Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1860 Page 1
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# ' ' (Fbcning Star. i ii ii. . _ _ V-. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JUNE 16. I860. N?. 2.287. ^ ? - - THE EYEJHNG STAR II FUBL1MMBD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SVNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAB BriLOINM, Comer of Pennsylvania avonu* (J- llti >(., T W. D. WALLACH. P???rs eerve* la paokacee by aarrlere M |U ear, or r oenti p?r month. To nail etbaarlbara the pnee la tSJf a year, *a mdvmmtt; ?3 for all BB^ntht. ?1 for three roontha; and for leas than thr?e monthe at the rate of 12 oenta a week. 8in?le enpiee, orb cbbt; in wrappera, two cbbtb. tljT" ahoald be eent to the oftoe before 13 o'aiook, m.; otherwiae they may not a* ??ai until the next day. THE RECTOR'S DAUGHTER. BY KATE STABLIT. It was a cold nigbt. The library shatters rattled ao an to make as nervous; bat we TKa ftmn* iBAn KBM AWAB *Kam anJ r ? ll'>ll vw I VI VI ?U?UI? *u\l " v could listen to the wind with less disturbance. Now and then it would go out in a mad shriek upon the night watches, like the wail of a mother over her lost child?that wail of a crushed hope. Fitfully, at first, as if the weeper dared not to weep aloud, then more distinct, until it swelled into a thrilling wail that made one start with fright, and then it would die away faintly, as if heart were breaking and life had departed with the last notes of that Md, plaintive voice There is an old tree aboTe the wing that contains the library, and we?that is Willis "nd I?could hear it tussling with that mad w nil, like a human bring straggling with some bitter foe. We had listened to it an hour or more in perfoot silenoe. I was reading by the fire-light, and paused to listen.when it ceased. I looked for my companion, he stood Dy the window which overlooked the village road, lie had opened one of the shutter* and was An t i n*A tKn nirrVtf f^oniu^ V M V U %V 1UV "There he goes?the spirit of the storm." As he spoke there was a bright flash of lightning. and I stood by bis side, watching the Tillage road It was a quick, anxious glance, J jet I saw a black horse and its rider dash madly over the old bridge, and the next moment they were lost in the darkness. Then followed a crash of thunder that shook the earth itself, and then went rolling away among the mountains; now louder echoing from some cliff or mooring, through some faroff glen, until it died away, and stillness ensued, more sublime than the voice that preceded it. "Did you know Aline Thomas' She grew up while you were away. She was beautiful, proudly beautiful, with her dark, mournful eyer and pale feature*, and her form?it was so light and graceful. And very kind and gentle, too, was Aline?ever by the sick couch of some poor stranger, or aiding the poor stranger on hi? lone pilgrimage I verily believe there was not an old man who did not dream of her when he dreamed of angels in heaven Never was there one more beautiful than Aline?none, save one." Willis paused for an instant as he uttered that last sentence, and I saw a shade of suppressed grief pass, like a cloud in a swift wind, across his tace. I knew that he stood in the presence of a holj vision. And, as the past went before him with stately tread and solemn mein?as the love past ever goes before us in these latter years?I turned my face, and left him to the communion of that sweet dream. He remembered the story be was telling so longer. He remembered only that vision. Long years since he had buried it out of his sight He heard the wind no longer; he heard ouly that low voice, now musical with laugnter, now with song. As a natural consequence of her position? for she wa.* the rector's daughter?and her singular beauty. Aline Thomas was sometimes imperious and proud. She did not attempt to conceal her dislike for some of the forward who pressed their attentions upon her, or her displeasure at an ill-expressed or too open compliment. How it was I know not; perchance his silent admiration was better suited to her taste; perchance from the natural kindness of her heart, that led her to see the loneliness of his. and to compassionate the nervous humor with which her prtMoct inspired him; for these or other reasons she soon distinguished Oscar Lyle, and showed pleasure in conversing with him. They were young then, very young, yet ever after Oscar Lyle was her favorite. You might see them any summer evening, sitting side by side in the red twilight, talking as familiarly as brother and sister of the future, and of the past as well. And then there was Aline's father, a strong, fine looking man, and good old Major Grayson, who used to drop in1' of an evening for pleasant converse. Those were sacred hours for those two young hearts; yet. alas' the past never comes back again, save in memory?then only to pain us with sad regrets 01 dark hours for soine unkindly-spoken word Sitting there, in the old village church, in the red light that fell through the stained flass window*?even then he felt angels must e like Aline Thomas,who,with moek and reverent face, listened to the words of the good old rector; he looked not upon the cold world as it is, but as it seemed. How strangely our childhood shadows forth our life' It was May-day, and Aline was to be queen. As they stole out through the old wicket. Lyle placed a wreath of flowers upon her white brow, tied with a broad white ribbon. How Aline thanked him with her smiles! And they were merry with their dance and with their song, until the young squire came. He wu a young lad. no older than Oscar Lyle, but proud and self-willed. Ani he must kins the queen, forsooth' and Aline blufhed, drew back until Oscar came to the retcue. There was a quick movement of the youth's arm, and Walter Grayson fell like a log at hia feet; while Aline, weeping and trembling, tore the wreath from her forehead, and would sing no more that day. N'earir a week aftwr that IWm 1 J V. ? * IO I1911CU the parsonage, and they told bim Aline wa? unwell He paused a moment. Did his cheek paled. Then, pushing the terrified servant aside, he hastened to the drawing-room. She lay half reclining upon a rich velvet coach, j looking wildly lovely in a dress of pure white muslin; yet her face wore a deepershadeof pensiveness than was iu wont, and she turned not to meet him when he entered the room. "Aline"' be gasped. springing to her side. She glanced up?he knew all then; the stained border of her head dress?it was his gift?Walter Grayson's. "It were no fault of mine. Oscar, if I turn from thee,'' she said "lie is my father, and it is his wish; he is all the friend I have in this wide world, but you, Oscar. And you will he my friend, my brother, in this dark hour. You will forgive me. Oscar and she laid her hand upon his arm. and raised those large, pleading blue eyes to his. "You will forgive me, Oscar *" May God forgive thee, Aline?I never can ." He turned away, and Aline Thomas was alone. The rector met him the hall. Aline told you ?" he said inquiringly; uyet blame her not, for it is better tnus. You are poor now, Oscar;" and a bitter smile wreathed bis lips as he turned away. ' I am poor, now, Mr. Thomas, yet, yo? shall feel proud to call me friend." Oscar Lyle turned away as he spoke, and when he left the parsonage, there was another green trrave in bis memory, and another loved form had been buried in a lone spot in his heart. Aline Thomas was to be a forgotten natqe in future ** It was a wild nirht, just such a night as this It was the night before the trial. Yes', Mr Thomas had been charged with a crime, by the laws of his country deemed unpardonable. A dispute had arisen between him and his son-in-law; Walter fell on the floor a corpse The villagers pitied the old man; and everything that oould be done was cheerfully performed The cervices.of the most renowned ?dvocatc hlil Iwiin nm*nr~l- ??J ? v ' ? ? r- ?uu iiaaiJ j anpca that, on the marrow, Mr. Thomas might throw off the chains of th? convict; yet they dared not breathe that hope, it waa no faint. One heart waa bleeding all alone on that wild night, in the richly furnished boudoir of that old house. The heavy drapery that fell over the large windows half concealed the al??der form; vet the fafte waa sueh a one as you might see in the ideal of an artiat'sdream. The dark, mournful eye* beamed with a ten der aoftne?a, contrasting atrangely with the ashy palei.eM of that young face, so lovely in it* outlines, so beautiful in ita deep grief. * Will he come'" a ad the lady preaaed her face bard againat the damp glaw, until it became clouded by tar qaiok, fain ting breath J 4 Earnestly ah* listened, jet there was do anawer?no sound, save the rustling of the old tree against the window, and the fierce pattering of the rain againat the glass. Still, her face waa pressed hard against the window-pane, and the pale featnrea were lit ap by a wild, intense excitement. Yet, she could see nothing ?nothing, only that gaunt old sentinel by the window, its huge form blackened by approaching night; and the long, brick wing looking dark and shadowy in the deepening gloom. Fainter and more shadowy became the objects to her view, and the rain beat more faintly against the window-panes. She drew back with a cold shudder, and allowed the rich drapery to fall back amid its place, while she sunk deeper and deeper amid the rich pile of cushions; and a smile?it was a bright smile?flittered over that pale face She was in a dream-land. Oscar Lyle again stood by her side, leaning against the chancelrails in the old Tillage church, listening to the I roice of the eood rector: airain sh? through fho old wood, tinilol Pnlry JCnoll, >uj their old hauntA again, and worn those wild forest flowers into bright wreaths, sitting there on the old stone bench, in the pale moonlight, with the church spire in the distanoe. She dreamed, and the smile of trusting faith stole over that pale face, like a ray of sunlight over a summer cloud. She thought he was doubting her constancy, and ehe lisped a wild, fervent reply? 'Oscar, do you doubt me?" Again she was clasped to that manly breast, and a wild cry of joy warbled up from her throat, and then she started The bright dream passed. She started from the couch, and gaied out into the night; yet, she could discern nothing. nothing, only a dark shadow, as it now and then swept past the window. It was the old tree. The rain still beat fiercely against the window-panes, and she could hear a faint, mournful, dismal sound, like the rattling of hail?it was the rain dripping in the court below. She sprang from the window and turned to a marble-topped table. A small lamp of frosted silver was burning upon it; and near it stood a tiny bell of silver. She grasped it with an impatient motion, rung it sharply, and then sunk back upon the couch, the shadows deepening upon tier pale face The cjear, silvery chimes sounded coldly through those spacious chambers, and soon a serv ant entered the room Vet you could not hear the fall of his footsteps, so heavy were those rich carpets, for your feet would sink down into them as if in a bed of c over. "John, has he come?" and she bent eagerly forward, one white hand clutching the heavy folds of the drapery. "lie waits below in the vestibule, ma'am " "And is it he"' and her form trembled with excitement, while her heart beat wildly, and her dark eyes shone with a half-maddened light. "It is the barrister, ma'am " "You are sure it is he, John'" "I am, ma'm." a t_ i. * i * An, now Kind?ana in sucb * storm " A moisture gathered in these large, dark eyes, and she sunk into a half unconscious dream "Did you tell him, Johu?" and she started from the apathy into which she had fallen. 'I told him nothing." It is well, then; the kour?"' "It is past midnight." "So late! and I hare been musing here so long, and of him.'* She checked herself, a deep blue suffusing her cheek. "You may show him in, John,'' and she sank baek upon the couch, the white drapery clutched convulsively in the jeweled hand. A shadow fell over the carpet, and the noble form of the advocate stole into the room He rested one arm upon the marble mantel, and stood gaxing upon the beautiful being before him ft hitbir smilo k:- * * ? ? ? ?? V I VDVIII^ upVJJ LI 13 UUC ICO* tures. "Alice!" broke in a soft whisper from his lips "Oscar." She sprang forward, murmuring that dear name, and would have thrown herself into his arms, but he waved her back with a proud gesture. and stood silent, with that haughty smile still resting upon hib pale features. She hid sunk back upon the oouch, trembling like a wounded dove, or like a bright flower, blighted by the cold winter wind?an earnest, pleading prayer beaming from those dark eye.". "Oscar! Oscar* spare mc! I am wretched ! I am punished ! Spare me ! spare me ! I repent ! He is dead?he for whom I left you Oh! it was a solitary fault! Bitterly, oh! how bitterly atoned for!" " Aline"' "Oh, save! me me!': f<he cried, interrupting him, and stretching out her arms in supDllCation. "Let ine knn* tint v,.n ? ? <U?% J V/U ?iw friend in this dark hour, and that you forgive me, Oscar 44 Aline, I am. as ever, thy friend." 41 And you will save hiin?my father?" 44 If God's will permit*." 44 May Heaven bless you " 4lAline?" and the same cold smile wreathed his lips?"I was young when I first met you at the parsonage, and I thought no love like thine; you were my angel. Yet, when I learned that wrong, my heart was crushed; yet, in that dark hour, I found a friend?my mother; and on her I lavished all my young affections When poor, she shared my po\ erty, and cheered me on to brighter days. I became wealthy,and she smiled upon my home, xharine mv wealth." " Yet, Oscar, forgive me ' only say that you forgive me." "You are forgiven. Aline; and may you forget the blighting of one young heart. "ilashe gone and Aline pressed her hands wildly upon her forehead. " I have seen him ?yet, oh' what a meeting! and she sank upon the floor." There was a wild cry, no louder than the notes of a bird, yet so full of agony They UiH her gently upon the oouch, and watched ky her side that night; for she was ill, very ill ?yui it waa heart-sickness. * * * * The trial was over; and Mr Thomas was acquitted. The jurors, stem men though they were, could not resist the burning eloquence of the young advocate; and, without leaving their seata, they declared the prisoner at the bar not guilty. Then arose a cheer, so loud that it shook the bailding; and then the yard in front filled with the crowd, all anxious and eager to catch a view of the young barrister. lie soon appeared, with a fine-looking woman Leaning upon hu ann, followed by the old man 3d Aline He greeted them kindly, paring now and then to grasp the proffered hand of one more eager than the rest to hear that voice gain. lie took Aline's hand a* they reached the oarriage, and assisted her in?then the aged rector. "May Heaven blecs you.Osoar." The large, mournful eyee were fixed with a ?iM inrantitv uivn> Ki? -i ?, ? iuBC?rri?|? drove off, and she could no longer tee him I from the window, she sank down among the cushion*?the light of that young heart had gone forever- . They never met igtin. Oicm Lylc bwi?l a renowned barrister: but Aline lies in the village church-jard. The old man lives alone itk the venerable mansion, end whenever a storm sweeps over the hills he hastens to the grave of Aline, end ola?pinz the owld marblr in his arms, watchcs there all through the long night. It is there that his mad fancy has taken him to-nightHe watches by the *ra*? ? m?- v? auBV117*Oen Tom Thumb, out of whom Barnum roinrd jjold, i* now twenty-three years of age The liberal showman engaged him at first for a month, at eight dollars a week; then for seven vears, at seven dollsrs a week; and all charges of living and travel, and raised it to 823 a week ere the ye r was out When be took htm to England be gave hi m fifty dollars a week The little gent eman has made various exhibitions on his own account, and Is said to be now worth 950,000, which he ! perfectly able to take care of. Anns. WINILOW, N Experienced NarM and Female Phyilelui, preeenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, F?r Children Teething, WHO fraaily faetlltMaa lb* praeaaa af intMnf, k* aafiaalag tba ( mi, radaciof >11 intannauao?will all* j ALL PAII* and apaaraaclic action, and I* SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. Dapafid apon It, mathara, tl will f i?? rait ta yaaraaWaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wi ba?a pat ap and aald tbia aitlela fur ??ar (an jtin, and can (at, in lonriumcl a ft d titth of it, vbat va h??a narar bin abla to. aay of any OTHIl Madicioa? *???* MftA hai it failbd,ip a lirflli ii*- _ _. _ itirci to irMct a cvii, WlilSLOW # whan uroaly aaad. fta?ar did va know KnilTHIVn an Inatanca of dia au.facuon by any ona arbo uaad ll. On tha contrary,allara SV RI P, dalifbiad wit* iu or BRATloW), and l.j.JV i*rina of htfhPommenHifi?n of ita * ?* - ? -ft tafbll tllU II IU11KI rirtiit. W (peak in .hi* ruatt*r ? Hit w do HOW," aftartan yaara' iipinmci, ahp rnual al'li ?IH'T4tioi* for thi rt'LriLMBKT op what wl h iii 1 dlCLARI. In tliHMt ***ry imt*nc* whirl th* infmth tofir Inj from p*in ?nd ihmntien, rtlnf will b# foand inlftaau r tw*Bty mniBt** ?fr?r th* i;np ii *dmini*tar*d. " ** f vf ?u? tf rn**t BIPBRIBPCBD arid *IILFCL ffl'RSIJ in N?w Ei.flud.iQdbu bun md with l^*?? rilLlll? irccisi id THOUSANDS OF CASES. It ?*? only r*li*T*? thi child from fsin, bat Inttfarata* th lUmicb *nd bow*'*, corract* acidity, And |im taut And anarf y t? (ha whala ayatam. It will Alm*at inatnnily raliava Griping in thk Bowils and Wihd Colic, andararcoma coti*alat?na, which, if not apaadilv ramadiad and in daath. Wa balia*a it tha b??T awd il'bb<T bbm- FOR IDfin (ha VimLD m all caiai of DTI- CHILDREN intirv and diaf P.MfTA IN CHIL- TEETHING DRIfl, Wh 11.1 ar ft anaaa from tiaihmr 1 or from ao? othar cauaa. Wa would *?y to a?ary tnothar who ha* a Child ayf fanny from any of tha forafoing complaint*?DO rtOT LIT TOUR PR IJl'DU'K, KOR THI PR IJCOiria OF OTHBR*, taud bavwaan yoar^aufannf child aud tha raliaf that will ba It'll-y??. AB90I.UTII.T ll'RI-to follow tha naa of th nadicina, if tirraly aaad. Fall dirtcuot.a fjr aatng will a eonjMny aach bnttia. Nona ganiana anl??* th* fac aimila UUKTII t fKRKIN8,N*? fork, iinn !hl nUldl WMffl Seid by Prirgitii throughout th? world. Principal OlSct. No. 13 Cidar 3trt*t, N. T. Pric? ?n!? IS l^inu r?r M ll-<t?wl? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS I/1 OR HARPER'S KKRRY.-CHASGE OF r DA VS.?On and alt>>r Jul> 2,1860, JC*"" the sfainer ANTELOPE, Capt. J. w ell*,carrying the t'nited mail, will leave Georfr?>towu EVr RY MONDAY, \V EDN ESDAY and F R J D \Y, at 7 a. m .. an! return every Tuo??1av, Thursday and Saturday. N. IJ ?The Antelope will rua as before until the above date. je 5-2in* 1 Cn JUST RECEIVED, iOU BHL8. WHISKY. (a (sorted,) 1<#? do. HERRING a^l AI.EWIVE3, iS do. KEF1NED SUGARS, inhhds. PORTO RICO SUGARS, ? Kl.l. . u?. t.,M. wu??"' ?" ?? ./?/i ->. ^ n?> unu ? ?* n I i r, r I It, 25 lH>xfB prune Eastern CH EESE. For sale low by JOHN J. HOGUE, je8 Georgetown. D C. T COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. HE Undersigned having this day entered into copartnership under the name and st?le of Dor?ey A Wood, for the purpose of conducing the GRl) CERY and COMMISSION BUSINESS, at No 1 IS H igh street, Georgetown, th** house as hereto for^oocupied by W I)orse?, whe e we are preparing to show a well seleoled stock of choioe Grooeries. VVuies, Teas, Liquors, Ao . and are prepared to aell any goods in our line < f business as cheap a? any house ?n the Distnot- Country merchants and others buying to sell again will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. We name in partin hhds. p n e P. R. and N. O. SUGARS. 31 bbls. GIBSON WHISKY, artbbls. RE TIN ED SUGAR. 5rt bbls. Rec. WHFKY, 21 boxes prime CHEESE, 5 hhds SHOULDER BACON, 100 bble. prime N . ' POTOMAC HERRING, mi hi,la Nn l?? inUMIu ?t ill, V vwa w. I?V? ? k'O J Villi O AliT# 1 Y fiO| 20 bbla. No. 1 HEKK1NG. If*) aackaG.A.snd FINE SALT. In store a d for *a'e by DOESEY & WOOD, ma 23 2awtf No 1 lw Huh st . Georgetown. fRANUKLL. OPTICIAN, A'*, nil /. .J?. ?., rrivtittrur*. Haa oonatactiv on hand a large asaortment of FrenohNear sighted, PeriscoDio, Coi *-*? ored, and all other SPEOTArLfiS, o:^Lr tti? best quality, in gold, silver, steel.and German ailver frame*. N. H. Old Framea Repaired and new glaaaea aet in th?m to order. _ no IS-ly T^HE STEAM PACKET FLYING CLOUD is now ready for excursions to _|l " h the Gr^at Falls or intermediate point*, Arlington Springs and Al?x * 11 1 am'm an<lna. on mcxlerate t^rms; will make trips to Alex andria on SUNDAYS, in time lor divine service, and will lie over until after one o'clock Apply to Cast. JOHN MOOR r", ap 2m No. 3ft Jefferson wt.. Georgetown. JOS. F. BIRCH, UyDEHTAKER, Cor. Bruitf. and JeJfertim ft* , G'orn'.to'trn. Having given my personal attention to Una bianch of my bu?ines?, lam prepared to jr .??. attend to ail calls with promptness Persons from a distance ca* neaupplied at a 'f* minutes' notice as 1 have a largo asaortment of CoFFINS aiwa*a on h*mi. r&rtioniar attention paid to the removal of the d' ad from th" old to tne new banal ground*. Hearaes and Horaea for hire. ap ?0-6m MA8SEY, COLLINS & CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?VVe are oonatautly receiving freah auppliea ofthe above delightful beverage, ai.d invite all peraona who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, AgenU, '? 47 Rrwn at., (ionrr^'^va DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. at/Mk tenda peraonally at hia oifioe in tliia city. HMh Many peraona oan wear theae teeth whi.^*T T oaniiot wear othera, and no seraou n*n we?r nth?r. Who cannot wear these. Persona oallinc at my office oan be acoommodatea with any stylo and price of Teeth they mar desire ; but to those who are particular and with the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art oan produoe, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. rooms id this oltr?No. 330 Pa. arecne, between and 10th sts. A,so, 90T Aroh street, Philadelphia. oo I-It DDENTI8TRY. R. HILL8, after a practioa! test of two years, feels that he oan with oonhdenoe recom^ mend the Cheoplastic Process forinsertf iiKntffeBaf artificial teeth It has the advantages of^" '13 strength, beauty, oleanlin^ss, and ohoapnees. Pall upper sets inserted for #&. Partial in proportion, Offioe 306 Pa. avenue. 7 N I No. 662.T~ OTIC* OF TrtK KbWOVAL OF THE LAND OFPITK FROM' __ - ?. ?... vik in un li '\T f* 1 U "SUNRISE CITY," IN THE ?TA iEOFMINN ESOTA. Inacoordanoe with th* provision* of th? act of Conir?M entitled "An ?ot authorizing citanr*a in the location of Land Officer," approval March 3d, IMS, it ia hereby declared and made known that the offioe for the aale ol public lard* at Cambridge, in the State of M i nsksota will bo removed to Soxri?k Citt, in aaid State, at as tarly a prrtod as jtrartuable. F urther notice aa to the precise time of o' oainr the offioe at Cambridge, preparatory to it* removal, and ofita opening l?r buMueaa at Sunrue City, will be given by the Kegiatei and Receiver of the d Diatriot. G ven under my hand, a* the oity of Washington, this 30th day of Mar, A. D. 1860. By order ol the President : JOS. S- WII.WN Commiaaioner of the General Land Oflics. je 2-w6w pOISON BANISHED. Corrosive Sublimate do more la uaed. the Bed Bum to d^atroy j The whole world goea to Sohwrrin'a atore, Thia Powder now we all employ. 'Tia poiaonleaa to mortal man. But kills all inatota aa aure aa fate, And po impoctor ever can? Thia powder truly imitate. Depot for BCHWERIN'S ANNIHILATING POWDER, for destruction of Cookroa hea, Hod Buga, Mnaquitoea, Fleaa, Anta, File*, Mothe. Gar den lna?cta, Ao : alao, Pilla for deatruotion of Rata and Mioa?No. 144 north Seoond atreet, Philadelphia. For sale in Waahinftoo. D C.. by DANIEL P. CLARKE, oorner of Pennaylvania avenue and F?nr ui(ln Half (? < M?n? ?? _ ...... .MWM >??H/ WVI kUIVDS I III IW tions are advertised; be oautious. Remember to uk for Sohwerin's Annihilating Powder. ma35 8aw?w ND WILLIAM BRADLEY BKUS TO 13. inform the public and his friends that he has on hand a large stock of Marble Mantel ignite a new style. Also Monument Head Stones. Table Tops, Ac., which he has to dispose of at price to suit the tiroes. Also, Brown Stone constantly kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ina 22 Smeo Pa. av., bet lfth and 19th ?t?. , NOTICE. FRSON8 Declinin* housekeeping o* having a surplus of household effects oan find read* ??.!? nh *-? h*?8-*m WITfKH.PH BUCHi.V. WASHINGTON 8EWIN0 ROOMS. M* O. MOY1M AUCTION SALES. By 0. W. BOTELER k. PONS. Auction<*r?. rpRU8TEE'8 SAf.F, OP SUPERIOR FUR1 NITOSB BE!FO THI ENTIRK 1PFFCT* OP TM1 ClaRSmimn Hotkl - By virture of a deed ia truit hearing date JdDuary 5th, lW, and dulj reoordod in Liber J. A. a., No. 190,folioa from No. 119 to No 127, on? of tha Land Reoorda of Waahington oountf,!) C, I hail prooeed to ?*'l on the prem imi ooTHURSDAY. Juu?38th.Ktltto'olocka. m.. ail and ainiular th* good* and ohattela contained in the building known aa the Clarendon Hotel, situated on the southeast oonner of Pennajlvama avtnue and fiih atreeta. viz: . V _ CM ncwHrioi Koaewood Piano Knrte. Klecant suite (ifRoMTMil Parlor Furniture, Large fiilt frame mantle and Pier Mirror*. Rich aetta of B'ocatalie and La?e Curtains, Velvet and Brussels Parlor Chamber and Hall Carpeting. Rosewood, wanut. Mahogany and Oak aetta of Chamber Furniture, Curled Hair and other Mattreasea, Pillows and lolstera, Blaikeu, sheets, Comforta, Countarpaens, TowWah??f txlg.'-aion and Round Dining Tables, Oak OintW R<x?m Chaira, fas C>???.UIIai?. An extensive variety of China Qlaasand Crockery. Ml*er Plated Castora, Kntter Diahea, F.irks and Spoona, Table Cutlery. A a . Bar Room Furniture and Fixture*, Cooking I'tenaila. kc. It i? deemed unnecessary to particularize the articles contained in thia very handaomely furnished establishment. To peraona in queat of good housrl.old furniture, it preaenta unuaual attractiona, an the collection la verv large, embracing the oontenta of about forty finely furnished rooms, a.l of wltioh ia of the inoat superior and substantial character and in exoellent condition, havn? been purchased new in January la?t. Terme?and under cash; over 9tftand not ex ceeoing $ l*', 1, 2 and 3 months; over $lw, 1, 2, 3, ? and 5 months, lor approved endorse n >tes bearing interest. ED HALL, ruatee. If, R dtd C W. BOTKLKR A S?ONS. Aucta^ By J. C. MoGUlRK A fiO~ * TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE Real Estate on the corner or s-eventh AJin E atreet*.?By virtue of a decree of th? ?-ircuitCou t of the District of Colum la, passadin two cause* iu ?hich 9tatham, Sinithson A C*o.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, and John F. Callan and other# are defendants, the undersigned will cell at public anution. to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 12th da-of July, 18*50, at 8 o'clock p. m., upon th* premise*, Lot No. 8. in Square No. 456, in the city of Washington. D- C . trontiiig 59 feet 11 inohea on E street north, and 75 feet ?n Seventh street weit. Thie well known property is situated on the northeast oorner of K and Seventh atreets. opposite the General Foat Office, and is one of the v? ? ?? ? bvt*Hi looations in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of t' ree three story !.ou?>es un E street. including th^ drug store on the oorner of Seventh, and a two-story building on Spv-nth street. The property wi 1 be sold in separate parcels, according to the improi erneiits. Terms of s&.?: One third of the purehare mr?ney to be paid m cash,and th? residue in two equ*l instalments, in six and twelve months from the day of sale; the deferred pa* merits to bear interest, and to be secured by the notes or bonds of the purcha ser or purchasers, wi?h a surety or sureties to be approved by the Trustees. Should the terms of sale not t>e complied with within six days aft* r the day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re sf 1- the property,at the risk and expanse of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five day's notice. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. C. INGLE, ' A.AUSTIN SMITH.< lru,lef" je 11 fit&wAds J.C. McbUIREA CO , Aucs, !'y J. C. MoGUIRK k. CO . Auctioneers (CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IM j phovbi) and Unimproved Real Estate.?By virtue ol a decree of the O rouit Court of the I>is tiict of Columbia, passed in the c*use where n rrnaericit \v .Nelhau*en is complainant and Charl** Made* mi J other*, executors and heir* at law and devi*e?s of B<>naventura Sohad. deceased, are defendants. the subscriber will sell, at public sale, the f >ll"Wiuc valutib e real estate In Washiucton citj : Lots Nos 9.10,11 and 12. in square No 7*6, on the oorne' of north B and Tnird street* <a*t, fronting 137 feet JS inohes on north B street and 125 feet on Tturd street east. Lot No. 9, in square No.642, fronti'g 119 feet on Delaware avenue, br R3 feet in inohes on aouth G tr??et. TJ?? whole of square north,,of *?.nar? No. *??. fuintim vmiprn inches on Virginia avenue, 217 leet on south F htre?t, SI feet 5 incTje* oil Delaware avenue, and 19 feet 6 inohes on Half street west. Lot* Nor. 1.2,3.4,5,6,7,8.9,10,11,12,13,14. 15. and 16, in square No (TM, comprising the whole square and fronting ?48 feet 2 inohes on nort < D street, 248 (eet i inches on north C street, 35' feet on Kiglith street cast, and 3S? feet on Seventh street east. And Lo's Nos, 8,9, and 10, in square No. 5R4, fronting St feot eaoh on a?nth F _ _ n... t ?? w?i a#WOTV~~U First and rtecoud streets west, by Mfeetdwp. with the improvements, which C >nsist of four well bul.t two-story frame dwelling nouses Th? sale of the lot* in square No. 785 will take plaoe on TUfc'.SDA Y. the 1" th day of July, 186??; of the lot lu square No. 6?2 on Till RSOAY, the 12th dav of J uly. I860; ot square north of rquare ,Nn. 642 oii'FRIDaY. the 13th day of July, 1H60; of lots in square No. 844. on MON DAY, the 18th day of July, 18U0; of the lots in square 584. with the improvements, on TUK9DA Y, the 17th day of July, IB#'. The sales will oon mct.ce at6 o'olook p. n.-.on the days above specified, on the respective premi ses. and the property will <> aoid in euch parcels or lot* a* may suit purchan-s. Terms i?f sale : One third oash ; and the balanoe in 6, 12 and 18 months, secured b* the eurohaner's BOIN, l.wiin interest from the day of *ale, with n?ouritT to h-- approved by the trustee an I if not complied with in five days after the xa e of proper ty, tne terms of which are not compiled wish, will be resold, upon one w?elc'? notioe. at 'he n?k and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Upon the full payment of the purchase money ar.'l Interest, anu not before, the trustee will oonvey the property to the respective purchasers in fee simple. All oonveyanclns at tne expanse of the purchasers. CHAS S. VVA1.LACH, Trrstee. J C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. jell stawtJuly 17 Br A. ORKkN. Auctioneer. Two-btory and attic framk hou?i AND I.OT AT THECOKNKR OP FofEAND A HALF AND SOUTH G ST* , I-LAND. AT AUCTION ?On THITRMJAY , the 5th day of July, 186 > 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. in., the fol lowing nfc'ned valuable property, vis : Pari Lot No. 1?, in Square ,\o. 538, with the imp*ov?>mei)ts, whioh consist of a good t?o kt/trt AnH prima w *** ?r? ?...- . .M<uv ??>' uo<7? v<>uM?iutUK efctrVJUV o rooms Tbu property la situatrd at the ojiuer of Four and a-ha f an ) south G utreets. Terms: One fourth oa^h ; balance in 6,12and 18 months, for notes b- anng interest from day of sale. A de?d given ai:d a do?d of trust taken. All con veyanoing at tMecoat of the purchaser f lio of the purchase money to he pain when the propert* la knocked off Shou d that amount not be paid do vu the property wiil be tiien and there put up again and sold to the n*xt highest bidder, who shall pay the money. If the whole terms are not oomplied with in five days, the property will be esold at the rak and ouet oi the defaulting puicli&eer, by advertising auch reaaie three times in the National Inteliigei ner, SARAH M. ANDKR-ON( Devisee under the will of JOS. T KVAiNS. je 13 2\w* da A. GRKKN, A not. fty J U. MClilllKK ft CO., Auotioneera. 'l^RL's'TfcE'S SALE OF THREE SMALL I HE1CK DWILLISG HOUSK* I.N THg REAR or Tsmpbkanck Hall.?On WKI)NK>UAV ArTEKNOOiM, Juue -7th, at 6 o'clock. on the premii?i. bj virtue of a deed oftrust dat-xl March 7,1857, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. J*., No lSl.lolin* 112,1:3 114, and 115, on? of the land records for Washington ooontjr, D. C, I shall sail Lots H. I, and a eubdiviwnn of square cumbered 378. fronting eaoh about 12 feet 10 inohes on the 90 ie?t alley id the rear of Teraperai.oo Hal!, together with the improvement*, oonsistinc of thres two-atory Brick Dwolling-Hoaaes, oontaiuing five room* each. Term*: One third oaah; the residue in 6 and 12 m- ntha, with intereat. secured by a deed of trust on the premises. If the terma of aale should not be oomplied with in five da?s thereafter, the trustee reserves the rirhtto reoell.atthe risk and expenae of the defaulting purchaser, after one week's puoho notice. All oon?eyanoing at the oost of the purohaser or purchasers. THOS. J. FISHER, Trmto? je4-d J. C- MrGL IR K ft CO , Auote. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Noit Drawing of the Royal Havana LotUvy, oonduoted by the Spaniel) Government, under the uperviaion of the Captain General of Cuba, will take plaoe at Havana on THURSDAY, Juki 2d, IMO. SORTEO NUMSRO 638 OROINAKIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 0100,000. 1 prise of 91(0,ono | so pnzee of........ftl.oro 1 CA AAA 1 OA 1 do 911,01101 las do ?? J 4? an.noo| 20 approx. ijnr I do lo,omi I ?u , .z L W ALL PRIZES. Whole Tioketa, f iO?Haltm, f 10-Ouartre, II, kilt*?" 0M.^114' M* P" oentdiaoount. Bill* on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will to forwarded aa toon aa the reaait beooniea known. Ail ordera for aobemaa or tiokets to he addreeaed V KUUHIbl'hX. jell-tr Oareol Cnt* Po?t.Charl*?toa. ?. C. The "Washington bekWery." bemi now in full operation. under the mantfemMit of th new proprietor, oan furaiah an* on* with ru'ft Ma t Lfeunre, of ?uperior 4ua.itj, at the following low pnoet, delivered free of share* to anr part ortne oit* : |X ?I.k :v. x<" -'l?"*VYX Al.F.fPtook Ale)l ...?*? do. do. XX P RTEH.. fl? do. do. Bk"WN SPOUT do do. Halt barrels, barrels and ho|>he?2s at a propordonate pria * OrU r? liven to the 4 rivers, Mot through th* Po?t Office toC COL1NEAU, Washington Brsw rj, will be promptly attended to. iM*lia I SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE I The favorite reaort for WHITE ALLPHUR SPRIIfll, M??ttnT^in Air. Ifcrifor*CTMBKRLANO CO . VvJll Wuatei'oom.* Pennsylvania. G<wxt Soeiet t and a Good |TaM?. Acco*moiiatio!*? rom par paruculsra send 300 < ?r Circular. v uWENt\ Cf.ENPBNTKRMS LOW. | IN k VJS^CHER, je ? H'W Car li sit Sprint*. Pa, WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, GRF.ksbrifr CorjtTT. VA. Thia lone established watennj plaoe *? opened for the reception of vmtora on the l.Sth ol A . ? A Majr. ? M*nynewand important arran*em*nt? I have been made imo la*t ?e*aon in tm?iim*r ? tablirhment. and no eflorta will ?> tpared to make the cueetK comfortable. _ . Person* oan reafih theeei b^riaia bj t lie <>??*? and Alexandria Railroad from \Va?hin*ton: by the Vireinia Centia! Railroad from Riohmomi; or hy tiu " ' " South "and South we^r ViV*L y "cTi horg"and Char lottes villa, with on'v an mile* ?tat? travel. JER KMIAH MORTON, PreaidenU J. HUMPH REVS. General Superintendent. j?12 dtJulv 15 M~~SAI.T WATKR BATHING. ARSHaLL'S PAVILION. <Moorb'a Landing) will he open for the reo?ption of viai- A ? . A torn on the 13th of June. This delightful VrTBty resort for those seeking health and plea* JUidBLL ure, u unexcelled b? any plao<* of the kind on th* Potomac river It is situated ah' ut one hundred from Washington immediately on the Potomso, a/td in full view <>{ 'he (Jh-??ap*ake Ba>. and famous fo' fine Oysters, Soft UratM, Sheephead. and other Fish, and ea- ily accessible b the steam N?at? piling between Washington. Haiti re and v?.r..iir *ru .uik'ii, i no iiiiuthriiwi iu ma'e tddi i 'n?: improvements in his Bath Houi'i and many other improvement* to the comfort and ei joyment of nis guests. The Bathing oannot be surpassed. Splendid Angilng and p enty i f Fishing and Boats free of charge. He has tpared no expense id pro viding a good Cotii'o" Band or-in laying in hisatock of choice W ines. Liquors,Segars, 4 c..and for ihos" who wish to avoid extreme fashioi and to seek a retired p ace where they can make themseive* at home, there is not a more pleasant place in the United Mates. The proprietor pledges himself t*ai nothing thaU be left undone on his part to render them so. Terms lor board by the day. week, or month reasonable. Persons wishing to address the proprietor will direct to Leonardt?wn, ?t. Mao's oounty, Md. ie9 > R. J. MARSHALL. Proprietor TVlOL'NTAfN TOP IM " " Aroc U C-155TT, VA. This well known and favorite p!*ce ? f samnn" reiort ie again open for the reoeption ofA . . A visitors un er the management or it? for-Y^yft y mer proprietor. f ' Mi 1 It is situated on the top of the B u" Rtd*e n.uuu tains at hooa&sh Gap. 1*0 mil?t west of Richmond. Va.; the Virginia t entral R Mi road passing und*r tlie house through the B ue h idge Tunnel. The elevated situation,heautifu' views.mountain scenery, ard U?e constant at.d refreshing reezee, make it one of th<* nrvst delightful piaoe* of a?inuu*r resort in WestTii Virginia. There is also convenient a sprint of pure ohal\ beat* water. Visitors to the Mout.tatn Top House will acme via Virginia Centia' Railroad to Aftou Depot, near the eastern porta of the H ue K idge Tonne!, where a hack wi.l always be in attendance to oonvey tone mile) to the mountain top It is a'waya beet for persona to write several days beforehand. Terms: #Zf> p?r month; ?8 per week, 3U?P?r day. t*erv?nts (bla?*k > a'd children u^der 12 years of ag?, half price. for white servants a little more than half priee will be eha.r??*l J?7 eolm " F. F. LIPSCOMB. Hygeia hotel, Old Poist Comfort, Va.. This oelel>rat?d Seaboard Watering Pace, looa ted in full vi?w of Hampton Road* and A . . A Chesapeake Bar. and at the first military pot-i of the tinted States.. Fort Monro will be read? for the reception of visitor* on the first of June. Besides the attractions of the military *stabli*b ment and the fine 'bill of Fare" presented in th* many luxuries of the aait wat-r r?*ion, tu? Bath at Old Poiut Comfort is peculiarly curative. For R heiiinftti?m, it I* almost a ?r wi6o. tod nri?n?rfia?j in #k?? ?1 r.~r - . > irimu mo pnipriNOi a M? a. owed to make reference to Mr? D'. Linn,(r?liot of the late 8?na*or Linn.) ai.d to the Secretary of War and hie ladr. A spaoicua new building and ?ur.dry improve meiit* add larrel? to the accommodation* and com lorta of the approaching ?ea*on. The management of the Hotel and all bu> meea matters oo!in<vte<J with it are under the ezclueive charge of the junior partner, Mr. Willanl. JOS. SKGAR C. C. WILLARD. ma 39-lm Proprietor*. T POINT LOOKOUT. JL HE UDd*mignrd, lor>g and well known to the travel*nc public** tanmniiLir ,,t r>i?- * * Hot-*!, Alexandria. V?? and the United fAV I StAt r Hotel in Washi tUin cit?. h*?XuEiJL leased fo- s t?rm of years the magnificent t??? > e I Pavi.ion a d the numerous cottages oonnectetl vith I it, reoentljr erected at Point Lookout, the point ofJ iutotion of the Potomac with C h?tiap??k ? Ba?. an<n having furnished them in a st?le equal to th*t ol 1 any other watering piaoe in the Uuited f*iat"?. wil open the establishment on the 12?h day of Jon" next for Ui" r'oeption ot viritors, hia arrangemerta b* ite sufficient for the Comfortable aooommodatiOL of at least 75ft gu?st?. Point Lookout. besides beiiyc des ?rv*lly the moat <amou? p'aoe in a'l America for fine 0>ster*. Hoc F "h. Sift Cia- s, S eeph ad, Mackerel, an<i aJ other salt water luxuries po*a*s es finer fact'iUea for S*urf Bathing than even Cape May, while the hack country immediately adjoining it?including the Drive*, Cartridge and Woodcock bhootiuc. Ac., Ac.,?offer advantMiea tcgetb*', superior > f t-iose of any other watering olaoe on t'uia continent, The Water Views from the pa iliion and fron a' the onttages are extensive, varied, and otarminr The health of the point is un- xol'.ed by that of mountain regions, and th? access to it by steamers from Baltimore. Washington, NoKoik. and Richmond, will probably be daily to and from each of tno?e cities He has spared no expenae in providing a fine Band, Carnages, Horses. Pleasure Boats, ft o . for hire, or n stnrskm* hi. ' * wv.ioi e n 1MI HIC UCBl Wine?. Liquor*. A o In *h- rt. hi* patrm:* will find at their oommanH every luxury and o irr.fort obtainable at any other American watering place Hi* term* (or board, by the da*. week, or month, for individual* or families. will he reasonable, ma23 dtjnly I LOGAN O SMITH. EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college, No. 47R Skvknth *t.. Opposite the Gttural Pout Office, Washington City. Armorian Sy*tem of Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Mercantile Form* ai.<l Calculation*. Busmen Correspondence, Bills of Exoltan4e, Current Bills, Commission Sa'es, Grammar and Arithmetio. ilf A Preparatory Cla** for Boys. iLy Ladies will be instructed in fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For term* &pp:> at the Rooms. in* ?? 3m WV W YOUNG ft CO. UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I New Aura norm ext. Tin* well known and popular Seminary, which ha* t*"?n ho f uoce?-ful under the entire care of Mr* Z. Richards tor more than ten rear?, will be opened on the first Monday in !*ept?mr>er n*xt, und-r tlie united ?nperrt?ion and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH\RDS. in the weli arrauced and delightfully I c^ted Union Academy Building. For raiti-sulnr>. see oircular* at all the Bookstores. maO-tf \1 MRS. McCOR lCK'S SCHOOL.. 1?|R8. McCORMICa desires to inform ha< friends and the poblio jeoerally that she wi, resume the dn'ies of her School on the 1st Monday in September next. The ooarse of study pamued will ooirpnsea'l the branohea re^eisite Wathoromch English ednoa uon. in addition to her d*7 scholars she is desirous ol receiving into her family a few pupils as boarders, aged from 1* to 14 rears, who will be ander her in mediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements lor the aoccmmndation act} due oare of pupils have been oonsider&llv increased and otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring partiouiar information with Aferenoe tc her school mar apply to W. D. WaJach, Editor o the Star. For terms and farther particulars apply at her reslde ioa? No. H Cameron stieel, Alexandria. Va l? r-tf WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND goal Delivered to ail parti of the eUj, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A W. M. CALT, Oftoe *299 Pa. ar., between 11th and Utth st* , _ina 17 tf north side. THE SUB^CKIBKR HAVING ON HAND; anextecsive stool: of KUEL, is prepared to I sell at a verj low ftguntfor oash WOOD Pawed and Kpltt any *i**. cJf-rf *, ? w gATKS Wood and Coal D-&. ec, ma LI 8. K. oorner of Foartaontk and C eta. P R A N C I n K R, FAMILY O R <*> O ERV A*"?5?J-^KKD PTORF., t\mrr ?f ffrnt York ?ww and Tenth flrMI, Rj^jxx-tlul!j solvit* the aatronafw of th>>M vh? mav be lu want of anjr article in tiie kliort un? His endeavor* shall he to plea? >, and by a rtriet attention to the *Mtt of the public, he hopes tom-rita bare of their patronage. His took wnnists of jwj article usually tot* ^ m ? first-elm r?u?l? Grocery ar^' 4 THE WEEKLY STAR. TUi ??U?i Faaiiy Mi !<?? Jwyl wr m be foud in u; otk?r-u M 9m ?? ? U cvp^^r-j- SS Twenty oopte* . || ? d?2?3^S^S-lr3fig Mvwi. It inrmrifcbi* ontatM the " WsehiMtoe N-w." thtt hM iruiSe 7TU *> ?.?# 8m> eirakt* m ( omul? Uro^fhoBt the OOIOUt . DTStMi* oofieaan vrnmntwi N liwpwi Ai Kb MirUp immWiAiAit ?A?r I ?# ?K? ^r. P"r^+llErcfcN?. . C7Po?fflUt?ri who M M kMta WtU tMftJ W>w?4 a oausiMtoa of oecU. ??? ? ??? FOR SALE AND RENT. More new d*e?b ooom marked DOWN AT REDUCED PRICE? -Rick I h|i'?d and Pud B?ra|N,Orr*B<lT Maa?m? Frranh L awm, hand* 'm? Ficarad mm Plain rn*? Am u, P?"?a aad Pi k Tiaaaaa. a* ik\o.. vorti T?Si. With many lota of M*t*oa foods which wear* selling off r*rr ob?a?. j. WTc??LLKY k co? maM-#o1*t 32* W?r?nth it, ab^ro Pa. a*. VfALt ABLE BUILDING LOTS AT PR< V ATE J*ALE.?T; ?ub?crH?*r will Mil. at private aa e, L< t? 1m and 19, Square 9M. fronting fwak 23 f*et 4 i nchM on 1 *trMt north, Mwwt M aad ?th streets went. Lot* 10 and 11, Square SSI. Lots 29 and 30, Sq uare i52 Lets 10 and 11, Square S53. _ Part Lot 17. Sonar* 5S?. f or.tint T7 M on F itr??t south, li?tirwn *i and ?,S st*. Ttim <*?*<? & wii t ?m _ma 14 3t*w4w Attorney, "ftp. 7 Indiana aV FIVE THREE-SToRY BRICK DWELLING Or?Ki AT PRIVATE SALE.?Tnia joV criber will tell, at private Mia one or ail of Um five well built and comfortable thr*e-eto?7 ttrtok Dwelling Houa*t oti Ninth ?treet. oepont* Or?o* Church, on the liland. which afford an eao- lont opportunity to pe ? n?da?iriuc a comfortable dweiiinic or to invea. Price low and t?rm? e*?v. CHA8. 8. WALLACH. Attorney. m? '4 3taw?w No. T Indiana avemt. L*< ?R SALE?A treat bargain, four acre* of wl * improved LAN D. wall ?uited for a market garden, with n?w dwelling houee with four room and kitchrn : well of fine water in the yard : undar (rood f-nein*. and will be sold low or exchanged for citv property. and on moderate terms. Th? land is at Bail's Cro?* Roads, two and a half in lies frow Georgetown. and in Alexandria eounty, Va. Apply to V. P. rok BETT. over Bank of Washington ma 18-tf FOK RENT-A smail STORE, corner of StVrt. and Peun.avenue, under the Clarendor, Hotel, suitable for a barber's saloon or cigar store For informftion inquire at the Hotel. mar a> I^OR RENT?The P1R9T FLOOR of^e build ins immediately opposite the vest win* of the City Hall,recently oooupied by Chaa 8. Wa.,^t as an oflioe. Also the froct room tn the eeoond story and the third floor of the same b?ild,ns. For terms apply to RICHARD W aLLACHTi^o- ? Louisiana avenue. ja U tf SENATORS, MESTBERJB OF CON BR ?,??.? Two eplendid suite* of KOOMS, iegar.tJylWrwshed, will be rented during the saauioc or Contrees, in the most desirable looaiity in tips ?ty. Ming within one or two square* of D'"wirs and National Hotels. Those in pursuit of sue! Rooms will do well to make early appnoauon at No. 17 ? nh street, between D street and Pa. av. de b-tt L'OR SALE?A nioe three story Brlok HOUPE, L UU <U ?< Wbf WT^7U U BUU b %! Wl?| III *W^ bei's Subdivision. Ttve above property will ba old or ea?y terms. Prioe made known 6y tnaairin* of H. W. HAMILTON ft. C67, No. 7th ktrnet. opposite CenU* Market. Tiue perfect. feTtf TRUNKS, BOOTS ANDSHOES. JJOOT8 AND TO SUIT THK We are now maoufaoturinc all kind* of BOOTS and 8HOKB, and constantly rM^nni laA* upply of eastern mad* work o' every de-BHI oriptio". made expressly to order, and trill W be sold at a rcnoh lower price than has been' heretofore ooarced in this city for nook inferior article*. Perrons in want of Boots and Sh<>e* of eastern o; oity made work, w ill always find a jood assortment in store and at ute lowest prioes Give as a oa GRIFFIN & BRO.. ap^-r 314 Fwaijlnnla a?ene?. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O 4?v> Tti Bnn? Orposu* Odd Ftllowt' H*ll. T?Am?(?s. D.C. Travelers will stud* thetr interests r>? examining . _ aiir>a i> 4 1 fn (<^i a . 1 f * ray i Kti>ivr, *Auv/ti^ ?o , unmr P*' uTB oheninr eliwwere A* I dob* but -tii'HNK b*?t matene. the merketefl 'dsendwmplo*^"""" the fr*ot workmen, I oen oonftdently pwmwui HTT work to t* superior in Sirtwtik ?nd lhtrahxlitt to Trunk* that ere m&de in ott<?r oitie? end s<->:d here. 1 keep oonstentiy on head, en<! meke to y^6?r (o? one week'* nyt?oe) ejrry dj^rjptien of SOLE LKATFTER. lAojf rriKj rtCExcmt>l r> < i~i WOOD EDI TRESES; ASHLAND ?i4 NES Sr4^^fF J tr? *' "AR 4? c. 5 ji o A I)L)l+Jb* &? #iii f Cm C^* ^ Tryiiki, Ao., E ;eired end Corored, In ? wort menlike manner, et short notice Trunks delivered in eny pert of the oity, ?eorf? town, or Alexendrie. A n -Arent for Howe'a oelebreted FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 16 It JAMEfl 8. TOPHAM. J^OOK OUT FOR PAINT No. SI 3 SEVENTH eXPEET. Four Dot i South of Odd Fifcitr Hail. H. W. HAMILTON"Km opened a PAINT SHOPand PAINTSt6REou the New\ori elan, where can alwRta be found PAINTS, OlLf. BROHE^. Ac., wbolaeale and mixed paints FOR SALE. Amd Bfcket* with BuctRK* to Loan! n. B.?Particular attention paid to Houee. S?g ?l Ornamental Painting ar-d Grainiag. htained h4 Enamelled Gla?? of all kind* a! war* on .band, or furniah??d at abort notioe. He warranta aatialaetion in all work entru?t^d to hi* care. aud is oonMeat that he can do work aa oh?a?, if not oiteaper, than anv other enUblmhrnpnt in this eltj. Oiw^b him a call. Don't forget the number?it ia Mi Seventh street. ma 10-tf PUTTV 18 DOWN \ * w v The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will Inn Alexandria *n<i Washington tor New vor* every Wednesday, at i^uxr a'elock p. m., and New York lor Waeh mcton evert Saturday, at 3 o'o <>ck p.m. Passengers oao join the ship at A> j icdria at any time before the hoar of the iUMWri dtMrtan. N. B.?In the event of the steamers laa^ility to oross the i at iu oonse^senoe of low wat?r,?ll roods will be promptly iUhtered to ud from the it?m? t?y the undersif ted. For freight or Pmimp spply to MOR&AN* RUNEHART, ooM-S.MfcTtr Western Wharvea. H SILVER WARE AND WA.TCHEPI a O HOOD Manufactures hisbwn Silver Ware inthi* own shop and sells no Nothern aaie 1\ work (that is got up for the Southern fXt He warrants every artioie to be of Cold hi mtm ver, and he will sell hit best standard war* at least at low, if not lower, than the Nortnern goods ar* sold for. He has a<so on hand a very ftne stook of Superior Gold and Silver WATCHKS, and a larre lot of RICH JEWEI.RY all of whioh hs is sen ing very oheap. No. 31* Peny. av. aa?-H Y u ii n o o i a i v fi l l b STEPHEN Af ooreus. In form and feauturea thia baautiftt. and wnrtU tpocimeu of Amerioan art 1* auaurpaaeed by any specimen o( like character erw prixfaoad. It ii fat r tm lie of to* "Little Giant." Spaounena may be aeen anil Scat net tea procured at CvLvn'f Dmva Store. ,No. 2f>? Pena. irwic, oorn'r of 12th street. Waahtr/ton oity. P*r?"r.? IB the District <>f Columbia aodStama of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. North Carol ma, ??o0C Cwolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Miaaiaai pi. and Loaiaiatia. deai ri-1 oopiea of the Statuette ?iO ad dreaa their ordera in C. P CULVER, Waahinftc** oily. D. C.. accompanied by a remittance. Compoeition Cop tea ft1&, Box and Cartage 1. HjTEditoraof newapapera ta the foregoing State* giving the a bo re twelve inwrtiopa la UTvaakir laan-a. with appropriate editona'a. will aupp i<^ with a oopy of the Statuette, and paper a in oamr State* will hefarmahad bv tMlooaf areata. mM WG AS FIXTURES. E H?t? in store, and are dn,i r?o?ivia*. 9AS FIJTL'k ESof cntirolr >fw Pattaraaan?l D*?itr? and Finish, lupfrior in stile to ?nj thinf haretofbra offered in this m?rk?*t. Wa invite cjtuens cecer It to call and >xainiD?> omr stock of Gas and Water Fixture*, feeling uodImIw that we hara tha baat selects stock in Washington. All Work ia the abora line intruatad to oar r*ra .,n h. 4 mar >-tf ITtpifcyi HOWE'S IMPROVED WKI?iH1N6|H;alLI' These S?alea are offered to tha aabfie aa tha Boat aMaple.darabla, and r*,i?hl* aoaiaaarar Nt > aae. FiratoiMi r*^.um? harab^n awa dM^tiim hi tha United Mate* hair and Virginia Afjcr tuiaT V ar mo nt State Fair, kn? Ac. la arary oaaa whara exhibited they nave raoatvad irat olaaa >ramiini Tsnrroiggnakn* tmie. ix^t < : wroc f r *r~* PIJKfc. OLi) RVKWHIHR Y.-Ou L?uO evor* ?t*b4- of P?r? OM Rt?? WW k?, Oo?w !> tilird. m?U bj the WMt relitb * dubll*r< iVNm ' h-*ni*. M?rrlMd ?i<J Vlrtiui*, wr?. AI#o, InporW Hr*ndi?*, HenMMr. <)> "/ D'H* * Co.. Jalet A.e ilto.Pjii 4ftJ? rasUa&Ml ili^lKloU# ?o??th?rt- qttlla b? <..z?T' ?* W. t. METZEKOTT. i

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