Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1860 Page 2
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1 THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY:. lATrRDAY 1m 16, 1W?, Stlril of tbr Mtraiu P???. The Centtitutien tells about a revised edition of Mr. Douglas's speech delivered in the Senate on the 15th sad l*th of May, and how it was particularly struck with the manner in which it says the quotation from Mr. Stephen's letter has been abbreviated by the editor of the revised pamphlet. The Intelligenttr has its usual Congressional summary and news miscellany. WASHINGTON NEWS AID OOSSIP. dome Good smrtc*.?Mr. Sumner,in hi? late speech, ha* done his country infinite service. The newspaper* come to us from all sections of country replete with comments upon it. We do ftot mean to intimate that we have yet seen a single newspaper critlMsm of it dignifying it with the title of an argument upon the question the Senator from Massachusetts aimed to discuss? not one The comment* upon it are altogether upon Its tone, and the position with reference to the rights of the South guaranteed by the Constitution In which it places the political party in whose behalf it was pronounced Every Amerir#n journalist who has so far noticed it. as far as we have seen, regards it as a mere phillippic?a violent tirade?against the institution of African aiavrry, very artistically pronounced. As an essay filled with polished and classical gall and bltUrnesa, bat entirely failing to embrace a single substantial argument, or even a single point, likely to convince any man not already aa intensely erased with abolitionism as Win. Lloyd Garrison or John Brown, of the souuditna of any one of its positions Nevertheless, his essay Is doubtless destined to serve a good end, in the way of warning the country that the party In whose behalf it was spoken cannot obtain control of the Government of the Confederacy, without thereby bringing it?the Confederacy?to an end. The Republican journals are for the mott part apologising for the speech; protesting that it doe* not correctly represent their party's sentiments; while the conservative opposition and Democratic party press, aa well as the independent press of thecountry. are holding the Republican party to rigid accountability for the tenor of the political designs so elaborately explained in the quod erat demonttrinrfum of Mr Sumner's pronunciamento. We think it cannot fall to be worth thousand* ef vote* against Lincoln, because it is simply a drawing out of the arguments of Lincoln himseif. to tbe doctrines that naturally result from cis positions In debate. To be sure, more shrewd than Mr Sumner, he (Lincoln^ takes care now and then to protest that he does not mean what be ays But Mr Sumner fortunately demonstrates so clearly as that the dullest may fully comprehend. the exact meaning of what Lincoln <iof.? say. in defiance of the latter's evident with to hide that from the country at large until after November next. The Democratic party in Congress are spreading this speech (Mr. Sumner s) broadcast in all directions, as being likely to prove the most powerful anti-Republican electioneering document they can disseminate; their belief being that ft will serve, more than aught else that has been said or done in >? V* IUV present kuIod of Congress, to open the eyes of all at the North who value the Union, to the fact that the Government of the United States cannot survive the year In which those who hold its ssntiments may be Installed as its administrators List or nkwlt-Appointed Midshipmix ? The following is a list of the late graduates at the Naval Academy, in order of merit, who received their warrants yesterday as Midshipmen in the Navy:?M. S. Stuyvesant, A. D. Wharton, J. D. Maron. J. O. Kane, S. P. Gillett, T. L. Swann, S. D Ames. T. L. Dornin, J. C. Watson. J. L. Tayloe, H. B Kobison, A. R. McNair, W. H. Barton. F. S. Brown, H H Manley, W. Whitehead, E A Walker, W. S Schley, 1. L. Harrison, J. L. Hoole, B Paddock, F. L. Hoge, ?. Cas?-y. E a Read, C. W Read. Pacific Railboad.?The select committee of the House upon the Pacific Railroad bill have re ' " r?Ku gum providing lor two roads?one the Southern (Texas* route, and the other the Central route?and upon their inojion the bill ia postponed till the third Tuesday of next December. >1*. Editor Sir : Will you do me the favor to inform me who concocted the Navy Fay (Increase) bill?, It is certainly the moat ridiculoua thing 1 everi saw. The ' oldeat Flag Officer," under all circumstances, ia to receive whilst any Captain commanding a squadron will receive The pay of Lieut, lien. Scott i? about 815.WK) per annum. Please answer and oblige an old salt and subscriber E. B S. Washington, D. C , June 10, 1S60. ["We pause for a reply," from the "concoctors "?Ed] fY"S?BIBLE LECTURE By Rsv. Dr. Sam*o.v 1L5 at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association. THIS (Saturday) EVENING, st a o'clock. Particularly interesting exercises may i>e expected. The public(ladies included )ar?onr>i,.n . ? mvuw to attend. It (VT^SKRVICE AT THE CAPITOL.-By Di1^. St vine permission the Hev. Tho*. H. J*to< k tos will preach in the Hall of the Hou-? of Repre entati vea TO-MORROW MORNING, at 11 o'clock, the last wrmon this aea?iou. it* (V^-ST. ALOYS1US.?TO-MOR ROW at Mas, Fatuu Ma6CUX will, bjr request, preach on^The Keai Preaence,"and at \ eapers.tto'clock p. ra.. will lecture. It* jv-5=?THE ASSEMBLY}* CHITRCH.-Rev. Usjf AuduwG. Ca*oth?*. paator, will preach t?>e funerai sermon of the lat? Samuel O'Brien on TO-MORROW (Sabbath) MORNING, at 11 o'olock. Rev. A D. Moore will preach at 8 p m. Prayer meeting at 4 p. m. It* rr^^M ASSONIC.?A meetinj of?*t. John's Lodge. (LJt No. It, will be held at their Hall, corner of D and Ninth atreeta on Sunday, the 17th innt.. at 2 p. m., to attend the funeral ol our deceased Brother. Jos. H?a*d. Master Masons in rood standing are fraternally invited. By order of the W. M. If VOL M. SMITH.See. r*^5=?BIBLE SOCIETY.-The Twenty-fourth ILjj Anniversary of the Washington City Bible Society will be held in Wekley Ol>api-!. corner F and Fifth streets, MON DAY EVENING, ti e IHth mat., at? o'ol ck. A discourse, appropriate for the oceaeion. will be delivered by the Rev. I hum*- H. ?tockto5, and brief remarks by other well known epeakera. The public are cordially invited. je ia-ar rv-5?NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION.?The 11 9 subscriber* to stock of the new Buiidinz Association are reouested ?o meet at Potomac Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and Eleventh street. Island on MONDAY EVENING next, the '8th in?t.. at 8 o'clock, to adopt a constitution and elect officers. C B.Cill R< 'H. Chairman. CdARLES ALLEN. Sec, ol Com je 16 2t m t a? I'at If IV.L..U nD.i'S CMKlf* ' IAX ASSOCILl_3 ATION.? The regular monthly meeting of tne Association will b?? lieul at their room*, opposite ^rown'? Hotel,on MONDAY EVENING,tM llth inst.. at 8 o'clock. Report from the Festival to be Bade and interesting buMneas transacted. Member* requ*?te<l to attend. It JEROME, P. CHASE, Sec fr^r"A FAIR WILL BE HELD AT LANGLL? I EY, Fairfax county, irzinia,for the twnefitof the Methodist Episcopal Churcn, Mk>uth, on the 19th, i-th and 21st instant There will lie Fancy Artjcles in profusioa, and Refreshment* of every variety in abundance The Fair will he opened for Msilors at two o'oiock the first two days, and will l>e continued all day on Thuredaj?on which day wil be a sumptuous Dinner prepared. Supper each evening. The public are respectfully anlicited to attend. je 13 1 w* -y-5"A WORD TO THE WlfcE.-A good lit is desired and a nioe article wanted, and for >our lenefit I will tell you that the People's Clothing Store. So. 4b? Seventh street, is the place where a good &t and a good article uau be bought at ver? low prioea. V B?Ju*t received \ second supply of Ppring ft.1 H > linii"*? ^' ?* *-* **-* * " occurrence# in the future. '****** It was simply the act of lawless ruffian*, under the sinctioa of no public or political authority; distinguishable only from ordinary felonies bv the ulterior ends In contemplation bv them, anrt by the fact that the money to maintain the expedition and the large armament they brought with them had been contributed and furnished by citizens of other States of the Union, under circumstances that must continue to jeopard the safety and peace of the Southern States, and against which Congress has no power to legislate. If the several States, whether from motives of policv or a desire to preserve the peace of the Union, if not from fraternal feeling, do not hold It Incumbent on them, after the experience of the country, to guard in future, by appropriate legislation, against occurrences similar to the one we have Inquired into, the committee ran flud no guarantee elsewhere for the security of peace between the States of the Union." Mr. Doolittle (Mr. Collamer not being present) submitted the views of the minority, also a veryelaborate and carefully prepared paper drawn by Mr. C., from which the following is a short extract: ilTh^rp i? nn pvidpnrp that anw ? v - ?n; umci cuttrna than those there with Brown were accessory to this outbreak or invasion, by contributions thereto or otherwise, nor any proof tbat any others had any knowirdx* of the COIlSplrnoy or !? iMirprtar in the year 1?59. though Kealf and Forbes and some very few may have understood it in 1858, when it failed of execution. Although tome of the testimony tends toshow that some abolitionists have at times contributed money to what i? occasionally called practical abolitionism, that is. aiding the escape of slaves, and m*y have placed too implicit confidence in John Brown, yet there is no evidence to show or cause to believe they had any complicity with this conspiracy, or any suspicion of its existence or design before its explosion. There was no evidence tending to show that there ever was any conspiracy or design by any one to rescue John Brown or his associates from prison in Virginia." The views of the minority were ordered to be printed with the report of the majority. Mr. Mason, from the Kimf , t ci vim vted that the select committee having been discharged from the further consideration of the subject, Ordered, That Tbaddeus Hyatt, a witness confined in the jail of this city for refusal to appear and teatify before said committee, be discharged from custody; and that a copy of this order be delivered to the jailor by the Serjeant-atArms as his warrant for discharging said prisoner. Mr Sumner, while he thanked the committee for discharging Mr. Hyatt,went Into an argumeut to show that he had been improperly arrested, and that the power assumed was a dangerous one, and subversive of the rights of thecitizen. The report of the select committee releasing Mr Hyatt was then agreed to. The motion of Mr Hunter to postpone the Tariff bill until the second Monday in December, after discussion by Mr. Hunter in favor of it, and Messrs Bigler, Cameron, Seward, and Simmons against It. was carried by the following vote: Yeas?Messrs Bayard' Bragg, Chetnut, Clingmao, Davis, Fitzpatrick, Green,ijwin, Hemphill, Hunter, Johnson of Ark., Johnson of Tenn , l.ane, Mallory. Pearce, Folk, Powell. Push Rip. rant* conmuuft-ruuT IIUIOI. Pr?fM41i|i *1 TMWriar AIMfBHi. 1* tbb S>?5*t?, yeaterday, after our report elamt, Mr. Maaon. from the Selact Committee appointed to inquire into the facta attending the late invaaion and aelzure of the United Statea armory, at narper a r erry, ?uomitted a report, a brief portion of which waa read by Mr. M. The report waa ordered to be printed, together with the journal of the committee and the testimony, and tbe committee waa discharged from the farther consideration of the subject. [The report la an elabtitae one, constating of one hundred and forty-alirtbolacap pages ] The following is a short extract from it: "The committee, after much consideration, are not prepared to auggest any legislation which, in their opinion, would be adequate to prevent like Saulsbury, Sebastian, Slidell, Toombs, \vigfall, and Yulee?2.5 Na\*? ? Messrs. Anthony, Bigler, Cameron, Chandler, Clark. Dixon, Doolittle, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Hale, Hamlin, Harlan, Kintj, Latham, Reward, Simmons. Sumner, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, and Wilson?23. Mr. Bingham paired oft'with Mr Iverson, Mr. Durkee with Mr Benjamin, Mr Fitch with Mr. Collamer, and Mr Grimes with Mr. Hammond. Mr Slidell submitted the following resolution: Rtsolvfd, That a Select Committee of three members be appointed by the Vice President whose duty it shall be to consider the propriety of modifying the existing laws fixing and regulating the duties on imports upon the basis of the bill of the House of Representatives of the present session, to provide for the payment of outstanding Treasury netes, to authorize a loan, to fix the duties on imports, and for other purposes, and report such modifications as they may deem proper to the Senate on the second Monday in December next. ()n matiou l?v M? u ? * * * The House then refused to concur in the Senate's amendment? yeas .-3, nay? 101; so the bill will again 20 to that body The House acceded to the request of the Senate for another committee of conference on the Homestead bill. The House receded from its amendment to the bill providing for the return of the recaptured Africans, (which proposed to increase the amount from Sl<Xi iu $150 for the maintenance aud care of eac h per annum,) and concurred in the Senate's amendment to the light-house appropriation bill. At the evening session, after the transaction of District business, (which will be found in our local department,) the Senate amendment to the Civil Appropriation bill, carrying out the contract with Gales 4c Seaton for the publication of a continuation of the "American State Papers," etc., having been read? Mr. Crawford said Gales tc Seaton sold to Wendell, and the two parties divided between | them ?6-<.0U); and now they come here and ask for more M r Stevens remarked he had the authority of Air Seaton for saying that he never sold an Interest to any party; and, besides, Gales 4 Seaton were fitting up their own building in which to perform the work". Mr. Crawford replied, then the testimony before the Senate's select committee is false Mr Pryur advocated the amendment, and made a statement similar to that of Mr Stevens.and did not see that it involved an increase of expenditure. Mr Crawford made a calculation to show that, wbereas the sum of 96 12 was given for a volume, it was now proposed to raise the price to *9 making a profit of SI:?9,0UU. Mr Perry was willing to carry out the old coutract, but wu opposed to the one now proposed. Mr i'ettit showed the Importance of these documents. It was with a view to the preservation of our political history that the volumes were compiled. He was opposed to any amendment which was likely to lead to the stoppage of the work He explained the reasons why the price of the volumes was increased After further debate, the amendment of the Senate was concurred in. with an amendment limiting the amount of appropriation. rrsc?Mlia|s ?f T*>Dsy. 1.1 the f kmatk, to day, after the disposal of a number of private bills, the joint resolution on printing was taken up, and the amendment providing for having the printing done by contract disagreed to. The vote was being taken on the original resolution. establishing a government Drlntlmr - J ... . .fc ) ??. itlin?'I COO K up tbe bill In relation to malicious injuries to and trespassing upon public and private property within the District of Columbia; and it was read a third timt and passed On motion by Mr. Gwin, the Senate disagreed to the amendments of the House to facilitate communications between the Atlantic and Pacillc States by electric telegraph Mr. Hunter move that the Senate insist upon its amendments to the bill making appropriation for the support of the army, and asked a committee of conference on the disigreelng votes? And the* Vice President appointed Messrs, Pearce, Davis, and Foot on the part of the Senate. Adjourned at 10 o'clock p m Is the House, Mr. Delano presented a resolution of the Legislature of Massachusetts instructing the Senators and requesting the Representatives from that State to use their efforts to procure tbe enactment of more stringent laws for preventing the importation of deceased cattle The resolution was laid upon the table and ordered to be printed The House passed a bill authoring the Issue of land warrants in case# where the originals have been lost or destroyed. The bill to establish telegraphic communication with the Pacific wa* taken up, when? Mr. Colfax mov*d a concurrence in the Senate's amendment to restore the name of Zenas Barnum and others, and to authorize a contract with them for the establishment of the line. Mr Burnett moved to lay the bill on the table; but the question was determined in the negative? 711 Iiavf ! ><? when our report closed. Hocxi ? Mr Train, from the select Investigating committee of which Mr Covode Is chairman, made a detailed report, stating that, from the examination of various witnesses, tbey had come to the conclusion that great corruption had | been used on th? part of the President and other high officials Ordered to be printed. The Seuate resolution extending the session of Congress until Monday, thesttth, was agreed to The House then proceeded to consider various private bills |4 KN XING 18 STILL SEALING BOOTS ami m.M jnur.s iicnn; u tne cneapeit? Gent*' n^at Lasting Sho??. at 91 JO, 9MI Do. Pat. Leather haet Pump*, at ?1.2S, ? W Do. do. Gaitera, at tl^Sto $4, Hb Boj?' do. do. at A125. _ Gont*' Calf Oxford Tie?, at #1 .& to #S, S e*l Fiauja Scotch Gingham I MBRfcLL 8, at tu?, Ladiea' Sun Umbrella#, at ?3o?Jit?. f.W "k'&JlmV, ?., ui?d. V,r .en""" nawanu cap* at SMITH'S. j>!2 iw ",re#t'?PP<,*1t? the pJh Office. I CHOICE HAMS, I ?OUU 4,0 0 SHOULDER BACON. J oat reived and for a* J- h, - >9 l #o3t MURRAY & SEMMK?. 125 S^^lVpilSft? C?*CKERS," FIREiV'ORKS generally." W Kole.alf au.l 7 LAMMOND-g.8ar.nth tt, SCALES'! Tfu Standard Sealts of tk$ Untttd State* / GEORGETOWN. Ctrrttftmdmi* if Hu Stmr. Gioimtows, Jane 10. imm The lecture of the Rey. T H. Stockton on materialism and spiritualism, at Congress-st. Church, on Thursdartvening, wss listened to with marked attention by a large and Intelligent audience. It was a finished-production, evincing deep rena/ch upon the part of the learned author, and was de11 vera#with his accustomed force of manner and beauty of stvle. The tones of his finely modulated voice are ao musical that one would listen delighted even if he was speaking in an unknown tongue; but when he announces great truths, clothed in most beautiful imagery, and preaents old thoughta In a new and attractive light, all hearts are swayed by his eloquence. We may send you an abstract In our next letter from the notes we took, and would be glad to s*e the lecture published, as it is a complete refutation of the arguments of materialists At the meeting of our City Councils last evening. resolutions appropriating f200 for cleaning and repairing the streets, and appropriating $500 (being one half the appropriation of $1,(?0U by the Levy Court) for repair* of the road from Seventh street to the Stone House, passed both Boards. The Board of Aldermen refused to recede from their amendment to the police ordinance. In the Board of Common Council, the amendment to the ordinance in relation to an omnibus stand, which provides for a change of location to Intersection of Bridge and Washington streets, was withdrawn by iVIr. Fearson. Mr Kine offered an ordinance for Increase of revenue, raising the rates of licenses for trader* and others; which was referred to the committee of ways and means. The annexation resolution, which looks to an amalgamation of Washington and Georgetown, elicited an Interesting debate, and passed by the following vote: Vmi L-? ?!.. -' ~ . mvnnlB t/'liliuj', rcaiBHU. II111, [VfCt'OOD. Pickrell, and Stake?6 Nays?AI essrs King, Tenney, and Willi a in??3. The debate on this reaolution, al?o other uuttera acttd on, will be embraced in our regular report We regret to announce that two his*Ely estermed cltizena of our town are extremely 111?Mr Lewis Carberry, for a great number of year* surreyor here, and Mr. C. Frank Shekells, former collector of taxes 230 l>eef cattle were ottered at Drovers' Beat yesterday, of which all but -J5 were sold at from 31, to 4^ cents per pound, gross There was bnt a small supply of sheep and lambs; selling at 12^ cents advance on our last quotations. HAIR JEWELRY.?Brooches, Bracelets. Ear and Finger Rin^s, Necklaces. Vest, Guard and Chatalain Chains. Stud*. Sleovo Buttons, Cros-es, Lockets, Charms, Scarf Pins, SeaU, Ke) s, 4.0. The at'ove articlen of the new jst and inoni unique patterns made to order of any hair. M. W. (JALT A BRO., f ?? ? ' * *? jewellers,i*a. av., je 16-31; 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. thegem mm gy () F THE S E A 8 O N. jg6 Something new and neat in the way of?^ Gentlemen's S I R A W HATS, just received. Gent*' and Boys* Straw Hat*, in treat variety. Boys' .Military and other Straw Caps. Children's Brown Flat*, with bugles, at ttfeent*, Do. Colored Shakers, at 2S cents. All kinds of SILK. CASS1MERE. and FELT HATS. Very low for cash, at HENN'ING'S, je 16-3t Seventh st.. Island. J UST ARRIVED Cl'NNINGHAM A BRO.'S, .?!<> SFVtNTH ST.. SHAW'S CELEBRATED GAS RANGES. STEAK BROILERS, FLAT-IRON HEATER?, NURSERY KETTLE BOILERS, Ac., Ac. II 1 ? - ?* * * *,?m eariv ann examine inese valuable articles C. \V. CUNNINGHAM At HR< j? l6-3t Plumber* aiut Gas fitters. BALTIMORK AN l> OHIO K AILH V\J>7^ WASHINGTON BRANCH. NOTICE.?On SUNDAY MORNING, 17th inst. an Extra Train will be ruu, leaving the station at t o'clock This will aliord an opportunity for those who rna> wish to spend the Sunday in Baltimore, as also to those wiio inay desire to avoid the h-avy Evening Train. Round-Trip Tickets will l?e issued, good till Monday morning, at two dollnrs <-?rh. It TH. H. PARSONS. Agent. a* ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ? HE Following num^n drew the principal prizes in the Royal Havana Lottery, of June 9.1H60: i\'o?. Prize*. I Nob Prizes. 23,745 . $inO,flnO I 25,553 $20,0 0 2l.?? 5n.flM? ) 11,437 10,(KV> Zi*31 30.<V?'| Noh. 182, 453 , 2101), 2212 ?>47. 4274. 1334. 5527. 5714, 5743, 5H*>. 7B35. 0452. 11203, 12112.13112. IMS? 13826. 1V76 , 16882. Hrtt.', 17 t>4, I8.'41, 18.S54, 'Htilh, 18fi74, 18*7. l<Mlll. 21065,21*wfi, 21914.22174. S2826. 2W21, iB4?W. 24??. 2ft"48.254M. 253HI5. 2ftH3. SMH3, 26TJ2, 27881. 28362. J8K50, 2945U, 20RZJ?$ 10m> each. Ths next tlrawinn of this twiebrated Lottery will take place on the 23th of June For particular* nee advertisement in another column. It* DON RODHJ?l7RZ_ Canal barrows: canal HARROWS!! canal BARROWS, at #2?25, wh el bar rows, stork trucks. platform tri cks. II t V|\ (' V U TU COUNTER aml PLATFORM scai.ks. AXES and HATCHETS. WOOH HORSES and SAWS, knife cleaners. CURRY COMBS and CARDS. HA.MKS TRAI'KS An ?.< At ?> per cat. less Ik^n tkf u.yi'tl prire.% J. P. BARTHOLOW. SUGAR MILLS! SUGAR MILLS!! For <jrin<tuiK Sugar, At Factor* Prices. J. I*. BARTHOLOW. ja 16-eo3w Seventh nt.. near Canal Bruise. AfAYNARD'8 i?A celebrated BEEECH-LOADIHG RTFT/RS 8 II O T G IXS. Per Minute, 15 Rounds Sure at 1.000 Yard*. Weight only *< Ponuri*. For sale by H SEMKE.K, Armt for th<r Maynanl Arms Company, WashwK un Lily. R kcom m editions. Lieut Gen. S"cott saidofthin Rifle: "Itisthe most beautiful pieoe of meohanum I ever saw." A. M. Ball, Ksq , Master Armorer at the U. S. Arm?rj at Harper's Ferry, says: "I believe it tu be the be<?t?the very best breeoh-loading arm in the world." H. H. Lock wood. Ksq., Professor of Field Artillery and Infantry Tactics, at the U'. S. Naval Acaiemy in Ar.apo'is, say: "I have now no hesitation i > pronouncing the Maynard the in >st remarkable rifl* I have yet se?n. and, as sm h, w?U worthy the patronage of the Government and tha pUDUO." Hon. Howell Cobb. Seoretary of the Treasury, ays: ''Since the introduction of this arm in the Cutter Serrioes. it has met with unqualified approbation, and the Department now taken m oh pleasure in bearing testimony to its great tuceriority over all other email arms heretofore furnished it." Ed. Stabler, Em , Harewood. Md., ?ayr: "If my hunting Uat? were to be gon* over a*ain, three tunes the oost o^uld not iiiUuce me to dispense with a Maynard Rifli." Cvecs Br ally * Cooperstiwn. N.Y., says; "For a l hunting purposes. I unhesitatingly give yon's the preferer.o > over all guns I hive ever known " E. W. Cnox, Esq., I.ookport. N. v.. sars: ' In fact. I think they will shoot through anything but a frozen hem ofrk." tnr For information regarding th's arm apply to H. SfeiMKhNf Agent for the Maynard Anns Company, ie 16-lw Washington, D. C. ARGAINS! BARGAINS !! GREAT BARGAIN'S!!! U ?* ?- * *- * * ' ' ouinuui iucci, Kinuwieafna to he the cli apest and best place to buy Ciothi g Furnishing Goods, Hats and Cap*. Owing to the scarcity of money, SMITH, No. 460 Sevonth ?t.t opposite tlie Post Office, has determined to sell Ins goods 15 per cent, less than any other house in town. Drop in and see our new supply of Spring and Summer Goods, at astonishing low prices N. H. 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The above comprise! the entire balance of a large I importing house m New York. \ We have b 'light tnese goods for cash at ft great sacrifice, and will tell thmrt very 1 w for casIi- | The above goods are of the lfttes* fcty lee, and selected from the first factories both in New \ork tMl Pari' ' ?. ? ? ii. ?w nuninimiP | the whole of the stock hu liwn reduced fully fifty per cent, from the original coat. We have secured the services of Mr. Steixstikld, of New York, to assist u* in the tale of this Splendid Assortment or MANTILLAS AND TRAVELING SUITS. Ladies would do well to make an early call. CJLAGETT * MAY, 334 Pennsylvania Avence, )913 ? between 9th and loth sts. j 4 m EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS. 4c. T? f XCVRIION TO OLYMONT JI Mfc FOUNDRY SABBATH SCHOOL hM chartered the naleand newljr repaired _JT? >. {teamer Phvnix, and will dive vxcurn>'n to thi? deluh'fu! place WEDNESDAY, the ??h in?t. Omnibuaea will leave the Chnrch,porner of 14th and G ?t?., at quarter to 8 o'clock. The boat will lenre 11th at. w -arf at 8K a. in The Mosart Braw Band i? enga?d for the oecaxion. Dinner and refreahmenta c*n be obtained at the Pavilion. Ticket* 'for the boat) fifty centa: children under 15 rears of age ?5 cents. je 16 3t* T NOTICE. HE STEAMER PHENIX Will leave her wharf, foot of Eleventh ?treet, at 7 p. ^ in., Navy Yard at Dp. in., and Alex andria at 9 p. m..on MONDAY, Jiine^*^? ^ ^ 25. on an EXCURSION to the \\ HITE HOISE PAVILION, to lie in oomphmeut to Mr. Johji W. Thomp?oi?. Ticket* can be had of either of the followinjnamed gentlemen : P. D. Stuart, Lemuel Gaddis, Wm. W. Browning, Geo. W. Robiuaon, Adam Gaddixjr., Benedict Swain. Wm. H. Nally, Cha*. J. Wright. John F. Ellia, John T. Chancej, Cha*. Cunningham. Dr. R. Finley Hunt, John Cruitt, Win. Stewart. John D. Brandt, E. A. Rvthei. je 16-S.WAS WASHINGTON city garden. | ernst loeffler. Proprietor. j Nf ie York artntt*, between lit and ldstt. \ In call ins (he attention of the public to my (rounds I would state that every arrangement has A . . A he?u made to make this "Retreat" morevcs^ J attractive ever} day. Mondays the Gar-XtuHJL dens are open to the public free of charge? a concert riven by a select hand. Those desiring to enjoy the danoe and waltz wi I find the saloon in complete order to render plea*ure to all. On oth^-r days the proprietor will cheerfully grant th? use of the (rounds for school or other Pic Nio Parties without charge. For the amusement of children he has introduced a number of little games, nev?r before seen in this o tv, and calculated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." N. B.?Attached is my Bottling Establi*hm?nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at th?"ir resincnoe. of that healthful drink, LAGHR BEER, upon short notice. 3m Gr a n d f f. ? t i v * i. or THK Washington Turner Societv. at the PARK, (Srventh st.nortk.) The members of the Turner Society beg leave to announce to their friends, and the citizens of Ht Washington and neighborhood generally, that thoy intend to give. at the above nniiie<iyH? place,on MONDAY, June 18, their AnnuallMB Pic Nic. | Tickets 25 cents, admitting a gentleman and la die*?can be had of any of the n.einlters. principal hotels and restaurant*. Stages will leave the Navy Yard and corner Seventh st. and l'a. avenue from 9 o'clock a. m. to the close of the Pic Nic. je 14 3t COM. OF ARRANG1.MF.NTS. rj?HE ric NIC OF THE SEASON. The Young Catholics' Friend Society W ill give their ANNUAL I* I C NIC At ARLINVTOX SPRISd. On .MONDAY, June 25th. Tickets 25 Cents t Childrkn 10 Cents. Tll#? Wtll ka .l?..-?-.l A- At? -J ? > IK) unruini IU me cqucauon and clothing of poor boy* The well JTT- jt known character of this AsiMi<*iation^^^22^^^P gives a-n a?<urance that all who tend this Pic Nic will enjoy a day of uninterrupted pleasure. Good order will l>e maintained. The f->rry boat Grfo. W. Rigg# will leave Fourteenth <?t wharf every hour. The Georgetown omnibuses will connect with the (iteam packet Flying Cloud?leaving every hour lor ttie Spring by wa> of Canal. jo 13.1t>&d6t Etuhth annual pic nic OF THI monumental club. at At AKl.ltMi Toy SfRJSO, /Hk wednesday, June*). uji Particulars in future advertisement. j? tt-'J,te, FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other "For Sale and Rent" advertisements, tee Jirst page ] For rknt-a frame cottage bouse <?n Massachusetts avenue,l>etween I t'h and 15th streets, containing 6 room*. Ren $10 per month. For particulars apply on the premises^ jn K-S* COMFORTABLE ROOMS, with or without Hoard, can lMol>UiMd,on moderate Winn, at K ??., ktwem 5th and6th. Table Boarders Meomnoriatfld with *<><>'1 Hoard. je 16 2w* FfoR SALK-ThPSTOCK and PIXTUABS of a new and elegant Confectionery Store, ono of the Iritst standii in this city; doing profitable cash business all the )?*ar round: reason for peliinr the proprietor hav nip other business to attend to; will !>e sold on moderate t?rius to a responsible party. Inquire at the Star Office. je 16& COUNTRY RF.SII)ENCE FOR RENT, at Heltsville. on the Washington Branch Rail fCftil. Tci inn motlorat . Apf lj t<? li?? Ma4* 1 at said place. je l5-3t* FOR RENT-A two-story FRAME DWELLING, with kitchen and wood shed. 011 Third street, between t? and H sta., No. 505. Rent $12 per month. For further particulars inquire of W J*. JONES, No. 295 Al street. Iwtwceii <? and H hts. i? Itlt" _ * ?; "" *w TFIRF.E FRAME HOUSES FOR SALE, with their Lot*. The) will he sold on easy terms. The houses are near the new Gas- Works, anil are neat homes for the working man. First payment small, and the balance in one and two years, with interest. Apply toGILBERT CaMEKON,Wild er. je \5-2w F'OR R KNT?The large ROOM in the third story of the building on Seventh st , second door south of Odd Fellow*' Hall. To a punctual tenant the rent will be reasonable je 14 _*U J At*. C. McOrlRK A CO. FM>R RENT-A BRICK HOUSE,on Mas,achu set h av., near l<?th st., containing l<> rooms and passage, with good cellar. The rei.t will be tnoierate. Inquire of GEO. T. I.ANGLEY, on I. st., n?*ar Fourteenth st. je 13 I? O R S A I, E?The laree and well arranged r DWRM.INO-HOrSK, No. ? O street south, between nth and <Hh streets, Island, containing 8 rooms and back-building. !.oi 25 feet bjrlinfett deep, running l>ack to a Jn-foot alley, and having on the r>'ar a good *ta!>l?. As the otij. ct is to effect a nlaul un r?f * " v.>-,uK ..y ?1 mr pa: i 'lersm p OI inflate brill ol Klvan* ft Thompson, this property is offered at a price much l>elow it.s actual value, ami on f??v terms. Inquire of JOHN H ELVANS A CO . 309 Pa. av.; or <i. R. THOMPSON k. BRO., Ninth ?t., near Canal. je 13 1 w FH)R RENT?Two beautiful new BRICK JIOUSi- S,on Eighth ?t eet west, between M and N "treeti* no'th, wt'gt ?itle. Apply to .MARY C- HAISLIP.N'o. 3*1 Nintn street west, or Dr. KE *SBEY, No. 332 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. je 12-lw* |?OR SALE?Five acres of WOOD LAND. P suitable for a country sea*. The subsoriber, as attorney for Mr. Chris. C. Calian < ftars for sa!e5aores of tha: beautifullylorat >d woods, immediately beyond the Columbia College grounds, on the Piney Hianch road, two miles from Washington, out the Fourteenth street road. a J * *" ror?on? aesirous oi purchasing will call at my office and vee plat of the same. II not disposed of by Tuesday, the 19th of June, it will be aol<l at publio auot on, *y J. C. McGmre, Auctioneer, at t> o'olock p. in. on tne pr'miees wm. ?*. hoLliday, J_e 12 d 324 Perm avenue. ID* S? 2rO to loan on oity security, apply aa above. JjH)R RENT?A two-story BRICK HOUSE, on Mmsoun avenu ?No. 40. Possession gives on the 1st of Julv next. Apply to 1). A. WaTTERSTON, No. 464 Second street east, or .J20 Seventh street went. je7-eolm* CONVKNIENT AND DESIRABLE rooms IN THE K1RST WARD TO LET.?An Of fioe, with Parlor snd Chamber, if required or either of said rooms, furnished or unfurnished. aoutheaat oorner of 1 and Twentieth streets. Inquire at premises. ma 14 Stawtf FOR RENT?In the First Want, the three-story BKR'K H?'USE vacated by Mr. Defour, having a very large >ard, and well supplied with water and *a?. Also, for sale, two small Brick*. Twentieth and M. Apply JOHNSON A Sl'TTOM, or ROB'T EARLE. je 12-e? 3f FOR RENT?Three first-cla** and recently built HOUSES, four stories high each, hand soinely finished, and having all the modern improvements. such as wnt-r, gas, Ac., in one of the very finest locations in the city?on the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue, and opposite the Capitol grounds Any ?>ne wishing to rent a fine dwelling will find this a favorable opportunity, as 1 desire to rent them immediately. and will reut them low. Inquire of P. \V. BRCUVN1N0. je 1-tf 17OR RENT-Three BRICK HOUSES-one on 7 Twelfth street, between C and D ; one on the comer of Twelfth and H sts.; and one on II. between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES W. BARKER, on H Street, between 11th and 12th. No. %Tt?. mt Su-tf FOR RE.NT?A thr*- story FRAME HOUSE, nu Kleventh ?fe*t, between I and K Inquire of M. SNYDER, at the flumbing and Gu Fitting E*t?bli*hment of C. Snyder, next door to the Star Office ma24-tf A GENCY FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN A GKORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the ?ale of the above celebrated and wen known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu.'. supply ooustantly on hand and for sale at lowest latee. HAY and COAL SCALES areoted in any part of the District or adjoining counties. All Soales are warranted durable, acourate, and to give satisfaction BUSIJ Y * BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, je?-tm Bridga street 2 doors west of Hi?h. v% A D rnD %J * *" " * - umvnuc .uatl iilla^ AND CLOAK9, D For La dim, Mi?iu' awd Child***, In tilaek, whiu, and colors, ready-made ana mads to order at MAXWELL'S, J> U-3U?o safe Pa. avnne. IADIES' BUN UMBRELLAS AND PARASOL*. A full aasortment of blaok and ooiora, of all the new and dasirabla now on hand, at jo ia-eo3t MAXWELL'S. *U8 Pa. ar. V * * AMUSEMENTS. CTETBEN BOUSE 4I"D CONCKUT ?#Ai OON. Th? under?ign?d p e*?urr in informing hi* on ?n ontire n?w?ty.<? - ~ 1 Hi* bar t? fum.fhod with the h??t l juv., c><oice?t Winei, Ciffcr*, Ltftr Deer, R ft ret a m?nt?, Ac. A 6cr br?M ?"d string b*i.d b*?n ngncwl ifi inn A CONCERT of VOCAL *n4 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. DANCING. Ao . every SATURDAY EVENING, oommenoinf it 7 o'clock j? 16 2t* G. M. H LKHNA t GENUINE BAVARIAN 1* BUCK beer: The ?ind*mi<!ted re*pectfnlly uiformithe public that He will holtl at the particular A nl hi? friend* and wntomeri. on ^ON-wl/j^y 1>AV next the 18th nut , the second gram! CONCERT, on which occasion he will ?<*rre hi* invi ins KU0?ta with )u? lar ?uperiora<i> renowne?l and celebrated imported ceranne BAVARIAN LAGER BRER, which excel* as; Buck Be??r ever nold in thi* coiyitrj. Come one. come all. and enji-v a 111?< - * pleasant afternoon, a' the Ga'!?r! fiesiaurant at achad to i.EORGE SCHNELLS lotcl, Nni 304 and 306 l*a avenue, between 13th and I4ih ftreetn. je 16-2r* ODD FELLOWS' BALL ?Second W?ek of the Triumphant Suooets of Thl*4?a'a Rnicin of flethanlcal Arts. THIS EVENING the following Beautaea will be prevented A beautifu 1 ?i?w of fiibra't^r A dirt sUmoc* of the trtmt W??hinjtoii. jiod?TJew I of the fT -ek and Town of Gibra Ur- Citj of S*l? j hurr. with a heautifol Vifw of the Item* j*uu Nar leon Cros?ine the A tp?. in whteHSOOO" "i^v ins hcure# are repreaented. The wonderful anrt unrivaled Automaton Slack rope Vau'ter. To oon^ elude with a crand and awfu. ?oene of a i*t<>rm a.t Sea Doora open at "H o'clock ; p?rf"'maioe *1. giimnun'i ? H? " _ w. o. ?f rUHr?uny fft till AI ternoon* Sp^eial Performances ; doors open at 2 o'clock?commatcp at 3 Chi^lrer to day perform anoec 15 ot?. Card* of admission JS ot?. jell ~ WANTS.~ WANTED-A YOUNG MAN thoroughly acquainted withthe druc business, at JOHN W I <V No. JOO C?. avenue, O*. OI.~. HoUI. if WANTED-A SITUATION to go South as a brick manufacturer. Best of references, with resaMto capability . siven A ddress J N O. CAI.HOUN, Star Office. Washington. WANTED?A hrst-rate DRESSMAKER. U> go traveling with a la<1y Apply 49'^ Seventh*t. \nn?i,??l ?rrM.' "< > tavac wow srecompMrm ?na well rwommfmlwl je 15-31* (''OVKRNBSS.-A ladj. who h:t* ha' experience 1 in teaching English Branches ami Miimc, desire* a Situation in a tv 1 or Fatrnly l>y A'ltuinn. Ref"rt*n<-?<? es<-h? ie"<l. F?r particulars address? stalln* salary? H., Horse Head, Prince George's comity. Md. je 1? 7t* WANTED?To hare everybody know that they can find a Fine act Well selected Stock of CLOTHING mid FURNISHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING Si ORE. No. 460 Seventh st-, opposite Pout Office Department. ap6-Sm WANTED.?Every one to know that a.MITH, Seventh st. oha'r*es fair prioee fo?- his Good*. Go to SMITH'S, Seventh st., to get your HAT? mil l'?W _ " " .. .? ? w?? sp 6~3ni personal. INOTICK HEREBY Depute and authorise Mr. H*bby Gobbett to collect *11 accounts tlue to M.u I arn compelled ne.-eio-arilii to l?e at><?ent from YYa*hiu?ton id the went i for the next t wo or *hree months. All persons iji<1el>te?l ti nt*? will please make payment to In in on presentation of their several accounts. je 16 at' RICHARD ADAMS. Madamk m??rrick, thkGbeat a*tbolo.. g'HT AXD DoCTRE**, jc?r FROM El bopk.? Thi* huh'* *ifte<l MM iiitH'it^nt I?<1> can con Miimi on tn?* j'H'-t. I'r?k?iit ami Futurefvnii. Cull at No Twenty-second i>t . between H an'l I, Washington. je l4-3t* GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS for otker Urorgetotm atirerltfrnrmt* teejirtt pag* FOR NEW YORK.?The packet'iiehooner Sur priae, Captain Cole, nan arrival, and will commence loading a* above on DAY next, 1SM.Ii inst. For freight appW to McCOBB & DODGK. je 16 63 Water ?treet._ IT'OR BOSTON.?The regular *uperior clipper r schooner J. W Shaver, Capt. Ira Nick - ^ erxon. Iia? ar ir?rt and is now diaoharging her^^^^ freijnt She will be receiving carg" for tbe^^^ miovo p'ri I D-MORROW MORNING,and will HAi 1 early next week. Ap?l* to HARTLEY4 BROTHER, je lt>-1w 99 and 1Q1 \Vtt?r ?t. FOR RF.NT?The Iar*e and convenient RRICK HOUSE oi. thi* corner of Fredenc and Second sts.,Georgetown .in for rent to a gt?>d tei sot There aro 14 rooms-all lighted with km?a flower earden. \ard. ?tal>le, Ac , with a pump of *<>od water in the ?ard. A pp v to JK Si KI N THOMAS, or t?> KKIIJ.\ & BRI1., Illsti m., Georgetown. je 14-at COR HKNT-ln Georgetown, the demraMe T HRICK DWELLING. two-*tor? and l-ackbulldme. situated on First street, l>etween H gu and Potomac, now in the oecun?.nr* ?r v p ? ?.. sine, K?q. (tiven immediateljr. Apply to THOMAS KNOWLE*, corner Bridge *t. an<l Market Spac. (ipnrtftown. je 12-eo2w ?fi AAA CORPORATION WASHINGTON Ol)?UUU OUARTEHLY SIX PKR CKNT. STOCK for (*?;< in sum* to anit purchaser*. JAS. C. McGl'IRK A CO., je 14 ftt Auct'r* and Commission Merchant*. | ADIK3' FRKNCH TRAVELING BAGS.Lj M. \v. <iAI.T A BRO. h*v? iu?t received a lar*? **??? ttneiit ol l.Mifn' French Traveling Barn, a beautiful article ami cheap. M. \v! GALT A BRO.. Jen-oiler*. 3-14 Pa. avenue, je 14-3t 4 door* w??l of Brown** Hotel. Nkw jkwklry, watchks. silver and Hi.ATKD ware, parts fancy itiOOS, Ac.?\Ve open thi* morning a verf la-*e ??8->rtiii?nt of all the newer ftjlrti of the above Ooorls, to whicn we invite the attention of our riiitoiiierx and other*._ _ M. \V. UALT A BRO., Jeweller#, Iti Pa. avenue, je 14 3t 4 ilnor* we*t of Browa'a Hotel. f-iARI) TO M FM HKRS OF CONGR KSS~? V' Having bad tiie honor of Dressing the apparel for a rnajoritv of member* of Congresa in former - scions. *eW to sugceitto jour Honors to send n> * our (."oats, Pant*, Ac.. and we will cleanse them troiu the d? ?t of our Av nue awl all spot* in 24 hours' notii-e, and return tnem to look like ucw, at a -mail i*?it. IIF.M. A GRAHAM. I)?era. Xo. 4*9 Pa. av. l>el. 3d and 4)i u'-.. oppo the Stat?a Hotel. (estaMished tn the year 18S3.1 [Q* Ref'reni-es?\qhIi W alker A Co. je 14-*t* CKM-INC OFF ' O C1.08E Bl'SINBSS.^ JOHN R. MORGAN would respectfully inform his customer*, and the commitnity generally, that he has concluded tow clo -e his hnsinesd, anil hi order to do ko a? hb s on as possible will offer his entire atocll ef hit own make BOOTS and SHOK^at cost for caah, and his other *ood? at almost any pi ice. To thoae lu a ant of reliable roods for wear. I would ?ay, give me a call a>id you will not ha disappointed. At I am about to clone m* hu?inm ?ll on injr UmIiii will f?e renlfrnl on or before the >t of July, when I hope tliey will lie ro*p'>nded to promptly, that I may meet with promptness the obligations due by me. J. R. MORGAN, No. 303 south side of Pa. av.. je 14 bet. 9th and 10th ?U. ~i Qa PAPEIH AN6 1NG8, A O A 4 OO WINDOW SHADES. <*00 In atore a good assortment of Paperhanrincs, embracing handt%ome stock of GOLD and VELVET mi) R(ll Tl Pi DLDk! I?R.,.E"SpESl l.ovr Priced GLAZFD and BLANK PAPERS, FIREBOARD PRINTS, fcoAUoa chojpo ansortment of warranted GOLD BAND WINDOW SHADES IMITATION GOLD and COM MON SHADK/bUFF OR KEN ^ TAnJei OLLA fc Dsf PICTU&E CORD and 1AS9ELS, Ac. Ever* article war rat.ten hi rCDr?*^ntftii k>J uf i. f? j _ _ _ r | ubi ?ubiru or no pay required. Order* punctually executed, in c tv or oouotrjr. Having purcha?ed for ca?h. I will cell at the lowest remunerative prioea. Pleaae give me a call. \TJ~ Doa't forget the number. J MARKR1TKR, No. 4S6 Seventh street, je 9-eo6t* ? doora al?ove Odd Fellow' Hall. ? SELLING OFF:-8ELLING OFFICII China, Glass A Queens ware AT COST FOR CASH tv?;-:- 1 - pro?uy to reauce my stock preparatory to altering the interior arrangements or my itore. I will begin this day to run off* all my stock of seasonable goods at cost for cash. I have in store a large and varied assortment of CHINA. GLASS and QUEENSWARE, PLA: TED WARfc, CUTLERY, MATS, FANCY ARTICLES, and HO USEFU RUSHING GOODS generally. The improved Copper Bottom ICE PITCHER and many other articles jast in season. Also, complete CHINA TEA SfcYs, 44 pieces, for $4J0, Call early and secure a bargain at GREEN'S, 374 Pa. ?v.. bet 11th and llth sU.. je U-eo6t 1 door east of Kirkwood Hoase. iSjAILY STAGE LINK pETWEEN WASH Xx'S&rMlANU AR iSTTt With the lumdniin Railroad, leave Washington at 6>4 o'clock a in FareSOeenU.* Ht^e office at Mattin't Franklin nt*l, corner of Kifhth and D at*. jeS-lm* JOHN H. KELCHXER. Pro?'r. 278j..t J 'riffiL. avenne. 278 ThPL,ttfdB^Stt^ehftUM0r The Litti? Beauty, by Mr*. Gr*y. > to1. Easo., 836 The^fu!' on the Flnu.K* tV>? ?r ? -?? ~.i_ Barbie Fud.I volt. 12mo ew volume b* Dickene, Short Stone*, sloth, Dickene' Short Storiea jiapar, Dickene' Tale of Two Ciuae, paper, Dickene' New Yaar'e Stone*, paper, Dickene' Holiday Storiee, paper, ill Dftvid MKi pillftr AUCTION SALES. BTftt other A*rt*+n SmJ**. i?r Jlfrt p*4t? By J. C. Me6UIRK A CU.. AwkoiMri FUHMTUBF ajit HOI PKHOi p KFKF T* at Pru c Sal*-?Or MONDAY MoRMNG. Jair ?t 10 o * <*?k M Ik* re*id?no? oi \\ R U W>lli??. No. 5P Mr ft. hrtwwr rh aw! treeu.we sIaM sell the farmture And o*>m?riaiif? MAhO(A> r ( *" ?ix Pi a no Fort#. WSnlt l)Air ?prin< ??At Ma. K <?ckei. And fAtlct W'tnit C#et*r TAh.r Ti?no ?Uk.;, OAk Arm Cfc*ir?, Cane At CkAits, i"Arf?t, oil C.vtt, Alt'* MAtlin i Kra?n*?. tt m m < t-'roMh ud tciUtf* B delrede, * a?hrtar,d?. T?i>t t>?U, ShMM, Feather HmI. H'1 ?t??. ai.d P?ik>?-?. Mattr*?a*?. IV? kin? SUivc ?iki fixture* kitelier. | Term >: T?M'I do ar? aod undnr cuh.ovv thai aa?n * c adit of ? a <1 d%??. f >r ;?f*o.*?rily ea tloraetl r<?U<a. tx>arini iijtareet. The Hi>im 1a lor rant, it euitaiM aix rot-ma. with ^a??afA. nd? *SI*y, and tardea. Ii>?aire w the auction ar. _ |4 ,( i r ?. .. #. v. <?ai i n r, <r * , AU^'l B? J. C. M'rtiUIRK A CO , Aaetion#?ra. CTOCK AND P1XTURKH OF A FAMILY Gtnrilv Sroa* ?r Pi ?l.c Atctioii ?<l? Tl'KsUA\ MOKMMiJtnf ltU.ti inoWek. atth#Fa"?r? Grooer; !*t "*> ol h H Voh. Km . oofner of Pei,n*?;vama ?mu? aid Pent; *tr?"et. we shall a?!i all hi* alock in trvl? and atore fit ture*. cop pn?ir(t? Barre'pof H'OWli Cr?*i>?st. *i;d Pi! v?r;i?dl,iin'?. Sack* of Java and R.- C. r, ? , ?rs? aj?t n?aa Imperial, Gunpowder, \ < unt Hj*"n, and B ?'k Tti, 10 boxra Sperm Candle#. Kate*'* Adamartine ?iw Taliow Candle*. * f . Oe*. \>\?t P. ? ' ? . S..R p. . l"U* k .: '* I'diao, Fig-Moe, Starch, S?>da, ?ard. Sardine*, Cap- ra. Pick Cnrdia-. Superior Brand>. \V f <ke?, G :r.. Rui a. : W in wood arid c'au, Sfi Clear* cf van. a* brand* and qua 'ie# of TuK*. *pc? H"xe?. Bu<-ke*. \Va? hoard*. Roilinc P.n*. Ropea. Hiu-he*, Broom*. Mat*, ko., Oountera, Sh*lvili*.'* nr.d M-a?ur??. Wiider'a I ire pro. >f Safe J* atfrm S<?.? New Kxpr> a* \Varon a"d llal>e?ks. Gla?*Cu* Cl?f. I.lil'a i i->. A The Fixture*. K* ? ! - ?- I ? - ?? ? V 1* on wm t*r">? an? unc doir >ua of tne Gr r>uain?*a 111 tli. Terma: and uixlfr i vor that um * credit ofan 6??. tml >' ilk) i. (or *a'.iefaot?rily et\ dcraed n<>te?. l>??nn? i ..trreat C^( ata oj;ue? wi (>- on the .i*? of ?a.e jTii d J. ?. Milil ln K A CO.. Aurt? SPECIAL NOTICE.- \.l Per? m. taavu.g u. settled K'o<!unU <"i i,i? l...- k> r ' ' > ' ' Jauuarr iSW'.are reep*<nfu if r q uf?t?*<! :<> r .??? the Mm' before the ."tn iwm t. ! ip tin* thhtlti wi ! be p'a^ed ! ti.e i.a;ni. I Rti t t #r*? <" collector, witiout rtn i '? p<--? h. My r**u ?r monthly cii't me" wi fi"' u,*n hi!1? read < at th* at>reou tii? 2>tii ii.tfaut; and 1' not called for t>j the .*'h n ft* : th?? w?li presented, and a ae?11emeul,either ! ? e*ah or no?? ? at short date*, i? earnestly requested. ~ il H VOvf> 8? A. GREEN, Aactioreer. VAM AWLK LOT* FOB SALE-On WED NE*DAY.the*?th irsta:.t. I *ha *?!. in f;??at of the premiaee. at 6 o'clock p m , two of th? m??et deairattle Lota lu the vioini > of ttie V\ ?.| r latue. Thr> are pacta of original I ots Via hand 17, ID Square No 75. f obtni* (*aki ? ?> ?' '? f~--* HAiisnALF JALf. -II VirtUf ?! two flltl ITl tori Imiu. iHi?d from the Clerk's njfioe of the Clroait Court of the Distnet of Columbia. t?r the county of Washington, and to me directed,! will expose to public saie, for oash, lu f-ont of tti? court house door of said count*, on MONDAY, the 9th day of July next. 1M>, at 12 o aiocK m.. the following property, U? wit: All defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. 1, in Square No. Kit, in the city of Washington, D C . together with all and singu ar the improvements taereon, arixed and levied upon as the property of Andrew Kotbweil, and vi 1 he so id to aatisfv Judicial Nos 2 4 and 215, to October term 1*9?, in favor of Phelps A Kingman. \V. SELDEN. U. 9. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia, je 13 dt? _ AI A R?*H A I, ?SA 1 .E.?In virtue < I a writ of isri i'l facia* issued from the Clerk's ofioeof the Cir cult Court of the District <1 Coiuinota, lor the rounty of Washing tor , and to me directed I w I expose to public a?i<, for oasii. in front of the court house door of said county, on MONDAY, the $>tn day <>f July n'At.lfcw at IJo'clocfcm , the foliowirg desmilted property, to wit: All d-feiid*nt's right, title, clsiit, act] interest in an ' to L?ot No &, in !S|uare \o. the city of Wathing'or. D. C , together with all an<* si gu ar the improvement* thereon, seized aud levt d upon a? tue property of Jnr.C. Nicno'.as, ar.d will l-e sold to satisfy JudiI oia>* No. 12S, to i?iaj term 1h??, in lavor oi A. and F. A. Richards. W ShLnEN (J. 8. Marsha, lor the District of Columbia j? 13 dts 0 GOVERNMENT SALE N WEDNESDAY. June *.ith, at ISS f- the Washington Navy Yard.a* nUis Aantina...f th" roikiwinf namert ertioles, rii: 8 Iron Cylinder Holler*. 21 le?u 6 ir.che* U'ng.#1 11 rh?* diameter; 1 Cylinder B<> ler, ift fe. t loug.24 incited diameter, with two IS inehos return flee*; 1 Wagon Boiler, 12 feet Ion*, 6 le?t 5 inches huh. and I 4 fe*t wide; Steam IK.roc, I fe**t bf 2 M. an 1 2S t% inohe* letum flue*; I High Pressure ft nam En gine(horisontal I Cylinders, 9^, inches and S feet strok??the engine is ail complete exoept wheel. I S Ca<t l*on Puirps. cylinders 2 feet dia?n? tor an* 2 feet stroke: 1 Punching Machine,for vunching boiler p:ate; 1 Pair Shears. for theariug boiler p ate; 1 Lot of fash and Doors; 1 Lot of Window and Door | Frames; I Old fmith'* Bellows; 50 Pounds Boot Topping: 10 Gouges ; 4 Chisel*; II Planes, t Iron Square; 1 Tennou Saw; 1 Old Seive; a lot 0I0M Tin 8sa es and Ream*; a lot of old Holt Rope. ? c ; a iot of old Scrap Canvas a lot of old Cooking I ten l!*, ooasist'ug of Boilers. Pish Kettle*. Tin Knoii ens, Gr.ddles, Ac.; 2 old Stoves, 1 old Cooling #, Range; 1 Iron Stairway; 1 ?* si?t Capstan IS o d 4 Bi>nas; 2 B oeC oth Round Jacket*, ( HieeC.ith Pea Jacket; 1 pa" H ue Co k Troweers; I pair F anne. Jumpers, 2 pair Flaanel Overshirts; I pan Klannel Undershirt*; * pair B ae Flannel Da?er*. IX yards Samp e B ue Flannel; 2 Lin?i. Shirts. t pair B ankeUj 1 Bme Ciotfe Cap; 1 sample Canvas Puck: 1 sample Blue Nankin; 1 sample Blue Cloth, for Trowaers; I sample Blue Cloth Tor pea ticket, 1 rample Leather, for sbces; 1 Stocking; 11 medium Eagle Buttons; 9 small Eagle Buttons; 99 pounds Dried Applee. Terms oash. in epeoie. WILLIAM FLINN. Nary Agent ;e6-2aw2w A. GREEN. Auet Tft J. C MoGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers STEE'S SALE OF FOOR VALL ABLE Buildim Lots, at tui cvixu or Fikst sr. wiit anii wobtii G fcTMrr?.-On FRIDAY AFTERNOON . June ifltth, at 6o'?look. on the pretn ises, bv rirtue of a deed of trust date.1 *eptemt>er let 1 Qfcfi nA ^..1- J-J - - *1 1 " .">) iwo, 0UU uui* i CWIUTO in n wr 4 . A- O-I ilO. 135, folios 435, etc , one of the 1**4 reoorde (or Washington the Diatrict of ('.olBtnbiu, I shaii sell lota uuint?"f' 27. 28. 29, aad 9), in Jaa. C. McGuire'a subdivision of i^urt fiat. Lot 27 fronts 35 feet on First ttrwt W.itth* corner ofG street Dortk, and running back 13n feet 4 inches to a twest* feet alley. Lots H. ?. tod JO, front each 23 fMt mohe* on First street w?*t. between O and H iir?t? north, and run baok feet 4 mokes to a twenty-feet alley; together with the im?roT?mfnU, oonaiating of aina'l twn-aU>rr brick houaea erected oa the rear of a aid lota au fronting on the ai ey. Terme One fourth oaah; the reaidua in k, 19 aod II month*, witk interest, aeoured by a deed ol truat oa the premise* If the terms of sale should not be oomphed with in five days thereafter, the trustee reaerrea the right to resell at the risk aod expense of the dafaulting purchaser. 11 ooBveyancingat the expense of the purchase' THOS J. PIPH KK, Trustee. matt 2awkda J.C McGClRK A CO.. Aueta 5J2 SIGN PAINTINOT 512 THE C!HEA.PF?T AND BE8T PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET tIGNB PAINTEDCALLON H. W. HAMILTON, 419 SEVENTH STREET AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SI0N8 CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. N B -PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID T* ^ HOUSE PAINTING. ^ ?M wBSSSK t- ? K?4 P. m??~am pHICEER1N6 4 SONS' SUPERB PIANOS, MB 1 F. ELLIS'S,MS Pfc M. on* inch rjfi t**t I inch oc the * nth ai J* o( 1'enn ayivania avenue, oppoti'e th? tix hnildiuca with tin average depth vt Kk feet 2 inches ?ni ? f et % icchea. reepecti v?l? . ai d miming l"wk to a thnt? feet paved alley. ? ith lt? outlet directly in'he re*-. Terms: One foarth oaah. balance milMr, l> mnntha. Heed a ?i*en art# deed* of iruat taken, each at th? coat of the purchaser. Title inditpu tab e. je H *'jd A. CHtKKH. *?< B? A. ORKKN. Auctioneer VFW THRKKNI ORY HRIcK HOI'MJ *j?r Lot at Acctt?>b.?On 'I HI R^liAV.the Jlat inataut. 1 tu?!i ne II in front of the premi^ea, at mx o'clock p m.. the north tw*ut? fe-t front of Lot No. 9. in Cruttenden'a luMivniou ol Square , froat i n fc on ?tk atreet weet run nine nack ha'ween O and P ?tr?*t? north, to a a ley. with the imp ove ments, which contitt ?t a new Three atory Br ck Hon** oor.tainu.K aix rood and eon^eniently arranged rooms, witr wide pa**agea, and built tn tae beat manner, by ce of the beat Vurkmrn in thia oity. The eal* wii: be worthy of any one wiahtng to purchase a fine amal1 hoaae in a hea thy location. 'Jernu: One third oaah: the balanoe in 6. 12. If. and 34 montha, for note* hearing irtereat from day of aale. A dead given and a deed of truat taken. je IS-d A. O REKN. Aaot PUBLIC SALE OF A VALI'ABLK FARM in ALKXASPRIA CorjITT, v A.,? HILEt F1?M Washimtom.?On *ATt KDAY. the M of Jene. )Wf?, at 12 o'oloek. in front of the Mayor'* ufeot, in the city of Alexandria, 1 will pnMie auction. 24" i aoree of I And situated u above, of which I. H. Hardin died eetsed. This and le hithly improved, the ioiation i* perfectly hea th? ana aooeesibie to the three market* of beorcetown. Washington and Alexandria, tieini ? imleeTrom the latter city, by railroad, which pnosca throuch the property The building* are ?u'<etanti&. and in food order. It wi i be to d in one traot or divided luto parcels to eeit purchaser*. Term*: One-tenth o?kh; balance at 6. IS, 18 and 34 months, with interest J. LOU I? KINZKR. je 13-dtB) Commissioner

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