Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1860 Page 1
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w ? 0 (?bmin0 Star. % V^. XV. WASHINGTON. P. C.. SATURDAY, JUNE 9. I860. N?. 2.281. THE EVENING STAB r" rtjbua*no ?mrr aftbmiooh, (BVNDAY EJKJbrTED,) AT THX ITAA Bl ILOIKflk, I ?f rtnmylvMM aWil <V ?T W. D. W4LUCH. ? . mivh la r*eku<? ??r earner* at 94 *?' ? ? r omu per anti To nail sabeeribava **e ?'iw i* a year, im 94+mme*, t? inr *U wonth*, 91 ft?r three m?ntha, and for Ins thai. ?hr**> months at the rat* of 12 eent? a week. Sintt* ore*, on* cktt; in wrapper*, two cbkts. fC^ADT*mTJ?m*i*T? thould he sent to the oBee Kefore U o'eioek. re.; otherwise they may sot ap sai antil the next day. A WOMAN'S ' SO " I never bear a tody protest against raatri- j monj, a* 70a are now doing,'' said Mrs Villera, 'that memory doe* not travel back to the Misses Sharpe. ' ' What about the Misses Sharpe'" asked her niece. "I hope they did not enter the holy state of matrimony after saying no positively?]' "A woman'* >10 means sometimes ye*.Lucy "Not in tny vobaculary, aunt; but pray give ; u? the veritable history of flje Misses Sharpe" ' Well, let me make myself comfortable first ?tive me that cushion lor my feet, throw my fbawl a little closer around me, and put another log on the fire; there?that will do. Now for the veritable hiatory of ths Misses Sharp* " ' When first I became acquainted with the Misses Sharpe they were not young; Lucinda, or, as her sisters called her, Lucindy, was not fat and fair, though she was forty. Providence ?called by her sister Provy?was several years her senior. Lucindy was certainly not as lovely as a poet's dream She was small and thin,and * u<> p?iu9 iu app??i sugm ciwj ncr pnafl , was to appear natural Her hair, black and ! i wiry, was her own She never powdered or paiuted; never squeezed orange juice into her ryes, like the Spanish women, to make them bright; never used henna, like the Turkish women; had oot even as much as heard of Varis masks for the complexion--Veatris's paste or tale She waj a true child of nature without sham or pretense. She wore her bonnets very close and her dresses very short, she wore no feathers?it was a sin; Luciuda Sharpe was one of those people who see sin in everything they look at; who cry out sin at every sight and sound that gladdens this beautiful earth, and fills the heart with silent ecstacy. She had even been heard to reprove the young pastor for laughing too loud 'Hush, my dear,' she would say. in an awful tone, 'don't laugh too loud, it is a sin.' When in her presence you felt as if you were the greatest sinner in all creation; that you had twice as much original *in and twice as much acquired as any one else. My dear,' she would say, in freezing tones. !I nw you during prayers look up several times from your book at Mr Harvey Now. Mr. Jlarvey is a very handsome young clergyman; but the young ladies of the church commit a very great sin whm they look at him during prayers I never look from my book I never *-ee any one in church.' " Now, your eyes may have wandered to Mr Harvev's face during th? nmvor nn? k?. - d r" "J J vv ture you were anxious to look at him, but because jou were perhaps listless. or you could not give up jour whole soul to deration as you should have done. You may hare been mourning over this deadness, down in the depth* of your high-backed pew, shut out from mortal eye. \ ou may have been bewailingyoureoldliess and striving to recall your wandering thoughts, when, struck by the fervor of the minister's tones, you raised your eyes and l<>oked at him, praying silently in your heart that you might have tne power as well as the wish to give yourself wholly up to the spirit of prayer as did Rev. Mr. Harvey. " It was a sin with this ' sinless child of earth' to act and think contrary to her ideas ?>f right and wrong. It vas a sin to read any o'her books than the Bible. Prayer Book, and the Whole Duty of Man She was a great churehwoman. whose creed was no salvation out of the church catholic, which is Protestant Episcopal. She had never been to a tneelt/ighon te tn her life, but had always sat under the preachings of those who could prove their descent from the Apostles Sidney Smith himself was not nor* intolerant of Dissenters than was Miss Lucinda Sharpe. ' Providence Sharpe eschewed being altogether a child of nature. She consented to wear a very brown braid, suggestive of perpetual youth, and adorned her person rather u >re lavishly than her sister She was rather inildrr in her mode of speech than Lucinda, but, like her, equally despised the lords of creation. I well remember the evening that ?irace, the servant girl, had an admirer.. I was taking a social cup of tea with the Misses rnarpe. si meir snug little mansion at the corner of the street We were gathered around the tea-table; the hospitable board was well spread: muffius and tea smoked before us; the preserves were of their own making; the beef of their own drying A fire burnt in genial plow in the well-poiished grate, before which laj two fat. well conditioned tabbies, enjoying a charming siesta. " 'Sow, this is what I call comfort, Miss Providence,' I said, as I looked around and ?bout it the charming prospect. ' 'Yes. my dear,' .she answered, blandly, and the greatest comfort of all is, there is no man here to mar our eojoyment.' ' Men!' exclaimed Lucinda, raising up the plat* of muffins *r.ddenly, and putting them down again, 'they are' " Wretches" put in Miss Providence. - Wr*t*he?' Provy, don't mince rour language. they are demons?arch-ficnds" ' ?>, not all,' I interrupted, feeling solicitor about my brothers, uncle* and cousins. " -Yes. all' My dear, you don't know them as we do. Ha' ha' men" and Lucinda gave a series of defiant, convulsive shrieks. " Men" echoe 1 Provy, 'ha' ha!' And she picked up a knife, and waved it about in the air like a bloody cut-threat thirsting for bis victim ' -Why. my dear, they are utterly destitute of religion, to begin with.' * A ?et of atheists'' responded Provy. ' Deists" continued Lucinda. ' Turks without their turbans" ejaculated Frovidenee Then their morals' O. my dear' my dear!' and Mi- Lu-inda raised her hands in a uiute espre^ion of horror 'Juit look at some of the Popee Look at Henry tha Eighth. Francis the Second. Louis the Fourteenth Then, in modern times, look at Byron?the butcher over the way?the baker round the corner Why, there is no end t* the disgraceful catalogue. God may have made man in his own image, but now he ha* fallen so low th*t he is not at' " To wait on my dear Tabby Gray,' interrupted Mis- Provy -Take another dish of tea, Barbara, lore*' ' I ban led up my dish, that looked very like a cup. and Mi?< Luoinda remarked Mr Harvey is very partial to tea ' " O, is he?' I asked. You have him to tea, then, though he ia that biped called man. I wish you had aaked him to-night.' ' Miss Locinda frowned, and said, drawing herself up 'As oar pastor, he Ukea diah of tea with us, by special invitation, twiee a year; but we oonfine hia entirely to spiritual conversation. We do not suffer him to roam into worldly pastures where there ia no food for the aoul. Before parting, we always request him to read the penitential na*lm? *u?11 We do not invite him mors frequently,' observed Miss ProvT, 'for it might have the effect of flattering his vanity Men. even tlie least worst of them, are ao vain "All is vanity'' about them, as the wis* king says. Ha' ha' men' men!' echoed Miss Lavinda; and these two high priestenes of Diana's tem pie kept up their'ha ' ha! and their men ' men!' until thej scared the two fat tabbies out of their slumbers on the warm rug, and they began to stretch their legs and open their aleepy * eyea in a manner quite wonderful. 'At this juncture the door opened, and Grace, the servant girl, said, in tremulous tones? ' 'Please, ma'am, may I go to the circus tonight 7' " 'The circus, Grace? Good heavens' what sin" ejaculated Miss Lucinda. 'fchu? the door, girl, andeomein.' Grace obeyed. 'What t ,,?t the circus into your foolish head ?' asked ' Miss Lucinda. ' Nothing, ma'am,' replied Grace, bashful ly. twi ttmg the eorners of her apron ' 'Put down your apron, girl, and answer roe properly Nothing is no answer at all; nothing means nothing Hare you forgotteu your catechUm, girl r 'No, ma'am, Mid Grac?. " 'What are you by nature, Grace ?' U,A child of wrath, ma'am.' " -Deserving punishment ?" " 'Yea, ma am.' '?'What did I promise when I stood your sponsor at the baptismal font1" " That I should renounce the devil and all his works,' responded Grace, demurely. " 'Yes, that was my promise. Now, the oircu* is the devil's presence-chamber; decked off to make it alluring: it is a very wicked, a shockingly sinful place. Do you know that, Grace'' " 'George Morris asked me to go, ma'am,' replied Grace. 'He never told me it was a sin !' "'George Morris!?sjood heavens!' ejaculated both ladies. 'Who is George Morris? Speak out, girl?no hesitating.' " 'He's the butcher's boy. ma'am.' 44 -Hie butcher's boy! said Miw Lueinda, ironically. 'Truly aristocratic, I do think. Really, girl, I have no patience with you. Where on earth did you make so low an acquantance V " He brings the meat to the door, ma'am,' said poor Grace, turning scarlet. " 4 And what if he does bring the meat to the door' - that is the very reason you should not have spoken to him. Better never eat meat than have such a dreadful affair under our very roof.' I have promised to marry him. ma'am,' murmured Grace, gaining courage 4 Marry him!' exclaimed both ladies. 'My dear Lueinda,' eaid Miss Provy, clutching her sister'* arm. 4how awful" '"Miserable depravity!" moanod out Miss Lueinda. clutching Grace s arm. and shaking her violently. 'You awful bad girl, what do you mean by saying such a thing'?you wicked child?anly seventeen, too" 4* 'Speak gently to her, Lueinda,' said Miss Provy,' in an altered tone 'We must win back the erring, gently ' 'Come here, Grace.' she said, milaly. Miss Providence was evidently bent on trying 'moral suasion' on the youthful lore of the butcher boy. " Do you not know that it is very wicked to wish to get married' Are you not aware, too, [we have told you so repeatedly,) that men are very bad people' This young butcher inherits a bad nature from his father, who inherited it from A/.v father, and so en ' 44 I am really ashamed of you, Grace," screamed out Lueinda. " Now," said Provy. again resortinz to suaaion.' -see how happy Lucinda and I in We never got married?we abhor the very thought See how much respected we are' ? gee how independent we are' 44 ' Free, free as air,' ejeeulated Miss Lucinda, flourishing about her arms. 44' Yes," continued Mis* Pruvy, 'we do as we please?we go where we please?we are indebted to po man for any of our pleasures or privileges. Why, girl, you are a silly young thing t<j desire matrimony. Now yeu belong to yourself, when you marry you are the slave of a man. Come this will not do. Don't let me hear another word about this wicked butcher boy.' " 4 He's pot wicked, ma am,: cobbed out poor Grace rt 4 But he is wicked' - said Miss Lucinda; 'he can't help himself. It is his very nature, against which he neither prays nor struggles; and you are a very sinful girl to try and screen him in his wickedness. Let me hear no more about him. Go to the kitchen immediately. 1 and read, on your knees, the psalter through Tell ilertha to lock carefully the door and the gate. ' Grace dried her tears, and ?> = ;??? a look of st?rn defiance. Outside the door, in the entry, stood tbe offending butcher boy Grace quietly walked into the street with the youthful swain, went and got married to him, "then made her appearance, as a bride, at the circus. ' The next morning, when the ladies were at breakfast, she opened the door and walked in I have called ma'am, she smilingly said, 'for my things I am a bride. I got married last night.1 " -Married!' screamed the ladies. Lucinda, always prompt to act, arose and clutched her severely by the arm 'Walk!' she said, in tones of awful majesty, closing the door upon tbe delinquent. The butcher's bride vanished as speedily as she had appeared.and Miss Lucinda, sitting down, pale with horror, gasped out: What an awful thing to happen in our house.' ' 'Oh! men, men" groaned I'rovj "One morning?a fatal morning?a gentleman called at tbe house of the Misses Sharpe and was ushered in. Lucinda positively refused to go down to any man ao Providence smoothed her braid, looked at herself in tbe glass, and tripped obligingly down to receive the gentleman He was the con of their father's old friend, Jacob Clarke He was just then in the city, and bad ventured to call on the ladies for the sake of auld langsyne He remembered them well as little girls, be would not say how long ago?the least said about that the better; but he would say Providence was very pretty. He remembered well her rosy cheeks, and soft brown hair. Ah' was he not addressing Providence now7 'He knew her by that same soft brown hair.' ;-Providence blushed She never waa pretty. ri- ? - - - a u.yxii mi nuaoand of your charminr sister | We were united in the til ken bonds of matrimony a few momenta ago; we bar* re turned to ask j')U to give aa an affectionate welcome ' " 'Nerer'' Mid the indignant Luoinda; 'you hare sinned beyond all hope of pardon. Leave my presence immediately!' "'Hewaaao lonely.' murmured the bride; 'I married bim to comfort him.' " 'She did. indeed, bleeaed woman!' ejacn1. tod Jacob Clarke. " '0, go away, both of yon,' sobbed oat Loainda ' Better be dead than aubjected to these constant shocks.' 41 A few weeka after her marriage, Providence wrote to bar ?ieter, imploring forgive u? ?"uj h nmierer But he thought her pretty Her image had gone with hiui through life?a divine memory Ah' these early lover, what hold they take on the mind' He had married, and Hannah had proved a very good wife, but be had had the misfortune to bury her Now be was lonely? very lonely, indeed. Man was not born to be alone his spirit pine* for the *weet companionship of woman. "His conversation waa quite affecting, and so worked upon the tender feeling* of Providence that she cordially invited him to stay to tea Lucinda was disgusted when her sister ran up stairs and told her what she had done. 44 'You are as thoughtless as a child. Provy,' she replied, angrily 'As to his loneliness and his grief. I don t believe a word of it;, men always talk that way when they wish to marry again. Even if they have their house as full as it will hold of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sister*, they walk amidst a multiplicity of females, all highly interesting and agreeable people, and cry 44lonelv " o tl???? ? ceitful race, and if this man haa come hare to hunt for a wife, he is greatly mistaken and Miu Lucinda dashed oat of the room. " 'The imperial votrcaa paaaed on, In maiden meditation fancy free ' 'But even in that home of the Teatals, there was a wife for Mr. Jaoob Clarke; and he oame and came again, until the fair Providenoe consented to endow him with her hand, and, what was of infinitely more conaequence to him, her goods Bat she dared not breathe the rash rirotnise to Laeinda; in her exasperated state t would throw her into fits. Accordingly, ene sunny morning, when the skies were blue and the sun was golden, in walks Providence Clarke, born Snarpe, and aays in triumphant tones : Lucindy, this is my husband V What!' acreamed Lucinda; 'Prory, you are certainly mad.' " 'Dear ^ater Lucinda,' aaid Jacob Clarke, smilingly.^ProTidence never exhibited more -riking signs of sanity than In marrying me < Yea, I have the supreme happiness of calling ness. '0,' she said, 'Lncinda, I am so happy. Jacob i* one of tb? sweetest and dearest men that ever lived; he is a perfect pearl; matrimony is the most charming sta ol was ever in. How oould we denounce tnese noble beings as demons? My erring sister, be convinced; they are only a little lower than the angels. Men ! men!' " 'She certainly is crazy,' said Luoinda, throwing down tho letter, 'Men, indeed' I don't care to see how she finishes that sentence now.' " Miss Lucinda was wretched after the departure of her sister: and the Pr**hvtAri?n I clergyman, who lived next door, wu kind enough to step in of an evening, to sit with her and offer consolation In a short time Lucinda was heard to pronounce him a man of wonderful grace, deeply interesting and charmingly consolatory. Old prejudices vanished as speedily as 'The tear down childhood'* cheek that flows.' A bishop was superfluous1? apootolio descent could not be proved, in short. 41 Stop.'stop, aunt. I implore you. I swal lowed that story of Miss Provy; but. indeed. I cannot open my mouth wide enough to take in Lucinda. too." ' My dear, if I were telling you a fiction, gladly would I stop here; but this is a veritable history. I regret, for consistency's sake, to say that Lucinda actually married the clergyman Now, when you protest so positively against matrimony, ju.-t think of this story of a woman's no We, none of us, can tell what we may be induced to do in this world of change Like you. like the Mioses Sharpe. I once said I never would marry I am now Mrs. Villers. Ah! here is my husband We are just di&ussing a woman's uo, my dear." " >v tiat do you think of a woman's no, uncle?" eagerly cried Lucy. "A woman's no! Well, let me Lucy, love. if Mrs. Villers will excuse me, I must say that my experience of it proves it gratis dictum?said for nothing." AMHft. WINSLOW, N Kxperienoed Nurse and Fem&ie I'hjaiolan, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, Whteh jrtatlj faciliutaa tba pracaia of taatbmy, ?t tafia t mf tba < ! , rtdacing all iMiminauar ? wiil tils? ALL r * I e ana ipuroodie acuta. and it * SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. F>tp??d up?n it, moihtrt, it will ft?t rttt ta yatrialvtt, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W a h??t pat ap and told thit irticlt for car tan ytart, and CAW SAT, IN CCItMOBtll ANP TBl'TH "f It, what wt ht?a na?ar bttn abla to???? a*j of any othi* Madicina?wbtbr MRS. ha* it a linen 111 ?miainn? ml,l, T 0 ,r HI T i till, Vf MSLIIW S whan timaly aaad Ntrtrdid ta know KIIIITMINn "" inttanca of dia atiafaciion by any 1 on. *h? u.,d it. Or tba contrary, all ara SVRl'P, dtlichltd wilb itt or BR atiowi. and Itpitk in ttrvt of btfhttt eoioiutndatien of itt magical tfftctt and istdieal virtaat. W t apaak m .hia n,attar WHAT Wl DO How," afltrttn jaara' axptntnct, HD PI Bpal oVR SIH'TATIO!t IOH THI K'LFILMIKT OF WHAT WS H*RB DB CLAN a. In alrnoat t - inatanea wbara tht infant it tuf tr Ing from pain and tthaaation, raliaf arill ba found io Ifttto ( twtotj minattt afitr tht lyrup it adinimaitrtd. Th<t T?laal<lt prtparattoo it tht prttcription of ant tf tbt mati BtrBH IBITCBD and *RIL? UL ni'RtBl in Nt* Knglaud, aadhaa batn attd with NBTBltrAlLIPe lUCCBll in THOUSANDS OF CASES. it net ant j rtiit? tt tht child frara pain, bat taaigaratai At ttamach and bowala, corrtcta acidity, and fi?aa tana and tntrgj to tht wbolt aytttm. It will almoat inatnotl? ralitat Guipims ik the Bowels and Wijid Colic, and sT*reoin? eonvuliiaoi, which, if uot iptiddy raaiadud ?nd in diath. wI b 11 ?t 11 Ih hit akd iuiib?t kcm-' rOK lorintiii wukld in ill cull of DV>- CHILDREN IKTIDTind l>iu mm in chil TtKTIIHO d??m, whithir it trim friro tuthinc 1 or from any other causa w m vodI4 ?-f tf* ? <??k?r ?hn H?? ?r.iM firing from any of tht foneoiig complaint*?i>o cot lit toub rRtJl'dicef, koi thi pr SJtDlCB* of othh', Und hitwim yoer tuft ring child and tht ralirf that will t>? it'll?j"* Aiaoil'TlLT 911 f a?to follow tin mi of th ni^cini, if tiraily and. Fall rtirtetior.i for ostay wm>% company iaeh hwtll. N"nt (thUiiii anlti* tha for umili CGRTli * PICRKIN8, Ntw fori, u on thi oatiidt wrap|i Soid by r?r?r rutt throughout thi world. Principal Olfici. No. It Cldar Strict, N. T. Pn*i on I * 25 GinU nr Botlii 11-dAwlT GEORGETOWN ADVERTTMTS UNION HOTEL, QUORC.ETnwX, D. C., Is mow open for tiio rfioeption of visitor*. JOHN II. \VATK?S?, mall-Im Proprietor. THK CELEBRATED HIN TK ACT AND GOLQUA MATTINGS, Both piam anil olutck. For ?alelow In HIMLMAN tt HI*NT, ap 2"-eo2in 9H Bridge st., t?rorg<-iown. C RAN DELL, OPTICUS. V/ No. 149 Brrdn si., frioriiiiws, Has constantly on hand a i?rge assortment ol Frenoh Nearsighted. Permcojyo. Col <?*- <? ? ored, and all other SPECTACLES, ol ALJ the best quality, inrold, silver, ateel.and German liver frame*. N. B. Old Framee Repaired and Sm ! ??? ?? ? ? ^? now lumn am in iwin w oravr. DO IV-ly fj^OR K KMT?A two story and ba??ment Brick HOUSE, oear the Convent, on hayett* street; in complete order , km, Ao.; with lar^e garden Attached. Rent 9?** to a permanent tenant Apply to JOHN L. KlUWELL. mar 5 tf Thk steam paokkt flying cm)T:d i? now r??ady for excursions to II 1 ^ the Gr*at Falls or mtermediateJij^EfcfcC point*. Arlington Spring* and Al*x andria. on inodorst* term*; will matctripsto Alex andria on SUNDAYS, in tun'* for divine nervine, and will Its over until after one o'oloek. A psly to Capt. JOHN MOORr:, ap *9 2m No. 3fi Jefferson St., Georgetown. JOS. F. BIRCH. VyDEHTAKER, Cor. Brvi*r and JtStrum tts., iirpTfttnwn. Having gi ven my personal attention to this bianch of my business, 1 am prepared to-?yr attend to all calls with prt mptness Persons from adiatanoe cas >x??upplied at a 'ew minutes' notice. a* I have a large assortment of COFFINS alwats on hand. 1 Particular attention paid to the removal of the d- ad from th? old to tie new buna; (rounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap in 6m M~ AWEY. COLLINS A CO '8 PHILADElT PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.?We a^e constantly reo?uving fresh supplies oftheabovrdMlightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. AkNY A SHINN. Agents, fist ST firssn St.. fcoorgetown. 1 HE CHEAPEST SPRING CLOTHING, 1 '1HE BEST SUM M KB ri.dTHriur. \ t>DT???ulUVttV^TE?>KNFEljlt \ \ "tSSS^^SXfffb * o.t.\ \ ^ ^"^&|$2g8?E?b * coA U^iS^H^ufe^'ELD *00 "A p*rt!?3Bs??,?4 1 w. ,o?t t?. ???" \ Win Ibsknj;^1 I M n-Tok*tf PkRBONB D**?Umnr h?BMkMptni o'bavinc % inrplaa of booMh >ldeffeota can fihd N?fe WlZ'bv *'2:t'n rudolph ri7chi.v. CILVER PLATED , L , . JCK PITCHER**. * 11 at much lower ?rim than therein bjMf) bon?ht7or at any other *?tab4ishrafnt in Uu*Cw otty. Call and mm. it M8 P? *v??u* w*si , h. o noon. AL IS!~ XXALKANIi m ALK? earner*. _C CdLINiLiU, PrVrTMornfLhe ?*-l? W?afc?a Brewery, eorner K icdntk at*. AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON*THE IsLAXD, fbojitiwg ox Socth h A!*!* I ASD 7th Aultios ?On WKuNEHUlYi the 1Kb mutant,! alia'l aell in front of lb* premi??*. at6ooi<>ok p.jn , oommenctcg on the firat named lot, the following valuable Building Lot*, viz: LotOioa. 6,12, IS, 15,17,25, ami tt, in Square No. 469 The above named valuable building lota have front* from ?5 to 38 feet each on south H and I and 7th street* west and running hack to wide alleys. The sal* will be well worthy the atteution of persons wishing to purohaae handsome property on the Terms: One third cash; balaace in 6,12, and 18 months, the purohaaersto give notes for the deferred paymenta, bearing interest from dai of Eale. A aeed given and a deed of trust tak<*n jet-d A. (.KEEN, A act. By THOS. DOWLING, Auctioned. E. S. Wright, Salesman. Valuable lands in Montgomery County at Auction ?Ou THURSDAY next, tue 14th mat., at 10 o'clock a. m.. I shall sell on the premises, US acrea of good Laid, situate in Mont fofM* oounty, Md., about 8 miles from G?org? >wn, fronting on ;he canal ita entire length, and divided by the Washington Aqueduct. It has two landings. a warehouse a jd other buildings, iuolirt iijg store and bxiuiec; la atuii'lantlv wooded and watered. The soil is in u?r? ... .?. j KUVU UXM1UI IUUOIIU takes olover rcadiiy. There is a county rial from Rockville direct to the lower landing Also a tract containing about us acres, with wood and timber sufficient for the us- of the plac*. These tracts will be divided to tuit purchasers. Ti'le perfect. Terms at sale. _j9 7js tjiop. DQWL1XQ. Aunt. By J. C. McGUlRE A CO-. Auotioneera. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE SMALL BKICK DWKLLlKS hocsbs in the rear of Tbmfkranci Hall.?On WEDNEt?DAY AFTER NOUN, Juue 7th, at6o'clock, on the prem Isets, by virtue of a deed of trust dated March 7.1?457, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 9., No. 131, folio* 1J2, 1'3 114. and 115, one of the land records for Washington oouuty, D. C . I shall sell Lots H. I, ?nd K in a snbdivison of square numbered 37H, fronting each about 12 feet 10 inoh*s on the3"> feet allev in the rear of i'emp^rai oe Hall, together with tue improvements, consisting of tiirej two-story Brick Dwelling House-, containing five rooms each. Termr One third oash; th? residue in Hand 12 months, with interest, scoured by a deed of trust on the premises. I H the terms of sale should not b? complied with in five dars thereafter, the trustee i?serves Jhe rirhtto resell, at th?* risk aid expense of the defaulting purchaser,after one week's punlic notice. All ooQveyauoing at the cost of the purchaser <>r pui chasers. THOS. J. FISHER. Tiuntee je 4 d J. C AlrOLIRE A. CO , A no's. EDUCATION A L. / O M M i; K C i A L CULLED E, V./ No. 476 SEVESTH st., Orr^fite (itn'tal Post Ofict, Washington City. Arinoriau System of Penmanship, Booskeeping, Mercantile rmras awl Calculations. Business (;?o respondent, Hills of Excltan^e, Currant bills, Commission hales, CnsiMi and Arithmetic. HJ?A Preparatory Class for Boys. a/" Ladies will t>e instructed in fin? penman sbip. Rooms open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. i.n MH<u WM. W. YOUNG A CO. T?1K UNION FEMALE ACADKMV. J N*\V ARB ASGKMKNT. This well-known and popular Seminary, which ha* been so i,uccns-ful under the entire care of Mrs Z. Richards for more than ten vears, will Ik> opened on the first Monday in Septoinner n?xt, under tho united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICH ARI>S, iu the well arranged and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For (articular*. see circulars at all the Bookstores, mail If MMRS. McCOR .ICK'S SCHOOL. RS. McCORMICK desires to inform he friend* and the puhlio generally that she will resume the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. Thesourseof study pursued will compriseal! tb* branches requisite toa thorough English eduoa hoa. In addition to her day scholars she is deeiron* o( receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders aged from 1" to 14 years, who will be under her :nri iuduimo oare&nu oversient. Her arrangements for the accommodation ai <3 due oare of pupils have l>?eii consider*!!* iiicfwd ami otherwise improved. Thoa* in Washinf'oo desiring partioi'tar information with ref?reuoe tc her school may apply to W. D. WaJlaoh, Editor o the Star. For terms and fnrtAer particular* apply at he: reside ioe? No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria, Va Jt ?J-tf dentistry" ? TEETH. ~ 1*1 LOOMIS, M. I)., the inventor and patents of the MINERAL. PLATE TI.ETH, at A uic. tend* personally at hie of5oc m this Git*. Bifc jpf Many pe-*ons ear. wear these teeth wli' oannot wear others, and no person oar. wear or>ier? who oannrt wear these. Persons oalhn* at my office oan be e.ooommoilate*: with any style and price of Teeth the? ma* desire; but to those who are particular and wish tne purest, cleanest, strongest, and most peifeot denture thai art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 336 Pa. avenue, betweet 9th and 10th sU. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oo 1-1t DDKNTlbTRY. R. HII.I.S, after apraotioa' test of two years, feels that he oan with confidence recm mend the Chooplastio Process for insertiiiifWfclip artificial tenth It has the advantages <>P* strength, beanty, nleanlin?ss, and cheapness. Fall upper sets inserted for g.lfr. Partial in proportion. Omoe 306 Pa. avenue. " * *p? FARMERS AND PLANTERS. THK NATIONAL FERTILIZER, Mauufatturtd Sptr tally Jor Tobureo. Thia soluble Manure, by abounding in Pho^pliatea %nd Alkah ?, i* b?ing e?tensi?ely used by u>l>a<,<v> ? rowers in Virginia, and in pre eminently va liable or thin o. op. The National Fertilizer, manufactured of aiimlar ingredients hut of different proportions, for Corn and ail other cere?la. for Potato** md Garden Vegetables, as well as for Uraasea, Ao , A c Orders should specify whether for Tol>aooo or for general purposes of Cereals and Vegetables, so that the manure will be sent whioh is rightly alapt-d to eaoh. Th? oonatituenta are wh -IIy Atnenoan in o mn. and are knuvu to be vital essentials for aoi! and plant. 'I^e great drainage of ourrenoy from the United States to foreign parts in importation <>f manure for years past. ha*, it la beiievrd done n uoh to injnre virgin quality ofeoils,and retard agnoa.tural Ihrit*The moreased demand for a Feriiliz r, proOmed in our own iouutry. an * made applicable I y alia go of its proportion . to each and all of our staples, ia every ?h?-re recognixod CASH PRICE?#30 PER TON, put in etr>>ii( bags, marked wi h company'* tarr p?. In point 01 < conomy the National Fertilizer is !<*> per oent> oh' ap^r than the guanoes hitherto ao pop ular and ita distinguishing merit, b*aides be ng an inatant atimu'ant to >eg< tation, ia it* permanenoy of vigor uncarted to ground. It ia mauufaot'red on the shorea of New Jersey, where faoiiities exutfor proourementofjnaturia s and r?ady ahlpment ooast is*. Agencies in all porta of entry and at avail* sir points inland Farmers and Planters are respectfully solieited to send in orders. Suooesji insured where 1 beral and light applioation i? made. Quantity per acre from 900 to 500 pounds, aooordlag to itate of Sand. NAUONAL FERTILIZER COMPANY, Never it**. Neva York. For s\le by J. P. ?A RTHOLOW, ma 25 eo6t Agent for Washington. D. C. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! E. R. Dl'RKEE ft CO.'g BEIJECT SFXOB0. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, hat ground from fresh Spioes, selected and oleaned by us expressly for tha purpose without reference to oosu They are beautifallj paoked tn tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary rre.ind Spines am aluiost invariably short. We warrant thein, in point of strength ?lJ richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. Dl'RKEE ft CO., f*> 1S-if.T>ft W tr 1*1 Poe-I ?t .N.w York. IVIQHE NEW_ DR E**S GOODS MAIKKfi Lim u??\VN AT K EDUCED PRICK? ?RMH Figured au<l Plain Utmm. Org-n>?* and Pr-noli Lawni1, handi me Figured and Piwn B?T*f A nrlan, P^? Berare* ar.d Silk Ti?n?a. at worth STH- With mai.y lot? of auo 10c goods wk-oh waare aelling off **ry ot>ea?. J. W. C'LLfcY A on., ma ll-eoiat 321 H>T>ntli at , ahr>ve Pa. a v. E*OR 8ALK-^ beautiful irnn-*ray MARE. C*i F years old; perfectly eonnd and *entl? r\ Al?n, a very ftyl sh Bu*Ky ; pat-nt alidinc jL?^^ aeat: mh able to carry 3 or 4 pernoun. S^old^^^-^ fo no fault. tl>? < wn?r having do further in* lor them. Apply at CAI.I.AHAN & PF.*Rt.L*9 fttnh|e?, ath afreet. between Daii:1 K ma 2VIt (^KE~AT BARUAlNH IN PIANO*-On* vrry nice Chickerin* Piauo.f" *l..S: nnf .y very nioa Ro-enkranti P.apo, foi *76; oni iBSSft var? nio? Kitta A Pouf Ptan?, kr |Si:III IM at tiie Mm mo Btnre ?f W. G- AlKTZbRO T, aola aaen'y of baoon A Ra*an, and Sfuwaj k i^na" Fianoa. je) SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE The favorite rMort for WHITl ftl LPHl R ???? STRINGS, Mxantair. Air. Itvigora__ Unit Raliia, Larre and CtMBERLANI> CO ,i Wril- Vent< ated Rooms. Good Society and a Goto TaMa. Accommodation* for For parUcalar* aaad joo for Circular. * OWEN!'. C? KNDKNTEKMS LOW. IN * VlftfrCHER, je ? IQw I Cmrlitl* Swrmc<, Pa. M3ALT WATKR BATHING. . ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (MooiVa Landing ) will b? open for the reo-'ption of viai-A ? . A tor* on the 13th of J una. This deugh fu VcMky reko-t t>r those eking health and ?ie*s ifiJU ure, u uuexoelled I" any plaoe of the kind on thFotomao river It ia ?ituat< d ah at on* hundred nr. ips irom Washington immediate'^ on the Potomac, and in fall view <?f 'he Cb*aap?ake )?<. and famon* for fine Oycttra, (Jraba, Hheephead, and other Fish, and eatily aooeas ble h > the steam oats piling between Washington. Haiti's re aau Norfolk. rhe undersigned has ma >e addi'i < linprovetnenta in f-u Bath House* ar.d mauj i ther improvements to the comfort and erjoTin?nl oMiii gu*sts. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. ^p'eonid Anting am! p er-t? of Pithing ami 8ai ins Boats free of charge. Hehaa spared no expense in pro vidii.g a good Cotillon Band or iu laying in bia a took of ohoice W in*s. 1 ,:q uoi a,t*ecarr, Jf^and for i hoae who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to seek a retired p aoe where they oan make themseive* at homr, there la not a mir? pleasant place in the I'nitfd Mates. The proprietor pla^gea huna-lf t?at nothing shall be lei undone on tiia part t < render them ao. Tern.s lor board b* the day. week, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to addreaa the pi ^prietor will direct to Lconarctown. t*t. Mary's emit*. Md. je8 2w? R. J. Kg H ALL, Proprietor lvioltntaln top house, !? Atf,rui Cob>tt, V4. Th:iwe!l known and favorite p aoe of aumm*r rerort ta again open for the reception of A . . A visitors uii' er the management of its for ycXk V in*r proprietor. r fl I It la m<lated on the top of the K u Ridge moun tains at Hocafinh Gap. !? miles west ol Riohmood. Va.; the Virgicia ? enfa) Railroad passing nnd?r the honae through the B ne K ldge Tunnel. The elevated aitaation.beautirn' views.mountainsoenarv. "dine constant a'id r? freshing reeiee, make It one of the m >st delightful places of suinin-r reeort in WasWn Virginia. There la also oonveoient a apring of pure chalybeate water. Visitors to the Mountain Top Hnnse wjil oume via Virginia Cent a' Kaii-oad t" \fton Depot, near the eestern pora of the Bue Ridge Tunnel, where a ha-'k will at way* he in attendance to oonvev t one mile) to the mountain top It ia alwaya beat for persons to write several daya beforehand. Term*. p'r month; ?8 per week. 9lJ?p?r ?*av. t*erv?ntk (blaok 1 ?"d ehildr^n under ij yra>* o( ac?, half pnoe, for white eervante a little more th?n half prioe will be charged jw?eoliTi K. F- LifSCOMB. H~ YtiKIA HOTEL. Old Poikt Com fort. V*. Thia celebrated fWimard Watering P ?- , loca ted in full vi? w of Hampton Road* and A ? A Chens peake Hav. and at the firat military post of the 1'mted State*,. Fort Monro* will he ready for the reoeption of visitors on the firat of June, Bet idea the attraction* of the military establishment and the fine Bill of fare" presented in th* many |i-xur:e* of the salt water region, trie Bath at Old Point Comfort ia peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it is almost a ?p*;ifie; and for its propsrcies in this regard the proprietor* area! ow- d 10 make referenoe to Mr* D'. L'rn, <r> lict of the l\te S?ra*or Linn.) and tj the Secretary of War and his ladr. A spacious uew building and sundry improve m*r.ts a<ld largely to ttie accommodations audooin lorta oi the appioacliing season. The of the Hotel and all bu tne?? m*tt?rn nonnested with it are uuder the exc'.uuve charge of the junior partner. Mr. Wlllard. JOS. !*KGAR C. C. WILLARD. ma 29 lm Proprietor!. T POINT LOOKOUT. HE Und^rcigmd, lor* and well known to the traveling-public a* a proprietor of the City A i i k Hotel, Alexandria. Va? and the bntted Stat"* Hotel in Waalw (ton citr. utiiuiu, leaked for a term of jean the magnifioent b?? ? ? Paviiion a'd the numerooacottageeoonneotea with il, rwullj rreotwl Luuiont, tilt? point of juLctioc of the Potomao with Ch?eap"ake Ra^and having furniahe-1 thein in a atyle ^qua: t<> Ui%t of any other w?tfnnf pmoe in the UHit<*i Statea, will >p-n the e?tabluhm<*iit on the da? of June n*xt fortk* rMtpUoao( visitors, h:a arrangement* beir.g Kuffioieiit for the oomfortab!e accommodation of at lr-aat 7?> gue?t?. Point Lookout, boaiilen Mini dee -rvedly tha motl f*mou* p aoe in all America for fine Oyatera. Hoe F ?h. Soft Cia> *, S eeph ad, M&flterel, and all < ther aa!t water luxunea finer faci itiea for Surf Hatiiinc than even Cape May, wnne the !>ack coui.try immediately adjoining it?inoludiLg the Drivea, Partridge and Woodoock Shooting. Ac., Ac..?offer auvant*gea together, superior r.f t:ioaeof any other watering plaoeon thia continent. Tn** Watei View*from the pavilion ar.d from an th? c ttac^a are exter.aiv*, varied, and oharming The health of the point ta unexcelled by that of mountain tegioi.o, and the aoceae to it by *te*m*ra from Baltimore, Wathinfton, .Norto k. and Rioh iiuii-1, wju pr??i>?"i? i>e daily to and from each >>f those cities. He has spared no exp^ in provid iik * fin* Rand,Carnake?t Hor?ee. r m ur? Ao . for hire, or u ntookinc his cellar* with the l?est Wine*. I.;*uors, Ao in sh'-rt. hi* patrons will findattluir oomiuand every tixuty and oomfort obtainable at any other American watering place His terms tor hoard, by the day. week, or loouth, for individuals or l&imlies. will he reasonable, ma23 dUujy I LOGAN O. SMITH. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD ANI) COAL Delivered to all parts of ttie city,at th? lowest possible rates. . T J. A W. M. OALT. Office 2*2 Fa. av., between lith and 1.2th *ts . ma 17-tf north side. f I' H K SU BSC R IB F K HAVING ON HAND 1 au extern ve stock of Fl KL, is prepared to sell at a very low figure for oasli WOOD fawed and Split any size. Cali and eee for yourself. R. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Doaier, ma I* S. V. corner of Fonrteeuth ard C st*. | UOK OI T FOB PAINT No. *13 SEVENTH STREET. Four Doors bout ft of Odd Ft Hour S Hall. H VV. HAMILTON-has opened a PAINT SHOP&nd PAINT STORHoa the New York plan, where can alwayn he found PAINTS, Oll.t*. GLASS, BRUSHES, 4c., wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. Ami Buckets with Bbcmies to Loar ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Sun. Ornamental Painting and Graining. etain*d and F.niiiiiHied Glacb of all kinds alwavs ou hand.or furnished at *hort notice. He wanant* satisfaction in all wo'k entrust***! to his. care, and is cou6d<-nt that he can do woi k as ch-ap. if not cheaper, than anv other establishment in this city. Give hi in a call. lion't forget the number?it is 31*2 Seventh street. ma Ii tf _PUTTY IS DOWN. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE N*it Drawing of tne Royal Havana Lottejy, ooaduoted by the Spanish Government, M-ier the supervision of the Captain Genera: ol C?t?. will taie plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Jew* 9. lMft. SORTEO NUMERO OT OR DIH AH 10. CAPITAL PRIZE tlOO.OOO. 1 prise ef #n prima* ot* 1 <Jo 8J*^0O J JK do ft* | ? i i uu ?m i a ~~z SSL *""""'? * ** wj-. Ti. J? liprsta^^arSr *1A draw in* will be forwarded u aoon u the reealt becomes known. , All orders for sohemea or tioketa to be adrireeeed to ROURIGUEI. ma 22 tr Care of Cut Prmt. CharTIUtnn. 8. C WASHINGTON SKWINti KCU.Hb, W.*1* ww rfoo** Yin* nf h*. xm a?i?^lSU,*}i,,l?to ? * SPRING and sritlUbl S:5?^ , ??r ??-?* _ n wotw Francis HARPER. H4TI50 OPEXKD A 1 PA \f I I r fiDnri'D \* a Vli o?r^n ?* uivwc* i rc.MJniunr>, !' rorner ti/ Weir York av-ntu and 7<mth treeI. J R??pectfully aolibita the patron*** of tu??*e wlo J ma.* be ir? want ot any article in theftitov line. Ui? . I endeavor* aiiall be to plea?*, and by a ktiict attn.- ( tion to the want* of the public, he hopes to merit a ' share of their patronage. I Hi* U)ck concint" of every article usually to l?e found in a firat-cla** Family Giooenr ami F >?d Store. . n? 17-tf J | AYELI.OW PINK lAJMBfcft. i LL OMonptioM of the ah??? l.tarnt-er, for ' llOARDil.Utifri.llllRINfiidrMMoraMln^WI f?iciahfd direct from U>e amittiern mmIU 0* i JOY A MKTOAl.F, 10 *mith'? Wharf ?' tvut v d 520 520 | ?aliea rift ?J !VL$*^Ly ~C'*h ?*r>*Kla??4 I Sic ^t Ti corra#ponaac-U f om.Uj of orrr 1 ??<. \ *a "* 3fT THE WEEKLY STAR. Vbta nwilMl Paauiv a?4 lamrml ?? ?Rimn? a trmtmt wmIt efiwWwtUK rwdinc UiM HII nb, otiwr?w pebiieked ee 8?ter*?y m?mn 6?|I*?>I!.IMUIU ' * It inr*n?Nt obtain. ihT^ WuinHlo* Now*" thnt hu m*a? Tki Km*im Sw nrrvWta M geeerslly Urotikoit Ik* onutrr. -E^tOS??5i3S'? Puce?THREE Cr.NT?. Po?tmMt?ra vho Ml M i(Nli vtll bctl .owed a oommiMiOB of ID oasta. FOR SALE AND RENT. Five three-ptory brio* pwellinc HOlSKS AT PRIVATE 8ALE.-TU m! *cril>*r will Mil,il private "i>a or *11 of Ihp nvewu oum ana ooimortnwe Uiree-rto^y Brtek Dwelling Hon*** on Ninth ?tre*t. ovpoait* One* Church, on the liiwd which aflorcJ m ?io?ll*Mt opportunity top* n?<!n-irinr noom|ir>rt?Uedwel!in* or to mve*. Pno* low nni t*nni ?m?. CIU8. 9. WALLACE, AttoaWf. Ill* 14 3UW4W No. t Indian* >'??I|? \TA LI .AHLK BlILDING LOTS AT TBI\ ATK * ALF.?Tnn ?uhneriber will eJi.M pri vate nale, Lota It mm! It, Square S? froatinc ofc 23 fort 4 inchM on 1 ntr*et north. Iietweno 3d im ?Ui treats writ. l?ot? t# and 11, Sqtinre SM. I -ot? 29 ami Si. >qu*r? XU. Lota 10 and 11. Square MS. Part Lot T7. Snuart W fronting 27 feet on F itr??t OUttl. bftwffU ill atXl 4V nt?. I>l|ll? 'Ml. CHAM. ? WA.LI.ACH. _ina H 3ttw<w Attorney. \o. 7 1 ndiana nr. \|O\T60mV.RV COUNTY LANf> FOR ' ' 1 HA LK.-^V e have for aaie ihm* or tomr linn 'IfW MIMof tud ll l(| on III* PtfloilM, I HUM CroTii Georgetown. P. C7 The WMkiimtuu Mi* nn-t a"d "n? of th* 6?e?t r?ad? m tn? eonn*r pan* through <hia lacd. and the m^t of It u orfrurt with cKi nod the other portion it :I of the flrat ni a ity. App.T to BARNARD A HTCKKV, A notion **r?, Georgetown. ??r WALL A DAK N A R l?. A ne tlon???r>. Wmhin ton mn SI m l^OR 9ALK?A freat t^rgaia. l<>nr fr?i of wel Ion. ?itli new ?1 w??ii n*c hoeae wi'h four r->n?# and kitchen ; well of ine water in Ihe yard ; under ?'?h1 f n< uig, ?n.I wil! be aold low or eachaiutarf for city property. and on mod "rata Wma TIm And at Bail's Cro?* Roada. two and a half wiles front Georgetown, and in Alexandria count*. Va Apply to V. P. OOKBfcTT, over bank of V\ ashing tor. ID* H-tf f"oR RKM-A three storv BR l*~K HOT'fV.. on Thirteenth at . one door above G at,, north. No 4*.?9. lately occupied by Captain Lee. I . X N Posse?*i<'ii infn on the 1st of Mav luainre of JOS, ABBOTT, *?*> i: at., between 14th an* 134 h ?ta. way ? U L^OR RENT?A amail HTOR K, eorner of 6th at. I and P?nn.aven??, aider the Clarendon Hotel, auitabia for a tiarber's saloon or cUar (tore Fot informationjnqmre at the Hotel. mar W POR RENT-The FIRgT FLOOR of the baiM ft in* immediately opposite the weat wmt of the City iiall,recently oocap>ed by Chae. t*. Wai.a^rt m an oftoe. A,an the froet room la tiie see r ' story aid the third Boor of the nee I'Vildina. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACICNo. ? Loaieiana avenna. >a 19 tf k<F.NVn)RR. MKMNKRK (IF niNORKHK n Two splendid e??W <<f ROOM J, elecatitTy fir mehed. will t* footed itunn* the eeesioa of Coft ?re??, in the ro<>?t d??ir*hie locality la this elty. T^lnt within ?ne or two s^nares of Brown's and National Hotels. Those in puiseit of sect Roomi wi!) do ??li to mall* ea'W applioatlon at No. Jt? ?th street. between I) ilroot and Pa. a*. d? b tS LHIR SAl.K-A ni?tlir*i story Brtok HOV8K, I on ad street, Mwm 1> awl K streets, in jKiF t?e?'a Subdivision. The above property will b? oid or east tern.*. Price made known f<y tn*of H.\V HAMILTON (t CO., No. ?4* fth st-e-t oppomte Centra Market. Title perfect. feT U TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. KOOTS AND ?HOKS TO 81'IT THK TIMRS. W* are n?w mannfaotannc all kiods of BOOTS and SHOKH. and ooistauti> reoeivinj supply ol eestera ms/l? work of ev*r? A* SHI oriptui", mad* ?xpress'y U> order, an.f willy II l?e eoid at a much lower price t )mn ha* '.eee" heretofore oherged m tlrs city fur aiaeh inferior artioies. Persons in want of Root* aud Shoes of eastera of oity made work, will always find a jood assortment id store aad at the lowest prices Give us a call. 6RIFT1N t HB?., ap *-r 314 Pennsylvania areaa*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTOfT. _ Iff IB PIP t Od/i Fell**-*' H*n, ? a twfi**, iTc. Tr?v*i?ri will r'udj their loWNtin examining my TRUNKS, VAl.ICES Jto , hefofc P?T nnt ohainnc elsewere A* I us* none bat thwlm tost siAiTiitl tb? market affords asd the b*st workmen. I n%n confidently wwwmd my work to be superior <n Str*naik and Dm-ihiltti to Trunks t'iat are mvle in other cities and void here.* 1 keep oni,?i*:it> on i;and, an<l make to order ion on? woek's n-tioel every <Woriptier. of SOLE LEATHER, iron FRAME FRENCH DRESS md W(tOD ROJ TRUNKS: ASHLAND ?4 mk*r VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAR NESS: SADDLES WHIPS, #t.. 4*e. Trunk*, Ao.. Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notioe Trunks delivered m any part of the Otty, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Als>?Agent tor Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-1 j J AMES S. TOPHAM. ^HE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY 1 inform their patrons and the publio that ag tii*? nave received tuetr usual supply SPRING GOO be, nonsistinc of the latest la ?'?!?anl fashion, and lv??t t<>re?n man u far ff lure. Tli-y also respectfully invite atteq ? tion to th?ir new stook f>fGKNTI>EMF.N*5 FUII MSHI \G G??OI>S of the latest styles and make*. The* also keep eonstantly on hand a large supp y of Navai and M..itao Furnishing G<?me?Met. as Knsiiff. C lis rw s us. Sw, - Is It* t?. tin id I aam Shoulder Straps, and Suhoi H. f. LOUDON * CO.. Ci'tre*. Sarai and Military M" chant Tailor*, maris ' ?>Sm Brown'" Hoi#, fVJKW YORK AND WASHINGTON H STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON Will l?m Alexandra and Washington for New Vork EVERY WEDNESDAY. at SUKT o'clock p. in., and New Vork for icrton ever* Saturday, at3 o'clock p. m. Fa??eii*ei? nan join the ahip at Alexandria at as* time !>*fors the hoar of the eteamer'a departure N. B.?In the ew*nt of tk? teamen tnabi.ity tc orcu the liar in eon**?iieitoeof !ow water, all food# will be promptly iixhterod to and from the eteamer by the vndereigoM. For freight or /<w??? ? apply t<? MORwAN k RIUNEHART. ee??.MftTtr Wee tern wWtM. y O L K'S STATUETTE STEPHEN & DOUGLAS In f >rni and feantaree this beaotifkl and aeoniate tpeeimenof AmenoM art ia naurpaeeec: by an? Ul IIBQ Vl'Vraoiri BVW fICUUOVU. At IB ftie-nmiU of tho "Littl* Giant." S*?eolmcna mtT be iwvn and i*Utnetie? procnred at Ccri.vKH'fc U*ro t*Tna*. So. Sfit* Fenn tvnn, 0'irn^r ?112'11 rtreet. Waahm/ton city. Pereona in the Di?trict ?f ColumMa au?f Suit#* of Dataware, Mar? lan<l, Virginia North Carolina, ^oetl paroiina, fi-vrna. Florida. Alabama, Miniw PI. and 1/tuuaM. drain * eoptee of the gtAtuette #111 a<> Jrnan their orrfeia u> C. P. CULVpR, Waahinfton oit?, D. C., aoooinpMiied by a remittance. Oompoaition rop??a fit, Hn? and | 117" Edttora r?f newrpaper* in the forecot a? PtatM giving the aU>ve twelve ineertaona id tbeiMreefcly ikiD'1*. with appropriate editoua's. will beeapplied with a o*>py or the Statuette. and paper? la other State* will b? fnrniaSeri h? the looal at ?dU. fe N WG A 8~ FIXTURE ? . K Have in atore, and are daily receiving, OAS PIXTU H KS of entirely New Fatter ni and D*eicna Mi'! Finikh, auperior in atvle to anything heretofore It to call and examine onr stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling c ^iihJ-nt thai we have the Ixiat selected stock in WeaHjnartoB All Work in the aim** liar intrusted to our cart will he proniptij attended to. MVEkS 4 MoGIlAN. mar 5-tf 3T* I) rtreX HOWE'S 1MPRO V tL? WKIOHi> SCALES Those are offered to Ue MbiM M the n?oet simple, d arable, tad reliah.e soaJeeerer eat S ciMy; Yiriima fttate AjnaaItarmj Pair, Adta lutltato Fifr, Pm??I?*iiih Nmw York rate Fa. r ; Vermont IKate Fair. * c.. A a. la w?r> mm whmm ext.:Mted they oave received ftret oiM pr*fua?t tv< sa e at k( Umlaiaaa a venae, Depot of BilWa Cfy?lTO* ^ g. c pATTtttow< ^ ^AMUWTOW WSUAANrK Ammmt mnd Tmtk Strsrf J. C. MeOL'IRK PrMiiML fi D HANW>N. PURE OLD R V K WH1PKV .-0? aawm brarxf_ of Pure Old Rye Wht k?,t<>?wDi?tilled. m?de by tfce moat ref.ab dieUllere i" P?< ?ly IvanLfc. Maryland a>d Vir?inta. v%rr?irt*4 W. Mao. I in ported HmwItN, H?oi>Ma<. O^ard, l> jp?? Co., J alee Rotate, Ae \lao, P-aok %->?l Apf* Bra-xfy, pure Ho, and Sir, oM Jao.Mca anHW. Croi* Ran, and wmn of every ran?t? aJi ol >t&?dard bra.D'ti A ohmc? i>t >/ ' J 1w ** ?. YOl'NO * RF.rn RT. Af*r? , a?l4-lT ?*? Pa ?? . ??> ?.wl ??? HJLVER WARK AN/> WATCM* P O HutfljMfcnar etfreefcie/^aiMleeJ Wa.? it >l? d iKoi *ii'1 i^'i Nofcfeerr ?ir **'k (ttati* got ap forth* H" warai.U every erua a K- ! Cu"i 4** rar, aad fee vni > !> Ha ? #Ui?d%.4 ?*r at ? f low, if not 'owar, ttAB 'h? \.r. ny M?i?J f.?r. He haa | r? ?-a h\nd * v r? it *o?* SWlitfe"W&e v^u* ^ tf'v?r nj yen ct??? *" hat.m ??. m* ? t< THK LIFE OKPTKPHKN A. DOr?LA?, By JuaM W IDM al. S Laokv.b'i&| t Iaine ? ?/ Abbotfa R*ia ?W aid Luoky ?tonMi trio* *> oa?U. JW fWWTWMifofWIB ip 9 BLANCBARD 4 MOB UN

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