Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ?7* The "Cattle Diaeas* ' now constitute* a prominent item in the news of the day The epidemic baa made It* appearance in New Hampshire. A feeling aeema to prevail In aome parts of Massa husett* that the Commissioners appointed by the Legislature are spreading the disease, rather than abating It. by carrying the aftet tion In their clothe* In a debate in the Houae. one member, with a sagacious shake of the head. in. ... ? #..11.. I_ _?_ V.I. itmw "?U Ul'? yckiuuv IIUUC up ui? mind which was the greatest calamity to the State, the Cattle Disease or the State Commlaaiorisionera." The diaeia^ is siid by aome to originate from a minute insect which finds iU way into t&e lungs of the cattle. iLT A yoon^ man named Edward Groniae, has been arreatt-d in New York ctty, cbirwd with beating his own mother to death, upon the slightest provocation. The mother having commanded nim to < eaae grumbling a bo St his supper, the brute struck her three or four Mows with nis fist, knocking her down ou the floor, after she was down he stamped on her face and brewt; and at Ttrnpiea wi strangle m-r arciaring tnat sue naa li vrtl long enough and that he would kill her ; which he fln&Hy succeeded In doing most effectually ID"" Mr Seward has surrendered the letter of Mr Greeley's In which the latter seot the Senator bit defiance, and which h? has been demanding for publication, to the editor of tbe Albany Keening J carnal. with authority to respond to Mr. Greeley's demand or not, as be thought proper. The editor announces that he decides that Greeley shall have the letter, and of course It will now be published. li f~The Commissioners appointed by the Leg islatures of the thirteen original States to superintend tbe building of a monument to the memory of ?i?e Signers of tbe Declaration, hare arrived in Philadelphia, were they are the guests of the city. It it th#?v will nrlnnt nlani *rirl lrw ?t^ tbe monument. Independence Square is spoken of. U^A Vigilance Committer bas been formed in Orange county. V* . for the purpose of ridding that county of sundry persons suspected of dealing v. 1th slaves, inciting them to steal, Ac. Some persons have hern order- d to leave the country, and In more than one Instance force has been used. CI7~A gentleman traveling on a railroad lost his hat. when, without a monents hesitation, he pitched out his bat-box. on which were his name *rrd address, wisely judging that} the lafter would lead to the return of the former* which it did.? That man was a philosopher. K Public meetings are being held In Chicago ie Western cities, for the relief of the suffrfppf frmn tli#? t^rniHin Inti'o an/1 1115nnt E7"A little daughter of A. Keith, of West Liberty, la., was almost instantly killed on Tuesday week, by drinking a cup of concentrated ley. !?7~Jamr9 R Pell, while shootin? at a mark n*ar Oveda. N. Y-, last week, shot h'? uncle fatally. H7"The amount already subscribed in F.urope to the memorial to Humboldt exceeds SW.OUU. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTKL-R A Rennne. Md: FA Feed aud Ia<ly, Va; S Hea^g.r* I. Brettun, Md; T v\ ehi*. Ky. O t? Lyon, 111; VV W Crittenden, NY; K T Miroii%li. L,a; 0 c. do*u,~; J C Thornton, >' J. H \V Paul. Pa; Hon B Brown. W L $t?f ls.N C. j"hn Tar!eti>:i L.a: W UPa.ll and i*il? h u Kenuou, K B Pukitt, Joi^n Macmnrdo, Miss Mh inurd j, Va; J H*rtriu?e, Oa; Gov W H Adam? smi fain, f?C, A Thompson, NY; J Whi'aley. Altf; B Viukerson. J S Dudley, Cal; B F Parson, A'a; J A Oorbett, Ga, K W Durh*m. NY; Geo S , J L Voltier, O, J A JoU'ifcton, NV; O L Gregory, NJ, J)r B wtQ>, Mil; W N IIiOAs, W E Putnam ?; Mr Tushes and lady. NT;Dr J F Beck and ,ady. Rev l>r h,d<ar and lady, Ti>nn; VV T Forrest and lam.O, J H VV Hucktns. Mass; Hon J U Clardy, F R?zior, Mo; D >1 Heuiimncway and la-ty, Mm; E R Jewett J Met len*hai?. G H Norton, NY; H Maker, Mm*; J Hoiia'id, A Parkins. Z Turner,Va; J Ala<p?,"Ga, F P Solo.n'ms, NY; ii A Bowline A Pm?s B Dorsey, Md: E P Morris, ?*r; P <>ain. H Kernaaiie*, Md; J B Turner and lady.M*? White I . A M Keid aud lau*. E G Kearney. O; NPru'j fi Bans, Cai; G Dodge, F W Griea *nd lady, A Sanftwd aud iady. O; J rf Smith. Geo Steven*,\ H; G K Martiu, Pa; G -V Manyp* O; J Mjrris, ?:t, Sp Weil*. Merritt, Pa; J as Kent, T >?vtril and lady, NY; H B , uhio, J A ^att?T?oii,Ala; T Purdy, Eagiand; O rander*. .Miss; Mrs Juice Sp^iioe. M<i; C Currur, NH; M K?b 1j a siewari, .Tlisa tia?ward. .Md; T9t?ven?, Pa. ' WILUAMDS* HOTEL.?R 8 Stafford. Mui A J Muiiur?,il, U?A: Mim carter,du; Ml-a Wat son, do; ti S Kow, Fia; Mr and Mrs Wyman, Me; J C Morris, La; R A i>ou;laa ant ialy, >V:0 C Rod#*, ha; F D tptr, NY; W ti Baaster, do: H B i atham, Pa; C O Lsary. MY; A D Mi.ei, Kj; J H Athjv, 1 eun;? Crans, Ojfc t, P*lmer,4o; J How a P*':|rCSi- H F :th. Md; J If SiJinan. 4<>; b B Hart. N V ; M Har*. Md; R Barber. 1 i; f Gooaspertl, do; \V A Strong, do: VV Touaer. Iil: k J Hammond. do; U J Ridiey and family, l a; W W He with, NY; J M; E D Pouthgata, Ky f^Mmwiin- do; W S Par.on, Si, J do: J Lone au4 fami'r. NY; Lir J Beok and lady. Mo; J t Naeh, Va; D Mollwain. Md; v Rowland, Va N VVinilre?? aud; Mwfr Winifree. do; X Ortne, tta, Mr. E La.tman, d?; Z Burman, Md; M M?ok%J!,do, MimW itafreo, V?; l> H Par keit, Md; W T Forree; and 'ainil?, do; R B Connellr, NY;'? A Gardner, do; ?* R Spier NJ; W Patters n, do; D Wanner, Pa; o Maoamght. London; S Mundot, Barve, rWou*?eauat Pane; Damper, do: G M Woodruff and lady, Conn; B Smaitey and ?ady, Vt; J Cowl and lady, NY; J E Tnppe and !?dy, NJ: u 'i*; R R Steele, N Y; J Steele, do; J B Bak*r, t'a. J W Litt?. Me; W (ioodhart, Pa; J Coiy, N ? ; J P Hilmer, Pa. BR- 'WN'8 HOTEL.? Hon B Brown, M Stogie, NC: Ry Tiratnn I . f" f 1 I)., it,.'' H 0r?KS'Jf* C *?"??, Al?; A M Puett, >V Mot art?, W s* Pierce Ind; J Mathews. Ala; K I.owry au<i lady, IDd; W >imin?,U: O M Towner, ^ Pu ,n^ " fi"nn"jB ? Mo?>re. J M<x?re, J Twin: J J Sjjikela, A)a; C McCom i , i J,fc> Na?h V a; vV McR?-yno di, B MeR**n?iuF, lw?i? MoAbM, Whj J Warron, Col T J Young, K?, pr 1 MoNaiii. M R fiartlott, O. M Wise. n5: vV Harrington, M M Bace, J Anders n. Ill; W L> MeCord, J McKot>erU, Md; D Hubard Va; L \K Humphrey. R Bridtes.U Howard,*H Clark, NC; J A bedd?n, \ a; J Moore. Ala; Oen M ?r?wo. Tea. O h Mortou. F delcinon. XV; VV R Wyait, NC: ft \\ ard.ow. F*;A Gaiter. M;ae; E Randolph. \V J j-icnett. \*:j b Hoekaoay, W fcrviu. Mo: W li Rowmiuo, lens; B F Scftermehorn, Ind; B Sam ue!?, la; J tiraham and lady, Va. , KI RE WOOD HOUSfc.?J H Shaw, Md: 6 8 H?bb, Tex; H S*im?n??. Pa: J C Buroh.Tenn: VV owb, e> <,i?bitj , vi; j u /,eu * ana itnv, V&: J Jaokson. Vt, R Soutt, W S ;?tuoD. Altf Dr Dtuh?*n. Mm; M Herat, Md; J Tarlton, La; A Chap man, Va. OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From jbb. United States. Steamers. Leave. for. Day*. Vanderbilt ,>ew York.. .Havre...-. J'e 16 t.of Baltimore N?w York.. .Liverpool ..J'el6 Nova r?ootxan Quebee Liverpool J'e 16 ft'aagow ..New York...Liverpool .J'e 19 Africa New York ..Liverpool..... J'e30 Arago... -New York Havre ..J'e23 Fro* Elrop* jtunoi* SouUTpton .New York.. J'e 6 Boheuuau Liverpool? Portland J'e 6 Laetern. 9onUTpton New York-...J'e 9 A?ia? ?.Liverpool New York J'e 6 North American Liverpool Portland. J'e 13 Bremen Soutirpton... New York....J'e Li The Havaua. mail steamer* leave New York on the Jd. !2th, l?th, and 27th of each month, and Charleston on toe 4th and 19th. 'I he California ?<* "??re leave New York on the V.h and <>f earn}- month. The polar kefkioervtok. wuk and Wat'.r CecUr combin*^, .mion Preserver tin ' ? B " I leh^n^tt^best ada V?M1 ^ir?manu fro,n Cuba lu Can t?*'. ^rioee for the different number# \* follow*: W.?- I I No. 4 9?> I No. 7 ? I Si H I n\ ' 8 6? Refrigerator*, Furn?'f?, Portable Hr%t?r? Re?..t?re, J^uiaton, Cut Iron OeSaEr,I'* Garden Viaea. RoUtir* A?n J*i<Ur?.* n^!ur,V j V* V?"**. PoU *"d HoUsl C?.ff4 Boiler?. Send for ? Circular. J* 9 ** No^496 jl*OADWAT, Niw Yon*. I/"ENNIaH'S HYDRAULIC MOTOR. f\ fojt stationary powek, ??xi ramil adaptation of Mydiaalio ? to mMh&aiM, &nd fir ff '"J" beoome mown, omd raoaired vita udboand-d cnoomiuma i? K>*#rfsl in ita oytraUon?wonomiMl niiiu25t3^L??et* ""'jy"0' ofwaca.and con225T^2.?7w*l*r'11 obv ?* " "?e dan?er. eipenae tow?r i*d?M?n?l35" to ateam or ealono b<"n? 4 ma" ,u"'? *nd <>' <lowin? water ; u.| the waUmap*r nJt F?w?r for friction la only thru r^a raani t of thirty yeara atu it and practical ax (a W'?SiSTiS5U?r) *v'n ?r?ctl0?J man readisdMSSoT^klSTL.1!*V*TJ nt,"r 7?r*T?2*?l hitherto invented. kind oi K?otHM9rr-^ad, more UjabHi.h, 0j,eapy. feSti's?a'ss?^:"^ **KT*t Brovat'a Hot*. il5kS&WjJ 6 9 hi.. *?/? afternoon. Cmmmt Stat* Right*, M W?ll u .1(l |? ?n. I'?* ?l*?r r?^?ir?l p<>wer, Ma b? urohw?d of I. RaRNAHD. Agent. Na 1 Todd's Baildinf, rimming M *-mr?llm &Wt \Aj AHftilNttTON SfcWIN? KUOMtt. " KM MA ll? NN door i Vortk V i?l. Nov i? IA? ba? to f? SFRl.Ntt ftod $UJ{MJLA 8 ftomak'Vi . O. NOTES CHEAP F BOOTS, SHOES, AJTD TEXT I SHALL SELL, FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS, SHOES. AND TR MY STOCK JT7* ALL PURCHASERS \VI FOR THKM9ELVES, AT SAMUEL P. Iron Hall Boot, 8tio je 8-2w 380 PBJIJISYLVAHL mrunur t a vrnnu ill XOViJlJliXLll CJV U PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. TRKASFRY DKPARTMENT, June 9, I860. Sealed Piotohals for furnishing the Stationett required t?y this Department during the fisoal year ending June an, 1s61, will be received until 12 o'clock, m., on the antn day of June inst. Those uuaooompanied by satisfactory testimonials of ability to fulfil the oontract wi I not be oonsidered. and contracts wall only be awarded to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. AH the artioles must be of the very beat quality of their kind, and samples, as hereinafter specified, must accompany eaon bid. The samples ot the Early to who'o the contract may be awarded will e paid for bv the Deparinient; the others will be r<.tarn?d to the reepecuva bidders. Wo bid will be considered unless the articles accompanying it are of ike very best quality, and snueA ip the tpants qf the Department. Kach proposal mutt be suned by the individual or firm making it, and must speoify a price, and bat one price, for each and erery artiole contained ia the schedule. All the articles furnished will be required to be like the nmples submitted, which will be retained for comparison; aa<l must be delivered without delay when ordered, to the satisfaction of the head of the offioe for whioh tney are r?quir?d. The Department, in the examination of the propona s tr at may be made for stationery will not he governed by the aggregate of the lowest c.ffar in avra'dicg thf eontraot, but will have regard to the amount of each article used by it for which the '.oweat price may be proposed. The Department reserve* the right of ordering a greater er less quantity of each and every article oontraoted for, as the public service may require. Supplymgan inferior artiole at any time will tie de-med sufficient cause forthwith to annul the oontr&ct. with approved security to be civen by the persist contracting; and in oase of a failure to supply the articles required, the contractor and sureti*s shall be liable lor the forfeiture specified in such bond as liquidated damages. The subjoined ust tpecifi^s as nearly as can now be done the amount, quality, and description ol eaohofthe kinds of articles required. Ittm. Class No. 1.?Pnper. 1. 100 reams folio post, satin finish. faint lined and trimmed, of the very i>est qua'ity 2. 15ft reams white cap paper. 6atin finish, faint lined and trimmed, of the very best quality 3. 2>retun? white cap paper, machine made, faint lined, and trimmed, of the best qua ity 4. 2" reams cap paper, bias iaid. hand made, faint lined, garden pattern, commonly known as despatch or consular paper, of the very bent quality 5. 2n ream* white law oaa paper, satin finish, hoa vj, hand-made, faint lined, and trimmed, of the very best quality 6. 50) ream* quarto pout, white, highly glazed and hard calendered, faint lined on three tides, aod of the very l>e?t quality 7. 1'f) ream* quarto-post, machine made, white, plain, faint fined on three sides, of the best quality 8. 2" reams qua-to-post. whit", highly glazed and hard calendered, faint lined four sides, aud of the very best quality 9. an ream? quarto-post, Frenoh. feint lined, three sides, of the very best qua'ity 10. 50 reams white note paper, hwhly glazed, hard calendered, faint fined, gilt edged on three sides, of the very best q uaitr 11. 30 ream* heavy wMte medium paper, for books, of the very best quality 12. 20 reams heavy white royal paper, for books, of th? very best quality 13. 20 reams heavy white super royal paper, for b oks, of the very best quality 14. loo reams cpyin* paper, of the very beet quality, oolor, and style 15. 50 reams heavy, highly glazed, and hard calendered envelope paper, rnra!, yellow, or Dun. ol the very bent quality 1t>. ren nx heavy enveJop* paper, super rotal, hard calendered, and highly glazed, yellow or buff, of the very best * uallty 17. 50 reams large brown envelope paper, of the best quauty, strong ar.d well made 18. 30 reaiin roya! blotting paper, of the very best quality, style, and oolor. Each item of tlio above class inust he acoompa mod with a sample of half a ream, or one package when not packed in half rea-ns. and the bids must state the pnoe per ream delivered at the Depart meat. Item Class 2?Envelope*. 1. ao M adhesive envelopes, whits, yellow, or buff o?iored, heavy, nm<> >th, and tniok, with full pockets, official size*, of trie threa following sizw: 8H by S**. 9 by 4, and 10 by 4 inches; prioe to t>* rained for eaoh size and color, of the best quality thai is made 2. loo M fall pocket adhesive envelopes, of the prooer size for quarto post, whit* yellow or buff, heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very t>?otq'ia ity 3. 100 M ful. pocket adhesive envelop?s, of the proper siz? for the iiots paper, wbite. yel low.or buff heavy, smooth, and thick, of the very best quality lusrh oolor of eaoh item of the abov? clas* mu'l be acoomp%nied byasa<np'e of one paokace. and th* price must be stated for each size and col jr They mast all be made alhesive ani gummed a proper distance eaoh side of the centre lappelr. wiifi full pockets, and the lower lappels well and securely gummed to the pocket. lttm Class 3?Pens. ,.1 liD.U.I.O 1J -/ ?> - i " J 1. luuumu I" Uiny ?J ?u;u pOII|f U1 111^ HflBl K1QQ and <iu*lity 2. 10 dozen "Foley'*" eold pen* in silver eaaes. with ever pointed pencils, of the best kind and 3. 9? dozen oans Perry's best metal io pens, price t*> be p?r ?'zan cards 4. WO dozen steel pens of the best makers and quality 5. 20 M umllsiif the ver* l>e?t nimlit* For all the item of Class 3, wjto pt it?m 3 in the above cla-s. the bidder is nut restricted to a particular manufacture, but sample# ol different ma *er?. with the price ol ?ach. ma? be submitted, and ihe D-*partmetit will so'i?ct whieh its deems the be?t, trie price. quality. and fit none (or the aervioe being all conaiaercd. Item. Class 4?Pen tils. 1. j'*>d?'SE?n Fabet'a best b;ack kad pencils, No*. 1,2. and 3 30 dozen red and bine lead pencils of the betl quality 3. 2?> dozen ivory propelling; pencil', of Mears, or othera of like quality, with box of lead for each. One dozen of eaoh kind of Claes 4 must be sub mitted as samples. Item. Class 5?Ink, Ini stand a, and Wafer*. 1. iidozen Fry'a improved patent American ink s'aod 2. 12 dozen oast iron inkstands 3. 18 dozen red inkstands with ground glata atop pera 4. 9*tquart bottles of ttn beat copying ink. nam pie bottles to be submittal, of tne beat quality in vie 5 aw quart bottlea of the best black ink 6. l?t i> beat blue ink, sample to be sabmitted 7. aw bott ea carmine ink, Frenoh. small nz?, in Klaaa boftlea. with found glasa stoppeis 8 l.ono large red wafers, for Depar inont *eal 9. 10? pounds wafers, ooinmou size, beat quality, re-i 10. 100 pounds best extra super fine scarlet sealing wax For all the artio'es in Class 5 suitable and con venient samples must lie submitted, with price attached to each. Class 6 ? Cutlery and Miscellaneous Article, it.?. 1. 20 dozen Rodirera and Son'a genuine. or equal spring erasers, with ivory handles 2. ofldozen Kodgrra and ^n'a cenuuie, or equal. four haded knives, ?ith stag and pearl handles 3. 12 dozen ivory handled wafer stamps 4. 6 dozen iarg? office shears, of the very best quaity b *> dozen oifi je aoiaaort, of the very b?#t quality 6. li>> apoola of the verr beat quality of red linen tape 7. 1<M) dr zen of the beat quality of red linen tape 8. S>dozen ailk tape of aaaorted c-jlora, in hanka 9. 6 doz?Jn ivory pounc* box?s 10. 6dozen lignum vite pounce, boxea 11. 6 dozen cocoa or box ami aaud boxea, or the beat shape and quality 12 6 doz"n cocoa or box and wafer boxea, of the beat ahapeand quality IS SO pounda prepared India rubber, of auitable aizea 14 2on quart* black sand 15 5iounoe* pounce >6. )?> pounds atrong linen twine 17. i2'.ozeu round rulera, assorted is. jz dozen rut ruiem,MM>*W 19. 2?? dozen 9 inch troiy folders 2t>. fritfoien pen holders, assorted 21. V> boxes small Tench 2/. 25 boxes large ejelets, Prenoh 2X t'idoxMi steei tipped pen-handles. For ai. the attioies in ela*s 6 suitable and o<mveniaat s?niple? must b? submitted, vi n price att*oh?d to caih; and the prior mall c?*es must ?'?tlud\.lhJ ** '** O-rtlcUt at tkr ,lepartm> nt. jp i' nwvwm jyn< THK 'WASHINGTON BRKWERY." bein* vow in full operation, under the Rttufemut li! \inT.Wi P,?'"*to,r' o?n furauh any one with M?!t Liquor*, of fuperior quality, at the following low pnoM, delivered free of charge to anv part or the city: X ALE i Family Beer). fl.oo per k?c of8 ralla. v % v ? v 1.75 do. 4o. x x P'^RT K K100 . A1,,.x;;50 ti: 2? Bg?!WN 8,r?ur_? liOO do do". Half barren, barrel. aiul hof .heaii. at a proportionate prioe. Order. (i ven to the driver., o' aent through the Po4t Office to C CoLlNfcAU, Washington Brewery, will be promptly attended to. ma!6-ln> from Norfolk, vhioh we will deliver to?% f-J parohaeers in any part of the city No T. M HARVKV. A|Mt 50cMS?4IW88fl?a?Vv?AB.? b*?a rMfliyeJ Tknton iMi.M .Pgi prion ?Mob <r pouud by ohest or oth?r?i*?. W? fe*r our naxt lot ?ili oo?t us ?.or? ?">? ?. ?? SLANCHAKD * MOHUN. OR CASH. NKS, CHEAP FOR CASH. j L MV ASSORTMENT OF LADIES AND UNKS, CHEAP FOR CASH, TO REDUCE t LL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE c c HOOVER'S 1 e, and Trunk Store, A AVENUE, Between 9th a?d iOtta St*. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio ratlroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Mm aSHBHD OBMD Cha.n?k or Hocas. on and after wednesday, June 13th, 1880, train* will run a* follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4? a. m. Lea re Washing ton at 3 JO and 5 JO p. m. OA Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On handay at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the Ka?t will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4" a. tn and3 20 p m. for the West at 7 4 > a. m. and S.20 p. m. _ or A nnapolis at 7.40 a in and &20 p.m. For Norfolk at7 40 a. m. _ On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. train goes to Phtladelohia onlv. ?? 13-d ' T H. PARSONS. A?t?nt. NEW ORLEANS I2XT TBRBB SAT0 WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. J ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East '/'MJUUM n-nti Vircrinin.. East Tennessee avd Georgia, \ Nashville and Ckatunooga, 1 Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, e iv^tr Orleans and JacJcson, 8 TO NEW ORLEANS! * MKMI'HIS ROUTE: , .Memphis bj Ral.thenae by First olass Packets to New Orleans. n MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery bj Rm!, thence to Mobile by First cias* Packets. Mo;>iie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Includkd, Leave Washington at 6 a m and t> p m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at "63^ a. m. and P m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex- 1 andria Trains for the Southwest, Oflfioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. 3 BAGGAGE CHICKED THROUGH TO NEW ORLEANS fg Lynchburg - ......0*9) .Memphis ? 531 on t Bristol' Atlanta 2fi nn ti Knoxviile ?.S(flO" Macon JR no Chattanooga 24 no Columbus 31 M> $ D&iton ....2* "" Montgomery Si on lluutsulle .i7im ) vnMemphis.*? y> Grand Junotion.^..anno N. 0.> via??. J uno .cat ? Nashville.? .?.2S9I \ via Mobile.. #5 on ? THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY MY RAIL b and is iOO MILES SHORTER, aud 24 HOURS LESS ? IN TIME r than any other I ib??the Lynehburt Extension V being now oompleted, as also the Mississippi ' Central, making it the ? QUICKEST A\D MOST PLEASA.VT ROUTE ; FOR SOUTHERy TRAVELERS! It u provided with First class Sieeping Cars! 3 ( To New Orleans? Tif Hours. 3 TIMS'' Memphin..^. 54 do. llAlb-j Montgomery 53 do. V Naahville .46 do. JET The U. 8. MAIt.~and ADAMS' EXPRESS r are taken over this New Line. 3 Tickets can be obtained at the Houth Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Cliattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junction, Maoou, Nashville, Dalton, Co.umbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. o ID" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE V A- t RIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. \ 'Cy Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the office at 6 a. in. and 6 p. rn. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, S ma 23-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa *v. t THK STEAMER J AS. 6UY Will resume hei s trips on TUESDAY, ZUt of JT* h, n February. I860. Will leave WASH V T? f t INHTON ever t TIIKSIlAV * iflWB* FRIDAY,at6o'olook a. m.,and AI.KXANDRIA ( at half-past 6 o'olock, for CURRIOMAN and the t intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she ii will lour. UlL-niUL'cn.U _ f>ti> . ?'V V v?* o?n j Cil/il tiOi/A I a and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. j LIICIAN S. PACHK, Proprietor. | NATH'L BOUSH. A?'t, Alexandria. !< .t> PFOR NKW YORK. ASSA6E, INCLUDING MEAL8 AND STATEROOM, $7.60. Tha New York and Virginia Screw Steainshif Sompaay'a new and elegant stnawnhiB f Tifw IOUNT VERNON,Cipt.T.C. Smith,4t?j?h will leave the Con'p&nyV Depot, Wes * tern Wharves, atlKVclook a. ni. everv WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria. 1 at 8 o'cloek p. in. nam" dar. Passenger* from Washington and Seorgetowr 8 can take the coshes coauecting with Alexandria steamboat* or raihoad, which leave the oorr>er o) Tth street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leav* on the steamer from the Western Wh?rve? at 1J ? 'olock a. m. State rooms oan be encased on application W MM. Morran A. R hinAhurt W..t?.n ti;k, Freight will be reoeived up to the hoar* of deptr tore. Insnrnnoe will be effected on all roods bj thume at the oftoe of the Company at H per cent premium. , The accommodations for passengers by this lint ; ye in every respect first c a?, and every effort wil be made to render this communication with N'en ! V nrt n r i .1 a?/4 Um 1 * i. f?. I ? I , t VI* Ofticvvuio auu Iiocuvuiui UDO. i For freicht or puma* 9 apply to FOWLlSi * , OO-^^TttlOMWEU ? CO.. I el ly 8> WwliLwi?AwMyilwtYwI. ( fREEMAN ISIMPSOflJ ^^LD\yOLD\ IMAGNOLilMAGNOLIi U7? ~tr~- *? ?* - " " ??o .mm i<ir a&ie vnn atiove suimiarfi nrand ol , fine Coppnr Distilled Malted K;? Whisky, in barrels ana half-barrels. As it is of oar ova ?iist?lla tion.and highly improved by a<?. we oocfruently recommend it as the pcri;t and best Whisky that oan possibly be distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stcok of Fine Whiskies in the United states FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Schuyikiil river, Phila. Office#?96 Wall street, New York ; and 109 Soatli Front ?treet. Philadelphia. _ rnar29-lT_ WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Street, Between 9tk and HitA Streets. We have just finished a number of first class CARRIAGES, 'suoh as Lt?Ar iBIif, Wngon*, Park Pkeatons. Family C?r-Y?SRJJjgSr' riatet, ami Buggies, which we will sell at w K? ft ver* ftfiukll orofit. ?R?L0f Prao?ical m*ohanioe in different branohea of the bufineaa, we flatter ouraelvea that we know I the atytea and quality of work that will give aatiafa^tion, oombming Ughtneaa, comfort and durabilif.R#P4,r'n? promptly and carefully attended to at ' the ahorteatn. tioe and moat reasonable ohargea. 2 WALTER. KARMAW * nnDo' Co&ohm&kers, luooestors to Win. T. Hook, ftp 27-aly PARAFFINE OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN ' Wearenowreoeivi.ic Pa'affiae Oil direct from the work* in w?wt-rn Ylnuia. The quality of it ia excellent, producing a steady bnl iant and beautiful light, and more plealant to th?eyea than/aa 'ight. ' w Thi* Oil ia fre* from adn'tarat'on, and very mooh more eoonomioal than many of tie Coal Oila uaed ?nii time. II^J1 ? 10 no way ej?lohive. Agonta for it* Ml? for th? Di* i?( ^ Columbia 6,~. MTLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, w P?. av.. im*< q? vX^b!.nu^Ve "d G" Bp0n * D?? J as?SAfflsgsi s 12.000I assemsfiug? MISCELLANEOUS. By the pres[d&nt7c^f the united states. In parsnanoe of law, I, Jtxu Btchajias. *resi lent of the Unite* states of An?nc?. do her by deifa'p and rake known that public sales will be leld at the undermentioned land ofioea. in the state >f Michigan, at the periods hereinafter designated, a wit: At the Land Otfioe at Maxqitxttk. commencing >B Monday, the 16th day of Jmij next, for the dietotal oi the raoant lands in the c:tnnumbrrtd ur ions and parts of ttttions, within the unde-roei, ioned township*, which remain to the United States within six miles on each side of the raiload?,"frotn Littl* Bay de Noquet to Marquette, ind thenoe to Ontonac on, and from the two lastlamed plaoes to the Wisoonsio State line." suhjeot is required by law. to a minimum of (ire doAart \ndfifty cents ptr acre, viz: Wortk <if the bat* litu and west of Ik* frincifal meridian. Township <2, of range 22 Townships 42 and 43, of range 33 Townships 42,41. 44, 45, and 46, of range ?4 Townships 42, 43. 44,45. 46,47.48 and 49, of range 25 rownsh-ps 43. 44. 45, 46, 47. 48. and 49. of range 36 Township* 45,46.47, 48, and 49, of range 27 Townships 46, <7, and 48, of range 28 Townships 44, 45. 46,47. and 48, of range 29 Townships 43, 44, 45 46,47. ana 48, of rang* 30 Townships 42. 43.44. 45,46,47,48, and 49,of range 31 Townships 43,43,44,45. 47, 48, and 49, of range 32 Townships 42, 43, 44, 47, 48, 49, and fin, of range JJ Townships 48, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49, 5', 51, and S3, of ange 34 Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 51, and 51, of ange 35 Townships 42, 43, 44, 45, 46,47, 48 , 59, and 51, of ange 36 Townships 4% 4<i, 47,48, 4', 50, 51, and 52, of rang* 37 Townships 46, <7, 48, 49, 5*, M and 92 of range 38 Townships 48, 49,51, 51, and 52, of range 39 Townships 49, 5n, 51, and 52. of ranfff 40. At the Land Office at Marquittk. commencing >n Monday, the 3"th day ol Julv neit, for ihe disic?sal of the public lands heretofore mho/T rut. with n the ioliowing townships and parts of townships, is: VortA nf the base line and ire*t nf the. jninripal me riiiian. Township 49, of range 10 Townships 47. 49, and 5?>, of r#nge 11. Sections 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,12. 14. 18, an. 22. 34, 36, 28, 0, 32.31, and 3i, of tovnship 43; townthips 4*>, 47, aid 4?. of 22 Sections 2. 4.6 ?. 10.12 and 14; the EX of the NK i of seotion 18; the NE M. the NE >4 of the N W he N X of the SE }4, ami the SE 3s? of the SE of ection 20; section 2*, 24. and 26; the N X the St. < 4, ?nd the N H of the i* W >4 of section 28; section 34, ixcept the S\V 3^ of the SVV section 36, of townihip 43; section 1. 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, It, 13.13, 14, 18, 20, lid 22. the E >4 of section v3; section 24, 25. 26. 28. 0.32, 34. and 36. of township 46: section 1, 2, 3, 4, ,n4 7. to 58 inclusive; sect on 20 to 3* inclusive; s?cions 3>, 32. 34 35, and 36. ol township 47, of ranse i3. The SW * ol the N K , tbe SE k an.) the W S f section 4; sections 6 and 8; the \N >? and the SE i of section 10; the YV of ?eoti' n 14, sections 18, II ? <X> 11 ? J <11. t\' 1' *. ?* . - ,n>l th* \V >* of the fe\V >4 of section 3S. of townh<p 44; the S of aectioa 3it of towoship 4J, of mme A. Section* 2. 4. 6, 8,10,12.14,1?, *>, 2?, 24,2?, 28.3>\ .12, nd the N of the NK Jtf, and the N W of the >i W l4 <>f sec i-<n 36, of townehip 49, of range .7. The W \ of the S\V >4 ot tection 6; ("actions 18 ,nd 2?; theSVV >4, the W jjj of the SE V, and the 'E '? of the 8K !a of section i2; seotioua 26, 28, SO, 2,3>, and 36, of township 4#, of range 34 Sections 2, 4, 6, 8,1??, 12 > 4, if, 2". i2. 24. 96, iR. 3h, 2,34, and 36 oftownship 48: the W >6 of the c* E S?, he VV >4 of the SE At, and the VV J? of section >; eo^ion* 4. 6. 8. and 10; the W \i of the NK '4, ?he V A* of the SE '4, ana the W S of section W; s-olon* 18, 20, 22, 2b. 28, 3u. 32, and 3t; the VV of sec10113i, of township 4a, of range 36. The W H of the SE U and the WJf of section 18; vvmuu u , ui vu w iieuip U| lAU^C At the Land Office at City, oommening on Monday, the 23d day oi July n'xt, fur the isposal of the vacant land* in the even nvnbtr-d edtons ami parti o.f secfunis. wititin the umlerin -nloned township*, wluoh ren ain to the t'nited itates within six miles <>u each aide of the rail oads, "from Little Bay de Noquet to Marquette;" from Amhoy by Hillstale aud Lansing,a:>d from kand Rapids to some point on or Dear Traverse Jay" Mjbieot, as required by law. to a minimum f two dollars and fifty cents per acre, vil: forth of the bis* lint and tr'tt of the principal meridian. Townships 21,22,23,24,2.:., 27, 28, 29, 30. 31, 32, J, and 34, of range 3 i'cwmthips 23 . 24, 25, 26, 27 , 28, 29, ??, 31, 32, 33, 34, 5, acd 36. of range 1 Townships 31, 32. and 33, of ran?e 5 Townships 27. 28,29, 30. 51, S3. vid 33, of range6 Townships 25,26, 27, 28, 29.30, 31,32. aiid 33, of ange 7 Townships 21,22, 23,24, 25, 2b, 27,28, 2\ 3", 31, and 2. of rung* g Townships 21,22, 23, 24, 25. 26, ard 71. of raaee 9 Townships 21, 22, 23.24, '25, ar.d 26,of range 10 Townehi ps 21. 22. and 23. of ranee 11 Townships 40. and 41. of range 2i Townships 19, 40, and 41, of ranges 22 and 23 Tnn...ek... At\ ?..J * * "* t UWIIDIlipOT'SMU 11) Ul l?Ug? <4 Townships 41, of range 25. At the Land Offie at Traverse Citt, oomnienlng on M< uday.the ISti. day > t August hcxi for he disposal of the public lands heretofore wi"frrtd, rlthin the following townships, viz : i'orth of the base Ivte and loett the principal meridian Townships 23.29, and 30, of range 10 At the Lai d Oftiae at Ioxia, commencing on ilonday, tb* 3>th day of Jul? next, for disposal of ho vacant lands in the even numbered ter.tiamt and arts uf srcttons. within th ? unrf^rni'iitiuufHl town- i hips, which remain t<> the United ftatir within six on < ><oh ?ide ot the ra Iroads, "fioui Aintoy, iy Hillsdale and 1 ans'ng, and from <tra:id Rapid* o some point on or near Traverse Bat; also from ?rand Haven and Pere Marquette to Flint, and lienoe to Port Huron," ?uhi?ct, a? required, by iv, to a minimum ol two dollars and fifty eentt ptr ' \rre. vi* : SoriU oj the base lime and oj the prtnnpal m rid inn Township* 3, 4, 5. 6. 7, an<l 8, of range 1 Townships 4. 5.6.7, and 8, or rang* 2 Townships I, 2, 3, 4, S, 6, 7. ft, and 17, of range 3 Township* 2, 3.6- 7, 8,17. and 18, of range 4 Township* 6, 7. H, 17. and 18. of rang** 5 and 6 Township* 5, b, ?, 8. 15, 16 an?1 17. of rarg? 7 Towushi^i 5. 6 7. is, 16, and 17, <.f range ? Townships 5, 6, 7, 1", li, 12,13, 14,15,16, 17,18,13, j md 2". of range 9 Townships 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 1". II, 12,13. 1?, 15, 16. 17, 1R, *> and 2", "f range in 6,7. 8,9, ! >, 11, 12, 13. 14,16, 16,17,18,19, kiid au, of r^nge 11 Townships 6.7, 8, 9,1", 15 '6, and 17, of rar ge 12 Townships fi, 7, S, 9. 15,1?>, 17. an*? 18, of range 13 Townships7,8,9,16, 17,18, and 19, of ranges 14 lud 15 TownsNips 7.8,9, and >9, ol range 16 j Townhlti i>s 17,18, and 19, of ranges 17 and 18. South of the bait lime and qf Ike principal me rtdian. T>>wn?hips 1,2, 3, and 4, of range 4 Townships 1.2 3 4 5, and 6, of range 5 At the Land Office at Dktkoit, couuneroing on Wonday. the nth day of August next, for the disposal or the vacant lands in the even numb/red ?< ions anil paris of seciuttt, wituin the undermepjoiiod ti.wnt.hlps. which remain to the Uniutd within sm miles on each side of tne rail vada, "from Au;l>oy,hy Hihadala anil Lansing, to 'ome point oil or near Traverse bat ; from jr*iKl Haven and Marquette to Fiint. and ;hena? to Fort Huron." subject, *a r-quired by law, At a minimum of itro dollars and fifty tents Ptr a< re, M?: South nf the base line ami wtft of the print tpeU meridian. Tnwnahipa 6, 7, 8, and 9,of range 1 Townahips 1, 5,6.7,8, and 9, of range 2 Townships 1.2.S, 4,5, 6 7, 8, and 9, ot ranges Townahip* S. 6, and 7, of range 4 Worth nf the bate tint and east of the principal meridian. Tnvnahini A mrtri \ s\f ? ?>-? * Townshipi 6,7, and ?. of ranges 12,13, and 14 Townships 5, 6,7, and R. of rango i.S Townships 5.6, and 7, of raiigea 16 and 17 yortk of th' bast line and west of the principal me rulian. Townships 23 3", 31, *2 33, 34, and 35 of ran** 2. At th* I Arid Office at East Sauiha w, eoirmeno n* or. *Inn<lay, the 2>'th day of August nejt, for the liap isal of the vacant landa in the even numbered Hrtfnr. within fhe undermentioned township*, irhioh remain to the United States within aix miles n each side of the railrosda. "from A in boy, by ilil sda'e and Laming. to aoiue point on or near rr*ver?eBay; also from Grand Hav?n a-d Pere | Marquette to Flint, and thenoe ti Port Huron." | inMaot. a* required by law, to a minimum of tiro foliar* and fifty cent* per acre, vix: \orth of tke base lint and east of th* principal median. Township! 6, 7, 8, 9, <0,11, IS, 14,15,16,17, II, 19,20, uul 21, of range 1 Townahipa b, 7, 0,9,10, 11 .^2,13,14,15,16,17, 18, 19, tnd 2 >, of .ange 2 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. of ange 3 Townahipa 6, 7, S, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, of ange 4 Townships 6, 7, 8.9, 10,11, 12, 13,14, and 15, of ang? 5 . Townahipa 6,7,8,9,10,11, ami 12. of range 6 Townships 6 7,8.9, and 10 of range 7 Townships 6,7, and 8, of ranges, 8,9,10, and 11. Vortk of tke bate line and west of the principal meridian. Townshipa 14,15, 16, 18, 19, 90, 21, 22, and 25, of ange 1 I ownahipa 14,15, 16,17,19, 90,*21, 22, 23. 24, 95, S6, 19 aim ?o, Ul lango Lands appropriated by law for the uae of schools, niiitary auJ other purposes, together with the swamp and overflowed" lauds, will be exoluded rum the s&ies. . . . ... The tracts along the lines of the railroad* will be old, subj ot to the right of way, granted by act of th Aucunt 1852, for ?aid railroads, and the particular track* out by the route* will be eold a* oonsininc the quantities respectively ahown on the ithcialp at*, without deductions. The Ifering of the above ianda will be oom- ? neuoed on th* days appointed, and will prooeed in heorder in whioh th?? are adve>tised until the rhol* ahall have been offered, and the sales 'hus iloaed; liut no aale ahall bekept(?en longer than t" weeks, and no private entry of anr of the landg rill be admitted until after the expiiation of the w> weeks. (riven under m* hand, at the City of Washington, his sixth nay of Apnl, annu Douuni one thousand light hundred and sixty JAMES BUCHANAN. I By the Pendent: Jos. 8. Wivsox. Commiskioner of the General Land Ofioe. i iftTlflK TO PD P.tUDHiA? ?.?? ' EvYrTj^p^ o tnf onh4 Itndi within thtUiwntiiipi above an- ' " r*9^1'r?<l to eatablixh the nune to th* ' a ti (faction or the register aw) receiver of tde I2KL * *1" mak* payment thtrrjor a* WTjmruraotr ajxtr yttnf thit netitr, and b?thed*y appointed for the eommenoemeht of of theland* embracing the (not mimed: otherwise such claim *|1 bmlarfofUd! ( Conuniaaioner of Ua General LawdOffioe yctt.?I'nder the regulations of the Department, -.yf*?-0/"* n<'w exi?tia*. no payment ?"? b* MISCELLANEOUS. 'A >?eo!.o?T! % \ DISPATCH! <? ? \Z*T Safe the Pieeei! 9K^ At mctidmts w*U karri*. ?? ?* tes/i r?nU*h4 / militt, it is very desirable to havs iom aheap and oosvenieut way for repairing F anutara, Toys, Crookerj, he. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLl'E niMU all such emergencies. and no household oat afford to bs withontlt. It is always ready and sp to the stioking point. There is no longer a neoes sitr for limping chairs,splintered veneers, headless dolls, and broken cradles. It is lost tha article for Md other ornameRtai work, so popo>ar With >adies of rs&nsmect snr! taste. This admirable preparation Is nsed sold, being ohemioaily heid in soratioa. and possessing a., the valuable *ua>ities or the boat oubfnet makers' glae. It may mum id the p.aoeof ordinary miiciiut, being vastly more adhesive, " USEFUL IS EVERY HOUSE." Pries. 25 omU N. B.?A Brush aaoompamee each bottle Wkoltmit Dtrot, No. 4? Cedar street, Naw York. Addreaa HENRY c71*PALDlNG * CO., Box No. S,tiO0, New York. Pat op for Deaior* ia ?aaea Four, Eight, and Twelve D^ien?a beautiful Lithograph <e Show Card aooumpanying each paoKage. lET A single bottla of SPALDIXW'S PREPARED GLUE will aava ten times ita aost annually to every household.-/~T1 hv ftll arnmi r nr. t Ktatinnara rWn??ia4a Hardware and Furniture I)ra,ers, (irooers. anJ Kanoy Stores. Country merchantsshoald make a not* of SPAL Dh\(t'S PREPARED GLUE, when matin* up ?beir list. It will stand ar* c'imate. fe l<My c H E EMU-0) FOR FAMILY USE, WILL MIND ARTICLES IH WMd. Leather, t'rackery, Glmi. Irtry, Bene, Alabaster, Marble. Rabber, Gatta Fercba. Math. Paper, Papier Mac he, Shell, Horn. Hane, Piaster, lie. And indeed there is scarcely an article in the whol* range of donatio economy, whether it be foe use or ornament, which when broken, cannot with this preparation be restored to its original value. It ohallenges the world for its superior. It is indispensable in every HOUSE, WORK-SHOP,COUNTiy? ROOM, and 110 person after trial of 8tarr's Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dinp?n?c with it for four times its ?out. It is alw ay* ream, and alwaj s reliable. It is not offensive to the smeH, and is not affected by olimate, and where known it has become a fixed tact. The attention of dealers and consumers is invited to the following testimonials regarding fls superior qualities : Newark. Nov. ?, 18.59. "After a faithful trial of STA R R'S PREPA RED HI. f Eon Wood. I.oathnr and Cloth, at tne Phenix Works, I most cheerfully rwyifumend ite nee f<-r a!! purpoies neueral'y required, and enprcialiy for fainuj dm. C. A. Carter." "We, the undersigned havinr tested SiARR'S PRE PA R ED (iL Uli, acr?*o with the above reoom mendatioB. "W*. B. Doc<u?f. "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N. J. "Ly^axder Wri?ht, "Machine Depot, ?*> Market at, Newark, N. J. "Hkdenblrs & Littell, "Carriace Manufacturers. Newark. N. J. "Wm H. KireACo., "Carpenter# and Builders, Newark, N. J. "Leverich A Kxders, "Carriage Makers, Newark. N. J." Starr'a < hemically Prepared Glit la aoM l}y all Dnuriata. Furniture Dealer*, Grooera, Fancy Gooda D"a.l?r?. Hardware Dnalera, Stationer*, and by ooiintry merchant* generally. Cents per bottle. A brush gona with faeh bottle. Put up for d>*alprs in om?s from 1 to 12 doxen. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in oolora, given with each package. All ordera or letter* of inquiry by mail addreaaed to the STARR GLIE COMPANY. SI Liberty at., N. Y. will reoeive prompt attention. >[ r* A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly f (^^AROMAT!C r^jj jol 4 Mlfe, J | tH ^ V 'l n?? M kt*k"- ?* p?M^4<f?rr( *? *. V ^ ' ?C ^ f* r rn4 hv (rA? r 'drgf [**t>f/r* t* V* M t*rA< V*L'*?mftk< &7 QO . 3&?**/ ?* <f Mf~, 11 *> "P fl f 6 ^ r~<T<?0 tm!y Iha n fc A/m, | r??S^ > / *5 . l/l Jy '?? defend v/k^ pttttnp ? o??^ artirlA !*?*?? tkrv b?'> tk* faUry it kuir-, at ' . Z5Z?* WA't t? &nid hv 'I# rWli. /f i? r? |VI 'j-flC/ .jFevMMa^ iy^ /r?l Pkfmrimmi tm\j ^ _ ' fflj >y. tJU l'ni< nait if ifJictMi ? ; $5^ ML Solei^oTprietor.\ ' ? ? * jr 'YOjj^O ^ < 5 YA i * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS IMCVMWU WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS: NEW YORK. fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR k 8KMME8. T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaoribar having mid# additional*) ki factory, mik)E( it now one of the in the Dutriet, where hie facilitiee rorUPJ^K manui&otprinfCARRIAGE A. L1GHT*=*? WAGONS of ail k.;.d? cannot be arpaaaed, iM from his lonj experience in the bmaineae, he hopat AU*kind? of Carnage* an4 Light Wacom left m 11 REPAIRS neatly dane,a?4a!ler4ari premyt P1V? HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS I arrived this day, embracing all?quali &M and anee of Sola Leather, Ladiea'HMM rets and Packing Trunk*. Our trank^Mr" room exhibit* at thie time the greatest traveling regain tea at moderate pncaa. to be found thia aide of New York. Aleo.everj deeonaUon of LADIES' HAT BOXEfc, VAL1CES, CA K PRTBAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. ? ID-Old Trunk* repaired or taken tn exohange for new onea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Traak SaJea Room. ??9 ^ i.?. e. Liiiii. ?. *. hot*. i* k tmi. L??..on.A?ffl. wlrlaw Will pmetlM i?S(? AfMftla *tJ*ck?on, theFwUriT Poototo*, tb? Court* of the Seventh JadJouU Dtttriot ofllis. JACOB REED. M J Mimiemn or MILITARY CLOTHING, Bovtiuit Comma. Bacons and SravcB Pr*., FHLLADMLPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR 8ALE. HlMg TO CALL pio. ntmu to buy yrmr ULOTHINO "EM* "> ' SMITH mLU hi* Ooodt Cmmi than my othm in toy? ?? **. DACBR?' BUTTBft IN BALTIMORE.?AV? ofU?i*r iihIj to* with *wy Rue of Butt*r rmry aaoiM. WtteniiM now ^Wu^W,U. tadfrum tlaaX o totC -7 i mPlClNK. D* naMnS!lmo*u v UOC* BWflTiii Mm DU?*??rW ik mh r?rm?t mum I/kimJ Hrm\*df tm ik? Wmrid. FOR ALL DISKASKe OF HHFRl'DKNCfc. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT APFLY IMMKD ATKLY. A CURE WARRANTSO, Oh NO CHAhVg, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS VutM??ru< ft* at. vnciaraa. ifttum af tk? '4a*v? ?4 K?Mn, tear; [WktrfM. lamtrarf, <a??wl Orttliif, Rarvaaasaaa. Dyapaya. U .par,U? >??iiaa, C? ' ai ml Mau, Mfawaa rfi?t<<an. tW^iir Tn?>li?|?. fta?a?a(fe(ttar SiMnaH, Owmi afikt Rh4.IV?i, "a?? M Skin, AttcuM rftka Lain, hMutt M laaaa ifcaaa Tarnbla 0wor4ara analog nia tatnary liMi af Taaib?i*aaa Dra?4NI u4 DaMlttU'l Pracucaa vlwl raa <u Mum|i lapaankia. a a* taainf kau u< MM TOVMti MBII I^Nttllt via kati kacanta uka ?uB?l rf latNut Vlaa, 4kat traadfa. tn4 4aairatu*a babat *kia* aj?aaall? avaap* m aa aiinuaif gra?a tha*a*a4a af Yaaa( Rat ?f Ha Mat aa altatf uHat-j aMl tnliaat totaOacv, ?ka raif-fct atkarviaa ha<a aatrucal l?ac*ri g Sanataa aiik tba UM>4ara afalaaMoaa ? Hfffl MAU1U PKUOM, ?r T?M| M*> miotftaliif Mir rttft, t?a( inri 0f fithiu, Mftm 4?MMly, liWmiUH. Ac.. fctdilT tar?< vh? >I*ch biBMV inlii lk? UK > Dt J. * ? r*D|t. M?l? a kN bKH u 4 (tuUiau u4 wcMmiI; ??J? fM hu *klU U pkTMAMA. orriCE iu. raom rttrtiMtrun l?ft ku< h4i f*o| h?a ItluiMra imu, Hw mw i Iti urur ran an u (Wmi mm ? ?* ? lxu<n wh r*Mu4MMiu uitaf m. joiairoa. aft* a JUral Caiiaf* af??rf*aa*. Utw, p<?? fM* ( *f lh* UiMl UWM CWUpt W lh* CnRad ?UI?S lad Ui frail* r ptrt af ?*vm( Uf? Km ha*e fin ik ??? fcaaCiia *f Ur<M, hra, PlHtliilkM u< ei**v'*r*. ha* *1*4 mu ( til aaat ear** IM ? " ? knawn, maa? iihMM *nk ringing la U?a haid iad m a tb?i uiiii frail uriMH***, Unit mra>*d rl *i44n aaaadt, hiahfh.i.aa* with fre;aeiu b.Ml inf. at-ai>4*4 * ?? bm vttfc <iiu(*aui W >u>4, wera e?ri4 i?aitiu)r TAKE PAKTICVkAR KOT1CC. Yaaaf M*n U4 atfiere aba 'iii m. farad ilt*meel*ee kl amit priicuc* mda.f *d la a tea aVaa.* ?? ha hi: fraqaaatlf iHmd (ram *>U r*ii,p*ni*n*, ar it wM, vh* ataci* af which ar* Mfhuj f*lt ***e wtat. |a*>**f, tad if Ml eared. rand* re mrrnf* in>pn*aihla, lal 4**tr?r? haU ?iad eaf hady, eheaid ippta MNaattatal* a Thaaa in a af th? aad maUnebaW afacta ltt<n?4 by airly ??Hu af nnk '? I Wiilnw af tbi l>ct aa4 link*, rtm m tbi !<, Di*i>mi rf I ** Mwiui f?at, Pii|>tt>u?> ( tha K? r .; N*r *?v? InMaMB?F. Daranf araan'. of thi I>lf iiu?? f aiituana, Maairal inability, IffflRMn of CmnmftMi', M1CHTALLY.?Tm furfai tfiettn iba Rii(4 *r? ?*?? la b? dra^Sid ? Loaa of Maiuary. Cotfaatai af I4a?a, ftacraaa** af Spirna. Kail Fart-adinfa, A?iraiaa af Sacia y. >alf Piatrati. La*? af lclilii<i,Tini<i7, lit , in aaraa ai |ki ?;.? f fclll BEITOM DBIIblTT -ftmhudi Ml mi fa Mil ! lha eian of tbur 4acliamf hultb, Uainf thaw "fat. ? aruibf Vtkk, pail, ntrraaa and aaaciaiad. baatnf an.fa ?t l^fiirutl ibaat ibl ilia, ccift O* lymp! ? ( cniaMfna diar.aflk* or impri;pkn< -a: WHin tti miifaidid and impndin; ?<x?rf of pauin hi haa irnt ibad tha iiidi af tbu pomfal diaf-ia, it taa af<aa bappaj.i that aa ill umad unii af itim or draad af d?aca*i'f dlun bin froia ippltuif to thaaa arha. from a?latat#*? and rai pic lability, can afaiii bifriand him. Hi frlii mia tki biiidi ?f iftiarant lad dnifi.iuf prmadira, ?fco. inrafab't af tana^. Itch bia pacamary actotauca, blip hn? uitaif ml u lit*i \im *ifk ratrod ktil'i |? tur* a??r bio fa.hng di?*pfx>u. ua*nl; or *f Ik* mi af (hat d??<T? paiaan, Marc or*. haaton lh? cm *'Ha???u?l tfrrwon.# ? l*t? tannbl* dioatto, net u Afactaa** o* ,.s? loar; Tbraot.. km.Ac.. prorraoou a with fri^h-M rapiJr*. tiU 4o?ih pato Mrw4 to hu drodfal oaCtnnf* b? oandn f bin i* ifcat a* ditca'trtd caar >r? fraa vbiM baan* no waoalar ratarvt DL JOHHSONVfcEMtOY PUR ' tfc'.AWIO ? k. A IN KM AMP 1MPOTEWCT By tkta rroit and lanr.'ni r*ia*d* *o?Imh a' fta MM ar*'*p**dily tarod aafl fall ?.fo? raotar* I Thm?r?? o' > aot earvoao and dobtlitatad, wba kad laat ail bapi, bn ktan mm?4i*taly raiiavad. All imp<4iaiDi> ta Mirmp fbftutl ar Monul Ptaaaa" teationo, Lna* of Procratl"* Fa?tr, M????a? Irr'iii ?i? Yraiablin* >od Watknoooar Kth?a*ua?i a' tfea *-a?i H.4 * r~ ci?D()iisEMEirrc?r rmr. TBE MANY TH 'I SA *M rmni iMM. ii??t?yt? vHt'i lb? l*?t run, mi rtt Mntrtn imprrunt h'|t Ml *p*r?u?n? ptrforiLtd fc? Dr ?;tn?w?4 k? tM r?f?n?r? ?f Ibt p?p*r? and moy iStr [inni n*tie?a > vtRb bt'i iMiini ^urttkt tiMi'., t)M4*i hi* *t*riam( j?ni,?mar ?f c*i?r*cl*r 1 r??e?i ?i Mlu;. i? i c i?r putniti to iM ' mil )? U it Dr. j. bovkk dod*j? IMPERIAL W/.VE BITTERS. Are now b?ir.* ua?*d from Maine to the Gr?t l.ake, anl the uni%-*r*al <">r<l?ct of al! who u?? ti?m fiih?r ti t mfrfi/m* w t< a brr<rti*r in that they are arira'pased in the world l?r. u?ed thein en- m ht* praetioe for li year* l>efore we purchased of him th? e i icht to ntaoufactu'* and preoout them for *a> to the public. For lh? ou'? of Incipient Conauinstion, Indtceetirra, Di ? pepeia, Pile*, Nervou* l>ieea e?. Femaie Cora plan t*, and all caaee requiring a tome, th?y ar* t>e yond doubt a mmt ihvaiaahle remedy. An?1e from their medicinal propert'e* they are a pur*, who)* tome and delightful Beverage, producti>g ai the plea?aiit <-xhii<"atin* effect* of Braniy or W ine without their injurious r**alta. ' -et all fr?ei.d? of humanitv and HI VI>?A.tea ..f t#nii>?r?.m? s.aaiat u? in ?m>?tituinr *haae valuable V*ret?ble Bitteri for the mimtral pnitont and adultmltd L*qucr>* with which the country is flooded, and tnerehv o/fec ua.ij aid in ban eiunj lJieeaee and Draokeiiee* from the iand. _ CHARLF.t* WIDDIFIKLD k. CO, Proprietor*, 7* William ?t-eet. New York. J. SOHWAR2E A feu. wuh:n(b d. D C. DR. J ROVFK IXIDS' IMPERIAL fiJN BITTERS, For Diaea?ec of the Kidueft, R idderaid l.'ruiar? <>riran?, and ecpeoiaily for Fema<* OrietraetipM. ?tw iuj u> cure. ana are warranted to (ire aat :a fiction. cilarlf.* widdifield a co.. froprietora, 7?> William it., New York. J. HCHWARZt, je 7 lT.r A<*nt. WaahiBftou. D. c. Highly important to alls MKS COX'S INDIAN YEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ia well known that to the Spring peopie are more apt to oontraot dieeaae than at an? other oriod; asO it ia equally well-known that the way to war-1 ofT diaea?e ia to keep the blood pure, for "all the the that fleah ia b?ir to," aria* from import t*ofth!? blood, the main eprinf of oar existence. It ia. theref) re, important to all that the a?atom riioalij ho timrourh ? r<eana*d and purified, and thu can be done 111 ?h<< most offeetuaj waj by uainc MUS M (OX & INDIA> T ni ETAELE DF COCT'.ON. the beat remedy diaoorered for the eare of dlaeasea <>f Skin. Lryatpe.aa. Scrofua. Rheama tiam. Nervoua Debility, Fevera of different kinda. Dt"p*p-y. Liver Cornp.iunt, and ail other diaeaaea ar.Binif fr.-in of the b<-od l'ia?efleot*d the moat retria kaMe curea, aa oar. he alinwn by nnmeroj* oer'ifioatea from peraona of the hit heat reapeotahility, an 1 la recommended by ail who ha\ e u??d it *a the moat invaluable rantedtai Meet of the day. C7" It ia ?old by a.: the DruKKiato of Ba.timore. ai.d at the reaidenee of the proprietory^ 149 Cui Baltimore atreet. llAtVMn R.1M1 RIM! RVMIIR None genuine un'een her nam* is blown on the botfje and her seal on the oork. (t^l'rioe #1 per bottle. ?ix bottle* for 9&. Wkolt*nie Aftnt. R. S T. Cimkl. Druccict. Georgetown. 15. C., W hoe?,f A tent for U?e Die triot, and will loppy the trade at my pneea. mar Z1 tr *pHK ALL 8UFFICIEN * THIKK TRIE3EMAR. Frottfi by Rov+i Lttfrr Pmumt of Entimmd. mm4 jK?r?i by Ik* Stain of tkf Ecoli it rkmrmotii it Part.". anA tk* Imperial lolif of JUmm, FtoiM. No. 1 i* terminable for exhawatton, nrermat->r rhf^a. and all ahymoal diaabiiitiee. ? _ No. S oomplately erad.eatoa all traoea of thoo* dlaeaeee that have boon hitherto treated to the nag aeona and permoioa* uae of oopavia and on be be. No. 3 ha* entirely auaplanted the iitfunoiii nee of mornurr, thereby ir.anrinf to tbe aafferer epood? relief, rfi?perm r.r, all lrcpnrtiea, and rooting oat the venom of diaeaee. TR1 K>KM A K .No?. l.ttand *,are prepared la the form of a loaenfe, devoid of tact* and atnet ., and oan be carried in the waiatooat poofcel ?>.<? mt-r oaaee. and divided into aeparate <io*ea, a* ulru:L,? tered by Vaiaeaa, JloaxTTaioor*;, Prioe #3 each, or (bar eaaoa for $9 which aavea f s ?nd in mTJ oaeea. whereby there la a nrmi of m 'o be ha^.whoioaaleand retail, of Dr. BAAftOW. 94 B'eecker atreet, fwnr duora balow McDr-ncai atreet. New York. Immediate!? on reoeivigj a ra mittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forwe-rd u,c Tnaaaawr to any part of the world, aeoareir paok*d. aad ad dreaaad aoeordinc to the ioetrnetinna of the writer. Sold a ?o bv 8. CALVKET POKD, Jr., Wart incton. D. C, de Ma Bcohu, Hoapiti^i, lB?tmnj?cU or lit(t-au them ^1, ?ad, if d .iyoMd te yrofct bv ey eayertwee, *nU for mj fnv?t*Ciry ? gpKRMATOH RHOSA I-IT8 CURB With itMt* nolo**-. Mamfc la perfect oaftFOR STAMPIN* Jta?3i__ A PACKF.T OP PAPBR a - AND ENVELOPES N U TO MATCM. MianAr MlMnUU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, . ' PEILP A SOLOMONS, _ Agmti for Laurri.era Linea Nfin, _** ftm.r Mm.*vZW?*iUi?* *. 279 ^S2SKf": 206 tt??Bhljc renwaJJy to bUN?w Btor*, h^? imitate* at*la, with the imb* prvatftatm wT4 la wktch whin* W? K? MrSorto glioww wo ti0Sv^8J?,S^5J5r?Kto!6K2 *-. ?n f* T^rjmy

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