoopes with views of superior and choice pictures on Land. Sec adver tisement in National Inteiligecoer. Testimonials. Noupolk, September 7,1864. St*: The Speotaoles you made for me suit me verv weil, and seem to have improved my sight more than any othor I have lately tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. f have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my nght,a:id corresponding with hisde.?criptionof their foens. 1 recommend him as a alt;ilful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PKTERSBrRS, Octo!*l 21, 1854. A beat five years ago, I obtained fnoin Mr. ToUas. in ashingtnn, a pair of Glasses lor the spectacles winch I used, and found them of grcatrissistanoe to my decaying vision ; and my opinion of hun is, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eye# not too far gone to be beuefitted by such aid. J. F. MAY. LYlfCHBms,November 7,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobys' Glasses, and from his observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a skillful optioian. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Ltnchbcrg, November in. 1854. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses, by winch 1 have been greatly aided. < my vision having suifered greatly from reading at i.ijrht in my earlier life,) it aJaords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him n ekiilfn! practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who mat peed hi? professional service*. WM. R. RoUZIK, Elder of the Methodist Conference. Wilmington, N. C., June 27,1854. Mb. J.Tobias? Dear Sir: I am happy to say thai the Speotacles which I obtained from you last vreok are entirely satisfactory. From nit inequality ia the visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper p>r??l dis tances. It affords inc pleasure to state, that by the aid of yonr optometer tin:, difficult* has been hnppilj obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to iny eyes of any 1 havr ever yel used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANE. Rectorof St. James' Parish. Having been induoed by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias (or the purpose of trying hie glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored roue, whice have afforded me inure relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight, ?>rigm allv very good, was injured by writing and reading a) uiglit, frequently to^very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study aimost as late at over, and that too without the pain I have previous !y suffered. JOHN WILSON, I?ate Commtssioneer Gen'l Land Olfioe. Deo. 11.18?. I have nsed Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months,and take gi eat pleas'ure in saying that I am muoh pleased with thein. 1 have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. SCAKBURG1L May 5th, 1856. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician; and as I have eres of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias jaemed to ooinprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, r.nd he has made me a pair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 185G. Washtn#TON, Aug. 8. IW. Having been for years under the necrbsity of hav two sets of glasses?one for use in daylight, ami one for lamp-light?I procured one set from Mr. Tobias Which answered both purposes. I have used his for several months, and find them excellent. EDWARD STUBBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I r m the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selector in different plaoes and ifrom opticians rec ommended to me on acoount of their professional standing in France, England,and the United States. 1 have been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sight. Respcotfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor of M. C? Louisville, Ky, UXOOKLTN OXTHoFAXDIC INSTITUTION, April, 1854. After moat oarefnl examination at Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, 1 am enabled to testify that their hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact optioal shape render them particularly recommendabie to those whose merely optioal impairment of the eyes are in want of suoh auxiliaries. 1 consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the foous of the eje,both by nib optioal knowledge and experience, and by means of his optometer. In addition, I c.;n furthei state that Mr. Tobias has supjWed some of my pq tieots with Glasses, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. sioian aad Surgeon, Berlin; Member of the ..oral College or Burgeons, England; Member of the Medical Society of London, and of the Patliolozioal Society of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedio Institution cf Manchester, England, and Surgeon of the D. O. Institution. /(OBTOLK, Va? July T7,1854. even two years, 1 have found great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex - actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. This in convenience Mr. Tobus seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are clear, chrystal like and comfortable to my eyes. 1 would commend him to those who frem are or other infirmity require ar tifioial aid m this waj. J. J. SIM KINS, M. D. WiLMtjMTON, N.C.. June 16, 1854. To persons who have had the sight oftheir syes so impaired as to require the use otGlafse?. 1 would recommend Mr. Jonn Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain suoh Gtaaws as they may re auirf. as he has suited me wi^n a pair of Spectacles for a fur and near sight. Mv sight has been impaired vary much by a servioe of years ia the Poet Office Department, which l>ertb required me to be on dnty from 11 o'ulooh at night till after day. dunac which Uhm I used but one light. W. A. WALKtR. Dbfabtmbnt or Irtbbiob, May t, IMS. Prom natural defects aad the uaeqaal range of my eyes, I have been oompoUad to use glasses for seve ral rears. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyee. Foar months since Mr. TobtM made two pairs aspeew ly tor me, which! have fcund to serve me perfectly. By the ese of his optometer he is enabled to aitest glasses nom minutely to the eie. I in^vst chearfuj lyreoommendMr. Tobias to an having occasion to use glasses, and be&r m' teeliaiouy as to his skill as an oetiouut. MX eV, iH ItAfLr litv tMtimOUT %? tO bit SfcUl f YE AND BARLEY MALT, teHl iv*' TmrtlTi' Ihrtotary. Washington branch railroad. I MT? ,.TnV1M run aa follow*. iT a*hin*ton at 6 &. m. }*?? *?. alia. n. K?* d,?' *? s p n?. jR 21* pm* vmm? a w:-.?/1 w, fcascar ?I?^,u5daT on!y ?ne train-?t 4.2n p. m. '*" ?* d TH. H. PARSON5. Atwt j\KW AND IMPORTANT BCHKtiULKZ /VR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. J? recent extension and improvement of its jead . * Oonneotmg lines at the West has required an en h* Vh,?h h'D m running* oft tug roar 'T which highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. (hi an>l alter MONDAY Jbm THREE DAILY TRAINS w* b, iU??*"!3B ^or trough jpasfceneers. a 4CC?M?ODATION TRAINstarts fetatloa? 7 A.M.,(exoept bSS&'ilTm ' "ttt!OOBaxd MTivM atCnm 1L TKA,N Btir'B Sunday ex ? ?i ? AL.and arrives at Wheeing at 4 a irim.'V ? ? at Bcawuod With Cen: nU Ohu ?uh!;^Wfcf^X^SjrivVr,Tn: tvpurB'\ST\JiOIJI*a CINCINNATI * K * KAI.% Iravsi (iatii at S (ft P ,\i r**n necting rt Benw.-od at 9 A. ML w?tii ax praae *iramt Ta?i nte/?/2 % iy''l0'uP*tl, (without thong* 4/ I ? ' ?' f u uJ '^ an^ r?*chuig there in but ? t.?n i? J? Baltimore and % hours from Washing - .<^>DI"lct? d,'^ot|y. in loth directions rJaFP1 pf r "f '7 ***rkarsbcrg and Marietta l,"owti,e- WMCimati, eto. These train* oonnact at Xeua for Indianapolis. Ch,oago and St Louis, and at Cincinnati wi3i the Great Ohio anc h!"1 ^xt>r?58_f?r Lou:svi!le. Cairo and St R&it-V?M Ufu ?i, JL>u'V"tkantthocrsfrom B^ Br this tram the time to all the centra th? 1D tto* '? much leas, while ?S2 ?h ?*e?* 'r fr?ul 40 10 "" m,l?? ?*>orter tiian bi 1,^ Bf"rtcs' ?f "ther rontes. From the Weal these OonaecHous are equally oloae and satisfactory ar nifinga* Baltimore*t ?.."*> A. M. 'L' Baggage checked tfirongh to ail point*. tick? sold at lowest rates a< Camden fetation and at Washington, D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington mA. mteie th* tnttrt road by da^lirkt, by taking morn in* trains, and lying ever at Cumberland or (*k *and, and resaxning aext morning liy W keel in* Ac **""* Curnt4rla?l ati tL Ti,?. I?* *AY PASSENGERS. _;? ? . umi/eriand Aocommodit ,on Train at 7 A.M. \vV,?ih? a ?latlo'jB ea*1 of Cumberland, and the I'uliJT IV* Accomm<id6tTf>n at a'l Stations beyond ECumberland e^ing West. Ka?twar??,T. the Mai-' rats leave* vV aeeluig at lJOA. M.,ana Aooommo ?6??P?Sl *r at 9' r<*ohin* Balttnoor* KBaN>jfi??J,ORTIIXXli8T?1N v'R?inia BRANCH, hr^weon Grafton and Parkersburg, way BS"?5fSJ!5WSfrtt* ?";"" v""""d'' "5 ?tJnns.r,F,R,K1)KR,CK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M , stonnicr at wr.y stations. Leaves Krederiok at 9.11 ti! L'irJVir9 jtaltimora f2 noon. A M Ju MILLTRMN leaver at 6.41 w,:" ?'' 3V^.V a, . ?? WOODSIWeT^ II _ Maaterof ? ra'isportation. Baltimore. ( JRANGJK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD ? XX AT SO UTHER N MAIL LINE '.v'asi?! vr.^v^K ?oepted.) hetwect i, L'^J OA J and the SOUTH, via AiON D X' *'V11UONs VILLE a?D RfCH Lf*vee Washnucton at 5 o'clock a. m. ^ ashing ton at 7 o'clock p rn. For LYNCHBURG and the SOUTHWEST. 1 V^? or 'J'"*1"* %t 6 ?'c?ook a. 'm., arrive ii stV""V*? next morning at 4 a. m.,oonnectinf with the trains on the \ ireinia and Tennessee Ra? <V,r 2?*<MPHIS. Mali Stages from Cher otteavillft te'l^ynohbuix a distance of 91 miles. rare from W ashingtcn to Lynchburg, #7.75. .,7..? "^mer GEORGE~i^AGK. foot ofSeventfc 8tu ?t. hems owned hy th^ K^iioftd Corneal*?, ruu ?n eonnection with the trains. JjS*?}3 '"f Lynchburg procured on the Boat. nln,'.r ^?,.ns^vL^,lnd "*??*?.Wafoee will beat tha Uepot ot th? Washmgt'Hi Railroad, to convey pas sens srs and baggage to the Steamboat, for Aiexan dria, a distanoe of six uiKss. al. owing ampie tuna lor HiiX!s, . , , JAMES A. EVANS, Agent. _ Alexandria. J?!t.1swj._ j?8 tf jVEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL _g**ITEU STATES MAIL STEAME RS. T*? Sk\pt^omrosint tkii t!I2 ?'*C*?t. Oliver Eldndge, tk? a Iih 1iVi,7tv? Capt. Joseph Comstock vne ADRlATiL.., . ??._Capt. James West, These sh:ps having '-ecu i>ntlt by oortrac! expressly fur tvoveruinent ksrvice, every care has l>een taicei in their eonatrnctioti, j>* also in their engines, to in jure f trcTigtn anJ ?pec4, and their aocrminodations fort*****'1'''? RrP uu?au?i!e<i for elegance sod ooni The steamers of this lire have improved water tight compartments, awl 1.0 expense has l>een spared toiria?e them aiins good as new, the thorough exam iimtion given them proves their mode of oonstiuc tion jet unequalled. Price O! pawge from New York to Liverpool, in f rat eable, 4!?i; in aeeriid de.t #7S; From Liver pool i? New ^ ork, ?? und 2?i gsi-r.eas. An exeen perienced Siugeon attached toefi^k el:ip. No berths oae be eecare-j natil paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. a ^.r,iOM ?FW,T??**. L.r LIVEXPOOL. Saterday, Jan. 16 Wednesday, Feb.3. )8M Saturday, h?l>.13 Wednesday, M'ch 3 18M Saturday, March IS..1*.S3 Wednesday, M'ch Si.1R.M Saturday, Apr 1 1?? 1&S8 Wednesday. April 3T1SM Saturday, April 24....1358 Wednesday, May 12. .1848 Saturday, May 8 1&5B Wednesday. May 26 185? Saturday, May 22 185R Wednesday, June9 .1858 Saturday, June 5 185R Saturday, Jcne 19 ...I8t4? Satifrday, July 3 1R58 Saturday, July 17 1R?: Saturday, Aug. 14 18&8 Saturday. Aug.28 1858 Wednesday, June 23 lat8 Wednesday, Joly 7.. .1868 Wednesday, J nly 21 1868 V\ edneeday, Aug. 4. .1858 Wednesday, Sept.l. .1858 Saturday, Aug.28 1858 Wednesday, Sept. 15.1858 Saturday, Sept. 11 .. !HW; Wednesday, Sept. 29.1868 Saturday, Sept. 25 1258 JVednsscay, Oct. IS 1858 Saturday . Oot. 9. liW Wednesday, <?ct.27 1858 Saturday, Oct. S3 1388 Saturday, Nov. 6 1853 Saturday, Nov. ?9....1658 Saturday, Deo.4. _ .. 1858 Wednesday, Nov. 10.1RM Wednesday, Nov. 24.1858 Wrdnesda), Deo. 8 IN W ovisesd*), Dec. 22 1858 For fre;rht or passage, apply to _ EDWA RD K. COLLINS, No. M, Wall atreet. New Yore. HRUWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paris/ Tke owners ot these shipe will not l? aoooncttbie for *o?d, silver, bai iou, specie, jewelry, preoioLi stones <ir lueUvs, uqicsi bills 01 iading ars s.cnec therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. <1 16 JJNITED STATES MAIL LINK ONLY REGULAR LINE AMD WlIHOtJT PAILnil FOR XISHT TEARS, ??* CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtgnlmr Sailing Dats.Stk t*tk of ??<* UMii Catttion.?So many frauds and imposi tions of various kinds have l>een t?tei? perpetrated on travelers bound to CALI-^^^^^^ FOR NI A. that the suliscnter. the only authorised Ageut for passage bv the V. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feeis it his duty to caution all persons seeking passage to California, that, to avoid imposition, they mast be evafrl to find the true oAoe of the Steemships of the U. 8. Mail i.Mie. vm Panama Railroad, as no other office in New York is authonxed to euca^e passage. The Companies have only one office in New York, whieh is at 177 West street, oorner of Warren street, fronting on the North the head of the Com pany's Wnarf. |Cr Otwerve my sig* over the door. 1. W. EAYMON|A|^ HILAPELPHI*. WILMINOTON AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD. ? U tSi?Bfor PreaMleut SffltilTw-' ??apt Sundays, as * '"l r.xpeeae Train at *.40a. m.; Way Ma,I Train at 11 at ?; KT,wua? jjl?i ?t6^5 p m On S, days ? 5sj~ *!t train i ctmneot with New ^ ork trains except? Jft p. m. Satui4apa. .{O' "AVRE DE G RACE ONLY. Leave Baltimore at 4." 4 o'clock p. 01 Fro* rhiladslphiaa la. m.. I p. m .aud Up m. _ FUR SKAFORD.DEL. Passengers leaving f?a!tin?oie at a. m conneet ?< Wilmington witk *.'? p. m. tra a mmi A* P> ??. T3esSiS'-iS?st?M-, THIS WEEKLY ? _ Ota withoat the i?tarrention oft aerearved.? per Mat. of KTm so (?MnUi tferMfkott Ut ooantry ? ILr PiNtauun vboMlu N?to will ta auowad A oomaiiMion of ? Mat. E*ami?!tgss ?U (O ieD*rk.iT lAroegfeOSt the OOUUlTf . Travelers' Directory. ^LKXANDBlA AMI) W&8NIN6TUH. ^T?<l^ltrSwr,.PRORG,? PAOF.aad THOMAS COLLI KK will run, brrMllrt, r*i . ularly at the fblLwT^t 1**71 M twVeZ J* l.UVI ALIIiRMU AT MMaUi (Jtorf Prntt?iia,S, Ida m.; 12*, 3. aad Ms ?.n. Thomat C ollyt?T, S. II a. m.:!ni,d ? p.m Lkavk WASunaToa at tfrorge Patr?f^,9, II a. m.; 'L.4. ard 6 p. m Tkommn C?//prr?4, M> a. m ; 1*',. SJ?, and SS p. ?. ? Whuley's Omnibuses connecting with ih* lege and Collver, will leave the Capitol and oorner uftSrh street s rid Pa. avenue a* follower 7, 8,"9, Ifl, Ut 12j^, 2. 3. 4, and 5 o'ciock. _ KTon ^KdTvalLaCH, PfM. FO R sro UNT VER NO .V. The COLI.VFR will i?r? for Moant Vernon oB Tl ESDAYS and FRIDAYS. from WmIi;d|Uw?( 'J auU AIexaiid'1% At rl? ?/ot>-ck. when bar usual morning trips h?tw^m Washington and Alexandria will i>e intermitted. fe27 SAM*B AKER, Cap?. | dK PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP CUU Una of rte Steamships ul t;!is Compear, earrytac the United States Mat ? for ACAPULO. 0 A LI F?? K N I A, DM U K KG< ? >, leave. Panama '.wise e*ch month, oe tne arn ? ral of the Unite* State* Mail P. S.Cowipanv's? . ars. which leave New Orieau aod New York rega a. :j on 54h and athof each month with the mmie. and pa?teiirer? oonneotmg via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships hare been inspected ard ap proved by the Nary Departmrrand guaranty ??**d **d 'Alft*. The Panama Rat.road (47 miies Ion*) la now eom - eieted from ooean to ooean. and ta eroeaed ta J or 4 rtoura. The Iwggace of aaesencers la orteoaed la New York throucn to ssan Fratieii err'ark**! at Panama I expense. The money expenses of the trip. Reserve stcenters are keet ut port ta Paasia and y*a Francisco, to prevent detention in ease of ao?| Icnt, an that the ronte is entirety rsiteMs?ao fai - are having oocurred m eight years. * Passengers leave Panama the laatf daj they tt* rive at AtpinwaH. Cond actors go throoek If Mon steamer, aod tat a shares of women and childrei without other ptvleo tors. For th">urh tickets at the lowest ratM appli at the agency, 177 West street. New I. W. R A vSlON D.?Of |? ARMSTRONG, HARRIS ft CO New OtImm.- of If 24 tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boatoa. p'OR NORFOLK ANli POKTSMOITH. Va The eteamer LOI'ISIANA Im^m the I' Dock, foot <>f Coooonl street, Baib oore,every Tuesday, I liurfla*. and ^turdsy.and the a??*mer NORTH* CAROLINA every Monday, Wednesday.aad Prt ila*. at S o'clock p. ta. M. N. FALLS. '? Mf Pree-dent W*Ttimore ?t??nrilio?l tTn. F raneisco. and passonaera are by steamer at the tx-.npany's i paid id New York oovars ail 'O WESTERN TRAVELER*. FALL AKD WiyTER AHK A NO EM R NTS. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. On ami after January ?th, IkSR, Two Daily Trauis will leave Calvert Statioa. Bsltiniwre, for Pittsbura, ChiCRffo, Cleretand, Cinoinnati. St. Louie. ?nd all cities and tow as in tne West aad North and Southwest. THE MORNING MAIL TRAIN Leaves Baitiniore da:ly (Sundty t at S.1Aa. in., for Pittsburg and all Western Towoa aad Cities. THE jirr0MM0ZM770* TRAIN l^avAe Raltniiore daily (Sunday exoeptcdtatlp. m., for Park ton. THE Iti ITT EXPRESS TRAIN Leave* Dalfiinore everr Nirhtat 'a p. m., oosaei^ ion wit'i the I.iKhtmac Express over the Penuay. van>a Railroad lor Pittabuig. arriving at 1 p. ro. The ft.IS a. tn. and 1" p. m. traina o??nnect closetr at Pittabarc with trains over the Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad and its Northern. Son?hcrn and western oonnectioes. in- Pa*?enrera for Chicago, Rock Island, Bur Imcion. Iowa City, Mi<waukee Dubuaue. Sv Pau . Mndison. Mid other lead ng cities in the Northwest, will save o*r kv*v*tv milks or Turn and tes hocks in tuna, with roca l*?? chaises of oars, by taking this route. ff"/ Passengers for Cleveland, Sandasky. Toledo and i>etr<>it go by this route, and the timo ? un t-aualed. l>eiug 43 miles shorter than any other route. l*aaaengera for St. Louia, Indianapolis. Terra, < a;ro. an<i a1 i points on the Lower and Up per Mississippi, make leas changes of oars andarrive in ad of any other route: and to Cinoinnati. Co lunibua, Dayton. Louisville and other pronuueut utiea aa quick aa hy any other ronte. All Wotttfrn bargagechecked throagband handled with ortre. Paasengera for Wii!i?maport, N tagara Fal.s, EI r. lira, Buffalo, And cities and towns in WESTERN NEW ^ OR K and CANADA, will find this the shortest, cheapest and in< st expe ditious route, ar.d leave by train at * 15 a m. Passengers for Han-wer, Gettysburg, Emmitts liurc. Wricht?viH'e, Coliimb-a and I^uicaster leave in the mornirr train at ?.ISa. m. Paast-ncera ler.ving Washington at ga. m , oonneot with the k.!5a. in. train, and those t>y the trains at a 4^0and V2? with the 10 p. m. train for all parts ef the We?t. For furl her co-rent and reliable information p'.rase spp'v e.t tbc Ticket Office of the Northern Ce tra' Railway, t'a'vert Htanon. oorner of Calrart aad Frankliu streets, Baicimore. C. C- ADRFON.Snp't. leB.ff I. W WARNKR. Ticket A reel M ARBLE WORKS WM. rutherford, AR 11 th k k j,? MaKHLE, E StrMt, befwe^fj i.-ih and ISia Streets Norta, Washimotos CiTy, Inx'ites put>lic attention lo his exten?ire stock of t?e?miifii! cesicnrd aad Klab.rate y Orred M A N TI Ls in a variety of Marltles, together with a choice aefcortment of STATI'A R Y, wh ehforde sign and ficish cannot be eurfMssed. aed are well sdaptel for the t>a<deu or Tomb. A targe assort ment ?f Plain Mantels. Moi unients, and Ttrnib tf ones at very l??w Montiir.cnis of any design executed to order with purotui!it> and d snatch. Katiir'vee given o?r Brovnstone or Marbla work or North River, ai.d every other work to nur line. Pie so <n'I and make an inspection of oar atoek. N. R.?Make a note ol the addresa. fe 17-fcm 'F'HK BELLK OF WASHINGTON?A Itrwe i story of the affeotiots; by Mrs. N. P. Lae ?elie. The Three Beauties; by Mrs. Emma D. K. N. South worth. J ust published snd for sale b* fc 27 FK A NCR TAYLOR. THE BELLE <?F WASHINGTON, s True Sti?ry of the Affections, by Mrs. N. P..ItaaM'le. olo'h, $1 25; psper. The Three Htauues, by Mrs. Soathworth; doth, $i.ZS; paper Just out, and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Bookstore, 334 Pennsylvania aveaae. f*27-4t (lutet.. and ?"nioui Atlantic monthly for march re c< ive<l and f>r sale at Shil ington's Bookstore. Knickerbocker Maganae for March. Appleton s Mailway Oaide, di?. Th-j Three Bciu'ies, by Mis. S??uthwortn. The Belle of Washington. ?formerly aetaliphed under the name of "Aan? Graaea.' >ti?Mrs. N. I. Lasstlle. , Beatrice Cenci. the sensation novel. Scenes of Cleii?al I.He. l-v tie- rce hJliot. 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