Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1860 Page 1
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0 f " 11 1 11 IMF?? 0" # *1*? 7 r * ** jt/T ; f? -r < ? v A J ^ A J # T S m-^^kBy^ki il^BBB 4f. H^r ^B; ^H ^B . A H H ,-?:?, . 1 ' V^. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JUNE 11. I860. N?. 2.282. THE EVENING STAft it f rUBUBHBD MTBRT AFTERNOON, [?VT*D\Y EXCEPTED,) At THE STA* Bl'ILDinet, Cvmtr cf Fvnmylvwia mvenue 11<A it., T r i m ' ^ t -?' r %Mf? la nolliii by ? if Itfll the yriot '? &? a y?r, m ?dum?; #2 for six ror.'h*: 91 for three months; and for leaa than th'*# months at the rata of 13 mti n weeh. Single ???*?, om c*ht; in wrapp?ra?Two cams. ir^AovimnOarMtts *ho?ll boMtotfothaofto* ' ' re 12 c'oioefc, am olliirwiw thay amy not ap ? "?i antil the ont Amu (W*itt?h ra* the rtT*n. Vlhi a Lndy Khaald Marry, and W ha a Lady ShtiU net Marry. Ac. { Tk4 l utM of a Widow M rt* SnhjrTt tritiritmt f \rh irk i.i rtfpttt/ullf invited ] A I ad/ should not marrf a gentleman who is not her senior by at leant fifteen year*? Itwerty would be safer; for if the disparity of agae be leas, in one or two years after marriage, the husband wilt be sure to regard bis **ife as an ohi woman, and neglect her?in other words, care nothing for her, and though tli*y may lire together, and the world may think all's well with them, contented and happy. Ac , the poor wife will rue her nup* nais -in secret, in silence. and in tears." Of course I am only speaking in a general waythere are exceptions in all case? <Ientlem 311 do notlovr^ nay, even like old wownrr. ani anless thete b?. fifteen to twenty years ..forenoe ?n their *?es, the wires will be rem .".Id *~*?oien in one or two years after I A marriage, and the huebancb will spend every br h-ur they can from home, day and night too; and worse than that?and the least the poor wives trouble themselves to Snd out where I they gn, and more particularly, what they do, the better for their peace of mind?their hapImbc-" Their happiness they will never <lream of happiness. But with proper disparity of ages?fifteen to twenty years?the I wife will ever be considered young, ever be lr?a(ed with marked attention, kindness, demotion. love, and the wife will love the husband. whether .-ha love?l him ? ;? or not, and ol coarse will be happy, will enjoy life. Ac. Next. lad; should not accept, that is, sh >uld not marry a ?*ntietaA*l. unlees he be rich Indeed, sbo should not allow a poor >;??ntl?H?ia? to address her. because it isn't a >iapiiment to a lady to be addressed by a j'"?r thing None whatever. It sbwtfld be considered an unpardonable in^nlt; and no I oor umn who really love# e lady will address Lor. if he be a gentleman | No poor gentleman has any business with a wife. None wbatrrer. and they?poor gentlemen?should not be allowed to wait on ladies it all, bat be compelled to give all their time -to buMnes?. to mnke money, to enable them to make dome lady happy, by making her a good husband. And every gentleman who hat intelhgen e, and is sober, industrious and agreeable enough to merit a sweet, interest!^ wif$,> c?' make a fortune by the time he gets to the marriageable period of life, viz:?from thirtyfive to forty five and if he does not by that time accumulate a fortune, let him slide along in poverty, all atone. Poverty and matrimony are not congenial, | J * ?' * < ?i antagonistic and whenever and wherever tliey come together, then and there is an exf>lo*ion that never fail* to blow love through ever? b->le in the house to the winds, that poverty leaves unrepaired. Don't marry a poor sentlemaa, whether 70a be rick or not. Don't marry a gentleman under thirty-five years of age. even if you >>e sweet sixteen If you d?>, fifteen chances out of twenty you will repent d"ing so; but marry a gentleman who is between thirty-five and forty-five years of age, who is pleasant and agreeable. .-<ober, of good atanding in society, without anpJeasaat connections to be thrown with, and who has money enough, and yon will enjoy life beyond all d?abt whatever. The poorest mateh a lady can possibly make, is to marry the son of a rich man What think you of thatT It is a fact, because they are the and moat h el pi eat of all gentlemen. It 1- true, the sons of wealthy gentlemen are gene-rally well educated, Ao , and it is also true at (tie awe time they are least capacitated to fake care of themselves. They always keep .tn eye on their father s wealth, and the young lady who consents to marry one ef them, never fails to fix both of her eyes on the said old gentleman's wealth before even the question I? popped. After marriage they find the wealth still in the hands <?f ?u -- ?C..IJC11.-in. who hold* on to the dimes as tight as ever: won't give but a pittance, and won't die I can't uudertake to describe the disappointment. grief, despair. Then it ia scuffle, scuffle, with the poor things. And it is always the ca-e forty-five times out of fortysix instances. It he tines not !*ive. hi* property la ht.s ?on before hi a nvirriuge, he trill n' t niter. Well, they muffle and scuffle on f >r some fifteen or twenty years. I forgot to ?tate, if the fair victim's father has a dollar or two he could not well take out of the world with bim, his death is prayed for too?and during the while the poor son of the rich man embraces the bottle, to enable him to stand up to scuffling. 1'ltimately the old folks die? property all made over to grandchildren! Where is the poor wife 7 who has seen or heard of her si ace her marriage? l>on't marry a gentleman because his father i- rich, unle-w he be pretty well to do independent of the father. The sons of rich gentlemen are, generally, poorest of all gentlemen, and therefore the very last gentlemen to be accepted I?<?n't marry a gentleman unless he be pleasant and agreeable to you. and be be rich A gentleman u rich when he is able to support vuu in the style. Ac., enjoyed by those with whom you will associate, without b?in<r ?iuU? strain, and to lay up right smart heside.-. Dja't marry a gentleman under thirty-five years of age. If widower presents himself, and is all m. - right, except he did not make an affectionate Wr hJihand before he ?a? thirty-five, and he be thirty-five, accept him?make vou a good busuand to a certainty. Who ev?r knew an instance where the disparity was -<ime fifteen or twenty years, and the gentleman rich, the parties didn't live together pleasantly, delightfully, end happy all the while ' Not one instance to the contrary oat of ten thousand The disparity should not be lew than fifteen nor more than twenty year* This d< ubtleee will be considered a new doctrine, bat it is true. Look around you, and you will tee Lastly, young ladies, marry before you get to be twenty-four or twenty-five years of age. for after thai period you will find it rather hard to make a prudent match, and any other match is folly?worse than folly. Any other than a prudent match is an outrage upon yourself and upon the poor thing you wed. Any other than a prudent match is just to perpetuate misery, living woe. If you be poor, better remain single in povertv, than U> he the abject sieve of a poor gentleman. If happiness be the object ox your marriage, do not marry a gentleman under thirty-Are years of age, who is not intelligent, of good position in society, end who is not rieh Young gentlemen of the present dar do nnt _-w- ? ?? - . - uu?bands. even when neh. The why and wherefore they do not, as in former year?, I will not undertake to say. but nevertheless it Is a fact. Widow Oifts.?The present* brought by the Japanese Kmbassadors from the Tycoon to the President of the I nited States are as follows: Two wooden saddles, heavily lackered, and decorated with inlaying* of g?.ld. The stirrups re of wood, and the trappings of re<l silk and fine leather, with embroidered Spires and fringes of gold The pads are of 6ne cloth, aleo embroidered. Wooden riding whip*,shaped like our slender walking-sticks, and set with gold and mother pearl, accompany the saddles, I rith which there is alao an embroidered eloth hir?e blanket i Several rolls of tire rarest Japanese silk, iriouslj figured. tfcrce fold fng-screen of paper and strew. ^ Sideboard of lackered paperware, with image* of birds. At , in relief, wrought ia fold Broad cartain of heavy crape, variously eola red. with cords ef twisted red trap* Holts of ornamental paper with silk borders, 1 for curtain* or wall paper Two sword* of the best tempered Japan steel, in scabbard.* of paperware. moated with jewel* and gold, Lackereoooxe* ladle*, trays, Ac. I TbkCitt ofNicyoo? Thr Prophet Smith's family ?A Chicago delegate returning to his home, visited the rains of Naavoo city. and give* the following description of it: A vast extent ot ground is oovered by the ruins of this olty. Streets beautifully laid out. wide and spacious, macadamized and in good nrdtr, afford evidence of good taste and systematic design Numbers of large brick j houses, with doors gone, windows broken, and partially uarooofed and useless, in erery sense of the term. A very large unfinished brick ! hotel, with marble oappings. is in the centre of the city, a very picture of desolation and de*tructi&n. The site of the town is unsurpiiBted by any on the river It is most admir- j able adapted for the wants of a large city; acceM to it is easy, by land and water, the climate is genial, and the general condition of the place healthy. Since the departure of the I | t rench, the Germans hare flocked there in crowds, and now oocupy the greater portion of ! the city Young Joe Smith, the son of the Prophet, is twenty-six years of age, and occupies the house in which his father first lived. He believe.*, a* did his father, in all the Mormon doctrines, except the one which countenances the plurality of wives He is a Justice of the peace, and lives on his property His house resembles an old fashioned, gable-ended New England farm house, surrounded by a neat (lot of ground, thickly studded with trees o the drawing room hang* a portrait of the old prophet himself, which looks just as he did. cow lick and nil, twenty years ago. Mr Smith is highly respected by hie fellow townsman, on whom he aoes not attempt to obtrude his opinions He does not hold a great deal oflanded property here, though he has availble means elsewherere. The relict of Prophet Smith some time since married a Mr. Bialheimer, who, with her. occupies the house from which the first busband was driven He is considerable of a man and knows how to keep a hotel," that heing the present occupation of himself and all that remain^ to tell the mournful tale of old Smith, the groat defunct. The hotel in which they entertain the travelling weary wi* iormeriy me neaaquarten of the faithful The alarm boll still hangs, though ropelesa, in the belfry, and the evidences of the Prophet'* lov? of style are many and varied A fine grapery is in full growth at the side of the honse, and the only decent orchard I have seen since leaving Chicago is in the rear The lady is about sixty years of aze She has a fine figure, portly and fair, and is evidently a kind-hearted and benevolent lady, who is tinctured a little with tbe spirit of thetradi tional Yankee, and who agrees with the Scriptures that it is not good for man to live alone, Love t* Hcmble Life.?In East Boston, a few week* since, was borne to the grave a inaiden wife of less than twenty years of age, Hor husband lover, a young man of twentythree. vu a mechanic They had loved each other from childhood, and were to been married some six or seven months since, when she was prostrated by consumption Nearly all bis leisure from labor was passed at her bedside. cheering her with prospeots of restored health, and a life of happiness; but the fell di-ease was too firmly implanted in ber system to leave any hope of her recovery. When the i1- ? ? *'? 4 ' * * r__, ,ut<>i iuin ucr mm ucaiQ was inevitable, the expressed a desire to partake of th? Snerament of the Lord's Supper. and her wish was gratified Iier lover procured a carriage. sat by her side, and bore ner iu hi.* arms to and from the Lord's table. She returned to her bed never azain to leave it in life About a fortnight before her death she said she had only one earthly wish ungratified; she desired to bo united to hitn who had loved her s?> long and so truly, in the hope of being his in heaven lie could deny her nothing?he married death ! B jls'ered up by pillows, and supported in the embrace of her mother, she was united to her lover: her feeble voice was j hardly audible, in responding to the questions of the marriage ceremony. She was his, and said she could die without regret. From until she passed away, she was unable to speak above & whisper, but she appeared happy, and though wasted to skin and bone, a pleasant smile left its impress on her face, as her soul returned to <#od who gave it. Many cases have been recorded of p?*>pl? being married on the brink of the grave, to accomplish some material end?such as to givp a legal title to property, or to render an act of long-delayed justice; but rarely or never have webeard of poor people marrying under such circumstance*, pnrely for lovo The stern realities of life press so hardly upon the labor- I | mg poor, that the finer feelings of their souls have to make way for the care* and toil of providing for the jr?nts of the body. The only legacy which this affectionate ] maiden left hernusband was a lock of her hair and a favorite copy of the Bible.?Bo*tun Trat'tlrr. Variovs Estimates op all age*?among every people?by each class?do we find the different notions of it entertained. To the wandering gipsy a home is tiresome; while a Sir its is miserable without one. Progres* is necessary to the well-being of the Anglo-Saxons; on the other band, the Esquimaux are content to their squalid poverty, and have no latent wants, and are still what they were in the days of Tacitus. An Irishman delights in a row; a Chinese in pageantry and ceremonies; and the usually apthetio Javan fets vociferously enthusiastic over a cock fight. he heaven of the Hebrew is ' * city of gold and precious stones, with a supernatural abundance of corn and wine," that of the Turk a harem peopled bvhonris; that of the American Indian a happy hunting ground; in the None paradise there were to be daily battle with magical healiugof wounds,while the Australian I hopes that be shall jump up a white fellow, and have plenty of rixDance. Dea**nriin* I individual instance?, we find Louis XVI, interpreting greatest happiness to mean?making locks instead of which bis successor read?making empires. It was seemingly the opinion of Lycurgua that perfect physical development was the chief essential to human felicity; Plot- j uius, on the oontrary. was so purely ideal in bis aspirations as to be ashamed of bis body. Indeed the many contradictory answers given by Grecian thinkers to thequestton: Whatcoa titntes happiness? has given occasion for comparisons that have now become trite. Nor has greater unanimity been shown among ourselves. To miserly Klwas the hoardiag of money was the on'y enjoyment of life; but Dny. the philanthropic author of "Sandford and Merton," could find no pleasureable enjoyment save in distribution. Rural quietude, books and a friend, are the wants of a poet; a tuft-hunter longs rather for a circle of titled acquaintances and a box at the opera. The ambit ons of the tradesman and toe artist are anything bat alike; and oould we compare the air castles of the plowman and the philosopher, should find them of wideiy different orders of architecture. Generalising such facts, we "? that the standard of "greatest happiness" pleases as little delay as the other ezponnnta of human nature Betwoen nations the differences of opinion are conspicuous enough 0" eeatrastinx the Hah Pew patriarch with metr existing descendant*. we ob*?rve that eitji in the Mm* race the beau ideal of exi?teooe charge* The member* of each community ditagree upon the question Tbe atiteentb annual regatta of the New Y< rk Yacht I'lob came off on Tbur*d*y? and In pttr of the tnauaptrton* morning proved a ?ucce>a It waa viewed by many thousand* of pe-. a ?n?. botii afloat and ashore. Th? yachts Favorlta, II f Rrbeera, Maneralng, and Glengarry were tlu> winner* la their respective thwet, taking prlfjof ?15<> No lea* than thirty yacht* com prted A correspondent write* tbat "the Japanese F.tnhaikUlni* have brought no prleet with rheoa. that tbey perform no religious ceremonies and I observe no Sabbath In their own country tttey 1 cay they are good every day." Gcilty?BVt Drtxk?The basinet of the Court in one of the frontier territories was drawing to a clone, when one morning a rough sort of a customer was arraigned on a charge of stealing. After the clerk had read the indictment to him he put the question : 41 Guilty or not guilty ?" " Guilty but drunk, your honor," answered the prisoner. "What's the plea ?" asked the Judge half dosing on the bench. "lie pleads guilty, but says he was drunk," ' replied the clerk. 'What's the case >" "May it please your honor," said the prose- 1 outing attorney, "the man is regularly indicted for stealing a large 'urn of money from the Columbus Hotel " "He is, hey ? *nd pleads?" "He pleads guilty, but drunk." < The judge was now fully aroused. "Guiltyhut drunk' This is a most extraordinary plea. Young man, you are certain you were drunk"' "Yes. sir." "Where did you get your liquor'" "At Sterrett s " "I>id you get none anywhere else?" l.V?? - J " 11U? n UIU|?, Sir. "You got drunk oil his liquor, and afterward stole the money?" "Yes. sir." "Mr Prosecutor," said the Judge, "do me the favor to enter in that man's case a nolle prosequi That-liquor at fcterrett's is enough to make a man do anything dirty; I got drunk on it myself, the other day, and'stole all Ster rett's spoons' Release the prisoner. Mr. Sher; iff Adjourn the court!" MRC. winnow^ N Kxperiecoed Norte and Female i'hysiolan, pretentt to the attention of mother*. her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Childrea Teething, Whieh f raa'.ly facilitate tba ptacut ?f taatb'.nf, by aaftaaio( tha aaroa, rada;in( all lolimmauau?will allay ALL rain and apaamadie actiar, and la SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELSDapaud apon it, rootoara, it will gki rait ta yaarta!?a?, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W a ha?a pat up and aeld thia articla for oaar taa y aari, and can a at, II* coNFiDBNCB IKD tlfth of it. wtiat wa ba?a | iia?ar baan abla 10. *? of any OTHIt Rla.licma? n bvbb MKS. Nil it uaib.ia a mikli na- !??-, to if Hit a c IT a ,! " * " s whan timaly uaad Na?ardid wa knaw tnilTHI^n ?n inatanca of dia aauafiction by any I wa who mad it. Oo tba eomrnry,allaraI SVHl'P) da'irbtatl with ua OPBKATIONi, and' | litnii in tarma of bigbaat comniaudition of ita n?gical affaeta and madical rirtaaa Wa apaak in .hit matter " what ?i no i^ow," aftartan yaara' axparianca, and plioui ol'* hbputa tlutl FOR thi FITLFILM BUT of what WB hbnl DB clahi. In aimoal a?ary inatanaa ?bara tna infant la andar inf from pain and athanation, raliaf will ba found in Iftaaa ar twanty minutaa aftar tha ayrap ia adminlaiarad. I ni. >mgtDn praparaticu la im praacripuor. of on* of tba rootl IIPIIIIKCID and a*IL?UL ItuasB* in N w fcnfland, and baa boon otod with * IR FaiLifta H'CCIM n THOUSANDS Of CASES. It o?t on?y (ollovoa tbo chii|( Iron pain, bat lnaiferatt* Hit atomaeb and bowala, corrocta acidity, and ft?*a two cargy to tba wboia ayaum. It Will r linear inatan lv roliava Gkipins in tbs Bowel* and Wind Colic, and OTortonto con?olatan?, which, if i.ot (paa'lwy ramodiad and In daatb. Wa t,aliara it lha HIT anDtl'atfT ?IN- FOR lDi.nt>.i vorld in all eaa?a of OT?- CHILJPRF.H ?"T KAT and Dla* Mffi IN CHIL T1CETHIN4). whathar it ariati from taa.hmg ' or frotn an* oibor eaoaa Wa wonld i<t to o*arr mothor who haa a child **ffannf from any of th? foragwng complaint*? DO hot LIT TOUR PR BJl'DIC l(, ,-<oa TKI t R C j I'D If B? OT OTH?R?, tand batwaan ynar-aattring child and tha raliaf that will fca ICRB?yn, tBinLi'TILT M RI ?to follow tht no of tb maihcina, if timoly a**d. Fill dir?eii?a fjr naing will a eornjS-ny aach hottlf Not.a ranoina aoltai tba ftc-aiimia CDRT14 ft PKRKIN8, Naw York, I* on tba oataid* wrappa oid by Dragfiata thronghout tha world. Principal Ome*. No. II Cadar Straat, R T. Fnca onir i5 Uaota car i)o?ia o? 11-dftwlT ii i iai I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS T COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE ffcl. Und?r?igned laving thl* day entered into copartnership uuder the name an'I *t?le of Dor?ky tt Wiiod, for the purpoae of oonduoM' g the ti Rt> OEM Y ai.d COMMISSIOm BUSINESS, at No IIS High street, (jeof getown. th? hoo?e as heretofore oocu pied by W D-iraey.vhe etreareprepanng t<i ?how a well nelected *t> ok of choice Groceries, Win"*, Teas, Liquor*. Ac. and are prepared to sen any good* in our in* of bnainesM a* cheap a? any bona* in the Dutnot Country merchant* a>'<1 otnera bujin* to aeli again wil: find it to their advantage to oall beforo purchasw.g einewhore. We name in part? 1? hh<1s. p i>r? P. R. and N. O. SUGARS, 3>bb!?. GIBSON w-msky, 3?bH?. REFINED SUGAR, ??bblR. R.o. WHI?K V. 2S box** prim? CKKKSE, 5 hh.1t SHOULDER BACON, HV>bh!? nrim? N . i POTOMAC HERRING S.bbl. Pio.lSt J(l!!NW ALKW.VKS jnr.hiH. No. 1 HKRKING, ion sacksG. A. tnd KINK SALT. In .tore a d for ea'e by .r ?, . PORSEY * WOOD, m% 23 2awtf No 11* Hi?h .t . Georgetown. UNION IIOTEI., OhORQETOWy, n. C., Is now open for the rnoeptjjn of visiton. .. , JOHN H. WATERS, ma 11-lm Proprietor. 'PHE celebrated con I R act ~ .i.i ^ ?SU<*V4 MATTINGS, Both plain and check. l-onalitlow by . o, c SPILMAN A HUNT, W 2 -008m ft** Hrnlf??t,,(j(?ri?to*ni pRANDELL, OPTICIAN, iVo. 12* Krirtft at., Gunrttown, Mas constantly on hand a larije assortment ol French Near-sighted, Peri.c<y>ic, Onl ^ - ? ? ored, and al! other SPECTACLES, oPClF^Ql the best quality, in cold, silver. .teei-and German river frame, ft. fl. Old Frame, kepaire.) end new r iuwi set in them to order. do 19-ly The steam packet flying cloud i. now ready for excursions to II ^ the Gr* at Fails or mtrrmrrliritr ir.r d*frhpi ft iol nt> Arliritffjin <r,riti?u al. M i audria. un miHl?r*t? terms; will mak* trips to Alex amlna on time fur divine service, and will he over until after one o'e'ook. Apply to Capt. JOHN MOO Af , ap '3 2m No. 3ft JetfWeon (unn^tiiwn. JOt?. F. BIRCH, VXDERTAKER, Cor. Brtdgf. and Jrffrrson els , Ocnrftown. Having given 1117 personal attention to tins O'&noh of mr business, I inn prepared to/ ? .. attend to all ca'.ln wiih promptness UgMff Persons from adistanne can hesup ^ plied at a miuutes' 1 bave a large assortment of COFFINS alwa?s on hand. Particular attention paid to tlie removal of tlie d' ad from the old to tie new hurial grounds. Ha&rse* and Horses for hire. ap '0 6m \IAS8EY, COLLINS A CO 'ft PHILAUElT Lvl. PJIIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly reoemng fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who wmt a pure un aduiteratod Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A SUINN. Agents. fist AT Areen St.. {ienrretown. | JMLVER WARE AND WATCHhft. O HOOD Manafsotures hisown ftil ver Ware in this own sbop and sells no Notheru sale Jhc work (that is cot ?p for the Southern tra'le.??yM H" warrants every article to be ? ( C- ui ftil ^nS ver. and he will sell bis lieat standard war" at iwiat asluw.ifnot lower, than the Normern g<n?lf are sold for. He has also on hand a very fiuo stock of Superior Gold and Silver W ATCH* ft, ?nd a larse lot of RICH JEWELRY all o? which he >s sefling verr cheap. No. 339 Penn. av. miK-ti Francis harper, H*V1N? OPINID A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEEDSTORE, Corner ( / A'tie York arnw and Tenth stret'. Respectfully solicit* the patronage of tlnse who mm be in want of any artiole in th? ai>ov? line. Hi* endeavors k1i8.11 l>? to please, and by a strict attention to the wants of the public, he hope* to merit a share of their patronage. His toek consists of every article usually to l>e found in a first-class Family Grocery anil F"*d Store. ma 17-tf NO WILLIAM BRADLEY REGS TO 13a inform the public and his fiifuds that )ie has on hand a large stock of Marble Manteis mute a new style. Also Monument Head Stones, Fable Tops. An., which he has to dispose of at prices to suit the Uines. Also, Brown Stone oonstantlv kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attendod to. in* 22 Smeo Pa. av? bet. 18th and 19th sti. P* NOTICE. KRSONS D*olininc housekeeping 0'having a urslus of bouMh^d effects can find ready sale ?>y calling at my Parnianing Store. Tth street, ke'\7i "m*? """* ?r*'Ki'(*.Ph R.TB. V. g,LvtK.PLATEDCEpITci|ERa I I have just fM?ved a lafge lot ot very l.ayfronf (wr?sty*?olCE PlTCaMIS. that I wi?l tgm. ) sell at much lower prices than they can i e jMk/ bought for at any otW establishment la this AtfF atf. Call and ae#, at SSfc Pa avenne. ma 31 ) t !l i <V?1t Wwk'DBrmo!oorstr'lufodZrth lit. AUCTION SALES. By A. GRtEN,Auctioneer. VI ALL'ABLL BUILDING LOTS ON THK IBLANP, FnoSTINr. ON S*OfTH H AXI? I *NP7Tlt tTKiKTs west, AT A i* ? t)u W R uNKHDA Y, the 13th instant, 1 shall seil in tront of th? premues. tfio'olook p. m , commencing on the first n?med lot, the following valuable Building Lots, vis: tLots Nos. 6, 12,13.15.I7,2fl, am! 23, in Square No. 463 The above named valuable building Jots have front# from Zr> to SB feet eaoh on south H and I and 7th street* weit and running back to wide alleys, the sale wi|i?fee well worth? the attention of per ?ni wiihin AoWrohase handsome property on the Island. ^ * Term*: One third cash; balance in 6,12. and id month*, the purchasers to give n?>tes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from daj of rale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken ilk " - - A. glffgW, Auef. By TH()8. DOWL1NU, Auctioneer. E. 8. Wri?iit, \VALUABLE LANDS IN MONTGOMERY CorxTY at Attctiojt ?On ThURSDAY next, the 14th mat., at 10 o'clock &. m., I ahull sell, on tin premises, 1?3 acres of good Laud. situate in Mont gomerv countv, Md., about * ir.iloa from George town, fronting on >h? canal it* entire l?nrth.and divided by the Washington Aqueduct. It lias tiro landings, a warehouse and otUer bu'ldincs. inclu 1 ing store and fixtures; is abundantly wooded and vatered. The soil is in very rood condition and takes olover readily. There i?a county read from Rockville direct to the lower landing Also a tract containing about 118 acres, with wood and timber Ruffieient for the ?si ofthe plaoe These tracts will t>? divided to suit purchasers. Ti'le perfect. Terms at sale. ie?ts T H OS. DOW LING. A uct By J. C. MoGUIRE tc CO.. Auctioneers. fT,RU8TEE'S SALE OF THKEE SMALL I Bnim Dwitlixg TtOV?ES !N tuc reap, op TWriRANi e Hall.?On WKDNh^UA V AF TkK NOON. June 7ih, at 6 o'clock. on the prem1 **k, by virtue of a deed oftrust dated March 7. 1?57, ard diiiy recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 131. (olios 1<1. F3 114. and 115, one of the land reoorda for \N aehiiiston ooumy. D. C . I shall sell Lots ILL and a subdiviann cf pquare nnmt>e'ed ym, friiiitini eaoh about 1^ feet 11 inch?>- on the 9< luet alley in the rear of Ha!!, together with tic improvements, consisting of tlires tw -story Brick Dwelling Houses, containing five roomeach. Term'. One third cash, the residue in 6 and 12 inontlu, with interost. secured by a deed of trust 03 th? premises. If the terms of sale should not be complied with u five day thereafter, the truatee ? > ? right to resell, at th? risk ar.d expense of the defiuiting purchaser, after one week'* puDlio notice. All oonveyancing at tha cost of the purchaser oi purchasers. THOS. J. F1PHER. Trustee I d J. C MrGUIRE A CO , Anc'a. EDUCATIONAL. << ?> M M E R C I A L C<I? I L E G E. j N'o. 4 ifi Seventh st., O?po*tte the iftnirai Post Oftct, WasKtntton CilV. Armorian System of Penmanship, B<>og.keeping, Mercantile Forms anil Cak illations. Hiisin*** C?ritt-poi.dence, Bills of Exchaiue, Current Hills, Commission Sales, Gran.mar and Arithmetic. (T7"A Preparatory Class for Hoys. Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 1? p.m. For terms applv at the Rooms. ma?*-3m WM. \V VODNG ft C<1 r|,HE FSION FEMALE ACADEMY. J Nk\V AKRASGtMt.NI. This well-known and popular benuntry, wlueh lias lieen so successful under the entire careof Mrs / Richards lor mora than ten years, will bo opened or the first Monda> in September n-xt, und-T tlie I united s'M>?rvision'a:id instruction of Mr. and Mis. I RICHaRDS, in the wr!! arrancM an ! delist- | iilly located Union Academy Building. For lartio- I uiirs. seo circulars at all th j Bookstores. nia-ii tt | |Y1 AIRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. ITIR8. McCORlKiCK dosires to inform ho friends and the puhlio generally that sh- ill re*ane the du?ie? of hor School on the let Monday in Sept#^Phe sours!) Of study pursued vill oouipitae all the branohes re*n:site to a thorough English education. In addition to her da/ aohnlars. eh* ie desirous of receiving mto ner family a few purils ae boarders, age^ from U> to U years, who will be under her un mediate oareana oversight. Her arrangemente for the accommodation and due oare of pupils have been oonmdervly incre**cd and otherwiR* unproved. Thoee in WaahingtoE desiring pa-tioular information with reference to her school may apply to W. D. Wa .ach, Editor o the Star. For t*Tms and furtner particulars apply at her reai<ier.o??No. 34 Cameron street.Alexandria. Va It ?;-tf I D^TISTRY.M TEETH. LQQMIS, M. I)., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his ofljoe in th.p. o:fy. TOByg Many person? can wear theee tooth wh" oar.not woar other?, and no pereor v?r ot^eri who oannot wear these. Persons calling at pit office oan be accoromodatet wita any style Rod price ol Teeth tiiey mar desire ; but to those who particular and wuh the purest, cieanest. strongest, and most perfoct denture lhal art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will t? more fuily warranted. Rooms in this cit7?No. 336 Pa. averue, between 9tli aiid luth sts. Also, 1*07 A roll street, Philadel phia. oe l->y | wr.ii us I K 1. I/R. HILLS, after a praotioa! teat of two ;wn, feei? that be oan with onn&deoce reoom mend the Clieoplastic Process for ineerUni<9|4iB|| artificial teatii It h&a the advantage? or^,LJJ" trenjth, beauty, olean!iuou, and cheapness. Fail upper sets inserted for $36. Partial in proportion. Office 306 Pa. avenue. ee7 IMPORTANT TO H<Jl HEKEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE * CO.'S EZjEOT SFIOE0. Gnaranteed not onlj ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spic?s. selected and o'eaned b? us exp*ess!y for tha purpose without reference to c>Bt. They are beautiAilly packed m tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary ground Sp-ces are almost invariably short. VVe warrant them, in point of strength and richoess of flavor, BEYOND AI.L COMPARISON, aa a tingle trial will abundantly prove. Man ufcotured only by E. R. DURKEE % CO.. f? U-if.l)A 1" 1 P.-trl ?t.. Ni w ?'r>rk. \IOHE NEW MK<T?OOM MARKED 1*1 DOWN AT REDUCED PRICES- ftlolt Figured and P'ain Berages.Orifnily Muslins ai.d Fr- noh Lawns, hands me Figured an'! Piam He rar* Ancias, l'e.>a Beraeex and Silk Tissues at worth 'SlW- With train lots of auo ii>r. goods wh:ch weare aelh-.g off vcr* cheap. J. W. C'LLEY 4 ('O., nia 31 -?h>W '>'21 Wryenth sf., ab^ve Pa. av. lj>OR SAI.E-* beautiful iron gray MARE. 1; years old; perfect!) sound and gentUi r-v Also, aver) *t> Ii*h Buggy : patent eliding 8"?t; Rui dlilo to curry 2 or 4 pertou*. Sold^?^-^ for no fault, the,< wner having no farther nse lor them. Apply at KKLEHFR ft P\ WELL'S Mablok, 8th Etreet. between D and K. ina-iS-tf PI' K K-4J L D RV KWliI8KY.-Oa liand never* txano^ of Fur? Old Rye Whi ky. Copper ?)n tilled, made by the most rehab e distillers in Pei a ?tlvania. Mart land and Virginia, warranted pure. Alto, Imported Mrandiee, llennaajy, Olard. I)upuy to Co.. Jules Robmc, fto- Alec, Peach and Arple Brand*, pure Holland Gin, oH Jamaica and St. Croix Hum, an?l Wme? of every variety, alt ol atandard branls A choioe lot of Qicare and Tobacco YOUNG ft KEPHART. Agent*. *P 14 It Pa at., betw 9th and Iftth ate. UECOND-HAND BRl'SSi- I.S AND THREE ?5 Pl.Y CARPETING*. >Ve have for sale a lot of n^oomi-hand BRUSSELS a ^ HREE-PLY CARPKTlNOS, moat of it in the latter, now for sale. They will i?e wold od in Iota to euit purchaser* at a ruinous lo?a for ca<h only. Tliev are but little iiHed.and in very Rood order, ami the etyieand quality the very best. Thoae hi want of a great bargain in agood Carptt will call ?oon and be suited. ma a-eo2w CLAGETT ft DODSON. Aykli.ow pine lumber. LL Deeoriptiona of the above Lumber, foi I asBui'SEtsiS1"ffiiSVTilV*. wfo UOAR l>s/?inl FLOORING (drc??M or BadrMMd) 4el-tni nornArPrsttlt. mltlinnr*, H4 P. P L A s T K KIN 6, > LAIN AND ORNAMENTAL, at ?t**Y I acjllPTIoi*. done oa akort ?.iwf ? " ??? /??? able rate* by ALLEN * JACKSON, iT# Paao iwnns.ioutl, B<le, Mwwn lOtfi and IltUetreHa Jh*U OrnM*?tal Pla*U?rm? easel* that of any otb?r*ouaa in thoUnited Staleejlnatyle.finiahand durability. The peblia ts invited to o*U and in?pect yvykr j ^ 520 H^NEV^*N?0iLE, 520 PAK* F!*K IN^l.TvSo^ ?,iiu?5 "Ht1?. ""''i OOH?KiL'?r,U W |^fcK*l BARGAINS IN ?tAN<jy~Odf> wry *1 i.i6e rtickfriiiif Piano, fi? f"~'--n- ! very luo : R.>- ar.kmutx Paw, for "5", omiBmSI nvr f irt* * Powf Pl\n", ?>r ikl.1IT1M *? of W. Q MfcT^ERdr^wie ^ity . Baean A Kaven.and ?t?inwar A Wni' 1 SUMMER RESORTS. < ARI.ISLE | The favorite raeort for WHITE H LFHIR SPRINGS, Mountain Air, luvifora_rt tin? Baths, Larse and CIMBLRLAND CO, Wen-Vent..ated Room*. Pennsylvania. Good Society and & G'u d iTabie. Accommodations fob ( For particular* send 300 f? r Circular, 'owRNc, A' ENDF.NTERMS LOW. JN * VIS?>CHER. je ? low Car It fir Snrtnry. Pa. Mt?ALT WAT^K BATUiNU. ARSHALL'8 PAVILION. (Moore'a Landing ) wilt b? open for the reo*ption of vm A . ? tori on the 13th of June. This de ifh fblyifSBk ie*<>'t for those **rkini health and plea*. ^laELL re. u unexcelled l>? any place of the kind on tb<* Potomac rirer ft is situated ah'ut one hundred mi es from Waehimton immediately on the Potomac, and in fall view of 'he Cb<-?ap?ak? Ba> . and Camuu? for ?n? Oj?t?rs, Soft Cralw. Sh<"?pnea<i. ar<1 other Fish. and ea>i!y aocessible b the strain boat* plying between Washington. BaUi^i re an) Norfolk. The uudersirnH has ma<ir addii >r a! improvement* in > is BatH IIp um and many other improvements to the comfort an<t etjovment ?( ns m-sts. The Bathin* oannot be *urpa*sod. Spien did A tie ins and p euty of Fishing and Saiinc Boats nwi'i onargp. He na? spared qo pxpene>* in pro vtding a good Coti 'o- Hand or in laying in hi* atock of choice W :nes. Liq uot s,S?i:arii. Ac..and fur ihoas who wish to avoid extreme fashion nid to s>ek a retired p aee where they i-an make th? n??i*"? at home, there is not a in>r? pleasant pile in tiie I'nitfd Mate*. The proprietor pledge# himaelf t*at nothing shall he left undone on hi* part t > rend-r them ao. Term* ior toard by the day.wrek. or month reasonable. Peraons wishing to addr*aa the proprietor will direct to Leonaratown. gt. Mar? county. Md. je6 2w K. J. MARSHALL. Profrietor HYGEIA HOTEL, Old Poirt ConroRT, V*. Thia celebrated Seaboard Watering H'aoa looa ted iu full view of Hampton Roads and A ? . A Chesapeake Uav. an<l at the fcrat ini'itar* WjTMfcw post or the u lilted States. (Fort Monro will be rr ady for tne reception of viaitorionthe first of June. Besides the attractiona of the military eatabMsh ment and the fane Bill of' a'?'" pres> nted in the many Injures of the aa!t water region, th* Bath at O'd Point Comfort is peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it la aiin rt a ?p-cific; and for ita properties in thia regard tr.c proprieto s are al ow> d to mike reference to Mra D'. Lifcn,(r? liot of th? Ute sjera'or Linn.' and to the Secretary of War and hia ladv. A spaoioua new building and sundry improve ments add largely to tne accommodation* and com iorta of the appfoaohiug season. The management of the Hotel and all ba*iue?a matters connected with it are under the exc!uaiie charge of the junior partner, Mr. WillarJ. JOS. SKUAR C. C. WiJLLAR !>. ma29 1m Propriatora. 'P ~ VoiN r LOOKOUT 1 HK I'ndereigned, long and well known to the traveling puti'ioaa a proprietor of the City A ?. ? A nironulll Tn., BIIU HI" L III IOU WC Y States iii Waafa cloti cit*. leased for a term of y*ar* the magnifioent h?* ?i ? .Pavilion * d the numerous cottages connected with it, recently erec*-ed at Point Lookout, the point of Junction of the Potomao with Chesapeake Ka>. and having furniehad them in a st*le equal to that of any other watering piaoe in the I'mted l*tat?#, will open the establishment on the 12th day of Jun? n?xt for the reception ot visitor*, his arrangements be ilc auffmian* for the ct mfr'T'.Able aeoomrnodatwa ofat least 7 V cuest?. Point Lookout t*>*i<les being deservedly the most famou? place in all America for fine Orator* H<>? F lh. S< ft C;ar,s. 8 oeph ad, Mackerel, and a" <>th**r e?it water luxuries p >m e es finer faoi'iti?s for !fnrf Hathine thai: even Cap4 May, while tli? hack cou'try immeclately adjoining It?inoladiLj the Drive#, Paitridge and Woodonok Sho-.tinr. Ac., &e..?ofT.'r advantages togethe-, superior f t .n?? of any other watering nlaoe on this continent, The Water Views from the paitKion and from ai th* c ttases are extensive, varied, and o^s-minr lue 1.?acUi of the point is un*-xoeued t>y that of uionntalii regions, t^nd th? aooess to it by "learners from Baltimore, \\ ashincton, Norfo k. auu Richmond, will probably be da ly to and from each of ttios* oities. He hac spared no expense iu providing a fine Band, Carnages. Horses. P.easure Boats. &o . for hire, or n "looking his cellar* with the l>aat Wrlne?. Liquors, Ao in sh- rt hia patrora will findatth?ir oommand every luxury and oomfort oltAi liable at any other American watering place His terms for l>oa'd, by the dar, week, or month, for individuals or l*uiii:ee, will Ke reasonable, ma 23 dUaly 1 LOGAN O SMITH. WOOD AND COAL. WcRIEW & HABLOW'S U.^IU IN FIREWOOD MILLS, I rnrr Seventh it ami ( and, Washington Kindling. Cooking and Stove Wood, SAWHll &n l SPLIT to suit every onn. Delivered to any part of the city at the To low ins rates, PINE WOOD. >4 eord Pine. sowed and ?p>it in 4 pieces, for $1 25 do do. do. do. 2 Si 1 do. do. do. do. 5 W OAK WOOD. 3* cord Oak. ?awed in 4 pieces, and split, 1 62 S tin. >to. do. do. 5 2S 1 do. do. do. do. 6 VI COAIi, COKL.COAL. All kinds of Coal, kept on plank floors, clean and in Rood order, sold at the "I umn Fuel Ltepot," corter of Seventh st. an<1 Can?l McKN'KW A MARLOW. roa31-eo6t Proprietors. W?hunton, D. C. WOOD AND COAL D?livorAH ?n *11 *1 ?4- ~* " ' V-. |>t.i w vi mo uij, ?i iae m* 8( possible rates. T J. A \V. M. OALT, Office 3^8 Pa. av., between 11th and I2t!i ?ts , ma 17-tf nortli aide. ?T?HE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND an extenti vp stock o( KllKL, u prepared to tiell at. a very io w figure for oa*h WOOD Jawed and Split any size. Call and bee for yourself. R. W. BATK?, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS S. K. corner of Fourteenth ard C sta. i MRCU1T COURT ??FTH KDISI RICT OF Vy COLUMBIA. Banediot Joat et al.f f , Jw Micha#1 Miller'a heira and adnun'rA '* The truefe? tn the above oau?e having reports that at a sale iu".<<e hi htiuon the 3d March last, under the deore'a in aaid oauae. John M. Belt wa* the highest Mdder and beoaine the purctiaae* of the weft half of Lot No. 114, in B?all'a addition to Georgetown. 1) C.. and a sma:l part of Lot No 113. in the rear theiecf. at a> d fur the pnee oi sum ot a i V liliarn H. tiodey. for Wa<l?r Godey, of part of Lot >14, i a aaid B?ali'? ad lit on to Grorce town, 'aid part t^mg i > f?-t by 3 foet, at and fo t >e price or au . of ?ioi, and that a%<d purchasrra have rul.? complied wi'h the term* of sale. It is, ther**fore, b? the Court, thm i6th day of May, IF6P, or dered.that aaid aalea be ratified, tineas eau?? be shown to the Court, on or before the let day of Jul* n?xt, provided a 0"pt of this order be published in ihi K"e-,inc Star three timeaa week for thiee we ks prior to aaid day. By order of Coart Teat: J NO. A. SMITH, Clerk. TnidAAM T -? IVA A tlflTU 4"! 1 - - ? uwfj ? - at J 11 VV, A C.4I J III V. 1CIK. ma 2? ItAwlw J^OOK OUT FOR PAINT No. 314 SEVENTH STREET, Four Door t South of Odd ret loir.'' Hail. H. W. HAMILTON-nae opened a PAINT SHOPuid PAINT STORKoath* New York plan, where can alwav? be ftjuad PAINTS. OILS, 01.ASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ao.,u wholesale au.l retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. And Bucket* with Brvsiie* to I.oaji! N. 8.?Particular attention pai l to House, St?p. Ornamental fain tin* ar?l Graiiitiur. t"tain?d ud F.iiaiiHied lilacs of all kinds always on baud, or furiiish*'il at short notioe. He wariants satisfaction in all work entrnKt?d to his care, and is eonfi.l?*nt that he oati do work as ch^ap, if not cheaper, than anvother establishment in this city. Give him a oali. i/on't forget Uie number?it is 414 Seventh street. ina 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. N EW v "AWMSIM" 8 T ? " The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave W??DN6SDA,Y, atl^?ttfc o'oiock a. m.. and New York firr incton eVerr "Batorday, at S o'oioek ?. m. can join tlw> ahip M AlniJUMina at any bl3 rA,.h,:,'ntIii d^*Id tn? 6?fnt of liic ite&iMri im*r>uitr l# oroca th? bar i p oonMf ? !>? of low Mill, aft coo<la wMI he rrororUyiiifcU*-*.! to and froaitU iUtii? by the ucderanniw. a^P^Iajgwa. $SiPs^^ 'J __l THE WEEKLY STAR. Fami'v M4 N?w? OoBtfX * ir?Ut rtrirtj ofiatOTWtinx r??*M UM ' HiKNadliwomr wnbdrtHwl1**!!^ Mill. Tsmm -Out. Mllr, ? <??'? &?*:? ooyy, per tnnu) <1 V ni??Wi A ? Ttoeoffoa?.. .. . m Twenty oopt?? - -. U ** _Ry w;b?w<b<m iuetmba ruwd mh?( Mi?fcfc*r? yi ? mu ic?t v. a* w\ . j n t* o~tr**'. y per orniL ot TV W^I> j,?r wtl! f? fared. It amith l oonltini u? W *?kir.?v b N7Wt" that hu ma^e TV Fr?.?? St*r oircu ate w (eoaraliy throve boat U>? oonatr?. K/~ Sing> oopiet IIX WTa>per?' oan he pro**re<t ss?. Tr^Tflrfr&tfft BTPottmMteri who act M IfHti WiH bt*l lowed * oommiatioD of omU. FOR SALE AND RENT._ XTALUABI.K RKAL KSI ATK AT FRlVATfet Sale ?The aubeenbor it authorised bf U* ?tfr to M<1 ?t aa>, two ntwM? trMta at Lana The tirit it situated near 'Q*a4aa/* Ui? r??eideioe of Zee ha r. ah B?"r?,af*: adjoins the lands of I)r K'n imti L?? ti 4 otne-a. and oon*&ini two hundred snu twenty tillt and threr tsi.ths of as acre, ta we 1 wooded and watered, a?d in a high state cf cultivation. The iiproi ewn's oonaiat ofa eomlortat le dw?:li'r house, two totec e > b? uf??. and otaer out house*. Thia land offers crest indsoemer ta to thoee wish inc In purchaee rta: e?tate. beim it one of the taoet d^llghtlul neighborhoods in Southera Maryland, being but about eigh miles fr >m \Vashta?ton city and fire miles from BkI' natsri, and of easy a a tree to ohnrok. poit uS?c and mil' Also, a very valuable tract of Umber and wood IuhI Thia land ioi'hUm) at?oat f???r iri>a from Waeli iiiit in citv, on the atace roaxl leading irom that 01 y to Vpp-r M Jrlhoroujh. and oo:i<am* five hundred tad twenty four tod two truth* of mi acre. Al. of i&id lend la oo*?r?l id wcod and n>at of it h avity tim'iered; an f from its wrontnitv V> Wnl' initnn. r*iidrri it ver? *?!??*'*, Md offer* a rf* opportunity to ship builders and others de* in* to W.???d and timber The term*, which will be libera;. ma4e known on <\?tit b t? the sub-cm her If th? tborf jroprrtj i? i.?.t dinp^wdof at private ale. on or l?r >r? >aTI'R l)A\ , th? J"th da* of June uf*t, Jt will on Ilia' da> l>e red at pubUfl ale at'Vonoord,''the re*id ooe of Tlion.aa Berry. Esq , at the hoar ol 12 o'elosk nt.. who will t^ko toMure in showing lite la*'' to all ?t?v metdeMte i. purchase BAMVEL H. BKFWY. ap iawtH# (.'peer MartU?roo?n. L^OK SAI K ami R fc'NT.--The underwc^Tfun r two house* for rent at Keadail Ur^on, each ht?m(2?drei ufiruiud mitaMe for a garden, at taehed The ltu%tmn la elevated ard p-rf. ot> h-*althy, rffenng peculiar mlooenenti u> one who prefera pure onurtrv air to th? heat?d and d<.ety a' moapherewf the city. A?tal>!eand w<>ud?hed a-o attached to ?aoh hon*e, and a pu-ep o pure water atar.ds hut a f?-w ?t?pg from the d or. To a good tenant the rout will |m> mode^at". The residence known a* Rose Col?ag*. u->t)?ie?in* of neat y two aoree of ground with h- w^oe* *ary oatt>ui'di->ra. ia for Kale The h u*ewasb. l!t for the preeent ow *r and ha* many oonwwmeaoee The land u in a high state of eo tiv*u> n. a d eb car* hac b*?n ezrended m the selection ot a chwioc variety of fruit a-d shade trees. The property froi ta H( undary street, hein* owt side the 01 y limit*, and when that street open'd and improved, as tiwre U reaeon to txtlieveit *nun biatanou from oit? Pott ?>ffioe?1\ Addre.? b? letter ?r iu person, V\ W. STlCKNEV. m?f y-*o t' |?OR SALh?A email FARM ofy acraa. aitaaU d I at the Little Fall*, havinc a cornfortaMed wallinc-houae, oorn house. stablee, ftp; waljfanoed an J wat-?rM ; -within four nulM of \Va?hin*ton ; 19 aorea tn calti vation, the halanpe in hatxlacire wooo .and. It ir pKDliari; dwinihi^u a country rw denoe, ttoinc perWctJy heaitt.y and moatro manually wtuated; esculent f.shn.f and hunttne Ir.auim of Mr MARRIOTT, bride* keeper. Chain B'Mre, l.iu ? 4?? 3?wtf A, UR !<A l.K-A f i?at twguin. lour acre* of we! * improved L.A.VD. well ?uit?yi f >r a ina ket itr<len. with n#>w dwelling hotiaa with fotir riiofM and kitchen ; veil of Co* aster in tM yard: under good i-ncina, and wil be eold low or e&chanced fr* citv propertr. and on modxrat* t?rm?. Thefa-.d i? at If tail's Croaa Road*, two and a half mil** from ??anr?.-town,and to Alexandria county, Va Arpi* to V. P. CORBETT. over Uar.k of W aahmgton it. a H tf F^OR RF*T-A three Mot, BRICR HOPVF on Thirteenth at . one door al-ov? O at.. no-ti. No 4late)? occupied t>? Captain L??. t.. ** N v* oaaaaatoti Klven on the l?t Of May Ipanire "f J?)>. ABBOTT, >66 E at., iiftwern 14th and 19th ?t?. may 9 tf L^OR RENT-A unnil KTORE, crner of 13 b at. r and Penn. avenue, under the Clarendon ?QitalMO f?r a barber's saloon or oif ar at ore F<n information inquire at the Hotel. _ m*r y ff^no D L'\ T -ru? liuuk pi rv/ .n - ? u V " nii.i ? ? i no r inn t r ui ui? rami r inr imaiMUUdf opposite the went vine r?f U><" City Ha l.reoeotly occup">d by ChM. H. wallacb m an office. Also 'if frost room In Ute seewnd story ami the third floor of ine same bmildm*. For terms apply to RICHaRI> *^llaclr>l? I<oaikin.ija *ven??. la 13 If senators. mkmbkrh of coyomair& Two spl?noia suites of ROOMS, eie?antiyfur niali?>d, will h? rented during the session of Cod cress, in the most <l?sirable locality in this city, being within on* or two ssuarf s < ! Brown's >M National Hotels. Those 11. pursuit of swoh Rooms will do weli to make early application at No. 379 th street. .'-etweec f) street and ?a. sr. de k-ti P)R SALE?A nioe three story Briok HOUSE, on id street, between D and t streets, to Ktbbey's Subdivision. Tbe above property will be sOii or: easy terms. Ppoe made known ?y iris at r mcofH.W. HAMILTON * CO.. No. >M Ttt t'<""t opposite Centre Market. TlUese-fect. fe7-tf . TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. (HAVE J l.'ST RECEIVED A NEW Bt'P ply of **!! *' fine Frecch Caif Skin f)r*?* vflfc 1 Boots and Gaiter*, Paten* 1. eat her an # <! Cloth Waiter*. Ca!f Skin. Patent Leather siid Lasting Shoes A so, an extensive Nb ockofBo s' and Children's, Indies' and Misses* Bo >?r and Sh??*s, all of which I am eHlin* a*e*oeeding j low prioea. J. ROSENTHAL. 320 Seven'h street. ma 15 eo 3 ''oors aW?v? D street. HOOTS AND SHOES. TO SLIT THE TIM KB. We are now man u facta rm? ail kinda of BOOTS and SHOES. and oonatanuV reoemnc ncpp'y of oa*f? rn mad" work o' ?uri W| soriphi?". made expreaa'y to order, and willy ?"ld at a much tower prioe than haa been" heretofore charted in thia city /or laaoh inferior article*. I'ereon* in want of ttoou and Shoe* of eastern or oity made work, viil a]war* find ajood assortment in atoxeai.d at the lowest prices Give oa a oall. "JRIFFIN A BEO.. ayft-r HI4 Pennsylvania a^wn*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 0 ??? ttb Snn< OrrosiU Odd FWiw?* Hull, ITa^iariia, D. C. Traveler! trill study their interests ?> euaaaiu my TRUNKS. VAI.ICES i? , before oiiaoinn eieewere Aa I us? dob* bat tiM^ngV beet material the market affcrda aixl *mplo? *1 ?** the b^s* workmen. 1 can oon4dentty recommend m? work to he superior in Stremnk Mid DmrmbtJifv to Trunk* that are made in other cities and sold here. 1 keep constantly ?n hand, and make to order ton one week'a notice) every d^sonptien *f BOLE LEATHER, IKON Eh A ME FHENCH DB.ESS **4 WOOD *Ot TRUNKS; ASHLAND ?m4 01 4?r VALICkSiTHAVELlfiO BA(iS HAh NESS: SADDLES. WHIPS, fr- #r. Trnnk*. Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at aliort antioe Trunk a deli vered in auy part of the oity, George town, or Alexandria. \la->?Arent for Howe'a oalebrat#d FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. dalMy JAME8 ?. TOPHAM THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY 1. iofortn p*trt?n? and t<?e pni.iic thilag the* n*re received tbeir U'UH1 uppl* nPB SPRING GOODS. oo???Un? of the iMM l\ a'yleanu faaiuoo. and t>??tIorei*. it*ua r ufac fW tare. Th alao respectfully invite a'ten tion to th*ir new atoe* fGKN TLEMEN1S PfJR MSI1INU Gti( ?DS of the ?;??( ?t}lM ud rniki* The; aieo k-*eo corn-taut:? wi hand a larfe atippv of Nava. an<l M. iiar* Furnichitc G<vhi?-auob m Kpaulete, Chap?au?. Sw?rda, Belli, Gold Lacs* Sbou'der Stiape, a?d Sash<*? H. fTI.OUDON k ro.. Citizen, A'arai and Military Mf'kant Tbilmt, mar 15 <?8rr HnUi yOLK'B BTATUETTE STEPHEN C DO I'fi LA a In fern and feauturaa thie MMbfeJ and MttraU peoimenof American art la iiD*brp*?*ed by as? ap~ .roan of like character ever prodaaad. It u a fat of the "LiU.e Gia?*t." Spool me n? iuay be aeec and Htatoftu# pro?rad at Cvlvek'? Dae* S^uax. Nu. Peng avaaaa, <jjrn??r of 12 h atrect W??hi"cU??i oity Paraon? to UtlNmrwifli IMMM >? <JI imtfire, M*r?.?iiii, Virzisuft Nortli Cferoiia*, Cftnlia*. Georgia. Flfin4*. A. mi 4 Loaisiaiift. d?*iri- f oofim ??f the 9Uta?U? *iU * dr*Mthojr <>r"?rt lo C. P; Ct?TYK*7wMh tft. t oitr. D. C.,?ooo<?fMi?d by raaitteeoe. tt:3Sw5E: :'__rr_rr*,t f?7" &dlU>r of D?w?p?r-r?m tk?forMoiB(Ht*tM ess 1 ? W I\B /TT rD"*^ Ulwr* l? Will M p^PUii W? ? 6?? nITCRE< h H?v? i#rtur?, &uu ?rt> Atllt NMiH, ffiS FIXTUR+S**f**Ur?i? >>* w l>?a?rr^ mmI IVhiiju* Bad nifWi tr in rtjlc u> *uvl>>?M fcnavtoior* tf -t-J in Uu? iDBiket. \V? Invitr tilt*ew? f?uc ? lj to 0*11 and euLniiiM our ntvck of GtiiM W?tq Fixtaraa, f ??nn( (xmM'nt Uwt w* kav* tk? >wt ?tock iS WMbincion A11 Won m the i)?v> Tl i>? iatm?Ud to Mr f*rt will be prompt. T h MoGH-AN _ Mv" * VftV?~?^ PA TTTQN. PANO* F61 lENT^fc^ ?#! iw*^ u, fcrrti upwurdk * ? 1 ma JOHN K. ELLIS.

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