Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. make home bright a5io pleasant More than txitliiing ?fcow? niansioas]uMo' .*a' " TnAI U ' ii'I w More than ?tat?n. po*? an<l ?wa> ? Make tour ho ito acu And ta?t ful, ? n?rp 60CI1 n^?r? in? i fv?? ( for e?h bottnty there. Mors than lofty 8welling title*? More than fashipn'i lannc glare? Morethan Mammon'* gil<to4 honor*? Mo#e than thought oan treii compare. Pee that horn* is ma?1? attractive _8jr MirrowMitMa sure and bruht. T,-??? a-ranged with ta?te and onl?, Flowers with all their sweet dalight. Seek to make your hum'- moat lovely. Let it It* a turning spot. Whore in ewaet eouteutment resting. Care and sorrow are forgot; Where the flowers and trees are waving. Bird* willsieg their sweetest tongs. Wher- the purest thonguts will ling ?r, Confidenoe end love belongs. Make ronr home a little Eden, Imitate Mr smiling bowers. Let a neat aud ?uiipl? cottage Stand among brunt trees and flowers. There fragrance and what brightness Will each blooming rose display, H?re a simple vine-clad arbor, Bri?htnes? through each summer day. Tnere each heart will rest contented, Seldom wishing far to roam. Or, if roaminc, still will cherish .Mem'ries of that pleasant home ; Such a Home makes man the better, Pure and lasting its controlHome with pure and surroundings , T Leaves its impress on the soul. OnmATio!** o? TBI Patbnt Office ?Thefollowing is a list of patents issued from U. S Patent Ofice for the week ending June 5, lii60?each bearing that date: P. W. Adaire, of Hay*a Creek, Mitt ?For Improvement tn ditching machine. M. C. Andrew#, of Lawrence. Matt ?For improvement in twinging bolsters for railroad-car trucks. Win J. Andrews, of Colmnbia, Tenn ? For improved sad Iron heaters. John Armour, of Helena, Ark ?For improvement In sharpening saws. T G. Arnold, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In drop-light joints. F.dward H Aihcroft. of Boston, Mats ?For improvement In apparatua for napthalizlng gatet Cyrnt Avery, of Tunkh&nnock, Pa?For improvement in gearing for horse powers. Wm D 4 r* Mt m ui. > .I'CIJ, "i vwbuuugc, ? rui are escape Leopold Bennett, of Pittsburg, Pa?For improved ?t?m valve. Joel Bowman, of Somprmet. Ohio?For Improvement In machines for <1 retains millstones Ju?eph Brakeley. of New York. N . Y.?For improvement in machine for separating the qualities of I wrk Henry Brandt, of Columbia, Pa ?For improvement iu bending teeth for horae rakes. Oeorge C Brower, of New Orleans, La.?For Improvement In gas torches Robert Bryson. of Schenectady. N.Y.?For improvement in harvesters. r backer V. Bush, of Gallatin, Tenu.?For iui# proveiucnt in houses for preserving roots. lH-xter H. Chamberlain, of W e*t Koxhury, Mass ?For improved fetd of leather-splitting machines. ^imon O Cheever. of Boston, .Mass ?For 1m provement in machine for mixing paints Solon A Clapp. of Hamilton, 111 ?For im provementin macuine for packing flour. >eward P. Cobb, of South Danvers, Mass.?For Improved machine for finishing leather. Henry Crane, of New York,N. Y ?For improved bridle-bit. John Di> ksou, jr.. of Brooklyn, N Y.?For Improvement in hat conformatures Thomas 8. Disntou, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improved machine for making talis for cross-cut aawt Henry Khrman, Joseph H. Khrtnan, and Henrv H Khrinan, of AnuviUe, Pa?For improved washing machine. H C. Fairchild, of Brooklyn, Pa.?For improvement in seed planters. Jamrs M Fish, of Buffalo, N. Y?For improvement in machine for weighing and baggiug grain K. L. Foote. of Springfield, 111.?For improvement in rock drills Wade H. Gilbert, of Bayou Goula, and H. O Ames, of New Orleans, La.?For improvement in apparatus for evaporating saccharine juices. Amos Glover. of Powhatan Point, O.?For improvement in corn and cob crushers. James Green, of Kennett Square, Pa.?For improvement in seed planters Samuel Hail, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement In coupling for shafting. John 8. Harper, of Baltimore,~Md.?For improvement ii core boxes. Win A Harris, of Providence, R. I.?For improved heel miard for boots and shoes. Vines Harwell, of Walker county, Us.?For .Improvement iucultivators. James A. Hawley, of Jackaou, Mich ?For improved composition for rooting houses. James Hoilingsworth, of Chicago, 111.?For improved apparatus for heating air by steam. J Burrows Hyde, of Newark, N. J ?For material for facing moulds for casting metals Flias T. lngalis, of Haverhill, Mass ?For improved machine for skiving leather. Hiraui James, of Barclay. 111.?For improved apparatus for measuring liquids. Reuben Jenkins, of Covington. Ky ? For improved bedsteads W. F. Johnson, of Wetumpka, Ala.?For Improvement in cotton cultivators Herman Kaller, of Perry, 111.?For improvement Jo grain binders Gibbous L Kelty. of New York, N Y. For proved window curtain. Balthssar Kltt.of Cincinnati,O?For improvement in riuglng bells. Stephen Krotn. of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in buttons. George Leach, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in poll cocks. John W. Logan, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in securing reef punts of sails. John Matthews, jr., of New York, V Y ?For Improvement in galvano-plastic coating for the Interior of metallic tubes juiia vw mcucoo ana Mtxn uummfr, ol Indianapolis. lnd.?For improvement in shingle machines Geo. Milliran.of Bybalia, Miss ?For improvement in cotton presses Matthew Mitchell, of Alton, 111 ?For improvement to seeding machines. Wm P Motti,ofGxeter.N H.?Forimjroved currying knife itan i?l Moyer, of New Hamburgh, Pa?For improvement in corn-planters. Robert .Vcoll, of New York. N. V ?For improvement in stop-cocks. ( Peter H N il^s, of Boston, Mass ?For improved telescopic drinking cup Frederick * Otis, of Brooklyn, N Y.?For improvement iu devices for manufacturing skeleton akirts George Palmer, of Littlestown, Pa.?For Improvement in pnmps. C. O- Plympton and H. M Plympton, of \Valpole. Mass.?For improvement In tempering steel springs. VV hitman Price, of Wayne county, N. C,?For Improvement in ploughs - Whitman Price, of Mount Olive, X. C ? For improvement in machines for planting cotton Lben Pr.ebard. of Waterbury, Conn?For improvement in calendar clocks. A H Ranch, of Bethlet^m, Pa ?For improved devices for drawing water from and supplying air to the air vessels of pumps, etc C F Ricbter, of Columbia, C.?For improvement in plough.. George \V . Rljjbtcr, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For Improved porter-bottle bo^es. Nathan 1) Ross, of Braintrein, Pa ?For improved churn. O. P Rowland, of Jamesport. N Y ?For improved elastic lining for boom-jaws-. J. S. Sammons, of New York, X Y.?For improvement in car couplings. Charles Scoheld, of Adams N Y , and Clarke Rice, of Watertown. N Y.?For i? Mwiug machine* George Scott, of Cincinnati, O ? For Improve, mfnt to moulds for jars. ? E A Sm?ad of iloga, Pa ?For improvement lu corn sbelleri. Charles F. Spencer, of Rochester, N Y ?For improvement in antifriction screws and nuts John K Staman, of Miflin, O ? For Improved boot and shoe wiper. Ptollatan Stover, of West Alexandria, O.?For Improvement in corn planters. James Strattou, -of Brooklyn, N V ?For improvement 10 devices for regulating the pressure at water in pipes. Jaaies Taylor, of South Dartmouth, Mass ?For iMv??aenl in liquids for fluid gas metres Titeooib, of Baltimore county, Md ? For Improvement In bar vetting machines. Richard Vose, of New York, N. Y ? For improvement in car springs. Thos Wall, of Jones Statloa, Ohio ?For improved bedstead. A ion to Warren and E. Dsunon, jr., of Boston, Mass ?For Improvement in banging turbine WfcnUS L Waddell and W H Waddell, of SUunton, Va ?Far Improvement in ear couplings. Char las L Williams, of Qutaey, rU ?For Improved detachable book for suspending boata. Thomas H Witherby, of Worcester, Mass ? i For Improvement In rotary eagleee. J sejjL Woodruff, of Hah way. N. J ?For Improvement In harvesters I.-im Woodruff, of Ann Arbor, Mlrb.?For ?n ImromHrri W hi lam B Brmei.t, of Philadelphia, Pa .assignor to bIniSelf and Jos Dougherty ?For Improved machine for cutting key asate, Ac. Chester Bollock, of fameatowo N Y , assignor to himself aud Ds Forest Weld, of same place ? For Isspcavemeat la naawlag machines i - J j Tt t I Isaac Cook, of Mount Pleaaant. low*, urignor to himself and Hagh McClure. of him plar? ? For improved wub board. Perley D Cummlngs, of Portland. Me , assignor to D. H Furblib, of tame place.?For improvement in chains PerievP Cummlngs.of Portland, Me.,assignor to D . H Farbish, of same place ?For improvement In gearing. Bivid rillennatim, of Lancaster, Pa., assignor mself and Nathaniel Baker, of Marietta, Pa.? For 1*1 proved variable cut-oft for steam engine? Henry W Fuller, of Brooklyn, N. V.. assignor to himself and Anthony W Uoodell. of aame place ?For Improvement In mechaniam for marking cloth In tewing machine*. Charles J Haywood, of Durham, Conn , assignor tf the Meyrlam Manufacturing Company, of ume pla? e ? For Improvement in making tin boxes VVm May, of Winchester. O, assignor to J de Bringe, E A. Ramsey, and W W. Ramsey, of same place?For Improvement in self-acting wagon-brake \vin A Noyes. of Boston, Mass., assignor to Harvev T Lltrhfield. of same place.?For improve! gauge for filling barrels. John C. Reed, of Cincinnati. O , assignor to himself and 3 K Hutchinson, of same place.? For improvement In picks. John F Schuyler, of Philadelphia, Pa . assignor to Win E. Lockwood, of same place?For Improvement in apparatus for dressing grindstones. John Tlebout, of Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself and Wm. Tiebout, of same place.?For improved bung-cutter. Joshua Turner, of Cambridgeport, Mass , assignor to himself, F. Guild. K. C. Daniell, and \varr??n Covell.of Dedham. .Mass ?For improved iiaw uiuc iui uuuiuk aim rruuuin|{ irnmrr. RfiMHt*.?The New York Rubber Company, of New York, N. Y.. assignees of Charles H. Hinckley, of stoningion. Conn.?For improvement in coating hosepipe. Jacob ttwartz, of Buffalo, N Y ?For improvement in grain and gram harvesters Cyr*nus Wheeler, Jr . of Poplar Bridge, N.Y., formerly of Venice, N. V.?For improvement in grain and grass harvester* Cyrus H. McCormick. of Chicago, 111 , assignee of I,. J McCormick. Win. S. McCormick, and Cyrus H. McCormick, of name place.?For Improvements in reap'ng and mowing machines. Cyrus H. McCormick, of Chicago, 111?For Improvements in machines for cutting grass, &c. Cyrus H. McCormi<k, of Chicago, 111.?For improvement in cutting apparatus ror machines for cutting grass, Sec,. Knm.non?Daniel Carniichael, of Brooklyn, and J.non C Osgood, of Chittenango, N Y. For improvement in dredging machines. AKK1VAL8 AT THE UOTHLS. W1LLA RDs*' HOTKl .-T K Tu-I. N Y; J Bryan, 1m;; DA I)i Necre, Pa; S Si Jauoejr, do; J S A K Jones and lady, Va; A ?* Carpenter and lad?, Mass; H 8 Magra?, Pa; Hon A <> Burtin, do; B H Miles. M<?; J ilolemao and ady, >?C; Misa Wright, r*a; Coi Simmonds an I lady, NV'; iVis? Crump, Miss; i. J Sproncie and ladj. do; T Shmidt, Ham onrg; W H Utc^. Tenn;J M r?;o broth. Pa: -?ov Pratt, Md; E Wilkes and 3 ladies, N V; C W May, do; W C Martin, flo; C De Rharie, d ; D I'mnoiland, do; Mis* -oh? idt. do; D De Ooicune, La; C Mara, do; A Uoiouria, d<>; J B Armenteros, Hava P Burtiettand ladi; t ana, Miss Burtiett. do; \ C Allen and fantlj. Mtxo; 8 .lit e, Mass; A > Bau I urn , <i<>; i j wyiii&u, c Kidinitun and !&<!?, Vl; F Richards. Nyi; G A Caldw?U. K?; 8 l>iokey, Pa; Maj J Caperton, Cal; Capt J W Rug sail, Ky; Mr and Mr* hdmonston, (); Geu J Gi<er, 'o; Gen H; J B Cacin Del: R Dolafield, .NY; Mr a d Mrs Whittles?, O; Mrs Wr jht, do; G Goodrich arid lady.Ct: A Deunefer ana lady, do; W Pierfiont, NJ; Miss Hale, ?. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J Hocc,N V; Mr Mitchell, J dodee-, G Harman, M '1 bompson, P Grain .1 Ly.nah, Md; W D Terry, Miss; John Pope, NY; l?octor J J ll%yes. Pa; l> S Plume,L B Rogers ana lady, NY; Thomas Miller. Onto; 8 N Simpson, Kansas; James H Smith. Ohio: K Sherwood. NY; T Schmidt, Bamberg; W MoDuffie. NY; J Brishen. Pa; J R Lock*tt, H A Look?u. Va; R C Par *o-i?, Ohio; I) D'nnett. La; J M Guiteari, NY; H M Jeter and lady. Ga; Mrs Wilson. Mrs Allen, Vs; John Forsyth, Ala, Porter Farley,NY; J H Grove and lady, ill; P Dorshetiner am lady. NY; Mis Clifton, N'Y; A Ash. Jr.C Peri?r, La; A Royden, Mass; J P Bounty, Mo; C Hathaway. Pa, 8 Feesen'teu and ! vl?. Main-*; J T Curral, Mo; J Herbeit, La; U 8 Hurley, Va; F J Harma.ison, T W Kemp.Md. BROWNS' HOTEL.?E Blanch. Tex; R Swam. T?*nn; A Clayton, Mies; 8 Crosby, T i.lark, Tex; D Prioe. N J; J Cl*rk, Pa; Hon S Shorter T Reynolds, Ala; L H Bncham, NY; Or ."an iridge and ly, Miss a S Sa&bridge, Miss r' D Panbrdge, Mise M U SanbrHjo, Miss M E S.ack, J K Wycke, La; Mrs N Barker and daught?r, Ala; J Cowan. '1 enn; C Shoemaker, NM; l>r L J Love and aon, N J; J R Cow es, Kan; J P Davis, Mrs Davis, Mrs Brown. W Hill and 'ady. Miss^Hi I, Miss Reid, Miss: J 8 Crobarger, Va; R A Floi-d, NY; W Worthingtou, W C Baich, M as. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?J R Aener, R Flank* . F&; J Ledlar, III; T Favon, N Y;C Collinson,Minn; F Letter, Me; Me, Hon E MePheraon, Pa; D Git tinira, Md; G Pettiboue and ljr, Mra Garrett, Ala; Mis* Mn^herion, NC; G H Pemne, NY; H Robertaon, Mo. WASHINGTON HOUSE -A B?holler, Mex; J Canker and y.O; H Coo!id?e, D Minor, 111; Mrs Miller ar.d child, Ala; J Now in, Pa; J Stair and It, Va; J F Poindrxter, Ky; W Dec root, NY; W Port!?ok. La . TO SAN FRANCISCO I3NT EIGHT X3AYIH BY THE Central Overland California AND NIE'S PEAK EXPRESS COflPANY. "TONY EXPRESS!'1 "TKN DAYS TO SAM FRlWKPftm The Courier of the PONY KX PR KSS will Imv? St. JooKPH, Missouri, KVKRY SATURDAY, at 11 p. m , for xvn Fraucisoo, California. I will receive Letter* to be forward**! by thi* Kxpr?'? to Fort L,aramie, Great Salt Lake City, a??f any part of Calitornia, opto 130 p. m. every TUMID AY. Letters in all cases to be enolosed in Government repaid envelopes, JOS. A. MONHELMKR, Acflnt, Amerioan Tel-eraph Office, ap 2b tf 432 Penn. a*.. Washm*ton, D. C. H: FREsH ARRIVAL. ) PIECES French Lisle Thread CIILNE GINGHAMS. 10 pieces Grey FOIL DE LAL'DE, S) " GREY GOODS for suites, various stjl?s and prices, 75 pi?oes La w > ? at 12K cants, 1 ORG AN l?Y and JACoNKT MUSLINS, Black GRENADINE BKRAGE, CRAPE BKRAGE, WARKTZ and TAMART1NE, V) LAWN RO15E!*, some very h&ndsr-ine, BE RAGE and GR FN A Dl N K ROHKS, A ooniplete hue of YVHlTE GOOi'S. B|a<>k Frenoh Lace and Pusher MANTLES and POINTS, received, and for sale at very reasonable pneef, by ma 25:' TAVLOR k H FTC HI SON. 'pHE "WASHINGTON BREWERY," being 1 now in full operation, under the management of th* new proprietor, can furnish any one with pore Malt Liquors, of superior q uality, at the following low pMoed, delivered free of charge to auy part of tne cit* : X ALE ( Family Beer). !.?> per keg of 3 galla. XX.ALE^-^.: ll.)5 do. do. * XX ALEfStock Ale).... t2? do. do. XXHUKTKB ?15n do. do. lijtuWN srour.? .. do. do. Hall-barrels, barrels and hogsheads at a proportionate prio* Order* given to the driver*, or went through the Pnit Office to C CoLlNEAl), Washington Brew ery, will he promptly a'tei <lod to. ma '6 I in 279 T-?SSSS?2!U 206 ~ P*. At*., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa.Av*., CONFECTION&. Wiiltfi k*t*L PATHS, PRESERVES, CONlilMENT9,A<u, Begs leave to call tile atteuti*:) of his friend* and the pablio generally to hrs New Store, nailer Wuiard * Hotel, just opened, in oonnexion with hi* old e*tah!i*hmeiit, where he wi.l be happy to receive any order* for superior Confection* of Li* own importation. Also, all order* for Dinners, Hopper*, Ball*, and Private i'arties, whioh will be served up in hi* inimitable atyie, with the same promptness and dis whinh he ha* hiM.erfo ahnwn rw, * A W*. T. DOVE A CO. a RE Now prepared to execute any order* with wtiio.' the* may be fav?>r?d in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM F1TT1N6 BUSINESS. irr Htore on 9th *treet. a few door* north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a complete assortment of t'H a N DELI ERS and other GAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTUHKS. iagMy P LUMBER AN fa GAS FF&ER, Philharmonic Hall, Sovtk *idt of Pa. ar? w*t of Kluvntk St., Will introduoe Wat^r and Gas upon the n ost favorable terms. P. H.-l have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES,and as I desire to close tnem out, will ..II Ik.m . ..-L gvu mm wat i'/? miBUi . WMI7 ^ALT WAIKR H XURIK?.?Weare in daily 55 reoeipt i.f OYSTF H!* and CRABSaj. /^\ from Norfolk, which wo will deliver to^HX fjJ purehaaera in any part of the city fr*** WMiflr of oharn*. Norflk Oyater Depot, No. KMC itreet, oppoaite Theatre. m*r8P _____ T. M HARVKV. AfBfc Cft STANDARD B'.ACK TF.A. OU CHKsTS STANDARD BLACK TKA Have b?en received. Thia te* la exoellent: prioe SO oenta fsr p,und b y che?t or otherwiae. We fear our next 13 ?.i?,?.. p.. t B LU nut LiS onr. Fifteenth at. and Verm- nt a?. ^a"r1kaM?TrINTI!>I? PAPER, aaitabla OUU for apeeohee, 'M by ?, SI Iba Cash prio? 93 ftO ?er ream. For aa!e by BLANCHARD * MOHL'N, nnS ?nm?f K *vewtH ?<>??? ??<1 Ha. ? UMITH'!* ta the Plaoe to bdy joar SPRING aud C* SUMMER CLOTHING. 4 HA at . hot wn w. tin) P. apH 1m a , ? CWRaP MUflC. LARGE Lot of Mnato. Foreign aad Ameripan, foraale at half pnoe for on* week only, at the Mu ie Store of ma .* W. G. MBTZEftOTT. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. NEW ORLEANS 11ST TBRBZJ DAVfl WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, NashoilU and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, iVfW Orleans and JacJLson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by Ral.thenoe ty First otass Packets to New Orleans. unNTn/iMi'iv * v n vrnmi r doiitd . Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile tiy Fust ciass Packets. Mohiie to New Orleans i.y Lake reamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Iwclcued. Leave Waihin(t?n at 6 a. m and '> p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at a. m. and 6jkt p. m. and oonneots at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Traina for the Sonthwe?t. Offioe? Penney lvania avenue, oorner of Sixth it. BA80A6B CHBCBBD THROUGH TO ?BW OBLBABf. I.fnchburg ?.. $8 .Vlefnphia no Briatol...^... Atlanta Jfi <10 Knoxville __ .. ? 8v0i> Maoon..., 28 011 Chattanooga 24 n?? Columbus 31 50 BMton . 24 00 Montgomery SS ?*> untaville .27 ? ) via .\IemphiM2 Grand Junction... ??>? M.O.> via ?. J11 no 42 SO Nashville 25 5? l N via Mobile 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia aoo MILES SHORTER, and !I4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I-ine? the hynrhburx Extension being now oompleted, a? also the Miasiasippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat claaa Sleeping Cara! !To New Orleans. 79 Hoars. Memphis.. 54 do. Montn-merr ? 33 do. Nashville ??. .46 do. ICTThe U.9 MA!L"aiTd ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Ticket* can he obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street aud Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points; Ljnobborir, Bri?to!, Knoxviile, At'anta, Cliattauooea, Huutsville, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Dalton. Columbus, Montgomery, Mobi;e, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. 117" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IC^Omnibuses ami ({fifga^e Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and fi p. m. , JAMES A EVANS, TicketAeent, ma 23^lr Corner S i x th st. and Pa. ?v. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Change of Hours. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, May 38th, 136", rams will run as folio*-*: I.OAt'A Witiliinpl/tn n t li ^nH ? A in Leave Washington at 3 20 and 5.30 p. in. On Sunday at 3 2? p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and R.15 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and p. in. ? ?n >u tjday at 4 25 a. ni. Passengers for the Kut will take trains at fe.2?? aud 7.2S a. m and 3 J? p. in. For the West at 7 25 a. m. and S-J'' p. m. For Annapolis at 7.2b a ni- and a2"> p. in. For Norfolk at 7 J5 a. m. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. in. train goes to Philadelphia only. ma3fi d T H. PARSONS, A fent. THE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will rosume ber I trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jr* k February. I860. Will leave W A^l! INGTON every TUESDAY and*?""*1""" FRIDAY, at6 o'olock a. mT.and ALEXANDRIA at half-pMt 6 o'olook, for OURRIOMAN and the mterin<M)iate Landings. On her return trios, she w'!.1ie.a^,Sy.,J?,0WAN 9vt>r' WEDNESDAY and SATURDA> , at 5 po.ook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAG15, Proprietor. NATH L BOLSH, Ag't. Alexandria. f?80 PFOR NEW YORK. A38AGE, LNCLUDLNG MEALS AND feTATEROOM, $7.90. The New York and Virginia Sorew Steamshif BliKRPI Rew *n<* ?l"S?nt steamship f-^i MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C. Smith, will leave the Coirpany's Depot, Wn.? iriu ?t iini tfii, h i in diu?i >. in rvvrr vv r, LlPl HJV DAY, and the Company'* D<>pot. at Alexandria, at 3o'clock p. m. *am? dar. Pasnenf^rs from Waahinfton and Georretowi can take the ooaohea oonnectinn with Alexandria teamboata or railroad, which leave the corner of 7th street and Pa. avenne hourly, or they oan leave on the steamer from the Weatern Wharvea at II 'dock a. ra. State roomi oan be encased on application U Messrs. M or ran ft RhiLshari. Weatern Wharvea Freight will bo received up io the honra of depar }rr Inauranoe will be effected on all goods by thishneat the oAoe of the Company at X per oent premium. The accommodations for passengers by thia 'an* are in erery reapect hrst-o aaa, and every effort wil be ma<1^ to render thia oommunioation with Nevr York an agreeable and healthful one. For freirht or passage apply to FOWLE * CO.i Ager.ta, Alexandria H. B.CROMWELL ft CO., et-ly M Weal at., ooroer Albany, New York. FRFFMAN, v SIMPMU'O wiivi i vv(|^ i ImacnoliMmacnoiiI \willshkv?awm^hkv We offer for sale th? above standard brand o( fine CoHer Distilled Malted Rye Whisky, in barrels ana half-barrels. As it is of our own diatilla tion. and highly improved b? ace. we confrdeutly recommend itaa the pcbkht ana best Whisky that can possibly be distiiied. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands.#?>m th<? largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the United Htates FREEMAN & 8IMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuyikill river, Phila. Offices?96 Wait street, New York ; *nd 109 Bo r j, Front street, Philadelphia. mar 29-1 ? VVA8H,NJPT?N CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? ? u street, Uttwten 9tk and MMk Street*. We have juat finiahed a number of fir?t olasa CARRIAGES, auch R* Light hnncy.jPfifWO. Watumt, Park Pheatom. Family Cnr-cjKl^y; riax'S, ami Burnet, which we will ??llatJ* ? a ver amall profit. Heine practical m*ohanioa in different branches of the ouain*a?, we flatter our*e.lvea that we kiH>w the atylca and quality of work tliat wi l give MttiaUrtion, combining lightneaa, comfort and durability. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the anorteat n< tioe and moat reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coaohmakera, auccexaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap 27-dly PARAFFINE OH., THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWS! We are now receiving Paiatfine Oil direct from the worka in wt*aWn Virginia. The quality ofit ia excellent, producing a ateariv, bril iant and benutifu' light, and more pleasant to th? eyea than gas light. Thia Oil ia fre? from adu'terat'on,and very much more economical than inaay of the Coal Oila uaed at thia time. IT^- It ia in no way exploaive. We keee also a supply of the moat approved aty lee of Lampa, ftc.^for burning thia OU. . , , . , , ivmw ? tfUKUHELL, Agents for lU sale for the Dutriot of Columbia ? . ?- Corner h ifteenth ?t. and Vermont av. _Oreat Kanawha Coal and Oi! Company, ma 11 [WKW PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPB SALLKRY, PmUTLTiUA Ava/nrj. " * ifigism bIt 2f oenla. rn0T0??APBap" " fE8?888ifgi: niy On# Dol ar I?r the ftretoopy, and Mean ta OQD PICTWRK8 **0 M til* Nwitb*-^*11 '* MT l*oted?took o( Champa/ice and Crab Apple Cider, whioh we guarantee tofce Mrs iaioe, and will be ; ttsss^^Era s,e-?~ ?. H^?D?tKf35ri. JACOB REED. ~~ ' MAXvrxcmn 09 MILITARY CLOTH I N?, CoEHKE SVO.ID AND SPBfri flW., riiix.jiuiLi.rniA. MILITARY CJ,OTHirFOR 8ALR i??r. m ' AwasMBHaa? # # MISCELLANEOUS. gY THE PRESIDKNT^IF THE UNITED . In purroanoe of law, I. J ami* Ht-cha^k. Preeidart of the United Btatee of Amenaa, oo hereby declare ud make known that pubi>o tale* will he held at the nader-tnMfconed Land Office* in the Territory of Kansae at the perioaa hereinafter deet g nated. to wit . * At the Land Oftoeat Jthctiow City, commencing on Mordny, the 6th day of August next for the disposal of the pahlio land* within the following townships, vis; Somtk ?f ike ba*t lint mmd ta n if Ik* tixtk prtnr.ipal ? meridw. The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian ra "^vat'on,and township*? 3, 4.and 5, of range g rhe parte of township 1 outside of the Indian raeervatfon, and township* 2, S, 4. and \ of ran ten The part* of township 1 outside of the Indian reservation. and township* 1, 5, 4, and b. of ranee 6 The part* of township I outside of the Indian re ervatfon. and towaahipe 2, S,4, and 5, of ranee 5 The part* of township 1 outaide of the Irdan re vituDn, win uiwnaaift >. s, <, Ma ."> oi range 4 Townahips 1, 2, 3,4, and 5, of rang* 3. Townahipa 1,2,3,4. ami 4. ofrange 2 Townahipa 1,2,3 4 and 5, of range 1. At the Land OAoe at Juxctio* Citv, commnoing on Monday Jthe 20th day of Auguat next. for the diapoxal ol the public lands within the following townahipa, viz: South 0/ the haxt lint and ran <<f tkr firth principal meridian. ?ownah:pa 6,15,16, and 17, of range 4 owbfhipa 6,7,15-16. and 17, of range 3 ownshipa 6,7, t, 9,10, 11,12,13, 14,15,16, and 17 of range 2 Townahipa 6,7, 8 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 16, and 17, ofaangel. At the Land OfB'M at Jcsctioji Citv, oommenoing on Mondav, the 1??th of September next, for he diapoaal of the public landa within the follow iug towahipa, via: South of I he last lint and east of 111 sixth frimtifal meridian. The part* of township It outside of the Indian reservation, and townships 9, SO, 21 aud 22, of ra>ige 8. Townships 18.19, 21, 21 and 23, of rasg? 7. Townships 18,19,20,21 aud 22, of range 6. Townships 18. 19, 20, 21 and 22. of range 5. Townships 1<?. 19.20.2' and of range 4. Townships 18,19antl 20, of ranges. Townships 18,19 aid 2?. of range 2. Townships 18,19 and 20, of range 1. At the l.and Office at Foit Pcott, commencing on Monday, the 13th day of August next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following townships, viz: South of the bast liar nn l east of the sixth frindpal m*rir, iaa The parts of township 23 outside of the Indian reservation, of ranges 9.10, II, 2.13, 14. 15, IS, 17,18, 19, 20,21 and 52. The part* < f townships 23,24 and 3S outside of the Indian reservation, of range 8. Townships 23, 24 and 26, ef range 7. Townships 23, 24 and 2\ of range 6. Townships 23, 24 and 25, of range 5. Lands appropriated bv law for the use of schools, military. Indian, and other purposes, wi I l>e ex eluded from the sales The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which thev are advertised until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus cloa*d; but no ale shall lx> kept open loncer than two weeks, and no private entry ofany of the lands will be p?r mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. iiren under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth day of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred aud sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos !*. VVitso*,. (jomraisiioner of the General Land Office. NOTICK TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the rirhtof nre *innn..n to any oTthe lands within the townships or parts of townships above enumerated is r'quired to 9stab lish tho earn* t? the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper Land Office, and fake pay ment therefor a# soon ax practicable after seeing tM* notice, and (Wore the day appointed f >r the ooinmeuoeinentof the public sale or the lands ! hraemg the tract claimed ; othw wise, su?h claim will be forfaited. JOS. S. w ILSON. Commissioner of the General Land Oflioe. ! Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, ' a* herptofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations except to such publishers as are <p'rially autknriztd to publish by the Commissioner of the General Land Oilioe. a p 28-wl3w pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. War Dkpartme5T, Mar 2S, P*oposals will be reoeived at this Department until U o'clock, m , on Monday. the 2Hh day of June next, for supplying the Stationery described in the subjoined schedule during the fiscal year commenc ing on the first day ?f July next. The Stationery mutt be of the best quality. Samples most accompany Che btda. Tho successful bidder will be required to rive bond, with approved sureties, for the faithful tnllfiiment of his oontract; and the Department will reserve tho rif lit to order theartieles *? ?n?h * > >* and in such quantities, so it mar dwin proper. its well ai to luoreaaeor diminish tbequaililiea below stated: PAPER MADE OF LINEN STOCK. 30 ream* despatch oap. ruled to pattern, weighing 16 pounds, per ream 20 ream* foolscap, ruled or plain, weighing 14 pounds, per ream 300 reams auarto post, ruled or p ain, weighing 10 pounds per ream 50 reams note paper, rulel or plain, per reain lo reams oopnrg paper, per ream S roams trotting paper, per rea n t.y? dozen blotting hoards, f r dozen 10 reams envelope paper, bulFor yellow, royal, per ream 10 reams Manilla wrapping paper, super royal, per ream 60.00H envelopes, official sizes, extra heavy, per 1,000 40 000 envelopes, letter aizea, extra heavy, per l,ono 15"? gross metallic pens, per groaa 2.'"00 quill". No. 80, per 1 u*l 6*) dozen Fal?er'a black lead penoils, per dozen 3 dozen Faber'a blue and carmine panoi.s, per dozen W dozen penholders, per dozen 2 dozen ivory folders, plain, per doz*n 4 dozen ereseis, ivory hanales, per dozen 10 dozen4 hladed knives, Rodgera and Bona*, per dozen 2 dozen ofhoe scissors, Rodgera and Bona', per dozen 20doa<-u Maynard A Noyes's, or other black ink, in quarts, per dozen 20 dozen French carmine ink, in ounoe vials, per dozen 4doz- n inkstands, Drapy's, Whitney'a, or equal, 2S pound* aealinc wax. scarlet. per pound 10 ponnda InUia rubber, piepand, in pieo?e, per pound ifi dozen silk taste or braid, assorted, per dos?n 5*) dozen red tape, ia piece* assorted siz-s, per dozen in dozen red tape, in rolls, assorted *ize?, per dozen 20 pound* liren twine, per pound 6 do* *n Isrceja s nino>!a?ce. per dozen maJB-lawtd Fresh beef and vegetables Tor the navy. Navy Agmt'i Omen. ^ Washington, Ma? 25th, 18H>.< i Skai.kd rRoro*Ai.s will be r* oeived at this oftioe until J<aturaay, the 23td day of June. IW, at n<n>r, for the supply of *uch quantities of Fre?h Beef and Vegetable* a? ina> Ite required on the Washington Station. du' in* the fiaoal year comine cinf on the 1st day of July next, and ending on th? sotn June, ISol. ? , j The Beef and Vegetab'e* mnit beof good qua'itr, and the beat the market afford*, and each ai Hole muat be < fpred for by the pound. Bond with approved security will be required in one ha f the estimated amount of the oontraol. and twenty per centum m addition will he withhold from the ainour.t of each payment to be made, aa collateral a-curity for the duo parfcinance of the o.'ntact. which will on no account be paid until it ia ful.y complied with Etery offer must he accompanied (as dirooted in the act of Congreaa making appropriation for the naval aervio* for 1846- 7. approved loth Auiu?t, 1R46.I by a written guaanty. argued hy one or mora reaponaible peraona, to the effect that ha or they undertake that the bidder or hiddera will, if hia or I their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within five daya, with pood and aufficient auretiea, to furniah the article* propoaed. No eropoaal will be oonaidered un'eca aooompani*d by such guaranty. WILLIAM FL1NN, ina26 Iaw4w . Navy Af*nt._ N(No. 66* 1 OTIC* OF THK KfcMOVAL OF THE I.ANO OFFICE FROM CAMBRIDGE TO "SUNRISE CITY," IN THE STA I EOF MINNESOTA. lo accordance with the proviaioaa of the act of P.?n?r.?? -r.f.fU.1 ? A -...I L u < ? -v* ?'iviiui i2iuit on?n|fi in t*e location of Land Office*," approved March 3d, lft.'iS, it is hereby declared and made known that the rfficf f??r the aale of publio landa at Cambeidgk, in the Slate of Mimmcjota will be removed to St mKisE UiTTi in aaiU Slate, at as early a period as practicable. Further nr-tio* aa to the preoiae time of oloainc the oflioe at Cambridge, preaaratory to ita removal, and of ita opening f>r bu-ine?i at Sunrtae City, will be Riven by the Kegiatei and Receiver of the Latd Diatriat. G.vsn under my hand. ?t the oity of Waahinjton, this 30th day of Mav, A. U. 1860. By wider ol the Pre?ident: JOS. 8. WILSON, Connmiaaioner of the General Land Oflioe. je 8-w6w i LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING!!! lit Time or Peace, Peepaee poe Was! F* LABARRb, Soutkwtst romtr qf \ntkamd Cttt., MA!?0FACTt*ee OW _ PLAT'NA-TIPPED LIGHTNING ROW*. itr>apeotlv>ly annonnoea to the public of Washington and vicinity that he is prepared to xeovto all ordera for erecting Lightning Conductor# on the moat approved ?ojentifio principles, cnstruoted of the ve; j beat of materials, on very moderate terms. All Platma tipp'd Points which are manufactured by me will be stamped with my name, i Weather Vaaes of any design mad* to order. mar g? 3m ' %l/K*TINDIKRANDTHBftPAN18H MAIN* v? by Anthony Trullope, author of "Doctor Thome " in , Ao.; 1 vol.; prioe #1. A Mother's Trials, by the author of "My Lady; I vol ; prioe 1. ' All the latest novels received and for ?ato at pab lishera' prioes, by BLANCHARD k MOHUN, . ma 15 toner Kleventh street and Pa. av. ?o to^MITH'H. A*veoth sc. to cat roar BOYk? 1'f.OTBINO %??*? DTANOS FOfc K?NV.-iWvaralat a. -? M. and u^nrdi JOHN F. KLLiS. * C on?yKfbrRRON8' WAN08, *??T P. SLUR'S, IN Fft. 4 MISCELLANEOUS. r (/^Vv\ / ^ / luumai! \ ^/\ ( ? DISPATCH! ^ ^ ^ N^TSaTe the fieeei! As *eri4*n'f wiU *"rr'?. ?r?* t? ?W.' r?r?M<a4 fomilut, it it rwj d??iraWe to have eon* cheap and eonvMuent *m for repairing Farwtare, Tot*, Crookery, Ae. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLt'E n>Mt< all emergencies, and bo hoaeelioM ma afford to be without it. It is fclimys ready B?d ?P tA (K? ahA^m. ?/vU? ?Tt ' - - mmr m m^k*m aitjr for limping ctiaira,aplintered wntrn. haad,r?i dolla. nd broken cradle*. It ia jaat the article for oon?, aheil. and other urnunriitt. work. *0 popular With ladi*a of n fic?inent arM taate. Thia admirable preparation ; need ?old. batpi chemically Md in eolation, m.J *oaaea*int all tie nl?ble jaahtie* of th* be*t oabi i M mak*r?' ft**. It nay be need in the piaoe of ordinary BMibf*. beiBf vaetiy more adh**ive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prxc?, SS oenta. N. B.?A Bruah aooompanie* *aoh bottla VTkoUnut Dtp#, No. 49 Cadar atreet, New York. Addre?a HENRY cTsPALDINO A CO., Box No. 3,?M, New York. Pat ap for DetJera ia Caaea containing Poar, Eight,and Twelve Dosen?abeaatifalLithof raph io Show Card aooompacying each package. K? A aiocle bottla of SPALDINU'S PRE ED OLVE will aave ten tlmaa ita ooat an naally to erery faouaehoid._m Sold by all prominent ftationera. Druggieta, Hardware and Farcitare Deaiera, Grooara, and Fancy Store*. Country merohanta ahould mak a note of SPAL DIXG'S PREPARED GLUE, when making ap their liat. It will iitand any olimate. fe 10-ly ?U??y|8L FOR FAMILY F 8 E WILL ME5D ARTICLE* 15 W*?d, Leather, Crockery, fllon, Ivory, Bene. Alnbnatrr. Marble, Rabber, (.ilia Percha, 4'loth, Paper, P*pl?r *le< he, snril, Htm. Heae, Plailfr, *e. And indeed therets scarcely an article in the whole ranee of domestic eooaomy. whether it he for iiseor ornament, which whep broken. cannot with thin preparation he restored to its original value. It ohalleuces the world for its superior. It is indispensable in every HOUSE, WORK SHOP, roUNTliHi ROOM. and no person after a trial of 8tarr'? Chemically Prepared Glue, would willinsly dispense with it for four tunes its cost. |t is atwayo readv, en.I always reliable. It i? not offensive to the smeH, and is not affected b? clunate, and where known it has heoome a rixrv rsc-r. The attention of dealers and consumers is invited to the following testimonial* regarding ft* superior qualrtios: Nfwabk. Nov. w, 1mr. " trial*f STARR'S FRF. '?U K on Wood, heat her and Cloth. at the Phenix Works, I most cheerfully recommend it? ua* for all purposes generally required, auri especially for fam "J "?? .. , C. A. nnder?ig??d having t?*te<1 St AUK'S PR EPA H KV ULUE, agree with the above reoom mendation. . ... ? *'Wm. B. Dorwj.As*. Cabinet \\ are Manufacturer, Newark, N. J. .... . . "Lysaxd** wrisht. Machine Depot, 2?> Market at, Newark. N. J. "HKKKNBI RS k LITTKLL. "Carriage Manufacturers, Newark. N. J. "Wm H. K m A Co.. "Carpenters aii<1 Builders, Newark, N. J. "lkvbrich a kmiek?, "Carriage Maker*, Newark. N. J." HUfr'i ( hemicallr Prepared 6I? ia sold tjy ail Druggists. Furniture Dealer*. Grnoer*, Fancy Good a Dealer*. Hardware Dealers, Stationers, and by country merchant* generally. I'RICK, 'J* CENTS PRE BOTTLE. A bru*h goes with each bottle. Put up for d*alera in ?ases from 1 to 12-dosen. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in colors, given with each package. Ail orders or letters or inauiry by mail ad<lre??ed to the STARR GLL' E COM PAN Y, 41 Liberty ?t., N. Y. will receive prompt attention. fly" A liberal d?*comt to the trade. mar lT-ly Spnllllpl J) f rV 'JL Tit* H Utir* it (Miw^aWiKM *meb+- , 6?" itft'Ul bi{tk* tldmt Ih*Ulr* tV VL'L* tin** of ll* \ f >7 flO . *?? ; y ^ ^ ^ | 5*2^ f0 ? ? ?>??/*? ''tXM>I T v V >1, rtm tkn tmr lid R1nt,t_ .1* r BmU <mJ*. ' 0 (fl lit Cnitm at ( jfcdtctMi < f 1 wZfiaaA \ \ <25$ if Sole ?Mjp^tor.| ; |5s 1 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SH0U10 BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TC SEE THAT IT IS dminM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF .. /? y . /7 ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, sole: proprietor 18 SOOTH WILLIAM SI NEW YOWL IOK SALE IN WASHIxbTOS BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR A SEMME8. T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeeriber having made adaiuotuto hi ffcotory, making it now one of the IB the Dutriot, where ku faot.Uiee forfl^^^K manuiartunnt CAKK1A6K A LIGUT^B^^KS WAGONS of all kinda oannot be wrpMiid, and from hit loci exparteuoe m the baaineaa, he ho pea to Kive general satisfaction. All kind* of Carnac?a and Light Wacom kept es All REPAIRSamtly4?B?,an4ftll*T4?ra preiapt I. IA Jg?o>iU-h??4 Carriage* utec in exohanie for M? ?ut. ANDREW J. JoVOli, a t* H ???m? .f Mtfc ui Rih. I?IVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS 17 ?rn??d thia dar, emh<actn( all qu&i ti?? and siieeof &>!e I .father, Ladi?*?BS?VI Drees and Packint T'unks. Oar trunk^?*?*' salea room exhibits at thia time the ciwateet varl?*T of traveling requisites at moderate pricta. to ba found thia kid* of New York. Aleo, erert desonf?ATCHK2tS? ViCStt . ID-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exafeaoge for new onea. WALL, BTEJ*HEN8 k. CO., Venue. i,?.auiui. ?.?. norr. i.timt. 1 AMAR.MOTT* AUTRY, Ill | w A MOTHER'S TRIALS, by tb? mUmi of "My TiWiflRSj* r w.hA.. thony Trollo**, MMior or^The Bertram* " Ao. J mat published utd ft>r alt bt N?JK rj0.^1:;.. gol? nacu frtr faui^nerr. to. m? 25 CLuTrflNO*? PLANISHING 5">OD*. SMfrH mIU kia o?iwt??r Umui auy other to?n Ml-tai DAIRRfl* BUTTER IN 8ALTlMORfc.~^W? MJ efenttftll MM CI If ofUieywtr you w.Ui wrj irfciie of Buttar wr< tkoioi. W?MntoM now u low u ten oenti, and ram tiAt ap to tfc* ,foi r?aad ?***KLIJ[COTT A HKWKS. MY n Exofaug?rimoa. MKP1C1NKS. PI rTM TMK BLiMin t?T A K?w of 'to* ?<>i?t 4trnn4*<* ??' ? et \ mftnknrf ?riM> from lb# 1 IttM ib tfc? tiiood. Of ft I m? di?fov*Ti?? iU?t m?d? in ?ar?* It o?t. M*f h*v? e?? ?> ? > oo?i?f in *? t A ^ KK *J* rON POUND KXTRACl ?>K*ARf>ArAfclLLA It clea mm tad rMi'MlM U>? Mood. I?.* i U?? ?i|< < of h*ft!th into U?? nitrn ftnri ^i'IW " ! tl?* bm?* ra which BUf 4immk It ?t t|M fcoft.ih* fauoiioD* of tbr bod? fti<' 0?? ci#or<W? tMt i">? ftnd r?nkl? in tk* Woof*. lu fi'rtnfiliim virtMa mr* not y? *?lf > kftevn. Nit ?(in tlK w ft'* it wi l ro ioncr ?? ft % q?*tior ???ftl rpinftdy t ? ii the ?r?fct nnHj <f alfliotiftc dim**i taat reeuirear aiwituvo reoiffl*. r?o? e tmiMt. ttot aoald t? iilif< oa, ku ium >?*>*>* ?oafkt int. ?Di< tc?.<fvr tketrattimr.lhf fabie hiwwcn whioh ther can depend. Our ?in her* <?<* a?t rrti'?(M In *lw? iU HM Um trial of ft ?ia*lft bolt# will U> the ncfc Ihat it k?< rtrtuea M art thin* they have ere? taker Siiff-r^r, from Pamfela. ferofeioea Pweilias* aed* it Mid ?ee th? ruioit; ?lU Vhieh it Skin />Pimrltf, fmitiUt*. Rlotth**, Etwr ltorn*, +r.. are won eteased < 'of the ? etew t | li. S' Amtkmmy'* >W? H?x Tttlrr er Sa/f Kh'um, Sr*Ui H-nd Kimttrvm. jr.. ehoaid not he tioroe whie they can be m> ?eeedii* cored I? AVFR'8 CARSAPAKK.U Swr*Ut* er Tmrrmi DitMHiieiHIM foa IM tatf-m oy the prolonged use of thia 9ARHAPAHI LL A. at<3 the patient latt aa hea th? a* tf he had n*rer had the dieeaee. Femmfi Biffsi are raiieed bt fterofala m the bijMa. aad a>? feuetal* a?K>? eared by thi* KX TRACT or &A R>aVaR1LLA. rnea ft per bottle or * ottlea for As For all rureoeee "fa lhn:?l* ahyeir. take A > KR'?* CATHARTIC Pit.LP. vhteh ere er?rt a here known to ba the bent purgative that m cfferrd ft the American people. Puoe rftcenU per box. or ft boxee <?.r $i. Prepared h* Dr. J. C. AYKR * CO . LoweU. Maae . and ?old by all Lraf |iiU ererywaere. ? Ift eoli ' _ ' XT. O. R. db T. . HriVNEWELLrMI UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Cough* to Actual Consumption HUNNKWELL'R Jl'ITLV <KI, EHRATEI* ^ Th? Natural and Sort Remedy for all i\*rtvim Comploint?, From Npnralfia through a I <-%?*? ?m ?m n??1 t?> that of D-liriam rr?mwn and UN oomBina chief omu* of i i?- IUM> 1.01*8 OF SH-KKP. The Tola Anodrno, thou?h ranUumni n<?t ft pa' Uo> of OpniT. produce Ml th*> r?^uir?n?*rt? of. ftiH inay nc ua#d m *11 min wherevrr Opium w%? awl without pro uni t arythin* f>ut ?'ur<". ft-.?l Iftftvin* th? patient in ft perfect * aatarftl a ???. . . I.~~A 4 .1. the Minimal iiUfct on <?f "null vilirli prnduoe uaueea or n.? mm '? e<-uB>d?rc<1 Ml coinmon ?iin t'>al Ti.' *' Mtd l.'in* ?'<*w p ?mU. and nped m ith perf?itrtpun'M ail re n< art 1r' m p' f< i> l<>'n or (riei the ??ve?? inveMiration t.| holn R> medi-*. and rewdn.t of our p^mphkt* to be wrtli ail 'to* era. ai<4 n???r? parti u ?r j to purchaae null ?.f Uio?f rh? can be depended upon. w* wait in tw lilfnft th? decisional Patient* and Plijaiciana. "Pitoea within rmrh of a 1 sr.srRAi a?Kf?T?. J. W. Hmttrwiu a. (>., ) and H. < omaweia' Wharf Kiwtno. 6i?. Hr>*?wu.ti IIi Water ?t . \?? Vwk, L'nd^r lh? ??ci*l mp?rrm?? JOHN L. MI'S NKWF.L(?,CbvwNat and Pha'macennet. P*a??ii. M?m., wh<?e aictiatnre e<.ve'? the c.i k? ??f th? ternmie only, and to whom addr**a aM eommum oation*. tioid f>? all reap?ctal?l? <1eaW? fvori an* all the Diugctate m Washington and t?e?rget<>? i mar A> *o.r Hclmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATI- l?" rfiMFfU'ND ll.ltlU EXTRACT BUCHI'. A Poeitira and Specific R?n. <h For ..riht HI.A DDK*. KIPNKVP UKAVKI.. and PROPYL'A !, r*vv Thm M'* liwriaiM the aower of [fiieation, and excite* the AIIMI*BK>T> into hea th? ac which the W'ATF RV OR CALCF ROl S d?f ?moi.a, and all'NNATlRAI EN LARGE MENTS are reduced, a* we.I aa PAIN and IN FLAM M ATION. a* d*? ???od f?>r AIRS, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HKLMBOLDS EXTRACT RtrCHl', n^^For W?Ummw Ear'.y Ind lanrrtioc or Ahuae, AiirntUd w*ik tkt/tUtotnmt Symptom' ? IndtspoeiUon to EzerUon. Lo?? of Power, LomoI Memory, Difficulty of BrtctMni, Weak Nottm, Tm*Miu< Horror of Dit^uw, Wakefu n*??, pimn'M of Virion. Pain in the Back. I'mveraai Latitude of the Mnicu ar Statem. Hot Hand*, FiMtnni o(th? BmIt. Dry d?m of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theee symptoms, if allowed to go on, whieh this medtein* invanaH* rwrom, noon follows IMfOTRSCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. n On Of W HICH thi Patikiit may Eiriti Who oarjar that tney are n>t frequently followed by ?hos? "CTRKFUL DISEASE*." M "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many arr aware of the oanse o' their enfferinj, B lrT NON K WILL CONFESS. THKRKCOHKMIF THK INftANEASYLUMS An.4 tk* M'lnnrM(My lt? atk> by CourtiNtfliM Hear ample wilne?? u> tha frwOi of the iu??Tlioa, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFfiCTLD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to atrencthen And In?ijrora?e the *T?toin. Wkiek Hklmbold'* EX TR ACT OUCHU laran 4 trial will cokv?.\c? thf no?t ptlral. r nmaiitij-r MAiabr-r r.m a OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, ON t:ONTEMPLATINtr MAR MAGE IN MANY AFFECTIONS t-'KCL1 LI A R TO FKMALfc.8. the extract Burha ia uneauailad bj any other remedy, aa ir. Chi mats or KMMtioii Irre^u a-ity, Pamfalneae. or Happreaaion ofCua toicary F'.vacuat ona, Liberated or Poirrhoaa atate of the I'terua, Leucrrha-a or W hi tea. fttartili k/ . an<l f ix e 1 eoiapiaiota incident to the a z vbethei anuria from In lecreti 'ii. Hat Ma of Olaatpatior, or in th? DECLINE OK CHANVK OF LIFE. m vmptom" above NO FAMILY !>HOl Ll> Hfc WITHOUT IT Ttk' nc WlttTt Rll'/tm. Mrrrwry, 0r Mtdtr>n' for Map ??.?<?*I and iM'frrtmr UKLMBOLire KXTKACT BVCHL HKCR E? In all their ?t&re>. At littia axpenae. Little o- no change in Diet; No inoonvanianoe. And ni> Erposwrt It ranaee a fr**aent deal re ?? > uvea atrength to Urinate, there. * R?Bonn| tiliatruonoaa. Freverunc an 1 curing Strictures of the t'rathr*. Allaying Pain and Infl'ir.maUoe, m traqaent'd the oi?a< o( d.seaa an?i e*p^wng ?U Fataaaear Doeas'tf. ?nd out Mint,*. THOI'SAXDS VPON THOrSANDS who ha vi iuw mr nrrian or ovacaa, and who iiav* p? id It'cu t i*r% to t<eeurad ia aab^rt ?... L.? r A IL.. ?Lal tka POISON" hat, l?* the dm ofrowsirn *? T?ir r.iM?," heen (Ifi?Kf up in tlie ayateiu, to bretk out 111 an * . rr*v?t*<i f?ri?!, and run ha ps a triii nakriaoe. !'?? kxtkact Bcrarfot aJlaffoc tiona mi diaeaae* of U>? ?,t , I'RINARV ORGAN?. W hellier exiatini in MAI.KOR FEMALE. r iu? ran c onj(itia'ii.( and ?p matter of HOW LONG 8I ANDIN? l>iaeea?'a?'ftk?<ieor*%Bar??iiiret*'?l I nla Dturtix ^ A ?d ic <-?r<ain l'> iiave theiWired m'-.vJ ,r all Dia <?? . fOK WHICH IT I** RECOMTStPNDEP. Br rltnrt ?f th' mert rr.Unblr nni rtsfcmtibU tkn Itr wiil *c inip*n the inxdieiKoa CERTIFICATE* ?'F orRF.?. M trom R toi" *rat? natui n?. With Namhi know* to feCiENCk AND FAME. Price Si.00 per fettle, *r ill far |i.N Delivered to any Add rata, eecureiy pack ad ft m oomrauoa. Dwim 9TMrroM? m an. COMMVKICATIAR* Care* OuruirH ! Alvicf Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. Paraanallj appaarad tolore m?. aa A dtrmu of theoitj of Phi T Helm bold, Who Sain* daly awora. doth say. hi* pr*aara>toaa ?o.tair ao carcotic. ao ni'rcarv. or oth?r injarioa* drai*. h&.'Sf Bwn &nr nwrilw wfore ni6, tills diy of Nov?nbw, MM. WM P. HIBHFRD. JUUrmmm. Ninth atraet. abora F ">?, Pbua Addraaa letters for information la ooabdrnoe to H T HELM BOLD. Ckariit. Dapou 104 ?U>uth T*ath at. bet Ckfaaat, rhila. .ta mm Wkn rndrat or to dupoae * or nni o*'*" aad otmek" aaticLaa oa tat kem tatiok arraiior mboid'a Genuine f reparation?. Extract Hue Li.. ** MM Mrifli. - - la proved ImWmI. Sold by 9. B. Waits. Seventh ilrf*Lu4 9C Ford, Je, corner Peaa. ?r?nae mm! Ewr?ntfc anV ii pSSm"d.?iWfciiW?.? t. jfUrtr Vfal FOE 8TAMP1N* f?lTS A PACKET OP PAPBE ] .. A f AND ENVELOPES NO I TO MATCH, IchargeI , \\ BOOKSTORE, . PHILP 4 SOLOMONS. _ Ai#?tU for lAn'fnof'i 0?i?thr?ui Ll?? h???. amr>.iv.M.MaliMi? ik?o i^?wr?i>?s ? w MSMMUPHV

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