Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1860 Page 1
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0 0 \ ? T 'J'f i *?'*!?' -? / ." * * * * I ' v f firming Star, V?. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JUNE 14. 1860. N?. 2.285. THE EVENING ST A* Tr w ruBLiaiiBn btbbi aftbritoon, <8?NDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THK ITiR BFILDlNfll, Corntrr of F?mn*ylvania avtnu* \ ltrA ?<-, IT W. D. WALUCH. Fatora wrva* ts p*ol?{?i by otrrlora M|U or r onii *or month. To mail aabooribora the jrloe i? ?s.w a year, to ado???; 01 for am aoetho; tl for threo montha; and for tooa than t>re* montha at the rate of UcenU a week. 9iuf.? oop.eo, orb chit; in wrapper*, two cmt?. CTA?vnr?i*iHT> ?hoa'd boaoat to tboo?o? heforo 13 o'clock. otherwiao they may not ap*e?i antii the next day. WHAT THE KKftERAL (ONKSREFICE DID [,4?o<*>r riMO ?f Ike east?Published by request ] Tbo leed is done The (General Conference, by a large majority, adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Slavery, ao far as to alter the chapter relating to that subject. It i* now our part to examine the new provision of Discipline,4o weigh its words, master its meaning and conclude as to what conduct becomes us under the change of law. Though the iJencral Conference did not *ee nroner to *i?h wit to tbe people concerned the question of acceptanoe. tney will doubtless proceed to consider it. with full determination to be governed in their course of action by the decisions of their own understanding They will stand f*st in the nse of that liberty wherewith Christ ha." made them free. They know no head of the church but Ilim who is head of all. They are not Christians because of their connection with a branch of tbe risible church, but they became members of a church, in the use of their judgment as Christians. The only schism they are taught in the Bible to dread is separation from the Lord He is the vine, a visible church is at most only a trellis; liable to decay, and requiring repair, and not unfrequently falling to the ground and dragging with it the too closely entangled tondril* it should have kept upright and open to the sun. The questions before u? are whether the present rule permits slaveholders to remain in the >1 L Church, and be honest? Whether our l>reachei>can administer the present discinline and preach the gospel to those to whom they lire sent7 Whether the church here can fulfill it? glorious mission while in connection with a body whose sentiment* on slavery are represented by the majority of the General Conference, and who have opened a crevasse in the old levee which we have been watching and defending for many years?a crevasse which it is their avowed purpose to widen progresfeively until full desolation be poured upon us These are the present questions. When they fhall have been decided,there maycome others What shall -redo' What form <hall we take' Jl-w shall we move with the least shaking of our tenement and inconvenience to our faintly' but the-e questions are not the first to be determined. The "when'' must be settled without complication with the -whither." Without absolute necessity we ought not to move at all; if there be absolute necessity, it is idle now to consider the future Even if. likn Abraham, wo must go into into a land of which wi> know nothing?God help us ! we must escape from the place where we may not worship Him in peace. Happily we fhall have time enough to deliberate upon our futuce course Once resolved to go, we shall have peace in all our borders, and time to consult the people. There is no necessity for hurry nor tumult: and we have no apprehension of any such thing. Let us now examine the chapter as it stands changed, and compare it with the old onb The new chapter ?' * as follows >*'(juestion. What shall be dune for the extirpation of the ?vil of slavery ?" " Answer.?We declare that we are as much as ever convinced of the great evil of slavery. We believe that the buying, selling, or holding of humap being? to be used as chattel* is inconsistent with the golden rule, and with that rule of our Discipline which requires aH who desire to continue among us to do no harm and to avoid evil of every kind We therefore affectionately admonish all our preachers and Deoule to ke??n c ? B t r ?? - p?c irvui iui? great evil. and to seek its extirpation by all ltwful and Christian means." At first sight many will think that the new chapter is weaker than tbe old, and that the General Conference has made concessions to the Border, but a little careful consideration will Tindicate tho majority of the conference from the charge of extreme stupidity involved in such a conclusion That body knew what they were about; and when they urged this chapter as a progressive action on the slavery question, they were not so silly as not to comprehend its meaning. It is artfully constructed The barb is carefully covered "bv the bait, but a moment s examination bares the steel. Th? old chaptcr declared slavery to be a great evil, but carefully abstained from calling it a md It forbade a Maveholder to have official station in the church, but qualified the prohibition so widely as to leave obedience to tbe precept almost optional with a society. In fact, it was a sort of eliding scale of officiality, to be worked by the sentiment of locality. The rhaDter also furhnU tr?r?i:n? *?? ?-? * All slaveholding is, by thia chapter, deolared to be a sin. It effectively create* a new form of membership in our church, for it declares all cases of slaveholding to be amenable under the General Rule, forbidding ' all harm."'j After having laid down this rule, the General Conference proceeded to "admonish all our ?reachers and people to keep themselves pure rom this great evil." What more could thev have said about Mormonism 7?and "to seek it? extirpation by all lawful and Christian means." What more could they havo said of any sin ? Having declared slaveholding to be a sin, the Discipline calls upon preachers and DeODle to nert itl ?rtirn*lmn " oept such a* lire lawless and wicked. The word -affectionately" sound* sweetly, but it is not applied to qualify the manner of the "extirpation,'' but only the tone of the admonition. The inquisitors used even more kindly words when tbey surrendered the victim to the "secular arm"?as they benignantly styled the executioner. Such, then, is the present Discipline. It condemns all slaveholders by rule, and by commentary excuses only in such cases as we have mentioned Real slaveholding it concludes to be a sin against God, and a violation of the Discipline of our Church. The chapter is advisory, but advisory of action agntnst slaveholding members. It advises preachers and others to deal with ?uch ns immoral, and vioI ?tors of our rule, and extrude them by the "lawful means" provided in the Discipline. Can we remain in a connection wnere we must live in perpetual rebellion against its law? Can we honorably continue in a fraternity of churches when our onlv ri^hf to in is the impossibility for the others to put us out' Can we obey the present Discipline' Can we remain in connection with the other churche* and disobey it ' Will it be for the glory of God to submit to the present chapter and try to practise upon it' These are questions for our our readers to answer?and we hold this paper open for them to express through it their opinions, freely and fully. The General Conference refused to pass an amendment to the charter making it only culrwory. llad they done so. it would have been really unchanged?because the a4vice would nave oeen to t&e executors of the Discipline to execute it After this refusal, however, the Conference did pass a resolution declaring the chapter to be -advisory"?but this will not constitute a part of the Discipline It was probably intended to avoid the charge of unconstitutionality, in creating a new term of membership in the chapter, and to give ground for difference of opiniou and dissension among ourselves. We hope our people and preachers will give the new chapter calm and careful consideration, and take their Anal positions with prayerful and conscientious wisdom. ? Since writing the above, we have found in the Baltimore Sun the following letter, purporting to be written by a Border Methodist. (This letter was published in the Star on Friday last J The writer takes an entirely opposite view of the character of the chapter?and from the fact that our delegates did not protest against it. we suppose that to some extent they may have shared the opinion expressed in this letter. We are determined to use fairly the accidental position we occupy as editor of the only paper to which our people can look for advice and information on the great church question now pressed upon them We therefore sepublish the letter from the Sun None will be more gratified than if our people can adopt the views expressed in it. Wo earnestly mat our opinion shall have no official weight. It is the opinion only of a member of the church, who has always been in the habit of thinking for himself, but claims no right to think for others. ?> in it not be well [or the Presiding Elders to meet and consult upon tbe necessities of the present crisis??Baltimore Christian Advocate, June 9. Tricks of a Jtcolek?The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer give? the following : We have a celebrated juggler performing in the oiiy, who played an amusing trick in a Broadway omnibus this forenoon There was a distinguished literary gentleman in the stage, with whom he entered into conversation. At length the literary gentleman nulled the strap, and was about to get out, when the juggler tapped him gently on the shoulder ' Excuse me, sir," said he, "I doubt not you are an honest man, but I nereaive vou h?rc ? v.?u^ |/1WUCI8 1U hula slaves, but it di<l cot place the prohibition upon tuoral grounds. It left room for the explanation that the "evil," in the caae of preachers, was in the embarrassment of their work. The old chapter also directed our preacherr to enforce upon our members the necessity of teaching their .-laves to read the Word of <iod. and allowing them to attend upon the publicworship of God on our regular day* of divine service, bat even this the preachers were instructed to do "prudently.' As an answer to the Titantic question. What shall be done for the extirpation of slavery? the old chapter wju as the mewing of a kitten to the crash of thunder So far as our private members were concerned. it only required them to listen to a "prudent" suggestion on the part of the preachers to teach theirslaves to read the Bible *nd let them go to church on Sundays?a suggestion which probably was never offered, simply because it was not ne?*ded. Our members, und*r the old chapter, were permitted to hold slaves, with no olher restrictions than th"-e enforced by their own conscience The Church threw the responsibility upon them. The relation was not declared to be cmful. but only "evil " The Church might have said as much of malaria The character degree, determination, remedy of the "evil"? of all these the Church said nothin ?. In faot, the Church might as well have said nothing at all, for there was no practical use in what it said. The new chapter declares that the buying, mJling or holding of human being* u chattel#, inconsistent with the lawofChriat, and with that rule in our Discipline which requires all who remain among us to "do no harm " Thia is a plain declaration, that slaveholdicg is a sin against God and the Discipline?a sic f;ular durality in which we would suppose the atter element superfloua: did we not perceive the necessity of looking to aome other quarter than revelation for support of the declaration. The word "sin" is carefully excluded?the idea ia conveyed in the circumlocution inconsistent with the "golden rule.-' The distinction "ag chattel* ia introduced with the evident purpose of creating ambiguity, and shading the meaning of the precept. This law.term is not commonly understood. The people bare been led to oonfound "chatter' with ? - - _ v?iue, ' or something of that kind. They t>uppo?? that by holding slaves a* chattels. is meant holding them with the woe views and feeling* as they hold brutes; and dealing with their servants as though they had neither uiind nor tout, thought nor sensibility It is in this .,bm the twm is often used tauntingly towards them. Now. in truth, '-chattel'' means nothing but movable or personal property? something else "than real estate, ana unless a man holds slaves as real estate, he must hold them M chattels. The committee on slavery intended, by the use of this word, to exclude from censure such slaveholding as they deecribed in their report as tolerable, that is, puraly benevolent slaveholding ? over the young, rearing them for emancipation?over the old, providing for their infirmity?and fc over all *o whom.bondage is a legal ncce-sity during their transit to freedom. Such eases, the committee intended to exclude, by a?ing the word chattel, but In their ignorance they have brought even the benevolent elass of slaveholders under condemnation, and declared them sinners before God, if they avail themselves of their legal authority over their serraq|?, for none of them bare a real eatate in a nagro j I 1 one of my gloves in your pocket." And greatly to tbe gentleman's surprise, he polled one of his gloves from an inside pocket, in which, of course, he had adroitly placed it without the gentleman's knowledge. Had I have taken one." replied the gentleman. "I should have taken both " "Yes," replied the juggler, "but I see you have my pocket book as well," whereupon he also took that article from the very bottom of the astonished gentleman's inside pocket. Poiaoxiig Ca*e ?The Plattsburgh (N.Y ) Kxfiress and Sentinel relab-s a poisoning case re?-enty brought to light in the town of Saranac, which occurred a year or two ago. It appears a Mr St John and his wife, wtth a family of five or si* children, lived on a farm in a secluded place: that an unmarried Irishman named James Creed was employed by them. and lived at their house some three years, when Mr. St John discovered that au improper intimacy existed between them. He therefore discharged Creed and forbade him from coming into his Louse Creed, however, remained iu the vicinity, and frequently met wtth ' Mrs St John. Finally the latt r sent to Plattsburgb bv a stage driver for arsenic *nd crotou oil, and on the next day, Mav 25th, 1K59, Mr. St John died A while afterward Creed and Mrs. St. JoLn were married Since then it has been suspected that the husband was poisoned, and bis remaJns Wfff found, iinnn 1 ~ ? 1 - ' - , IVViUllMlII QlWIUt . Both the suspected partlrs are Id jail. IC/Mn New York the chemists appointed to Investigate the mysterious death* of the Central Park iwant, report that, after a thorough anaylalt of the contents of their stomachs, uo traces of poiaon could be discovered. Moreover, aa more aaline matter waa found than would result from their natural food, the conclusion arrived at is that they must have died from some a Section of the lungs, probably pneumonia There are many, however, who are of opinion that the birds must have died of sheer starvation, and the ignorance of the proper mode of managing them by the persons having charge of them (J"7? The affairs of the American Colonization Socletv, it Is said, were never in a more flourishing condition The 2^? emigrants who sailed in their May packet, art-of a class who will add to the prosperity of Liberia, many of them being well taught In various mechanical pursuits. JJ^Aman named Brant, residing in Sh'ksvllie, Somerset Co , Pa , auie to his death a few days ago, from a most extraordinary instance of h<l|~<nij w.uo.iuiooa. lir UIQ pBralFII OI twen'y-one boiled eggs at one meal. iT7~Mrt> Quidard, residing oil Prraldent's bill, Roi.dout. Ulater Co . a few days since, while closing the abuttera of ber residence, In loaning over thl ?!!: loat ber balance and fell, breaking ber leg above tbe knee. CT'Mr Dampier, a farmer, real ding nearTaunton Xng , la said to bave a borae In hla possession aifrd yn year*, which be rldea daily about bia farm, and occaalonally gon out bunting with. C7*A Mrs. Case died, recently, at Wautema. ^ ia , aged 16 years. 6 niontba and 10 days i*be had been married three year., and left three cbllden to mourn her loaa E" The City Council of Atlanta, (ia., recently ribed $3110.000 and the cltizena ?2W'.000, to aid In the construction of a railroad to Jacksonville, Ala. IC^The ?ale of public landa of tbe Ualted SUit?t In twenty-seven yeara have realized over *136.000.000 ff7"Mr llorare Oreelev says "this Is an age of stern political virtue " He probably means that hr has long alnce left political virtue In the roar JT7" In Petersburg. Va ,a f?wdays since, a child of John Uavla, about two years old, died from ??ting tbe composition off some Lucifer matchee. tUT Mr Israel Waahburn, Jr., was nominated by tbe Republicaa Maine State Convention for Governor, on Thursday last. A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experienced Nurae ud Female Physician. preaenta to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, Wbltb (roily faclliuttt tht prtcm af tttihu.f, by tofitainf tht runi, rariacinf ail inliraiHUm-will tlfay ALL rain and tpatinodic aeuan, and ta SURRTO RRUVLATR THR BOW SIS. D?p?nJ span it, mothara, it will fi?a rttr ta yaaratlaat, and RRLIRFAND HRALTHTO YOVR INFANTS W hatt pat ap and >eld thia articl* for a?ar tan y aara. and ran ???, in confioiivcb ano tbuth of it,what vihan na?tr bttn abla ta a*/ of any OTNIt Mariicint? xiru MRS Mat it FalLBD,in ? tins li in ?Tanca to ?rricr a evil, WlnSLQW S whtn (inil; attd ffttardid ai know tnilTmwn an ioatane* of dia atiafactian by any S n i1 on* who n..d it. Oa lb* contrary, ?li art SYRUP, dalirhtad with ita orBRiTlont, and tarmt of bifhtt-. enmmandation of ita magical tfftrtt and mtdical tiriatt w tpt in ' i isMtar ' what vb un Hot," aftarttn yttrt' aiparianca, anD plboob oua RBrCTaTion fob thb ri LriiMitT or what (i hbrb ni CLUB In ilmati ???rj Iniiuli ahirt Ui) infant la tafftlInf from pain and tahaaatinn, riliaf will ba foBnd inffltta r twtnty inmattt afttr tht trrur it rdmimtttrtd. Thit talaabla prtpirttion it tht prttcription of ana af til* moat BiraaiBncBO tnd tBILri'L nvntBt in Ntw Knflaad, and hat bttn atad with nsr Bn-raiLino ti'ccBn ia THOUSANDS OF CASES. It aat only rtliatta tht child from pain, hat ir.ttptrttai tht tlamtch And bowtia, corrtcit acidity, and fittt toot and tntrf y to tht wholt tytftm. It will alinaat inatantly rtlittt Gkipins in tbx Bowels and Wind Colic, and atarconia eontaltiant, which, if not tpttduy rtmtditd tnd in dtalh. Wt: bflitrtittht BBIT 4nD H'RB?T KIM- FOR BDV iu tht WORLD in all cattt of DU-I ('HIM)RK^ nt.a BN<K* in h i t I- T HI > i !? **" whathar II aneee fern teethinr | Llor from an? otbar rami W a tnulH ?? 10 erery mother who hat * child ?w f farm* from any of the forefoinf c?mplainta ? DO WOT I.BT TOtlH f* IJt'DIl'**, l?0? THE PR tJL'Ml't* OT OTH ERJ, eland b|[??tn ?rureti8#nrf rhild and the relief that will be HW yWiimtOTUt H'n i?to follow tn? nee of th medicine, if timely used. Fall directioi.e for Being will a eoim>anr aach bottle. Nona genmn# unleet tha fac-eimil* CPkTiB * PERKINS. New Vork, ia on tha osleida wr?ppe o.d by Dra?piete ihronrhoat tha world. Principal Office. N?. II Cedar Street, N. T. Price eulr IS Canti pet Bettia. ea 11-dAwl* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FU)R HARPKRS VhRR\.-CHANGE OF DA YS.?On And ait?r Jtih 2,18ri". JC*? tl?e at'-Amer ANTELOPE. Capt. H.^tafci? .1. W ti i>,cArr)in)?the I'nited tovW will tfuve Georic?town EVf RY MONDAY, W EDNESDAY and FRID A\'. at 7 a. m.. And re turn ever* Tuesday. ThurndA) and Saturday. IN. B?The Antelope will run as before until the al>"ve dato. j?5-2ni* 1 Kn JUST RECEIVED, laju bbi.s. whisky, (Asmnted.) t?0 An lll'BBIVi; ?-J ?i l.-?*rnT*-e! do. HKKIN'KD SIT.ARS, 1" hbds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, A M K< Ha.field) WHITE Fl-ty. 2T> boxes prim* Eastern CHEESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGI E, je 8 Georgetown. O C. C RAN DELL. OPTICIAN. No. 123 Bridtt st? Gtorc?<ei*i?. onnstantlT on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Near sighted, Periscopiq, Col ^ ored, and all other SPECTACLES, < the beet quality, in gold, silver, steel-and Germac ilver frame*. N- B. Old Furaei Repaired *nd new rlasses est in them to order. no 19-lr r I ^ H K* STEAM PACKET FLYING CLOUD 1. u now ready for excursions to the Gr-at Falls or intermediate points, Arlington Springs and Al?x "*1 " andria. oil m<?der*te terms; will mak" trips to Alex andna on SUNDAYS, in time lor divine service, and will lie over until after one o'clock. Apply to Capt. JOHN MOORfc, ap '9 2m No. 3ft Jefferson st.. (jwrcftorn. JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Car. Bridt* and JrJFers<m ets , Georiftoicn. Having given my personal attention to this tuanoh of iny business, 1 ain prepared t<- ? ?. _ atteud to all oails with promptness Persons from a distance cai be sup- ^ plied at a 'ew minutes' notic*. as 1 have a large assortment of CoFr INS always on hand. Particular attention paid to tlia removal of the d If 1 from the old to the ??w b?in*I iit-arses and ii?oses for hfe. ap ifl-6m MASSKY, COLLINS It CO.'S PHILADELPH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantly reoeiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite ail persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. io give it a trial. ARNY & SHIVN fr? ST Grson St.. Georgetown. OTIC E7 noticeI I respectfully inform the LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY, that from tlusd*) I wil sell out my entire stock at importing prices. 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All order* for eohemee or tiokeU to be &-idi en^d POR SALE?A beautiful iron fray MARK 6* yvaraold; perfectly touml and genU" rrv Aloo.a y?ry atyliah Bujtfy ; patent lid>?( CjlTTV eat; atu able to oarry 2 or 4 peraoua. Syij/XZ3for no fault, the ownor having no further ii?* lor ttSwf ^AplI * KELEHKR A PYWEM/9 tttables, Ith etreet, between D Md E. ma # l( AUCTION SALES. By C. W. BOTKLKR A t?ONH. Auctioneers. 1>Ki;STKK 8 SAl E OF SUPERIOR H K1 n rcrk bkinu ths fntirk kffei t? of thk Clarendon Hotel - By virture of a deed in trust bearing date January 5th. lr6?, and duly recorded in Liber J. A.!*., No. 1*> folios from No. 119 to Mo 127, one of the Land Reoords of Washington county, JD C, I *ha>l proceed to sell on the prem ises on TlllRjtbA V. June iffth,at l?> o'clock a. in., a'l and singular the goods and chattels contained in the building known as the Clarendon Hotel, situated on the southeast oonner of Pennsylvania avenue and 6tb streets, vii: <?ne Superior Rosewood Piano Korte. Elegant suite of Rosewood Parlor Furniture, Larce Gilt frame mantle and Pier Mirrt rs. Rich setts of B'ocatel'e and Laoe Curtains, Velvet ami Brussels Parlor Chamber and Ile.ll Carpeting. Rosewood, \\ a nut. Mahogany and Oak setts of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair aad other Mattresses, Pillows and Bolsters, Bltnkeu. sheete, Comforts, Counterpaens, Tow__els,ic.t _ - * ? ? ..nna noun* Uinirg Tables, Oak Dinins Room Chair*. 6u Chandeliers, An extensive variety of ChinaGlaesand ?:roekery, Silver P-ated Castors, Mutter Dishes, Forks and Spoont, Table Cutlery. *c., Bar Room Yurniture and Fixtures. Cooking Utensil*. /to. It i* deemed unnecessary to particularize the articles contained m this very handsomely famished evah'.Uhin?nt. To persona in questol good household furniture, it preaeuts unu.uai attractions, ?s the colleo'ion 11 verv .arire, embracing the oontent* of about forty finely furnished rroins, a.l of wruch is of the inost superior and nibvantial character and in excellent condition, havia; teen purchased new in January ia?t. Teran?f*'! and under cash, over JN" and not ex o?eoiog 9 i*1, I. 2 and 3 montns; over )1j0, 1, 2, 3, 1 and 5 mouths, lor approved endorsed notes bearing interest. hi) HALi., 1 rustee. leB dtd C W. BOTKI.KR ? SONS. Auct? By '. C. McGUlRE A CO.. Auctioneers, rpRUSTEE S SAKE OF VERY VALUABLE i RKA.L EkTATX OH THE CORNER of "*VIMH and E <tr ertv?Bt virtue of a decree ol the ?'ircuitCou t of the District of Colum la, passed in two cau?e? in w hiofi Stathain. Smith -on & Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, and John F. C'allan and o*hers are defendants tne undersigned wi 1 sell at public auction, to the hull eat bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da- of July, IWO, at 6 o'cloek p. m., upon th? premises, Lot No. 3. in Square No, 136, iu the city of Washington. D. ?' . fronting 50 feet 11 tnohe* on E street north, and 75 feet on Seventh street west. Tbia well known property is situatr*! on tiie northeastooruer of Kand Seventh streets. opposite . no anuDim r'-m umoe, r.n" is on* Of the ve y test hun'osi loeahous in the city ol Washington. The improvements corfaiat of t ree three t'iry houses oji E street, inoitidiijc the druc store on th" corner of Seventh, Mid a t??>-stoiy bail'*in* on Sev nth street. Th" property wi 1 he sold m sfpaiate paroelf, acoordiiift to the impro ement?. rerine of sa:e; One third of the purchase miner to be paid m cash,and th*> residue in two e.ju?! instalments, in six and twelve n or.ths f'om the day ol ea.e; the deferred payments to bear interest, and to be secured by the notes or bonds of the purcha ser or purohasers, with a surety or sureties to be approved hy the Trustees. Should the terms of sale not t>e complied with within six days ?fi> r the i day <d sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re i sel the property, at the risk and expanse of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five day notice. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. C. INGLE, / Trn.tee* A. AUSTIN SMITH,{ 1 rUBW*8 je 11 6tawAds J. C. MoSUl RE A. CO , Aues. By J. C. MoOUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. f^RUBTEE'S BALE OF THREE SMALL s Brick DwELMNG houses ix t11e bur of timpebayck Hall.?On WEDNESDAY At TEK NO*in . June .7th, at 6 o'elook. on the premise*. bf virtue of a deed of trust dated March 7.1KS7, and duly reoorded in Lil?er J. A. S., No 131,lolioe 1^2,1 '3 114. and 115, one of the land record* for Washington county, D. C.. 1 shall sell Lots H. I, snd K in a sulMlivinon of square numbered 37t?, fronting eaoh about 12 feel 10 inub"s onthe#'le?*t illey in the rear of Temperar.oe Hall, together with uie improvement*, oonsistim of tlirei two-story Brick rwelJing-Houses, containing five room* atcli. Terms: One third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, seoured bjr a deed of trust on th** premises. . . . . Itthe terir.s of sal* should not he complied with in five davs thereafter, the trustee reserves the richtto resell, at the risk ai d expense of the defaulting purchaser, after one week's puolio notice. All oonveyanoing at the cost of the purohaser or purciasers. THOS. J. FISHER, Trustee je4-d J. C. McGDIKE CO , Aucts. EDUCATIONAL. 0 M M E R P I A L COLLEGE, J "O. 47fi>KTJNTK?T., Oppcnt' th' OJicf, Washington City. Artnonan Sy*tem of Penmanship, Roockeeping, Mercantile Forms and Calculations. BusinessC<>rresjoLdenoe, Bills of Exchange, Current Bills, Commission Sales, ( and Arithmetio. C7"A Preparatory Class for Roys. Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Kaoms open from 9 a m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Kooms. mi W-3m WM, W. YOUNG A TO r|MIF, I/NIO.N FEMALE ACADEMY. I N ?W A*B AftOHMKNT. This well knowi: and popular Seminary, which ha< lx*?'n *o suoces-ful under the entire care of Mrs /. K ichard* I?t more than ten years, will be opened on the first Monday in September n?xt, under the uiiixd sttpervmon ami instruction of .Mr. and Mr*. Z. rich aRDS. in the well arrar.ged and delight fully I cated Union Academy Building. For (artic ulai*. *ee circular" at all the lfook?torMi>. ma2J tf \i MRS. McCOR ICR'S SCHOOL I'lRS. MrCORMlOR drsirea to inform hei friend* and the putilio generally that she will rtmmt thedu'iea of her Sohovl on the lit Monday in September next. Theoourse of study pursued will oompnee all the brasche* reunite to a thorough Er.|li*h eduoa tioik In addition to her day soholars ah* is dMipiia of recoving into her family a few* aa borders, a* ed from in to 14 yeara, who will b* under her im mediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the aooommodation ai.d due care of piapila hare been oor.stderally inoreased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring partionlar information with referenoe to her school may apply to W. D. Wallach, Editor o the Star. For terms and furtner partionlar* apply at her reatdfl'ioe?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria, Va. t'-tf DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. [TI. LOOM 18, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEKTI|,at>*fc tend* personally at hi* otfioe in thia city, NfJfeMp Many pereon* can wear these teeth who^*""* oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Person* calling at my office oau be aroommodated with anv atyleand price of Teeth they m? desire , but to tnoee who are partionlar and wish the pureet, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art oau produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more ntily warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 336 Pa. a venae, between 9th and lllth *U Also. 907 Arnh atr?uat Phii./i.1 phi*. "ocI-It B DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a jraotioa! teat of two yeara, a that h?? can Witti confidence r?oom-^Mb mend the CheoalMtio Prooeaa forinaertinKMBM artificial teeth It haa the advantage* ?tren(th, beauty, cle&nlinem, and cheapneaa. Fall upper aeta maerteo for 036. Parti*! in proportion. fiHiiw SOS P%. *??nn? _ ?l 5J2 SIGN PAINTING. ?|2 THK riflEAPKHT AND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET E10N8 PAINTED. CALL ON H. W. HAMILTON, 512 SEVENTH STREET 31* AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAtf PAINT SIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THK CITY. N B-PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID to HOUSE PAINTING. J*7?w_ FRANCIS HARP e R, H? ?I?CG OMMD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, af A'tw Yark it nur and JetUh tragi. Respectfully solicit* the palron**" of th<>*e who ma* l>? in want of any article in the above line. His endeavor* shall be to pl?*aii?t and by a strict attention to the wauts of the pubiio, ha hopes to merit a share of their patronage. His toek oon?i*U of every artiole usunllr to ba foaatl iu a first-class Family Grocery ana Feed Htrire. ma 17-tf NO rich. 1 RSONS D*clinin? housekeeping or having a surplus of houaeh.'ld efTosu oan find ready m ? by oairin* at mj Furnishinc Store, 499 7th street, be tveen G and H street*. e\*t *>de a* 2 .Ttt. milXU.PH HIICHIV. 4 . CHEAP ML'SIC. * LARGE >.ot of Mu*io. Forrign&ad American, for**J at Inlf prio* for oa? week only, at the Ma*io St r* of ?a? W. 6. METZEROTT. SUMMER RESORTS. < AR LISLE | Tb# (arorita r*?ort for WHITE SILPHrR SPRIH6B. Mountain Air. fr.*i((?'?CUMBERLAND CO.. w5ll W^a^'ft.wmt Pennsylvania. G'-od Society and a Good I Table. Accommodation* fob ( For ptrticnltn aend 300 I for Circular. IOWKNP. CI.EN DENTERMS LOW. in a v18ache*7 je ? l?w ' Carlitlt Snrtnf, Pa. WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. Grxksrkiek CorsTT. Va. Thla long eatabliahed watering plaoe *?? opened (or the reception of viaitora on the 15th A Many new and important arranr?ment* JJgjm have l>een made aince la?t t?a*un id tin* k<?? *-? tab'i?hment. and no eflurta will be spared to make the gueata oomforiable. Peraona can reach tbnae :*prn,f ? by t be (true* and Alexandria Rai road from Waahinaton; by the Virginia Central Railroad from Richinotid; or *?y the Virginia a"d I enneaaee Railroad from the South and Southweat via Lynohburg and Char lotteaviile, with on'y 9' miiea a?af? travel JEREMIAH MORTON, President. J.HUMPHREYS, General Superintendent. j?12-dtJuly 15 \1 SALT \% A'I> R BATHING. MARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Moon's I.and irg> will be open for the reorption of viei - A M A tora on the 13th of June. Tin* rte.ighifu.yi.SHi J ierort for thoae aeekiiiic health and pleaa ^jEJL ure. la unexcelled b? any plaoe of the kind on the Potomac river It ia ?HnaUtl ab ut one hundred | miles frcm Wuhiuton immediately on "the j Potomac, aid in 1st! new of ?he ? h*?ar*ake Ha?, and famous lo' fineOyat -re. Soft Crabs, Sheephead. and 'tuer Fifth, and ea-i y aooesgt|ile t> the eieain hoata plying bet ween \\a(hing'.on, llaltim-re aiu Norfolk. The undersigned has mv e addi i >na! improv*mer,ta m his Batt' Houaea and many other improvement* to the comfort and etjoymentoi ii.a The Bathing oannot be aurpaeaed. S*al?n niu ADtiinc &n<l p cf Fulling and Sai ing 6 oats fre? of charge. He has spared no expens* in pro voting a good Cotillon Bai:<! oriu Iamb* in hiaatook i"ch"ice W inf b. Liquois.Sec&rs, Ac..and for ih?>e? who wsh to avoid fxrreme fashion and to seek a retired p aoe whore they oau make them*?ve? at home, there is not a nv>r? pleasant place in the Umtfd States. The proprietor pieces hima*if that nothing sha'l be left undone on his part to reud-r them so. Terms tor board by the day. week. or month reasonable. Persons wishing to address the proprietor will direot to Leouardtown. St. Mar>'* oounty. Md. je 8 ^.Tn R. J. MARSH ALL. Proprietor |\1 Of STAIN TOP HOLSK, 1" ArcrsTA Cou>T7, Va. Th-.swell known and favonte p'ace ? f suremer r??ort is aga n open for the reoeption of A . . A visitors un er I he management cf its for Y|fXfcy mer proprieior. It is Kituated on the top of the B Ridge moiu taius at Kooafi>-h Gap. miks weetol Richmond. Va-, the Virci' ia ? ei.fa. Railroad passing under t'ie house throneh tbe B ue h idge Tunnel. The eltv?te<l situatior.,beaut-fu viewc>.m"ui<taiii soenery, a d trie constant a-.d r. freshing ' reezea, make it one of th? m >?t deiigtitfu' p'aoe* of summer resort in \Ve?t?rn Virginia. There is alto convenient a spring of pure olialybeate water. Vi-itorsto the Mountain Top House will come via Virginia Cent'a' Raiiroad t<> Aflon Depot. near the eastern porta of the B.u?? R idge Tunnel, whnre a hack wi I always be in attendance to convey<one mile) to the mountain t>>p It is a ways beet for persons to write several 'Jay* beforehand. Term*. $26 p?r month; per week, $1.30 per da\. Servants (black ' ard children under 12 years of <tre, half price: f.?r wl.ite ""rvant< a little more than half price will be eharged _j? 7 eol m K. F. LIPSCOMg. H VgkIA HOTEL. Old Poixt Comfo*t, Va. This celebrated J*?a>K?ard Watering P ace, looa Nia full vi*w of Hampton Roa>t* an<l A ? ? A Chesapeake Bay.antI *t the first military po?t of th>* I nited Slates, i Fort Monroe wi.i be rva-ly for the reoeption of visitors on the first of June. Bend<?s tiie attraction* of the military es'ab'.i?hnn :.t and the fine "Bill of ^are"' p'ea nted in the nu ? . i. oi in? salt wat-r region. tii?? Bath at Old Point Comfort 1? p*>?u.l?rly autMl**. Fv? Kh?utn&u*in, ?i u almost a .pacific; and for it* Fru22Ti1*" "J.*1"" r*?ard tt>e proprietors ar? al ow d V T?r?<^ D'. Lmn.( rTJiot of thS an<l hu !adV.r U Ui# !~"creUrT ?t war m^?"P^?i0iU* nPw bu,'d">g and sundry improve 5; .HSJV," ZEST*"""' ??* oharge of the junior partner, Mr. Willard JOS KK(r*R. m*5o,m C. C. WILLARD. lrn Proprietora The t,^Si'S7AS^SSi k.?,? to 0. Ptatj Hotel in \VJhi .ton cit?"lSlCL! PaCnon^* iT? ofv'*r* th? m*?iiB#enlT^ ' ir rJL-n.^ ?/2 o^'ttare* oonn*<ct'-d with ... I avvno ? ruim HKlIOUI, tftf DtllLt Ot junction of the Potomac with Ch?*ap?a*e Ha*. and iiaMni furnished them in a st*ie equal to th\t of any other watering p!ao? in th* United States. wi op*n the establishment on the lith fiay of Jun? n?xt for the reception oi viHtors, hi* arrangemei ts t>e il* sufficient for the oomfort&ble aooommodatioi. of at least 75<i guest*. Point Lookout besides being deservedly the molt famous p aoe in all America for fine Otstcr*. Hog F >h. Soft Cia^s. 8 eeph ad, Mackerel, and all other sa.t water luxuries poii-i n finer facilities for Surf Bathing than even Cape May, whi e tbe baok com try immediately adjoining il?including the Drives, Partridge and V.'.xwioock Shotting. Ac., Ac..?ofTer advantages together, superior of tuose of any other watering rlaoe on this continent. The Water Views from the pa iiMon and from a the c ttages are extensive, varied, and ol.arming The health of the point it un?xc? led by that of mountain regions, and th? access to it b* stealers from Baltimore. Warhincton, N'orfo k. and Riohmoud, will probably be daily to and from each of those cities, fie has spared uo expense in pr<>vid ing a fine Hand, Carriages. Horse*. Plea^urf B >ais. Ac . for hire, or n stooking his oellsr* with the best Wiiibk. Liquors, Ac In sh- rt his patrora will find at their oommand every luxury and o-mfort obtainable at any other American watering place His terms for board, by the da?, week, or month, for individuals or families, will l.e reasonable, ma23 dtJulf 1 LOGAN O SMITH. WOOD AND COAL. \v O O^ D yy and COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest | possible rate?. T J. A W. M. OALT. Office 2S2 Pa. av., Iietween 11th and Uth sts . ma 17 tf north side. THE SUBSCK1BKR having on hand an extensive st<?ck of FUEL, is prepared to sell at a ver* low figure for oash WOoD Sawed and Split any size. Call and see for yourself. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dsslsr. ma IS H. K. corner of Fourteenth and THK POl.AR REFRIGERATOR, teuk Fitter and Wattr . Cooler combined, VentfiatiHC Provikiou Pr*eerv?r in the world, and HIHsHsk" the only one P^BD I agH rtifPSE which doee not i 9KX ? fcK?3|jUi? require aoaldtui CBMIpS^' eut every few |taB I daf * to keep dry ^5?: and^fwe^U rtrCIJ nufaotureaud fin I h in the brat manner Nine !mz?? of thu Refricerator, and are prepared to aupplv the demand from CubatoCau- ' itda. Prioea Tor the different number* at follow* : No 1 #! | No. 4 #J> I No 7 A mi "3 *> ft ? > *' 8 6 " 3 25| " 6 4??| " 9 7ft , BARTLKTT St, LKftl.EY. MAncrAcrrfcaao, Wholesale ai d Retail Dea.era in Refrigerator*, Furna-ea, Portable Heater*. Re Ki?t*ra, Ventilatora, Caat Iron Cemetery L'rna, t>ardeu Vaaea Rotat rt Aah 8ift r*. Condenaiug Corera, Old Java Coffee PoU and Hotel Coffee , Boiler*. Band for a ^ironlar. je 9 jit No ISA Biotowit, Nlw Yeu. "j\j P WILEIAM BRADLEY BEGt* TO ] I ^ *J inJorin th* public arm on irirtxi* tnat lie \ hu on band a lance "took of Marble Mantel.*, quite ( anewhtjl?. Aieo Monument Head j*to?e?,TaMe | Tops Ac., whiob he baa to di*po?e of at prions to { aoii the times. AW, Brown Stone oonatantU kept on han'l. Pliinabara' work promptly attended to. iih ZJ-Jineo Pa. av.. I?et. l?tli and 19th ?U. 1 MORK NEW DRK't* GOODS MAKKKP , IH>WN AT REDUCED PRICES ? Ri<-h J Pifrnred and P*ain Beracee,Ort*n?lr Mu*lm? aid , Pr noh Lawns, Wad* im Ensured and Plain Be j race Ancla% F*^a Beracea and w?k 1 It!**, worth S7H- With wany lota of auo ion < ??" * " y^rtsafin ?... a?a Sl-aom Hyyentti ?t Pa.av. A YELI'OW PINE LUMBEft. ; ratciahed ^ir?o? from tke southern mills hj I JOY A METC\?.P. TiSimtb's Wt^rf * 4?k-*w <uirMr Pra*tit..lUitiiMiM, Mi I wwfja^ ! THE WEEKLY STAR. Vkla itttUM FfcmJy aai Nm Join ? ? (r?Ur t%nt*y of latcrwbac iwii ? tk*a bofoud ia mt oU? > pibliaiMt o* BMvtor HI-. TmMw-Cbaj. hiiriilli.ti <?ni v:'Hr,r~E=~"i: H g?red. It inr?riftS.r o?.n*au?? th? a WMkiwlM N"W? tut IMM MM* Tkt S?m-n SMrttntM* M i*oorwij throatko?t U* oomntry ^r^BSysSi&flSiK'sf suras Hf~. Pno^fBSirCENW. IZT Po?tmut?ri Who lot U 4|Mti VtUtotl .owed ft OOBUniMloB or M OMU. FOE SALE AND EENT. VALUABLE BCILDINO LOT# AT PHI* ? V ATE ?ALE-JM nbxnbw wjll ?>1. H >H - mm ?-, !{?'* jo nun if, ^U?rr o*. irooUKI iMMl 23 feet 4 i i.ehes on I straet nor t h, tetwaen 3d lad ?ui streets w??t. Lots 10 aiui 11, Stuara 561. I t? 29 arwl 30, Sm uare SfiSi Lots lo and 11, Square MB. Part I.ot 17, So uare MP, frootioi TT-fm on F itraat south, between 3d and Cll ma 14 3Uw4w Attorney. Xo. vYd; Mia aV. FMVE THREE-st??RY brick dwelling HOISES AT PRIVATE sale.-The sak> oritur will sell, at private sale on# or all of tk* fivew?JI built and comfortable three-sto^ p * Dwelling Houm* on Ninth street. oaposit* Grace Church, on the Island. which afford an eio?llent opportunity to p*'? n* -le-inur a comfortable d walli:i( or to luvftn. Price low and t Tin* easr. CHAB. S. WALLACH, Attorney in? U a*w?? N". 7 Indian* avnue \1"N ruOMERY COUNTY l,AND TOR ''I ?Al,K.-wt haw fjf thre*or roar bar dred aorw of Land lying on the Potomac, Innn from Georgetown. D.C. The Wasiuaftou A^a* net a' d on# of *h# finest roads in the ooantr pa*" through this land. and the in?-t of it is covered with wood and tha other portion is s il of the first qi a itf. A ppiy *o BARNARD A MuCKKY. Aaotioo *n, fiwiKnirr. or WALLA DAKNARP. AiotioB"*r?. v\a?hintt>n _ ma 31 -ao I??QB SALE?A (tr?a? ( renin, four MM of wel unproved LAN I'. well suited for a market far d?n. with new i!wi!int house with f<j?r rooms and liitciien ; well of iin? ?ater in the yard; under good f'-uring, and will he sold low ur exchanged for eit\ jiropert*. and on moderate te-ms. Th# land is st Ball's Croaa R<*^. t wo and a half 191 las from ?*-. ... 7 J ! n -fcn-iuiiB ctMinyj, ?? Arc to V. I\ COR BKTT. ?>ver tank ol \<aihingt<>n ma 12-tf l^HK KEN 1'?A 111*11 s rURt,?or?ec ??f <>th st. I and Penu.avenue. under the Clarendon anitabl* f >r a barter's saloon or cigar store Fo* information ins si re at the Hotel. mar an f^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the byild ine immediately <pp<>aite the west wine of the City Hal!, reoentiy ortoupied by Chaa S. Wallaoh as ai> ofto?. Aleo 'lie front room ib the Meor.d story and the third floor of the same building. Fot terms apply to RICHARD WaLLACHTNo. H Louisiana avenue. >a is tf SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONGREB?.? O Two sfleodid suites of ROOMS, el??anUfraraiehod, wnl l>v ienteri durin* the NMNof Cob creas, in the most desirable locality in this oity. !>ehif within one or two squares or Brown's and National Hotels. Thcae in pursuit of soch Roome wi!! do well to make eariy application it No. t19 <th at rent l^twwM |) atreet and Pa. av. de?-tf L'OR SALE?A nice three story Bnok HOUSE, r on 2*\ aye^t, between D and E street#, in Kib ber'a Subdivision. The above property wil. be sold on <>a?iy t??rm?. Pr<oe inade known by in??ir <ncof H.W HAMILTON A CO No. ?6'J Tth opposite Centre Market. Title per feat. fevti TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND TO SCIT THE We are new manufadurinc all kipda of BOQTO and SHOF.H, and oonatantlv ffoMTinc upp i ol eaattrn m*d? work r>f ] criptjo", iTinn expreea'r to order, ana will^^KJ l*> eold a* a muoh owr rnoe than ha? t>een" IK> heretofore charged in thia oity for much inwrior auiolea. Peraona in want of R-wti and Shoe* of aaatera or 01 ty made work, will aiwarr find a aeaomuer* in atoie aud at the loweat pneea Giva ua a oa. TgRIPFIN ft BRO., ap?r ill t Pernayivania avenue. COUTHERNTRUNK MANUFACTORY" ?5 ?M Tn 0T1BT. OrK?itt 044 Ft/lows' Hall. t^a-A iiuriow, D. C. Tr?v?iera wi.iatu?ij their inter ecu ir> examining mj TRUNKS, VALICE* ft o , heforr pur aarw ohaAn* eiaewere Aa I u?? none bat Ui'BhMI beat material the market iff jd? and ?mp' tl?e t???r workmen. I oao o? nfid??ntlT recommend wry work to t?e aupenor u, Strmtik and u*r*ttUr* to Tn?k? uu air made is othar oiUe? ud au.C kare I keep oo??t?nOyOTi fcand. and makTtogr*e?7o, on# Wfv#>kr*s notiMit #v#?rr dMrristi^n of Srlt 9 LEATHER. IRON FRAME FKEyrp DRKSl nd won I) TtOX TkCSKS; ASH LA XD m*d rtlHT r ALICES, ThAVELISO BAGS; HAM NESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, *c~ #v Trifuka, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part ol the ?lty, ??or(e town, or Alexandria. FAMILY d? 15-ly JAM Eg g. TOPHAM J^OOK OUT FOR PAINT No. ?li SEVENTH STREET. Four Doon South of Odd Ftllowt' Hmil. H. w. HAMILTON-t<ac opened a PAINT SHOPand PAI .N 1' S FOR Eon the NVv Vorkflsn. where can always be fouitd PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, ic., Ac., at and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. A*r bffket* with RarsHits to l.oaii ! N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, S?*r^ Ornamental Pair,tin* ai d Oraminc. >u,n? aad Enamelled Gla?s of all kinds alvais pn hand, or fur nulled at short notioe. He warrants aatMtctinn in all wo- k entrust -d to his care, and is conftdeat that he can do work as cheap, if not cheapor, than KiM I'liin r-'i:iii!?ni!irin mi inin VIIVC nim m oafl. 1/on't forget the number?it is 519 Seventh utroH. ?10-tf PUTTY 18 DOWN. O NOTICE! IIKGULAR STEAM PACKET LINK BE TWEcN BAl.T.MORK and JT""**. WA8HI N G TO N.-L*v? Cum inf roe it. wnaf, Baltimore, as fol Diamojtp Stat*, r+rj WEDNESDAY. at S p. m. Columbia. ?v?ry SATURDAY, at 6 >. m. (/*av? hiley'a Wiisi^at the foot of Utk street. Washington, as foitovs: Con atBia. every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. I):am?xd State, every FRIDAY,aboatU m. For freight, Ac., apply to THOS. W. RIIEY. Airat. Riley's Wnarf, at the foot of m 18-T* TBiti llth st. Washington SILVER WARE AND WATCBBS. O HoOUMarmf^ctures msosm Silver Ware in this own shop ac<l sells no Not hern sale ,fv work i that is *ot up for tiie Southern jrarte fJ^j ne war'anta every trucie io iw "i i tin nr-fMH ver. and he will sell his t>e?t standard war* at leaet a>luw,ifu(>t 'ower, than ?he >orthem food a are cold for. He ha* a'so on hand a very fine stock Superior Goid and Silver W ATOH KS. *nd a large lot of KH'H JKWKI.RV all of which be ia aeR in* very cheap. No. 3 IB Penn. av. nia SS U y O L7' 8 STAT U K~ T~T E STEPHEN A' DOIGLAS In form and feautures Una beautifal Mid aoo?ra*e peoimen o( Amerioati art la utiauipaeeed by any apocunen of hke character tw prudaoed. It ie a fat-itmtfttif th?141,1 ttie Giant." Specnitt na may be seen and Statuette# prooarH atCrLv*?> Dare 9to?k. No. a?* Penn avenue, corner of 12?h etreet Washington oity. Poraons >n the Oietru-tof Columbia and State# of Mavva, Marrland, Virginia North Carolina, Soati Carp liua, Georgia. Florida, A ab*ma. Miasiaw pi.aid Louisiana. deairi t oopiea of the ftAtoette jrtll ad dree# their oroera to C. P. CU l.VFI, WaahinuVe eity, D. C., acoonieaiued by a romittanoa. Composition Copiea #iv Box and Carta?e ? ... 1. Editoraof newspapers ic the lorefoini States imnt the above twelve insertions m tMr week' j issn-a. with appropriate editoria'e wt!l be enppI led with a copy or the 8t?t*ette. and pa per to other State# will he formatted b* the looal acmu fa 2? W" G iTs FIX TUBE *. K Have in store, and are dall* reoetviaf, 0AS FIXTVR US of entirely New Patterns and Deaijaa and Finish, eiiperior in style to anything heretofore offered in thta market. We invite ritiaene fsasrtl ly to ca.ll ami examine aw a took of Gaa and H ater Fixture#, feeling ouafcdeat that we have the t*e? elected a took in Waehinctoa. All Work in tttttnov* iiHinirinta loouoir* OVVK'SIMPROVKI) WKI?H1W6?CAL?B Theae ar* ofrr*c to Ue mNk m UMI moat ? i m p' ^ c u ^ .ft ^ ^ v ? * d c , p vmont Pur, 4o., A c lDmr?QMi vWt lxhUBt*d ttM Airt r*OflTK ftrit ?!* fT*tt ;* m# rf?1?-tv ?C PAnilON.Uat fT^Wag iwt^J

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