Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1860 Page 2
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r; THE^VENINCj STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDHIIDAY J? 13, IBM. *HrM ! ?h* Mtralni Ptcm. Th? Cmt.'fmtton de* intanpon "The 'Vagaries' of Mr. Sumner.'* and denies that It baa ever misrepresented Senator Douglas or injuriously assaulted bis I Vm ?critic friea<ls The Intelligence* la devoted to Congressional proceeding and news ITT We concur with onr cotempofwrr III approving the prayer of the memorialist* In the matter of the new r?iled stamped envelope, and we think that it will require a stretch of caution to refuse ao reasonable s request. If not too late Cdngrew will don MI ess take action. New Mvsic.?From ?ei^bbor Metzerott we have received Zion's Hsrp," s neatly printed little lx>?k of aacred mnsic. filled with familiar and popular tunes, ami admirably adapted for the family circle, the prayer meeting, and the Sunday school, compiled by (ietxo, and published by Lee A Walker, of Philadelphia. Also, from the same, twentv-fotir Yimit-H** * i* c fn? th* voice, by Marco Bordognl, Berlin edition?a capital aet of exerciaea; and "Die Grafenberger, ^ waltz,'* by Joa Gang!, Breusing. publiaber. New T York. rwmii. Tbe Hon William L. Yancey. of Alabama, reached Washington this morning, aad has taken rooms at tbe Kirk wood House. Hon. John Woodruff. Conn ; Maj General Job* F.. Wool. Col. IV Ruwv. R Arnold, A- D C., U. S A.; Rev. J. C. Martin, Ireland, are at WHlard*'. Hon John Fomvth, ei-Minlster to Mexico; Gen. Davidson, 111 ; Mr. Ge-?. Handera, N Y.; Hon M. Klllinger. Pa ; Mr J C. Tabor. Mayor of New Bedford, Man , and family; Mr P. Honey and famllv. Maw ; Rev. J Hyatt Smith. Pa.; Col J. D Mitrhell, W. F. Magruder, U.S. A ; Lieut Nalson, U.8 N., are at the National. IX^The steamer Moses Tavlor, with Havana advice* of the nth inw., has arrived at New York. It wss stated that an American schooner with four hundred negroes had baen captured and taken to Kev W eat Tbe sugar market waa pretty active at well sustained prices for grade* below No. 15. Finer grades were somewhat lower. Molaases Is dull Despatches from Virginia City, Ctah, stats that am stand of arms bad reached that city, to be used in the war with the Indians. A volantsr force of 500 men had been organized under command of Capt Thomas D Jones, who. at the suggestion of Judje Cradlebaugb, had issued a notice requesting the citizens of Virginia Citv. Genoa. Carson City. and other points, to assemble to consider the propriety of appointing delegates'o meet at Carson City, to form a Provisional Government for the western portion of Utah Territory. 117*" The Pony Express hasarrived at St Joseph. Mo , with dates to the 3d inst from Ruby Valley. 300 miles west of Salt Lake. There is no express from San Francisco. The agent at Ruby Valley writes that three employees of the express at Drv Creek Station havel>?eii murdered by the Indians Two hundred troops, under Lieut Weed, would leave next day to cuaatise the Indians and reopen the route, for which every effort would be made Reliable information says that all the Indian depredations have been instigated by the whites II was ruinorrd at Salt Lake that an emigrant train bad been cut off west of Ruby Valley and nearly all of the party murdered The express commences to make semi-weekly trips on the 13th, (to-day ) The other mail day remains Saturday The superintendent thinks that all will go regularly in the course of a fortnight. A Pl?*sant I'paciric.?Many persons will Buffer ratber than take nauseating medicines, nor do we wonder that it should be so. but those who are afflicted with a cough, or irritation of the bronchial tubes, or realize any of the usual conauuiptive tendencies, so liable in the American climate, need not fear in nw remedy, l)r. UFutar's Balsam of Wild Cktrry, a remedy ac agreeable to the palate as efficacious in removing disease. Having years since tested tbis article iu our family with remarkable success, we have unhesitatingly recommended It verbally, and in our paper frequently, and maty of our subscribers have addressed us letters ujkjh Um subject. When we say this is an unsolicited recommendation of the excellent Balsam, our readers will understand what we mean to *ay. It is a remarkable and never failing remedy for consumptive svmptorns when taking in season.?Fia^'cj Our Cms. Ma&elk Colcx.ih rm tiie Capitol Em*siox ?Tbe Baltimore !*un of tbis morning says: "For several years past a difficulty bas existed in the Capitol extension work in consequence of the supposition that monoliths could not he obtained from any of tbe marble quarries in tbe United states, and the law required that they should be of native material Mr John F. Connolly, of this < ity. was awarded a contract by the JSecretary of War to furnish one hundred monolithic columns, and lie has begun the work at the Beaver l>am quarry, near Cockeysville, in Baltimore county. Tbe columns are 25ig feet long, -1 feet S Inches in diameter at Ihe base and 3 feet in rfixmpUr at th? tnn ! ' ??- 1 1 ._V f Ii?.u OV1U11III WFIIJIIJ St j tun*, or 46.UU0 pounds Tbe atone i< very white of tine textora, and very hard. possessing great tren^li " fhe mode of quarrying the bug* block* is by drilling to the depth ol three feet iuto the solid rock,the drills only three-quarters of an inch arart, and the partition* cut out with chisels Below tbe drills are also made, and tbe rough block is broken off from tbe rock by forcing wooden wedges into the drill*. No powder tan he used in tbe work, lest tbe large shafts might be shivered Tbey are got out of tbe solid rock and srabbled. in which condition tbey will be ] taken to Washington for finishing. A railroad has been constructed from tbe quarry to connect with the track of the Northern Central railway at Cockeyavllle, on which they will he transported There are a number already detached from tbe marble bed, and several more are nearly drilled These are tbe largest monoliths ever quarried in tbe United states, and it is said there is 110 other quarry from which they can be produced of equal length and pnrity of texture. In tbe course of two or three weeks those now out will all be sent to Washington, and Baltimore county will have tbe proud boast of furnishing what could not be obtained elsewhere in the country " Yesterday afternoon the tlrstof these mammoth columns was brought to the Bolton depot, and it will be taken over the Howard street track to the Camden station to-daw Ti?? ? , ?j. - ~ " !'?.? nr rr^uiren to bear the immense weight, and threat care is ne? esedry to conee? it to the point of destination Tt'Ji far Mr Connolly bat been entirely ?iic?-e??ful in getting oat the coiumns, but a considtrable time will yet be required before the whole uumber will tx? completed The marble is of the finest texture, uniurpaseed *n tbe country, and admits of a high polish Tlieae columns will form one of tbe iuo?t promi nent features ot tbe capitol extension, and it will be a work of which Maryland may well be proud " ry^^l. O. O. F.?OR AND LODGE.-A called ilj meeting of the Grand Lolge will tie held Tills EVK>liNG,?'.1X o'clock U> make arrangements for the lube al ol our late Brother. 1*. G. Chaklxs F. GoftDoK, of Eastern Lodge, No. 7. Officer* aa<< members are remitted t?> be punctual in atteud&uce. Punetal Thursday ilternooii, at i o'clock. lit) JliH.N T." HANGS, G. i*. rTB-1 O. O. F.-EASTERN LODGE, No. 1Tlie mem tier* ol Ee?tern Lodge are berebv notified to attend at ttieir l.od^e Room THIS ( VVe>lne*ua? ) EVENING, at 8 o'clock, to umka af ianpfe;u-nt* to atteud the funeral of our deceased Br ther, P. G. CxtiLK* F. Gor on. U* order. If P. M. PEARSON, Re^Ser t ryrsB? ATTENTION NATIONAL (.RKYSIIJp You are requested ,o mnet ai 'he Cap am s Omce. corner >ix n street ami Lotiixiajia avenue, on FRIDAY EVENING. h* LSth as iiueor.aut busiuoas will Im bruuifli' before -he company i.KM. TOWKRS,C?Dt?m EOBT. GRIMES, Sfcre ary. je 13 a. fV-y-MorNT VfcRNON BUILDING A?!?0I L 9 ClAl'loN.?The third annual meeting of tlii? Association will take place on FKIDAN' KvK .NK\<?. '? Mti instant. at 3 n'cicl, at Potomac Hail. A full attendance of the stockholders n requested. Al>ee?t?w* will be hn?d. je lJ-Jt* CHAS. ALLEN, Sc<\ rr*?A PAIR WILL BE HELD AT LA\GLLj i EY. Fairfax county, v incinia, for tn?* benefitof the Methodist Episcopal Cnurci>, South, on the Mk and 21st lustant < here wul tw Fancy Article# in profu?ion, and Refreshment* of every variety in aliuntiaoce The Fair will be opened Jof vi?itor? at two o'clock I he brat two day*, and will be continued all day on Thurwla) ? on which .lay wil be a sumptuous Dinner prepared. S?PT>er eh evening. Th? public are re?p?.rUttliy aolicited to attend. je 13 lw? vy A WORD TO THE WISR.-A good ht is deal red and a a oe article wa t*d. an.I for yoar lienefit 1 will tell you that the People's Clothing W?r?. *?' Seventh ftreet. is the place where a food bt and a good article ean he bought at B- Jmat r-^eiv?d a second supply of Spring and rammer Clothing, Hats aad Cap* at SMITH'S. >o. 460 Seventh street, opposite the Po?t Office. Jel??w rxt. thi^in*uat. ax t & /?. Chtuoh 'i*onth. ghih etreet, for the b?i??it of theSnfcday School <-on??cted with the ohnreh. jffr. F A. Trct*?, Conductor, wil! bean?u?ed by Mi. Ai>a **, P anist, and aoineof the be*t an.ateur t J.-i.t ol the citr. . . The music will be of the choicest kind, *e!eoted , Ti(^*^ 3? o* Bti; to be purch?4 at the rf?or. H WASHINGTON R1WI AND flOHIP. Thi Fc3i*al of G?k*?al Jmcp ?The funeral obatquies of the late General Jeatip, to Uke place tbla afternoon, are, from all Indication!, likely to be very grand and tmpoalng, and ucta aa are In keeping with the character and valuable services of tbat venerable and distinguished officer Kite naive preparations have been made by the Secretary of War and others having tbe matter in charge. General Scott, who entered the United (Mate* service on the iir.f day with the deceased, ia to be present in the procession. General Wool, tbe third officer in rank in the United States army, ia to assume Command. Tha mllltarv ili*li!an Af fh* rf.ytjKT? will consist of a battalion of artillery, battalion of marines, squadron of cavalry, a company of light artillery, the general staff of the Army, offlceri of the Army, officers of tbe Navy and Marine Corps, aurvivo.s o4 the war of 1812, officers of tbe militia, and volnnteer companies Tut Covods Committee liat nearly clos*d ita labors. No more witnesses are to be summoned. The testimony has been printed as the examination progressed Three Cabinet officers have been examined?namely, Attorney General Black, Secretary Thompson and Secretary Cobb. From them nothing especially important baa been elicited. The last-named stated that he never had, either by himself or with the President, any interview or communication of any kind with Representative Cox, before, during or after the pending of the Kngllsh bill There was other evidence corroborative of the truth of this general statement, and that this gentleman sought no office or influence with the Administration in connection with his public conduct. Appointment* bt the President.?The following appotntmenta have been made by the President; nd confirmed by the Senate: Collectors of the Cuttcma ?Ira Darrow, Edgartown, Mass , vice Constaut Norton, whose comll.issiAn vnivod PnkMl? *** ?1 * * ! - ..r,.v?. upuiuim imams, jr., ^lonington, CI., vice Benjamin F. State*, whose commission expired. Nathan Baker, Apalncbicola. Fla., vice Robert J. Floyd, whose commission will expire July 21, 18B0. J A. T. Wendell, Micbilimackinac, Mich., reappointed. Surveyor.* of tht Customs.?George Lucas. Palatka, Fla , vice Robert R. Reid, resigned Henry S. Austin, Peoria, 111., vice William i?. Moss, whose commission expired. Naval Intilligknck.?The Plymouth not being large enough to answer all the purposes of a practice ship for the .midshipmen of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, the frigate Constitution, at Portsmouth, N. H , Is to be fitted up for thi? purpose. As soon as th? Plymouth returns from her summer cruis? with the inidthipmeu. she will he turned over for general service The Niagara, which is to convey the Japanese F.mbassy bark to Japan, has had the nectssary repairs completed, and will be put to sea about the aid. Thi Vaunt Scpremk Co'jrt Jumesiuf.? It stem* to be understood that the question who shall fill the seat on the Suprems bench vacated by the recent death of Mr Justice Daniel, rest* between Judge Wm L Harris, of Mississippi, who is now supported by the delegation from h;s State, and Mr Attorney General Black, either of whom will admirably fill the position. It seems to be thought that if Judge Harris is not selected. Judge Black will be. The Vai a.nt (jrartidxx$iiiit Gkmral-hip In army circles here, the impression certainly prevails that (.Jen. A. Sidney Johnston, I S. A., will be appointed to succeed the late Major General Ju - ijm 'iuartermaster General of the I' S. Army. know not the ground* giving rise to this impression, though of its general prevalence we are very sure. Thk Pacific Tklbgraph'The Senate have passed the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph bill as amended by the House, except in regard to the corporators The House Mruck out the corporators and opened the proposed project to a contract with the lowest bidders The Senate restores the corporators. Thk Weathih ?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer l?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock JijfE 14, 1N50. Washington, D. C clear, wind S\V Richmond, Va 70'. Petersburg. Va clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 7(1?, wind W Raleigh, N. C clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N C clear, pleasant. Columbia. S. C clear, warm Charleston. 8. C clear, pleasant August-i. lia clear, pleasant. Savannah, <ia clear. ??->, wind SK Macon. ?ia cl?ir, pleasant. Columbus, Ga ?-lear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear,cool. Mobile. Ala clear, cool. New Orleans, La clear, Ni?. FROM T11K WIST. Pitttburg, Pa clear, 60?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corre ted for temperature,) 20.9-29; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a. m., 021; at noon, 71?. in- Th. i?~?? - lf - . r.iuwiMvare enjoying themselves at the Continental Hotel, in f*iii 1 arl?-l|<tiin, in much the *nme manner that they did at VV11lard*', in this city. It is estimated that over :{im fio<)(the Press ?ay? people w?re present as spectator* on the occasion of the entree of the Embassy into that city In New York, the greatest preparations are being made by every one to render the advent of the Japanese an occasion of the greatest rejoicing An effort?a "stunning effort"?will be m^de to imprts* the strangers with the idea that New York is the commercial metropolis, and that, in comparison to it, Baltimore and Philadelphia are fourth-class towns, unworthy of commerical intercourse with the great Empire of Japan. It Is said that Mayor Wood intends to make a desperate effort at the Embassy with a tremendously long speech. Besides, there is hardly a shopkeeper in Broadway who is not preparing some article to make them a present of, ostensibly to manifest their good will towards the Japanese, but in reality to get an advertisement for nothing out of the newspapers These articles include almost everything embraced in an annual fair of ? * "* * >uc nuiEiicui inamuie, Irom a patent churn down to an Improved rat-trap The aenaation journal! are alio making Immense preparation. One of thrm. on the day after the arrival of the Einhasay, will present ita readtra with a hl?tory of Japan, from the earliest period down to the present day. ????????i???? SILK GAUZE, LI*LE THREAD AND COTTON UNDERSHIRTS, COTTON N E l\ G AUZK 1.1NEN and T WlLLED CO TON DRAWER-, SILK. COTTON and LIH.E SOCKS, SHIRTS, TIES, COLLAR*, <-lOVES, Ac . at verv reduced prie?a for eath. Great ba Rain* U> be ha' no* of NOAH WALKER A CO , je 13-3t 36S henn. aveuuc. _ O'Ttt NEW BOOKS Q7C mi I OJu*t received at UTS reuu. avenue *m 4 O between 11th and 12th at ?ets: El Feureidn, by the author of the Lamplighter, The Litti - Beauty, bjr Mra, Grey.l vol. 12mo.t 626 Tf ill onth>? Flo**, by the author of Adam Bed*, Marble Faun.-2 vol*. 12mo New volume by Dicken*, Short Stories, cloth, Dioken*'Short Stone*, paper, Dickens' I ale of Two Citie*. paper, Dicken*' New Year't Stonea, pap.r. riuiui&y Morion, paper, All ofCharle* Lever's Novel*, paper, All of G. W. M. R?jnolcT? Novel*, paper, Thackerar in o oth arid paper, 1 ntialiain < new book, i lirone of David ami Pillar of Fire. Foraaleat BKN. F. Y RENCH'S je 13-3t ^lieap Bookstore 278 Pa. a v. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. fillMWHM Cha^oi or Hobm ON AND AFTKR WKDN bSDAY, June 13:h, law, tra.n* will run a* foliovi: Leave Waahinjton at 6 3D and 7 Oft. m. Leave Washington at 3.2.' and 5JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 2& p. in. l.*ave Baltimore at 125 and 8 40 a m. Leave Baltimore at 3 16 and 4J0 p. ni. >a Sncday at 4 25 a. in. Paxeeugeia for the Ea?t will take train* at 6jn ard7.?>a. ni and 3 ?'p m. For the Wear at 7 4" a. m and 3.3" p. m. For A nnap'.lia at 7.40 ft m ftnd 3? p. m. For Norfolk at7 40 a. in. 10 h 13 4 T. H. PARSONS. A cent. XXXTOU CO PI (JR. KM?FIRST RIIIUN. PiKt(4ii|i ti TmuHij ituriMa lit T*E 8k5Ati, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Doollttle presented a memorial from Cb&rle* F Anderson, submitting a plan fot the better arrangement and ventilation of the Senate I Chamber, im setting forth that he had on former occuim eiaitToreo u> arresi seyerai arcbttectu: ral and scientific <rrars while the work of exten ton was going on, particularly the errors now acknowledged by Senator Hale's bill, and that his remark* Thereon may now be more worthy of attention, particularly when ttiey are known to emanate from an olu and experienced architects The Senate then resumed the consideration of the bill making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the year ending 3uth June, 1 **61; when, after a discussion on various amendments, the bill was reported to the Senate, and all the amendments concurred in save those specially reserved, being some three or four, among which was the amendment appropriating 9500.000 for completing the aqueduct. On motion by Mr Sfidell, tne Senate took a recess from 4 until 6 o'clock, at which time the Senate again convened. Mr Powell aiked the unanimous concent of the Senate to be allowed to take up House bill authorizing the sale of the Western Military Asyloni at Harrodsburg, In Kentucky. Permission having been granted, the bill was amended, on motion of Mr P., and was read a third time and passed. The Senate then resumed the consider<ttlon of the civil appropriation bill?the question pendiug being on concurring in the amendment made in Committee of the W hole for a modification of tUo contract with (Sale* A Seaton for publishing the State papers; which was concurred In by a vote of 2* to 18. The amendment of Mr. Bright was also con < uuru in appropriating tne sum of S3tiO,UOO for tbe extension of the Capitol And also an amendment for enlarging tbe public grounds Numerous other amendments were dlacuiwd until 11 o'clook, when the amendments agreed to were allowed to be engrossed, and the bill was read a third time and passed on a call of tbe yeas and nay*?to 18. And tbe Senate adjourned. Is tin Housk, Mr. Grow, from the joint committee of conference on the disagreeing amendments to tbe Tost Office deficiency bill, reported that they were unable to agree. He moved that the House recede from Its disagreement to the first amendment of the Senate, and agree to tbe Senate's amendment with an amendment providing that the service between Charleston and Key West shall be performed in the same time as was prescribed in tbe contract with tbe Isabel, and that tbe Isabel shall be paid for tbe service actually performed, at the rate prescriVed in the contract. The amendment rrstoreaall the service discontinued or curtailed since the 4th of March, 1859, except on tbe route from Neosho to Albuquerque, and from Kansas City to Stockton, and part of route 8.t??8, west of El Paso, leaving the discretion of the Postmaster General tbe sam? as under tbe existing law to discontinue or curtail service. After some conversation, tbe amendment of Mr. Grow was agreed to?yeas 1C3, nays.r>3. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the state of I'nion ^Mr. Kellogg, of III., in tbechair) and resumed the consideration of tbe bill making appropriations for tbe naval service for the year enciin" June 30, I3<>l After recess, at * o'clock, the committee rose, when the several amendments were concurrtd in And the bill was passed. I fit a nrnuiBA r> " "iUl 1m 11 l>e expended in any Navy Yard in the repair ot any vessel until the necessity of S'ich repair, and the probable cost thereof, fs ascertained by the report of a board of officers of the Navy Alco, that not more than $3,000 shall be expended at any Navy Yard oil the hull and spars of any vessel, nor more than *1,000 on the sails and riy^ing- without previous examination and a report oi the co?t by a board appointed for the purpose ] The Ilou?e took up and acted on the Senate's amendment to the Inaian appropriation bill, and non-concurred 1 r some of thein The House, at a few minutes to ten o'clock, adjourned. ? Pr??-#?ding? ( T?-Day. In the Sfxatk, to-day, the long pending and much discussed bill for the relief of Anson Dart, was taken u p and passed Mr. Hunter, from the Finance rnrnmitu. ported back the IIou*** t.irifl" bill without amendment, giving notice tbat after the passage of tbe appropriation bill*, he would call it up and move ita postponement until the second Monday in December. After the transaction of routine business of no ] general interest, the general appropriation bill %vas taken up. when our report closed. Is the Hocrk, thcreports of the Select Investigating Committee on Navy expenditures being taken no? Mr llm ofli adrlrpuid tV>? luwly at louglii U f? vor of this report. Mr Sherman was speaking on the subject when we went to press PINKY POINT PAVILLION WILL OPEN i >T the reoeption of visitors on the A ^ . A 25th of June. In consruueoce of my ah Y|f!ta&y *?noe for several months, Mrs. Dix wilijmflLX take charge of the mara*emer.t of tlie Pav. ,10.. nasi s tod by iny son, Thos. U. Dix. Hoard per week $ <: hoard per month $25. | je 13 eoltn* \V. W. DIX, Proprietor M AN T I L L AS!' M AMTILLA8! MANTILLAS ! RICH SOLID It LACK SILK MANTLKS. RICH M_LK AM> LACK iw. I KK.\( It LACK IN POINTS, BERNOiSfc.&c. ! CHALK PKKIN TRAVELING DUSTERS, I CHaLK PEKIN TRAVELING St ITS, STRIPKi) CLOTH SI ITS, ! CHILDREN'S TRAVELING DUSTER:?. Ahd *l?o, A few of the celebrated shape called the "ARABCI.OAK," in light textures?the greatest novelty of t'i?> ?ea-oi. The above comprise* th? entire baiance of a largo importing li use iti New York. \Ve have |, ught these goods for ta*h at a great sacrifice, and will sell them verv I w tor cash. The above ?roda are of t!ie latest ?-tyle*. and ne lerted from the first factories Itoth 111 ^et Y<>rW ?nd Pan* ; and, in order to etl'ect immediate sales, the whole of tli? ?tock hu be?n reduced fully fifty per oont. from the orijui al cost. We have secured the services of Mr. StringFiKi.n, of New York, to assi?t its in tlio sale of this Splbsdid Assoktmim or MANTILLAS AND TRAVELING SUITS. j,(Hies would do well to make an early call. CLAGETT & MAY, 3'24 P?nx?ylvas:A Avixct. je 13 6t Between !Hh ami lotli i*ts. PTaNOH.-GREAT ?ARGAINS-<?ne Roaenkrantz Piano, in boat order, for .t7s.?_ <>n* six oct*"? Gael? Fiann f >r #?>. AlsoKKSea 1 Vfry good Pritio" Mel< d.eon fur For*?l%Il sale on acoommodat'ng term* at -he Wmio St-re of (j? 12) W. G. MKT/KKOTT. CELLING OFF! & SELLING OFF! We have marked down our wuol&atock of? R<oh Barege and [.awn Robes, Rich Figured and Plata Bareges, Chintz Figured Anians. All Fancy Dresa Silka, many at ooat and lea*, in o-dor to reduce our heavy atock this aeaaon. n~r We invite the apeoial inspection <>l the Iadiea a-ul purchasers generally. aa we shall nffer deairabl* bargain* J. W. ' OLLEY A CO-. je 12 2w i'23 Seventh at, above Pa. w. in < 114 4 euper Linen Sheetioga, IU"4, 10-4 11 4, and 12 4 Cotton Sheetinga, Richard on A. 8one\ Dunbar A Diokinson and Barklie's auper Fronting and 9hirtinc Linens, Towelinga in variety. Tabie Li ens ami Napkins, I<0 piecs superior makes Bleached Cottons, loo pieces Lawns at 12X cent* '25 pieces White and Coiored Fianne a. Ladies' and Mieses' White Cotton Hoae, WThi'e Gooda in varietj. i vainurio ana swim Kd> ing* and ln?ertir.K?? Houi'on, Guipure and Frenoh Worked Collars. Sun Umbrella*, Paras* la and "un Shade*, Super mlk and French Lwt Mantis*, Huoped Skirts. Silk MiU. Ac., Ao, reoeived and for tale low by j* 12 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. S3,700 oneca?h.rth $3,700 balance in 6, 12, 18, and 24 moniks. A rare ohanoe for speculation, or to procure a ood House and Let iu the moot improving part of the oity. Mr. H. \V. HAMII/roNT offers for sale that beautiful three-gtcy BRICK HOl'sK and LOT, with two story back building, situated on 2d street west, between 0 and E sts.. in John B. Kibbrj's subdivision of square (Sr7i)lor ?3,7n<). Such a house cannot be built for less than thirtytwo or three hundred dol'ar*; and the l.ota are worth from twelve to fifteen Mndred dollars in that vioinity now. The ouly reason for offering the above property at suoh a reduoed prjce, is lor the purpose of disposing of it iinmediatel*, in order to settle up the late business transactions between W. H tiamiiton A. Co. The House con tains 9 good room*, beside* lath-room, closets, to . there is a good dry cellar under the back building, ana gas and water p'p?e laid all through the bonding. The House is new, and finished la the best style throughout, with good pavement and iron railing in front. I he Lot ia 2u Jeet front, run ning l>aok 120 feet to a 3n foot allot, which is graded and paved. The title is perfect, and terms of sale easy, \ cash, the balanoe in 6,19, II acd 24 months, secured by a deed of trnaton the property, The key oan be had of H. \V. HAMILTON, at his Paint Shop, No. 519 7th street, four doors eooth ol Odd Fellows' Hall. Je7-1w J A DIES' SUN UMBRELLAS AND PARAA new snpplv just reoeived from the manufactories, and for sale at very low pricoa. H JOAN'S, 323 Pa. avenuflVouth *ide, g bet. 6th and 7th sts. |?*OR L*DIES, MISSES, SLAcVLw^WSgiS'-"?' *>? w # GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS . A R??oLrT!o\ relating to Gilbert Vanderwerken Resolved by tke Board of Alderwun and Board of Oommon Council of the Corporation of (i toe get even, That the Recorder be, and be ia brrebv matructed to foroeioae the mortgage on tba Tobacco Ware bouae, vnleaa all intereat, note* tor Itceow, flnea and coala, and inaurance due tbla Corporation by Gilbert Vaadarwerkon, bo paid within thirty days flcm the poaaage of thla resolution. > Approved May 19, IfctiO A E*?OLrriox in favor of Geo. W Bea.ll Resolved by Ike Board of Ald'rmen and Board of Common Council of Ike Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be. and be 1a hereby authorized to pay to Geo. W lieall twenty-one dollara and fifty oenta. for ledger, index, and bill head*, fnrnlahed for the tiae of the Aasesaora for the year 1-rtU. * Approved May 19, lftiO. A Rbholction to pay the Aiaeuora for the year Resolved by tke Board of Aldermen end Board of Common Council of the Corporation of (i orgetovn. m hoi iac v_ rera oe, *n? be is bareby authorized to K six hundred dollars to the order of Geo. VV 11, M V. Buckey, and T. E Cox. for their services as Assessors for ttie year Ibtto. Approved May 19, I860. Ax Oimxance supplementary to an Ordinance approved Auk 14, 1358, entitled an Ordln&ace in relation to Ten-Pin Alleys Resolved bp the Board of Aldermen and Board *f Common Council of Ike Corporation of GtorgtUnm. That after the words "IIfty dollars per annum7'' in the first section of the Ordinance to which thU is a supplement, the same shall read, "or to twenty-five dollars for any number of months not exceeding six months in each and every year." [Approved May ly, lt*!0 A Resolution making appropriation to pay certain bills Resolved bp the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation qf Georgetown, That the sum of twenty-three dollars and sixtytwo cents be, and the same is hereby appropriated to pay tbe bills of Henry Barron and Isaac Hill, the same being the oue-rourth of tbe appropriation for furnishing fuel and furniture for the Orphans Court of Washington county. Approved May 19, 1860. 318 BEAR IT IN MIND. 318 IF VOL'WANT A DRY AND COLD ? _ ? REFRIGERATOR. BUY THE ARCTIC, or C. WOODWARD. No. 31* Pa. av.. between 10th and Ilth Ms. IF YOU WANT A REFRIGERATOR That will answer your purpose during 11??* warm e>t summer days, buy the ARCTIC. Sold by C. WOODWARD. No. 31** Pa. av., between loth and 11th ?t->. IF YOU WANT A REFRIGERATOR That is well made, of the best materials, and handsome appearance, buv the ARCTIC. For sa'o at C. WOOD WAR D.S, No 31? Pa. av., between loth and 11th sU. IF YOF WANT A REFRIGERATOR That will bo taken bnrk awl tin tnotfu rtt yrmed if it does not perform all that i? claimed for it, buy an ARCTIC. Sold only by C. WOODWARD. No. 31? Pa. av., Iietween 10th and 11th ots. IF YOl WANT A REFRIGERATOR That ha > been well tested, Bli V THE ARCTIC, which is row used bv hundreds of our citizen, a iist of whom will be furnished, to enable purchasers to satisfy themselves of their effe?tiveriess. Sold only by C. WOODWARD, No. 31? Pa.av.. between leth and 11th sts.. je lit 3t Sole Agent for the Dist of Colunibia. IWEW ARRIVAL OF 1^1 STRAW GOOD?. 4c. LADIES STRAW BONNETS, JOCKEY HATS. OTTOMANS, ZOUAVES, CANTON DROOPS, Ac.. Ac. rt.?u, r nciiivg rJjUWKHS, KOI CUES. RIBBONS. FEATHERS. and many other pretty and desirable soods, now receiving at MAXWKI.I/H. je 11-eoJt 32*? Penna. avenue. I^OR PHILADELPHIA.?The steamer C. C. r Alger. Captain Ponton, has ar- J1 "> rived, and will saM for the alnive port j~ on Friday morning, at in o'clock.-" " '" " *' For freight apply to HYDE St DAVIDSON, je \2-3t (jwiri-Uiwn, D C. G ALTS' OOD JfND COAL OFFICE, 2S2 p4. A v., Bktw. 11th ahd 12th St*., North side. Mill ana w nai r A/01 ui Seventeenth st., ma 17-tf Below War JVpartment fT,HF. OPKRA HAT, just arrived, by express, I at SMITH S. Sl'MMKR HATS and CAPS in abundance, at SMITH S. Seventh st. TRUNKS, TRUNKS, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh st .opposite Pout Office. ira 2H P NOTICE. ERSONS Desirous of having their children educated thoroughly in the English and German Languages, will do well hy calling upon the principals, Messrs. WATERS at WEI 1., at the school on G stre-t. above Mr. Ryon's grocery. Term* 9' st month. The term* and the manner in which they tea-h the ohildren, make it one of the most desirable soiioolsin the city i?6-2w* \f SKLLING OFF AT ensf. i'IRS. LOWE Kegs leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown and its vicinity thai she will commence on Mondav.the 11th of June, t?? sell ort her Stock o[ LADIKS' DRE^S TRIMMINGS at cost, which must he closed out the last of July. MKS. LOWE, je7-!w 277 Pa. avenue, south side. Black lace shawls and silk mantillas I have on hand a large lot of the abowe named articles from auction, and selling them considerably ' low the market prices. Cail esr'y and secure a bargain. H. EG AN. 323 Penn. avenue, sou-h side, je 8-fit het. Htli and 7th sts. Ol'R WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT IS well w.i-th? the attention of the Ladies. We have ft ?pl?rn1"1 stock of? Jaconet Cambrics, Cnmbric Muslim Nansooks. Mull, Swi t, French, Indi*, Plain Cambrics Striped *nd P.a'd Nansooks i'dia Dimity, BnUiantus Bishop Lawns, Victoria Lawns Kenting, Linen Cambrio, Tarletons Cumbno I'nnit*, 8wi?? and Cambrio Edgings 8vri>? and Cambric Binds, Cambrio Flouncings W bite Crinoline, Sleeve Muslins We may al?o lnc'udein this depa'tinent? Fine and medium Silieia Tat le Damasks Sup?nor Linen Sheetings, Pi low Linens Bud-ere Dinpers, Russia Diapers Fine Towellings, Pu'e Shirting Linens Damask Table C'oths. Damask Napkins Devieys, Linen Shirt Fronts, fro Ao. The goods are now being sold by us at wholesale prices for oaxh, in otder to close out our stock at the earliest possible moment Wetrustour friends will come prepared to pay for their purchases, as we do*ire to make no moie charge* for any one. We will give all goud barrains for the money. CLAGKTT A MAY, iefi-fit 3'J4 Pa. av . bet <Kh an<1 10'h at*. PSOLU SINGLY. ARTIES Wishing H I B S. SPOKES, or RIM-*, singly or in broken sets, can find them at our store in every vaMt-ty. ..... . je8-0o.1t JOHN R. EI.VaNS A CO. ? CARRIAGE 11J rrs,) I1 ?1-ZiP"r >*rdI'ININ US, jrom 20 to .so c?nt? per yard, ^JT?i AS. from 251 > 35 o- t? p*r yard, Sog??*"i'ilf M itf "35 BANDS, from 25 cents to ?3 per set, Ac., Ac , Ac Por*aleby JOHN R. ELVANS & CO.. je8-eo3t (Alex. Gaz-J Washington, D. (J, r^O<i DE PLUMES Vm t , ? -1?D OST?1CH FEATHERS. In black and white, (together and separate.) for trimminr ladies' and misfe ?'jockey hats in the new French style. Just received at . ? ? MAXWELL'S, je 11 eo3t_ MS Penna. avenue. I OW PRICED OILCLOTHS. J oat received, per steamer .MontioelJo? in sheet* new stvle FLOOR OILCLOTHS. 5 do in 1M leet width*, very heavy and cheap which we are cutting up a* per diagram Al*o. one oaae ENAMELLED TLCLOTHS \^,'rytch!Jap> inorocco? for upholstering seats' j? 4 < "2w CLAGETTA DODSON. VL .T i MILLS, oonn?ctin|[liifBS^# with the Loudoun and Hampnhir?l^^^??y^ Railroad, leave Washington at 6% o'clock a m Fare io cents. *U?[e office at Ma tin's Franklin Qurii uuruor 01 r.uiu:i and k) its. jeS-lm* JOHN H. KELCHNEB, Prop'r. 1\JEW ENGLISH BOOKS.-Looking at Life. Or Thought'and Things, by George A. Sala, on* volume, prroi #1,25. Helen Moi daunt, or the standard of Life, by Mra. Webb, author of Naomi, *o? pnoe 73 oents. The Young Gold Digger, o' a Boy's Adventure* in the Gold Regions, by Gustuieher. I rot., prioe cents. The Squire, by tit* author of Nan Durrel), Ac . ? oerte. The Cooks' Own Book, a Manual of Cookery for 'isasir' je 11 oorner of 11th st. and P?a. avenue. AaKNCY ? The undersigned have been appointed Agents fer supply oonstautly on hand and for nle at loveet >&HAV and COAL SCALES erected in any part of thH District or adjoining counties. All SouIm are warranted durable, accurate, and to (in satisfaction _. ; Js. , - * ** n_\ v : AMUSEMENTS. t kUV FKLM>\\'!?* HALL -9?r<.od Wnk of " ' Tfea TntmyUr-i >uoo?m of Tkl?4?i,iluiuitlMhaiical Art*. THUS EVEMMS tba foAawtng IteaatiM will ba ?rwnt?1 -A baaoUfel v,?wof Gibraltar. ?d aUagori ofths gnat Wa?fcin?u>B. n?w ntth*K?oi udlWt of GlWatw. City of Mlt banc, with a t*?utiftal View of tba >i?l?| Napolaoa CrotMBf til* A In, in which $t> ?M ibot tat fccjtrM are rapraaeatad. Th? wonderfti. and UrivtWd Autoiu'oo SlMk Top* Van t?r. To aoa?tad? with a jrard and awru ?o?ne of a 9t?rm at 9a*. Doar? omaa at 7)i o'clock ; performance will eonm? nee at i. Oa Wrdnr eday and Sktorda; Af Wnoona ?pe*ial Performance*; door* open at 2 a'clook?commanoe at S Children to day parform tooM IS ot*. Card* of admiMion ? ota. jal? ROBINSON fe LAKE'S GREAT CIRCUS & MENAGERIE. I SUPERB FIRMAMENT PAVILION Oar Hand red a ad Srvrait *!? H?'"* Hpiendid tsd imrotnsfly lihAnj desice lor Um amnxen ent and instruction of tne pMtl*. in the wonderful combination of these two hub at families. aided by a great naroter of 1.0(1, and Gentlemen oi'iB^kKESST " 6""" R"" TOM KING, the Champion Lea?er of the World. KING *?*' M'Ue ADELAIDE in t new tnd origin*! performance entitled. Ad<m%* and Y^nus. MASTER KAPOAKLL in hi* Gmt Klyiu |,rnn c r v of T?eati Fe#t: ** p Fir? Lady RtJen a*d Danseus'* ?TTkru So. 1 Clorrn.? ?Cr<mpl'te Troup? of KqutsIrian*?Grand Oprretuc Bras* and String Orck?s Calltriiem tff Rare L'ring Am trinlf.-Bwl-ndtd Slid of BloodeA Performing Hortet, Pontes and Educated Miles. With a distinct troupe of exaaisiteiy trained Ju veoilee,for the production of Ballet. Pantomime, vomedj mil Faroe 10 be substituted during the piece* wornout and wearisome afterTh* Ladiis. MADAMK ROBINSON, so renowned every w-h?r*j WA" lwid an usual, 111 her delichtful science i i.iW) hquestriar.ism. exhibiting, upon her heau tiful and nigh-mettled horse*. Um graceful, yet controlling, power which all ladies may, with m siruction acd practice, obtain over this noble arimal; am) th? high point of exoellenoe a? d skill which mar b? Mbi*r?d in this invigorating and agreeable exercise [ M'LLE ALICE, The verr incarnation of Beauty, Graoe, daring, .lashing ? iTect, stjie, and fascination. To attempt anjthing like a description of this wonderfully brilliant Equestrienne within the limits ol a sentence in a newspaper advertisement would he absurd. We mutt refer the publio to the Press o( the 1'nited States and Europe. Notices will be found, copied from the lea/ling Journals, in eaoh paper in winch this advertisement appears. Differing entire!* iu stvle from all others, this Child of Oenm* rides with the most perfect aban don and fearlessness. her magnificent form assuming catura'iy the roost graceful and claesic post tlons. h?r iVn* li? > ?.?t - - ??? 1 ' 1 ? * w t?n ? ? worv ouuir ui confidence. and her hue eye sparkling with genius and pride of ner daily sucoe?*ee. * er noble horse kn<>w? hit mistress, and seema to enter with a'l the spirit of hia generous nature into the general excitement which her immenae achievements univer aally create. Aa they dnah around ttt* arena there la a splendid harmony or daring, atyle and grace, and deafening eheera prociann metier triumph won. LA FA1RTF. KATE, From the Principal Theaters. At WASHINGTON o*~CITY HALL SQUARE. On THURSDAY, FRIDAY *nH SATUR VA Y. Junt 14,15, *nd 16 Admission cents ; children and servant* ? eta n.7" The oompany will perform at Georgrtown Mouday. June 18. je4- 01 WANTS. WANTED?An experienced WAITER, to to to New Jersey Apply at 449 Thirteenth sL.on Thursday moaning, between 11 and 1 o'c'ock. H* A~ YOl^G GIRL WISHES A SITU ATION to travel to the prings or country with a lady. The best recommendation can be given. Please inquire at No. ,T*0 Sixth at . between <i and II ts., for t ?0 or thiee days. It* W~ A NT E D IMMEDUTK L Y-COOKS, CHAM HER MAIDS. NURSES. AI?o TWO GIRLS togo to Europe. Apply, with references, at the I'nion Intelligence Office. No. 14 Louisiana avenue. I>etween d 6th sts near City Hall. ia-^t PL'NCAN A CAMP. Proprietors. (GOVERNICSS.?A la<lT, who has had experience 1 in teaching English Branches and Music, desires a Situation in a Scb"oi or Familr by Autumn. R,l?- ?" -I-? ,v..v.,r > rv pniiirmtn minrfll? stating aaiary?B.. Horse Mead, Prince George's county. Md. Je H 7t* WAN'TRD-^WOMAN m ??ook. AtoIt No. SAi Fa. avenue, near Sixth st. je ll-3t II UNDERSIGNED, CONTRACTORS a for the wat r wo ks of the city of Baltimore, want 50 STONE CUTTERS and MASONS, to work either hy the piece or day The highest wmm *iv?-n. Apply at our office, 7 miles from the nty h* tiie North Central Railroad, or at No. 39 Wert Fayette street, B-ltiniore je B-6t HOBMTZF.1.1, & CROWLEY. WA N T E 0 ?To have ever? bod yknov that they can find a pine and \\ ell selected Stock of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at tne PKflPl.K'K CLOTU1NI1 e OH K, No. 4fin e*<T enth *t . opposite Post OffioeJ^partment. *pfi-3m \AJ ANTED.?Every one to know that SMITH, v v Seventh st. charge* fair prices for his Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh St., to get yoar HATS and CA PS. ap fi 3m u)sttnitfo1jni)~ fOST-Cn evening, cemine from St, -J Al >ysin< t'hur.'h to the C4?iner of South Carolina aven"i?> and S xth ntr et, ''apitol Jlitl, a HAIR BR A'"KLKT with a eo'd cla-p: t ie name of At > es Cnnan on it. The h*ir is of a decease I relative which she highly priz-s. The fcn'e will pl?a? leave it at this office. A reward will be riven f n c*??arv. ~ U LOST?A NOTK H(H >K, containing tw?*nt>-two proiui*?ory notfs signed b? I'ftT Boyle. lile to and endorsed by C. Kroft; al**. a cntileiu* lor five sbarHx of stock in National Building Association. Supposed to be lost b-tween Kirk wood House and railro*d depot. The finder will ho rewarded by returning the lxx>k to me. at Ki'kwood Uoum. JOHN RLICH. te 12 St* PoiUtr K H._ V | n R KWARI) ?Wai obtained, by false preC* " " tences from the residence of Mr. Corcoran, on the "tii instant, a la re rn?c*no<l green plush round top UOCkl.Vr CIIAIK. The ma.n whn obtamnd it, as well a? recollected. wan a low, thick set man, of fair complexion, with grav hair, and without whiskers. II* wore a high crowne I hat. ca>k sack coat, and no rest. " he abore reward will I"* mvn lor th" recovery of the chair and the detection of the party. Apply at thi* office. j? U 3t | S20 ^ ^'^TARl).-Stra?ed or -tolen. on the ?>th .. rma II Iirrmill IMriTl IA HORSE, with raddi* a-.d Imrtlf; r*""* jL" ?T* well, and inarknd with lnrin'M Theftl*>ve reward will i?e paid t?> any onr returning him to MEDLEY A DY ER'S Stables, I'pper Marn?or<?% Md. je 11-3T GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS tar other u torgt loicn Mrrrtiirmentr t<? Jit*; )>(fl rr^*GEORGETOWN DBMOCR \T1C ASSOl CIaTIOV?A nieetins will be h* d on THL'RSDAV. the Utli instant. Business of importance wilt be considered. J OWENS BERRY. (Mo E'Al" I'lCHREtL. Pres't. )? II * ryy-RKV THO"5. U. STOCKTON Will l*cIU? ture. at the \l?tl,c|i,t Protestant Church. <>n Con* ret.* !>t., (i?ir,ttn?n, on THl FSHA\ EVI'.MNG n^ * o'clock Subiect: Materia iM-i and Spiritualism." Tii kets '?> cents, t. i>e hail at Mr Remick s, Df.^Cissel's, Welch k. Wilson's, and at the door on the evening ?f the lecture, je 12-3t FOR SALE?A cente*! fana.j CARRIAGE a;*! supeior HORSE, with HARNESS, cv The carriace ha* only l?een used for twojL^3JI seaions The u.are i* young-7 years old? '* a'id reliable, wi h no tricks. and will, next sprint, have a colt bv Black hawk." For term* apply to T. A. N El'MAN . Bridge st., Georgetown je 18 5t FOR SALE?A HOI SK and LOT. in Bladensbur?, near th? Spa Spring, formerly the parsonage of the Methodist EdiscudsJ Ckariik vi? ?i I contains 9 rooms; stnVle *n<! smoke- hou*e, and nearly an acre of ground attached. Will be sold low f.?r cash, or exchanged for city property A ppij to T. A. X HUMAN, Bridge ?t- je H 3t FOR RENT?That new and well arranged threeI story BRICK HOUSE. No. 1M, on G street, between 19th and SKh sts., south sido, now occupied bv Mr. Bodisou, Russian Legation. Pos?-s?ion 8hiven the l*t of Jun?? Inquire of Mr. SOUTHEY . PAR KKR, next door e?t. waH-w f DESIRABI.E DWELLING HOUSE FOR R K.VT?The large and convenient brick djre line, with hack-buildings .stabling, Ac., on B ?'!?f street, adjoining Dr. Cissel s drag stojra. and opposite the Farmer*' and Mechanics' Bank, is for rent, to a responsible tenant. The rent will he moderate. Inquire of CHAS. TRUNNEL, Agent, No. SI Frederick street ma 30-ecCw N^hew EASTPORT HERRING, m) 800 do Eastern HERRING. 411 in splendid condition, daily expect*] per je 6 lw 99 and 101 Waif sL. Georgetown. | ' SEWING MACHINES d, Webster* Qo.'s improved Tuht ^Utch Male, and Hams s Boudon s?ewiug Maohtne. _ * f?? to $10. Je 5-folai I irQR.^ENT?That desirable BRICK DWBi t wsaarjK ti is ffOOP SKIRTS! ? *?, . HOOP 8EI*TH!? I havy a large assortment on nand, and for ?al? at radaoad prioaa. tfKOAN. Ul- 3S1 P?, imw aoath ? ,1 _>?-* 4th and Tik tU. ttgsmwmm v' ?????? EXCURSION'S. PIC NIC8. kc^ t Lm?j swrmt i tst*& ~ Wi'Mtt/WB*05 ",,,NUS "A Particulars iafetaraadvartaaamaat. ImI ) lAAr ?J?HE PIC NIC OF THE SEASON. The Young Catholics' Friend Society Will rtv* their ANNUAL PIC NIC AC A K L I *0 TO V SFKIXG. Oa MONDAY. Jan* ?h. Tirirr? 84 Cmurt : Ciamii 10 C?*r?. The p-<>c*ed? will be derotad to Um adaeaUon aii'l clothing of poor h>j? The wall _ known rtiVMlor of Uia AiawtlNll??M# (iva* an *??urwi.<# tb*l all ? no t?n?1 th,? Pi? Nie will ?rio? a dii} of uaikUrru^tMf ylaaaure. Good order will be maintained Th* ferry hoa???.. W. Kiaaa will Iwn Fotit**nth ?t wharf frery hoar. The Gaorfetowa <>ntaibu*ea will eaaaaot with the (team p%< k -t Fltihi. Cix>i ?? Itwrinc *T*ry l???ur for t#ir Spniif In war of Caiia je IS.Ifcfc,Hit p R O O R A M M K r j rm urtuu iournameni At COLUMBIA SPRINGS. t)n THrRSDAV. June 141k. Tltf ?ro?Miim, In a full bMduf Busir. will leave tk? Cit) Hall at tti* o'clock m and prt-cood, by vti of tteventh to tne ?te?n?er Pack. reach nit the Spring*, b> way of Alexandria. at>out t o'clock i. m. The Maiuri of Washington. Gn>r|?tnwi, ai*t Alexandria, and other aeiiUciuei:, t.avc hwon in wted to act a? judge* of the riding. which wi.l pnmmtnc at .?H o'clock preciaelj. The Champion and Knighta of Honor will thon I* proclaimed t? th? H?rald. and will ae|#??t ttw> CJiieen of l/'w an ' Heaut> and her Maid* ol Hoa?r,aiMl the ? orona tion will take place, followed l>\ tue QwemTa H?i . which will done at tl o'clock p. ni. There will t* cotillon muaic on tli? cound fr?r 9 a m.. for tho?e who wi?h 'o Hance in the ni?>r -,\uf and I>inner, Jlupp-r arid Refreshment* will I*" fai niched b? \!r. F am*y at tire ii-nal p i -e?. Hon. \V m. Smra and otb-r d.?tin??i-t>e.l |Mtl* m-n have t?een inv ito U> IM riauin A to the kmghta, who will couipriae ge^'lem^n from thi? cit) and the ?urr?winding conntie*. There anample accommodation* on th? ground* for an alnioat unlimited nnmher of *p?ctat.>r?. an" *eat? have l>een erected for over thr.-e thousand?all in the ahade of a beautiful grore. The steamer Pnmix will leave Ill-venth atrct tT lit* I ?>l t Bridte. wlifnw pa-?"r-t?>r? will k itnivv^ In 'h? c?r* to the Spring*. R turmnc, nh" will !e?ve |l>? I?on?c Hnd|(f at 7,9. I" unit II p. m. Tfketa. aduuttinc a r*ntl> man to th* Tnnrna mrntmil Bail, and i"?-lu<lini rt*tmli<>at an<> fare. Svf Ontk. I .ad Ma' li?-k? t? Ki|?t Cents. For ?al?? at the U>at. Omnibuses will run from the Capitol. PreM-Ws Horn, and the corner of Ma??a<hiii>rtt? arf*u? an?l Seventh at., to thr* Nut, sn<1 f^??m the l?oat ? ?' caurewar te Pa awn*.i<iiriin ?" ti Mill skat crystai m'ringsTic m< r.ROiMh. 2H fiilf.t frmn Wttkintrmi, on /*?? ' U'fiwk 'om<t The atiove snri nc are f*et aN?r? th? < "apitoi. retired from the road som* ?*> <??<)? Ifi *4 . . A ho*ijtifi:l "hailed forest el rti? oakft.aii'l JNi ?ard? (' m tne laJU of R-- k XL^flLA Creek. The ah?'V?> pU. i-no* I Pi'- N. Partioo. A pav\ ion. 3 1>> 7" |wi. ha l?wii > r*^'r . and ra-ti??can hefiirm?h*d with h "n >a . 11 f' in- nt* ?? the nhort??' not ??f vrl : r> hi -n i*. t>y je II 3t* IMVI. HQWM. a r?. TANNIAL PIC NIC HE YOI NG CATHOLICS' FRIEND So CIKTY of Ge r?''t?'wn. w k ?\ >? MAI. PIC NIC at ANAI.ll?TV\lfl ISLAND, on W K.DNI >I?A> t. r\ Parti -ular? in future acivertitetiieiit. [ ?J>a je8 tf FOR SALK AMI KKVi\ f Vmm alio it W? ? -? * D " ~ i?w nr wii m? nnu' mar*rt\srwumi?, $?first ft* J For rent-a brick hoY>e m? - iT avenue, near Mth *1.. containing 10 iooni? and paaaitce, With ?ood r-ellar. T'l" re t will ten., rate. Inquire of GEO. T. LANGEEY, ??n I. ? * ne*r Foorteenth ?*. je 1J FOR RFN'T-I have -i* M'-e 'nom? ?.); im .. liiy l)in( Store, on the oorn*r >?f 4^ ami F *?(on the l? and.) thatl will rent to an* re#pee a*> ? D*rw>n wiio will fiv* m? rl?rk In - lioard. Appi* a' the Drue S*tore. J. T.KHl'MAN. j? U < ' For SALE?The ? ?< * a^<! fix'nre* of a!*P?? VISION STORK. ai'iiated cm the corner <>f New York avenue and Tmreenth B" ? (tmuroua o| rha (ins m; l>nnn*??. I wiil ?? ll ?m rea onable iernia. The ftand m a good ore for any per?on tt at i* d -?irou* oletuacinr la the neea. For further particular#, enquire on th? prfifi incn. je 13 Jr* FOR KALE OR RENT?The four atorj BR I h H()L>K. N<? ** . north aide of I) nr?? . I>e tween moood and Third. ii off?r#d for ?al" < ri a lone time, or for rent to a good t?n<nt; or will exchanged for prop*rtT *r?*'ed he'we?n ferwit and Eleventh iirwt-.or D and If ?treet#. luuuir ofC. W. BOTEI.ER 31* Iron Hail U 14 Li* O R SAL. R?Th? larje and weil arran*?*t r PWKU.IN6-BOU?g, No. - G ?treet ?outi between tth and 9th street*. Island. containing * roumi an<i tiark-bi iMit.e. Ia>- 25 feet b* llufe*t d?ep. runninc ha"k to a 30-foot alloy. and Uavmr ? ? the rear a rood stable. A* the 01 ot i* to n oloeinc up of th* pa tnernhip of the late firm f K, \?tip ? Tho>np?oa. thin property i? offered at a pri^e much l?iow it* actual value. and on > a?y tern >?. Inquire ?.f Jf)M.\ R. KI.VANS* * CO. ???> r? a*.; or G"R. THOMPSON 4 BRO., Nin'h ?t., aear Canal. je 13 w fH)R RENT?In Georgetown. <>n I".-?t *tri convenient BR ICK llOt'SE. Inquire at 103 Firet street. je U 3t* LMiR RENT?Two beautiful new BRICK r HOl St'S.oii F.ttliili <?l west. b-tven >1 and N *tr*et? no'th-wa^t side. App > to MARY C HAISLIP. No. 3*1 Ninti street west, or |?KKteKhT, No. 332 Pa. avenue. Iietwoe-i Mh mi. ? ftth struts. j? II lw* F^OR SALE?Five acre* of W<KM? I.AMI. suitable for a country seat. The subscriber, as attorney f?r Mr. Charles C. Callan offer* for aalesasre* of tha' beau'ifal ylocated woods, immediately b?yond the Columt-ia C'l.ief e grounds, on the Plney Hsnoh roa1. two miles from Washington, out lite Fourteenth street road. Permni diuin?i nl _.n ?i - . ? r--? ?? ??? wm c?., ? . ii.j one* and aee plat of the aame. It not diapo??dofhy Tunaday, the lWh of June, it vill b? sold at pabtie Met on. by i. C. MoGuire, Auotioneer. at ? o'aiock r m on tl>e pr idiim WM. ?. HOLM DAY. J' 18 d S24 Pern tvfnu* \rr #1.2 to loan on eity eecunty. app'y ?? above. FOR SALE-A DRUG STORE. aneatal.iuhed taixl; ha* n?vpr <-*i?nced hau<K. and m well h? tM up, "locked. A c.. and u dome an excellent ant profitable prescription buaincaa ; ?riII be eold ?n ino?1?-ate t- rmv *ati?la?"tOM r.? *?one ?iren for ael! in?. Addrea? U. V., City Pott Office. Waahinrton. je ?-lw* F| OR RENT?Three firat cla and recentj? bntlt HOl'SES. four atone* hich each, ha/i'l aotnely f aiahed, and having all the modern improve inenta. such aa wat?r. raa. Ac.. 1a one of the v?-? fcneat locatuwia in tlie city?on the corner of Third street and Miar-oun avenue, and opposite the Ca|>!tol erytinda Any < ne wishing to rent a fine dweiiin? will find thin a favorable opportunity, a* I de ire to rent tlicm imm?diatei?, and wil! rent tn'm low. Inquire ?>f P. W' BR(MVM Vi. jeia' FfoR RK\T-Three BRICK HOI SES-oTe i, Twelfth ?-tre?t, hr-tween C and D;one ou tha corner of Tw!fth and H ?ts.; and one on H, h? t?e?n 12th and 13th ?ta. Inquire of JA>U S \V B \RKER. on 11 >4r?et. I>etworn nth and 18th. N?>. 425. ina &> tf FOR RK.NT-A thrae atory FRAMfc HOOft, on Eleventh ?tr*et, bet we-1 I and R It autre of M. SNYDER, at tbe Plaathar and Gaa Pitt nc Eatabiiakaei.t of C. Snyder. next door to ti e ? * t( piRCUIT COL' KT "FTHt DISTRICT OF j COLUMBIA. Be^dieOotetaL, ) No | M4 Mtchae> Millar'* heir* aad astmin'r > Et?'* Tii? traatee in the ilmvo oau*e hivmi reported that at a ?*le made bj him on the 3d March iwt. uniert^e il?rp * m r? oau?e. J< t. M Be'i vm the Hirhen bidder an<1 t>eoame the (tutiiw ol we*t half of Lot No. 114 in Beali'a addition ' <? Ge orjetown D C.. a no a mi ! oart rf Lot No IIS. la the rear thereof, at ard fur the eno* or *nir of and William H. ? <*)? ?. for w *>r Gode;, ??l fart of lx>t <14. in aaid B"aH'* add it on to <?*?>r?e town, ?aid part Iwm t [*ft by 3 feet, at and fot t>* a*iee or aa?. of f 01, and tnat **>d p?rrba*f r* ?>a** fol r oon, plied with t** term* of *ale. It i?. there , for*, bf the Caart. thi* i?th d?T of May. I*. ?ra-'fi:, that aaid sale* be rauk?d, an e?* oau" he ihowa I* the Coart, oa or before the let day of July next, provided a o?ry of thi* order be pa billed la th* Evening f??ar ?hree timer a week for th'ee we k? prior to aaid day. By order of Coart Teat: JNO. A. **ITH. C|erk. True copy ? Teat : JN?I. A SMIT H, Clerk. 1> 3ttwhr __ yy HAT IS SODA WATER.' 8uuply Pure Water impregnated with Carbonic Arid Ga? ) u\?E-u&;:; iijs* fUgs*- ? ""Ti J i ??*Unfy 1*1 uca<>u? ujjy^1 ar* * 2 t.. <?n ??dj*w DR r0('IsT*jl * D CHEMISTS. ,m ? - . fto ? *<? IVmhTlru t V?|II'. J* l-?H?lftl? St Cl.?r)?>, H'4?l T*t?. ^RW.f**r *tTOCK W HtHKlV IN *? * " """ ill" Wa m f?v.Kitr d?-r*ru??? wiOi uJwriaiAr^ii,! p*?t kept tb? tuU?*t a~mjt ^. 0?of?rof*riT?hiiiwJ'??ld kind*. S'>* 't-v *n,i *iw-. for Cijj.. o-. - ? t.*V# /? cJo* n# out our ?tm?k lo I ?? bar i ltd of 0011 r?? w>*r* rmur crr<*i to .U^o/TajL' "^ *? " P*<"k*(*? am V* ^ *** * ' :?4 ??? * ?- * r? I

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