Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1860 Page 1
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# - I ; V2i. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JUNE 12. 1860. N-. 2.288. ? THE EVENING STAR ff T rUBLtMHBD MTERI AFTERNOOIt, (5WNPAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILOINOI, Corner of PtnMsyivonta wmw ^ *< ? r ? 11 W. D. WAlXiOH. rmn oorrot ta nmm trr writer* m?i r?f, or n Mate for Booth. To Mil oobooribow the prwe to 0*M a rmr, to atfowM; ? for oU months; ?1 for Uum months; ood for looo than threo month* it the rate of VS orata & week. Bine'* oorioo, om ckit; in wropporat two cuts. 0^ mum ahoold bo Mat to too 0M00 before IS o'oloo*. m.; otherwise they mar not M e?i antii the next daj. AMONG THE ESQUIMAUX Our MTig? friends were kind and generous. They anticipated our every wish. One of the! young women, true to the instincts of ber sex, ran off to the valley, with a doien boys and girls at her beels, and filled oar kettles with water Kalutunah'a koono (wife) brought us a *t?ak of seal, and a dainty piece of liver. All smiled at the slowly-burning canvas wick of our lamp, and at the sputtering salt fat; and the chief ient hi* daughter for wme dried iuo?s and blabber. We gave them a share of our meal, offered them a taste jf coffee, and fused around some pieces of ship biscuit, he biscuit proved too hard for their teeth, and until they saw us eat. they could not divine its use. They laughed and nibbled it altern? ately, and then stuck it in tk<<ir l>oot.??their general temporary receptacle for all curiosities. They made wry faces over the coffee, and a general laugh aroxe against the Anxekok. who persisted in taking a drink of the not liquid. We bad, altogether, an amusing time wuh them. The evaninx beinz warm w? ?ar I upon the rock for severat hour*, and after supper our men lighted their pipes. This capped the elimax of our strange custom* The Esquimaux seemed amazed, looked first at us. then at each other, then at us again The; evidently thought it a religious ceremony, *e?ing how solemn were our faces. At length I could not abstain from a smile: the signal thtw given was followed bj shouting, clapping of hands, and general confusion among the tra?p. They ran about, puffing out their cheeks and imitating, as nearly as they could, the motions of the smokers. Kalutunah. who was determined to try everything, begged to be allowed to smoke a pipe. One being handed to him. he was directed to take a lon~ and deep inhalation; this accomplished, he desired no more, and his rueful face brought the mirth of the party again upon him. Having thus established the most kindly relation*. we presented a needle to each of the women, which greatly delighted them, and hiving nothing else to offer us in return, they started off in a body and brought us a few pieces of blubber This was what we most wanted, and they were aaked to barter more of it for a knife The question must have been misunderstood, for an old woman who was called Eglavfit. .meaning intestines.) and who seemed to he one in authority, fold a long story representing how pour they were, how unsuccessful they had been in the hunt, how they would soon have no fire and nothing to eat. and how the winter would soon be upon them; in short, if we could believe her, they were just on the eve of dying. I have heard enoh stories before, near the equator, when substantial favors were likely to be reouired. and I hp??n to mspect that we had commenced at the wrong end with oar negotiations. Accordingly I sug gested to Peterson the propriety of saying that we came for the purpose of bestowing numerous blessings upon them; that we abounded in knives, needles, wood, and iron, and that we expected in return for our bountiful gifts such of their paltry goods as we might require during our journey among their people. Petereon acted upon the suggestion, and interpreted my speech to them in a very solemn manner. Whether because of the speech, the sudden exhibition which followed of the coveted knives, or the disposition to do a good thing, I cannot say. but certain it is. that the voice of the old woman gave place to that of the dark-skinned Nalegak ,chief; who replied, quite laconically, "The white men shall have blubber!" They were in fact badly provided The hunt had latterly been unproductive, and they had not. in the whole settlement, food for three days. They were to hunt on the morrow, and if succeesful. they would give us the required supplies, in case we would wait. This was all very fine, but the game was still in the sea. There was clearly manifested a disposition to furnish us with what they could command. They all went away in a body, and returned in a few minutes, each with a piece of fat. some of the pieces not being larger than one's hand. Every one expected, of conrae, his or her reward ; but it wis quite impossible to pay them "? .uuniuiomiiucu mcu: into families, giving to each of these something Thus we distributed a few small pieces of wood, a dozen needles, and a couple of knives. AUofether, the supply of blubber was sufficient to II our keg. We obtained, also, a small bagful of dry moss, which served us much better for lamp-wick than canvas or rope-yarn, which we had previously used We could not obtain any food, for tha poor creatures bad none either to give or to barter.?Dr. Hnye'a Arctic Boat Journey. t Illnttrieua Dunces An interesting chapter might be written on the subject of the Illustrious Dunces?dull boys but brilliant men. We have room, however, for only a few instances. Pietro di Cor- ' tona, the painter, was thought so stupid that he was nicknamed "Ass Head"' when a boy; and Tomaso Guidi, was generally known as ' Heavy Tom'1 (Massoccia Tomasaccio.) though by diligence he afterwards raised himself to the highest eminence Newton, when at school, stood at tbe bottom of the lowest form but one. The boy above Newton having kicked bim, the dunce .-bowed his piuck by challenging bim to fight, and beat nim Then he set to work with a will, and determined also to van?<ui?h bis antagonist as a scholar, which he did " rising to the top of bis class Many of our greatest divines have been anything but precociou* Isaac Barrow, when at the Charter school house, was notorious chiefly for his strong temper, pugnacious habits, and proverbial idleness as a scholar, and he caused such grief to Hi* parenu, that his father used to say that if t pleased Ood to take from him any of his children, he honari it mi?k? t? I? ?* - least promising of them all. Adam Clarke, when a boy. vu proclaimed by his father to be a grievous dunce, though he could roll large stones about. Dean Swift, one of the greatest writers of pare English, was-plucked at Dublin University, and only obtained his eeominendation to Oxford, "speciala gratia The well known Drs Chalmers and Cook were hoy* together at the parish school of St. Andrews: and they were found so stupid and mischievous that the master, irritated beyond measure, dismissed them both as incorrigible dunces. < The brilliant Sheridan showed to little capacity aa a b-<y, that he was presented to a tutor by his mother with the complimentary accompaniment. that he was an incorrigible dunce Walter Soott waa all but a dunce when a bop, always much readier for -bicker" than apt at hia lessons At the Edinburg University, Professor Dalicl pronounced upon him we entence that "Dunce he waa, dunce he would remain " Chatterton was returned on his mother's hands as '-a fool, of whom nothing could be made.'' Barns was a dull boy, good only at athletie exercises Goldsmith spoke of himself as a plant that flowered late. Alfieri Uft college as wise as when he entered it. and did not begin the studiea by whieh he distinguished himaelf, until he had run over half of Europe. Robert Clive waa a dunce, if not a reprobate, when a youth; but always full of energy, even in badne?? His family, glad to CI rid of him, shipped him off to Madras; and i:?i # J-- - - uo U<?? vu T ? lounaauoD oi me untiih power in India Napoleon and Wellington were both doll boyt. not distinguishing themselves in any war at school Of the former the Doeheu of d'Abrantet say*, "he had good health, bat wu in other rsepacto like ether hej?." John Howard, the philanthropist, *ianother illustrioat dance, learning next to r nothing daring the seven heart he wa? at Khool Stephenson a* a youth, ??? di*tintinguithed chiefly for hit (kill at batting and wreetling and attention to hi* work The brilliant Sir Humphrey Davy wat no cleverer than other boys bit teacher, Mr Daviea Gilbert, aaya of hiss, 'while he wat with me, I could not discern the qualities by which he wat moat ditdngnithed ' Indeed ha himself in after life, thought it fortunate that he bad been left to "enjoy ao much idleness at aebool." j IVattwaaadull scholar, notwithstanding the j pretty stories told about bit preoocity; but he wa?, what waa better, patient and perseverant, l afed it was by that means, and by bis carefully oaltivated inventiveness, that he was enabled to perfect his steam engine. Rsjral Imbecility. No better answer oould be found the objections of Europeans to the American system of electing rulers than is oontained in th? fnllnw. iag humiliating revelation concerning Grand Duke Charles, nusband of the Grand Dutches Stephanie, of Baden. which is made by M. Ivloard Simon, in the Revue Cootemporaire: "At the Palace of Carlsruhe," says the article, "a whole aerie* of apartment* was found which the lata Grand Duke had successively locked up.and which nobody had entered since It had long been an old mania of his to lay by everything he received, no matter what, and B<> matter from whom. No one was allowed to loach these things; the Grand Duke himself abstained from doing so, without ever taking the slighest notice of any application for restitution. As soon as a room was sufficiently full he would lock it up, taking out the kev, and begin the same ceremony with another. When, after his death, these mysterious rooms were opened, they were found to be filled with an innumerable quantity of precions things, cos- j tames, all kinds of trumpery, down to chil dren's playthings, recollections of childhood, and which the Prince had never used. Here a quantity of rouleaux of silver, labeled 'Captain'* pay for H H. Prince Charles,' and a vast quantity of twenty-kreutzer pieces (about 14 cents) carefully wrapped up; there drawers filled with rouleaux of gold; then snuff-boxes of the createst vmIup rin?a ? o - ?. i . . ugv7( uuu viuci JO WOIP, to the amount of more than a million of value There treasures had laia dormant for many year*, and yet, a short time before his death, the Grand Duke had been pinched for money, which he could not get at a lower rate than 16 per cent Then there were books, cards, petitions, papers of all kinds, which weie brought to light with the treasurers; an immense quantity of sealed letters, dispatches which had been looked for in vain, and then thought to be lost; precious documents, the want of which had prevented the settlement of important affairs and seriously endangered legitimate interests Lastly, there were piece* of art. rich arms, offered for sale to the Prince a long time before, and which were found pell mell with embroidered court dresses, masquerading costumes and laced hats In many eases it was impossible to find out the owners of some of these articles; and then, again, things which had been paid for by the civil list, and never had made their appearance were found here." Aunt BeUey ?'Rilrd I p." ' I declare if I wan't riled up," said Aunt Betsey Green, dropping her knitting work into her lap. and pushing her spectacles up over her cap border: "I declare if I wan't' If I could only have taken that man by the collar, Sr- I used to my Reuben when he didn't toe up' to suit me, I'd have given him luchashak tug as ae never neard on, 1 11 be bound " There he set in that rocking chair, his feet on the fender, and kept growling out at Liiy .lane to bring him his boots, or fasten hi* collar, or some such unreasonable thing, all the while that she was trying to dress them four young ones, and had the headache so she looked more like a ghost than a breathing woman. If I was in that ere place they call legislater, I'll bet there d be a law passed to build a penitenshry. or some other kind of pen. for such critters as he is,?with no mercy on a woman whether she's sick or well, just keeping up their 'you do this,' or you do that,' from sun-rising to sun-setting. ' But then there's Lizy Jane iti most as much to blame aa he is. If she d had a bit of spunk he never'd have got her under his thumb that way Most likely he begun to order her round before the honey-moon was set, when she hadn't got her eye.* open no more'n a three-days-old kitten, and thought she should be blessed forever 'cause she'd got her neck in the same yoke with his'n If ehe haint found out her mistake, and hnd some tears to shed over cracked idols,' as they tell about in poetry, I don't know what-kindof s'ufl she's made of. " When I was married?thank ray lucky stars?I didn't get tied to any such kind of crockery. Joshua wasn't uncommon handsome to look at, to be sure?any one might have thought of a brown earthen Dlate ?id? nf ? china vase, comparing him with such a whiskered, acented-up chap as Liiy Jane'* husband, but I can tell you he is just what I tool hi mi to be, and I never shed one single tear finding that my 'idol' must be handled careful, fussed over, waited on and run for to keep it in good humor without fear of breakage. " I did feel kind of spiteful Wlien Licy Jane set her head up and acted like she kind of crowed over me 'cause she'd got a city husband; but ever since I stopped tnere, I've felt real christian about it. " I tell you, girls, when a chap a?ks you to stand up before the pareon with nim. you just find out whether he can stir out of a rocking chair long enough to find his boots, or not, ana whether yon are to be head-waiter or helpmeet after you arrive in the County of Matrimony, State of Bliss." Pride Mortified ?At a ball given in Prymont, a celebrated watering place in Germany, the tutor ot a young oount, a Oottingen stui dent, requested a young lady to dance with him. Just a* the dance was about to commence, the lady inquired of him: "Witn whom have I the honor of dancing7"' "I am the tutor of Count Von Z?replied her partner. * Ata a commoner. I presume?" she rejoiced; to which he answered in the affirmative. "Oh, thencontinued the lady, as she withdrew her hand from that of the tutor, "I beg jou will accuse me, for mamma has forbidden me to dance with a commoner." This rebuff completely threw the modest I preceptor out of countenance, for on the oontiaent tu be so deserted on the eve of a dance, is to Iom cast for the rest of the night, if not i longer. It is supposed to indioate the existence of *>me moral taint dieoovered by the person* who quits the side of another, and which is exaggeratod into something heinous by the company, particularly if they are utterly ignorant of what it is. The young man quittad the room, and sought the open air to breathe more freely and colle^ himself * Ilia pupil followed hiiu, and learned the cause of his distress. "You shall soon have ample satisfaction for this mortification," said the generous count, sad hastened back to the ball room, followed bv his tutor 'The momont was propitious. Preparations WAr? MUn* -- ? ,v, awl Mir/vuCt IVMVt, IUO young'count requested the rejector of his tutor to be kit partner in th? diuce, and the wgcrly accepted the proposal, ?o doubt greatly rejoicing at the immense stride she had taken, from ranking with the humble tutor to pairing off with the wealthy noble. Just before the danoe began, he addressed to her the question which the herself had put: With whom have I the honor of danoiag ?" "With the Lady Von B she replied. 'Ob, I bee your pardon," said the oouqt, "but papa has forbidden me to daaee with I any but countesses," and Instantly quilted her I side. | He bad the satisfaction of hearing that his conduct was applauded by every sensible person in the room. Few will deny that it was a well-merited punishment. 07" K cargo of corn for Ireland was shipped dirr-t from Richmond, Va., last week. Name Derivations ? Robert, famous in oounoil. Richard, liberal. Julia, soft and tander-haired. David, beloved. Susannah, a lily. Walter, signifying to rule an armjk Marah, bitter. Rachel, a sheep. William, from the Danish, a shield. Lucifer, lightbearer. Chloe. from the Latin, a green herb. DorcM, a roebuck. Thomas means twice. Roger, desire for rest. Gertrude, true to her trust. Mary signifies a tear Sarah, lady or S-inoess. Charles, stout. Ellen, valor, eorge, a husbandman. Deborah, a bee. Don, brown eyed. Henry, honor. Magdalen, tears and penitence. Hannah, merciful, gracious. Eve. she lived. Esther. hidden, secret. Beulsh. married Edward, Edgar. Edwin, witnesses Margaret signifies a pearl. Alfred, all peace. Sophia, wisdom. Sophronia, prudence, temperance. Nancy and Anna, gracious. Francis, from the Teu* tonic, free Catharine, pure, bright, Rhoda, a rose Rutb. satisfied, fnllness Isaac, laughter. Phillis, a leaf. Philip, a lover of horses. Andrew, manly and courageous I Eurene. nohlv horn *? I Agnes, chaste. Adolard. a generous spirit, from the Teutonic. Adella, from the Saxon, excellent. A?a, physician or cure. Herber. the glory of an army. A Woan for Old Maids.?As a cl-ss. and sn the whole?the world's least sinful Inhabitants, we have always thought And we are glad t<> s e a kind word in their favor in the London Saturday Review Thus says the writer:? There is something touching in the lot of a woman who has courageously got over an early < roent.and who sets herself to do good in her generation, and give her neighbors as much happiness as she can ~ That she should preserve ber beaatv undiminished at fifty, and foster a permanent but bopeles* afl rtlon in the heart of a curate or doctor, are rewards of her eoodness. which, if they could be but transferred from Action into real life, we certainly should not grudge he' But although there are old maids who bear disappointments In this noble way, there are other old mnids whose disappointment consist in never having had any disappointment to bear and this is a trial which, at one period of life is hard to endure, and ought to awaken more sympathy than it does " \K1HS. WINSLVW, . N Kxparienoftd Nnrae and Female Phyaioltn, prssenta to the attention of mothers, her S 0 0 THINGSV RUF, m vmiurcu i f fidin|? Which fraitly faeili'ataa tb? pneiM af fibirg, hy aafttainf lha farr?, rtdvoiQf til inflammation??UI a Hay ALL r*!l* an-T apearaoiic actios. and la SUHETO REGULATE THE BOWELS n?p?oi apon it, inetbara, it will ^i?a rut ta jaaraaltaa, ml RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W a h??? pat up and acid thia article for o?a r ?u ?aire, and CAN iAT, II* COI?r!D?WCI A*b TRUTH of It, what we h*Tt oe?er been Able to lay of toy OTHIR MtdlCClt? WBTBR MRS HAt IT fAILBD.I* a * i r< ? l > ii?11w.* ?tawcb to Br FICT * ceil, Wl.lULUW B whan timely aeed Neaerdid we know tlWITMIld *" inetimce of die antiafaction by *ny 3,",*",nu ?na wfto need it. On the contrary,ailare SYIIL'P, delirhttd with ila orBKATlONi, and .lapaii in terme of bifbaat command"tion of ita magical effacte and medical nrtoee. W? apaak in Jiie matter " WHAT Wl do t now," aftartan yaara' eiperience, AND PLInm om itri'Ti Tioia fob THE n'LHUMIlT of WHAT W? Hill OB CLAR C. In almoel e?er? inatanca where tna infant ia euffer tnf from pain and eiheoe'.inti, relief will be foand miftaaa r iwanty minatee afiar tha ayrap ia ad wlniatared. Thia aalaable preparation w tne praacriptton af ana af lha n?at IIPIKIIKCID and iliLri'L KUIill in Naw England, and baa btan uaad with l*BTBB-rAlLINe lUC' lil fa THOUSANDS OF CASES. It a at aaly raliavaa tha child fram pain, bat lnaifaratee .ha etomach and bowele, corracta acidity, and fieea tana and toarfy to tha wbolt eyeiom. It will a I moat inetantly relieve Gbipino ih thi Bowili and Wind Colic, aad overcome eon'ataione, which, if not epeed?4p ?<H4i?t and in 4??afc. w.i =JTT5 |b*We ittha ?aa* AIDIl'IIIT RIM-1 FOR i ID* lu tha WOULD ID all caaaa af DT*-| CHILDREN I BNTBRT and DIA* BHCE A IK CHIL TEETHIKfi 1DBBS, whether It ariaaa ham teething! llor from an* other caaaa Wa woaldeae to a?ar? mother >h? h?. rt.i* -? ftruif from in* of tht fortfftirg coin plaint" ? DO NOT LIT TOUR muvblcu, NOR TMI PKBJVDK > Of (ITHUI, Und h?tw??ii yoansftring child and lh? r?li?f th?t will b? ?URI?y??, tllOLVTILI 1CBB?to follow tht on of th mtdtciii#, if timaly um! Fail dirtctioct for mm* will a compan* t?ch botti*. Nona (uam uiiu tiia 2ac-iimil* CCRTll A PERKINS. N?w r ork. ia o? tha oauida wrappa Boid by Drorffiatt throojhou' th* world. Principal Omca. No. 13C?dar Straat, N. T. Fnci Mil* U Cmu oi Bttlii. at 11-dBwlt GEORGETOWN ADVERTMT8 C RAN DELL. OPTICIAN. JVo. 1 i" Uridgt it., Gtorrttrwn. Haa oonatantly on hand a tarne aaanrtinent of Frenoh Near ei^hted. Periac<>pio. n"'- fi<-? ored, and all other SPECTACLES, "Via* tae l>egt quality, in gold, silver, ateel.and German ailver fr*me?. N. B. Old F^amea Repaired *nd paw ilaaaea aet in them to order. nolS-ly Thk steam packet flying cloud ia now ready for exeuraiona to _|1 ^ the Orrat Falla or intermediatep pointa, Arlington Spruna and Alox ?i >? i and'ia. on moderate term*; will mak? trifa to Alex andna on SUNDA\S,iii time for divide aervioe, and will lie over unu! after one o'o'ook. Apply to Capt. JOHN MOORr:, ap '9 2m No. 36 Jener?on at.. l}>n'r>t?wn. JOt?. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridtt and Jtgr.rnon ett , Georgttoim. Havin* Riven my peraonai attention to thia branoh of my ho*inea?. 1 am prepared to?.? attend to all ealla with pr<<niDtne*a Peraons from adiataooe oa* beanp pueo at ft *ew minute*' notice, an I have a large assortment of C??FFlNi* always on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d ad from the old to f>e new banal grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap in fim H/IA^EY. COLLIN8 A CO.'S PHILADELlfl PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-Weare constantly reoeivmg fresh supplies ofthe above delightful beverage, and invite all person* who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY a SHINN, AgenU, ft* ST Rrtmri ?t.. fi?.irj?tn?n. 5|2 3IQN PAINTING. 5|2 THK CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALL ON H. W. HAMILTON, 31J SEVENTH STREET ?>W AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABI.ishmemt IN THEC1TY. N. B-PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO HOUSE PAINTING. _je 7 2w * Francis HARPER, HAVING OPENED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Corner ff Mete York avenue and Tenth Respectfully solicits the patronage of those who ma? be 111 want of any article in the ai?ove line. His endeavors shall lie to piea<K, and by a strict attention to the wants of the publio, he hope* to merit a hare of their patronage. His took consists of every arUole usually to l>e found in a first-class Family Grocery and Feed Store. ma <7-tf N_ O WILLIAM BRADI.EY BEGS TO D* inform the public aad his friend* that he has on band a large stock of Marble Mantelsuunite a new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Tat>le Tops. Ac., whloh he ha* to dispose of at prions to suit the times. Also, Brown Stone oonstantlv kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ma 22-3meo Pa. av., bet. ?8th and I9th sts. P NOTICE. KRSONS Deelintn* housekeeping or having a siirplas of hovsehnld etTeots oan find ready sale by oailing at my Furnishing Store, 4<S 7th street, between G sad H streets, east side. a?a-S?n RUDOLPH V. CILVER-PLATED . . ICR PITCHKR8, received a larjre lot of verv (new style?> ICE PfTCHl-lSs tbU' FVlllS ?eii at much lower prices than they can l>e#Ok/ !??nSht for at ?ny otW Mtabii.hment in thiilJP oitjr. Call and cm. at Pa avenne. w "*** H. O HOOD. A L It: ~~~ XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! GREAT BARGAINS IN PI ANO? _Ou? ?. ry moa ChiokdriBf Piano. f.? #116; M vary mo? Rn-ankrants Piano, fk>r oiwffOH^ T?Cln,5T r?W* * Poof PUno, fnr 9tg\ LflrfT1 at Uio Mu?io St?*r? <?f W. G. NKTZr.Rbr, >ol. of Baaon 4 Rtrao.ud SWinvay A-V77 AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auotloneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE l*>, Fbosting o* South H amp I a*p7th HMIts wist, at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 13th mount, Laha 1 tell in front of the premise*. ?t6o'oiook p. m , oommenoing on the firat named lot, the following valuable BoiMinc Lot*. vi?: Lota Noa.6, IS, 13.15.17,20, and 2fcin Square No. 40 The above named valuable building lots have fronta from 25 to 33 feet eaoh on aonth H and I and 7th streets west and running back to wide alleys. The aale will be well worth; the attention of persona wishing to purchase handsome property on the UJfnd. Termi: One third caah; balance in 6,18, and 18 montha. the purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearin* interest from da; of iale. A aeedgiven aud a deed of trust taken JeJ-d A. I1KERW, Auot. Br THOS. DOWLING. a..?t. h. S. Wrisht, Salesman. VrAI.L'ABLF. LAND? IN MONTGOMERY Cocnty at Auction ?On THURSDAY next, i the 1*M? nut.. at 1* v'eiock a. m., I shall *ell on the premises, l(i3 acres of good Lard.situate tn Mint gnmery county, Mil., about 8 miies fri'm George v6>wn, fronting on th* oanai its ?ntire leorth.and divided by the Washington A?n<yiuct. It has two landings. a warehouse and other buildings, including store and fixture*; is abundantly wooded and watered. The soil is in very good"ondt'ion and takes clover readily. There i* a county real from Rookviile direct to the lower landing. Also a tract containing about llSacrea, with wood and timber sufficient for the use of the plaoe These tracts will be divided to tuit purchasers. Ti'le perfect. Terms at sale, je7-t* THQg. POWLINq, Awat. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE SMALL Brkk Dwelling houses in the krar or Tfmpkxance Hall.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June >7lh, at 6 o'clock, on tly? prem ues, by virtue of ade*ri oftrustdated March 7.1857, and dnly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No 131,lolio? H2.1-3. 114, and 115, one of the land records for Washington county, D. C , I shall sell Lots H. 1, and K-in a eubdivison o( fqua'-e numbered S78, fronting ?ach about 12 feet in inches ontheSOleet aller iu the rear Hall, together with tn? *? ......... uvmoini) ui uiros iwu-ivorj Uiick iJweliing-llouses, oantaming five rooms each. Term.1: One third cash, th* residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, esoared by a died of trust on th* premise*. If the terms of rale should not be oomplied with in five days thereafter, the trustee reserves the nrht to resell, at the risk and expense of the defaulting r one woek s puHio notice. All eonvoyaucing at the oost of the purchaser or P'liohiuers. THOS. J. F1SIIER. Trustee je 4-d J. C MffililRK ? CO . Ano'i, B> J. C- MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers 'rkhTEt'S SALE OF FOUR VALUABLE I Building Lots, ai the coimrof First st. WEST AND SOUTH <i STKEETf..?On FR 11)A V AFI'fcRNuON. June 29th, at 6o'clock, on th* prem is?*8. by virtue of a deed of trust dated i?ept?*mber ut, 19&". and duly reoorded in liber J. A 54., No. 155, f'tios eto, one of the land reoorda for Washington county, in the District of '"olumhia, I shall sell lots numbered 71. 28. 29, a?d 3\ in Jas. C. Mctiuire's subdivision of squareM!(. Lot 37 'runts 25 feet on First streot wes?, ntth" corner of G street north, and running hack 130 fret 4 mohes to a tweut* feet alley. Lots 2?, *9, and 3D, fr?r teach 23 feet 4H inches on First strett west, letwe n G ar.d H streets north, ami tun bac* 13-* f.?et4inches to a twenty-feet alley; toa?ther with the improvements, consisting of sinail tw-t-tory brick nooses ereoted on the rear of said lots and fronting on the al ey. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in t>, 12 and in months, with interest, secured by a derd cl trust on the premises If the terms of sale should not he complied with in fitr* ^fV ? ? ?u - * * . . >iinmiK>t mo iruMW r serves l"* rikhc to resell at the risk and expense ufthede faul'ing purchaser. All oonveyaiioiiiii at the expense of the purchaser. THOS J. FISHER, Trusts. ma25 2?wAds J. C- McGUiRE ft CO.. An eta. educational" CO M M K K C I A L C'llLbeE. *l>. 4T? PivEilTH ST., Orrositr tht Otn'tnl Po*t Ojfirt, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Hooskeepinr, Mercantile Forms and Calculations, Husineer C?r reppopdenoe, Bills of Kxchan4e, Current Hills, Commission Sales, Gran mar and Arithmrttio. ID" A Preparatory Class for Boys. |l/" Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. For terms appiy at the Rooms. ma i?-3<n WM. \V. YOUNG ft CO. rpiiE L'NION_ FEMALE ACADEMY. ? n?w AKKA^SKXSXTi This well-known and popular !*etnuiary, win oh ha.< l>een ?n succes fui un>l(?r the ?*ntir?? rare of .Mrg Z. Richards for mora than ten vears, will be opori*Hl on the first Monday in September n>*xt, und-r the united supervision arid instructionof .Mr. and Mr*. 7.. RICH \ FIDS, in the well arian?"! and delightfully l< eated l*nion Academy Building. For ra'tioular*. see circulars at all the Bookstore*. ma?} tf MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL. RS. McCORMICK desires to inform he friends and the pub, 10 generally that shewn; rename the duties of her Sohool on the let Monday in September next. The eourse of study pursued will onmprieea!! the branohee requisite to a thorough Knglish ounca lion. in addition to her day sohoiars she is deeiroas ol receiving into her family a few pupus al hoarders axed from 10 to U years, who will be under her im mediate oareand oversight. tier arrangements for the accommodation and due care of pnpils have been oonsideraliy increased and otherwise unproved. Those in Washington deeiring particular information with refsrenoe to her school may apply to W. D. VVallach, Editor o the Star. Fox tTms and further partietlare epply at he> reside oe?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va Irtl-tf DENTISTRY. M * kVP5&i?? y?!L1?LT.*!Ltfir:>nd patentee UI mo :ni.1 r.rvAL rLAiE TEETH. at tend* personally at hi? ofioe in this city. I|BM Many persons can wear these teeth who^***-*-" oannot wear other*, and au person oan wear other* who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can be aooomrnodatad with any style and price of Teeth they mat desire . hot to tnose who are particular and with the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture tkat art can prodnoe, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. fooms in this oity?No. 336 Pa. avenue, betweea and loth sts. Also, 907 Aich street, Philadelphia. 00 1-1t rv nKNTWTsv Ur. HILLS, a/W a sraotioa! Lest of two years, feels that 00 can with ooc&denoA reoom mend the Cheopl&atic Proooas forinaertintNaMtaP artificial tenth It hu the advantages oP* strength, beauty, einanlineM, and cheapness. Pall upper seta inaerted for fat. Partial in proportion. < ?#oe 306 Pa. avenue. ae 7 jmportant to housekeepers. K. R. DURKEB Jt CO.*S EIiEOT 0PIOBS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PEKFfcuTLY PURE, but ground from fresn Spio?s, selected and olaar.ed by ua express! j for the purpose without referepoe to ooat. They are beautifully packed in tinloil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary ground Spicea are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by ft* ift* F?Lh ^.^ItwSfork. More new drb<*s goods marked DOWN AT Rltf)UCED PRICES-Rioh Figured and Plain B?ragea. <)rg? Muslina aud Frrnoh Lawns. hands-me Figured and Pain He race Anglaa, pe?a Borages and Silk Tis urs. at worth SIX. With many lots of auoMon goods wh<oh we are selling off verj oheap. . i. w. c'?llkv ft <v>? wa31-eol?t 533 Seventh at, ab^ve Pa. ?v. FOR SAI.E?A t>eautifnl iron-gray MaRE, years old; perfectly sound ami rentlu AiM>, ft very stjlmh Bum) ; patent alid.u* eat: Kin able to oarry 2 or 4 person*. Sola^*^-*for no fault, the owner Uauurf no further u*? lor ihern. Apply at KELEHRR &. PVWELL'S Stahleii^Hth itreet. Iwt?t?ii D and E- ni?at-tf A. . YELLOW ^NE LUMBKB. ^ LL Deeeriptioaa of tM anore Lumbor.^foi liO A K L>HH?RJ| N G (dreaoe^or u'ndreaawli ruiuuhed oir?ot from the southern nulla by Z2?v' PLAIN A.Nli'tftAAM*K^"fJU.^o'r oin ? reave. ?r>ulh aid*, between IOth and 11th Hrtrti heir Ornsmnntal Plaaterinc equate that ?W any otL-irhoaaa in the United States. inatyla, iaieha&d durability. The public la iavltad to ?all and inipect ?**otin?na mar ?-W 1 520 mokbnney 11 lansdalb. 520 pam ffre fiaawrra**- Vital and MH'* ?,?#. nearly; aid oorrMpocdeata of u*r imiiaif harjid djjft jMiWl. or omv s^^3iSa?ii?2iSS' *T5r 1 " 1 'SUMMER RESORT?. CARLISLE I The favorite raeort for *HI? 8-a SPRINGS. M?untun Air. Itivico'm_ ti ii k Hatha, Larse and CIMBERLANO CO, Weil-Vent itrJ Rdomt. Ptnnnlvnia. liood Societj and a Go* d I rahle. Accommodation! won por paruoulara send 300 TEH MS LOW. IN A VI?*CHER, je 7 )')w CarluU Smnts, Pa. M8ALT WATKR BATHING. ARSHALL'8 PAVILION. (Moore'a Landicg> will be open for the reo> ption of vtai - A . ? A torn on the 13th of Jane. This rteugh'fu.' VcMk y ie<U>*t for those sacking and p *aa or?, i? uuexoelieti li> an? plaee of the kind on the Hotomae river It ia situated a?> at ore kandred Irom Wa*hituU>n immediately on the Potomac, and in fall view of ?he Ch**at aV Ha*, and fam<>o?f<iv fiaeUy?t-ra. Bolt Crabe, Bheaphead, sad other Fiah. sad easily aoeesa Me b the atasa N>au aljint between Wellington, Haiti-" re anJ N nrfs Ik. The nr*!?r?i?n?.l * -' improvements to Mi Bat>> Hoose^axi m?i j ether improvements to the eomf rt and ei joymenr ot n i cneeta. The Bathinc oannot h" surpassed. 8p entlid Aue iniand ? f Kuhinj aod Sai inc Boats free ot oharge. He hat *p*red n<> expense la pro vidin* a good Coti'io" Hand orin lay ing in hi* stock of choice \V ine?. L.iquot s.fecar*. 4tr..%na for those who wish to avoid exrreme ra?.hion and to seek a retired p ace where ther can make them??ive? at home, theie i? not a more pleasant place in the Unite <1 Mates. The proprietor p!?ig?a.himeelf t?at nothing shall be left undone on hi* part t > rend-r them ao. Terms lor board b? tiie Uar. week, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to addrreh the pr jprietor will direct t.? Leonaratcwn, St. Man's c junt?, Md. je8 Jm R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor T\f OL'NTAIN TOP HOU8K, i~i AwoiMCatnT.Vt, Th;e well known and favorite p'ace of tiimmer re*o-t la acan open for the reoeition of A . . A vintor* un er ?ho n:anageroent of its for m?r proprietor. ioU It i? Miuated on the top of the K u? Ridge mu?n tains at Koosh^h Gap. Ut) miles westof Richmond, the Vinint* < ?..t??l ??:? ? . ........ ? r. . , i ' > ? ! IMin| UDOT fwli'mM U)rou?h the Bue nidge Tuon?i. The ol< vated situation,l-eautifu viewi.mountain Mtntr;. a^d tl??* constant ar,d refreshing freezes, make it one of th? in >st delightful f!a???? of inirnnT resort id VVect rn Virginia. There is also convenient a eprng of pur* ohalvt?eate water. Vmitorsto the Mountain Top House will oome via, Viruu'aCert a1 Kai.roati to Alton Depot, near the e\atem pona' of the B:ue Ridge Tunnel, where a hack will a:w?Tg be in attendance to oonvey(on* mi,ei t? ttie innuiitvn top It is a wa?* beat for persois to writs several days beforehand. Term*: p"r month, per week; fl.5flper day. Servant* (blank) at d children under >8 year* of aee, ha'f srioe; for white pervant* a litt,e more ths.n half price will be clia*ged je 7 eol m F F. LIPSCOMB. Hvgkia hotel. Old Poist CoMroRT. Va. This celebrated Seaboard Watering F aee, loca ted in full view of (laippton Roads and A . . A Chesapeake Bav, an?i at the first militao y |o*t4 tk* (JvitM States. (Fort Monro* wi'l be ready for tho reception of visitors on the first of June. Ra ..I.. r ?- 1 ? *^*7 ?ww,nvui <?i tun mniury etian.uiiment and the fine '"Bill of Fare"' pr?at nted in the many laxoriee of the aalt wat*r rejion. th* Bath *t 5u OIU' <-?oni(?>rt i? peculiarly curative, For Kheumatum, it it alin<?t * ?r-eifio; and for it* pr->p?r?ie* in thi* retard tte proprietor* arealovd to make rrfeieaoe to .Vie D'. Liiiii,(r.Iict of U.? an* hu liulf1 '' a,,(1 t j ^rtUrr <>f War A spaciou* new building and ?undry improve merit* and largely to the accommodations and com fo?s of the approaching aeaaon. The management of Hotel and all bu-ineea matters oonnected with it are under the exolueive charge of the junior partner, Mr. Wiilard. JOJ?. KKGAK. tcwl^?1& . T POINT LOOKOUT. HE Undersign**!, long and well known to the traveling public a? a p'opnetor of the Cut . A H"t?i. Alexandria. Va?and the Lcited Cq^w Statsa Hotel 10 Waahi jton cit?. Imw<) for ? t*rm of , ?*rs roe magmfioent IB H r Pavilion a <1 the oumeroua oottacea oonneoted with it, reoently erected at Point Lookout, the point of. junction of the Potomac with Chesapeake Bar. and having furnished them in a style equal to that of anjr other wat?ring place in the United Statec, wilt open the eaiab:ishmei.t on the 12th day of J une next <>>r the reoeption ot vintors, hi* arrangement* b?iijg sufficient for the comfortable accommodation of at lf>aat750 gueat". Point Lookout, besides being deservedly tfcamost famous p ace in all Amei ioa for fine (>?atera. Hoc F ?h. Soft Cra^a, S eephad, Mackerel. a?i all other sat water luxunea. po?a?s*ea finer faci'itiea for Surf Bathing than even Cape May, while the back ooui.try imrneo lately adjoining it?including the Dnvea, Pa tridge and Woodoock Shooting. Ao., Ac..?offer acvant?cea together, auperior of tnoae of aBy other watering olaoe on thia continent, rhe Water views from the pa>il!ion and from al. c ttagea are extenaive. varied, and charming '1 he health of the point la un?xoelied by that of mountain region*, ami the acceaa to it by ateamera from Baltimore. Washington, Norfotk. and Richmond, will probably be daily to and from each of tnoa? citiea. He haa spared no expenae in providing a fine Band, Camagee. Horse*, pleasure Boa-a. Ac . for hire, or n stocking hia cellars with the best ?> mi*. i,n?or?, fto In ah>rt. liia patron a will findatth'Mr oommin'i every luxury and oomfort obtainable at ai.j other Ainerioan watering piaoo Hn terms lor boa-d, by the da?. week, or month, for individu&la or laimltea, wtil he reaainahle. ma .a rtUuli I LOGAN O SMITH. WOOD AND GOAL. W ? ? D A ll 1) COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T J A W. M. GALT. Office 2?2 Pa. av., between 11th aud 12th cts . tna 17-tf north aide. THK SLB9CKI BFR HAVING ON HAND 1 an ex tenet ve stock of Kli KL, la prepared to aell at a very low figure for oath WOOD fawed and i?plit any aise. Call and see for youraelf. R. W. BATES?, Wood and Coa. D? sr, ma 15 3. V. corner of Fourteenth and C ata. rpu FARMtJtS AND PLAN 1'ERS. THK NATIONAL* FERTILIZER. Manufactured Spteialiyjor Tobacco. Thia soluble Manure, b? abounding in Phwsphfttea and Alkali ?, la being eateusi < ely used by tobauro {rowers in Virginia, and ia pre eminently va uab >irthiso<op. The National Fe'tiliser, manufactured of tirci- | lar ingredients hut of ditf>reni proportions, for Corn and all other cere la. for Potato** ind Garden well as for Grasses, Ac . Ac 1 Or 'era should specify wheth-r ?or To^aooo or for general purposes of Cert attain! Veeetal?l?e. ao thst th? manure will be sent whioh is rightly adapted to eaeh. 1 The oonstituenta are wh lly American in owcia. and are known to be vital eeaeLti&ls for aoii and plant. T' e great drainage of currency from the United S'ateslo foreign parts in importation of macule for i year* past. ha?. t is be levrd. done iruoh to inja'e 1 virgin quality ofaoilr.and retard agricutu>a! thrift. The mereaaed demand for a Kerulix r, aroauced iu our own country, an? made applicable bv eliaoge ofiu proportion , to each and all of our staple*, it 1 evei> ?h*re recoguised. CASH PRICE?(30 PEE TON. J put io atront ba*s, marked wi h - ompany's stamp*. In point of foonomy tha National Fertiliser it 1<?' 1 per oent oh ap?r thar the guano-* hitherto ao pop ular and lU distinguishing merit, beatdea be n? an ' inat&nt atimulant ?o veg> tition, is it? p?rroanenoy , of vigor innartad to ground. It u mauu fact-red on tne shores of New Jersey, where (aoiiitina exut for proaorement of materia ? and rfa'N rhipinrnt o<-a*t ' wia*. Agencies in all porta of entry and at avula- * hie pointa inland Farmers and Planters are reepeotfully aolioited to aend in orders. Suaoeaa insured where 1 beraj and light applies. | tioa it made. Quantity per acre from to 600 pounds, aocord- ] log t? state of laud. I NA tlONAL PKRTILIZFR COMPANY. y*mtiw, New Yorl, PoTanteby J. P. UAR'f'HOLOW, 1MB eu#t Agrat for Washington. D. r. j nURKfDLD RVK WHI8K V.?On hand aerera < t braad^of Pare Old Rye Whi'ky, Copper Dis 1 tilled, male by the moat reliab a distillers in Para i SilfSSIS. Maryland a?d Virtinii- mmniail kit? S Alao. Import*) Rr*adi?a, Hnmiij, Otftrd, Dapuj j Croix "?m, and Win** of ??fri varwCy. mi of asr* j a? 14-ly iW?0 Pa ?? U>w trti a?U Mth aU. j , SILVKK WAR It AND WATCHES. ! lO HiNluMtiaf'ottrNknorilMm W?r? S ->w? abop mm) Mi I a bo Noti??ra rftj# J>v I ?r, and h? will aetl Ma tx??t atuMiard ??r> atlS3t m low. if mot *owa?, ttan tfca i ^ ut I Mid for. >! hu ? an ? Inad ft wrr fu ?foek of ' rai wrr N?. 3? Pml t*. maKti 5M V2S-S.TO r-Bi | ssp?jac^= i THIS WEEKLY STAR. Tkla tiortiort Paaily u< Nnri tlnipi ?irMMr vtnaty Wiw*r*mi9 roiiac W<*? <u be fooad u My etter-le p?Ui?*Md m IWHw Mrila*. J Z igfSfflB&am Ni*wa** that haa ni2? TXiHFleiewe SMra&riuaM ? 1?rally tkroM^oit tiM ooutrr. CT8iMi? ooptaaiL* vnmmwte >n>in? papar. 'KSSWBr EF r i."" th# . (T^ Poatmaatara who lot M l|NU Will ton iowad a OBimiaaioa of omU. FOR SALE AND RENT. VAIAJLMLK building lots AT P?V? VATE^ALE.?T*aa?ha?rth?r pnvat? a* m, Lot* It and It, Square Si. frwtfinc e*?h 29 Wt ? lnchai on I ?treet nortii. Wtwaen *1and 4th str?et< wi>at. Lota 10 and 11, Square 551. I .ot?29 and an, ^ nar* W. Lota 10 and 11, 8<?anML _ Par t Lot 17. Sonar* S?, f-ontinf 77 fret on F ?tr**t aouth, batwaen id and *? uta. T nn? ea?j CHAS. S. WALI^ACH. _ma 14 Staw4w_ Attornay, No- 7 Indiana ay. plVE THREE ST"RY BRICK PWKLUN0 T HOl'SKS AT PRIVATK jab cnhar will aail. at p ivtu *.< one or all of tha five w?Il built and ?mWrtalM thrae-?t??7 prick Uwlhnjr llauwa on Ninth atr~t. oapoote Grace Church, on tha Uiaad. afford an eio^lWt opportunity to pa it r**<lrinr a comfortal>l*dwaliin* orto in*e?. Price low and t r?p? #*?t. rum ?. w ? 1 1 A on A .* "*? '4 StAWiW No. 1 ill'IIUi !\1tiNTV^>l?J,ERY QOUNTY mp FOR ' I ?AI.h.-W*h??>f1)r l*l??Or lour hin dred acrn of L*nd j?in? on ?h? PutnmM, mi>M rrorn I?.C. Th? Wft*bmicUin Aqu* >!uot and |>m of jh? fin?at road* in Ui?- . M"* through <h ;b l&cd, and tii* mo t of it <( for*rod w tli wood and th* other po-tion i? ?"il of ?! * fir?t < % lty. App.y ?o BAR NAK l>*. HUcKKY. Auotionm-r*, G<?<?rcetown. or W ALL k DAR N A R l?. A ?tlo'"*'t. ton im SI <i >f tP w i I L' a _ . i r _*> 4 ^'? cnurj-a n r'Hiin, joiir Tflu ni WP. unproved LAN I1, well ?uit?J for a (i>ark?*t |ir 4??n, with new rtweKin* hons* with four rooms and kltoh'n : weli of fine vratrr in ttie yard , under (<mm1 fucittk, ami will Ite en Id low or eKciierrferl for Cityprone.'tv. and on mod >rats tnrms. Thr land is ?t Bail'- O'os- R<<*<1?. t wo antl a half nuies from G?or,:< town arid in Al?*xaitdria < <'??(?, Va Apply to V. P. CORBtTT, over Lank of W aehrn^ton. ma H tf I?OR RENT?A tl.ree etorr BRirn HOUPK. r on Thirteenth ?t . one dour alw*? G et.. north. No 429.lately oocupicd bjr Captain Lm.T . S S Possession riven on the 1st of Mir Inquire of JOS. ABBOTT. **6 E et.. between ltth ami lAth sis. may 9 tf ro* RENT?A amnll STORE, oornnr of 6th et. a tad Penn. avenue, ander the Ciarepd.t. Hotel, suitable for a barber's saloon or eiftr store For information ins sire at the Hotel. mar ?P FHOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of Vhe build tag immediately t pp??ite the weet vine of the City Ha^.moently oocnpved by Chna. S.. Waiiaoh m ?i> ob?. Tii? ir<??n room in u>? Monnl story ud the third fl?mr of the same bviidinc. For terms apply to kicllard WALLACHTno. * Louisiana avenue. ja IS tf SENATORS, MEMBERS Of CONGRESp? Two splendid suite* of ROOMS. elecanujr?urusfitM, tk; t>s rented durinc the aeeaion of Congress, in the meet desirable looality in this aity. beinjr within one or two squares of Brown's ud Nati^na! Hotels Tho?* in pursuit of such F ix-ms will do well to make e?vrl? appliaation st No. $79 th street. between D street sih! Ps sv. de t-tl (/OR sale?a nice three stor* Bnok HOUSE, s oaW street, h*tw??n d and E streets, in Rib bev'e Subdivision. The above property will be sold on ea*? terms. Prioe made known by insuir in? of H. W HAMILTON A CO., No. *?? yth sl'M opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. fertf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Boots and shoes to suit tml times. We are now man ufaotu tint all kinds of BOOTB and SHOES, and oo;.stand* receiving a^jfa* supply of eastern mad* work o* ever* d?-BHl scriptio"^ made *xpress!* t? order, and will J l?e sold at t> much invsi prioe than has beew* heretofore jitarceu in this oity for auoh inferior arUoles. Persons in want of Roots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always *nd a jood aee<"'m*nt in stor* arid at the lowest pnees Give us a call. URI'FI* A HRO.. np^-r mPMtnir!r?ni? armae. southern trun? hanrpactory, k5 ??? TTB 6nm( Opr**t(? Odd Felltct' Hall, IT*. kuwrtM, D. C. Triv'lwi will stud* their interest* t?? mmiiubi bij TRl'NK!*, VALlCEH&e ,Mor? ohitiu ?lie*?re As I u?? none but p. Ml bast material the market afford* aw) emplot^?**' the b??' workman,! o*u confidently r^ n.igtwl my work to be superior in Strentk and DvrmbilutU) Truaks that arc mad* 111 other oiues and void hrn I k'ep conntantiT on band, aixl makr to order (03 one week's notioe) every d?*orirtien of SOLE LEA THER. IRON FRtME FLESCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRVSKS; ASHLAND mnd otKer V ALICES: TRAVEL ISO BAGS, HAR XESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, #r.. #e. Trunk*, Ac . Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at abort notioe. Trunks deiivere?t in any part of the oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. ^{ijsvmachlss^ ?eebr*ud fam,ly de 15-lj JAMES 8. top ham j^ook out for paint No. 412 SEVENTH STREET. Four Door? South oj Odd Ftilmtt' Hmll. H. W. HAMILTON lias opened a PAINT SHOPand PAlS I' STOREon the New York ilan. where can always be found PAINTS, OILS, kjnni^HbS, sc., Ac., at wholesale and ntiil. mixed paints for sale. And Bcckkts with Brushk* to I,oaa! N. B.?Particular attention pant to House, Sup. Ornamental Painting aud Graiimg. Majn'-d aad Enamelled Ola** of all kind* alwars on hand. or fui nished at abort notice. He warrant? sat station in all wo k entrust-<d to hi* care. an<l it -oufidTt that he cau do work ax ch ap, if not cheaper, than ut other e-talilislimeiit in tliis city. Giv? him * call. Lon't forget the number?it is Sly Seventh street. inalft tf PUTTY IS DOWN. _ l\| EW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LlHt. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will Iwn Alexandria and Washington for Nrw^As* York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'clock p. m., and New York for Wasb-^^^^^^ inrton ever* Saturday, at3 o'elook p. m. Passengers can join the skip at Aiexandria at aiy time before the hoar of the steamer'? departara N. B.?In the erect of tie stoamera lnabMtr to Cfsi the bar in ecnseaneMeof low wiJ#r &. mmi> will be promptly 11*htered to end from the auemer hy the widersiicned. For freicht or peasece epply to morgana RH1NKHAKT, oe?-S.MA:Ttr Western Wherres Regular s et line be TWEKN BALTIMORE AND jp*. WASHINGTON. -Leeve Com * mero? sL wharl, Baltimore, ea fol lows: Diamond Stat*. *r*ry W EONESDA Y, et p. m. Coltxbia, every SATURDAY, et 6 p. m. i?eeve Kiley'k WherL at the foot of 11th street, Washington, m follow* : Columbia, every WEDNWDAV MORNING. M6 Diamond State, every FRIDAY, ebontUm. For freight, *o..u>ii to THOS. W. RILEY. Afent, Rilsy's Wherf, %t ihefoot of m jf TATStn llth st. Weshinytnn yOLK' 8 STATU ETT~E STEPHEN A* DOUGLAS In form end fee*tare* this DeeaUfni ud ueirtu ipeoiineh ol Ameno*u art i? innrMMMl t?^rv peoimen of iike oherester ever prodaoed. It is ft far umii* of the " Little G lent." Specimens my be seen ? i?l ftetaettes prooftred it CrLvim'* Diih, Stoks, No MS Pear ? **!? . soropr of ij?b street W*?hi?<ston otty. nrmni the Di'triotof Colatabie MdSteles of Ofttewftre, Maryland. Virginia North Cerolioft, ?o?C Ceir. lne, Georsie. Florida, A lexeme. Miosis? pi, ei d izs. trrprtpRtais, 3ity, D.C., ecootTipar.ied by ewdtf mm 117 im A 8 FX X TUlEi TT K Htvf is tortt, ?(MJ ?rr jmii r*-c?*nrjM, SiS F/xrt'* ISofwiUrrtr v?w P?tferakan4 D*?'gi?a kad Finish, mfMi'* ui ?t?h- to ?aj'htrw b#r?(>fOra tfferad m lw? m?rk?t. \V t> lantr eitia*n? mfiil j to oall mh) p?mJM our stock of U?t iik) \V?fT -"ixcurea. farli&c oookdcnt UuU * hsva U?? \mt i#iaoU*(i stock ii WMhiulHt All Work in th? bI>ot?Tiu iBtrMted to our cure rill b* prompUf Atto?rt?xl to, _ MYEfc* ft. MctiRAN. inur S-tf 3T?DaU?I LlUWfaiMPtCiVED W tieHlWeSCALKP n Tfr? Sqai?y o|w?4 tg tW fhlU ? ? ' raauatMMFCTu. ft*. Ta?vatr mm wiwi SaaBs***""?" *? iny w'= rATTii^n. *tn

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