Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. s WASHINGTON CITY: THT R*:> \\ Jur 14, 1*6?. 'pint of the yi?rnlit| PrtM. The Clm*tnn*en advocaW the rr.otto of Principle b?fore rsp^dlfrcy. and d'.actnaes the relation* of r^yuluaud bo^ us delegations to Baltimore. Tb# I. ?- r- I ?- 1 proceeding* ?'td new*. IF7" Plc-nic parti** at Baltimore and New York. tfci* season. *eem to be considerably annoyed by th# Incursions of rowdle* accounts from Europe It was under stood that tfce Great Eastern would positively sill for*??ew Vcrk on the ftth Inst?last Saturday. C7"The Boerd of N?ry Officer* to examine the rmdsbipiut-ii whi have graduated and seen the required sea service necessary to receive the warrant of p&asrd midshipmen, will convene at Annapolis on to-morrow, 15th Inst. ITT'The American Photographic Society in New York are takiug steps to send a photographer with the proposed Arctic Expedition of Dr Have*, to take perfect linp-ess'.ons of the seen*a through ' y{ which they may pas*. , (j/* The police of New York city having notified the milkmen to cease the sale of milk on Sunday*, the milkmen complained, and on Monday evening the Board of Aldermen paa*ed ? rewiuuon miowjnp irtem to continue the sale ? f milk as heretofore. Eight seaineu, convicted of mutinous conduct on board the ship Wm F. Stover, in the New York harbor, on the 23d of last May, were sentenced in the U. S. Circnit Court Tuesday morning Alfred Ryder and Robert Craig, the ri itg-le&derv were sent to the State prison for seven years, and the remainder for four and two years |C7~ .Mayor Wood, of New York, has been requested by the Committee of Arrangements to receive the Japanese Embassy at the depot, but be pereirptorily refused to do so. saving that he declined to compromise the dignity of his otHre, notwithstanding the precedent set by Mayor t?wau!!, of Baltimore. Mr. Wood will receive the Embassadors in the Governor's Room, and nowhere else, ai>d that, too. not until they are of dually introduced how the Jafask.'e Embassy Reeceivep tuk Niws or the AsiissiiAnoa of the Ticook A Philadelphia paper of yesterday says: The entire Embassy are fully informed of the character of the news reeeeived from Japan via San Francisco, announcing the aaaassi nation ol the Tycoon The more they tbink of the matter, the icft credibility do they attach to the t:diui:s i i at name 01 Tlie I'riuce said to have fomented tbt insurrection, as given in the despatch, contains an L I a- Japauese alphabet including no such letter, it is believed that the despatch was gotten up b}* ??3ie British foo-fo^ to thwart, if possible, tiie ojjf . U of the Embassy. At tlrst the Embassy feit slightly nervous Indeed so much was tin's the oa?e oil Monday, when the party visited Kairmount, one of the principal personages refused to accompany the party and abandoned himself wholly to the blues At present, however, the bad impression has passed away, and at no ti me since their arrival were the Japanese more hilar:ous than yesterday. The Embassy remain ia this city until Saturday morning, when they leave positively for New York Ou the eveiii-ig before their departure tte fireuiea intend participating in a:jrand torch-light procession, which will 5e rendered a most brilliant spectacle " F?rs?nat Hon W. L. Yaccey, Ala , and Hon. John A Ahl . Pa . are at Kirkwoods' - Senator Clay Is still quite ill, at his residence in this city. Gov R Chapman. Ala , Gov Richardson, III.: Hon J E. Caiew. Gen. D T. Jamieson, A. P Calhoun, S. C., are at Browns . Judge Kent is lying at the point of deata at bis residence, near FisLkill. X Y. He is suffering from a com plication of diseases, which baffles the skill of the best practitioners Thomas J. Hudson, Esq . the President of th* ftouthlsTQ JlgVUuUural who 19 unr uf the delegate* to the IVmnrr?ti^ ^ ? . ? 1 u .lauuiiul vuh* among the distinguished guests now at Browns Hotel! Hon. H Baldwin. N V ; E. L Plumb, U.S Consul, Mexico; Kx-Gov. J I, Manning and family. S C ; Col. Huger, Major \\ illiams, and Capts F. O C. Ord and Vodges. U.S A , are at Willards*. Kdmiind Burke, ex-M. C. and ex-Commisaioner of Patent Office, H ; Judge \V M Brook and family, Ala ; Dr J. S. Morse, VI as# ; Hon Geo L Becker. Minn ; Hon \V. II. Wltte A J <?W>?sbrenner. Pa ; and State Treasurer Dorshenner, of New York, are at the National. The Machinery of the Steam Frigate Niagara. Ccrrespondfuce o/tht bta*. U. S J?tka.m Fjugate Niagara, ) New York Navy-Yard, June 7. l'-rtO $ Editor of Ike Star:?By a statement which a[ peared in your paper a few dajs since, I see tirit the derangement in tbe machinery of this shij\ and tbe consequent cause of her return, ha* been attributed to negligence on the part of tbe eng'neers of this vessel Without knowing who could have been the author of this unfounded statement, aud as it is not true, and is calculated to reflect discredit on the part of the engineers, I beg that you will contradict it The difficulty was purely of a mechanical nature, caused by what the experiment j roved to be?a bad design?which is ( stilled by the fact that we have condemned the old arrangement, taken it out altogether, and i:re pursuing an entirely different course to effect our object, which is to prevent the entrance of water around toe shaft where it paasts through the stem cf tbe ship To any engineer it would be unnecessary to state that the accident was entirely out of tbe control of the engineer* of the vesael. and. under the attempt could Ymve been made while at sea to remedy the evil with any hope of success. A Plea*a> r cpklific ? Many persons Will siller rather than take nauseating medicines, nor do we wouder that it should be so, but those who are aiMicted with a cough, or lrritatiou of the bronchi?! tube*, or realize any of tbe usual con sumfuve u;.aencles. so liable in the American c'iuiate, nte*i not fear to u?e that remarkable rt medy L)t. to'ittar's Balsam of Wild Chrrry. a reii.tdv as agreeable to the palate as efficacious in removing disease Having years si nee tested this arti-i u onr family with remarkable success, we L*v? unhetiU'tngly recommended It verbally, and .n our |>aper frequently, and many of our ? .b* rt tiers have addressed us letters upon ths ubject. i v? tien we say this i? an unsolicited recommendation of the excellent Balsam, our readers will .aderstand what we mean to say It is a remarkable and never failing remedy* for consumptive mpioms when taking ia season ?Flag of Our Union IXjT Preparations have betn made in New Vo k to receive the monster steamship Great Hasten on her arrival She is expectrd about next Sunday. so that the city will be in the greatest ferment during next'week The extensive wharf front, or bulkhead f?*et in length, extti d ug fom Hammond street. North River, has been leased for her use. Uj^Advices from Brazos to the dth instant, sta'e tbatGen Garcia, commanding at Matatnora.-, had sent an expedition iu pursuit of Cortina* Captain Frrdluitdtz Lad > -? n taken and ?hot. and it was believed that the band of CorttuLS would be broken up. rv"^ ATTENTION NATIONAL (iRK\> II Jt Von w requested 10 meet at the Cap am a OlRce c??rnor Six'h street an<l Louisiana avenue. ?;ji I Kll>A^ l.\KNI.Nit.'he 15th mm., a* tf o <*H . am imporaat Imsiue ?h ?ill l?* broiuh- Iwlor* ;lie Oaiurenv lKM. TOWKHS,Capt-?in. KtJBT. URIMKy Secretary. je u >: rv-y-MOl NT VtRNON BUILDING AS.-0(L3 ClA'FlO.V?The third aunoai meeting of this Aseueiattoa will take place i>u FRIDAY EVF. NtNG.'helMh nttant. at ? u'Htek. at l'otomao Hen. A fell attendance of the stockholders is rutested. Absentees will be iaed. CHAH. ALLEN. Sec. A FAIR WILL BE HELD AT LANtiIL_>? LEY, rairutx county, V irciiua, for tnx teneitof Uke Airtoodist Lpucoval Chiimi. ? the I3ih. atn and 21 at instant lh?re will lie Fancy Article# in profusion, ami Refreshment* of every arlety is ahunrtaaee The Fair will t>e opened fo' naitora at two o'clock the fir?t tw<> dav?, and will he continued ?!' lUy on Thursua*?on which da* wil tw a *umptuou? Dinner prejar?<1. Supper eacH evening. The public are renpeotluJly aoiicued tti attend. je 13 I w* ry^A WORD TO THF. WISE.-^A i?ml fat .? ILS deaired and a aioe article wn-.tei, an<i f..r foarbMlt I will tell you that the Peopled clotir tfir ft?re. !Se. 4<U? heee?U> street, tn tix plane * here a fv.?>d Kt and a Rood article aan he bought at - very low prieee. ? V. fa.?J nut received a aMoad anpply of H?'lnc and Hummer Clothiaf, Hat. and CapaatSMlTir^, No. 460 Seventh ?treet, opposite the Poll Otfice. )?>Mw . > | * rY\T A GRAND FESTIVAL WILL BKCOMit 1 inanotd in the weimion room of the Aw#t'iffi, rj Jj^iMtrrr: It^Y DWf, wCJ C"HilB0?l e??|j i ? tUJmP' "~k I WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Th? of th? ?Notwithstanding the adoption by both House? of Congress of the resolution to terminate the session on the leth Instant. we hare no idea that It will b? closed until, It maybe, the 11 at or second Wwk in Jnly". It is evidently impossible to enact the appropriation bill* still remaining to be disposed of, In a business-like way by the l<?th That ia. if disposed of by that time, they must necessarily b? so Imperfect as greatly to Injure the public Interest in various way*. Besides, thern are not a few other public bills of great Importance to dif; ferent sections of the l'ni?n which must surely , go by the board wntU ne?t winter, unless the session dp prolonged beyond the Ibth. We here refer to the tariff. the Pacific Railroad, the overland mall* t? the Tar ill'", the homestead hill, and various bill* taring upon proposed Improvements In many branch** of the affairs of the Government; all of which are of importance to the Congressional future of more or le*s Senators and member* of the Hou*e. Doubtless. nil of both House* are anxious to bring the session .to a clo?e at the earliest possible moment, and most of them are willing to sacrifice not a little to accomplish that end. But the sacrifice of the general public interest simply to get away from Washington, will be so glaring, as that, we apprehend, they will be slow to confront popular sentiment on the subject, now that they pay themselves for their services by the year, rather than according to the length of the session, as in times past. Already efforts are being made by members particularly Interested In the consummation of other legislation beside* the enactment of the appropriation bills, to compais tlie extension of the session beyond the 18th, which can hardly fail to succeed. unleaa the Democratic majority in the Senate conclude to adhere to the day agreed upon, as a party measure of Importance. i. a.?ai we go to pres*, we learn that tbe Senate to-day reconsidered their vote agreeing t*? terminate the session on the Hth Inst.. and voted to extend ita length for a week beyond that time. The House will doubtless do likewise, if not further amending the joint resolution a?> as to extend the s-asion even longer. Tut RichmosdCosvextion.?Information concerning the action of the Convention that assembled at Richmond. Va., a few days since, came as elcwly as meagerly over the wire*. This was so, not because of any lack of public interest in what the body might do, (for the future of the Gov*rnernment of the I'nited States hinged in a yr^it measure upon their action,) but because it was well known that they (the Richmond Convention) would take no flnal action at this time, but would adjourn over to meet again after the termination >uc o)'piimcuiu^ nammore uonveniion, if the action of that body shall c ompel the withdrawal of the bona h ie delegations of the StaUs that are reliable to vote for a Democratic Presidential can didaU-. The Wfatubr ?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. June 13, 18G0. New York, If. V clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, warm Baltimore. Md clear, warm Washington, I). C hazy. Richmond, Va. clear, cool. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant Norfolk, Va cloudy, 7U?. Staunton, Va cloudy, fW". Lynchburg, Va cloudy, 71?. Bristol. Tenn clcudy, Knoxville, Tenn cloudy. 80 Chattanootra. Tenn clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C rainy, warm Columbia, S. C rainy, warm Charleston, S. C rainv, warn*. Augusta. Ga cloudy, cool Savannaa, Ga cioudv. cool .Macou. Ga clear. Columbus. Ga clear, bet Montgomery, Ala clear, but. Mobile. Ala clear, New Orleans, La clear, &0?. FROM T till W|T?T. Pitt?burg, Pa clear, tie!0 Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corxf ted for temperature.) 29.914; at noon. . Thermometer at 7 a ra., 65'; at noon, B0? IUU\ CORPORATION WASHINGTON 00,UUU IIUARTEKLV SIX PER CENT. STOCK for salts in inns to suit purchasers. JAS. C. McGllKE A CO., je 14 6t Auct'rs ami Commission Merchants. C'OWS and calvks for sa1.k.-I will y offer for ?ald oil I'l K> "AY. the l!<tli, at the market yard, if iair, if not. the ntit VUp tan iiia k"t tt;n . five very fiip?Tior \ouuv IiF.VON COWS. lt? _____ IK WIS bailey. | AD1ES- FRENCH TRAVELING BAGS.i j M. W. GALT & BRO. have j i>t received a larz'- ?s'0'tinent oi l..i :ie.s' French Traveling Ba^*, a 1" a::'ifu: aiticle &i<?t ineap. M. w. <;ai.t A BRO., Jeweller*, 3-?4 Pa. avenue, je 4 doors west of Brown'* Motel. Nf.w jewelry, watches, silver AND ri.ATKD WARE, I'ARIS FANCY <i' >ODS, Ac.?H e open t:m moininif a verj larj-e assortment of all the newer *t?l s of the stove liool*. to whion we invito the attention of our oil<toiner- and thers. M.W. GAI.T 4 BRO., Jewellers. 3A4 Pa. avenue, je 14 4 door* went of Brown's Hotel. Fm.ectro physiology and electro a Ther?peutivs, sflowinc the bn?t methods for t .? meJicsis e* of eleotrio'ty, hj A. g. g&rrait, M- I'.; p ice .}< A South Sme View of Slavery, l>y N?heiniah Adams ; 7> c?i.ts. Lucil9, ?*pr Ofren Merftlith; 75 cents. ywiuouxrXi f?r<? Ior At PHILP & SOLOMON'S Metropolitan Bookstore, 3;i2 Pa. av , D*t. 9?h and loth *t?. je M Sole a*er;t? lor Lauience'a Stationery. (TA R I> TO M h M It K RS O? fONGRKSSj Having r had the honor of Dressing the appai el lor a majorit) ol niemlier* of Con*:res* in former st isioiM, we her to ?tie?e-t to your Honor* to -end its your Coat*. Pants, and we will cleanup them froin the d< at ol our Av-nuo and all *pnts in 24 hour*" notice, ami return them to look like new, at a small c-kt.. BELL A GRAHAM. D?ers. No. Pa. av. I>et 3d ami ?oppo. the !'i ileil States Hotel, I established in the year IKtij. I ^Tf References?Noah Walker it Co. je 15-M* DCARD. R ROBERT HUNTER. lOr Nkw Voik.) 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PTKHdiB|i at Yesterday 15 THE SK^ATE.featerday.after our report closed, Mr Clark presented a memorial from citizens of Merrimack county, Near Hampshire, urjJnjj tba enactment of a new code of laws, civil and criminal. for the Dtatnct of Columbia In the administration of which all persons shall be regarded and treated as equal before the la<*. Mr. Hunter presented a memorial from iaer* rhanta. traders, and others of the city of >i??r York, askinc the enactment of the law wt'ok will allow them them to exchange cents at tie mint (where they have more than they want) for gold or silver, the justice of which measure, Ihev say, is manifest, as the people should not be saddied with a currency so base that tioverrrment lt?*-lf would not receive It Mr Bayard, from the Judiciary Committee, asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the bill for the relief of witn?ssra in criminal raw* In the District of Columbia; which was agreed to. Also, from the tamr Committee, naked to be disrLarg?d from the further consideration of the memorial of the merchant* and citizens ?f the District of Columbia, asking an ext?nsion of the jurisdiction of justices of the peace for the recovery of dehts and the allowance c.f fees, which was agreed to. The general appropriation bill being under consideration? Mr. Hunter moved to amend the bill by adding a section to the effect that the President be authorized to borrow a sum not exceed inn S*20.M><i.Uii0, to be aprl'^d to appropriations made by law, and for the redemption of Treasury note* now outstanding. the stock issued for this purpose to be redeemable in five years, and to l?ear an interest of live per cent. Mr. H stited that the proposition was part of the tariff bill sent from the House, with the exception that the time for redemption was made five years instead of two as in the original He considered that this amendment should be adopted, I 011 account of the Treasury notes that would roaI ture this year, and of course It would save time ?y puwag ji on inis mil, rather than to strike out the tariff proposition, and send the bill back to the House. The amendment was adopted by a v>te of *> to 19; and the Senate adjourned without passing the bill. In thk Horsg, the body having under consideration the resolutions reported back from the Committee on Expenditures in the .Navy Department. declaring that the Secretary of the Navy has, with the sanction of the President, abusert his discretionary power in the selection of a coal agent. and in the purchase of fu?l for the fioverrment; that the contract with Mr Swift for live oak timber was in violation of law: tuat the distribution of the patronage of the Navy Yards among members of Congress is destructive of discipline and injurious to the public service; that the President and Secretary of the Navy, considering the party relations of the bidders, and the ef!'e< t of awarding contracts pending elections, are deserving the reproof of this House; that the appointment of Daniel B Martin, a member of the board of engineers, to report on proposals for the construction of machinery, he being i>ersonally interested therein, is hereby censured by this House. After debate they were adopted. The vote on a motion of Mr Bocock, to lay the resolutions on the table, were as follows. Yeas?Messrs. Allen, Avery, Barksdale, Barr, Bocock, Bonhaui, Burch. Burnett, Cobb, John Cochrane. Clopton, Cox, Craig of Mo . Crai^c ol N C , Crawford, Dejarnette, Diminick, English, Edmundson. Florence. Fouke, Garnett, Gartrell, Hamilton. Harris of Va , Hindman, Houston, Holman, Howard of Ohio, Hughes, Jackson, Jenkins, Jones, Keitt, Landrum. Larrabee. Leake, Logan. Love, Martin of Ohio, Martin of Va., McQueen. McRae, Millson. Montgomery, Niblack, Pendleton, Peyton, Phelps. Reagan, Kuftin, Scott. Sickels. Simirs, Singleton, Smith of Va , Stallworth, Stewart cf ,\ld., Stout. Thomas, Taylor, L'nderwood, Vallandigham, Whiteiy, and IV.inM ? A'ii<4?M?wi. Adams of Mass , Adam* of Ky . Adrafn, Aldrich. Alley, Anderson of Ky., Ashley, Babbit, Beale. Bingham. Blair of Pa , Bouligny, Blake, Brabsou. Bray ton, Bristow. Butterlleld, Butfinton, Campbell, Carey.Carter. Case, Colfax, Clark of N. Y , Covode, Curtis, Davis of Md Davis of Ind , Daws, Delano. Duell. Dunn, Kdgerton, Farnsworth. Kenton, Ferry, Foster. Frank, French. Gilmer, Gooch, Graham, Grow. Gurlev, Hale. Hall, Hardeman. Harris of Md , Helinick Haskin. Hat ton, Hickman. Hill, Hoard. Howard of Mich , Humphrey. Hutchius. Irvine. Junkin, Kellogg of Mich Kellogg of 111, Killinger, Kenyon, Leach of Mich , Leach of N C., Lee. l.ongenecker, Loomis. Lovejoy, Mallory. Marston, Maynard, McKnight. McPherson, Miilwtrd, Moore of Ky., Moorhtad. Morrill, Morris of Fa , Morris of 111 . Nelson. Nixon, Olin, Perry, Pettit, Porte'", Potter, Pottle, (.{iiarUs. Robinson of R I , Royce, Scranton, Sherman, Smith of N. C., Somes. Spaulding, Spinner. Stanton, Stewart of J 'a . Stevens, Stokes, Stratum. Tappan. Thayer, ToHl|'kiiM Train. Triml?!? Vanr? Valldever. Van Wyck. Verr>-?, Wade. Walton, Wishburn of Wis . Waahburne of 111 , Webster, Welis, Wilson, Wlndom, and Woodruff?120. The vote on the fourth resolution, to wit? Ktsolvfii, That the President and Se< re'.ary of the Navy, by receiving and considering the party relations of bidders for contracts with tLe United States, and the etlVct of awarding contiaets upon jwnding elections, have set an example dangerous to the public safety, and deserving th? reproof of this House. ?was as follows : y,ns?Messrs. Adams of Ky , Aldrich. Alley, Anderson of Ky , Ashley. Babbitt. Beale liingham, Blair of Pa , Blake Brabson, Brayton. Buitlnton, Burlingame, Butterlleld, Campbell, fur-l- C-.rt-r I'-.- I-..If..- ? * ~ v.? . wuu, i/uvoop, lyiiru, Davi? of >Id., Davis of Ind.. l>awe?, Delano, Duell, Dunn. Kdjjerton. Kly, Farnawortli. Fentoi, Ferry. Foster, Frank, French. <?lliner, lioorfc, <?ra ham, fjurley, Hai?. Hull, Harris of Md , liaskin, Hatton. Helmirk, Hickman, Hoard. Howard of .Mich , Humphrey, Hutch ins. Irvine. Junklu. Kellogg of Mich , Kelloyg of 111 , Kenyon, Killinger, (.each of Mich , l.earh of X. C., Loneueeker, l.ooritia, Lovejoy, Marston. Maynard, McKean, Mr Knight, M- Pherson. Mill ward. Moore of Ky., Mo?.rhead. Morrill. Morris of Pa , Motrin of 111 , Nelson. .Nixon. Olin, I'ettit, porter, Potter. Fottle, Qutrlri, Robinson of K I., Sherman, Smith, of NC, Somes, Spinner. Stanton, Stokes. Stratum, Tappan. Thaver. Tompkins, Trimble, Vance, Vandever, Van Wyt-fc, Verree, W alton. Washburn of Wis.. W'ashburne of 111 , Webster, Wells, Wilson, Windom, and Woodruff-?luO. Nays?Messrs. Adams of Mass , Allen, Avery, Barr, Hoeock. Bonham, Hurrh. Burnett, Clark of \ V . Clontnii I'nKK **?k? ^ _ . f jvuii vucuraue, LO*, Crai;;e of N. C , Crawford, Curry, Dej*rnette, Dimmick, Kdmundson 1'nglish, Fouke, Florence, (jurnett, (jartrell. Harris of Va , Houston, Howard of Ohio, Hughes. Jarkson, Jones, Keltt, l.andrum, Larrabee, Leake, Logan, Lov?, Maclay. Martin of Ohio, Martin of Va , Mct^ueen, McRv, MilUon, Moore of Ala., N(black, Pendleton, Phelps, Pugb. Reagan. Kulfin, Scott, Sickles. Simms, Singleton, Smith, of Va , S'aliwortb. Stout. Thomas. I'nderwood, Vallandij;hain, Whittley, and Wright?til. rru?tdii|i of Tt-Day. Ix the Sexatk, to-day, the President pro tern (Mr Bright) calling tlie body to order, addressed it as follows: ^fitau)r? : ?i ne presence of the Vice President makfi it proper for me to vacate the chair But b?*forp doing no. allow me to tender you my grateful acknowledgments for the honor conferred upon me' by my selection to preside over the deliberations of the Senate, during tilt temporary absence. Mr Wilson's pending resolution to change the time of the adjournment of the two Houses un'il Monday, the '2.5th Inst was taken up, and, af tr a long discussion, adopted. The general appropriation bill beiny take i up, our report closed. In thk House, Mr Pettit, from the Joint Committee on the Library, reported a bill to comple'e the "fTublication of the results of the exploring expedition under Capt. Wilkes It appropria'*ftnO.lMX',, R'furred to the Committee of the Who on the ?tate of the U nion. Mr Haskin called up the joint resolution her< tnfore reported by hiin from the Committee on Public Kxpenditures, to reduce the price of con position, prew work, and folding and stitching forty per cent.; agreed to. The Pacific Railroad Committee bill was postponed until the third Tuesday in December next. The House then took up the Indian Appropriation bill. M A N T I L L A S ! MANTILLAS ! MANTILLAS ! RICH SOLID BLACK SILK MANTLES. RICH SILK AND LACK Do. FRENCH LACK IN POINTS. BF.RNOISK, Ao. CHALK PPKIN TRAVELING DUSTERS, CHALK PKKIN TRAVELING 6M. ITS, STRIP* i> CLOTH Sl ITS. CHILDREN'S TRAVKLING DUSTERS*. A !?? ?LSO, A f w of the celobrated shape called Hie "ARAH('LHAK." in lighttextures?the greatest novelty of the season. The above oompt i?eg th-> entire balance of a large imf'irtin^ h u>e in New York. Wh have bought theso goods for cam at a great sacrifice. an<i will sell them very I w for oasli. The above goods are uf the latest styles, and se lected from the first f*otori?*a both in V?w York and Pari* ; and, in order to effect immediate sales, the whole of the stock ha* been reduoed full) filt) per oent. from the origii al cost. We have securod the services of Mr. StbisorixLii, of New York, to assNt us in the salo of this Splendid Absobtmsnt of MANTILLAS AND TRAVELING SUITS Ladies w< nId do well to make an early call. CLAGETT k. MAY, 334 Pbxnsylvakia Avenue. ) 13 K Between 9th and Mth st?. 0 Fr. Hiat?r, ( New Yerk. Mfdicalnl Inhalatien To thf Editor of the Washington Star:?Sir: A ftiedical gentleman raiding iu the interior of Vir ginia?himself a patient under my treatment for the cur*of &?inveterate bronchial affection?suggested to me, on the boeaaion of mf last visit, that T ought to answer aid refute the objections to n>y practice 1 replied, and I now rtpeat the declaration, that I llirf nn??ni< ? objection* to refute; nor do 1 believe thereT# one physician la Virginia, or in tha United States, who would be willing to any, over bis own alynature, that tbe practice of administering medicine by Inhalation ia a false or unsound practice. Many, no doubt, would aay they bad no experience of ita ?nc< cm. never having treated a patient In this manner; while others,who bave never ac?n a. patient vectored from Bwnchitia. Asthma. or Consumption, by the'-old practice," doubt the poaalti.llty of curing thoae diseases by any means 1 may. therefore, be in error In supposing that all medical men of intelligence approve of my I practice There may be aomt who think differ- ! ently; and. if ?o, 1 should be happy to learn on j what gronudfij while ( pledge myself to stabliah through yonr columna -with your kind permiaaion?its scientific ttutti,and to refute anrb objectiona from thf trxt-book* of :kr Virginia ColUg*. In assuming this position, 1 am not animated by any aplrlt of unkindness towards luy medical brethren. On tbe contrary, I appeal to them as members of a liberal, a learned and honorable profcsaion to view tbe whole question of my advocacy fairly and squarely, 11 nothing extenuate, or set down aught in'' prejudice! In tbe whole iiiv f>ri>iew<iouai me l Lave not met one physician, either in public or in private, to dispute the correctness of the principles on which iny practice is based; while, on the other hand. I number many physicians among mv patients, in ail directions,who have experienced in their own persons the hnppv results of treatment by Inhalation in cases of' Hroncbltis. Asthma, and Con- I sumption, and its incom{suable superiority to the old treatment through the stomach T* my patients, or those desirous of becoming snch In Washington, I would say perseverance is an essential to my success. Kemember that your d'.s-ase has l>een silently and Insidiously working its way through your delicate organs of respiration for months or years If you really wish to preserve your life and reclaim health, do not look for miracles, but make up your mind rationally, and then persevere consistently. >o violent haste will eradicate your disease; the means used must be natural and progressive as the disease has been. Through the agency of inhalation we act directly on the swat of disease. In a form the most natural and effective conceivable. He assured of Ibis ; fact, jyid do not throw away foolishly what may l>e your last hope of life Alfow no influence to sway yon, unless it is backed by better reason and more successful treatment than I have presetted to you. And. above all. pay no attention to that last and most cruel and paralysing of all arguments brought to bear on the invalid, namely?the inrurnbility of consumption . I have, in my practice, amply refuted that horrible bugbear, and doubt not Washington will furnish many more happy illustrations of the truth of my repeated assertion?that ccnsumftmn it rurablf if properly treated. As it is my intention to visit Jmv patients in Washington on next Friday and Saturday, 13th and lrtth June, Is all embrace this opportunity to say, for the information of all who may desire to consult me, that my visit will be limibd to these two days, while the necessarv dunauds on my time render it uncertain when I may agajn be in your city. Your obedient servant, Robert Hunter, M D 'il east 12lh street. New York. Jane 11. 1-63 '318 BEAR IT IN MIND. 3]?> IF YOU WANT A DRY AND COI.D REFRIGERATOR. BUY THE ARCTIC, of C. WOODWARD. No. .11s* Pa av . h-twcfii loth and U'li IF YOU WANT A RRFRIOERATOR That will answer your purro** Murine she v arm est summer ilayu. buy the ARCTIC. S'>ld !>* C. W O iDW AKD. No. 31ft Pa. av., l?etwe"n loth and lltli st?s. IF YOU WANT A REFRIGERATOR That is woll ma le, of the best materia!?, and handsome appearance, buy tiie ARCTIC Fjr *a o at r. WOODWARDS. N<> 31** Pa. av.. lietween l?th a;id lilii sts. | p vol- VV 1 VT \ o L' r? If I'D - , vv .v m.r niur.nAiv/n i nai wili he taken hae.k <m<l th- men y returned if it <lo-'ti not perform ;?Ii that n claim"'! P>r it. an arctic. Sol.l only by c. WOOUWaRH. No. 31*? I'a. a v., between 10th an J litli sU. It YOI w.if r A IW5rm<:KR..vroH That li&s been well It; Y TIIK AR?'TIC, which | is now ii*e<| bjr hundred* of our citizen, a list ol whom will l>e furnished. to ensile purchasers t,, ^a'l.-f) th-inselvee of thttlr etfeetivene-v Soid onl) by C. WOODWARD. N'o. :$l** I'n.av.. between Kth ami lltn ft?.. j" Sole A^ent for tin' (>i-t ?!' t* ?1 n111' ia. in f 11 4 arid U 4 super Line:. Sheetings, I"? * j lfi-4 11 4, ami 12 4 Cotton Sheetings, Kiorard-on A Sons', Dunbar A Dickinson and'a super Fronting and Shirting I.mens, Tow^hngs in variety. Tab.e Ln ens and Napkins, I Kit pieces superior makeR Bleached Cottons, l?.i pieces Lawns at L'X oeijte 1 2") pi?o?s White and Co.ored Flannels. (-a'l'es'and Misses' White Cotton Hose, YV'hi'e Goods in variety. Cambric and Swiss Fdiings and Insertings, Hom'on. Guipure and French Worked Collars, Sun UnbrtUw. l'aras< la and ^un Shade* t*upsr :*ilk and French Laca Mantles, Hn..p?d r*kirtR. Silk Mit*. Ao? &o, received and lor eaie low by jo 12 TAYLOR ft HI TCHISON. O KL LING OFF! SELLING OFF! We have marked down our whole stock of? Rich i$are<6 anil Lavrn Robe?, Kich Firur?<l and P:ain Bareges, Chintz Fieured Anlans. All Fanoy Dress Si'ks. many at oost and '.etg, in order to reduce onr hw?vy stock this season. \vr w> invite the special inspection of the ia?!ies I a-.d purchasers fcei,ora y, a? we ?ti*u fl'-r dcsirabl? bargains J. W. rOI?LKY A CO . j<> 12 2w .Vi3 Seventh st.. above >'?. av. 1 ADILS' SI \ U.MBKKLLAS AND PAR ASOl.S A nfv *mrnlv liiet ?' r *L- r - ,?..,.vvnr.i I UH HiailUI&CKIand f<>r *ale at wry low dm-ph. H KC.AN'S, 3*2.1 Pa. avenue. south ide. j? 8 fit l)ct. 6tli Ami 7th *t?. FM>E PBII.ADEI.PHIA.-Tfc* ateamer c. c. A *er. Captain Fenton, has ar ji . riv and will *al for the h'mivu port <<n Friday morning, at In "V'ock.^*" F"' Ireuht appl) to HYDK A DAVIDSON. je 12 3t (?oore town. D C. WGAI.TS* O O D AND COAI. OFFICR, 25?4 Pa. A v., Bktw. 11th and 12ih St*., North -ide. Mill anil Wharf foot ol Seventeenth st.. | ma 17 tf |{nl..?- V'?r Department I rIMlF. OPF.BA HAT,ju*t arrived, l>> ojtpr???, ; I at SMITH'S. Sl'.MMKR IIATS ami CAPS in al'Uiidar.ce. at SMITH'S. Seventh ?t. TBI NK'S, THI NK*, at SMITH'S, No. KiO Seyi-nt.ii ?t .opposite Post Office. ma PNOTICK. F.RSONS Desirous of havinc their children edu<a:e<l thorourhly in the Ku?liah and German I Lan*uaice*, will do well t>> oalli-* <ip< n the principal*., M iki'k. WATKRH A \VKIl|*tthe Mhool on G itre t. abova Mr. Rvnn'? mrnn?r? | p-r month. Th* tcrmf and the manner in whion I luey tei li the ehildren, make ltoneof the niostdei mmh!? Kcho?>U oity je 5-2w* Black lace shawi.s and milk mantillas I have on (mini a larx" lot of the above nauiM articles from auction, and j>elli?i< thetn considerably V?low the uiaiket prices. Caii early and secure a bargain. H.EUAN. 343 Penn. avenue, south ride, j? 8-(it bet. bth and 7th sts. Agency for faikijank's scales in georgetown. The undersigned have b >en appointed Agents for the ?a'e of the above celebrated and we i known PLATFORM ar.d COI'NTER SCALES. A fu ! supply constantly on hand and for sale at lowest ia*es. HAY and COAL STALES erected in any part of the District or adj nning counties. All Soa!?s are warranted durable, acourate, and to give satisfaction busfey * barnard, Dealers ia Agricultural Implements. je 8 2m Hridge street 2 doors wast of Hith. iqOSELLING off!?selling off!tl^ V# China, Glasi & ftueen&waretgiK AT COST FOR CASH Desiring greatly to reduce my stock preparatory to iyt?r?iU; the interior arraiuouwgts of my store. 1 will begin this iay to nut utt all njr stock of seasonable goods at cost lor cash. I have m btore a large and varied a*?i?rtm?iit of ART CUES, and II O L* SE F t' R \'l k H I V X ICE^??i\!HER!!kB(|r!i?^,>rSrd C?Tr **?<>n. Ak?,oouuftato <%X?TKA 19 kV*! ? piecOo, for .$4.30, Call early and secure a hartaii! t gkern'g 19 ~ 87 * ,p?- ?v.. b?t nth and 12th it's.. je 12-oo6t l door eaxt of Ktrkwood House. JJ A R KG KM ANTI LI. A ?* A N D CI OAK?, i >. . v?* L*ih*s, Miasm' and Children to Srfr a? ' auj CO,?r'' ^fixWFri'r1' (WoPl avenue. I A DIES' Sl'N UMBRKLLAft l;,?. . ? ,,, land parasols A I jII a*3ortm nt of Mack and color*. of all the new ami (tenable stile*, now on hand at _jeU_eo3t MA a WELL'S, <?* Pa av. SJ'<7kVHilSfS I *od' "P*'NS -1 smmssis^^ $ AMUSEMENTS. t | L)D FBJLi?ttW$* HA LI. Second Week ?>f * tie rrui'?^4?Dt r*uoorM of Thi*4?a's Ibmu ! Icdaalcal Art*. THIS KVK.M.NO |h? following Beautiee wiii be M>?*ntM :~A beastiill v ewof Gibra tar. A ??jen aid ?I1m tt OftlMpmt Waaftrrcter. Mo. e v.-v ?f tue Ei-ek and Tewi^ of $ifcra tar. Cut of ?al? burc, with & beautrfa! Vtaw of the Hxing r*uu Napoleon Cro*??nir the A p?. in which ?< no' mow ) < fif?rea are represented. The wonderful and unvffled Automaton Haafr T?pe Vau fr. To con elude wuii a | r?r>! and avfu. eoece of a Storm at IWra oa#a at73< ? olock ; perf.'inarce wi. onmir.- ii ;e at Oa ^ ?dn~eday an! J*at?rda> Af t?rr oona Spreial Performance* ; do.>r? op-n at 2 oVi,,C|[ - -~omme-ee at 3 Chii.tren to day perform anoen IS ou>. Card* of adn.ia?ioa_& eU. je KOHI\MH fc LAKE'S GREAT CIRCUS & MENAGERIE. SUPERB FIRMAMENT PAVILION. Oif Haadred and tLtrmtj Mra aad Heraea. Pplemltd and inmnntflr liberal de?irn far the a<r<n*enent and I'mtruotioo of the people, 111 the wonderful oomtxna'ion of iheee TWO GREAT FAMILIES. aided hy a (teat numl*er of i.adv and ?ient.?-ni.?n i'rofeasioaaia. oho<ei from the tii.ihbut Role of Autistic Exntixracs. TOM K1NU. the Champion Leaperefthe World. Mr. KlN'fi an ! M'lle ADELAIDE in a new and original performance entitled. Adorn?.? and Ymm*. MASTER R APH \ ELL in hi?<ireat Fly in* I.eap of Tarent) Feat! Firr I.ady Ridrrs and lkt-n>rit *'t ?Thr+s \?. \ ClpirA.t.?CompUte Troaiw of Tnl?nitd F.qws (ri*m?ft mad fiptntir Brtin and Strtmt (Mrk't ter.? .\I>eni6>-rnt Cnllrrtton <\f Rot* Lt' t?? >|nfnftlr.?Spf^ndiJ StuJ of Blcxtdtd Performtnt Horsrf, Prrni't and Kdttrarrd Mill's. With a dut'nst t-oupe of rxuninuair trained Jn remlee.for the pr".luction ?f {ia iet. Pantomime, comedy ard Faroe, 10 l*e aul ?t>tuted during the a<-*>ou for the old, vornout and weanaome alterpiecea. THK Lavim. MADAME ROBINSON', ao renowned every wher *, wi i lead a* uaua , in her delicntfu. science f Lady Knue#triani?m.exhi!iitioc, upon her beau tifu' and hich-nrttled hor*e?. the graoefnl, yet minimum*, pom wmch (ill ladies may, with ill ^truction and prn 'tice, <>Main "ver this nobis an mal; and the high point of excellence a <1 ski. which n.*T b* achieved in this invigorating and agteeable exercise. M'LLE ALICE. The very incarnation of Keauty, GrftM, daring, dashing c0>ct, style, and fascination. To attempt anything like a description of this wonderfully Uri':liant Equestrienne within the limit* <>| a sentence in a newspaper ad vartisemeot would be absurd. We >nn-t refer the puhtio to the Press of the I'mted states and Europe. Notices will he found, copied ftom the leading Journal*, in each paper in winch th'.s advertisement appears. Pilfering ebtirelT in style from all others, this Child of ??emus rides with the most perfect aban don and fearlessness. her magmhoect form assum ing natuiaMy the most graceful and classic pom tions. her face lit up with a tweet smile of modest oonhdenee. and ner tine eye sparkling with genius and pride of her daily successes. ? er nohle horse his mistress, and seems to enter with a : the spirit of his generous nature into the general ex oitemer.r whi~h her immense achievements niver sally create. As they daah around arena there is a pleuOi'i harm >nj of daring, 11?\* and fra.ce. and deafening oheer? proclaim nnc'.k'r triumph tr<?it. LA FAIRIE KATE, From the i'riDcipa! Theaters. At WASHINGTON o*~ClTY HALL SQUARE, On THVHSDAy. FRIDAY and SAT lrK DA Y. Junt 14.15, *nd 16 AdmiiKiou ? cents ; children and eervants JScti. HI/* The oomp&ni will perform at Georgetown Monday, June 18. je 4 Ot WANTS. VVANTEIT TO ri Rt HAsr OR MIRK-A " WO.M who is a go<>d cook. Address A C.. A ' tt'..-' Kxpre>-s Off-. , (jeorgi-towii. it* IITIVTI'II ? oiii/aiivn. ojr a refcpeciane '* young woman, to oook. wash an<l iron. Apply at 4?.'i Kleventh ?t*eet. tvrw?n K and K. It* WANTF.D-A fir.t at-? DK K*SM Ak KR. t. C" t avHin* with a iady. Apply 494 Seventh >t. None Tit i-mI apply l ut t!io.-? wi o are competent a- l1 wel recommended je 15 St* v<rt \<i WOM \N U'lSHKS* SITUATION to t avi witii a iadv. Can Co pla u tewing <>r tak* cart- of ( hiid en. Can 1>? ???n for two wrek* at N" >04 I ctreet, between Utli and 12th ?te. H?"?t ot reference wtil l>c given. It* w vNTKO- A HTCATION. by a re*pectibl? 11 widow iaj> . an l.oisekoeper, in a pnv?t? la:nll> "Miotei, or to do 8'Wlilg. 11 a? no objection to .o t!i? < o n,tr\ lor the miiinner. Th- t>??t ?l r< I e^nw nvtn Addre?? M r?. It. Star Office It* VV A N T K |71 M M F. D I A T K I. Y-COOKs", >> I1AMUKRMAIDS. NTRSKS A ?o TW . (>l|{l.!> t'lLi K irope. Appi\ with eier?rre*, at t if i li.'e u? n Otti N " 1 2 L"u r;ant avenue, ti. twoen 41* f <i 6th ?t* n^ar Cit? pa.:, je 13-2* Dl'NCAN A CAMP. Proprietors. ('OVKR \ K.SS - A la<l*. v ' <> ha* ha 1 experienoe 1 in t<-ac.'iimc Knih-.' Bran. >? ? a-,d Mum', <t? sire* ;i Situation in a S .-r Faun * I y A ituii n. Rc(it?*iic-- x viaiu For particulars ad-freakftating js.-?!mr> ? H., IIor?? Iliad, Prince Georje'a county. Met. 12 7t*_ T1IK rsUKRSlONKD, CONTRACTORS I l. rt' -wat r wo k->of the city of Baltimore, want .> STONK Cl'TTKRS an.: MASONS, to woik either by the piec* or dar The hi|the?t wa;r*? j fiv?!i. Apply at our office, 7 mii** from the city i* the North Central Railroad, or at No, 39 West It* Uiiniir* " je H-St " "HOB ill TZ ELL* CIOWL E Y. WANTED-TWO GENTIUM KM of Coo. taddress, as ?*.< * 111 ? in tl??* District of Columbia. Applv t<> <11 AS. EMERSON, 4?S?v?tath st. > ' * WANTED ?To have ever} 1**1? know that they oan find a Fne an<i Wei. M?;ected Stock of CLOTHING end I" r R \ SHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S* CLOTHING St ORE. No. 46* Seventh st.. opposite Post Otfioe pi'partment. ap6-Sm WANTED.?Everyone to ksow that SMITH, Seventh *t. charges fair prices for hia Good". Go to SMITH'S, St've&ta St., to get your HATS and CAPS. ap fi-Sra ! LOST AND FOUND. IOST?A NOTE BOOK, containing twenty-two _i promissory note? signed h? Peter Hoyle. payable to an>t eudnrsmt hy 0. KrolT : ?U?.a eertificaf* forfivejUri'tof ?tock tn Nation*] liaildioc Association. Supposed to bo l<?si b-tweeu Kiritwood <*im innrowo oepni. rh? Under will l?e rewtrded hi returning the Imok to m?. at Kirk wood liou?e. JOHN RLIUH. ie 12 3t* _ _ _____ I'mtT K H. win KK\VARD ?Wuobtained, hy false pre"CJ I W tone*.* fioiu tresidence of Mr. Corcoran, | on the **t'i i(i^tnlit. ft la *" roti'wiiod f reeii plush I ronndtop ROCK I N< CHAIR. Tl?euM vhuabtainod it. ?h well a< iwcolWteJ. was A low. thickset mna, of fair complexion, w ith era* hair, and without whisker*. ilewoiea hull erowne I hat. i >'k ?a>'k rinl. and no ve?t. * ho above reward will h" uiven t?r the recover* of the chair and the detection of the party. Apply at this office. je U-31 G EORG ETOWX A I>VKRT'MTS tor oi*e r Ueorgftoicn a/fttrttfrnrntt ft jSrit fag* Y-g?NGTICE.?COVENANT I.ODGE. No. >. *? 11 o. O. E , would Lake this luetlio 1 to retii'P th^ir tha. kxt> the Propi ietorn of A-aU>?f 1 11 | 4 fnr t I... i w L i # 1 ?I? * : miu kmuriMUl) -ltvntion on the 11th iriytai.t. It fV*GKORiiKTUU N DEMOCR \TIC ASS"! I < C1ATION.?A m-otnn will he ho <1 on TUTRSDAV, the Wth iMstai.t. Busine.--* of importance will he considered. J OWENS HKRRV.H?c E?AC PiCKREI-L, Pw?'t j? 12-3t fv^? R KV THO?. H STOCKTON^ Will 'tur<>, at the Metho<list Protestant Church, on Coriercns i>t.. Georgetown, on THl'RSIlAN KVKXIN6 n*xt,at 8 o'clock. Subject: "Materiaiism ami Spirittiaimin." Ticket* 25 c?nt?, to he had at Mr. Reinick b. Dr. Cisfcei'a^ Welch A Wilton'*. anil at the dwor on the evening of the lecture, je 12-jt FOR RKNT?The large and convee tei t BRICK HOt'SK on the corner of Frederic and Seooud *ts..<Jcorgetown.i* for rent toa good tei ant. There are 14 rooms? all ligfcted with ga??a llower-rard?n, jarrt, stable. Ac , with a pump of nood water in the jard. App * to J F.N KIN THOMAS, or to RKII.I.Y A BRO., High St., Georgetown. 14-3t f7?OR SAI.K-A ?enteel family rARFUAGFTand ' stipe lor HORSE, with HARNESS, gy The carriage ha? only been hm*I for two seasons The m?r? is yottn*?7 yarn oM?V and reliable, wvh no tricks, and will, next abrinc. ,r., - .All I- M - r? iiiiicmmm, ror wrim app.T to T. A. N Kl* M AN . lirnlge st.. Georgoiown je 12-3t FOR SALE?A HOUSE and LOT, in Bladen*l>urn, near the Spa Sprine, fonrerljr the person a*?? of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The house contains 9 rooms; stable unci ?iuoke house, and nearly anacre of ground attached. Will be fold low f ?r cash .or cichnnKwl for city propert\ Apply to T. A. NEWMAN. Bridge gt jV 13-3t FOR RENT?In Georgetown, the desuaf'e BRICK DWELLING, two-stor> and l-ackbuildinc. mtiiatcxl on First street. tnitween Huh and PotofaAo. now in the occnpaucv of N. P. Cau ine,E?a. PtNMetwwn |ir<o immediately. Apply to thomas KNOW lbs, comer Bndge at and Market Space, Georgetown. je 12-?o2w F?or RK>T?That desirable BRICK DWKLL1NG on the oofuor of West and Congress ?ti., lately oocupied bjr Mr?. CoL Carter. There ti a iri?eu house attached to tha ItuUdinj. Apply at No. ib Congress ?t. Georgetown. n>a 19-tr Fancy goods, AT COST! Papier Maeh? Work B<?\?*; Writing IWks and Porub.ioji : Tfiveliu* Wntinr Cum H ft* a, Cat>aa, l'Qrt?nioni)AiA*, TabiaU, Fan a. *7 A\ ar*e ?anet jr of Fancj Good* are now offered at reduce atock, at MIM THUMaS' ma 17 2&wtm- ?5 Hith at HZ Fir ,t HOOPSKIRTS!^ ~ ~ HOOP9K1RT8!! I have a large a*?oruuent on kand. aru< for rata at raductd hTgaN, . . .. 381 Pa. av*nn?, aouth a d*. WtMit 6th and 7l)i ala. IjINGTON MII.I.S. sonnrctiiD'HMt* ^ d with the Loudoun auU Ua.myal.irr twiri^y* Railroad, leave Washington at ;>, o'clock a. ui. Par* So cents. ^ta*e o(Boe at Ma tin'a Franklin corner of Ki/hth and L) ?u. j?Mm* JO** H. KELi'HN'KR. Projr. EXCURSIONS, PIC MC8 kc^ < Gr A n D FESTIVAL or THl Washington Turner Society, AT THl PARK% iSt'fmtk itMrti) Th? mfnih?ri of th? Tirwr J*oei#tT dr.M'ui.fe t" th?*ir f'l-n Hid tii<? flA \V?>' ,i |too and BH|h -ordood ?-n^ra! < that nt*n<l tofiv*. att'm ?!<?* la -* oh MONDAY. Juii*W, their Annut HB T.'-keU 25 oent*. adm 't -.j? |?i ti?n*n and ia riM-(*n be h?'t el *!.* ol tn?> rr fco*<?l? and r??taorant?. m- . . ?. f t IK- V?T. N *rrf at.irl corner >#' 1M k. ana r?. tirtivr [rom I ?'oltfek ?. a. to Ut* eln*e of the Pio Nio. jf u at com of arramokmentb | ook 01 t' t,v *r> \v%kt h?h.i.and liCU'l. th*ir kir?*i '.rand sx Vl<- M> - a r I i \??T1 ' \ J* i" r in??*? i JB yi rsua\. jun?a aa Parti IIlam in future ad v?rtiMm*ct UA je ? v l^h.m i'm a n n l At, pic m< 1-i or THi p\ monimkntalclib. it at aklj*<'ro\, mm (a Pa-tirnlar? in future a.i erti?en?ent )* a mm4.174t person a lv iitniMt u. uu.. l ... r. inn <5 *T A*' l>?>. rn??- ' ?T m M *>" Thi? ii.tii } nit;.-.! and :it> nt *?i> rai. i* *u!t*it "ri t!i- 1'aM , l'r?*-? :.t and J i.t u : ? f v. fi'?. t> . at No. 90S Tw?-ut? II 1. Wanhinrton. )* 1< ** ?' Till. HAI TIMi'RK W ('RKk HI'. Hi. ' r !< -? i -! 'if r t m k ( i ? ? ?> ! t ' * i .i? i? a- I" 2 l?r !#? I* i'! - lii.iifV ! a<k h l.-*r? o*ntn p ' f'K<l: ?*i '* ? a-' '? ?"?it ~ por ! "t |f?.'?l>H.i.r.|TTl r" w ,:??V I irk ! *' T ! lUl'Xi*. J" I"!l> T* | Ml t ; ? ? and > J Jj !> > ?? l '!il\ - " a.. \f!i p-r it*). At ' l> to*-- at ? ii we iru-k nn'i kr *. h ' W . t u h Cut'fis lr. ir ?>' ? t " . ?' k< JOHN KINkl. ^ ?ii> requritt* don li?autii" * ity of th* ft?>n?- cuttPi n in t .i ti it* FOR SALE AND RENT. [ Fur otkrr Fot Sair an4 h'nt" *4 ?rii>fi?nii?, it* first fig* ] LTOR RIM I "'M ? V r? t tin i in i : int t,i . -on in I *i. ? IMt <1 I'l ( lll.t - I H 'I HI .11. ' > A I " 11H i t ti'> i **iit ? .. uiiml >' )< 14 JAS. C. M JJR^ * |^<?R Ri:\T A HUM K llul , ? . r av<'ii-, . ?. .v - *. i h pm.?*< >, ti'ii e i h Tti" r? ? ..... ?rat?\ Iti^i r<- ..| tiF.O. I'. LAVil.l.Y, I. u?'?r F"U t^cntli U FOR RKNT?I ha v? ?i* nice a. n i ui> l?ru< St'ir*. oh lh? c??riiT ?f anil K ?(? on th U'anfl,! tliat I w: I r- nt to any a' i p'tmin w'io will *iv?* 'in c-l"'k . i-txiard. \ pph at tho Druit Store. J. T.SHI.MAN )r 13 A* I^OR > U.K-T!i? * ?? k a il fix'iir"* of a PRO VISION STl'RK. mmitfil <>n tlio r?>rn?r ??l New ^ ork avtruue ant! Thir???omh n?r??ot rtf-iron. nt t-iia .KlilK tuv lm?in>'Kk. I ?;'l nrll on rfii ..n.KI- i.?.^ - - ' n?- rmiki a I <>ti# for a y per*""'tt at i> <t-?Hrr?tii> ofenra - iuk in tli<> I u i ne?? For further particular*. erxjuir- on (he preir.i ? >. j" 13 *" F* O R SA1.K ? Ttf 'i t'- *ii.i ?srr? (> |?\V* l,l.]N<> Hdl Sl,, \o. ? H street ?nutr between Sth and Sth street . Is an !, eontMiiins rfM>m? an-i l>a<k-l iMine. !*> S teet >> MM* deep. running tiaok to a <>t-fo??t allej. ami in?f on tli? r ar a coral atabl*. A k tlie ?r>i<-'ct i? to eflt rl a cloHinc hp of the pa t:iert>lnp of In late firm of Klvtn> ? I ?lii? i?rop?rtT i? off-red at a pn -e niUfh ( elow it- actual value, and >>n a-? term*. It^uire I f(tM\ H H.VANS* CO. H>0 r? av.; or G*R THOMPSON ft BRO., \ nth near Canal. je 13 1 w FOR R V. N'T-li. <f' Mge'. wi, |" -Nt -tr^et e??rv?*iient BRICK HOr!*B. Inquire at No. 103 Fir?t ntn-et. je 12 St* FOR RKNT?Two beautiful new BRK W HOL'!**-S. on Enhth *t ?-et went, between M am! \ -t'ei t< ijn'tn, w?fi *i>!e. App > to MAR '' (' HAISI.IP. N<> 3 ? 1 N itn strwe?- .D' KK.%f*BKV, No. 332 Pa. avenue. i*?tw*e 9!h r lfth *tre?t?. |? 12 1 w* l?OH SALK? Five acrea of WOOD I. A Mi A suitable foraoountr? teac. The subscriber, as attorney (or Mr. Charles C. Lallan, offers for sate 5 acres of tnat heauiifully located woods, immediately beyond th# Columbia Collet* ground*. on the Pmey Branch roa-1, tw^ rai^B iron W aehington, out tee Fourteenth street Persons desirous of purohasmn will oal! at bit office and see plat of the name. j,1'1of,^ Tuetday. the IMA of June, it will be *old at public aoct on, ?y J. C. M Gulf. Auctioneer, at 6 o'clock p m. on the pr*nusea m .a WM. HOLLIDAY. ^ Peon avenue, above '?*n on ?'ty security, apply a* PORSALK-A DRl'O STORE. aV^tai.i,.T4e ??,i h?",n*vcr changed hands, and i? wellTt led up, Ktockrd. ?c.. and la doing excellent at ' profitable prescription I.usimm ; will be ? ,<! mod*r.a?l*rrn?i satislaotorj reaso,,, t,ven for se. ,nF* Address I. V.,Cit> Po?t Office, Vashiiifton F?h?,.,R,h^T^hr ?r*t cl* an<! rec*>nt r hnilt H()( SbS.foiirKtorio* hifli rach haii m?m*ly finished.and having all the modern improve menu. such as waW.^as, Ac., in on* of the ve ? finert location* in the City-on the corner of Thirl rtreet ami MiK?onn avenue, and opposite the Car, Uu * rounds An) one wishing to rent a finedwe. ing will bud this a favorahte opportunity. a* I <te ira to rent tMni immediate I?. and wdi rent them 1 "w- "-? ?T P. \V. BROUMNG. " 1 tf K('VR RKNT-Three BRICK IIOl SKS-oii^TTn r*rf,i,Lh C and D; oi,e on th? corner of Twelfth and H ?t?.; and o'ie on H |.e iT/bvL-l *n< .I3th mU\ of JAMf* \V. HARKhR.OI ii street. Iwtween iltl. and 12th. No. * - _ ina >' tf I70R KENT?A thre* itorj FM. AM K HOI'KK. 1 on b l^vuntn between I and K Irani * Kr'^h^ V nK,,ra* a* j!un|h Bt f'M Fi^t i.f hM?bii*)iinPut of C. 8i.yd?r. cext <!onr to U>? Star ma ?^T CON \> \ I K> T AND DK8I K.\0[,K Rl)(iV4 IN THE FIRST WARD TO LET.-An Of ^?6* Parlor end Chamber, if required or wittier of Mid room*, famiehM ^>r unfurm?h?d, vouttieMt oomer of I ai.d Twentieth streets, inqtme at proimsM. ma U !*?wtf C'ciR KENT- * two ?tfi BRICK HOI >K * .,^'SM>uri aveuu ?No. 40. Puomumud m n S^iw1 w"fiS7fcxt- Appl> to D A- W*TTER t*TON. No. 4b4 Second Btr> et east, or 320 S?enth ?reet wwt.* F(!^ R^T?In th* Kirnt v\ ?rd. the thrw. -mo;* BMIcK varat??1 b? Mr. Defour hav lug ft v*r> iftrge jftrd, ftiirt well ?ul>piie<t with wftteknit (M. AIbo. for ?ftle, two ni*Ii Bri. k?. Twer: tirtii and M Apr!> JOHNSON ft. SM TTOV r ROB'T KAR I.K. jeUe<sr 4S6 p V IN I >V Ml ADKs! *' 486 In store a good ftssortmeiit of Pttnerliftncinr*. emhra'-ine IiVi 'mi-mo ?t.>r-k i f <>OI,l) and Vf i VKT. ftii'l liOI.I) PAPfrRS -TA Tl l? CKN TKK PIFOKS. l,ow Priee.1 <? I.AZKD ? nd BLANK PAPKRS. FIRKBOARD PRINTS. Ac \l?o,? . i ..j, a??.>rtmett <>f warrant**) GOI.D ham' Window shadks imitation * ii(ILI) ft'xl COM MON SHAUK. BUFF GRF.KN h i Bl.l K Sll * l?i; H OI. J. A N 1)S PirTlRI CORD ? "l TaS>KLS. Ac. Kvery ftrticle wftr ranted ft# repreKented. .md afttiifftction guftrftntied ?r no pftv required. Order* punctually executed. in or cou try. Hftvinn purchftaed for c?*h, I will *ell ?t the low I est remunerative price*. PI- ant give nw ft cftll. CT" Dos.'t forret the number. J MARKRITKR. No. 4w Seventh atreet. jeft-eo^* ? I'oon at?ove Od l Fellow' Hftl; ni U V I ADiU'cr "?' ? f iiLi uai\ur<p ? OilA/H KJ r tlUNfcftV I *\ the city selling at the importers' price*, or from 25to 30 per pent. I*!n* the retail priooa. This ..?? aivav l>een a favorite department with us, having lor years past kept the fullest assort meet. We now offer over lire hundred d< sen in ail kinds, auaiitins. and si70. for ladi<-?. crutiemen. and c> . dren. at t!i? actus, eost price* for can. faAUZE MERINO VESTS for Ladies, Oeut.e men, Girla an.! Boy a. We are poaitivel* cloa ng out oar stork to quit the business, anil of course wears *iv;ng great bar tains for the money. We will end?*avnr to deliver all package* on the da* of sale. Purchaser* will please be*r in mi ad that we are not charging an> goods. CI.AGETT ft MAY. jefi fit SS4 P? av.. Ut.<>th and loth st. MR?. SCHOOLCRAFT* NKW NOVL1 The Bfeek GauntJett. a Tale of Plantation Life >n South Carolina. t ? M'* Her ry R * craft, wife of the India* H;*t >rian Prne $\Ji-k Jnst published and for sale at PHILP ft SOLOMON.8 Metropolitan Book st.>re. 332 Ps. av., bet. <*h and l?th st*. Sola A gents for Laurent e'a Celebrated Fore ? Stationer* jejj PIANOS FOR SALE UPON I .ON? CREDIT or ?<i*eonnta f-r cash. One at S-S : on* at 8 nn**t IT ? - sn ?? wooii Md Mwa7d.T~M airtW??at o*?f tiM rtof* Ol' and Me iomh. Jl? JOBW F FLLitt, M Pft. IT, APHELAN'S BILLIARD TABLE FPU ?A l,K?W? hiv* lor ul? at & v. p* ?r*ft? htnug a Ph?M'i Corai>iuati<>aflB|M|0 CDkhioii Mftrbia Bad Biihftrd n?ftrly n*?r, in oompleti ordsr, and * warm nt'd tm? and c.'tna.rt* WALLA BARNARD. j*S Aoot'rsaLd Cowmi??u>i) Merchftatft. _ I^ANKBLRY HOU9K. ft Ta?p?r???a Now 1. LF by Mri. Wood; 1 wnl ; ?'? f' .. . A arrftllar H?it"ry ol Gra or, from tha f' J**1 timaa to ?b? R< m*n Coi^oaat. b> ?" *?"'?> '-ESfjs?rsrs.?? . toS iriS|CW?"?-= > - M mrnmrnm. A MnHt N. j, ? M) ?tf?x-t?nd Pa M WOOD: ? O o or w o ? STOVK ??<1 KINDLING WOOD.ft* tfc? *> ** po.aiMa prioa. f j k w M. GAI T. * ?< Pft. ?v? bdvin llth ftftd l*h *?;

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