Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1860 Page 4
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} TUB K> EiMWi STAR. The first Wedding ?( Madame Btdlic*. A correspondent who witnessed the wedding of 3Iadame BodUco In Washington last week gives the f -Uowiag reminiscences of her first marrange 1 remember the Connteas when she was a school rirl in Georgetown?the sweet mod rely Harriet William*, the favorite queen of every May day Her father, * worthy merchant of that ancient and resnec table burgh. gave her every advantage of education; bat she was as simple, artless, and unaffected as the daughter of an humble citizen could be. Her personal loveliness was something rich and rare when the sixteenth summer shone on her bright eyes. Her form was a model for a scalptor, so delicate and roandly shaped?a dream of beauty seldom realized on earth. The Count Bodisoo first saw her among her school companions, and was at once conquered. He was old. but in excellent preservation, and when made up?as he alwajs wad whenevor he appeared before, not only company, but his most intimate fnends?he made a good figure in tha moat agreeable society, and was highly acceptable. not only in the saloons of the fashionable. but in all" well bred circles His good nature and intelligence commended him also to eminent men of all political parties. One of his earlieat and kindest frieads was Henry Clay, for whose talents and geniality he had an unbounded admiration. Indeed, he loved the great statesman and orator to a degree rather unoommon among men. But there was really a strong tincture of romantic sensibility about tha excellent old Count. He was fond of sim pie pleasure, and pure and innocent enjoyments. Ibe attachment of children to hiin waa extraordinary, and e?ald only have been conciliated by that genuine benevolence and tenderness of heart which beamed from his countenance and gushed out in his cordial voice, lie wooed and won the affections of the most beautiful girl that had eTer been seen in metropolitan circles. His old diplomatic colleagues laughed?some good-natured ladies sneered?the b+au mond' wondered, but he had his own taste, and he made the sweet, young, blooming Harriet Williams his wife. It was a splendid wedding, becoming the representative of the Emperor of all the Russia*, but tasteful, chaste and elegant in all its appointments. Henry Clay gave a-vay the bride. This was in compliance with the particular request of the Count, although her father. Mr. Brook* Williams, was present Sir Buchanan was the principal groomsman, and Jessie Benton (Mrs. Fremont) first bridesmaid The festivities were in the highest style of that hospitality for which Count Bodiseo was so long famous among us. He was a devoted, some would say a doting, husband, and she was a loving, attentive, and in every respect exemplary and happy wife, the light ot his monifkent home, the ornament of his social circle, the companion and friend of bis life, and the chief solace of his last hoars. What a world we live in ! What a change from the scene in which I saw that bright and beautiful girl give away her first love, radiant then as ih? morning ?iar ju^t above the boriaon" What s'.range alteration had time wrought in a few short years ' Here was the magnificent matron, on whose face I could yet discern the lineaments that in earlier day* filled all hearts with tenderness, and even noma of that peach-like bloom whi^h was the crowning grace of her girlish complexion. And beside her wi.< a gallant cavalier, in the foil vigor of manhood, bearing names consecrated by associations of history and romance?the Douglas, the Gordon and the Scott. Who will say that reality has not its romance 7 AKR1VAL8 AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?J Bnleyacdlady,NV; WSI.llmn, h.pU'U.iI.?. .. .. ? -. .. . ?? M?incwo,uu,a UI III'TM, rn% i J J M Hoff, ao; C G Pt?rri?, O; Dr F. G Mith?riU, <io; E Oro?eveilt NY; Hun J Woodruff, Ct, J u | Hun. O; C B Stuart, NY; J G Harris. CSN; J K Hams, r?nn; K S??p, La; j W Ear e, Ma ; H F 11 ii'in, Md, A Srn>th and liauihter. O: T ECit! Md. w H rurdy. NY; Co! D-;Rus*y. Ui*A; Mr and Mrs B?>wen, Mo; Vfr- Mcintosh, Kj;SV Keid.d.i; Re?ouit, Bruxehes; D Fitter and lamil*. Ala; K W Ki*s, Pa;C K Bowman, do; E B Moph??-son. M' : M'a J T Doncias, do;G Allan and lady. Canada; J Watemaa, En?; J 80ten md lady, N\;CLeim>. ha. B F la invlzo. NY; J it Baliard.Hy; F Fitcn do; tt \V>k< if N V; M*j Oer. J F. Wool, USA; R Arnoid. A. D C do; J L Burkly and lad*. N V ; Co J A Duncan, Del; Miss Dnncan, do; Mr? Wool ?tin, ?o; Hictiard* ar<t :.vrf>, d< ; F. M-'rntt. NJ; J T Naylor, do; D T lurnerand tad*,Va;W M Kae. H" an*.; Rev J C Martin. Ireland; L> Br. a: d family, Va. H M Naydonand !ady, fa; F Livin. ton. N V"; P S Waafii >i(ton, DO; J tt N'J; W K Armstrong,do. NATION AL HOTEL H B Co.ten, S Con?ta Me, Md, 1, P Bate-. Hi, * Buck e , W r (jii e-?n berry. L \V Cohe:|. A Howes, Va D8 Evan^, Teon; \lrT?>lor. l.a; E D Force. Kr; J l.cia bi.rgo, 01i:o; T DMa?e?, La; Samuel Hi, > V. H l. M'dd ebr<o*, Ga; S K Wulfe. md; 0 B Ki.ode. Mo: J J N-w? 1 ? w 1 w k.i P h Ernnxton, Pa; J 0 llurd, Ohio; F M Hah, W | Worthington. Mil; W T Ma*rwde>\ ()**.*; K B i'lmpsun. K iza Haiti, Hnr'j Kant and ladr. M ; J W I>avi JsoD, HI; fc T M>?, AmM?8i??, Va; rsH Hal!, NV . 1' ai.d Ian, Mae*; J Poter?and jawilj.Ohio; R B wmcd.MiuO Waaon, Maw; W c J^wett, JT, H Moultou, NY; J C Ta'H>r anc lad?, Mass; L LewHton. Md; H C Parke, Mich; J F Bi)tnber<?r, Pa; W \V Wand, C C Goald. Md: f- C Chi d* and la'Jy, M<?, H B Alvord, Mrs K F Fl??hei. Ind: KrA J H Smitn, Mm ? W Breed, W Joftcbfrn, NY; C A Shaw and lvty, Maui*: f?r J II M'irw, U Foale. M A Fowie, Mass; J F Pollock. T*i?n; F M Blcd?elt, Mao; G Wayroaa, G Snfder, Pa. BROWN S HOTEL.?J Pope. Mi?, W Buxd;? Nj; W orn;..all. F B-'ok, * a; j Pioa?U( H 1'ur fin. Va, N Ra*? and daughter, Arl ;CSyn, J Hnrt, ?; Diwlrsy. NY; T Song and lad .Ha: E Hull. NC; C H Dickir.aon. Fia; Kf* H StanUy. M D" Va.. J Kc-tt.e.ille. Md; o Duael aadl?, Ga; Mrs HrjctflemaD, Md: T Aueiist, Va: J r Spe oa, F I Mot liry.O: J Stovene, Mo: J Taylor. NY; I 'at ; t? ?, M*; T J Mnk*le?. Ga; J D Fain. VC; E Fi-ld Mw?: S R Oilman, Va; S B Mnor? Tt??n; Mi?s * Bf-iu. DO: *? l.? cite, J ?, Hovrdman, Ala; KB rr* "it 'y. Braahait, NY; Pro! Andert-ou, va; C Slrr. NY. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?M fra*der, DC; G B I'ack. Ga, G W Yost A S Pei', i a. 8 Arm<tr*'ng, Kao; G Weaver, P*:J Ma\fi-ld, Mich; J B Veru mar. ( 9 r. V. . u (1 ?? i.? - ?? , -- ?ro.n ii i*c>, i ei, a cirpnene. C St h'fil.N>. UCE AN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From th* Umited States. Summers. Ltar*. For. Di y.*. Ar%L)(k.? .... Boitou Liverpool J'ueU Bremen.. .New York ?ilrem?n J oe 13 fraxoma New York.?8outh'?ton_._.J'eIt Vand??rl>ilt New Vork... Havre J'eltt C. of Baltimore New York. .Liverpool J'el<> i >ov? t*cotian Ciuebe? .....Liverpool J'e 16 G Jiiiuw.. ...,N?w York... Liverpool .J'e 19 Africa New York Liverpool.. ? .J'e2" 1 Ara*o .New York .Havre J'e ? From Ecbofk Arago ___ {*outh'pton...New York.. Majr S'? Vigo Liverpool. ..New York.. May 30 Ni*-iara Liverpool Koaton ..J'h 2 j lllt ioi* . ?*'U.n ftoii .New York.. J'e fi Ba*li<-iniM<i 1.1 verpou* Portland J'e ?j Great Eastern, ^outh'pfoa New York .. J'e 'J Ana..... Liverpool N<-w York ..J'e < N ortk American Liverpool.. .. - Portland J ' ? 13 Bremen _^utb>tun?. New York... .J'e 13 rt>e Havana mail lUftmeri leave New York on id. !2tk, nth, and ?7th of each month, and Chaileaton on Use ito and 19th. The California u.ai1 leave New York on ?" ? Hh and A?th of ea*\h month. THE . POTTLKTON LEGACY, hy Albert ?>n>ita;5n omU. AJvuitu e* of Mr. Ledbnry, by Aibert Smith; S" CWU. Chriatopher Taapole, by Albert :< truth, 50 oente. The Scaitercood Family. by Albert Smith; 50 cert*. A large assortment Light Literature, Kidish Rsi.way Librarv edition*, t spe..ia.l.jr suited for traveller*. Juat received an<l for sale by PHi LP k, SOi.OMONS. Metropolitan Bo4>k*t<>re, 332 Penn av , SoieAcenU for Lawrence'* 4 el e bra ted Foreign Stationery. je'* THK LIFE OF STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS. Hy 1 James W. Shea ban; price #1. Sellinz Lucky. t* ing v?>lume4i>f Abbott's Ram * bow and Locky Stone*; price V' oents. J **t received and for sa'e by a*in ?l.ANCH*RI? * MOHI N. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Ko*ai Havana Lot Ury, ooud noted by the Bpaciih Government, nodes the sapervision of the Captain General of Caba. wi.i taae piaoe at Havana on THURSDAY, Jvm U. I860. SORTSO NOMSRO 638 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. 1 prima of luo.uwi ?> pnaea of. ft .?*< 1 S0^f?| SO do ~ ?* i uo 30.0U0 I 158 do ? ?! i a; fsar ,J" IN ALL ??> ? rmiZKS. Whole Tio*eu, lift-Halvee, 10-Uusrterc, |> A drawinc will be forwarded aa won aa the reauit bMoiMi known. Ail order for eehemee or ticket* to be add recced to ,?PO? RODR1GUKZ. je ll-tr Car* of City Poet. Charleston. n. C. Lw"mw* 3 In Ti*? or Paces, Pair cat roa W?! P. UBARiE, St*tiw?! rorntr e/ W* ?U C *??., Mour.rTwiii or PLATINA flPPKli I.IUH INING ROUS, RwMtni'l) uouuiwm to th? ptMie ? f Wufeincti.n-ii.d riiMfitty 'hat be ic prepared toextouU- ail ..rd.i- r .f creoti t J.if htrmg Conduct*)re un til* r <i?! appro/fed 4Cif ntifio prrnoi c ectmoted of tae wiy best of inatanaia.oo ?ery moderate Wrnu, ;na/ ? am **" ^^ ^ -?? i " CHEAP F BOOTS, SHOES, ABD TRV I SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, AND TI MY STOCK. 07" ALL PURCHASERS W] FOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P Iron Ball Boot, She 320 PKIVNSYLYABI] fcf TSfJRI.T. A NF,OTTS_ TO SAN FRANCI9CO IN EIGHT 3DAY? BY THE Central Overland California AND PIIE'8 PEAK EXPRESS COMPANY. "PONY EXPRESS!" "TEN DAYS TO SAN FRANCISCO!" The Courier of the PON Y EX PR ESS will leave St. Josxfh, Missouri, EVERY SATURDAY, at 11 p. in., for San Kranoisoo, California. I will receive Letter* to be forwarded by this Expre?? to Fort Laramie, Great Salt Lake City, TOlS/yt California, up to 130 p. m. evert Letters in alLeases to be enolosed in Government prepaid envelopes, jf?s a \rnvnpimfb American Tei-?raph Offioe, apJh-tf 433 Penn. a*., Washington. D. C. Bino. 660 ] Y THE PRE9il?KNT OF THE UNITED STATES. In pursuance of law. I.Jamkk Bvchanai*. President of the United State* ol America, do hereby deolare and make known that public sales will be held at the tinder-mentioned Land Offioes in the Territory of Nebraska, at the penoda hereinafter designated, to wit: At the La- d Offioe at Bhownsvillx, commencing pb Monday, tne 6th dar ot August n.-xt, lor the li.po?.1 of the public lands witnin the following township#, vis: A'c rth of th? base line and ea*t of the firth principal meridian. Townships 1,2.3.4,5. and 6, of range S. Townships 1,2. 3, 4,5. and 6, of range 2. Townships 1,2, 3 4,5, and 6, of range I. iSorth of the base lint: and irest of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 1, 2,3, and 4. of range 1. 1,2,3, and 4. of range 2. At the Land Office at Brownsville, oommencing'on Monday, the 20th day of August next, for the disposal of the public lands within tne following townships, viz: Xorth of the base line and ieat of the sixth principal meridian. Townships 1,9,3 and t. of range 3. Townships 1,2. 3 and 4, of ranges. Townships 1,2.3 aiid 4, of range .5, Townships 1,2.3 and 4. of range R. 1-.. u: I- in. . - r Townships 1, 2, 3 and 4, of range 8. At the I,and Office at Nebraska City, commencing <>n Moi d*y, the ^ th wvt of Auzust next, for the rimpos&i of toe pubac lands within the follow mg townships, viz : Xerth (J tk< ban lint and to*t of lite sirth principal meridian. Township 16.and fractional township 17, of rarge6 Township* 7.8,9, 1?, II, 12, 13, 14,15, and 16, and fractional township 17, of ranges. To wnslnps 7, 8 9, ! >, 11,12. 13, 14, 15, and 16, and fractional township 17. of range 4. Townships 7, 8. 9, and 10, of range 3. At th Land Office at Nebraska CitY.ooinmenc ing on Monday, the 27th da? ol Augurt next, for the disposal ot the public lands within the following townships, viz : Xortk of the bate line nri'l east of tht sink principal Meridian. Townships 11, 12, 13 14, aud 15, and fractional town-hip* fi and 17, of iange 3. Townships 7, 8,9. 1", 11, :2. Id, 14,and 15,and fraotiora township of rs.nfp ?' Towiumps 7. 8. 9,10, '1,12. 13, 14, ard 15,and fractional township 16, ol range 1. At the Land Office at Omaha City, commencing on Monday, the iSth day ot August next, for the Mlfoniof the public lands within the following townships, viz: A'orf* nf thr fife lin* and -ast of the sijrth principal meridian. Townships 22 and 23, ol range 8 Townships 22 and 23. of rang* 7 Tnwn?hips 22 and Z>, of range 6 Townahips 22 and 23, I range 5 Townships 22 and 23, of range 4 Fractional township 17, and townships 13,19, 2<\ 21. 22, and 23, of range 3 Fractional township 16, and townships 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23, of range 2 F actional township 16. and townships 17,18, 19, 20,21,22, and 23, of range 1. At the Lacd Office at Dacotau City, commencing on Monday. th? fith day of Ausu t next, for the disposal ol the public lands within tho following townships, ttx: \orth of the base lint and east of the sixth principal nifridian. The parts of towi.shi?24 utside of the Indian reservation, of ranges 6.7. and n 1 he parts of townships 24.25, 26, and 27 outside of he Indian reservation, and townships 28, 29, 90, 31 and 32, of range 5 Townships *4, 25, 26, 27,28, 21, 30, 31, and 32, of range 4 Tnantliina 9J X "K m TO on on <1 -? r- .M , ?'|?| ?'t <ji, OliU IM, HI rang* 3 T<>wnshipB 24, 25, 2?, 27,523, 29, !V>, 31, 32, and 35, of range 2 At the hand Office at Dacotaii Citv, coramen oing on Moi.dar, the scOth day ot August next, for the disposal of the public tarda) within the follow in? townships. viz; yortii > f the ba -t hn- nn<t tnst of the si.rth pi inri/til meridian. Townships 21 25, ?>, 27,*2H, 29. .T>, 31, 32, and 53, of ranee 1. \otth of thi bate line ami of the xixth prima pa trier t-1'/in. Township* 25, 2S, 27,2?, 29,30, 31, S2, and 33, of range l Townships 25.2G, 27,2*. 29. 00,31,32, and 33, of range 2 Townships 25, ifi, 27,58, 29,3\ 31,32, and 33, of range 3. I.and appropriated by law for the use of schools, Indian. iiiiiitArj, Mid other purposes, will be exc!ude<! from the Fi\l?g. The offering of the above lands will l>e commenced on the da\s appointed, and will proceed in the order in whi'ili thej are advertised, until the whole shall ha"e been ojjpred and the saUs thus closed; but no ?a!e shall be kept open longer than twn Urtrki, lUld no private entrj of an* o! the land* will be admitted until after -he expiration <<f tho two weeks. liiven under m> hand,at the city of Washington, thin tw?nti?'h day ol April, Anno Domini one thousand euht hundred and sixtT. JA M fcS BUCHANAN. By the president: Jo? t*. W n.sow. Commissioner th? General Land Offioe. r* 'iiV/Ei iu rK& KiurriUN CLAIMANTS. Kvpi v ?ts<?n entitled (>> the right of pre-emption t any of the laud* within the township* and parts of towushlpa above enumerated, m required to estil>lish thf ,-An;" t<> the I the reenter a>id fciver of the prop r land "flic,and make payment therefor as <oon aa practicable alter seeing thi* notice, and before the da* appointed for the commencement of the public Kale of the lands embracing the tract claimed ; otherwise such claim will be forfaited. JOS ?. WILSON. Commissioner ?f the General I.and Olfcoe. Nt>TK ?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now >-xiating, no payment can be mad'- lor advTtimiig proclamations except to such rublishers aa are sptrially authoriztd to nublish by uo C<:iami?ai(>ner of the General Land Office. ma 2- W,13w The -Washington brlwery," bem* low in full operation, under the management of th> propri.! >r, can furnish an* one with pure Ma.t Liquors, of superior q uanty. at the following !ow pncos, deli vered frao of oh-uge to any part of 'ne oit* : X ALE (Fami y Beer). !.??> per k-g of8 galls. XX ALE . f 1.75 do. do. VXX Ai.EfSt. ok A e) YiS* do. do. XXK"KTEK ,fl*i do. do. Bhf'WN S r<)U r iti do do. Hallbarrels, barrels and hogsheads at a proportionate prioe Orders given to the drivers, o' ??iit through the Post Office to C Co LI N K Al', Washington Brew di ) . win wt promptly aneriiea u>. ma '6 lm O C KROATHK8, B KD~ BUGS, ANTS, > MOTHS and every other Insect can be en Urely and fT'VStua'lj txteroiinate?t by the u*e ?f MODRK'S INSECT hXTERMINATOR." U i* not pvtionou*. Peraona putiinK away Carpet*, *o , fwr the aummer, ahoald not fai> to u? thia arboin tl they *i?tj t-. keep moths out. Sold o i!i at *OQRHTS Weat End Dru? Mtore, 113 Pa av. I!?" A Ireah aiippiy of Biue Lick and Conceaa \\ ater juat rooeivtd ?a above. je 2 2w A ?? WM. T. DOVK & CO A.RF. Now prepared to execute any orders witii whioh the* mar i>e favorad in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. l?7" Store on 9th atreet, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a complete aaaortment of CH a N DELIERS and other GAS, STEAM and WATER PIXTI'RKS. .aft lr JACOB REH1), MANtrrArTCKiv or MILITARY CLOTHINtt, Sovtmka9T Com-iK* Sbcond and Srauri Sts., PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR S? I.K *ay am WAI/I WA1EK LUXURIES.? We arc in daily O raoeipt of OYSTERS and CRABS^fc. from Norfolk, wh.nh we will deliver t<>(F3a # ? .1 pgrohaaers in any part of thw city of oh?r??. Nori <lk Oyster D?pot, No. *81 C street, opposite Theatre. m?r * T M WAR VKV. Acmt 50 ClIKhTfl 9?AnB^E'/) BhACI^TEA Have Man reoeived. This tw is excellent: prtoe 90 c?dU per pound bj ohevt or otherwise. We f<Mr onr next lot will ooM us n.ore n.onsj _ KINO A BtRCHELI., ma Aor. Fift^nth st. and Vorm* lit ?t. ie #tore\>i *"** OB* w**k only' Ma? ? W. O. METZEIOTT. OR CASH. HKS, CHEAP FOE CASH. ,L MY ASSORTMENT OF LADIES AND IUNKS, CHEAP FOR CASH, TO REDUCE ' ILL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE . HOOVER'S e, and Trunk Store, [A AVE.ME, Between 9tM anil 10th 5u. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORT. NEW ORLEANS X2NT T22R33B DAT0 WITH TH CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8: Virginia and Tennessee, East 7 en nessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, AfOmntml. Jyrw Orleans and JacJkson, TO NEW ORLEANS! memphTsTroute: Memphis by Ra'l, thence by First olass Paokets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Raii.thenoe to Mobile by Firstolass Packets. MoMie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays Includid, Lean Washington at 6 a. ns and 6 p as. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at fijtf a. m. and p m. and oonnects at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Trams for the Sonthwe*t. Offio?? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH TO MKW ORLEANS Lynchburg .?......$8 50 Memphis #31 00 Bristol.... 150' Atlanta 2R on KnoxvtHe ?.^..?.Sonu Macon 28 oo Chattanooga 24on Columbus 31 50 Dal ton . ... 24 it' Montgomery 3? no Huntsville?..iff tio ) via MemphiM2 Grand Junction..?..Si oo N. 0.> via?#. June 42 SO Nashvillo ....25 W l \ via Mobile. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is aoo MILES SHORTER, and ?4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other f i?e?the Lynehburg Extension being cow completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars' !To New Orleans. t'J Hours. Memphis., 54 do. MontKomerf 53 do. Nashville .46 do. ICTThe U.S MAI I."and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can he obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street nnd Pennsylvania av ?nue, to the following pointsLynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hnntsville, ??rand Junction, Mac?n. NashviLe, Dal ton, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. JO" THROUGH TICKETS' TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IT7"Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma23-tr Corner Sixth it. and Pa. \r. THE STEAMER JAS, GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of JT"". February. ia*?. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^"*?*"* PR I f? A V. Rt ? nVVIl M. m . k. nrl A If V A V II H I k athalf-pa*t6 o'oUx>k. for CfjRRlOMAN and the intermedial Landings. On her return trips, she will leav? CUKRIOMAN evory WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clook a. m. LUClAN 8. PAOTC, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't, Alexandria. le an PFOR NKW YORK. ASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM, ?7.ft0. The New York and Virginia Scraw Steamship Compaq's new and elegant steamship MOUNT VERNON, Ca%t.T.C.Sniith^^iK? will leave the Company's Depot, We* tern Wharves, at ll'o'elook a. m. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at S o o'took p. m. same daj. Pa?s*n*nre from Wasnirixton and Georgetowt ^an take the coaches connecting with Aleiandrii ?teamboats or railroad, which leave the corner ol 7th street and Pa. avenue h'?urly, or they can leave on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 1! 'olock a. m. State rooms oan be engaged on application t? Messrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Western Wharvee Freight will be reoeived up to the hoars of depar tare. JIT" Insurance will he effected on all goods by thislme at the oflce of the Company at X per oenl premium. The accommodations for passengers by this lint *re in every respect first-o ass. and every effort wil he made to render this communication with New York an arreeable and healthful one. For frolrht or p&rs&re apply to FOWLE * CO., Atent?, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL Jt CO., f J-1t 86 W?t ??.. corner AiNiny, New York. [reman I simpson imackouumacnoua We oder for itale tho above standard bifmi m1 fine Copper Distilled MftM Rje Whiskj. In bar rels ano naif-bar rein. As it it of onr own mblla tion.and highly improved t?? age, weoonfrletitly rooommenn u nit tne pukist and beat Whisky thai oan possibly he distilled. We alto ofler oar OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, ap<l other brands, from the largest stook of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN & SIMPSON, Phsnix Distillery, on the Schuylkill river, Phila Offioee?96 Wall street, New York ; and 109 SoJth Front street, Philadelphia. mar 29-ly WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Strut, between 'Mh and 10tA Streets. We have just iinii>hed a number of first cla?? CARRIAGES, suoh as Linkt F"nr>if XKm Wagon*, Park Pk'nton>, Family far z2F-2p2&? rtattr, ami Bungiet, whioh we will sellafcSg w . a v?r small profit. Keing practical mechanics in dfffVent branches of the bufiness, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that ?i'l five satisfaction, combining lightness, oomfort and durati ity. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the shortest n< tioe and most reasonable charges. WALTER, K4RMANN * BOPP, Coaohmakers, successors to Wm.T. Hook. ?l? *Mly _____ TJARAFFINK OIL, i THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOTTY' We a-e now reoeiving Pa affiae Oil direot from the works in we?t*rn Virginia. The qualit* of it is excellent, produoinc a steady, bnl lant and heautifu' light, and more plea?ant to th? eves th*.n vkm ,i?ht Thia Oil ia (re* from adu'terat'on, and v*r? muoh more economical than many of the Coal Oils ua?d at this time. IT7* It i<i in no way exploitive. We k?>-a alao a supply of the moat approved atylea of lAinpi. to., for horning thia Oil, kin'> burchrll, " Amenta forita aa'e for the Dutiiot of Columbia. Corner Fifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mall Plumber an%oaIVt&er, Philhakmonic Hall. South sid* of Ph. av., wit of BUvtnth st. Will introduce Water and Gaa upon the n.oat favorable terma. I*. f*.?I liftve on hand a lot of COOKING STOVES, and a? I deaire to oloae them eat, will aell th*m at ooat for oaah. ma 7 lO nnn gallons champagne and l?,UUU CRAB APPLE ClDlR.-We invite the attention of the pnblio to oor larte and wall ae laoted a took of Champacne and Crab Apple Cider, which we (narantea to be pure inice, and will be aold on reasonable terma fn order to make room for oar aprinc atook. Give ua a call at tha Union Bottling Depot, f* 9 No. AT fireen at.. Georgetown. SILVER-PLATED ICE PITCHERS. I have just received a large lot of v?ry handsome (new styles) ICE PITCH)1 KB. tl?t I willMin sell at much lower prices than they can bought lor at any other establishment in thi*M^V eity. Call and see. at S38 Pa avenue. mail H. O HOOP. A L * XX ALE AND XXX ALB!! JK TOM aY. This Ale if made from malt and boti only, cannot Bui to live entire satisfaction to ooa timer*. <1 COLINKAU, PropriMorof the ?4-1t Mirvi^r ?In4VFth pit CHK KKRING Jt SONS' SUPER B PIANOS, only for ?a.e at * ? IOHN P. KM.IB S. X4MI Pft ?* A VERY NICK OHlCKkRlNO PIANO, &sr,lsw* '^JzrtifzgeoVt!' 4 4 MISCELLANEOUS. HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS, 11 QC/LlTllMMTEt'l OTP1C1, Washihoto!*,Si PROPOSALS FOR FUEL-Sealed Hr?posa)s wilt b? received at this oftoo until S o'olock. p m? of Saturday the ??th June infant, for euppyinc Wood and Co*) to the united States Marines. ?ta tioned at Washington. D. C., from the lit July, 1880 to the L?nh Jane, MSI. Said wood to be ol the beet qualitvoaksat hoc aid the c?ai to be beat qaaliiy whits ash anthracite, broken and screened and free from duet; and to weigh 2,240 pound* to the ton, all to be measured. weighed. piled, and delivered, at inch times and in such quantities,within the walls of the Mann* B w aoks. as the oommandmc officer of eaid station may require, (free of expense to the United states.) in all cases to be inspected and certified by the wood and ooal inspector and measurer fur the distiiotin which Ute marine barracka is located. No bid will be entertained udImi aeoompsii.ed with the raniM of two peraona known to tbn office a* sureties; or, if unknown, aertified by an officer of the Government, to he enaoraed "Propoaals for Fuel" for United Mates Marine*, stationed at Washington. D C., and %ddre*?sed to QunrUrmasltr's Ojhct, U. S. M. Corps, je 6 lawtSitbie Wajfr tutted D. C. STATIONERY. Navv Dkpaktmbxt, Jane 1,1W0. Separate Skalkb Proposals will be received at the offioe of the 8eore*ary of the Navy until 3 o'o'ock. p m , of Saturday, the Stth of June next, for furnishing all the atationery that may be repaired bv the Navy Department and tbe several bureau* for the vear oommenoing the first of July, IK1', and ending ontheamh of Jane, IK . Ail the artiolea furnished must be of the beat quality, delivered without delay when ordered, and to the satisfaction of the head of the office for wbich they are required. If it be required, each bidder for atationery mmt furnish with hia proposal a sample cf each artic e bid for 'lo insure uniformity in the proposals, blank forms will be furniRbed to those dispoaed to t? d; ouu iiu uiu win im c>WMuerea viiion doee not lully conform to the advertisement, anil in which each and every artiole i* not hid lor. and id whioh more than on* price is nam-d for any ?ne a'tide. Bonds in sufficient amount, with two or more approved sureties, f?r the faithful execution of the oontraot. will be required of the perron or persons contracting. The authorised uames of the sureties that will he given, as also satisfactory testimonials t fulfil the contract, must accompany the bid; otherwise it wi:l not b? considered. The department reserves to itself the right of ordering a greater or leas quantity of each and ?very art c e contracted for, as the publio service may requi e. >houM any article be required not enumerated in the contract, it is to he furnished at the iowest mirket price, according to is quality. STATIONERY. Writing Paper of Linen Stock. 3 reams folio post paper, blue or wtute, satinfinished, faint lined and trimmed, weighing 17 pounds per ream, per ream 5 do heavy white laid, despatch cap. stop rule4, weighing 16 pounds per ream, per ream IS do laid hand-made foolscap, ru *<i, blue or whits, weighing 13pounds pei ream, per ream 1ft do Owen &. Hurlbnrt's wove foolscap, blue or white, ruled, weighipg 12 lbr. per ream, or any other manufacture oi i equal quality. per ream . 10 do first-c ass hand made guarto-po?t, I wove or laid, blue or whit*- w?i?i. - I mg pounds per ream, per renin ! 40 do extra superfine, blue or white, laid or I wove, quarto-post, ruled, weighing fX poun-'? per team, per ream 1 20 do bent buff or white envelope Piper, 1 roya', fiat, weighing M pounds per ream, per ream 4 do beet super royal writing paper, p?r ream 5 do best French quarto post, ruled. per ream ft do note paper, gilt-edged, do 2> do copy lug or ti*sue quarto post, do 1W sheet* beflt prepared paiohmem, 14 by 18 in- ! dies, pe- shoet sheets beet tracing paper, 4oby 27 inches. per sneet lo-> yards tracing cloth, per square *ard 3 reams blotting paper, royal, p?r ream 60 quires patent blotting p?p?r, medium, per autre 1? sheets medium Whatman's Turkey Milia drawing paper, per snnct ! 10 do royal Wnaiiuan's Turkey Mills drawin e paper, p?r s'teet I 10 do hi>per royal Whatman's Turkey Mi! s ! drawing paper, per sheet lo do imperial \\ batman's Turkey Will# drawing pap?r, p?r ?bwt 15 do atla^ Whatman's Turkey Mills writ- ' ing paper, per sheet | IS do elephant Whatman's Turkey Milia ' writing paper. per sli?et 20 do Columbian Whatman's Turkey Mills - . .V.I,* , p?r sheet 30 do double rlephant Whatman's Turkey Mill* writing paper, per sheet 30 do antiquarian Whatman's Turkny Mills writing pipir, per heft 5,000 cream-laid envelopes, letter size, pur 1, <0 1.50O do do rote size, do 510 do do card size. per 500 1,000 patent oloth lined envelopes, fc\ by 4 inche?. per 1,0<i0 250 patent oloth-iined envelope*, by inchea. per 250 patent cloth-lined envelops!, >? by s\ inches, pi'r ..5o lo.iro best buff or white envelopes, Government pattern, official piz*. perl.tKJO 6,W1? be lit bull or wnite env-lop^s, letter sue. <i? 6,ooo b?sl heavj wlata envelop"#, hand made, of fioial size, per I ooo 20 gross *t?e| pens, on cards or in boxes, (the department to have the liberty of selecting from all the different kind* manufactured,) per grots loo cards Perry's p"n*. assorted, per oa d 6 do engineer's pens, do 5 do litbographio pens, do 'ii gold pens. large size, with silver extension holders, best manufacture. per pen 40 quart* Mayr?rd & Noyes's black ink, in bottle*. per quart | 06 quart* I-est London copying ink. Arnold's or Terr*'*, in bottles. per quart 24 ounce- bottles Purine, Ouyot A. Co.'* superfine carmine, per bottle 300 swan qtitiis. best quality, p?r l?o l,ooo gii17Is, No.HO, opsque or clarified, do l(il or. "' /?? K? 11 " n? vi<'if vi uinuuv U" 9 doz^n red t\pe, No. 15, per dozen 15 do red tape. No. 17. do 15 do red tape, No. 19. do 12 do red tape, No. 31, do 12 do red tap", No. 23, do 12 do red tape. No. 35, do 6 do ailk taste, do 4 do Penknives, dodgers'* best, pMrl handles, larje siz*. 4 blades or ?nual. per dojten 4 do erasers. large size, ivory handle*, in cases. Hodgera s best. par di zen 1 do p\ira of shears. 3 inoh blade do 1 do do of shears, laeh Made, <? 1 do do of t-hears, 5 inch blade, do 1 do do of scissors, do 2 do 9 inch ivory folders, , do 1 do Carnn*U?n's parallel rulers, do 2 do san<l boxes, cocoa wood do 2 do wafer-Btands, do do 1 do poance l?ojes, do do 1 do do ivory do 2 do watfr stands, ivory handles. do 1<) do black lead pencils, K&lv r ? best, a aorted, per dozen 4 do best American drawing pencils, at sorted. " * ? 1 do Cohen's red lead pencils, do 2 do sable brushes, assorted, do u do camel's l.air bmhri, assorted, do 2 do white French puinp inkstands, large Rize. perd<z?n 2 do ihaper'a patent air tight inkstands, per dozen 2 do Hatcher A Fry's inkstand, do 2 do sticks b'*st Innia ink, per stick 3" pounds extra superfine scarlet sealing wax. per pound 20 do s?oond quality seating wax do IS do brst q <1*1 ity wafers, do in do best white gum arabio, do 3 do be*tpouuoe, do 10 do best henip twine, do 10 do liest linnn twine, do 1 J**) large office wafeis for department seal, per 1 000 24 paper weights of brass, oompocition or lead. per weight 50 quarts best black sand, per quart 4 pounds best prepared India rubbsr, per pound 5 co unprepared do do , je6-lawtsothJ''n? KENNlsH'S hydraulic motor. FOR STATIONARY POWER, U a new and wonderful adaptation of Hydtaulio Pressure as applied to mechanios. and hs?. an far as it has bfcome mowu, oeen received with unbounded encomiums. Silent but powerful in ita operation?economical in 1U original coat, oocupauon of apace. and con(uniptiou < f w&t *r, it obv ate* the danger, expense and attention indtspenaible to steam or caloric powe:? the onl; requisite beinc a amall supply and sufficient head of flowing water ; and the natimated reduction of its power for friction la only tkri* per cent. The reanlt of thirty rears atu ?y and praotioal ex periment, the inver.tor (a Hydraalio Kngineer) claims lor it?on.j whatever; practical man readily ooncedea?a vast superiority over every other adaptation of hydraulic power hitherto invented, the greatest possible economy of water?*olid aim- . ptioity of oonst'uction? facility of adaptation to any kind of machinery?and, mora than all, its oheapneaa. The undersigned having been appointed sole agent for the inventor for all the Water* and Southern States,!. Virrmia rxoepted.i reapectfuily invites an inspection, by a I who feel interested. ofa working model at Brown's Hotel, between the hours of 4 and 6 p. m.. every afternoon. County and Stati Rtgkts,%M WW aa single enginea ol any required power, can be purchased of T. RaRNaKD. Agent. No. 1 ToJd'a Building, adjoining ma 16-eodlm Brown's Hotel. 117 ashinbtom *? (FIRE) insurance i COMPANY. Avtnue and Tenth Street j.~c? MbGUIRE, President. g. d. han80n, s?er?t?rT. rnl-Mtr Baltimore life insurance co.-ih corporatkd im?Joan L Dokalmoh, Prt*.; MTh?^"J5jwT&3U1&9 LIVES ud BUYS nKrwssv.* rki'PONT'S GUNPOWDER, Selt Armey ftr the Dutrttt of CUmmUtm. Bxpreu Company, WukiagtOB. D. C- frt-Uvly MI3CFJ.LANBD1T8. /fv A /^ / MOSOKY! V v\ 1'Ci^.Q 0I3PATCH! | Safe the Piecci! 4* *eet<ir?f < wiU k?rrrn, ?m m wtUr*rul*fd Aswii/mj, it ia mi d?air?bt? bo h?v? ion* oh?*p mm! oonvenient war for repairing Furn;tore. Toys, Crockery, Ao. SPALDIJtfl'S PREPARED 6LCI meets all auch emerjecoie*. tnd no kou*ekoid 0*a Mora to be without it. It ia alwaya ready and ap to tka atiolkinr point. There ia no ionfer a neoeaMty for limping chaira, apiir.U-red veneera, keadieaa doll*, aad broken cradle*. It la luat tka arfiole for oona. abell. and other ornameatal work, eo popular with ladi?a of refinement fco<1 taste Thia admirable preparation ia naed oold, being ohemioa'W held in aolation. and jaanaaing ali tka ainabie ?nahtiea of tlie heat makera' f las. It may be need in tka plaoe of ordinary mucilage, ; being vasty more adheaire. USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Price, 35 oenta. N. B.?A Brnah aooompaniea eaok bottle WAohttU* Depot, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Atfdreea HENRY cTsPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pnt ip for Dealers in Caaea oontaimng Foir, F.ight, and Tw elve I>oien?a beautiful Lithograpk'o Show Card aooompanying eaoh package. inr A aintle bottle of SPALDING'S PRE PARED GLUE will save ten timea ita ooat annnally to every hoaaehold HI i*o!d by all prominent Stationer*. Druggiata. Hardware and Furniture Dealera, Grooera, ana Fancy Store*. Country merohanU ahonld make a note of SPAL DING'S PREPARED GLUE, when up their hat, tt will utand any climate. fe lO ly ^3 LUB^V FOR FAMILY USE. WILL HERD ARTICLE* 1H M'sed. Lftthrr, trtckfry, Glass, Irsry, Ilonr, Alabaster, Marble, Rskhrr, Gitts Perohn. i loth. Paper, Papier Macbf, Shell, Hern. H*si, Plaster, he. And indeed thereis scaroel y an article in the whole range of donie*tic economy, whether it be for use or ornament, which when broken, oaanot with this preparation be restored to its original value. It challenge* the world for its superior. It is indispensable in er*ry HOUSE, ITORE SHOP, COUIfTIXQ ROOM. and no person after a trial of Starr's Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dispense with it for fo?r tiroes its onst. It is always r.-adv, and always reliable. It is not offensive to the sineH. and is not affected by climate, and where known it has beooine a fixed fAI'T. Thp tt Ant Ulll nf Hftilnrs Ai *A noncitntA*. ? - to th? following testimonials rc?ar<1ini ft* superior qualities : Newakk, Nov. 36. ta?. "AfWafaithf'il trial of STARR'S PREPARED HL( E on Wood. lather and Cloth, at the Ph?nix Works. 1 most cheei fully reoominend its use for all purposes geuerally required, ami especially for family use. C. A. Ca'rtm." " We, the undersigned havini tested SiARR'S PRE PA RED U LVE, a^rec with the above reoom mendatmn. "w*. B. Doc?la?s, "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N. 1. Lysasdkk Weisht. "Machine Depot. 23f> Market st, Newark, N. J. "HKnKjtBrnc & 1,'TTSLL, "Carr-.ace Manufacturers. Newark. N. J. "Wm H. K ri * Co., "Carpentersand liailders. Newark, N. J. "Leverich & Ekdees, "Carriage Makers, Newark. N. J." Starr's Chemically Prepared Glae is sold fey all Drucfists, Furniture Dealers, Grocers, Fancy Goods Dealers. Hardware Dealers, Stationers, and by country merchants generally. PRICE, H* CENTS PER BOTTLE. A brush Koes with each bottle. Put up for dealers in oases from I to 12dosen. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in oolors, given with each package. All orders or letters of tnauir* bv mail addressed to the STARR GLl'E'COMPANY. ... 51 Liberty ?t., N. Y. will r?ceivw prompt attention. IVT A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly ^ y^Jrvi Bussr / ?WA3Wf jpA Rj)MATIC^P^j M 4i?ifv ?? # I I Mf'tre/v/vr m# &* ((A* Jd*H T*+%U? * ' I '* r f r V U* "/'* MomrnfaA^lm,) f~*m } f 9 7 (to . , V?^?t r r/ tf J gr</ y > W ? /?'? ?< ? /? itn* a k, A.m. _ VJ, ^*5 .#/? < f * * a*p*nJ M/w? grttmg ? t>??v ?*?<<'#%* r ^* V * r "*?" '* ? * '*? ?'*? **?.??1, ^S/ i ^I?W/K<>I />?*/>??/., JnW^ ^ ^ p] (f ! *# Mrd\ im+l jL ii..?ifej |^s 2 fr ^ tS/ ' CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MmmWM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF DN THF I ART! All (ITHFRC ART AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE: PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY m& 23 6w BARBOUR ft PEMMEB. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber hanm made t4ditton *o hi factory, making it now on* ofthe in the Distriot, where hit fact itiee forUK^Hf manulaotDriucCARRIAGE ft LIGHtJEsSKE WAGON8 of all kind* cannot be nryMMd, and from his lone experience in the bsaiceaa, he hopes to give {?cml satisfaction. w A/11 kind* of Carnacee u4 U?ht Waeons kept ei ^EPA^RSn-tl, dene, a&4 all ertftrs preapt r&r? EMVR HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS La^4^Xrtev:'ii5S-He Dr?M ud Picking Trnnkt. Oar trunk^M? u)?a room exhibit* at thu time the r r?at*rt nafty tSkfiffiX AM ? FBK , iH/ Old TrunJct repaired or taken laexekuii for urw oqm. WALL, STEPHENS k CO., _ ,, Truck Sa'ee Room. mar 81 -tf 389 Pa. avem,e. f. *. e. lahaju i, k. moot.' I. k iitit. I AMAR.MOTV4AUTRY, L _ AtTOkjIMTB-AT-LAW A MOTHER'S TRIALS, by the author of-My I T*K?W^^nd!e5a?d the SpMnh M? i. b; An; thony Tmlloee, aatbor of "The Bertrams " A*. | J sat published aitd for sal* b? Bole xenta for LMfMM'i Stmown, A*. raa ? DSjn^KSSrjS St,A. ffloHnt , SMITH sells ku Goods t!k?M?r thai My other knuwlii tnsrn ?sM? DAKBR8' BUTTER IN BALTIMORE.?We 1J em el all susou of the year supply yoa w th every grade of Bntter rery ehoioe. Ws NkrssowM now as low ae tan seats, and from that ay to the beat, for poiad sake. 1 M RfitoT N S? * D" '-"in:;,-.... < MH | HUftPITAL, H+* DUctrtrid i4? m+st -r*"4^ C/KtiMi Kewitdf ?? fk? "*" (?. FO* ALL DI9EA^E!> OF IM!'*''PFNf K. L*r ATO FALSE DELICACY ME VENT APPLY 1MMF.D ATKLY J fFAJT WJKJIAJVTrD, OA *0 CHihhf, IN FhOM ONE TO TWO DA Y* f Mka?M if tta Itik, wicirM. AImimm IM Kmi u< iMMr, it'MMu; P**ch*rf*? InwtMi. ? ??? ! IHWInj, N?r?urM.I>nr?pai.U'i|w ( w aMxt, P?iftuci<H. Du>i.m ( kfti m OlMmm. Dimu* rfiiit 4,Tkn?t, Hmi h Itw. AlicuwiWit* Lnn. Inaicl ? > ( iMu T?mM< [>?or<??r? (-> < f fr?c Ininr^ *??? ?# TmH?Mm IVmMI U< P?rj*ui'? h*MK? ?*it? m tu Mirm|i iifiHitii, ui ?MU*f t?u MM TOBWti ME* kfMltllt wfca kt'l tattni Lk* *KtMM ?f Safur? Iku u< <Nintu>i h*k? vkth utMil^ m J 1*4 iiltm uil krillaiti laaiaMaai, ?> Rfii n>ir?m ka?* Mrucit htuiiaf Iimim *nk Uaa Uoam af ttmmi ? Ul4 I* liautf tk* li?iuf lyta, M| Mil Mi IHl tULiai iuiu rnaon.? Tm( m? ? lly, >li?| tvtrt ?f ak;a?Ml vwkam, ?r?M 4?atlNy, 4afar?a.>i.** ti.. i|4i<ut imi wka bUcm ktmaaif it In tk* Mr* af It* J. ? ? ? ???? aval; MaMa ia ka* tea at u * faatlaaaa u< mHm<r Ml* fn kw kill u * ykyaum. urric* Ha t osti rtinun imitr M Mb* aid* r?| ti? lalunar* atrtaa. a ka Mara k*a Ik* lanil IU nat la aM*r?a aajaa a*4 ?aaMl kattin Mat M pu4 ui aaaiaia lauay Dl JUMItOI, Haalan af Ik* 1*71 C*i!if* afSargaaM, fcwtt. (nliai* b*n aa* af (k* raaat *bih**I C*Ui(M ia tk* Bnhai >***?*. Md tk* miui par\ af wbaa* lif* ? a* kaan apaat w tk* ka* CiU af Lm4m. Pana, Pbi.?4alakta aa* a aaw i.ara. ka* * 1*4 aaaa* af Ik* am uu>akiaf cara* tkat vara *?** koava. many uaablad wuk ringi-.g w tk* kaa* aa4 mi* Vkaa aalaap, fr*at aar*aa*i.*a* ?i,'| alataaad rt aa*?aa awnda, Mak%Toa? ?Uk frtqMat blaalui.j. attai4a* *aaa KM* walk 4ar*r,f *ia*a' af aar.*, war* car** iiaaafuiair TAKE PAKT1CBLAB. NOTICE. T ?af Maa and a(k*r* wfca kaa* njar*d laaiaMiaa* k? a Mrtain pracuc* i*f*i|*4 ia wfcM atana?a hrbai fraqaaatlf Inratl frwm **ij campaotaM, a* *t ackaai, tt>* afacia al vklck ar* atffetly fell **aa wk*r |a*l*a; , ?t.4 tl nat aara*. raa4*r* airriaja laipaaaikl*, a*4 4a*u?fa kaik aw* m4 A ka4?, *koa>4 apply imaa*4aal*ig 4^ faaaa ar* aawi* afika aa* aud aakaiM) alitu aradaia* k* aarl* kakiu af raaik via 1 W*?kr**a af tk* la'l aa* 1 linika, Paina la tk* M*t4.Jlimti*a* af lifkt^Laa* af Maaralai - r? -? ? ? ? * "T-|?i-j ""??? i;,Diru|)n?nl?(iki Dij * .? fMcutM, tMini IHMHf, a 7 in Ma"* of C?iMin|>tMii, Ac. MKMTALLY.?Ta* fatrfai afactaaai (lit mtr.4 art kmI m ka tra^lad - l.o*a of Man*r?. Corfaaiao fHm. IVtrrtM n f Ppirii, Krtl FirMiiifi, AxniMafkcmt. lalf PiMrtn, La?? af aHta4a.Tir.n4n*. ate . art hhi af Ua aatia *? 4au4t NKITOtl DtllklTT ?Tkaaaaad* aaa M?|a4|i aW? la Ua c?aa* af tkair daclintaf kaaltk. laair* tkaif *.( ?. a* aamof vial, pal*. naraaaa and aniaciatad. * *> >( ?< pm tppatrtati ibatt it* ***a. e**fh of itnpiimtt eanaampeaa PlIt ASLI or IMPRl'PKNi?K Wkan (ki miajaitad m< impradau' ?c?rj af pl*?*ar* ka ka* Mat-ibad tha aaada of iha paii.fai M -aa aftaa kappau* '.hat an iimi af ibima af dr*a4 af di*'*?ar* datar* kirn from *pr!T>"j ? t^naa vka. fram a<1atatian aad raapaflability, fan alan* kafrtaad Mm. Na f?Ita tata d>a baud* af Ignorant aud d**i|.iu( prataadara. *ho, ancapakla af caring, tick kia pacanaary aahatai.c*. b*ap kira tr I f aantk anar raaniti, of aa lo?,* aa tha llaat faa can kt ak taiaad, aod la d**patr l**?a kiaa auk rimad kaal'k ta atak a*ar kia (ailing diaappaantaaat; m kf ?ba aai aflMdtilif paiaan, Marcara. kaatay tka caa-attta-ianal af inpioaaM af tka* tamkia daaaaaa, aack aa * la tnana a* ?h* Van Tnraa<. Haa*. prograaaii.* aiik frifbifal rapadity,till da*'* !?' a p*riad ta kia araadfal aalmnn > y aa*1i?| kaaa >a fk*i a* draca* arad tatntrj fran vkoaaVavnaa aa traraUr ratam* ml joimomremicny r?'*<>*?* !'; ?nn impoteiict t Ikia graat aad liriParian' raaadf af ta* ataa-* ua *paadll? earad and fail *if?r raatarad T?*a**n4? a'tk* naai nir'na aod dabilitata?. vka kad I aai *|l hap*, aa** kaaa mm*di*t*ly r*ln**l All itapadimanu '* Marnaga r>r***ai a* Mania PttaaaM aatiaa*. Loaa af Pratraavra Pawar, Narvaa* lrr>?**i'i'? TrtiaMuig Wa?kn*a*a* Kjtb?a*uao af tk* *aa*t faarfa kind *p**adily ' arad "f T9t r4M I'lim iwmit" l?t last ..i??r t?mi, *Mi IM Ram?r*M unrtnu-i ?"? Mi ?p?r*tn?n? p?rferiu*4 *f Di. , <ta*wtd 11 > r*p*ri*n ut (It* p*p*n to4 otny nitr r?(*o?*, >? ' ?f whicfc bit >pf<?r?4 Iftin an4 i|Ua M?n '? ki *H*? hit tir.gii f a ( oicmar *f (Nnturtil fiiMnt' fciluy, m t ciatit [nnr ii w t>? tfl<ct*4. |<r W-l> Dr. j. bovek d<?d> IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, Are now being ?aed from Marnetn ihe 6 real San. Lake, Ml toe univer**: vrriliot <>( all who uae t ein ??lth*r tnrdu?* or a- ft b't-trnt' l? thft' th?> are unau'paeoi in the wrln l?r. l>od? eeed them *u craafuilv in hi* practioe for year* before we pnrchaaed of him th* roie lcht to n>?nufactor* and preeeut them for aale to the For the on'6 of incipient Consumption, Iiidijteetton. Dt? pepem, Pile*, N'ervon* lliaea ea. K?ina.e Com pl%u.t?, end ftll oaaea requiring ft tome, they ftr? he fond doubt % moat invaluable rewedy. And* from their medicinal propert>ea they ere a pure, whole aome and deiightriu Beverage, producing aft the pleasant exhile-atmg effecta of Brandy or Wine without thnr injurious r?a?i!'a. let aJI friend* of humanity and ail a-: vooate* of temperaoee aMifi u? in aonetituing '.heae valuable Vegetable Bittera for the mtntrml poifimt and aJu{trrmi*4 Liftiori with whioh the country ia flooded, and thereto e?fec' aid in ban ahmg Lnaeaae and Drankene** " "cHARLF* W1DDIFIKLD 4 CO., Proprietor!, 7* \VU,ia??> street. New York. J. SCHWaRZE Agent. Washir.gtoa, D C. DR. J ROVKR tK>W IMPERIAL UIH B ITTt US. For Dimim ( fth? Kidneys B Mdw ai d L'rmart Organs. and especially for Femai* Obstruction* -ever fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis f votion. CIURLKS WinniFIELD & CO.. Proprietors, 7* Wi hamst., New York. J. ttCH WARZK. je 7 lyr,r A cent. Washington/D. C. H16HLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! MRS. COI'S INDIAN VEGETABLE VECOCTION. It is w*il known that in the Spring people are more apt to oontraot disease than at an* other period; and it is e*ea!ly well-known ih%tthew?? to *?'<! off diee*s<? is to keep the blood pure. lor "all the tils that flesh is heir to," arise from impun t? of the bl?M?d, the main sprint of our existence. It i?. therefore, important to ail that the sy*t?r should he thorou*h;y c canned and pnn6ed, an4 this car ! e done in the most cffeotu* way byusini MRS M COX'S IN MAS THiF.TABLE If CO''TION.Uit beet reir>?dy diwv < *red for the our" of diaoaeea of Skin. Kn np?:w, f'orofuia. F heum* turn. Nervona D?-r>i!ity. Fever* of different kinda, l>T*pep?r. Liver Complaint, am) aii other di*ea??f ariamg from impurity of the blond. It hu effect^ the mo?t rema'kaMe ctrea, a.? oar. be ahowc br numeroaa oer'ifioatea fx.m person* oftlie higbeat reapectability, and ta r?o<>rr:mei,de<i by all who have ua*d it aa the nn?at inva. uahie remedial Ment of the day. C"7"" It i* aold by all the Druggiata of Baltimore. a:id at the reaidence of the proprietor. MRt*. M COX. IS* Faet Baltimore atroot. Net ween fc.ier street and Central avenn* None rname aaiee* her name la blown on tb* bottle and her sea! on the oork. IIj^ f'rioe 91 per bottle, aix bottles for #V Wkol'^ilt Ajfmt. R. ST. ClaaiiL. Dragciat. Georgetown. D. C., Wholesale A gent for the lha triet. and will sappy the trade at my prioea. mar H tr y H i; ALL 0UFFICIENV YBREK tricsemar. i, a, * J, Frtuettd by Hey?< Lttttrr> FatmI of EntUmd. m*4 ncwtd by tkt Stal of ikt Ecolt <it Fkmrmm<u 4* Pmrir. and tkt Imptrfi Colltgt of r IMMIC Mo. 1 la invaluable for exhaustion. Pperroator A , rlv?a. and all diaabilitiea. IV * No a completely erad oatea all Iraeee of those dlseaaea that nave been hitherto treated bv the nan aeon a and permoiona uae of oopavia and oabeba. No. 3 haa entire!* supplanted the lnjapoua uae of merourv, thereby inorrirf to the ?i ff'-rer speedy relief, diapersing all imparities, aad rooting oat the venom of diaeaae. TRIKHEM AH.Noa, l.iland X Are prepared IB Wte for*) of a ioaeuge, deveid of taste and an * . and oar be carried 111 the waiatooat pooket. Bold in tin oaaea, and divicM into aeparate d. aes. m adm.Lietered b? ValMH,Laileraaud, Ronx, Rioord, Ac. rnee *3 eten, or tomr o?u>m iot ?* vdioa htm fv .?oC, 1?4 Bleecker street, rbvr door* below McDcmcu treet. New York. Immediate!? on moatTi^g ?? mittUM, Dr. Borrow will forward the Ti hwml lo ut fart of the world, ?eoure:y packed, and ?i: poiv'^w'S in*toe. D. C. de ? are CaotioS^TLV.^^ o?^.. Bucru. Hotpitala, Inatrnruebta or Riaga?abaa U?n ill, tad, u d ipoeed to profit b* my eipenooa. write for rnr private Circplnr on BPEEMATOR K HQ-. K ;-ITB CUEE WiU HUM neloeed. a<v.rae?, in forfetrl oooideco*. yoar rrieml, a former uflwwy. mere.j vapor cribin^Bo^lft, Chwieatowu. Mwi FOE ST A M PIN# _ i^MLU.? _ A PACKET OF PAPER I IIA I AND KNVKLOPK8 NU I TO MATCH. CHARGE/ METEOrOLlTAN BOOKSTORE, _ PHI LP ft SOLOMONS. Agrata for Ltirim'i Mtobratoi Lim Pw*^ im **m.rM?UO'33$%L mmT** *? 279 r22?2?L 206 B?fi iMTt to (Mil tL? MtentiM tri*md?*v* th? mmjc jen*r?lly to hu New Store, ?asas?? J T fiaffft < n. iof?( r??' ??J/ iwl

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