Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington city: MOKIOAr 3mm* U, Spirit mt the Mtrntiij Prnt'. Tbe Cimititutirm further discusses what It calls ' th* gag law of the opp<?1tion" In adopting Mr. Hlrkmaa's report on the President a protest on Friday eT?ninK, and refusing to entertain at all th? minority report of Messrs Houston and Taylor on tbe same subject. . The Intrl.'igrnrrr Is devoted to Congressional proceeding* ar?d news WASHINGTON NEW* A>ID OOMIP, Trk Thkkatkwfd A??*rtr rrot* Senator *[jisii.-Ai we, of course, expected would be the rwi. all apprehension* as regards the personal safety of Senator Swmner haveb?eii dispelled It appears that the party who visited Mr. Sumner and made the alleged threats was Capt James a L. Henry, of Kentucky, examiner In the Patent Ofllcr In this city. The affair having been brought to the attention of the police, and the d public made aware of the fact. Capt. Henry, in company with Mayor Berret, called at Mr. Sumner ?s room on Saturday evening, and cffered an apology for his conduct toward that Senator. He t ^ elated that having visited a club room the same < venlng and hf?rd ths ?j>eeeh of th? Senator dis i?srd. he thereby became very much excited and accordingly left the room for the purpose of visiting Mr Sumner, and letting him know what he thoight of it He admitted that the statement mods by him with regard to a party coming hither from Virginia for the purpose of attacking Nr. 9. was untrue, and made by him while in an exasperated state of mind With reference to the subsequent call, Capt. Henry was not a arare of having sent any threatening message; and stated further that the object of his two friend* in accompanying him was to endeavor todissuade him from Intruding upon Mr. Sumner. Senator Sumner and hw friends, regarding the * - .......I?a ?HUHicinT. nccrpwu lUt apology, aud here ths matter terminated. S'oit.?Wc are requital to sUtc that the Capt. Henry above mentioned is not Capt Patrick M. Henry, of Virginia, now an attorney, Ac., in this city. Dkatm or Maior Gf.xebal jksscf. ? This veteran olBor of the I . i* Army dkd at hi* residence in this city yesterday morning, of paralysis, in the Tid year of his age. He was born in Virginia in IT"***. in the conflict of he was Brigade Major and Acting Adjutaut General to General Hull He was subsequently brevetted i Lieutenant Colonel for distinguished and meritorious services in the battle of Chippewa, afterwards bretted Colonel for gallant conduct and distinguished skill in the battle of Niagara, in which he was severely wounded. On the 2?tb rf May, ! MB, the gallant officer was appointed Adjutant General, with the rank of Colonel In May, l*.'-. was brevetted Major General ;n consideration of ten years' faithful service. In the same month he took command of the army in the Creek Nation, Ala , and succeeded Geuerfl Call in command of the army in Florida on the 8th of De cember, 1S36. He was wounded in the action with the Seminole Indians near Jupiter Inlet, on the 24th of January, l?3s, was succeeded by Col. Z Taylor on the 15th of May, IS3S, and returned to his department in this city !s?r*rs or Chirkjci ? To tke Editor r>f th? >:at A dispatch having been sent from this city trt and niiKMiS?^ ft? W?? **?* ?, ?r??... .><:? iuit ntraiii oi Sunday, I hsve tent the following reply, and wjl] thank vou to insert it in your issue of to-day. Ahbeoii W. Thompson. Mr Jant'S Gordo* Bennett. Herald Office, JVesr York. TLe dispr.tch relative to Chiriqul, In Sunday's Herald, is erroneous in every particular. There is uu news from BogoU since 20th of April, on which day Congress adjourned. President Buchanan has information that schemes adverse to the 1'nited States Government contract with me, had then failed My grants were not made by Veragua, are not subject to repeal, are not in conflict with any law, and are so certified by the Attorney General of New Granadn Ambrose W Thompson. Washington, June 11, lf*flU. Appointment* bt the Pkescbent ?The following appointments have been made by the President, and confirmed by the Senate : Julian A. Mitchell, of South Carolina, to be Secretary of Legation at St. Petersburgh, to fill a vacancy. Samuel Ward, of New York, to be Secretary and Interpreter to the Commission on the part of the United States, under the convention with Paraguay. Tilton K. Doolittle, of Connecticut, to be Attorney of the Unitcd States for the district of Connecticut, to till a vacancy. Rich. A Edes, of Kansas, to be Consul of the United States at Pernanibuco. David N. Carpenter to be Deputy Postmaster at Springfield, Man Vic* Coxscl Recooxizkd.?Tbe President b.i? recognized Theodore Bomp, of St Paul, as Vire Consul of Denmark for the State of Minnesota Sicbetart Floyd has Issued orders for the protectlon of the Poney Kxpreos route across the plains. Ijy Tbe Richmond Convention of the southern seeders commence* to-day. Nearly all the delegates from Louisiana, Texas. Alabama. Mississ;ppi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida arrived oo Saturday. There is greet diversity of opiaicn as to the course to pursue, though nearly all ' a^ree on going to Baltimore to contest the seats of the Douglas claimants before taking their fiual action It was generally thought, yesterday, that the Convention would adjourn to await the a- tion of the Baltimore Convention, and that the dele, gates would immediately repair to Washington to consult as to the course to be pursued at Baltimore <?reat feeling Is expressed against the Douglas delegate* from the South who will claim seats at Baltimore. _ |?7~ The largest tire ever known in **an Antonio, Texas, occurred there on Saturday, May ?. by which a part of the tiovermnent store* and works at that place were destroyed The officers and soldiers, as well as tbe firemen and citizens, are said to have acquitted themselves In tbe most gallant manner A Violkst Assaclt was made on Saturday night, at about half-past II o'clock, on James Moraii. near the Intersection of Pennsylvania ..v..v ~.?u wruiyfuiQnre?i. I->rsi Ward, aiMi and near tlie uew aqueduct bridge over Rock Creek. Moran and some eight or ten others Lad been drinking at an adjacent tavern, and began a political quarrel, wh?n. according to bit account some five young ?<? ibrew stones at blin, and one of tbem advanced and (tabbed htin in tb?back ao badlv tbat bit clothing was saturated with blood Moran identifier three of the young men who attacked him; tbeir name* tie give* a? Kelly, Hen*ley, and Morgan, the other two he did uot know The police are in pursuit of the fugitive*, who, It i* stated, escaped by way of K strett, going eastwardlv. The above wa* the sw-oud violent aflary which grew out of the late municipal election during the week in the First Ward On Tuesday John Connor attacked John rshea at a spot on K street, one square south of that above mentioned, with a stone, knocking him down and following up the blow with two others that fractured Hhra's skull In two places on the frottal bone Connor was arrvsted and held to trial at Court in the *umof?l,000 Shea * life waa for a day or two supposed to be In danger, but hi* medical attendant now think* he may recover InitUigetutr. A Pleasant t-ratine?Many person* will suffer rather than take nauseating mrdlcines, nor do we wonder that it should be ao, but those who are afflicted witha?ough, or Irritation of the bronchial tubes, or realize any of the usual consumptive tendencies, so liable in the American climate, need not fear to u*e that remarkable remedy, Dr. Wutar'i BaUam if WtU Cherry, a remedy as agreeable to the palate as efficacious In removing disease Having years since tested this article In oar family with remarkable sucress, we have unhesitatingly recommended It verbally, and la onr paper frequently, and many of our subscribers have addressed as letters upon ths subject.. When we sny this is an unsolicitedrecoesmen rtit'.nn of the eirellent Balaam, oar readers will tderstand what we mean to say. It is a remarkable aad never failing remedy for consumptive vinptems when taking la *essca ?/ Ottr Fate*. 1 < J lUTIth CVNORBW-riBIT MMIOH. Is T?I StsATt, on Saturday, after our report closed, the Army Appropriation bill wai paased; also. House bill provid ng for the punishment of marshals and deputy marshals of the United States, or other ministerial oftr?n, for Derntlttittg the ear-ape of prisoners in their COttody, with amendments. The Committee of Conference on the Post Offlce IVfl'-lency bill having failed t<> a^ree. a resolution wan adopted that the Semite further insist upon its amendments to said bill, and ask a fur. ther committee of conference on the disagreeing vot-s of the two House*. Th? Vice President appointed Senators Hunter, Rice and Collamer, a* the second committee on the part of the Senate A iiicmgt Was received from tbe House of Ref>r*?e?tatives announcing the death of Hon. Silas M Burroughs, a member of that body from the State of New York, and communicating the proceedings of the House thereon. Mr King stated that Mr J*eM<nrd. who had bern ( Silled away from this city, had prepared some remark* for this occasion; and, having sent therin up, they were read from the Clerk's desk. Mr. Hamlin and Mr. Doolittle delivered appropriate eulogies on the deceesed; and, after the adoption of the customary resolutions, the Senate adjourned. Is thk IIor?it, the vote on the passage of the District Divorce Bill, was R*? to fW. This bill gives power to tbe Circuit Court to decree divorces tn the District of Columbia in cases of proven unfaithfulness to the marriage vow. and seperation from bed and board in cases of flagrant croelty or danger, or of willful desertion of a partner for the full and uninterrupted term of three years It also provides for the care and maintenance of the children of divorced or separated parties, and protects wve*. who have been rulltllv deserted liv their husbands in the qalet possession and enjoyment of thf-ir earnings and property acquired after desertion against attempts thereon by their husband* or creditors or others claiming through or under thein. The senate bill to authorize the Levy Court to issue tavern and other licenses in the uistrict of Columbia was parsed. AUo. a bill to authorize notaries public in the District of Columbia to take at knowiedgments of deeds for the conveyance of res/4- or personal estate Also. Senate bill to Incorporate the Grind Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd l-'ellows in the District of Columbia Also, the Senate bill to incorporate the National 'tallerv and School of \rts. in the District of Columbia. with amendment of article* by letters Also, a bill providing for reimbursement to the C?T|Miration of lieoryetown of if I, ii<H> oil account of the Little Falls Bridge The bill to extend the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad U> the l*otonia> n? the Long Bridge, was much discussed by Messrs H. W.Davis. Morrison Harris, Grow, and others, but was not matured A proposition was made to grant two hours on Monday next to District bustuess, but tt failed of adoption, fit is scarcely to be expected therefore, that the Distri< t business will come before the House again this session, especially if the adjournment shall take place as early as the 15th inst ] Mr Klv. of New York, announced the death of his - olli ague, Hon Silas M Burroughs, which took place at his residence on Sunday last, and after appropriate remarks, offered the usual resolutions. which, after further suitable remarks by Messrs. Fenton and Etheridge. were adopted, and the House, out of respect to the memory of the I -> J ... ?i?. , si -io iiiiuuira voa o ciocK. aajouriiea mcMdinii 9t T?-Dmy. Is th* Skwate, to-day, no business of importance was transacted up to the close of our report. Thk Hocsk went Into Committee of the Whole on the Postal bill. if 3-" ATTENTION.?Company C of the Wash Jsjf in?ton Light Infantry will meet at thfir Ar- ' morj (in Thorn ? Building, on Seven h st.,t on THlS ( MotiJavi EVENING, at 8 o'clock. The punctual attendance of every iriem!>er is earnestly requested. By order of E M CHAP1N. It* First Lioutenant. Y^=* VOCAL A N D INSTR1 MEN ]\\T^O>T I * ?'LRT-On WEDNKSDAV EVENING next, the ISth in stunt, at the M. E. Chtirrh South. E ehth street, for the benefit of the Sunday School connected with tlie church. Mr. F. A. Tt cxkr, Conductor, wiil lie assisted by Mr. AvtMn, P sniit, tiid fonruol th? !>e.?t amateur tslent oftne city. The rau??e will be of the choicest kind, selected for the most psrt from th? old writers, and will no doubt bo acceptable to the whole audience Ticket* 35 cents; to be purchased at the door. je 11 3t y-w? A GRAND FESTIVAL WILL BECOMl Sf rnanoed in the session room of the Assembly's Church, comer of Fittl and I stg., on MON DAY EVENING next, and continued every eve. nine du'iiiK th? week. Adnii<*ion in csnt< ; ohildren. 5cents. j? 9-S,M,WAF* FOR LADIES*. MISSES, AND CHILDREN. CROCHET. CHENILLE, BRAID, and BUGLE !l*IR NETS, in black and all colors. Also, BLACK LACE COIFFURES At MAXW'H.I/5. j>- ii-r?,t _ .j*?? renna. avenue. / H)Q DK PLUMBS v/ and ostrich feathers, In Mark and white, (together and sepa-at.- i lor trunminc ladies' and missed jockey hats in the ik w h rench style. Jurt received at . ,, ? _ MAXWEI.I/S. jeJl-e<K?i lacuna. avenue. TVFW ENGLISH BOOKS.-I.aokmg ?7Tife 1" Or 1 hought* and Things, by George A *?aia on* voicme, prie* 91.25. ' H" "" M<?td%nnt. or the i'tandard c.f Life, i>y Mrs ** *>bb, autjtnr of Nas.mi, Ac.. Friee 7.S certs. The \onng Gold Digger, o a Kn?'i Ad venture* in a cent fleKlon"',)y Gustuicher. 1 vol., prioe The Squire, b? the a?thorofNan Darrell, Ac . *i o*- CM. The Cooks' Own Book,a Manna! of Cookery for the Kitchen and Cottage, t?y Georgians. Hi 1 Forsaieby BLaMIIaRD a MOHUN, f" WW q? lit rt and Penn. arenne. NEW ARRIVAL OF LA DIE* STRAW BOS55&?.'GOODS OTTOMANS, ZOUAVES,OClvI^ ,IATS' CANTON DROOPS. ?e.. Ac. _A1so, FRENCH FLOWERS. ROI'CHES RIBBONS, FEATI!ERS, and many o(li(;r pretty and desirable goods, now leceiv n" at MAXWELL'S. t? 11-^oSt .t Penna. avenue. TUP ??Ybk Hav\NA LOTTFRYT I HE Ne?t Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oondueted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision of the Captain Genera! of Cuba, will take place at Havana on THURSDAY, Just U. 1M?. SORTFO yUMF.RO 69* ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100.O00. 1 prise of 9i0n,<mrM 5fl prizes of. fl.fft 1 do 6n do a* I rift <*i Arm I ico J. .. >.I ivM U?? ... ?? ? 1 do _ an.nrnn an appro*. *3* 1 do !?,?*) | IS ALL !* >?? PttrZES. W hole Tie,l?ets, Ha' ves, $ 10- U uarters, ? A Prices cashM at sight a? s per cent, oisonunt. Bill* on ai! solvent Ha-tks tAker. at par. A drawing will heforwarUed a* soofl a* the re*n;l beoomes known. All orders for soliemes or tickets to be ad'iresst-c) to DON RODRIGUEZ, jelltr Care of City Post. Charleston. S.C. DR. SCH PINK OF FHILA TTETPHIA, The Proprietor of 8CHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRliP. The onlj person who has cured Pulmonary Consumption in its advanced s'&ge*. will be in Washington. professionally, on \Ve?'nes<)a? of escli week, at the Drug St->reof S. B Waite, oorner of Louisiana avenue and Seventh street, where ha ha? a suite of rooms n?a by for the *c 'ommodation of his patients. And ai! persons laboring und^r Diseases of the Lunk*, Liver, or Dlre?tive Organs are invited to call up in the Doctor, who will, without change. *ive all necessary advice. He wi'I give those who desire it a tli^routh ex amination with the Hespiromotor for 83. P rsona wko cannot oail on hnn, and wishing hiin to go out. and a** therp. shou'd le* ve their n\me? on? ?r two day* ahead of each week. je 8 eoim yy HAT 18 SODA W A T K It7 Siuiply Pure Water impregnated with Carbonic Acid Gas. The Soda Water is known by its agreeable, pungent taut-, by its slightly exhilarating qualities, ami by it* bubbling and sol' tilla'ion. These properties are strikingly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave no unpleasant taste, and should be entirely innocuous The public are requested to call and judge for themselves J. W1LBY &. CO., DRUGGISTS AND CHEMISTS, No. 300 Pennsylvan'a * venue, je 1-eolin* St. Charles Hotel. vv OA UTS' VT O O D AND COAL OFFICE, ss2 Pa. A v., Bbtw. 11th akd 12th St?., North ?de. Mill an 1 Wharf foot of Seventeenth ft.. Hit 17-tf Beluv War Prp?rtirieut. rJ,HE OP^flA HAT, ju?t arrived, by eipre#*, SUMMER HA Tf* and CAPS in abundance, at SMITH'S. Seventh ?t. THI NKS, TRUNK"*, at SMITH'S, No. 4A0 S?vnth ?t , oppo'it* Poet Office. ma 2B P NOTICE. ERtfOMS Deeiroae of ha vine their children educated thorourhly in the fcnfluh ?nd *?.rman Language*, will do wall by oallt^c upon the principal*. MMiri. WaTKKA A WEIL, *t the aohool on G aferat t, above Mr. Rjt>ii'? irooary. Term* 9i Br moath. The term* and the manner in whioh vt tea h the children, make it one of the moat leal rable eeliooi* in tha city )e 5-2w* WASHINGTON <P1RF> INSURANCE COM PAN V. 4v??nc and Tenth Strut. J.~c7 MbGUIRE, President. 9. D. HANSON, SacraUrr nU T-eotr PirNtu. Hon A. G.Curtin, Pa , ex-Gov Pratt, Md , re at Willarda' Hon \Vm. A. Richardson declines to be i candidate for Governor of fillnoia. Sidney WeblW *u married In New Yorl ^ ^wedk to a daughter of the Hon. HantlltcU Dr J. J. Have*, of Pa., the Arctic Explorer; and Hon. P. Dorahelmer and ladr, of p V., are at the National Lady Byron sent #2U) to the Sicilian Committee, a few day* before hot death, as her donation to U?e <*aribaldl fund. ?Ced Kendall, the fsmons bugler, whl haa delighted millions of people with his music, now lies at the point of death The widow of Ossawatomle Brown has received *.T0.?*I0 from her colored sympathisers In flaytl. Prof. Pierce, the distinguished mathematician of Harvard College, who lectured at the Piuiths^nlan last winter, has gone to Kngland to spend the summer months Mrs Boyd. i*?lict of the Hon T.ynn Boyd, is sojourning at the residence of Mayor Harris," In Newport, Ky . previous to her departure for Italy, where she intend* to travel for a short time. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Tikascky DepaRtmrxt. June 9, 1*W.> Pkoi-osals for furniahinc theStatione ry requ red l>r thta Department during the hscal year ending June 30, 1S81, will be received unt I 12 o'clock, m.. on the gnth day of June inst. Those unaccompanied by satisfactory teiUnnoniala of ability to fulfil the contract wi 1 not tfra&nsidercd. and contracts \nll only lie awnr<U?1 te**tab!ished manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. All the artioles must be of the verr heat quality of th?ir kind, and samples, as hereinafter specified, mu?t accompany eaon bid. Th* samp'es ot the party to whom the contract may be awarded w ill be paid for br the Department; the other* will be r?turn?d to the respective bidders. No bill irtllbe rontultrnl uititff the artirl'i nr company?** u are ?f ih* very beft quality, nmi suited to tkt irants oj tke V'parlmtn:. Kach proposal tnurt be signed 1>> the individual or firm making it, and muat specify a price, and *ut one prico, for each and every artiole contained in the schedule. All the articiea furnished will be required to be like th" samplea submitted. which will be retained for comparison; and must be delivered without delay when ordered, to the K&tisfaction of the head ol the office for which ttiey are req aired. Th? Department, in the examination of the pro poaals tnat may be made for stationery will n?t be governed by the atgrecate of the lowest ?,rt <rin awardii K thf contract, but will have recarii to the amount of each article used by it for which the lowrAnt price may f e proposed. The Department reeervs* the right of ordering a greater or le*s quai.tity of each and every artiole extracted for, a* the public service may require ;>uppiyinc an interior artiol" at any limn will he Hrtpme-I sufficient cause forthwith to Annul the contract. H<?. ds with approval aecurity to be given by the persona coatraowof; and in c%? J of a failure to fttp piy Ih > aruc en required, ihe contractor and ?ure ti.-a?hail be liable lor the forfeiture specified lit such bond ax liani'aft)?l dairtaees. The subjoined list ?p oiflaa a? nearly aa can now be done the amount, quality, And description ol eaohoftiu kinds of articles required. jum. Class No. 1.?Papei . 1. joo reams folio post. satin fimah. ftint lined and trmunod, of the very beat duauty 2. 150 reams whil* oap paper, satin Rush, faint lined and trlmm*a. Of the V*rV best quality 3. 20 ream* whit* cap paper, rnaehin? made, faint lined, and trimmed, of the be?t ?jua itj 4. 2** reams cap parnr. b tie lAid. hand maa?, faint lined, garden pattern, ooWmonli Known as despatoh or oonaulkr paper, ol the very best quality 5. reams white law cap paper, iatin finish. hea vy, hand-made, fa<nt lined, and trimmed, of the very best quality P. 501 reams quarto poat, whits, highly glazed and hard calendered. faint lined on tnrce sid?i, and of the van beet qiialitv 7. l'<? reams quarto post, machine made. whit*. plain, fault liuod on three sules, of the best quality 3. 20 reams quartc poet. whita. highly clazed ani hard calendered, faint linod four aidef, and of the v#ry beat quality 9. 2? ream* quarto-p?>et, French, fiint lined, thres aides, of the very best qua'ity in. 50 reams white note paper, iiuhly tlazed, hard calendered, faint lined, gilt edged <>n thre? aides, of the very best 11. 30 ream* heavy white medium paper, for book', of the very beat qualify 12. 2" reams heav? white r"yai paper, fur books, of the very beat quality 13. 20 roams heavy white auper royal paper, for b oka, of the verv best quality 14. 100 reams o^pyinr paper, of the very best quality, oolor, and style 15. reams h^avy, high'y glazed. an<! hard oa!e? d -red Mi*?lop? p*per, ro?a!, vellow, or buff, of the very best quality 16. & reams heavy envelope paper, super-royal, hard calendered, and highly glazod, yellow or buff, of the very best quality 17. 5" r?? n? large brown envelope paper, of the best quawty, strong and well made 18. 30 reams royal blotting paper, of the very h?st quaiitj, style, and color. Each item cf the above o!a?s must be accompa nied with a sample of ha'f a ream, or one package when not packed in half roams, and th? hida mu?t state the prioe per ream deli vertd at the Department. Item. Claw 2?Envelope*. 1. SO M adhesive envelope*, white, yellow, or buff colored, heavy, smooth, and tnick, with full pucketa, official sizes, of tne three folio wins size:: by Sft?, 9 by 4. and 10 by 4 inches; price to tve r.amed for each size and color, of the best quality that is made 2. loo M full pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper mz? for quarts post, whit" yellow or buff, heavy, smooth, and thiok, of the very best qua ity 3. loo M fuK pocket adiiexive envelopes, of the Proper siz? for the note paper, wMt*. j?| low,or buff, heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very best quality Each color of each item of the above class inn t he accompanied by a sample of one package, and tne price must he stated for each size ana color They must a!! be made adhesive anl gummed a proper distance each side of the centre lapp^ie. with full pockets, and the lr.wer lappels well and securely gummed to the pocket. lum. C1?M Z?Pens. 1. lodozen "Foley's" go'd pens, of tha best kind and quality 2. lodozen "Folay's" gold pens in silver cases. with ever pointed pencils, of the best kind and quality 3. 101 dozen tar 's Terry's best matalic pens, pric? to be per 'ozen cards a. .tiu uozori iwi pen* ni me r>est maters and quality 5. 2<i M <iaillf of the very tout quality. For ali the it?ms of Class 3, exc-pt item 3, in the above cla?s. the bidder is not restricted ti a particular ma-tufa tare, but samples of different makers, witli the price o' each, may lie submitted, and the Department will select which its deem* tha best, the price, quality,and fitnos* for the service being all considered. lit,n. Class 4?Pencils. 1. 3>?' dozen Faber's bo#t black-lead pencils, Nos. 1,2. and 3 2- 3" dozen re<l ami blue lead pencils of the best quality J. 2" dozen ivorv propelling pencil*, of Mears. or others of like qualit?, with box of lead lor each. One dozen of each kind of Class 4 must be sub nutted as samples. Item. Class 5?lni\ Inlstamf*, and Wafers. 1. 12dozeii Fry's improved patent Amerioan inkstand 2. 12doz<-n oast-iron inkstands 3. 1ft dozen red inkstands with ground glass sto, pers 4. ??quart bottles of th? best copying ink, cam .pie bottles to be submitted, of the best qua'ity made h ;??> quait bottles ?.f the bost black ink h. l?o bottles best blue ink, sample to lie submitted 7. 3W bott es carmine ink. French, small tis*, in glass bottles, with g-ound gla*s stoppers r l,nnn large red wafers, for Depar mont seal 9. ino pounds wafers, common ?i*e, best quality, reS 10. if? pounds best extra superfine scarlet sealing wax For all the artio'es in Class 5 suitable and convenient samples must be submitted, with pr.ce at tached to each. Class 6?Cutlery and Mi\cellanrons Article*. Item. 1. 20 dozen Rodgers and turn's genuine, or equal spring erasers, with ivory bandies 2. M dozen Rodders and son's senuino, or equal, iuucu nas<i Ki-.ivaa, ?un stag &ud pearl handles 3. 12 dozen ivory handled wafer stamp* 4. 6 dozen large office shears, uf the very best quality 5. (idozen office seniors, o/ the very bsst quality 6. l'*> spools of the verr best quality of red nnen tape 7. loo dozen of the best quality of red linen tape 8. Sodoz.'n silk tape of assorted colors, in hanks H. fi dozen ivory pounce box-'S 1<>. 6dr>zen lignumvite pounoe boxes 11. 6 dozen ocoa or box and sand boxes, or the best shape and quality 12- 6 dozen coooa or bo* and wafer boxes, of the best shape and euahty 13 pounds prepared India rubber, of suitable sizes 14 2?0 quarts black sand 15 &> ounce# pounoe 16. ion pounds strong linen twine 17. 12 dozen round rulers, assorted 18. 12 dozen Oat mlers, assorted 19. 2U dozen 9 tnoh ivory folders 20. 5^ dozen pea holders, assorted 21. 50 boxes small eyelets. Tench ti. 25 boxes large eyeleu, Frenoh 21. lodoz^n steel-tipp'd pen-handles. . For all the articles in olMs 6 suitable and convenient samples must be submitted, ?i ti price attachrd to ?a^h; and the priee mall oases must in el wit tked'lirrry of tk* articles at Ike dePirtm-ni. je 11 2awti0?h June SKI,LING OFF AT COST. RS. f.OWK Begs leave to inform trie ladies o| Washington, Georgetown and its vioinity that she will commence on Mondav, the 11th of June, to ? ! off her stock of 1.AD1KS' PRK*S TRIMMINGS at cost, whioh must be closed out the last of J uly. _ MRS. LOWfi. jo7-lw 37T Pa. avenue, south sida. DIANOS FOR SALE UPON LONP. naRnn IT or rfiioonnta f r cuk. One at f S: on* at ft 0 one at one ?t |v. For rent at 50 oenta p?n cAFtJtiZmt'- MW,t * MBt ?Ut of th? #to" JOHN P P.LLlb, 30C Pa. tr. Black lace shawls and silk aian , ... TfLLAS I hare on hand a lar** lot of the ahore named ar ticles from auction, and attHing th?-n? considerate b-low the market prioee. Call early and eecuri a bargain. H.'EOAN. im 388 Penn? bet. ?th and 7th ats. I # # THE POTTLF.TON LEGACY. by AlWr Smith; S*? cent*. 1 Adrenturea of Mr. Ledbary, by Albert Smith, V oenta. l Christopher Tadpole, by Albert Smith, y? oenta. The Soatterrood Femii j. b? Albert Smith; JO oenta A large M?ortm<*"t I ifht Literature, Encltal Railway Library editions, especially au'ted foi i 'r? relief*. Jast received and W aale by PHILP 4 SOLOMofli. Metrofo itan Bookstore, 332 P?nn a*.. Sola Acenta for Lawrence'* Celebrated FYreitr 9>ati"ne^. ^ . je? j^OTICfc! ~ If O T I C El I reapectfilllv inform tl.? LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY tliat f oin this <! * I wil soli out my entire stock ai importing prices. The object of bit selling ont is, that I will |e*v< for Paris Julr 1st, for the purpo?^of purchasing nn FALL and WINTER i?M>l?, and vuhini tr op?n neat season with an entire lew stock of food* I wilt sell the articles mentioned Itelow at aston ishiBg low prices. My stock in complete at present, and consist? mostly in * Black Silk Mantl?s. : Lace Mantilla* at all Berego Mousseltne Man-1 prices, let, (Traveling Cloaks, Dress aid M.lntilla Cord snd l'asseis foi Trimmings in great va-! Aprons, Dresseg, am' rietv. Mantillas. Cloak and Dress Tassels.! Buttons of all kind*. Plain Black Fringes. i Cotton Triairoiiucs, GUIPURE LACK BUTTON TRIMMINGS*. Swiss and Cambric Edg-lSwiss and Cambric In ing, sertions, Swiss and Cambric! Embroidered HandkerBands. chiefs, Erobcoidered Infants', Embroidered Infants' Bodies. Dresses, Embroidered Marseille'Children's Pants, and Mousseline Capes, I .adieu' Embroidered Ladies' Night Caps, ; Underskirts. LADIES' HOOP SKIRTS. Valencienne Lace, 1 Point Lace Veils, Brassels Lace, 'Tissu>< Veils with FluteJ French Laoe, j t _ MiiiMiwn diiiou uww, lissue tterege |or Veils. Cambric and Swiss Sets. ail color*, French Embroidered Black Guipure Bertha Mouseline. Capes. Sets in all colors. Illusion Berthas, White Embroidered Crape Set*. and Black, Crape Collar*, White and Black Ilia Point I.ace Collar*. sion, Maltese l,ace Collars and > Silk and Thread Nett, Sets, Floramsilk*. Guipure Veils, Black Velvet Riblions in French Lace Veils, all width*. Crape VeLi*. Hand-made aid Machine I aoe CoifftireR, Straw Trimmings, Pnclier Lace Capes with Real W bite Biond Lace, two Rulfies, : Biack Blond Lace, French Illusion Sets. Bobbin Edging, Cans and Sleeves, Ruche*. Black. White and Col- Trimmed and I'nti immed ored Crape. Jockey flats, Paris Bonnet Silks. styles,* Narrow and Wide Rib- Gold Net*.just received, lions, in great vane*y. Gre< tan Net?. Large assortment French Si'k \eta in all colors. Flowers. Crochet Nets and Coif Elegant French Bonnets, fares. Straw Bonnets of all Jet and Velvet Hdirpuis. qualities, Hair-Rolls, Imitation Valencieiine1 Steel and Jet Buckles, Lace* I Kelts in all oolors. Black Point Lace, ^wing Silk. Guipure I,ace, Silk B aid Nets. Coq deplumes and On Chenille and Bead Net* tncli Feathers for hats. Fancy Hairpins, all col Point l,ac? Sfts, ors. Chiluren'b Sets, let Combs, l inen Sets. Gold Ba\adere. Cambric Collars, Lace Nots of all quail Swisg Col a s. tie*. Honiton Lace Collars. Chenille, White Lace Veiii. new Embroidered Braid,, style, Etc, Etc., Etc. I scarcely deem it necessary to mention that all these goods were imported by myself, this season, and therefore are handsome and of the LATEST STYLES. The patronage of the public, solit>eraJh bxtowd upon ine siiio'J I imports! my own goo is. has encouraged me to tro to Paris regularly ev#ry year anil mak*** arrangement* to have new goods in by every steamer durine the sraenn. fET Ladies wishing togeiany particular goods from Paris will please !**avo their orders until the 25th of June at my establishment, and from Jul> 1st to August 1st. direct them. '.V<wi>it?r U. IWAry. tout Monsieur M. WiUinn, F. Citr 7V?ni?, Pirn." je9?it M. WILLI AN, No. 38 Market Space. THK POLAR R EF rT'JER AT()R, teak FtlUt in l*h in the best manner Nine Sizjb of thu Refrigerator, and are prepared t<> suppiy the demand from Cuba to Canada. Prioea for ilia different nnmberaas follow*: No 1 916 I No. 4 .*711 No 7 *M) "2 ?t | ' ft Si " ? fi: "3 ... S " ....... ? " 9?_ ?i BARTLKTI' ft LKHI.KV. Maxcfactirsrs, Wholesale ard Retail Dealer* lu Refrigerator*, Furnaces. Portable He*t?ra, Re listers, Ventilator*. Caat Iron Cemetery Urns, Harden Vases. Rotating Ash Sifters, Condensing Corers, Old Java Coffee Pota and Hotel Coffee Boilwr*. Send for a ^'reular. j?3 6t No. 486 Buoaiiwiv, Nnw Ywk. Ur, > j\.>U VY KI1AAI l-UW A >I> I'AI.K FOR S \ LK. T rm- -irnrrilntr-1 tr rir~ ajn ijj over four gallons of will* perdinu. ?G?. Ailitrmiii F.. S. I'l.l M.MKH. n>'?r JmAh Alexandria, V*. je H 3t HOOC SKIRTS?HOOP SKIRTS'! 1 have a large assortment 011 hand, and for '-ale at redtioed prices. If EQAN, 391 Pa. avenue, south s de, je S fit Bet ?reen 4Kb and 7th ?t.?. I A DIES' Sl'N UMBREI.LAS AND PA R A l-i SOLS A nc* supply jn*t rec?>iv?Hl from th** manufactories, and for an!" at very low prices. II. EGAN'S, 3*23 Pa. avenue, south ?ide, j? 3-8t " bet. flth am! 7th sts. VGF.NcT FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN ?. KORGETOWN The undersigned have |i?en appointed Agent* ft the sale of tne above celebrated a:.d we i known PLATFORM ar.d COUNTER SCALES. A fu ! supply oonslantij ou hand and for sale at lowust -a'?a. HAY and COAL SCALES erected in any par) of the District or adj lining counties. All Scales are warranted durable, aconrate, and to give satisfaction BUSEV * BAR NARD, Dealers in Agricultural Implements. je8 2m Itridge street, 2 doors west of Huh. $3,700 ?*%tSir* S3,700 balance in ti, 12, 18, am! 24 tnontks. A rare chance for speculation, or to procure * good House and Lot m the most improving part ol the city. Mr. H. W. H AMI LTON>'lF?rs for sac that beautiful three-story BRICK HOUSE and LO r, with two stoty twvk building, situated or 2d street west, between D itud E sta.. in John H Kihbn's subdivision of square (i>7')f"r 3.7tin, Sach a house c?uu"t be hutit for less than thirtytwo or tlirte huudred dollars: and the Lots art worth from twelve to fi t?en nnndred dollars is that vicinity now. The only reason for offering the above property at such a reduced price, is k?i the purpose of dixposine of it immediately, u truer i<? erine up 'lie tare nusinese f -sris*<ti<>n? be. Iwen W- H Hamilton A. (*<?. The House con taint 9 good ro >m*. beside* rath room, closets Ac.; there is a good dry cellar tinder the l>acli huilu'iiiE, ana gas anil water pipes laid all throuKh the bunding. The House is new, and finished if the best style throughout with good pavement and iron railing 111 trout. I he Lot is 2" (eet front, run ntn? hack 12"feet to a 3" foot allev, which is gradcxi anil paved. Th? title is perf*ot, and terms of aal< ea?y, cash, th' balance in 8,1?, 18 ai.d ?'l month* s^O'tred by a deed of t''i?ton tne property. Th? key can be had of H \V. HAMILTON, at hii Paint Shop, No .312 7th street, four doors south ol Odd Feflow.' Hall. je7-lir THE LARGKSr^tOCK OF HOSIERY* IN the eit> vlling at the importTs'pncos, or fron 29 to 3? p--r cen'. beiow the retail prices. This ha- a! wa> s been a favorite department wit! us, having for > ears past kept the fullest assort inent. Wflnow otTer over five hundred ?I> een in all kinds 3ualiti?*s, and sig"?, for ladies, gentlemen,and clul ren al th* actual ?-o>t pric?*? for cash. A I"'/ F, MKK1NO V F.$T> for Ladies, Gentle m"n, Girl* and Boys. We are positive]> elos ng out our stock to qui the business, and of course we are giving great bar gains for the money. W e will endeavor to deliver all package* on thi day of sale. Purchasers will please bear in mind that we an not charging any gooJs. CLAGETT ft MAY. _je 6-fit 324 Pa. av? bet. 9th and 10th sts. OUR WHITE GOODS DKPARTMBNT U well worth' the attention of the Ladies. 1 VVe have a splend'd stock of? Jaoonet Cambrios. Cambrio Musluis Nantooka. Mali, Swiss, Frenoh, India, Plaii Cambrios Striped and P:a;d Nansooks I^dia Dimity, Brilliantus Bishop Lawns, Viotoria l awns Henticg, Linei Cambrie, Tarletons Omlirin Pimii, v?i ...H t-j_; Swirsand Cambric U*nd?, Cambrio Flounoings White Crinoline, Muslins We may alto tno:u<le in tins departmentFine and medium filieia TaHe Damasks Superior Linen Sheetings, Pi low Linens Bird-we Dinpers, Russia Dt?p?rs Fme Tow?|tini?. Pure Shirting Linens Damask Table Cloths. Damask Napkins Dej'eys, Linen Shirt Fronts. Ac Ae. Tha goods are now baing Aid by us at wholesal f prioes for oash, in o'derto close out our stock a > the earheet possible moment. I We trust our friends will oome prepared to pa I for their pureliaaes, as we do*ira to make no moi ohargaaror any one. Wa will give all good bar gaina for tha money. clragett ft. may, , jeft-^t 324 Pa.a?..h?t <Kh and Iftth ata. r Parties w^iVaJ 8!i*r kV, spokes, c . RIM*, singly or in broken sets, can find them < our store in every variety. ]e 8-eoSt JOHN R ELVANS ft CO. " nAlLY STACHK LINK BETWEEN WASH - 1.1>/r.T(Tn NMn-1X r witb the L?ndoun and Hampaliir?JBSB3CZJc a Railroad, leave Washington at o'clook r Fare 50 oent?. *tage office at Ma.tin's Frankli ?sm%nashnb*. ?wt. 1 CHEAP I BOOTS. SHOES. AHD TBI I SQUALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, A } GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES. AND T MY STOCK |iy ALL PURCHASERS ft FOR THEMSELVES, AT U 4 Mf pr n OA .Ml rsLi I Iroa Hall Boot, ?h< te -4? no PK**SYLTAN AMUSEMENTS. Omm DD FELLOWS' HALL-Second WmI of tha Triumphant kno??u of Thlfl4?n'? InntHB ?f lttka>lftl Arts. > TMI* kVK.MNtf th? fcliowim Hi?uun will be presented : -A heaa'ifu! r,?w of (ythftUtar, A ajl??did ?lie*?'ri of the areat W??hinctoo. Mod?!ri*w <if Ui? Koiik ?a?l Tow. ( Giknitw. Cityolhalai t'ure. with a t>*autifa! View of the Ruinu Sun. Nap-leon Crossing tn? Aip*. in whir* ji> <*? m^Tidc 6<?ret are rep resented. The worderful and unnv.*.l<Hl Automaton Mlvsk " (?# Vas ter. To eon olude with a (rand and awfal aoeneof a Storm at Sea. Doora open at 7S o'olock; performance will I comm-nce at ft. On W rdnradav and Saturday Af t'moons 3p?eial Performances ; door* open at 3 o'clock ?comineooe at S Children to day performances 15 ota. Cards of admission 2S ota. jau DAUIVCAM ?. ? ?J GREAT CIRCUS ft MENAGERIE PT'PERR FIRMAMENT PAVILION One II and red and Sfrralf Mfi t>4 lltrm. Splendid and unmenaelj liberal desico for the khumi ent and instruction of the p??p!e, iu the I wonderful combination of then* TWO URKAT FAMILIES. ' aided hj a (ieat nuralxr of \m\j and Oent'etaen Professionals. cho?oa from the Hi<-ui?t K^ll I of A RTI*TTC RxrcLtcwrt. TOM KINO. the Champion Leader of the WorM. Mr. KING and M'lle AI>KLAIDK in a new and original performance entitled. Adoni* and Tenm*. MASTKR KAPilAKI.I. in tiinGreat Fliini l/ap of Twootj FM! Fi''f l-idy Riders ami 7)<t? "**?* ?Tbr" Ho. 1 Cltrmi.--Compl*tt TrottP' of T'ltml'd KqiirttTKin* ?limn/i Oprrnite ftrn . mrt Sir tot Uttk't Ur.?Moznt/Uent Cailftio* itf Rnr* Linw A?tfridls.? SW ndttl Slttd o/ Woojrd Ptrformimg Htrr***, Ponur and Edvrtitrd Mai's. With a distiaet troupe of exquisitely trained in i veniles.for the production ? f Ba let, Pantomime, joined) and Farce, to be substituted during the season for the old, wornout and wearisome alter pieces. THI LAMKS. MADAME ROBINSON, so renowned erery wher<*. wnl lead as iiKua , in her delightful soienoe of Lady Kques'.rianism.exhibiUnc. upon her beau tifiil and Irish-mettled horse", the graceful, yet i controllinc, power which all ladies in?y, with in struction anil practice, obtain over this uobie art mil; and the hicli eoint of e*A?!len?? ?. A .bill which ir.a* h* achieved in this invigorating and a?<eeaNe exerciae. M'LLE ALICE. The very incarnation of Botntf, Grace, daring, nc efTwt, atyle. And faacinatinn. To attempt anything like a description of thin wonderfully brilliant Equestrienne within the limit* of a e*n t"noo lii a new*p?p?r ?'lverti?ement onld t?? ai>fird. W* r,u t refer the p.ibiic to the I'reaaof the I nited States and Europa. Notioes will be f >?nd. copied f.nm the >a<iin? Jourrala, id each paper in wmoh this advertisement appeaie. PifTerine entirel? in ?t*le fr->m all other?, thia Child of Geniu* ridea with the nioat perfect aban dou an<l f ariettnecr. her macDificett form aaaemirc uatmally the nicst rracefu! and cia?*ie po*i tionv her faoe lit 'ir witn a tweet amile of mwleat confidence, and her *ne eye aparklinc with cenma and pride ol her o'aiiy ?uooe*a?a. *- er noble horse k n?.wa hia nn*ti* se. aud aeeinb to enter with a'! the ap'ritof hia neneroaa nature info the ceneral ex citement whioh her imrnenee Achievamenta uni?eraaily create. Aa they dmh around th- arena there la a eplen.'id hi'mony of darmg, rtyle and ?raoe, and oeateninc cheers proclaim another tnumpk won. LA FA1RIF. KATE, From the Principal Theatera. At WASHINGTON oitcity HALLPCJUARE, On THl'RSDAV, FRIDAY **4 SATU!IDA V. /*?' M 15, and 16 Admission 50 centa ; children and serranta 25 otaJIT" The company will perform at 6eorf town Monday, June 18. je4-.0t WANTS. %\7 ANTED?A WOMAN a? a cook. Ap?ly No. ? * *'* *** *ven"*- ?*?' Sixth *t. je 11-3t WANTED?A ><>un* GIRL < white I as norm, who can fiirniali Mtiafaatory rMemaMdfttion*. Inquire at Exchange Hotel, in rear of the NatioMl. It* WANTRP IMMEJMATKLY-A lOVB*? NE\ MAN BARBER. German* onli neied arpJv. At No 497 Seventh street, between Hand E .?U. je 9 31* Fvmpi.oyers in town or corntry in i vf.t of Servant*, white <?r colored, male or fe, mal?*, can procure them immediately liy applying at the I: nion Intelligence ami Hoii?e Agency (iffiee, now pen at No. I J Louimana avenur, iM-tween 4H 1 am! Ktli street*. n?*ar City Hall. je 0-3t* lh'ncan A cam P. Proprietor*. WANTEU-A SASH AND BLIND MAKER ; a good workman?none oth-r n etl app!y. je^8 3t_ BALDWIN BR<S A GENTLEMAN, having a lar^e clmin ag*in>t the government. wantito make an arrangement with a Party in Wa*hington. to look alter th- ?aut?, ami wjli give him a large p-r rentage of what i* c<ill?ct?il. Adilr*** Do* il.flfiil, Po?l Office, New York, with reference. j? ft-3t THK INUERSIGNED. C< INTR ACT< >RS for the wat rwo ks o| the city of Baltimore, want Vi STONE CITTERS an.l M A SONS. t. work either liy ttie piece i?r iia? The highest wage* given. Apply at our office, 7 utile* from the <-it> li* the North Centra! Railroad, or at No. 39 We*? ' " ffoBUTCKI.!, A CtpWUtY. V|7 ANTKD?Bt ? steady youth. 18 of age, " who in well r?eon)mend"d, a SlTl'ATION t.? learn (lie l>skine hunine**. Apply at No. 16 Ea~t Capitol street, lie? ween 1*C and iM streets ea?t. je 7 4t* WANTFD TO HI'V?Old Hook*. oi.i F.ngrav ings, OI<t Painting*. For rar?> l>ook?. fine nl?t engravings. and jmul painting*, a high pnee will t>e Riven. Ai?o Coin#, Autograph*, Curiosities, Ac., 4^ , bought. Addre*?O.X. Y., P> st ttffi'-e. i Washington. Will also purchase, to anv an.ount. uriuttire. Wearing Appiuel, Contents of l.nmher t Rooms, Ae.j 4f.. tc. i?7* VfasIM to r?Mit?a Room. Je l w Wr ANTED ? To have ererj body know that they ran find ft Fire and Well elected Stock of CLOTHING and FIRN.SHING GOODS *t the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING ? ORE, No. 460 Serenth at . opposite Post Office Department- ap* 1m \V7 ANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH. " Sevettth st . ohargeii fair prices fo? hi* Good". | Go to SMITH'!*, Seventn st., to jtet your HATS and CAPS. ap f 3m LOST AN D FOUND. 1 CjiilA REWARD*.- Strayed or stolen, on(hel9tk ultimo, * ?mall "che. tnut i?orrel c\ HORSE, with sa?Uie a-d nridl?; r*"*" jL^W w'l. and mar ked with harness The<btncw-1 i reward will l>e raid to anv one returning him to \ MKD1.KY ft DYER'S Stable*, t'pper Marlboro', Md. je 11 3t* I OST?On the 8th of. fun*, between Maryland Li avenue and the Baltimore Depot, a marker PFRSK. containing I will pay jji reward. b* leavins ?t the Star Office ; many thank* to Ihebmer. je3Jt^ CV\ME TO MY PREMISE"*, on ths May, a young RAY M A R K. with b ack mane cv and tail, and wlntrt J'ao*?; lefl liind foot white. The own<*r is requested t<? come and ** * * I prove property, pay chances. and take her away. ' ELLEN McFADbEN, je 9-3t* Army Maganne. ! STRAYED OR STOLEN FROM THE M B i ?5 tcriber on the ?th of June,2 HORSES. tj\.l one a small brinht Say horse well tailed : jLLti : blind in the lett eye^liMtr-en 1 and ? yeare^^Z^. ' eld; a small l?mo oThis foot bstween the pasture ' joint and hoof. The other between a dark bay and brown: a cart hor?<*; a mark on hi* si onMer from 1 the ooilar; lame in the left nind le<: both hind feet white: blind in both eyes; supposed to be between 9 and 10 year* old. A suitable reward will be given If returned to JAMES D. FOWlER, I atreet. No. 107 between aid and 24th ?t?. je 9-3t* District of Columbia, coc* or Wa^Hikoion?To wit: I hereby eerti* ev t fy <hat Richard Butt. ?f said ooii'ty, brought l>efore me, u astray, tre*p>?mi?<rw^ v on hi* enclosure, a brown chestnut HOkSK. ab~ut ? 12 years old, 14 hands high, a star in hi* forehead, two white feet, and one shoe on. 9 Given under my hand and seal, this 8th day *1 Jue.lMn. THOS. J. WILLIAMS. J. P., Il.?.] THE OWNER OF THE ABOVE PROPERI tY i* reqested to come forward, prove property, pay i charges, and take said horse awai. 5 RtCHARl) BUTT, je S 3t* Second toll gate. Seventh *L 1 PERSONAL. T COPARTNERSHIP. HE Underlined, to carry on more effectually the Li me. Wood and CoaJ Bo u nee*. haa associated with him, en the 24tli ultimo, Mr. John A. Stewart, of the late firm of Sullivan & Stewart. Our firo hall k. .<S?- w- J- .--i.1 -? ...... iiviv?ik>i \rn uCPipiiMOU UJ HI? UWUC MkU Uli( of Fenwice A Stiwait. I hereby lender nn thank, to ray patron*. Mil d< mont solicit their patronage in future. Office?Corner of Canai and Seventh afreet. je >-3t* W. A. FEN WICK. T NOTICE. HE Umlerairned jeweler, will, on a*d after th< ,t I.t dav of June, ar.d until the Ut day of Oetoliei next, oloee their atorae daaly^t 7 o'clock ^ ^ ma J8ea6t (Int.) Tf ULlNSkt A CO._ - r CARRIAGE Cloth, (Cclor^) at 91 ?**r yard. >r LIN IN 08, from 3D to 60 cent. per yard, it CANVAS, fro<a its t 35 o- taper yard, DICK And Li RILL, from 9 to A6 omit.. BOLT*, llf tm M> inehea, - BANDS, from SSeanta to fS^er ?et, ForeaJehy *e')OHN*&! F, L^ANS ft CO., 5 jeB-eo^ (Alex. Qui . \Va?hinft ' ?. WU-VKR FLATED BUTTK* 0<?LEN*n The ohtap??t m thi. cit?. I l aveju-t r-*iv* . I.,,, lot, SST.h 1 ysrrrtr % ULJ FOR CASH. 7IK8, CHEAP FOR CASH. LL Mr ASSORTMENT OF LADIE8 AND RINK* CHEAT FOR CASH, TO REDUCE ILL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE HOOVERS >e, and Trunk Stare, IA AVK.11K, B?>wff ?U mmd ! ? m. EXCURSIONS. PIC .\IC8.fcc: P n O ' R A v M I JL of TH? Grand Tournament At m l.v M n I A SPRINGS. On THURSDAY, J one uth. The fruen? mi. headed h* a fell hand of music. will leave tno City Hal' lit ?V o'clock ud prooe?d. b? Vir ?4 ;*eventh to to# ?te*iii-r George Pack. reach tag the *pMng?. f?r way or Alexandria. ?t>o?t I o'clock p. m. The N*fnr> of WtihniitiHi. #Mi|*l?Si, Md Alexandria. and other geBttom*n. kave boen in vited to act a* *n?fr<?? of the riding. which will common** at JU o'clock vre^taehr The Cnampt?H? ai><l Kaigbta of Honor wlUflfcwo be proy wimed tn , the If rjflW. kiwi will '"c nrew of L*nre mI Beaut> and her M*nl? of ||o?ior, ?nd rfce Corona I tion will take plao-. totlo* >* t?T the fjiiwaa'a Hm , vkioti will riow m H o'clock p. m. ) There will be cotillon tau?i? oa ti?e ?r?*?i?d f'0? | 9 a m.. for thoae who wi?h to dance in the morniug , *'.'1 Dinner. )<anp?r and Refre?hmeti?? Will ho fm ni?h?Ht ?.t Mr. Fakic\ at tbo iinaat prioo*. Hon. Wm.Mmith and other di?tifigm?l>o?l toiitie irt-n have t>eeii mvitM to iloii i er tltochargo*. Ac., to the kuicht-. who will comprise gentlemen from tlii* cit? and the mir runndin* rouirtiM. Tb*rf ar# ampi? accommodations on tic ground* for ar> Hoost nlimitod niimlwr of ?i?Ttator?. ani ?eat? ha* < been erected for over thr<-o lhnu?and?*11 in thP hade of a boaiitifnl grove. The i.tea.iiJ?-r I'hehiX wi'lleave Kleraath ?treet wharf at*, 10*, I?. 1.2 an.I SoVi.?ck. for the Long B'MtC. IrltrnrK p*??erger? Will h* r???ive?ed b* I he nar? to the jtpring*. R,.|ii,ring. ?h? ? ill "lea v. e f be Hrid*e At I t i n - T>< k*t?. *<1tiiiH :nk ? i.?n? "iiiv to 11if T??u ?? ^ mmt mill Ball, and including ?t?-am *? an-I ? ?r fur*. SfWiti-lvr ? ent?. l.Kdifa' tirktto Fift) C??t?. For tut*U t> Ih?(. Omrulxiaes ? ili run front lh? C%pilol. Prr?i<t?Mt'a Hntim*. ?nit the corner of M?\mic a?d MiFnth ?t . to the and f-om the l?oat *?*' cniii?f a ay t? Pa. aven u?>. during the da<. j? la Jt \1i1.i, ckiat crvbtai. springs pic m?: 1*1 Wiilt* from Writktmalam, on /*<a-y Brmnrh rttmH. Tli?* al?ava !>! i tic - are i <> f?et ilie Ctftlm, retire*! from the roM "Olf Inftrdi. in ? A . . X t>?aiitilnl rihadnd forest ?>( *-t?e?4iiMi> and wcSfe V oak*.au<) Jim turd* from 'lie ia'l? of "?L j'"f . Cfpek. The klwvr flti'* W? Off* for P|f \i i Partie*. A pavilion. .Y> l?<r ?M??et. tia l??ii erflivi, and partie* ( All l?< (Itrnial *d ? it.h rwal* ami r-fre.W ni nl'rM 'he at;ort??t n?er?"1 up is *l?te. tn je ii jt DAN L HOW KL A CO TA.NNI A). HF. YOl'Mi CATHOLICS' FR1KND St# riF.TV of (ta^rgetoara. will e?r?> thei' AN "?R \< Al, PIC NIC at A V A I.m* T A N M* ISLAND.on WF.DNKSDAV. Hi" J*h Particular* in future a-U ei tixMiient. iZJBk fc?tf {/I.FTCHF.R <*H API1L SCNI'AY SCHOOLr will eive iin KXCI RhlON u> FORT WA*HIN* I ON on \VKI> C^* Is N KHDAY. Jane ?3th. Th?? rt*ani l?iat Phihix viii l??avn iter wharf, foot of F.levrntli ti.,t Bo <-i<>efc. uaubaiMVi|llt??lhiCkaHi Mrnff of Fourth nt. and New Vo'k ?r*n>i*, at T\ o'clock . an* jo t-? the wharf VM Heventh *t. Th* Committee hope U mnke th?' K.X' nr*>o? mn it tl'~ Clt'oi in." "f ?iCir f r 11* 11 *r, ?rl 1 r nticote " ?-*>?!*!- ; ndie> IS cent* : chtMren 1? eer i ?e +> ^RAND UNION PI C-N I C VJ r<?* tub ORPHAN BOVS OF ST. JOSEPH'S ASYM M. Given hy the I<ady M*nif?ri> and Director*. AT MERIDIAN HIM.. XEAR COM MBiAN COI.I.BG E. C* Boundary irretf, betwrrn l?.*A nui lalA street*. Oi. TI'EKDAV. Jr*? 12.l?n. Tbe l<ady Manacera, in a akin* tin* appeal to im friend* . f the Orphan be* to tat* that the Boy*' Aeylain i* vet in it* rnfancy ; the* pla* found. and im tlr i AM rented quarter* arc onl> ablet" aocoinu o<laieoH|b aboat t'urfy or forty little orphan*. It ? ili re??tily be neen that the expense* arc heavy and their re sources *tiiall. Tbrir icreat aim i?to he able at an early da? to commence the build ink of a permanent, h-ni'e for the orphan hoys. Therefore tlic> hope tun citiien* generally will honor tbe Pic Nic with their presence. Oimul>u*e* will run from ti?e corner of Seventh street to Fourteenth street. out Foaitaeath to Me ridian Hill, from 7 a m . to the till ofttafie Sic. * *puta'* Full Band will he lu att'udanoe. Refreshment* furnished by the laoiea; also, dm per and supper Iroin 1 to 9 o'clock p. ni. Eighteen Mammoth Trl-colored Balloon*, ordered expressly from Boston, will be sent up in the afternoon. Mr. Brad* .the photographer .will he on the (round uirinc inf ia\ i<> uk? vi?*w? nt larmliea, ffup* tb? orphan. kc., free of charge. Othir noreltiea are ui contemplation. Ticket. Gentlemen X) cent*; Indies 2S<-?nW. Children 10 e??nt?. To h* obtained of th* jAdyJw Gentlemen Marmcrt M the <ate on day of Pie-Nie. at the ? rpliHii Aavluoi.and the ful.owiu* p aooa John F. Pi* o Store, Taylvr * Mvr. Blanchard A Mohun Philp ft tM?ino?X>. E DuBy. Cha*. And'raon. Bookstorea; Fort! ft Bro , V. Barbiu(h,N.C*!l?a, Jo?. Nairn, Dan. Clwk*. Dr#i Slorea JimtiO Btrret. I.?m T?rw?rat R R L?k?t, W T A I. Iratwi, Dr Toner. J C Mi T L??i?, Wm E Forayih. C ( J'Hitt, M Frrran, KkIi Ctllu, 3 K Broara, A B Mtjafhlw, Geo W Ciwliraa, litfPWi Km K, J aft II V C?yl?, J.mrt U'kn, JsarlfatMUv, Piulu Tli/aw, Jakn Markmrr, Wm H *'?ro, (irurfr j'lhirU, )u H H> ??*.), (ifoffi W Riff*, Win E B.ofcha, C Thaa C?a, J B BUkr. C Alriulrr, Rkh .1 rd Butt, John P Budf* tt, L J I'Toolf, P DwnoftiM, <*?pT <>?4d%rd, i J K?af, [ViiitH'Tirkr, Richard It CUrkc, H V Noyri, W in P Birly, II B S? ??nj, John I'urvii Brrnl, Tt.^a J Faiiri, F Mohan, L N*?*.?ar, linilmjf, PR Kin(, Wm R?w, Rimwl RtMtr* JuSHwit. PU.II m, Mr Brootea. Richard W ?Uack, ]<ikii P Clin. W nCUrtu, Cdar Mill, Prtnk CUtkr, Aodrr* lorc'i PJ McHli.ri , HiuiBil Lll la. Th> N??pfc?i.?, Mr L?nthall. John Lincoln, W P B" l?r. Thorn* B?rr?, Wn K Rpilditf, John J Bora*, P McNtriiuf, * C Dr Kidwrli, CWC Daaninftun, C C I>y*r, Jafcn M liikf, John F Emm MMcMihan, Jo ODauawkat, 0 S P?rktr, R F < '"Burnt, W A King, H <1 Hood, J?ktC HtmihM. jobs De? lli.? >a s-dtT FOR SALE AND RKXT. I Fm othrr for 8*U mud Rnu'' ndvtrttuwumtf, M Jit ft JN?4'C J For salk-a dri<; stork. an HUhii>M stand; ha* never changed Imnd*. and i? well lit ted up, utockeri. * c.. and in rifting an egoellenl an-1 profitable preaeription Immnooii ; wiiJ b? eoid <>n mclfl'ate aU?iaotor* rra*>>nt given for ?e|| ln(, A<1<1r?ai I . V.,Cit* P??*t Office, \Va*hing ton. >*8-1 J'ORSALE-A two *1ot\ BRICK inVELL4N?. r HOl*#fc, lltulM on 'f went*-fir?t utrort w??t. near E at Apply to ROBfc.RT GRAEME. No. 401. cor I ami F.lev'Mith ?t*. je 7 *t' FOR RENT-A two +Uny FRAME HOI >1 . vi'h kitchen, vuwt shed, *0.. in rt?r, on r**t ^ Md** Third ?>tre#t, lietw'wn (, and II '*. fVi'l l*? l<*t at a low rate to a *o?i?f tenant. Inquire of XV. S. ~ JO\Ef*. corner Third and H ?t?. je7 ?* l/OR RENT?Three lirnt ria * and reeetiti* F IhiiII fc?ur >-toi ie* high ea^h. hand aomal) ftuinhed, ami ha\ ing all U?? modern improve mont*. *ueh a- vM*r, *?*. ic? in oii? of th? ve t finest location* in tli* city-on th? corner of Thud Ktreet an.I Mi?i>oori aveane. and oppomte Ut? Cari tol grounds An* one wi?biug U> rent a fine dwei ing will find thua favorable opportunity. a? 1 demre to rent them imme<1iat*l? , and will rent theni low. Inquire of P. W BROW.M Mi Jf l tl F'OR RENT-Three BRICK HOI'SI S-?ne ?i"i Twelfth rtreet. l?ctween C and D: one on tl?e corner of Twelfth and H ?ia.; tad one on II, br t*wn 12th and IVki ata. Inquire of JAM KS W. BARKER, ou H ?tr?et. hetvara 11th ?nd 12th, No. 42*. ma a?-tf CTdRK F??r RENT AND FIXTURES FOR SALE. Immediate poaae*aion given. Also, a large lot of Kanet Good* for talfi at co?t, ooniprin ing Bonnet*. Ritiauda, Flown, Drf?i Trimitiirut*. Cori^U. Combe. Bru-he*. Head Dre*?e?, together with a large variety of other good*, many of whioJi will b? void at tea* their coat, to clone. NEW YORK FANCY stork. No. 30 Ceoter Market Space, 3d door east from Eighth at, ma * FOR RENT-A three ntnry FKAMh HOUSE, on Eleventh at'oet, bet we-n I and K Ir autre ofM. the riant* dk and '<aa Fitt ng Betobliehaeiit < f C. Snyder, next door to tt.? Star Omee ma X t< l/OR RENT?Thai new and well arranged threer atorv BRICK HOUSE. No. l*M,on<. ntreet. between l*th and >?th aU., nouth aide, now occupied by Mr. Bodisco. Ru??ian Legation. Poeee?Bj<>? given the I at of jnn? inquire of Mr. SOUTHED ts PARKER.neztdooreo?t. aalMutl LOW PRICED OILCLOTHS. . J uat reoeived, per ateoiner Monticello? I N aheeta new ?t^ 1# FLOOR OILCLOTHS. ,5 do in It feet widtha, very heavy and cheap. I wfeicll we are c-uUini. ua * ?*r diagram. _ , A1m>. one ca?<- EVABRI.LtD^TLClOTIts imitation of uiofoeco, lor upbolatering ??H i vwjr ch?**p. je 4 /o3w CLAQETT 4 POP?Q\ _ FOR SALE?A in* fawilj ??*rrel HORSE ?|W *.?r? oW H' i? and in ro den dittos. Alci, ? n?? Roekawa* Carriage, ~L-* . ? ?B'J ? m? ?*tiif llt'Vu. K?r t?r#i?, Ar ** * r m^?iire at COOK S Militarj Hal . No. s?h l? rt.. Mv*? nil and lath ?U. ft it' A PHKLAN'S BILLIARD TABLE FOR A SALE.?W? h?>? f?r sa > at ? Kirat liarcain % PbHan'a Comtnjafou MMf . Cushion Marble Bod B il^ard fiblt. - nearly new, in eomplst* ord*T, and * warrant* d trae and ooaMtote. ^ ? A _? . _ n mr^ii^^rJfTssT."7* j A ?<*>aller Hlatur> <ir* "* timoa U> Ui- Moimui by Wm. ?a?iUi, Ur,??, "am'(??{'** ?u4 Oiationa, tranciated aad ediuwi it J e WVMjtril Hantt. Hi# v fR'Mi 1* itftM., b> iaa^b Abbott, I vni j? 8 ?*>.ner Eleraatt afreet aad Pa a?<

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