Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1860 Page 4
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TMWWWB gTAK; THKBAlL*ROO? BELLI. 51 bsa"?^ the <UuiinulM? _ Fr<>?? <*>4*detiw sn?t bracket ?n?<4. With inUkj f**r * twia*<l ? Net h*it, An l reseB wrwUwd about her h?*a , i* L mwi thycew, Ana in#er? with her fort the white? She raovM lately tiaque?n, Aad is tadrwokarr of h?r mum. AhroHered Km! ice, etrt fall tow, KnXSitimu> I'tfVS ?iwij &Cht:m *' Tho i.SuAwt, t*Mty of her F.-on. many aj.vW?? piatfd loof. , . Ao4 t(iatn^M with W'? o'tr and o er, i fflj4*' m?ow? satin dro f, i&toiM cuuptuonvto t!m floor. Afijl near?like couiti^re round their liege? _Hef flatterer* stAiui. aonteated w?W *vkx ?... : Or wo jl<t *h*dhnoe?and half the room Are pmnd to bend M her rwr.maad? How ftuiy a>i(r? th<- oi.e to whom i^ie <H>Q<te*o?B<:* m (ire her hand. O, lady! hat awhile to r,,e: Vif- r "*>> in your lace. . ... mn miat ami lair lO im, V our dancing Mi of ease and g ace? Oh, da not <laem they love you trus Who flutter round where'er jou more. Their hearts will never break (or TimMen do not honor ''dolls" with love. You answer well far their eaprice. To paaoe and flirt an hour or so ; But. ah! jour ahailow sway shall oea?* Wheu Hall-roow Lights do flicker km. W'hfcn morning, to the world doth bring !ts real hcht. and aim* aublime. You are forgot-a trivial thing, A toy Misuitad to the time. God gave 11 you a nobler part. To soothe the ilia of human life. To cheer when cares oppress the heart. And act the angel in toe wife. 80 put jour foAhsh fancies by. And lay jour hall-room sceptre down ; Be rno lest, ea nest, true, and trj To win the perfect woman's crown. Travel Noithwam-Viic Arrnngfmfnm for iniortd Strvanif.?The Savannah Republican *ty?: We are pleased to fee able to annonnee, on good authority', tint the embarrassment* which attend t-avelers from the South, accompanied by tbeir colored servants, are to be removed. We have heretofore alluded to the the vs?*t annoyance to which Southerners are subject In railroad cars, beginning at Richmond and rigidly Inflicted at Baltimore. It is all right and proper, bnt a* the a.-inovance Is not leas grievous, and it cottld, at any time, be removed bv a svstem of passports vi*td bv ths superintendent of the road at the point 01 departure We are happy tossy that this system has been adopted It Is arranged between the varinns railroad companies that a convention* al pnssport from railroad superintendents, at points of departure?Savannah and Charleston for instance?shall pass the colored Servant, and thus relieve the master from the necessity of Identify jng nimscii m every reliy, whleh, bi many inat* tier a la qnite impossible. Tu* CULTIVATION OF TASTE IS DRIM FAVOHAI'.I To sbX* OF TKI FkMAI.S VlRTCES ? Li*V ntrr, the man wbo, long before the birth of pbreaoiogy. wrote a clever book on physiognomy, give* a good opinion of peraona who ar? fond of dreaaing well. aud throwa something more than aispicion on ladiea who ere careleas of their apparel He aaya: ' Young woman who neglect their toilet, lnd'eate In tw* verv particular a disregard of order; a defclency of'taate. and the qoalltiea which inaplre love The girl of eighteen yeara who doea not dfsirf to please in so obvioua a matter of dreK will be a ?ult, and probably a ahrew, 4 at twentyfive '? When so much is written about the ain and danger of dreas. It is pleaaaiit to aea a sensible record, now and then, on the other aide. JET" A now Arctic Expedition aailed from New London, Conn . on Tu4d?y last, on board of thg "hark George Henry. The expedition la not very numeroua. for it conatsta only of Mr. B F Hall, of Cincinnati, and bia Eaqmmaux guide. Cudla-ja-ah Mr. Hall wbo lately reaided in Cincinnati, deaigna to IcOve the vesael la which he aailed at r?uaaex (aland, taking with him a large boot, which baa boen conatru-ted expreaaty for him, and with which he deaigna to make explorations in tha region lying between Cape Vvil1o?i^hby and the entrance to Fury and Hecla - a crew 01 nve Kaqniiiuax, which he will elect at 9iimh (stand, will assist him in hit researches. .Mr Hall hopes to obtain further tracts of the party which went with Sir John Franklin. CHAKOE* AGA1XST AS AMERICAS Co!?9CL.?it Is telegraphed from Washington as follows : ' CapUiu John Reeves, \aval Architect for the Siltan of Turkey for twenty-one years, is now in Washington, preferring charges against the America* Consul at Constantinople, John P. Brown llrown has been aent for, and is now here The State Department haa the matter under advisement Other parties alaoc-jmpUin of Mr. Brown, end the probability la that his course while in Turkey will he investigated by Congress." AiiHlVALa AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD8' HOTEL..?N M Reesa, (ia, J J Greenough. NY; F A Van Dyke, Fa; A A ?e.ovi snd iady.Ca:; Mrs McPherson,?; Maj Laid j, I 9A;(i H Chapman, lnd; Hon fc. 6 Ss'Usm, NT; W F Fiodly and lady.O; DZaaharies, Md. E Nud heria, Kj; t)r Lmdsiy, Tenu; Mrs F G Porter an a etuld, du; Mist Eakin, do; Miss N fcakin, do, Miss Winder, do; J Initr&bam and lady, NY; A Auder uband; J W Honushead anil iady.O; H Cook and iady, N Y; C M Lightha 1 and lady, do: M Martin Maal;B C Board men and lad?, Miss; H Cady, Mass; V P Jams* and lady. Wis; s Flor r?M*. do; Miss 9 F.vrrtio*, do. Hon A B Olevi. N V ; M. Cochran, do, W Thomson,?; Mr and iktr? tSsiimidt. ft V; G ft ohol, Mas?;T McKeonan, Pa, 8 H siocuin and lady, NY; J E Tuel. do; W Sherman and iany, DC; J M Gutcan, NY; J Mitchell, SC. E M ^ ha'r, do; D Hitchoock. Ala; R G?od i?taa4 lady. Ten"; Pr T Vail. NV; M t<ovell,do; D Withor*, La; D? J F *pack,8C; J cohnellj and x>n, L%. K uurwil.Md; W A Wilson, V!u;J S W hite I'enn; Hun i) t. Somes. Me; C Thomoson .r^ I..I- - ? ? ?? ?u. u ^ mm; tun, SC; J L baker And laly, Ky; Miia J Lon? do; J K Jndaon. P? M ? t* tifruiix, La; L lograham,do . Miaa P flubfrt, do; G Forbes sad {amity, do;S Forbes, do. NATIONAL. HOTKL-C II I'arth, Md; H B Notion. low*; B W L?; JamM Ho?j , rlj W 6 Bteorcft. SC; colonel L> Lt Mitoh'li. Mo; J A Newton, Mai.u*l Paeneco, P Laad&juri, Mexico; M Trovi>?o. Texas: M i?? Sin;out?>n ltd; B O Daoiel?, DC; C W II&Il, lad, J H Boranton, J 0 P^att. Pa; L A Whiialoy, Md; P Clemens. K T MeNea*, Kj; A U Nalie, Va; John L Moore.Tea; C N Mine* Marana*! Ko? and sty. Mm Hu:let?, M>?? Cou-war, La; L Hilliard and lady, WW O A Haeaioan, \Io; K M P Kob.naon, Va;T M?l?, M'xiou: h. Foriaai and ladi-OHio; J H Cock* and lady, NY H, Va; W P Daodaa, Md: A Fellow*, Ky; J C HowellM and fam Wn; J M i-air.nt-in. J C?a*k, NV; H H Kill*. La; W H Maliett AU; M Paris. La; J M Bickel, Pa; T Johnaoaa d la?T, Mies Vv i itmt, J Pl> Mareir, P Seary, La: A B Gnffa. C M Dodf. NY: A B Miller, L Uh; O F WiUiao a, N J; P Cuaaak. b T Casaali, P Hub am*. La; 8 Stevens. P?: W Pashir, NY; l)r J T rTan^jj 1 C Tkr,laU>D*Mdi HM?* BROWN'S HOTEL-G Dick aad ladr.ftC; J 8 raiae?, Mis ; M Huron, Ark; W L;wis. Mm; '1' Krwa, A.a; 4 i/avttfeon ana uauihier, va; A Hi.l and I/, La. H Cartia, Ner?; Mr Vadyke, Pa; M Ha'dica'i. O; 3 fhipinatt, Wis: R 8Griff 11. and ly. Pa; ORteltaMson. La; A M Scare*, NC; W Po lard, V**: 0 Garner. J Ms tkews, A 'Neat, Mr R*ai. A! ;? Read, IP; W H oka. W Com.tock, USNA; H . iajVj Va, * J W a.toail, laiy aid oliiid, M a* PMVipa. ? Walthall, Ata; J ri kinu>c, Md; C a Witkera. K?; W Hands a, Va; H Har,lj. NV; DT Wn'iaiiia, Va; W A!dridl?, N *; G H Baufk aan, VarK A ia?lor, Ind; *. J 0 Mra Hunting, H4 ; DT Petas, W 1) Miller. Va; W F A Tent, t B "wo, Mi*a; C Pa m r, N\; K B Stephean, A Oat. Va: AH Sctao tx. NY;T G 'A rijtht and a !y, ? Wright Tti ; H Pocka. r G Horror. CM. . KiRKWOOu HOI SB -C Raple,. Ark; Hon \V Hooper, L'tal; Dr W L*e. Ga; a B?-rrv aad ly J S Ratmoad. Mi>aS Raymond Ma*>; h rti?*e>e. NJ; S Bray:?y; NB; W H%ok?, Va; O Riohardaon. La, J CarUedce. N V; H Sinona, r F Mand?r. Pa: A K i^ove, G Putnam, Miaa: D W WanhSurn, Pa; rloa I) M'uwetaur, Ky; W Ha?kaa, T Roborltor, DCj J Strothar.Ta. OCEAN STEAMERS SAILING DATS From tbs Uhited States. St<nm*Tt. Lean*. fur. Days. Arabia.?....... B<??(oil Liverpool J'nelS SiMMk .N?? York ..Bremop J'm 13 wiit.ii.. N*W York. ?8?q th'pton _.. J'al* . Vaaderbifc.?...New York...Havre.... J'e IS i).? Baltimore New York. Liverpool J'al? Uova ?ooUan. . Uoebre . Liverpool J'e )? .~N?w \or*... Liverpool... ._J*e 19 Airioa Mew York. ..Liverpool J'*? Ari|o ?York ..Him* ... J'*a ? rROM Hl-RuPC Afiio Houtft'pta?..-Naw York May*> Vigo . Liverpool?New York May 3? NjMara LWeraool .. .?oaton . . J*e J Hdmi ? uVpton.New York... J a 6 Bohmimm. .... . .UftrtoM. ?Portland J ' S Groat feaetarn. *k>utlTp?oa .fcew Vork-.J'e 9 Art?r- .Liverpool....New York..-i* ? North Amenoan. Liverpool-.. .fortland. J'* 18 Bremen tC>uth>toq... Saw York... .J'a IS j* Tba Havana mail ateantere leave New % orjt on Ue id. 'tti, mh. awl TTtk of eaoh month. an<l Caarle*to|t 911 Ue 4tb and 19Ck. The California mi) >tn?"?^r? leave New York 00 the Sth arxl i t a of ***> month. BNotio^ ia h?r*t>r * iron tJut tk* Umj> ?i ., Mot-it ft vW ?f?k^^!?in? tb* U<-(lk< D*? . on,fa gr%Bt .? t.? m-^t re P? ?^\V^r\J2 fsr: )???? h*?m fH?rv'd irum ?*J. fctwhSfr?*' wMah asa Mtintt the cl&im. ??w lourj, I l.l? mction j, d*emed iiwiwit to aff^ for C J-if? U> e?nsid*r gpoa n Maori* o77,Ow w . tiis es of 6<m<i Ju77S||Sm fcoldf? ZKZftZZ|?r",*o?n or adjutoMat o( tba mini TO SAN FRANCISCO m BIGHT SA.TS ; uv THE Coitral overlaad California AND nipi rut Eirnii coiniiY. ?PONY EXPRESS!" " TEN DAYS TO BAN FRANCISCO The Conner of the PON Y EXPRESS will leave St. JofBra, Miaeonn, EVERY SATl RDAV, at Up. m . for Sao F ranoiaoo, California. I trill receive Letter* to be forwarded by this Expre?? to Fort L*ra<nie, Great gait Lake Citj, i ^rd^kii^^art of California, up to 190 p. m. everr Lettera in all oaaee to be enoloeed in Government prepaid enveie*ee. JOS. A. MONHBIMER, Agent, American Tel?g raph Offioe, ap 86-tf 438 Penn. a v.. Wa?hicftor<, D. C. jyjAY 10TH. I860. OPENING or TAB SEASON. MoDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Oar Grooera and Citisena will pleaae Bear in Mind that The Seaaon for thia MOST HEALTHFUL AXD PURE BEVERAGE i* Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore Has Received A Large Stock And will be happy to raoeiva the ordera of his Washington Friends. Quality (iunran""i StrUtly Pure. jas. McDonnell, General Agent, ma 10-t.T.A*-tr Baltimore. Kenniml's hydraulic motor. FOR STATIONARY POWER. In a new and wonderful adaptation of Hydraulic Pressure as applied to mechanics, and has, so far as it has become known, been received with unbounded enoonuinns. Silent hat powerful in its operation?economical in its original cost, occupation of space, and consumption of wmt*r, it obv ate? the danger, eipense and attention indmpensible to steam or ralorin power?the only requisite being a small supply and sufficient hfa'i of flowing water; and the estimated reduction of its power for frlotion is only tkrte P%r test. The reeuit of thirty years stuly and praotioal experiment, the inventor (a Hydraulic Engineeri claims for it?only what every praotioal inaa rearii ly eonoedes?a vast superiority over every other adaptation of hydraulio power hitherto invented, the greatest possible economy of water?solid sim pioity of oonft'uotiou-facility of adaptation to any kind of maohinery?and, more than all, its cheapness. rne undersigned having appniutol sole agent for l he inventor for all the IVuhrm and Somthrn State*, ( Virginia excepted,! respectfully inviu>n m> inspection, ny a I who feel interested, of a working model at Brown'* Hotel, batweenthe hours ol 4 and 6 p. m.. every a'ternoon. County and Staf Rights,** well aa single en ginee ol any required power, can be purohased of T. Ha R.N AK 6. Agent. No. 1 Todd's Building, adioimng mal6-eodlm Brown's Hotel. p O I S O N BANISHED. Corrosive Sublimate no more Is need, the Bed Bugs to destroy : The whole world goes to Sohwerm a store. This Powder now we all employ. 'Tis poisonlesa to mortal man, But kills all Inserts as sure as fate, And no impostor ever can? This powder trnly imitate. Depot for SCHWERIN'S ANNIHILATING POWDER, for destruction of Cockroaches, HedBugs, Mutqaitoes, Fleas, Ants, Flies, Moths.Gar dec Insects, to : also. Pills for destruction of Hats and Mice?No. 1*24 north Second street, Philadelphia. Por sale in Washington, D. C., by DANIEL B. CLARKE, oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and Kuur and a half street. Many worthless imitA tions are advertised; be oautioua. Remember to aak for Sahwerin'e Annihilating Powder. Ill a I fl FRKSlI ARRIVAL. IO PIECES French Liele Thread CHINE GIKGHAMS, 10 pieces Grej POIL DE LAUDE, /l " ORE V GOODS lor suites, various styles and prtoes, 75 oi*oes La wNsjftt 12K oenta. uRGANUV and JACONET MUSLINS, Black GRENADINE BERAGE. ~ CHAPE BKRAttE WARETZand TAMART1NE, jkLAWN ROBES. kiim very hu<lKim?, tiKKAGE an<l GRENADINE KOBKS, A oomplete line of WHITE GOOI>S. Black French l.aee ar.d Puatier MANTLES and POINTS, received, and for eale at vary re^onable prioea. by _ma25 tr TAVLOR k. HUTCHISON. Fresh canton mattings. Just received and for *ale? 10 roll* uer f*tyle Fancy Canton MATTINGS, in do do do China do jn do do do Red checked do ?io do do Extra Imperial WHITE MATTING. Which wo are rolling now at greatly reduced prices. je4-eo8w CLAOETT ft DODSpN. THE "WASHINGTON BREWERY," being now in full operation, under the management of tb~ new proprietor, oan furnuh an? one with pure Malt L quuri, of auperiorquMity, at the following low prioea, delivered free of oharge to any 5art oT ?ae city : I ALE (Family Beer). #1/0 per k?g of8 galls. XX ALE |?.75 do. d'?. * XX AlE(Stock Ale) #25" do. do. XX f'KTEh fl? do. do. Brown srour Jioo do do. Ilalf-ijarre.a, barrels and nogahea<ia at a proportionate prioe Order* given to the drivera, or aent through the Poat Office to C CuLlNEAlJ, Waaiungtoo Hrewery, will be promptly attended to. ma '6 1m 279 T>?S28KJ"- 206 pa. ave, foreign fruits, pa. aviet rnvpcpTiAwfe Wan?A. i".? Ooffi leave to oaii ue attention of nis friends and the public generally to his New Store, under Wil.ardi Hotel, just opened, in oonaexion with his oid establishment, where he wLl be hapsr to reset ve any orders for superior ConJeotions of hie own importation. Aim, all orders for Dinner*, Sappers, Balls, and Private Parties, whioh will b? served np la his inimitable style, with the same sromptaees and dls atnh whuVl> ho ha* hithortn hnwn on S a w.m, t. dove a co^ /IRE Now prepare 1U> execute any orders with whioh the/ mar be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING business. Q7" Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. av?nne, where ma* be found a complete assortment of 0 H VN DfcLI KllS and other GAS, STEA M and WATER FIXTURE*. Ia3!71y PC. 6nvdek, lumber and gas fitter, PH!LH4aMOHIc4iALL, Soutk \>d* of Pa. nr., wfl of Klevtnth St.. Will introduoe Water and Gas upon the n.ost favorable terms. P. -*.-1 have on hand a lot of cooking STOVES, and aa I de*ire to olose them out, will sell >h?*m at oost for oa*h. ma 7 Baltimore life~insurance co.-i* cobporatid 1830.?Joun I. Donaldson, Pres ; M. Cocltbe, Sec'r. This company INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, ao. Descriptive pamphlets mar be obtained at the CmWIIiniil for the liiatriat of I'niiimKi. oe of Lewi* Juhimon A Co,, Bankers.Toth atreJi uxl Penn. avanae, i. W. MAG ILL. Agent, n r Niton m n r.iv .< o Dupo ,t's gunpowder. For wvJe At manulaaturers pnoe?, l-y JOHN J. BOG UK, fiioKiTow*. I). C.. Solr Aienm for tk' District of Columbia. A large suppiv, wnbiMins every varwtj, awaya od hauJ, *n<i delivered free to all parts of the Dtst iot. Ordeia ean aleo be left at theoffioeof Adama' Kxpr?? Cnwwnf. W*ehin?toa. D. C. fa 3-lawlf SALT WATER LUXURIES.?We are in daily reoriytof OYSTKRiSand C^ABSj^, /S from Norfolk, whioh we will deliver u>CT?ft f mA purchasers in anj part of the oity free^^JkJMW of ohkrto. Norfolk Oyster Depot, No. tf<MC*treet,opposite Theatre. ~ marg> T. iTWAKVKV. Aitfc Crt STANDARD BLACK TRA. ?>U CHKaTS STANDARD BLACK TEA Have been received. Ttta Ma is ejtMilan': prioe SO oer.ti per pound by ohaat or otherwise. We feu-oar next Tot will eoet as more money. KING A Bt'RCHELL, MX oor. Fifteeath at.aad Vermr ataT. TVSS9XSBSSSA.'DOU,LAe; Sel.tnc Luoky. b-ia? v-lqmetof Abbott's lain bow and Lpeky Stories; prtee 5" eeate. SW^VVloVSINS" """ w*m? ?itn tUnmili ? . M???i Wand F, as (Mhe T CHEAP MUSIC. I f\ LARGE i-ct of Musio. PoreUa aad Amenoan, foreale at haff prioe far oae week oalr, at the Mat?C Store ol 1 ma? W G. MET7EROTT. QRESS TRIMMINGS,of tha very la*?e* et^Iea. 338, between 9th aad l(kh aU. | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. NEW ORLEANS WITH TIB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. 1 ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR6: Virginia and Tennessee, East 1 ennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga^ Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! memphTsTroute: Memahka hr Ra !. thenoe br Ftrat olMa Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MO BILK ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by FustoTaaa Paofceta, Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Ikcmtdid, L?tr? Wuhii(t? at 6 a. m and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave- her wharf foot of Seventh atreet at a. m. and 61f p. m. and oonnecta at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexaadria Trains for the Southwest. Oftoe?Pennaylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth at BASOA8E CHBCKBI) TBRODQIJMIW ORLKABI. Lynchburg fssn Mempna $31 ou Br 1 atoi 16(Vi Atlanta ? ? w Rnoxville .....S<ioo Maoon..? a Mi Chattanooga..., 24 ?K) Columbus . SI W Dalton _. 24 00 Montgomery J* *! HunUville 21 '*i ) via ,Memphm.?2 So Grand Junction ? N.O.J via U.Juno .42 #? Naahville _ 2fi fit-1 \ via Mobile. 46 mi THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY ?Y RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae?the l.ynohburg Extension being now oompleted, aa aieo the Miaaiaaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Pirat olaaa Sleeping Cara! !To New Ojleana. T2 Honra. Memphia .54 do. Montgomery ........53 do. Naehville *..46 do. JETThe U.S. MAIL~aml ADAMS' EXPRESS arc taken over this New Line. Ti<*lr#t? ran Ka iihtftinful At thA ftnnth W?it?m Office, oomer of Sixth street and Pennsylvania, to the following points: Lmchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, At'anta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashvilie, Dalton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. ID* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. *C7" Omni bases and Baggage Wagons leave the otfics at 6 am. and 6 p. 111. JAMES A. EVANS, TioketArsnt, ma 23-tr Corner 3ixth st.and P*. Baltimore and oiiio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. ssisnsi CHANGKor Horns. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, May ath. 18W>, rams will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 A- and 7 2b a. m. Leave Washington at 3 2' and 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and H.15 a. hi. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 and tjo p. m. i ?n Sunday at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the Ea*t will take trains at 6.20 and 7.25 a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7 25 a. m and S.20 p. in. For Annapolis at 7.25 a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 715 a. m. On Saturday evening the3J0 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. ma96-<i T H. PARSONS, Agent. STEAMER J A!*. GUY WjU tw?m? hei I trips on TUKSDA\, 31at of February, I860. Will leave WASII-fi?^a^? INGTON ever? TUESDAY and"""^^ FRI DAY, at 6 o'olook a.m..and ALEXANDRIA at haif-past 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trio*, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at & o'olook a. m. LUCIA N 9. PACnE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH, At't, Alexandria. lew P"9A8KB^?S^?AL8 ANI! The New York and Virginia Screw gteamahiy Company'# new and elecaat team*hi> MOPNT VBRN0N,0n>?.T.O.3iulltf,ajU will leave the Coirpanr'a Depot. tern Wharvee,atU'o'olooka. ra- every WEDNESDAY. and the Company'a Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same day. Paawigera from Waahington and Georgetowi nan take the ooaohee oonnecun* with Alexandria ateamboata or railroad, whioh leave the corner of 7th atreet and Pa. aveaue hourly, or they can leav? on the steamer from the Western Wharvea at U e'olook a. m. State rooma can be engaged on application u Meaara. Morgan A Rhinehart, Weatern Wharvea Freight will be reoeived np to the hoara of depar lure. t[T Insurance will be effooted on all gooda bj thiaiine at toe ofioe of the Company at H por oent premium. The aooommodationa for paeaenger* by thia lln? are in every reapect firat-c aaa, and every effort wil be made to render thia oommnmoation with Ne? York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or paaaage apply to FOWLE 4 CO., Agenta, Alexandria. H7B. CROMWELL A CO., ef-ly M Weat at., corner Albany, New York. rnrrinu 0 rfitlMAH L-: SmPSOflJ SMACKOLIraMMNU J^*mSKK\aftwHlSgEW We offer for aale the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled Malted Rye Whiskr. in barrel* ana naif-barrels. At it is of oar own disttfla tion.aad nichly improved by ace, we oonfrdetitly recommendit aa the rtras?T and beet Whisky that oan poealbly be distilled. We alao offer oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands. from the largest atook of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN k. SIMPSON. Phtrnix Distillery, on the Schuy>kili river, Phiia Ofllcee??6 Wall street, New York ; *nd 109 Bo.ith Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-1? WASHINGTON CARRIA6B FACTORY, D Street, b- tirt'* 9(A and lOlA Strtt%. We hare just finished a number of first ol&ss I CARRIAGES, such aa Litkt Pn*ryr jg j Wagon*, Park Pkeatons. family Cfcr-VjJugsSt 1 riate.i, and Butt it j, which we will aell at w W? a ver> small profit. Beinc practical meohanios in different branches of the hntiness, we flatter < nrselvea that we know the styles and qnaii'y of work that will rive satisfaction, oomb.ning lightness, comfort and duraLi i bwwiiii. pvumpuj anu oareiuny attended to at the ahortoat n. tioe and ipo?t rnaagnable ohatjrea. m oy^SidtS^^i r&k. PARAFFINE OILT" THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KSOWN Wmjdow reoaivin* Pafaffine Oil direct from the work* in weet-rn Virginia. Th??aa>ity of it ia exoeliant, producing & atradv bnl i*nt and baanttfu'light, and m?*re JleMArt lo th? ?>m than iu light. r fc w Thie Oil u frea from adulteration,and very much mora eoonomica! than many of the Coal Oil* u*ed at thu time. 1T7" It ia in no way exploaive. .. vl! kr/ al,? 1 "{ply of the moat approved atylee of Lamp*, 4o., r-'ir burning thia Oil , ; KING k. BURCMKLL. Agenta forita aaie for tha Drntict of Columbia G,~.E,.^bTcVte^a.t'r^L N-iMfe,. mub,, 4M PmnaTLTAjiiA Av*w*Jb^ amtS^' V?il VU? i/Ul AT OOD PICVVRB8 . ^ M **?i??ayVMUir, -^v^.?ar!aji?jrB2.xAS?; !2,M>^B^mpEw.l5s the attention of the pihuo to ourjerieaod well *e looted itock of Champa* ne ud Crab Apple Cider, which we c?ar?Bteo to be mire iaioe, and will be old on reaeonable tense m order to make rooai for o*r spring "took# lb ? No. AT f>r??en ?t.. QeorteloW f ACOB REP.D. J Murattcrvui 01 MILITARY CLVTIllfl, BoVTHKAIT CoftNKB. BVHWD AMD 9t*DC? ??., PHILADELPHIA, MfTMTARV CM>TH? FOR ie?-*e # # | MISCELLANEOUS. BY THE FC TEE UNITED I olaro and make known that public sale* will beheld at the undermentioned Land OComii the State of Aituxi, at the periods hereinafter dMicnaUd, to At the Land Offloe at Gkekkvilli, oomraecciDg I or <[un?^next. for bertd tactioMt mmd iwrlt of rrrtiomt within the an dwnwiUoMd townships whioh remain to the United Statea, within six mile* on eaoh tide of the ' Alahani*and Tennessee River." the "Alabama and Florida," and the "6ir*rd and Mobile" Railroads, aabteot, aa rt qui red by law, to a mm imam or fieo dollar} and Aft* etnis per aore, via : Nlrlk </ Ikt ban Km mmd rait of the St. Slrrktm* ' meridian. TewnahJpeS, 1.17, it, 19, and J?. of range 10 Tfwnahipsli, 7,16,17, It, IS, #>, 2', and 22, of rang* Tawnship* 8,7,8, 9, 16,17, IS, 19, 90,77, and ?, of rajnte 12 Township* 6.7, 8,9,10,11,17,18, M. 311, 21, and 22, of range IS Townmn p? 7, S, 9, in, 11,12, and IS, of ranjre 14 Township* 9,10,11,12, IS. 14, and 15, orrant* IS Townshi ps 6.7,11,12,13,14.15,16, and 17. ofranyelg Townships 6,7, 8, IS, 14. >5,16.aid 17, of range 17 Townships 6,7,8,9,14,15. ana 16, of range 18 Tpwnships6,7,8,9.10 and It, of range I* Townahipa 7,8. 9.10, aad 11, or range 20 Townahip 12, of ran*e 21 Townahipa 12, IS. and *4. of ranges 22and 23 | Townahip* 12 and IS,of range2*. ! At the Land Offioe at Dkmofoli*.eommenoing oa Monday, the twenty fifth day of Jane neat, for the disposal of the vacant land* in the ertn num~ birrd Mrtion' ami pari* of stctiom* within the nn dermentioned townships whioh remain to the United States, within six mile* on eaoh aide of the ''Korthxaat and Southwestern Kaitroad," subject, as required by law, U> a minimum of two dol'art and fifty cmts mrrr. via : j Nortk of tht ba*t tin' a*-/ ???/ of th* St. Strphenx meridian. \ Townahipa <9. i?, 21, and 22, of ranee 1 Townships 2ii, 21. and i2, of rant e 2 Townships 2< and 22, of ranges S and 4 Township 22, of ranee 5. Horth of tk' base line amd %MM of tkt Si. Stephens meridian. Township* 18,19, So, *1, And 2a, of range 1 Township* 17, 18, 19, and 2", of range 2 ?<>wnsni?s 1?. 17,18, ! ?. and 2?, of range S owasiiips 16, 17, and 18, of range 4. At :he LandOffioeat Klba. commencing on Monday. the second da? of July neit, for the disposal o| the rarant innd* in the trem numbered tectum* and pnrts of sections with'n the undermentioned townships whiob remain to the United J*tatee. within six mile* on each ude of the "Mobile ar.d Oirar?i" and the "Alabama and Florida" Railmaris, *ubie?t, as required by law, to a minimum of two dollars and fifty tents per acre, vix: North of the base line and east of the St. Stephtms meridian. ' 'ownslup* 1 and 2, o{ range* /?, 6,7 and 8 ' 'own*' ips 1, 2, S. 4 and 5, of range* 9,10, 11 and 12 ' 'ownship* 1,2,* and 4, of range IS ' ownships 2,3, 4 and 5, of ranges 14 and 15 ' ownabip* 3, 4 and 6, of range 16 ' 'ownalnp 5, of range* 17 ana 16 r 'ownehip* 9,1<> and 11,of range 21 Townships lOaod II, of ranges 22 and 23 T.>wn?hip 11, of range 24. At the Land Office at St. Stephen*, oowmenoing on Monday, the twentr-fifth day of June next, /or the disposal of the rarant lands in th? tr"tn numbered sections and parts t\f sections within the undermentioned townships which remain to the United State*, mi thin six mile* on each *ide of the*Mobile mid Guard Railroad," *ui ject, as remaned by law, to a minimum of two dollar* and hftt centi per ntre, viz: South of the base hit' and of the St. Sttphins meridian. Townships 2 and 3, of range 1 Township* 1,2,3and 4, of ranees 2 and 3 Townships 1,2 and 3, of range 4. At the Land Office at Moktgomkrv, commencing on Monday, the twenty-fifth day ot June next, fi?r thedi*po*al of the rarant lane* in the fr?i* nifwibtred >" lions and parts of section* within the nn. derinetiUoned townships whicfi remain to the I'nited States. within six inil"s on each ?ide of the "Uirard and Mobile Raiiioad," required by law. to a minimum of tiro dollars and fifty rrnts per aerf.viz North of the base lint and east of Ike St. Sltpkent meridian. Township 14,of ranee 22. Townsh>psl3,14and 15. df ranges 23. 24 And 25 Township* 13. 14, IS And 16, of range ti Townships 44,15 and 16. of ranges 27 and 28 Townships 14, 15,16,17 And 1R, of range 29 Townships 15, M5 17 and 18, of range 30 Township 15, of range 31. At the Land Office at Tuscaloosa, commencing on Monday, the second da* ol July next, for the disposal of the rneant lands iu the even numbered sertion* and parti cj sections within the nndeimentioned townships which remain to the Uni ted I States, within six miles on each sideof the "Northeast and SoutuWestern" and the "Alabama and Tennessee River" Railroads, object, a? required by law. to a minimum of two dollar* andjhfip tent* per acre, Tie: North of the ban line and in.ft of the St. Stephens meridian. Township 23. of range 2 Townships 23and 24. uf ranges 3, 4, 5, and 6 Township 24, of ranges 7,8, and 9 Tuwniluiia >? and 24, of ranges 11, 12. and 13 Township 24, 'ft ranges 14 and Id. North of the base line ami west of the St. Steph-ns meridian. Township 21, of ranges 1 and 2. South of the bait hne and west of the Huntsrxllt ni-rid tan. Townships 15, 16, 17, IS, 20, g|, and 32, of range 1 Townships 16,17.18, 20, 21, and 22, of range 2 Town.hips 16,17,18, '9, ST, 21, and 22. of range 3 Townships 17,18,19,20,21, and 22. of 4 Townships 18,19, *>, 21. and 22. of range 5 Townships 19,9n, 2t, And 22 of range 6. luwniDipi, aj, 2i, ana xt. of range*?, 8,9,10, and 11 South of the base line and east of the Huntsrillt meridian. Townships 15,16,17,20,21, and 22, of ran*# 1 TVwn?hip? 15,16,19, 2>. 21, and 22, of range 2 Townships 15,19, and 20, of range 3. At the I.and Offioeat Hcwtsvillb oommenemgon Mon lav, the 18th day of J une next, for the disposal of the varum lan's in the even numbered see ions ami parts aj section* within the undermentioned townships which remain to the United States, within ?>x miles or each ?ide of the "Northeast and SioiUhwestern" and the " Tennessee and Coosa" Rarroiuls. sunieot, as required by law, to a mintmuin of two dollars and fifty cents per acre, vix: South of the base line and east of thi HuntsviUt meridian. Township 14, of range 1 Townships 13and 14 of range 2 Townships 9,12,13, and 14, o* range 3 Townships 9, in, 11.12,13, and 14, of ranges 4 and 5 Township 12, of range 6. At the Land Ofliee at Ckkteb, oommeneing on .Monday, the twenty fifth day of J nne next, for the disposal of the varan> lands in the tven numbtrol sections and parts of sections within the undermentioned townships which remain to the United tttate*, within six miles on each side of the "Ala lama and Tennessee River/' the" Wills Valley," the "Coosa and Oattooga Rivers," and the "Tennessee and Coosa" Railroads, subject, as required by law. to a minimum of two dollars and fifty rents per arre, vix: South of th* base lint and east of the Huntsvill* meridian. Township 21, of rang* 1 Townships 2*>. 21, and 22, of rang* 2 Townships 7, 8,9,18. 19, 20, and 21. of range 3 Township* 7. 8 9, 17, IS, 19, 2n, ana 21. of range 4 Township*, 7, 8, 9, M>, 11, 12, 17. 18. 19. and an. of range 5 Townships 8, 9,10,11,12,13,14, 16,17, U, and 19, of range 6 Township' 7, ft, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 16, 17, and 18, ofrange 7 Township* 6, 7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16,17, and 18, of r?nge 8 Townships 4, A, 6,7,8, 9,10, 11, IS, 14,15,1?, and 17, of range* Townships 4, *>, 6,7, 8,9, and 10, of ranfe 10 Townships 5,6,7, 8,9, and 10, of range 11. Landa appropriated by lav for the use of sohools military and other purposes, together with the "swamp and overflowed" landa, will be excluded from the sales. The tract* along the line* of the railroads will he sold, subject to the right of way, granted by aet of 4th August. 1852. for said railroad*, and the particular tracts cut by the route* will be sold as containing the quantities respectively shown in the offiaai plat*, without deductions. The offering of the above lands will be oommenoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the? are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thus oloeed : but do sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until after tne expiration of the two weeks. Given uuder my hand, at the oity of Washington, this ninth day ofMaroh.anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eix'y. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jo*. S. Wilso*, Commissioner of the General Land OAoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS ' Every person entitled to the ri<kt of pra-amption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated Is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land elfioe, and make payment thtrtfor* at ioon at prfirtirable a,fter teeing thit notice, and before the dav appointed for the commencement of the jubiio mie of the lands embracing the ? ?U, ?uw w in astej WBM W^MjO^M^Bd. Commissi u ner of the Genera. Land Oftoe. i Not*.?Under tfco regulationa of the department, ' h heretofore and now ex i sunt, no p*rns*nt can be made for advertising proclamations exoept to saoh pubUahers aa are 9p*ii*ll*autk?ri*$d w? publish by the Commissioner of-the General Laud (Woe. mar 15-lawl.lw L,?HTN,Ner HTNra8!!pOBTNlI,8n In Timb mpuct, Piirui roB W?? | Stmtk wrM iaJnurV^Bu ?M< C ill., P LATt N A TI^FfcfcTISffTN ING RODS. JUeyeetfuuy annvuneee to tke aahlio of vVaahincton and vioinitj that he ta prepared to execute all 1 ordera Tor erecting l ichtning Cpnduotora on the j M?t *r.?rn??l - - * uiBss&maRsSSS K'^"' ^VSS?W.*,?3?ANv. 0 V MISCELLANEOUS. / > / ?. ^ \ I f ^ DISPATCH 2 % ? A x?/v Save the_ Pieces! *X^ 4i ?riii kappra, rrn tn wrUrtmUiml fmntJut, it is rery dMirabi* to bar* >m?oka?p Mi ooDT?unt m for r?p*ma< Fariutar*. Toys, Crocker?, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE meets all ?uch emercenciee.aad bo boaeehoid can arford to be without it. It ia atwaya ready wd ny to the st oking mUL There ia no lotirer a aeoee Bar for lunaiag ebaira.epl in tared ^wy?.fci?Bm doile, M broken oratfiea. It le Jaet tbe arCe.e for ??ne, ?hell. ud otter 11?nnlal work, a* yoyatar with 1Mb** of re&oement and tact*. Thia admirable preparation la need ?oU, belnt ekemioally heid in eolation. aod eoseeeaing all tte aluable qnahtiee of the beet catn^ct maker*' r!ne. It my beaee* in the r)ae*ef ordinary mnoilag*. being natty more ad heal re. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Priu,? oenta. N. B.-A Brnah aooompaniea eaob bottie WkoUmlt Dtp el, No. 48 Cedar street, Nat York Addreea HENRY cTsPALIMNO A CO.. Box No. 3.MW, New York. Pat of for Deafer* la Caeea ooataining Fotr, Richt,and Twelve l>osen?a heaatifui Lithograph 10 Show Cardaooompanyiag each package. ?fGT A ?ir.tie bottie of SPALMXU'S PRE PARED Ol.VE will nave ten time* iU ooat an nnaily to every iiongehoUl.-m .Bold by all prominent Stationery Draggtata, Hirdware and rnrni tare Dewier i. Grooera, a ad Kancy Store*. 1 Country morobanta abould mat* anntao( SPAL DIN&S PRKPARMB ULcR. when making ay t^Air list It ^ill iitaiui Ae?* alimala ia 1A.1? FOR FAMILY USE. WILL MBKI> ARTICLES IK Weed. leather, (rtrkfry, Glaae, iTtry, Bene, A labnater. Marble, Rabber, Malta Percba, (lath, Paper, Papier Marbe, Shell, Hera, Hear, Piaster, 4c A nd indeed thereia scarcely an article in the whole ranee ofdmufwtie whether it he for uiror ointment, which w?ien broken. aaiu?>t with this preparation l>e restored to iU original value. H challenge# the world for its mperior. It ia indiap*naable in every HOUSE, WORK. SHOP, COUNTING ROOM. at'i no person after a trial of m.._; ii? T* J in? m i CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mMmifflliEr WITH the: signature of ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE. PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAM S! NEW YflRL fOR SALE IN WASHIXGTOS BY ma?w BARBOUR 4 SEMME8. T CARRIAGES. HE Babaenbw anm addiPona to U factory, marking it now one of the in the Diatnoi, where his fcctatiw forQHft mtamtaeturinjCARRIAGE * LlGHT*i*WAGON8 or all kind a ewiot M nrpuNd, from hia loaf exfortfi.oa u the Daa.neaa. he hoM to tire ganer&i aatiaficoon. w All iinda orCtrriacwLight Wkou k*Hn ITIVIC HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS 4 'WrlTM tnia day, ahtac.ibf all tie* and aiiM of &>! Leather, Ladiae'HEBI Draw and Paokin* Tranka. Oar trunk^9SP aal*a room axfubtta at thia tuna the cr?at?et rariAt of travelta; requiutea at moderate aricaa. to be found thia aide of New Y?>rk. Aleo, erfrt deaana tioa of I?AD1B9"|AT BOXES, T ALICES. CARPKT BAG*. SATCHELS, Ae. . tLj Old Trunk* rapairad or lahn in axohaage for nav ooaa. WALL, STEPHENS A CO, >r?.tf i.?.?.uko. 1.1.11m. i. k avnt. 1 AMAH, MOTT A AUTRY, A THiALS. by U? aaUor of "M, JircaafaaSMf , nONT FUtftKT TO Atl.i. nui aiiiTB f *?T r*?r CLOT HI MS' .g^%mm??SZ T of Battar. wt* oho'oe. i *r? *? j^MlowM^ jinU, and f , th?t up to SI ~"~rteasuras. uuiii vuviuivstiy rreptrea vine, W( ulH wilhugly dispense with it for four tiroes it# Cf?t. It is ?lw?> * r?adt, and al wat s rHiable. It is not offensive to th? smeH. and is not affeeted by elimate. and where known it has hMometnin 9 ACT, The attention ofdealers and ooimmfru is invited t<> the following testimonials regarding ft* superior qualities: Nbwab*. Nov. 2fi, 1H?. "AfWafaithfiil trial STARR'S PREPARED UU'Ertn Wood, Leather and the Phenix Works. I most cheerfully recommend it? use for all purposes generally required, and especially for family use, C/X CABTBB." " W e, the undersigned having tested Sl'ARR'S PREPARED UL Vh, agree with the above reoom mend at ion. "Wk, B. I>or6L<LBs. "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N.J. "LTU.NUI W RIGHT. "Machine Depot, 23" Market st., Newark, N. J. ' HEEE>Bf*6 k LlTTSLL, "Carriage Manufacturer*. Newark, N. J. -Wit H. Kirk A Co., "Carpenters and Builders. Newark, N. J. "Lkvbkich A KSDKKH, "Carnage Makers. Newark, N. J." Starr's C hemically Prepared Glae is mW by all DruKKioU, Furniture I)?*aier?. Grocer*, Fancy Good* Dealer*. Hardware Dealers, Stationers. And by eonntry merchants generally. PRICE, a* CF.N1> PFR BOTTLE. A brush toes with eaoh bottle. Put up for dealers in oasss from 1 to IS dosen. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in colors, given with eaoh package. All orders or letters of inquiry by mail addressed to the STARR GIA'E COMPANY, #I Liberty st,, N.Y. will receive prompt attention. TCT A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly |^jplpn^p| II 4 ?*/ 1, I I C? " <(! 0 3/"rW?/or mr bv (f A* MmI IKilJler <? ) '^('ifY ijr ll* t"?U*y y ?*? JViuMMi* ',) fim , f y?(iO *r,r7,?'?' *?k si??^ ihOHois^uI $u**t , J#"'* V '* Hxn'* ?d*. It i? vw- J r <*^^0 fjk WnmwrmJtd bftkr f'tt PXfirmns i?\ r ^'P* W. fi? ?*iu MtJtctumi , / | HKlHClNKh., i ? ^ bem MMrrvu, MM MMMT*4 Iti MNl OrHtm. SffJi *M Mif " ' Mhm< k'Wt+4f m t*? W?M POl ALL DISEASE* OP iMPRlTDFNrt. JW riL5* ?>lrlir^rr rutrtttr APPLY IMMED ATKLY. 4 cm irjuAj.vTf o. oa ao cmabom. Jit FXOM ONE TO TWO /Mrs f?*> if Hpyu >K1IH|Mh m??rt. frirtkp. t>w?r <M ?' it/* ?f DIMNM, IIM?UI ?*'? * ?*. Tto??i Uh ? *>?. jjiiitx I ?f Ub? Lm?iM.a? ?* ?TtrnfcU Otnrdm /.??# frw SHitst* ?"? rf TMI-<IMM Dr*a?b; Ml r**4inm ?k?c* f? ? Hunfi leiywMe. istf 4Mi?r Mu it# MM roiw mu _ >*<?>% ? tax MfOt !? >WUMll MWf ??? f T nr| MmWmbmim IM Ui*M a?4 kMhti wMltu, ?? Btfkt MktrviH ba?a MUUtM inuiilt| iMtIM VlU ltllhM4lN W ?!? ? ? ? Mh<* ICMIIf Ul ItTtBf ) **, Mf Ml) ?>U Ml WU ' MitftlU PCUOM,?f TmiIh M.un^( aw rtafa, k?iu >*uf af rkrMtl VHlitu. nmin <i?MJ*tv. Mlrwtni. ? . *f**4ty ctrtl wh? >k(N Ik* mm if Pi ). My r*Mf? Ml v <mM* m to >?r u i pMliau ul iw|<nil> ill* fM to ?M1 m * Hyim. urriCB * t?v)mnioui<;imm M lu4 ?4iMt| fraia Ithnwi IVMI. h< <im Hw Ik* Mfiiii. rail mm t*ato*r*? mm m4 Uutr M N p**4 U< IMkM IM>Bf . ml ;y?wrro?, *rtk? toyal c?ip?f >m?m. rnlhm to ?i a* tfc* Mt * * > OaUagM ia tfc* Ban** tons Mi tk* jtmiii fart ?f ?Uh lilt Kaa Iiii afam ia IX kmMai* W Lm4m, Pin*. P?>ila**iph>* ul i himk.Iu^ mc(*4 mm af Ik* mi uimjiiiu'i citm that *? ??? Hw; May imtM via n<fii( ? IM fc*?? ?4 * * tii ?Him, |mi Muf tlwiM ti itMtt MBnd*. kukhlbtH ?K? fr?9M( t kMd?(, ?u??i?4 w?* Mm vrU daiaaf*"**' * mod, *ki tarad TAKE PAATK BLAM NOTICE. t?i?| Maa udMtin mtkift m|wiil imanlm kp a mmma fn??? >4 m> >tom h>m Naqaaal'f ItilMd ?*f1 (mipvuwi ac at mm, >m atacla af Wth UI ni|My fall I'M wkM In'Mf, -ai if m?: rn?<, rar.dara aumn (afimlll, aad 4Hlnti aaU> Mid aad Mj, iMd ipft? tataadiatai* ^ twi tn iwm rf ai ad tal athafw? iftiu *tc4mi4 ~ kp aarl* b?hu af aaatk ? WnkUM af tfca fUrt aad liiaka, fntmm ta lk? aad. Daaaaaaa af ?i * ?. Laaa a# Mawaa> ffcvat, Palpuauat. af l?a Ilitn.PNpp; Nat>a*a ItnwtMi tf,Diru|?mMiaflti Di|MU'i f?o*l ?him1 Da*6u?. i;bhmh af C<m aamp'ian, Ac MXITTALLT?T*? fniftl afatuar ?ka awdtn a?it ta kl diatdtd?Laaa af Waiaty. rsii*a?n? af Maaa. Dawm-o flflnb, k*il fartwdima, a**iaiaa?faar?ai?.s?^nia<ram. u'lif Satitad*. timidity, (tc.,ui imi W ika aaiia Ma dacad WXKTOM nniklTT-Tkawaada ?aa aa? |H|i *wi la tka caaaa af tfcatr dtclmtaf kaalik, laamf Ikair Man| araat, pa la, nana* aad liaacH>ad,Vi>n| rifui iffUIUW akaat tka apaa. eaafk nrapaptaaaaaf HMaafiiaa dimatm op IMPRtiDKHCB. Wkaa tka asiafaidad and lapradant aeur? af f aaaara (at* ka baa iicHkad tka aaada af thw paiafkl dtaa aaa. <1 laa atlas kappa na ikat an ill-nmad aanaa af akann w draad afdwaaat? datara hua froaa aartVMff to tkaaa Vka, fraaa *4aeattv> aril HiyiUiWWl, ?aa *(* * IiIinwI Ma * hit* u>i? %)>? hs?4* of i(n<?tsi *n4 dMrnnif Br*t*i.d*r*. wfc?, u.ttpaki* f cinu, kith hi* |>*c(('>7 *iMt?c(, k**f> hia tnie.f Wtk ?P*r month. M I* Ini( tt>* *amllea? hi e?? h > UUli, i*4 ia iMMir Itari lua with ram*4 aaaltk t* tut ** * h?? W k; III *N?f*l(4M<!r pan an, Marcary, butaa ih* im?wiai at ih'? lamM* iinui *ar s u Afieutui ? Si Htsrt T?.i*?i, H??*. fr>ri?ir.| witfc fri|ii(ral ripid.r. U>< pai* rw<MM* lni4N iillrtrn ?>y n*4w| kia wdtiia *aae?sr*i) taantrr Iroaa ttv^w h<?*r*a na u*?*l*? rttaraa ML JOlMOMatMBOf TOR 'imuRK m umiH Ann IMPi*TKN< T By IkU mil u4 liarartaa-. r***4y tulMiial u>* *r* *p**4n* cmrtC aa<4 fall 'iff r**ter*4 Tfcea*<n4* rii?? art dit'm* aid 4*kilit?i*<, *M b?4 Ian all kap??. kill MBI??4lat*ly rtlMll All mfa?i?i?i* u Mirmfi ft.nml at Maatai B*?tiaa?. tw ?rf Ftkimii'i P?a*r li-w lrnuW'*<> Tr*iaM?i( and Wcakaaaaat tibiMM. >(Ui a*M bll<k kind afa**4ily car*4 *!TT*>iu?E!wcirr or rm r. r* rat TIf MANY TlOI'ktHOI car** *tth? >nimrM *Hk'? 0* last *?*ai**a yaan, u* tka neaearea* iiaperiaat Sara tal aflrauwi k; IH Jaknaat, ? it>?att* ?>? da ?pan*r* ?( tb* p?f*n u< Ma; adMr HrHtl, Mil'ti a* which t.??? tnitr*< again ui ipii Mwri th* rablic. Ii a<**kMiun)*|t*i (latlmrirf character aa* reaa*.*i klMir, I* i nflclMii puaaui ? Iki aliuail DR J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now Neinc need from Maine to the 6 m fait Lake, Mil the nnireraal verdiot of al! who uw t*>em Mtb?r u k m^viai m k< k brvtr+M* i* u.a' they are unau paaed m the werlu ??r. i>uda aaerf tbem au"o?Mi?fully in his practice for %S year* brfuio we purchaaed of hire the role if ht to oianafcctare and preeent there for Bale to the puh'ie. For the cure of Incipient Conaamptior. Indicea'rea. D?a pepaia, IMlee, Nervosa maeaea. Female Cow plaint*. and ati eaaea repairing atonie, th-r are no. yond doubt a moat invaluable reir edy. Aside front their medicinal properties they are a pare, whole some and detiphtfat Beverase. producing al1 the pleasant exhile*atinf effect* of Brandy or Wine without their ir.jnrioas ream la. I all friend* of humanity and ail advocate* of temjaranee aeeiet ua it auhetitainc tbeee ?a.aao,e Vegetal.,* Hitter* for the mintrtl poisons and adv'trr*tr4 Lifar> villi which the ccuntrj ia floodea. and thereto ?d fec' aid in tan alting l>iaeaae and Dr?nkefi*e* from the land. WIDDIFIF.LD t CO. ProprieWa, 7> Wdiiam atroet, New York. Washington. D- CPR. J BOVK? now IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Dimm'i ofUm Ki<1b?ti. R fidfr ti.d Urtnair Organa. and eapooiaiW for Female OMtrvebonf -ever fail to cure, and sre warranted to five tat it f lotion. CHaRLF.* WIDDIFIELD a CO.. tropnetort, 7* W itliam st? New York. j. kchwarze. ja7-1y,r Attnt, Washington. D. c. Highly important to all: MRS. rox s INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It is wall known that m the Spring people are tore apt to oontraot disease than at an? ottoer period; auo it u e^aaliy weii-known nat the war to ward <>ff d;?ee??> it to keap the blood pore, for "all the u'.t that fleah it heirto,"arise from imparity of the blood, the main tpnnc of oar eaisteoce. It it, therefore, important to all that the system thoaid be ttoornufhlt cleansed and panted, and thia oar be done in the most effectual wt? b* a tint I MRS M. COX'S INDIAN Vt G ETABLE f)E : CATION, the beet remedy discovered for tfce eare of dtaeaeea of Skin, F.rytipe a? Ser>'f?ia, Rheama tiam. Nerrout Debility, Fevera of different kinds. Dt?pep?t, Liver Complaint, and all other <immn anting from imparity or the toiood. It has effected the most retna-kalrie oarea, aa oaa be shown by nameroas oTi.fioate# from persons of the his heat respeet&bility. and ia reooir.mended by all who have used it aa the moat laraiaable remedial asset of the day. I jnr It It aoid by all tbe Dracciata of Baltimore. add at the residence of the proprietor. ... a ? r<Mi oiiuiBurv Pii on. between Kden street ud Centra: trenis None genuine nnlee* ber unit u blown on tke bottje and her *ea! on the oork. Lr Pnoe ft per bottle, aix bottle* for |& Wkol'sah Atmx. R. S T. Cimil. Drafgiat. Georgetown, D. C., Wholaaale Agent for tbe D?* tnct. and will sappr the trade at my jrioea. ww 27 to rp 1 E ALL 8VFPICIKNY Villi nHUKMiR, 1, t, * ft, frtttcud bp Rofi Lttmt Pat mi (/ Enilmmd. mm4 iinirW H tin SmJi ?f tks Mr*It 4t FkarMfM 4? Ptfti, mmd tii lnnrMl 4f Mi*wi. rl W No. 1 ii inrala^bia for mhaactioB, Bywaa*or ^ rhtra, ard c.*at>i!itiaa. ? No. * oom^MMy erad cUm all traoaa of Uom ^ dleaaaea that nare been hithert t-eateC h* the nan aeon* and percicioaa aae of eopana acri on her* No. $ baa winlf Mtftaatal the tajarioaa aaa of me roar j. there t?r laaariaf to the aifmrifMn relief. ajaearriag ah impurities, aad rooting oat tk* venom o'fliaeaae. TRIESEMA R.Noa, l.Sand *,are prepared ja U>e form of a ioseuce, devoid of taste and ameil. and oan be oarriM lallM vtiitiyal poafcat. ?0* in tic aaaea. and riiviJU into separate A.>???, a* admmis tered : t Valaaaa. lA .emand. R-oax, Rieord. fte. Pnoe is acta, or h>ar eaae* for fP whiohaava* ft" 194 Bwiilir treat. fomr door* beiow Me Dong* treat. Ma* York. Immediate? on receiving a ra mittaroe. Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneeems; t?Mj fart of th? vorH, Moaralj packed. a?4 a4d-NM?wordiB| to tk* UtfUoeboM ot tk?vril*r. loMfiaa br S. CALVERT FOftD. Jr.. Waafc iucton. 0. C. da 14a Ca vT.oSt^r*^;*&L. c^. Bach*. HotpitaU, lr??tmin?nu Of Iia(?-au tfcaaa all, aa4,lf dtapotad to jrott Vt ay too*, yoarthwd. foraar aafftMr. naraiy aap?r POt ST AMPIN# _?ram _ a packet op papbk ] a.A | AMD ENVKLOPM i HW'. I TO MATCM, CHARGEJ mT,"oZn~ BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS. 1MTKST INDIES AltnTHE *P*NI*II MAIN* If > Aitiiwr Ti?bor> tfcof or-lwtM *, W, 1 T**l : BliC* #1. All ue l?t??t novel* rwttred aad for atlc at p?t> li?h?rt jrici. by _. ftl.ANCHARP ft NOHIfl. in* 2ft f>HM?r ?tr?? ?*< ** _ JAP* N ft* 1> iiKB E.*I \*rS*F*!E u&fiisr9 ? l 'hkS^Sh'SSS^. T . .., *a*p *??JMi f?r Uuub V'* m* W M 'M ajsssiksws .ASM. M.Vr ^**1. : I^HICKKRINQ * &ON8 SIPEHB PtANOA, M?r*^JAN r. ELUf ?.? ?IV~

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