Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ? THE FAVORITE. A moth?r had two daughter*. Ani very fair were they. A?*?J *h? hkd bo commandment But what they did ober. But she. like man* mothers, madrThe rouncer one her onofov, Beca'ise ?he b?-l a lovelier face. And such a winning voice. ".Not Sweet, lut U:.l> Me." The mother** heart Negan to smile; Ah, now tt?at heart i* mvtd; Ami "Ouljr Mt' is happy, too. For *h? known that *lc* i? loved. You mothernow, no iiifl'emnoe show, But let your children he As l>?p!?y. ple%.?ant. am! ?* food Aa *weef and "Oaly Me.** Til* lirAif New*?The reported awuination rf ?h? Emperor of Japan is much discussed, with a prevalent disposition todis^redlt It The arrival which brings the news left the Bay of Jeddo on the iJd of April, and the assassination occurred, tt Is said, on the 1.5th of March The intelligence bv the North Briton is from Hong Kong to the lith of April, a month after the reported death of the F.mperor. bnt nothing appears to be known of the occurrence there at that time Mr Fortman. the Dutch interpreter accom And ijweet, the one who h%d b?com? I fi? mother's darlint pet, Recrivwd all the aftec'tous That her own b?art would let. T!ie eider saw with a ?tul <?te That she wa? not beloved ; Althouch a mother's love she wished, l'hat heart w? still not moved. Mat suddenly the mother fell T'pon a bed gf paiu; . . Twn then this d*u*hter did her h?st Her mothei'n love t? cam. One* did the mother hfur I Up, An-! ??k'd "ift !*we<?t could lx< rallying the Kmbasav, who has raided a lony time in Japan, and is intimately acquainted with thrir system. doubts th? truth of toe story ?f the conspiracy and the assjssination of the Tycoon, ana thinks it is only another falsehood Invented by unknown parties, like that of the rieath of Consul Hams and other fabrications that have cccasionallv reached us from Japan Heeldes. he thinks that if true it can effect no material change in the Japanese Kmpire. as the Tycoon is an irresponsible otflcer, regulated bv his ministers, like the CJueen of England, ana placed at the head of the government in accordance with custom, being really more for ornaH.ent than use. On the other hand, it is stated that the best informed among the Japanese admit the possibility of an insurrection in their country, but disbelieve he report of the Tycoon's assassination. Prince Meto. spoken of as leading the insurgents, is of the highest rank and greatest power in the t.uipire. aind his habitual attitude toward tholiovernment justiti-s the suspicion that he has attempted the alleged revolt. The intelligence is bv no means wholly discredited, but it has produced as vrfc no special tDici upou the movements of the fcinba?sy. Ei~The Louisville Journal says "A cornspendent of n Philadelphia paper says that the opponents of Mr. Dmijjlas have l?eeii sowing the vi i;?d and are now about to reap the whirlwind. Well, we are ready for our part of the work Our sickl- in In apitai order, and, if the whirlwind is in good condition, we will have it all leaped sheaftd. and sta< ked iu short order " 11"/"Two men. Blagne and Morse, had trouble about a negro in Augusta County, Va.. l>ust week, when the former shot the latter through the heart jfl*A vents! arrived at Salem from Para, brought home a boa constrictor Co feet long and "2 ftfct ia circumference. ipr" J esse Howell, convicted at Norfolk, Va., Of arson has been sentenced to ten years in the peni icnuary. * arrivals at the hotels. W1LLARDS' HOTKI .-VV Baxby. NJ; J \v f Ukbau. UuiiHih; i> D Witheis. t,*, VV B Pkihip, J ;.iU Au I) VrV' *1<1, 11 W Mc?re, G?; W fi?n! ".?y N V; j L Graham, (to. T it U Vil'thJ ?v?W;S?\i* L ?*? * , do; MimK J ^ Brothwrijtht ad son, SC; J H McCcniteil. do; J fliuasina, i,a;C June*, a Gr.vemb rg, Co; U A tWord, do. J M Ar.o.d. ?ir liiuu uii inly. M%?s; Miss Wilioo, <iu; IbiM do; Mi Bradford i?djr, Hon A Sche.i. N Y; b L. J?uiiivaii, Cal; F M Srmitn, J: A Brail j, an<! .aij . ,M?n; Miss Bradl?.do;.\ NV j.jppl*, do; A Witneraon, do;Capt fc, O Ord. USA: Mai Williams, do; \V Brooks and muter, Md; T Brooks d..; J lioodjuar* NH;Capt V'agfisa, I SA; J J i\e;?on, a.d lady, .N ? . \V H oranha'u, led; C E.;?,Ma-?; F A Canuor, SC; J I. Dawc I'a; C f 1)ix n. .N ^ ; J Hier, Fa; H H > .1,1 jva; C 6 t-?bltii*t .No. N K"? irr, N > , J ri All* r, Va; F. L f.uri.l), M'xo; .Vr? W F David*ou. .Md; C Kei>y, Fa, J Ef n.Vv, N > ii A Oauja, do, W Kranif, i^a; W L i itus, do; D B M email and ady,>ij:j ?;, I SA; ?j I' Au*rr?ri. DO; Mr and Mrs Coneu, t?a, Ben Mar tin, SO; il C harrow, G&; Hon J Manning, sC; H Mautmc.d ; Mra Manning,?"?? C Jone*, u >; K A ^pr.ugi. do, J T irvio, (ia; \V C Fiitt'in. do; O F K->gt'ra,4 i. V L Garrinfton, BC;J; J W L) riuthsrlo'd, 1)0; H; .N Tift. (ia. A J Green, ; Li A 1"> gra'ii an lady, Va Mm E V Smitf). NJ,.ui?? J jj iMnitii, do; ' W Ho* and. do; N O Sl^urfl. <! >: T M H< fluins, N Y; 1 J iiodkin*. do: J, Va; \V Jo<e? N \ ; f> A ."tiern ith, ra; A B 1 atupbe.l, do; St. ck tt * Mr; Mi?a ^ibmu. ao; Mi*? S Uofdou,d >; j A Sell m*? . do Mist CJ K^r H L> Kran kn?r, N ?; H W intin. Me; *1 rs Br?d?tt?, Va; J Tl.o'i,p?ou, i*?; W j-owmaa, do. G S Rice, N > ; J Taylor. Scot d; W Tajior. huk:A 1*ti?ir. N \ u ' -? t' Kiinla.., O&i.a; J H Dickson. NC;U J Hojt.Ct ' >'rs .?i?irris jii and tiau? liter, N V; 1 H iH'ry . <i >; C B L<mborn, i'a; J 8?timak,??, .N > ; A Kanant>;y, do; Coi Hlitri, I ^Aj .Mr Javin, No;'J Liut'onand lad* Mae?,Mi?? ranker, do; 0 Ru??: l! ana ta-iy. 1 &, M'?? I* M Ku?*eli. do; All** K l> :*haik, d<> V> Huiv'l d<>; G M Ma-lntoti a id lady, Mm?; G Mvitiu a.-'i lady, Mioli. a Uraai>u'u aud lainiiy.Ga BROWNS'HOTEL.-D Panu;l. Va: D Hitn i Ge, >V fnim?r, R Small. NC; G t-iant. Col J L?a vi*, T Pharp, C Aiinittead, i Liddeii, M Matie**, M'?e;Go\ t Italian, J Porti*, A a, J CrosDy. H K R>iu'.el>, Tex. C w harin.T J Bennett. Ala; KA fcl luor, ? *; N H Daws >n. J li Mitchell. W Pm lick. \> Forney, F ?j Norman, Ala; J Ow.-n?, F ?; U MoLeutlou, i Gosned, A _ Ros??ub att, r* Huck eiilieiiii"!, <j a; B Jones, P King, G D Jolnutou, k >nortor, I. Wi liarru, R I) liow?rd. H Ofr-iniih. A V%nd?ir?tr, Ab; J Redhetfer. A Ciav, C Alaix"?ji B Kern, T Nacker, %j Bayer. Dr Andernon and flfm Pa Mr< Wmoneater, 1 v Mr Kid^ra^d ly, K .Ne* ton. Md; M Kdwardt. Ark; SH>att. W liaecn.O. K Braclx-inr. FM: Gov Hichad>oi:, III; D Hocti* au 1 friend, NY, F Lubback and ly. it ?v Cravrfoid and ly, Mrs Mi aud *on. Gen W Wool and I;, T?x, MmS nith, F 1'iasy, Us; A P Calhoun. J J Micldlet>>n, B Waldo, lion J r, Carew G -i D Jam uua, C M Fuiman, Dr f? K Fur ma', V? Choice 8 ?" ; t. Rulfin, W C.?rk. Va; 'I C Hudson. W F?ath eiweli, ?v B Smith. O Claik and lam, W S B?rr? and lam, 11 C Cririuiherinin aud oruld, Ml"i; W P Hr?twn?*, Judge W Brook* and fam, Misa Frun, I ? Fanned.), A B Mnd and lam, B Rkyidda, J Ha t> a, l. M Stowa, A Snodgraag, Aia; W Mil ! [<< . J Mi iw ,Ea W^taon. J l'yler. R C Macmerda, Va; H C ^?iarl?* and lam, Mina; W Martin, J Thomas J W Hrioe, A D vv hartou, Teun: J Hleiff r. la; J 1 Lard, > J; W liarru, C Wai.acr, * V\ a!lace, P S f? . a f\ttdr?-Jii, W Coess, Mrs Schi linger, Mr? Baaoh.O. .>ATiUNAL HOTKI-.-W Ochiltree, T*nn; G W tu !. A 'f. Bailey Fla; R 8 bate*, Si'Iabor, V'^lior. a Uowner, /k I iiwnt, >l 1; Mr* Pet I Mua L?o. Ia; fc t'luiub, Mei, 8 Neweli, NY, K baiice, .\H, W Witt*, Pa; <? Franci* Wiv i w tiu I. u UuoU. > J, J Harl>??. Ky. J innuiou. J J* ?andaiU Mi?>; T tfnick. .\V; G Know lea, Md; A B'<>diji'ily. Mri , ti>; A Saundcr*, ?; W J Siwcer.Pt; > baker. Fit; \V Uair^h ej* M'ss; \\ Bm? k? an'.' f?, Al; R M-.Korig, Mtl: W Bi llu, Fa, H Laniberron, Mian; s soutii, NY; J Hairi?>>u, M->, C S&ntae and fy. Pa, VV Jewett, J I'; C Lai>tb?rton, A (ji&otbrutT, A Glut?, Pa; F t.a tun* NY; Mu? bttLWuixl. Ma??; Mrs Mjer*. C >1 Mm? B'an?!>?rrj, G tiMdard, Md; I) Pc-o'.e, NY;T bl?l.?OHi Vd: Ool K*n?, M'i; \ Powell, o: O L F~?k?r. M n, w 8?shn. Pa. T Barker, Cal; G Ha o and iy. K FilU, 1 1; It L> ?>unu li anil I*. A An di-ewt and !jr, N V; DrNnttsll, Lr J 1/ioh, Ky;6 1 honiaa Md; ti Langhlin. Pa; J H >m m. Md; B s I .ark I*. NT; S Ma.Mu try. Imn; i <J Van l>jk<?, Pa; lj :?? friuge, N V, J Somes, Md; T McCwdf. Ps; J Han-ton. be!: E F B'-file. Pa: G*o N Sai.d?r*. NY; W ttibberd, Pa; H Jo^m, NY; J Wti*uu, ?; KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?F W Latham, Tex; W Yanotf, A a: M Fi?ti*r. Va; \V t-. McUtn, B H Oornwei J V Piero? Ind:?* !?""?? M ? 1 vv i u p et<>n, NO; T P oehiiree, fa;G b Ann trong. Jud; M Sh->*rr?. .Mo; N Boju'on, NY; E Unmin, 8 Alter and daughter, t* R P>a'<? ?nd ly, *a: ft V Fo tuna- C Hou*?on. Mo; n W as hint.t?B, J Lapg iter, R Maney, E Po?all, Va. WASHINGTON HOL8t.-J Lamb in H?nyder. Pa; J McK?n"e>, r Muzzej.O; T P Mil:?', Mi?"> William*. Mobile:* J Km. A k W P Montagu# and ivijr, Mo; Mrs Cnase and eon, ?; H JamMon, N Y. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA T8 Fro* th'Uirid States. StcMfner s. Leave. For. Day*. Bunua New Ywk ..Brern?n??. J ne i3 ju?nnm New York...Souih'pton?,J'? 1* Vandert>ilt._ New York? Has're .... J'el6 O.of Haitiinore New York. Liverpool J'elfi Nova scotiau qutbt* ...... Livei jmmh J'e 16 Gla^iow N??w Tori- l.iw*""1 ,,M a /,?* y?Tt - ?.1 ver jxtol. J > ?> ^ ? New York...Havre ..J'e23 L/ FHO* Kcbopk fe--' feraa ::..<ay^~ft i ::8SC'Vii;- :J5 S Nottk Annm.Livnr?o#rtJaad**' j?J ijj *?*?? .^ut/pun... N.w YSS7.. J'e 13 I b? Hiv?n? mat! rt**nu>ra |mv. s k. v..,k 11-!? Cai>f >rsia rr?. iMfi v.. v?w ?h<- ->ri? and /.tii of moiith. * " " T_ WX. T. DOVE * CO. J\ RE Now frimrfi to mmuU ftcy ordcra with wbioh ti?? n.Kj M.Jkvor*d in th? PLUMJBINQ. GASO^^^AM PITTING fTjT St?..-o on nit ?u??i, ft low door* north of Pt. where inft? h? ft oomfiete ftaaortpteul WWIM*1 ??_ THE LIKE OF STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS. Br 1 Jftm*? W. ?b??bftn; ?rio? fl. . Sn.iii* Luukj. tr tng ? lauM 4 of Abbott's Run bufc and Lucky Stun.* juoeVosnU. i;5'~'^^tosr5iuu> * mohow. . i WALT WATKK ? "> O rao*iptof OYSTKRHand CflABS^^. /^\ from Norfolk, whieh w? will dalivar ( mjJ ttt?t C atraet. < ppoalta fl.octr*. T M HAWVRV. Aaant 50 CHKSSl?MBABi?C?KLATcYtEA H.v. b?oo reoaivwl. Thu tM la axoellarr: prioa ? oenta fff B? b' or otiMrviM. Wa fear our next lot will ooat us iuora monar. ?? ~.w8? *a*nJi :<t v;i>r(rMi v* owmiaer upou n einor a or other- | wiw,th?o4?eof actual bona fat-, a-ttlera hold iig under titles from the ^utte. and to make s?oh pro- j vimon l.y 001 formation or arijaatment ol the ciaima \ of auoh aettlera a* may appear to b* right and proper JOS 8 WllSO*. , Commissioner of the General I .and Office. -< Genkral Land Osnci, May 18, ISA). ma21-w<w The Washington bkkwerv," being 1 now in full operation, under the management of th> ii?w proprietor, can furniah any one witii pu-e Malt Liquors, of superior quality, at the following low p>toea, delivered frae of chare* to any part of the oitr : X ALE (Family Beer). *l.r? per k*g of8gal!a. XX Al.E . .f 1.75 do. do. *XX ALF.<Stooic Ale). ...ij.W do. do. XXP"RTKR Xl50 do. do. BkOWN 8f(?(;r ?201) do do. Hall barrels, tarrets and hogsheads at a propor tionate pries Order* giv*n to the drivers, or aent through the ' Poat Office to C Co LINK AH, Washington ?r?w- i ery, will be promptly attended Co. ma >6 Im COCKROACHES, RED BUGS, ANTS, MOTHS and every other liia-ct can be e.. 1 tirely and fffeotnally exterminate,] by tna u?e of MOORE'S INSECT EXTERMINATOR/' /? ?? mot poisonous. Persons putting away Carpeta, i Ao , tor the summer, ahonla not tail to us? thia ar- I . tiola if they wiah to k*ep moths out. Sold only at MOORE'S We.t End Drug Mora, 113 P? av. 017" A freah supply of Blue Lick and Congress Water juat reo*iv*d aa above. j* 2 2w JACOB REHD, MAlfTVACTVKKX 07 , MILITARY CLOTHING, Bovtbbast Cobnsb 8bcokb and Spbccb St?., PHILADELPHIA. MII.ITARV n nTHM pnt ?ai.b i-?? 10 pound* twin*', (Ui net, per pound 2" do (.fine, do 2>) do do co&rsfl, for packing, per pound y, doz *n paper shears, Rodger* and Sons, S i noli biad-t, per dozen 1 dozen p?ip?r shears. Rodgers and Son's, Clinch blade, per dozen 2 dozen scissors, p?r dozen. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm masing it. and mutt specif; a price? ami but one price?for warli and every artic.e contained in the schedule, awl those fir pap'tr mutt l>e no o?mpaui?d by sufficient t-ariiples of eaoli artiole to enable the dep*rtin<>r>t to judge and make selec ti !>. Should any article# be required not enumerated, they are t<> be furnished at the lowest market ( prices, according to quality. Biam farms for p o- r i>onais will be furnished at the Uepaitrnent to per- t sons applying for them; a?;d as. Without uniformity f therein, the Department would find it difficult to ( make adecision, none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith The proposals to be addressed to "the Depart- * ment of State," and e uiursud "Proposals l.?r Stationery." Nottce will be given to the person to . whom'the contract is awarded who Will be re ' quired, with n fiv? days thereafter, to give bond, with two sufficient sureties, for its pe format.oe : The head of the Department in in all oases to deoide wli ther tne terms of the contraot have be n 1 oomplied with, and to reieot any artioles which rav be, in his opinion, of interior quality, as w#il a* toarnul the contract upon any iai:u'?to oom- . ply with the terms within a reasonable time, ma 31 I&w4w i I N o. ttt> 1 1 1 OTICK RFSPr.CI 1 v<, CERTAIN LANDS IN THK !?TATK OF IOWA J Notioe is hereby given that the lands along the | De? >loir.e? tiver in Iowa, aud * ithin the claimed ( limits of the Des oines grant in that. State, ki ovd t ie inoutn of he K a ooon Fork of said river, which ) have b^ni reservid li?m s\le heretofore unai cou .t o'the o!\im of the State thereto, will continue reserved, f -r the time being, from ?ale, or from location by tut speoies of -crip or warrant, no withstanding the recent decision of tlie Supreme Court, against the claim. 1 Ids action is deemed necessary to afford time 6 dozen black lead penoils Brookman &, Lang- J don'?, or Faber'e, per *ro?* % 2 dozen red and blue penoila, M. I.. Leman, per i 4 do lvr* folders, ?-iuch, per dozen (dozen # l<t do red tape, No. 21 do in do do No. 19 do 10 do do No. 17 do * 10 do do No. 15 do 12 do si'k tatte, narrow, do 12 do do wide, do * 5U> yard# *i!k cord, per yard 1 dozen cut giaaa inkstand*, Draper'* or Whit nej'*. per dozen t 2 doz^n wafer stand*, cocoa, per dozen ' 2 do eraaer*, Rodger* and Son's, ivory han- . die. per dozen 3 dozen penkuive*, Rodcers and Son'*, 4 blade*. per dozen, 1 doz' n penknives, Rodger* and Son'*, 2 blades, ? per dozen \ I doz -n ivorjr-handie wafer *"& a, per doz'n 12 do ink. in quarts, black, Ma?na<d and . Nm>-s. per dozen 1 I dozM. carmine ink, per dozen 3 pounds wafera, red per pound 1 do do wnte, do 5,mh> waler?, for United States a*?al, extra tbi 'k. per l,<tio V**> wafers, lor departmental ae*!, extra tliick. per l.tOo I'D) pound* sf alir.i? wax, best extra auperfinefo&rltt'. Doveli ar.d fas*. D*r Bound threo ruloe, \\ hatm*n ? or Joynson's, per , ream 10 ream* note paper, cream laid damask, What man's or Joynson's, per ream. Envtlopf PapfT, Smooth. & reams super royal, yellow, per ream in reams do. white, thick, per ream in reams royal, white, thigk, per ream s reams blot tin* paper, rota], red, per ream I ream white blotting boards, per ream. Eitvehpef, nf Strong Smooth Or<i<i*' Pnprr, H'i>'t Adhttive. < l,ooo No. 1, ie?j by .s inohea, per l,?n l < <? No. 2, L,'i by 4',' do do 1,0o No. 3. :? by 4 do d-? 3,'ffl No. 4, 8 b? do do No. A, R by do do , l.i?fl No. rt. fii by do do SIMM No. 1. h by S5? do an I I.'"*) No. 8, b'z by 3>? ?lo do l,i?m No. H. by s 4 10 d?j do 1,coo No 10. y4 by3V do do SM*M No. 11. 48-10 by 2 7 10 do Oo 3^V|0 No. 12. 4 by do do , E? rrlop'M Limit with Linm. 1 .?*?? No. 1, 1' '? by Hi'tPS, per 1,000 No. SI, ; ,S b> 4*4 do do 1,000 No. 3. ft by 4 do do l,i*>n No. 4, R by 3Jt do do , |f0fM No. -S, R by 5H do do I l,io> Nk. t:, t 'j !.y 4,*i do do 4 d 7.3n eoiti pens, of approved make, per doz^n KM do cards metallic pens, Perry's, do no gross metallic pens, of approved make, per S rross ? u o?r?v??y I mrc, ^ JAS. McDONNELL, 1 Genera! A rent, ma 10-T.T.A?-tr Baltimore. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. DsrARTMEJlT OF STATE, / j Washington, May Slat, 186<M i In Pnrsnanoe of the "Act localizing ami making J appropriations for iiuch necessary objects an hsve been nsually Included in the general appropriation i bill withou* authority of law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental expenaes <?f the departments and offioea of the aovernment, and for other pur poses," approved 26th August, IRi2. seelrti srparat* Jrop<<?a s will he received at this aepartncr t until ) o'olook, p. ?**..oii the 28th of June n?xt, for lurnishing such articles of stationery as mar be re- I quired by it for one y*>ar from the 1st day of July next, as enumerated in the suhjoine.1 schedule and estimate of quantity, but it la to be understood by { persons proposing that the department is to be at liberty to t?\e either a 'ess or gr?ater quantity of any article than is sp*oificd, aooording to ita wants during the year Each article to be of the hestqualitv, Rnd to be delivered withoutde'ay when ordered. SCHEDULE. rnptr, hati'l-marl?, of Linen, Lnii or Wore. 5" reams f -ols^ap, Wi.atinau's or Joynaon's, p?r . ream 2" reams quarto po?t, cream-laid, to weigh not leas than 9 Bounds Der rf?m. triininr.T mU <1 CHEAP F< BOOTS, 8H0E8, AITD TBU I SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES, AND TR MY STOCK. ITT ALL PURCHASERS WII FOR THEMSELVES, AT SAMUEL P. iron Hall Boot, 8ho 3'^0 I'K > > S \ I, V A M MISCELLANEOUS. MAY 19TH,1*60. OPENING or THE SEASON. MoDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grocers and Citizens will please Bear in Mind that The Season for this MOST HEALTHFUL AID PURE BEVERAGE Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimore Has Reoeived A Large Stock And will he happy to receive the orders of his Washington Friends. /Juii.isD OR CASH. HKS, CHEAP FOE CA8H. L MY ASSORTMENT OF LADIES AND UNKS, CHEAP FOR CASH, TO REDUCE LL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE HOOVER'S e, and Trunk Store, k AVENUE, Between Oth and 10th Sti. ??IP????????????? TRAVELERS7 DIRECTORY. NEW ORLEANS 1ST TBRES DAYS with the CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East I ennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! memphTFroute: Memphis by Ra'Uthtnoe by First olass Packets to Now Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILF. ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by Firstolass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS? Sundays IxcLrpxn. Leave Washington at 6 a m. and 6 p n. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at a. m. and p m. aud oonneotK at Alexandria witti the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwent. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAflSAGK CHECKKD THROTQH TO MW ORLKAHg. Lynchburg .....$$50 Mamphis ??31 on Bristol i*o Atlanta 2K no Knox vine _.2on?i Maoon 28 on Chattanooga...- 24no Columbus 31 an Dai ton 24 0<t Montgomery .. .3i on Huntsville . '*) } via Memphis.?2 50 lira'nil Junction.00 N.O.> via??. Juno 42 so XnKhvilln 2?i fiiil \ via. lift THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 200 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I ine?the Lynchburg Extension being now completed, us also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS' It is provided with First class Sleeping Care! ( To New Orleans. 72 Hours. n\iv" Memphis ."54 do. ) MontgoinerT 53 do. V Nashville 46 do. ICTThe U.S MAIL~aud ADAMS' EXPRESS ire taken over this New Line. Tickets can he obtained at the South Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania av?'iuc, to tha folic*ine pinntx: L*ncM>urg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville. Grand Junction, Macon, Nashvilie. DalU>n, Columhua, Montgomery, Mohile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. Ity THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS V1RU IN IA SPRINGS. *L/~Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the ?ffio? at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Agent, ina 23-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. av. IMIE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jfi ^ Pebruarf, 1R8D. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and??*^" 'RI DAY, at6 o'olock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA it half-past6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the ntermediate Landings. On her return trips, she rill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY md SATURDA Y. at 5 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGHK. Proprietor. NATH'L BOU3H. Art, Alexandria. feiN r> FOR NEW YORK. lASSAGE, INCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. f7.ft0. The New York and Virginia >cr?w Steamshif JnmjunT'i new and elegant nteamship n 'ja 40UNT VERNON.Ciipt.T.C.Smith, rill leave the Company's Depot, era Wharves, at ll'o'clock a. m every WEDNES)AY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria. ,t 3 o^olock p. m. aame dav. Piumnngers from Washington and 6Rorf?toTt an take the coacli?s conneofcn* with Alexandria teamboats or raifroad, whioh leave the corner of th str?x?r and Pa. avenue hnnrly, or they oan leavs m the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 I'olock a. m. Stat* rooms oan t* engaged on application U ilessrs. Morean A RhineharT, Western Wharves Freight will b? reoeived up to the hoars of depar nre. 1 j 1uiukuiki will on ouocwrj on mi' ftoas dj hnline at the oEoe of the Company at X for cent iremicm. Tiie accommodations for passengers by this lins tre in every rerpect hrst-o a*s, and every effort wil ?e made to render thie communication with New k'ork an ajreeable and hoa'.thf>il one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLE * 30., Agents, Alexandria. II. H. CROMW ELIi A CO., se J |y P6 Weet st..oomer Albany, New York. fjjEEMAH & SINPSO^ AGNOLItlM ACK0Ll4 fgVm.SK la^WHISKWiy-i We offer for sale the above standard brand of ine Copper Distilled Malts'' Rye Whisky, in bar els and half barrels. As it is of our own distilla ion.and highly improved by age, we confidently eoomm<Mid it as the pckk'T ana best Whisky that tan possibly be distilled. We also offer our Old family rye whiskey, met other brands, from the largest stock of Fine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN fc SIMPSON, Phcenix Distillery, on the Sciiuy.kilt river, Phila Oflloee?96 Wall street, New York ; And 109 k>Jth Front street. Philadelphia. marZMy WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Str'.tt, bettceenSth and 10(A Slrtet'. We have just finished a number ol first class Carriages, such as Litkt Fan?-/, Wagons, Park PHsatons. Family Car tgjLijgPt iatr?, and Huttits, which we will sell at w ~ VEcz i ver small profit. Reing praotical mechanics in different branoheg >f the butiness, we flatter ourselves that we know jhe styles and quan'jr of work that will rive satisa^tion, combining lightness, comfort and durabi.i^Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at :he shortest n- tioe and mo?t reasonable charres. WALTER. K ARM ANN & BOPP, Coaohmakers, suocessors to Wm. T. Hook. ?p27-dly PARAFFINF. Oil-, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWX! We a'e now receiving Paraffine Oil direot from Lhe works in we?t-rn Virginia. The ?uatity of it is exoellent, producing a stead*, liril lantaud beautifu light, and more pleasant to ,,l- r,ri Ul?ll|l?? Hjni. This Oil is fre* fromalu'terat on,and very much more economical than many of the Coal Oils used it thia time. inr It is in no way explosive. Wtkwi also a supply of the moat approved ""? "f '" ^nWMirShIJll, A?nnt? for its sale for the Di*t iot of Columbia, Corner t-ift?enth ?t. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma 11 PC. PN YDER. LUMBER AND 0A8 FITTER, Philharmonic Hall, South *id* of Pa. nr., went of EUvtntk it . Will introduoe Water and Gu upon the nost favorable terms. ... p. f*.?I have on hand a lot of COOKING STOVKR, and an I desire to close them out, will sell them at cost for cash. ma 7 12,000 ^A^^pl?h^B?4^nW. ii?.S ...7 .WI7UUUU ?;t IUC f'JU!lC U) our l*rc? Ind wall ?... leotsd stock of Champagne aiid Crab ADBliTr.lwt winch we goaraotM tTf* ?ure Jnwe.lSS 1 & Rttswsst*aB.i?a aS**4 No. .TUeti?S?Kv SILVER-PLATED ICE PITCHERS. i have just received a lartco lot ol v?rV v,._ i Inow ityre.llCE PITCH kW that ?-*-Uu'aP nell at u.uoh lower prioe* than tliey can l>? JK) bought for at any other e?tabii?hin>'nt in thi?^^B> tuty. Call and <*, at 338 Pa avenae *"*" H.'O HOOD. AL hi ~ . XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! %%rl.stojs^jk*; /^HICKERINfi h. HON<4> miipl-BU .>.,? only for n.i> kt 1 John p. %n* p? mm* 1 Sniith; ?> oenU. ^ACY, * AlbTt Adot."ur** ?f Mr< L#dbBr?. b? Alb?rt Hnith; SO Th-Si,0.P.ter TW*? >?? Albert emith, SO MDti. The SMtt^rcood Faiailv, br albert Smith; 50 oents. R^i?Ifei^,olt'n'rtM,'u" L't?r?tnre. ?ncli.h rmreuVr. ?uiUd for Jnat reoeived and for eale by u . ... PBILP 4 SO' OMON8. M " Extract Buohu, " " Sarsaparillai " " Improved Rom Wwk SU>ld hy H. B. WiITl,#W Seventh street, and 9. C Fokd Ju , oorner P?nn. avenue and Eleventh etroet. AyD ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. As?K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Cut out the ad vertieo??eni and send tor it* AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE, ap 4 eolt _ LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING !l! _ lit Tim Of Pkacs, Piipau lol Wi?!# F. La BAR RE, Southwest rorntr tj IMA and C ttt., PLAT1NA-flppCE6CnGtfrNING RODS, Respectfully announces to th* public of Washington and vicinity that he is prepared to execute all orders for erecting 1/ighluing Conductors on the most approvod sojentifio principles, constructed of the very best of materia'*, on very moderate terms. All Plaur.a tipp-d Points which are masnlkottired by mo will be stamped with my name. weather Vanes of any design made to order, mar 8# Sw nr> u p SCIKNCK AND FAME. Prior SI .00 per bottle, or lix fer S3.00. Delivered to anj Addr??a, securely packed from observation. describe symptom* is all commttwlcattoks Care* Guaranteed ! Advice Gratis!! j AFFIDAVIT. Her?onalJy appeared before me. an Alderman of theoity ofPht fulelphia.H.T helm bold, who being ' duly sworr, doth say. his prepara'ions oo tain no I narcotic, t.o mercury, or o'ner injurious drugs, but ftre purely vegetable. H. T. Hr.LMBOLD. 1 Swnm Ami xubsoribed before me, thi> 23d day of November, 1854. WM. P. HIBHKRD, Alderman. Ninth ?treet. above Race, Phila. Address letters for iufonnaton in confidenoe to H T HELM BOLD, Chernist, Depot. 104 Sonth Tenth at , bet Cheanat, Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endrator to dispose * or THR1K own" and "other" article* oh 1hk reputation attained BY Helmbold'a Genuine PreoArAtiona. see symptoms above. NO FAMILY SHOlIuW Kb WITHOUT IT Tnki no rnort Half am. Mercury, or unpleasant 1 Midient for unpeosonr and Un*fernu!s IMfraie f. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CURES SECRET DISEASES In all their Stage*. At little expenae; Little or no change in Di?t; No lnoonvenieuce; An/I no Exposure. It <*aug?n a fr?quent desire an i give* strength to Urinate, thereoy Removing Obstructions, Predentin* ant cnring Striotures of the Urethra, I Allaying Pain and lnfl initiation, no frequent in tn?? clss* of disease* and expelling nil toisonouf Diseased. onrl tro'n out Ma'tet. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who have been the victims of quacks, aud who hav* paid henry fees to be cured in a short I time, hav? found th>*y were deo?*ived, and that the POISON" has, by the use of "powebecl as j trinohnts," lioen dried up in the system, to break OUt in an *?rrnvat?d form.ard PERHAPS AtTER MARRIAGE. Use Wei.mboi,d's Extract BrcHufor all affeo tions and du?*as?? of th? URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAI.E OR FEMALE. From whatever cau?e originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING I Diseases of these or?*n? require the at ' ot a Diurtti HELMBmld-sextract buchu is the breat diuretic. And is certain to have the d?sired eflV><-t in all DiseaaesFOR WHICH IT IS R ecom M FN BED. j Evidence of the most re iahle and responsible charter will accompany the medicines CKRTlFlCAIEw F CURES. trom 8 to 2li years standing, With Names hows to Arisine irnm r.xoesses, Habit* of Dissipation, fcarly Indiscretion or AMise, Attend td milk tkt folioxrtnt Symptoms :? Indisposition to Exortion, Los* ?.f Power, I.OK?<f Memory, Diff.ouity of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Diabase, Wakefulne**, Dimnu** of Vision, Pain in the Back, (.'nioarval Lassitude of the MuBcniar System, Hot Hands, Flashing of the Body. Dr> ness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COUXTKNANCK. These sy mptoms, if allowed to (to on, whioh this i medio m inrariaMr removes, so?*i follows IMPOTfiNCV\ FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, It O.NK OF \\ HICH THK PATIENT MAT ExriRK. Who car; sav that the; are not frequently foiiowed by ?hos *'DIREFUL IMSEASES " "INSANITV AND CONSUMPTION." Many are awar? of th? ciiine u the'r suffriin*. BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RF, COR DS OF THK INSANE ASVLI'MS And '.h' M'lnntkoly Dfath* by Comvmptien Bear amp1* wit:i?fS to the truth of the assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires tho aid of medicine to etrrnrtlien And Invigorate the ^ystotn, WkUn Hklmbold's E X TK ACT BUCHU mrart NfltM, A TRIAL WILL CO!IV*SCE THK MO?T SKEPTICAL. FK M A LES?FEMALES?FEAIA T.ES, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIF.D, ON I ()\TF.M PL AT I Mi MAR til A U fc IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO I FEMALES, the extract Bucha is unequalled by any oth?r remedy, ah in Chi roeis or Retention Irregu!a-jty, Painfulu^su, or S-ippresOon ofCus toniary Evacuations, U'cerated or Scirrhous state of tho Uterus, Leuoorrhcna or White*, Sterillity , and for a I complaints inoide*.t to the s x whether Ari?icg from Indiscretion, Habit* of Diseipation, DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. sever* investigation ofboth Remedies, and reading of our pamphlets to be lound with all dea ers. ana more particularly to purchase only of those who oan bed?pen?ted upon, we wait in confidence the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Piioes within reach of a 1 " GKNKRAL AGKIfT*. J. W. Hcsskwkll a Co., 7 and *5. Cotnmeroial Wliarf. Boston, Geo. HrsxKWEiL, 145 Water st.. New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN l.HUNNEW ELL, Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose signature overs the co-ksofthn genuine on);, and to whom address all communications. J?oia hT all respectable dealers ever* where, and all the Drugnists in Washington and Georgetown, mar SG eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specifio Remedv For l?isea*e* of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DRliPSICAL SWELLINGSThis Medicine incea?ea the power of Digestion, and excites the ABSORBENTS into healths aotion, by which the WATERY OR CALCEROUS depositions, aud all UNNATl'RAl ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INF LA M M A TION. aMiis good f?r MEX, WOMEN. OH CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, _ For Weaknesses The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all oasas where Opium was ever used to that. of Delirium Tremens, and the common chief qpuse of Disease Toss OF SLEEP. The Tohi Anodyne, though containing not a partiolf?of Opium, produces all tne requirements of, and may be used in ail oases wherever Opium was used without producing anything hut Cures, and le&vipg the patient in a perfect'* natural s ate. The Universal Cough Rfiii^dy, ifreed from all the common objection of < ouRh Rem' dies, which Rrtwluce nausea or proi^-at:on.( mar be considered le oommon enemy to ail Tnroatand Lung Complaints. and used with perfect impunity. Asking all to Court, from nroDrietiirii or fri?ndii tliA mnft Skin Pimples, Pint*Its, Blotekts. Eruptions, tr<-., are Boon cleaned ou* ofthe system by it. St. Anthony's Fire. Hose Eryiipe/ar. Tftttr or Salt Rkenm, Scald Head. Rin irorm. fr., should n<H he borne whi;e they can It* eo apeeUily cured by AVER'S ?ARSAPAR ILLA. Sypktli> or Venrrtal Disease la exselied from the si stem oy the prolonged use of thia 8AK8APAR1L.LA, and the patient left aa healthy as if he had never had the diseaae. Female Diseases are oanaed by SoroAila in the blood, and are renerallv aoon cured by thie EXTRACT OF BAR9APAR1LLA. Pnoe 9\ per bottle or 6 I for 95. For all pnrpoaea of a famil* physic, take AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS, which are ever* where known to l>e the beat purgative that is ?>(T?red to the American people. Price S5 oenta per box, or 5 boxea for Si. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell Masn . and sold by all Llrugiciata everywhere. ma 15 eolm XT. O. n. A T. A . Hr!VXEWELl/S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HITNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOXjTJ ANODY3NTH, 0 # MEDIUlWJSS. N purify the blood. OT A Few of 'he worst disorders that nlliol mankind arise from the corruption that aoosiuir late* id the blood. Of all the disooveries that have been made to puree it out, none have ever been loua-i wh4oh eoold eanal in effect AVER'S COMPOUND KXTRACT OF 8AR8APAR1LLA. It cleanses and renovates the blood, instils th? vigor of health into the it stem and purges out the humors which make disease. It stimulates the heaithv f uuotiona of the body and exprls the disorders that grow and rankle in tha biood. Its extraordinary virtue* are not yet widely known, but when they are it will no longer be a question what remedy to employ in the great variety ofvaffltoting diseases that requirean alterative remedy. Sueh a remedy, that oouiti be relied on, has long been sought for, and now, for the first time, the publio have one on whioh they can depend. Our ?paoe here does not admit certificate* to show its eflVot*. But the trial of a stnrle bottle will ehow to the siok that it has virtues t.11-pasting anything th?y have ever taiai Sutf*res from i?orofula, forofalons Swellings and Sores, tr? it and see the rapidity with wtnoh it coree. MISCELLANEOUS. /^ J? BCOHOin: V ->\ { ^ DISPATCH! ^ ^ j \-/TSa?e the Pieeei! A> *ccuUn;< will Uw>, rrr? m wrU rurulni^d families, it ia very deairable to have son* oheap and convenient way for r *urmg F arnitare. Toy a. Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PKT.PARED GLIE meets all ?uch oiiifr^enriee. and no houaehold cat afford to be without it. It ia alwava ready and ay to the atiokmc point. There ia ao longer a neoca eity for limpir>g olivre, apiintered reaeera. bead tea* dot la, Mid broken oradiea. 1; ia luat the article for anna, aheil. and other ornamental vork, ao popular with ladi-a of re&nenieT.t an<i taate. Thia admirable preparation ia na?d c^ld. being chemically heid in aolution. and p-maeeaing ail tha valuable aoalitiea of the beat cabinet makera' alae. It may be uaed in the p>*oe of ordinal nuoitage, being vaet.v more adheaiva. * USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Frit*, 25 oenta. N. B.?A Bruah aooompaniea each bottla WKoUtai* Dtrot, No. 4* Cedar atreet, New York. Addreaa HENRY (^SPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pat up f?r Dealer* in Caaea oontaintng Foar, Eight, and Twelve Doaen?a i-oauUful Lithoaraah '0 Show Card aocompacymc each packace. jrr A ainrle bottle of SPALDIXG'S PREPARED GLUE will mv< ten time* it* ooet an nuaUy to evert household.^11 Soid l>f ali prominent ^tatmnera. Dmcmeta. Hariivare ai.J Kur&iture L>ea ert, Orooera, and Kancy Store*. Countrj merchant* *b<>uid make a note of SPAL DIMi'S PREPaREU GLUE, when makln* up tbeiriint. tt vriM ataml any climate. fe ltMy (?J? " c H ]EJVL^PreMM0) FOR FAMILY USE* WILL ME.VD ARTICLCa tit Weed, Leather, trerkrry, Olm. Ivery. Hen?*. Alalineler, >larble, Rubber, Gntta Percha, CUth, Paper, Papier Mar he, Shell. Hern. Hene, Plutrr, kc. And indeed thereia soaroely an article in the whole tuise of domestic economy, whether it be for aeeor ornament, wnich w!?en broken, cannot with this preparation be restored to lU original value. It ch&lier.ges tho world for itc superior. It it indispensable in evenr HOUSE, WORK SHOP, COUXTIKU ROOM, and no person after a trial of Starr's Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dispense with it for four time* its cost. It is always read*, and always reliable. It i not offensive to the and is not affected by climate, and where kuowu it has l>ecoine a fixed fact. The attention of dealers and consumers is invited to the followilift testiiiinniaU regarding fts superior qualities : N ewabi. Nov. 2R. IW. "After a fait hful trial of ST A RR'S PREPARED GLl'E on Wood, Leather and Cloth. at the Phenix Works, I moht cheerfully rcoofiimciiU it*> use for all purposes general!) required, aud especially for fifkully use. C. A. Ciiru." ' We, the undersicned having tested STARR'S rREPA R F.V OL UE, agree with the above recommendation. " Wjt. B. Doc?H", "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N. J. "Ly*am>er Wkicht, "Machine Depot. 2*' Market st.. Newark. N. J. "Hrdexbt-ko k Littsli,. "Carriage Manufacturer*. Newark. N. J. -Wit H. Kim A Co., "Carpenters and Builders, Newark, N. J. "LkvERICH it ExDEKS, "Carriage Makers, Newark, N. J." fttnrr'a C heroically Prepared Gilt ia w?>ld Jiy ail DruceisU. Furniture Dealer*, Grocers, Fancy Dealera. Hardware Dealera, Stationers, and iiy country merchants generally. PRICK, ?* CENTS PER BOTTLE. A brush go?* with each bottle. Put up for dealers in cases from 1 to 12 doiea. A spieiuiitl Lithographic Show Card, printed in oolors, given with each paclcace. Ail ordora or letters of inquiry b* mail addreaaed to the STARR GLUE COMPANY, H Liberty at., N. Y. will receive prompt attention. j]j~ A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly r RO M ATI cr\ y $ 1 * ifl ^ i tt h kukey ?* *rrht- jr ^ * i r ^t0t '*^ifc 77 (J)(J ^wa/cfv if R yr+r-a if X Sc ^ Tto fcj1 <"?V *?"?"? * "?- - ;i* sfp tP^lf ^ -#/f vf d*j++d vpt.n ftfir.j a pv o*ft>/#% , V x* v y* *"**?'A'v fcv " fA* r?/Zev ' . 55^^ ]y^"^^/w/> oW/'v. /r <1 r# .' ' *1 0 ]Lf(>*","Ml1"^ ^ /r?f ITkwicitn? i*Xy X ? ' r p| vj^ ike Union at U it* M-dictn+i % 4 1? v-' ?" VL gg |s?a^#.t?4 j0 ',*&??&>, <y / ^jrdtgz;} X .eF"*21 ?^a^vs-?w?1sr* Jim mtmt ?r 1Mb v Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thii dar. emforacinc all^uali ? ? ties and atsee of sola Leather, Ladtee'HKMI Drecc and Packing Trunk*. Oar truiA^HjeJ^ eal?e room exhibits at thia time the %r??at*? t rari?\y of traveling requiaitea at moderate pri.ea. to be found thiaetde of New York. Alao.ererT df?eori?tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, cARPE'FBAG?. SATCHELS, ke. [H/ Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exchange for nev onee. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk SaJee Room, mar 31-tf agfl Pa. areaue. i.?.?. una. 9. *. ion. i. k iim. L4M" "? * Hot tv *? m t mm Uraarbnit ivl Nnri^M?'aa:>'>i MOTHER'S TRIALS, by the avtfaor of-My Lad*;" pnoe ft. The Weet lndie. sod th? S?an'eh Ma n. b? Anttnny Trollof*., anther ?( The Bertrams " to. Just published and for sal* b* _ u PH1LP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan B >ok*tore. 332 Pa. av.. Sole agents for Lanrenoe's AtaUnesrr, to. ma M DTO<|^VS,bc.t^.r8I,oMI53' cW !*? ,'^mjr,<M,r SMITH Mils his Ooods Ch?as?kr than any other tmrw M E)AKKRA' BUTTER IN BALTIMO^K.-We " ?tall ??a?on? of the year ?up?Ij you * U wj grid# of Batter yti oho??e. Wiltreiinw now m low u top pent*, and f'oni that op to the !? *C ft t\ ? 1 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mimmeywhiiev WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HUALY, SbLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. FOR SALE IS WASHINGTOy BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR A 8EMME8. T OAK R1 AGES. HE Subscriber having maas addition* to hi factory. makinx it now on? of the larc9?tA^^AM. tntho District, where hit !&ciiities (orWHR manufacturing CAK KIAGE A LlGHT-*=*= WAGONSofall kinds oannot be surpassed, and from hie long experience in the baaineee, he hopes to tire general satisfaction. Ail kinds of Carriages and Light Wagon* kept ei All REPAIRSneatlj dene,and all orders prompt f ; 11 1 li a i and envklope? nu TO MATCH. (charge) BOOKBTOEB, ho: ?hM 279 ^rosss" 206 Pa. Atb^ rORRjeV FlyITF, P* Ate.. kUMUiir ' ?SR&i&w^???e ooiQ MIO PT D. t&LTEiii r ifnis, imrton. D. C. d? Bnahn. Hoapit&t, In?trumenu or Riogt?uu thorn a!1, and, if disposed to profit b? mi expert? . ^saroafem cue. With ilftmi aooloMd. add re*, in perfect ? ( denoe. yo?r rriend,a former iiffmr, Mrtlr mpm on bin* Boa 1T?, ChariertownTMaes ) 14-T^A WI? for stampin* ^Tmrn^C a PACKET or PAPIft have ua?d it as the most inrsluel>;e remedia. tier.' of the ?1?T. ID-it la soil' by all the Drrrneta of Baltmore. at the residence of the proprietor. MRS. "fTeoX. IS4 East Baltimore street. between Kdeo street and Central avenue. None Rename unless her name ta blown on the bottle and her eea on the oork. ID" Hrioe 91 per bottle, cut bottles for 9b. Wk?U*alt A*mt. R. 8. T. Ci*sel. Drugsist. Georgetown. D. C., Wholesale Agent for the I>ia tnet. and will suppy the trade at my prioes. mar a tr ALL SUFFICIENT THREE TRIKSCMAR. 1, ?, ft S? ProlHtii t>* Rov*l L'ttmt Pmttn 1 of Kntlmnd. mm.4 itewtd ' v tkt Stai) 0/ !*< Ec*l* (< Pkmrmtm 4* Pari*, amd Ik* infirwi ColUt* of Kllfl RA. No. I ia invaluable for exhacstioB, Spermator- k rh<rv and all physical disabilities. MM No. 'i completely erad'oates all traces of th"es ~ dlseacea that Dave been hitherto treated bv the nan seoua and pernicious u*e of oopevia and oubebs. No. 3 has entirely aiiap acted the iiyyioas ase of mcrcsry, there!'* lnauring to the srfferer speed* relief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting out ths renim of disease. TRIESEMA R .No*. 1 .Uand 3 .are prepared id the form of a losenge, deveid of taste ana smei., oan be carried in the vaistooat pocket. Sold if tin oases, and divided into separate doses ju administered d* Vaiseau, La.iemand, Roc*. Rieord, 4c, Pnoe 9s eacu, or four oases for f9 which saves |S and in R27 cases, whereby there is a savins of 9 To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. B* h ROW, 194 Bieeoker street, fonr doors below Mo Dongs! street. New York. Immediately on reoeiviof a * nuttance, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneeen >r to any sart or the world, securely peeked, and addressee aooording to the instracfior.a of the writer. UMAKLK?* WIUUIUK.LU * CO . Proprietors, \v;1 iam street, New York. j. S' HWaRZK Arect, Washir>rt?n. D. C. PR. J BOVKR DOD8' EklAL eiM BITTEKS. For Diseates of the Kidneys. Rodder at d Urinar? <?r|?nt. and e?p? fur Femai* Obstruction* "?v?r fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis f ujtion. charle* widpifield 4 co.. Proprietors, t* wi ?r? new Vork. j. j*ch\varzk. je~ l?,r Agent. Washington. D. c. Highly important to all: M US. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It is well known that in the Spring people are more apt to oontroot disease than at any other prrifd; and it is equally well-known that the war i Co want off la to keep the hicod pure, for "al! the ill* that flesh i* heir to," arise from impun ty of the blood, the main spring of oar ecistenoe It?s, therefore, important to ail that the system should be thorough!* c'.?ar.*ed and punted, and thi# ce.n be done in most effeotua! way byssi'ii MRS M COX'S INDIAN VtiiETAteLE DF COITION,* he !>est remedy discovered for the cnre of(ti>i?Me? of Skin., Scrofula. R hen ma tiam. NcrMiui DeMiity. Fevers of different kind*. dyxpep'r, Liver Coirpiatnt, and all other diseases arising from impurity of the Mood. It has efteet*d the moat rema ka?>ie cures, as can he shown by num?' ia . '" from pert ri? of the highest PftiBNlUSiiltf. And 1 rAAnanmAnHfwj K? *Ji W >> WJ imnuoi r-w'T. irri'll J Trtrrblinf <n4 W itimu ar (iktamw tfiti ?? ???>'? kind ipmdilf cinf EHr>ORJKMBIfT "f TBK HtUI Til MAHY Mflfea imiiituw viik*a lha iaat M'lniM i ;i>n >nJ Uia nimtrMt important { Mi aparatioua parf"rn,ad M Dr Jt^nMn, ?Iff aa*? d ?* tea Hfriri ?f iha p?pan and nwny *tbir raraoat, i<?ucti rl t)?cb han amirt< >(am and ap'n bafwi lha iiMic, ti dM ItiiiUMuifaia fantlamai ?< cfcaraciar and raapaua) Mliif, M a aaAeiac. gairai taa i? ita atitul. )ac 11 * DR. J. BOVEE DOD'!* IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now being u **d from to the br*%? >a t Lake, *ni the universal verdiot of al! who ue<? t rm fitkrr at t m^iria> ur a* a b>vrni*? m tha* they ere cnstirpas<*d in the woria IH. bode aeeil them auoeaafuily in hie practice for 2* yeara l?efore we purchased of him the ?o,e ncht to manufacture and preeer.t there for sale to the pubiie. Forth* owe of Ii.oipient Consumption, Indijreetioa, Dr? pepsia, Pn?s, Nervoua IMeea ea. f emaie Coin plaint*, and all oases requiring a tonic. they ar? tie rond donht a most invaluable ratredy. Aaide from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole ome and deigbtfai Beverage, producing a' the pleaeant exhil?*-atir.c effect* of Brar.dy or Wine without their injurioua reeulta. all frietMle of humanity and aa. advocates of temperanee assist ua in sulwlitainc these valuanle Vegetable Bitter# for the mintral parsons end miulttmitd Ltqyv with which the oountr? is floodeo. and thereby ef fec' aid in ban slung iMaeaae and Drunkenee* from the land. I taraiuf pal*. t.9rra?9 ai.d ?c?um | > aiufa>99 ipp?truci ikMt (hi ivn, nrim-f#"* ' taoaampt.aa DISh.ASk.8 Or IMPaUIIKNOK Wktn tk9 imafaidad 9nd tmpradant af p ? #?*a ka hu imHikad tha !* rf thn p?tnfal teppini thai tn lU Umad 99us* ( 9k>mi ?f d'9id 4n<t>tri da'.arahim fr?n ? ppij" f '? wtM.tmm 9<ltC9(iM ti>^ raapactahiltty. can a tor9 b*fri9nd bun H9 Mil wu it? kai.di #f Ift.orant and daaiyuinf pratandara, wha, lucaptkt af cartuf, tick hit pacantary 9?r9t?oc9, ???r kioi wli* $ nnil a(7ar menih, or 9* lonf 99 tka amtllaa* 190 eaa k* ak IU99<,ii>4w daapair 1***0 hio. wi'h rau>9d kaaltk ta 9>/r? 9?*r hw1 ra.lit.j diaappctsrranl, w I f tka *9* ?f tba; 4?iC( pa<*orOTarCBry. b**'.*n til* MMUttHuaal 9?'rf<-otr9 af <h(* tarnbla dW9>H, *acb 99 AfietiO'i ?' W?* H9?rt. ! *'., S?i kin ,*t.. pmrr999ii ? witk fr fb'fai r*ptdity. til* d*9<? pat* 9 aanad ta hia draadfsl 9>finn(9 by **ndr | km :* cfcat diacaaar*" eoai.-rv from Soaa howi* ra tra**t*r ratarn* dr. wanton-a remedy roroautiic ? ttuu* ADD tMPUTKNCT. t tk.9 gr**t 9nd iroranaot ramad* ** > * af iha arair 9 r? p90d"? ear*d and fall ?if?? raa'arad Tt>aa*<ad9 l>a naa: mr??? and daktlifiad, ?ka ka4 laat all l9f9. ka>a k*aa imrr9dt?t91 ? raliaaad All inp9diiaan-9 to M?rn*|9 Pbaait*i ar Manial I , wniTOf W1UI WIBWI T Bll.lf.f, ftT(?l.>lt4 IM? C*r%> f?M t?r? im?eilM*N. TASK PARTICULAR NOTICE. TI Men ind *th*n *h? h??? mlartd th?n???l??? fc* Mftaia |.r<cuc? mdi ||4 n ?h?r. f l??ri.?d fr?m t*il rcnfinMii, H at tebMi, ill *4 Which ?r? iMhly Ml MM ?h?o ! > (>, ?<id if < car*A. ft. J?r? B>rrii|t ibj u< (?air?;i k?ik ??* A tTl <n ?n 'of t*? i 4 >< ni?l?nth? ? ru *y Mrlt hibiu ?f tit i WokuM* of 'h? Bock u< iimW, H".io? m lb* Nat4, F)mn im e( .? > .. L? mt Mm-iUi h?tf, P?lpiut'?ii ?f the fc?r???? Ir'iuMA ly.Otr-fr in?n: ?f ;h? r*ij?? ?#C !>*?OMy. jmtHOf.t ?f C<?.rafii|>:i*n. Ic M1CNT ALLY ?T?? f*?rfal (ffacttwi l?? (Bind ir* mm*k ia ? 1 r?^i?d -Um of M?m?r?,CmImim I? i f >1 'f*?. K?il F ?rr*ilit ft A imw ?f ?.f On rtt|( U'i tl S*.it?d?, Timidity, ik.,ui m'oi ? tt< ?>! fn 4?<*d KKKTUCI DR.kTT -T^iuiMiii > ? ) <!( tin | la tk? c???? of th?ir declining h?*kh, l?? f ih?ir far, ? ?M M?mfi lafMiktt, u4 tiitray k*u Oty u4 MM TOtMMH Vkl |t?l b*C?M tkl 'HUM (f Mifcirv ? , Uu <mmi u4 <huku>? Uta ?tii?k ( > W frxt tlDH-nOI ' T?l<| Mil if'ilMI: II aJiid iiliiti u4 krihiii nitliiu, *tc miti *Uiiim kt'i liinnti* l*iinn| buiH vnfc ik?u,a?/?n # ) ? m ??<?1 II IMIAI7 iki tl*inf lyt*, bit Mil VNl mli Ml lUliM MA.ULIBO riUi'RI. * Tiiof Mn iMiiipitMf rtafi. knn( iviri if atmul VNkiiH, WfUH ?i?iMiy, tl(r>iiiUN, 4c . iF ii4i1* cin4 ?tii plicn kiMi/ialu iti un i' rw i Mf nlifl IJ imUi IB Mm u f muiaii u< MiKiMlf mij ip*o hn ikill u pftyntiia orncK Hi t so mi rtintt iiTiin talk km4 m4ifr*a ItlttMri urtii. to* tm fna Iki earair nil w II ikiiTti u?i u< mtn fciwiw it ki ud Mtuii i map OIL JOBMTOB, Mi?kir? ifUi t*r>i Ciliifi idu|ww. W m. ni4Mtt frwa Ml if Ibi Ml inm iiii Gi. ( " ikl (11 via i?i??, n>4 tki (iiiui p?rt if w* lift Nil kits ipn.i is tf.1 N< iuii ol Ludtti, hr?. riiiUtill^ii n.4 i fin. kai *ficti4 hiiii if thi am >ihi/ ( tun Umi ?iri ??# Imii.; iin) lriab.i4 ?iib ringing H. ?M M?4 u<: VlMIUlllp. ^Ti?l IiH'Ni Ml tiiu^ ?.?riuid ii44ii MKDlCIN'ftv ^ lufinou 'l LOCK NUtrifAL, DISC*Mrw 1*4 IMII Cmfm%. Sfixfr.Mi my Eftruml Rrm0ff ii ii> Wr~U. FOR ALL DISKA9E? OF IMPBl'DBhC*. LIT NO FALSE DELICACY FHkYEUT APPLY IMMKD ATfcLY. A CVKE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS WMkitM af ifca litl, I'tMi Bla44?r, u?*;Htin OwelMrfM. IrrwmM. DafctliiT, Htr?mi Hi. Dtiyift?. U tinn,C?a ' Ui.i, Mywuw 1 n>au.M* af Siffci w arfliHM, IlKHM W Ik* lw4. T"kr??t. *?< ' *fcNk. Af ICUM ?f l?? L? f*. o* ? ft?i TimNi PMrdin irau.f (Hr Mmr) ml T?rJ??DrM^fk) Bufnuixt f

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