Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1860 Page 1
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(fb nting Sta, \?k. XV. WASHINGTON. D. .. FRIDAY. JUNE 8. 1860. N?. 2.'2*o THE EVENING ST At IB rVFLISM *P KWKRT AFTERNOON, T (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,: AT THE STAR BMLD11HI, t'orner of P*nnsylvix.ita avenus *V UU '* ? " w. n w * ? * r?Hfi ht?w ta pMkacM by MrrUra ?t t? ?*%r, or 91 ewti mcath. To Mil beeribBn tho f ico is |sjr> * yocf, *? 92 for Ml """ nth?. 91 for three mor?he, ?nd for Iom IhBD throe roontMtl the r*te of UoenU ? week. ??Bgl* ec?>e?. AW* c*j?t; ib wrappers, two cm*. tL7" ihoild be MBt to the ofto* Wore 13 o'oloek, m.; otherwiee thej m*7 not By ?*?i BBtil the next day. nrCBISTIilG TO MKT HO 9IST9. At th?> r.r ? ?1 J #-:~J ? ?? ? miuru menu, meoioer <>f tb? Methodist connection, wa republish the following interesting letter, first appearing in the column* of the Baltimore San: BrrrAi/i, June 2 ?As many of jour readers art- interests! in the absorbing question of slavery. which has for the last month past occupied the attention of the general conference "J Ae Methodist EpWcopal church, in *e?sion *r *his city, it mar be interesting to examine ' Tesult of the agitation which has expressed i*4elf in the report of the majority of the ommittee, and which has now superceded by it-, adoption much of the fundamental laws of Methodism upon thia absorbing question. >n~h an examination, I think, will be a v of congratulation to the friends of conservatism in the country, and show that the egitation?which at one time threatened tode?lroy the integrity of the church, and give an ?-additional uupulto U> sectional fanaticism? has culminated in a m?re mild and temperate >*pre??ion of doctrine than could have been h >r?d for by the moat sanguine friends of Motk<xU*A. The doctrines heretofore held hy the church upon the subject of slavery have been emphatically expressed in the Discipline, a;nd to a full understanding of the question as it now ? \ist?, it may be necessary to inquire what was heretofore the law of the church upon ** subject? On page 212 of the Discipline adopted over fifty jears ago. we find the tolI'ikidk rule as the law on tht> 4uM<u?t r,f In answer to the question. "What shall b?* Ion" for the extirpation of slavery'"' the Discipline says, "We declare we are a? much as ^cr convin<??<l of the great evil of slavery, hercfore flavtholdc c shall hr etigthle to ! 'if rrfitrtnl Xt<lltt)H tit 0?r chunk-?' ?V?" any traveling prcacher becomes the w*?er of any slave or slaves, by any means, he .-hall forfeit his ministerial character in our church. unless he execute a legal emancipation rf such slaves, conformably to the laws of *ae State in which he lives. ' Again, on the I?-ame p*ge, "All our preachers shall enforce i?n our members the necessity of teaching tHot. - ? - from the dUease. The case was not a fair sample of the di?ease, but it nevertheless demonstrated the theory of the Commissioners that cattle once sick will never fully recover. The next animal killed was r cow, whioh was brought into Mr. Chenery's herd in December last. She had never exhibited any signs of disease beyond a slight cough, and an external examination before death failed to discover any indications. As tho animal had been exposed to the infected herd, it was a matter of curiosity to ascertain whether she had taken the disease. Upon a careful disscction of the luLgs the disease was found to exist in an incipient stage. The heart was soft and flabby, as in all cases of this kind, and there were other indications of the prevailing contagion. Thi. : *1 ? *- ? ?? Ait ArKiCA* Mother Meets Some or Hxs Chilpkn at Kit W?i?Among tue rescued from the bark Wildfire, is a middled aged woman and three children. She teemed quiet and ubdurd In manner, aad excited no special attention. other than that she bad part of her family with her Her great hope was to meet the others from whom fate had separated her. On the landing of the William'a cargo, she, with other* of the first arrival, peeped over the fence which separated the ntw comers from the old. Quick maternal Instinct dlsrovered no less than four among the crowd whom she claimed as her daughters She gave vent to her joy In the loud language of song, and the children, hearing tbe familiar air of home, caught sight of the singer, in whom they found their lost mother. The meeting was one of tumultuous joy: shouts rose from three hundred voices, in tbe gladness of a simDie mother, and with AUCTION SALES. By J c. MoGU.RE A co., Auctioneer#. By virtue of a deed of trust duly reoorded in the land record* of Washington oonnt*. t). C . l-ber J. A. S , folio 188, will be sold on NOONDAY, June 5 "'dock p. m., on the premise*, in the oity of Washington, D. C . Lots numbered 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. in Square numbered 1 "74. Lota numbered 11 and IS, in Square I.U1, aad Lot No. 2, in Square 1.120. Term* of sale oash. MAl.ON ASH FORD, Trustee. jel-d J.C. Mc'iUIKE A CO . Anot*. Hi J. C. MoGUlRF. A CO., Auctioneer*. First class residence o? e street, Bitwiki Fifth and Sixth stkkkts. at I'cbLic Sale ?On MONDAY AFTER nOON, Jnne lUh. at fix o'clock, on the premise#, we shall offer for sale a large *nd handsomely-furnished orivate residence, situated on the north side of k street north, between Sth and 6th utrerU west. The HOTELS, &c. Hygeia hotkl, Old Poiwt Comfoet, Va. This celebrated S?aho?rd Watering 1' aoe, loo*ted in futl view of Hampton Roads aau A . .A Cheeapeake Bar, and at the first military Yfjfc post of the United State*, Fort Monro4)^fHU will be ready for tlie reception of visitora on the firet of June. Be?ide? the attractions of the military establish ment and the fine "BUI of Kara" pres< nted in the many luxuries of the salt water region, the Bath at Old Point Comfort is peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it is almost a specific; and for its properties in this regard the proprietors arealowed to make reference to Mrs D'. Linn,(r?liot of the lite Senator Linn,) and to the tfecrttary of War and his lady. A spacious new building and sundry improve mmt* add largely to the accommodations andoom lorta of the anoroachinr THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkla iiwUmi Funi.'y ud JovmI-v** a ir?lM of ictvrwtinc rcadlu thM %r found ib My ?Mr?ta f abuabad 98 8?tart*r Tmm*-ffert. tm 9???l??*Fy.r*r?ana? fi ? pw nof?? (MM T*e oopiM.TU . . nr Twenty ooyM __ . u m ByaahecriNn* nolnha m?<\ mobi with ut tk? intervention of a want, ** Jl h? jeroeirerl, ?' per cent. of 7\* W.^'y sxar will fared. It inv*rt?Ny o?ntaina the fl W??hiocl?a N?wa" that tuu mad* T*< Stmt oucaVu ao ceoert ? thronehoat tha ooaatry. (Ert*'M> oopieailo wr%Mfre)?M be prooar*4 at the o^unt*r. Wf Ut waa m IM r-r > . 11iow? iiikhk th.'XT?. C7" Poetmaetera who lot m l(Mtl WtU bt?l towed a oonuniaeion of SO onto. FOR SALE AND RENT. \* A LI' A B L E RKAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE Sale?The snbaoriber ta anthortaed by owner tose \t f uitf sa.e, two va.nabie tarns >( Land. The 6rst I* situated near "baden." the residence of the late Zachariah Berry, and ad)nlM the lands of Dr Benjamin Lee ?'d other*, atd o?n'uoi two hundred end twenty euhtand tlirer tentba of an acre is we 1 wooded and watered, and in a h:gh state <>f cultivation. The ifnprovemen?e oonsist of a comfortable dwelling house, two tolac 0 l houses, and other out house* This Nnd olTers cr>-itt indaoementa to thoee wiehinr to porohaae rea estate, bet tic in one of the m<?et dellghttul neighborhoods in southern Maryland, being but al>out etch miW from Waehlnctoo city and five frorn U vl'nst.urg, and of eaay aooesa to cnun'h. poet office and mill Aleo, a very valuable tract of timber and wood lant1. Thi< land is situated abovt four w>i esfrom Washington cit?, on the stage road leading Irom thatoi y to Upper Marlborouth, andoomaina fcve hundred and twenty fuy at d two tenth* nt an aore. Al of said land is ?"^ered ii*wn<?1 and nv el of it twined in each others arms, the mother took them with her to meet the long separated, of whose fate each party was in utter ignorance. Rkstfct to Fbmalk* ? While it should be the l>oest of every man that he never put modesty to the blush, or encouraged immodesty to remove her mask, no sensible person will ever give countenance to woman's prudery so common nowadays. Our modern young ladies, who will not blush to be found readiug the flash literature that swarms from a venil press, turn up their nasal ortfans with unutterable disdain if a gentleman f resumes to add ess them with less familiarity ban is accorded to a queen, and go into hope'ess h\ steries at the bare mention of a kiss! We would not have a woman overlook the slightest improper familiarity, but there is a certaiu dignity with which to show that the offens- has been noticed, more potent than a million pe>'. re pro va is, and in all casts the intent of the ctt'ending party shoi.Id be first considered. fn7"The census takers in Philadelphia experience a ereat deal of dilBmltir In tU ?uvivn-vu me luvuugauon. ine committee and'medical men teemed to be divided in opinion as to the nature of the disease and the best means of eradicating it. The^p was a strone disposition on the part of many to establisli a theory of their own. and several gentlemen did not hesitate to condemn the course adopted by the Commissioner#. The Bnrch Divorce Case at ( hirago. The answer of the defendant to the complaint in this case was filed June 1st. The document is a very lengthy one The following are it* chief points :?The answer admits the marriage at Albany iu 1848, Ac ; denies criminal intercourse; says specifications of time and place are vagu" and indefinite; first bed roe acquai tel with Mr Burchat Albany, in 1812. where Mr Burch was clerk in a bank. He came t? Chicago with limited means, and ?tsrt?fd a bank Mr? Bunh has since ascertained that Mr Burch took pains to ascertain her pecuniary circumstances. Mrs. Bnrch at the time w?s living in the family of Erastus CVruitig. Mr Corning and friends assisted Mr Burch pecuniarily In 1855 a misunderstanding arose between Mr. Corning and friwids and Mr Burch, when the latter commenced ill-treating her. using grossly insult boi dm a ironl or over 26 feet and a depth of 73 feet: the Home is 51 feet, four stories h gh. e I'Mimnu 16 or It rooms, with a fine oel ar un>l?r ttie whole building; is built in th? most supeiior manner, of t>est materials, with al the modern improvements. The arrangement of the front anil the central locatior of this p oyerty renders it particularly desira'd" for professional gentlemen, having two tront entrance, one of whioh can he u-eilas an o(1i33; both entrances arc furbished with b, own stone stepr, and the lror.t of the building is an excellent iimta'ion of brown stose. Persons in want of s. fine res denoe should attend tins sale, as the owner is determined to soil. Terms: One-fourth oa*h; tue residue in 6, 12, and 1# months, interest, secured by a deed of trust o:i the premises. I itle indisputable. je?j J. C. MoGUIRE fc CO , A acta. By A. tiRKEN. Auctioneer. \fAl.UAHI.K BUILDING LOTS ON THE l-LAND. FROStlX'l ON S*tH'TH H AXD I iMiTTII STRSET* west, AT AUCTION ? Ou WEDNESDAY, the 1.1th instant, i shall sell in front of th? preir.ifex at b o'clock p. m , nommenoing on the first mined lot, the finiowmg valuable HuiMine Lot*, viz; Lots Nos.6.12,16.15. 17,2*>, and ?1, in Square No. > The above named *ainable building lots have f net* frum Si to 9 Iwt Mtk onsoutii H and I and 7th streets w?-st and running back to wide alleys, the sale will beweli worthy the attention oi pur on* wishing to purchase handsome property on the Island. Term : One third cash; balance in 6,12. and ir months, the purchasers to ?!? ? t ? ?- * Th? manag'e'itieut of the Hotel and all ho nma matter* oonnoeted with it are under tbe exclusive oharge of the junior partner, Mr. Willard, JOS. HKti.\R C. C. WILLARD. ma 29 1 m Proprietor*. T POINT LOOKOUT HK U nd .signed, locg arid well known to the travelin* public ac a proprietor of the Cit? fl . . A Hotel, Alexandria, Va? and the I nited v Stat-8 Hitel in WmIii tton citr. leaeed for a terin of y-ar* the man: ifid'nt t>*? si -e Pavilion a d the numerous oottases connect*-*! with i?. recently erects! at Point Lookout, U> fMBl "f IU' ction of the Potomac with Ch?eapea*e flay. and haviug furnished them in a st?!e < ua'. to that of any other watering place in th*? I'n.ted S?at??. win op?n the establishment <>n the l^th day i?f J an" n?xt for the reception ol visitors, hit arrangeme t? beilc surticient for the c tniVrtal .e accommodation of at kast 7S> guest*. Point Lookout l*esidei being desrrvedly tha n*>!?t famous p'ace in a 1 America for b.,e 0\strr?. Ho* F >-h. Soft Ora''S. S eeph ad. Mackerel, and all otiier t-all wat?=r luiu-ies p finer facilities for Snrl Hathius than even Cape Mav, win e the back oour.t-y immediately adjoining it?taalaiiag the Drive*. Partridge and Woodoook Shooti* . Ate., Ac.,?<>ffer ad\ant*ge? together, pen*i tnoaeof any other watering ?laoo on thi?coi;tiu 'i u I'ue Water Views from the pa.i..ion ai.d fnm a the cttages are extensive, varied, and ci>a*ming The health of the point is un<"Xo-?ned by that of nioiiutain regions, and the access to it by steamers from Baltimore, Washington. Norfo k. and Riohmond, wiLl probably be daily to and from each of the>s" cities. He h?.? -* 1 I .. o.i.j Mmivmii sill iroinu* folimili to *?h inrtnii. renders it vtj va uV T?. A'd ofcers * r?r? o >p.>rtiirity to ship builders and other* dea ib( in w d and uaber Tne ifrn>. which will be liber*! mvle known or an? icitu-n t<> tne uh>t.iMr if th> ?!mvf frofrtj is u< t di?poe*d. r ? tivm? M or b?f re t*ATl7RDA\. the day of June n'lt, it wii nn thv. day l>e cff -rM atfSMM w?l? at "i onoord,"' fh? r?rid?*roe of Thon-a* b*rTt. K*q , at the hour ol 12 ?.'o'o?-k m., " " vi! ta>e n r-aau.n in showing tie lan-r to vi * .at desire to purohve. SAMl'BL H. HKRRY, ap y 2awti? I'fyar ManSotough. F^i?R 8AI'K ANDR^NT.-The undersigned has two hou*r? for rent at kerj.l a.. tJrren, e?* n having 2 acres of - ">nnd xuitabio for a garden, at tactual. The siluition la rlmtad ar.d pe.fect f h althj. (iflnmir peon lar inducements U? one who prefer* pure <*r>ur.frv air to tb? hea'rd and duftv at Biosphere <>| the r.it7. A ??ah.e ai d woodahM ai? attached to each house, end a put>p ol clre ??W stands but a few ?te? rr?m the d: or. To a tenant the rent will ue moderat*. The residence known as Kose Cottar*, cenaiet tng of near two acres of (round witn ih-neo<s ar> outbui din<?, in for sa'e. The h oisewas bi lit for the present and ha* ma..) convenience* The land it in a high star< ofcti ti van. n, a: d much care haa been expended in the aeltetion ot a choice variety of fruit and shade tree*. The property Iroi.ts Hound*'t street, being outside the orj limits, and when that street 1* opened and improved, as there is reason to believe it eoon a?u cibiot iu iruu ioe woik oi Uixl, anil allow *b?m time to attend on public worsbip " Again. on page 7'J, we find that "no local f r?acher who is a slaveholder shall be eligible t" the office of elder or deacon, where the laws i a State admit of emancipation, au.l permit the liberated slate to enjoy freedom.'' 1; will be observed that the aforegoing, which has been in substance much of the fundamental law of tho Methodist Church upon the subject of slavery for the last half century, i - very emphatic and explicit in its terms. It has been proposed from tinis to time to alter the rule of the Discipline in such manner as to !i?iake '* non-slaveholding a test of memher*hip.M As the agitation of the slavery <|uestino has grown on the political councils ot the country, so it has been a constant and in? rcasing source ot annoyance to, and auxious ?;nrideration of. ev cry succeeding geueral conference up to the time of the assembling of tbe t 'e^ent body, when it was supposed new and more stringent rules would be uddrd to those already upon the statute-booL of the church, and intemperate councils of extreme inei; would triumph over that conservatism which " eretof.ire succeeded in maintaining the integrity of the body. We are happy to say that .-uch anticipations have not bee'n realized, and the gloomy foreshadowings of our friends in the South should be dissipat?d by the action <4" this conference in the prf uiis-s. AH the rules above referred to?and which ertan.W !???- ?- -L;-L -r ' ing language, which he fought to conceal from the public by being always kind and attentive when others were present lie refused to give her money for family expenses First met Mr Stuart iu 18-Vi, at a party at the Tremont House, was introduced by Mr. Burch, who expressed the highest regard for Mr Stuart until a difficulty in business matters arose Met Mr Stuart aeveral times afterwards at divers places. At one time Mr and Mrs Bu*-ch and Mr and Mrs. Stuart dined at the houso of Hon. Stephen A Douglas Afterwards Mr Stuart called at her residence and saw Mr- Burch alone A Mr. Farnam called. Mrs. B. tent word that she was engaged, and would nr>t eee him The only liberty Mr. Stuart ever took was taking Mrs. Burch by the arm For some trivial matter Mr. Stuart discontinned his visits for some time. Did not call again until t"he fall of 1859, when her husband na.- present. Says that in Juiy. Iditf, Mr Burch made an appointment to meet a young lady at Saratoga, mid was very attentive ta ht r while there Said lady was formerly very intimate with Mrs. Burch, but after above discontinued intimacy. Burch proposed tojyoung lady imputed dishonorable motives to Stuart and one Burrell with Mr. Burch. Mr Burch kissed the young lady when she left, at the same time treating his wife coldly Mr. Carlisle Boyd, teacher in Sunday school with Mrs. Burch, was intimate with the family, and at the request of oomplainant, Mrs Burch nade him a present of a smoking of their duties Many persons exhibit an unwillingt'"s* to give the required information, supposing that it is inquisitorial, or that an improper use will be made of it Others seem unable to utak?- a correct answer, and others a^ain send their servants to the door, and will not be seen at all. JJ5'" Seven of the swans presented by the cltv of Hamburg to the city of New York were found dead in the lake of the Central Park on Tuesday afternoon, and it is supposed they were poisoned. The other five could not lie found up U> a late hour at night, but it is inferred thev were hidden away in the bushes on the margin of the lake, and would be found in the morning CTMn South Ware, N. H . a Vigilance Conmittee, well armed with clubs. spade* and guns, gave chase to a drover, who had in charge a large herd of diseased cattle brought from Masschusetis. and compelled him to drive the entire lot out of the State. !C7~ The cost of the New York Central Park thus far lias been $7 The sum of * ?.51*1.t*)0 will be expended on further Improve ments j?7"lt is expected that the expedition of Dr Haves to the Arctic region* will sail in about a fortnight. The sum necessarv to furnish his outlit has been obtained. The crew wi:l consist of fifteen men. If is said that the reason why the republicans call Lincoln - Honest Abe" is to distinguish him from the rest of their party.?A' V Day Rook. H7*Among the entertainn. -nts which will be gotten up at Philadelphia f. r the benefit of the Japanese Kmbassy will be a balloon ascension. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS f ADIKS IN WANT OK A FASHIONABLF. I j and ch' ap BON \KT, will timl it at .Mr#. M. SIM SON'S. No. 107 Bmlite st.. Oe?nce (b town. D. C., where also a general assortment yl Straw Goods, Flowers, RlhboM, and Ruches. i."+- c i ?| lilt) uwf?rreri pay ments, hearing internet from da/ of tale. A iieed given and a deed of trust taken )?7 d A 8KF.KM, Au"t. By THOS. DOVVMNti, Auctioneer. K. S. Wrisht, Salesman. V'AI.UABLK I.ANIW IN MONTGOMKR V ?.'o?tnt\ ar Auction.?On THURSDAY next, ttie Uth in?t.. at 10 o'clock a. m., I shall sell, on lh * premises, u 3 acres of good I,ai d, situate in Mout nHMry tMlljfi Md., about R miles from George town, fronting on'In cana! its entire leugtii, and divided by >he Washington Aqueduct. It ha* two landingtt. n warchnuie and other buildings, inolu J ing store and fixtures; is and watered. The son it, in veiy good cotdiwou ar.<1 takes olover readily. There i? a county nad frcm Hockvii.e direct to the lower 'aihiing Also a traot containing about 118 acres, with wood and timber auffioient f >t the usa of the piaoe These traits will be divided to suit purchasers. Ti le perfect. Terin6 at sa'e. jei 7 ts THOS. POWLING. Auet. Hy J. C. McGUIRK A CO.. Auctioneers. fRTSTEK'S SALK OF TURKK SMAIJ. i Hrick Dwelling hot-srs in tiik re*r of Tkmpkhasck Hall.?On WKUNKsDAY AKTKK:mOON . June 7th, at 6 w'olook. on the premises, by virtue of adeed oftrust dated Marti 7,1ES7, and duly reoorded ui Liber J. A. S., No 13l,iolto? 1 2.1 3 114, and 115, one of t'.a land records lor Washington 0>nny,l). C ,1 hall sell Lots H, I, and K in a subdivison of square numbered 378. fronting ?aoh about 12 feet 1" inches on tn#3i? leet alley in the rear of I'emperar.ce HaJ:, together with improvements, consisting oftiire* two-story l?riek Dweliwig-Houae?, omtaining five rooms each. Terms: One third cash; th? residue in hand 12 m'-ritlii, with interest, secured by a deed oftrust on th^ ? V ?|-< Linp III prOVIUinc a fine Hand, Carnages, HortM, Pleasure Boats, K c . for hire, or 'n stooging hie eellars with the best Wines. Liquors. Ac In ?h -rt lim patrons will find at their command every luxury and comfort >>t tainahie at any otli?r Amenoau watennc place His terms for botrf, by the da?, week, or mor.'h, for individuals or laiuilies, will f>e reasonable. mail iltj u!y 1 LOO A N O. smith. DENTISTRY. \1 TKKTH. 1M ? LOOM 18, M. I)., the inventor and patent** of the M'NKRAL PLATK TI.KTM. at tends personally at his office in tins city. mAtIP? Many persons can wear these teeth who^?tts' cannot wear others, and no parser, oan wear other* who cannot wear these. Persone calling at iny office can be acoomniodatec With any Etyleand price of Teeth tiiey m&v desire , but to thosj who are particular and wi*ii the purest, oleanest, strongest, and m'.st perfeot d? uture thai art cau produce, the M1NKRAL PLATE will be more tuliy warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 3.'i? Pa. avenue, be?w*es 9tti and Ifrth sts., ?07 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc 1-1t D dentistry. R. hills, alter a praotica feet of two years, feels that he can wit* oonfi.lencereoom mend the Cheopi&?tio Proccss forin?ertin<5*ya3 artificial teeth It has the advantages ?r?* ' " strength, beauty, cleanliness, and cheapness. Fall upper sets inserted for 936. Partia in proportion. Office 306 Pa. avence. se7 WOOD AND COAL. W O O D ? AND COAL win ne, me place viII possess ??cu nr attraction*. Distant* from eit? Poat Oflioe?1\ mile*. Addresi l>* letter or in person, WN. BTtCKNKY. inar SI-co tt f^OR SALE?A small FARM ofjnarrea. situat'd at the Little Fails, having a comfortable dwH I inR-hoii?e. oorn house, stat i??, Ac . wel! fenced and watered ; within four mile* of Washington ; lft acres in cultivation, the iMt.anr* m handsome wood land. It is pf u mrij desirable as a country res' denoe, I ?in* perfect:? healthy and most romantically Situated -excellent fi?),irg and huntinr. I nsune of Mr. MAR RIOTT, bridge keeper. Chain Brtdca. Littl* Ka'ls .'oiJawtT h'OR SALE?A (treat b\rt;ain, four acres of we I improved LAND, well suited for a market Harden. with n<-w dwelling house with four rooms and kitchen; well of fine water in the var?l; under good f ticnifi. and will be sold low or exchanged for rttv propert>. and on inod<*rat? ter ms. The land is at Ball's Cross Road-, two and a half irjile> from tieor^etown and in Alexandria count*, V? Apply to V. P. COR BETT. ovor hank of Washington. laa 12 tf F\>R RPNT-N tliree storv BRICK Uol -K. on Tnirteentk st .one door al>ove < st.. north. No lately occupied by Captain Lee. L. S N Possession tiven on the 1st of May Inquire of JO.*. ABBOTT, F. st., between 14th and LVh ats^ may 9 tf fM>R R ENT?A smaii STORE, corner of eth st. and Penn. avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, suitable for a barber'a saloon or oigar store For informat ion inquire at the Hotel. mar 3P I^CR RKNT?The K1R3T FLOOR of U>? hjpiWI inf immediately opposite the w?et w,hc<>f tt.e City Hall, reoe^t!* oocnp'?>d by Chaa. wal,ach as an office. Aieo the front room in the aeoon l story and the third fioor of the same baikhaa, For l*nr.a app.y to RICHARD WALLACH, lSO- 4 i,"uieiaua avenue. Ja IS tf SENATORS, MEMBERS QP CONOIE98.Two <?f>leiiod ??iites of R onVs nished. will b* rented during tie mmiob o7 Cob f'ess, in th? moat desirable looaiity in this otty, ^Tr.js u.'hin or.o or two HiiwMofBrovii'i and National Hot?)*. Those in pursuit of suoh Rooms ?rii! do well Ui make early apphoation at No. 3T9 nk rtrft. t-etween D street end Pa av. de b-tS L'OR SALE?A nice throe story Brick HOl'SE, I' on id street, between D and L street*, in Klbtjey'a Subdivision. The above property will to eoid <*Ti oasv terms. Pnoe made known by inauirmcof K.VC-. HAMILTON A CO, No. ?6'J 7th st'f?t opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. fe7tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. IHAV?-- JlSr RECEIVED A NEW St'P ply of fieri**' fine F'?coh Calf Skin D: Bo >!* and Haiter?. Patent 1,eat her milB I Cloth Ositers. Calf Skiu. Potent leather.W^Mj and l.a??inc Sb??es A so, an extensive* Mb ?tock of Bo s' and Children's. Indies' and Missee* M> ?? and Shoes, all of whioh I am splint ate*, ceedsnc y low prioea. J. ROSENTHAL. 320 Seventh street. in* <5 eo 8 ?*oors above D str?t-H |JOOTS AND TO SLIT THK We ar? now manoftioturmc all kinda of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooratantiv receiving agAi supp'y ol eastfcrn made work of every de-**l soriptio", made expresa'y Jo order, and willW ] be sold at a inuoh lowerfrioe than haa been" veuvpriMi so til parti <>| the cit>, at tli? lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. C? ALT, (H J I'd. a v., iietween litii and IJtli st? , ma 17 tf north ?i<)??. THK, SUBH?;lflBKR HAVING ON HAND 1 iniMt^iiv' stock of Ft' KL, m prepared t<? 60 ' at a v?rv iow figure for oa?h \VO? if) f'awN) and Split any ?ize. Call and so? for yourself. R. W. DATES, Wnoil and C?ai Dex'.er, ma IS S. K. corner of Fourteenth ar.d C it*. | odK OUT FOR I' A I N T~ No. Altf SKVFNTI! STRFFT. Four Doors Sou 'h of Odd Ft'loiet' Hall. II. W. HAMILTON ha* op-tied a PAINT SIIOl'i'i'l I'.VI \1 ST< >B I on the New York plan, where can *!? *>? found PAINTS. OII<8, GLASS, BRI>HF>*. at,-.. Ac., at wholesale and retail. MIXI'.D PAIN rs FOR SAI.F. AM' lirniiis with Brciiks to Loaji ! N. H.?I'.vticular attention paid to l|ou?e. Sun. Ornamental Painting aid Oral nine. Maine<t Had Fnamelied fjlasn of nil kinds alwa?s on hand.or furiuihct! at short notic*. He warrants satisfaction in all wo'k cntrust-d to his care, and is confid^jit that ho ran di> work as cheap, if riot cheaper, than an\ other establishment in this city. <?iv* him a call, Don't for*et the number?it i* liU Seventh na l-i tf IM TTV IS DOWN. IV __ ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. if the terms of gal# should not oomplie?l with in five tlavs thereafter, the trustes leiserves she ruhtto resell, at the risk and expense of the defaulting pu'<jhn?t?r, nfrer m.e week'* puldio notice. All oonvojauoin? at the oust of the purchaser or au:ohasers. THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee je4-d J. C. MrGUIKE a. CO , Auc't. _ EDUCATIONAL. / * O M MKRfilA I. C O I. lTeTTk^ vv >o. 47K Sevkntii st., Opposite ih' (itn'rnl Post Office, Washington City. Armorian J*f?t?m of Penmanship, Uooxkepping, Mercantile Forms and Cal illations. Business t-??r rerpocdenoe, Huls of hxchaiue. Current BilU, Co"'Wiwi"M Sa'es. Ura.i.inar and Arithmetic. jH/^A Prt pa-at iry Class for Fuji. |l f Ladies will t)6 instructed in lija penmanship. Room" open from 9 a m. to 1" p in. For term* app> at the Room*. m* 2?-Jui W M . W. VOIMi A C 1>. rl * IIE IMON FEMALE ACADEMY. j nlw arr as'ifjm knt. This well known ami popular Seminary, which lia-i lieen so succe* ful uiid?;r tlio entire < ?re of Mrs Richard-' lor more tlian ten years, will !?? opened on the first Monday in Septomfier n-xt, under the united Miperv iston arid insti uction of Mr. an<l NT r? ur> I..HK1S, niwm, Ureas Irlmiiim,;*. nifty constantly Ivfouti'J at thelowost pric'H Also the bostquality of Extension *kirU, warrante.1 to be hivIb of tlia real watch ^prine*. ,il(i 15 3W* I TNION HOTEL. 'inoRdETowy, it. r.. Is now open lor the r?v:?*pf 1 >n of visitor*. JOHN H. W <TKKH, ma 11 -1 m Proprietor. I n ??M JUST RKCKfVKlT i-j HHDS. Prune Poit<> Rio j MOL SSES. 10 . d? 'io SUGARS. WibbiB.OM Rye WHISK IKS. 5"" fee*" Uupon?'B <;CN POWDER, 5 N.I8. parent SAFETY FUSE. For-a.e low by JOHN J ROGUE. ap*Mr Georgetown, D.C. T.?, COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. * HE Lniiprnigneil ravine thia da? entered into copartnership under t"e naine an>l ?t-!e of I>or?ky YV for tiie p i?f 'j<*n<tuc't' g tli^ <iR < > ' /"-K > ??d COMMISSION BUSINESS, nt >0 1 1 *? Hish street, Georgetown, th holism a? iiwetof r i^ouphh' by \V I' " t-oy. ? lie p ? " ?re nri'iijn 1 hi; u-^ .5 well selected nt- ok of 1 hoic'j Cirooerif*, teas, Lnjior*. A* o , and ar* prf?par>rl to Ml inj good* in our in** ? / h u * ino* a a-4 oh^fin ail. iio(j!<<? In tit<* Tlatrint I'nt.fiirv . .1 J '"6. vuui|imiuiiMl WM continually j writing letters to the aforesaid young lady at j Little Falls, and receiving replies; on the 7th | I of January, 1880, complainant commenced finding fault with defendant about trifling matters, acousing her of too much intimacy with all of aforesaid p.irties. things went on more smoothly until the 14th of January, when he asked her to sign a confession; went to church together that day, clept in same bed at night; she refused to do anything until she could send for her uncle. hrastus Corning, he said nothing would be done umil Mr. Corning came. On Monday, January 10. he compelled her to sign a confession, stating that unless she complied he would turn her oat of the house. He promised never to show the confession, and finally forced her to sign, after he had dictated every word, she coutinually protesting that it was untrue, lie then made her sign another, which defendant supposed was what she h id written, denying all the charges he had made, which afterwards proved to be the confession on which the complaint was based. He compelled her to acknowledge her guilt by threat of thrusting her out of doors. He tried to IIIM If M h f?r oUnAwlo'l.? I- " "* J ..u6?~6? nuiui, 11 UOW IOI th^. Sr>t time preheated for adoption would be Considered ?" harsh and offensive to a large | l?rtion of the Methodist community in slave territory?have been stricken from the /aw* >. tb< church, and this threatening imitation hi' culminated in the expression ot * few gen ralitits that ought not to be obnojrtutix to any ) <>rtion of the memberthip in jour latitude who have heretofore been acquainted with the doctrine and administration of the Discipline u|?>n 'hat subject. The report of the majority as adopted i? as follows ?11 We believe that the buying, selling. holding or using of human beings ae chattel. is contrary to the laws of G-xl and nature, inconsistent with the Uolden Rule, and *iili that rule in the discipline which require* ail v. iio desire to remain among us to do no harm, to avoid evil of every kind." Subsequent to the adoption of the above, a resolution was pa-?ed declaring the i?foregoing as only " advisory" and "not bearing the force of law." In other words, the whole chapter of the Discin)ir,A nnAn tK* Ki w?? * C ? 1 ' t ... .-yujwi ui i>i??ery uas ottn +irtrktn from the statutes of the church; and while it declares uow in so many words that it Las no law operating as such ou its membership upon the subject of slavery, the Church gives such advice and admonition in the Discipline as it deems salutary upon this subject. Liw has given place to "admonition,'" and Mich and no more is the result of this long and troublesome agitation. Fanaticism was extremely chagrined at the result of it* labors; and while the great body of the conference rejoiced in the happy termination of this mischievous and threatening agitation, the more extreme sentiment wm that nothing had been don* to satisfy their demands, and 'bey would henceforth abandon the subject in disgust BokDfcl: Mt-THuDIST ^ The ricanOIaaia. r->uie sixty members of the Massachusetts 1 e^ifiature. including the comuiittce who ?rc j investigating the subject, visited the farm of -v.u?nicujt uerseii guilty lit ?fce?n different times. She would nut. He said he had written to Mr. Corning to cotne to Chicago, and sent her to Albany the next day. not allowing her to see her children In conclusion nhe emphatically denies all criminal intercourse with any one. and their petitions for chaDge of venue on the ground that Mr. Burch, on account of hu position, exerciser undue influence over the people of Cook county, the minds of people being prejudiced. Waters Proposes to Visit this Country with Hkesas.?Wilkes Spirit of the Times says: Among the first fruits of the settlement of the dispute about the belt is the laying out of two campaigns by the Champions, from which tiev will, no doubt, reap a golden harvest We learn that after a tour of eight weeks in Engltnd and Ireland, in the course of which they will give exhibition in the principal towns, Hecntn and payers will come to this country together. heesas's challenge to morrissev . - other* bajiac t" wllagain wil. find it to their advantage to call before purchasing o^aewhere. We nam'" in partis hit Ik. p i*i e P. R.and N. O. SUGARS, whisky, 3* bbla. REFINED SUGAR, SO bids. Rco. WHI'KV. !' > boxes prime f'HEE^E, 5 hhdi, SHOULDER BACON. 10*i bbla prime N .' HmTOMa'" HERRING, 5?bl>io. No. 1 St JO FIN'S ALKW.VES, 20 l>b!a. No. 1 HEX KING, l!0 aacksG. A. > ltd FINE SALT, In store a dfor.aeby DORSEY A WOOD. m%23-2awtf Wo t1 H High wt. Georgetown. C RAN DELL, OPTICIAN, No. l'i** Rruitt .ft., dtortetown. Has conatant!? on hand a largo "4sorti:ioiit of French Near-sightiMi, Poriaeopie, Co: q m ored. and&il other SPECTAf LBS, tne beat oualtty, in go.d, siiver. steei.and German a'iver frames. V H. Old Kramee Repaired and new daesfea set i n them to order. no 19-lr IfOR RENT?A two atory aud basement Brick HOUSE, near the Convent, on Fayotte street; in oomplete order ; gas, 4.0.; with large garden at taohed. Rent ,4Z0G. to a permanent tenant Apply to JOHN L. KID WELL. mar 5 tf 'liilE STEAM PACKET FI.YING CLOUD 1 la now rea-ly for excursion* t<? _flk the Gr at Falls or intermediate g.* iJW P points, Arlington Springs and A!-x "*M aml-ia. on rnodemt" t?rm>; wi l mak>'tripst<> Alrx andria on SUN DAYS, in tune lor divine service, and will lie over until alter one o'o'ook. Applv to Capt. JOHN MOOR r', ap "? 2m No. 3<> Je||"r?oii ?t.. Georgetown. /, KICH \R1)S, 111 tli?? well arranged and <iitfully I ,cated L'nion Academy Huildinz. For jartiomars. sec circu!ai h at all the Hook-tores. ina?>-tf vi MRS. McCOH ick's 8chool. i'lRS. McCORMlCK. desires to inform he friends and tne publio generally that sim will resume the du'iei of her 8ohool on the lot Monday inSeptemlier next. The aouruft of study pnraued will compriaea.1! th? branohes requisite to a thorough Eujliah education. in addition to her day scholars, she is desirous ol receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from 10 to 14 years. w:io will ue under Ler lin mediate care and oversight. Her arrangement* fur tiie aocominodation and duo care of pupils nave been considerably incre&sfd and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information witii ref?ronoe tc h?*r sohool may apply to VV. l>. Wallaoh, Kditor o the Star. For terra* aid further particulars apply at hei reeule loe?No. 3* Cameron stroet. Alexandria. Va i.Utf Kennish's hydraulic motor . FOR STATIOXAKY POWER, Id a new ard wonderful adaptation of H)0,autifl Pressure as applied to mechanics. and has, so far as it has become ?nown. boon received w ith unbounded encomiums Silent but powerful in its cperatiou?economical in its original oost, occupation of space, and consumption of wat *r, it obv ates the dancer, ei p ?nse and attention uniispeusible to steam ??r caloric power?the only requisite being a siuail supply and sufficient head of flowing wster ; and the estimated reduction of it.i power for friction is only thru M. HG Next of the Royal iUvnui Lottery, oonducted by the Spanish Government, un<1ei the mpervieion of the Captain General of Cut?a. will take place at Havana or. SATURDAY, Jr*K 9, isfin. SORTRO NUMRRO ?57 ORPISARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 pine of 9 lnn.rmtj prize* of.* 1 do SBgMP On do ? 1 do ? ,?*! 158 do *0 1 da 20.<mn 2" appro*. 8,S? 1 do lo,ono IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Ticket*. 5-iO? Halves, $10?(Juarteri, 99, Prize* caehed at eight at * per cent, dmcouct. litlla on all solvent Hai ku tsken at par. A drawing will be forwarded ae sous a* the reaull bmomM known. All order* for echemee or tiokei* to lie adrireued to DON RODRIGUEZ, ma 22 tr OareofCit* P?'?t.<'li?r!art<?n. t>. C r R A N C I 8 II A R P K R. I ii?v: v. upihu 4 FAMILY GROCERY AND KEEDSTORE, I Vr?> r nf 4V< I r \ ,rk n fume ami 7-mi .?in ft, Rexpectfiill* so.icits tliH PKtinnasn of tho?e who ma? lie hi want ol any artu-fe iii thea'iovc linn. Mi* emlen vor* hl.ali lie to pira^o, an<< |>y a utrict attention to the wants of the puMic, he liopes toiri":ita shine of their patronage. II >k took consists of overy article u?uallv to tie f<iun<i in a first class Family Giooery ami peed Store. ma i7-tf H SILVER WARE AND WATCHKS. O H< IOU Manuf-oture* hi* own Silver Wa-e lu hie own ?hop and ?ell* no Nothern i-al-* Jpv work (that i? cot US for the S.iutnarii i itnirvuiMic vu?i|vu iu uui uuj lur mucn u*iotivt articles. Persons in want ef Boots and Shoes of eastern or oitr made work, will aiway* find a aood assortment in store and at the lowest prices Give us aca'1GRIFFIN * BRO.. _ a p *-T 314 Pennsy! vana a venue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. o 409 7th Branr, OwiiiI< Odd Fel'trter' Hall, h? atniton, D. C, Travelers will study their interests t>? eiamininj my fRUNKS, VALICES Ao , before pur ohastn* elsew*re As I u?? none bat ()i'W|f( b?at materia; the market affords and employ^"**** the b"s? workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my work to be ncperior in Stress.fc and Dmrmbinty to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold here. 1 keep oonstantiy on hand, and make to order ion one week's notio?-> every d*scnptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRaME rXES'CH DRESS and WOOD fiOX TKCKKS. ASHLAXV ?<! otkT V ALICES; TKATELISG BAU6 , HAH NESS: SADDLES. WHIPS, tc. Trunko. Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a wo? > manlike manner, at short notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of thee ?. George town, or Alexandria. A Is"?Aceut for jfaowe's celebrated FAMILY SFAVINff MACHINES. delVlj 1AM?g ^'tPHAM. VOLK'S STATUETTE or STEPHEN A DOUGLAS In form and fe*rturee this bcautifu. and aooarate tpecnnenof American art is uneu'Mseed by any specimen of like charart-. i ever produced. It ia a fae-nmilt of the "Littie Giant." Specimens may be seen and statuettes procured at Cclvek's Dare S*ToaK, No. ass Penn avenee. 0!irn-T of lirh itreet \Va?.htr?tou city. Parson* in the District of Columbia an<f States of Pelawarr. vt i \r v si. i: u as ,Alr M intbrup <Jncutiy, in Belmont, on Saturday for the purpose of witnessing an autopsy >f diseased cattle. The disease was first discovered in Mr Chenery's herds, having been introduced there by an importation of cattle fmm Holland. The disease has run through this herd, destroying about jO per cent, of the whole number Those living, although apparently well, have the sequel of the disease in a chronic form It wa? mainly with a view of developing the diMSN in a new and different aspect from that - nted in the incipient and acute case at Bro<kfield that the examination of subjects in this herd was made Upon the arrival of the commissioners a yearling calf was selected from a number of others a.-* a fit subject to illustrate the effects of the disease in cases where the animal has been sick, and to all external appearances has recovered The calf was taken rick in October last, end for four or five weeks was so ill as to take no other nourishment than Suel po'ired down its throat. During the last ree months the creature has gradually repaired its appetite, and consequently its ??rength and was supposed to be recovering, ill it !*bu2hed. and uoon ? r - -'mvauiuhcu dullness <>n the right side, and strong tubular respiration. The necessary preparation* having been made. Commitsioner Lothrop introduced Dr. Martin. who stated in brief hi* diagnosis of the case, lie expected to find the most disease in the right lung, and no doubt adhesions. The calf was killed, the right shoulder and ribs removed. and the chest laid open by L)rs. badd and Theyer There was a strong adhesion of the pleura of the long to the ribs, diaphragm, and heart case. The lung indicated that it had beea compressed into a small eoutputs, by Mrum which had In (he subsequent progress of the disease been abeorbed The windpipe con tained a secretion of mucus, which probably produced the rattling heard before d<atb. ih< membrane of the lunjf waa very much thick; ened, and the lung tiMue nearly destroyed The cyst or bag of the lung waa l?>uud empty, whereas in eases of the disease in an acutt form it has been found to contain a large body of lung tiaaue. or the subetance of the lung The theory of thoee most fsmiliar with the prevailing disease is that the tissue in this <<**eb*ii been softened, and reduced to liquid rate or pu^, and then taken up by absorption. Xhe left lung was found to be perfectly free I i.O>DO.V. May '12 Dear Spirit The whole thing is settled at last, so far as Sayers and me are concerned It u not exactly what I bargained for, but it will serve to prove that I have not done the place I came from any discredit, and that I have got a big crowd of people on this side of the water, who, perhaps, don't like me any too well at that, to give the lie to those at home who still try to defame me with a want of courage I hear that Morrissey is still foremost in this line business but I earnestly hope that none of my friends will interfere with him on that account. He cannot do me any harm by whatever he says, and so long as that is the case 1 want that he should bo left for me. I understand that he still publicly says he will fight me when I come home, and I mean to make him keep bis word Let hiia commence preparations as soon aa he can, and let_ him get in the best possible fix, for if anything will tempt me to leave this country speedily, and postpone auv intentions I may have about the old Celt of England, it will be for the satisfaction of meeting him in a roped ring agaiu- I bear the man no malice, but I want to punish him for the way in which his talks about me, and c >nser|uently I want him all to myself. All the satisfaction I have bad trorn him thus far is the two hundred dollars 1 won fr?..? ?>!..> on his bet that I would not come to England and fight Sayers, *nd I now want to give him another chance, or to get another chance for myself, to win or lose five or ten thousand doj- I litrs more. I shall have between five and six thousand dollars of my own money on the 1st of Juno next, which I will fight him for, and I will make it ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars a side if he likes, on any day that may be named after four months' notice. I shall expect him to close with this proposition for a meeting at once, but I will add that if the aum' I name are more than will suit his book, 1 will aooommodate him for one thousand or one buudred dollars a side?yea, for one dollar or a ten cent piece ' If be crawla out of this aftur all that he has aaid, why, I suppose, there is no further need of my following birn up or paying any farther attention to him S > no more oI ihat Jons C. Hkknas H7" The first new wheat of of the seaaon, a lot of thnty-tbre* bushels, from Memphis, was riblbited by sample on 'Change on Saturday, at St Louts and was honored by miller* and metchants with ail due attention JOS'. K. BIRCH, USDhHiAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jtftryon ets , (Jrerfetrni<m. Having ci veu iiit personal attention to this li.anch of inj businet*", 1 am prepare! tO/-?tx ? attend to all oaJs wuh promptness Umphc Persons from adist&nne can he.iupplied at a >w minute*' notice, as I have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. Partioular attention paid to the i einova! of the d? ad from the old to trie new hnri&l grounds. Heft men and Horses for hire. ap *n?r<i \I AS*EY. COLLINS & CO.'S PHI LA DEL1*1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly reoeiving fresh supplies of the al?ove do!i<l,tful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pnre unadulterated Ale to five it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, #T Oreen St.. fJeorcetnwn. CHEAP SILKS, CHEAP SILKS, FROM A UCTIOX. We have a large assortment of handsome Dre?? Silks. Uiught at the large auction sal-'s this season, at greatly reduced prioes, which we liave marked down at very low prices, and shall commence to-<la> selling ofl our entire stock. Those ladies in want of a cheap Silk Dress, should give ux a call early. J. W. COLLEV A CO., ma 17-2w Si3 Seventh street, altove Pa. av, Brooms: brooms : i brooms!!! 500 DOZEN BROOMS. Of all Qualities and I'ik k?. For sale wholesale, as cheap as can l?e purchased either in New York or Baltimore. u. n K1IV, Who! male Grocer, No. 403 Penr.a. avenue, ma 31-1 w Near Fonr-innl n half <t. SE LLIN G O F F, SKI.LINti OFF. We have marked down our entire ?to<ik ot ; Drea* fi k?, Kich Be me and Organdy Munlin , Robe*, with all other Fanoy Dr,aa Good* at gieatly , reduced prices to cloae out. , _ J W. COLLF.Y 4 CO.. ma SI **43 Seventh *t . abov? Pa, av. pREAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-On* very VI nice Chickennf Piano, ; on'-jwu. very nio* Ro-ebkraiitz Piano, for f75; nnrfeXB very nio*> Pi itta A Pouf Pi?n<?, Tor *1 1 at the Musio Btnre of W. G MbTZt.KOr, no '? ] ?*enoy or Baoon A Raven, and ft m?l.y A i* n*' , Piano*. j* 2 P NOTICE. KRSONS Deolinmr bousrkeepinf o- bavin; a turpi a* of honaeh ild effects oat. fiud ready ?*ie t.y oallinf at my Kurniahinj Store, 4vlO 7th itroet beIt ween G and H (treeta, e**t fid" rfllfim PH RIH'H I V. HINDING AND TRIMMING RIBBON-, of D every aiiado. _ hTEVFNS, je 8-6t 33b, between 9tli ana li-tli ?i*. \ pri ccni. l'?ie result of thirty years stu y and practical ex periinent, the inventor (a UydiauUo Engineer) olaims for it?ou'y what every practical uiau readi1? concedes?a vast superiority over every f'er adaptation of hydraulic pow?r hitherto invented, the r 11 at- st possible economy of water?rolid sun p 101 ty of o(>nf tuctiou?laci:it? of adaptation to any kind of machinery?and, more tliauall.iU cheapness. The undersigned having been appointed soleacect for the inventor for all the Wextrr* ar.d Soul/tern Smttf, ( Virginia excepted,! rcaprctfuily invites an inspection, by a 1 who feel interested, of a working model at Brown's Hotel, between the hours of 4 and 6 p. m.. every a'ternoon. County ami State Rights,** well as (ingle engine* <W any required power, oan be purehased of T. B A RNAK D, Agent. No. 1 Todd's Building, adioining ma 16-eodlm ______ Biown's Ht-tel. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. D17RKEE ft CO.?8 select spices. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFKuTLV PURE, but ground from fresh Spicks, seUo'*.! and oleaned by us exp essly for the purpoao without reference to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.; to prevent injury by keeping, and are lull wei?ht. while the i,pHin?r? Sp>oes are alinosi invariably short. We warrant them, fn Doint of strength and richness of flavor. BKYONl) ALL COMPARISON, as a sins I trial will abundantly prove. Masufactured only by K. K. DI KKKK * CO., f" M if.n? 1*1 Pearl kI.. NiwVi.rt. SECOND-HAND HKI'SSKLS AND TIIRKE PLY CARPETINUS. We have for i% lot of second hand BRUSSELS and l HRKE I'LY CARPETINGS, n.??t of it in the latter, now for sale. They will i>e s>old id in lot* to suit purchasers at % ruinous loss for rash only. They are tut little u?ed,and in vary jood order, and the style a ?d quality the very In-.-t. Those in want of a ureat l?rgain in a good Carp t wrtll cull noon and he suited. maa-eoaw CLAGETT A DODSON. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BEOS TO LI. inform the public and his fi innds that he bas on hand a large stock of Marble ManUil*. quite i new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Table Top", which he has to dispose of at piioes to suit the tlm??. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept i>n hand. Plumber*' work promptly attended to. _um? a-.imeo Pa. av.,het. 18th and 19th stj. F'OR SALE?A beautiful iron-gray MARF 6Si years old; perfectly lOund aad irentlo try Abo, a very kt>hsh Bui:#r\ ; pat-Jit 1?^1 seal; -'H at.|? to carry 2 or 4 persons. Sfil?l^^Z-X for no fault, the owner having no further u<" lor them. Apply at CALLAHAN' A PEWELL'S gtabies, 8th street, between D aad E. ma Jfr-t/ H? warrant* overy arlic e to b? of C id Si' 4||[ ver, and he will sell hit be?t standard war- at i -*st a?luw, if not lower, than the Northern goods are old for. He lias a so on hand a very fine stock of Superior Gold and Silver WATCHKS. ?nd a iarre lot of RICH JEWELRY all of whiofa he .? refling very cheap. No. 33f? Peon, av. oia2S-U Furniture! ^ Jr 15,000 dolTars worth N K W F I! R?N I T D R E, Of excellent quality ?a largej>ortion made bv our order and direction. GREAT BARG AlX'S can l>e hail for ra.ih.and the quality of all the Rood* warranted to lie as represented. Apply at No. 530 Sivs.hth Strut. McGREGOR A CO., ma2 2aw2w House Furnishers. VV ASHING TON SEWING ROOMS, ' ? HH9tk sl.. two dcort Sortk oj Fa. A**Now la the time to get SPRING and SUMMER SHI RTS made up to order. The sbeonbe-r is prepared to make SHIRTS, l)RAWLR^.4o.,at th? shortest notice. All doecri?tioa? cf 8-win* doue. SHIRT BOSOMS, COLLARS. and WRltV BAN DS neatly attcM. mrll ? O. HOVKX PP l7 A S T E RING, LAIN AND ORNAMKNTAL. or byert -cription, done on short notloe and very ra\?>na able rates by ALLEN * JACKSON. U75 t'*e? avenue, south aide, between lo*h and Hthstreita Their OrmurieiiU' Pla?t*rin* e^asi* that of Mr other ('rase in the United State*. inttvle, finish and durability. Tde poUlio i? invited to call ai*J inspect I IMimmi. m*r *-l? A YELLOW PINE LLMHER. LL D<"ecnpUon? of the ?bove l.uin^er, for I WSflVt^"b5^TsS'iAA^. ??? i BOARDS JUM! FLOORING <drMa?dor andresMd) futuahed direat from the oathern null* by JOY A M ETC A LP, T# Smith'. Wh*rf ?w iwiifPrtH ?t.. Raitimorn. Md 520 520 PARK FIRE IN A. CO. N. V.-Cuh e??ittl and itapliea fSfo.utti, nearly; and oorreepoi.denta of otner Companies havici oash capital of over " w* i THK LIFE OF 9TEPHFN A. DOUGLAS, Bt J amen W. Sh**h?.>; price ?I 7 I ?ellmc Luoky. b*in* v< lame 4 ?.f Abbott'a Run i bow and Luokv Stories, prine ? oenta. Jnft reoeired and lor sale b* M*? BLANCHARD 4 MOHLN. . La?rTi?n<i, v iriiuis v.?ruiiu?| COBW y#n?uiivOAoriift. Florida, Alabama, Mi**ieai pi. and Loui?;&ii&, dt*firi g copies of the Statuette ?in Address their omen t<> C. P. OULV F.R, >V aahiogton city, D. C., ftooompan'.eii by a remittance. Composition Copiaa.?. , |li, Box and Carta*e - 1. irTKditor.of i.ewapapera in the foregoing State* giving the above twelve meartiona ta their v*e|;t ic*n~a, with appropriate editorial*, will b* aapp..#-d with a copt or the Statartte. and paper* in other State* will be furnished br the .noal acent*. ft M GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are daily reoei viu, OAS FJXTl'h KSof ?wtir?ly Me w Pattern* and mwm and Finish. superior la style to anything heretofore offered in this iiiatket. We invite citisena genera! It to call and examine our stock of Gaa and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the ba*t aeleot<Hi stock in Washington All Work in the above Tine int mated to onr oar* wiil lie prompt!* atteif?t?d to. * r MYERS * MoGHAN. mar Vtf 37? I) *m?t HUWK'?lMPROVKD WE1GH1NGSCALE0 Thee* Soale* are offered to th* a.blio a* tha moat simple, durable, and reliable aoaT**evar s*t is use. Fit at olass premium a have baao awarded the* hy the Uuitaif StataaRiiraod Vircima Ac io* tarai itooiaty; Virginia State Agnaaltural Fair: Fra\k.;t i nkt: tufcA P*nna? ?m.nia Ma. \'AaLaTd-T. exhibited .hey UTt reoetved ftrst c m* premiim* * 'My K* C PATT1BON. Ar?1. WASHINGTON " (FIERI lN9u*A-^o?r?Nv. irawr and f*?uA ??< J.~c" MtoGUlRE. Preaideat. B. D. HANBON. Seefttrr. e^T-e-tT PURK OLD RVK WHISKY.-On uuri e.r-? 1 brand*' ojPare Old Rye WW It, Coeprr 0>? Ull^ti. made by the raott rehab r dt.ti.lmfu f? * I **!*, Mtriland a d V<r(ii.;a, warrauU^ r???. Aleo, I ported Hrandiee, H?DM?y, O^rd/T >N| fc Co.. J alee Robine, Ao aUo, Peach a-i Aft* Brandy, pare Holland ?!*, ok Jan.e.r? anfi ? . Crois Rum, and Wine* worry ra-i-y ?? of estap 14-ly Ml P* VwMtw-M&aM Wtt ate.

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