Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1858 Page 4
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THE PILOT'S WIFE. Brtrtlj tli? Pilot sailed to sea, Down the Bay and oat of the Narrows ; Mm sails were trim, and the wisd vu free. And hie erew were merry aa morning sparrows, Bat mm were blither of heart than he, Aj ha west sailing oat of the ft arrow a. He sailed to ??st the mtf hty ships. Krooa diatant ooantneaaoroaa the oosan. With a jollj sea ditty aM hie liye Thst sane of a Barer'a brave dev tioa. So with 'railing tongus. and bands on hips. The Pilot waa Bailing over tiie ocean. B*t bv-aod bye the sky graw black. Ana he heard tfcs growl of the f ares nor wes , So he looked to his Boat and altered her took. And eried, "Now. boys, we're atouttotest her, For. sere as I loaf, we're n*hMB tha tr*^ Ol a tearing, swesring old nor wsster. Tks clouds came down like ? .^iw'fSl ahorua - And tne north-winds roared their awful ohorti# . Tks lightning flashed throuiti thsstiwmy uielit, Till the akiea themselves seemed split anaporous; And the brave boat sank in that <?oeau white. While erew and captain prayed in chorus. Bat the Pilot's wife, from red sunrise, Sits at the H?tten, waiting bravely To e#e ear huabsod s number ariae When he ahsll sail th-o' the Narrows bravely. Ah how patient and an m her eye*. As she sits at the Battery, wailing gravely ! The boatman loafing on bench and graaa, As they look ou her.feel their heart-stringssoften; Tee* touoh their hats when they see her pass. To the sad look-out where she sits ao often: MPoor thing they cry. "she u ornzeJ, alas: And their rough old hearts on a sudden soften. Tut APOTHaoais or Assassims.? A meeting of a vary extraordinary character was held in New York on Wednesday evening, the occasion being the commemoration of the French Revolution of 1848 The attendance wa? very numerous,all the principal foreign refugee* in the city being pres ent. Speeches were made, eulogizing the per sons who attempted to assassinate the Emperor Napoleon, and these sentiments were received with tremendous applause. Citizen Lesline pre sided?and in the roursq of a speech against des pots and despotism, said they had resolved to make an open declaration of their principles The usual blood and thunder denunciations were uttered against some imagined tyrant, who, of course, was not there. Muider was held upas the duty of every "patriot," and tbe outcher who recently jeopardized tbe lives of numberless in nooout person*, for the purpose of gratifying bis heartless malice, was held up as little lesa than a demigod One of the speakera said the rioise in tbe Rue Lepelletler was a signal of the downfall of tbe fortress ' f tyranny, and that the attempt of Felice Orslni w is not at all a failure; and finish ed with the cry of "Vive Oraini," which was received with vehement apptauae. On Sunday, all tbe foreign refugees of New York were to unite in celebrating the anniversary of the Ger man revolution. [p* The Fourlerlte editors of the new Amerl aan Cyclopedia (Ripley and Dana, both formerly of the Brook Farm Community.) have remarked la their article on Actors and Actresses, that "of all aiasaea.they are tbe freest from crime." These progressive writers go on to speak of "their (ac tors and actresses, not tbe aforesaid editors) looseness on the subject of marriage,'' and add : "Some of the greatest actors have two or three wives living, and there Is a lavish promiscuous ness about tbe notions of all, male ai.d female,on the.subject of family relations.'' As this "valuable" Encyclopedia is published la numbers, and ban not yet exteud<-a so far as the word "crime," we have a curiosity to see what our friends, late of the Brook Farm, and bow of the Tribune, will ofTsr as their notion of the meaning of that word ?Cim. Gazette. {ITLarge numbers of American families were at Constantinople at last accounts, most of them on their way to Egypt for the winter. |[T Henry Camerer, a newsboy at Harrlsbnrg Fa., was crushed to death by a coal car on Tues day morning. lETln thecity of Vlckaburg, Mi-?.,a sexton is annually chosen by the popular vote of the in habitants . 1" r The Maine papers say that the Legislature of that State has fallen into tbe babit of singing a hymn Just before opeulng the business for the day. Tbe Boston Trauserlpt says that three as signees of a large estate in that city, after many years of litigation, have been awarded S4u;0uufor their services. trr The forty days of the New Jersey Leglstaf tare, during which period tbe members received S3 per day, have explied. Tbey uow receive \rr The Atlanta, Ol., American says that the monthly statement of the diings on the Western aod Atlanta Railroed won't balance, and it is. therefore, relieved of ail suspicion of f.sud ' inr The Detroit Tribune say* that a loving couple were married one day last week, by a Justice, and having uo money, tbey paid blm og with two bushels of black walnuts ID-A letter from Kansas says, that servanj ? Iris are tbe scarcest article In K;i <sas, especially In Leavenworth, where tbey can easily get S15 per month. At Mackinaw, nn to Feb 1st. the weath er had been mild, and no ice forerossiug tbe Straits Boats could have run except for a few days in December. t?T The wife of Brayton. who was arrested two weeks since, for throwing his new-born in fant Into a vault at tbe Adam* House, Albany, died there tbe other day under circumstances cal culated to give rise to some inquiry. (! r A Paris correspondent of the Courier des Flats l als says that there are already four butch er sbo^s in Vienna, lo which horse flesh is sold; that there is already one of-the sort in Dublin, aud another In lnzerdorff, and that tbe whole of Ciermany will soon follow suit. 117" A correspondent of the And >ver (Mjss ) Advertiser says that tne pilscipal business of Topsfleld village is butchering for the talent and Dan vera markets. Almost every body is a butch er, aud almost every wagon you see belongs to a butcher. 117" A very powerful revival of religion is now In prcgress in New Bt-dfo.d It seem* to per vade the whole city, aud nearly or quite every denomination is sharing in its mfl ,euce. The clergymen of different sects meet ou common ground most heartily In the work. AKKIVAIJS A T PRINCIPAL HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?W B Blaisdell. J B White her, C S Bleed, J F Oilman, Mass; II Fon tenelle, R McMillan. Cal; R A Fees. Md: H F Rogers aud lady, 111, J \\ Bell aud ladv, Va A Moir, do; K W Stephens, Ky; VV li Forbes, C II Oakes, Oen J E Fletcher, Geo Culver, Mian; J M Sewell, Md; J P Tyson and lady, Md; Miss M J Reid; Judge Crain. Md; Col J 0 Bowling, do; M S Molony, NY; J J Speed; jr, Michigan; T 1* Shaff.ier, K>; W R -tiiith and ladv, N Yk; II II Wilder, Ma*-, J B Fielding,'Miss Pettit, Va; C Jtfaralester, Miss Mtcalesler, Pa; J Speure. Aid; J no Il-irrlson, NY; Mr Poultuey, Md; W N Todd, Md A S Wilson, DC; L C Dayton,MT; B H Bar tol, Fa, H ORellly, NY; M D V.efrew, NJ, C U Haines and lady. R B ilolm?-ad, J 11 Burford and lady, Ct; II Millson. Ml? Mlllson, Oa; A B Ow ens, J S Chandler, T II Martin, O BROWNS' HOTEL ?W R Bernard, Va; C B Tiernsn. Md; F L Bodine, Pa; J J Long, DC; Miss E Long, do; D J Brenyle, Md; Silas Ciod dard. Mass; W Moors and lady, Miss: N Forrest Md; Geo Maury, Va, D Bonn, Md ; B F Pearee, NC; G H Makepean, NC; A B KedlMd, NY; R M Foltz, Tenn; A G Ege, KT ; J A Tyler, Ky; S Johns. Iowa. S S Linton, Georgia; F Suit and frVead, Md; \Y M Peter, do; W B Reynolds. N Yi W A Whltehorn, do ; J H Zimmerman, Pj; Bev R T Dai is and lady, Va; D T Jones and lady, Md; Mis* li Reich, do; Miss V Adams, Md; J O Trundle, do; F Schley, do; J L Fergu son, NU; J A Cady. do; S A Aoyt, do; W DeiU erlge; Va; P E Wortenduke, Minn; E Meszaras, USC* J Wltte, Ct; N L Archer, NY. K1RKWOOD HOUSE ?W Turner, Pa; B F Carrteo, Va; J Loots, Md: J E Manning, Pa; D Shertle, do; J Woollson. do; T N Wa'.soa, Va J U McCaul and Izdy. Pa; J P Can; W M Bur well, Va; D A Levy, NY; S F Leopold, do; C T O'Keefe and lady, do, I. H Lse, do; J J B Hil Paid, Ark. J Wright. NY; U W McBride, Pa; O W Ht.sIe.S*C; W Wharton, Mass; J Thomson. NY; N L A den, dc; P R Pulling, Pa, W H Rsloey. La. WILLAB08'HOTEL -Jno Mullan, USA; S B Carroll, K A Kdes. Kansas; Major Hill, t'SA, 1? If n<4 lar an/4 ^ ** * * " *' UNITED STATES HOTEL -Dr P H Green Va; J L Tamer, NC; S Hampton, DC; VV H Biiser, NY; E D Moore, Miss; J King, \4: J T Martin, do. Dr S B Smith, do. W E Wateri UC; J H Glover, Va; C E Hamilton, do; \V McLean do; Y R B ent, Col, A F Withers, DC; P L Smith, Cat OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fboi t? Uaitn Ststbs. Stiamtri Lssss. For. Day* Africa New York...Liverpool. ..Mh 3 City Waah'ton..N>w York...Liverpool.. .Mh 4 Arago New York...Havre Mh C America Boaton Liverpool... Mb 10 Olasgow New York...Glasgow.....Mh IS Faoig Foaoea. America ...Liverpool...Boston ......Feb 13 Glasgow Glasgow....New York...Feb 13 The California mall a teamen leave Naw York ?a tW M and Mtk of aaak mnatb. fV^'i'D PO* SALE AT MR. B. W. \; HC NThH'S upper Farm, two miles f^om ths Long Bridga, by the Columbia Road. PINE WOOD from fi to t^JKper oord. OAK WOOi>fSssrcord. ft It eo?w WE9LBY CAB LI Nf Agsat. ffOME INSURAPnjB^OMrANY OF NEW V?k Capital 1 *S0n,?? Surplus #y#f??^ 8IJ8I The uadereignod, having bo?n appointed Agent ?f tins Company, if rrepared to issue Policies on Buit dings, Merefcandiaa, Steamboats, Ao. on u favora ble tar ma u other responsibleoompanies. sponsible oompauiea. M ???>. T M* fyN$PN. AmoI, No. 5137th at., oppo. lute.wgenoer Offios Mtm estate ^orrJ??>"ntT Ponsion Chums, Prhsecu tion or Claims before tbe Conrt of Claims, Oongreaa and the Departmenta, Puroliaae and Sale of real ee tatea, attend to Renting Houses, Buy and Sell Land \\ arranta. Negotiate I>oan?, and all buaiaeea of similar character. O&oe oorner 7th and Lonuiana avenue, jnn 16 Jy Waahington, City. G'O L D AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRKNCyTaND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECKS MUST BE MAREED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON~ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION,SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTsTuRCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO* d 4 Sin Bankera. ^EN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of the City of Davenport, I ova. paving 10 per oent. intereet by Coupon in New York. Uiuida of 9&x> each. The growing oity of Davenport has now about 20,000 inhabitant, and is rapidly increasing in wealth and population. Its municipal debt ia only #158,000, and ita railroad debt only $12S,oon. and cannot now be inoreaaed. The atatiatica of the city were published in the Intelli genoer of the ?>tn September. We recommend these bonds, believing them to be aa sale as any State or oity bonds. 006 CHUBB pPOTHERS Y. S8 WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPAN " CHARTERED BY CONQREi Capital 777 faoo^eo!.'! This Company is now prepared to reoeive applica tions for INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CH AN D1SE, Ao., at the uiual City rates, without any oharge for Policy, at their Offioe, oorner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue,over the Washington City Savings Bank. Directors. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon. Joseph Bryan, James F. Haliday, Wm. Orme, Hudson Tajior, Frn,ncis Mo.\un, M. W. Gait. BenJ. Beail, J AMES C. MoSUIRE, President. ?eaeton D. Hanson. Secretary. ap ll-ly |> AN KINO HOUSE OP l> CHUBB BROTHERS. Dwoiiti. ? Deposits reoeived and Cheeks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard uties reoeived on Deposit at par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to depoaitora without oharge. Interebt on Dkposits.?Interest will be allowed en Deposita at such rates as mar be agreed upon. Depobits in ViRsiifiA and Uncureent Mo nit. Deposita in Virginia and other Unourrent Money re oeived to be clifiuked for, payable in aame funds, or in apecie, we charging the rerular Exohange. Discounts.?Notea, Drafts, and Billa of Exohange will bediaoounted, and Loans made on Stooks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters ot Credit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on suoh terms aa may bo agreed upon. Teatelino Bills or Exchange.?Travelers will be tarnished with drafts in suoh sums as may be do sired negotiable in the ditlerent Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters or Orbditon England, Ieb land and Europe.?Bills of Exohange ana Letter* of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocas, Ac.?Bonds, Stooks, and Seouri tiee paying from 6 to 12 pr. oent.. always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of afc pr. oent. Where Stooks are bought upon orders, wo reserve the right to oall for a deposit of 10 pr. oent on the oost. Bonds or Stooks will bo ordered by telo graph. Raileoad, Citt, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can bo placed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron puronased for oash or with Bonds. Land Waeeants.?Land Warrants bought at tho market rates. All Warrants told by as are gwarMs 14*d in every respeot. Land Warrants located on oommission. Land Warrant t notations regularly furnished if re 0 see ted. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Hoasooon orders, or sent for sale on oommission to responsible parties. Heal Estate and Insveances.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Inaurancea effeoted. Claims on United States, Court or Claims, Oonsress.?Claims ou the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be proseouted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan ft Opposite the Treasury. A N K 1 N G HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will pleas* mark their Cherts oay.-tble in currency. Deposites of liold will be paid in Gold. Accounts will lie opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold ai:d Check lor currency, the depositor being credited wi*h the difference. ?ie 28 tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTERESf ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES." MONEY to LOAN on~STOCE SECURITIES CHUUB BROTHERS, BANKERS. Tt?tf Opvoiiu the 7V<sJsry. IMPROVE YOUR EYES. I RhNGTHEN and assist them, by the Paris Optician, D. WOOLFSON, who A - has arrived from Europe with his own, ar ?" - - ? " others i which are warranted to improve any EYE affected with weakness, cataract or tending to it; also SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are compelled to use glasses, or those n-'w using (hem, will be suited at hrst sight. Those wonderful DOUBLE POLISHED VENEZUELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK have received the highest recommendations at the Woiid's Fair, at Paris, through their producing a clearness and easiness of vismn heretofore uuknown in any other improvements. Also, all styles of OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI FYING G LASSES, Compasses, and Microsoopes are for sale at h;? store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania u venue, or Eighth street No. 491, be tween D street and Pa. avenue. IP"* Do not mistake the romer of 8tk street. Prioes verv reasonable, the same as at hia estab liahment in f% rope. n9-tf NINo. bfl I OTiriE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM MA UK RAPIDS TO ST. CLOUD, IN THE TERRITORY OP MIN NESOTA. In accordance with tho provisions of the act of Congress entitled "An aot author tins changes in tne location of land otfioes," approved March 3. IH.'a, it is hernliT denlared and made known that tneothoe for the sale of thepublio la.ids at Sauk Rapids in the Territory of Minnesota, wi 1 be removed to St. Clocd, in said Territory, at as early a period at practicable. Purther notice as to the precise time of removal will be issued by the register and rooeiver for the land district. Given under my hand at the oity of Washington this 23d day of February. A. D. l&H. By order ofthe President: THO*. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Otfioe. fo W-lawfiw COSMOGONY.?Cosmogony, or the Mysteries of Creation, being an analysis of the natural fact stated in the Hel>raic account of the oreation, sup ported by the dev?l<>pmsnt of existing acta of God towards matter, by Thomaa A. Daviea. For aale ty TaYI.OR A MAURY, fe 19 Bookaellera, near 9th street OH EN'S NEW YORK PLAYING CARDS. _ Delarue's London Play mg Card a. Now Vork Concreas Playing Cards. Crohor'a Steamboat Playing Cards. Hart's Philadelphia Playing Cards. Juat unpacked FRANCK TAYLOR. Daily expected? A tew Gorman Playing Carda. fe 15 ; CARTON'S LIFE OF AARON BURR, I vol. i 91.75. A new aupply just reoeived. For *a> by folg FR\NCK TAYLOR. %/fUSICAL NOTICE.?In ftiture all Music for It! merly sold at 12>i, 1?J4 37H. Ao,, will b. mu .. d? feuuis. Piano and Music Dealer, fe 18 *6 Pa. ava., bet. 9th and 10th eta. gTOP THAT RATTLING. I am now proaarod to pat on " Chapman's Elastic Anti Rattling Shaft Fastener " C nan asuiinf Bhan Fastener." a aura, remedy for the rattliag of the 8naft-ollpa, of Carriages and Wagona, whioh can bo pat on at a small expense. _ L . . Call and examine at my Fsptory, wlvsre I aayo oertifioates from the leading Coaohimkeri in tao oountry. ANDR>'.W J. JOYCE, d 10-rf ooraer Uth and F. ?tl. Apiavo P-AUTMFUL ROSENKRANTZ PIANO, 7 octaves, but little used, baa been purchased at a great Istrgain and will he sold low. Al o, a seoond ha d Piano for 9and one for #37, at our Piano and Music Store.Pa. ava.. between 9th and 10th streets. felt JOHV F. Rl.l IH /ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH.fivinf abeautiftii f~> TEJESM MAM. ROTECTED bv Royal letters Pateat of icine, Vienna. Triesemar No. lie a remedy for Re laxation, ^?eri.ial??rrhaia, and Exhaustion of the System. Trieeaiaar No. 1 effectually, ia the sbert spaoe of three day a, completely aud entirely eradi cates ail traoaa ot those disorders whioh oopaviaaad on babe have ao lone been thought au antidote for, tm the rata of tlia health of a vast portion of the pop ? latioa. Trieaaiar No. 8 is the treat Continental remedy for that olaaa of disorders which, unforte oately, the English physician treats with mercury, to tha inevitable destruction of the patient's ooaati tatioa, and whioh all the aaraaparilia in taa wo-Id cannot remove. Trieaamar Noa. 1.3, and 3 are alike devoid oftaata or smell, and of all nauseating quali ties. They may lie on the toilet table without ihetr ase being suspected. Sold in tin oases, and divided In separate dotes as administered by Yelpeau. Lal leman. Hoax, Kioord. Ac., & c. Prioe $3 eaoh, or four oaaes in one for 99, which saves and in #27 cases. Sold by l>r. H. A. BAR ROW, No. 157 Pnnoe st.,a few blocks west of Broadway, New York. Inime d lately on reoeip of the amount Dr. B. will forward the 99 oases of rrieseinar, aud the targe sizes, car riage paid, thus insuring genuine European prepara tions. The S3 oaaes also sent, but not tree of oar riage. Consultations aa usual, from II a. m. till 2 p. m. and froin4 till 8 p. m.. at No. 157 Prinoe st., a few blocks west ol Broadway, Bold also by J. STOTT, Wa?lii"gton. fe 1 ly AVER'S Cathartic Pills* (SUGAR COATED.) R JL The following remedies are of M ? fered to the pubhoas the best, most W perfect, winch mediaal science can afford. AYER S CATHARTIC PILLS have been prepared with the utmost skill wlnoh the medi oal profession of this age possesses, and their eSects show they have virtues which surpass any combi nation of medioinee hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cures suoh dangerous oomplaints, so quiok and so surely, as to prove an eftaaoy and a power to uproot dtaeaae be yond any thiug whioh men have known before. By removing the obstructions ol the internal organs ana stimulating them into healthy action, the* renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?liaaith courses anew through the body, and the siok man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and disease only, (or when taken by one in health they produae bat little edect. This is the perfection of niudiouie. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more. Tender children may take them with impunity, if they are aiok they will oure them, if they are well they will Jo them no harm. Give them to some patient who has been pros trated with bilious ootnplaiiit; see his benf-up, tot tering form straighten with strength again ; tee his long-Tostaopetite return; see his olammy features blossom into health. Give them to some auderer whose foul blood has burst out in sorofuia till his skin is covered with sores; who stands, or sits,or lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out with every potion whioh ingenuity could sug gest. Give him these Pills, and mark the effect; tee the scabs fall from his body ; see the new. fy.ii skin that has grown under them; seethe late lepor that is clean. Give them to him whose angry humors ha"? piauted rheumatism in his joints ana bonos; move mm, and he screeches with pains ; he tiK> has been aoaked through every muscle ol hia body with liniments and salves; give him these Pills to purify his blood ; they may not cure him, for.alas! there are caaes whioh no mortal power canrenuh; but mark, ho walks with crutches now. and now he walks alone; tliey have cured him. Give thorn to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptic, w hose gnawing stomach has long ago uaten every siime from his face and every muscle from his body. See his appetite return, and with it his heaitn: site the new man. See her that was radiant with health and loveliuess b asted and too earlv witnenng sway; want of exercise or mental anguish, or some lurking disease, has deranged the internal organs of diges tion. assimilation or secretion.till the* do their oflioe ill. Her blood is vitiated, her heaitn is gone. Give her tlieae Pills to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstructions, and in fuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look again ?the roses' blossom on her cheek, and where latel* sorrow sat. joy bursts from every feature. See the sweot infant wasted with worms. Its wan. aiokly features tell you without disguise, and painfully dis tinct, that they are eating its life away. Its pinched up nose and ears, nnd restless sleeping*, tell the dreadful truth in language which every mother know* Give it the Pills in large doses to sweep these vile parasites from the body. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things.' Nay, are thev not the marvel of this age.' And yet tney are done around you every dar. Have you the less serious symptoms of these dis tempers, they are the oasier cured. Jaundioe Cot tiveness. Headache, Stdeache. Heartburn. Foul Stomach. Nausea, Pain in the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, King's Evil. N'euralcia, (i out,and kindred complaints all arise from the derangements which these Pill* rapidly cure. Take them perse veringly. and under the oonnsel of a good Physician if you can; if not, take them judioiously by suoh advice as we tive you, and the distressing, danger ous diseases they cure, whioh afflict ao many mil lions of the human race, are cast ont like the devils of old-they must burrow in the brutes and in ttiei sea. Price 25 cents per box? 5 boxes for 31. Z. D. GI I.MAN, Washington; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and all dealers in Medicine everywhere. d<Mm ROUGHS, COLDS, HOARSNESS, Ao. The prevalence of the above complaints af this season, generally haa I he effect of bringing ont a host of pr.ifcssod'y new specifics, and while some are good, ninny are useless, and others even danceroua. The wisest courae to puraue is to oonsult your family physician, or otherwise use only such reme dies as lone public experience has proved to he safe and etticaeious. Of this character is TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM AH ABIC, i ?riginnlly the favor te prescription of an eminent physician, it soon became a popular remedy, and has continued to enjoy a growing reputation for the last twdBt> years. I u cases of com.iicn Colds, Coughs, Jte., it acts Uke a charm, and iu Chronic cases, Bron ohitis,Whooping CoiiKh, Croup. Asthma, Influenza, Ac , lis success is unparai ed, and most will testi* who have used it. Price 26 cents and 5"' cents per bottle. Sold by Nairn A Paliner, Chas. Stott, Ac.. Wash ington ; Cissel, Georgetown; Peel A Stevens, Al exandria; where it ina? be had also. In convenience, in l.ozenger fonn. Price 1254 and 25 cents a U-x? known as "Tyler's Gum Arnlnc Cough Can.'y Drops." as an elegant, pica sard, and ffiicac.ous Pul monic Lozenge they are unsurpassed. fe 11 -am 1M1E SHOALS AND OUICKSAND3 OF YOUTH. Jit st publifKrd. tk* '.it! edition, ID-ON SPERMATOKR II KA OR SEMI NAL DI8EASKS.? A scici.tilic Trea'ise on the treatment aud perfect cure of Nervous Debility. Seminal Weakness. !uvo!uii'aiy Emissions, Impo tence. Ac., resulting from vicious habits aeyircd during the critical passage Tom Youth to Alan hood. BY DR. CULVER WELL, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Kng !and, (1*27), Licenciate of the Hall, (IHSt). and it years Kesident Practitioner in London. Author of the "Guide to Health," ' Green Book," "How to t.e Happy." "Memoirs of Single aud Married Life, Ac. 11ns Bmall but valuable Treatise, wri'ten by world ren<>wn?d Phjsician and Surgeon, points out the only sure ami permanent cure for ailtii.eases result ing from self-abuse, and is the ouly publication ofits kind written in a benevolent spirit and by a soiontif ic man 11 should Ixs in the hands of all who value their ufa aud health and happiness here aud hereaf ter. Prvoe 12 cents, or 4 stampa. at the reoeipt of which it wi I be sent,post free, and well secured, by l)r. CH KLINE, No. 4.*) 1st Aveuue, Box 45U0, New York. jan 12 PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OH TUX PHISIOLOOICAL VIj? W OF MARRIAGK By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N. Y. JM> pages and 190 line Piaiu acd Colored Lathogrsphs and Plates. IC7* PR ICE ONLY ? CENTS..CiJ Suit/r?t o/p&tuti te all parts tjtkt tfafea. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of .Mar risgo. A new a:id revised edition of 250 pazas and 130 plates. Pric^2S oents a oopr. A popular and com prehensive treatise o:; thp duties and casualties of siugfo and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelioitoos and infertile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, its oauses and oure, l>y a prooeES at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible?rules lor daily management?an essay on Sper matorrhaca, with praotioal olwervation* on a aafor and more sucoeasful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practicej to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from InfancT to old a^e?each oase grap ? ical ly illustrated by beautiful platc-s. It'points out the remediea lor thoae self inflicted miseries and disap poiutwd hopes so unfortunately prevalent iu the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and thoae contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical oonditiou. aud who are oon seious ol having hasarded the health, happiness and privileges to whish every human l>eing is entitled to P/ios 25 cents per copy, or five copice for #1, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United States, bv addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, New \ ork. enolosing 25 cents. N. B. Those wno prefer may consult Dootor |LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book treats, either personally or by iqhiI. His medi otnes often oure in the short space of six days, and oompletely and entirely eradicate all traoes of those disorders which oopaiva and oultebs have so Ions been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the hea'th of the patient. His " French Secret" is the great con tinental remedy for that olass of disorders whioh uo lortuuately, physioians treat with mercury, to th? irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion, and whioh all the sarsapanlla in lb* world can not on re. No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y, The secret infirmities of~youth AND MATlIHITi. Just Publisktd. Gratie, tkt 25i* Thousand. _A few wor"i of the Kational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looal Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debiiity, Pre mature Deoay of the System, Impo generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D. important faot that the many alarmins oom plsjnU, originating in the imprudence and solitude of jojth, may be msily removed withoat Medicine, is in this small tract, ofearly demonstrated ; and the htghlr successful treatment m adopted by the author, /ally explained, b, meanso which every one is enabled to enre Hims^fikirfeatl. ^ 'bs feast po.s.bU cost. tbar?5 ,il\ the advertised rostra ma of the day. "???* an Bent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by reuiittinc two postage stams. H~AM? POR FAMILY USE, direct froniTla einuati.?We have reoeived to-day a lot of SUGAR-CURED HAMS whieh w? reoommead as being very superior. 7. A BU1CHBM,, f*i i ttocner Vermont ivmm ?nd i*k at. Ktdiein*. BEAUT U L H E A I ? RICH GLOasY HAIR COMPLITBLT PRKSEBTID T9 THE GREATEST AGS. Ami vkottet it Via; w.old act hare it mMrW %wf.kV* > bnt woaM be oared! It will aleo remove all pimples frora the faoe orskm. rrof Wood'i'Siir RMontin vijl do ltd this, im oiroular and the following: * _ Arm Arvor, Not 5. iul ' P*or.O. J. \V00D-l>?wr Sir: I have heard mo'oh Mid of the wonderful efeota of your Hair Reatora live, but having been ao often on waled by auaokerv and quack noatruma. hair dyes, Ac.. 1 na disposed to piaoe your restorative ta the aama category with the thousand and one loudly trumpeted quack rem edies, until I met you lu Lawrenoe oounty aome months sinoe, when you gaveme such assurance aa mduoed the tri lofyour Ke.torative in my family first, by my good wife, whote hair had beoome vary thin and entirely white, aud before exhausting one

of your large bottles, her hair wu restored nearly to ita oiiKinal beautiful brown oolor.and had thickeued and bcooiue beautiful and g!os?y upon, and entirely over the head. She conlinues to u?e it. not aimply beoau-e of ita beautifying effects upon the hair, but because of ita healthful mtlueiioe upon the head and mind 0 tiers of my family and fneoda are using your Restorative with the happiest effects; there foJe my skepticism and doubt iu to ita val ue and oharaoter are eutirel* removed, and 1 can and do most oordially and confidentially reoonnuend ita use hy all who would have their hair restored Irom white or gray.-by re.iaon of siokneas or a?e > toorig lual oolor and beauty, and by all young peraoua who would have their hair beautiful and glossy. Very truly and gratefully yours. SOLOMON MANN .Fm'MP Wood: It was a long time after I saw you at Bhasheld before I got the bottle of Reatorative for which you gave ine an order upon yoar agent in Detroit, and when I got it we o~noluded to try it on Mrs. Mann a hair, aa the aureat teat of in Dower. It has iloue all i hat you aaau eJ ine it would do: and ?thereof my family and Irieuds, having witnessed ita effects, are now urine and recommending ita uae to otheraaa entitled to the big heat consideration *ou olaim for it. Again, very reapeotlully at d truly yoiira. SOLOMON A ANN. .. ' , _ , Cari.ylk. III., June 28. la?. I have uaad Prof O. J. Wood's Hair Restorative, and have admired ita wonderful effects. My hair was beooming.aa 1 thought, prematurely sray, but Intheuse of his reatorative it lias resumed its orici nal oolor, and, 1 have uo doubt, permanently ao. ? r ,v,w>n 8- BREKSll. ex Senator U. S. O, J. WOOD A CO.. ,Proprietors. 112 Broadway, N. Y..<in the great N.V. Wire Railing Lstablish meatland 114 Market at., St. Louia, Jmi. fa 17 3.?,A go'4' ^ good Druggiata. PERUVIAN S *? Or Protkctrd SOLU TION OF PRO TOXID EOF FRO A' ? . ? . COMBINED. Having successfully passed the ordeal to whioti new discoveries in the Materia Mediae are aubjeoted, must now be reoeived aa ?. Rn ??tabliahed medicine. Ita Kfncaoy in Curing DYSPEPSIA, AJTettions of tkt Liver, D>opsy, Neuralgia, B ronckitts and Consumptive Tendencies, Disordered State of the Blood, Boils, Scarry, The Prostrating Ejferts of Lead or Mercury, General Debility, And all diseases which require a Tonio and Altera tive medicine, is beyond question. The proofs of its efficacy are ao numerous,ao well authenticated, and of such peculiar character, that sufferers oaunot reasonably hesitate to receive the, proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup doea not prolesa to be a cure all but itsl ratine is extensive, beoause inany diseases, apparently unlike are in related, and proceeding Y R U P innately from one M .... ?. CAU*e? ,naT bisi cured bjr one remedy I he c'asu of diseases for which the Syrup pro >? P eciaely that whioh I has so often battled the highest order of medical skil. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and theaafe ty and edicaoy of the Syrup incontrovertible I hose who may wish for an opinion from disinter ested persons rsspecting tho charaoterof the Syrup cannot fail to be satisfied with the followir.g among numerous testimonials in the handa of the Agents 15 e".are 1 J0"? gentleman well known in the ooniinunity. and of the highest respectability. Tk . JL CARD. ?,ni ?Vin^.?ov,n* "P^ri^noed the benefi cial effects of the "Peruvian Syrup," do not hesitate to recommend it to the attention of the public. * rom our own experience, aa well aa from the tea ?iVI-?,y ? .'i ' Wh08e '"fpl'iwnoe and integrity "'together unquestionable, we have no donate of ita effictcy in caaea of Ir.ciptent Dieeaaea of the Lungs find Bronchial Passages, Dyspepsia I iver Complaint. Dropay, Neuralgia, i cf Indeed' ite ?rf fects would Iw incredible, but from the high charao ter of those who have witnessed thetn, and have tomiiteered their teatimony, as we do oura, to its reatorative power. Rev. JOHN PIER PONT, THJ)MA8 A. DKXTKK, S. H. KENDALL, M.D. JJAMUKL MAY THOMAS C. AMOR V, PIlTER HaRVc.V, ?. JAMES C. DUNN. It la well known thnt t><e medicinal eflect of Pro toxide of Iron is lost by even a very br.ef exposure V aiO*,,('that to maintain a aolution of Protox \ Jron' w,'hout further oxidation, has been deemrd impossible. In the Peruvian Syrup, thia desirable point ta at tained bv COM BI \ A T!<' N IS A WAY BKFO*K CN K.NOWX; r.nJ this b<.lution may replace all tne proto carbi'natos citrates, and tartrates of the Materia Medica. A. A. HAYES, M. D.. Assa> er to the 'lute of Maaaachuaetta, 16 Boylston street, Boston. For sale by Druggist* generally. Pnoe for large botties, inediuiii sized t-ottlca. #1. N. L. CLARK Ac CO. Proprietors, Boston, h or sri e in VV nsi.ington by Z. D. Gnman, Special ?A'u pa'n,e,V John S.-bwartze, L. M iv i !' V' Eai.jaiuh, H. H. McPherson, E. S. lir ."? ??!*Wpll H-?t"ne, J. S. Lovejo>, l>r. l>. B. i.laike, D. Ridgety; and in Oeorgetown by K. J. Cissell,an?l J. L. Kulwell. febHCm T H K ? K E A T K S T K HI ( A I. I) I S r O V K R V OF Till?: AGE. Mr. Krrrrbt. of Roxbarr, haa Jisooverjsi ia tk> ?f our ooinmon par.ture weeds a remedy that tares MVMHY KIND or HRMOR, _ from Tkt worst Serc/u!* down to a common Pimplt. ne lia* tried it in over eleven hundred caaea, and never fuileuexoept in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He haa uow in his poaseu6ion over one hundred Boatoa* vaiue.all within twenty milea of Mouth *r? to care a nursing Sore One to tiroe bottlea wiU cure the worat kind ?! rimpies on tlie haoe. Twooi three bottles will clear the system of Biles two bottles are warranted to oure tbe'wors: Ouker in the Mouth and Stomaoh. Three to five bottlee are warranted to oure the worst kind of Lrvsipol&a. One or two bottlea are warranted to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotoho* among lue Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cure oorraat and runninr U'cera. One bottle will cure Scaiy Eruptiona of the Skin. mEZlwVI iUir<D bottl?? ar? warranted to oure the worat kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to oura the nio?t desperate oase of Rheumatiam. Three to four bottlea are warranted to oura Salt rnettni. a bottloa will oure the worat caae of scrofula. A benefit iii a] way a experienced from the firat bot tle, and a perfect oure is warranted when the above giULi:tity is taken. Nothn.e looks ao improbable to thoae who have in rain tridd all the wonderful medioinee of the day, aa that a oommon weed growing on the pastures, aad along oid stonew&Jla, shouldcureevery huinorinthe ayatoin ; yet it is a fixed faot. If you nave a humor, if has to etart. There are no IPS nor ANDS, huina jj? About it suiting iom6 ofUM* buttnot yours* OT*ru 'housand bottles of it in tlie vioiaity n* . I i'10* clieota of it in every case, i^aa ^Jrflady done some of the greatest ourea ever ?Ph i. i "8:iol,uV,UB* 1 f?ve l( children a year wnf.M ii of ?uty. I have aeen poor, puny. children, whose fleah wiUsoft aild b^ttla.' e 4 perfeot state of health by ona th<jT fh0 ??tyeot to a aiok headaohe, ona our# u* " 9great relief in a.nd Some who have taken it had baen wstive for yeara, and have been regulated by L ? h#r? the body u aound it works quite eaay. ? *ny d8r4u??">?nt of the fuaotiona of nature, it will oauae very singi'lar feelincs but you must not be alarmed; they alw??s diaippwm rrom four days to a week. There is never a bad re ault from it; on the oontrarj, when that feeling ia rone, you will feel yourself7fike a new peraonf ' thftri!^no of m??t?travagant onoomiams of it that 6V6r mini lictOQ6d to In msr own praotioe I always kept itatnotly for ha mors?but ainoe its introduction aa a general family medioiue, great and wonderful virtaea have been found in it that I never auspeoted. Several oases of epiieptio fits~a disease whioh waa ????X,.n,12?redl incurable, have been oured by a few pottles. O, what a meroy if it will prove sIm of that awfal n^lidT^tGJII^bS few who have aeen iiiom of it than I have. -i.kfLow 9S*?* ?f Dropay, all of them aged aeople cursd by it. For the varioua diseaaea ofthe Wer, Sick Headaohe, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Feve! and Ague, Pain in the Side, lluease* of the Spmi k ?iin ofthe Kidnaya, Ac., tba oveTknnwn" n,?r? f00<1 tUn ?** me<fi0>D? No change of diet ever neoeaaary ?aat the beat oan get and enough of it. ?lue *<>? Dtrtttiout for Use.?Adults one table-saoonfai perday?ohildren over ten years dessert - spoonfal? children, from five to eight years, tea-spoonful Aa WQftir 8$fi#|, Kozbury, JfiiMilvmu, c?,. K-?iSi t csr-rs. uhington.?Chaa. stott * Co., Z. ^T**'??0?) J-B. Gardner, Burry Walah, JTp.r S'ciS.M.o m "V fa i. Dunbar i^entham. J. L. Kid well, ay S-ly \V ? ahe Af^WR^r?0 %.? reliable inarrun>?nt will an/4,??Tm.. "'s?ii *? ? reliable instrument taga by givini One seoontf tak n in exchange ? Notice foe Vhe TilisToR ation of CERTAIN LANDS TO MAEEET IN THE STATE OK WIEOOWNN. The grant of Io?d to W MMM by tho set of Cow PIN approved Sd J sno,? Wh ^ ?^?U,d m to authorise ths nlNM frwn withdrawal of the lands outeide of tho aix-nulos lunita of tha following rout*# fbc lailroods. vis: JVrit. Th* radrood root* from " Madieon or C? lurnbas, by Ui* way of Porto?* City? to ?t* ^ro? riror, or Itkt, t>ot tmu tuwtifeiH twooty h>e and thirty-oao." and. - Second. Of tho rood ftorn - Fami do Lao. oo Luke Winnebago. oorthorty, to tho State lis*. A withdrawal of oertoin lands was also ordsrod Jan* 12. !**. along th* other proposed routes men tioned in aaid oot. vig: from - St. Crvix nvar, lake," "to the west end of Lake Superior; and to Bayfield," ao aa to afford time for tho aurveye and and aelectiona for said roads, but oo survey having bean reported of the sanm to tke Department of the Intorior, although more than a year and a ka.( hare elapsed ainoe aaid withdrawal. Notice n tharefon given that all tke va cant ottered lauds beretolore withdrawn fr?"< sale or eniry along the routes of said louated railroad* which lie outaide of six mtln on eaoh aide of tha aaid roada, situated in the undermentioned town ships. which hare not been selected in virtue of aaid (rant.or any <m her g rant made hj legally claimed by preemption. and whioh were ? ubWot tj private entry at the dale of withdraw*!. Will be restored to private entry en the daya and at the places hereinafter specified. at the ordinary minimum of one doljtrand twenty five oents per aere. And all the afered townahtps aa hereinafter described whioh had l>eeti withdrawn from aale on aooouat of the proposed roads, not yet located, men tioned in the foregoing. will be restored at the times hereiuafter designate.!; with the exprees proviso, that the raUroad grant by said act of 3d June, will attaoh to such of the odd-nu*>bertd sections as may be selected under aaid act within the six miles limits of such parts of the said roads as may tm aetuall* surveyed and ataked off before the day hereinafter fixed lor the restoration ol wild lands. At the lani oltioe at MKNASHA on Monday, Iks Kftk day of April n?rt, the t- wnshtps on the rout* of the road from "Pond du I Ac. ou Lake \\ luuo bago, northerly to the State line." viz : North of tke bate lint and east of tke fourth prin tip? I meridian. Townships 15. 16. 17. 18. 19,2u. 21,22, 23.24. 2?. and 26, of ranges IS and 14. Townships 15 16.17,18.19. 2", *1. 22. 23. 24. 25, V, and 27. of range 15. Townships IS. 16.18.?. 21.22. and 23. of ranee 16. Townships 15, 24. U5. 3b. 27. 31. and 32.ol ranee 17. Township.' 15,16, Ii, IS 20. 21. 22, 23, 24.25, 2b, and 27 of ra> ie 18. Town.hipa 15,16.17.18. It. 20.21,25, 24. 2S, 36, 27, 32. and 33. of range 19. At the land othoeat MINERAL POINT on Mon day, tke fifth day of April next, the township* on the route of the road from "Maaison or Columbus by the way of Portage < Ity, to the St. Croix ri vor or hike, between townships twenty five aud thirty Olle, viz: Nortk of tkt bate Itne and east of tkt fourth prin cipal meridian. Tt wnships 11,12,13, and 14. of ranees l.X, 3. and 4. Townships II. 12. and 13. of rauge V Townships 11 and 12.of ranee 6. Townships 11,12, and 14, of ranges 7 and 4. Atthe lai.d offioe at STEVENS P?U\Ton Mon day, the Jtf 'k day at April next, the townshus on the route of the road froiu "Madison or Columbua, by the way ??f Portag* City. to the Croix river or lake, between townships twenty-five and thirty one," vix : Nortk af tkt batt line and eatt of tkt fourtk prin cipal mtridian. Townships 15,16.18,19, 20.21, and 22. of ranee t. Townships 15, 17, 18. 19, )U, J:, and tt of range 3. Townships 16,17.18,19, #>, 21. and ?t. of range 4. Townships 15. i?, 17,18,19,20,21, and 42, of ranges 5 and 6. Townships 15 and 16. of range 7. Township 15,of ranges. At the l*nd offioe at LA C*> OSSP. on Monday, the Aftk day of April next, the townships on the route of the road from "Madiaon or Cn|umf?ua, try the way of portage City, to the St. Croix river or laka, be tween townshipa twenty-five and tiurty-oaa," viz: Nortk of tke bate line and eatt of tke fourtk principal mmdtan Townships 15,16, 18, 19, ?, 21, 22. 23. and ?4. of range 1. Nortk of tkt bast lint and tetst of tkt fourtk prin cipal meridian. Townships 11,12.13.14. IS, 16.17, ?>, 21, <2. 23. and 24. of range 1. Townships 11,12,13. 14,15, 16.17, 18, ?l, 22. U, and 24, of range 2. Townships 11.12,13,14,15, 16,17. 18.1=>. 22. 23, and 24. of tangeS. Townships 11,12, !3,14.15,16.17. 18,19, 2f>.21, and 24. ol range 4. Townships 11,12,13.14,15,16.17, 18. 19.80. 21, and 22, of ranee 5. Townships 18. 19, %\ ?, 28, and 23, of ranges 6 and 7. , _ Townships 14, 1C, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. and 23, of range 8. Townships 17, IS. IS, 20.21. 22, and 23. of range*. Townships 18, 19,20.21.22. and 23. of ranges lu aad Townships 19,20,21.22,23,24, and tt. of rang* ?8. T?wnships 2u, J1, 22, 23, and ^4. ol range 13. Townships 22.23, and 24, of ran-e 14. At the land office at HUDSON on Monday, tkt Afth day ol April next, the townahips on the route of the road from "Madison or Columbus, by the way of Portage City, to the St. Croix river or lake, between townships twenty-five a:.d thirty-one, viz: Nortk of tke batt line and irt <f of tke fourtk prtn tipal meridian Townships 26. 77, 28, 29, *>, and 31, ol range 18. ownah i|>s 26, 27 28, 29. and . of range IS. Tow ustnps J3,24, 25, /7, 28. and of range 14. Townships ^3. 24. 25. and 2t>. of rante i5 Townshipa 23,24.25, vC. and 27. of range 16. Townships 24. 25, 2t!. and *7. of range 17. 1'ownships 24. 25. ai d 6, ol range 18. Townships 25, and 26 of range 19. At the land offioe at EAl' <*LAIRE on Monday, thday Ktf fipril nest, the townships on the route of the road from "Mid ison or C lumhus. by the way of Portage City, to the St. Croix river or lake between townships twenty-hv* aid thirty one. v x: Nortk of tkt bate line and east of tke fourth prin cipal meridian Townthip 2d. of range 1. Nortk of tke bate lint and irest of tkt fourth prin cipal mtridian Townships 25.26,27.28, and 29. of ranges 1 2. 3, aad 4. Townshipa 25, i6, 27, 2a, 29, *i, 32, 33. 34. 35, and 30. of range 5. Town?hips25. 'J6. 2J.2S. J9. ?>,31,32, S3. 34, 35, 36, and 37. ol rauges 6.7, and 8. Town-htps 25, *6,27, 2t, 29, 30, 31,32,33. 34. S5, 3G. and 37. of range s. Townships 25, 26. 27. 28. 29. 3D. 31, 32. S3. 34. aud ^5. of rauge 10. Townahipa 25,2f>,2', 28,29.30. 31 32,and35, ol range 11. At the laud odiee at HUDSON on Monday, the third day a/ Muy ne rt. the lowiikhip* which were withdrawn in J ime, 1836. on account ol the proposed roads Iroiu "St. Croix river or lake" "to the west end oi I.ake superior; and to Bay fluid;" but inas much as no surveys of such roads nave bern rep.irt ed. and ample time, as htreiofore stated, has neen afforded for the purpose, they are now ordered to be restored to m^irket, subject to the proviso in the foregoing, "that the railroad grant by said act of 1856 will attach to such of the odd nuu<b?ied sec Hons as tn-y be selected under said aot within the six miles limits of such parts of the said roads as may be actually suiveyed and staked oil oelore the d.ty " "faxed for the restoration of said lauds," viz: North of the base line and tr*st af tkt fourtk principal meridian. TowushipsS2,?,34,and 35. of rang* 12. f ownships SI, 32,58. 34, ai.d S5,olran^e 13. ownships SU, 31, 32.33, 34. aud 35, of range 14. owuships 28. 29, 30,31.32, Si. 34, and 35, of rang* 15. Townships 29.3?, 31.32,33. 34. and 35, of range* 1? and 17. Townships 28, 29, ?>, 31. 32, 33. 34, 35, 36 , 97, 38, 3?, and 40, oi ranges 18 aad 19. Townships 28, 29,30,36,87. and 33, of range 30. At th* land ofhoe at SUPERIOR on Monday, the tkird day of May ntxt, subject to th* "proviso," as slated above, in refrrenoe to like lauds in th* Hudson district, the towuships winch were with drawn in June, 1U5C, ou acoount of the proposed toads from "St. Croix river or lake" "to the west ?nd of Lake Superior; and to Bay field," vis: Nortk of tkt bast line and vest of tkt fourtk principal m- rid tan Townahtps 49and50,of ranges. Township 50. of rauge4. Townships 49,5". and 5l,ofrang*7. Townships 49 and 40. of ranges 8 aad 9. Townships 47,48, and 49, of range 10. Township 4% of ranges 11 at.d 12. Townships 47 and 49, of rang* 13. 1 ownship 47, of range is. Township 41, of rang* 16. Notice is alao hereby given that the townships de aorilted in the fbllowi> g. under the 3d, 4th, 5th. 6th, aud 7th heads, which have not yet been of* red but are yet to b? proclaimed, and offered nt public sale be fore being subjtct to private entry, will be released from their reoent withdrawal for rai I road purposes, aud open to pre-emption as other unoffer ed public lands ou the days aud at the places specifi ed, to wit: 3d head. At th* land offio* at MEN ASH A on Monday, th*A/<k day of April next, the town ship* on th* rout* of the road from "F<?nd du on i^k* Winnebago, northerly to the Stat* line, viz : North of the bate lint and east of the fourth prin cipal meridian Towaihip27, of ranges 13 and 14. Townships 28, 29, 9 , 33 andcM.ol range 17. Townshipa2m, 29, ?>, 31, 32,33. and M. or ranre 18. Townships 28, 29, 30, 31, and 34, of tang* 19. ilk head. At the hind ofhoe at EAU CLAIRE on Monday, iAt fifth day of April n*xt, the townshipa on the P'U e of the road from "Madison or Colum bus, by the wav of Portage Citj. to the St. Croix river or lake, between townships twenty-five and thirty-one." viz: North of tkt base line and tast of tkt fourtk pr m ctynl rtu ndian. Townships 36,27,2B. 29, and ?), of rang* 1. Nortk of tkt bast lint and wtst of tkt fourtk principal mer*4tan. Townships 3?,31,32. S3,34, 35,36,37,*, 33, and 40, of ranges 1,3. 3. and 4. ;ownships 31,37, 33, 39, and 40, of rang* S. ownamps 33 and 34. of rang* 11. 9th head. At the land offie*at HUDSON, on Men day, Ike tkird day of May mart, th* townships ?mi th* proposed roads from th* "St. Crout river or lake" "to the we*t end of Lake Superior; and to Bayiold, ' aubject to the"?reri?e. as heretofore stated, in rolerenoe to "offered" lands in tkt* dis trict on th* routes of th* above mentioned pro posed rood*, vis: North of tkt bast tin* and irest o& the fourth principal meruttan. Townships 36. 37, Si, *?, and ??, of raogos 12, 13,!?, IS. 16. aad 17. ?th head. At th* iMd oEoaatfaAU CLAIRE o? i OS IM PnWOWi IWOV ItWII vnf 31. vrftl TTwwt cw CkJr tr> tk? w?rt mm) of Lake Saparfoe ; bad to ?ayftwd." n?t< I* iM as MM Ilwvi. u> rtfirMo* lo Uke Mda ia tbe Hadeoa di* above, ta rtftrnci I? Uke udi ia ik? Hi Tii : ffertk ?>f Ihi bmu lim* nmt wt*t ?ftktfomrtk prin ripml mrr TovMkipi a.9 aad #. of rue* 1 Tewaahips * ? 51' ^ ?. aad 4t. ?I ru(? I*. TnwukiH waff.St. 9. and40, of range II. 7th h?4. At tbe iHd nfiwL at SUPERIOR oa MowUrtMiikt^ 4*1 ?! Mrninsrt, the iowMim w lb pn^oMd nadi frosa tk? "Hi Croix nvar ar lake" to ike vni end of l.ake Seper-u?r;aod to b?| laid." aa jeet to the "prer?ie, beabated above. m raforaaee to tbe like lands IB tlia Hudeoa dietricl. ?i*: Nortk of tkt base tin* and wesfe/ ike f*mrtk p**m rip*I uteri Jimm Townahipa *1. ?*, 43.44, and 46, of range I. Town.hip* 41. 41. 43. a ad 4Jt 01 range J Tow 1. h?ps4i.4?.4&.4b. 5l .ea.ISg.of raasst Townahipe 41. <2, 43. 44. 45, 46.41. ?. ?. 54. and St. of raage 4. Towns ups 41,42,43.44. 4* 46, 47 . 44 . 49. ftu. V. aaJ 52, of max* 5 l ownships4l.4t.43.44. 4S.4S.47, 4S, 4?, 5". end *, of range*. T. wuahipe 41.4i. 43, 44,4V 46. 47. and a, of rams* 7, t. aad 9. Townahipa 41 42,43.44.46, and 4k. of raaee 14. Towaehipe 4l, 43,43,44,45, 4a, 47, ami 44. of raaaae Hand 12. Townshipa 41, 42. 4*. 44, 45. 4ft. and 41. of range IS. Townahipa 41, 42. 43, 44, 45.46, 41. and 4t, of ran?? *?? ? Townafcipt 41. 42, 41. 44, 45. 4S. 47, and 41. of u. Given ?ruler my tbe ait* of Waehiactaa. this sixteenth day of h tttraan . aano Dotruni one thousand eight hundred and ill) -eight. THOH. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner of ilia Gantral Laud Otto* fe? lawcw NINo. <K 1 OTICF. PUR RESTORING CERTAIN LANDS TO MARKET IN THE STATE OF ALA BAM Notice ia hereby given that the Laud Office at Huntsx 1 lie. in the State of Alabama, m ill be open t-? the aele at private >-atry and location. on and after tkffirti jay 4/ May a*rr,ofnll raraal ptrhlir ImmJ emb'ac. d in tHe following towi eMpe, whieb bad been proclaimed and ffered pn? r lo t*e withdrawai by aotioe No. .*?5, n-lag tanda which had beea witr drawn to aaliafy that part of (lie ra-lruad (rut by act o| Congress approved *1 June. 'Ut. Whioh ooniem ? platad a road fro - Merupli * 10 Charleaton, that nart of a ?d grant liaring baeii rajaotad by lha Stata of AI - abama, viz: S?wtk 0/ tkf latf lint nmJ ra*t #/ tkf HanliriNi mmdiaa Toarnahtpa 1,2,3, 4,5. and fi. ofranral. Townahipa 1. 2. 3.4, and 5. and tb? parts *of town ali 1 pa C aad 7, north of the Taanaaaaa rtrar, of raaca Towoahiaa 1,2.3. 4,5. ard 6. and tba partaoftowr ahi? 7 mirth ol tha Tenneaaee river.oi rauita 3. Townahipa 1,2,3.4, and 5, and tba parta of town ahipa 6, aiiJ 7 north of tba Teunaeaea, of rmoca 4. Townahipa 3 and 4. and tha parta ol townabipa 5 and * north ol the Tenneaa**, of ranpa S. So*tk of tkt fca w Imf mnd tr^sra/ tkt HuntTill* m'ridtan Townahipa t. 2. 3. 4,5, and fi. of ranga !. Townahipa (i ami 7. of range 7. Townahipa 1,2. 3. 4. 5, 6. and 7, of rangaa ? aad V. Townahipa 1,2.3,4, 5. and a, of rangwa IU, II, 12, IS, 14, and 15. Towaahip I, of ranga 1C. Givan uiuier n.? hand, at tha Oanaral Land Office, at the oaty of Waahiogtoc, tha I9tb da* of Fabraan. 1AS?. THUS. A. HENDRICK*. fa V>-law?w Ooinmiaaionor. BRAHHWAITK-S RETROSPECT FOR JANUARY, ia?. Soanaa of Clarioal Llfa; a naw noval from Black wood'a MacaAina. Hida aad Soak, by tha author of 'Tba Daad So crot." Oraham'a Magasina for Maroh. Emaraoa' ft I eteraon'a Monthly for Maroh. Ballou'a Dollar Magazine do. do. All tbe naw booka reoe>vad aa faat a* pabliabed. Alao.afina aalaotion of Htatioaorj. For aale at JOS SHI iXl NGTON'S Bookatore, Odoon building, comer 4H at. fe 15 and Pa. av. Lord palmf.rston s opinions and Pol oy, 1 voL.fvo. Hmith'a of Natioee. 1 to!., tvo. MoCullocb'a Literature of Politioai Lwromy.l vol.. 8vo. Spaokm\n'a Analyata of tha Oooapationa of tha Paopla. t vol., Bvo. Mill* Political Eoonomy Eaaava.l vol., tvo. Twiaa' Viagr of the Progreaa of PoUtiaal E oon o Quinoey'a Logio of Political Eoonomy, I vol.. my. 1 vol., tvo, tvo. 9iamond:'a Eaaaya 00 Politioai Eoonomy, 1 vo. tvo. MoCuiloch on Taxation and Funding, 1 vol.,tvo. Blakay'a Hiatory of Politioai Litaratura.2 vola., tvo. Jaoob'a on Praoioua Matata. * vola.. tvo. 1 rotter's Finanoaaof lha North Amarioaa Statea. 1 vol.. tvo. Lawiaon the Oovemmantof Dependencies, 1 vol tvo. Malthua'a Defcmtiona in Politioai Eoonomy, 1 vol., )2mo. Portar'a Pr-'greea of tba Nation. 3 vola.. I2aoo. Humpbrey'a Manual uf Politioai Sciaaoa, 1 vol,, 12roo. J sat imported from London by fe22 FRANCE TAYLOR VALUABLE AND MO8T INTERESTINO BOOK, For aale at TAYLOR * MAURY'S Bookatore, near 9th at. RtroRD* or th* RivoLcriosaat Waa; o??n taiDing thaOftciat, Military and Financial Conea pomlenoe of nil the Ol&oera of the Revolutionary Army from 1775 to 1796, containing the moat internet ing military, hiatoriaal and financial informationdu ring thai period; aUu. the organization of all tha Regnneiite. allowing the immea. rank, date of 00m miaaion. tune of enl atment.and eervio?e of tba of boere and privates of each: aiao, tha gennral ana brigade ordera of Generals Washington, f>e, Grten, WteJo*, and others. List of American Officers Jmp^sonoJ, The time of their capture, roiease, Ao. Aa account of tba Soriety of the Cincinnati. In New York, Penna> .vanis and Mary land. a hat of tbe memhera namea, go, the haif pa> commuta tjon. and land acta ol the Continental Congreas ; a oomp'ete hat of all tha Officers irhft Served to the End of the War. And aoquired the right to half-pay for life, oommu tHtior. and land: prop codings of the 34th Congres and United States t'oort of Olaims relative to a restora^ tion of the haif pay aote oft he old Congress for the tieuffat of the Heirs of Officers of tee Revolution ; Virginia half par and land lawa; the reaeona wh oh led to pa*ea?e oithe acr of July 5, 18S2, l>> Congtoae. the numea of tbe Virginia olfioers who received land with an Gtereatnu account of the military land diatriots of Obi<?. Keniuoky and Tannebsee, tne lo cal ion of wariaote. anrveya. A 0.; Revolutionary Pension I*jtr* of the Vrented ? totes, Aa they now exiat with oomnrentanea thereon: notes on 'he eervioea ol various claeaee of revo u tionar* otboers. with an extensive list showing the lime they died, Ac.. Ao. One large !?mo volume ofCW paces. Prioe $l>?. Poslace 56 cmta to any part of the United Sutes, except California. Tins work is intended as a book ofreferanoetottie historian and scholar, as we ! as furnishing a tbor ough guide to pe:si?ns c title to land orpe - aiona f.ooi aerviooa of their forefathers during the revolutionary war. The volume eontaiits tbe natn>-s of ov?r5n.0is?officers and pnvatea of the reeolulioti ary arm;, and should be in the h uids of all the de scendants of the brave men who fought under tl:a banner of'76, that the noble aotions of their anoe? tora ma? not escape remiiuacenoe of their deaoend ante, who muat retain this Work aa a aieraeijto of their brave deeds and patient sufleringe. fa II Books from i on don. Polyglot ol Foreign Proved*. 1 vol.: 91-3& Memoirs of tbe Duke of Hu'ly. 3 vole.; ?*. A Guide to the Knowledge of Potter*. Poroaiain, and other otijects of Vertu. I v?il.: ?1J5. Life of Alexandria Pope, I vol.: %l.2s. 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