Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ^ k-j~ Tub *tai publinkit tk* Littt of Ltttvrt MiMMfiif m tko Watktnfton dtp Pott OjU? mm4*r tk* ^muMM of tko Im tlum t* i< friattd in tko u?topapor Um( tk* largtit eirtwitktn tlu dolirorf of tko OJlct. Its total datlf exrrulmtion it more than doublt that of any ?(4?r Daily printod w tlu District if Colwmhxa 17* Tkonfk Til Bni w prmtod om tlu fattost foam jrr?*J m mi mm* of Baitimort, it* oditiom i? ?o (arc* *' t* it to to pat to prott at mm omrlf 4mt; i^ffrtunuMl, Ikorofooo, should bo M< ! m biftm Twoh>o o'clock, m , *A?rwtJ? iJUy ? I M r mmtil tkt noxt dajr. norm?winti / uwwimi KntIkmimO Is ?? tenrw w U? Baltimoii 9m art r?mt?sd at and forwanUd from Thi St*.* ijlet. Tm Citt F.lsctio*.?The following Is the correspondence between the Corporation Attorney and the CommiMloners of Election: J. M Car lis U, Esq.. Attorney for tk* Corporation: 9im : At judges of the election held on Monday last, we sre embarrassed by the distinction made In the Charter between toe certificates to be returned la regard to the election of Mayor and that of the members of the two boards, respectively. The 3d section of the Charter of 1M0 provides " That tk* commtsnoneri hereinafter mentioned shall make out duplicate certificates of the result of the etertion of Mayor, " mud shall return on* to tkt Board of Aldtrmtn and tk* otlur to tk* Board *f Common Council, on tk* Monday tnsuing tk* altetiom " The 0th section provides immediately on the rloslng of the polls, the said rommisstonert for *nrk tcard, or a majority of tbem, shall count tbe ballots and make out. under their bands and seals, n correct return of tbe persons bsvi ng the greatest nnmber of legsi votes, for members ofthc Board of Aldermen and for member* of tbe Board of Common Council, respectively, together with the number o| votes Riven to each person voted for The said returns shall be delivered to the Mayor I ?n the day succeeding the election, Ac. A du- | p,iv??c iciuni Huau, HJgciucr wj*n a iiw 01 XOP pormons who voted at Mid election, also to be made on the day succeeding the election to the Register of the city 4c , who "shall, within two days thereafter, notify the aeveral persona so returned of their election; and each Board shall jud?* of the legality of election returns and quallfi i' ion of Ita own members No proviaion is made in either of the charters other than we have stated for the returns of the election of Mayor, nor is there any (unless it be found here) for judging of the legality of the election, or returns or qualideations of the persons voted for. The certificate? directed in the third action seem to be the conclusion of the matter, and they are to be given by the Com ml set oners to the two Boards respectively. We desire to know, and on these points ask yo?ir opinion I Must all the commissioners from the several wards unite in their certificates. 12. Is it sufficient for the commissioners of the several precincts to make their respective returns of the Mayor's election to the Mayor, although they may be addressed to the two Boards. 3 If all the commissioners are to unite in their certificates, does It necessarily imply that they must make their certificates on the returns of the commissioners of the several precincts. 4 If not, have they power to correct manifest errors in those returns, before they make their official certificates for the two Boards For in stance, If It shall clearly appear by the returns that the votes of persons naturalized since the 31st of December last were received and counted, and that those returns have been so returned as to oe identified, can the commissioners now reject them a- - - * - . ? waij aim w ai u persons coming of age since that (late, or negroes Very respectfully, your obedient servants, Jambs lat ward, 1st precinct. Wm h ptriin*. 1st ward, 2d precinct. C. W. Botklkk, jr., 3d ward, id precinct. W. P Shbdd, 2d ward, 2d precinct. J4 W. Owbs, 2d ward, 1st precinct. T h Babbox, 7th ward, 1st precinct. H M. Knight, Tth ward. 2d precinct. Isaac C. Bartlbtt. 5th ward. 2d precinct. S C Wailbs, 5th ward, 1st precinct. Jos S. Tccbsb, 6th ward, 1st precinct. Wm S Vb.iablb. 6th ward, 2d precinct. A. McD. Davis, 4th ward. 2d precinct. A. Rothwbll. 4th ward. 1st precinct. J as. M Towns, 3d ward, 1st precinct. Orvici or thb Cobpubatios Attobnet. ) June 7. I860 S Gextlb'* b* :?Your communication, without date, was banded to me this evening by Messrs. C. w. Bateler, jr . and Geo S Gideon, with the request that I would advise you upou the points 'herein stated at my earlieat convenience. I. To your first question. 1 reply, that, In my opinion, the regular and proper course is for tbe >??ee comm. ?1 oners, it each precinct, to sign the T turns and certificates, respectively, the action of each body having been determined by the majority; but the returns would not be invalidated by the failure or refusal of one commissioner, at one or every precinct, to join in authenticating them This appears to have been fully settled nearly forty years ago, in the contest between General Welghtman and Mr. Carberry, (2 Cranch, C. C. Rep*. 358 ) la that case, on the' p*rt of tbe relator, It WK miliitalnMl ?h?t ?h? fc.? ,k- m - ?V ?v??? u irmu ?ac r ITM\ Ward should be rejected because it was signed by two only of the three commissioners; ana the distinction indicated In your l?tter between the language of the third and sixth sections of the charter of IS8U was relied ?n by the very eminent ? on use 1 (Walter J one* and Francis 3 Key, Esq ) in support of the proposition. But the Court held that the return of by two was sufficient, If the election was in feet holden by three; and that this might be shown by parol, they further declared that If the three commissioners were present at the election, the acta of the majority were, in law, the acta of the three 2 I am of opinion that it is at-fllcient that the duplicate returns and certificate* be addressed to the two Boards respectively, and be received by them at the time specified In the charter. The practice Las been. 1 believe, to deposit them at the Register's oitl e in the interim; but this is immaterial 3 The writing of the certificate on one paper or another is wholly immaterial in the late case of tbe uor^etown Mayoralty the formal certificates were, some of them, endorsed on the returns and some of tliem separately written; but, so far as I know, it did not occur to any of the counsel in tbe case that this had any significance 4 Whatever may be the law as to the correction *f what may be described as merely clerical errors, I entertain no doubt that the only time and place for tbe commissioners of election to determine upon tbe legality of a particular vote ia at the polls, when tbe voter ia present, tendering his vote Their function is quasi judicial, and ia arerial and limited The man who claims the ^ riirht nf la ?l>? " ? * " ... ? ? ? ?? IT vuiruj IIJ icrcvtcu II hit vote he challenged be (is entitled to hear the ground of challenge, a??d to meet and combat it The *->t? received and the pol!s clened, the power of the c<>mmi??ionrr? 1b that respect is exhaust-d. If they thall have erred in their judgment, the error mml b? corrected elaewher? Since tbecv of Carb r# and Welghtman, I believe it has not ?*een douoted in the professiou here, that the remedy i* in the Circuit Court; and It is now settled that in such ciwi writ of error lie* from the Supreme Court of the United States I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant, J M. Caelisli, Attorney, Ac Messrs James Kelly and others Commissioners of Election, Ac. Thi Sennat Scbool Couvkjitiow of the Washington district Virginia Conference commenced Its sessions yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, in the M E. Church South. Delegates from the following places reported themselves at that time: Alexandria, Warrenton. Leesburg, Fairfax, Rock t'r?-*k. -Potomac, and Prliico William, Vs., and Waablniftou city. The Convention was organized by the election of the Rev W. C. Blount, President, H P. Zi in merman, Vice President; and W. H Bronhain. Secretary The seanlons are held every day. at lu o'clock*, m and 6 p. m , which teachers and frienda are earneatly invited to attend The Convention will clow on Monday with a fine concert, to be given for the beneflt of the a.-boo! connected with the Washington city church, snd will be conducted by Mr. T. A. Tucker, assisted by the best musical Ulent of the city. Tmi Dit-rnicT id Co sons**.?The bill making appropriations for the miscellaneous expenses of tMCovernmeut, which passed the House of Representative a few days ago. has been reported hark from (lu a ' ? ?? nuance oi IDe Senate with the following amonif other amendments which we doubt n?>t will be concurred in: Kr>r lighting Bridge and High streets. In Georgetown, and Seventh and Twelfth streets, la Washington, across the Mall, the appropriation 1> Increased from 93U.0U0 to t47,WJO; for taking down and rebuilding the southwest span of the Loug Bridge, SJ,*47; for repairs of Pennsvl v?alasveniie.*3.<(K>-, and for completing the Washington Aqueduct. ?5<?).00U iFtn ?Las* ulgbt about ? o'clock s Are broke out >a a small house near the Columbia Kngine House, In tbe Fifth Ward. The position of the house, oa prominent ground, enabled th? flames to be distinctly seen from the extremes of the city. The Fire Department turned oat In all parte of the city aod went to tbe spot The fl rem en observed tbe strictest order going and returning, which was highly creditable The loes by tbe Ire was not eery great. Ca*s?E or Pl>c* ?Tbe lsdy managers ?f9t Joseph's Orphan Asylum It will be seen, bare eti?S!f?-"l the place fur holding tbelr plc-nlc It will be at tbose br-?utiful grouud* known to our . it i n) ns Mri d'iu H 1.1 The lad ?s authorise as to say that no pains has beea spared to make tu.s iu every particular tbe mast pleasant pie-ale of tbe season, _J | co* *tnr c att m> * Chaksk or School Books?Mr Editor. We are approaching the close of our pablic schools for the current year, and the time when the question of text booka It always mooted before our school committee Ths agents of various rival publishing houses ara. we learn, already oa the ground, operating upon the member* of the board. This constant change of booka is a great and in- I pears that It Is wrought at the hatidt of those very creasing evil, and needs correcting; and it apofflcera who are appointed to protect the interests of the people in education There la aomething wrong about this matter in our committee. u>cij jtmi wc uiTe cQ?ngr in oron. >na parent* must lay aside those purchased a little while Ince, for another set. How doe* it happen that a book that U not flt to be kept in our schools but a year is recommended by our committee' It ia a proper question for the people to aik. What are tbe Influence* brought to bear upon those supervisors of tbe public good, by which th*y rote out tbe ane books they voted in a year previous' If tbe book is not worthy, then they were derelict of duty In putting It in; If it was worthy, then there Is some cause for this chsnge of action. Were there but a single instance of such fluetuation It might pass aa an inadvertence, but there must be some material influence underlying these constant changes, which entail such coat upon tbe laboring clanse* of our city. What are these agents here for? Have not the committee the books for examination' Are th* gentlemen of our committee to stupid that they must have an agent to explain the worth of the book to be used < In our primary or district schools? Or, is tbe agent's particular presence and something tit? n?*dful to obtain the required vote It were not difficult to flnd some facts in this connection. 1 will not say in connection with our present com- . mittee. nor will I say It Is not. This matter has been carried to an extent which has become so disreputable to both school com miurt-a ana puonaners mat a law basbten passed 1 in Massachusetts that text books shall not be 1 changed without the unanimous vote of the com- j mltu*> I will not say our school supervisors | need any such restrictions, but it is evident that tbere is cause for the power that is sbove them to iuquire if tbere la not here an abuse of trust. The agent of 1'ratt. Oakly 4 Co , New York, I learn, is here with a view to look after the interests of that ttrm Of the nature of the means | resorted to by the parties interested, the public i may judge somewhat from the following extract from Professor Charles Davles : "1 feci great reluctance in replying to criticisms which are erroneous and unjust, ana which could i only have >>eep made from entire misapprehension i or from s determined purpose to misrepresent. It 1 is not my purpose to deny the right of Professor ! Dodd to introduce his books to your notice in any j manner that may aeem to him Vest, much le?, to | question the taste of an author woo approaches yon with one hand full of declamatory pamphlet* against worka which he wishes to supplant, and 1 tbe other freighted with sheets lauding, without stint, his own productions These questions may be saiely left to tbe cultivated taste and honorabls 1 feelings of tbe profession; as may also tbe further I Inquiry, how far the examols of Pmfmnf OnHrf If followed by other autbora, would contribute i to the elevation cf individual character and the dignity of authorship. Fair, just, and Intelligent criticism*, prompted by a love of truth and the interests of science, should be revived as valu ( able contributions to the great work of public Instruction. He whoassumtb to criticise the works of others?to bestow praise and measure out censure?to assign places to authors, and fix the immutable principles of science?who traverses the country, giving lectures to teachers?who censures where no words of refutation can correct error and vindicate truth, should bring to the task a cultivated and well-informed mind, a spirit of fairness, and a judgment free from prejudice and self Interest." Educationist. The Proposed Railroad Extessio*?In the House of Kepresentstlves yesterday, Hon. Mr Carter, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported a bill to permit the extension of the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad to and across the Potomac river at the Long Bridge It was read a first and second time, ana will be brought before the House to-day. We understand the bill to propose extending the track of the road from some point on the present line in the direction of Capitol Hill, under the hill by means of a tunnel, and debouching on the south side. The track will then make an easy d? flection towards the Long Bridge, wbere It will cross on a firm and well-built structure, with ?u.a j ?? # a.u _ ...? uiuvioui unm iur toe passage 01 vessels We also understand It to be contemplated that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company shall reimburse the citv of Washington the amount of her investment in the Alexandria and Washington railroad. and take the line of that road for the propose new link in the Southern route. Connected with this, as we le|jn. there will be proposed a city railroad to ana through Georgetown, so as to connect at or near the Alexandria aqueduct, with a !>ranch of the Loudoun and Hampshire road, which is to cross on the aqueduct piers. This, it seems to be considered, will yield to Georgetown a compensation for the road connecting the North and South, which she desires to pass through her limits, and will answer every real and practically good end for her advantage, withcut subjecting hers-if and the Baltimore and Ohio Company to vast inconvenience aud expense.?Intelligencer. Thk Chksapkakk Ohio Caxal.? The Cumberland Civilian says:?It is very currently reported that a probability exists for the removal of the present board of directors of the canal, inasmuch it is said as they were appointed with a reference to an increase of the toll, and they having failed to perform what Wfs expected of them In this matter. We hope this is not so; any Increase in the toll would be detrimental to the mining Interests in this county, and we believe would ultimately work disastrously to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which interest, it is supposed would be advantaged by the Increase of toll on the canal. The continual agitation at this subiect, tue dread we may say under which the mining Interest is kept, that ruinous rates of toll will be imposed upon them, baa very serious1 v rrl nnl?^ # J,jr rl v^iuiuui vi iuf uiuerfiu companies, and prevented the Investment of an Increased amount of money in the business, and will, we fear, lead to the energetic prosecution of the Hampshire Railroad to its termination, and thus draw off the entire trade from the Baltimore and Ohio road, and permanently make Alexandria the great coal market for this region; for l?elng a much shorter rout*, the freight would as a inatt-r of course tie largely below the rates of the Baltimore road. Public School Examinations.?The patrons and fnends of the public schools are reminded that the examinations will commence on Monday at i o'clock, p m , on which day the schools of Miss Ritchie, Miss Lowe, and Miss Slater, of the First District; Miss Acton, Miss Randolph, and Miss McCarthy, of the Second District; Mis* K) vans. Miss Moore, and Mrs Clarke, of the Third District; and Miss Adams Mtss Lee, and Mrs **ki<1more, of the Fourth District, will be examined. The Long Beidob ?The span of the Long Bridge which adjoins the Virginia shore fell into the river on Thursday afternoon about two o'clock, breaking about mla way between the supporting piers A buggy containing two little boys was crossing at thie time, ana went down with the bridge Fortunttely the bovs were rescued with notning worse than a terrible fright The horse was entangled amid the timbers, but ths draw-keepers got him out by the aid of a boat. The buggy Ts said to be crushed up. Tub Cluiino Kxbbcises of Mrs Kingsford'a Young Ladies Seminary will take pUce at the Thirteenth-street Baptist church, on Wednesday morning next, commencing at ll)f o'clock. The exerclaea will conalat of the reading of compoaitiona by the membera of the graduating claw? nine In number?and an addreaa by the Hon. Luclua<4 C. Lamar, of Miaa The programme will be Interspersed with mualc on the piano forte by the young ladlea No doubt a large number will be present ou thiaoccaalon. hvijnsg *?es*!o??s or the Houki to comJ mbnck u.n Monday ?The Houae yesterday resolved to take a recess after to-day from half-past four o'clock until seven in the evening. Thoae of our eltizena aud strangers who have not alftadv had the pleasure of witnessing the novel and brilliant manner In which the halls of our National Legislature are Illuminated at night, will I bus be afforded au opportunity of doing ao. The Gbasd Estbbtaismekt announced by Covenant Lodge. No. 13, I. O. O. P. at Anslostan laland. on Monday next, will no doubt be very I berally patronised. The affair la got up to aid la rebuilding their ball, which was destroyed by fire on the oth of February last, and will, of coarae enliat tbe general aympathy of the fraternity and their frieuda. See the programme in another column. Cbstbe Mabkbt ?An average attendance of dealera appeared In the^ market this morning, ,inl im luu|j|| Hun|uu tome armaria The quality of the produce was the best of tbe country around, sud tbe neat arrangement of tbe stands gave tbe market aa unusually attractive a,'[>~taranc?. The prices were about tbs same aa during the past week. M*. W ash mo Ton's New Picture, representing ' Marlon * Cauip on tbe Pedee, Sergeant McDonald bringing Ins Tory Spy.''said to be bis greatest work, will be on exhibition at Messrs. Philp k Solomons' Plae Art Gallery early next week, for two or three days only, previous to its re moral to Baltimore. Tnronen's Mcsstm or Axt, now on exhibition very evening at Odd Fallows' Hall, is, as we have said before, one at tbe most meritorious exhibitions of tbe kind that has ever been offered to i tbe public in any country, and should be witnessed by all of eur citizens before it leaves here. Tux Pic Nic ov tbi National Uuaxd at * rnugton Springs, on Monday next, Is expected It) be a Rrand affair, and will, of courss, be numerously attcuded by our citizens For jNtrticuian I ee advertisement in another column. I A - . Watch'* Italia ?Tbia afternoon and evening closes the exhibition of these superb painting*, wblcb bare been so universally aamir-d. At this I* the last night, Fenno will doabtl*as aurpias himself, for none but him can be his parallel. All lovers of the beautiful in nature and art will not f*il to be at WUlarda' Hall to-ni?bt. to giro beautiful Italia ,;s bcmper at p*rtlne.'' A Cas The articles published in tiro of the city papers and Baltimore Run concerning ine and a letter found in my poss-ssion are calculated, If not intended, to fnjnre my chaftcter They are so colored a* to make me appear to have been engaged la a conspiracy to bring persona living in Baltimore, and not entitled to vote, to Washington for the purpose of disturbing the recent election. There is nothing-la the letter to justify such a f ross charge upon me, and at the proper time and n the right place it will be proved utterly false I have been unlawfully imprisoned since Saturday last,deprived of every opportunity of proving my Innocence, and just discharged from cuatody because there tea* nothing found against me. Washington Is my home, my family living here while 1 was temporarily employed in NewJer ey. i never voted elsewhere, and verily believe I wu arretted and confined upon frivolous and unfounded pretexts to prevent me from casting my vote, or to gratify some personal malice These matters will undergo a thorough examination, and If abuse of authority is not screened by thoae In power, I shall be able fully to remove the slanders cast upon my good naine. June 8, 1860. Jeremiah R. Hickman. japanbsk Embassadobs' Likbnessbs for sale at Whitehurst's Gallery, Penn. ansae. Also Likenesses of all prominent men in the Union,including ill the Presidential candidates, at 51 a copy. It* Ho ! for Arlington#? Change or RortE.?The public are informed that in consequenoo of disarrangement of the Long Bridge, the safe and commodious steamer G. W. Riggs will run between Arlington and Fourteenth street bridge, making a Hp every hour. Fare each way 10 cents; children lialf price. Omnibuses will run to the lioat. jeft 2t B. F. Bevbeidge. No. 2f??The World's own should h* the title of :he Inilian Remedy, known as th? production of Naluneonitah, afterwards Mrs. M. N. Gardner, jailed th? Indian HaUam of Liverwort and Hoar bound. It cures Colds and roughs, and alleviates vll Lung Complaints. It is sold everywhere. ie4-lw,r Homeopathic Rbm*dim All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expremly for family use, in box**, at 25 and an cents each. A No, in case*, containing 20 vials, from S4 to ?"> pach. with tiook of full directions. For sale by / rt <-:l ?? ?> ... ' u. mj. unman, .i?m? ra. avenue, WllUie?le an<1 retail a<?nt: \V. A Fitzgerald. 353 north F street: ?lao by F. B. Winter, north corner of K street and Vermont avenue. AUo, Pn%4'* Ertrar.t nt Witch Hnt'l, for internal ami external inflammations of ill kinds. Sold as above. ina9ly Barry's TaicoPHiRotrg ia the best and oheapest article for Dressings Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Reitoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drugcista and Perfumers. mar 12 6m MARRIED. On Thursday evening, 7th mst.,bv Rev. John N. Coombs, Mr. AVM. PULLIN and Miss ANN IK LUCAS, all of \\ anhington oity. * DIED. In Georgetown. D. C., on the 9th inst . at the ate of Mrs. CHARLOTTE SEDGWICK STfi VF.N8. wife of Gen. H. L. Stevens, and daughter of Mr. Abraham \V. Sedgwick, late of Rochester. N.Y. Her grandfather was Gen. Ca'eb Hyde, of revolutionary memory For ni&ni months she *n< an iincomp'aming sufferer, and as the wounded bird flies to 'he parents' nest,and the siok and suffering child seeks refuge in the mother's bosom, so did her sanctified heart look heavenwa'd in its affllotions. In the minds of her husband and her ohildren her memory will be blended with all that is best and loveliest in their reool lections. Em inently fitted to grace the social oire'e, home wa? nevertheless her cherished sphere, wh->re. as a devoted wife and tender mother, she beoame the the centre <f ever* beautiful and hallowed influence. Summoned from earth in the meridian of life, she surrendered herself to her Father's will with beautiful submission, and has bequeathed t<> those who loved her the legacy of a bright and lovely example, which wiil speak from her silent gmve, and forbid them to " sorrow as those with out hope." Thefuner&l will take pla?? to-morrow, Jure in, at6 p. in., at her residence. 14ft High street, Georgetown. D. C. I Rochester, N. Y., and Detroit pap*ra oopy.l LOST AND FQUNDT" LOST?Yesterdav afternoon, a DAGFEREOTYPE LIKEN'ESS of a lady. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at this office, as it in highly priced by the owner. It* IOST?On the 8th of June, between Maryland -J avenue bridge and the Baltimore Depot, a marcker PFRSh, containing ?.V> I will pa* .?20 in* ni me r>i?r umro ; manv rhsnki to the finder. je? 3t* C<A*fE TO MY PR EMI9E?*. on th? ?th May, / a young BAY MARK, with b ack rnane ffv and tail, atid white rtcn; If ft hind foot white. The ownrr is requested to come and ? rove property, pay charges. ami take lier away. ELLEN McFADDKN, je 3-St* Army Magazine. IOi*T-On Thursday, 7th inst., Ix*tween theCapA itol and Navy Yard, an endorsed CHECK on th? Hank of Washington, |V?r .$<M.iki, drawn l y /. \V M^Knew and pavabletotlieorderof Mia Mary A. I'evlin. It ia useless to anyone but the owner, a* payment ha* been stopped. "The finder will conf >r a great favor to the owner by returning the an me to 331 Sixth at., Navy Yard. It* STRAYED OR STOLEN FROM THE SUBa?riber on the 7th of J line, 'i HORSES, ..... um^iii u.iy unrnn well -- "**" Jf , lilin<t in the left eye; between 7 and 8 >?a *?'' id; asinall lnmpoa hi* foot b twee? the paoture inint and hoof. Th* other between & dark bay ami brown; a nart horse; a mark on hi* nfoul'ler from the collar; lame in the left iiind le :: Iwth hind (net whit*: blind in W?th eve*; supposed tu be between I 9 and in year* old. A suitable reward will bo given if retirtned to JAMES L). FOWLER. I street, No. 107 between 2*1 and 24th sts. je ft-3t* District of Columbia, county or Wa?hisoto!??To wit: I hereby certi- rv fy 'hat Riehard Butt. of *aid eoui.ty.'L^I brought before me, a* a?tra>. tre*pat>?iiig^^i^' on hi* enclosure, a brown chestnut IIOnSK. ab ut 12 year* old, 14 hand* high, a *tar in hi* forehead, two white feet, end one shoe on. Given under niv hand and *eal. tin* Rtli dav of Juc.lMO. THOS. J. WILLIAMS. J. P.. THE OWNER OF THE A HOVE I'ROPERt* i* reqested to come forward, prove property, pay charge*, and take said horse away. R CHARD BI TT. je B 3t* _ Second toll gate. Seventh st. PERSONAL. t..~ .. . copartnership. nh i naer?iene<t, to carry on more effectually tho Lime, Wood and Coal Business, has a?sociat?d with him, an the i4th ultimo, Mr. John A. Stewart, of the lat" firm of Sullivan A St?wart. Onr firm hall hereafter be designated by the name and title of FenwickA Stewart. I hereby terder niy thanks to my patrons, an I do moHt earnestly solicit their patronage in futuro. Office?Corner of and "eventh street, je 8-3t* W. A. F EX WICK. Daily stage link between wash INGTON CITY AND ar LINGTON MILLS. oonnectin?<ii?|^r* ^ with the Loudoun and Hampshire V>9 Wlr^ir* Railroad, leave Washington at o'clock a. ni. Fare So cents. - ta^o office at Ma tin's Franklin Hotel, corner of Eighth and D sty. jeS-lm* JOHN H. KELCHNKR, Prop'r. A FHELAN'S BILLIARD TABLE FOR SALE.?We have for sale at a /, % sieat bargain a Phelan's Combination Cushion Marble Bed Billiard Tabls. fufCI nearly new. in oomplete order, and * * warranted true and oomplete WALL A BARNARD, je 5 Auot'rsand Commission Merchant* P NOTICE. ER8ON8 Desirous of havin* their niniit?? ucated thorough1? In tho English and German L&diuwm, wili do wall by oalli"? >hp<n the principal*. Messrs. WaTKR^A. WEI l , at the sohool on O street. above Mr. Ryon's grooery. Tmn< $1 Kr month. The terms and the manner in wtiioh ?y teali the children, make it one of th* most desirable school?in the oity. je 6-2w* NEW BOOKS. ' ISRAEL's Curiosities of Liternture, 4 volume*; library editiou. Waverly Novels, complete in 27 volumes; half oalf. Sharles Dickena'a complete Work*, M volumea. ooper'a choioe Works, 20 volume*; full calf; very fine edition. Dean Swift's Worka, complete in 5 volume/;; lia'f calf. Addiaon'a Worka, 6 volumea; half calf. Johnson's Works. 6 volumea; half calf. At the cheap Bookatore of ben. f. french, jei-lw 8TS Pa. av., bet. 11th and 12th *ts. Fifteen of those extra fine English straw BONNETS, just reo iv.d by - r.o. stevens. je 4-ti 336. between 9th and luth ata. ?ftissaftg,g" " "T"" READY..M^sE P'ARD.?The public are respectfully informed of , \ j our inUiitinii *A ' *" ..... .V uuiif vm UIIKUBU K) a CIOH U soon as possible. On Monday next we will commence to run off our took. All CHOICE FOREIGN AND STAPLE GOODS will be offered at ooat. Other goods lew desirable will be tolii for leu than ooit. Our stock is in exoellent condition, and embraoes a variety per hap* than any o h*r in the city. JET11 No. 334 Pa. avenue, je Ht between 9th and loth streets. /COCKROACHES, RED BC88, ANTS, v MOTHS and every other Insect can be eu I it mot roitsMi. Persons putunit away Carpet*, | Jtc , for the snmmer. sboa'd not Cat' to u? this ar- . fesvr # ReMAINII^g" the WMfctnctoa City, D. C., Jan# 9. ISO. [Ordered to be ineerted is the Errant* Stab, it being the Mwcptp?rhann? the iargett eircu.atioa of ar.y dwly mer pabiithed in W?ii.infton.) ID" All pereoae applying for letter* in the followir?iTi?t. will pleaee mt tker are adtc*t:-eb. A>?. M'? Miry A To^Hr, Mr? Ad >, Mri Miry Ai;l>TH, Miu A F?ntl?roj, Mi.s V Ricli..rJ??o, Mix Bi "if. Mt? Wm Pnquli Mr? >1 3 Kf 'wood, Mrs M'y Jriiki Mm M?r* Goddard, Mrs M'As Rufold, Mrs Bio?u, MuFR Grogiu.MrsM Russtll, Mr? C Blicfct M-is M'y 8 Grit*old, Mr? Rj*? Miss Kilcn Browx, Mri Huun Glasec, Mr? <" Robin ?o?,MiasAgn's Br-? ?, Mrs M Hill, >1rt M I. Smith, Msry I Bircri. M ss Lil'l Hunt, Miss Emmi H"iiw, Mm Emi r Bis?, Mrs K P Hall, Mri St??, Mrs John srinii.^llliluClKi Jill Joa 8<?l, MtlC Brgly, Julia Hoi inn, Mm JBi Schlorb. Mr? M S Beehtel.Mrs MPS Harrison, Mr*Mt R 8h ifer, Mr* M?rj S Mr> S A Jokium, MiuRi'el 8<bistiaa, Miu R Brimu, Mim H Jacoba, Mrs Louis Simon, Mm E Brown,MrsFrsnces Jamisoa, Mr* Eiit< ftthroalilv, Mr* Jas 8 Brow niiir, Mr* L A Johnson, Mi?* Ann S<ntry, Mm Mtrjr Buley, Mr* Re'ct Keen*, Mr* Elu'tb Snider, Miu M J Berne, Anna Kirg, Mr* Adal ide Tj*ett, Ellen Browuaagh, Mr* M Keith, Mix Cath'e T>;lor, MiulC Choate, Mr* Rufua Keckly, Mr* E Thompson, Mm E CuM, Mn B D H Lake, Mr* Agnes Turner,Mim Anna E City, Mr* Elti'th Lawrence, Mm A Tbo<p&*,Mias Abu M Colwell, Mr* Sallit Leadbeater.Miss A Vermilfcrr. Mm 8 E Can>pbf il, Mr* M Lobdell,Mis* Annie Wuki, Mr* V Cartia, Mr*Sarah Lip.irj, MnJ W 2 Wec,Mt?eC?*and*n Cartar, Mr* Emily Lt?u, Mia* Car'e Wella, Mm Snaan Cameron,Mm Zeua Mather*,France* E W?l?h, Margaret Coleman, Mia* M Manton,Mr*Walt*r Wells, Mrs Sasaa Carter, Mia* Mary Mathews, Miss M Webster, Mrs & Crammer, Mrs J McMailer,Mm 8 2 Wilie.t, Mra E Carroll, Lisxie McComb, Mra Walker, Mr* C Dante, Mrs McNamara.Mm M Willetts, EC Donnelly, Mrs John McCsrtry.MmC Wiiktuson, Mr* W t Donglaa. Mm R Nicholas, Mm M'y Wslksr and family Danner. Mra M'y A Parker, Mm Vir'a Woodland, Mrs L DaTia, Mrs Isaac Patterson,MissMAS Williams, Mm M Daly, Mra Ann R Prindle, Mrs Andre Willett, Miss M E Emory, Mrs Marc*! Parker, Mrs Cor'* W e a wall, Mra J Edwarda, Mra M'y Piggott, Mra M E WilUrd, Mrs J Edward*, Miss J Perry, Mrs Mary West, Clement L Emerson, Mrs A'lie Piggott, Mary Young, Mm Sallia INITIALS?Mm H H OENTLEMEN'8 LIST. Andrews, Wm D Gage, A Opperman, Mr Atridre. Wm w a n M. Alexander, T B Hail, Col W H " 0'Bri?a.~M Allen, B Harria, Wm Olda, ProfJO Aoderaon, J G Huntington, Tltoa Orerale, E E Aider, HO Holland, TH Purdy, W H Amea, Ret A H Hohtneen, T Povcri Thoa M Allan, A C Honier. &idnev Powara, Tlioa Buck, W A?3 Hair, Siu l Power., Tboe F Berry, WB Heuniug. R Powell, Robi H-2 B.?iley,Wm Hon .li?n, Rcbt Porter, R H?4 Bryant, W M ? 3 Henley, Pat Pluliipa, N D Boyce.WM Harley, Re? Mr Paton. Mich Btilay, W m?3 Howe, Mr Piukera, Mr Bmrd, Tlioa H Hutching., L L Pope, Catt John Brady, 8 P Hull.Johu Putt., J R Boweu., SH Hale,J.iaE?3 P.ire, J A Brick, 8 R Hall, J W Poten.JL Bacon, Renben He.ton, } A Power, Jai E Brew.ier, MP Hrde, T B Pe'.ttjulin, Jb D Boweu, Uen L L Howella. J C? 3 I'arker, John M Brown 4 Co, Lewi* Hin.tcher, Jo. Payne, H B Booth, G G Handle, John Pitteraon, Holmoa Bibli. J M Hendrir keen, J H Philapt, H M Blair, Jaoiea Harita, Jainea Prunge, Edward Baker, Jaa L Heuderton, Joe Prince, E Burleigh. J A HyJt, J B?3 Prenua, C G Bradford, J O Honey, Joa F Petut, C H Burton, J B Harrington, H 8 Paine, A G Baluer, Dr John Howell. H W (luinn, R B Brt>uki, H8_ _ H in laon, Capt G Riplv, V Uanon, li?o V r ttoop, (ieo Kudnun, T J B\il?y, r W Ho<rd, t W Rn>.tU, Or 6 B Brown, ET HidiIow, 1)C Rice, John H Biowne,E I Houston, D C Rotekme, J A Bayje, Edward R H?ckeng, D P Ryan, John Barney, DN Huleu, O Robiuccni, H W Boodey,DL Howlett ? Chate Roren, H W Bradley, C S Hughes, Dr A Rogers, H N Barton, C A Hyde, A L Rolphy, H D Co*nijr, Wm Hyde, A O Raauay. F Coie, Wathtngtou lugraharn, W P ftwch, E W Cahill* Wm Irwin, Jaa Rod, D L Cartur.Thoe Jocie*, W F Reed, B R # Clark, Robt Jackson, J P Seymour. W F Cooper, M A Johusou, J T Snecdea, W C Clark. Lawrence ieuninp, J M-2 Schwartz, SF Chase, John Johnson, Henry Smith, ? A | Con, Jos D Johnson, Ely 8aw?, Rudolph j Clark, Dr J W Johnsou, A & Scott, Robt Craige. Jae Keeter. Wm E Shea, Pat Curry, P 8 Kiur,T Butler Simpson Norton 4Co Clayton, Jas M Kimber, Thoe Smith, L T Condeil, Jos I) Knight, S IV! Sirnmes, J B Carer, James Keley, Miles Steele, J T?2 Colwell. J Kurtz, Capt J D 8cott, John Cabell, H C Kenney, John Speaks, J H Chipman,GW Relcher, Jae T Stewart,Jos Cljde.GC Kirby, J B Stryker, John Carton, E T Keith, Dr J R Stewart,J B Canfield,DR Kendall, Dr J B Snyder, J S C.mfieId, D B Keller, Edes ft Co Sh.tfier, John Cram, C C Ketfar, Ltaui!?ft Sclnndier, J A Cheever, RH~I Kuochi, Conrad Sterling, J V Charles, B R Linton, W H Sanderson, John f'.lA I u ... i. - Cox, Alex S Lynch, W F SUter, H A Dturee, W W-J Lee, Dr W T fcibley, H-2 Ur*b, W O Loyd, Win tjimom, H (i Dixou, W 1' Lee, Dr W 8?2 Hiewdit.Hentj Demptey. Thot Louiax, Thot A Smi'h, G A Dr^yion, Tlioi F l.e ?^ue, Thos M?3 Hirumes, G G C Divj,Tunoihjr Lewis, Thos L 8<unders, F P Denne, P Lehin ui, RO Himth, Francis Downey, P.ttt Linton, P Sullivan, ? L ?U Doyle, John Lowe, N M Scheefner, Edward Dickenson, J P I.ote, J W Shields, D E Daw, John Lynun, J I) Stewart, C B- ft Mr*: Lieo L tthrop, Dr G A Sinith, C H Davis, K R1 Lloyd, Geo L Smith. A R Dairy, Chat Letter,Ferant A Co Snow, C D Doniii.gueft, C Lxder, B 8cruhen,CB Dunn ? Clark Lackey, Andrew Snow, C H Dillon, C L Moore, W B 8?2 Schux, Cl.rk Dolmey, Thos Martin, Walter Smith, Ch*s Eacrt, Wm Mom, William Taylor, W II Kr^n, W B M <xweil, H.tml Tiiore, H m Elliott, Mr Aluuiui, K Tho:m?, W H Euma, J J Milliken, Sainl T tt, .iunl Evaas, J R Major, R Terrell. J?? E Eatfcey, J C M-lbrry, Rf? N Ticklor, Re* JG fcdpr, Rf* J V Morris, L Turner, J Fr?tier, Wm Mur^n, J*s L T??orndyke, Geo ii Pitxjerald, W P N Mai.mi.?, J C Thomp?on, Geo?1 Fiugemld, W B Morjrui, J L? 2 Thort>orn, Lt C ? Frabklin, Thos W Mm??f y, J is tpna, W H Field, 8 Miller J 8C-t Vosburp, Edward Frisbie, R K Murray, lie* J 8 Vamell, John T Foster, Ro^t Marshall A Co, J Veigfci. Frederick Fackler, John G Mortn, Is.iiah Wilson, V P Farley, John Morris,!! W?3 Wrightsou, T rrancis, J ?? i>iuirr a 11011*1011 vt iirei*r, 1 n Franklin, J W Moore, Geo Wolf, 81ml M? 3 PeiiJrii'k, H Morns, (iro Wnonohon, R?% P?ai|0 W Miner, 8 8 Wynn, Richd 1, Fischer, K Theo Moesler, Geo ?ppich. M:<i P tun, Efiward M.?vnarJ, K W-xte, MaJst Pitch,V H Mo'ran, Elijah W rif hi, L K<arsw),(' D Morris, 1C r Wolf, Jamea M Godwin. Wiu Mum, E Willi ims, Jam's Grsat, W S Mor-n, Enoch Watson, Major I Gihsoci, W S Moore, B W Wilson. John F Grimes, W L Mitchell, A H Wisw til, H Gates, T B Moran, Omar* Wells, H Green, 8 K McPh#r*on,C Wilder,Geo Gensberrer, L McPougtll, Dr C W ilin g, Geo M Gibson, Lt McSjt.11, Prof Wheatoa, F Green, Jes?ee MeCoj, W R Whan,g, E K Godwin, il> McCallt, Win Wheeler, C?2 (insvoM, J P McAvoir, Win Warrmao, Capt Goodman A Bro Noble, U 8 Want, C W Graham, J W Newell, 8?2 Wirgin, B Garrand,J?i Ntion, 811111I1 k Co W ?.too, Amos Greulhrop, Henrj Neil, J t White, A 8 Grifho, Hugh Neal, John York, PI? % Gross, (ho W Over ill, Thos 8 Younglove, I Gardner, D E O'ttrion, Thos Y mcej, H L Giimore, A Osbom, Mr York, Geo 8 MISCELLANEOUS ? Supt of the Asylum; D. L. D ; Coitou Plant; Examiner; \%?sh. Patriot. [17'LETTKKS MUST in ALL CASKS BK PREPAID. June 9 WM. JONES. P. .M. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTB For other Georgetown advertisements see Jirtt pagt F'OR SALE OR RENT?In Georgetown, a BRICK HOUSE, on Frederick, betwen 3d and 4th *treet6. Inquire of JAMES L. CARBERY, lot* Second *t. if?lt Ff STRAY- Taken up by tffe ?ub?cuber, on June J id, a small gray (Ilea bitten) HORSE <?v He majr be seen at Mr. JOHN LANG'S Stable, on Hi<h etreet, near the canal. Tlie^^ownor is eq neetod to oome forward, prove his own eriihip. f av charges, and tak- him awav. je 8 3t J EFFER*ON GARR1SON. 1 Cf| JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBLS WHISKY, (assorted.) l*t do. HERRING a d ALE WIVES, 25 uo. KEHNED SUGARS, 10 hhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 Wil?. f Bayfield) WHITE Ff 11, 25 box?* p ime Eastsrn CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUE, j? 8 Georgetown. D C. FOR NEW Y ORK.?The Yoiktown, Captain Wogloin, will sail as a hove on SATURDAY, 9th instant. V<,rjdZk. light freight apply to MoCOBB * DODGE, je7 6:? Water ?treet. FH>R SALE OR FOR RENT-With or without the Furniture, the thorough-built HOUSE. 1*20 Beall at., next to Christ Church. !>aid hnu?e i? in good order; contain* 14 room*, with all modern convenience*. Will be sold on accommodatjug terms,or rented as above. Pokieasion given immediately. Apply to Mr. CURTIS, ou the premise*. Georgetown. NEW EASTPORT HERRING, HALIFAX HERRING. MAGDALENE FURRING, LABRADOR HERRING. WO l>arre|? prun* A No 1 Labrador HERRING. ?> do Eaatora HERRING. All in uplendid condition, daily expected per achoouer J. vV. Shaver, and for sale b* HARTLEY A BROTHER, a IS l w ao,.Jin< .i (i. ... I/OR HARPKR'S FI-RRY.-CHANGE OF Da \S.?On and alter July 2.1KU. k the itoamcr ANTELOPE, Capt. J. Will*,carrying the Unit?d mail, will ?>ave Georgetown EVfRY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., an<t return evrr* Tueeday, Thur?day and Saturday. N. B ?The Antelope will run at before until the above date. je 5-2in* FOR SALE.?Th? fine and well known CANAL STEAMER HE -ALD. lately -JP*? ^ runntrg between this place and Cum ber land, will be di?po?<*d of at pri vate^ ^ 1" ?ale it applied lor on or belorw Tuesday, the 12th in it. 8t?e can be en at Mr. ioa. Boucher'* wood and eo?t wharf, n?<ar Ifte market, where any information may If ha<1. If not previou?lr diipu ed of he will be offered at auction at that place on Tuesday, 12th June, at 4 o'clock p. in. Term* n.ade known at th? *ale. Jes-lw BENJAMIN BOHRER._ f HKWINU Ull^UINVo .VADIE8 Am r que'ted to mlltt t)>? teener. Mr?. JaEVIS'8 TRIMMING MURK. 101 Bridge ?tn?n, Geor geto vn, aitf examine the beet Laid. Wehrtfr* CoIme'ovwiTuhtS'tJtch *?aVrSl'mZ*? itfr,u 1 BoBdon ?e^inf Maohiae. "rl?* #<" to >>*. je S-*ol m PQ1 IBNT-TImUdeeirable BRICK DWKLLT IN(5 on the corner of Wert ami Cowrm lately occupied by Mre. Col. Carter/There t? a (r<*en houM attached to the building. Applr at No. 136 Cong fee rt , Georgetown. ma W-tf I )RKS? TJilMMING8,of u? tajstrtrl". ! >-? 336, wmw i, .!.. * * GEORGETOWN. C*rT*tT**dtmi* if Tk* Stm GiomasTOWK, Ja? 9, 19W. We haw afw bid the pleasure at r*c*rdl?f i more b*rotr * inUMMttk* k?? ?fc?? 1 formed yceterday by Cbarlea. aon of PaliceO^cer Sebastian, of our city. White aom* children were playing on K atreet bridge, one of their number, a little girl about acres veer* at age, fall overboard. Our hero, bearing the crlaa of the frightened children, hastened to the apot. and &*c ruining the cause of the alarm, immediately jumped overboard at a point where he aaw a bonnet floating When the l'ttle one row, a be immediately seized him and dragged blm under, bat he struggled manfully, and finally aocceeded ia reacuing bia charge from a watery grave Our hero la but fifteen yeara of age. ana auch a commendable act, in one ao young, deeervea to be widely circulated At the meeting of our City Counclla laat evening, the Board of Aldermen paaaed reeolutiona in favor nt 91 la by ft Co ; in relation to M ra Boyce; to aupply a deficiency in the appropriation foi pure haw of hoae, fcc ; and providing for repaira of the arch on the weat aide of the market-house? thia laat with an amendment making Wm King an aaatatant commiaaloner on aaid repair*, wbleb amendment was concurred in by the lower beard. In the Board of Common Council they had a high time over the police ordinance?the question being on concurring with the other board in their amendment, which provide* for the diamlaanl of turn r%f fK? ?? "? ? *u - * ?* - * * * ? ? - uv vicvcui ivrvr VII IOC in UI JUiy nfXI, and an election on tbe first Monday In January annually thereafter Thoae who voted for concur* rence were Meun Dunlop and King? 2 Those who voted against were .Messrs Fearaon. Hill, MeCobb, Pickrell and Stake?5 So tbe amendment wji not concurred In. Mr. Tennev declined to vote \V? hare not time to do justice to the discussion this morning, but will give it in full In our regular report There will be a lecture delivered by the Rev. Then as H. Stockton at the Methodist Protestant Cbnrcb ou Congress street on Thursday evening next The subject will be announced in the Sthr previoua to that day. The pic-nic of Covenant Lodge, I. O. O F., at Analcston, ou Mondav. promises to be one of the most agreeable entertainments of the season, and we advls# all who want a day of unalloyed pleasure for themselves and families to attend The advertisement of a strawberry festival at Rockville, noticed in our letter of yeeterday, will be found In another column to day One hundred and sijty-four beef cattle were sold at Drover's Rest yesterday at per pound gross; 136 went on to Baltimore, and W are left over A very largre supply of sheep and Iambi were selling at 92 25a$3 50 each a n > t.v> auti lun OAijUiO. For other Auction Sales, tee first page. By C. W. BOTELER * SON!*, Auctioneer*. fcJALE OF RICH EMBROIDER IE?. LAO* c5 Goods, .Mantilla*. *c., at ArcTioi.?On TUESDAY MORNING. June 12th, at 10 . 'jlook. we'ball Mil. at our A notion Rooms IrJn Hail an extensiveand handsome collection of Embro defies, Laoes Ao , outlasting in part of Tit : Real Meda'un and Valencia Lace Sett and Col lars. Black La*e Shaw s and Mantillas, Real Round Print Laee 9?t- aiid Collars. B ack Lace Veils. Capes and Coiffara?, ^<>int Ap lque Lao* Collars and ?ets. Fancy Silk and P ain Fans, "iati FniOr"idered Handkerchiefs. Rea Point and Valenoia La e do Embroidered Bands and Tidies. Sets and Collars. Honiton and Guipure Lao* S*t? anH Collars llsir Pins, Com: s, Mits. Gauntlet*, Glove, Ac. Forming an attractive sale ?ell worthy the at tention of tne l.adie*. Sale to continue uuti a i is disposed of. TVrms cash. j?9 d n. W BOTELER A SONS. Aucts. Bi J. C. McGU.RE A CO., Auctioneer*.! By virtue of a deed op trust duly recorded in the land records of \Va?hiogton oountv, 0. C , L ber J. A. S . ful'o If)*, wiil be sold on MONDAY, June 11th, at 5o'olock p. m.. on tl.e premises, in the city of Washingtoq. D. C . L< t* numbered 4, 5,6, 7 and 0. in Sauare namuered I n7?. Lots numbered It and 12, in Square 1.121. and Lot No. 2, in Square 1,12>'. Terms of sale oath. MALON ASHPORD, Trustee. je 1-d J. C. MctiUIKK A CO , Auct?. By J. C. McGL'IRE k. CO., Auctioneer!. PfMRST CLASS* RESIDENCE o* E STREKT. Bktwus Fifth *\d Sixth stkkkts- at Pv?llc Sal* ? On MON1)aY AKlfcK ?00(V, June llth, at six o'olofk, on the premises, we ?hai! off-"r for aaie a large > n 1 handsomely-furnished private rendenoe. cituated on the north side of E street north, between 5th an>i 6th street? ween. Th?* Lot has a front of over 2R feet aud a depth of 72 feet; the Hrnee is 9) f?et, four s'ories h?h. oo'taining 16 or 18 rooms, with a fine eel sr under the whole bui'ding; is built in th* tnoct superior manner, of best materials, with al the modern improvements. The arraieement of the front and the central location of this p oeerty renders it particularly-deiiraMe for professions! gentlemen, havinc two iront entrances, *? <>( which can he u?ed as an offiae; both entrances are furnished with brown store step*, and the iront of the building is an excellent lmita'ion of brown stone. Persons in want rf % fine res;dence should attend this sale, as the own?r is*<i to sell. Terms: One- fourth oash; the residue i?i 6, 12. and 1* months, With interest, eeouted by a deed of trust on the premise*. 'J itle indi?put&i> . r, ,) I c'iu L- i. rn ?? v .. v. tuuu u 11\ < a. v> v; ? aucik. Kj DOW LING ; Georgetown. K7IRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION r on MONDAY aFTKKNOON next, the lltfa instant, at 5 o'clook, I shail sell, in trout of th> premises. Couth part of l<ot 213, fronting l.S feat on Freceruk street, hy S6 feet in aepth. with the lm provements, hein* a tarea story Frame Dwelling neariy new. T^rmiofn'*: One-third caah ; l*!anoe in f and IS rr.onths, for approved endorsed notes, bear in* interest. je 7 ts THQS. DOW LING. A net By J. 0. McGUIRK A CO.. Auotioneera. QTOCKS AT AUCTION.?On MONDAY AF TKKNOON, June Uth,at half past4 o'olock at t!ie auction rooms, we shall sell, for aoc<>u t of tiie "Provident Association of Clerka," the following Stocks, in sums to salt purchasers? 92.fi5> Bank of tli? Metropolis Stock, 5,900 Corporation of Washington Quarterly Six eer Cent. Stock. 75-> Farmers' add Mechanics' Bank Stock, Chesapeake and Ohio Canai Preferred Bonds 6(> Certificates of Funded Coupons do Terms cash, in current funis je 6-d J. C. McGL'l w F A CO.. Auots. Bt C. W. BOTFI.KH * ?M?N? A t'RrsTtE's saj k ok superIok Full 1 MTORE BUXi THI K.fTIRE >PFKCT? OF THE Clarendon Hotel - Hj virture of a deed in trutt bearicg date Jai.o&rj .Sth. l>w>. and dul?reo?>rd<-d la Lib?r i, A.N, No. 190, foios from No. II? to No 1/7, one of the band Rro >rdc of Washington county, D C , I ?ha 1 pcoeed to ae<) on the prom laea odTHUKSDaV. June^8th,at loo'oiook a in., aland amgu ar the goidaand cha'tela ooit?ined in the baiTditig k own as the (:!arendoi> H't? situated on th? i>outh^a*t of Penuajlvam* avenue and 6ih ? re?U. via. ??ne Superior Ko.ewood Piano F<-rte, Elegant fcite of Roaewood Parlor Furniture, k&r?e Gut traiue mantle atH I ler Mirn ra ich aetta of H.ooatale and Lve Curta ua. Voivct and H.uaaeia Pari, r Chamber and Ha! Carp-tin*. Roaewood, ? a nut. Mahogany and Oak aeita of Ch?-''brr FuruiMre, Curled Hai a .d other Mnttreases, Pillowa and idolatera, HAnketa.-ueea, Comfor*a, Counterraeni, Towela, 4o., Wain t fcxte aion and Round Dining Tablet, Oak I'inicg Room Cha ra.Uaa Chandt-liera, An <?xt-r.eive variety ofChinaGiae?and < nK-karv, Krziwi riAiou vaivun, ?>i.iwr JL itnei, t ji Kf I' 0 Spoo is, Tab ? Cuti?ry *o, B?- Room Furniture anJ Fixtures, Cooking I'tenaila A.c. It i> d^crued unneoeaaar? to partiouianze the arcontained in tin* v?ry ha'daoiteiy / "n ?h?sJ <abitahin-nr. To paraoua in queatof good boie . old furniture, it preaeuta u> atuacti. n-, aa tUe collection ia verj larre, e 01 bra uuk the cootent* of about forty finely furmalied rcoma, a I of whioh ia of the mo?t ?up*n?'r and aul>> antial character and in exoalleat condition, hMiag been purchased new in January a t Ternu?3<v and under oa?h: o??r #40 and not ei f??s.,in? 9 (JO, 1, 2 and 3 months; over $1 M, 1, 2, 3 4 aud 6 m ?nth?, for appioved endorard .,ote? I. *rtnc lotnreat. hi) HAM., ruat?e. Tet dtd C W. BOTKLKK * SONS, Aucta H heeler M. Wiiann1! UlfRIVALED FAMILY SEWING MACHINES! , , Decidedly the moil Popu'ar And mo?t Perfect Machine* in the market: Making the "Lcck Stitch" Alike on both side* AT ALL PR ICES? FROM fiO TO flOO. ' With Fm Iimcmon, Both Print*! and Verbal, Given Fret of Chartt. At the Home of the Pureh&aer. P. J. STEER, AUMNT, je7-?o2w No. 488 JJE8T SPOOL H|LK ^.ND COTTON FOE i Jtt (lonn Wliitn. Hiii-k and fnlnrnl flunl Hillr ad Cotton ; th? (took k??tcorapl?tV. L*Jim ~?ao SM. batvMB Kh mm) Mth ?t?. af?ot of <? orer k Baker's celebrate doimimi <*fw;n|t-Ma~ ine. which i* eminently mpenor to x$nf *- 'v ,,tw, 0411 and m^8'ira Je t-9t ?VM*W?llSU?<idU*h elm. Wood coal 2?8 Pa- Av? H^^w. llx* ajiD 12:a Sx?.. i Mill aa 1 Waarf foot of tSvaajtaaott at.. I ir.a 17-tf B?low War P* pa la?bt. THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. I Bo?tor, Jbm 7.-TW M?a4i t Mr DM|h* for tu? Prwldracv rallied U gnmX faro* fct. packing Faneuil Hall with larg* crowd* NtM?, where ipaacbM were mkto ntdi Addresses were uli by the Hoi ftmrdr Johnson. J C KinnH|b dNIiMMa.lktHN 8.1. C*i if Oht?, tad ?ian very eatbostsstlr Resolutions wrre kdopM. mw?|( thai the >Den r*cy of MMenchussOs fk?or Douglas for the Presidency; endorsing the Charleston platform, and the non-1 nter von tloa doctr! do. that the Mum chusetts delegation art boood by every kMMftbl* consideration to oast their vote* at Baltimore for L'ouglas; urging harmony to Insure victory and after alluding to the fhct of Douglas receiving majority of the votea at Charleston, urgea the Ignoring of prejudices and unity of action North and South, pointing to the pant fldellt) of tho Northern Democracy aa a guaranty far tho future The R*UomI Medical CoavraUn N?w Have*, Conn., Jane?.?The hospitallU?n of oar cltlieas and tho courtesy of the Legislature have made the National Medical Ceo von tl on a subject of sbsorbing 1 uteres* to all claasts La?t night live large parties were given to various members of the Convention Professor S.lilman a grouuda were magnlflcenily lllaaraited w', h colored lights To night there Is a teral frstival at the State Houae, the Legislature having adjourned esrly to give time for preparations The baildlne Is brillisntr illumin?t?H portico la an"arch of lights To-morrow morning tbnf ta to bt a grand excursion to K<d Rock Do aflat MnalUg at Laara*tfr. UiiCiiTH. Pa , June 6 ?A meeting tm ?d*r> rale the claim* of Judye Douglas tht Domination for the I'reaidency by the Baltimore Convention waa held lut evening There wm a lar^e at tend wet Hon J Chapaeya waa rlaclrd president, and a acrlea of resolutions were adapted nvorlng the Cincinnati platform. approving of the doctrine of non-intervention, r?-v<vn:zTnDmiglas aa the leader of the democratic part . , endorsing the nomination of Mr FosW r fn* ?io? ernor. and advocating the Morrill tariff bill. Speeches were delivered by Mr. Chapneva, R.J. Haidenian, Lewis C. Can'.dy and other* Republican Meeting at Aabnrn A r>p>? v V Ic fv. d ww -? Cavu^a < ountv held a large rati float, on meeting at th? Court Houae in tbl* city last evening. Thspeakers were tbe Hon Theodore M Pomero* , delegate from this district to Ute Chicago Con veution, and tbe Hon. JameaC. Smith, of Cuudaigua Tbe meeting war tbe largest and moat enthusiasts tbat has been beid in this city ainre tbe campaign of 1-5* Tbe borne of J*eoatr?r Reward heartily responds to tbe nomination mmiii. Ci*CIHK*TI, Jnne 7 ?Henry Crawley, a tear her In tbe Mount Auburn 1'emale Seminary, while escorting two ladies bome from tbe Opera House last nig Lit, was attacked by rowdies at tbe eorner of Maine and Hunt streets, and stabbed In tbe breast, causing instant death Tbe murderer* are not yet arrested Acceptance of Lint sin aad Hamlia SPBinGr>*LD Mans.. June 8.?Hob Geo Atbmun, tbe President of tbe Chicago Gtmveution. has received letters from Messrs Lincoln and Hamlin, each accepting tbe nomination tendared t/v W.. a *a wv ??tui wj ?u?? vun tcuiiuu Dfttk of Jtka L. ' tkNlrrafl. Albast. N Y . June 8.?John L Schoolcraft dird at 12 o'clock ltst ntgbt. Tbe Intelligence ha? cart au unuaaal ft loom over tbia cttv. where his umny good aualitiea aa a citiien and virtues as a man t ndeartd htm to all claaaea * Ma Trsfili ( the Japaanf Baltimobe. June 9?The Japanese left b?re for Philadelphia, Id a apeclal tram, at half (nine] this morning Alriaadrla M irkrl Alkxa*t<ria, June 9?Flour?Family ?6 ?5a extra tG.jOafi 75; auper *6 37>? 6 00. W beat ?white, fair to good. *1 10 *1 45, red ft 25a SI.3T. Corn?white 6% 72c.; fellow 70*7*c. Rye Wa?CV. Oata 4(la44c. Corn Meal TlaNOc per b iat?el Seeds?Tlmotbv tV 50at3 51). Clover 5 SO; Flaaaeed *4 Prorialona? Butter, roll. l*a 3?r : Baron Htc ; Pork ?7a7 50 ; Lard 10al3c( WLlaky SlaSfe. Bait! vers Marksta. Baxtihobb, June 9 ?Floor closed dull, with no aalea; Howard street la held at SS MaM 75; Ohio and Cltv Mllla IS Oil Wheat closed dull, red ?1 30a?t.35. white l SOaSl 60 Com closed a', adv; yellow 70*7*"white 73a7*c, PrortaloBS el? sea firm, mess Sl?iaS18.t5; rump 914. Lard naiur cnuoauu imc . r? i?. . .*? > k. m Ni? Vom. Jute ? -Flour U lif?rr; St* e *'? 15a5. ?0: Ohio #A 7SaS ?#; Southern ?5 75M 16 lVh?t < heavy; m'verf Michigan *1 4ti Corn i? b loyat t; mix??d G3a<5 % ; South* a yel o* Wc P.-oT*a on are dull \? ntaky ?itcuf. Flaurtal Nfw Vol*. June 9 Stork* ruled quiet, but closrtl r Chicago and Rock IclandMif: III. Central ahare?6*i\; M icblcau Southern S4 * New Vork Central Readiug 41k; Va 8'? 03Si Mo 8'iNi 512 s 1Q n pain tin o. 512 THR ''HEAPFST AND BEST PLACE IN THE .CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALL ON II. W. HAMILTON. 514 SEVENTH STREET 51# AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. N B ?PARTICULAR-ATTENTION PAID To HOUSE PAINTING. J?T 2w LA CREME Ml ROSES BUnckt, MICHEL. Rrs Virtual. a Pane. BALM OF WHITE ROSES. Ventri*. the most oelel>rated of all European "Artiktr*." via remaiknble for her *xtraordn.arr beauty. Her complexion was of dasshnc fairnt>?r. No deftly co?m?tic ever reached her aaie ; from youth ahe ueed the BaJm. Comnooi coametioa preaentau uucarthly white, wheu the bright sunlight (all. upon th?*in, but the cioaeet ecrutiny in th? ?tron???t li*ht will ful to discover the uee of tb? Balm?it b> in# prepared with great ohemieal akill. Conrtiiit application mill insure perpetual youta mill heautv to the complexiou. render tM okin del irately cod, an t remove all eruption*. ecrofuia. Ac. Prepared by Mi she!. Rue Virienaa. Paria. je 5-At R. c. tTE^ESS. Agent. TatE?MlTH 8 juU *rr,r*1, *rre?., SIMMKR HATS aud CAPS ui abundance at 9MITH>. Seventh iL TRUNKS, I RI NK4. at SMITH'S. No. 460 S-vtit* ?t. oppo-it" Poet Oftoa ma ? WiuVtK curtl' tf(JT'ffcR COuLtHSk? The Oh' ap<<t mthiaoity. I have juat received a large lot, which I will eeli of at van tow price*. } * B.O. *OOQ.>?d Pa.a*. BLATK AMU WHITE NEAPOLITAN BON N BT8, of the largest and beet ana pea. jnet received al STEVENS'. je?-et 3 l?etween tth aad l?Ui iU. ENGLISH CRAPK, white. Mack aod tolored, of the very beat quality. F-ioee fair. j# 4-?t ."136. between ^to.ono rarda besovht?! SuWlLLSION. of mooch. lodies in went of the ntwre gooda cien de p-'ud upon being suited with the boe? article at the lowest cash prices, st bTEvINd', }* 4? sj?, tween hh md 10th ets|7? ' NOTICE. f or the benefit of the Ladies of wnehimton. georgetown. alexandria. aad their reeeeeti** vicinities I would state thetjut stock of reiJ' mvii bonn)it8udpkenchpu)uv.r|muiisun.i* large. AH bajors would ftnd it rreetlr to uteir advantage b? c?uiaf, before Jmtuh elsewhere. at e5r\ _fs 4 <t 336. between 9u? nod 16th e*a. ?1tizen6 and stoanger& -vmnsl XFITOjJS. riiw ??d CAWmm *rvl m b>CH FLOWERS M ??*r ooiiipi#t?, IM Will OOOTHHM M>, 1(1 kaUm pUt of lii Lac ?*w g<Kxi? t?tj vwk. JJI"1'* fy#r^ ,3?. WOOD! woo.* STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD. 1 & lov*?t "T^TL T. J. ft W. M. GALT, M ? *M ^ nth aiutfi^

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