Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1860 Page 2
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1?F EVENING STAR. WASOINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Jon" S, I960. >> ! ! IK. Vl<.ri>l>. D The ChuiiWim reviewa and reconcilea ita record on the aubject of Congressional Intervention in the Territories, for the benefit of tome of ita "Squatter-Sovereignty cotemporarles." The Imtelh^rmter la devoted to Congressional proceedings and nrwa lE/^Great preparations are being madf in Canada for the reception of the Priocs of Wales. IP/**The Hon John Bell baa written a letter to ei-Governor Hunt, chairman of the Baltimore 1'nion Convention, accepting the nomination for Prssldent. !ET Tbe Coroner's jury at 9outh Weymouth have returned a verdict that Mary Tirrell wa* poisoned by corrosive sublimate, administered by some person unknown. 11/"It has been authoritatively announced in New York, that the yellow fsver has made Us appearance at quarantine A number of the patients have been sent to Seamen's Retreat for the want of better accommodation. The sick men are m said to have come as passengers on board a v?ise' ust arrived from a tropical port It seems that the Democratic Committee of Arrangements for the National Democratic Convention in Baltimore, have not positively agreed upon the Maryland Institute as the place for holding the Convention, but are halting between that and the Front-street Theater. The American thinks the latter is the best adapted for the purpose. |?y""That valuable and popular Family Journal. the VViiilt Stab, full of Metropolitan new* and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public It ia just the paper for membeis of Congresa and others sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or ?1 25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. The New York Post Office Defalcation ? The Associated Press agent telegraphs from Washington as follows: The Postmaster General. in a communication to tt?e House on Wednesday, savs the true ex plana* t on of the ignorance of the Department of tht existence and progress of thefraud of Mr Fowler, Ute Postmaster at New York, must be sought in he failure of Dr. Tate, Sixth Auditor, to report t&e constantly recurring delinquencies to the Postmaster General. Mr. Tate, in reply to the Postmaster General's request for an explanation, maintains that his official course baa been In strict y onformity with law and long-e?tablished usage and practice, and further declare* tliat be is not ? ouscious of having uegiectcd the faithful performance He says it was the duty of Mr Zavelay, Third Assistant Postmaster General who is the head of the Finance office, to make the discovery. but Zavelay replies "No examination has been made sin?e the reorganization of the Department In !S3? with a view to fix the a. ountab'litv of Postmasters, that duty beiiu clearly and exclusively devolved oa the Sixth Auditor " The Postmaster-General coincides with thi? exposition of duty, saying - the Third Assistant might conjecture a defalcation, but could not know it with certainty." PUMIll The distinguished American sculptor, Joel T Bait, of Kentucky, Is at Wiilards'. M?j Ben McCulloch. of Texas, is at Kirkwoods'. Judge Douglas is soon to repair to New York city for surgical advice or treatment for a severe affection of the bronchial organs. Hon. S S. Marshall, 111 ; Hon. J Hughes and family, Ind ; Rev. Mr. Lough. Mo., are at Browns'. Hons L. Burrows and D. P. Ingraham. V Y.; Capt Barton. R A London, John S. Preston, S C . are at Wiilards'. The Royal Society of London, at a recent meeting, elected Professor A D. Bache. Superintendent of the U S Coast Survey, a foreign member of the society. Cant Scott and lady (late Madame Bodisco) and Rt. Rev. Bishop Potter, of New York, were a i no nig the }>asseng>-rs for Furope by the Kteam?hip Persia. which left New York on Wednesday. Hon D. L. Yulee, of Florida, lias written ? letter Indicating Lis purpose not to be a candidate for re-election to the L . S Senate. The lett?r appears in the Fast Floridian. which expresses it* regrets at Mr Yulee's decision. Mr Yulee says: "In thus withdrawing to my home. I do not propose a useless life. I shall, rs warmly as heretofore. co-operate with my friends in all that can promote the moral or material progress of our Stat**; but It will not be consistent with the plan of life 1 prof>ose to myself in the future to accept or exercise any political office whatever." IXI7" The counsel of the condemned pirate. Hicks, in New York, have but now disrovered that the whole proceedings and trial of the prifoner were invalid, inasmuch as Judge Smalley. District Judge of Vermont, {who tried the prisoner.) was assigned to sit in that district by J udjje Nelscn, of the U. S Supreme Court and judge of thai circuit The counsel claim that Judj^e Nel on had no authority to thus awi^n a jud^e from another district. It is an unsettled question, bowever, where the counsel will apply for relief Hicks Is busilv engaged in dictating a detailed account of all bis monstrous murders to Stephen I' Massett. better known as " Je*m? Pipes, of l'lpesville," who is the only person allowed to see hiin by Marshal Rynders. The hook is to be published for the benefit of the wife of Hicks In obtaining an account of his life and actions, Hicks is questioned by the marshal, and bis responses are taken down in short baud. Hicks is said to bave a mania for rhyming, and some cf bis revelations are made in that method. A Flkasant fpEciric.?Many persons will suffer rather than take nauseating medicines, nor do we wonder that it should be so, but those who are afflicted with a cough, or Irritation of the bronchial tubes, or realize any of the usual consumptive tendencies, so liable in the American climate, ne*d not ftar to use that remarkable remedy, l>r. Wtstar's Bnham of Wild Cherry, a remedy as agreeable to the palate as efficacious in removing disease Having years since tested this article In our family with remarkable smm ?. ? hare unhesitatingly recommended it verbally, and in our paper frequently, and many of our subscribers bare addressed us letter* upon tb? jblect When we say this ts an unsolicited recommendation of the excellent Balaam, our readers will understand what we mean to say. It is a remarkable and never failing remedy for consumptive vmptoms when taking In season ?Flag of Our 'ttion jy It is annoum ed that on the arrival of the Japanese in Philadelphia they will be received by the Councilmen and will Mm tw. i,~a WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOS1IP. Cohfcsiu* woiti Comfoo^dkd ?Our telegraphic report! of yeaterdav from the South exemplified the potheration produced by the fact that the regular telegrapher* in that aeetion are procti tutlng tbelr trust* for the benefit of Mr. Douglas. Their evideut aim in writing these particular dispatches was to cover tip the fact that in both the Georgia and Alabama Democratic State Conventions. the apologists for squatter sovereignty? the snpj>orters of Douglas?were utterly demolished In thus seeking to hide the truth from the public, they were compelled to make incom. prehens'ble nonsense of their dispatches?denominating the regular conventions "Seceders' Conventions. and the gatherings of the small, whlpped-out Douglasite factions, the .National Democratic Conventions " By way of explaining the truth of the news thus mystified.we have to say that but forty-one out of the members of the Georgia Convention.voted against the action of the majority in incorpnrating the Senate Caucus resolutions and the Charleston 'majority report'- into their platform These forty-one delegates subsequently held a meeting of their own, in which they were joined by about a hundred outsiders wholly without pretense that the latter had any constituencies whatever; and dubbing themselves a State Convention, proceeded to elect a bogus delegation to Baltimore It was upon this state of facts that the telegraphing agents undertook to represent the Douglas!ten of Georgia as the National Democratic party of the State! The Associated Press pay those agents for sending them facts over the Wires?not for their efforts to distort the trutL for the benefit of either party, rnfortunately, the dispatches come to band necf<tsarily at so late an hour as that the task of correcting such misrepresentations of farts simultaneous with their insertion, is almost au impossible one. The dispatch concerning the action of the Alabama Democratic State Convention was a misrepresentation of the state of Democratic party affairs in that State equally garblrd. Mr. Dougla* hna litorallu nn n^rtv 4 ?* i *>? ? UIIH">K "If people. Perhaps a hundred and fifty Alattarna ottice-seekers have attached thems?lve? to his coat-tatl. and accordingly formed themselves into a bogus State Convention and elected a bogus delegation to Baltimore. This is the true ex- I puliation of the Alabama-affairs dispatch of yesterday. i The meaning of all this Is that the Douglasses of those States are carrying out to the letter tlie instructions sent to them from this city, to get up contesting delegations to Baltimore, in tbe hope that the majority of the National Convention w 1 exclude the States represented by those who se! ceded at Charleston, and proceed to nominate , Douglas with these State? unrepresented, except by the fraudulent delegations which have been directed to be on the ground (at Baltimore). There is no possible hance that any such game can succeed, as a prospect of its success would instantly drive from the Convention all the dele ! -ates from all tlie Southern Statin ?n.l *l?n tl.? anti-Douglas delegates from all the Northern states, leaving to act with the bogus Southern delegations but a lean minority of the original Charleston Convention?the. majority of which will, of course, in any such event, proceed to make a Natioual Democratic ticket that will triumph in every Democratic State of the Confederacy. skrior# Ili.sessof .Major General Jksslp. We regret to state that, this morning, Major General Thomas S Jessup, I'. 8. Army, was struck with paralysis, at his residence in this city, and at the hour at which we go to press his friends fear that he will scarcely survive the going down of the sun This sudden illne>? of this distinguish d and so universally esteemed veteran ua? cast a gloom to-day over the army otilcers now in Washington, which will be shared in wherever there may be a man of ''the service "' I". i* Pkactick-ship Plymouth.?The cadets of the Naval Academy (second and fourth 'lames) will, we learn, embark ou this sioop-of-war from AnuaprlU about Monday next, bound to Cadi/. Payal, Uihriltar, Madeira Ac . and will return in three month*. She is under the command of that excellent otlir-er and bold Bailor, Captain Craven. The other commissioned officers of the ship are Lieutenants Simpson, Bnckner, Upsuur, Davidson, and Scott, Purser Cunningham, and Dr. Van Zant Appointment or Marshal ot Nebraska Tehr'torv?Mr. William H Moore has been appointed Marshal of Nebraska Territory, vice VV. A West, removed. Thi Weather?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer i?iu Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. JlXE (*, 1800 New York, N. Y cloudy, cool. Washington, D. C clear, wind N W Richmond, lear, *1?. Petersburg, Va clear, 77?. Norfolk. Va flear, 7?>?, wind SW it iiiiiuiviuii, cicir, warm. Charleston. S. C clear. 75 ', windNW Augusta. Ga cloudy, damp Savannah, Ga cloudy, SP. Macon. Ga clear, pleasnnt. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, wind E Mobile, Ala clear. \ wind E New Orleans, La cloudy, 8o'. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corre ted for temperature,) 29,*>17; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a. m , C5 ; at noon, ' JL/~The apportionment under the census now being taken will be reported at the next session of Congress, in order to afford ample time to the legislatures which me^t only biennially, as well as others, to district their several States The new apportionment will not go into etfect until the Tb'rty-eigbth Congress, the term of which commences the 1th of March, lt?U. ITT* The Portsmouth Journal says if the robbins are driven from Massachusetts tney will Hnd a safe home in New Hampshire Their notes are there received as full and ample pay for all the food they claim. IJ^-The schooner Spring Hill, lUOtu 'S burden, lias been purchosfd for the Arctic expeditiou of JUr. Hayes, and will be fitted out forthwith The n^PPU^rir 111 nH 1 t J * ? "s-" XXXTIU CORGHUS-rilUT lUUON. Pr*rt?lti|i af Yesterday Afteraeea. Is the Senate, yesterday, after oar report eloeed. Mr. Bayard, from the Committer on the juuiusrjr. luwmcu w? rnrrr-u me memorial! OI F B Sanborn, asked to be discharged from their further consideration; which was agreed to. Also, from the same committer, which were referred the returns of Silas C irlton, a deputy of the S?*geant-at-Arnis of the Senate, setting forth the reasons for his failure to execute the precept of the Senate in arresting F. B Sanborn, and of Mr. Johnson, another agent, for his failure to arrest John Brown, jr., submitted a report, accompanted by a bill concerning the Sergeaut-at-Arms cf the Senate and the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives [This bill gives the Sergeant-at-Arms of the two Houses of Congress the authority to appoint one or more deputies in any of the States and Territories, and to command all necessary assistance In the execution of any mandate directed by the order of either House of Congress, having the same iniiri I vuicnru uii uirui an is rumrrrPa on IDe Marshal* of the I'nlted States under the act to establish tbe judicial courts of the l"nited State?, passed In lTfri* J Mr Bayard gave notice that he would call up the hill on Monday morning, and did not suppose there would l?e the slightest objection to Its passage. Mr Hale, from the Select Committee, to which was referred the bill to alter and Improve the Senate chamber, reported it with an amendment, giving notice that he would call it up at an early day Tl.e vote on the joint resolution from the House fixing the day of final adjournment on Monday, the ISth Inst., was as follows: Yeas?Messrs Bayard Benjamin,Bragg.Bright, Cbesnut, Clark, Clingmau, Crittenden, Davis, Fitch, Fltzpatrick, Hale, Hammond. Hemphill, Hunter, Iverson, Johnson of Ark , Johnson of Tenn . Kennedy, Mallory. Mason, Powell. Pugh, Rice, Sebastian. Slidell. Thomson, Toombs, and W i grail?29. Nays?Messrs. Anthony, Bigler. Brown, Cameron, Chandler, Collamer, Doolittle, Durkee, Fessenden, Foot, (ireen. Grimes, (iwln, Hamlin, Harlan. King, Latham. Nicholson. Polk. Seward, Simmons, Sumner. Ten Kvck. Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, and Wilson?27. The army appropriation bill was discussed on amendments until half-past live o'clock, when, Withflllt iJitimflinrr nf Kill ???. C A .. vwwwpimc %-* MBV WIU, Mir- >JHMICj ni* journed HornE.?In the Houi*. the body having adjourned at 15 minutes past 12, (after a consecutive session of twenty-five hours.) our yesterday's report embraced all the proceedings of interest. ? Pr*e??dtngs ?1 T?.I?ay. Is the Senate, to-day, it being private bill day, no business of public interest was transacted up to the close of our report Housk.?On motion of Mr. Maynard. it was agreed that after to-morrow the House take a recess froin 4 to 7 o'clock, p. m. Mr. Dawes, from the Committee on Elections, called up the resolutions in the Missouri election case of Blair vs. Barret, giving the seat to contestant Mr. Stevenson, of K> , addressed the House in opposition to the resolutions, and Mr. Marston of N il . in favor. t* CARRIAGE /].()TH, ( Colors, i at gl.25 per >ard. I.ININGS, from ^0 to 50 cents per \aril. can V AS fro II J. s t I as ?... ..?.i DUCK ami UK11.1., from 33 to 55 cent*. B<>LT"*, l'? t j In mclic*, BAN DS, from 25oents to .Si per set. For wile l>y ' lOH.V ?! KIA'ANS & CO.. je8-ei>3t (Alex. Gaz.) Washington. I). C. i GF.NCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN A GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agent* f<T the sale of tao above celebrated ap.<l ?? I known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A In I supply oonstar.tiy on hand and for sala at lowed rates. 1 HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any part of the District or adjoining uoutties. Ail Soaies are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSEY A BARNARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements. jo8 2m Bridge street 2 doors west of Huh DR. SJHT.NK. OF PHILADELPHIA, The Proprietor of SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. The only person who has cured Pulmonary Consu.i ptioa in its advanood stage", will t>o in Washington. professionally, on Wednesday of esch week, at the Drug Store of 8. B Waite, corner of Louisiana avenue and Seventh street, where he has a suite of rooms nwar by lor the *o ommodali >n of his patients. Aud all persons laboring under Disia?fj of the Lun?s, Liver, or Digestive Organs are invited to call upon the Doctor, who will, without charge, give all necessary advioe He wi'I rive tliins who ilAiirA it ? h k. ? animation with the Kespirometor lor $1. P' rsoi.s who cannot 0&1I on him, an<l wishing him to no out and h ?? th?in, should le\ ve their name* un? i.r two days ahead o| each week je8rolm st. JosKPirs institution? r or ueat and di'm b female children. CONDUCTED BY TIIK SIHTKRSOF CHARITY OF ST. JOSEPH'S, l? situated in a delightful part of Frederick county. Mil..n*'ar Einiiiitt.sliura:. ahoiit a mile from MountSt. Mary's Collenc, and half a mile from S;. Joseph's Academy. It posses-es ample advantages lor healthful extreme, anil commands rii extensive view of inost heautilul and picturesque scenery. TERMS: Boar<l and Tuition, including Bed and Bed'iinc, WulHi(,Mw4it|MiDtrtM*! Imi, pa>a'>l? half-yearly in advance Books. Footage, Medicines, Mater&lsfor wo.-k.are extra charges. Tiie Sch??lastic year commences on the 28th of Aliquot, and ends on the Tuesday preceding tho iant Thursoa* in June. Bills of expenditure are Bent to parents and guardians every s x months, ami at the same tune is issued a draft at five davs' sight. When clothiag i* funushad l?v the Institution. parents and gua diausare requested to advance uk mh bill. Children a'f> not received under ten year* of age. It i.? advisable that deaf mutes should he taught to form l-tt-jrs with a pen or pencil and writ> the names of object* before nnt-mng trie Institution, m thi* would great'y facilitat their advancem'-nt. Letters ill inquiry should lie dir?cted to the MOTIIF.R SIPKRIOR OF ST. JuSKI'H'S ACAUEhYi Kinmitt*burg, Md, It M ~SALT WATKR BATHING. ARSIIaLL'S CAVIUUN. (Moaro'i Landing ) will bs open for the reo-ption of vim j ^ . A tor* i n the U'li ol June. Tin* deugh falYl-nff>T re. o t for those seeking health and plea.* ll"BB j ure. in unexcelled b> any plaou of the kind on the Hotomac river (tin si'uated abut ore hundred mi e? from Washington immediately on the I'ofomsc, a:id in lull vi. w <>f 'he Chssai' ake lay, and famou* fo- fin^Oyet r?. Soft Crabs, Sheephead, aa<i other Fish, and ea.iiy ajcessble b the s.ewm boat* ply ins between Washington, Balti-n re a.i i Norf. Ik. Tne nndTeigued ma'e addi 1 al improvements in Ms Bat'? House* and many other improvement* to the comf.rt ai d ei joyiuent o| m* guests. Th? Bathing cannot bj surpaHsed. Splendid Ang ing and p eiti < f Fishing and Sai lug Bo i'b free ol charge. He ha* spared no expens* in pro Vidmg a good Cotil'on Band or in laying in his stock of choice W ines, L,:<|Uors,Segar8, 4.c?and for th"S3 who wish to avoid extreme fa*hion and to s?ek a retired p ace w here the* can m\ke themselves at home, there la not a m'?r* pleasant place in Uie Unittd Slates. The proprietor pledges himself tsal nothing shall be left undone on hi* part t > render tnem so. Terms lor board by the dav. week. ?.r m 0 Hick*, tie Pikatk ? On Tuesday. says the New York Tribune, a gentleman belonging to this city, who in 1>44 was attached to the I mUrd states naval service, and who was at that tune on the Pacific station, visited Hicks, to s?e If be could identify hiiu as the man named Johnson, who had been engaged in the Saladin aflalr, previously referred to " He lmmedlatelv r*. rwrni Hicks' ma the aame Individual, and describe* Hicks' occupation on the Pacific coast aa that of m' beach-comber,'' or cruiser on the Spanish main. He had been well known aa a desperate character When he m*de himself known to Hicks, he offered to reveal the lustorv of his life if $50 wern paid over to his wife. It appears that Hicks hrd been several time* tried for offenses committed m ar Callao. and waa certainly, in one instance, sentenced to labor in the government mines of Peru, at Cerro Pasco, from which he. with others, ear aped when being conducted to the penal spot. He reached Arlca. shipped In a coaster that smuggled and traded alonr the main, and ultimately turned up on board the Saladln. then lyl ng at Valparaiso Capt. Fielding, the man whom Johnson helped to throw overboard, had some months before arrived from Knglnnd with aw assorted cargo, which he soon sold off As he could not secure a return freight, he finally concluded to visit the Chincha Islands to obtain a load of guano. It waa unfortunate for him that he did not consult the authorities, or even try to obtain permission from the Government, his Intention being tosttnl a cargo Arrived at the islands, he commenced loading his ship, and when interfered with bv wie agenw of the Chilian Government, he resisted by force of arms. Before hii vessel wan filled, word wan sent to Valparaiso, and an armed cruiser despatched to arrest him. He was taken to that port and his vessel confiscated Captain McKenzie, on board of whose vessel Hicks was then seaman, received Fielding and bis son a? passengers to F.ngland. Hicks was undoubtedly easily understood by Fielding, as be was one of the first taken Into bis confidence. Shortly afterward the mutiny occurred, in which McKenzie and his mate were brutally murdered, the latter by Hicks alone, who struck the sleeping man on the head with an ax. and then threw bint overboard. When the crew of the Saladtn became tired of their newly-elected captain, they entered into a conspiracy?Illcks being one of them?for the captain's removal, and in a very cool manner discussed the time and mode of bis death Accordingly Fielding and his son lashed to blm were thrown into the ocean. Such is a bri?*f synopsis of another chanter in the blood stained pilgrimage of Hicks or Johnson The Oyster Law Excitement ? The excitement in the lower counties of Maryland in relation to the oyster ' fuuduin,"' says the Baltimore American, is intense, every man f-eling a personal grievance at the rwunt ?n?innt vt ... - -- *t?i? Si organ anrl other* to locate land warrant* on the oyster beds of the Potomac and the Chesapeake. In St. Mary's county any attempt to execute these warrants would meet wiili armed resistance, and the surveyor's stakes w?re scarcely erected before they were taken up and removed by the excited populace. The card published by the "land company"?declaring their Intention to return their warrants to the Laud Olli-e without attempting to execute them against the will of tne p .*opl??served temporarily to lull the excitement, but we since learn from Annapolis that, prior to the publication of this card of withdrawal. otbe? parties, supposed to be connected with this' laud company." had obtained from the i.and Office warrants covering over one million of acres of oyster l>eds. including the very lands enumerated in the warrants of Messrs Miles. Morgan A. Co. The parties named are Messrs John K Wilson, agent, a wine and liquor dealer, and James t' Archer, stock broker. l>oth of Baltimore The impression on Wednesday was that the withdrawal of the origiual parties was a mere transfer of whatever rights tbey may have obtained to Messrs Wilson and Archer, ai.d that the origiual projec t is yet to l>e tested in the Courts The rumorsatloat in relation to the origin of the movement are of the most varied character That which seems most to be entertained is that the project originated at the North,and it is said that ?*>OO.M)0 of northern capital has been furnished to test the rights of the parties to locate these water lands under the warrant of the State Col. Plowden, of Ycomico, in order to protect himself and neighbors. uas also visited Annapolis, and obtained counter warrants, (laying the 44 caution money" of cents per acre for that portion of the oyster bars of Ycomico river whieh had been taken by .Messrs Miles, Morgan A Co .his object beinjj to transfer the warrants to a committer of gentlemen of the vicinity, in order that they may be preserved, as heretofore, for the general and free use of the public. The island and bar which he obtained a warrant for. he claims to have been in the possession of himself and ancestors for two hundred years. PERSONAL. PR * SI DENT'S MOUNTED GUAR D.-At the reeular monthly meetins f the Corps, held on Thursday ever,jug, June7th. the following member* were expelled for non payment of dues and non-attendance: PrivatesChax.Conlxiye, F. I.angle}, Win. Thoma, A. Fowles, \V. E. .Mor*a*, Thos liirch. By order of the Company. It GEO. H. CAMIDY.fct. W NOTICE. IIFRFASsomepersons hnd p'rasiireto injure my Im^ine**, hy reporting that I vot'd the KimsN< 'thing tick t at tho ia-t election, I hereby dec la e a i mir*h reports as entirely falsa, as 1 did not v<>"e at all on Monday last I: EL'GENE 8CH\VINGIIA MMKR. T COPARTNERSHIP. IIE Undersigned, to carry on inore effectually in'- i.nun. Omni au:i toai ttuftitiPB*. ha*associat <1 With him Mr. John A. Stewart, of the late tirmof SuiliranA: St wart. Our fir-r shall hereafter l>e deaignated by the name and title of Fkkwick a Stewart. jeH at* W. A. FKNWirK. '1' notice, 1 UK Copartnership e\istine between Hi arv M. Smith and j one p!i A. Proliey is this day?Wednesday, .lunetith. lw>?.?mutually dissolved by the partie*. The il"litorx and creditor* will make payment to and receive the same from Ililar> M. Smitn. joskph a. proijey. j-f. -It* Hll.ARV M. SMITH. notice. 1 IIK I*ntlert?uned jewelers will,on and alter the l-.t ?!a\ of June. aid until the 1st <!a? of Octol?er n-xt, ci"j?e their store* dailv at 7 o'clock p. tn M. W. OAU? flRO., SAMUEL LEWIS, 11. SEMKKN, ma23-eotit iInt.> J. Kl LINSKl A CO. "lost and found! IJ'Ol'ND?On the Cth mutant, a pair of SPECTACLES. The owner can have the ?anio hv applying at No. .'107 Pa.v. -j~ avenue and p.i?inr for this a?lver lsein- n*. It* District of Columbia, Covhty ok W a msG?o.\?To wit: i hereby crti- rv fy ihaf Ricnard Butt. <f said mti ?1 _ * brought before me, a* axfray, trfspaiung^^^-^<>n hi* ? -closure, a brown ch-Ktnnt IIOhSK, ab ut 12 rear* old, M hands lii;h. a star iu him forehead, two white feet, and one shoe oil. Giv-n under inv hand and s??al, till* 8th dav of Jue.lWV. THUS. J. \\ I I.I.I A.MS, J. P., |l. ?.| THK OWNKR OF THK ABOVK PROPKRty l? rejected to 00100 forward, prove property, pay oliarges, and take said horse awav. R CHaRI) BTTT. jc 8 3t* Second toll ga'e, Seventh st. IOsT? Between I afavette Square and the eoruer j of Seventeenth and I sts., a black thread laee VKI1.. f<?r which the finder, by leaving it at the irtar Office, will reeeiv the thanks of ihe owner, and will aI?o be lilierally rewarded. je6 3t* 421KUBEN HOl'SK & A XD COyCEKT SALOON. The undersigned takes pleasure in infoimiUK hm fi I'-nda, and the pu bin* ReneraJIv, that he has refitted and opened this e^tahllsi inent on *.n nntir? CHEAP F BOOfS. SHOES. AND TRU I SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS. SHOfcS, AND TP MY STOCK. ID" ALL PI'RCH ASKRS W| FOR THKMSELVBS, AT SAMUEL P. vnn Doll nA?a _ m vu ! ifWlf PIIU 3-JO l't\^ilYLVA?ll AMUSEMENTS. QDD F E L I. O W ?' HALL! SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW Great >leral and lalrllfdiil i\blbill*i. Til I0I>0 It's HI 18 El H of ARTS, Oneof the moot Novel. P,?a? ur, aa<i In tructive Extiihi*iona of Beauty, Mechanical !?kll!. and t-asoinatinn of Animated Splendor ever info- ! duceri into thia country. wifl be opened la tma , ci'r Tl'ESDAY EVENING. Jvwr .*TH, And exhih ted every evening da inr the veek. and on Wednesday and Saturday aft?rnoona. Mr. J Sanaeracn, well knovn in tie oily aa a Scientific Eshibitorof Artmtio Gem*, wou d respectfully intimate to the public and hia nnmerous friend* that THIODON'S MI'SEI M OF ARTS la. without any exception, takint all pre>eden'* into oontideration, an entertain?-?nt of annsual merit. Ita suooeaa in New York waa ?nly equalled l T 'TRIUMPHAL CAREER IN EI'ROPE, Where it commanded the patronage of the m">?t snentifio. literary, ard artistic people. In tia t mpi e City it was exhibited for TWO HUNDRED CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS. At IJarriim's Museum, New York, and forjdl n chliat Jayiie'n Hall. Phi a<l >'[>h'a. and havir* mat c!o?ed an engacement of Si nighta at Maryland Imtituty, Baltimore, attraotinc THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. Who. in conjunction with the preas. pronnunofd it tlie latest w nd*r of the Hth century. |jj~ Admission 25 o?nt?. (lt Doors open at 7 V. oommMot at S o'clock. jf# %y A U G H'S* ITALIA. WILLARDS' HAM,. GRAND REOPENING' Grand reopening of tn<> great pictures of ITALY. Positively Clo?ts<; Jisk 9th. The Manager, at enorm?u? expense. hat. enga*"d this elegant and fashionable half, and no coot will Ik> spared to liiHke it the most attractive exhibition of the dav. A W. FKNNO, Khi.. The Di-tinguifhed Lecturer, will illustrate the Pai ntings. Admission 25 cents. Kxlutition op Wedne- aand Saturna>. Door* open at 2 o'clock ; commence at 3 o'clock; and in the evening at 7?conunen??e at 8 o'clock. Hail well r?ntilat*d. School* on liberal frmt. Jf ? ROIIMSON & LAKE'S GREAT CIECUS & MENAGERIE. SI I'KKB FIRMAMENT PAVILION. One IIu ud red and Sftmly >len and ll?rses. Splendid and iminenaelf ibera! design for the a nu*e>> ent and instruction of the people, in the wonderful aoaMeitiM of th^se TWO GREAT FAMILIES. aided a great number of l.adj and Gent'einen I'rofeomona s. cho ? i fmm the Hi,hist Role ok Artistic cxcei.lnci. TOM KIN't. the Champion Leaperofthe World. Mr. KING awl M AHKLAIHF. ib a new and vuliiiw '>< iiBuue emiueo. Ait "it > " nd fmmt. M ASTKK R APHAKI.L in in* (irett Kl)in< 1,'ap of T?''-nt? FVet! Fi>' Lady K'ders aid l)ttn>fus'* ? Three So. 1 Clotr-ns.?Complete Troup< of TaUnteH Eywi frian.? ?Grand Operattf Bran and Strrnt Ortk'* t'T.?AlagniH'fnt I'oltertion of Rare Lirtng Antinalt.?Spt ndtd Stud of litond'd Performing Horse*, Pontes and Educattd Mules. With ft distinct troupe of exquisitely trained Ju veniles. for the production of Ha let, Pantomime, t omedy and Farce, to be substituted during the c??in for the old, wornout and wearisome after pircea. Thk ladie*. MAPAMK ROBINSON, ao renowned every wrier'-, will lead as usual, in her delightful acience of Lady Kquestrianism. exhibiting, upon her beau tiful and hi|th-ni<*tt e<t horser. the craoefui. yet controlling- P iwer which ail ladies may, with in structioi and prattles, obtain over this noble ar.imal : and the huh point of exoellenoe a<d skill which may bi aclfieved in tms invigorating and &?,eeatie exercise M'LLE ALICE, The verv incarnation of Beauty, Grace, daring, dashing effect, style, and fascination. To attempt anything like a description of this wooderfally bri'.liant Equestrienne witinn the units <>1 a s?ntenoe in a newspaper advertisement would be at>s'ird. We n.u-t refer the publio to the Pressof the I'm ted States and Europe. N' . ice* will be found, oop: >d f om the loading Journals, in each paper id I'ifferinc entire)* iu s?t le from Jill others, thi* Child of (ienius rid?-s with trie rnott perfect aban don fc'i<1 f arU ssness, nr*r u.atr tfioet.t form ass u in mc nat-na iy the ii,out riaceful and ciaasic posi tions, her face l:t up with a tweet smile of modect conhdet c*. and tier fine fye sparkling with genius and pride ol herdaiiy sur.0??-s?'s. r er roble home knows his mistress. and seems tn enter with a'l the ?Pi'11 of his ceiiornui nature into the general excitement wnioh her immense achievements universally cr?n'e. As they dash around th- arena there it a splendid harm >ny of daring, style and grace, and deafening cheers proclaim another tnnnpk ir..A. LA FAIRIR KATE, From the Principal Theaiera. At WASHINGTON ox CITY HALL SQUARE, Om THUHSDAV, FRIDAY and SATURDAY June 14 15, aicfl6 Admission 51 cents ; children and servant* Acta. ItT* The company will perform at ti<-org> town Monday, June U. je4-0t WANTS. \\J ANTED?A strong BOY, for housework, at " ;< 17 Pa.twsa. it* nravwn ? aiau *"> . . . ?r. .u.inrH ; ? a uc><>J workman?none oth?r n *d app!?. j.' BALD\% IN Ul s. WANTi:i??By an Eiieli.-hnmn.a SITUATION e< tardener. G od recommendation Kiven AppJv to C. ACKMAXN. No. 39? Mar*land av. je 8 t* ANT'El>? A SI Tl "A TlON bj a woman that '* can cook, wa h and iron; willing to go to the conntry or remain iu (he city. Can be se?>n nt *43 I* *tre?st. It* A Vol NGTC.IRI. DESlKIS A SITUATION to travel with a lad* to th? Spring* or in ?he ronntr*. The recommendation eiven. App r at N<>. 3?-<> Sixth *tr<?et. between (i a ?l H sts. It* AfiKNTl.K.M A N, In vin* a la-*e oHun acainM the government, want< to mak<> an a-rangement with a part* in Washington, to look alter th s?m?, and will give him a larg- p r centaje of what is collected. Address Box *2 969, Po.>t Offi<*?. \>w York, wjtli reference. je H 3t TI1K I'M DERSIUNED. CONTRACTORS for the wat r wo k* of the city ol Baltimore, want S> STONH CUTTERS and VMSON^, to work eit >er l>? tne pier ? or dar The hidiCKt ware* OR CASH. IKS, CHEAP FOE CASH. .L MV AWORT.MKNT OF LADIES ANP 11 NK!* CHEAP FOR CASH. TO RKDI CI LL DO WELL TO CA1.L AND FXAMINt HOOVERS ?, and Trunk Store. A AVIMT, Bflvm 9tk aa4 (All It* KXCI RSKLNS. IMC NlVs '1* ANMAL IMC NIC, 1 UK YOI'NO CATMiK.ICr FRIEND HO C|KT\ of (j*-ricetowd, ?iii giv* tbmr AN H M AI. IMC NIC at A N A I.O* T A N ISI.ANU.on WKDNF.SIIAV, Ju??> /? Pariiriilar* m future a<W ?iti cement. ISflfc jt* tf C~2 L O. O. F, JR\N|> F.N fKRTAINMKNT by COVF | NANT I.OIHjK. No. 13.I.O.O. F . M A ?AI.O?(TAS ISLAND. on^Mk >iON DAS . th?* llth i f J?n#, u> miff ??id lAltr in rrhulilini their hail. li? fir* on ItieWli of February !*?l. Wither*' o?l<?hr?t.Hl iMtn'i wil< !> in attMiteiio* aU", llo|* |lil! Itatxl % ,?! Wnahiltctoii oi*? Club. Refreshment* at clt? pri-r? HwtiruiiNini fr?*?t all koar? 9 a. m. Mill 10 o clock p. m.. f out the font of High Oeormto?n. and KtthrV Wl arl, Washington TiclreU ONti IX > I, I. A R. admitting a gentleman and ladies. or lamilie?. Tins will lmonf ol tlt?i.B*AT Knl?rUliin?lU ?>t Uw ?Mnn. In ajl who can ami w?.l Uimii selves. T<> all wc *>av. "n??v ivt ml"ttmrt* a.l r,rr?4t'f murk **d lull* " je 1 J*. |?l KTt III;* I'H.m I. <1 \I'AV n'IUKII. ' w?l o\c an KXCI KflON to a m fe. FORT WA-HIN - ION >n \VF.I> NF.SDAY. Jun* i*S. r*!** -team at Piiki > ? < i>-a ve ] er wha* '. . t ol K ** ci ' ? st..a # o'clock. (tinuioii w I i<?v? l?n<Cii?p- , corner of Fourth *t art i \ k avct.ue, at o'clock. a> il go t? the wli^'f vta S venfh ?t. I >~ Committee hone to it.akc t'? Klctirsina aierit ti>* tat "11*11" ot their frt?>*i'i ?. fiefcet" for gentlemen t? ; a-1 ? ?:S .- lit* . ?... |.. ctit -. |? I. An n U a L p i c n i c or the National Guard. Th?- NATItl\AI< (tl'AR D desire to inform Uicu friend*. and the putilic r?itetallt. tl.a- tneir A N N I A I. I'll' M<" ? . tain- p ai-e at AR j? I.1 M. T('N SFRIXt.S <>n MONDAY. June II. and t hi>> re*p.'.*tliii;? .k-it tiicir patron UB a*-. The?t?*nier Kt\ '\i; CL"t t> wiii cue ??e?vre town rtary nail hour I'min* th? 0*); fcrattnpa'. <> clock. Tin- -t>' M"f ?i F<? R . ?? V?t!l?> I 't F-Mirteenth -tr*?'t ricr* hour ruii.mrni'inti Hi llVllk'k. It ,? pci iinii"'i-f???rj for tli" Guard to tit* that ample arrant mfttiU likie ! ? ? 11 made lor th* in* iii n| their pation? Tirkt U Kiltt OtaU. a^Niittiii nctliiw Md ladie*. B; onwrof I?(hiwiHm. jat> 4' I* ?.?11 roaar^wnrc iif thr vcul^iit to tlf l??>ni l(ii lc>V i.ii p? *r< in art- r<'?iin-^t-'i t > t?k?* H"al* ?t Km t mtJi t-t *? . <ii a l ?>rt*?t"W. HP 1IO. K?H lil.N MoNT ! 1 HF. F.A*> Hii\? JIR-T OK AND ?\ CCRSION oftli? K.AS\ CU IIw tAk? pla-o on MONDAY Nk \ I Uth Jiiii*. Boat* leave Eleventh street w:i?rl a*. tW oYlo. ? a. m. and l*i p. hi , touching at tic Navy Yard a-il Alexandria ,'iiini am! returning, Ctuwhe* wril own 1 Met with the boat? leave lieorfetown, Firi>t \Va il. Northern l.ilie ti *?. ami foot of Capitol. Ticket#1 B? ol t>?On, JP ? it * niAND i n i <? \ r i t n i c rot THE ORPHAN BOYSOFHT. JOSEPH** A*VH M. tiiven t * the !.? (? Manager* and lHr?t;tcr?. AT VHMNi.Tii\ TV KSDA Y J rir* lYTii?"' Th<> Lady Manatee'*. in tr.akinit thii> appea' to ll>?* friend* . f (he Orphan '* * to *tatc that the |{<?)*' Aeylum la yet hi itn infancy ; tkf) w9 have 1:0 house, no plat grouiHi. and in tli- i /IB rente.I tioaiter* are on I* alile to accomnio<lat*0fl|^ aliout thirty or forty little orphan*. It > ill rSuTiTT bn M>en that the expen*e* are heavy and thru resource ninall. 1 h?-ir *reat aim 1* to lie at an ear! y ?lav to commence the txilldliitf of a permanent h me for the orphan twn*. Therefore they hope th? citizen* crneralW will honor tne Pic-Nie with than presence. Omnit>u?e* will run from the corner of (teventii street to the Spring from 7 a m . to the clone of th* rie-Nit. A cteam propeI>r will run ail day from Four toenth street canal tiridie. Owniliu^e* will convey f **?? to the .-an*I lioat" 1:1 Georgetown, which run to and Iro.u t .? Ssprins evorv ten n.inute?. e ^pu??'* [ ul! Band will he m att-- lanoe. Rni '-iin.ent-furni?li"<1 ! > th. .a.e*: aim'. <1 per am! xipper Iroin I to 9 o'clock p. m. Kuiteen .Vlainnoth Tri-eol"'**! i?ai,oon*. " der d \pie?i-:> fr?>in IJonton, wi.< !>e aeul up il t ,? afternoon. Jklr. Bradt. the photographer.will I* on tne trou n.l during tn? da> to take view* of families, group*, tne orpha ?. Ac., free of charge. Oth?*r novelties are in contemplation. Ticket*: tientlemnn 5" cent*; l?diea ?cent?; Children 111 e 'i?t* Tn KM.ii.tsn>. >1 ' s* I ?-.? ?. -I GanUcinrn Manager* at *Tir ?n ilftt Nk . I at tim * rplmn A?* Innt, an<1 th* following r a??? Jotin F. Kill*'. I*ia > S*tue. Tawlor * _M?un. lilanchard A Mohun Pmlp * 8olf?iiionfO. F. !>' n > . ('ha*. AmWuon, B"ok*t?re<i: Ford A Bro.. V. Hii Imnch, X. Ca !an, Jot. Nairn, Dan. Clarke. Dru? wtor?-? B?rr?t, l.taTnvtrt, K H I.?*k#t. W T Po>f, A I. Nr?! (), Itr Twer, J C Fittp<inek, John T Lttns, Wm E ror?*ik, (' ft M t'tma, \ieh <?*IUi., J F Brown, A B Ht. ufhinn, lieo K Cocknt. (icforr Kni.w, Jo?u Pl'oylf. J m.?i Lackey. J? (' KiliH'f. Piiila* Thjim, iakn Miikruir, WaN Warl, Ge?r#? Ji!?d, J .. H St -kell. li'mrr W Rirp, W K 8 u! U, C Tlio* C?B, J B Bl kf. C Altiaaidrr, RKlurl Btrrj, Mu F Bridfett. L J ??Too)?, P Itamorhue. Ci(it(i<44nid, J J Ktut, DibxlU'ikc. RicImH H Cl-rkt, li V Xojti, niKBoli, H B 8?rttf, John Carroll Brent, Thoa J fwiir. f m i'iuu, l Nrinin, PH Kr f. Win R;t>, Samuel Rtdferit Ja* 8 H POill<bt. Mr Brooke*. Richard H illicli, John F Kill*. WmClifrti. Eilv IVilu, Km.k CUrtr, Andrew Joyce, PJ McHenry, S'murl U?m, Tho* Stepheua, Mr Iitntlixll, John 1.1..<oli.. W K BenIf r. Thnn Brrry, * I" Bpaldiag, John J Bogue. P av Srrh?4<jr, W C Harrejr, Di Kidweil, C W C ItHiiiiinjrum, E C Drer. John M Mtake. John F F.u*u M MrMitiu, Jai 8 8 Parker, R F O'Beirr.e, W A Ku(. II i> Hood, John C Hamilton, John Devlin; | je tniii ' ' ' ' TFXClRKIONft ANI) PIC N ICS. HK C*iti*??n? of W*?hin(toii and GcurfStuwn will pWa-e take n< tie* that mv OM jcrr>*_ z. MBISKS owbf i.a.1 at all'time for K*< ur*ioua Pie-Niet, Not P.' t?. v J / * tieing en?aj(ed in an> pa tio u ar busiii?-??, tiir? a at the service of the public on the inoat reasonable teiiiis. Inquire at No. ?4*. Stineinetx's (tore. Seventh street, opposite the Avenu? Hoi?ae. or the Sta Me, Ninth street. If laud, near the Suiithaoniai. Institute ma 19 3t<i4eotf HUGH LATHAM. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otker ' For Salt nn4 Kent" ndrtrtttrmomt?, ?e* fir$t pagt ) FOR SAM-:?A DRUG stork, an e? >tau<1; ha? never changed hand*. and i? well (it t*d up. Ktoi'krd. > c., a.-H i? doing an ex?-?*Iient and V profitable prescription buamees; will lie sold on inula at* t rin*: *j?ti*fa<-tor? rt-aaona civen for well ine. Addreas I". V., City Post Ofcce, waehiagtor. j R-lw* 'R SM.K.OR KXCBANGB FOR CI TV r PROPKRT V.?The a lvertiaer has a Farm ol )* ?cre?.all 111 timber, near the river. in Prmco William c Mint>. Va.. which he wiahea to sell or exchange lor a house and lot in athinrton. Apr * toC. M. KEYS, No. 34" Twlft'i M UOR SALE-A two-Hon BRICK DWELLING r not SE. situated on Twent?-tir?t street west, near K Kt Apply to ROBERT GRAEME. No. 401,cor I and Eleventh tts. j*7 4t* FOR RENT-a two-story FRAME HOUSE, wi'h kitchen, wiiod ibed. Ac., in refer, on t^iI side Third street. G aud H ?U. IViIJ l?e I?t at a low rate to a good tenant. Inquire of W. S. JONES, corner Third and H sta. je7 4t* FOR SALE OR RENT-A three storyllRICK HOUSE.and Lot. No. *99.on H utrMt, n**' Thirteenth. For term* apply next door weet. to J. L. F.LLIOTT. je <-4t* 1/OR RENT?On north M street, bttwwr, Uth r and 13th ?U, a ihree-story BRICK HOl'SE, of 9 r<M>m?. handsoinlr and ht-althily located in a ntost <1e*iraMe part or this city. It lia? all the modern improvement*, ita?, water, stalling and Carriage house ft c. To a good tenant Uie rent will be I moderate. | quire next door?4ft4. )? 4-4t* EH>R RENT?Three first cla * and receniiy r built HOUSES. four stone* high each. Mad (in wKa<l anil kai ina all itia iHtarnci *tv-M. wminmrT, i iiii|f.s iroill rue ril* by the \ortli Central Railroad, or at .No. 39 West Fa*ette street. H-hinio? jeH-t?t HOBIJWBll. 4 CIOWLW. WANTED? By an industrious an?l eoiiipetent youiu woman, who (.at tr.o d references, a PI.ACK a* nurse or chaiiilK-rmaiJ. and to do plain sewin*. or to travel with a lady. AdJress Box 16, Mar Office. je 7-3t WANTED? By a steady youth. 18 years of aee, who is well recommended, a SITUATION to learn the hakinc business. Apply at No. 16 East Capitol street, between 1st and 2d streets east. je 7 4t* WANTKU IMMEDIATEIA-TWO COl. OREL> WOMEN ? one as cook, washer, and ironer ; the other to assist in washing and do general housework None hut good servants, well recommended, need apply. Apply at 460 D it ?*t, between 2d and 31 sts. je 7-3t* \L7 ANTED?Every dairy and every person hav ii>K cows to know that Brewers' Grains, the best feed lor oows, can a way * be had, at 10 cents a bushel, fron the Washington Brewery, con er of K and Twenty seventh sts. je 6 8t* WANTED?Persons who intend to build to know that they can Ket Bricks |,aid in the liest for 92J2S per thousand, by addressing I A. Bricklayer. Wasluagton Post ofcee. j?i-6t* fl/ANTFD Til RI'V-iilJ <?i*? I ings, Old Painting*. For rare hook*. Hue old engravings, and good paintings, a high pnre^will lie given. Also, Coin*. Autographs, Curiosities, Alc., Ao , bought. Address O. X. Port Office, Washington. Will alio purchase, to ant an-ouut. * urniture, Wearing Apparel, Contents of I.unilMT Rooms, tc., to.. 4c. ITT Wanted to rent?a Room. je I ?* WANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh rt , charge* fair prices for hi* Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh St., to get roar HATS and CAPS. ap6 Sm Circuit court of the district of COLUMBIA. Benedict Joetrtal., ( No Michael Mtller'e heire and ulram'r.i '* Eh*ft*. The trustee in the above oauae having reported that at a sale made bj him on the 3d Maroh laet, under the deorera in Mid cause. Joha M. Belt m the big heat bidder and became the parcltae* of the vest half of Lot No. B< all's addition to Georgetown. d C., and a sma'l part r f Lot No 113, in the rear thereof, at and for the pnee or earn o< $490: and William ri. Godey, for waiter Godey, of part <?f Lot 114, inaaid B^alraaddit onto?eor?e town, raid part being 2 feet by 3 > feet. at and fo t e price or ea^. of $ 101, and that and parcbaerra ' eve Mlv oomelied with the terms of sale. It i?, there fors, b* the Coart thie ;6th day of Mar. 1'6*?. or tiered, ?hat aatd eaiee he rallied, on *aa oau*e l?e shown to the Cnsrt, oa or before ti.e let day of ^aiy nytt, provided ao"?j of this order be peb!i*h*d in th* Evening Star three times* week for three we ka prior to eaid day. * My order of Coart Teat: J NO. A SMITH Clerk. Tra-copy-T-rt: JNO. A SMITH, Clerk. 1 ma?* atawkw MY RUCHES AND V E.Xl'H KlOWKft* unwqualed in tin* city. STEvENS. )e 4 9t 366, betweeo 9th and 10th eU. through the streets of the eitr In order that they may be seen of all. For tni* purpose open ba roue hes will be employed for the Embassadors, and open omnibuses,similar to those used in piruic parties, have i>e*n engaged for the inferior otill era. artists, physicians and historians of the expedition. Gov Packer, Commodore Stewait 'onimodore Read, Judg?? (irler and Cadwallader, of the ( nited States Court, the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and Judges of the District Court of Common Pleas will he assigned places in procession A torch-light pro' Kslon of the Philadelphia Bremen at night will be included in the programme 1X7" The wul of tbe late Daniel Pansbaw, in New York, has been admitted to probate The testator, after providing liberally for his wife and family, leavesa large amount to Various charitable institutions. A curious codicil gives hit ton an additional legacy of five lots of land, provided be does not use tobacco Should he indulge in tlause of that stimulant, the property is to be taken from him and devoted to building " A Home for Superannuated Sober Printers The will Is already contested by the heirs. ILT De Lave, the rope-walker, repeated his exhibition at Patterson, on Monda>. when be crossed the Pa*jlc tin a tight rope six hundred feet In length. Before he started he adjusted to each foot an ordinary sized Deach iiuk^t ? ? manner with the exception of having le tfa?r bottoms He made the trip in six minutes, -lopping In tfae centre while a photograph wen 'aken of the arene The pole which he carrit* for the purprxe of balancing bin keif is about ten fret ? * iengfh, aud weighs tlfty pounds, being heavily tipped with iron at the ends. The Cakita ai> A?aic*ka.?Ttar New York Timea a-?ys that preparations are progrersint;. under the direction of the American Colonization Society, for the conveyance of the Africans, captured on l>oard the Wildfire, and now at Key Went, to Liberia The ship Cwtlllan. of about I,(AN) tons burden, has been chartered for the outward trip at UUO; and another ship was re ported as having Wi engaged for the *amr purf oae, on terms not dlsHoaed. lE^Tbe City Superintendent of school* in New N'r rk aaut a communication to the Board of Kdu...lion M Wednesday evening, recotmo ending bat the heme study svntein be entirely a band o.ied In tba Primary Departments and i-ousldfrably modified In the Upper Department* I ____ J ....... -?rtu aikikuucu III I'UHadelphia. New York, and Boston. 11 T 1JSCTURE on JAPAN.?Dr J O. 1". I ? Holstoh. will deliver one 1 dure on Japan TO-MORROW <Friday i NlfilJT. in the Kn/Ii-h Lutheran Church. corner oi Eleventh and 11 xt*. The Strawberry FWtiva! in th? lia'eineut of t->e church will l?e continned on Friday nuht. Admittance to the lecture and fe*tiv%l. 2j oeut;<. je7 2t* "ry? ntltsldk nt's m t?? n ted u I'AR 1)71 'I he regular monthly meeting of the corpx will be held at W. f. Benter'n Kooinx.C *treet,on 'I'll L'RSI) AY E>ENL>0.7th innt., at B o'clock. Every mem cr i? requested to be punctual. a? bu*me?h of importance i> to bo t .indicted. Uk oritur, jet; t Q? H. CA88iDit8w. rrg^l. o O. F.? Ke?p an eye to the lltli of June ' U Entsitninment at Analoyt&n I?lan 1 for the benefit of Covenant Lodge. No. la. See advertisement in another column. je 6-3t i hk fesi iv i. or the ladies of Weslev ?'hapel SaMatti School will l>econtunic I int ?'rctnre room of the church during thi? week. I?;?j Cream, Strawberries, Oonfectioneiy, Ac., in abundance. at the very lowest prices. jet. :M* Devon and dkrham cow and calf for s?i.e. Cow warranted to five over four gallons of mil? perdi in. Price a6n. Addre<? e s. Pl.iMMF.R, near JbaJbai Alexandria, Va. je B 3t Hoop skirts! . hoof skirts!! I have a large assortment ?n hand, and for sale at ! rtMiuceu pi ices. II EGA\, " 321 Pa. avenue, south s de, j? 8-6t Between ?th aml7lh at*. FOR SALE-A fin* family sorrel HORSE, eight years old II? is gentle and u go dc n- rry ilitiun. Also, an?w Rockawiy Carriage, and a now net of Ha'nes*. For term*, fce .^XZX, enquire at COOK'S Military Hnl , No. MO > *t , I lutywn 9th and 10th tin. j? n-4t* Psolu SINOI.y. ARTIES Wishing II I' B J*, SPOKES, or RIM4, Kindly or in brokeu sets, can hud tliein at onr store in every variety. _ j?B eo3t JOHNR. elvaw8 A co. I a dies' sl'n umbrei.la9 and par \ j sols A new ?uppl? Just received from the manufactories, and fo; Hale at very low prices. h eoan's. 343 Pa. avenue, smith "ide, j? a at bet. <5th and 7th sta. Black lace shawls and silk mantillas I have on hand a large lot of the above named articles Irom auction, and selling tliwin considerably b-low the market prices. Ca!l early and secure a bargain. H. EUAN. 323 Peon, avenue, sou h stue, je 8-6t bet. 6th a no 7th sts. month reasonable. Persons wishing to address the pr >prietor *i!l dir**ct to Leooarutown, 8t. Mary's 0 >urity. Md. je8 2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. ( AH LISLE The favorite resort for WHITK SULPHUR {*? ? SPRINGS, Mountain Air. li.Vigora ,,??. .. ting Hatha, Large and CUMBERLAND CO, Well Vent'lated Room*. Pennsylvania. (iood Society and a Got a I'aHe. Accommodations t> r For particular* Bend 300 ' '"or Circular. OWENr*. CIENDENTERMS LOW. IN 4 V1S&CHER, je 7 l?w Carlisle Sprints, P?. $3,700 UNtcKS,RTH $3,700 balance in 6, 12, 18, ami 24 wiomiA*. A tare chance for speculation, or to proonre a good Houi* and l ot in tho moat improving part of the city. Mr. H. \V. HAMILTON f fj\?ra for sale that beautilul three-ato'y HHICK HOllHE and LOT, with two story back building, situated ou 2(1 street west, between Daod Est*., in J,?hn B. Kibbey's sul*livision of square (67 > for 93.7U0. Suoh a house cannot l>? hunt for less than thirtytwo or three hundred dollars: and the Lots are worth from twelve to ti teen hundred dollars in that vicinity now. The only reason for offering the above property at snuh a reduced price, is lor the purpose of disposing of it immediately, in order to settle up the late business transactions between VV. H Hamilton * Co. The House con | tains 9 good room#, beside* ath room, olosets, Ao.; there is a good dry cellar under the haok ! b.ulo'ing, ana gas and water pipes laid all tbrout;h 1 the building. The House is new. and finished m | the beet style throughout, with good pavement and iron railing in iroiii.. I iih l,i?l 11 ?l I ret (runt, run ning baok 12<>f*ettoaSMoota!lev. which is graded and paved. The title la perfect, and terrna of sal* e*sj, cash, the balance in 6, If, 18 ai d 24 months, seourrd by a deed of trn?ton the prop-rty. The key cat be ha4 of H W. HAMILTON, at his Paint Shop, No. 51'2 7th street, four doors south ol Odd Fellows' Hall. ja?-lw THE L\ RGKS f 8TOCK OF HOSI ER Y IN the city soiling at tbe importers' prices, or from 25 to J) p<!r cent. below the retail prions. This has always been a favorite department with uh, having for year* past kept the fullest assortment. W e now offer over five h it mired d> zen in all kinds, uuahtien and sizes, for ladies, gentlemen, and children. at tri? actual cost prices for ca?h. hAI'ZE MKKlNO VESTo for Ladies, Gentleman, Girls and Rovs. \V??r? positive!* clos ng out our stock to^int the business, and orcourse wear* giving great bargains for the money. V\ e will endeavor to deliver all packages on tlio dat of >ale. 1 Purchasers will please bear in mind that we are not charging any gooJs. CLAGETT * MAY. ) 6 fit 334 Pv av? bet. 9th and Wth it*. | new ttyle. Him bar is furnished with the l>est Liquor, choice^ Win > isar*. I.a?er Beer, Relre?lniifiiif, a v. A tine bra** and ?tring band has been ?-iua*ed for the m*ason. A Concert of Vocal and liiftrimicntal Mhkic Dancing, 4c.. EVERY SATl'RDAY EVENING, commencing at7o'clk. je 7 3t* G. M. H. I.KHNA. 5|2 SIGN PAINTING. ?j2 THE CHEAPKST AND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALL ON II. W. HAMILTON, 312 SEVENTH STREET 312 AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT 8IGN8 CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHKR ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. N B-PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID to HOUSE PAINTING. j? 7 2w OUR WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT 18 wall worth* the attention of the Ladies. We have a eplendyd stock of? Jaconet Cambrics. Cambrio M online Nanaooka. Mali, Swiss, French, India, Plain Cambrics Striped and F a d Nanaooka It dia Dimity, Uulliautua Biahop Lawns, Victoria l-awn* I Kentiug, Line.i Cambric, Tarletona Cambrio Himity, Swisa aud Cambrio Edgings Swi*s and Cambrio Band*. Cambrio Flounoinga WbitaCrinoline, Sleeve Muslins We may aloo inc'ude in this department? Fi. e and medium HiliciaTa. ) Damasks Superior Linen Sheetinca, Pi low Linens bird e?e Diapers, Russia Diipera Fine Tow-ilinx?, Fare Shirting Linona 6amask TableTlotha. Damask Napkins erteya, Linen Shirt Pmnte. <3to to. The goods are nov being sold by ns at wholesale Rrices for oaah, in otder to oloee oat o<lt stock at > earheat possible moment We t-uat onr friends will oome prepared to pay for their pmcbases, as we do?ire to make no mo<s o'a'geafor anyone. We will give all goud bargains for the money. CLAOETT * MAY. 324 Pa. ? ., bat. 9th and loth sts. inent*. auch a* watei, c?s. Ac., in an* <*f the vi'f finmt luatmnt in thr cit;-?n tlif ?>r*or of Third street Kiwi Mmsoui i ?vfnu?, aod <>ppo<it?%he Capitol cryunda An) lie wiahinc to rent a 6ne dwelling will tind thia a favoral> e opportunity, a* I desire to rent them iimitedi?t<<'l* .and will rent them low. \V. BEOWMXft. je 1-tf FOR RKNT-Thre.' BRIC K HOI SES-o? *> HTwelfth street, between C and D; one on the corner of Twelfth and II ate. ; and one on H, between 12th and ISMi >U. Inquire of JaMK? W BARKER.on II street, between I lth and 12th. No. i-ii. iua?-tf STORK F<?R RENT AND FIXTURES FOR t*AI,K. Immediate po?se?sion given. Also, a large lot of Fanr? Uoodr for hale at rort, cwiiprt* ing H<?nnet?. Ribnnda. Flowers. Dreaa Tnmiuisg?. Corset* Combs. Bru?he?-, Head Dres?e*. together with a large vanrti of oth*r (wall, man* of whic., i will b? *old at 'cm. their ooat, to close. NK" YORK FANCY BTORF, No. 341 Center Market Spsoe. art door east from Kichth at. lua ? L ?'n I ?ji mrr *vc?r y r n a m r. n*?vra>, r on KWetJh ftl #*f bttvt^n I M<1 K iNiKt of M. tkt flMh II Ml 6M f%| / j K>ukirllMnt < f C. Sufder, wi( door OR RK.Nf-A tkraa-aton BRICK HOI S* . 'Vfll with bMriuMl. No. ? ?-? itr^t, bftWMi fd and St, with all the modem w*u-1 IM, Wli rnnow.Se Ajjlj tofl, KOAN, Itl H ay j ?<>u?h hrt wean Wb aixl 7U? ate m? >1 tf_ h"OR RUNT-That a??w aad wellarraa?ed thm tor, BRICK llOl'Se. No. at***, l>-tw u l*?tfi ?imI 3"th ?U., MtaUi iJe, mow <>cc?ip??" br Mr. Budi*eu. Rauian l,e?ati-u. P..., uca ?>' ? ?? Ut?f Jaaa la* at re of Mr MH'Tlfkl 8, PARKER, next door eact maKaotJ

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