Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1860 Page 3
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si, LOCA T, NEWS. Tst Ca?? r?f Jamb? Busor rot LtBvl ?This <-aa?, which by Its close connection with the elec tlon incidents of .Monday last bu exr.lW so much Interest la the poblle mind, came op for a further he*rtnjj before Justice Donn on Satorday The Sqatre managed to keep a tolerably clear roowv and besides the parties Interested, the witnesses and lawyers, few others were present, tbonsk qalte s Urv crowd snrroonded the doors ?Dd windows outside ai i we ire o'clock Sqnlre Doon railed upon ?"o. D. 9|me?r. ta., the aernrlty for Mr Bishop. to orlag htm la; and Mr B came In and took Ma Mt n?**r tola conaael. Meaara. Bradlev. jf . and ttkraifble. The counsel oa tbe ?tbn ide vraa Daniel Ratclilfe. aaaistcd by Capt Goddard, R H I.askey. and Wm. H Ward Mr. Uttermehle suggested that an Important witneaa for the defenae waa absent, and Inquired the proper couraa to paraue under tbe ctrcuoo*t?ac*o; a ad it waa agried to proceed aa for aa tbe >* itnfaa*a present Mr. RatcOffe deaired to explain his portionv lie waa aot bare aa a volunteer. He bad been ? alle<l on by a man for wboae character as a man and an officer helelt great solicitude He pro *?ded to a statement of tbe charge* against Mr. Bishop, and characterized them aa "moat b'lnoa* " Mr. Bradley objected to tbia coorae of Mr. Ratcliffe It waa calculated to tmpreaa tbe pabllc mind unfavorably to bfa client Mr. Ratcllffe rejoined that he wanted to state bis understanding of tbe caae. Mr. Ward to interruntimi Mr. BradLev ?aul be would object to any ?ueh rrmarka aa landed to affect bis client before the public. .Mr. Ratcliffe went oniony that certain publication* bad been made ia the paper* affecting bla < ltenta, especially ia the Star, and be Wanted to bare this matter fairly repreaentM Mr Ward here *ald something lb an onder ton* about the Star not gtvlnf enythtng right Mr Bradley said ebJ<*<"teH ?<i a r?i|?n. >H of tbe caae. it haviag ween once opened on a tl?'in*r day. >!r Ratrliffr the* read from the Star the affl iivita which had been made, and called to the stand? Ltrmt ?;??4y.of the Baltimore police, who mid i e r**ldea at So 107 Harford avenne, Baltimore; t mfaaton at prevent a lieutenant of the police. Saturday evening a meaaenger of the marehal brought me a description of a mau who was charged with a theft in Havre de Orace. The ?M**aeRger said he understood, opon inqniry. that the mau bad arrived in Baltimore frmn Havre do ibace. The messenger wa* Mr McLaughlin, -lad be brought the description to me to And him *mt l.aat ??nndsy ?m ia the statlon-bouae and I <Ml li <?* n l? l?a? ? * '-J ' * ? >i?p, ami ir^urBirti rvir. lilflfl* * y U? wake '?p*ii time for Ibf 4 20 train in the morniag. He did K) 1 got up aud called Mr. Fields, whom I wanted to go with me to arroib tbe man from Haw de Grace, and also a man named CI.*voy. who bad stabbed a man. 11 ustlre Donu here remarked that both of these nen were not from Havre de Orace) to which witnee* a greed wylne the man waa stabbed in Baltimore 1 found it was abont four o'clock , and hurried down to the depot I got on the first car and went through it, it waa abouttweaty mutate* past four, aad tbe car* were later than usual In starting that morning. 1 did not see a face that I recognised In the car* that morning, in fact, I did not pay attention to tbe facr*. I \v?* concerned about tbe clothe*, the description I had referring *? tbeni particularly. I met Mr. i' if tor on the platform with Mr. Albaitgb; he introduced me to M' Albau^h. We shook hands, pissed the time of day, and went on Fields and myself went In the otation-bouse Never saw the <1 ??f end ant that i know of While standing the-re <at the depot> saw two ex-police-officers on the platform of tbe depot. Messrs Wallace and Mlt. bel! went down the street 1 did not carry a single man there; and bad no thought of doing *> There is no other lieuteuant in the middle district of my name. I saw no Empire Club men there at all. Am generally acquainted there; if any had been there 1 would have known tbem. I n*et Carter there purely accidental. 1 saw no man there from the Eighth Ward. 1 have no intimate acquaintance with Mr. Carter Crow ex aimed by Mr. Bridley.?First met with ? arter about two years ago in l\ ashlngton; didn't know him In Baltimore; bad not seen him till 1 i*t Friday night week; bad conversation with m Friday idgbt and Saturday nlubt Mr. rrituey uitd what the conversation about. Witness?As I was passing through the passage from the front office of tlie Station-house [here witness described the interior arrangement of the Statlr.o.houae] a gentleman hailed me and intro4*red Mr Carter. Mr. Carter aid he wanted to see Marshal Glfford I told him h? was not there, and he remarked that I would do as well, He Mil me be would like me to Inform Marshal Gifford that be expected a number of "Roughs'' were going la the s'eamer Columbia to Washington to tnUrfer* in election here, and wanted bin: to detail several men to watch the steimer aud see if snr took passage and report their names to fciin 1 told Marshal Gilford. 1 understood the train to start at 2S minutes past 4 o'clock, and 1 ilso ? rider stood it started later than usual that :norning 1 inquired If any other train stsrted Mr reason for asking was I thought the man I was after migtot go in another train. I desire to say here that after giving my testimony before I remembered that 1 saw Mr McGuire at the cars. i can't say if 1 was here when be testified, but think 1 was not. 1 recollected it after 1 left the office. Knew McGuire three or four years. Am almost sure 1 left the depot before the train started. On my return from the depot 1 met two or three policemen on the street. I was at the depot sewn or eight ml notes 1 cannot *? th??- ? ? Baltlmorea'ns in the train, there may have been many, but I did not tee them. To Mr. L'ttermehlo ?I know Mr Zlmmrrman; didn't see him that morning Don't know Hoofnagie. I don't know the one who introduced me to Carter. The conversation with Carter was on Friday night I nw no party of eight or ten precede me to the depot; might have bren; didn't notice them at the ticket oi&ce Am not positive of seeing Carter in Washington two years ago; bat such it my impression, i am not sure of seeing Albaugh before I met him with Carter; If 1 have it was in Baltimore; I inay have seen him frequently. Neither of the two men we were after were arrested. 1 don't know many bad -characters in Baltimore I have only been about live weeks on the police. [Here a little pleasantry passed between Messrs Bradley and Rat<:lifl> relative to the business of the police to know bad characters, In which Lt. Grady joined, good-humoredlv attributing his ignorance to the short time he had been in the pollc? business, and ssid be expected to be more thoroughly acquainted as he grew older ] There are eight Lieutenants in the police force Under my captain and myself there are 120 police. 1 was never on the police before. I was arrested once on ft charge of being one of a perty concerned In shooting Sergeant \V m Jonrdaa. was tried and acquitted I was never accused of associating with oad characters 1 am a carpenter by trade and worked at that business till appointed to this position My bust ii?-ss lies particularly in the middle dlstnct J > When 1 lert the depot Carter tad Albaugh were together T4tr*r4 AVauek, sworn ?I met Carter Friday night at e o'clock; walked around till 10; be went liorfje with me and stayed with me We got up Saturday mormon and as I went to market he w??t to the drpo* We met during the dav. and dc tu^ta 4i my bouse Saturday night 1 went to Cap* Henricka uid asked Li in to rap for me at 3 <i clock Sunday luorniax- He did so, and we got up i*4 went to tbe depot, me and Mr. Carter and Mr Schnltx, be went as far as tbe depot. While stand'ng there. Lieut Grady and another policeman raiue up, and Carter Introduced me. Carter, Grady, S? hultx and myaelf were standing on the plaUorin; stayed there tom* time, and aaw Carter get on the care, atid the cars go off Saw another man I knew?Mr Hope. Sew ne one go with Carter I didn't recognize Bishop there Saw several ex policemen standing around Crose-examinrd by Mr Bradley?I was with Carter from four o'clock ttU tbe ears left. We were standing In one place nearly all tbe time Hope was not with Carter. I spoke to bim Mr. Carter couldn't help knowing him. There might have been two or tbree ex-policemen around 1 recognised them. I reco_a /-i one who used to be at Um Lexington market 1 aaw him there nearly e*?ry day Caat ay how long be was there Don't know his name His beat WW ant is the vicinity of my residence One was a tall maa, with a black moustache. They were not is asuuad Cantsay the ex-poll. t-mai werv together. Didn't see them converse They got on and wrut oC Hope UioiWn H Hope,hut hU brother. 1 didn't See Zimmerman Carter might have xpoken to Hope I left him on th^plat/orm and auvui iu| vuuurat iWpptd OB the 1 ars ? they ?<"? ?'ff and I left, bidding him iiood bye 1 Mid before we stood tLere Ui>u\ four o'clock till the car* sUrted A* the e?i started i arter stepped on. sad I moved off down tbe platform u they moved. To Mr Ratellffe.?I have knows Carter 1 sappose twenty-two years To Justice Dona?I aw Grady coming up t?aw bo 16 or *> men with htm. To Mr Bradley ?! can't toy If any men pre r?d?d or followed him 1 may have, seen Grady before, but aevrr knew bim previous to Uat Fr day night 1 went to the stitton-house with Carter l)idn t call Grady. Mr tanks railed him Was Introduced to blm there, a ad was Introduced asalo Sunday morning Didn't have any conversation with bim tVe went to the station-house before he went to my house Dont know that barter wont to Washlugtoa Saturday morning don't suppoae be did. as 1 saw him again that morning. Schnlte did not go to Washington; I came away from the cars with me Don't k?sw HeOnira. Don t recollect of seeing e ther r tg the oof nag Ins, or Umphorys or Humphre\s at tbe can Carter came back to the market and stayed till eleven or twelve o'clock, and we went as far as the custom-house, and came back to the market Didn't stop and drink on tbe way from the market to the custom-bouse; did once on tbe way back. Was sober, at least I could attend to my btidnM Mr Bradley ?That's a poor role to Judgs by. I Mr Rateilffle ? I think it very good rule Mr Bradley, (laughing )-We hare men here drunk all the time, and yet attend to business Witness, (resuming )?We parted at Arbiter Hfcll Carter talked with a man there named Bvges [we undervtood?Kep.l 9uyed a few momenta there We went from toe Custom-bouse to Arbiter Hall. Mr Bradley aaked the wltneaa If, when Carter tavfd at bit house. thev slept together. Witness?We did. Mr. Bradley.?Ain't you a married man' Witness ?Ye*, sir. Mr. Bradley.?'That'* odd. Mr. Ratclllte objected to this course of examination, tending as It did to rake up the private affairs of a man's family, when there were tbe reporters of tbs press ready to publish to the world tUe whole of it. Mr W'ud made a remark of the read 1 new of the Star to publish such matters Mr. Bradley denied any Intention of bringing up the family relation! of any man, or to have such things made public; nor did ha desire to aee them published, and hoped the witoeaa would take a different view of the eiamination The witness exprnseed aome dissatisfaction at the examination, out desired to explain how he came to deep with Mr. Carter in his own house, be being a married man; and. to prevent a wrong imprettion, hoped it would oe noticed. He did not keep a public hooae, or bouse of entertain^nt, but a private house, and bis family consistprincipally of femalea and children. His sleeping arrangements were for his own family; but in order to entertain his friend he had transferred one of the family to his bed, and occupied the vacant bed with Mr. Carter Mr Bradley ?That's all dear enough. {The reporter here signified to Mr Ratcllffe that it was not our business to lay any man's family affairs before the public maliciously, and did not Intend to do so Mr R.said he did not Intend his remarks to apply to the reporter, nor anything else be had said, but to the Star ] The examination proceeded, and the witness said :?I went back to the market. I don't know where be went We met again that evening at Hanover market; stayed there un 10 or 11 o'clock I and went home. We inet there by appointment. My residence is No 7U Henrietta street. We went to southern station, and from there home. Schultz lives near me and went with us. From the Cus torn tioitse rsinks. Carter, and myself went to the market. Harry I mphreys keeps a public bouse at the corner of Camden and Sharp streets. Was not there during the day. Don't know If Carter was (here. Did not hear Carter invite any one to Washington to disturb the election. [This witness was several times complimented the defendant's counsel, and as be left Mr I Bradley expressed a hope that he would not carry with hfm any unpleasant feeling He is a dealer in the Baltimore markets ] Thompto* Fitltis (Baltimore policeman)sworn. All I know is that Sunday morning between i and 3 o'clock Lieut. Grady came up stairs Ten ?f us were there all night. He came in and laid down on a bunk opposite ine. He said he would like to have some of us go down to Camdeu station for two young men, one named Clabbit, who I know. 1 ott-red to go with him. He told Mr Lindsay to wake us He woke the Lieutenant. and at ten minutes to four the Lieutenant woke me. After making some preparation, washing, tcr , we started The town clock just struck four We hurried on; nobody about except him ar.d myself Near Camden Station 1 saw some ex-policemen I recognized Joshua Mitchell, Sergeant Wallace, a man named Scott, and that man. (pointing to a gentleman in the office ) The Lieutenant gave me orders to stay on the platform, and he would meet me at the back end of the cars I did so 1 went round the east side. Saw either Claby nor anv one else Met an old shop mate there. 1 reported to Lieut Grady that I saw no one. He introduced me to Mr. Carter and mother person I never knew them before We didn't remain ten minute*, and didn't tee any men with Carter but two or three Cross-examined?Can t say if other persons but those were there. Lt Grady didn't carry any one there When we went to the depot there was no crowd of jiersons before or behind us. 1 didn't ee them. Richard fiault (Auxiliary guardsman) sworn.? Met officer Carter at the depot No one was with h ni, not a living soul with him. 1 went over with officer Rabbitt 1 have lived here over thirty months. Near three years Was going in the tlrpot when I met Carter, Bright, Kernan and Rabbitt was with me there Went up to corner ofC and Third street, Todd's corner 1 went, Zimmerman, McGuire, Hoofnagle, Kernan. all 1 believe. McGuire, iioofnagie and Zimmerman joined about the same time near Christy Boyles'. Carter joined us and we started immediately; He was in a great hurry. 1 walked by him all the way. Can't say that he talked with Zimmerman Zimmerman overtook us and I can't say if he came through the depot or not. Zimmerman, Hoofnatle and Magutre joined us. We parted at Third street, Rabbitt went with me. Carter told me to go and get Pat Gormly and Jim Suit and go to Leofflers hill and wait till he came. I stayed ther*, and up comes capt. uodrtara and Lt. McHenry. When we parted Mr Carter went down 3rd street I think. 1 don't know where the others went. 1 belong to the police; 1 had on all the uniform except the coat (Justice Donn ex ? * - - - ......u,u iuai iucj were nu amy ) uarter told kabbitt and me to go Leotller's bill. He told ine at Third street and also at car*. Can't say that I heard him give orders to any others. Can't say he didn't We were all talking together, to the t>e*t of knowledge we had no conversation at Third street To Mr Uttermuehle ?I know Hcofnagle have s*en hlin working in the yard 1 didn't see Mr. iiope. 1 met Bright and heriian on Third street on the Island. They went voluntarily. 1 don't know but I asked them to go. 1 don't think a private of the guard has a right to order another to do anything To Justice Donn ?Carter did not say he brought any one down. Mr L'ttermuhle asked the witness what his business wms at the depot that morning? Witness delayed to answer. Captain Goddard (to the witness.)?'-Tell them you was ordered there to watch these very same plug?!" Mr. L'ttermuhle ?''Captain Ooddard we would think you to let the witness answer for himself It is not for you to answer for him." Mr. Bradley remarked that when Capt. (ioddard was required to be questioned as a witness, he would be put on the stand. Mr l'ttermuhle here proposed to postpone the further examination till Thursday next Mr. Ward asked that if the case was to be continued the security should be changed, as Ueo . pvuwi uui ossrwru ior anyiDin^. .Mr Bradley remarked that he thought the gentleman should have some grounds to base his objection upon He should Tie ready to make oath to tbe fact be seta forth. Has he examined the records' We can give any bail required, but this insinuation ia uncalled for, ao far aa we can aee. Mr. Uttermuhle said neither Mr Biahop nor faia connael have any fears of the result of the case It was suggested that there were other witnesses for the I'nlted States who were not examined Mr RatcliUT said they had closed their case; but the defense might take the witnesses and examine them Mr. Bradley did not intend to let tbe prosecutioii shove a witness on bitn whose testimony he had no knowledge of; but insisted that tbe United states should examine the witnesses summoned After a brief argument. Mr KaV lifle consented, and iMvtd Sank waa called and sworn?Last F riday night waa standing on the corner of Charles and Montgomery streets Some one said Carter was in town After a while Carter came along, and Albaugb, Carter, and myself walked around tofetber He asked how to aee Giffjrd. 1 told him could find him over in town We met Lieut. <>radv and introduced him >- - '? ? w?aa?V7? M/1U U ! UUII " new.' Carter weut borne with Albaugh. Next morning i <net Carter and went to Southern District Station. Stayed till the squads came in I went to see my boarding officer (I'm employed in the Custom Houae) to get leave to go with Carter to the Columbia landing. He consented [ The whispering of a bystander reused ua to lose two or three words ] We went to the Columbia ad stayed till about time for the steamer to leave. She leaves about 4 o'clock. There were passengers of course on the Columbia. We went to a bouse oa Camden street and had supper. We went from Federal Hill to the landing Stayed at Camden street tUl 10 or !L o'clock. 1 arranged to meet Carter. Albaogh. and Schultz at the depot, but dlda'tl 1 over-slept myself- I was with Carter from Friday night till Saturday, except when he went to sleep with Albaugb Don't know about Sunday Cross-examined ?Met Carter Friday evening about o'clock; Bowen. Carter. AlMugh and ravself together; parted Friday night quarter or balf-past eleven; went around ana drank occasionally; met other friends at vartoua places; took oaietimes a drink, sometimes Switzer cheese? they don't set it on the bar there; yon have to buy It by the plate?sometimes a cigar. If McGulre yon ask about is the men I moan, I bava>t seen hint but once in two months Met Maguire, the poaceman; saw Hope; didn't see Hoofnagle; went bout till 11 o'clock, with a long time between I rfrtaVa ' * * m?, VUKi Uj |>puinuiieii( next mornlux "? ? Albaugh'a: we went to my bouee and bad breakfast; went down toHandy Bottom; drank tberr He only aald be beard there wh tone roughs coming down; be asked me to j;o with hi in I know Harry L'mphrlea, earner of Camden and Sharp atreeta; went there that evening. Met Zimmerman at Uuy's about IS o'clock; Car. ter waa with me We stayed there twenty minutes or half aa hour 1 met a friend there named FitxpaWlck. i never aaw Zimmerman till that morning; 1 didu t know hta business there I ] didn't near Carter aay anything about hla buslneaa Saw Fitxpetriik again on Saturday. | / *? H Lindzay sworn.?'Told all about what took place at the middle district previous to Lt. Grady coming In 8 iturday night, and created much mirth among the lawyers and the company present, and fatally disclosed the importaai fact that be woke Lt. orsdy up at twenty mlnut<a te four, and that Orady and Fields started for the | Camden street depot. The caae \ni contliined till Thursday at il o'clock. Mr. Spencer, In order b?tW to aatiafv the counael who objected to him u security for BI#hop, presented Mr. Charlea Stewart, who jolued the bond with him. Fiftt-eightb Cor rcil?June 11,1 MO?Board ?f Aldermen.?Purroant to requirement of the city charter, the Board of Aldermen met for reorganization. at 10 o'clock a. m. The board waa called to order by the aecretary. Mews Dove, Flaher, Brown. Dnnalngton. Bohrer, and Semmri, new member*, appeared and were duly aworn In. On motion bv Mr Dunn)ncrinn /n-V>n ted Wm T Dove, Lsq , for that office.) the board went into the election of a President; and Win, T. Dove, Esq., wai unanimously reelected President of the board for the ensuing year. In taking the chair, Mr. Dove thanked the board for their renewal of confidence On motion, the election of a Vice President was postponed temporarily, and the board proceeded to the election of a Secretary; and Richard H. i Laskey was duly reAected to tbat office. Wm. W Moore, new member from the Pourth Ward, here entered the chamber, aud was duly sworn in. On motion, the board went into the election of a Vice President for the ensuing year; and W.W. Moore, late Vice President, was' nominated and reflected Jacob Kleiber was nominated and unanimously re-elected Messenger to the Board On motion by Mr. McNerhanv. the rules and regulations which governed tne board during the last year were adopted for government for the ensuing year. On motion, Messrs. McN'erhanv and Semmes were appointed to inform the other board that this board having organized, they are now ready to go into joint meeting for the purpose of examining the returns of the commissioners of the late election. Mr s*emme? introduced a communication, which he desired might be read. Mr. Ward desired to know by whom It waa signed The Chair.?Richard Wallach. Mr. Ward.?Then I move that it be laid on the table. Mr Bayly desired to have the paper read, as he did not know what it waa about He should vote against laying it on the table, for the reason that he did not know its contents. Mr Magruder called the ayes and noes, which resulted as follows : Ayes?Messrs Bobrcr, Clarke, Donoho, Dunnington, Fisher, McNerhany, Moore.Price, Ward, Dove?10. Nays?Messrs. Brown, Bayly, Mag ruder, and Semmes?4 The paper above referred to is as follows : To the Board of Aldtrmen and Common Council of the city of Washington Gentlemet ? 1 have received satisfactory information that tu; Commissioners of Election, or a majority of them in each precinct, in the several wards of the city, have certified to you the returns of the votes received in their respective precincts for Mayor, at the election beld on Monday l_*st, and hu thfl u j ?^ -6b'vftukC 'ciutum 1 v appwn idhi mr James G. Berret Las received a plurality or majority of the votes then cast at the said several precincts I respectfully ctve notice to you that I contest the legality and sufficiency of'said certificates, and 1 claim that, at the said election, a clear majority of the legal votes then receivtd were cast for myself, and thereby I was duly elected to the office of Mayor of the city of Washington, for the two years next ensuing. j I shall endeavor to show, to the satisfaction of | every unprejudiced mind? 1st That numerous votes were received by the Commissioners for Mr Berret from persons botu in foreign countries, who are still aliens 1st Tbat numerous votes were received by them for Mr Berret from persons who do not reside in this city?some of wnoin never did reside here 3d That votes were received by them for Mr Berret from negroes born of a woman who was once a slave. 4th. That votes were received by them for Mr Berret from persons who were not of age on the 31st day of December last. 5th That many voles were received by them for Mr. Berret from persons who were naturalized since the :Jlst day of D??ci?ml?*r l??* 6th That votes which, upon their face, purported to be, and were plainly to he cast for me wrf rejected by the aaia Commissioners in their count, after they bad been duly and lawfully deposited by the Commissioners in the ballot box 7th. That persons intending to vote for me, and fully and lawfully entitled to vote, were, under difl'erent pretext*, arrested before the election by the police of this city, and kept in unlawful continement until after th* election, and then discharsr^d without having an examination kth That persons intending to vote for ine, and lawfully entitled to vote, were enticed into a place of rorilinement t-efore the election, and k?*pt in r.oiiflnemeDt until tee day of election, during which tim<? th?*y were stlmul-ited with liquor, and on the day cf the election were made drunk, taken to the polls, and attempted to be voted for Mr. Berret, and this with the connivance and assistance of some of the police of the city. 9th That various persons, not citizens of Washington, were, through the instrumentality of the police otflcers. and one or morp persons assisting, brought at dillWent times to tnis city, preparatory to sa'd election, were here during that d?v, armed and turbulent, and protected by the police, and by this means citizens entitled to vote we:e intimidated aud kept away from the polls! who, if thev had gone, would have voted for me. loth '1 tint men were brought here from abroad prior to said election, and wer<* here several days before, up to, and on the day of the election, riotous, and disturbing the peace of the city, riding through the city, and shouting and hurrain<? for in* *nii ?'? n , ?... u>j unuir, wucn tuey w< re in fact employed by my'opponent*, and all this with the knowledge and connivancc of the police, who did not, nor attempt to arrest tbein. and thereby good citizens who would otherwise have voted for me were induced either to stay away from the poll*, or to vote for Mr. Berret. 11th. That at the second precinct of the Fourth Ward riot, disorder, violence, and bloodshed from about one o'clock prevailed, in which a large body of Irish, supported and encouraged by some few native citizens, took the lead; that they drove my friends from the pol.'s and assailed my house; aiid during the whole time there was a considerable body of police present, and but one arrest made of the rioters, ana he released on the ground The police refused to arrest an 1 risbman who committed a gross and violent assault on a most estimable citizen, while thiey did arrest and carry to the police otiice the persons assaulted and beaten by the Irish, but who were in every install) e my friendo; that some of my friends were forcibly ejected from the line of voters, and threatened with death if they attempted to vote; and some of my opponents, both native and Irish, openly displayed tneir weapons, while mauy of them were known to the police to have weapons concealed, and my friends were unarmed lUth That the same disorders, of the same character, to a greater or less degree, occurred at various other precincts; as to each and every of which items of charge i have evidenceof respectable citizens, taken while the incidents are fresh In their miuds, and showing that votes were either p??l ti\r urn ; 1 ..... ...u iT-jciieu uy me juages, or by the meani enumerated prevented from being cast, arid illegal votes were given for Mr. Berret and received, counted, and relumed by the judges in number exceeding by more than two-fold the majority for Mr Berret certified by the said Com mlssionem; and that the election Itself was carried on by fraud aud violence, directly or indirectly perpetrated or connived at bv the police force of the city, which force was under the control of my competitor, Mr. Berret. and actively and openly operating as partizans of his in soliciting of votes, distribution of tickets, and otherwise 1 do therefore hereby solemuly protest against the election of the aaid James (i. Berret to the office of Mayor of this city, and claim that I was myself duly and lawfully elected Mayor thereof at the election held on the 4th of June, Inst . and most respectfully request that this, my protest, may be entered on your journals. Kichasd Wallach. Washington, June 11, I860 Messrs Orme and Wilson, of the lower board, here announced that that board wss in readiness to go into joint meeting. On motion, the board now adjourned to the Council chamber to go into joint session. Common Council ?At 10 o'clock a m. the board j w.. miicu >u urucr oy me secretary of the old board, Wm. A. Kennedy. The new member* present were then iworn, In order. All were found to be present, excepting Mr Lammond, of the First Ward?absent from the city. The Secretary announced the election of President of the board to be the ttrst business in order, and appointed Messrs. Charles H. Jones and John T. Given to act as tellers. Nominations for this office being in order? Mr. Kdmonston nominated Mr. Grafton Powell, of the Second Ward, and Mr. Borrows Mr. Chss. S Jones, likewise of the Second Ward. Tellers reported whole number of votes cast it; of which Mr. Powell received U, Mr. Jones T, and Mr Orme 1. Mr Powell having received the largest number of votes, was therefore declared duly elected President of the Board of Common Council Mr. Orme and Mr. Wilson were appointed a committee to conduct Mr. Powell to the chair. Mr. P. la taking the chair thanked the board for the undeserved and unexpected honor conferred on him, and expressed his hope, with the co-operation of the members, to discharge the duties of presiding officer with fairness and propriety. He also expressed his steadfast devotedness to the best interests of the city, and bis hope that the sessions of the Fifty-eighth Council might be harmoniously aad properly conducted The election of Secretary of the Board beisg th? next bus loses in orderMr Kdmonston nominated Mr Wm A. Kennedy, late Secretary, for that position. >(r- Given nominated Mr. John Sassford, jr # # The following Js the result rf the vote. Whole number of votes cast 19. Mr. Kennedy received 13 Mr. Seaaford. 0 Mr Kennedy having received the largest number ?f votes, was declared duly eirctrd Secretary. Mr. Wn Q Locke was Uieo elected Messenger and Page by a vote of 15 to 7. A message was received from the Board of AIderinsB, announcing that that Hoard had formally organiied by the election cf Its designated elfcers. and were ready to proceed to business On motion of Mr. OrifM-, a committee of two was appointed to inform the upper Board they were now ready to meet in joint convention. The Chair appointed as said committee Messrs Orm and Wilson of Seventh Ward. On motion of Mr. Ober, the rules of the last Board were adopted. Mr Given presented the protest of Mr NcGrath. of the Sixth Ward, against the confirmation of Mr Robinson, of that ward, as a member of the City Council, and claiming that position for hiinnelf. Ku*th*k CnjRE>romikm v A?orr thy Citt j Elbctiox. Washikgtok, Jane 9,1880. Sir: We are peculiarly unfortunate in the form of the questions which we submitted to yon. In regard to the certificate# of the election of Mayor which are required by the charter, as we infer from the answers you have given through Mr Boteler, and published in the States and I'nion of yesterday afternoon: and, in order to a more full understanding of tne matter, we beg leave to submit them Tn a more precise and definite form 1st. Must the commissioners, or a majority of them, from ths several Wards, unite in a certificate to each HoarflK the general result of tbe election in the wh^pfcity; or is it sufficient for a majoritv of the commissioners for sach separate precinct to give a certificate of the result in that particular prscinct. id. Tbe charter requires the certificates of the election of Mayor to i>e returned to each Hoard by the commissioners. Is it sufficient for the commissioners to make that return to tbe Mayor! 3d If, according to the suggestion of the first question, is it necessary for all tbe commissioner* of the city, or a majority of them, to unite in a certificate t* eacli Board, are they bound to make such certificate without themselves counting the votes* 4th. If they are not so bound, and have power to count the votes before they certify the general result, do they act merely in a ministerial capacity. or are they empowered to reject votes appearing by the returns of the comml?iilnn?r? >?> illegal and to admit such as by the returns clearly appear to be Usual votes ' We may have misapprehended your answers; hut they do not, as we understand them, meet the questions, or In any degree solve our difficulties With resptct, your obedient servants, C. W Botkler. Jr. Jat>. JVI. Tower*, A. McD. Daviis, Thos. H Barron, Jas. Kelly, wm h Perkins, Wm P Siiedd, S. W. O we.i . James M Carlisle, Esq . Attorney for the Corporation. OrricK of Corporation Attornry.) Junelt,lS0O?>-)j ?. m $ Gentlemen: Your letter of the yth was delivered at my house on yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, which will account to yon for the otherwise apparent delay In acknowledging It. i must frankly ciy that the specific answers which I am about to give to your queries in their modified form seem to me to be clearly implied In my advice of the 7th Inst. Referring to that paper, to be taken in connection with this, I have to say : | 1 That it is not requirkd that " th* commisI sioners, or a majority of then, for the several \ wards, unite us a certificate to each hoard of the trn'ral result of the ? ,k' " ? - ?i?? ><'y But it i* surriciEST 11/or a majority of the cotnmisnonert Jot each reparate precinct to" return ' a certificate of the remt hn that particular precinct." The commissioners for each precinct are a distinct body, altogether Independent of the commissioners of every other precinct. Each body makes Its own return. (Welghtmnn & Carhery, 2 C ranch. C. C. R.) The charter dot* not c?ntemplate one general return by the joint action of the commissioner* of all the precincts. 1 think you will pcrceive at once, for example, that the commissioners appointed and sworn to hold the election and make true returns in the First Ward have no duty or responsibility whatever in respect of the Seventh W ard, and cannot intermeddle with the election in the latter directly or indirectly. 2 It is ekpressly directed by the charter that the certiorates he utade in duplicate and returned to the two boards. This is the plain requisite of suhstanff, to whl<'h all matters or form must In-nd As tlie returns are to tie made to the two boards, tlwetns needles* to add that they are not to t>r made TO toe Mayor. 3 and 4. Tl.ese questions proceed upon the erroneous assumption that all the .r> pointed and iwtrD distinctly and exclusively for their respective precincts, have nevertheless a joint duty. What is said above renders any further answer unnecessary. I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, your most obedient servant. J. M. Cari.islk, Attorney, Ac. Messrs J Kelly, and others, commissioners, care ! of O. W. Hoteler. jr., Esq. Tit* Fcxkrai. of Gkx JksVp.?The steamer Powhatan, (Capt. Clias .Mitchell,) of the Washington bixI Aquia Creek route, has l>een chartered by th> \\ ar Department to bring from Old Point Comfort eight companies of artillery to atteud the funeral of the late Quartermaster General Jesup. The Powhatan leaves at 2 o'clock this p iii , and will probably arrive with the troops about rt o'clock on Wednesday morning. The Department have under consideration the propriety of ordering additional numbers from the fortifications in New Vork harbor. It Is inferred that the volunteer military of the District will join In the funeral obsequies of the distinguished deceased, although as yet no tender has been made by the commanding officers of ttye several companies. To morrow, bear in mind the ?ra?d union pic-nie for the benelit of St. John's Orphan Bo\ ? As)lum at Meridian Hill. For the information of oilr readers we state that M ?!>lu., urn - uated on Boundary street, between Fourteenth and sixteenth street, south of Coluiubian College, and directly north of the President's House, being only a short drive or a pleasant walk from the city. This pic-nle. In a special manner, claims our patronage, as its object is the clotbiug, maintenance ana education of little orphan boys. The asylum has but recently commenced in our midst, but has already thirty pareutless little boys comfortably quartered ana cared for under Its roof. H If it should be a fair day we bespeak for the cause a great rush By going you can combine charity and pleasure I'kitid Statis Cases ?On Saturday, the following cases were before Justice J. H. Johnson : Theodura Herbert was arrested by county officer Wm. J Parham. on a warrant charging her with keeping a bawdy house in the county and city of Washington She was held to ball In the sum of SStiU a further hearing to be had on Tuesday J. Car berry was arretted by officer Harrover, of the detective Arm of Norwood. Harrover 4 Co , for an assault and battery on Thos. Ptun on the 10th of May last, on which occasion Penu's jaw was broken.; The rase was ruled for trial on Thursday uext. Bail S5(ju. G. and C. Crown, for alleged assault and battery on John Bowland. Ruled for trial to-day at 4 o'clock. Fiik.?Yesterday, the large bouse corner of N<nth and E streets, recently occuDiedasa board m^-house but now vacant, was discovered to l>e burning Inside. An alarm was given, and tbe I flames were speedily extinguished. It ) suspected that, as for several days tbe property baa i?een vacated and children playing in and about tbe premise*, some of them fired the building In port, regardless of consequence*. This property was purchased at auction by the Methodist Church Boutn, for the purpose of erecting on the site a splendid Metropolitan Church. Theodon's Mvazcx or Akt? ?Tbe gorgeous spectacle of the "Rising Suu," and correct view of the picturesque Austrian town of '-Salsiburg." with the beautiful and romantic "Salsa" river, art announced at tbe Art Museum for this (the last) week, in addition to the usual attractions > These who have not witnessed this novel and wonderful exhibition, should not foil to do so before It closses. Ahrivkh at Carter's wharf schooner Embark, ! Donohue. from Philadelphia, with forty tons of coal for T. Sewell Gattrell. and fifty tons for H. j Roc hat; also, schooner John Cooper. Hutchintfs. ; from tame port, with 120 tons of coal for T. Scwell tiartrell. Ms. J. B. Biown, a resident of Alexandria tounty, Va., and a late delegate to the Chicago Convention, baa been committed to jail in Alexindrla, in default of ball for fS.WJO, on a charge ?f circulating Helper*! book and other incendiary iocumenta. Asiaid festival commences at the Assembly's Church, cerner of Fifth and 1 sUeeta, thia evening. MSBi On the 10th in?tant, of water on the brain, JNO. THOMAS, infant ?on of Tborna< AI. ami riallie A. E. Ca?seU agrtd 2 montb* a 4 12 da ye. 1 mi as th*e Iroin in) arms, babe; 1 mi?s thee everywhere: Yet thou art bettor cartxi for cow, Than even by iny care : For anpe a hare thee in their chance, i.oitv and pare ?>f hfart? or lite gt-ntiK ghepnerU Iovjs U)?, A nil one of them thou art. * Int U ciijr, on the Jth inntaat, a/ter a abort but Vunlul illoeae, PEYTON A'EI.Lg, formerly oi airfax comity, Va.,m the-itth jretr of kinase. * AUCTION SALES. r^for other Anrtton Fa/**, **t Hr*t yaf* I Bj A. GRKRN, A?lti"Bf" DRV GOJDSjBOOTf. SHOW, CHINA AND C? -C*??T W ill AT Acctiok?Ob.TIESDA Y. i?h ir?t. At 9 o'cock a. in. I sha.I my auction roJ""?? A laree oon?icnn>M>t of Dry Good*. Boots, Shod, t'hica nod Crockery Warn. Ac. jell It L GREEN, A not Bt * GREEN, Auot :oneer. Frame holms and lot on north m. b?i wits 2:p asd dp St*., at ArcTio*.-On FRI"AV,tli? Mb 111 si . I sha.i ' mi trcnt < ) the premu *. at 6 o'ciooJi p. m.. the foilowiug .a.oab.e property, via: All of Lot No. 13. in square51, fronting rn u<<rtk M, between iid s-td .3i *ueeu weit, with the improvement*. which are a good two ?tor? frame hivia*. containing 9 food rooin?. Ap.. A?. The lot contaiaa 3,575 rxt, having a front of 55 feet 9 inches running to a vide & ?j. ? Term*: One foarthcaah; balance inf. 18 and II moTith?,f"r note* bearinr inter-?t from dav of sale. A deed civen and a deed ol trust taken. Title md'.epatsb e. jell-M.NVAds A. GREEN. A not. TBi C. MfcOtiKI. A CO.. AuotK>ne?r?. RtSTEES SALE OF VERY VALI*ABLE Real Kstati oh rut corns* or svbntb akp E *trekt<-Bt *i-tuo it a decree of the ?"ir cult Con t of the I)l?trmt - twooau*** in ? hioh Stitftam, Smith son A C?.,ibS Austin Sherma'1. re?peoll\e;y, are oonipa-nnU aad John F. Calan and o'h?rs are defendant*. the underMcned wi i n* at puMic auofon. t> th? ht*r est bidder, 011 THURSDAY, th* ltth da oiJuly. I860, at 6 o'o?o< k p. n-upou th * pre?nis? , Lot No. .in S^usr* No. ? *. in th* cit) of Washington. D. f . f"'ntni* .V fr-t 11 taohe??a ? street north, and 75 feet < n Seventh street west. This w*-ll kuown property i? situated on th* , northeast oorcer of K and Seventh street*. opposite the beneral Post Oflioe, * n<i is on* of the ve y best l>u?ir*w? looations in tae oity of Washington. The improvements consul of t re* tlir?>? sti r) hou*es on K. *tr**t. mom ling th* dru* s'oreon the corner i f Seventh, and a t?o-?toiy bail in* on Sevnth street. Th* property ?i I be s"id .u sepaiaie parcel*. aooordii K t<? th* in>pro ements. Terms of sae: One thud of the purchase ni"re? to be paid m oa>>h, and th* residue in two equ*l i bta1men<?. in six and twelve rroiith* f'om the day of sal*; the deferred payments to bear m'ert st. and <o be secured by the r"tes or bonds of the pii'cha er or purchaser*, wi?h a surety or sureties t-> be approv. d by th* riusteee. Shouid the t*rois of ife D'>t ' e omplied with within six days Ml- r the day > f sale, the Trustees re^rves the right to re b*I the property,at the ri?k and expense of the de fruiting purchaser. a t?r five day a nctioe. A conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. C. 1NQI'?< ( Trustee* A. AUSTIN SMITH,S rru,t*?1 leilfitawAds J. C. McWUIRK fc Co . Aaca. By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO . Auotione*rs. CIANOKIY SALE OF VALUASLK IM rsov?d and Lnimtigvcd Km Kstati ? By i virtu* of a decree of rlieC rouit Court of the Dis titot of ("olu'ftbta. passed in the c*u*e where n Freiienok W.Se'haiiieu neomplai'ant and Charles ??? ? - - J 1 m?riOT WHXJ vnnrtt, rjuxUUTB SPQ IICITS &t l&W QQO devisees of Honaventnra Sshad. deceased. are deI femlar.ts. the subscriber will sell, at purlin an e.the following valuable re*l estate in v> asbingt>ii oity : Lota No? 9,10,11 and 12, in square No 78.'i, on t '>< oorner of north B and Tturd %treets?a?t. fron' ir g l V7 feet 2H inches on north H street and 12) feet sH on Third street east. Lot No. 9, in square No. 642. fronti g 119 feet on Delaware avenue, by ?3 feet 10 inohea on a?ath O tr?M?t. The whole of square north of square No. 64f, fronting ve leet 8 *nehei on Virginia aveaae, 2-7 leet on aoutli F street, s?l feet & loche* on D< laware avenue, arid 19 feet r, inches on Haif street west l ots Not. 1. 2,3. ?. 5,6. 7, ?.#, 10. U. 12. IS, 14, 15 and lt?, in sauare No. 8-H. comprising the whole square and fronting its fe*t 2 lucres on nort^ P street, 248 leet 2 inches ou north C street, 35' f*et on Kighth atreet east, and Mo feet onSt\ euth street oast. And Lo's Noe. 9,9, and 10, in square No. 594, fronting SO feet ea^h on eouth F atreet. between First and Second streets west, fov !00f?*ldeep, with the improvements, which o insist of four well built two-i>tor* frame dwelling houses Th? sare of the lot* in square No. 785 will take place on FUMDAY.tlw l' tt day of July.inen. of the lot in square No. t>'2on THl iRsDA V, the 12th dav of July. lHbO; ol square north of square fto. t>42 on FRIDAY, the 15th day ol July. l?8?; of lota in tqnare No. B94. on MON UAY. th? Ifcth day of July, 1H60; of the lots in cquare 584. with the improvements, on TUfcSDAY, the 17th day ol July. iwn. The salea will eon at6 o'clock p. n...on the days above specified, on the respective premi see, and the proprrtj will be so.rt in suon a*.rnela nr lot- aa mtT uit~Fur~cha?era. T?rinaof aaie: One-third cwh ; and the balanoe In 6, >2 and >8 ir.or.tiR. *eoured bf the purcha?#r'? not?p, bearing intereat from the da* of aale, with aecuritj to be approved by the trnatefi ani if not complied with in five day* after the ?a of proper ty, tiie tertna of which a'e not ermph'd wl'h, will he refold, upon one week'a notice, at the ri-k end expense of the defaultiok purolifeaer. I." por. the fall payment <>f th^ purchase money and iutereat, a:i i not before, the traktee will convey the property t ? tiie reipeouve pu roba*era in fee aimple. All convey ancins at the expwnae of the purchaanra. CnAS S. WALLACH, Trratae. J. C. McUTIRK 4 CO., Ascta. je II 3tawtJnlyU7 THIS A PTKRNO&N fr TO-MOR ROW. By J C. MeGUiRE Jt CO., Auctioneer*.J BV VIRTUK OF A DEKD OK TRUST Ui LY leourard in the land reoorda of Waih:nitnn ouunti, DC, Lt>er 1. A. 6 , foio >r*f wilt *> <w?4<? on iVONDA V, June Jlth, at 5o'olooa p.m., on the proiiuae? in tne city of Wa?hin*tiii. D. C . Lota iicmbered 4. 5. 6, 7 and *, in Square & umber i?rl 1 n7?, l.ota immured 11 aud u, in Square 1.121, and Lot No.2, in Square 1,12". Tertna of salr <*as*. MM.ON ASH FORD, Troatee. jfl l-d J. C. MoiiUlKK it CO., Atcta. By J. C. McOUIIIE k. CO., Auctioe?-era. |?MRST Ci^A** KKSIDKICkoN bi>TRKKT, I Hftwrxs Fifth am> Sixth at fn. 1.11 S?ai.?.?On MUNUaY AKTKK ?OON. June titii. at m* o'oloclt, on the premises, we shall offer for sale a large ?nd handsomely-furnished private residence. ii'.uHtfd on the north aide of K street north, between ftth an<l 6th treet* we?t, The I,ot has a front of over 2fi fett a;,<t a depth of 7J fnet; the House is S> feet, four stories h th o >-taming 16 or 1H rooms, with a hue eel ar under the whole bui'ding; is built in th? most supenor KHMt, of best materials, with al the modern improvements. The arrangement of the front and the oentral location of this p ojert? renders it particularly desirable for professional centlrm?n, having two ir?mt entrances, or# of whioh can l>e u?ed as au office; both entrances are furnished with b'own stone slept, and the front of the buiiiiitig is an excellent imitaioa of brown stone. Persons in want of a fine res dence should attend this sale, as the owner is determined to sell. Terms: One- fourth cask; tae rawdue m 6,12, and 1* months, with interest, secured bv a dead of trust on the premises. I itle indisputable. _je5 ?l J. C. MoOlflRK ? CO . Auets. Kt l>OWLIN<?; Georgetown. id i \i L' ri/\i'oi' ? *" ? ' ? * ?* ., na.Mo inn n > u A I AUt'TlOiM T On MONDAY AFTERNOON nfxt, the 11th instant, at 5 o'clock, I shall aell, in front of th* premises. south part of Lot 213, fronting 15 feat on Frecen< k atre?t, h* ? feet in depth, with the lm provemenU, being a three atory Frame Dwelling nearly new. Term? of sale: One-third cash : balance in 6 and 12 mouths, for approved endorsed notea, bearing intaraat, je7 ta THQS. DOWUNG.Auct By J. C. MoGUIRK fc CO., AuoUooeera CJToCKS AT AUCTION.?On MONDAY AFTEKNOoN, June lnh, at half past 4 o'clock, at the auction rooma, we ahall aeli. for aooou-1 of toe "Provident Association ?>1 Clerka," the following Stooka, in sums to auii purchaaera? 52 Bank ?f the Metropolia Stock, 5.980 Corporation of Waabington Quarterly Six per Cent. Stock. 731 Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank Stock, s>*i Chesapeake and Ohio Cana' Preferred Bonda. Certificate* of Funded Coupons do I rrma >ash. in ourrent fun .? J?6_d J. C. MoGLTl?E A CO . Auots , By C. \V. BOTELER A SON*, AuoUoneera. SALE OF KlCH EMBKOIDKRIKS. LA?'K Good-, Mantill**, ?c., at Acctio*.?On TOES'?aV MoRiMNG. Jane i2th. at 10. 'clook, we halt aell. at our Auction Rooma Ir n Hail an extenai ve and handsome collection of ie?, Laces fto , consulting in part of viz: Heal Meda,i->u and Valencia Uoe HeU and Col !ars. Black La * Shaw ? and Mantil as. Real Round Point Laoe S?t? acd Collars, B ack 4_,ace Vena, cap?s and Colli j.-e?, Foiut Ap iqu? Lao* Collars and Fancy Silk atid P,ain Fans, i Kicb Embr-idsred Handkerchiefs, Rnai Point and Valencia La edo K"'broid<?re<1 Banus and Tidies, S?t* and Collars, H<mu>n and Gmpure Lao* Set* and Collars, liur Pins, Comi s. Mite, Gaantlet*, Gloves, Ac. forming an attraotiv* sale veil wi rthy the at tention of Ui? Ladies. Sale to continue until all is disposed of. Terms cash. 1 je9 d C. W. BOTEI.ER k. ?ONg. Aaeta. i FUTURE DAYS. 1 My C. W. HUl tLKK * SONtt. Auctioneer*. I^RCSTfak'S 8M.KOK SUPERIOR Kt'K SITDII BB1NO Till K1YT1BB >rrECT* OK TUB Cl*benk >5 Hotel - By virture <>fa dead in tr??t 1 beam g date January 5th. 1 61. a?d dul> recorded in Liber J. A.?., No. 190 folios from No. Uh to i No 127, one of the i,and Reo >rds of Washington oounty, 1> C , I *ha 1 p noeed to se 1 on the prem I ises on THURSDAY. Jnneatth.atluo'oioaka. m.. aland siogu ar the go <ls and cha teis oo:.Uin?d i in the buiidli g known as the clarendon Hrte!. situated on tho southeast eonnar or Pennsylvania avmue and 6th streets, vis: ?'ne Pupon Rosewood Piano Pr rte. Elegant suite of Rosewot d Parlor Furniture, Large Gilt frame mantle and Pier Mirr< rs. Rich seitaof B'oca.tal e and Lane Cm taius. Velvet and Braseals Parlor Chamber and Hall a nut, Mafcegaay aad Oak eatu of ? Chamber Fa MU tare. 1 Carted Hair aud other Mattresses, Pillows and < Bolsters, , _ Blankets, ahee's, Comforts, Cocaterpaeas, Tow Wain't ?xte s*on and Round Dising Tables, Oak iMnirc Room Cka'ij,Gas Chaadeliac?, An extensive variety of CkinaGbasaad ? rockery Silver Plated Castors. Hitter Lishes, Fjcks and _ Spoon*, Table Cutl?ry *a, B?r H uom Furniture aad Fixtnraa, CookiBf Ut??> ! ItU^laamad iiiniiiiiir; to partioaukrizeUm ar * UoIm aanlamed to tbia rorr handa<ynHy f?rn'abe<l ?i?b uhrn-tii. To jaraona in quett of good bout i nit] tiirnitar?, it yraaasta uuu.aai attraatMm*. u tu? oollaoUan i? *a?j large. fc,t r?ub| the content* <>r about forty fiaaiy Taraiabed uomi.lJ of whioh la cf iba aioa i?f?n? r m4 nob.-actial ! ohar?cUr and la #x<Mll?at eoudiU *?, h%nai tt?a , fturohaiM new in Jtiutn i t Tanaa???(>an4l under ca?b;?v?r 040 and not e* ! ? ??. 1. * ?ad 3 atuata*; ovar ?1 m, I, i, *, 1 ,l" "'"To IfTJr-1 ?ld? C. W. BOTBLF.R * :*(VNa, Ancta, - THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. iMIUttal by ?* BrltM. <4r*a?c, Jane 11.?The North BrltM ba* arrieed here with the foUowlaf .ddiConai in toll.Tbe Emperor Napoleon Ui prMBial the 4mtation from Hondara* Iater-oceanic Railway b'.e protection In debate oa the omIm mi Savor u4 Nice to France, in the Mnrdiaian Chnmbora. the Count Curonr aaid tbe ncllrce wna rrielnna, but stated tbe < ir< uma'ancea and pointed ?wt tbe n~-eaa)ty mt preserving tbe *llian?e with France The treaty wan approvod on the Wb by *ft? ef agaln*t 33 In opening tbe Cortoa the Qeeen of ftpala ei preaae* *atiAction at the termination of the war with Morocco, and statea that the relation* with all tbe other power* were aati*factory The Pari* o rraapondent of tbe London Newa report* that France and Ruaala bad agreed to a partition of Turkey, and that England la to be ofltred a ih*rn Hong Kong dates of April Utb MW that tb* teaor of the reply of the Laparor of China to th? alhed ) ropoalt.ona waa unaattafactorr. and thai bnatii ties appear inevitable , aia-> thai a acarrjtv of rle? In Cnma waa expected Tbr allk d atrict* were In a d tturhed state from the depredations of the rehala Tea wu f rni and exorbitant price* wer. aaked Tiie ahip Intrepid, for New York wu wrecked In Caspar stralta Crew saved The steam sloop of war Hartford (19 gme) wee at Houg Kong Tbe insurant* on tke Great >>trm on the roer.4 trip front England to America and back baa bw* fixed at 6 per <-%Lt., or about four tins as tbe naual rate* a Tbe Tlmea. In a leader, describee tbe terrible torture* Inflicted by tbe Neepolltan police on tbelr prisoners NsrLas. Wednesday morning. 9 3U ? Tb- bembardnentof Paleruo laatort arveral Uwri. tnd Garibaldi entered tb? towa ?m th*?4 estak-lub iiig bis headqn&rl* a at tba centre of the Pia** Tbe number killed during tbe bombardment was very large Later from Japan SramoriELD, Mo, J use 10 ?TUe overland mall, witb San Francisco dale* of tbe flat, arrived here to-day witb Japan dates of April 'J3d. and from China of April 1Mb. Tbe Cbl< ene have rencladcd to pay tbe Liwilab and Preerh governments tbelr expenses. ana arcade to all tbelr demand* Th. r^rt. -I -* ? *- ? free to these Powers. but they will br charged for entering thetii, (the latter engaged in tbei Coolie trade.) and a pro Unmt on has betu wut'l warning them against kidnapping Tbe newt Japan states that the Km per of bad been assassinated. and that t!i? Prince Go talro at tne bead of tbe Japanese Government wm also assassinated on tbe ISth March While on hia way to tbe Palace, with bit train was attai k<d t?v fourteen Japanese dressed as travellers 81s of bla retainers were killed and severs! wounded. One of tbe aaaaasltit wbo wm wounded bad hia head cut off by Lla companions and carried of to prevent bla being recognized Two of tbe aeasasinswere Prince* of high rank. and were permitted graciously to dlaembowel themselves to prevant their being behesdtd. Thirty suspected people were beheaded. Since tbe death of tbe ''old'* Tycoon an eatire chinge had been u.ade in tbe Jaraa ae Government the preseat dynasty being oppus<d to foreign intercouray and obstsclea were bHng thrown in the way of trade and commerce Prlace Me'o was at the bead of a strong opposition and waa es|iected daily at Jeddo All the foreigners la that city were required not to leave its precincts *fter dark and are advised by their coaaula to go amed at all times The Japanese la Philadelphia PHlLSPKLrH.A. June II ?The Jintm* ueti? rally are keeping quiet, bat Tommy and other ubordi nates bave paid visits to Oafeford's and the principal atom In the vicinity of Ux Couti ner.tal. The reported aaaassination of the Tycoon vrai con.muuicated thia iDomlnc to Captain Dupont, but having doubt* of Its authenticity, baa dwmed proper not to divulge it to the Princes preferring to await inatructiona from Washington and tbe arrival of more definite Information If communicated, and believed by tbe Embassy. the prtsent programme would doubtleas be broken up. The commission suppose if tbe report is not entirely unfouuded. that It is tbe rtgmt of tbe Tycoon who was killed, and not tbe Tycoon, who is a lad ef but 1? year* of age I'eead Gsilty ef Ma der. Watfxtoux. N. Y , June h?Enos ftprague Jr.. on trial for the murder of James lleary on tbe l of January last, at iVpenville. J elferaon county, was to day found gullt\ of murder ia tbe Iret degree Pyrwterbwlc Factory Destroyed. New ^ oik. June 9 ? Messrs HadB-id 4. Sons' pyrotechnic fkotnry. near Williamsburg, exploded yesterday afternoon Chas. Hsdfleld and one of the workmen were killed. A large number ef persons were lajured. Important (rem Japan. St I<nrts, June 10.?Tbe Pony Express has arrived. I.ringing further advices from San Francisco Intelligence from Japan bad been received to the effect that tbe Tycoon was said to have been xssasvinated. Alexandria Markets. Alkxaxdxia, June II ?Flour?Family #6 50a *7 75: extra *5 75a? IS: super *55<?a4 75. Wheat ?wMte. ftiir to good. fl.'KMfl 45; red 91 35a #1.36 Corn?white 6t>aTar.; yellow TUaTSc. Rye ?Uttb3c. Oats 3^?loc. Corn Meal 75a78c prr I'lishel. Seed*?Timothy ?"J 51*93 50; Clever *6a f5 50; Flaxseed SI 3tfctl 45. Provision*?Butter, roll. lM-jne : Bacon 10c : Pork ?7u7M : Lard 1(Mlie. Whisky 24a3Uc. New York SUrkrti Naw Yon. June 11 ?Flour is irtu. State S5 15a5.J0; Ohio ?5.75a5 &S; Southern baa declined 1c. Wheat baa declined 1c. Cora has advanced lc.; nixed <B)$a66c, fellow 70a71c Pork 1* quiet; mew *17 45aS16 37. Lard Is firm. Whisky la dull. Flsuclil New Yoax, June ii?Money Is plenty, but dull; loans on call 4 ka5 per cent Storks are buoyant; Chicago and Rock Island 90M; III. Central shares 63fc; do. bds 91 *; MUcvar. Southeru 24New Vork Central 82, Read 41)$; Mil A Miss 6^, Va g's 98, Mo 1-sMy. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Gurrgtincn adrrrtnemcntt tot Jiff t ptfi F'OR SALE OR RENT-ln Gwriftowi. ft BRICK HOUSE, on Fradenek. betw an Jri ftnd 4th (treats. Inquire of JAMfc.8 L CAR BLR Y. loS Second at. FJ*STRAY Taken up by the atibaenber. on Jnae J id.a amail gray <flea bitten i HORth fly He roar l*? **e< at Mr. JOHN LA NO'8 Stable, on High etreet. near the canal. ^ owner ia equ?ated to come forward, prore hi* owa erahip. t-ay chargea, and tak hitn away. je 8-3t JhFKER-ON GARRISON. 1 ?Ul JUST RECEIVED, I*>U BBL9 WHISKY, ia?eo:ted,? l?n do. HEKRiNtta-d ALE WIVES. 25 Ck>. WE FINED BI'GaRK . M? hhda. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bbla. <Ba>field) WHITE Fl H, ' ib bo*** p noe Ea*t?rn CHEeSE. For aale iow by JOHN TTbOQVE. jet Iwemluw,D C. KTOR NEW YORK ?Thepaok'taoboocer York town. Captain Woglom. will aatl a? tliun on 8ATI RDAY, Mh mutant For<Q^ light freight applt to MoCOBB 4 DODGE, je 7 to* \Vat#r itwt NKVt EASTPORT HERRING. l"0 barrel*prim* a No t Labrador HKR RING. W do K*?t?rn HERRING. All in Kplendid condition, daily expeatad for ciioou >r J. tV. fr-?r?r, and for I'J HARTLEY * BROTHER, jet lw 9> and 101 water ?t-. Georgetown. LOR HARPh Rft FrRRY .-CHANOXOF Lr^'^^SSpWIiY >on?. u i* nv L'^Tl A V RiJ V R ! n 4 \ Rl ? R m rmI m. tliove elate. J* *-< >* F%?ibi?TaE'nrt.r^"^i tinnti ttclwKii thin place eud Cum *r!?mi. will he diapoa. ?1 ol at p trau>M?"?^^^? itie ti applied lor on or b*'fort Toc?4**,tb? ^lh tat Sbe oan he aeea at Mr Jo*, fiouoltr'i wood ui<!%?el wharf, neer the market where any ??(ornation ma; (>- had. If not prevlo**]* di>po4d of tm will he offered at amotion at that ?lao? oe Toe? lay, J Ah J dm. at 4 o'oioek p. im. Term ibade tm-wii fit tbe sale. JeMw BEX J AM IN BOH RE R iVESIRABUB DWELLING HOraK FOR L# R t\XT?The large awl coo r anient hc??h J*?? m*, with haeh->ml<iinr? ataHinf. ?N ? B *if >'trMt. adiointng Dr. Ciaael a dm* ??ore. aad ?pr?-rW> theFarmera' and Mechanic*' Bank, if f?r 3tJyc L'ANCY GOOD*. ^ r AT C! IT! PlMW MmHi Work Boxet; \V r?t M D. ?kn u4 Portfo W itinr T ?*?41?c Bio. C?b??, PyjrtncmMW*, TMOrta.Fui,**. At M* *?? ?? m niitf G00J. krf uo??f?rt4 U UiM o? n taw I m* M ?t. MMiii ?t I^O* RK>T-Th*t 4*?i *bU BRICK UWKLLI IN(i m Um eufMi ?f W*?t ud t ?ur?w iU , Utoljr ooaapiai by Mr*. Ctil. CWtar. TIhw m * ?r??a koaM?tUch*?l to U* b*ilfen?. A^ly uNo, i I Ooi.imi ?t , SwrffltvR m i*-tf

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