Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL intelligence. Baltimore M E.Cosmssci.-Wben our ^port cloaed yesterday, Rev Mr Phelps was addressing tbe conference in advocacy of the -flotations which he Lad :nt:oduc? 4 in a former ' 1'nn for tbe establishment of a weekly raligl *ut |(,urna! to be pub! ?bed in Baltimore. nnd^r t&e direction of tbe two confereiue* After ma king ? powerful appeal In favor of tbe project, be down, aud wss followed by grv James Sewell, who stated that his coa troversies were always with controversy itself; ,. wa4 always conceded that religious quarrels were the ino?t irreligious quarrel* in the world K^v Mr Wilsou liad to-day thought he bad touitd two gentlemen who were just tbe men for (be editor# of tbi? |aper; for himself be thought une of the*e men w.mld not do; one of tbem was toohtry, and tbe other was too britrf?both bad jrtTeti in tbis? meetihit specimens of their abili ties., and he thought it would not do to have fbem at tbe editorial fable. If tbis (taper should be ordered, and we were assailed, we must de tend ourselves. and thereby get up a religious a-vuutent which would lead to quarrels. Let us tff aod conquer by love It would conquer every thing h?l ,b'' devil. This paper might do good; Ult ibey must get very religious editors. Re* Mr. My era followed, saying that, when tfcls project wa!? first started, he had been in favor of It; but. from the rej?ort which had been re reived. K was apparent that we bad got to sup port tbe burden alone. The Fast Baltimore Con ference Lad drawn away from the idea very de t idfdlv. They had in their deliberations very foollv laid the whole matter on the table. The speaker thought it best to defer this matter until tbe next General Conference. He proposed that, as tbe minds of all bad been made up, they now take tbe sense of the conference at once upon tbe lubject. This proposition was afterward with drawn and the subject left open for further dis cussion. and thereupon the conference wax ad dressed by Rev John I.. Gilbert, who took very decided ground in favor of tbe project of starting a paper at ooce He did not like the idea of a controver sial paper; he did not so understand this project. In tbe midst of this controversial warfare, if we bad such a paper as Is now proposed, we could, throngb it* columns, let our true position be known to those who weie in a state of doubt aa to it. Rev George Brooks stated it as his opinion, that it was our duty to our people and to our God to furnish the church with this paper. It would be heartily sustained, and would effect just the work required He should vote for this paper, hoping it would meet the requirements of the Conference Rev. X. J. B. Morgan also, In a somewhat lengthy and very able manner, advocated tbe proposed "Christian Advi? ate." Their people -wanted information, and by its means could l>e informed of their position. There was a general dearib In the bounds of tbis Conference of reli gious literature. Let tbe work go on and at once Tbe establishment of this paper would directly tend to the increased circulation of their books There were but few books adopted to the wants of the people In circulation, and the reason was they did not know of them. If this paper were to !*? established it would inform those in want of the proper books of light oil re ligious subjects and of consequence I no ease the circulation of religious books an hundied told. Rev Mr. Cleitun stated that, as one of tbe com mittee who had reported on the pending resolu tions, he felt it his duty to speak. As to the pro posed character of the paper, the committee did not propose to give It a controversial character It was not the committee's purpose to provoke controversy; the controversy Was already pro voktd, and it was with a view to its allayment mat the proposed paper was to be established They would send out their paper, in oider that jjoua-toned religious reading may pervade the inindsof their people; they must purify tbe moral ?'.moBphere, a d their project must and would fi.evail. Of all the religious pipers now pub i.hed in tbe country, which one was a proper exponent of the platform ou which they stood* Not one This paper was intended strictly a* a rrligious paper, lor family distribution; and the speaker believ,-d the Conference* bad the ability and en- rgy to conduct it successfully. Tbe speaker here suspended his remarks for a motion fnr adjournment. The Chair announced the committee on the af fairs of the Metropolitan Church, a* follows: Rev E. R.Veecb, Rev. E.N. Brown, and Rev E F Btisey. Tm Conference then adjourned, after the Dox oiogf, and benediction by Rev. Norval WUson. roriTH DAT. Tbe Conference was opened with religious ex ercises by Rev Mr. Myers. Ths Conference then went Into the regular business of the day, Rev Bishop Ames presid ing. The examination of the character of effective Aiders was taken up, and tbe elders of the Win chester district being called over were passed as usual This business was interrupted by the Cbair in ord*r for th6 committer on rniftsions to mak*? tneir repo,;, which w.m done through their chair n?an, Rev. k. P. Phelps, and the report was adopted. 1 Tue examination of effective elders was then .. d, and the Rockingham district romin" next in order, its e-ders were called over and suc cessively passed fh? 1 hair here introduced to the Conference ' hompson, of Philadelphia, who, be sou need, would address the s*?ssi.>n after awhile feu behalf of the \a'tonal Magazine. Kev Mr. Hatch, of the New England Confer ence was also introduced to the session, and in a seat in the Conference. j, Roanoke district being now called, Rev. B H .Nadi! gave an animated account of tbe progress of religion in that quarter. The Eltec ?ve Klders of this district were now called over a..d passed. The Louisbiirg district wai repre *>y Rev. Mr. Phelps, who stated that tnat distan t bed. during tbe past year, been very p.osperous. some seven huudred convert* baviui; been added to the Church. Rev. Mr Krebs read the following appoint ments for preacbeis of the Baltimore Conference lor to-morrow, 7th nist; .. , Alei*jiukia. Alexandria Station?Morn lug, j. p. Durbin, ' afternoon, Sunday school anniversary, ??, Wui. B Edwards. D. i). '? R wb"*r; Princess Street-Afternoon, Wm. Eggleston. Methodist Protestant Church? Mo?ning, Dr ?N Arnold; evening, s). II Grithth. * ,E- Cvtu,P.h ^"^-Moruing, J M.Grandin; evening, W. 11. Holllday. Gkokgktown. Georgetown Station?Morning, Dr J M Wi ley; evening. J. McK. Riley. West Georgetown?Morning, B. F. Brook: evening, W. F. Speake. Tennailytown? Afternoon, l*aac Gibson. Meth Prot. Church?Morning, li. McDaniel ; eveuiug, W. H. Wilson. Bridge st Presb'u ? Morning. Dr. T E Bond; evening, J. 1 .andstieet Wkhimgihn Cut. House of Representative*?Moruiug, Bishop A low 1 1 J ^ ^ Haas ; eveuiug, w?tey Chapel?Morning, Bishop Janes; af Anniversary, and addresses by M. ., e *. _E?q , Bishop Janes and Thomas Sew -?II; evening. T M Eddy, of Chicago ?i'"SKIt"""""*'* L *"? w" D ?-i W^v'^Tid A'or"i"gj F. Israel; evening, vv"4 ,rI:.h~Morni,'?' N J 11 Morgan; tier?a?ii'i Hamilton, and ordination of el c ??Di .??r?fbcc?v,y t pbe|f' aooubJaVn lJ?p*'l~>lornlDg' J J Sargent, after Monni 7^1 H"*/; wning. J. F. Liggett. J W Urt'iy" ^orn'ng- John H*r>ey; evening, D "v'Paw' 'r vh,r<v^' v,nth *'reet?Morning, o.t?-r, of New V ork; evening, J. W . Lam "S ?.fwnv'm: lui; F I" Mr. Sunderland's?Even e-tu^\v SCBai'rd~Mornln^'Ja,at*H i^well; Pwibyterlin?Morning, T T Wy !!!"?*'? Dickson ' ' T-oma, pfr^yterinn, Island - Morning, D ,Ub Df Hill's?Morning, W H Hatch of N V. * Lakin ^ ",wt east?Morning, J N FifthZ. n*'W D Rippetoe. * y ? Morning.T. B McFalls \a* y p **,ir *'r- damson's?1 ^ven lng,*f"i*1"/*"'t,era0. 'Ith and H streets?Morn Afriean i}1^ P ? 'ng. J li i Church, Capitol Hill?Morn ,ag S u <'*,uon: afternoon, f. H. Wolf; even Johu ^ "??nings. i-JoraiV.^.p'r/ Church. Connecticut avenne? T^'"CUfrn' b f hew artern c,h- Motnlag. T M.Vlark ' ha evening, ?Ion of the^Hr^?0* 15" went Into tbe considera vlx ?? wi, on ttir (?'neral Minutes, William,^ on ,rUl*nd John A Charles Uewi *T? " *rd; rtamuel V Benjamin Arbnlw * David Rlppetoe, Bigiiry w2"fh2#l- F Been, \fluia^ ?* y, h ? j Perry Ben^ p Frimpton Joh|l Is+t, Adam P Bowd,and James L 8iyd?rwerf ?l\ilv admitted. The R?*v. Mr. Lipscomb, rhairmaa of tbe Board of Stewards, here gave notice tbat tbe Hoard would eall for collections on Monday morning at 10^ o'clock. Tbe Conference then went into tbe election of Local preachers to Eiders Orders, wbich busi ness was occupying the attention of the session when our report closed. Licrcaa.?A very Instructive lecture was de livered before a large and attentive audience at the Smithsonian Institution on Wednesday eve ning by Rev J. H. Mcllvaioe, of Rochester, N. Y. The subject was "Comparative Philology in some of its bearings on Ktnnologv, nnd embra cing some account of the Sanscrit and Persiau Arrowhead languages." The lectuier, how ever. referred only to so much of bis sub ject as concerns the Sanscrit language, barely touching upon Its ethnological relations. He commenced with a geographical description of India, aud advanced the opinion tbat in that laud was tbe location of tbe terrestial paradise In i which our first parents were placed by the Crea tor. He quoted several authors who argue this belief with considerable zeal, and one of them asserts tbat the description given by Moses of the river which watered the Garden of Eden Is an exact description of the Beram pootra river of India. Be this as it may.said the lectarer, there is no doubt that India is tbe birthplace of the Sanscrit lanuua^e and of many of the arts and scieuces of civilized life. The great antiquity of the Sanscrit language, which surpasses that of any other language now extant, was alluded to, and the lecturer said It could be traced hack to the time of Moses, and how much farther be knew not These evidences of its antiquity consist not only in the date of writings still in existence, but also in the amonnt of Sancrlt literature, wbich greatly exceeds in volume that of any other language, although the art of printing has never been applied to It until within the present century. Some of the works in Sanscrit are the result of the united labor* of several successive authors, arid upwards of a century of time was probably required for their completion. The Sanscrit literature, too, em braces every variety of subject now known In the world i f letters, and long before tbe Germans were in existence, tbe subtleties of metaphysics were understood and voluminously written about by tbe sages of India They invented the syllo gism, too, if it can be called an invention, long centuries bvfore Aristotle lived and wrote. After some further general remarks tbe lecturer proceeded with a detailed description of the Sanscrit language. The alphabet, he said, is called tbe " L>eva Nagarl," probably from the fact tLat " Nagail" was the name of the city wherein it first originated. It contains forty eight distinct characters or letters, each of which have a never-varying and arbitrary sound or power. There are also four other letters belong ing to the language, which are inute when stand ing alone, but when combined tbey have pecu liar sounds, or rather their power is such as to modify tbe sounds of other letters with which they combine Of the forty-eight distinct char acters forty-four are us< d to represent consonant and four to represent vowel sounds. But, be*ide these, from eleven letters of tbe alphabet a e formed eleven others, the powers of which vary somewhat, but a^e still analogous to those from which they are derived. And, again, from the whole alphatiet there are different modifications of the sounds and power* of letters, depending upon their combination with other letters, from which one hundred and sixty-two new characters are eliminated. One peculiarity of this antique language is tbat there are 110 divisions of the woids in a line. A European professor has recently endeavored to obviate the difficulty of learning tbe language which ari*es from tbi* fact by introducing spaces between the words, but the lecturer contended that in so doing he destroys tbe genius and eu phony of the language. In the Sanscrit language tke final letter of one word and tbe commencing letter of another word depend on e?ch other; ihe rule being that ''when dissimilar cousooarits oc cur successively they *hall l?e assimilated." This the lecturer illustrated by writing " big dog" on the blackboard. The rule of the Trau scrit. applied to these words, would render ne cessary tbe assimilation of the sounds of "g" in "bij?" and "d" in dog,*' and the combined words would read "bigjog." In the case with the vowels a similar rule is obsei ved. When a word ending in long "o" is followed by one commencing with "a." the "o" is resolved back to its elements "au;" and tbe "u" is fuither re solved to Its primitive form of "v;" hence the combination is written "oca" instead of "oa." This peculiarity exists, tbe lecturer said, in no other language, except to a slight extent in the Welsh or Celtic. To it is to be attributed tbe euphony of the Sanscrit tongue. The lecturer expressed tbe opinion tbat too much attention has been paid to euphony in tbe construction of the Sanscrit to render it valuable as a medium for tbe conveyance of thought. Thk Fcmkral of Capt. Joseph B Tat* was very largely attended yesterday despite the wea ther, which was the most disagreeable of the season. Tbe religious services at the bouse were conducted by Rev. Dr. Hall, of the church of the Epiphany, who attended tbe deceased in bis last boms The preacher gave an interesting and attesting account of bis later interviews with the departed?of the patient resignation with which the sufferer bore his pains?of the calmness with which be arranged his worldly afi'ai r*, and of tbe childlike attention and sim plicity with which he received religions teach ings. and prepared himself for bis departure to another world. Upon the conclusion of the exercises at the house a most touching scene was presented In the agonized leave-taking by the widow and or phans of the remains of the beloved deceased, and there was not a dry eye in the assemblage. The members of the Light Infantry company and Odd Fellows then passed by the side 01 the coffin to bestow a last mouruful glance upon the pafc> yet pleasant features of the dead. The escort, consisting of the Infantry, Capt Davis, with Wither'* Band, and Central Lod</e and Columbia Encampment, I. O O. F., under tbe marshalsbip of John W. Hodgson, and with Weber's Band, was formed into line, and tbe long funeral procession pioceeded on its way to the Congressional Burying-grouud. passing down Tenth st eetaud along the avenue. At tbe grave, after tbe Episcopal service bail been performed by tbe Rev. Mr. Hall, Chaplain Martiu Johnson, of Cential Lodge, performed the funeral rites of tbe Odd Fellows, and tbe vollies of tbe Infantry over tbe grave concluded tbe mournful cremo nies, and tbe lamented one was left "In tbe deep stillness of tbat dreamy state of sleep." Tbe funeral arrangements, we should add, were conducted in tbe most satisfactory manner by the undertaker, Mr. Anthony Bucbly. Ckxtrk Market?The cold weather made business lively this morning In the market space. The supply In the fish market couslsted princi pally of fish brought from the Boston, New York and North Carolina markets?as fresh cod, floun ders, shad, Ac The hay market was almost de serted; a few ntiiall wagons and carts yrere 011 the stand, pric e* about tbe same as on Thursday. A small quantity of pork was offered at the scales, and soon sold for 50 perewt. Tbe attendance was large, considering tbe very cold weather. The prices in the sheds were ? Beef, fresh, pr lb. 10*15, Dried peaches,<rt.. 12*16 Pork 10al2 Mutton ..???. ? ??? 12 L(imb,prqr 75a 100 Sausage, pr lb.... 12 ? Lard IV Veal 12*15 Beef tongues 50a75 Calve* hezds.euch 25a3 liacon I'2al5 Shoulders 10a12 Breast piece* .... I'ialS Dried beef 16 Chickens, pr palr.50a#l Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. 20a31 Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk. 3?a5o Sweet potatoes, pk 75 Corn, pr bush.... 55a7l> Corn, ear, pr bush 37a40 Beans, pr bush.... ?2 do. apple?, pk.. Roll butter Phil'a print Honey, per lb.... Onions, per pk... 50 25*31 40 '25 4(1 Cabbage, pr head. 6al2 Apples, pk 37al00 Beet*, per bunch. 3 Carrot* t! Celery 5afi Turnips, per pk .. Mi Chestnuts, pr qt.. 1-j Turkey,each.. .75a92 50 Wild turkeys 9'2 Pheasants, pr.*. .Slal .50 Geese, each 75aSl Rabbit*, each.... 18a25 Squirrels, each... 1*2 Ducks?Canvas... f-j Mallards 75 Red Necks 75 Rye, pr bush 60 Shufflers 50ati*2 Oats 40*451 Widgeon* 5Ua62 Meal Sborts ...,? *...< Shlpstuffs Eggs, per doz..., 65aH0 '20a'25 30*60 15a16 Shad, per pair.... fl 25 Rock, per bunch.. 37 do. large ... .91aS2 50 Perch, bunch 37 Wa?hinuto!< Thkatrk.?By request, " Louis XI" Is to repeated to-night. Tbe Irreslstibly laugbablefarce of "Sketches in India" concludes the performance On Monday night, the eagerly-anticipated first appearance of Charles Mathews, the world-re nowned English accentrlc comedian takes place; and his engagement Is now to l<e made doubly attractive through the support of his piquant and beautiful wife, the late M s Lizzie Weston D*v enport. Mr and Mrs Mathews open on Monday night in two original pieces, viz " Married for Money," and "He would be an Actor." The box list, we bear, is rapidly filling up. Houu FcasismsG.?The new stock of goods at McGregor's house furnishing establishment, on Seventh street, between Louisiana avenue and D street, embraces a great many beautiful new styles of very necessary articles One can obtain there, at reasonable prices, every thing required for bou?e-keeping, except what one must bupof the grocer, butcher or ary-goods dealer, so as sorted as to enable the purchaser to suit himself at once though desiring a great variety of articles. Give him * call. . Cabs Wsitin*.?Weare Indebted to Mr. Wm. R. (.'handlee, " ca d-writer and manufacturer of metallic graver*," at Willards' Hotel, for two pack* of specimens of hi* skill in his art, which are exceedingly creditable, showing blm behind none in his line of business anywhere. His term* are moderate as bit execution la skilful. Criminal Court ?Yesterday, Thos. Conlan was found guilty of assault and battery. with In tent to kill Henry Brook.. He was sen enced to three years In the penitentiary. and?6^I^^d^n?'t4>IOrcd' 1frc^ny; convicted tlary :U? ???*? ia the pcmtcn cen v C,?J?rp<1, co?victed of lar ..ienced 10 th* Mme term. of Powers^nd? * w',ne?? in the case brouj^li"before the^'rmrt r"^ E * I'utts' WM It wi. Court. Judge Crawford said crZZe^ZlrV? ,L*Ve an ??d?vlt of some of the shE.72 ? .* WM Pre,?nt at the time co. utvUnXlfr "I*1.,JU^!re Donn w'nt the n;X J , ? fook u,<* following affidavit ? towlf ObVi Sk4^' County Of Washington, Thomas f* L "lbId,?; of March. 185S, before 1 Domas <, Donn, a Justice of the Peace 111 and ipwarld Z'h V a"? U'"tr,, taforesaid, personally soi^Tf t?Jr?.V AdarV*?n' w*11 known as a per n d/oi! lT "?d ,Wo:,LV of due credit, and Hod thl h, -, y fcv*uB??V of Almighty M^Coli.,, tv ^ prf4'*tlt,ln ,he hou?- of James Hti:r il'^ ?lly'on ,he "i?bt of lh* pin 01 uecember, tho< when a man named K A f?,t;ri^:;?t: tL? ??? ?f Juitfreo? .h."SW PrM<f,,t Smith, then a Juitlcrof the Peace, a man named Wiley Jas n!?? Gormley, McAlee, and others name* not now recollected. Further this deponent saith Subscribed and sworn to before defeat??/SaSI? ?wirn!l,fed toTthe"Cointy jKJ in default of 8j(W bail for his appearance at Court Land Warrants have further declined. We quote prices as follows: 160-acre warrants, peracre "" ST** 8,11%*' 5W ?? " II g* 40 ?? i, ?????? 87 90 n j .. ?????? 110 00 Revolutionary serin ? 90 w ? ^avK<l ??. B1a"imor*. Philadelphia, and .New York r w Treasury Notes kaudl. Silver... ? '. .. 1 d i h Virginia money !!!".!!!!!.!.ijf dis A spirited meeting of the Fifth Ward Demo cratic Association was held at Casparls's Hotel, on last Tuerdiy evening The following gen tlemen were elected for the ensuing term: A. K. .ynold President; Francis Reily, 1st V P ; C. fVrc \v ? Yt/i * Ma,c**llu* Marceron, Secre IhI/Oki111!. Wheatley, Treasurer. The meet ing, which was very large and enthusiastic, was add ewsed by Col. Walker, of Iowa, Col. R. D. plater, of Indiana, and Dr. Miller, of the Sixth * a'd- The Democracy is waking up In all di reciiont. ^ A* Assault with Istbxt to Rob.?As Mr. Jos. W. Davis, grocer, corner of Ninth and E streets, was accompanying a lady home on Thurs day night, about lOJf o'clock, and when on Kiev* enth street nrar K, he was violently assaulted with a slungshot on the back of the head, which nearl\ prostrated him. On recovering from the blow Mr. D. called for the watch, but no person came to his assistance and the ruffian walked de. iberately away. Mr. D. thinks robbery to have been the purpose of bis assailant. u B,' our Georgetown 44 weather correspond ent," who, as our readers are aware, keeps thor oughly posted in regard to atmospheric changes, v^rVi" that !he thermometer at half past six, freeziiiv^n!^0* ?&..K^K>d at 19 degrees below 1 . & point. Tnis is not so severe as on the sU^t'STd! g (M"rCh *> of last when it stood at M degrees below freezing point. The Star in Alhxa.vdhia.?Our friends in Alexandria will hereafter always flnd copies of the Star on sale at the book and periodical store of Mr. G. E. French, KM King street, where thoie desiring to be served regularly by our car riers will also find subscription and memoran dum books for the entry of their address. Police Report* ?The city police officers re ported to the Chief of Police ninety-eight cases for the week ending Saturday, Feb 27: ThUdVi?rT<id\? Ca*"S *p' o,4d 11 cases: Si v i ? raMs: Fourth Ward, 27 cases; !nfivv a 'a C>XS^'' Six,b War<M*; Sev^ enth W ard, 4 cases?Total 9*. Price or Guano Reduced?We learn that owing to a reduction made by the agents of the Peruvian Government In the price of guano, the dealers in this city are now enabled to otl'er the article at per ton, being five dollar, less than it has been selling at heretofore. This intelii (jence will be gratifying to farmers who use this iertillzer.?Altxandria Gazette. Assault with Intent ro Kill ?On Thurs day afternoon officer Harrover of the 5th police was sent for to arrest a colored man, narmd !,u cien Pipslco, who was charged with an attempt to kill hi* wife. Pipsico was taken before Jus tice McKenna who sent hirn to jail for court. Don't forget the delightful Fair at Odd Fel lows' Hall, given by the l.adiesof the English Lutheran Church. It is a most agre< able place to s[>end an evening. I he Court of Claim* wa*? ye*tpr day until 3 p. m , In hearing Captain Jonas P. Levy, on a motion for a rehearing in bis case Capt. L will conclude his argument next week The Late Joseph B. Tatr. Armory of Washington Light Infantry, March :|, H5S At a meeting of the company, held as above, a committee were appointed, who reported the fol lowing resolutions, which were adopted unani mously : Whereas, it hiving pleased Divine Providence to take from us the late Capt. Joseph B Tate the members of this company, while acquiescing in the wisdom and justice of the decrees of Om nipotence, cannot forbear giving utterance to the profound sorrow with which they part from a companion whose active co-operation and cheer ing influence in the several capacitiesof a private second in command, and Anally as commander! "re. for 80 many years been unremittingly and efficiently exerted to promote the usefulness and sustain the respectability of the company There tore? ' Resolved, That upon the severance of tie* so long and firmly knit together, and the loss of a member whose probity and elevated sense of duty made him an example to us all, this company reel with peculiar foice a blow which has fallen heavily upon the whole community. Resotred, That next to that family for whose welfare his best exertions were devoted, and whose sacred sorrows for their irreparable loss cannot be expressed in word*, this company take their place a* mourners at his bier. Resolvtd, That as a further expression of re gard for the deceased, this company will attend nis funeral, and that the armory be draped in mourning for twelve months Committee-Jas. V. Davis. Captain; James E Powers, Lieutenant; XV m E Alorcoe, Ensign; L. D W illiams, (Quartermaster; Benj F Beers Secretary. _ J ' Watch Returns ?John Kane, Ireland,drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, f-2.44. Terence Keenan, Ireland, do ; do. The intense cold drove the pensioners of the Corporation to the guard house for quarters at an early hour, and they soon tilled the cells. y s 4)1 ID. The remains of WILLIAM FARRELL will be removtd iroin St Patriok'a vault to Georgetown burying-xrouud. for interment, on Sundny, the 7th inst , at 2 o'ciook p. m. AUCTIOR BALIS. Br WALL * BARNARD. Anota. Corner oj Pennsylvania annnt and 9th ttrett. SALE OF PRIME GROCERIES. FRUITS. amd Liquors.?Od TUESDAY MORNING. 9th inst., in front of our Store, corner 9th street and Pa. avenue, we will sell a stock of prime Grooenes, A 0 ; as? barrels Brown and Yellow Sugar, Do Refined do. Half barrels and kegs Sugar House Syrup, Lot of prime outtiug Cheese, Boxes Brown, Caatile, Toilet and Ctiemiaal Soaps Do Macaroni. Kits Mackerel, harr. Is prime Herring, Adamantine and ^loold Candles. Boxes ripe*, oases Salad Oil. Sardines, Karrelsof Old Kre Whisky, do. Brandy, Octavea. Detniiuhnt, and Bottles of Brandy, Liquors of different kinds, in glass, #

5 octaves of Brandy in homl in Georgetown, Boxos Oranges do. Lemons. Nats,Figs, Also, a lot of Spades and Shovels, on acoount of whom it may oonoern. Terms at ?ale. m 6 ts WAI.L4 BARNARD, AucH. AO GASTON & CLARK, ?*0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, ? DEALERS IN CLOTHING AND GbNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers call attention toa desirable Stook of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenve, seoond dnor from 7th street, and as they are determined to olosentf* the lot if aossible, every-?fi'ort neoessaij on their part shall be aaed in order to please their customers. In the Clothtim Drfabtmknt we oan guarantee the stoek to be perfeot in poiut of durability, fit and etyle, because we make everything ourselve#, and have no hesitation in saying oor goods will be found equal to the best order wort in the oountry. Watching the varioas changes of fashion, partiee ?ay rest as.ured of finding the latest out and make in store, sahieot to their iaseeetion and aparoval. 9l5,fxm worth of Goods for Men's, Boys'and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at anotion prioes, and pur ohaaers wonid do well to examine the lot. This ia no humbug, as oar assertions oan be proved on ex amination. Call and see as at t^e above Store. G E ORGETOWN. Co*r?tf9n<l,nc* ?/ 7*4, star. Gio&eKTowv, March 6,1358. The following busi-ess wa* dcue in our Cttv Councils last night. In the Council. Mr. Tenney presented the me morial of T. M McCubbln, ia relation to a claim due him by the Metropolitan Railroad Company and asking the Corporation to take Home action in relation to the name ; referred to the ways and mean* committee. Damp Ben,1"nan presented the arconnt of committ^Ver" wLlcfa Wi" to the claim. Vi<w!1|^!?,k-?n ?f Wr Thoma*.the memorial of the aJd referred* WM l"ken fron? the hies c n'?,,on ?'f Mr Tenney,the aeronnt of Lewis JiVi. ^ Wn* Uken fron? tbe Hie* aud referred to claiuia < ommittee t?.Jrrtr.n^I,.,.?'i*1 ?r K- Patterson was referred to on lfr'^Tance*. / r,*Purt of the Trustees of the Poor, and ar a?d Sfrrl2? HT"' WM *U? Uke" from ,hf fllM hotis^ committee on poor and woik the'f'?llow?i<1Pn?t' *f.r CroP1<,r- then announced f ??"lowing standing committees : ker and*Thomas*1" ?Messrs. Tenney, Shoema ^Claims -Messrs Thomas, Myers and Muncas d8tr#eu -Messrs. Simmes,Shoemaker and Go Mye*rskel Hoi"'e?Meaara. Ritter, Thecker, and mtZStmmli -**~n Maccall, Tho E?.!"?Mem,r" Myers, Ritter and Godey Myei* ** ~Mes#r?- Muncaster, Tenney, and ner a^MyiSh*nnel ~MeMr* MuncMt"- Ten SimmeTsaDCe# ~MemSr8 God^' Thecker, and Godey1 P* ~MeMr* Thomas, Shoemaker, and RUt7ri#Tdnand LXa.n,'hed business.?Messrs. pi nnpF an<* Maccall. ThMrk^?x7paniM/S,d Fire Engines .-Messrs. iff ' M>'er? ?nd Thomas. Gode^. " ~MeM" Macra11' Shoemaker, and SLoenuker, Maaca. T" -\rt"8"rs Maccall and Thomas, nev anS SimnSJ*001"?Muncaster. Ten *'r .Ten,,y reported from the select committee n?oh'ifi,,nar'T 'n re,aMon to swine, r,mC S FawdfiS/ Thu"id re"t"r"Jr.t'nK in ,he mitin tbe 1 . . Tbi* lau prohibit* ho^sfroiri run 1 ing at large from the 1st day of April to the 1st S??d a'"1 J"ol;ibiu Kli? K ds when rom"J aTellinK than one hundred J,' '? !fben complainta are made against the are to be deal^wtth * v,",afion cT the law they when ordered ? ?? 5* * nui"*nce; the police, have them ?? m ' are re,9ul^d to kill them nave mem taken to the poor-house and are to re ceive for siirh service #1 for earh animal thus rel HmZZfL r aV fa,,ur'* "pon the part of any a fln^of ?5 Th! VniW' he.Kubject? himself to erahfe length ? ?T 11 Was dNc,!sS*,d at consid w!r!r. K ' y Messrs. Muncaster, Maccall Simmes, Myers, and Tenuy and, after various amendments, Anally passed the Council. both Ho?rHr! re? a re80,utlon, which passed renJe?en? m -1 PP?^n,in? Jame" A Magn'der to Chesa^ake and O. ?l tb", CorPorat>?? I" the KT .7 7 wbio ( a,,itl Company. On motion of Mr. Myers, the President of the ?*"rk"dJour,,'d F"d?y . J^>rrath'r continues extremely cold, and our ice dealers have again turned their attention to *ecuring anot her <? rop They are now ^cur" ' it about in thickness, and very clear fnd oik "hU^dU'd thf Liuh,'V Ps,e#>mpd resident of our city died this morning, at 6 o'clock Mr? i^n'w Hy,'rm.0tll0r|0f ?"r Mlow-citi u": T H rr,wl>'' ,n the ;6th year of her a^e Wrnm^s .e.p.r, z'"x nz' i; ,*:? Thi'3 Cburch , ^?tfeMnKS of beef Ci,ttle at the drove yards yesterday amounted to loo bend ? lt>o of whie>< "'Z i:"r?,hU8rd t'>- District hutcheri! 2 ?.n the hoof, equal to *5a<?9 12 nett Th^ remaining 5?10 head were left over Sheen *1 u P^rvlb- Hogs SH per Ksi Ihs ?heep3^a5c U e have nothiug of moment from the lliuranrl ^ " ? s. QEOROETOWy ADVERTISJRMTg. HaGideTbA c5"hiUtdher V'P ^""SlirninMv! Sitlwnifnt. da> ??en <l,,*?lved by n.u n.?ofthAtr i"uM,or,zed to settle the l.usi ness 01 it.e .a.e hrin, tn whom all peraous indented to the firm, l?v open account, will please come for ward and s??tt.e the same by no e or otherwise F. VVHKATLKV, n,. . . W. II. GODEY. MioTv*'"u carrying on the Confectionery business 111 all its branch... and we satisfactory to those of w?VlK5f"o%e:J. ?eor?et^u ?"o .nay lavor us tioLPwe?nr? tn^'rl,'r.i1* P^tic? he recommenda II.1 r ^ re,led upon, having been lor more Cau"ner. 8" yea" 1U th? "^lishment ol Mr. C. : >v.f *?.??* *1' times prepared and pleasml to furn we ahl a?s tr^to kilfn"' Ao. - '" ?hurt notioes, and l .y to keep on ha d >uoh t.'AKK and 1m "'f?, ?r" ,ne,1?l <"? - " ATZ 4. BROTHER, ?f*' _ antSu^?'"' Ue?f",tuwn FOR SAl.K.?4.000 CHKSTNUT KAILH dZT Ft ?STS, when ordered. K,ULS'ilIk0 KMMousvery superior CUMBERLAND COAI., p?i'^V,U tW "UU ?nd at m 5 3t VV harf. Green stree* t^eorKetown. P(>(uK hi,r# Ku>(L.OST.? Lost in lieorKetowu I a Fucket-Mook, oontainine al>out Qzs in uione*. viz: three .f 5 notes, one half eagle, and sonie ohante; also some valual le papers. The huder will receive teu dollars reward for relurnine it ?nd its content. t?Mr. WM. H. T K N \ E Vr, or if he w&nta to keep all the money, lie will oouler a lavor b* re turninr the papers in a letter through the post office to W.H.lennry, Georgetown. ?HI J A M KS A. NELSON. |\|AVOR'S OFFICE. Gkorgetown. D. C. u I j 11.. Febkuaky 25, 1838. . I^* ? Pr0P?!Rl* w?ll he received at this office un til 12 o'clock UOOBun Monday, theSth of March neit. for the rent of the i* ish Wharf in Gcoricetown lor oash, to the first Monday in March, 18.59. * fe& dtHth.Mh R. R CKAW^UKP, Mayor. POR BOS ro.N-First Vksskl.?The packet T aohooner Marietta Burr.Capt. Nioker son. has arrived and will sail as above. For VW ?,? P"8**6 ?Bp'y to HARTLEY &2*S? BKO.loi \\ ater street, Georgetown. in 3-1 w JJEDUC1NG STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASH v ?a o ^HN H- 8MOOT, 19fLr,d'f "rettx Oeorgetottn, D. C., i jr>aI>in.llto reduoe his stmskaa owas poksibie bv th? 1st of ?Mjrah^will a?U from this date every descrip Uonol WINTER GOODS at reduced prioSS f^r Fancy Colored Dreaa Silka, f Printed Moualine Delaines, Merino. Plaids and Poalina. t renoh Merinoa, Shawla^Soarfa, will be aold at a VERY GRi-AT'RKTjuc^oK, on former prices. Piompt customers supplied upon the usual terms. Those havinc settled their HiU? tn?-ir^ t0 lst in<taJ>t. he tenders his grateful ac SSTSSSlSr,B a.n WJ" 66 !indOT m*ny obligations to all who have not. to do ao by oaah or note at ttieir earliest convenience. -jau 2? J. H. SHOOT. F'?ii..ALfe?Pect 1 ully announce to our -!L/I i; fa the public that we have at last suo oeeded in having a large quantity of ALE8 of vari ous kinds brewed expresnly to our order, whioh we will guarantee to be the hnesr and the largest vari * 11 wa" ?ver ?lffered in this market. .? k./-I?on* w,"hing a nioe article of Ale can have it by applying to us for either ofthe following brands. ^eishiMnd V *"X ^ X f*ale? I"^P?5e, Phi*-' (imwn s!!l V V enal,? have a fcn* article of j?iTtout and XX Porter always on haud. ' mail, or given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARNY A SHINN, j Lmon Bottling Depotj57 Green street, IVobth / M.RUPPEL. ~ rgsTO.v-f jsrs times tha ohoioest and moat excellent xsiflr "(^^?Utofi myoRS, the freshest of GAME in seaaon. ^?J'l^erved at ail hoars ai.d at the aaaai prioaa. CmPr^D FORv 8ALK AT.M? B. w. hEs?*"5"'co"1 h I?-?09W Wk5lBY CAR LIN. Agant. AUCTIOM 6AU8. TO-DAT 4- TO-MORROW MORNING __..p' y ^AMD. AuoUuiiMri. P VV^SiS C^?4i ?F OOL*> AND SiLVM tiox -On MO\ OA i' MollNrxi* fedi* ifu 2-JP v-^rr, ?l?* I. dl?oM Of. .1 Stow No s!i n> "55 "-1 ~" ? ??" Go d Hunting and open cased Wa'ehes fe?!^ Kob' VHt. and <> uard Ckaini ???d Breastpins, Katrines j.o[d sots inUmwi, Jet. Mosaic, and Gold StoBe Chased and feat Rings faals. Keys. tiold Pencil. Gold Pens, SMlTer Pens ??**<?, Card Cases. forte,, Wr rTO* ?i'l ^ *rrHt ?t?ck run here mentioned. I he indies %re respectfully tuvited to attend. I I'rmi cash. 3 WALLA BARNARD.Aucf. B? A. (iKKK.N, Auctioneer. SM' n8v OK* OF THK ?OVKBN MKNT I rri.? is,t,A"rkT,? Stoves, Tables, Cask*. mi i'viiiiV!. AircTing.? Ob SATIRDA V >?11 .. V6tk "nst.. at 2 o'clock. I shall " of- Ganaral ?o*t Office. a large M.arnXni,'Vfck*'uWL,tm? Tables, and Stands. l^er Ac!?a"e"'|,'r?on R*ck"- l'um* Terms cash, in specie funds. m4 dU AMJREKN. Auet. T C. McGl'IRK, Auctioneer. RI STEE'SSALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUR ?f'T?K-K Ln M'?M)AV MORM.NtJ.Mar^t, oin. at lOwcock.hj virtue of* deed of trust dated , .^V183**?*' dol,r r^oorded 'n t iber J. fw"?* i*7? *c i' ?hall sell the ^uroi i.?h? ? Edects at No. 4U7 fc street, between ?th 'i*h and streets, ocinprismg? Damask oov-red Sofas and Parlor Chairs. Mahog?ny Kocke', Couuge, l&bles. Cane seat and wood-seat Chairs, xLLL"^" -M"?"- Curtains. \\ ir.dow Shades. W^L^'^10 Carpets,Oilcloth, Matting. \vhh n>*hoK'":J Dressing Bureaus. ?^!^?ndVt f.?" 1 ^et,l l-ookir.e elapses. ?ktotera *"d Pillows. r h^? uu J c?*rfort?, Quilts, China Glas?,and Crockery Ware, Copkinsr a- d other Moves. Fire Irons. Requia1t es.W1 a t'neral assortment of Kitohen 'and under, cash: over that sum a d<SM!S!lSn?^S.1Sf ? ' ??? FUTURE DAYS. By J AS. C. McGl IRE, Auctioneer. ^IGNOR V1TO VITI A SONS* GRAND SaLJ or ,TAL,*H Marble Parlok jnd Gaebk* Smt'iET, Classical Vasks. .I'! i11 Ware, embracing articles THI?R^iVaV^V?teNihv7Cwr' wu" UU* P'^ -??! K .^A* KV ENf\(?, March llth at 7 o el'k at Crouch s Academy of Music, oomer of Pennsyl ' llh*treet' T,," ~"e ^"I?"noo L.ue Mze Busts of Washington, Clay. Webster Jackson and Nicholas 1.. *' enater rrEnb2rlVSll'.tk9P>?'k of the Arno- b! ??"? J^?r%inal Ba'rtol?ni^D,e ??R,ad fr?m lhe Also, the Penitent, j>T Nelli; Madonca. by Coali: Divine I.ove and other olassio subjects. ?* b"k: *""*? ^ssr.iiss.ssrs?^ c,m~ '?< c"?^ hld?ir!.lk Cl??p*;r^ Power's Oreek **i?ve. ShepherdenH. and others, Broiizek; Ti-e Itarjoers, Italian Merdirants, Group of Cupids, The f'astnrai Muse, * c . Also, betutiiull) carved Hebe. As&te Vases 'i^n"' fuuJ ""i1 '"fch, for parlors, baccaiite I <tzzaa, foi fruit or oarus. Koman Acate Urns, for l'uhts, Amphonu of Bardiglio ma< ble, Grecian Cruits, Fiorieres for tiojquets Ac ilwtn^fTr 'fhe tiemle HhmKmt Inn^enoa. Helen of Troy and Breixla, Ciroassian I>a>e,Vc,iaa ?U' |,#,che? Pandora, May Also. a Leaut tful assortment of French China and fancy Articles. Perfume Bottles? Tea Ser'v loes ,r?u?.w <!?????. Punch Bowls, Ac. "vioes rr r:"o'r":";:ir)- - ???.??-STte as '? ?/ a highly meritorious character and far siipcmtf toant previous exhibition ofthe kind ever off-red at public sale. Me.,rs. VUi bee |WTwI S, inform their friends of Wa>inneton. Geori[?-town and Ale*.tudn? toat this sa,e will be peremptory and trust that they will ava I themselves ?.f this o? portunity of purchasing such elaborate wares l ermi: One ImiKfred dollars and under, cash over that sum. a credit oi two and four monthi! lor\ZuV l ^ u y endorsed notes, bearine i* terest. w. j^ood.s Wl1' ^ on exhibition the day and ; niicht preoedine the sa.e m< d J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. 1\IARftHAL'S SAI.E.?In virtue of a writ of A , f'.e %lMi under the lien law, issued from JfrV ? ? office ofthe Circuit Court ofthe District of Columbia, for the County <?f \\ aahinston. and ?o me directed, I will expose to pubao sale, for Ca?h F h?i?Vv ^?*,r ?f "aid ,k J^ the^jth of March. 1?58. at Uo dock m., the lol'owmr described property, to wit: All de ?h* fhlJI q.'u-1* cl*"n< "nd interest in and to the three 3) h rsme Ileuses erected i?n Lot No. ft 1 on Maryland avenue. betw??n<>,' c,tf WashinctoB. D C., seized and levied upon *? the property of James H Lokey. and will be s<?ld to satist) Judicial No to Ociolter term, U,7, in favor of Smith At Fowler J D HOOVI- W m 2-dts Marshal f?<r the District of ColombN. jVIAKSHAL'S WALK.? In virtue of seven <71 <i ? 1- fi"r' f^? *8> from the Clerk's of hce of the ? ircuit C<>urt ofthe District of Columbia ih-f ?Unt.T m s,'"n*trn and me directed, I r^L, h1""?'? pu,>,'? l'aie ,or ^* front of the Court-house door of amd County on FKI l?AY the deicr^H' M"rch-at 12 ?'*"<*! ni,tlie (oLowinr ti. ? ?pr,,p^rtV to w,,: A" defendant's r.?ht, r ' djn^rest in and to all that piece or parcel of gvound lying in Georgetown, in the Dis tnct of Co umb.a. which u included within the lol f?u t J"'''to w,f; *,,'il'nnine on the west sn.eof Market >paoeat a point tU feet l? inch es south from the craer of Bridge street and Vi tr S?||Sp,i?r-a,,d runnimr thence west with the north T ii ! ^?.flor> t>rick houses on the lot herein described and the line thereof extended S9 lest theice south and para'lel with Market Space 27 feet 6 inches, more or to a point which will be intersected by the line of the south wall o| siid ^???tle,?e.deWMr' the" by ?<ld lln" reversed !ffiK Market Space at the southeast corner of said house, and then sorth and with the line of Mar ket space <7 feet fa inches to the place of l?eeinnine Ir wwh'lu ,"Lor*',*ast oornerof said house, tocetff i ?'neular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Ueorre \.w Judicials r f' i to October term, 1856. in favor of Joshua Hatcher and Nariuy Hstoher. and Nos 1^4, I3i>. ISi. and 137 J udicials t?i May term IHS? in frvorof Chile an*! Dillon, Peter Dilh.n? Beijam! I Triplett. ai,d John CrumbeuKh. m 2 dts Marshil for the District of Co^iH.i'a. OFFICIAL. Treascst Dkpartmext. February 1J. 1858. Notice is hereby give* that sealed proposals will be received at this ofhee until the fiPeenth day of March proximo for the issue ofany portion, or the whole, of five millions of dollars in treasury notes in exchange for gold ooin of the United States deposited with the treasurer of the United States, the treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia, the treas urer of thd branch mint at New Orleans, er the as sistant treasurers at Boston, New York. Charles ton. orSt Louts, withiu ten days from the ajoept ance of suoh proposals, ULder the aurhorit) ofthe act of Congress entitled *Au act to authorise the issue of treasury notes." approved the ?;d Deoem ber, 185?. The treasun notes will be issued upon the eoeipt here of certificates ofdcposite with those ofh-jers to the cr?d t of the treasurer of the Urited States They will bo made pajable to the order of sicli bid der or bidders as shall a^ree to make such exchange at the lowest rate of interest, not exceeding sir per centum per annum, and will carry such rate lrom the date of the certificate of suoh dep<?site. The proposals must state the rate of mrerest with out oonditionand without reference to other l.ids. aud oontam no other fractional rates tl.anone fourth one half or three fourths of one per oao'um. Five per centum of the amount proposed to lie exchanged must be deposited with one of the treasury o&cere above enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must aooompany each proposal, as sssunty for us fulfilment. If the proposal is not aocjpted. imme diate dtreoMons will be iciven to return suoh depos ite. Should the proposals be variant from the pro visions of the aot of Conxres, or of this notioe, they will not lie oonsidered. All proposals under this notice must he sealed and nscribed on the outside "Proposals for Treasury Notes.' They will be opened at this department at 12 o'olock m., on the said fifteenth day of March HOWELL COBB. fe ,2~ Secretary of Treasury. SI P R I N G STYLES OF HATS * . For 1858. ..?C'S,DRF*g<,Kvri ?" "" embiaciitg the Paris. New York, and Philadelphia st>les, which cannot fail to please the most fastidious. Al?<?. the Cloth (or Cashmere) Hat. so much t ?!Vr^rT,Hni *orn. Together wi h. FELT HATS and CAPS in all their variety. ??,? . C-IP 'tJ and Pnoeof our HATS will be found to be the same as sold in aur other house in tuis P*V- Please don task for c.edit. ~ *"'TZ. Hatter. - _, , , av.. near corner i3th st _fe2G-tr between Wil ard's A Kirkwood House. rjREAT SALE OF CARRIAGES. AT COST* thl^h D*r \ P^?* h*vln? dissolved oo the 7th instant, by mutual oonseut, toAamB olose up their business we now offer forCnuEsP ?al*^?' rest, at their stand. No. M I2tn B^r:,4S^r th* ??jn?r of c, the followinc ('arrmges: Jmwae. four Rockaways. one Fourjas H.i.v and two Express Wagois ?v?-k above were made ofthe best and most tho I!i5Al,i2?,00,^lumb,,r*ndb?,lt l>y skillfui and ex workmen, sod will be warinted for twelve months; a satisfactory guarantee being given with ?very MJe. ? B. CurrMt fundi required in every inetanee. Also, Hand Buggies very cheap for cash. ? ^ CHAR T. GARDNER k. SON iau 2Uw?w* Soooessors to Gardner k Piaoe TELEGRAPHIC NEWS PMMrlrtBUDnMtratk Can* Hiitiiecii, March 3 _jB the ? ?tate Convention to-day. tb* committee om lutions nnammonsly reported a seMae derls'in* that tbe principle involved la the rripaal of tb* Mlseonrl com promts and asserted In -he Nebras ka art?that the people of tb# Territories shall li*?f firlu?lw control of their dowetlc iMilta ? I* I be only sere guaranty against tbeaglts tl.?n of tlif 'nation In regard to local Institution of the States and Territories Tbat tbe nilfem ? pplicatloa of the Democratic principle la tbe 01 ^annation of Terrltorlee, and tbe udmlasloe of new State* with or witbont slavery aa tbe people ?nayelrct, U the only way tbat tbe rights of all the State* can be preserved and tbe ?rigtael com pact of the ?institution maintained inviolate, and "*rm<?ny and the perpetuity of the t'nioa be p.eserved The resolutiooa are very ions, fully ? ?ivtainini' tbe IjevMtfnpton constitution aad tbe policy ??f Mr. Buchanan. Mr Stokes, of Westmoreland. offered a (nbafV Printing tbe views of tba minority of tbe convention. declaring tbe acceptance of tba Le compton constitution to be a congressional a?ar palioa. and that the members of Congress wbo v.?te for the L?compton conatltatloa will beautltv of moral treason. " * The resolutions endorae Got. Packer's couraa generally In the afternoon an exciting debate eaaued aa tbe reaolutiona Mr Stokes' amendment was loat by a vote of <1 to WO. and tbe commltteea resolutions ware adopted bv a vote of 111 to 1?the aati-Lecomp ? tonltea refusing to vote Genera! nominations were then made, and tbe Convention adjourned till evening *""? Indiana Republican Convention* I*dia*apoi.h, March 4 ?Tbe Republican State Convent'on assembled here tbla morning Tiie following nominations were made : For judges of the Supreme Court. Horace P. Btddie, A W Hendricks. Simon Vandea, and VV D. Grisw^ld; for attorney-general, W T Otto: far State Treasurer, Jobn H Harper: for auditor,? l^nire; for Secretary of State, William A Peele; for superintendent of public laatractloa, Joha ?Noun*. Anti-Lecompton reaolutiona wera, aa a matter of courae, adopted. Kfw Harea Sheeting Affair. New Havkx. Coan , March 4 ?The coroner's jury, after the Investigation of tbe facta la rela tion to the death of William Mllla, a flrnnaa. who was aliot In an affray with aorne college eta dents, on the 9th of February;, gave In their ver dict this forenoon. It does not Implicate aay per son In particular, but cen?ured those wbo de clined testifying, by which the jury were unable to obtain all the facta the needed. Obsequies af Imi. Perry. New York. March 6 ?The obsequies of Com Perry, to be celebrated this afternoon, will be Imposing The member* of tbe City Coueel I and Chamber of Commerce will attend; also the officers of the dl ision of mlllta Two hundred marines will act as body guard, and the seventh regiment as funeral escort New York Municipal Election. Oswego, March 3 ?Twelve towns out of tba twenty-two in this county have been heard from, which have elected tea Republican and two De mocratic supervisors This city has elected two Democratic supervi-ors and two on the American and Republican ticket. Opposition ta the Canadian Government. Tokoxto, C. W.j Match 4 ?Thomas Darcy Metier, formerly editor of tbe Irish News, la New \ ork, but now a member of the Provincial Parliament from Montreal, made his first speech last night in opposition to the government. It was exceedingly violent. Arrest of n < enfidence >lan. Bostox March 5?Edward C Ray. formerly a resident of the Sing Sing prison, was arrested ia this citv vesferday. for operations In tba " confi dence" line He will be taken to New York after baring satisfied justice in Boston. Pennsylvania Nomlnntiens. II ARRivars*. March 6 ?Wm A. Porter Was nominated last night,on the first ballot, as Judgd of the Supreme Court. Westley Fro*t was nominated aa Caaal Com missioner on the third ballot Subsequently tba Convention udjoumed nw die. Fire nt Keesvtlle, N. V. Kkesvill*. March 4?Spencer's row. In this village, took fire last evening, and was burned to the ground The post office, adjacent, was saved. The losses were mostly insured Departure af the Nlngura. ,N tw ^ 'iKK. March 1 ?The L'. 8. steam frigate \ i.iijara left here for England, this moral eg, to ioin the other ships of the Submarine Cable Squadron Western Navigation., Marcb4 ?Theehancesof tba open ing of navigation diminish as tbe river fhiis. There are six feet of water in tbe channel 4 arolina Bank notes. Ar.,c?ta. March 4 .?The notes of non-specie paying Carolina banks are bought here at js per <*ent discount, excepting the Bank of Hamburg Sailing of Matl Steamer. New Yohe, March 6 ?Tbe Arago sailed at noon, with It*) passengers and #13ti,uuo la specie Baltimore Ntarketa HaLtimor k, March 6 ?Flour is steady; Howard street. Ohio, and City Mills at *4 3U \\ heat and Corn are nominally unchanged, red wheat ?! <?a*l (W; do white fl 15al *0 White Corn 55a57c; yellow 5~a<Mlc Whisky is'dull at 20)fa2ljf. Provisions are steady, and unchanged Wow Terk tl ark eta. '*,w Volt, March (i?Flour I* qniet; sales of 7,5t? ?>bls ; State *ta4 35; Ohio *4 B6a5.IO South ern s?l GoaSo Wheat is firm; sales 4.UU0 bushels; Southern red 1 20; white *1 45. Corn buoyant; sales of?.. tM? bushels; white and yellow 6Ha70c Pork is quiet, mess *16 ?Sai? 15 Beef ta fi'm; western mess ?12a# 13 75 hard is firm at VSa 10c. Whisky is dull at 22*c for Ohio. Plnnnctal. New ^ ore. March 8?Stocks are higher Chicago and Rock Island <*; Cumberland Coal Co 21 J,'; Illinois Central shares 99)|; do bonds La Crosse and Miiwaukie 10^. Michigan Southern 31; New York Central OT, Reading 64: Canton 25%; Yi-giniaC* l?|; Missouri 6's u4a . Sterling exchange Is dull. S WOLFE'S CHEIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS is prescribed with treat suooess by the Mediaal Fao nltj in Gravel, Gout, Chrome Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Sluxicish CircL.ation of the Blood. I uadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhaaoted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has ao eaperior 10 the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and rcveale by all the Drus<(ists and Grooere in Washington. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole importer and Manufacturer, No*. 12. 20, and 22, Beaver street. New York, dec U-Sm IV., ~ C~A R rTa G E 8. UK Subscriber having uuuie additione to hia Factory. making it oovoueuf the largest, in the District, where hie facilities for manufacturing a I kinds of CAM Kl AGES and LIGHT WAGONS oanaot hasar pasred.and I rum his Ion* experience in the basi news. he hopes to give tcenerm satisfaotion. All kinds oi Carriages and Light Wagon* kept oa All R EPA IRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second -hand Carnages takec in exchange for aew ones. ANDREW /.lOTCE, H m-tf ?omer of i?th and K ets T HE GREATEST GOOD TO THE GREAT EST NUMBER. I wish all gentlemen t<> bear in mind that tke p:an oessful operation, as theasands gentlemen can testify. , 1 have just rroeived a full supply of the Istest New Y?rk styles of DRESS HATS, which 1 aiu snilma at |sm.?<itJ to any. and much better than is ususlly sold at #? or fr and the Wst *3 Hat in the I'nited Stales; and a good fa?hi?nal4e Hat at 92 9m.?111 fsct, alt kiade of H?ts and Caps 91 per cent. l-*wer thsn the usuai prices,?/or rash imlf. No extra profits, ia oruer to Offset had dobts. > I als?? have.on commission for a Phitedelahta ami ufacturer.a Lrst rate Dress CALF SKIN B(?OT, at <t3 75. iust aa good as ant that are ???id froin 95 t>> |u; and a splenrti PATENT-LEATHER OAIT F.R. at *3 *?. run a I t?? an* at or aod the ver> lieu CALFSKIN GAITERS at ?IA The Boolmakers of this cit> <*? supplied wnn Boots, as usual, at ni> V"11 OMi A' N?w York Hst Store, iih street, opposite the Avenue House, fe 25 om A sent for the manulacturera. G E E I) ? ' 9 E I^D 8!! SEEDS Sons or tb* AnvAnTAsas or Bpttug Srsns rnrn JOHIa HALL. 1. Because he is neither an acent or has Meets hat his Setds are crown expressly to his order he can. therefore, warrant them. 2. Because his See is are freak, (seuiee. a aad a Iter ated: tae growth of 1*67 S. Booau-e by purohaatag direct from bun yen aara all intermediate prohis. 4. Because they are cheap. ft. Because he la a practical Horticaltaralist. well ac?iaainted with the Seed trade, aaH there fore ksows by experience what seeds to reC SEED STORE ?WTth st , te27 84 W.lJt oorner II, Waehtustoa. D