Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington city: SATURDAY*.4. Jnf 9, 1?M, Spirit of the *V?rnls( Prow. The Cmttitutwn note* the d'.f-ourteoui and unparliamentary manner In which the Hickman report on the President's Protest was forc?d thronjh the House laat evening, by the instrumentality of the previous question, during a thin attendance of members cauaed by the exhaustion consequent upon the recent long sitting of the body The aame paper diacuaaesatconaiderable length the ' Situation of the Opposition V The Tntrlhgmttr notea the acceptance by Mr. Bell of the Baltimore Union Convention nomina tion for the Presidency. WA6HIXOTOXPIKWS A5ID GOSSIP. A Conftt?roxD>*CK.?In our local columns today will be found a recent correspondence between fourteen of the commissioners of the municipal election and the Corporation Attorney, wherein the latter denies the right of the judges of elections hen< to amend their returns, under any circumstances of fmud or mistake, and says that the only remedy against their mistakes and against fraudulent voting lies In the Circuit f Court, from whose derision an appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court of the United folate* Mo one asked Mr. Carlisle the course to pursti* in ^ contesting an election, but the right of the Commissioners to revise and correct the returns, and whether certain rotes were Illegally counted or rejected. We need oaly add, that Mr Carlisle's letter Is In want of good taste and courtesy to the gentlemen who addressed him. so entirely foreign to his nature as to force on the minds of all who know him the irresistible conclusion that he must < . . - - iMTt ofcn nnofr tome misapprehension a* to the motives of the Commissioner*. Elw, why has he failed to answer the plain questions propounded to him In his ofllclal capacity by those whose right and duty It was to propound them to him ? Is It because he does not know whether negroes are or are not entitled to vote here *?whether person* naturalized since December 3!st last were rr were not entitled to vote here on Monday last' Ac., Ac His suggestion of the remedy being in challenging such votes when ottered, Is but a mockery; for he mnst have known well that they were challenged, protested against, and so marked as to be identified In case his answer to this very letter authorized the Commissioners to throw them aside after having improperly counted them once At every precinct. It will be remembered, the Berret party had two judges to pne opposed to them, and could, as they did in one g precinct at least, compel the receipt of ballots ?learly illegal under ihe act of Congress and his instructions for their guidance. Alleged Threats to Assault Sehatok ScmHek ?Several of the friends of Senator Sumner accompanied him from his residence to the Senate Chamber to-day, being apprehensive of personal violence to him, on account of his recent speech, several small parties, representing themselves from Vireinia. havinir p?HM urwm ' -? at various time*, and made such threat! a* to indjce watchfulness and precaution on the part of his friends. The attention of the Chief of Police h<u been called to the subject. Tki Bill reported frcm the Select Committee of the Senate for the aiteration and improvement in the construction of the Senate chamber appropriates t'JW.OPO for that purpos* and provides that theentire work reqnired shall be purchased after due public advertisement by contract with the lowest bidder. Pakasvaya* Commission be .?The Hon. Cave Johnson, cf Tenncasec. formerly Postmaster General under the administration of Mr. Polk, has been nominated, and confirmed by the Senate, as Commissioner to adjust the claims under the treaty wit^ Paraguay. He is at present in this city. The Aqcedcc r?It la said that the proper committee of the Senate have agreed to provide for the completion of the Potomac Aqueduct. The requisite sum for thia purpose, as stated by Capt. Meigs, is only half a million. Death or a Navy Luctinast.?The Navy n.m>l?....l v.? *?- ? i? ictcuru omciai information of the death of Lieut. John P. Parker, of the U. S. Navy, who died at Somerville on the 7th ultimo. 9 Col. DsLAriKLD.?The four years term of service of Col. Delafield as Superintendent of W?t Point Academy having expired, he ia about to retire from the position. * ArroiXTMBXT o* Co.n?cl.?The President bag appointed C. J. Haylor as Consul to Cologne. Tub Gkeat Fasts**.?This is thedsy named for the tailing of the mammoth steamship Great Eastern from Southampton for New York. She iscotnmanded by J. Vine Hall, a captain aaid to be entirely qualified for hit important position. The rate of passage has been fixed at $1*25 for adults, or S*2W) with return ticket, half price for children, and (TS for servants. She is expected to bring over a number of distinguished paswn gers. and will reach New York probably about the 10th inst. 1CT The convict Hicks, in a statement to the New York Times, denies that he has nu de any ? onfession He "solemnly swears " that the pretended confession Is a fabrication from beginning to end The Times, however, says that this statement of Hicks is false from beginning to end. From New Mkxico, Ac?The New Mexican i mail, with dates to the 31st of May, has arrived atIndependence, Mo. The Navajo Indians msde an attack upon Fort Deflssos a few days before the mail left, and rame very near capturing it, as the garrison w< re not expecting anything of the sort. Fortunately, by some mismanagement on the part of the Indians. their presence was disi-overtd, and after some fighting they were routed. . Trains of wagons were arriving at various points lathe Territory almost daily, and bust R1., UIUVIUU reviving IO IODIC extent, Will Still q lomtwhat depressed Six companies of soldiers are on Red River, on the look out for Indiana A passenger who came to Fort 1'iiion with the mall, stated that he had order* from Col t-auntleroy to the troops not to attack the Indiana, If It could be possibly avoided. Six companies left Pawnee Fork on the 1st Inst , on a acout. and If they do not receive countermanding orders, they will no doubt drive the Indians from the road or whip them Into submission The forty dragoons that left Pawnee Fork some two weeks ago. to attack a band of Kiowa*, returned without fiuding then:. This mail rime through without an escort, there not being an Indian on the road, ana would have m*de schedule time, bad they aot traveled Ave day* with an ox-te<tin A train of nineteen wagons left Independence en Thursday for Denver City, and others are making preparations for leaving in a few days The news from the gold mines Is very flattering, and has created quite a stir among the friends of those out there. Faox Mkxico ?Vera Crux sdvices to the 3<Jth of May have beea received at New Orleans Messrs Jecker k Co., benkert, of Uie city of Meifico, bad foiled, entailing an immense 1< as throughout the country. Their liabilities are reported at *MUO.(JUU, and their assets at seven millions They ask an extension of live years, promising to surrender *A> per cent of their csnital veeb year, together with 6 par cent, interest The reditors refused to entertain the proposition, but ware to meet again on the ?th Inst Moos Gabriac, late French Minister, is in jreat distress, having lost all bis fortune bytbis failure Tbe diplomatic corps had suspended diplomatic relations with Miramon's Government M nmon was near Queretaro, surrounded by ?><n. I raga. wi h I2,0UU men, and was unable to escape It wm reported that an engagement had r^ken place, aud Mirbmou's vanguard was overthrown Minister McLane is sick, and will return home if the treaty is not ratified. nksot Pacheco, the new Spanish Minister, had arrived. l ur deposition of Capt. Turner and others, in reference to the captured ales men, bad been received (!T The adjustment <if tbe currency question betwreu this Oi vernuent snd that of Japan has r?-en saflsfcr'orlly Win'.i.sted by the adoption of ir? Jep. ni-te stsi.dard of value. Kxteiulve arrangements for the reception of tbe Commlaa?ners ue msklug at Philadelphia, where they are expected to arrive to-day. A greet pert of their baggage has beaa seat on to .New York by steamer. I ?. V UITIU cvneuMt-riMT IMIIOH. Pm??4la|t of THUrdtr Att?rit?a i? thi 9?satx, yesterday, after our report cloaed, Mr Green, from the Committee on Tarntoriea, submitted an adverse report on the House bill to disapprove and declare null and void all Territorial acts and parts of acta heretofore passed by the Legislative Assembly of Sew Mexico which establish, protector legalize involuntary aervltude or alavery within aaicf Territory, except as punishment for crime Upon due conviction. After the praaage of a lar^e number of private Mill, and an executive session, the Senate adjourned. in the Housi, the body having under consideration the Missouri Election case?Mr Blair contesting the seat of Mr. Barrett, after debate the first resolution declaring that the Hon. J R. Barrett la not entitled to the seat as a member from the first district of Missouri, was adopted?yeas i ?1, nays Mi;. The Republican*, together with Mr. Davia, of I Maryland, and Mr Anderson, of Kentucky, voted In th? aflrmati ve. The negative vote was composed of the other Southern oppositionists and all the Democrats present. Mr Gartrell moved to lay the the second resolution on the table, namely: That Francis P. Blslr. jr., is entitled to the seat. The question was determined in the negative? yea* 01. nays 93. This was a party vote similtr to the preceeding one. The resolution was adopted?yeas 93. nays (hi? by about the same vote a* on the first re?ioliition. Mr. Blair was then sworn in in the place of Mr. Barrett. Mr. Train obtained leave to offer a resolution directing the Speaker of the House to issue process for the arrest of certain part'c* in New ^ ork and Philadelphia who have refused to obey the summons to appear befori'the Covode committee, agreed to. Mr. Hickman called up the resolution heretofore reported by him from the Committee on the Jltdiclarv. declsrlntr that Ut....*. ^i?? - ? the doctrinct of the special message of the President of the United states of March 2*. I860. That the extent of power con ten i plated in the adoption of the resolntions of inquiry on the 5th of March, is necessary the proper discharge of the constitutional duties devolved upon Congress; that judicial determination, the opinions of former Presidents. and uniform usage sanction its exercise, and that to abandon it would leave the Executive Department of the Government without supervis.on or responsibility, and would be likely to lead to a concentration of power in the hands of the President dangerous to the right* of a free people. Mr. Houston asked leave to offer a substitute for the above from the minority of the Committee on the Judiciary? setting forth that it is within the power of the*!1ouae to iustitute proceeding in relation to any alleged abuses existing in the Administration of the Government, with a view to remedial legislation, that the ilouse is also invested with power to make inquiry Into official m.s'onduct on the part of the President, wiih power of impeachment; but the inquiry should be founded on a substantive charge, or mad? by some person whose responsibility should be vouched for, and that an Investigation in the - * * - - ..... ?i tt ?? Jin,u tuai^t wcma oeawanioi respect and comity due to him, and be a violation of tee principles of common justice; that a portion of the resolutions under which the select (Cnvodt) committee was appointed owing to its indelinitenew is likely to be perverted to partisan ends, and therefore the prosecatlon of said inquiry is derogatory to the dignity of this llouse. Mr Hickman objt-ctcd to the reception of the substitute, and demanded the previous question Mr Houston said it was the undcrstHndtng of the committee that the minority should present their views Mr. Hli kman did not so regard the matter Mr. Taylor said it was his impression that the I minority was to have the opportunity of offering the substitute. The demand for the previous question was seconded; and uuder its operation the resolution of the Committee on the Judiciary was agreed to?yeas 87, nays 40. Mr. Houston ask>>d to be excused from serving longer as a member of the Committee on Judiciary. He was surprised that the courtesy asked by the minority of the committee had been denied. It was the understanding that he and Mr. Taylor should pr?s?nt their views in the substitute for the resolution Mr Taylor also said that he placed the matter on the ground of courtesy, which the chairman (Mr. Hickman) denied. He owed it to hii selfrespect to ask to be excused from servim? as a memiier or the committee. Mr. Hickman replied, *a>inK lie had no malignant feelings, ana that he had only performed what he believed to be bis plain duty. He positively denied that he had violated good faith or been guilty of discourtesy. Pending the question to excuse Messrs. Taylor and Houston, U.e House adjourned. Prs{??di>(i ?f T(-Dir> ik the 3exate, to-day, after the transaction of routine business of no general interest, the Army sppropriation bill was taken up, when our report closed. House.?The House proceeded to the consideration of the motion offered yestrrilay to excuse Messrs Taylor and Houston froin further service on the Committee on the Judiciary. Proposition laid on the table. The Speaker announced the regular order to be the reception of reports frotn the Committee for the District of Columbia. Mr. Carter, the chairman, made a brief explanation of the considerations which had governed the Committee in preparing measures for the benefit of the District. Mr. Carter then reported back Senate bill to Incorporate tne proprietors of the Protect Hill Cemetery; which was cf>n?iHer<?<t !?n?i * Also. Senate hill to indemnify the Corporation at <ifor?;et"wn for monev expended In tbe construction of the l.ittle Falls bridge. Referred to the Committee of the Whole on the Private Calendar. The Senate amendment to the bill extending the charter incorporating the German Benevolent Society in the District, was concurred in. The bill to authorize divorce* in the District of Columbia, and for other purples, was taken up and paased The I'ost Office Appropriation bill was under consideration when our r?*j>ort closed. Y"jr?*T. AI.OYSIFS.-TO M'IRROWiiiVmJs_2 per* Fatiikr .Mac in ax will continue hi.- lecture at 6 o'clock p. in It* Y-5=?SKRVICKS AT TIIK CAPITOL.?Dy DiJJ5 vine permi<moii tiie Kev. Tun. H. Stockton wiTT pi"ach in the Hall of the llous-of Representative* TO-MORROW (Sabbath) at 11 ?'clock. It* Vy?TllK BIBLE LKCTl'RKS AT THE 11 tf room* of the Young .Mcn'n Christian As*nciation. will he rcsumid by Rev. Dr. Samson, Til IS iSatunla> ) KVKNl.NG.atR o'clock. Union Prayrr Meeting in the Library, commencing at 7>% o'clock. The public (ladies included i are cordially invited to attend. It DEDICATION.?Providence permitting' \|^3 "R?an i iiap?*l," located in LniontownJ u>a the Nav> Yard Bridxo,)and erected under the auspicettof the At. K. Church, Ka.t Washington, will be dedicated to th? service of A1 mi>;ht> God, at 3 o'clock p. in., on ^L: N DA V, the loth J nne, instant. The Rev. Dr. \V. M. I) Ryan, pastor of K??t Washington Mation, will preach the dediraturw sermon- It fg?A GRAND FESTIVAL WJLL BE COMifr., " nieuoeU in the se?*i<?n room of tin* A**en> l7l> s Church, corner of Fifti ami I ?tg., on .MONDAY EVENING next, and continued every ?% <*ning (ib> iux th? week. Admission lit cents : children, S cents. jeV-S M,W*P" ry Sr^ i;RICKET.-Th? Wwliimlm Cricket Club lljl will ui<*et for practice ?verv MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and VRIDAY EVENINGS of each wet- k .at > o'clock.on their ground* south of the Pre?nient'? Mansion. Persons wishing to Income iiirm!ier< of the club are respectful!) invited to at tend. (je7-eo3t) W. CAPMAN. Sec Yf? A GRAND STRAW KERRY FESTIVA L > will held on the Fair Ground* at RockvilTe on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of June. A sumptuous Dinner will l? provided, and Reft?sk???ll ol every kind in abundance. Compl< te arrangements for dancinc are provided, and a hue l and ol mu?ic will lie in att?nd-tuce. 1 H lcets ?> cents, to be had at Mr. L. Clements' tore, on High st., or at Dr. Kidwell's drug etore, Georgetown,!). C. je 7-Tn.S,T "Tisr*TIIERE WILL BE A MEETING OF the stockholders ol Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, held on TUESDAY EVENING, Jiu.e 12th. at H o'clock. FREI). PR-SPERI. je 5 Tu,S,Tu I'res't Board of Director?. l?OR SALE?At Mr. BIRCH'S Stable*, a most r ?l?iant atid almost new BUGGY, at a moderate price, the gentleman having no u?e for it. It* HRX S. GOODMAN. UKXTISTll*? returned and permanently located in this city Ofcce?4*3 Tenth street. It* PIANOS FOR SALK UFON l.ONGCRKIHT or rii.oounta f r ca?h. One *t $5 ; one ttf .O; $2 ; one at #jP. For lent at 5<i cent* p r m >mh U'i upward*. Muitlx se?t out of ihtf store. C*l- and **e uieir. j*j> JOHN F KL.MS. 3QH Pv a" MKF.LLING OFF AT COST. RS. I.OWE B?ic? leavx to infoiin tne ladies of Washington, G? orj;et(iwii and its vicinity that sre will coiiiinmo* ou Monday, the lJtli of June. to tall ofl iio ?to k of LADIhS' l-RK-S TRIMMINGS at cost, which must bo closed out the lasi of Jul jr. MKH. LOwK. je 7-lw g?T Pa. avenue, gouth aide. r\ANEUURY HOUSE, a Temperance Novel, 1/ by Mrs. Heery Wood; I vol; p'ioa ?l- I A smaller History of Gra. oe.l om tiis earnest times to the Roman Conquest, by Win. binitli, I.. I.. P.; f ioe 65 o*uts CtAaro ou O atory and Orations, translated and edited by J 8 Wstos; prio- 75 cents. History of Genirnu Knw., by Jan?h Abbott; 1 rol; pr.o? 50 ucitts. For sale by Bi A INCH * R D * MOH' N. 1* q PC ner Kleve t? ?troet end Fs. ay. ; 4 6t 360, between 9U? and loth sts. The JtytarH Batanr ? Baltimore The Baltimore American gites the following account of the reception of the Japanese bmbwy in wai cny: The splendid a pact out Hall, [the Maryland In* stUnte.) which had Just?been used by the Union Christian Anoctation for holding their festival, wu decorated with wreatha, evergreens. flag*. Ac. The many beautiful booths, from which all the articles except those uaed for ornament, had previously been removed, added greatly to the beauty of the room, and upon entering It the Japanese seemed to wonder at the unuaual and unexpected character of the apartment. Beautifully and fancifully constructed retreats, festooned with flowers, were tastefully arranged throughout the apartment, while the galleries were bedecked with diminutive flags, trl-colored drapery, Ac. The large stage was likewise decorated with drapery and evergreens. Chair* of magnificent manufacture were provided for the higher dignitaries, ami settees for the other iiieinbf ri of the F.mbassy After order had to some extent been commanded, and the military ind ail entered tit hall. Mayor Swann arose and in a very torlei speech welcomed the strangers and tendered them the hogpitalltiea of the city. In delivering his remarks the Mavor bowed vrv l?w in"?< mnde quite a multitude of profound bows. He addressed himself to the Chief Ktn bass* dor, who at In the centre, with three other dignitaries on each side of him A? toon as he commenced speaking the seven Japanese occupying the first semi-circle arose and l?owed An interpreter, dressed in Kuropesn style, and apparently an American, stood upon the right of the Mayor and caught evsry word that was uttered, which, sentence by sentence, he translated into Dutch and delivered to a Japanese interpreter, who trans mitted the same i n his nati ve tongue to the Prince and the rest. Kach time the Japanese interpreter delivered his sentences to his superiors the sentiments were received with great respect by the Embassadors. I attentively listened to all he said with bowed heads Nothing the Mayor gave utterance to, however, was heard except by those to whom he spoke The response of the Japanese Prince was also delivered and interpreted in the same low tone of voice. It Was, we are told, hl^hiy apEreciative of the generous reception given them y our people. Thk Wklcomk or the Mayor. Your Excellencies: It aflords me sincere pleasure to welcome you to the hospitalities of the city of Baltimore, and to express the grat tl ati>n we feel in receiving you as our guests. Cooperating most cordially with his Excellency the President of the I'nltea States in facilitating, by every means in onr power, the objects of your mission, 1 represent here, as tfle official head of this city, the wishes of more than a quarter of a million of people, engaged in the pursuits of an expanded and varied commerce. "Your presence In this country, alike creditable to his majesty, the Tycoon, and complimentary to a great and rising nation, will not be without ?IU efl'ect upiu all classes of our citizens, and a just appreciation everywhere of the kind and liberal spirit which has prompted your visit. The city of Baltimorc is the first of a chain of populous cities to which your attention will be directed. We, a people holding commercial relations with every part of the civilized world, are not without a knowledge of the power and resources of the mighty empire which you represent. They hare instructed me, through their authorized agents, to extend to you this welcome. In discharging this pleasing duty, you will permit me to express the ope that your mission, so liberally conceived by your illustrious sovereign, and so ably conducted by your Excellencies, may prove mutually advantageous, and may redouna, in all future time, to the commercial prosperity and advancement of the two great nations The ceremonies being over, the stand was vacated by the City Ccuncilmen and all the rest occupying seats thereon except the Japanese and their immediate attendants, the Army and Navy officers. When the military had finally vacated the Hall, and the throng had somewhat decreased, the Japanese were also escorted to their carriages, amid the greatest press of people anxious to catch a glimpse of the strangers During the interim occupied by the military in vacating the Hall the Japanese appeared quite relieved. and conversed freely among themselves Thoir .. .^A - ?m.n,rU iuc uppurkuiiiiy i??r Mcw;m and the public for presenting tuein with lithograph! of tbe scene. At length tbev were safely placed in their vehicles, the profession was reformed and continued on its route The Procession from the Isstitttb After leaving the Institute, the line of march was resumed In the same order. From Baltimore to Aisqnith st there was an immense crowd congregated. also along Aisquith and Madison sts On Aisquith street, and at various points on the route, along Madison street towards the Washington Monument, flags were extended across the streets, and among the crowds of spectators were numerous children with miniature Japan*s? and American Hags. The windows were thronged with ladies, as were also sidewalks and door ?nd lh? afpftng?ra ?v?ryu'h*r? with the waving of handkerchiefs, which they answered with bows and smiles and the waving of their fans. On the at the Washington Monument, the Japanese gazed with silent admiration on tost noble structure, and were evidently sorrv when it was lost to tneir view The enlivening strains of music, together with the multitudes of ladies occupying every available window in the vicinity, the waving of handkerchiefs, and other demonstrations, appeared to please our distinguished guests, who were constantly waving their fans, smiling and bowing to the vast cowd In attendance. 'I' ... J in - * * . ut,uui'-uuwii\Juarie?iireei wa*ai?or.rowa?*a, and the military allowed to great advantage. On the Arriv'ai. at thk Oilmor Hoc*k The Japanese were escorted 'into the hotel, and their peculiar manner of amending the steps was at once the object of comment They appeared, howev?r, not to have suffered very much from the fatigue* of the day, and were evidently much pleased with the polite attention they met with at the Hotel. After belnij comfortably seated the} were invited to the balcony of the Hotel to witness th? procession detlle past the building. The invitation w;is accepted, and they a*^',n bled there with the Naval Commission, his honor the Mayor, accompanied by his aids, and otber invited guests They witnessed the demonstration with evident satisfaction, especially tlie Fire Department, the nature of which was explained to them. Our volunteer soldiery also excited their commendation, and they appeared to be particularly pleased w ith the brilliant uniforms of a portion of the troops. Reception at the Oilmor Hook. The arrangements made by the Messrs. Stone, of the Oilmor House, for the reception and accommodation of the Kmbasav. cculd not fall to have given the most perfect satisfaction. In the tirst pl*ce, the main stories of the front part of the hotel were reserved exclusively for their accom- j modation, and this arrangement was strictly car- ( ried out. No intrusion was experienced, and they enjoyed all the privacy of a dwelling The central parlor of the second floor, fitted up la a style of regal macniticence, served as n diningroom for the four Embassadors, whilst to the left, the splendid furnished suite of rooms served aa chambers for them. All connecting with each other rendered It more agreeable. The attaches nf thp ! *m? * ? *.t <ii . iiuuiKxi.iu a on iii? leH; and the remainder found excellent room* in the story above. They expre*aed themselves much pleased with the general arrangement*, i'rrviously they have much exposed to the intrusion* of the curious and inquisitive, but iu this case their apartment* were quite free from such. Thk Kmbascy at thk Qilmok Hocsk. The member* of the Embassy after their arrival at the Hotel retired to their room* for rest and refreshment They soon, however, witb the exception of the chief aignltarle*, reappeared and made themselves at home, rulining about the house and mingling sociably with everybody, and evidently enioylng a chat wherever tl#y could make themselves understood. "Tommy'' wa*,|?s usual, in great request, and by hi* lively manner and facetious way* gave much amuaement. The Immense crowd, which tilled up the entire square, was a great attraction to the stranger*, and they frequently visited the balcony, gazing with much interest upon the lively scene l>elow, a id endr-aving to expre** tbelr feeling* or extract some explanations iu regard to anything that attracted their attention The Battle Monument wns evidently a soinethlug they did not understand, and which It seemed difficult to explain to them. Tummy waa at last called Into requisition as an Interpreter, and when told It waa put there to celebrate a battle tn which tbe Americana had defeated and drlveu away an English army which bad attacked .Baltimore, he explained tbe matter wltb much animation t/> hta comrades, who listened attentively, and afterwards discussed tbe matter among tbemaelvea. Thereafter a aigniflcant gesture toward the Monument, a pleasant ami le, and " American whip English," waa the formula of Introduction with those among them whoopeak I a little English. It waa supposed that the Chief Embassadors would dine in private, but contrary to what has been their usual course, and as an indication, perhaps, of the pleasure tbey bad experienced from their reception, tbey Intimated their desire to dine with tbe Mayor and City Authorities. Accordingly, about four o'clock dinner was an| i .lj >L. mJJ ??_ * ?- - ? liuuiiccu, auu luc V/Uin DSUUVlNQOfS, W11Q QUI dozen of their ralte, were Jed into l&? dining hull by Mayor Swann and the officer* of the Naval Commitalon The member* of the City Council and other invited gueats followed The dinner waa gone through without any formality, and in ^jsont an bour the company roee from tie table and proceeded to wltneta the Fire Department exhibition, which la repreaenU-d aa a aplendld affair. FOR SALE-A.fine family aorre) HORSE eijht jrt'MM old U* dc i,- ry ilitiou. Also, a new Rockaway carriage, HL-Jk and a new not ol flame*!. For trrui*. to .^^ enquire at COOK'Ji Military Hal:, No. 440 D ?U, between 9th and 10th at*. je 8 41* i 0 0 THE POTTLKT0N LEGACY, bj Albert Smith; 50 mbU, Adventure* of Mr. Ledbury, by Albert 9aith; 50 cnta. f rit'opher TftdPP1?. by Albert Smith, SO oenta. The Soa ttercoo 1 Fftimly.njr ftllwt Smith;in oenta. ?r* relle re. J net reoeired ftr.d for a?)e by PHtLP * *Or.OMON8. Metropolitan Bonkktore. Sffl Pern ftr., f)?:*AtenU for LSVrenoe'* Celebrated Foreign Stationary. je* 486 '^.SR,V &&!>? 486 In utore ft r??od assortment of Paperhftnrinc?, emhrftoinc hftndrome ctock of GOLI) ?nd VELVET, ftnd GOLD PAPKRS. STATl'ES CENTER PIECES, Low Priced GLAZED *r*l BLANK PAPERS. FIRKBOARD PRINT#, K c tk? .W? ? -< ? .. . . .'?iMniiriinri minni'-ii BAM) WINDOW SHADES, IMITATION GOLD and COMMON SHADE. bUFF OR KEN and BLUE SHaDE HOLLANDS, PICTI'RE CORD Md TASSELS, Ac. Every article war rental A* represented and satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. Order* punctually exeeuted. in ?rty or country. Having purchased for cash, ^rill sell at the lowest remunerative price*. I'l-ase give me a call, fir" l)ou*t forget the number. J MARKRITKR, No. 4S6 Seventh street. je9-eo6t> 8 doorsahore Odd Fellows' Hall. MOTIGB! NOTICE! I respectfully inform the LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY, that from this day I wil sell out my entire stock at importing price*. The object of my selling out ia, that I will leave for Pari." Jul* 1st. for the purpo*e of purchasing my FALL and WINTER GOODS, and wishing to open next season with an entire new stook of good*.' I wil sell the articles mentioned below .at astonishing low priccg. My stock is complete at present, and consists mostly in Black Silk Mantl?a. l*ce Mantillas at all Berege Mousseliae Man - j prices. ties, Traveling Cloaks. Dress and Mantilla C<>rd and Tassels fnr Trimmings in great v?-| Apron*, Dresses, and ritfty, Mantillas, Cloak and Dres* Tassel*. Button* of all kinds. Plain Black Fringe*. 'Cotton Trim-?in*s, GUIPURE LACE BUTTON TRIMMINGS. Swiss and Cambric Edg-ISwiss and Cambric In inc. nations, Swiss and Cambric Embroidered HandkerBand*. i chiefs. Embroidered Infants': Embroidered Infants' Bodies. j Dresses, Embroidered Marseille t Children's Pant*, and Moiiiseline Capes.' I,adies' Embroidered Ladies' Night Caps, i Underskirts. LADIES' HOOP SKIRTS. Valencienne Laoe, |Point Lac* Veils, Brussels I,ace, j Tissue Veils with Fluted French I.ace, I Ruffles, Imitation Blond Lace. Tissue Berege for Veils. Cambric and Swiss Sets, all colors. French Embroidered ] Black Guipure Bertha Mouseline, Capes. ^etsinall colors. Illusion Bythas, White Embroid?red Crape Sets,' and Black, Crape Collars. (White and Black I liu Point Lace Cellar*. , sion, Maltese Lace Coll?-s and Silk and Thread Nett. Sets. F lorenoe Si! k s. Guipure Veils, Black Velvet Rib'ions in French I.ace Veils, all widths. Crape Veils. Hand-made a->d Machine 1 .ace Cviffures. _Straw Trimmings. rucner i.acn capes with Koal White Hlond Lace, two Ruffle*, Black Blond Lace, French Illusion Sets. Bobbin Edging. Cape anil Sleeves. Ruches, Black. Whits ami Col Trimmed and I"iitrnnm?<l ored Crape. Jockey Ham, Pant Bonnet Silks, atyles. Narrow and Wide Rib- Gold Net?, just received. bonis. in great variey. Grecian Nets. La<-ge assortment Frehoh Si k Nets in all colors, F'lowers, Crochet Nets and CoifF.legsnt French Bonnets. fures. Straw Bonnets of all Jet and Velvet Hairpins, qualities, I Hair-Rolls, Imitation Valenciennej Steel and Jet Buckles, Lace. ; Belts in all colors. Black Point Lace. jS?wing Silk, Guipure Laoe, Silk B aid Nets, Coq de Plumes and Os-1 Chenille and Boa I Nets, trich Feathers for hats Fancy Hairpins, all colPoint l,ace 8rts, I ors. Children's Sits, I Jet Combs. Linen Sets. iGold Ba>adere, Cambric Collars. Ijtce Nets of all qualiSwiss Col'a s, I ties. Honiton Lace Collars, Chenille, White Lace Veils, new I Fmbrotdered Braid, sty le, | Ktc, Etc., Etc. 1 scarcely deem it necessary to mention that all these goods were imported by myself, this season, and therefore are handsome and of the l.iTPUTHTVI L'U Tli* patronage of the public, so liberally t>e?towed upon me sinool imported mv own goojs, has en- | oourag?>d me to go to Paris regularly every year and inak? arrangements to have new goods in by every steamer during the i n-on. fH/"" Ladies wishing to get an* particular eood* from Paris will please leave their orders until the 25th of June at my establiKliinent, and from July 1st to August 1st, direct them. 'Afcs't'urff. WtHty. pour Monsieur M. WiUitm, F Ci'e 7>er<?, Paris." je 9 fit M. W1LLIAN, No. 32 Market Space TH K POI.AR REFRIGKRATOK, ifi'A Filtei nH'l Water , ^ t h in the brst manner Nine Siz?s of this Refrigerator, and are prepared to auppiy the demand from Cuba to Canada. Prioea for the different numbers as foiiow? : No 1 $lfi | No. 4 f an | Nw 7 JJ'O " 2 V SS ' a fit " 3... . 25 | ? 6 4*i I " 9 7S BARTLKTT A LESLEY. Manitaitir?r?, W'holerale a^d Retail in Refrigerator*, Furna"??, Portable Heater*. R?euW*. Ventilator*, Ca*t Iron Cemetery Urn?, Harden Va*e? Rotatirs Aiih fiftrrs, Condenninc Cover*. Old Java Cotfee Poti and Hotel Coff4 Boiler*. Send for a HircuSar. je? 6t No. 426 Broadwat. Nkw York. EVON AND DI RI1AM COW AND CALF H?R SM.K. Coy warranted to nvo. Ti^i over four jfilion* of milk per di-m. Prine A-1drev K. S. PLlMMKR, nrarCL Alexandria, V a. jen,Jt HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS!! 1 have alaree aHsortment on hnnd. and for ^ale at reduced prices. || KG AN. 321 Pa.avenue,nouth * de, J? 8 Het ween 6th and 7?h at*. I A DIES' SIN UMBRELLAS AND PARA SOLS A npw *npp]v jiixt received from the manufactories. and for sale at very low prices. mtkmt% H EGAN'S. 3!23 Pa. avenue, M>uth fide, J* H B> t>?*t. 6th and 7th Kt?. JJLACK LACE 8HA\VI,? AND SILK MAN1 have on hand a lar*elo't of the above named articles lrom auction, and sellm* th?m considerably b^low tit* market price#. CaJl earW and secure a bargain. H-.'EGAN. 323 Penn. avontie^outh side, J'8-bt l>et. 6flf and 7th st*. AGENCY FOR FA IR BANK'S SCALES IN , UKORGETOWN. The undersigned have bf>en appointed Agents for th<? *aie of tlie above celebrated and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu" eilDP'T (111 hunrf ftn/1 Ct\r aaU ? I ?tc?. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any parf of the District or adjoining counties. AH Scale* are warranted durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BU!?EY * BARNARD. Dealera in Agricultural Implements. je8 2at Bridge street 2 door* west of Hich. $3/700" ON,CASH,RTH $3,700' talanct in 6, 12, IB, and 2\ montks. A rare chance for speculation, or to prooure a fond Hous? and !.?? in tne most improving part of he city. Mr. H. VV. HAMILTON < ffars for sale that beautiful three-story BRICK HOUSE ard LOT, with two-story bajk building, situated on 2.1 street west, between D and E sts.. in John B. Kibltey's subdivision of square (571) for 88,700. Such a hoav cauu?t be bunt for less than thirtytwo or three h'indred dollars; and the Lots are worth from twelve to fi teen hundred dollars in that vicinity now. The only reason for offering the above property at such a reduoed prioe, is tor the purpose of disposinc of it immediately, in ordrr to settle up the lain business transactions between VV H Hamilton * Co. The House con tains 9 good rooms, besides i.athroom, closets, Ao.; there is a good dry oellar tinder the back builii'ing, ano gas and water pipes laid all through th? hlllMln* Ph. tiie bast ?ty|a throughout, with good pavement and iron railing in front.. I he Lot n 3u leet front, run Hint i>ack 120 Vet to a SO foot alley, whioh ia graded and paved. The title ia perftot. and term* of aale , U oaah, tha b&lanoe in 6,13, It acd 24 month*, *eour?*U by a de?d of trn?t on tho prop-rty. The key can I* had of H \V. HAMILTON, at hit Faint Shop, No. 313 7th ?treet, four dour* aoath ol Odd Fellow*' Hall. j?7-lv The largf.s r stock op hosiery in the oity selling at the importer*' prioea,or from 25 to 30 per cent, below the retail price*. Thia uaa aJ way* been a favorite department with ui, having for year* paat kept the fulieat asaortmeut. V\ e now offer over five hundred d<xen in all kinda, 3ualitiee. and *izes, for ladiea, gentlemen, and chilren at tn? actual aoat price* for caah. * At'ZK MKKINO VESTs for Ladiea, Gentletllll. mm?A u..? . W??re positive]* oloa ng out our stock to quit the buMdM*, and of course we are giving great bargat na for the money. W9 will endeavor to deliver all package* on the day of rale. ' Purchaser* will please bear La mind that we are not charging any good*. JIM. ?S4l*gMgg.M&T.l GTEUBEN HOUSE The undersigned takJ^ p^eiTifrefn^n/^r4mg^hi* [n-nds. and tlie public generally, that he ha* refitted and opened thi* establishment on an entire rww *tyle. Hi* bar ia furnished with the hoot l.i%uor, ohoioest Win a l igara. Lager Beer. Rcfreshineuta, * o. A iae brasa and string band ha* been engaged for the atason. A Concert of Vocal CHEAP F BOOTS, SHOES, AVD TRU 1 SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS. SHOES. AND T? | MY STOCK. |XT ALL PURCHASERS WI FOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P. Iron Hall Boot. *ho A??^1*? PK*W,YLVA1<11 AMUSEMENTS. ADD F f. L L O W H' HA I. L? SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW Great Meral and lalellrctaal CxhlkitUa. TIIIODOM'8 M18EIM of ARTS, On? of the moat No7*1, Pleaamt, a?d In trnotiTe Exhibi'iona of Be?aty, Mechamoa: J'kill. and I-axci nation of Animated Splendor ever introduced into tkia oountry.wifl lie opened in thia city on __ Tl'ESDAY EVENING, Jr** 5th And exhib ted fv?ry evening during the week. nn4 on Wednesday and Saturday afurnown*. Mr. J. Panderacn, veil known in the eity aa a Scientific Exhibitor of Artiatio w<>n <l renp-ctfoliy intimate to the publto and hia nmneroua friend a tnat THIODON'S MI'SKl'M OF ARTS la. without any exoeptiaa. takinc all pr**?tenta into ?? , i'l USUBI merit. It* tucces* in New Voik vtt only e*ua..e<l by !? TRIUMPHAL CAREER IN EUROPE, Wh?r? it cmmamled the patronage of the a"*l scientific. literary, and art.*tic paople. io tae KmHe City it wa* exhibited for TWO HUNDRED CONSECUTIVE NIGHTW. At Barnum'* Museum. New York, and for 1*1 nghUat Jayne'* Hall. Philadelphia. and havinc ju*telo?ad an engagement of s* night* at Maryland Instituts, Baltimore, attracting THOUSANDS OF PEOPLF.. Who, in roi jnnctu a with the pre**, pronounoad it thej%te?t winder of the 13th contury. 11 f Admission g (virtu. lL7*Doora open at ?V< oommanee at o'oloek. yy AUG H'S ITALIA. WILLARDS* HALL. GRAND REOPEN I NU ' Grand reopening of the great picture* of ITALY. PoSlTl VF.LT Clo^IHg JlSl 9th. The Manager, at enormous expanse, has engaged tin s elegant an<ts{a?hi<>uahle half, and no coot will lx? xpared to make it the most attractive exhibition of tfi" dav. A W. FKNNO. Eeq.. The Distinguished Lecturer, will illustrate the Pain tine*. Admission 25 cent*. Exhibition on Wednesday and Saturda*. t)<?o's op?*n a? 2 o'clock ; commence at 3 o'clock ; and in th* evnninc at 7-commence at 8 o'clock. Hall well ventilated. School* on lil>eral term*. j? * RORHSO.1 & LAKE'S GREAT CIRCUS & MENAGERIE. SUPERB FIRMAMENT PAVILION ??nr II ndred a ad Seventy >1en and Hersea. Splendid and immensely liberal design for the ?nus?" ?nt ar-d instruction of the people, in the wonderful comhinaiion of theaa two great families. aided tif a t'eat number of Lad* end Gentlemen 1 Professional*. cho-? i from the Hi.him Hole or Artistic Fxceli.*?ice. TOM KING, the Champion I,e?perofthe World. , Mr. KfNG and M ile ADKLAIDF. in a new and original peifonnanoe entitled. Adorn.- and Vmu>. , MASTER H APllAELL in his Great Flying Leap of Twentv Feet! ( Fir* l.flv Holers and ZMdseiiKl ?TKrte So. 1 \ Cloirna.?Complete Troup* of Tnltnted Ew*- J Ini*} ?Grand OperaUr Brat< and Strtne 'jrtk'S t-r.~ Magmfirrnt Collection of hart Livtnt Ant- , trials.?Spln>hd Stud of Blooded Performing Horst*. Poiiifi and Educated Mules. With a distinct troupe of exsuisitaly trained Ju 1 vHiules.fer tn-production cf Ba let, Pantomime, nniod* anil Farce, io be substituted during the s- a?uu for the old, wornout and vrsinsoine alter pieces. . 1 THB Ladib*. I MADAME ROBINSON, so renowned every ?i?r- wi . lead as usual, in her deiightfsl soienoe of Lady Kquestr anism, exhibiting, upon her beau tiful and high-m?ttled horse*, the graoefsl, yet controlling. power wtioh a.i ladies may, with in struotio-> and practice, obtain over this noble arima!; ar.d the huh point of exoellenoe a d skill which may hi achieved in this invigorating and agieeable exercise. I M'LLE ALICE, The verv incarnation of Beauty, Grace, daring, (last ing rffect, style, and fascinatio... To attempt an}tiling nke a description of this wonderfully , brilliant Equestrienne within the limits ol a sentence in a newspaper sdrertiseinent would bs so- , surd. We n.u-1 refer the public to the Pressof the , United States and Europe Mottoes wiU fee found, { eopi~< f "m th? i?'%iine Journals, in eaoh paper in , wuieh th s advertisement appears. I iff*rinc ertirel* in ?n ie from all others, this Child of Genius rid?s with the moat perfect aban , don and f< ari> Ksneas, her magcifioect form asssm- , n.g natuially the most graoeful and classic p >si tions. hf,r fwje ht up with a swe-t smile of modest oonh leroe, and ner fcne eye sparkling witn genius pans ui to swiy ?ucn?n??, * ?r DODI* kn?ws his mi*tr?*e, an<* *<??m? t-i enter with a 1 the ( spirit of hi* *t-i -roiis i,ftturc n to the general ex , citeiri*t?t whinh her imni'ni* aohievem??r.t? nn?er?v 1 jr or> ate. A > they tl tail a. ouud th-arrna there , i* a plendi^ harm my of daring, sty!? and grace. ( and d>-ajening cheers proclaim another triumph t eon. I.A FAIR IK KATK, , From the Priwip&l Theaters. At WASHINGTON oTciTY HA LL SQUARE, ' On THURSDA V. FA IDA V and SA TURDAY Junr 14.15, as^K I Admi*?ion 5<i cents : rhiloren and servants 2S etaThe com pan? will perform at Seorg town 1 Monday. Jane ir. je 4- ot WANTS. WANTF.I) IMMEDIATELY?A too! JOI'R S F.Y.MAN RARBKK. German* onljr n?ed snply. At .No 497 Seventh street, b tro'n I) and ' K ?ti. _ _ je 9 3t* J WANTED-TWO OENTI.EMKN ofgood al j T <lr**>. a? amenta in tfi?? Dlatnrt of Colunilua. I Applt to CI!AS. KMF.RSON, 4*?"H Siventh *t. jV.i po3t * j CVMI'l.OYKRS IN TOWN OR COUNTRY IN F> wl t of Servant*. white or colored, male or fe rnal'*, can procure them immediately l?y apphinc *t tie I uion Intelligence and House Agency Offi", i >w < ?? >, ai \ i'j i,ouiM%n* ?venu' . !> t ??i<n 4H ftn-l Pth ?.treet.-, n?ar Cit* 11*11. je'J-3t* uL'NCAN t CAMP. Proprietor*. WANTKD \ SASH AND BLIND MAKKR ; " * Kood workman?none oth??r n *<l app BALDWIN uROS. WANTED?B> an Englishman ,a SITUATION as tartlenor. G wt recononendation Kiven Apph to c. ACKMANN. No. 39* Ma-)lan.| ?v. j?? a- t* A GENT I.EM A N, h? vmr a la'*'* rliim ac^inst f ho ^ovprnrn''?it. naU to mak<? <n arrangement with a part> in W*?liitut?>n, to l??'k alter fli.and will *ive him a larice p?r rentage of what i? r?U"ft?i|. A Mr-! - B<>.\ ~2 961, I'o.-t Offi ?*. N--w York, with p'fffnff. j ** 8 -W T* H E I'NDKR SIGNED, CONTRACTOR# i 1 for tli" wat r wo k* of the . f? ??/ Hi .'timore, i want *> STONE CI TTKKS an.'l MASONS, to work either l>? the pieo? <>r dai The huh?.-t waz>>? tivcii. Apply at our office. 7 mi;? * froni t'l" '-it* b* the North Central Railroad, or at No. 39 Wert Eavette street. H>ltimor?> je >M?t H OR LIT Z ELL k. CROWLEY^ WANTED?Bt an industrious ami competent voung woman, who ha* gO'?d reference, a PLACE a* uurse or chambermaid, ami to d<> piam sewing. or to travel with a lady. Addre** Box I*, E't&r Omoe. ie 7-3t W| ANTED- Br a steady youth, llr'ari of are, who is well recommended, a SITUATION t-? learn the baking busines*. Apply at No. lb Ea?t Capitol street, between 1 at and 2d street* east. je 7 ?t* WANTED IMM KI>1 ATE1.V?TWO COLORED WOM EN?one at cook, washer, and ironer ; the other to assist in washing and do general housework None but good servant*, well recommended, need apply. Apply at 460 D st e?t, between 2d and 3d sts. je7-3t* W ANTED TO BUY?Old Books. Old Engravings, Old Paintings. For rare liooks, fine old engravings, and good paintings, a high price will be given. Also. Com*. Autographs, Curiosities, Ac.> Ac , bought. Address 0. X. Y.. P?-st Ofi<-e, Washington. Will also purchase, to any aironnt. i-nrnituro. \Ves.rin? ?r ?? Rooms, 4t*c., k.c.. 1c. rr?^'Wsnted to rent?* Room. je 1 9t* WANTED ?To have everybody know that the; can find a Fire and Well selected Ptook of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING 8 I ORE. No. 460 Herenth st. o?yo?ite Po?t Ofloe Dcp&rtmepi. *.pR-3m wa^tk^-etert om to know that SMITH, S^vprtt) ?i , c.itrgee toar prieee for hi* G<'o<1? Go to SMITH'S, Serenth it., to get roir HAT9 and CAPS. a??-3? OUR WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT 18 w?U worth? the attention ollhe Lmim We have a splend'd stock of? Jaconet Cambrioa. Cambric Muslins Nanenoks. M?li, Swiss, Preach, Indiv PI?ib Striped*andnpVd Nanaooka Irdia Dimity, BriJIianUs lishop Lawna, Vie tor la Uwn> Hanting. Lium Caabrio, TarietoM 0*mtir io Dimity, Swiaa and Cambria Kdgmgs We m*j also ino'Bde in Urn lijwilwt Pi til Rnd medium Hiliciit T&iiki fumufc a Bird'10' fig low L?*ers irtin* i.iner.s Damask Table Cloths. Nnoki;.? DMter., I.inca Shirt fmnU. * e 1*1 ?Jh>taf * *r m vko>MaJ? F^Ma f?T 0Mk'> oaef t" etoM out our "look J the*Mrliect po?a,bi? momat Watmat o?r tn?n4* will ton# tr'Mitd tn Mr f<>. tteir turehuei.u w?<U?ir? to nVk no ?kT* o My <? . V*? win (ir? til ,o ?1 barC?4M for the Money. * I. *?. I OR CASH. | HKS, CHEAP FOE CASH 1 l my amortme^t or ladih ami lcnk9. CHEAP FOR CASH. to redtce ll do well to call and examine HOOVER'S e, and Trauk More, A AVEX E, Brlwfra ttft sad lOtfc At* KXCUBSIOKS. PIC X1C8, kc. A.IC NIC. PIC NIC Will bo h?Ml. for th* hMM*? of 9T marv"?? i'arihh khool.w *t. jo jft sep bk\ekirial!m?ciety. monDAY NEXT. Jun.' Ilth, at Hrvmit A to wtiinh w* r?f nftfall* m M Titr our fri#nri? T>pk*t? .*> rent*. It* com, or a r r a nof.m ent* Eighth anmai, pic nic of tit* m MONTMKMTAL CLl'b, jl At AkL/norbs StRlSO. jw? \vknvfc*n?\ '?- m"^^l Particular* la future advarUaMMt. TANNl Ai. PIC MC. HR VOrNO CATHOLIC*' FRIEND *<> t'lETY of <t?.>r(rto?. vill |n-? lh*ir *NM AI. IMC MC ?t ANAI,???TAN ifl l!*I.AN D. on WF.D1 ESDA V. thejnth Jnne./S Particulars in future advertia*m*nt. LdA je? tf " 1R.VND ENTERTAINMENT by COVE NAVr LODTiKJIn. 11,1. O.O. F . at ANAI.(WTA? l!?l AMD. ?? MONDAY, the nth ? f Jua*. to aid ?ai<1 |/k|(i< in rrhuil )mt their hall. <le?ti<?v<1 Uj fire on the ?Th of February laat. Wither*'e?l"?l>rat"d hand "ill he in nltcndanre aiei. H<?ljr IIill Hai.rf at <1 Washington <?! ? Cluh. RrtrakaenU at ctt* price*. Itoata running fiee at ail hour* hotw?en 5 a. m. aSfl lllnrlnrk p. ni., from the f?*>t of High *tre t. Correl??n. and Ka?lit'? Wuhinitcn. TiekHnOKK 1><U.|.\R. a geui.ama.-i and Indie*, or farnilie*. J the t?- All vim can and will eiy?j there T selves. To all - * "CMom pieAinffi *i rtrrtmi* mmck r*tl ftflfr" )?M! ITM.KTCHF.R CHAPKL HM'AV SCHtHJI, w will cive iiii K\<TR!*I<?N l?> ^ PORT WASHINGTON ?? WKP-i^PW^ NfcSlUY, Jun<- ?3th. Tlio l?oat I'm bxi x % 11 leave her wharf. iinit of Etovmit 'i ?t? a" * o'chwk. Oinnil>ii?e? will Kave the Chap*'. <*omer of Fourth m *n I N*w York avenue. at 7\ "'clock *m! g<> t i the wharf via >?eventli at. The Committee hope to make the F.actiraion merit the Pttona?? of their frion.l*. Ticket* lor K??tl?ni*ii cent* ; ladle* SS cent" ; ehiMren I" eenta. je ? A~ N NlA L P I C N I c or THE National Guard. The N ATlf INA I. BC AR D d?*nre to inform tlwr fn??nd?. and the public rfnetall* . tlia' th?*tr W% ANN! Al. PIC NIC will take r> a< ? al AR JH I.INtiTON SPRIM.S on MONDAY. Jmi"^l^ II, and they re?pertfii|W eolicit their patron MwBk a?e. Tli? eteamer Ft. vise Clocp wilt leave Georje town rvery half hoar <Juing thedai; iottnpa' II cl'? k The eteainer Geo. Rigg* will l-ave the loot ?' Fourteenth htreet every hour. comment in* at o'clock. |L ^ r -r- 1 am i'ln 1|ti?r<l to *!!?< > that ample arran* mini* have been inaJ- !<?r lh amiiM-n.rnt > ! *li#?ir pMrons. Tickets Fitly Cents, a limttinf: a gentleman an I ladia* By order of Committee. je*. r P S.?Ii c?>n?e^n~nce <>f the accident ??> tli? I o ? Bnd|?. <>ur pat ions arc requested to take Boats at K<<?rt*?nth rtf'i.ori rHO, FOR GLYMONT! HK EASY BOYS.-FIR*T l?R AN D E\ 21RSION of the EASY CU B will _ ?? ? ake place on .MONDAY lth June. i860. Boat* leave Eleventh street wha'f at 8>? o'clock k. m. and IS p ni . touching at the Navy Yard au'l Alexandria gome and returning. Coaches will eon iect with t'ie hoar?leave Georgetown. First Wan, Northern Lilieties, and foot f Capitol. Tickets 81. By order of Committee. }? ??-?t* Grand union pi c-n i c fok tbi ORPHAN BOYS OK ST. JOSEPH'S ASYL1 M. Given by the Lady Man?ge-s and Directors. AT MERIDIAN HII.L, NKAR COLl MBIAN COLLEGE. On Boundary iirwl, btiHftm WrA and 1 btk ftrerl'. Or. TUESDAY. J cue I*. l?o. The I.ariy Managers. in making this appeal to t' ? friend* . f the Orphan H")s l?eg to 'talc tiiat ?\ the Boys' A*)luin is yet in its infancy . tney J* have no house no play ground, and in th? i rented quarter* are only alrfe to acc<rnnio<iaiekfl^ atioat tnirty or u<rty ittie orphans. It a i.l rea.i he seen that the excuse* are heavy and their r? source* small. 1 h'-ir great aim is to Ire ahie at ? sarly da? to commence the huihlinc of a permanent h mis for the orphan (>ot?. Ther?f<?rethey hope th<? sitizen- g. neiall) will honor the Pic-Nic with their ?res?nce. Oinmbuae* will run from the poihw of Seventh street to Fourteenth otreet. out Fourteenth to M? ri' .an Hi !. fr ni 7 a n, . to the clone of the Pt? > . *piit*'? pull Band will he in attendanoe. Refr??hinent? furni?he?1 by the iadie?, also, dir. per and nipper Irom 1 to 9 o'clock p. m. Eighteen Mammoth Tri-colored Balloon*. ?>rJer?-d expre**ly from Boston, will be ?eut up in Uie hfternoon. Mr. Brady,the photographer.will be on the (round duriiift the daj to take view* of familiee, troupe, the orphans. Ac., free of charge. Other noveltiea are in eontemplation. Ticket*; Gentlemen 5u cento; l.etlie* 2Soent*. Children lOcent*. To be obtains! of the Lad* and Gentlemen Manager* at Ihef ateon day of Pic-N;r. ht the orphan Asjjnm, and the following p acea John F. Kill*'* Pia o Stoie. Taylor A Maurt. Blauchard A Mohun Philp H S*olomonfO. E l>ufl?. Cha*. And?r?on. B'>ok?tore*; Ford A Bro., V. H*' hangh, N. Calian, Jo*. Nairn. Dan. Clarke. Drug Storf* fimra li Berrrl, I. am Tow era, R H l.uhr, W T Dore, A I. N'fftui, Dr Toner, I C Fittf urick, JiitinT L(?i?, VnEFontik, C S Jaun, M Ferron, Nick Callui, I F Browri, A B *"( ufhioo, Gee W Cocknu. Iirerory, John F Cojri*. Jaroea Lacker, 1 ja F Holiday, P.uiue Thyooo, John Markruar, ? in H * ard, Oeorge Jiiard, Jae H S? (kail, If-.rge W Riff, Wnit lichbt, C Thru Cob, I B Blake, C Alflaadtr, Richard Barrr, lohu F BridffU, L J OToole, P Douoorhve. Ciil (>i4d>rd. J J Kane, Daniel Clark*, Richard H Clarke, H V Noyeo, Wn F Bayly, H B Haunt, John Carroll Breni, Thoa ) Fioher, F Mohon, L Nf?n;?r, CieeSieage, PH King, Win Ryan, Raanifl Rrl(?n>. laaSHtrrcy. PGallaoi, Mr Brooke*. lUchiril Wallach, J oka F Ellia, Wia Clu'U. Mar Polaa, Frank Clarke, Andrew Jo?c?. PJ McH?nrj, Lxm, Tho* Hirpti***, Mr Leukill, John Lincoln, W F Bmi't, Hinma* Brrrjr, Wu. fc Bp.tldmg, Job* J Borot, P, W C I>. K?1wr7l, rWC OwiMuftM, fc C Dr*r, Jgkn M Kukf. John F M Mcfctuhoa, Ju OVouorbor, S B Pirlt?r, R F O'Burnt, W A Km*. H O Hood, John C Htailm, John Dttliiir )? ?-<Uf FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otker "For *nA Rent" *4rtrti**m*ut . *?Ar" P*f ] jAL FOR WALK-A TRI G STORE, an e*tahi'i.|.ed Ktawi; ha* never changed hands,and id well fitted up. stockrd, ? c.. anH i? doing an eicellent an* profitable prrncription will h? ?old n ino-to'aW' t rrn<: ?*ti?faotoM r? ctvep for ?e!' hk. Addreaa L". V., City Post Office, \Va?hin*tun j!??-IW* 170R >AI.E-A two rtorj BR U K PWBLLING r HOl'SE, situated on Twenty-iriit street w??t. near E at. Apply to ROBERT GRAEME No. 401, cor I and Ele venth ata, je 7 ?t POR RENT?A two .tory FRAME HOUSE, a ^L1'-1 kitchen, wood shed, * c.. in rrar, or w?st side Third utroet, between G and H ?U. Will be ' *?*? Jo* rale to a good tenant. Inquire of W *. JONhS. comer Tlurd aad H 1*. je7 4t* FOR SALE OR RENT-A three-story BR^ICK HOI >h,ai?il Lot. N<>. .199. on II street. near Thirteenth. F?f terms applt n^xt door west. to J. L ELLIOTT. FOR RRNT-Thrw first cla's and recently built HOUSES, four stories hiirh each, han<l somely finished, an.I having all Ike modern improve iiients, such a. water, ya?, 4c.. in ogf of th* ve * fi HAat li mltinni i < tKv ?itt .k>< ?J.a .>f Tkinl treet hk] Miaeouri ?venu?, and opposite to* Capi tol k r^tnnda Any '?im> wi?hin? to rent a fine dw?Iiin< will find tkut favorable opportunity. ?> I < **tra to r*?it them immediate!* . and *rill" rent them low^iMoireof P. \V HIQWXIXO. jo 1-if FOR RENT-Three BRICK HOL'SE^-ono Twelfth ?tr*rt, Mwwe C and U; one on tha corner of Twelfth and || iii.; aid one on H. hatw'^n l?th and 13th ?t*. Injure of JAMK!?W. BARKKR , on H kt'wt, between 11th and lJtli. No. 4**- ma?tf STORK F'tR RENT AND' FIXTURES FOll JJ BALK. Immediate po^eMinn oven. AI*o, * l?t of FWj for iaie at co?t, conipri* ins 1J011HM-, kHmimIs, now-iB. Dr*?? TrinuiiiM*. Cornet*. Com I in Bru<)|o?t Head Dr?????. tnfrth^r with a l?rr* ranet} of oth*r food*. man* of whiel wiH Ik> aol<1 at ?* ? their port, to p|o??. M< YORK FANCY *T<>RK,No. So Coaler Mark'l Sp?c?, Sd door t??t from Eirkth it m? FrOR RK.NT-Atfera* .u?rT FKAMb MUH'K. 011 FJ#r*Btk ?t?*t, bet wo?i> 1 ud K (mjU ofM. NYDER.attha Pl.i?b a* a?d GaaFit^M K?t*h uhmont cf C. ftuydrr, nrit door to tM Q#f wa? <_ ? L^OR RKNT-A throe ptofj BRICK HOLS*, r with hMMowit. No. 404 E atroot. between W and 91, with all the iikkWh irnprw *ro?-at?, wMjr< cm bath roomt. A e. AhIi tu H. EG AN. > av . ooutli aid*, between <ih fcixi 7th aU ma ?Jt f^ONVKNIKNT AND DEWBABLP RO?*P \ v> IN THE FIRST WARD TO LET?A Olio*. wtth Parlor andICtMMtor.jf paired or?JKMJ of Mid r?o?i, fu -iu?he? * oornrr of I aod Twentieth atroeto < ptwniaaa. mm**l ?j.? WA NTF. D TO R ISNT-Ob ?r b^or. good BRICK HOimR, ?o?t*iriM rooiiw. Pftrior and chainlwr* to b? Iftr** * ??? " ' mUifttod between 4th ftnd Mt*. ud Pfc. ?r*?u? ft?* M ?U. Rngt out to . *oe#m t?Mi per ftniibm Atf? toCTt.B. L. WKJ*T, saw PhTanr!, h?w*rT ? ftrxl Mth Mt. # ? FOR RENT-A two utory rrick WOI se * *ti*?ouii ft van u ?X?. 4?. ri**" %v$v$v is'/^u^rS"^.'^ bU (trMt wNt. ; 1-ooim

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