Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1860 Page 1
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# # 1 " ' m V5i. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 13. 1860. N?. 2,284. A I _ _ TI1E EVENING STAR ft . T U3H3EMD M WMR T A WTBRNOON, (PVNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT TUB IT All Bl'ILOINU*, Conner of Pennsylvania mvonus <V UlA it., IT W. D. W4LUCH. r*p?ri mt*?4 ta r*ekac? & HW M ?4 T?*r, or r oral* per month. To mu aahaartbcra the pnoe .? $?& jmr, w? wImwi. tt for di nonth*; fl for Uum month*, ud for 1?m U*b thro# mrtnthi *? ?< ?' 1* ? ?- - ofiaa. cot csirr; in wrappers, two cvhts. fly iimriniim ?hoai<i be mt to Um otto* before It o'elook. m.; otherwise they nutr not ?* ?m mtil tha nest day. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. CerrtrpnniUntr of The Stmt. Gxoesetowm, Jane II, 1960 At the meeting of the Board of Comi%n Conn r il, on Friday evening last, all the members were present excepting Mesars. bod^e and William*. A communication from N Callan was received stating tbat the Court baa made a further appropriation of 91.000. for the repairs of the road Cram Seventh street in Georgetown to the stonebouse. one-half to be paid by this Corporation; referred to streets committee A revolution wu reported appropriating 2W for repairing, cleaning, and liming the streets; alan. an ameadment to the ordinance In relation to the location of an omnlbaa stand, Ac , changing aald location from corner of High and Bridge to corner of Hridge and Waahington street* nr. rearson asKrd tb?? discharge of the committee on grievances from further consideration of the petition of Mr* Williamson; not agreed to Mr Stake said be wished to introduce a sxngU resolution of inquiry. Under the ordinance of ^ \pn '. J. a contract waa made with the editor <>f tbe Kvrninjj Star u* {publish the law* of the CorporaMoa. He hat omitted to publish them for some time, and I don't see why be has discontinued. Mr. Hill ?1 saw some in the Star of this evening. Mr. Fearson.?Yes. of March last. Mr Stake ?1 have not seen the Star thla evening; but if the publication is again commenced, 1 withdraw my resolution. Mr Tenney.?The paper has been full of the late election. They have an "acting Mayor" on the other side of the Bridge, now. The ordinance reorganizing the police system ? oming up for consideration, the President stated the question to be on concurring with the Board of Aldermen in their amendment, which strikes out the clause providing for an election of officers immediately after its passage, and inserts in lieu thereof that on the first Monday In July next the force be rtduced from eight to six men, and the Mayor be instructed to retain six of the most reliable, proiunt and efficient members of the present force, and tliat there be an election on the first Monday in January annnaily thereafter." Mr Punlop bad no objection to the amendment, as the object was to reduce the expenses, and It might be accomplished in that Mr Stake Mid we wanted a new police system. ?ch as the? had been forced to adopt In New York, Baltimore, and other cities Have no connection of the police with any political party, but appoint competent men. to strve during good b? hnvior. only to be removed by report to the Corporation Daring any difficulty in exciting time*, sjih as the election* here and in our neighboring city, a partizan police will act partially It la the nature of man. They will lean to their particular friends Retain many of the present force as are efficient, but eight are too many. It ia a useless waste of money Six are as good as twenty; but if the board thinks !t worth while to defer this matter until we can get a better system, 1 ain ready to do so. Mr Ilill thought we had laws sufficient?what we wanted was same one to enforce tnem A few persons are allowed to violate law as they please, while others are taken up for the least oftence "We have laws enough an?l police enough, but we want some one to compel tnem to do their duty. Six are better than forty would be, such as we have got, with no head to guide them and keep tbeni up to their work. We want someone to inane lurin QO iQCir aulf. Mr Dunlop had no objection to a better system; bat let us reduce tue expenses now, think the matter over, and adopt a better plan hereafter, if one can be deviaed. Mr. Tenney saw no necessity for deferring the matter This amendment would accomplish the purpose announced here to reduce the expenses. * art would not interfere with the adoption of any other system at the proper time. The Mayor, who is the head of the police, has been condemned here. He may hare bis faults, but our present system is a better one than they have in Washington, where the Mayor exercises the appointing and dismissing power Here ttie boards appoint and the Msyor dismisses, which is better than that, and better than to have the boards both appoint and dismiss. Mr Stake said the trouble would be in det iding who to dismiss. Better repeal the whole, and go into an election and leave it to the judgment of the boards who are best suited to serve It would be a bard task to put on Mr. Addison, and one he did not like to impose on him. It would be a hard point for him to decide who of those men operating under him shonld be dls iui-u i w??u 10 relieve Dial of that embarrassment Let us go Into an election and retain six of the present force known to be the most efficient That is the proper way. Mr Tennev was ver^glad the gentleman had so much consideration for the Mayor, but the Board would have no delicacy in putting in an entire new set If I was a n e nber of the majori'y here. I would favor the platform published in the Stai previous to the election?retrenchment, refirm. economy, and opposition to the hog law The gentlemen are in a hurry to repudiate their platform. It U*>k the democratic party four years to change theirs adopted at Cincinnati; but here It only takes four months 1 leave the gentleman to remodel or reduce, as thev please. 1 will have 110 lot or part in it. Mr Fearson was opposed to the amendment altogether The Corporation of 1859 had got a snap judgment on the citizens, and cairlcd everything by storm, left and ri^ht Mr Tenuey?The Corporation of 1858. Mr Fearson?In lot the "Plug I ^ly" tribe ^wv? isw |?wcr. |ua{girr j 1 Would like to walk in their footsteps. and take them on their own ground Thev bad the power then We have ii now, and I don't want the Mayor to have tue power to reduce, i don't go in for the one man power anyhow The opposition here want ua to reduce till next Jam ay. Why not do it at presen', as they did in 1^50, when this Know Nothing Oi Plug Ugly party was in power. I am willing to take the responsibility, ajid walk in the footsteps rf our 'illustrious.'' and do what they done it is very bad now since we lost our chief judge of ^ town. (Squire Reaver.) Not as much expense to the town; not a* many flues as heretofore We ? had better reorganize and take a fair start to-night. 1 shall vote against this amendment ont *nd out. Mr Stake said the Corporation of 1 58 made a change in the middle of the year, ana gut as near to a memorable day as they could?the :k1 day of July If we deferthis let it be till the4t!i. Tory had no scruples, but are complaining bitterly If we do the same If It is proper to reduce, let us clean all oat ajid put iu a new set; or retain as many of lbe old as we are satisfied with. Mr Tennev said he bad heard here several Ames this talk about Plug I'glies Who were the men so characterized? Why such gentlemen as Anthony Hyde, John Marbury, jr H L Offutt, John T Bangs. T A. Lazenby, D. L. Shoemaker, and William King Three of these gentlemen are here now and myself, who belonged to the late Corporation. Comparisons are odious, Mr Prrsldent, those are all known to be oar most respectable citizens I won't com pars them with the DTt-sent mrmlvn hut if vnn wan* tlem'cu or more respectable Citizen* than tEo* allnded to. you can't pick tbem out I am tired of this talk about Plug L'glies. How was it in Washington a day or two since? A perfect Baltimore election if the board committed an error lu 185P by repealing the police law and dismissing the force in the middle of the rear, is that a reason we should follow' If it was wrong in 1830, it is wrong in l?flo. Two wrongs do not make a right. I was ^ppo^-d to the cnange in 185H, although there wera circumstances which then justiftrd it. Besides, at the two policemen then l? Wwu, one had declined to be a'Candidate for re-elertlon He received seven votes out of sixteen; the othrr was alec ted, but reslgaed This Ibowi there was no attempt at proscription ' y 0u wont a new system The present force ts oomp<wed of as good men as any you can get in their place*, probably better. If your object is to reduce the expenses of the Board of Aldermen we meet you, and you accom&lisb all you want I cannot vets for the amendment, however. I want nothing to do with it; but 1 want to hare less of slang expressions here about Ping Uglies 1 leave the public to Judge between the present bo-trd and the last and the one before that They were the choic? of the citizens, and as such ought to be respected If we do not respect ourselves, let us respect our predecessors Mr King was in favor of the amendment. When a member of th>- board in 1656, he agreed In his veto of the bill dismissing the police before * t ?eir tern s were out, and the reasons he gave f.?r ft. His veto was voted down, but It ts acting ta bad faith to dismiss these men under their * )*M 1 mb willing to curtail on the 1st of JanuW ary aext. but am loath to vote for it aow Those r men were elected to serve a year, and we are not justlted la removing them I don't like these retaliatory measures, but go for right and justice .dr Crawford's r.'isons were Incoatrovt rted la tbey are good now After further remark* to the mine effect, stating taat tue cflWr? Lad make arrangement* to serve a year, and it was wrong to break faith with them Mr. Fearaon said he disagreed with hie friend. jt was a right all legislative bodies exercised. The Congress of the United States change their officer* when they plea*, and putin tuch men a? ait their own political views They think It no great grie va nee to turn men oat It is nothi ng ununiil in legislative power* to turn out and put In?in* and out* They stand under the lever and must take the consotfucnces A*for the name my friend on the right complaint of, they rive it to themselves They first called themselves the know nothing parW. Some call them Rip-Raps and some Plug Uglies The right name Is Plug Ugllsa. There Is no such thing as a know nothing; every man kaow* something. [Laughter ] Know nothingGod have mercy on such a party a* that The biggest fool who puts his finger in the fire knows enough to Jerk It out. [laughter] He is know something enough to know fire burns him. He say* onr predecessors were elected by the people. I go for the people who elected u*, and at the same time for the whole people. My friend on the right talked of earning over to the democratic party 1. for one, will receive him with open hand* of joy. i can tell the gentleman It I* a party of precepts and principles, not a know nothing party (Laughter ] Mr Ktng did not care what former board* had done or what members of Congress do, we are not obliged to follow Id their footsteps. The majority here can do as they please. 1 will do what I think right. I am not pledged to any man or any party. I came here to carry out my own Yiew* nr th? vi?u >' ?1 * , ~ v?k? OTueu my judgment commends them. If any member of the present force proves obnoxious or derelict in his duty i will vote to turn him out. Mr. Stake said he did not wish to leave any loop-hole to crawl out of, political, social or otherwise. He then went on to argue the necessity for retrenchment on account of the depletion of the town treasury, and said if we found six men were enough to keep the town quiet try four, and see how that would do We have uot such erv had citizens There are no serious depredations It may be owing to the vigilance of the police; may be it is, but I have heard of no serious depredations of any consequence. It is our duty to vote for the reduction. I do not view these matters with political feelings, or wish to visit any political malice on the beads of these men. but 1 don't chose to vote to delegate power to one man The Corporation ought to have the power of dismissal It is belt to repeal, and go into an immediate election to fill up the force. Re-elect a> many of the present force as are elllcient. Don't yield to our predecessors party more than they had modesty to yield to us. After some other remarks of the same tenor? Mr Tenney said; I cannot think it proper that gentlemen are allowed here to apply such terms as Plug tglies to members of the Corporation, without being called to order by the Chair Sach citizens as those I have named, hardly any of them?only three, I believe?members of the A m*rir*M ? ?'rw- * ?... |?>j. ur name 01 a notorious band in Baltimore, but I never heard of any Plugs being here There was an American party which 1 belonged to The tirst step to all knowledge It to know how little we do know. Some gentlemen may think they know a great deal; but the public may difler with them. Our election* of officers are in January, we are elected In February. Ten month* intervene, and political asperities have time to soften down. After giving the reasons which justified the change in iHds, and stating that he objected to the change then, only becaus* of dismissal of men in the middle of the year? The President stated the question to be on concurrence with the Board of Aldermen in their amendment. The Chair tx inclinable to decide, a division was called for; atu^Ir Stake having voted aye," wished to change his vote Mr. Dunlop called for the ayes and noes; which being taken, the amendment was not coucurred la, by the following vote: Yeas?Messrs. Dunlop and King?2 Nays?Messrs P earson, Hill, >lcCobb, Plckrell and stake?5. Mr. Tenney. when his name was called, asked to be excused. Mr Rill said he was tired of this. We had one case last Friday, where one gentleman ruled the whole board. The board refused to excuse Mr. Tenney, who rose and said: I must still decline, as did the distinguished gentleman on the other side of the house. (Mr Dodge ) As tbe Board of AlH?rm?? ??--* * a??v.i uau oujuurnra, no committee of conference wos appointed, and the board adjourned Jbaloc*y or Authors.?The - School fcr Scandal'' was produced in 1777. with a moat powerful c s\ the following anecdote is reported by Mlchatl Kellv. upon the authority of Sheridan ?"When trie "School for Scandal" came out, Cumberland'!* childem prevailed upon their father to take them to see it, thev had a statue box; their father was seated behina them, and as the story was told by a gentleman, a friend of Mr Sberidan's. who was c'oae bv,"every time the children laughed at what wis going on on the stage, he pinched them, and said. " What are you laughing at, my dear little folks ? you should not laugh, my angels; there is nothing to laugD at;" and then, in an undertone. - eep will, you little dunces " Sheridan having been told of this Mid, "It was very ungrateful in Cumberland to bave been displeased with bis poor children for laughing at my comedv, for 1 went the otber night to see bis tragedy, and laughed at it from beginning to end." Cumberland, It will be remembered, was afterwards taken off by Sh?*ridan as Sir Fretful Plagiary, in tbe 44 Critic, brought out in 1779."' J^y'The programme for the Fifth Annual Fair of tbe St. Loui* Agricultural and Mechanical Association Is ready for distribution Tbe leading premium is a sweepstake prize of 81,.VW for the bea' r >adsler stallion tobarne** Three premium* of ftiUO earh for tbe best thorough-bred bull, tLorough-bred stallion, and roadster stallion to harness; JWOU for the second-best and SIOU for tbe third-best of each description of animal offered All tbe other prizes are in keeping with the former fame of the Association, and cover almost everything connected with the agricultural and m-'ckanical world, embracing the line arts, tbe floral kingdom, Ac. The premium list amount* to upward of S*<!t,UOU. The next Fair commences on the last Monday in September. A few days ago a negro after gazing intpntlV at th^ Janani? ??? * *' ' cAiiaunru; "II lie WDlt? folk I* as dark si dat out dare, I wonder what's de color of de niters?" JIT* By the law of the State of Georgia, passed in f-vie, all the Lotteries in that State clos?-?i on the first inst. The managers have principally removed the concerns to Delaware. IO"The Lowell. Mass., Courier says that a number of people from that city went out la the l->st California, steamer to put up the machinery for a large woolen mill at San Francisco. r The great modiste of the day, In Paris, is an Kngl'.shman; and he is more run after by the fashionable ladies than the French milliners ever were. [T T Osman Pasha, the first Chamberlain of the Sultan, who wu dismissed a short time ago, has been arrested on a eku?? 1 "* ?' ' " v. CiUUClilfU 28.000,000 piaster*. 1C7"A ww Catholic Church was dedicated In Raleigh, N C., Sunday, at which service* Bishop Hnghes, of Charleston, and Archblahop Hughes, of New York, officiated. ?IT There are now flnlahed and In the conrse of construction throughout the island of Cuba 27 railroads, comprising an aggregate of about 31b ai!l?*, at a cost up to last year, of 917,000,000. 1X7" A letter from the South says that if "squatter sovereignty" is not repudiated at Baltimore, Bell and Kverett will sweep almost the entire southern States |?j*The Cincinnati Enquirer, the leading Douglas organ of the West, insists that, should the secedecs ask to come back at Baltimore, they should be refused irrTh? Liverpool Post of the .3d ult chronicles tbe departure of the ship William Tapecott (or New York, with 811 Mormons on board, en route for Salt Lake Nearly all are English HT" Hit estimated that more than rwo thirds of tii? money used by tbe emigrants now leaving Ireland was furnished by relatives in thiscountry. 10" Caspar Clarke, a bor of fourteen, attempted to walk on a rail fence near Oswego N.Y , on the 1st inst , when be fell and broke his back. Ill/" Hon Jacob Thomson. Secretary of ths Interior, has written a letter endorsing the withdrawing delegates at Charleston. H7" Tbe sad annual parade of the snclant and honorable artlllwv company, of Boatoa, took place on Monday last (17" Peveoteea slaves, set free by tbe will of the late l>r I-and. of Prlaeass Aane -ounty, left for I'biladelpbia last week ' IC7*A Boy abontulne years old, David Blgmnr, recently threw a utone through a window near S nwa, Conn .and put out one of his aunt's eyes. |fT Tie art-flan well at Ctdumbua, Ohio, has reached tbe depth of 2,344 feet. l?7" Tke Porto Rico export duty on sufar. mo lasses and coffee baa been abolished. a A MRS. WIMLOW, N Exjerienoed Norte ud Ff?m*ie Physlclfta, preMota to the attention of mo then, her SOOTHING SYRUP, F*r ChlMrn TMtUag, Wblak (mil; facilitate# tha pracan af tatthinf, V* aafUaln( th* radaciof *11 mlimnuum?vUl allay ALL FAIR taa tpaemadic icum, and u SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dtp?nd apoa it| mttUn, It will fift rMt t* yaaraalTta, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO TOUR INFANTS W h??t pat Bp and Mid thUarucIt hrmrtM r<wi,u4 t?? tiT, in conrioancB and thi th of it, wbu ? b??? ntTii baao ablt ta uy of as/ OTMIK Mtdieina?Kara* MRS HAt IT fAlLBD,ll? a nniLi ii*traitci to ?rr?CT A ccm, WlnsIiUW I vban limaly aaad Nntf did wi kn?* tnnTHIMA an inatanea af die aatiafacuon by any " "" ana who aaad it. On the esntrary.allara SYRUP, daltrhtad villi iu OPMATIONI, and m tartna ( htfhaat eamntndatian af Ita magical anaeu and madical airtaaa. Wi apaak in -hie matter 14 WHAT Wt no now," after ten yeare'aiperiasee, and rilDul op* uruTatior ro* thb rrLriLM*NT or what wb Htm dbCLAR B In nlmoat erery inatanca vhara the infant la entering fr*?n paia and aihuMum, relief will ba faand m Htm ar twentr minatae after tha iyriii la adminlatarad. Thle preparation ta tha preeenptmi af ana af tha Riaat Itr innncin and IB 11.FIJI. Kt'kfBi in New Kn?land, and baa btan aaad with l*BTBB-rAILII*a irccBfl m THOUSANDS OF CASES. It oat anly relleeee tha child fraiu pain, bat Ineittretea tha ivmacn una doviii, eorrtcta acid!tj,*nd fi*a? ton and ntrf j to the wholt vjftom. It will tlmoot inttantlj rth?*t GKIPIN? IS THR BOWKLR AND WlSD COLIC, tod ?T#reom? con ?nlaiene, which, if not epeedUy remedied nd in death. Wl I believe it the ?t#T iKDitmiiT *?m- FOK tnrin thi woiid in >11 Cut! of DT9- CHILDH EN ! IHTIKT ltd DIAK ?*?A IS CHIL- TEETHING lu*ltf,. whether (I enaea fr?m ( thine IIor from tit other t<?i. We woaid e?y to e?ery mother who hut cnild e?fferinf from any of iba foiifaiiij eomplointa?DO COT LIT TOt'* PKIJL'DIC E?, won TNI P*KJUDICBS OP i THIKI, etend between yoai?aaferinF child and the relief that will ha tcn-rti, tuoii'TUT itllll?to follow tha uee of tb medicine, if timely a?ed. -Foil diractioi a for neing will a t?mjnn? ench boiiit Nona jranana anleee the fac-eitmle CORTIS ft PERKINS. 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Linen Sets, Gold Bayadere, Cambrio t'ollars, Lace Nets of all qualiSwiui Col a's, ties. Honiton Lace Collars. Chenille, White Lace Veils, new Embroidered Braid, style. Etc, Etc., Etc. I scarcely deem it necessary to mention that all theee goods were imported by myself, this season, and therefore are handsome and of the LATEST STYLES. The patronage of the public, so liberally l*?towed upon hi# sinoe I imported my own goous. ha* encouraged me to go to Parts regularly every year ami make arrangements to have new goods in by KT Ladies wishing to get any particular goods from Pans will please leave their order* until the '/Mli of Jane at my establishment, and front July 1st to August let, direct Monsieur G. Wekiy. pour Monsieur AT. WiUtan, F. Cite Paris." je 9 fit M. WILLIAN.No.3a Market Spao* SECOND-HAND BRUSSELS AND THREE Pl.Y CARPETING!*. We have for sale a lot ol second-hand BRUSSELS and I HREE PLY GARPET1NGS. im?t of it in the latter, now for sale. They will i?e M?ld od in lot* to suit purchaser* at a ruinous )<>*? tor cash only. The* are hut little used,ami in vary good Order, and the style and quality the verv be*t. Those n< waut of a great bargain in a good Carpet will oall soon and be suited. maa-eogw CLAQETT 4 DODSON. K*OR SALE?A beautiful iron-gray MARE o* F years old; perfectly sound and gentle ff\ Also, a very stylish Buggy ; patent sliding IX? seat; sui able to carry * or 4 persons. goltTSEZX for ao fault, the owner having no further n*? lor them. Apply at KELEHER * PY WELL'S ; Stables, 8th street, between D ami E. m* js it PKRSONS DeoliiungTouMkeeping or having 4 ! AUCTION SALES. Bt A. ORF.EN. Auoboneer. THAME HOUSE ANDLOT ON NORTH M. r fclTWKK* A*D ?3d PtS., AT ACCTIOW.-On FBI MAY, tM 16th inatTi ?bail eeU, In front of the premie-a. m 6 o'olooi p. m.. the following valuable property, vu: All of Lot No. IS. in itutn 51, fronting on north M, b?t*Mn 22ii and 23a street# weet, with the improvements, which are a *Ov>d two-atory frame hoe*".' containing 9 good room a, A"., A? The lot oonUuna sjm 'eft, having a front of M feet 9 inohea ru acinic to a wide ai ?y. Term* : One fourth caah; halanoe in 6. IS and It month*, lor uotea Uearine intereat from day of aale. A dewl given and a deed of trust taken. Title iudinptftahe. jell M.WAda A. GREEN, Anct. By i. C. MoGIJIRK A. CO . Auotio&eera /CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMprovm and li*i?CFaov*n Rral Eatatk.?By virtue oi a decree of theC rouit Court of the Di? triot of Columbia, psaeed in the o*ua? where n Fr*d?riek W.Selhansen ia comclai nunt *.n<J MMMMii others, executors and heir* at law and devirars of UonAventara Sohad, deceased, are defendants. the subscriber wiU mH, m puMio ??< the full "Wins valuable real estate in Washington city : I.ots Noi 9.10. U and 12,in square No 7*5, on tho corn<"- of north B and Third street*?ast, fronting 157 fee: I,1* inohe* on north B street and 123 feet 2>i on Third street east. Lot No. 9, in square No.642, fronti g 119 feet on Delaware avenue, by ?3 feet 10 inches on south G street. The whole of square north of square No. 64?, fronting 2<Wfeet8 inohes on Virginia avenue, 2i7 ie?t on south P street, s?l feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, aud 19 feet 6 inohes on Half street west. I ota No*. 1.2,3,4.5,6,7,8.9,10,11,12,13,14.15. and 16, in squire No. 894, comprising the whole square and fronting 248 feet 2iuohes on cort*? D street, 248 feet 2 inches on rorta C street. SV feet on Eighth street east, and 350 feet on Seveutli street east. And Lo's Nos. 8,3, and 10, in rqnare No. 534, fronting 90 feet eaoh on south F street, between First and J*eoond streets west, by lOOfeet deep, with the mtprovements, which consist of four well built two-storj frame dwelling houses The sale of the Iota in square No. 785 will take place on TUESDAY, the l"tn day of July,186<?; of the lot in square No. 642 on THURSDAY, the 12th daT of July, I860; of square north of rquare No. 642 on FRIDAY, the ISth aa* of July, i860; of lots in pqnare No. 894. on MON DAY. the 16th day of July, I860; of the lots in square 5.14. with the improvements, on TUESDAY, the 17th.dav ot July, I860. The sales will oonm?r.o? at6 o'clock p. n>..on the days above epeoified, on the respective premises, and the property will be so d in such paroels or lot* as may suit curohasors. Terms of sa.e: One thud cash ; and the ha'anc* in h, 12 and S8 months, secured bv the purchaser's nct?e. bearing interest from the da* of sale, with security to be approved by the trustee anl if not complied with in five days after the f-a -if property. tne terms of which are not oomphed with, will be resold. upoB one week's no'ioe. at ?he ri?k *nd "? upwunifig purcnaser. Upon the full ; Diyment of the purohas* money and interest, and not before, th3 trustee will convey the property to the rospeotive purchasers in fee simple. All convevancing at the expanse of the purchasers. I CHAS S. WALLACH, Trr.stoe. J C. McGlIRE & CO .AucU je 11 3tawtJuly 17 By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE SMALL I BRICK DWELLING HOUSES IN THE fear OF Tf.mfkraj.ce HiLL.-On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON , June -7:h, at 6 o'clock, on'the premises. by virtue of adaed oftiust dated March 7.1857, and duly r?oorded in Liber J. A. S., No 131. folios 112,1'3 114. and 115, one of the land reoords for Washington county, D. C , I shall sell Lots H. I, and K in a snbdivisnn of tquare numbered 37". fronting ?aoh about 12 feet Ifl inches oa the 30 !e?t alley in the rear of Temperance Hall, together with t-ie improvements, oonsisting ofthres ?wo-story Brick Dwelliiig-ilouses, ooutaiutng hve rooms e^eh. Term*: One third eash; th? residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a de?d of trust on th* premises. If th4 terms of sale should not be oomplied with in five dars thpreafter, the trustee reserves ihe richtto resell, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purohaser, after one week's puidio notice. All oou?eyauoing at the (y>st of the purohaser or purchasers. THOS. J. F19HER, T'ustee je? d J. C MrODIRE *. CO , Auc's. ^""educational. " C- o m M ERfI At COLLEGE. y No. 47?SKVK*TH ST., Opposite Ike Genera! Fo.\t Ojfice, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Mercantile Forms m.<I Calculations. BusiiiBuC'Trespondenoe, Bills of Exchauie, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Grai. inar and Anthmetio. YZT A Preparatory Class for Boys. \l_T Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a in. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at tiie Rooms. ma 2*-3m WW. \V YOUNG A CO. T'HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 NiwAeraibimwi. Tins well known and popular Seminary, whioli ha* been ho successful under the entire care of Mrs /. Richards for moro than ten vcars, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICH a RL>S, in the well arranged and delightfully Union Academy Builuinc. For rartioulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23 tf \1 MRS- McCORN ICK'S SCHOOL. iTlRg. McCORMICK desires to inform he friends and the public generally that she will resume the d a'ies of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The ooorse of etndy pursued will comprise all the hranohec requisite to a thorough English education. Id addition to her daj soholars .she is desirons of receiving into her family a few pupils as boardera, aged from if* to 14 years, who will r>e under her lm mediate o-reanl oversight. Her arrangements for the accommodation ai.d due oare of pupils h*ve been oonsiderally increased and otherwise unproved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with refsrenoe to her school may apply to W. D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. . . For term* ard furtner particular* apply at hei reaideio*?No. 8? Cameron street, Alexandria. Va. i< r-tf DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOO MIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tends personally at hit office in tbis city. mflkBBf Many persons oan wear theee teeth who^***"7 cannot wear others, and no person cau wear others vho cannot wear these. Persons oalling at my offioe oan he aooommodatec with any styleand pnoe of Teeth they ma* desire, bnt to those who are partioular and with the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot denture thai art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more rally warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 336 Pa. avenue, betweet 9th and 10th sU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadelphia. on '-It D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a practical test of two years, feels that he oan with reoom-^pm mend the Cheoplastie Process forinsertingnMBB artificial teeth It has the advantages of**" strength, beauty,oiMvnliness.and cheapness. Fall upper sets inserted for Partiv in proportion. Once 306 Pa. avenue. Ml 5J2 SIGN PAINTING. ?|2 THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN ?[<V/Iii 1U UE. I nuns rAiiMTKD. call on h. w. hamiltoh, seventh street 514 and he will tell you i why and how he can paint si8nb cheaper than any other establishment in the city. n.b-particular attention paid to HOUSE PAINTING. 2w Francis harper, H^ftSSUPMIDi family grocehy and feed store, i'crntr rf A'eio York nrniw and Tenth rtretl. Respectfully nolicit* tlir patronage of those who iia? bii in want of an* article 111 the ?? ? Hi. endeavors shall l>e to plea?*( au<j l>y a strict attention to the wants of the pulilio, he liopes to merit a share of their patronage. His tuck eonxistRor every article usuallr to be fouAil in a hrst class Family Grocery and Feed Store. ma IT tf PLAIN ANI)L(*KNAMKK\4M..?i'r mi avenue, south side, between lOtit and lith stre >ts Thoir Ornamental Plaaterinc ruuai* that of any other hojiM in tha IJnitari States, instyle, finish and darahil^ The public is Invited to eall and lncpeot MentmMi mar ?-lf CO A MoIENNKY * LANSDALR, COA 3611 AtriiTi *om ni ?>*U PApt Fifth. 1N8. CO.N7y.-C?h ea^itaiaoC ^J SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE | Th* favorite reeort for WHITE SULPHUR g-* SPRINGS. Mountain Air. InTigo'aCUMBERLAND CO, wil^t'lauJToo^. Ptmnswlrmnia. Socl'ty *n(1 * ?*K " Accommodation ?o* for particu.ara .end 300 tor Circular. OWENp. CIKNPEN TERMS LOW. IN A VISScHER, je ? low t Carlitli Smrinff, Pa. Wm HITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Gkbinbriek OorxTT Va. This long entabliahed watering plaoe va* opened for tii* reception of riMtor* on the 15th ofA ?. A >f*nv new and important arrangemonuIfcJJX have been maris latt i?Mnn in tin* ?f .<? tabluhmrnt, and no effort* will b? a pared to urnke t he gnesta oomfortab'e. Peraona o&n reach these fepnnra by t be IWlMt and Alexandria Rai.road from Waahingtnn; by the Virginia Centra! Rai road from Richmond; or t>y the Virginia a-d 'ienneaa?e Railroad fr?n the South and Southweat via Lynchburg and Char lotteaville, with only an milea ala*? travel. JER EM I AH MORTON, President. J. HUMPHREYS. General Superintendent. j?12-dtJaly 15 MSAL.T WATKR BATHING. ARSIlALL'S PAVluiON- (Moore's LandinglWill be open for the reception of nii A. . A tora on the 13th of June. Thia rieligh'fu! YClflfcy ie?on for thoae seeking health and piesa AfedRJL nre, ia unexcelled b? any plaoa of the kind on the Potomac river It ia situated ab ut one hundred milea from Washington immediately ou the Potomac, and in full view of 'he Ch**ap ^ake 'Jay, and faoioui for fin?Oytt?r*,Softt :r%b?. Sheephead. and other Pi ah. and eamir mom?iw? b .?? i *oats plying between Washington. Balti-n re mo Norfolk. The nndersuneH ha? mae addi i *?.a1 improvement" m his Batf House* ard many other improvements to the oomf >rt and erjoyin^nt ol his gu?sts. The Bathing cannot be surpassed. fp<?udid Anclnc and rent* <f Fishing and 8ai mc Bo\ts free of charge. Ms has spared no expense in pro iding a good Cotillon Band or-tn laying in his stock of ohoioe W ine#. Liq uorn.Sf rare, A.c ..and for those who wish to avoid extreme fashion and Ut seek a retire<] p'aoe whore they can in&ke themeelve* at home, there is not a more pleasant plac* m the United States. The proprietor pledgee himself t'?at nothing ehaM be le'X undone on hi? part t ? rend-r them ?>. Terms lor board bv the day. week. or month reasonable. Persons wishing to address the proprietor will dirfct to Leonardtown, St. Mary'* c^onty, Md. je 9 2m K J. MARSHALL, Proprietor HYGE1A HOTEL, Old Poi*t Comfo&t, V*. This celobrat'HJ Seaboard Watering P ace. ioca t?d in full vii w of Hampton Koa>1? and A . . 1 Chesapeake Bav. and ?t the first military Y'Tft T po*t or the United Stares. t Port Monro will be ready for the reception cf visitors on the first of June. Betides tne attractions of the military establishment and the fine ''Bill of I are" presented in th<many luxuries of the salt water region, Bath at Old Point Comfort is peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it la almost a specific; and for its properties in this regard tiie proprieto-s ar?alow d to make reference to Mr* Dr. Lmn,<r? het of the late Senator Linn.I and to the Secretary of War and his ladr. A spaMous new butldinc and mipdrv imnrnve ment? add iarg?i? to the accommodation* and com iorta of the appr'-aching season. The management of the Hotel and all bo* ineaa matters coune^ted with it are under toe excluene charge of the junior partner, Mr. Willard. jos. SK(r AR C. C. WILLARD. ma 73 ' ni Propristora. T po i n r luu&JH. I H K Underaignf d, long and well known to the traveling publioa* a proprietor of the Cut 1. . a Hot?l, Alexandria, Ya., and the United Yffafcy ^tst.'g ll.'tel in \Vaahi (ton citr. haoXUHLA leaaed for a term of yeara the macr.ifioent ba# ?i e Pavilion a- d the nnraeroua oottagea connected with it, reoently erected at Point Lookout, the point of junction of the Potomac with Cheaapaake Bar. and having furnished them in a atile equal to that ot any other watering piaoe in the United State*, will open the eaiabhshment on the 12th day of J an* n?xt for the reoeption ol viMtore, hia arrangement* beir.i sufficient for the comfortable aooommodation oiat leaat 750 gue?t?. roint Looioit. boaidea bejnj deeer vedN the moat fam<?u" p a.ce in all America lor fine Ojster*. Hoc F ?h. Soft Craha, S eeph ad, Mackerel, and all other salt water 1 uxuriee p >ra"?-oa finer faoi'it>ea for Surf Bathing than even Cape Mar, while the baok coartry immediately adjoining it?including the Drive*. Pa.tridge and Woodoook Shooting, Ae.. Ao..?offer advantMcea together, tupenor <<f tnose of any other watering alaceon thiacontinent. The Water Viewa from the pa lllion and from ai the o' ttagea are extenaive, varied, and otiarnung The health of the nomt m k- ,w_. ..r . ... -?v v^. uj tit?l UI rr.onntain writ?, and th* aooes* to it bv *t?amera from Baltimore. WmLiocUio, Norfo k. and Richmond, will probably be daily to and from each of tnof oitie*. He has spared no expense in providinic a fire Band, Carnages. Home*. Plea?ure B<?'a. A o . for hire, or 'n ctocKing hi* oelms with the b**t Wine-, Liquors, Ac in sh-rt hi* pa'ro^* will find fit th-ir oomman^ every luxury and cmfort obtainable at any othnr American watering piece Hix term* (or hoa d, hy the day. week, or month, for individual* or families. wiii be reasonable, ma 23 dtJuly 1 LOGAN U SMITH. WOOD AND COAL. ~~ HCKXEW & NARLOW'8 UNION FIREWOOD MILLS, C?rner Seventh at and Canal, Washington kindling, Cooking and Stove Wood," SAWED and SPLIT to *uit every on?. Delivered to any part of the city at the fo lowing rat-*, PINE WOOD, V cord Pine, oawed and spiit in 4 pieces, for ?1 25 ? do do. do. do. 3 5H 1 do. do. do. do. 5 W OAK WOOD, cord Oak, sawod in 4 piece*, and *pht, 1 62 H do. do. do. do. 3 25 I do. do. do. do. 6 50 COAL, CO a I,. COM,. All kind* of Coal, kept on plank Hoor*, olean and in good order, sold at the " I nion Fu*! Depot," corner of Seventh st. and Canal. McKNEW 4 MAR LOW. ma31-eo6t Proprietors. Washington, D. C. VV ? ? D ? AND COAL Delivered to all part* of the city, at the low*st possible rates. T J- k W. M. GALT. Office UH2 Pa. av., between 11th and Utth st? , ma 17-tf north side. I^HE 8UBSCR1BKR HAVING ON HAND I an extensive stock of FUEL, is prepared to sell at a very low ficure for oaeh WouD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IS . S. K. oorner of Fourteenth and C sts. THK PoTTaR REFRIGERATOR, wtik Ftltti ami Water v fooler Ventilating Pro vision Prseerver in tb? world, and the only one I pMgl gt/gESf whioh does require CgSfSSCff* out every few days to keep diy I utf nrast nufaotureaad fen i h in t$e best manner Nine Sizes of this Refricerator, and are prepared to supply the demand from Cuba to Can ada. Prioes for the different numbers a* follow No I ?I61 No. ? S3P | No 7.. #?<? ' t *' " 5 *> M i ? " 3..,.. . 251 # I M ** BARTLETI A LbiJLEV. MAKTricrruii, Wholesale and Retailhealer* in Refrigerator*. Kurna-e*, portable Heetrr*. Re fitter*, Vpntil*tor?, Ca?t Iron Cemetery Urn*. Garden Vase*. Rotatirc A*ti Siftrr*,Condensing Covert, old Java luff* PoU awl Hotel Coffee Boiler*. Send for a ^'rcular. ie f> 6t No 486 Bioapwat, Yt aa. I7RKSH CANTON MATTINGS. r Ju*t received and for rale? 10 roil* uew rtyle Fancy Canton MATTINGS, 10 do do do China do U do do do R?d checked rt? 40 do <io do Extra Imperial WHITE MATTING. Which we are railing now at greatly reduced P ja?oiw CLAGfcTT A IX>P*ON. j YELI.OW PINK LUMBER. ^ PRimTINH PAfF.R, *-l table Dl/U for apeeohe#, 34 by ?, 31 Iba Caafe pnee 'f&ffiTT' BLANCHARD k. MOHUN. m? n "O'B" Kiwt >-(. m ?SRMKNTOT 10 1,1 WKADVJCADB THE WEEKLY STAR. Tku nium raatt? aad Mm J?i?I < " Maine airwtw nrxtr ofint*^*otin? raadiac tku ? >?t?aa*l?a?T > ? fctirOy armtac. t&z&zLr!???(n s Tw^ety ** *+ 6SlS5-i?es= M c aurally UnaikMt Um totiu; H^Poftinutfra who aet m ifMte will fcaal lowad a ooauniMiuB of ? otiti. FOR SALE AND RENT. I?OR 8A1.E AND RKNT.-Thaaatfawatd hi* F two honaM for rer.5 at Kaadall Groan. aaoh hi'iiit I aer?a of (rovnd uitahiefur taohad. Th? itoMioc ? *iaratad and p*r?o^y Nvwinjt vi?ng| pvi<HN I BU lUflHVVM W Plf *U prefer* par* ocartrr air to b?Ud aod lift* at moaphere el the siif. A *tabe and woodshed ate attached to each hoase, and a pi^p of par* water stand* bat a few ?tes? from the door. To a rood tenant tho root win r>e n ??3?'at?. The residenos known u Ron Cottage. nmM in* of near 7 two acres of 1 round with th* mm sary outbuildings. is for sale. Tk? h m?e waa b; Ut for the present owner aad haa man? mnmsaiss The land ia in a high state of oultivali< a, and aisoh oars has bean expended ia the selection ot a aho?os variety of fmit ai.d shads trees. Ths property fronts Bouodsr street, bstag oatside the 01 j limits. and whoa that efreet is ofeaed and improved, as there is reason to believe it e?oa will be, the ataoe will possess seeuhsr attraction* Distance TVoai sit? Post <for>? U ir.iies. Ad drass bf letter or la parson. W M. BTICKNEV. mar SI-ao U L'OR 9ALF/-A treat ?>*rgmn, four acres mt we4 r improved LAN)) weil mnlefl f??r a market garden, with new dwelling l.oaae witfi four rooaM aad kitchen ; well of fine water in the yard ; naw ti?x1 f-ncm*, and will be Mid low or exchanged for cit? property.and on moderats terms. Tk* (and is nt Kall'i Cross |loads. two and a half mile* from Oenrgetown.and in Alexandria count*. Va A pelf in v o piibnl t-r d-.l _/ '-! ? . v"i?u?a > i , u??i > ?> ?i n ma H-tf L~H?K R K.N'T?A ?? &.. 9TORE.tort?r of 9Ui at. 1 and Penn avetine, ?nder the Ct?rat]don H >t* . suitable for a t>arber's saloon or otfar stur? For information inquire at th? HoM. n?r jr F"OR RENT?The FIR8T FLOOR of^etMiU ins iininw'ateij opposite the *??t winiof tb? City H*!l,recently occupied by Cbas. 8. WkilMh u an Aieo the fr^nt room id tlte eeoood story and the third floor of the Mine but Idinc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.Na. 3 Louisiana avenue <a IS tf UENATOR8. MEMBER* OF CONOR? *.^ T?o splendid suites of ROOMS, Wfgantlyrnrniched, will be rented daring the im?iod or Cot K'ss, in the most desirable iooality it this city, ng within one or two eqoar"* of Brown*s and NaUonai Hotels. Thoee in pnrsnit of euoh Room# will do well to make early application at No, <19 *th street. between U etr??et ahd^ Pa aw. de fc-tf h^OR SALE?A moe three bUtt Bnok HOU8E, on 2d street, between I> and E street*, id Rib bet's Subdivision. The above property will be sold o?> easy terms. Price made known inqair inc ofH. W. HAMILTON A CO.. No. *64 Tth st'"?t oppoaite Centre Market. Title per foot. foTtf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW SUP pl> ofO"n??'f?ceKren0hCaif!*ktn DrMfaAa Boot* ami Gaiter*, P\tfn' l,?*t':er f loth Oaiters. Calf Skin. Patent I ratherfHl and l.a*<inc Sbo* A so, an atr'i?iw took of Bo 'and Children's. i-sdies'and Mis-**' Boot* and Shoes, ail of whnh I an *flilnc ai *oeedmgly low prices. J. ROt*RNTH A I., 520 Seven h street. ma 15 eo 3 ' oors at)v? D street. gOOTS AND TO SUIT THE We are now manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, and o?n?tanriv r eon vine a^> fuppij; o< eastern mad* i ?rkof ever* de-B^IJ soriptio*, made ?xpress'y toorde-, and willy Sj be sold at a maoh <rr?r price than haa t?een* heretofore obarged in this city for maoh inferior arbalee. Persons in war.t of Roots aud Shoes of eMterc or otty made work, will always find a food aseortmett in store and at the lowest prK'? Kit* u? a call. GRIFFIN A BRO., Ay >-r 314 Periniylvanta avenne. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY^ O _ ??# Tti mm, Orrosiu Odd Ftllvtet' Hall. ?T?-A ? *? *. D.C. Traveler* will stud* their interests r>- examiniai ray TRUNKS. VALICE* Ao .before pnr wn. oliaring elsewere A* I use none bat th?flnrP beat material the market affords aod the b*at workmen. I can oonidentlj reoommead my work to b? superior in Stremik and Dwrainfu* to Trunks that are made in other dM?* ard e<4d here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on riA^ynt^ mStwifc/M m an* WOOD BOX TRUNKS. ASHLAND ?*<* ether VAJLlCtS, THAVSLL\C BAGS, HAR NjESS "SADDLES. WHlpi fi? fr. Trunks. Ao., Repaired and Covered, in A work manlike manner, at short &oUce Trunk* delivered in any part of the eity, Oeorye town, or Alexandria. Aleo?Aient for Howe's celebrated FAMILY 5EWIN(f MACHINES. de 15-tj JAMES 8. TOPHAM. v n A ir n i* t r rv b n a >%?>*? | y v a v v i rv/n. r a l ii i No. 219 SEVENTH STREET. Fovt door j South of Odd Pillow? H*ll. H. W. HAMILTON-haa opened a PAINT fHOTMi'l PA IN I STORK on the NewYork plan. where can always be found PAINTS. OILS. 01>A|8S. BRUSHES, *c., Ac.,at wholesale an J n ' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. ayr* Br^kkt* w;th Bhi?hk> tq Loaa! N. B.? Particular attention paid to Houae, Shea. Ornamental Painting and Graining. IWM Ml F.namelied Gla*? of all kind* ai^ata oa hand, or rurm?h**d at abort notice. He warranta aati*faoti >. in al. wo-k entruat^d to hia care, and i* eonhd'r.t that he can do work aa oh~ap. if not cheaper. ttian an* other o^tabliahmvnt in tnia city. Gira hi in a cafl. l>en't forget the number?it ia lit Seventh atreet. ma 10-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. The undersigned respectfully Ir.lorm tneir patrona and the patUia tkatag the* nave received tueir u?ua "apply of^^B H'RING GOODS, oooaiatin? of the iateet a'yle a a faahion.aad beat(oret?n manarke WW ture. Th-y a'aa reapeetfajy in?it? artea Uon to their new atocV^fGENTLKMEiN'S PUR MSHING GtlOW of the lateat atrtea and inakea. They a!a<> keea oonatantly on hand a large aupplf of Na*?i ar?d Military Furniahin? Goofla?aaek aa Kpauieta, Chapeaua Sworda, Beiti. Goid Laoea, Shoulder Strapa.afldS^aher.^^ _ ? r. iiv/* lf\m m. v/um fti'tm, XavoJ and Military M*rrKami TaUtw, m*r 15 - ?Am Browq'a Hotel H SILVER WARE AND WATCH Eft. O HOOD Manufactures hit own Silver Ware in >ia n? shop at<< ae!la do Mothers aai* Jv work (that i? fot up for Ui? {s>uth?r* tra4e. i /^VJ H? warrauta every artioie to be >( C< ui Ki' ajff ver, and he will aell hit beat atandard war* at i?Mt m id w, if not lower, than tke Northern (oodaare koid for. He hu a'ao on band ft ver? tne (took of Superior Gold and Silver WATCBhS, and a larte lot of RICH JKWKI.RY ail of whieh he .a eel! inc very oheap. No. 3*8 Penn. tr. miK li y O L K' 8 8 T A T U E T T E STEPHEN A? DOrOLAS In form and fesuturea thia beautiful and tooarate peoimen ol American art la iiiHrMiia) by a"? specimen of like charaoter ever pn?tuced. It ia /ac m mi It of the e Giaot." Speoimena may be aeon and Statist lea procured at CrLvitR's D*r? Sroat. No. si** Penj avaaae. oorner of I2?b atreet. Wachi?ctou eity. Poraoae ia the District of Columbia aadStatee of Dataware, Mar?land, Virginia North Carolina, SoatJ Carolina, Qeonria. Florida. Alabama, Mieaiaai pi. aid L"utaiai<a, deairi- m o- piea of th? Statuette ?i]] ui dree* their ore era to C. P. CU LV ER, Waahin?UT oily. H. U.. rowiMnrt trf ? rwalUMM. O*npositiou Copiea >l&. B<>x and Cartace 1. B^Editoracf Dewepaper* iBtk?forM?Bi Htataa in mi* th" ?.|H,ve twaiva iMwiHtju U) their vmI't iaaa*a, with appropriate editorial a. will beaeyp ifl witii a onmj of the Sutnette. m<1 HKri is other State* wiV he formatted b? the t>o*! aaeeta h M W~~ GAS FIITtuikbT~ K Have m store. and era 4ail? rwoeirtiij, GAS FIXTUK BSof emtinlj New P^hnHtwi ud Finish, snperior is strle to aeyth)u? heretofore offered in thia mark*t. We lavite citiseos mora It to call awt examiue oar atoek of Gaa aud Tl'itor j-"ixturea, fWliu* ooufcd"?it that we have the bast elected stock in Waaiuactoa. All Work in the aliove line intraated to oar rare .,u i? ?KIT "?Sr^fks ? MocnAN mar i-t1 >T* j)atree? HUWt'S 1MFIOVKD W fclt?HlN? ttCALEB motft ii 0?r^otwf MN rw ?ut 11 in. Pireteleea yreojisisM have beea awsrtW the* p?w, ko.. *e la every eaea where Ylrs^sst^fr ^mTii7*^*T,r,w^' 'rv,,. ^ I p^sjsst*""" 'jo?? r | I

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