Newspaper of Evening Star, 15 Haziran 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 15 Haziran 1860 Page 1
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-W ~ # | firming Max. Vet. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JUNE 15. 1860. N?. 2.286. > t THE EVENING ST A* FDBLIMHED EWER J AFTERNOON, (PVMDAY EXCEPTED,) 4T THE STAJt Bt lLDINflft, Corner of Ptnnjflvania avmut \ 11 <4 tl , T W. D. WALUCH. ??t?4 la peeka?ee by Mir1?ra ?t ? t ? %> or 17 oenU ht month. To Mil nbdrtMri Hip jn<v> ia f JJf ft ye%r, m drmmet. #1 for fix mnntK?- A1 f/\r iKvaa 1 ?aw? ?. I three months at the rate of 13 oenta a w??k. Bit*ie I opiet, orb cb5t; in wrappers, two cihts. lLJ~ Arv**Ti??xi!<t>? should be sent to tbaoftoe 1 *efore 12 o'olock, m.; otherwise they may not ap-H *1 until the next day. DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES The l sited State* Pe."?:te5Tiart? Anrual Report of ike Prison PkfSiemn.?* * * About this period. [1st of June, 1859,] with the approach of hot weather, the thermometer ranging above eighty degrees. Fahrenheit, a form of dysentery. pr>s*"nttn^ some anomalous features and difficult iJTtoii HI I1H1C IX ppcmralllt * ui? lise??e In a very short time, tmimfd an epidemic character. amjm?*nting the uumber of our aick by dally accessions of two or three new cases, and manifestly exercis?d a pernicious influence upon the cases already tinder treatment As there was no such malady prevailing at the time in an i pldemic form in any portion of our city, we I wrre forced to believe that the disease had its origin in some local cause, and immediately dir<>cted our attention to its elucidation, if possible. Notwithstanding, however, the closest investigation, and a thorough cleansing of the entire building, added to the moot rigid observance of the usual hygienic regulations respecting the regimen, clothing. and daily vocation of the j mnvictj, the case* continued to occur without ^ any modification whatever. The drainage of the privies attached to the peni- I tentiary is effected by means of a large sewer, hading from the privies inside of the prison grounds and emerging several hundred feet beyond the walls, and within the arsenal lnclosure, *>n the margin of the river It occurred to the wrofn mat. owing to possible obstructions of thin great and important depurating channel, the morbific inflnence producing the epidemic might be found in the malarious emanations from this impure source. Acting under the suggestions of this id^a. a ?areful examination wm made of the sewer through its entire length, which revealed the fact that it had not been cleaned for some years, and that immense accumulations of animal and vegetable debris of all descriptions bad occurred, blocking up and obstructing almost e ffeitiially t's pasa-i^e. ind emitting an intensely nauseous and fetia effluvium As there seemed but little room te doubt that we h?d at length discovered tbe true S'?nr< e of the epidemic, means were immediately taken by our ttfl< lent warden to effect * thorough cleaning out nf this receptacle of tilth, r< yarding such a step, however expensive, as a unitary necessity; for this purpose, outside labor?rs were hired. as it was not deemed expedient ^r human* to compel the convicts to perform this r"put?ive duty. Ten men were constantly at work lor eleven iay?, and forty cart loads of decomposed vegetable and animal matter removed In ten da>s thereafter the effect was manifest by a markrd diminution in the number of patienta, and before the lapse of five weeks all apj>earanre of the disease had vanished, save a few cas^s of a ? hronlc character, which subsequently yielded to medical tr.-atm?-nt Krom the foregoing statement, I find it impt*?'ble to resist the conclusion that thi? of dv?entrv was alone attributable to the malaria \ emaiating front the injwof putrid matter found :n tlie KWfr. and not to any of the usual and generai causes of temperature. vegetable diet, and at ito?pher:c agent :e?, which produce this disease upon the inhabitants of our < itv during the mniiner months Three f^cta sfcind prominently forward to sustain this opinion. 1st The obvious < oimectlon between the cleaning out of the sewer and the subsidence of the disease, establishing in tny mind the relation of cause and filect Jd. That an analogous if not an identical disease bad prevailed to an alarming extent, but a short time. previously, in one of the large-it hotel* of this city, the origin of which was subsequently traced to similar accumulations m the sewer leading from the priviss of the establishment, 'id As before mentioned, no epidemic of the kind had appeared elsewhere within the limits of the city, and especially as no case* occurred among those persons connected with the Penitentiary who occupy adjacent but extra-mural apartments I have deemed it my duty to call your attention to the foregoing facts, with the view of illustrating the Imperative necessity there is for the strict observance of sanitarr r^uUtions in lb# rvwiuctoi lnsuuiuons <?t ibis kind It remains only for me to advert to the tingle death which fiat occurred during tbe year. Henry Croggin. who died ct congestion of the brain ou the night of the :5d of July Owing to the increased numt>er of s:ck. and the peculiar treatment necessary during the prevalence of ep:demi) dysentery, the ? xtvnses of the hospital department have unavoidably been considerately augmented this year. I cannot close this report without expressing the high gratification I feel, and acknowledging I the obligations I ain under, to tbe warden and bis deputy for tbe prompt and efficient manner in which thev have executed all suggestions on my part touching the comfort of the tick and the general health of tbe Institution I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, your obedient servant. A Y I' (i krmjtt. M. D . I'hvaician. The Board of Inspectors. Report of lh' Ckaplam ?Sir: It becomes mv duty to submit to you a report of my labors in the I . S. penitentiary for the year now closing. A Erison is a little world of itaelf. la this world 1 ave passed much time, mingled freely with it? Inhabitants, and discharged the legitimate ditties of my profession. Here 1 have found a great variety of disposition, habits, and character. The conviift. though they all feel themselves under the ban, and cast out from the pale of society, yet they are not all as vicious and abandoned as it is pcsalble for them to become With many there are some redeeming Qualities left, something which gives back a ready reapouseto the motives of the Gospel, and to those influences which tend to correct the habits and reform the life. To their ?>etter impoises and feeling* I hare endeavored constantly to appeal, to make them feel, though fallen and degraded a* tbey are. they are not entirely lost, that tbey can and should endeavor to assert the dignity of their manhood, redeem tbe past by a lif?- of integrity and virtue, and tbus become worthy to claim those rlgbu which they have so justly forfeited Tbe Divine Word teacbes us that the criminal, however dark and heinous may be bis offense, if he sincerely repents and reforms, may And forgiveness with Heaven, and If with Heaven he certainly ought with men Owe let the sentiment prevail that God may forgive tbe poor criminals, but society never can. and you shut the door of boue against the miserable offender, and preclude all chance of bis reformation There is enough, Heaven knows, in the surroundings of a prison life, to degrade, depress, and discourage the poor convict from leaidia^a life of honesty and virtue. without society throwing any obstacle in his way There air wine, 11is wur, woo nave Deeu to r.ursert and ruined by strong drink, bad books, bad company and other pernicious influences, that they feeiii perlectiv indifferent to all and every kind of religious influence that may he exerted upon them They are steeped in crime skilled in every species of villain v. so that their moral sense seems almost completely paralyzed They call evil good pad rroed evH, laugh' at humble piety, and ridicule every attempt to reform tUei* live?. They seem rompletHv imder the control cf corrupt principles mid bad paaalona. and thene are only held iu rhetk by priaon dlacipline. Jheir courae in crime la ouiy arrrated br the brtef term of their lmpr.aoniDcat It ia to be feared they will go oot morilrUrrailned and wiser to do evil. Upon auch 1 need net aav the tioapel ha but little or uo power. But with all the diacourayomenta la thU barren ?n<l aterlie fl?-td. the year haa not paled altogether without fruit M iny have felt the power of moral and rellgloua Instruction, and been eaaentially benefitted Three of theconvicta Lave been baptiled and arc yielding the fruita of piety Othera have been convicted of aia, and been led frequently to inquire about the way of ll(e. Divine itjTict haa been performed in the chapel regularly on the Sabbath i have alao heard two Bible claaaea in the morning before preaching. ? in me chapel has V??en generally good I have visited the prison on the week day ?often as I thought it ne<-es?ary to accomplish my work The sick have claimed and received my special attention At one time we had about twenty in the hospital. With them I have bowed in prayer and endeavored to impart the consolations of religion and the hopes of the Gospel. One died very ludd'nly and in the full maturity of strength This death cast a j.loom over the whole prison. Death is formidable. come when and how it may But it is ranch more appalling and terrific when It ?trik?? dawa one witfain the prison wall* All ataad aybaat. and the moat hardened criminal, tremble* and turn* pale at the thought* rf death and the judgment I ww in bopea Congrena would have made an appropriation to replenish the library, but no d dlt on of hooka baa been made, except twenty*' ,>-? tod twenty bymn-book* \Ve have now only about fnnr hundred vHnmea. a part of wblcb l.a?e recently be#? botiud What we need moat " * " w,r?' uwi .-w niaiij ??i ior oc?c Yl*tt < annot r?-?d and ar? anxious to learn, nthe-ra read very tmpcrfectly 1 would again a?k for an app?or nation of taui to replenish the library. Next to thr prflftcLluir of the Gocpei, I con-lder ilimir the wwt ***ctl?euieat*of rtturml.?* the eoftvu.ta. and of qualifying them to m?t i br t^ii.putlona. triala. and rrapouat bill ties of life upon their releaee. One whom the President justly and mercifully pardoned, bad so informed his mind and heart by study and the use of ths means of gWce, that be writes me he has enzaged ID teaching a school, and is about to be received into the church. In conclusion allow me to say I feel greatly indebted to you and your subordinate officers for the facilities furnished me in the prosecution of mv work. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. George \V. Dohraxci, Chaplain. C P Skxsstack, Esq., Warden of Penitentiary. Report of the Mntro*.?Gentlemen: Permit me to submit this brief account of the affairs of this department for the past year. The dutirs required by laws, as well as by custom, being In all mate rial respects the same from year to year. This, as well as the fart that nil the inforriiatlon In relation to its earnings and e*Denditur?l th? nrn. visions. clothing, reception and discbarge of It* convict*, and its moral and sanitary condition, ia furnished by the officers of the male prison, as a necfsary part of their reports, will be my apology for the.brevity of this communication. Ther? are eleven female convicts here at present -two white and nine colored Three have been received and one discharged during the past year. They are employed in house-cleaning, washing and ironino customers' and the male convicts' clothing; they also do the mending, and whatever sewing is required of them for the male department. I havr encouraged them to make tip their own clothing neatly, and to try and learn anything that would be useful to them after they leave here The wash-house, at you are aware, is entirely too small; and, as 1 remarked before, if there are two or three at work in it, they interf*tp with each other's progress. This, together wun a want of proper line*. Ac., for drying clothes. gives me a great deal of trouble; for, in inclement weather, the clothes have to oc hung on the gallerits, and as this is darker, damper, and colder than any part of the prison, it '.sal most impossible to get them dry before the last dav of the week I have therefore to do everything in my power to encourage the convicts, and prevent them from quarreling The hcilth of the inmates of this department has bt*n in general good The doctor has always paid 'very attention when his services were required. The tenvicts attend the religious exeri lses in the chapel every Sunday The cells and passages are cleau and neat, and a casual visitor could not Imagine how difficult it Is to k?ep the latter in order, particularly the passage at the north side of the building, as it has to be used as kitchen, dlning-hall. work-room. Ac. This passage is also a general thoroughfare, a? the convicts occupy the cells along It, and their meals Ac . ?.c ic.circaaim attended to there This portion of the prison is very difficult of egress and Ingress, and being very distant from tbe stain entrance, in case or lire or any accident, there would be little hope of safety 1 am deeply grateful to the warden for bis uniform kindness and the Interest he has ttken In this department, and also for the encouragement he has always given me in inv arduous duties I I n tl.c .r..!,- k... V-J ..-i- - ... .r..uK ur uau mis portion ol the prison whitewashed and painted, and be then made ! several improvements which have been of much service. Lately he procured an excellent stove for heating irons, ana the substantial shed he had erected south of the wash-house is, and will con! tinue to be, of great benefit. In general, the conduct of the prisoners has been respectful and. obedient, and, in most cases, 1 have been able to manage them by kindness; but sometimes they have given way to their tempers, and become very uuruly. At such times, ( have been obliged to call on the deputy warden, and I feel much indebted to him for h.s very prompt sllanlU-. 1 ' ..^ onu asBisiauce in Keeping order here 1 alto return my thanks to all the officer*. 1 hope, gentlemen, my effort* will ineet your approbation, and that you will still continue to visit this department, as it affords the poor convic's great pleasure to know that you take an interest in th*m With much respect, E. F. Mahckkox, Matron The honorable Board of Inspector# i The Orientals?Rditor of the Star?Dtar Sir . iron a jew aavs since, with much pleasure, in the National Intelligencer. an article from the beautiful and luxuriant peii of my ancient and esteemed friend, >' T M. 8*.," in relation to our d stniKuished visiters from J4pan. His reference to the vis'tof the wise men <>f the East to the cradle of Bethlehem was strikinif, if not appropr. jt*' In following the guidance of the supernatural itar, they were conducted to the infant feet of the Reaeemor of Mankind. t?( ience, if nursued iv a docile spirit, will naturally and inr illibly guide us to Him "who made the worlds *' However important the vi?i? r,* ?... ?~? - . u( uui icvcut gumw may be iu its future result*, we hazard nothing in the intimation that the religion of our country was not among the ohj?*(.U of thetr advent among us It was, however, right that they should have an opportunity of witnessing a religious assembly, and our mode of worshipping the Triune Jehovah. The Capitol of the nation was the most appropriate place that could Y>e chosen for them to witness favorably that sublime spectacle The venerable Chaplain of the House < f Representatives would have furnished them with a charming specimen of a Christian minister, whilst the simplicity of the worship a* conducted under hi* auspices would have Indicated the holiness and spirituality of the Being whom we adored My first impressions, therefore, were not favorable to the apparent indifference which seemed to be exhibited aboiit affording to our distinguished guests this additional source of gratification. Further reflection, however, has convinced ire of the wisdom, iu this respect, of those who have the authorized management of their movements during the period of their sojourn among us. Mankind generally are peculiarly sensitive in reference to their religion, and any attempt to disturb their sentiments on that subject, if we would be successful. must be characterized by the most refined delicacy and prudence. Whether coming to this country for the first time, and under the peculiar circumstances of the case it would be wise to uiciwrru minion or the Bible upon their attention, it a question worthy of cartful consideration There are events connected with their past history in relation to this subject which should make us ' wise as serpents and harmless as doves'' in our efforts to turn their attention from the sun to the cross. If they r hose to tolerate Christianity in their native land, and permit our missionaries to teach their people that their national emblem conveys a false idea of religion, and that tbty should worship tbe Creator rather than tbe creature, that would m~i-i and justify the moil earnest zeal for their redemption. But as the matter now stands, it strikes iu? that our chief concern should be not to darken the bright prospects which are unfolding before us by creating prejudices which in all the future will stand like armed men to hew down the truth, and prevent, perhaps, tor age* to come, the consummation of the christians' hope. It was right for the venerable Chaplain of the House of Representative* to extend to the Orientals a courteous Invitation to be present at the religious services at the Capitol on the Sabbath day, and It was also right, in my judgment, under the circumstances of the case, for those Laving them In charge courteously to decline Its acceptance, and the more so as the Embassy themselves are disinclined to be enliehtened at nr???t ,w of Christianity When shall the time come, so long the subject of prophecy and prayer, when this earth shall become a glorious cathedral, in which all the nations of men shall bow at the same altar and worship the same immaculate Re deemer? Very respectfully, Skptimus Tustiw Washington Citt, June 8, IsOO. JH^The daughter of Prof Metcalfe, of Williamsburg, eloped with and was married to a certain younj^ man of that Ilk, Sunday. The yo'in'z inuy, wuu laurscnuea > Deauurui, was engaged to another party, but subsequently meeting wltb her present busband, she "changed her mind." ID" A brother and sistsr, together with their father and mother, are awaiting their trial at Laou, France, as being involved ia a case of incestuous intercourse and infanticide. The two former, aid- d and abetted by their parents, had strangled at birth Ave Infants, the offspring of their Illicit intercourse. II/" A gentleman who was a passenger by the steamer of joth from San Franc!sco, says a virulent *yp? yellow fover was raging at Acapulco. , j. V?*" 11 w* hundred deaths in six weeks, includ:i>c the American Consul and thirty other Americans. Th* ink.ku?^ ?-iviMuii arr aesening tae cty. 1X7- The case of the Commonwealth t?. LilUton, 1 charged with tbe homicide of Uudd, In Acromac r?i>if??v. Va? terminated last week, the jury Bnd111 j him guilty In tbf wrond decree and tiling h ? punUtuiient at twelve vearn In the Stat*- prison Ki Go? Wiae appeared for the defence \^Jm Aii extraordinary old tree U stated by Sir J . Kmeraon to ex let in the laland of Cevlon It la known as tbe "Bo-tree" of Anar-aja-poora, and ia, | in all probability, the oldest historical tree In tbe world It wm planted 20 years before Christ, 1 | and hence 1? now '2,147 years old. I A MRS. WIFISLOW, N Experienoed N ureo and Female Phyticlan, prevent* to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Par Children Teething, Whlak ffraaUy facllitatai tb* prtcm af taaifciof, k? iafiaaIB( tha farna, radaeinf all iolaiaroauan?will allay ALL rain an J spasmodic action, and it SUHE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. D?p?(>d a poo it, m?lhara, it will fir* r??t ( yaaraaiaas, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR IN PANTS Wa ha?s pat ap and aold thia articla for arar tan yaara, and CaI? ?at, 11* ronriDlici ai*n tuctK of it, what wa hart oa?ar baan abla ta aaf of any OTHII Madiclna? **t*r >1RS HaI'IT Failbd.i* a iiikli m _1MtI STafvci TO arF ?ct a cril, WINSLOW S whan timaly aaad. Navardid wa knaw &n 'n*tanet of diaaatiafacuon by any 1 on? wbo aaad it. On tba contrary, allart SYRUP) dahjhtad with ita or BRAT lows, and . lapaak in larina of hifhaat conimandation of ita mftficai an tcta And mailical Tirtaaa Wa apaak in .hia ranttar ' what wl do aftartan yaara' siparianca, A^d PLIDul our RlrtJTAtiol* for thi fulfilment of what wi h ?? i hi clar * in almoat a?ary inataaca whara lha infant la acffarln( from paio and aihaaatioo. raliaf will ba foand to kltaaa ar twanty rninntaa aftar th? syrup ia adininiaiarad. Thi. .il?hl - <- - ..... yu ? m?? j-t cnpuon Of ?n? ?I U)? ibm1 IIPHIIKCIDiril fllLrt'L ni'lliil) in N?w England, aodhaa bon naad with Ft ?v tR-raiLlPw il'CCIii is THOUSANDS OF CASES. It B*( an;y raliaraa tha child from (win, bat ir.i?*rttai tk? tom.tch and bow*!*, corracta acidity, and gi.aa can* and ai.argy (a lb* whol# num. It will almoat matanlly raliara Gkspiss in thk Bowels and Wind Colic, and evarcoma ce?i??laieoa, which, if net apaadi4y ramadiad and in daath. Wa: ; baliara it tha BUT 4 N d SlTKI>T R IM-j FOK \ ID 1 tl> tha W OR LD id all caaaa of nvt-i CHILDREN mtikt m.d diaR rhcea in CH!L ;TKKTIIIMi r>r?r?, wht'har it anaaa from taathingi * I a. from an* othat canaa. Wa would nj to a?ary mother who haa a child afiffemif from any of the fore^om* compleinte? DO NOT LIT TOCR PR1JUDICBI, f?OR THI PIIJI PK II OF OTHER*. i/inn Dvivffn ?o?i??n9?riiif child tnd th? r?li?f thut will b? Sl'KI-yH, IDOLI'TII Y St'UI?to follow th? Ml of tb m?dien.?, if tiiraly u?*4. Full dtr?ctioi.? for o?injr will * coicimiT tirh b**tl? Nont fiiiuir* anlii* th? f?c-?in?il? CORTiB A PKRKINS.Ntw ? ork, n on th? e?uid? wnpp? So<d bj Drmgf nt? throurhoat th? world. Prinetpul Olfic*. No. 13 Cclar NY. Fnc? onlv 25 Conu or Botti*. M II d*wlT GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FOR HARPER'S Fh RRV.-f HAXlrE OP DA YS.?On and att-r Jul* 2.t8rt??. w. the wt^amor ANTELOPE, t-'apt. J. w Ei,L?,carryirtK the United States^^*?*"?* mail, will i cave GsurjctownEVr.RY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 7 a. in., and return evorv Tuesday. Thursday and Satunla*. !N. B ?The Antelope will ruu as before until the above date. jo5-2m* K(t JUST RFCEIVKD, I#)U BBL*. WHISKY, (a??ortetlt> inn do. HERRING frf aI.EWIVES, JS Uo. HEF1NED SIGARS, Inhh-K. PORTO RICO SUGARS, fi bbl. f Bayfield) WHITE FI-ll. 25 b'<x>'s prune EsstsrnOHKKSE. For sale low l y JOHN J. BOGUE. je8 Georgetown. 1). C. THE CELEBRATED CON TRACT 1 AND ?OUQUA MATTINGS, Both tflftin and oheck. Kor fal* low by SIM!.MAN A HI NT, ftp 27-?o2m 9* Bridge sC, l?enric?tnwn. RAN DELL. OPTICIAN, J V ! V i*i ' I.. r"tnvw?. Has oonstantlj on hand a iar*? assortment of F< onnh Near *i?hted, Periseopio. Col *l ored.andal) other SPECTAf^LES, the best quality, in gold, silver, stee! .and German liver frames. N. B. Old K'ames Repaired and new classes set in them to order. no 1?-1? I^HK STEAM PACKET FLYING CLOUD j? now r"?'ly for excursions to II k the Gr'Rt Falls or intermediate pointa, Arlintton Springs and Alex ?? ' " andria. oh moderate term*; will male trips to A'ex andria on SUNDAYS, in time for divine ?ervioe, and will lie over until after one o'olook. Ap?ly to Capt. JOHN MOOR ap '9 2m No. 36 Jefferson st., G^or^etown. JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruim and Jtffenon tti., G?or*tCoum. Hftvin* m veil my ?<>u? attention Ij tins run noli of m? business, 1 am prepared t<>^?jr _ Mtenu to all oal's with pr motnese Persons from a distance nan besupplied at a rew minute"' notioe. as 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS a way* on band. Particular attention paid to the removal of the I d' ad from the "id to the new burial grounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap '0-6m |\1ASSEY, COLUN8 A CO.'S PHILADElTI i?I PHIA DRAUGHT A I.I -w-. receiving fre?h ?uppiiee of th?-above d^iinhtfui !>ev2Mr*^Lill7i,te?''|l/,r,"nB who want & pure unadulterated Ale. to rive it a trial. f.a AKNV A SHINN. AsenUi. Or**n Rt.( f?*nrcetovn. jyOTICE! N OTICK! I re pecfftilly inform the LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY, that from thuda> I wil Mil out m; entire stock at importing prices. The object rf injr Melting out is, that I will leave l'? i jupurchasing rnv 1 Ai.I, and \\ INTKH <i()ODS, and wiahinn to upon non ? ?*on witii an entire new stock of nu ds, I veil Hell the articles mentioned tu'lour at astonishing low prioe?. .My .stock is complete at present, and consists mostly in Blai'k SHk Mantles. Lace Mantillas at all Barege Mousseline Man- prices, ties, Travehnr Cloaks. Dr?ss and Mantilla Cord end tassels for Trimmings in great va-' Ap-ons, Dresses, and riety. Mantillas, Cloak and Dress Tassels. Bnttons of all kinds. Plain B.ack Fringes, iCotton Trini-t'in<rs, GUIPURE LACE BUTTON TRIMMINGS. Swiss and Cambric Edg-|Swis? and Cambric In ? , Tiioris, Swus and Cambric Embroidered HandkerBands. chiefs. rwnbr'?icW?<l Infanta' Ktnbroirierod Infants* Bodies Dr???e*. Embroidered Marseille Children'* Pint* ar.d Mou*geiine Capes, Ladies' Embroidered l>&dip? Night t&pn, Lndprxkirtif. LADIES' HOOP SKIRTS. Valeneienne Lace, | Point Lace Veils. Brussels Lace, . Tijiue Veil. with Fluted rjriitu I.IK:-, Hume?, Imitation Blond Lace, Tissue Berege for Veils, Cambric and Swiss Set*. all rolors, French Kmbroidercd BLvk Guipure Bertha MmmIuw, | Capes, Sets in all colors. Illusion Berthas, White Embroidered Crape Sets,; ami Black, Crape Collar*, . White and Black 111 u Point Laoe Collars. sion, Maltese LaceColla. sand Silk and Thread Nett, pets, Flor^noe SiUs, Guipure Veils. Black Velvet Ribbons in French Lace Veils, all widths. Crape Veils, Hand-made and Machine Lace Coiffures. Straw Trimmings, Pucher Lace Capes with Real White Hiond Lace, two Rutiles, I Black Blond Lace, French Illusion Sets, Bobbin bdgiiis. Cape and Sleeves, Kuches, Black. White and Col- Trimmed and Untrimmed ored Crape, Jockey Ha s, Paris Bonnet Silks, styles, Narrow and Wide Rif>- Gold Nets, just received, l>ons. in great variety. Grecian Nets, ,VMV" 111 an CU1UTH. . P'ow*". Crochet Nets and Coifhl*Kmit French Bonnets, fures Straw Bonnets of ail Jet and Velvet Hairpins, qualities. Hair-Rolis, Imitation Valeucienne Steel and let Buckles, ..r"*?6a . Belt* in all colors. Black Point Lace, Sowing Silk Guipure Laoe, Silk B aid Nets. Coq de Plumes and Os- Chenille and Bead Net*. trich Feathers for hats. Fancy Hairpins, all colPoint I.ace 8?ts, ors, Children's Sets. 1m PnmK. I.iuen Set?, Gold Bayadere, Cambric Collar#, Lace Nets of all qualiSwisk Collars, ties. Horn ton Lace Collars, Chenille, White Lace Veils, new Embroidered Braid, style. Etc, Etc., Etc. I scarcely deem it necessary to mention that nil these goods were imported by inyxelf. this season, and therefore are handsome and of the LATEST STYLES. The patronage of the public, so liberally bestowed upon me since 1 imported my own goous, ha* encouraged roe to go to Paru regularly every year and make arrangements to have new good* in by every steamer daring the season. C7" Ladies wishing to get any particular roods from Pans will please leave their orders until the 94th of Jane at my establishment, and from Julv i?t to Aucuat lat, direct them. G. Wrki*. pout Montimr M. Wiltian, F.Cite Parij." je 9 6t M. WILLIAN, No. 33 Market Space np ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. J. HE N?zt Drawing of the^oyal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Bvaniah Government, und?r the a??erviaion of the Captain General of Cuba, will take plaoe at Havana on THURSDAY, Juai ?, I860. SORTED NUMEKO 638 ORD1HAHIO. riPITtl SITU ?t?A ??" ?* ? ?*"? i Kiwo ? *WW,UVW. 1 pri*? of 60 priaee ot tl.(*o 1 do 50,000 00 do 9* 1 do 80,000 188 do 4W I do 30 approx. 1 do 10,000 IN ALL #88 PHIZES, Wholo Tiokett, t-JO-Halve*, 910?Uutrltrt, Prize* omhod at sight at f> per cent, aiaoount Bi i* on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawrnt wUl he forwarded M soon aa the reaalt ;e 11-tr Cire of City Poet, Charleeton, S. C. AUCTION SALES. Bf C. W. BOTELER 4. SO^S. Auctioneers. Hp 11ST EE'S SAI.E OF SUPERIOR FUR J. ?ITC*t BRING THB KMTIRK ?FrRCt* 0? THI i] laik^t>vin Hotel - By virture of a deed m tru?t bearci date January 5th, !? >, a?d duly recorded in L?b?r J.A.J*., No. 190. folio* from No. 119 to No 27. one of the Land Records of VVashiifcton oourty, D C , I shall prooeed to sell on the prem ises >n THURSDAY. June28th,at 1'io'oiock a. m.. aU aid lingular the goods and chattels contained in tie building known as the Clarendon Hotel, aitntted on the southeast oonner of Pennsylvania ivveiue and 6th streets, viz: i?n?Superior Rosewood Piano Forte, ElMftnt suite ..f a?1 *" ? .j ??n,?uvu i a.i mr r urnmire. Lane Gilt irame rnsntle anil Pier Mirr< r?. Ricl sett* of B'ooatel'e and Lace Curtains, Velvet and Brussels Parlor Chamber and Hall R?iS.Wfc a nut, Mahogany and Oak setts of barber Furniture, Cured Hair aiid other Mattresses, Pillows and loisters, Blanets, sheets. Comforts, C<<unterpaens, TowWarfr^?6xte**ton md Round Dining Tables. Oak Hum* Room Chairs. Has Chandeliers, An extentve variety of China Glass and Crockery, Silver Pated Castors, Butter Dishes, F.>rk? and Spoon, Table Cutlery * o , Bar Roon Furniture and Fixtures, Cooking Utensils, 4c. It is deened unnecessary to partion'.arixe the articles contained in this very handsomely furnished esJablishneut. To persons in nn??tnf hnn. - I I.old furnrure, ltfresents uuukuai attractions, as the collec*on is very large, emhrajing the contents of alout forty finely furnished rooms, a 1 of winch is tf the most superior and substantial character aid in excellent condition, having teen purchased lew in January last Terms?and under cash; over 940 and not ex cee<'ing % ? . 1, 2 and 3 months; over .*1'*'. I, 2, 3, 4 and 5 inonhs, lor approved endorsed notes hearing interest F.D HALL,' rastee. ie R dtd_ O W. HOTKIKR * SON'S. A not* By <. McGUIRE A (-O.. Auouoneers. 'fR I'STfcE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE 1 Real istatk o> the (or.nkb of ^kvk>th ash E str?t*.?By virtue ol a decree of the ? lrcuitCou t cf the District of Coluni; la, passed in two cause* u ? hich Statham. Smithson A Co.,and Austin Sheinan. respectively, are complainants, and John F.Cal'an and o*h?rs are defendants, the undersignedwii! seil at public auction, to the highest bidder, oi THURSDAY, the 12th da-of J uly, 189!. stlin'nlnrlr i? m >"? ?"? * -* , ... ... m yj u Ia'JI I^O. 8. in Square N<?. 456, in the oity ot Washington. D. O . fr?[itiie 53 feet 11 inches on K street north, and 75 feet ?i Seventh street west. This well known property is situated on the nort hraot coiner of ? ; aud Seventh streets. opposite the tieneral foot Office, and is one of the ve y best business locations in the city of Washington. The improvement! consist of t'-ree three story houses on K street, he utimfi the drug store on the corner of Seventh, and a two-?toiy buil?ing on Sev- nth street. The property wi 1 be sold in sepai&te parcels, according to the impro emeuta. Terms of s?e. One thuaof the purchase mTey to be paid m oath,and the residue in two equ?l instalments, in six and twelve months f, oni the day of sae; the deferred payments to hoar iu?ere?t, and to lie s> cured }j the notes or bonds of the purcha ser or purchasers, wi?li a surety or sureties to be approved liy :he Trustees. Should the terms of rale not complied with within six days 8ft?r the day of sale, th^ Trustees rwtserves the right to re sell the proper!* ,at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five day a notice. Ail oonvevanoe? v. the cost 'if tlie purcnaaer. C. INGLE, / Trustees A.AUSTIN SMITH,< 1 ru"ceB jn 11 fit&wAds J. C.McGtlRE A CU , Auoa. By J. C. HcGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. 'PRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE SMALL Brick Divkllijig mouses is the rear or Temierasck Hall.?On WEDNESDAY ArTEK iMOON, June '.7th, at6 o'clock, on the premises, bf virtue of a deed of trust <iat*d March 7,1857, and du'y woorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 131, loi'.o* H2.1 3 II , and 115, one of the land records for Washington county, L). C , I shall sell Lots H. I, and a subdivison of square numbered 3T3, frontiiic each about 12 feet 10 inohes onthe9?ieet alley in the rear of Temperance Hall, together witn the improvements, oonsntnn of throJ two-aU>rj Briclt, containing five rooms each. Terms: One third cash; the residue in band 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on thp premises. ii ine i?r:n? of f?">ie aouid not ba complied with in five dats thereafter, the trustee reserves Hie ruht to re?eil,atthe ri?k ar.d expense of thede faulting rn'chaser, after one week's puolio notloe. All convey anoing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. THUS. J. FISHER, Trustee je4-d J. C. .MeGU IRE A CO , Aucts. educational^r o M M ERfilAL CO LLKG E, Vy No. 47? Seventh st.. Opposite tk' Gvnfrnl Po*t Ofict, Washington City. Armorian System of Penmanship, Booikeepmic, Mercanti.e Form* ac?l Calculations. Business C?>rre'pordrnce, BMs of Exalian.e, Currert Bills, C'?" m>sion Sales, (Jra.i.inar and AritJimetic. ID* A Preparatory Class lor Boys. ,|jT? Ladies will (>e instructed in fine penmanship. Room*open from 9a m. to 10 p.m. For terms appi> at the Rooms. ma 24-3m VV M . W. Y()IING ft CO. HPHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. ? \iw Arrhjiokmkxt. Thin well-known and popular Heminary, which lias been so sucses-ful under the entire fare of Mr* Z. Richard* for more than ton years, will Ik; opened on the firxt Monday in September n*-xt, undt-r the united vipervuion and inxtruution of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH \RDS, in the well arratiew! and delightliilly located Union Academy Building. For jartioulars. see circular* at all the Bookstores. ma2)-tf \f MRS. McCOR KICK'S SCHOOL. I"IRS. MrCORMICK desires to inform ha: friends and the publio generally tnatshe will resume the duties of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The course of stndy panned will oompriaeail the branches requisite to a thorough English education. In addition to her day soholara. she is desiroas of receiving into her family a few pupils as hoarders, a*o<l from in to 14 years, who will be under her im mediate oare and oversight. Her arrangements for the *nnnmmrwH?ti?n due oare of pupil* have h?en oonaKtorailv irier"*?r<i and otherwise improved. Those in Washington deairini particular information with r'efsrenoe to her school may apply to W. D. Wallach, Editor o the Star. For t<rma and furtner particulars apply at her real te-.o*?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va. ! fr-tf DENTISTRY. \t TEF.TH. 1-?1? I1OOMI8, M. D., the iTiventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE Ff _ 1 tenda personally at his oflioe in this oity. MM Many parsons oan wear these teeth whu**"1? oanuot wear others, and no person oan wear other* who oannot wear thene. Persons calliug at my offtoeoan be aooomni>?)ated with any style and prioe of T*eth they may deaire : iiui 10 tnose wno are particular and wiw the purest, oleanest. strongest, and most perfeot denture that art oan produoe, the MlNERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Ro<>m? in this oily?No. S36 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth sts. Aiso, 907 Arch street, Philadei phi*. oc I-1t D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after apraotioa! test of two year*, feels that he can witn oonfiiionoe reooin mend the Cheoplaatio Process for ineertinnMBiJ artificial teeth it has the advantages or**111 p strength, beairty, oleanliness,and oheapnoaa. Fall upper sets inserted for 36. Partial in proportion. I Office 306 Pa. arenne. ? 512 SIGN PAINTING. ?|2 THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALLON H. W. II 4 >1 I I.TO\. 31*. SEVENTH STREET .?li AND HE WILL TELL YOU Uf U V AMn tinttr ?? ? " ? ? ? .? ? i anu nun ric. UAn I"A1JMT BIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. NB-PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAIDto HOUSE PAINTING. j?7 2w IP R A N C I S HARPER, H?T1,N'S OPENED A FAMILY MlOCERY AND FEED CTORK, ( OTHtT rf JTtip York atvaiM and It nth Respectfully solicit* the pall image of th??e who ids* tw 111 want of an* artioie in theartuvn lin* Hi. ewlaavors shall lie to pleese.tiid by a strict atten tion to the want* of the public, he hope* to merit a shar e of their patronage. His took euii?isU of every article usually to be fount in a ftrnt-elass Family Grocery ano F#><?J Store. ma IT-tf notice: KRSONS D*clintnr housekeeping o? having a surjpias of Itnuaeh >ld *fleoU oan find reedy sale by oa fin* at my Furnishing Stare, 4HO 7th street, between G and H streets, aaat side ap 8 3?w RUDOLPH R1ICBIV. A. UROK ?.ot Uws^Slui and Amtrmu, for**,* &t half pnoe for one woofc only, at tho Mi110 store of "?? w W. 0. MKTZEROTT. SUMMER RESORTS. rARLI9LK | The farortt* rMort for WHITK St'LPHl'R *&? SPR19lfl8, Mountain Air, Invijo'aCI'MBKRI A\n rn H??.. Balha, Larja and . v? en vecti.ated Room*. Pennsylvania Good Sooietj and a Good ArroMMoDATTCN* rom ! por tend 300 Ifor Circular. ;OWKNf, OI ENDEN TERMS LOW. IN 4t VlSSCHKR, j? ? 10w Car I it If Swring', Pa. WHITE SULPHUR SPR1NG9, <IREE>BR:FR Cocstt. V*. Thia lone established watering place ??> opened for the reception of visitors on tn? 15th A M?ny new and important arrangement* have l>een made *inee last *ea?on 111 thi* in in* 7m tahli*hm'-ni. aud no eflorta will t>e cpart-d to make th? Kue?tii V (%0'anna ftMl rpwh 3pnii*? a#f MV w %!'n Alexandria Kailr< ad from WasbmgU n; by toe Virginia Centra! Rarroad from Richmond; or by the Virginia vd 'I ennessee Railroad Ir^m the South and Southwest via Lynchburg and Char lottenville, with on'y J1 mile* ?ta** travel. JEREMIAH MORTON, President. J. HUMPHREYS, General Superintendent. j?12 dtJu.y 15 SALT WATKR BATHING. ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Miwre'a Landirgt will be open for the reo^ption of viai-A . ? A tor* on the 13th of June. Tbi* reso't for those seeking h?a!tn and plea* AfijBLL ure, u unexcelled h? an? plaoe of the kind on th* Potomac river It is situated at> ut oi:e hundred miles from Washington immediately on the Hotom*e,a?d in lull view of 'he Ch-sap-'ake Bay, and for fine Oyrt-?rs. Soft Crat>?. Bheephead. and other Fish, ami ea.-ily aooess;bleb tne steam boats pl?ing between Washington. Haiti'" -re an^ Norfolk. The undersigned has ma:e addi i >nal Improvement* m 1 is Hath Houses and many <ther improvements to the comfjrt and eijoyment of n guests. The Bathing An not be surpassed. !*p endid Ans'ln* and ? eutv of Pishing and 9ai ing Boats free of oharge. He has aparad no expense in pro viding a good Cotillon Band or-tn laying in hia stock of choice \\ inea. Liquors,Segars, Ac..and for ihoae who wish to avoid extreme faahiou and to aeek a retired pace where they can make themseive* at home, there is not a more pleasant place in the United States. The proprietor pledges himself t*ai. nothing sha'l be let undone on his part to render them so. Terms lor board by the cay. week, or month ruAMOimhle I, proprietor will direct to Lei.carato wn, St. Mary'* cunty, Md. JO 8 R. j. MARSHALL. Proprietor Hygeia hotel, Old Point Ocmroiir, Va. This celebrated Pinboard Watering P a<-e, loo* t?d in fall vi?*w of Hamptoa Koad* and A . ? X l, heaat tvike Hay. and at tne fcret military Vpjft T pi?t?.f the United Slates. < Port Monro-*) will bo ready for the reoeption of visitor* on Lb a farrt of J une. B--idei> the attractions of the military establishment and the fine '-Bill of Fare" presented in the ii.any of the salt water re* ion, the Bath at Old Point Comf'rt is peculiarly curative. For Khoiirnatiirn, it is alinont a (pacific; and for its properties in thia regard the propriotorn ar? al owfd to make reference to Mra I)'. Lmn,{r< hot of the late Senator Linu.i and to the Secretary of War and hia lady. A ep&oi'-ua new building and sundry improve | add largely to the accommodations and com lorts of the approaching reason. The inana^neut of the Hotel and all bu?ine?s matter* o< nine led with it. are uuder the ?inln?i?? chare* of the junior partner, Mr. Willard. JOS SKGAR C. C. WILLARD. ma 2!> 1 m Propri etora T POINT LOOKOUT. HE Undersigned, long a>id well known to the traveling publicaa a proprietor of the City A . ? A Hot^i, Alexandria, Va? snd the I mtedYfTA V Stat-s Hotel in Waslu (ton citr, hasXUHU leaned for a term of ynara the magnificent bar si ' Pavilion a d the numerous oottacesoounected with it, recontljr erected at Point Lookout, the point of iuiiOtion of the rotomac with Chesapeake Bar. and havinc furnished them in a style equal to that oi any other wat-ring place in the United Htat?f. will op?n th-? esiar>.?hin?nt on the Uth day of J une next for ?h? rcowptioii oi visitor*, his arrauiemenUbeilk sufficient for the ooiufortabie accommodation of at least 750 t uest*. Point Lookout, tieside* b?imc deservedly th? most famous p ftoc In all America, lor fin? !> ? F ?h. Soft Cra^s, S eflphrftd, Mackerel, and ai! oth*r nait water luxunea. posa-a'ea finer facilities for Surf BaUiing than even Cape May, while the back ooui try linineclately adjoining it?including the Drive*, Partridge and Woodoock Shooting, A.c? Ac.,?offnr advantages together, superior of tuoaeofany other watering aiaoe on this continent. The Water Views from the patiUiou and from aii th* cottages are extensive, varied, and oha~ining The health ot the point la un^xoelied by that of mountain regions, *nd the aooess to it by steamers from Baltimore, Washington, Norfo:k. and Riohmond, will probably be uaily to and from each of tiio*? cities He has e pa red no expense iu providing a fine Band, Carriages, Horses. P,e*?ure Boais. fio . for hire, or n stocking his cellar* with the best Wine*. Liquors, Ao in ali-Tt his patrons will find at th-'ir command every luxury and oomfort obtainable at any other American watering place Hi* terms for hoard, by the dar, week, or month, for individuals or families, will be reaaunable. ina 23 dtJulr 1 - UVTVAIV vr. Oini 1 II . WOOD AND COAL. ~ McK\ ETV & MAR LOW'S UNION FIREWOOD MILLS, Ccrner Seventh at and lanal, Washington. kindling. Cooking and Stove Wood, SAWED and SPLIT to suit every one. Delivered to any part of the city at the fo lowing rates, Vl*" FINE WOOD, J* cord Pine, sawed and spat in pieces, for $1 2S ii do do. uo. do. 2 >> I do. do. do. do. 5 00 OAK WOOD. cord Oak, sawed in 4 pieces, and split, I ?2 & do. do. do. do. 3 25 1 do. do. do. do. 6 50 UUAL, CO \L. CO * I,. All kinds of Coal, kept on plank floors, clean and in good order, *old at the "? nion Fuel i**?ot " of Seventh ?t. and Canal. McKXKW & MARLOW. Pia31-ao6t Proprietors, Washington, i). C. WO O D AND Delivered to all parts of thi citvLat the low??t possible rates. , ? T J. A W. M. OALT, Offioe 232 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts . _!"? 17 tf . north aide. I'HK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND M n,n 9xten?lve etook of Fl KL, is prepared to el! at a very low figure for oaeh WUoD fawed and Split any sue. Call and see for yourself. K. W. BATES, Wood and Coai D<>* er, ma 15 8. K. comer of Fourteenth and C sts. SMECOND HAND BRUSSFLS ANDTH R Elf PLY CARPETINUS. We have for sale a lot of second-hand BRUSSELS ami I HREE-PLY CARPETiNGs, mo-t of it in tlie latter, now for sale. They will he aold oil in lots to suit purchaser* at a ruinous Iocs for cash only. The* are i.ut little used, and in very good order, and the style a"d quality the very be?t. Those ih want of a i rf-at bargain in a Rood Carpet will call *oon and be suited. maa-eo2w CLAGETT k DUDSON. Am yellow pine lumber. LL Description! of the abov* Lumber, for BOARDS And FLOORIN?i4re?aedpr nudresaad) IIT> noroar Pratt at.. Ka tlniore. Md IfRESH CANTON MATTINGS. J ust reoei i-ed aud fur sale? 10 rolls new style Fancy Canton MATTINGS, 10 do do do China do 2" do do do Red cheeked do 40 3? do Eltf? Imperial WfUTE MATTING. Which we are celling now at greatly reduced ?riw?. je4-?o2w CLAGETT t DODSON. WA8E1NOTONp Insurance company. *md Tifrik Strut J. C MoGl'IKbi rrewdecc G. D- HANSON. HwM*rr. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.?I* D cokpokatkd IS30 ?J oh* 1. donaxmon, Pre*.. m. ooclteb, 8eo'r. JftVSimJto&.'lS!'" "" BUVB ftencriptive p&mphieU mar b* obtained kt the Comp?nT'? AitonoT for the Di?tnot of Coimnbit. >IEoe ofLewu Johneon 4 Co., B*ak?ra. lota &* ( "s n A-Aff.A8lI-1x.y:? SAl.K?a Iwnutifui iron-crnT .MARE. 6K F year* old; perfectly ?oun?l find *enu< r\ Alf?o, ft y?ry atjI,*h Hurry ; patent gliding ^_-T> Mat; *ul able ti> carry 2 or 4 pereotif. Sold for no fautc. tltt) ?<wiirtr haviu< no further art* tor SS6~.iffSU. EigrKA P AN OS tOtt KBNT.-?evra) .t fl par aa<3 upwards, MSI JOHN T. ELLIS. THE WEEKLY STAR. Vkla zmUmi Fftuw ud N?vw mniag ?train rmrmy *futwMdat ??df< iba befemed tn eey ot*er-U peblielwd ee Bftlerdftv s J"t oop?*? a on T?Mty ocptM U f? ^j^MCSUSSfSBUiWi pa-OMTM. *1 par oont. of Tka W?kit Stmt w\.. ba fred. It inY?na?v o? nta;n? Ut9 WukiKtn ?wu" that haa nui Tk? fmau Star otrcakata m gi?rally throufkcit lb? ooantry. S?IKSCTS CT Po#tma?t?ri who aet m i(Nta will baal lowad a oommiMion of ID owta. FOR SALE AND RENT. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE T SaL*?Th? uhaanhar 1a ?.?l1 h. ?WB?r ?r|,*u i?o i'Mb >( Land The fir*t la ntuated near "G'aden/rtk* aide?oe of the lata Zvhanah Berry, and adjolaa tha .aod? of Dr. Benjamin L*m acd oUtera, a??*. oon?aina two hundred a-nU twenty ait fat and thre? . tenths of aa acre 11 we woodeC and watered, aid in a high at ate if cultivation. The improvaawn oonaiat of a comlor taMe d welling houae, two to bar O'jL'jPBa^a. ard other out houaee Tfaie land offer* treat indaoemerta to ihoee wiak2f. kUSok?*J!*' oetate. heini i none of the moot dHightful neighborhood in eonthern Maryland, t "ui m?n' miira imm V?IH1I|IN OUT and ?ve miifi fron, Bladrntbarg, and of aaay aooeak to ohurch. pott nio? and mil' A to, a very valuable traot of timber and wood iMd.. Thi? land i* ti*uat?d about four mi m from XVaehinit^'n ciif, on the itace road leading from that 01 j to I ft- r Marlhoroaih. auJ oontair>* iv*. >?'"<?< *n!it of ax'Wn'i it eovwred in wood and of it k -arily umttered. an 1 fron Urn pioaimit* to W aai> initon. rendert it ??ry nJaan*. IM offer* a r?re opportunity to ship knllder* and uther* dea inf in wood aud timber The term*, which wi'l be libera! made known on apt ioaticn to the *ub?c-iber If thp above property it uot d.*po?ed of at private ale, on or Wire SATURDAY. the joth day of Jun? next, it will on tha' day be off red at pur>lio t*l>>a*"< o.icord, ' th> retidenoe of Thomat H<-'ry, E*q , at the hour ol 12 o'clock m.. who will take p "ature in showing the iaml to all who nay detiro to pnrciiaae. SAMUEL H. BERRY. ap2^2awfU Upper Marlboroafh. L^OR SALE?A imftli FARM ofyurM, ntut?4 I at the Little Fa. s, having aocmfortabiedwellmchouse, oorn house. stables. A?; well-fceeed and watered , within four miies of Washington ; 1ft Cres in cultivation, the ha.anoe in handsome wood tid. It is pe?uliar!v de?ir%ble a# a eoantrv ree> dence, beinx peifeeti* health; and most romantioal It si'ua'ed .excellent finhiet and hunting. Insuire of Mr. MA RRIOTT. bridge keeper. Chain B?-idee. Little Fall* de 7<aivtl L'flR SALE?A f?af Iwrrkin, four acre* of we! improved LAN D, well suited for a market gard?n, with new dwelling house with four rooms and kitchen; well of fine water in the yard; jn'ie* good f>-neine. and will be sold !<>w or exchatyred for citvpropertY. and on moderate terms. Th?Iand 1a at Ball's Cross Road.*, two and a half mile* from Georgetown, an i in Alexandria count!, Va Apply to V. P. COkBKTT, over Bank of Waehmftod. ma 12-tf I^OK RENT?A small #TORE,eorn?r of 6th at. r and Ppnn. avenue, uod?r the Clarendon Hot? , auit&hia for a barber'a saloon or oi?ar atora For 1 nf<'rmation inquire at the HotH, mar 3T h"UK RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the b?ddiiiK immediately opposite the weet wn.i of the City Hail,reoentl* oooopied by Chaa. t$. vra.ach w an o&oe. Aiao the front room in the aeoond story and the third floor of the aame bvildiac. For term a apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. 9 Louisiana avenue. ja 18 tf SENATORS, MEMBERS QF CONGR^RO Two splendid suite* of ROOMS, elegantly fmrnisht-d. wnl l??? rented during the session of Cob in tne moet o^siraoie looa.ity in uus eixy. rieirit wtthm one or two square^ of Brown's and National Those in pnrsnit of s?ob Rooms will do veil to make early application at No. 379 Uh street. between P street and Pa. a*. dt ft-tf h*t?R SALE?A nice three story Brick HOUSE, on 2d street, between D atid E streets, in Kinber's Subdivision. The above property will be old on pmj terms. Price made known by insuir in? of H. W HAMILTON k CO.. No. 7th st?-e?t.. opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. TRUNK^, BOOTSAX D SHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW 8UP pi> of ?>?n*? fane t- '"ton Caf Skin DrtM?A? Boots and Gaitera, Paten' I rather aD^Bal Cloth Waiters. Calf Skin. Patent I 'ather WU and La>tins Shoes A So, an ext?nn*e" stock ofBo s1 and Children's, ladies'and Mis*"** Bo?ts and Sh?j*s, all of which I an nrlhnit at exoeedingly low prices. J. ROSENTHAL, 520 Seven h street. ma '& e? * >"oor% aWove D street. IJOOTS AND TO SUIT THE We are new manufacturing all k^ids of BOOTS aud SHOLS, and oo:stact<> receiving sonptio", made eipress'y to order, and willfWJ be sold at a nmoh lower nnoethan ha* been* heretofore charged in this city for muoh inferior articles. Persons in want of Boots aud Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will a.ways find ajood attor'ntsBl in store aud at the lowest prrnes Give us a oaii. GRIFFIN A BR IK, up K-r 314 Pennsylvania avepae. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O 49tt 7th mnr? urrotiu Odd rtilottr Hall, watkingtam, v. c. Traveler* will etudT their intereeta t>? exami&iAf my TRUNKS. VALICES to . before pur mm ohattnc eiiewere A* i none hot ti Hljlfl t?*?t material tbe mark at ?ffofd? and "mploT *1 * ' the b?c' workman, I can ?onfideutly recommend mv work to be superior in Strmtik ana l>urtib\l\t\ to Trnr.ka that are made in other oittee and eold here. 1 k"ep constantly on hand, and make to order ton one week's notioe) every deeoripUen of SOLJg LEATHER, IRON FRAME FKEXCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TR fo'KSj AStlLA>'D and otktr talices; travel i&o baos, haaXESS; SADllES, WHIPS, tc.. ft. Trunk*. Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a trork :i?n\ ne manner, m inon nuuoo. Trunks d#?j:ver^l in injr part of the city, G*orf#town, or Alexandria. Ai*'?Agent f?r Howe'a oeiobratod family sewing machines. do 15-Ij JAME8 8. topham. Look out for paint NO. 412 SEVENTH STREET, Four Dooti South of Odd FtUotet' H*ll. H. W. HAMILTON-"hu opened a PAINT SHOPand PA I NT STORK on the New York elan, where can alware be found PAiXTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, Ac.. Ac.,at wholesale and r*U' MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. Asd Bvckkt* with Bku*bk? to loan! N. B.?Particular attention paid to Houm, SigtL Ornamental Painting and Graining, stained aas P,nam?lied Glaus of all kind* alwavn on hand, or formatted at ahort notice. He warrant* aetialfcotior in all wo k entrusted to hia care, and I* confident that he oau do work a* ch?*ap. if not cheaper, than an* other e?tahh*hmei;t in una city. Give him a call. Don't forget the number?it is 913 Seventh ?tre-?t. ma 10 tf PUTTY IS DOWN. H SILVER WARE AND WATCHESI O O HOOD Manufioture* tni own Sliver VN ar? in iht? own ahop an<l *?ha no Nothern rale work (that i* rot ap for the Southern trate.)#W? Ho warranta every artio.e to b* of CoLd t*t' 4mK ver. and he will Mil bis t>??t etandard war* at laae' a* law. if not owei.tfcan the Northern f oode are suld for. He haa a'ao on h?nd a verv fine rtock of Superior Gold anfl Silver and a lara* lotofRKH JEWELRY all of wfiioh he <a eel. int very cheap. No. 33S Penn. av. ma 25-ti yOLK'8 BTA T U E TT E STEPHEN A DOUGLAS In form and feauturea this beautiful and aeon rate apeonn^nof American art u unnurpaeaed by anv apecimen of like character evwr pr--1u?ej It ia a fat urn xlt of the " LiUle Giant." Sp?o.m>?r# i:i*y be ??*m. and Stat'>ettea procured atCrLV?> Du g Store. No. 9f>*> Penn avenue, eorwer of 12?h atreet, waahinrto* oity. Peraona in the Dietnotof Columbia and Statea of Delaware. Maryland, Virginia V_>rth Carolina, SoetS,Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Miaaiaai pi. ai d Loaiaiana, deeiri c oopiea of th? Statuette *\W%r.dreaa their oroera to Q. P. CULVER. Waahliifira oity, D. C., aooompanied by a remittaooe, Cr Editora of newapapera In the for earn nf State* living the above twelve insertions uftair vnHi :sau?e, with appropriate editorials, will be pappued FIXTURES. I F Have m "tore, and are daily rwinni, 9Alt FIXTVh US of ma r*\f Naw Patterns find 0*?|h and Finish, superior ib style to anything heretofora offered in thie m?rk?t. \Va invito eitisras itncs It to oaJI Bfd examine our etook or Obi biwJ \VeU?r Fixtures, ferine confident that v? have the (<?st sel*?ct?d stock in WasliiuftoK. Al! Work in the above Tine lntnisted to Mr cwa will be promptly attended w>. /' MYERB 4 MoGHAN JBBr5-tf 3T? Datraot. U O W E*81I4PRO V KD WF.1GHI>6 BOA I.ten *JL Th*#* Ho* MM* AnW to tb? th? moat 8im>i?.<l?rmbt%,^nd rflnbi# tmimwrm m| is l?? vLi^rd^CwriBusod Virgin Ae'ioeltersi xMbttSd tinwi'm*-r?ebnajStrnmmm* ?" ? Dapetml Bkr*! ' K'O F>'ITHnK.4^?t PttSivyv^ to Vrf;t?^rBr U*.#Kl. niV'f PJ itt* mo?i r*Limv pusunrrvi" rwit?lva??*. Marwlajxi and Vlttlli^fMMill MTN Brandy, mti Vplfe"d Gin, oM *(l(j vL Pro11 Pnm, and Win?a at vrmrr ftntt; all ai fsmilisHss eiRHEJm. \film

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