Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: FRIDAY Kirch I, IMS, [17* A4TfrtlwaMti ?kMU bt uM in ky It o'clock a.; (Ihtrwlte they may Mt ap pear utll Mm acit day. MP IK IT 0* TUB MO it NINO PKJiSS Tbe Union of this morning denies, point black, a statement put forth in the New York HtrcUd that "the now appeal board, established by the Commissioner of Patents, but not yet Motioned by Congress, have granted to Munn A Co., of the Scientific American, to secure the influence of that paper, some sixty patents, upon applications related Judge Mason, many of which are believed to be direct infringe ments or evssionsof existing patents, valued at many millions of dollars.1' The Urnon gives foots and figures to effectually disprove the al legation and says: ?4 In this connection, we are Informed that a '?*w weeks since, an officer In high position was (iltmlnrd hy the Commissioner for a gioss birach of official dity, and that since then the office has been assailed by pettvand malignant calumnies, aoch as we have brand d a?>ove These assaults Will be understt<ud ard will pass for what they ?re worth with a discriminating public." The Ittteilirmcer devotes its columns to spirited sketches of the House and Senate de bates of yesterday, and to general news matter. lL/~ Resolutions have passed one branch of the Louisiana Legislature, declaring that the restor ation of Lieutenant Maury to the active list of the navy is not an adequate compensation for his valuable services, and instructing the Senators from that State and requesting the representa tives to urge upon the President his elevation to ?urn position a* bin talent* merit * V A Sg.ssiBLE Cooscil.?The Brooklyn, N. V. CAmnion Council has adopted unanimously a resolution declaring the Are department of tbaf city an expensive, demoralizing and disgraceful Institution, and appointed a committee to make Inquiries, with a view to a reorganization of the department upon the the paid ;y?te ? . need in Roston and Cincinnati. Syictn* or a CL*?rjy*4v ? A letter from Ox ford, Ohio, to the Presbyterian of the West esys; ?..'nnv_f<'"!Tn. "i'h M'orw r-ad.r, von ,,f the Ba? or Emland. ofZ? ??.? t5*?OT*,rBor a"d Deputy-Governor KnC,ant?' th- Treasury, de scribes the use made by the Bank of the statuary EXZT.'T* 10 ov*r-,?*?* notes in \7 vemberl.,t. Two millions was the amount of the over-i?sne. but not more than Jt93S.noo of that zr*? ^h.nd,?* tbe P?biic The . Bn'n tbe bankin? department The whole two millions were returned to the is sue department on the 5t4th of Decemlier. in'thl L on* of the teachers ? w J ?*7. d"Partme,,t ot ^e public school Vew^' Eighteenth near Eight avenue. t Jl ' ,Wa<' ?" Wpdn^?V, so aeverely burned that there is very little hopes of her re. d^Inl Jh* fST raU?ht flr' from thp ?t?ve MnHSLuH7 aud tbe children rushed InmtieaUy from tbe building crying "fire"' Fortunately none of the children were Injured U ST^ T ?f the bA!in? i ?c?pe if all ibi " P,frnm"tan"* WW remark able. Seme were Injured, but none seriously. Book .Notices. T?g U'ous or Tacitcj v?.l ?? v M.?ry^ FOf Mle in th:" city by TayloTT ?*f?rd Tran?1*tlo? of Tacitus re vtoed, with notes, ?nd I. l>.(,ed by the Harpers ilil u1 "r,d conTen,ent ?y??- In dellr.ea , character ?hia greatest of Latin historians unr'vaiied. and, a, Nictuly 5ays of the historic personages treated of by him r-Juow them as If wt- had lived with them.''' T?-T>TD?r and WanT we have, also ?-Tnr XH,thwn Cp*,!" by AIr* Kmma u'. E \ Southworth; Peterson 3c Brother., PblladH Kirs N P I? 5:"? ?' MesJrs Peterson ' " ^ PuWuhod by the These purport to be "new novels ' by the an. tbors, and are elaborately noticed as such we Xl n 'w ?VleWer"' including bookish men likeDr Mackenzie, of the Philadelphia Pres.. but It requires but a glance at their contents to detect two old acquaintances, viz : Mrs South worth's ?'Shannondale" and Mrs. Lasselle", ? Annie Grayson " The Petersons are reputed to be W151 as well a, fast publishers, and we dare say are laughing In their sleeves hugely at IltVoiTr* "P*r,me,lt "Pon the credu ^ty of be and the newspaper folks, but We incline to the opinion that they will find that Inthe ong run -honesty Is the b*st policy- in ^ Jbook publishing a8 well as other pursuits. PERSONA L ?wll." *?vs "Most people don't think they only think they think.'' *? '? ;,ffndrtW Kennedy Em . a prominent citi seo of Jrtfersoa county, \ a , died last Saturday *,*;?* ,,on ' T- Mason, Collec'or of C<i?fom? at MTTJ5! and liw'aHlect,.f;drtaw M ^re,t has consented to de. ivTaing^ext ,lm"?Eton, Lei r on Monday DOlVtici?e Hard-Shell-Know-Notbin? politician, u. C. Burr, U understood to l>e tie 5S?? lec""" "c',m >?* ??*?>": ? iinif ?^* Caieb Cunhin/, George I.unt Geo S H.lllard and others, are announced as lectu ***? ?P?Ltieal course Started at East Uohtori by the Democratic I nion Association. ' ?,ir n*w Commissioner to STJmt K f ln Ncw Vo^."-orping New York Hera'id'VK say?the the \ T,! , leav<M' to-morrow in Honolu" Eyl0r f0r A"Pl?wall, en route f.,r ???? iftte RufilH w. ^si'iflWolii in wKa a presence, ,hortly Ufore his death, refere"? wm casasllv made to a contemporary author v^fh Whom bis relations were mt pliant,-uddTnly interrupted tbe speaker with. -Stop- Don't luen^ tton to me He n the booksellers' mumps? they never have hiin but once.'' ^ .... Asbitry Dickins. Esq , Secretary of the Senate, we hear, i? so indisposed a? to be cor - fined at home from the discharge of his official duties The dav before vesterd v was the flr?t occasion on which he has te*n absent f'om hin l?ost n the Capitol building <lnce his election to It, twenty years ago .v";: * feeman Hunt, the founder and editor of tbe Merchants Mava/lne. d'.d in Broo lvn this ^K'ia J'ctun of habits against which hebas STEStt for V? wltb but paitial success s!> i to !lu,|,d to hln business for r ,n of b?- Inflrniitv. u Dn> y^ar* of age ?JV V. Host wiih prof,.u^ r?," c?. p;;';;'rl;'' third on .b. ItS ,.r "?hVi*n<l* iiaving entered the ~rVi7e tK^ , hf naVI1 aearjy fifty-two years ago. ?f Jsne, IN*, ? ??? Admirsl Z^riunii wi,t, ?. __ the west roast of Me,ic?, tiav, .oXTiuTIh, known, ?ay? the New York Herald ?. i? . He came from Yera Cm* to New tirlesns ^Tlh President Comonfo:t. Tbo-tatements in s^^rai of tbe papers that he Is |? this country to obtain men and money for General Ccmonfort he a* eurea us, Is entirely Incorrect. He is here on no w?ch mission He belongs to the liberal party of Mexico and hopes for th* nnml support of thin country for that party, nothing mora ....The Courier and Enquirer, of Tuesda/ iast, sys of the recent legal effort of the H?n. fSeve-dy Johnson in the case of Wolcolt, the contumacious witness We have read with , care the opinion of the Hon Reverdy John* 'Iapd we Citnnot resist the 1m preasion that whatever may be the rights and powers of a Committee of Centres- the Invest!, gatloa oMMnltUe appointed to luveatigate tbe STttSSKS" ?" "??'ers iu the passage of tbe Tarllr of I*s?7, ?o prosecuted their ennHirt' >? to Justify Wolcott (u tbe stand he under t^u^~^e0rJv?s^L T,U7 dld not. K appears ' srranife their questions so as to ~ d Jlr tZ^0iL??I, dMt ^ But be tbia I I*. now gone to the Courts and such Is our confidence o? the legal icu^u' of Mr Johnson that ws art preparrd to ,^ ^V'yK'Ott triomph." v ymira 10 %m WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Finances or Virginia ?We are in debted to tone unknown friend at Richmond for a copy ol a vary interesting report on tha present oondition of Virginia's (State) finan cial affairs, bearing date Feb. 8th nit. It ia from the pen of that worthy scion of an usefnl, honorable and honored ^ftock for genaratiaM past, James Barhour, Saq ., the delegate from Calpeper. It is of general public interest from the faot its figures prove that there is no other State of the Confederacy whose financial affairs are in a healthier condition, notwithstanding \ irginia hits for seme years has been leading the van in the Matter of developing her resources by the construction of internal improvements, ehicb, when finished, as very few of them are yet, will go far towards relieving her eitieens from any taxation whatever. Our limits forbid ex tensive quotations from this important and in teresting paper, though we cannot resist the temptation to republish for the benefit of our readers dealing at times in stocks and bonds, the peroration of the report, as follows : The Commonife-alth has acquired and now holds and stocks amounting to $30,iy9,4??9 53 Of this amount the Second Auditor has classed aa productive f 4,8M,855 79, placing In this class only those upon which interest was actually re [ ceived during tbe last vear. To this amount may be added al>out *3.000,000, which will beproduc tive in this or tbe ensuing flscal year The bal ance of the $30,199,469.53 consists of stocks in Internal improvement companies. j Of the stocks classified by the Serond Auditor as unproductive. SIH.744 .UOl consist of stocks held I by the Commonwealth in railroad companies. Very few of out railroads have been completed, I and no dividends can be derived those which are not completed Of the value of these stock*. however, we may form an estimate from the fart that individuals and corporations Lave invested two dollars for wary three dollars in vented bv 'he State, with the exception of about three millions, which have been expended upon State works. If the expectations of those who are more im mediately interested in these companies shall be I realized, most of them, when completed, will y.eld the State a return upon her investment, and will then con'ribute diie-tlv to the relief of the I tax payers. The treasury of the State derives no Inconsiderable benefit from our internal improve I meats, apart from what we may receive merely as a stockholder. An increased value is imparted I to the property of the country penetrated by these works. The recent assessment shows that the value of the real estate in the Commonwealth, as assessed for taxation in IK'jfi.exceeds the assessed I value in 1350 by the sum of igflH,743,H?9. An in | create of 35 per cent, has thus been realized with in the short period of six years. Our annual official returns exhibit a steady increase in the assessed valuation of our other property, and in I our free and slave population. These results atto'd gratifying testimony that I the policy heretofore pursued by this Common j wealth has not Injuriously affected the interests of her citizens, but has contributed to enhanc* tbelr property and strengthen their numbers. As an Illustration of thr extent to which our invest ments in the stocks of internal improvement com panies have contributed to enhance the value of I taxable properly, a refeience to a table will >how I ih it in fourteen counties within the influence of the Virginia and Tennessee railioad lue assessed I value of real estate has increased from $19,449, ?#*<? in 18511 to *.%,-?>4,4IG in lt-36. affording an ad dition to the taxable value of real estate within I six yi-a's of *<M5,U15,934 The increased valua I tion of real estate in these fourteen counties is I SO per cent., and constitutes mo e than on*-sixth I of the increase in the assessed value of all the real estate in this Commonwealth. It is fair to I e>tiiuate that a similar increase in the values of other taxable property has been experienced in I the same comities In these fourteen counties we are deriving from our present tax on the I valne add~d to real estate since 1350 annual rev I enue of ?<>7,379 60. The whole outstanding d*ibt of this State amount;, in round number*, to S"27,00ti 0?M). The State owns bond* and Stocks, as before stated, to the amount of &30,0uu,000 The taxable property of the State, at its assessed valuation, amounts to nearly *fti0,0u0,0u0 Our annual revenue under existing laws is sufficient to defrav the current I expenses of the government, to pay the annual I Interest on our existing debt, and a sinking fund sufficient to redeem the principal within thirty four yeais, and after the close of the next liscal )ear, will leave an annual surplus of 91 000,U0U. Tan South Pass Wago*-road Expsbitios, Ac., Ac.?By a private letter from a gentle man of the party, we are enabled to lay before our readers the following intelligence from the camp of the South Pa*s Wagon-road expedi tion, on Wind river, received by the last ar rival from the plains : This ramp is about tulrtv-flve miles from the South Pass, in a due northerly direction It Is called Fort Thompson; "so styled in compliment to the Secretary of the Interior. It is 2.0011 feet lower than the South l'a?s; Rocky Ridge, a long spur of the Wind-river mountains, divides it from the Pass. It rains at the ramp on Wind river when it snows on Rotkv Hidge, over which the Utah army was compelled to pass to get to H im'* Foik and Fort Bridger After crossing Rocky Ridge, the army was compelled to pas* ninety miles over sand plains without grass Wind river Is in the H'ltTtlo country, and is the favorite wintering ground of the rastern Shosho ne Indians. Mere it was th ?t Chief En^inetr La d *r, of the wa^on-road expedition, proposed wintering h a advance part}, Lad not the main expedition nrrlv. d. Superintendent M igmw, who was at this camp when the advance party of exploring engineers lift for the Slate*, soon afterwa ds jolutd the L'taharmy. II- took with him many of bin men a> volunteers, and over one hundred of t ie best mules, a third pa:tof which have since died of exjiosure and from want of grass The weaker animals were placed in charge of fourteen men at Wind river. A log house was built, contain ing seven comfortable rooms ; a tine conal was e ect?d, and on December hth, the dite of our correspondent's letter, with the exception of two in' n who had left camp to convey salt to the t'Uh army, the litte party remained comfortably ] boused and the one hundr< d mules were all alive A " day feed" of bunch grass hnd been sufficient to keep the latter In good order, ai.d they were nightly corraled. Some apprehensions were en tertained of an attack from the C ow Indians; but the chiefs of the Shoshonees, encamped with their tribe at a short distance from Fort Thomp son. had promised to guard the herd of animals and protect the party. A cess to th s camp i*ea?v f 0:n the Slates, and pa?i?age can be made from it to liear river valley and the breat Halt I^ake, north of the Wind river mountains, by the plains of the Great Snake river. B F. Ficklin, a member of Lander'* advance exploring paity. had gone from the head quartets of the ariny to th- Flat Head country by the line of valleys which extend from Wind River north. His trip would be hazardous until reaching the Snake River, after which the whole country Is o wn Ficklin was accompanied by Ned Wil li .mson, a mountaineer and a member of Lau d -r's pa; ty of la-d year, when the upper passes of the \\ ahsatch Range were explored. The line ofcjuritry followed by Ficklin is grassed through out the year and rarely covered with snow He witl re'urn by the old route descritx-d by Father Desinet The chief difficulty to be apprehended Is the waylaying of nis return train by the Sal mon river Mormons and by the predatory bauds of BUckfeet Indians. As there is very little snow between Fort Li ra in e and tfnuke River, noitb of the Wind River m Mjntilns, th ough the pass culled the Buffalo Gap, and from Saake River fo Salt Lake, wagon trains can pass over open prairies tli'ous/hout the year. The most experiem td n oama u*ers think Ins the proper route for au ovetiand laihoad, and for the wagon road now being built through the South Pa?s. As Lieut Bryan's 'oad through B idger's or Cheyenne pass is scant of grass and water, this is also ijeliwed to be the best route for the passage of the re-inforcements for the L'.ah armv. The chief rea?r ns given for it by our corres p indent being the fart that the reinforcements could nia ch over broad open plains i.nd ett'.*ct a junction with columns of troop* from Oregon or California, without being exposed in mountain fist losses to the guerrilla bands of Marmnns; and that the concentiation or wintering of large forces of men can take, place without difficulty th ongh the regions north of latitude 43? 30 . All these matters are worthy of inquiry, and especially, whether the northern and central eml giatiou, which now goes tbiough the South Pass, cau lie changed to a mute north of Wind River mountains, and thus placed beyond the line of Mormon hostilities The facts of the preserva tion of tie mules of the wagon expedition and th* Iom of stock of the army are arguin?uts In favor of tt.e more northern route. A Pbovmcial.?The New York Tint?s in a lata moral law disquisition upon that nation ality of ours, the conspicuous pnblka bar room of each of the American hotels?protesting against the idea that the bar-room is a inori 1 nuisance in its own city?says : ? It is not In New York that the bar-room Is our monster nuisance; It is In our national u?e. trop >lls where the Institution rises to this degree of magnitude. It Is there a nuisance of the first order, and one which can only be abited by reably-lncllaed men resolving not to f equent It may be extremely d.fflcult to do this In Washington, which has no other place of public resort where strangers cau meet and transact their business, or exchange civilities ; but if the well-disposed and all these who have a proper appreciation of the subject were to abstain from entering such places it would load to the estab lishment ef a public exchange, or a club room of some kind, which would supers*de the bar-room as a place of resart " This writer must hare been indigenous to I thai portion southern Indiana (adjoining H I lineie) when, when the stranger, ?uipiciou* if the anrroundings. on asking if persons {*?? I much "{tottered with the the agur," is .?? swered witheliettering teeth, 'mighty little, indeed, fir, but jist over the river, in the Illi nois country, they has it awful bad?awfnl bad!" The truth is, the bad liqnor sold in an ordi nary Broadway fiaah drinking house in a da j, would well nigh float all the Washington city 1 bar rooms for a week. Here, as there, they are foT the most part the resort of strangers? of whom we useally have more than our legiti mate proportion according to population?and young men about town. Our business fellow oitizens and strangers whose tastes do not lead them to such plaoes, quite as rarely enter a Washington bar room as similar classes in New Tork enter such plaoes there?quite as rarely. The Times to the contrary notwithstanding, every Washington Hotel, great or small, po ? sesses ample accommodations fur meeting to fulfill business engagements, for conversation, lounging or what not, possessed by the Hotels of New Tork or any other American city; while the elegant places of common resorti without charge, for both ladies and gentlemen ? public libraries, picture galleries, institu tions, public grounds, Ac., with which Wash ington is adorned and graced, in interest, ex tent, magnificence, and other agreeable and desirable attributes, greatly outnumber, and are greatly superior to those of New York or any other American city, in proportion to pop ulation. The Times man must certainly have had a touch of the Indiana '-agur" when in dicting the article on which we comment above. i TibNik Kansas Appointments.?As much interest is manifested, both in that Territory and here, concerning the Federal appointments which must, not long heuce, be made for Kan sas, we have to say that " to a man up a tree'* the following " slate" appears to be the one likely to succeed. Of coursc there is as earn est and lively contention for the Federal offices in Kansas as elsewhere: Mr. Sohroeder. for Receiver, and Samuel J. Jones, for Register of the district land office at Fort Scott. Jackson c. Thompson, for Agent for the Wea and Miami Indians. Alexander Johnson, for Agent for the Shaw nee and Wyandott Indians. ! Joshua u. Danforth, fer Agent for the Kick I apoo Indians. j Mr. Gilbert, for United States District At torney in the Territory and State of Kansas. Sterling G. Cato, for District Judge of the i'uited States Court of the State. 1 The following re-appointments are likewise expected, to wit: Gen. Clarkson, lor Postmas ter at Leaveoworth ; Maj. Miller, for Indian Agent; and Gen. John Calhoun as Surveyor I General. ! The re-appointment of J. Winston as United States Marshal, and the re-nppointmcnt of Maj. Yanderslice. as Indian Agent, meets with I hearty approval from the citizens of Kansas 1 now in this city, and the names we have given above will also, it is stated, give them very general satisfaction. i A Signal Exemplification.?Never was the power of the Democratic party organization more forcibly illustrated than in the effect of I the affiliation of Governor Wise with Senator Douglas and the rest of the Congressional ab squatulators, on his(Gov. W.'s) political stand ing at home. A day before news o! it broke I upon his astounded fellow-citixens of Virginia, be disputed with Senator Hunter the leadership of the State's Democracy, and was regarded by thousands on thousands of them as the most likely an well as the properest man for the next Democratic-party Presidential nomination. Now. among the party at home (in Virginia,) he is without sufficient strength to carry a I -tingle member of the Legislature with him to his position of opposition on the great question I dividing the political organizations of the coun try. no other public man, since the formation of this Government, ever so suddenly fell from a political position so commanding as he occu pied before thus "putting his foot into it," into one of so little influence; as all realise who comprehend the entire unanimity of the Vir ginia Democracy for the Lecompton Constitu tion : Gov Wise, in propria personrt, being absolutely the only living Virginia Democrat, as far as we can perceive, not with his party with reference to Lecompton ! Naval Intelligence ?The following of ficers have been ordered to the steamer Des patch, now at New York, about to sail on special service with provisions for the home squadron: Lieutenant Commanding, e. G. Par rott; Lieutenants, ii. S. Newcomb, D. A. Mc Dermot, J. D. Daniels, and John E. Hart; Passed Assistant Surgeon, B. Vreeland A Board for the examination of the senior c'asa of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy has been ordered to convene at Annapolis. Maryland, on the 1st of April next. The Board is composed of the following officers: Captains. h. A. Adams, A. A. Harwood. and C. Ring gold; Commanders, E. G. Tilton and S P. Lee. Senator Green's Spee<h.?Our exchanges are teeming with praises of the last speech of Senator Green upon the Kansas question?of which the Alexandria (Jazelte says, in tha course of an article upon it: " i\Ir. Green then spoke for about an hour on the question before the Senate, making a very strong presentation of the facts and argument's with wnlch our readers are already familiar It i* now written down in the books that Mr. Green is among the first men in the Senate. We doubt if he is not better fitted for a party leader than any man there on the Democratic side, since Douglas's defection.'' Apropos, of his capacity for party leader ship, in which he has already certainly proved himself equal to any other of that body of great men and skillful political tacticians. He ob tained his experience in a severe school. Thus, he was the head and front of the opposition to the dictation of Thomas Hart Benton at home; meeting him on every stump where he could find him, and finally entirely breaking down the great influence with which Col. B.'s long service, unquestioned abilities, and iron will had clothed him. To Senator Green and the Hon. John S. Phelps, of all men, Col. Benton owe* most for his present isolated position. Cold Comfort ?The New York Herald forcibly exposes the humbug involved in the recent effort of the Republican party and fishy Democratic supporters of Senator Douglas to create the impression through their late Doug las-Democratic Mass Convention at Indianap olis that they have " bagged'' more than a cor poral's guard of the Indiana Democracy. The Herald explain*, in few words, that the ab squatulators have missed their aim most sig nally in esaaying to use this Indiana gathering by way of frightening the Northern Democrats of Congress from their path of duty, saying: " One of our morning cotemporaries makes a great parade of the antl-Leeompton proceedings of the lite Douglas pem< c atic State Convention of Indiana, and glveeus very flatly to understand that the said convention have Initiated a move ment which will result la a new Northern Demo cratic party. Fudge. A weak device to frighten oy the Northern supporters of the Lecompton cjnstitutioa in Congress. Suppose a party we.e to be organized upou the anti-lecompton 'pop ular sovereignty' Plank of mr Douglas, What would become of ft with the quiet settle m*ut of the Kansas troobl* by her admission as a State T The only plank of the party would be gone. It is too late for a Douglas-Ka'nsa* Democratic par ty ; but if he wishes a 'popular sovereignty* pa-ty of his own, his only chance now ia Utah*! and the ttorinnui Let him faH back upon the pular sov?w*gnty? of Utah, ? . tm, fifty or a h tad red wimUwl it iafte Lfttle GiaaPs last remaiaiag < th ' pa|>ulnr sovereignty. Trua Iadi?*i of Northern Damaeratic poffc fW seatimoat are to be soaght, not in fiaby nut conveniens, bat rather in saeh substan tial and praotical demonstrations as that in ?olved in the more reoant New York townahip elections, wherein tha Democracy, standing ap everywhere fairly and squarely for tha Le compton oonstitation, have ia nearly all quar tan of the State lickad the oombined opposi tion?Republicans and fishy fellows?" clean out of their boots." Thb PumrTARiA Democratic State Con vention?It is to be presumed that the ab squatulating Democrats of Congress, who hare been threatening their Northern Democratic colleagues with tha vengeance of their constit uents because they would not desart with them to the Republicans, have quite a b?y full in t :e way of substantial popular Demooratio de monstrations from the north, in tha result of the recent New York elecitons,and the subsequent action of the Pennsylvania Democratic Stata Convention (on yesterday,) wherein, after all the drumming of M? Forney and his co-la borers. but about twenty anti-Leoomptonites could be mustered out of tha one hundred and thirty-three members of which the body was

composed! The Pennsylvania Democratic members of Congress who made the grave mistake on the resolution of Mr. Harris, of Illinois, by this time comprehend that to follow the fat,i?.i further, will surely lead them into the Republican party ranks. The " pbeelinks" of Messrs Douglas. Stuart, Harris, Walker, For ney 1 Co., are really to be pitied just now. Dessic vted Vegetables.?An army cor respondent and subscriber writes us from Fort Leavenworth, K. T., Feb. 19th ult., asking whether the dossicated vegetables issued to some of the troops by order of the Secretary of TV ar, during the past year, were so issued in lieu ot the leans and rice portion of the ra tion. or as an extra allowance ? He also strong ly recommend* that hereafter they be issued as an addition to the present regular ration, in new of their supposed rare virtues as an anti ?oorbutic. In reply we have to siy that wherever issued under the Department's order, up to this time, they were made to take the place of the beans and nee portion of the soldier's ration. We, however, hear that the Secretary of War is soon likely to cause them to be issued to t engaged and to be engaged in the Utah expedition, as an extra allowance, in view of their merits for the purpose (as an anti-soorbu tic) referred to by our correspondent. A Spirited Republican Party Meeting ? The Republicans of Harrisburg, Pa., held a very spirited and quite numerously attended meeting at Ilarrisburg. Pa., on the evening of Tuesday last It was, of course, called nomi nally as a sort of gathering of sore-headed emocrats. Mr. John Briggg, a gentle man ooming conspicuously within that cate gory, was accordingly placed in the chair, and no other than Mr. John W. Forney was the leading orator of the occasion. His vehement condemnation of the policy of the Democracy and the National Administration, duly elicited vociferous shouts from the followers of Measrs Thoddeus Stevens, David Wilmot, Wm F. obnson and Dr. Elder, then and there assem bled in such numbers ?Par vobile fratri! The Milk in the Cocoa Nct ?" Shriekine for freedom" in Kansas itself, it turns out means just what the experience of the past year or two has proved that it means else where. The Topekaite Legislature, recently in session, passed an act to remove the Terri tonal seat of government to a bleak spot on an unoccupied prairie in an out of the way quar tor of the Territory, which they christened ?Iineola. That legislation was wholly with outlegHl warrant. But as money was sup posed to bo "in the operation." that fact did not a feather with Lane s men, who per tormed it. It turns out that at least thirty of those immaculates were admitted into the town speculation on the footing of original proprie tors, before passing the bill ? I l!,T*LL,0?"c*?Tha General Land Office has transmitted to the Surveyoi General of California, at San Francisco, to be delivered to the parties entitled to them, the patents for the following private land claims V it: t 1st In favor of Jacob P Lease and others, or two lots in San Francisoo, recorded in Vol 1, pp. 297 to 304 inclusive. 2d. In favor of Bishop J. S. Alemany, for the mission property of Santa Clara and Dolores recorded in Vol. 1, pp. 305 to 314 inclusive ' 3d. In favor of the same, for the mission property of San Jose, recorded in Vol. 1, pp. 315 to 320 inclusive. An Entertainment.?Last night Judge El lis Lewis, of Pa., gave a very handsome enter tainment at Gautier's, to the Members of the House and Senate from his Mate, and those of ficers of the House who are Pennsylvanians. Ihe affair was got up in Gautier's very best style, and everything went off delightfully in deed, wc hear. The Bankrupt Law.?We learn that the Senate Judiciary Committeo have in pgipara tion a bankrupt law, in which, it is stated, a proper regard has bjen had for the interests of both debtors and creditors, and which it is be lieved, will give general satisfaction to the commercial community everywhere. The District Marshalship.^No nomina tion for this position was made yesterday?con trary to our expectation. The Senate does not meet until Monday next, when the long agony will doubtless be ended. The Weather.?The following report of tha weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. m : March 5, 1858. New York, N. Y clear, very cold. Philadelphia, Pa clear, very cold. Baltimore, Md clfar, very cold. Cumberland. Md clear, very cold. Wheeling, Va clear, very cold Washington, D C clear, tb.9, wind N W. Richmond, Va clear, th 90, wind N Petersburg, Va clear, very cold. Norfolk, Va wind NW ,th. 10 Lynchburg, Va clear, ther. 16. Bristol. T?-n clear, ther. 19. Rahtgh, N. C clear, cold. Wilmington, N. C clear, very cold. Columbia, 8 C clear, cola. Cbarle?iton, ? C clear,th 31 wind N W. Augusta,Ga. clear, cold Savannah, Ga clear, th 30 wind N W Macon. Ga. clear, cool. Columbus, Ga. .clear, pleasanj Montgomery, Ala clear, pleaaant. Lower Peaeb Tree, A la... clear. Mobile, Ala clear, tber 40. Gainesville, Miss clear, pleaaant. New Orleans, La S5,wtndS9E. Barometer at the Smithsonian, at 7 a m , (cor rected for temperature,) 30,390. Th< rm >meter, on the dmlthsoniaa tower, min imum last night, 0#?; near the ground, ? coldeat night. Mean temperature yesterday, IS*. ?? ? (?7* Rev. Dr Vinton, with 6,900 men and 1,816 women, has petitioned the Mayor and Aldermen of Boston to cloae the dram shops. |[T The Canadian line of ocean steamers will, on the opening of nnvtfntton, make Montreal their port, next season, instead of (Quebec. CONGR ESS ION A L. Thirty-fifth CMirm-rtnt ImtM. Ik t*? So#AT??yf*l??dAy, Mr Hammond con tinned peaking 1? fcv?*.of tbe admKsioo of KiHufor tone ti rot after Nr report closed Ho defendant the |j?Wptrrti Constitution on high cMat it agonal grouMa, an4J?ttered some cogent ill powerful anlmadvwrstoaoon the Interference bjrtbe North with (WO dofltfatlc Inttltutlons of too Soothern Stair*. \ Hr Doolittlo comment*# a speech la defence of tte Repnblidaa party a* to Its position on the Kansas question ; Dot oe subsequently vlelded the floor, and the Senate went into Eiecutlveaea tlon After mmm time the doora were a^ala opened, when? Mr Clark pave notice that he would submit *? amendment to the Kansas bill, providing that the people have the right to change the Consti tution at any time, and that the admission of Kansas with tho I.ecompton Constitution, nor the Constitution Itself shall have power to re vive *nv law repealed by the Kansas Territorial Legislature before the passage of this act. The Senate then adjourned till Monday. Ik Tit* Hocsa, the consideration of Mr Hon d'? resolution for the appointment of an Investigat ing committee respecting the charges that the President was using the Executive pat ion age to affect the action of member*, on the Kansas ques tion, was continued until after our report cloiwd Mr Burns, of Onio?the member implicated In the charges referred to?having also submitted a resolution providing that an investigation Into the matter be instituted Mr. Hoard accepted the resolution of Mr Burns as a substitute for his own Mr. Nichols, of Ohio, said that the call for an Investigation uas bused on an Irresponsible par agraph, which it waa beneath the dignity of the House to notice He was. therefore, opposed to it.' As for the charge that his colleague, with whom be differed politically, was striving to ob tain the Marshalshlp of Northern Ohio, this he knew to be unfounded, as Mr B was the friend of another gentleman for that very position He moved to lav the subject on the table This motion prevailed by a vote of?yeas 9t, nav? 92 The consideration of the Army Bill was then resumed, when--' Mr Quitmui biletly urged the passage of the bill, and spoke in strong commendatory terms of the volnnteer system Without fuither action on the subject the House adjourned. Proceedings of To-day. The Sknatk was not in session to-day. 1*1 hi Hocas, various meiuoiials and rej o tt of a private character ware received and appro p-lately d sposed of In the course of these proceedings Mr Burnett, from the District of Columbia Committee, reported adversely to the memori; 1 of the Pliaimaceulical Association and in fav. r of allowing J \V . Nye the sum of *3 444 4*2, f.r certain Improvements in the city of Wtshl.iotoi . NLt Woodson, from the Indian Affairs Con ? mlttee, reported a hill providing for the adj;i t ment of certain land claims against the Menom inee Indians. tt; ?TEACHERS' MEETING The r?su'ar monthlj met li( of the 'leaders' Associa tion will be h-lo at the SMitb?*niai Instiiu i >u, on SATUR l?A Y, Mnroh 6th. at '0 o'clock a. m. An addr<ss will be delivered b* Prof. O ds Subject: ?Fundamental Principles of Intellectual a.d Physi cal Training." It* CHA?. B. YOt'NG. Rec. S?c. rv^?TOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND ?OCI 1 L < KTV ?The ie<ulsr monthly meeting ot tint soiety wil be held at the parish school-room < f St. Fstrick'a church, oi SUNDAY AFTERNOON. March 7th, at 5 o'clook. A general attendance of members it requested, as the semi annua! report will be pr*gttniedt and other interesting business transacted. m ?> 2t^ JAMES J. MITCH ELI., Soe. rr??MITTI80NUN LECTU?ES -Rnv. J H. MrlLVAi**. I). D-. of Rochester, N. V., will lecture on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVEM -*<>. of this week. Subiect: "Comparative Philology ;n roine ol its hearings upon Ethnology, and embracing some account of the Sanscrit and Persian Ar.owhead lancua<os." ni 3-3t Y%=?THK WAY TO SAVE YOUR MONEY !Lf is toosllat J. SCHAFFIF.Ll/S Baltimore Confectionery. 6in street. Itetwee-i G and H, where tnereisthe verv l?est assortment of Cakes, m ide of the best materials, aud sold lower than elsewhere in the Distn t. Creeins, of "II flavor*. made of the purest cream, at f*\M per gallon. Partiotlar atten toon pmd to the furuislung of Private Parties. Balls, Cotillons, at the lowest rates, and at the shortest njtiee. fed-wan DR. POPE. Homtopatkit Physician and Surgeon, DeMenon or Chain Buildinrs, No. S7S H street, north side, between 13th and 14th sta. d 19 eoStn jTp"3P?H ARDY'3 MAGIC REMEDY CI RES 'J J$ R henni*ti*m and Neuralgia; Sprains and Bruises; Hcatache and Toothache; Colic and Cran:p?; Pain in the l.imhs. 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