Newspaper of Evening Star, 6 Mart 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 6 Mart 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: IATIRUAY March 9, I8M. lET AdmtlMMNi abeald be seat 1? b* 11 t'eUrk at.; otherwise they *?T M* p*>r aatil the aext day. THE WEEKLY STAR. I he Weekly Star, issued this morning, con tains editorial* on prominent subject*; spicy Washing ton gossip; correspondence from all qaarters ; important new* intelligence, foreign and domeatic; full report* of local occurrences including the proceeding* of the Baltimore Conference now in aession in thiaeity ; poetry, tales, sketches and miscellany; the light gossip of the day, theatrical and musical notice.", Ac Ao In short, the Weekly Star if a perfect daguerreotype of the times, and especially of Washington life, political and social. Priee. as usual, 3 cents for single numbers: o* $1 ?%> per year. SPIRIT OE THE MORNING PRIjSS. CWion is jubilant over the triumph of the Democracy of Pennsylvania over disaffec tion, as evinced in the sitting State Convention at Harrisburg The Unun oontroverts with force thevsrious positions assumed by Mr. Seward in his speech on Wednesday last, and in conclusion says : " We ar* perfectly honent in declaring that, as a work of inherent ml?chief. filled In Us every l'ne with the fatal elements of wdition and con splracy, his speech on Wednesday last excceds all others which blind partizan^hip and political malice have yet predated to the American people." Th? Intelltgencer has no editorial to-day 1 ? ? ? 1 WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Mb. Hoard's Resolctios, which occupied the House during the major part of the day be fore yesterday, provides for the appointment of a committee to investigate charges contained in ah irresponsible newspaper paragraph, to the effect that the President had used the execu tive patronage to influence the ro e of a mem ber on the Kansas bill. The paragraph cited charges that Mr Burns, of the Ohio delega tion. was avowedly opposed to the Leoompton Constitution, and having suddenly changed his opinion, was interrogated as to his alleged vas cillation. when he replied he was to beoome the recipient of certain executive favors in con sequence thereof. It goes on to state that these favors consist in the retention of Mr B.'s son iu-law as Postmaster at Keokuk, Iowa, and his own appointment, on the expiration of his Congressional term, as United States Marshal for the northern district of Ohio. In the preamble to his resolution Mr. Iloard "iterates this charge, and, by his modification introduced on the day before yesterday, de clare* that "common fame" accuse? the Presi dent, not only now, but in years past, of thus wrongfully using the patronage attaching to that position. It is because of these allega tions by an unknown newspaper writer and generalized rumors by "oommon fame"?lying opposition slanders, well known to be such by Mr: Hoard, if he is endowed with brains suffi cient to scratch himself when he itches?that the resolution was introduced; and even in Ma speech before the House, Mr H. did not dare to make a definite assertion that any cor ruption had occurred or was about to occur. On the contrary, he advocated his resolution solely on the ground of the above-mentioned 5Sports and rumors. We have set this matter forth thus perspicu ously, to illustrate on what shallow pretexts ?noh grave charges are uttered against the chief officer of the nation. All the allegations are ?rude and unshapen. no specific charges what ever being embodied in them They consist in mere vsgue reports and idle rumors. On the day before yesterday, when the mover of the resolution was on the floor, he gave the sources whence his information was derived ; and one of the gentlemen alluded to as being among his Lnivrmaata explained that he had only related Mt. H. what was told him by another mem ber. >"ow, we ask. does it not convey a reproach on theoharacter and intelligence of the Ameri can people, that gentlemen who have sufficient influence in their districts to become members of Congreas will so far lose their sense of aclf Tespect as to east the most offensive and injuri ous imputations on the characters of fellow netnbers, on such unsubstantial and trivial k"ounds as those pointed out above? We are *** the virulence of political dispersions will sometimes lead even gentlemen to disre gard the eourtesies of life in order to gain van tage over an opponent; but this, we believe, is the first Instance within our knowledge where "members of one party have allowed their an tagonism toward* an opposing party to impel them to seek the destruction of both the public *nd private repntation of a fellow-mem her, without, apparently, even the shadow of a foundation on which to lay their charge When it ia remembered too, that the charac ter of the chief officer of the nation is sought to be involved to a serioua extent in this affair, the unprincipled wantonness of the attempt becomes more palpable. Can it be that thia utter indifference about the fueling* of others? this total abnegation of respect towards those who differ in opinion with the prosecutors of thia eharge is the result of party animosity alone* Is it not, rather, more plausible to suppose that the sffair grows out of a desire on the part of some friend of the Republican mem bers who were last year adjudged guilty of cor ruption and bribery. U> revenge the effect of -that action of Congress towards them on the j>arty to which they belonged, by endeavoring to heap equal obloquy and disgrace on the head of some member of the Democracy of the House? Thia seems so to us; and if it is the case, the effort i* more than ever worthy of de nunciation. and must react with retributive foree on the heads of Those seeking v, perpe trate the wrong. Mr. Barns, on the day betore yesterday, as will be seen desired that the investigation should be instituted, and introduced other res olutions with that view, whieh Mr. Hoard ac cepted in lieu of his own The House, how ever, very wisely considered the chargea too ?ague and indefinite to be worthy of notiee, and hence laid the whole aubject on the table. We are more than half inclined to believe that <Mr Hoard has acted in this matter the part of an instrument in the handj of other partiea be hind the curtain. ^POWTKMTi BT III PBESirZNT?by and irith t*J advice and consent of (As Senate.? Collectors of the Customs ? William S. Pom eroy; diatrjet of Fairfield, Conn. ? reappointed iieorge P. Eddy, district of Niagara, N Y , ariee A. V E Hotchkiss, whose commission ex pired ; Orville Bobinaon district of Oswego, X T , vice Enoch B Talcott, whose commission, expired Warren Bryant, district of Boflalo Creek, N. Y , vice John T Hudson, whose commisaion expired; William H. Curtis, dia trict of Yorktown. Ya., vice Joseph B. Brit dngham. resigned; John F. Parker, district ot Cherrystone, Ya.?reappointed; Henry F. Haneock. district of Washington, N. C ?re appointed Julius A iiaratte. district of St. Mary s. Oa ? reappointed; Bobert X. McMil lan, district of Terhe. La.?reappointed; Ben jMnia F Washington, diatrict of San Francisco MilU,n 8 Lath?ta?. resigned 9uft)ty?rs e/ iAs Cuuemt - William A. Uayden, Hartford, Conn ?reappointed; Wil liam A. Quynn, Nottingham, Md ? reappoint ed ; William 8hands. City Point, V??reap pointed , William N. Mitchell, V> indsor, N C. ?reappointed; Char lea Fagot, Poiyahartrain, La.?reappointed . Joshua H. Davis, La Vaea, Texaa?reappointed; William A. Linn, St. Louie, Mo.?reappointed ISavnl Ofirer?C. C. Robinson, district of Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.?reappointed. Knocking them Rioht ant> Lekt.?TbeCon necticut agent for sending news by telegraph to " the Associated Press, ' true to hia anti Democratic party instincts, a day or two ago misrepresented the position of tbe Hon. Mr. Pratt, the Democratic nominee for Governor, on the Leeompton Constitution question? intimating, in perhaps a hundred newspa per:*?to be copied into a thousand more? that bis head is sore?that he is an absquatn Utor. Fortunately, we oaught a glimpae of hia diapatoh in question before inaerting it in the Star, and took due care to expose his mis representation of Mr. P.'s political position. The following extract frcm the New York Tribune shows that thia effort to misrepreaent to the oountry the fact that the Connecticut Demoeracy are true to their political prinoi plea, waa, in effect, just what we pronounced it to be on publishing it: The Democracy of Connecticut held a State Convention at New Haven yesterday, and noral natrd tbe following ticket; for? Governor?James T Pratt, Hartford. Lieut. Governor?John Cotton Smith, Sharon Secretary of State?F Williams, jr., Stonington. Treasurer?Daniel B. Warner, East Haddam. Controller?Peleg C. Child, Woodstock. A aerie* of half-and-half resolutions were re ported, which did not suit the full-blocdt-d sup porters of the Administration After a warm debate the Lecomptonites carried the day, tbe resolutions were recommitted, and after having been tortured into an approval of Mr. Buchanan's policy, were forced through under the operation of the previous question. Election day will dis close the existence of some " fishy Democrats," to use one of the organ's elegant phrases, in Con necticut, if we are not mistaken. The point of the result of tbe effort to seduce the Connecticut Democratic State Convention from their allegiance to Democratic principles, is involved in the " fix" in which it leaves Mr. Douglas and his fellow ab*quatulator9 The Democracy of but three Northern Stages have spoken formally and officially upon the Le eompton Constitution question?that of New York in their recent town elections, find those of Pennsylvania and Connecticut in their sub sequent State Conventions; each in so doing striking a stunning blow against the position occupied by the sore-beaded ones, in earnestly standing by tbe National Administration and the Democracy of Congress. We have a private letter from Kalamaxo, Michigan, the residence of Senator Stuart, from an observing and reliable gentleman, assuring us that the mischief that gentleman managed to do at home before th6 people could properly underhand the subject, is already almost en tirely undone. Thousands there, our corres pondent writes, who were not long since against the admission of Kansas with the Leeompton Constitution, are now indignant against tbe manner in which they were deceived with ref erence to the true merits of the question and the real points in issue, and are already among the most ardent friends of the measure. Appointments. ? The following appoint ments have been made by the Secretary of the Interior, and confirmed by the Senate : Edward K. Chase, of Michigan, to a second class clerkship in the Pension Office. vice A. V. llofer, resigned. Wm Darmon, of New Jersey, to a first class clerkship in the Pension Office. To be Registers of Land Offices, to wit: Lewis G. Pyles. at Newnansville, Fla.; Wm W Lewis, at Bates*ille. Ark : Wm. J. Owen, at Champagnole, Ark.; Wm P. Johnson, at Washington, Ark.; Lewis Palms, at New Or leans. La.; John B Clautier, at Natchitoches. La.; Oliver Ba>ham. at Clarksville, Ark.; L. B. Cumming. at Fayetteville, Ark.; Warren H. Graves, at Springfield. Mo.; Mark L. Means, at Warsaw. Mo. To be Receivers of Public Moneys. Yiz : A. L. Woodward, at Tallahassee. Fla.; J. L. Dickson, at Fayetteville, Ark.; Jas. C. Tappan. at Helena, Ark ; Wm. T. Sargent, at Cham pagnole, Ark.; Charles B. Mitchell, at Wash ington, Ark.; N. B. Holden. at Warsaw. Mo.; T. J. Bishop, at Springfield, Mo.; H.W. Palfrey, at New Orleans, La.; Jesse B. Clenden, at Greensburg. La. To bo Superintendents of Indian Affairs, to wit: Alex. M. Robinson, of Missouri, lor the Cen tral Superintendence-; Elias Rector, of Arkan sas. for the Southern Superintendence'; Wm. J. Cullen, of Indiana, for the Northern Super intendency ; Jacob Forney, of Pennsylvania, for the Indians of Utah. To be Indian Agonts, to wit: Cyrus K Drew, of Indiana, for the Indians east of the Rocky Mountains and north of New Mexico and Texas; Alfred J. Yaughn, for the Blaokfeet and other tribes; Diego Archuleto. of New Mexico, Christopher Carson, of New Mexico, Samuel Yost, of Missouri, and Wm. R. Harley, of fcipsissippi, for the Indian tribes of New Mexico; Yineent Qeiger, for the tribes in California; Wm H. Garrett, for the Creek In dians; David Vanderslice, of New Jersey, for the Iowas, Sacs, and Foxes of Missouri; Douglas 11. Cropper, of Mississsppi, for the Choctaws and Cbickasaws; Andrew J. Dorn, of Missouri, for the Senecas, Osages and other Indians. [COMMt'NICATKO. A Banxetpt Law ?We see that finally there Las been a movement inaugurated In tbe United States Senate for a general bankrupt law ; that 't Is in the hands of tbe able Senator from Georgia, (Mr. Toombs ) All that we have yet been able to learn about It Is, that It is intendrd to avoid, in this bill, all tbe fatal errors of the bill of 18*1, and to include banks and other corporations, to compel tbein to pay or fail. This is a highly de sirable measure, and should it pass, as we think it will, will be a great l>eneflt to both debtor and creditor in closing up tbe results of tbe panic. It will give thousands of good, active and honest men a chance to be useful, who are now loaded down with debts they can never pay, and will have a strong tendency to prevent the recurrence of such panics in future. Tbe bills of all the Htrites will l>e good only where they must pay or liquidate at once, and this will prevent danger oos expansion or over-trading Tbe principle was tlr*t suggested in tbe presiden 'a Message; and now tbe first movement is from a Southern Senator. But we are satisfied that the North and West will gi*e a hearty respouse to it. Some may object ou tbe ground that loss Is to result to creditors That, however, Is not the case. Cred I tors never lose by a good bankrupt law. True, tbey find out what tbey have lost before the bank ruptcy, and undoubtedly much sooner than tbey would under any other circumstances, and tbu? save goln^ so deep into a sinking ship. The Sax Francisco Globe.?Much cred:t is due to this journal for tbe energy and ef ficiency with which it has combat ted for the cause of the Democracy npon the Leeompton Constitution question. It threw itself boldly into tbe breach when the disappointed office ?eeekers in its region first essayed to use the issue as a means ot dividing the Democratic party organisation, and by the boldness and vigor of its well-put arguments, it soon suc ceeded in inducing tbe patriotically disposed to comprehend that to be unfaithful on the Le eompton Constitution question, was in effeot to go over to tbe Republican party?the due com prehension of which fact speedily made the anti- Leeompton Demoeracy of California ' small by degrees and beautifully less. ' Xbb Weathb*?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from (he Mom Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. Th% time of observation is ahont8 o'clock am: March ?, less. . New York, H. Y .....clear, very cold Philadelphia. Pa clear, very cold * Baltimore, Md clear, very cold. Frederick, Md clear, very cold. Cumberland. Md... clear, very cold Wheeling, Va.... clear, very cold. Washington. D- C clear, th l'J.wird NW. Richmond, Va clear, th W. Petersburg, Va clear, cold. Norfolk, Va. wind N .th.!?. Wilmington, N C.........clear, cold. # Columbia, 8 C clear, cold. Charleston, S. C clear, tb.42. wind NF. Augusta,Oa cloudy, cold. Savannah, Ga ..clear, th.42 wind N W Macon, Ga cloudy, cool. Columbus, Ga.............clear, pleasaiij. Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Lower Peach Tree, Ala... .clear. Mobile, Ala clear, pleasant. Gainesville, Miss clear, pleasant. New Orleans, La clear, th. 57, windSF Barometer at the Smithsonian, at 7 a. m , (cor rected for temperature,) 30.114. Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, 7^ ""j near the ground, 8\". Mean temperature yesterday, 14*. maxim 90*. CONOR ESS ION A L. Thirty-filth Congress?First Session* Tax Sb?iatk was not in session yesterday. Tub House was occupied In receiving reports of private bills after our report closed. Mr. Goode, by unanimous consent, Introduced a bill granting additional powers to the Corpora tion of Washington ; referred to the District of Columbia Committee. The House then resolved itself Into Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, and took up the private calender from the Court of Claims A number of bills were considered and the re port of the Court,of Claims concurred in. After which the Commitree rose and reported, and the House adjourned till Monday. lards PERSONAL. Commodore Reed, U. S. N , Is at Wil Levi J North, the celebrated equestrian. has been elec'.ed an Alderman at Chicago, by the Democrats. ....Among the distinguished strangers now here, we perceive \Vm. D Kennedy, Esq , '?father of the council" of Tammany Society, who has apartments at Willards*. The Hon. Charles Mason, of Iowa, late Commissioner of Patents, in among the distin guished strangers now in Washington. His numerous friends here will find him at the Wash ington House. The Atlanta (Ga.) Examiner says, "Mr. Phil. Rice, the celebiated hanjoist, died on the Floating Palace, on the Mississippi river, at Grand Lake. Arkon the 4th of December. Mr. Rice was acknowledged by the best musicians of the age to be the most perfect performer on that instrument of the present day. It will be remembered that he gave instructions on the tianjo to Thalberg, the celebrated pianist He is the author of 'Phil Rice's lnstructous on the Banjo, with or without Music.' " Thk Prksit>knt Sustained? Tammany Hall Celebration of the Anniversary of A>.? Inaugura tion ?The New York papers of yesterday morn ing are filled with the proceedings of the great demonstration of the people of New York on the 4Jh Instant, who assembled in obedience to a call of three thousand five hundred of the leading business men of that city, "to sustain President Buchanan'' in his desire to settle the Kansas controversy by its immediate admission as a State. It was the second gathering of the De mocracy of New York within a week, and Is de scribed as unparalleled in the enthusiasm and unanimity which characterized it. Tammany Hall was absolutely parked so that hundreds did not obtain convenient access. General John A Dix was unanimously chosen President, with a long array of Vice Presidents and Secretaries, among whom we notice the names of many of the most prominent citizens of the commercial me tropolis. General Dlx, on taking the chair, was greeted with three cheers. He addressed the msiltitude atconsiderable Length, closing as follows : "I believe the President, in all he has done, has acted with the most patriotic and disinter ested motives. I have confidence in his wisdom as well as his Integrity I am sure your ftith in him and his upright intentions is not inferior to my own. Let us then stand by him, aad let us be assured that in banishing from the halls of legislation a subject of sectional controversy, we shall contribute to unite the conservative Influence of all sections of the confederacy upon the great public measures with which the prosperity of the country and lianquility of the Union are so close ly interwoven." Letters were received from Hon. Howell Cobb, Hon. Aaron V. Brown, Hon. Isaac Toucey, and Hon Jacob Thompson, and from Hons. Rrverdy Johnson, John Slidell, A. G Brown, and a num ber of other dlstinguUbed (>?>r*on<i. The speakers were Hon. Robert M McLane,of Baltimore, Hon. John Van Buren, and Hon John Cochrane. " The tone ol the meeting,'1 says tLe Herald, "was such as to show that the Adminis tration has the hearty and unflinching support of the Democracy of the metropolis." The Times says: '? The mass meeting at Tammany Hall last eve uing was all that the friends of the Administra tion could desire as an anniversary celebration of the inauguration of James Buchanan, and in de monstration of the favor of his Kansas policy. Kx-Senator John A. Dix presided, and opened the meeting with a clear and eloquent exposition of his reasons for sustaining the President. John Van Buren spoke some farty-tive minutes, and was unusually happy, even for him. Hon. R M. Mcl^ine. of Maryland, and John Cochrane were the other orators, and both were well received ; though Mr. Cochrane, not commencing till past 10 o'cloca, was heard at a great disadvantage. The attendance during much of the evening was all that Tammany could accommodate, and of an unusually sober and solid sort." The St Lous Tkaukdt.?We find in the St. Louis pa(>erstbe second and third days' proceed ings in the examination of Charles Sanders alias Taylor, charged with conspiracy, arson and mur der in the Pacific Hotel case. The testimony thus far elicited does not by any means warrant the very exciting statements published on the morn ing after Taylor's arrest. The large sum of mo ney alleged to have been In the possession of the supposed murdered man, appears never to have existed. Taylor did not arrive at th? Towufley House after or during the alarm of fire, but an hour before. He did not go there without boots or shoes on, but had his boots on and was other wise In full dress. No blood was discovered on the sheets in which he slept. Thus are some of the hideous features of this affair, as It first ap peared, entirely obliterated At the same time there Is every reason to believe that there was foul play somewhere, but where, It is Impossible at present to determine. Later From Naw Mexico ?The Westport (Missouri) correspondent of the St. L uis Repub liran states that Mr. Kitchen, from New Mexico, b.ings intelligence of a desperate fight having occurred between the Pawnee and Arapahoe In dians on the Pawnee Fork, In which ten of the former were killed and many wounded. Mr. Kitchen also reports being present at a meeting of a large number of Camnnche and Klowo Indians, who expressed the best feeling towards t^e whites, and stated that as far as they were c incerned, the trains would not be molested. The Indian tribes were all quiet in New Mexico. IET The act reorganizing the militia of the State of Virginia, says the Alexandria Gazette, Is construed by high authority, as providing for the immediate vacation of the several offices in every volunteer regiment and company in the State, to which commissions are attached. An Incidxnt or the Rklisious Revival ? The New York Tribune says: The celebrated Orvllle Gardner, familiarly called -'Awful Gardner,' prize-fighter and train er of pugilists, has been recently brought under the Influence of the general revival He is now at a small town in the vicinity of New York, where his brother was recently converted, and where he himself has been lea to consider seri ously the subject of religion He attended an Inquiry meeting held in the Methodist Church, and to the surprise and pleasure of the better class of his friends, requested the prayers of the congregation?a request which on three ditterent occasions he repeated Having some Important business to attend to in this city, a friend asked him if he would "jump into the cars and go and attend to it ?" He replied '-I have more Import ant business to attena to first, and 1 shall not go to the city till it is done " He has at present under his training three men for a prize light. On being asked if he would give them further leaaons, he replied that he would go to them soon, but on a different errand from that of box ing and training and that he would try and per suade taem to give up their fighting, to reform their character, and to embrace religion We learn that his earnestness and seriousness are un doubted, and that he has become hopefully con verted rY^5=?A STATED MEETING of the Colombia K nTn^i'*'*'>hi0a' ^?c,ety Wl" M |t (Y^?MR. EDITOR.?In the Htir of *e?.terday I L_5 evening appeared the came of Hugh McCaf frey, arretted fc>r riot mi T*e person arretted it DO' J. Hugh McCaflraj, Machinist, resjdwg :n the Huith Ward. ir ry-S^AN ADJOl'RNKD MEETING OF THE lU Catho 1 os' Beneficial Total Abstinence 8oct ftr will hehe:d TO MORROW tSuirkjJ EVE NING. Marah 7tli, at 5 o*atock praoiteljr* Futc'nii attendance is desired. It* JAMES N- CALLAN. <**o'y rv-y-SlR: I DESIRE TO BRING TO YOUR ft. < not-ce fke very efficient and clever abilities oM?ar fellow citizen, Mr. C. Hkllkr, in his Book binder* bssimi. I hove had work done in severa' parts of Europe and tins country, and was never oetter served than with Mr Heller,(No.428 First street th in cost and b<wrt* of bitmh. I feel it a pleasure to say to the citizens in gencial to give him a trial. If M. 1. ry-p-SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.?Re*. Dr. [Li McIlvai* will oontinne his oonrse on "Eth LoWy end Philology," an MONDAY and tVKD N t Si) AY EVENINGS, March ?th and loth. m 6 4t rv^y?TC)UNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCI I k 5 ETY ?The retculsr monthlv meeting of this society wil be held at the parish scnool-room of y?t Patrick's church, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Maroh 7th, at 3 o'clock. A general attendance of members is requested, its the semi annual report Will be presented, ana other interesting business transacted. m5 2t JAMES J. MITCHELL, Sec. ;y-5=?SMlTHSONIAN LECTU* ES -Rev. J. Li H. McIlvaiki, l>. D-, of Rochester, N. V., wTlT lecture on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVKM VG. ofthii week. Subject: " Philology in some of its bearings upon Ethnology, and embracing some aooount of tha Sanscrit and Persian Anowhead languages." m 3-3t rv^5=?THE WAY TO SAVE YOUR MONhY is tocall at J. SCHAFFIELD'S Baltimore Confectionery. 6tn street, between O and H. where tnareisthe very l?est assortment of Cakes, mide of the best materials, and sold lower than elsewhere in the Distn t. Creams, of *II flavor*, made of the purest cream, at $l je p?-r gallon. Partiouar atten tion paid to the furnishing of Private Parties. Balls, Cotillons, at tha lowest rates, and at the shortest n^tio?. fe9-eo2m DR. POPE. Homeopathic P*ynieian and Surgeon, DeMenou or Chain Buildings, No. 376 H street, north side, between 13th and 14th stp._ d l9-eo3m ry-^=? 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BR E DA respectfull? begs leave to inform hit friends and the publio of Washington, and Georgetown, that he has justopenedlU a RESTAUR A N T o i the corner of Pa.^ avenue ami .6th street, on the hiH.tdja cent to Kock (.'reek Bridge, where eve rything in his line can always be furnished at a short notice, and of the innst approved qualities, m 4 3t* Lace:?lace !-lace! FOK TEN DAYS ONLY \\ M. HAYMAN is just returnmr to Europe and is selling off his emainlrg stock t,f his rich assort ment of Laces at unheard of low prices, oonsisting HONITON SETS and COLLARS. ROUND POINT do d>. POINT APPLiQUE do. do. VALLANCE do. do. LACE4, black and white, by the piece or yard. RICH CAPES and MAN f'li.LAS of the richest designs, at the "LAKES," 5"4 Penusylvania ave nue. iii4- w WM. HAYMAN fjp R UNKS! TRUNKS!! TRUNKS!!! The urd 'rsiz^ed has now and constantly ke*pa ? :i luind ii lar^e and \civ supe- , assortment of Sole l.eatheri ^llTliTKl'NKS AND VALISES: also! Ir.m Frame aril Wood-Box TRUNKS;" VELVET TAP US TRY and CANVAS TRAVELING HAGS a d SATCHELS; fine SADDLES. HARNESS. WHIPS, Ac. We are prepared to compete with the best manu facturers, in pro^.f of the following Re port of Ue Committee at the Fair of the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute for 1867: Toph'in A Norfl?t deposited a Sole-leather TrunK that is, for solidity and quality of maternal, tie best on exhibition. Jeskin Thomas, Saddler. B. S. Kinsey, Currier. N. B.?Trunks Covered and every description of Repairing executed with neatness and dis atch. JAS S. TOPHAM. No. 4WD 7th street, oppo. Odd Fellows' Hall, m 4 1y Washington, I). C *po THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. Wolpk's Schkidam Aromatic Scu>app?. The proprietor begi leave to oall the attention of strangers atid the citizens of Washington, to a very superior artio!e of Holland Gin, whioh be introduced to the Amenoan pubiie under the name of Wolfe'a Scheidam Arotnatio Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Sohiedam, Holland. It is made from the beet Barley that oan be prooured in Europe, at any oost, and flavored and medicated, not by the oomnion harsh berry, but by the most choice bctanioal ve.riety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extract ik distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus becomes a oouoeutrated tinoture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor dial and Mediomal properties any aloohoho beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly ths whole Medical Faoulty of the United States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medioa. Persons who purchase should be oareful to get the genuine article, as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint bottles, in oases of one dozen each, and for sale by*ali the respeotable Drug gists and Grooers in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York. deo 12-3m MB. BRADY respectfully announces that he ? has established A GALLERY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART >n Washington,at No.352 Pa.a.enue.(overSweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant A Co.'s Banking House.) Hsis prepared to cxeoute commissions for the Imperial Phonograph, hifherto m?de only at his wnll-known establishment in New York. A variety of unique and rare PhotogTaphio speoi mens are inoluded in his collection, together with portraits of many of the most distinguished oitizens of the United S'.ates. Mr. Bhaot brings to his Washington Gallerv the results of fourteen years' experience in Europe and America, and the choicest products of his art during <hat period. He feeia confident that the re sources at hisoommand and the artistic quality of his works will oommend his Giyjlery to th* atien'ion of the Washington puWIic. jm 36-eotf rpHE NEW BOOKSTORE. FR ANKLIN PHILP respectfu'ly informs his friend - and the public that he has leased the store, t now in the occupancy of Messrs. White A Le.J No. !?2 Pennsylvania avenue, between Nib h and Tenth streets. Having just returned from the north ern cities, he has per?onaliy marie a selection of En glish and American Books and Stationery, which wilt be found, on examination, to be of the choicest kind. FromF. Philp along and varied experience in Europe and America, ooup'ed with connexions in London snd Paris, his facilities will not be inferior to anr house in the United States. F. Phii.p purposes opening ms establishmont on oraliout lie loth of M rch next. Further particu lars in future advertisement*. felH-eotiothMch FRANKLIN PHILP. NOTICE.?A tetter mai ed in this city on tne Utb instant, to the address of i^inmoa A Brogden, Baltimore, c ivering rote drawn h> on?se've? to our own order and endorsed at 4 months, 5 h February, 1858 for $834 70, payable at the oo^nting-rooin of Lemmon A Broaden, Baltimore, having failed to reach its destination, all parties are hereby cau tioned against negotiaiingsaid note. feaJf RARROITM ? REM MRS. on AAA PEACH TREES, aU^UUU At 9io P*m Homn. For sale at my Nure*ry, near Washington. The above Treea ?.re all of fine frowth, and of tkseaa beat aeleot fruit. S Also, a general aasortment of OR NAM EN-^* TREF8 SHADE, and FRUIT JOSHUA PKIRCH, RsMAINirW8! ?? ViTTSK. WaaAiaftoa City. D. C.. Mitch ??. I&M. (Ordfrtdto b?imrtfd u the KmiM Stab, it sgar !B til* following Vy Peraon* apply ia? for| MUfhU please n? tfeer are e Atfcsy, Mary M w Adaa*. 1 ?4la E Hes.e k. Hery * ? r? a, Iomt? H?H, Ju' O LABIM' LIS*. Fullar. Mr* ? Pi* b?r, Fw ? T FrMllll, Aba* L r Mtii a*? r Ktn.aa. 8 ? ?-?ran Br* t M-.rel.n4, A?a R tally Hotlwa, k uhML I Wa.pAy ?li?T^ Browa. 1*1* . A ? 8 Froot. Saiah 9 3 Pia.u, Cawa ? (?ldal?, Ll'lia flikkt, >W7 faan. Buaaa A Bal.1 ? B, Lj dia H 2 liratH t, H Patch, 8a ah H?ld?ls, Mai. UmaWHi. Otti il Tall (raw. Ur?i Bennett. lira li C Mar atr, Mra Cap! rUB| bray, V W Bart I li, Mia- I. V Grafton. Mra r>?# a lira II C BokufCMti*. A M tfraalaff, Mra C farirr, Sarah kr??x b, Sel'y 1 (llanctrah lira K 4tra?l. Winnie Bun..we, Mra Uo dehor. a^k.Jaaa K?;a?ail Mr* Br.? kley, *a-ab A Gaakll, >ar.h J Brow .,M ?M jlitt Goi4oa, Hard B4.ll r, Mia Bee Man Helen Be, uol ? Cyntble B Boblua. u. Mra C

BUk.roa.Mra MAT Smlta, him i Simm*. Fiaa pa Smith. Mra L ?mllb, Rmellae 8 Bnrke, Mary J Galaey. Mar*. Brll. Barbel Mall. Mra Wm Kiaad, Malt 4a " -'n Mil la BiacA, 8ar h V M II, Faney W Burke. Ce theme fl-ary. (iiaaa I Bates. Mra K 8 Mall, Hel?e II Brows, lira ? Ho lay. Bal y Cola?*. Mary Heuderaoi. KnUrUlMt, Babe ra P ?^kartll Hatty Blckey Haiy limy, kJ I Cameroa, J at, ma R Han ??>?4. Hre M E 8liopeoa. Mra 8 P C??- ly. Utra Hti??r4, Uuia Saliva*, Jo a fete a Os?fcell, Harla Hatdla.y, Jana Ooea- I M ? f Hataa, Mra A OMtpball. Mia M A Mala I p. Jen* la Caldwell. Mra T J Moatl.a ? ra C Cock rail, Hiaa I Hat aoa, Delia C Ch Biberl* a, G Ingram. Mlaa Hall Coarcay, M a J ana I aac. Mlaa A B Camp a I, Bila A Jobn-on Jane Cburcbll Canle M Collars. Anas Cross, Ola. la Olv ka?a, na ab Bawaiii, Vlrg.ala I'Ot.ovaB, Mra Dlgg Mra J tKuuK CJ DacgrrlUld, Hra E trlcao, Mary RUIa, Mra C M k Brni t, Kit a ..beta E?i>t.e y. Aui la ("lower , Maria PayAer, aop la Suttoa 8 pbla Ta)l r, Mra H 0 Tartar. J ana Tra?1 . Brid pal lailaa, H?ry J Ta aar. B.kac-ca Taaaay, Hai y *u .l, Mra a If Kirk wood. Mary J Wale, Mnt E lly, M.rrt Bliby, Ma iba J H Eeane. Mra John MeO nald. Harla M??h M.ry kit a. Ana M(%ai|b Mary Max**. Eu.lly Fortiu yara, Marft H. Graa, Mary Piuaie. Mra Wm Wa kar. Harla atKTLBHBira LIST M abb. Pa. atof?a Weekee, Hra b t Wll lata*. Hrry Wofc-bar. Hra W T Whealer Saaan I Wurtl'lagtvaHr MP Woo4w*r4, Har) J WlliUeaa, kmma Mabaiar, Hr. aoa apple ton A Oa A I'Ley, W iu Arnold, ThoS P An4r*w?, Sol Allan. Slug ab 1. t Audr.w., Or Sol I Adnlph, ri> Auder.ou Partar A Ilia. Jolin t Am ar. Ja> T Adau.a, Joba Q Atkl. a, Hliaai A.l?ta?, lie 1 Ad*ma. F l> a BcklaaJ, (baa M w.i da, A f 0.1. Wa Paala, Sbarplay Praatraa. h Fola/. Pat lefc Plauifan, Mr Praaar, PaJ r Punka, J.rob Puwlar, John Parrall, Jbo P Pn-C* ua, J Hanry Porter. Jaa M P li ar, Ja? B Parry, Joba Pirurb. P8 Pai.iargaat.Jr Ironf Carroll riU(*rai<i. IMwd Poll.rA. M.o L Prlea. Wa Prall, Mot 1 U Pbu.aay, MaJ 8 B Plpar ? B Paal Saail 8 Pratt, Oraob I arry, Moa H C Par ab, La*l H Piarra, Jual A J Po wara, Ja< T Potatil, Jaba A A'lau Cli-a T A r iii*t, Cbaa AKsaudar, k W Audrawa, 0 C > Cliaa C A dilcb, 0, ro I Ai.d n a.llCD Ariaal 01 g, A J Aa. a, A H Auatlu, & H K.abatraS. Mou C B Poilar, M Uibai.a, Cat t W H Piaraa. r Utbba, W H O -aaa. Wm w, Wm A t Oal land. Saul liarlaiid, Ma da (larra da. Jao H Ualhrla, J B Oo?fIn, Jaa H a?l AliJarauu,Jod?a At Uraau. Boa J L by rldga. w m Buro?, Wb? W biaAa Piv( W P bur wall, W M ? brovha, Win K Browu. Li w M Uiihiculra. Tb<* bryaa, Thn B Ulng am Tltoi Bmn, T.a.4 ra Btua. a. 8 J Ha 1 boar, 8 Bro? n, 6 P boat n, 8 bl K br. daliaw, Ur S br?*?, Klrlia: d OladtHaa. J o tirlniea. Jaa W Uarhai d, Joba Uaiidra , O rlat, Pradk GUiait, U 1. Pra laulaaia , B < a- man, Uad U>lI. Kiwi Uu at, i> w Uo. ditu, Dr Uoddard, C k H'.raay, Geo f il-.Il. W A Hudi^n, M Holoi*a, V E Bali 11 ? r A t'atlai ? u Hardy, Thoa Bi b r, fat Bell, Hou r H BaW' r, P-ta. C bo< tu, o P Buruhatu, Kial an Barnai 4, M t bnr< Hr Brown, Mr Biawuar J C Bi-irian, J Oi'o Bmtty. Jnd^a Ji o Hainan Tt.oa Ta kar. Ky 8 PauUlaf B B Parry, I wai 4 Phi lip. a. B F Paik*r, Cbaa H Pratt Cba> B Pay lob, Oa. 0 Parkar, Ckarb* Pa kar, Maa Aaa Pair alio, a Paak. (Bl M iwtn, Wilaoa Mloi. a 1 Kbivlaa. W C da Bald. Wm Bobtoaoa, Tboe B-fflald J P Baiua. Ool B T Baiaana. B bl K bl'.aoa, K li A Co Kit haid, L M Bid-ila. Jao kaa I. Cap Jao W K bib oa, Jao L Ki?art, Jio C kaoi, J W Bitabard.on, J P bar man JuvuaaUt ttoimeari, J K Hawkma, Maj T T 1 Brllay, Jaan Huwa d, TU^a Kay, Jao U Hoir aw. Mr Kuaa U Jua C Mana>y, 8an>' J t It (|t. Joa A Haioiar, 8anil l( char da, Jo? K Hatch, Ko t B Kua all Mob Joa Hammond P 2 Ha d J M barr. O lv?r K Kadcill, Joa HiKitir, Mi Lohbrrta, H aiy Hall. Hr Ka(tn. Ha b Bat.a. J Boyd. I?r J breuiuar Jaati bcuraa, J?um bis ar Juo W Bariar, Juo T Baard, Jco H browua, J K<.aa 1 Borden. Hen J <V BayUr, W , J H B aka, Jaa B bu, Jaa B Ban.**, laaac U Bvrda. , John Butx-r, Juo brawn Uon H 8 Babc. ck, H- ur y U Brackn y Habry koberta. Haury Brown, Bale .man Harryisa- , I Uol mall, Uan Jo* S Kan olpb, Kuoa Hancock, J110 Ho, Jao W Ha'lu.'ii, John S Hu*b Jao 8 hainpti:il J al Hain l?J< ? rid, J H Hai b>u?b. Juo Ha!1, Prof Jaa Hamphiar*, J Howard, Jaa K Bo klua. JVU Harria, J 8mlth Harrle, J C Hamilton, Jan Hill, MaJ Hanry Bauca. Edwd B K a*tlr.*a, k 4} A Co Ba rapt F Bal ay, K Brewu Ball, Kd* iu Bal . Lt Da?M Bark. r, t> K fc'riuari, l> k Bradley. C 8 buAardlu C Harnett, Cbaa bra.IIord, C A Hartidan, k B Uarmao l>aul Dabl K Botua b, Carl Batniltoa, C J Barrlgao, Cbaa T. B ubb rd, Cbaa U lllbk.ey, Baij Bill. Baiij Hall, Hou A Heuabtlwoo4, A Bart ett, M et.rCH Hi-lUy, Hon A H Bradlord, Oen C M Jr. In-, Wu Bond, L*b Berry, Alonz-i Br .wii, AiiiU. tut b IU. Al?c L bro^k, A'.bait Bo b . au, W H (,'iok W 3 Ca <?rll, Wm M 5 Col ?? l|;e, W M 1 Cran lie, Wm N CI "iu, W S Cilntou T'o a Canty, Tli^a Catiuavau, Yboe Carter. Siml H Corblli, 8 Weitford rvficUo ', l-K'hd C 1 Laii . Lafayette 1 Kiai 4au. Keardon L>?i. n a K-> uau4, Adolpba Stapp. Col W W Sibtth, Wb L 8aaleaura. Capl W b 81 l r ur, M'n. baain Wm Shackeiford, Tbne biev<ua a Thoa B 8 'aie , Bob IV* 8u?l, Thorn a* B Stc eoeob. Cat F B Smith, aami 8 a ope, Hon 8 P t bbiltoti. Col Jao 8 8te*eaeca, Wm O 8ta.rue HO I Scan lab. Michael 8he?kan. J A 8ml b. Jao B Sinclair. Joba Sn?wd*a, M.j J N 8cbi alcber, Jbo H bu) 4er. Jama* Sanborn, Juo !> t Smith, Jao I Scott, Jao L bu-ltu, JII8I 8uy4e', Jaa A ' St kaa. Jae ? Slo-rldaB, John CH-ob, J T Smith. Jaa L Smy tu. Bear/ B 8 - itt, at D Caitei, K K Cr)B<, Koit 8 C.ary. P Cli. .d, P?:e? C C oaainau, O B C"* N J Ltual Cos. Luke Cottah, Capt J A t Courad, J W, I'sN Cockeitll, J K, M J K Couoo ly. JoUu CoS. Jaluil II C'loea O, H J O'iue^ys Hob J P Cuaae. J K Calve. I, J 8 Clemtu*., Hou J Coylaope. W W Corrldou, John < a:tar, J B.akely Caru-y. J ha Cictii 1 n, John T Che e'al, Hilary Maechau, J>.u.ea Murj-liy, J no P Mere<liUi. JoUu B Moore, John Hoyten, John Caite. Bi aryPlrrce H .(ulra. J P Curiae, H raaua MlU;he!l. Jaa C t Croae, He > C K aea. Ulnvanl Oolite, n, Georja 0 C.?k, Geo F T Currla, D T Ca>tro, Duti'lDgo De Hac.ean. J H Crow, Charlea Chsaler, Char lea T C uueli, C ar!ea Con ? ay, Boht Col.Iba. (' t. Cook C?pt Alr.ed C m a .. J C oL.Wi.ll, a 8 C'ai *e, Uou A O I>e tjroot, Wm u Dintiibald, W H t>u kcr?oi>. Win H U" .a. w in J wniuxxl, Kcht Jacobe, B b,rt H Joaaalyn. Capt K Joboeon, Geo Joa JobbaoD, Jaa B Johueou, Harvey K 8pa.cluK O L Jackmeu, barucy Mi?*aua ttan Khlder, K P Sa:.d>, ? W I Korhl^r, John Staiburk. Geo Keua, Jii" 8 Bay..*, Geo L Kiltie, J Ju Ine Sehou. H-v K W Kluaer, J Law 1e 1m lb K4w K Bell r, Jac b A Co 8Uufor4. k T Kane, John F Behaff*r Co as La klu, Wm P 8a. J.CB l.alrd. Sam a! Sherman, C t SI a. Col A U f Sam, la, A C Spaaldtor, Bon A I 80 <ln A M Smart, A B Turner. Clyeaee Turnar. Tboe B Tul o.4. T B T yior, B 8 Table, Philip Tboruiury M 8 Taylor, Joe W Llvti Ket-.o Cour d T)kii Hi n Job B L .bcu, A M, 1/feK I kwi lucW-b. HunJaat Teubat. Haj Joe B N Tnn ey, Jar..h Tu .maa. Moa Joe H Threaten, l>r Jao l<Oauy, Oa.. Taccart, Hr U Ta uer, A Tucker, Beeerly Vah-r, J a* L L'?b*r, L B I Lderhl.l, L H t Vaui, Klhan ?an*. I P Vanbiaau, Dr J M ? an(hB. 8 A 1 Vac Heater. Wm Wl'luaiaaa. Gra*ra A Bobinaon William* li 10 Walker. L k Wel*hr, L B Wll* ia, Je? g William . Cap Ja* W luetott, la vac Wi ltomora, J H We t J 8e by Wo l.lecrafi Juo Wa'.rirou J. hu Wrl?ht J C Wli.e t . J*o W Le b 8 U ? I.e.*, Jlo P Ub?e John omla, Jaeon B l?i>|, Jobu Llbdaley. Joseph L tin J no W Lumpkin, Bon J H LUebercer, H Lally, Col P T Lu tuiaun. Cbaa 4 Aim ray. Jae Moore, Cap Wa McluUeb. Wm MrtUauy, ?aa ki ltcbell. Lt W in Maraiu, Wm 8 Martin, J P Murray, Tim H 1 Martin. Ool 8 Maittiowe. 8. ml B Ma<~k, a F Mai klira, lle*?-y, Saiul W Doi ban Ltt'ihi'U Dcujiie- ty , O K l>e* Lauicre U 0 Dick raou, J G Oaua*. r?. J W Ueane Joe f Devine Jatnae M Dow,Jam.a C D.Tidaoii, Mr at J K Dykeit, John Urntn. John OanKe. field Mr Doiiglaa*. Hon P 2 D>cker*on h X Darlln* li N Iter a. Col BenJ Knrifht, Thoa Kill. It, K K Elmore. Hoa Bueb Kiwatda, Capt 3 Body, Nortian Kdmondi, Jno K Knetaa, J*r| ti E atou. Jatuee Khlrod, W H (me. son A Co Krane, Edwd J March ? MeUe*. H - ni y C Mar) e, Geo T S udiinan, Geo 2 Mereduh, F M Mo- ria. Kra. kiln Meek. F B Mat hewa, E 8 March. Euoch C Mai.kin. l> U M'.ichvll. Uavld. Jr laaaou, Hou Cbaa 1 Whltall.'t'ap J A M|.ld etnn. CI aa w \ lielua. J B Morae, CI.a* U W l',a -a, H O Mo lUryaiexI'n (2 W*ia.u Haury M E r- y, Miy W C ?li lab e Haury A M Ke-. A He Cay, Geo McHtn..|.|a, H F McCn- ny, I 8 MctJart*. Juo T McMaChea, Jae M llurli, Jao McGlvlun, Jaa 2 Mclut ?h, Uap J kulatira, J H M. Kaon, John klcCahe, Jaiiiea M.G1I1, P M Mr<*u!louch, H 1 Waldo A B-o W oret r, Gil** Watklne, J da.e Goo Weeiou, Frank 2 W| lianieHwaFred W Well* A F<<? l?r Wtleou Kufaie W.r . Edam W Walker. D Wa W, lin k Wll lame. Oanl Weet. C 8 i Wllli.m* C 0 WtLaiu.CC McCla*'a*y, 1 r W C Wilaon, C J McCnlu, Wm T Nelly, J W Nye. I ram K cuol*. J W Nicke.aoa, B B Nelson. Alnton Oliver, Wm 0'Br>au, G 0 Owlrja. J A Oldildfe, Col 0 Italia Frauc * JAB Wall, C arlea Wr ?, Clia* P Wllllama, *b G Wood. W W W l ite, Tbo* D WatU. Soles 8 WI lt?, Satal B W llllameoe, Lt B 8 I Wood. P F What a. Hurry Q HFRKET. P. H SATl'RDA V, MAKLii 6th, 1U8. ^T) h k b k k Flonnoed Milk Robe* at flS. Anuille Silk Kobe*. Double Skirt Silk Rol e*. (Th? must deairm..le Article in the market.) All wool De Laines Zb and 37S eta. India Foulards, Groa de Paria, Tone d'Aaia, Ac., Ac.. Ae., Ac., *o, Ao. Miaae*' Bajou Kid Gloves 76 centa. I.adiea* " " " 87>, The most poaitiare aaaurano** are Riven to tfce IaBdiea of Waahinrtnn and vioinity, that the New \ ork oonaunment of STAPLK AND F ANCY S1I.K DRKS3 GOODS now beiDR offered at one-half the actual o>ai of niiuufacttire, oa the Skcohb Floor of our estat iiahraent. will ba wita drawn from sale on Saturday mext, March 6tk. I.adiea may depend that no oonaidvration will ia duoe the ownera to keep the good* on aaie after the time above de?innated.* for the 1>urchaa? or seaaonable Rooda. at unareoedentedl? ow prioeg, oan nevar occur again and an early can and purchaae will aave oonaiderahie Oiaappoiatment in the fatare. HOOK. BROTHER * CO.. PSNMBTLTANtA AVRTTR. m 1 -6t bet ween 8th and SHh au. IRON !?! J RON ! IRON!! which we offer at loweatoaah rate*. ?c nELVA,NS A THOMPSON. ? mh Bte. m 3 lw (Stat?> AGALN W?CALL THE spec ALATTEN tioa of all parties indebted to us on aouount ren dered lit January, to come forward and settle the 8aa?e without farther delay, aa we are in want of all nioaet uue aa at this t .me. and ahail be o?mpelia4 ta stop all accounts that are not settled t*fora oc Hienoint newooai cOLLEV ft SEARS, <? *7 j#td J3B 7tk at.. S doora aort^i fa. av, > iimmiTi, W A<MII?8T OJH tiutiK Benefit nad la?t ap?< a'arvoet f *!!?? SALLIE ST. CLAIR PdttUvt^ to# ,a?t iiffet of M R. C. W. CCtbDOCI. TH19 EVENING. Maraka. By eapecia I 4eai*e. ???? suec-eef* i nrysmul Play ?f UH'if XI. L?alf XI. of Franoe *r. C. W. CoaldooB. Tk? Denphtn ?? ?* *??? '?a1'1* Clair. And the afterpieoe entitled SKETCHES* IX INMA MW Soragga Miw Snlue St. CMir. Muadtl, first nigM of II.? IxViMMt *nul?. MR MdMKH ( HAKI.M MATMKXV?. Who will appear m I*o uri|h*l pit ex bu<4 mow open. ^?rn ofw at 7; per lories bs at>inm*iiw? a' 7*. KIND FRIENDS. WK \MK IN THE FIELD AGAIN. The Young Ba helor'a Club Take ir?it n ??ni>iirwi,| to tknr tr???d* and the pu lie in general the) ?it |?vt #? their 9 ootid Grand As>emt>iy at ??cd K* town' W Hail. Nary Yard, on MON DA V KVKNlNt./l March >tk. IHM. ~ _ , UJfc Prwl Witkm ? Bai?d has l<a?a engaged for the oocaeion. An t-flioioat police foroe will he in attendance dnr ids the fivMioi to preserve order Tickets F1F T\ ChN rs?admitting a gent and ladiee. _____ m S .V nUILUA K N O N I C MALL. MISS JI'lTaNA MAY hac the ^oaur to annoan ? th a she will give tw,? grand conckkts thee.isuing week, in Waihincton. Tha firat will take piaoe oa THl RSDA V. tr.e 11th mat. The aeootd on SIATtKDAV, the Dik .net.. on which occasion ah* will la aaaiatad by d.s tincutshed Artists. Fa 1 particulars will tie g.v en m totu a advertise m?*rts. m '? |) H 1 L H A K M O N I C H a L L. This fi^e Hall, tha largest and best located in tka city, ta now completed bf a recent addition or Sup per and Dressing Rooms, and wi.l be rentod to Ba is. Conoerte, Lectures, Ac.. of fir.t olaee exclusive.). Appyat W. G. MKTZKRum fe tl M uato Store. WAFTS. W* ANTED.?A WHITE H<*?TI KR to teed two Horses. Appl) ooruer K and 15th at reels, iromaditre.T. at 4-it* WANTED?A WAITFR f..r a fam , of three persons; who la oor-ipetant to attend upoi tue diBing-riv>rii, and to do general housework. N but suoh as aie well recommenced and willing need mnke application Appl) at thie offcoe, wit ?i* WANTED TO PURCHASK.?4lne, two. or "? three sinall HOI'S J* AN U LOTH, aitoatioci north of Ps avenu-. between lat and *>nh atree's waat preferred Person* humi such to sell may find a re?<i) purchaser by addressing W. II.. at this office stating lowest prices and term, so describing it (number, sf<et. A c.,i that a survey uuty be mads without a personal application. Pnoet must he made to suit tha times. _ mf.jM*_ %JArANT> D? Forth" I'njted States Arm*. able Ix-d'ed ut.innrri d M L\, t<i ? h.>m a ill ? s lie ciren good p.ij. k <ard, eMu attendarce, l'n> l i in912Ui ?* No m*n havinir a wife o>-child ? Apply for inounUd aervioe at m . 7th atreet. opposite Centre Marker. ROGKR JONES. lat Lieut. M"untad, fe 27 tf Reeruitin? Oflioer. WANTED ?An experienced NFR^F. lietweeti the axes ??l IS and >? yearo. A olced woman will b< preferred. Appl) at i\o.3<7* twa-n 4)? awti 6th afreets. Ie>4>-tf WANTED.?A deKiraMe STOW E ROOM. oi. Pa avenu*. between t>th and loth streeta. Ad dreaa Box 7M, City Poet Offiee. te k aola, Ij*M PLOYMKNT.-t-V a mon'h an', all expensae j paid, an AGENT :a U ANTED it eveiy lowii acd oounty in the I'mted St*t~s. to e> ra?e in a re spectable and eaay busirrss, ly ahicli the alone profits mat tH'oert"inl* mnde. For <uil partioaiarn address C. MONNETT A CO., corner ol Broon< and Meroer ata., New York City, loc.osinx ?Mia ^c?v tt>e wan.p. jar a Sw* iu wiiri Army, aoie . to whom will a | hinc and me<1ioa A A 9~2 per month HP ! will I* aoceptad. I ,J at Yates* Hotel,** LOST AKD FOUBD. WA? TAKEN I P AS AN ESTKAV.oe tba J/w n,C oftb* 3,1 inrtl"".? ? hite #? k. tf?M?. The owner will p.aase oome lor imJIr . l. I. 'rov? property. p\; rherres <\inf u L' .him away r or mrfher information inquire n >o. 7^. corner 2d and G streeta. m 4- M? BOARDING. . Board iv a private family.-a ?** and gentleman or tao hii.cle K?i.t emei> can be aooominodated with a neat ? lurnithed Irotit Roon. with or witMiiut Board, or partial Bo?rd. la a rriva ? fnnitly. No children cr Iwianl^rs in the noese. Af pi* at =?!7 I st. rorth. betweenfith arid7th ata. ml I FOB. BEST AND SAL* For sale or rknt.-a brick d\vei. LINti, containing in rooms 'I he Furniture will be atild w itli the house if desired. Beautifally situa'ed on Mi-aonri avenue, i\o. a* between and 6th streets, near the National and lirowna' Ho tela. Inquire tin Mi* premises. m 5 Im* VALUABLE FARM IN KANSAS TFRRr TORY FOR SALE.?HP? Acres of first c a?.. Fariiiinc LaAd.s tuate s>x no lee south of l.ea\en worth C ty, ai.d three rni:e* from Dataware City.ta Kansas Territory. There is upon the 'ract a ooib fortable Dwelling, eight acres in cultivation, fifteen acres ol Timber, and a good >prn.?. with an abun danue oi Stovk aater. For jmrticniars man ire of JOHN WILLIAMS JON ES at S7V P*. aveuue. Referenoe is made to Hon. Marcus J. Parrntt or Win. H. Russell, Esq , of Leaveuworth, ubu aie low in this oity. Wathiggtaa, D. C., March 4, 1858. m 4 1 w Rooms on pa. avkm k t?? let.-tw . R?Mima,ou3!d floor.on Pa avenue.Iietween 12th and IXh streets, over Sam'l. Lewis' Jewe(nr Store, will be i?t low to a peimaneiit tei.unt 'A ould make good oftoe rooius. Apply to \\ M F. UAYLY, Stationer. ian 18-tf WOLFE'S SrRPIDAM AROMATIC " SCHNAPPS. The proprietor particularly reooinmenda the above Schnapps to parsons travelling or ationt to aettle ?n the South or West on ac<jonnt ofita Medicinal pro perties in oor reoting the dieagreeable and often dan gerous edects produoed l?y a chance of water?a vieitation to which all travelers t?outb and Weet are particularly liable. Strangers should be oarefnl in purchasing the Schnappa. as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on tSe bott'e, oork and label. For aale by all Druggists and t?ro oers. tDOLPHO WOLFE. d ti-.1m Herot 1* H. aver e-ewwf. New > nrk. ^jjROVEKA l?Ak ER'SSE WING M ACHINE. The snliscriUsr I as tcken the agency and has n< u on li^nd an aiiorttnen" or the aliove oelebraled FAMILY SEWING MACHINE"; and. n. pre sentiug thera to the pubiic botioe. can, without lt?' of oontradiot ? n, Mtr tnai tlmv are beliett-d to be the best nrtieie aver o!fered to the public. 1 Uet are ailapted to all kmda of faiai'f ^ewinc, from the finest to the ciaraeat Kind. He most respectful!) invite* the indies to ca:l and ne them. A lady will always lie in attendance to exhibit them,and to inatruot all who a e denirous of pur chasing. Neeulea of all aixes will lie constantly kept on hand for ?a e C. W. BoTELHR, No. 318, Iron Hall, Pa.av , tietween m 4 Staw6w 9th and 1'Hk atreeta. I^tlR SALE.?A fifteen I.? ? ra< power ENGINE r an<1 MOILER will lie sold low ?i d tm aocoma;o term*. Apply to ALEVR. RITHER 1'iiR D, Maibie and Brown Stoue Yard, between 13th and I3li streets. Pena. avenue. I? 2S tuwiw Clock** '-clocks f!-c locks :v-ju*tl eeircd.a ?reat ateor'ment of ClAX'h*. from 91 to $ 125. Call and see for your*elv??, at J RoHINSO ? *S, 349 Pa. av.. opposite Browns' Hotel. N. B.-CLOCK MATERIALS. aucA aa One. Keya. Balis, Corda, Ac., for aaie,- the trade aup te S t| JR. B.SCHW Afc/.E. ? WHoLKHALr Da At KB IS OVSTKKS, Respectfullt informs his friends and euatoineia that he w.i aell his OY>TKRS wt.,'-h. areknoantobe ?.flhe l>e?t ? in^ the luarketlat a lower price thau an) one e ae ttfl.>rd, as fie bj)a them b? the boat l??d. t'orn* ai >1 ret a t.Train. PICKLED and SPI? ED ?? \ STERS always on hand. J. R. II. SCHWA RZE. m f 1m ??nthei?t corner IKth ar^l F. st's'tn CA IMMI FEET OF OAK PLANK FOR sJU aale in Iota to auit. 7 Apply to H. H. DODGE. No 63 Water atreet, m l -eoft* Georgetown. D C, gLEGANT CARPKTlNGS. We have jet remaining in stock a few of thoee ei - esant IMPERIAL VELVET MEDALLION CARPETS, Which were received from t unipea lit tle too late for our Tali aisles. The) are some of tha very latest and moat auperi* foods ol the k nd e\ er taaued from the looms of an) country, end in conse quence ol the Lateness itf tlie aeason Will lie S4>ld at aaaorifioe Houakee^ers whodenre to furmah if'-.r pariora or dra? in?-r. 6ma wi.l. an unc? mmonl) su perb Carper now have an oppor'ui ity to do ao at - area so low aa ?? lie v?-rv unnaual. I'? - sib. a ?t? II feat 4 inches.& feet ? mc'-es, a.-i ? leet long, i t,a Widths mii I* made ?? t>? th? room can CLAGKTT A DODSON, Dealers n all kiuua oi Kuiunwre Dry t*ooos, fe? eo?w No. 4 Market Space hp thITambrotypes 1 AK EN at my Gallery are eaid to he the kest ia the oity. They are true likaneaaes and are cheaper than any taken in tke oity. I have a fine lot of aev atylecases. LlKKN(either Daruerreotypea or Am br<?t> pea > ft?P1 ED. MINIATURE# i taken and aet m Braaatpms, ocke'a, A? , by ROBERT SA%DS. fe l?.r P*. eve. h I. kk and nth ata. LbBlN'OfcA lKACTS,* oO.ia, at OIBB^ S Hatr Store, Dear *3tk et., a d at ku Sales Roo? amn lyiitfMMi ?