Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1860 Page 4
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THB EVKN1ING 8TAE. lady byroito uer post hcsbaxo. The following answer of Lady Byron to the poeta "Fare Thee Well," appeared In London, In 1919, but never, It is stated, has been published In America Oh! forget me; aad forget The brightness of our rooming gleam Of love and hope, winch tinges yet rh? memory of that faithless dream; Oh! forget me?whether thou sail Lonely ?n thine .Egeean *ea L:?t to the witdenag Arab tale. Or plunge in night? of revelry? 1 or thee?who?e stirring soul may rush Where joy spreads forth her treaah'rous charm. Boll iu t?iy tnwertng pride to crush l'he serpent head of earth'? poor harm? If passion win tnee to her gusts. Let not thy thoughts to home be turn d? B??r not tlie doubting heart that bursts To think of peace ?fe?pis'd and spurn d? Oh Then forget me. and if Time Pluck from thy breast this rankling Miiart, I nchect'U by shame. unaw'd by crime. Ciin; to eoino warm aud kindlier heait. F"-" me enough those sunr.y hours. The her aids of this iught of woe? Which led me bhud o'er paths of flowers. B'eathinc ai'l sweets of bliss below ; Though, like the violet# of the Spring. Thay oaen'd to the light and died? Though rar they tied, on startled wing. Whpn love shrunk back from injured prideStill were they sweetest, happiest, best. That hope e'er formed in fancy's traiu. The vim us of that endless rest, . When truth and joy unite acain But?oh ' forget me fill that hour When all light worldly dreams* shall W) , When fame, and wealth, anrt rank, and power. And even genius, liumble lie? Then if one stormy thought gush in? If lost affection still may live? Believo that torn heart*, purg'd from sin, >Iay meet to lore?and to fort ire. The Barrett asd Blaik Contested Cask in 8t Locis?The indignation meeting of the democrats of St. Louis, on Tufsday night last, was a very large and spirited aflalr. Several thousand peraona were In attendance, and speeches were made denouncing in strong terms the actiou of Cougrets in depriving Mr Barrett of his seat, by a number of the moat prominent citizens, from two stands. Resolutions were unanimously praied characterizing the decision of Congress in the contested election case ns unsupported by facta; a tyrannical and unscrupulous exercise of power in the majority: a contempt of the rights of the minority; a reckless disregard of the rights of the people of the district, and scornfully repelling the Imputation that th? election was carried bvfraud. A resolution nominating Mr. Barrett for reelection to Congress was then read, and received with tremendous cheers. The Republicans also held a meeting It ratification of the action of Congress In the same case, which was numerously attended Resolutions were passed charging Mr Barrett s election as the result of fraud, and endorsing the decision jof Congress In giving Mr Blair his seat. Much indignation and aDorobation was mani fasted at both meetings. Dklesate* Hc5g is Effigy?The Independent South, published in Burk couuty. Ga , has he following "On Friday last, the citizens of Waynesboro and vicinity met without distinction cf party and in cool deliberation, without a dis at nting voice, they proceeded to hang in etflgy the ten Georgia delegates who would not withdraw from the Charleston National Convention. They were hung in the public strrets, with the inscrip Hon labeled on tbern "Georgia Traitors. ' and while swung up they were stoned and brickbatted by the little darkles, their remains were then taken out to the liberty pole and burnt to ashes, the cannon was fired one time with the mouth turned tn the ground as a token of submission on the part of the delegates \rr Within the past year the attention of wbalers has been especially directed to the waters North of Labrador, and no less than twelve vessels hive already sailed for that region, and others will AAn rn|U? II' V.-1 ? ? ? * own tviiu** uair? are inowQ w ne very aoundant there, while in the much frequented whaling grounds attained by way of Behring's Straits. and to reach which a six months voyage is necessary away of Cape Horn, thev have been so rapidlv miniahlng as to render tfaebuaineaa hardly profitable at beat, and very frequently an utter failure The voyage to the new grounds does not occupy mere than a month's time. jrT" A negro waa hung at Fayettevilie, Ark . recently by a mob for having brutally murdered Lis master, a wealthy farmer, upwards of TO veara old. The murderer, a stalwart voung fellow, alleged that he bad acted In self-defense, and employed counael to defend him in the sum of SI.500 After hla summary execution by the mob, his mistress averred that she would ratber have lost all she possessed in the world than the negro. C7" Reliable lmformation haa been received by the Pike's Peak Expreaa Company that a party has gone out on tne Denver City road for the purpose af robbing the meisen^er The company have taken ate pa to protect the mails and thwart any attack that may be made upon them, and give the intended robber* a warm reception, by scudlug out with the messenger a guard of 100 armed men rrr A letter received In New York rit? frnm ? hlalily responsible source, dated Kana^awa (1? miles from Jeddo) Japan, March -?i,states tbat Mr. Harris, our Consul, took breakfast with the writer ou the 21st. that be was well, tbat all was quiet in Japan. but contains not a word of any assassination of Emperor or other high dignitary If" j"The Connecticut State Agricultural Society, "in view of the prevalence of a destructive and contagious disease among the neat cattle of an adjoining State, and the alleged exposure of neat . attle withinthe State of Connecticut to said disease." have resolved to dispeuse with any exhibition the coming Fail. AKKrVALS AT THE HOTELS WILLARDS' HOTEL.-J S Wufford, Miss Mi i* 1 oray. do: >1 Roman, do, M Komai:, Jr , do, L Voli, do; A E l.yon, Va; K W Horton, Texas; Gov A C Horton, do; f Griffin and lad*, N V,Mu? Carriugtoa. do; I) U Junes, i'exas, E P Jons', do; J Miiier.NY;A Soheli, do; Hou H M Phillips, Pa; H S Magray,do; J Stiohnrger,Orgoc; \V Ludlow, U Aileu?ioW, H Kitobum. b L Miohuis. J Mutter ie.d, L D bmith, of N V; A M A*ers. fa; G Home, N V; C W Brockett, do; Mrs J loan and son, O; C Fairl*nd. Fa; K Marsh, du; J A VV i hams, NU; H Etucg. I."s.N; vV Luiwort and lady.O, I.. Simper, NV; >V Bm?; J MoCiure, do;?: MoKibbn Pa; J A G?b?onfuo; J .VloGav vek. T-un; VV VV nithain, do, T H Watson, do; T e? Cruteher. do; R M M*s*iok. K>;I C Cook, Tenn; W Coggerhail and on. U,H? NiaL do: 1 8 Mens aud lady, do; J H liew, 1 enn; R VV Edgar aud lady, N V; 'i Einieour, do: T A An is aud lady, Ky; T J Chambers, Texsc; J A Hoge, Va; J Q Spencer, NY; J A MoEiwaiu and son, uo. E L Miliar, do; A M tiarbour, Va; C Wird Pt.M >i ? * nv'i' ivbii.... " . *-* * v> a/ tiuiui,, ta; iv Kj Browne, do: A Jennings, Mmi, M L Jem's, do; l, Davis, d?>, J Fia d and family. Mo: Miss Whnhili, do; J Gor>len. do; W MLier, do; W P L'dmmustau, O; J \Y Gray Mias;W barnta, Fla; H :-har-pard a..J lady, La; J E Mu>n, do; Miu R Morse,do; A \\ Mo&ae, Cal;CKorning and lady. Max; A D Payne, Va K A Pan*, t'a, Mr* Youmau, Canada; Mia Kip.ay, NY; E Ki-'doU, Mann K Clark an1 laay. Mii>n, i> Dorsey, NV.AC W iliarbottoa a< d lady, La; Miaa Alien, LavJ A Page, N V; J L. Gr bam, d , f it .-pino.a T N Karmela, do; W G Gil , USA;'I Millar aud lady. Pa. Mr* Hawo tn,d?>;/? kL.!>p-tt- Conn, A S MoO>inb, Da ; V L Bradf> d. a. J vN' Cole, Va; W Burn?tt, do;J\V Swift. Mass; J P Gibson, do; L C C'aasady and .*< v, Pa A Parker, do; Capi E MoLaan and lady, L'-'A; N War1, Tanu; Cast S C Gaither and lad*. Md; Miaa S W Gamier, do: Miaa E Brown, do; H G flrowc,do; J A:;deraon,d<>; V A bartoui. 'a; D Morrrii, do; P F. Aidoal, Ma>i;G A Wright *n-t lady, do; Miss Wright, do S M Felton, Pa; G A Parker, do. NATIONAL HOTKL-C Lyon. O Burston B C?rwin.NY; J Buceh, Den; Mr Martin, Ga: K 'I ahalerro, G MoMl[l?r, Misa; J .\1 . itgo nery. N [< aka, Ga E D x er and fy, t la; J Br- pn, Mn>s; A 8n->w. NH; H Aennan., ?; ?t ?a nun Mm raiaual. Mo; G Faiiield USCS, J R. bic-o. . Ot; h M Nortb, rf Swa-r, Hon A Pluinraer, Pa; J Nrman, nd; J Young, E P'^gs, O: J Pink*r*o>i, Pa: H ! Co >aar, J Handy.Tan; 9 ri*ld, li White, \V Hun ee.l Ky. E Devon, o; M Bund; inu: T Craven*.J - Caidwt l', Ky; B Nda.e, Mo; H MoC nre, J Allen, J uaadea, Pa; J Doughertv, W McCleary, J Givans.T Ar.dersju.T Boyd.Kv; W Ba nxit. A Kca far. J MoCUiland, Ind; J riaid, Miu WkuMi. i -- Jk ??? * * ?* auvim, ?v Mai er, >lrs Y onnr. Mo; J Go > d,A k; D Fleming, J Ward, O; J Kitcnie, i' M*rd?',Md) W Kirk wo, d, G MoCook. Ind; P Wayne and >jr, H K itch ill; Capt Peiry. TJones. V*: 1> Knode*, J Foy, J Burkum, TSteven, W Edmeeton.O; BSrx U>u, Mioh; J Brooke anl fj,US\; Coi G flow, N\ ; F La'ent. La: J Jangher.J Maher.Tei; Rioharoson, a; S Talkot, Tex; J Hun i, H P farron.Ga; U Mudroe. J Cooper W B anken?hip G Yoauc, L Parsons, R Baker, S Ponw.W Jenk ins, J \Villiam?,J Tully, J Mart?r ank daughter, J Co.* so i If, J Ho->dy, Aia. A M?Kisi*y, Mo; T Arisen. W babbitt,1** J; C Kerr. M>t; J Alston. R Lowry and iy, Ind; G Coaaloa, E Diokinson, M E Kawson. J La??l. O; G Dudley and ly. Miaa Du<lWy.lia; h Dunniuiton. 1 enr: J Bra' ?-t, ?; K BaiW Pms^dJ . , Mass; E J <> ant, Pa; r. W ihti|?wi,/W White. Ohio; Col uel B Fabegan. \H; P B Bo.-t, Va; H Mfokhndg*. ? Price, B t>or?ey, Md; J Jaokson, Vermont; S W Cobell, P Boret, Va. BR >WN'S HOTEL?i Brown. Misa; R J< hn sou and ly, Md; Ur Crookett Mrs B o?n, R Spriin, D H<?e ai d son, Va; i K>nder?.A ?*< Bntay, N \. P A dwe: Miss, G Habe, E W?st ott. NY; i> \N B< Ala; J roran. J H Maa>, H Wins, A P finitin I Bps <?ur. O; 1) Hniiinjton and r. Miss; H : r?h 1" . W A?"t, NC; L I. Trimble, K);TK Mtu*l. S S'eveni. J Burkam, O; J Ronaie and i?, Va; M Halsfeas.u; J Fie d and ly, Miss W H 11, J Ga d p., W Mnller Mo; C Smith, 0;?? Br teem. 8 t> W.-akier R J l.ow? J Young.T D Stevens. J Martin and faughtar. J Cole and ly. T Matnewe. J ? . Me news, K Baker, W Ganett, S C Posoy, J t o J Y Br Ml ford, Miaa Hump>rej?. Miss Rbs >e ' M ? J Bfid'ord J tirmit mm n n C r and |J, Teen; J W Harriao-. H Plmrrow, O*. ? W Dvrniil. 8 C [kitvjt. H Monro*. Tex; 1i Do t, WT; L DB'Mk. Mm?;R ?rif?hy, Va; M Cur >iu and *Ob, 111; Go* W A Gurnuui, D Rob5.T.; Vn&SSK: w 8 T" ? ?"B ^UIKSPPSmH^SK* Wi linen , flai: C Rockwel', 09; Hon H O rAM?US WffiV.:: G C Gih? b. I. I. Tram bin and rtn.htnr, Ga; Ju ThcrLtoB, Va; U W C Brant, 111: J l.iift>n<>r. A D Co* p*r. N w Marlov, Va; J w Pitch, Pa; L K ra NY. WA?H NGTON HOUSE.?S L?vir, J Pa*y. Ji:; V Li J Campbnd, 0:_C fcU okbnd*-, !' ?, B ssr^'i\s& >' . - ** 4- . " aM * >:> , J >, Za | ' " 4 f ^ I < 4 ?3?BBM? _, CHEAP F BOOTS, BH0B8, AND TEU I SHALL SELL. FROM TO-DAY, AL GENTLEMEN'S BOOTS. SHOES, AND TR MV STOCK fET ALL PURCHASERS WI FOR THEMSELVES, AT f% A lITTTir T"* BAMUftLi r. Iron Hall Boot, 8ho je S-2w 340 PEKJUYLVAML MISCELLANEOUS. I^HE CHEAPEST SPRING CLOTHING, THE UK.ST SUMMER CLOTHING, Cau onJjr be found at WlESENFELD A CO.'S, Odfon Hall Clothi?f Rooms Splendid Spring Raglans with Capes, Splendid Spring Overooats for a ft ? dollars, At WIF.SENFL ',D A CO.'S Elegant Dress Soits, at lowest rates. At WlESENFELD A CO.'S Bmctiftil Business Suits, at triflins oost, At WlfcSENFELD A CO.'S. Business Suits for youiif men, lliinaaa Hiots f. vr as na uuiva IWI IIHUMIV *?PJ " Business *?uiU lor all ages. . At WlESENFELb A. CO.'S. Dre?s $uits for wedding*, Dress Halts for rarties, Dress Suit* lor best wear. At W1E9ENFELD A CO.'S. Coats by the thonsard, Pants by the thousand, Vests by the thousand. At WIK8ENFELD A CO.'?. Boy's olothing for the youngest. Boy's olothing for all sizes. Boy's olothing for Iv??'' boys, At WIE8ENEELD 4 CO. 8 Cheaper than the cheapest. Finer than tn? fineat. Better than the best. Are t- e garments At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. Save your money, as A very few dollars Will give you a splendid outfit for summer. If you oal! At WIKSENFF.LD A CO.'S. ap 17 TnAStf Cor. Pa. a v. and 4 X St.. jyjAY 10TH, I860. OPENING O* THB SEASON. MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE. Our Grocers and Citizens will please Bear in Mind that The treason for this MOST HEALTHFUL AND TURK BEVERAGE Is Now Open. The Agent in Baltimoie Has Received A Large Stock And will be happy to receive the orders of his Washington Friends. ( U.n ' . C Du.. VB??r???irr? Ui' (IMff 1 ltrrt ^ JAS. McDONNELL, General Agent, ma 10-t.t,a?-tr 0*1 ti wore. I No. 659.1 By the president of the united states. In pursuanoe of law. I, James Bcrrns*:*, President of the United States of America, do hereby dnelare and make known that pub'c rales will he held at the under mentioned Land Office* in the Territory of Kan.sasat the periods hereinafter designated. to wit; At the Land Office at Jcjsction City commencing on Moi day, the6thdav of \u(,ust next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following townships, viz; Si*uth n/ the hast line and east of the firth principal meridian. The parts of township 1 nuUlda of the Indian reservation. and townships 2 3. 4, and 5, of range 8 The parts of township 1 outside of tne Indian reservation, and town*hip* 2,3, 4. and S of rangeJT The parts of township 1 outside of the Indian rese-?ation. and townships 2. 3. 4. and 5. of range S The parts of township I ontMde ofthejndian re servation, and township* 2. 3.1 and 5, of rang** .5 The pans of township 1 outaide of the reservation, and townships 2. 3, 4, and 5, of range 4 Townships 1, 2,3, 4, and 5, of ranee 3. Townships 1,2, 3, 4, and 5, of range 2 Townships 1, 2.3 4 and 5, of range 1. At the Land Office at Juxctjon City, oommen ctng on Monday,.the A)th Cay of August next, for the disposal ol the pubho lands within the following townships, viz: Soutti of the base line and east of the sixth prinripal meridian. T'iwnih;ps 6. 1 % 15, Mid 17, of range 4 Townships 6,7, 15 ?6. and 17, of range 3 Townships 6,7, 8, 9,1", 11,12,13, 14,15,16, and 17 of range 2 Townships 6,7, 8 9, I'M!, 12,13,14, 15 16, and 17, of Mings 1. At the Land Offi'* at Jujictiox City, comrnen cmg on Monda*, the I'th of S?pteiiiN>r next, for 'he disposal of the public lands within the following towships, vim: South of tk? base line and east of the sixth printipal meridian. Th? pi-rt* of township 18 utsideof the lodiati reserva-ion, and towMhips 9. '20, 21 and U. of racge 8. Townships 1?. 10, 21 and 22, of rang* 7. Townships 18,19, 2", 21 and U. ot range 6. Townships 18. It. 2>?. 21 and 22. of a-ige 5. Townships I*. 19, 3U, 2' and 22, of 4. Townships 13. '9an<l 20, of rasge 3 Townshiss 18, 19 ai d 2?. of ;an<e 2. Townships 18, t9 and *0. of ranee 1. At the Land Offiie at Foht f*coTT. oomrnenoing on Monday, the Dili da? of Anoist next, for the disposal of the lands within the following township*, viz: South of the bast line and ea.\t of th? sink mmr.nni twri tan The parts of towrulup Z? futsido of the Indian res- rnlixD, of range# ?. 10,11. 2, la, 14.15,16.17,18, 19,20,21 and *2 The parts ? f townships 23. 24 and 25 outside of the Indian reservation. of r,aur?H. Townships 21. J4 ami 25, of range 7. Townships 23, 24 and 2 \ of range6. Townships 23.24 and 23, of range i Lands appropriated bv law for the use of sohools, militar*. Indian, and other purposes, will be ex eluded from the Males The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the da?s appointed, arid will proceed in the order in which th?2 are advertised until tlie whole Khali have be>*n offered and the Kales thus ol< s ?l; but no Male shall be kept optn Ioniser than two weeks, and no private entry ofany of the lands will be per initted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under uij hand, at the city of Washington, this twentieth lay of April, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos #. Wiison, Coiiioiisiiouer of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CIJVIMANT8. Kveryjierson entitle.1 to the right orpre emotion 10 any of uie :anc? wit in The towa'h pi or part* of town.i?ip? above enumerated is r quired to e.>-taf>h*h the mini to the aat'sfaotion of the re*ister and receiver of the proper Land Oflic", and wake pay ment the-efor at mon a? practicable after serine tt i? notioe, and b'fore the day apooin'ed f >r the corrma>ioement of the puUiic *a'e of the lands emhrac.r.g ;he tract claimed ; otheiwise, sur h claim will be forfeited. JOS. S. ILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Not*.?Under the refutations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no pa) ment can t* made for advertising proclamations except to snoh 6ublishers as are tfrriallv avthurixed to publish by ie Commissioner of the General Land Uflioe. ap 2H-wlSw ^RKSH BKRF AND VEGETABLES FOR 1 THE NAVY. Navt aiiijit'n Office, ( Wuhin,tnn M-- ' .. M...>MD?vut ino? j ?avut ^ Sp.*I.ed proposal* wili be received at thia oftioe nntii >aturcay. the .?lrd day of June, 186'', at noon, for the f ?ppi j of auoh quantities of Fre?h Beef ana Vegetables aa mar he required on the Waahington Station, during the fiscal year oommercing on the l?t day ot July next, and euuing on the botn June, 18*1. The Beef and Vegetablea muat l??of good quality, and the beat the market affurda.and eaoh artiole mail be offered for by the pound. Bond with approved aecurity will l?e required in one half the estimated amouLt of the oontraot, a-.<1 twenty per centum in addition will be withheld from the amount of aauh pay merit to be made, aa ooll?t*ra! s-cuntj ft r the due psrfo inance of theoont'aot, | which wi:l on no account be paid until it ia ful y complud with fe.*ery offer muat be accompanied (aa directed in the act of Congress making appropriation for the I nava1 s*rvioe for J846-*7, approved loth Aucnat, 1:146,) by a written gua anty, signed by one or more responsible persona, to the effect that he or they I undertake that the bidder or biddera will, if hia or | thair bid be accepted, enter into an obligation^ within five days, with good and sufficient aaretiea, to furnish theartic'ea oroBnaed. No or<.p >r?! will fie oonaidered unless sccompani'd by such guaranty. WILLIAM FLIN1S, maMlawtw Navy Agmt. Tue undersigned respectfully Inform their patrons and the public that they nave reoeived tneir u>nal supply of^H FI RING GOODS, consist! n* of the latest l|m e*yle and fashion, and best foreign manufao wjf tare. Th*y alio reep^tfallr invite attention to their new atooYTf GENTLEMEN^ PUR NISH1NG GOODS of the latest aty!e? and maker. The* also keep constantly op hand a large supply of Naval a??d Military Furnishing Gno4a>M?h *s KpakleU, Chapeaus. Swords, Bwti, GoM l?aoee, Shoulder Straps, ar.<t fta.iliee. h. ptloudon * co.. (.Muni, Naval and Militmry Mtrckant Tailors, qgarlg-eoSi , Hmwj'i Hotel. p^OR SALE?A beautiful iron-gray MARE, SK I years old ; perfectly sound and gentle gy Also, a very stylish Buggy ; patent sliding "LSfk eat; sui ab(e to earry 2 or 4 persona. 8kK!S!KiA?> OR CASH. ffKB, CHEAP FOR CASH. . L MV ASSORTMENT OF LADIES AND UNKS. CHEAP FOR CASH. TO REDUCE LL DO WELL TO CALL AND EXAMINE HOOVERS e, and Trunk Store, A AVENUE, Brtwrra 9th and 10th Sti. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Sflaecaimmm Change or Hours. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1MQ, trains will run as follows: Leave \Vashinglon at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leivp Washington at 3.20 and 5.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. teave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.15 andX20 p. m. i >n Sunday at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the East will take trains at 6.20 and 7.4" a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at 7.40 a. m. and 330 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a ra andS2?p.m. Sor Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. n Saturday evening the 330 p. m. train goes to Philaaelnhia. onW. ims-d* ~ T H. PAR3QN3.Atept. NEW ORLEANS IN THREE DA.Y0 with th* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. iHEHM ALL RAIL ROUTK, Via. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississivm Central. /few Orleans and Jarkson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHISROUTE: Memphis by Ral.thenoe hj First class Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILR ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstciase Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Included. Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p in The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6JK a. m. and 6J? p. m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange aud Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwext. Office?Pennsylvania avenuo, oorner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CHZCKED THROUGH TO KIW ORLEANS. Lynchburg $8.50 Memphis 931 on Bristol..? _?150 Atlanta..? afi on Knoxville _?...20no Maoon 28 00 Chattanooga 24no Holumbus .._ 31 50 Baiton. .. ...24'*' Montgomery SIMi unUville .27?? ) via Memphie.?2 .50 Grand J it notion ..sono N.O.J viafi. Jnno. 42 50 Nashville 25 V I \ via Mobile. 46 oo THIS ROUTE IS E~NTIRELY HY RAIL and is J00 MILES SHOKTER, and'24 HOURS LE8S IN TIME than any ottier l ino?the l.ynohburg Extension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS .' It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleans T2 Hours. tim i," ' Memphis _..... do. i Montiomerr 53 do. Na?hv?lle .46 do. 117*The U.S* M AILand ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tickets can he obtained at the Honth VVeatern Offina. ftomar af Si xth atrMt ftiul Pflnn??!wftnia*u euue, to the following points Lynohburg, Bristol,- Knoxville, At'anta, Chattanooga. Huntsville, Grand Junotion, Macen, Nashville, Da! ton, Coiumbus, Montgomery. mobile, Memphis, and Nfew ORLEANS. ITT" THHOVttH TICKETS TO THE VAK10 US VIHUIMA SPRINGS. >t^Oinnibu?e? and Baggage Wagons leave tne offioe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Ticket Ajent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth it. and Pa. *t. rHE STEAM KH JAS. GUY Will resiiroeiier trips on ICKSDai, out ol February, U?o. Will leave WAS1I g ""T^n T INGTON every TUESDAY and??^ ? FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock a. in..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trios, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY, at 5 o'clook a. m? LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai't. Alexandria. le.o P FQR NEW YORK. AHSAfiK. IMri liniNC MV4IB ? M 1 vim# IUIjAUW II *1 J' STATEROOM, f T.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company's n?w and elegant steamship f T#f MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.C.Smith,%?Jgh will l<*vve the Con paay's Depot. tern W barren, at U'o'olock a.'ery WEDNESDAY, ?ud the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 1 o'clock p. in. same day. Passengers from Waal>inxton and Qeorjetowr can take the ooaohes oonaeotinr with Alexandria steamboats or ralrroad, which leave the corner of 7th street and Fa- avenge hourly, or they oan lears on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 'olook a. m. State rooms oan be engaged on application U M*nsrs. Monran 4t Rhinehart, Western Whanres Freight will be reoeired op to the hours of depar IL7~ insnranoe will be efieoted on all roods bj thlsline at the oftoe or the Company at X per cent preminm. The accommodations for aassaaMn br this lina are in every reapest firat o aea, and every effort wil be madfe to render this communication with New York an agroeable and healthful one. For freight or paaaage apply to FOWLE * CO., Agenta, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., ae| ly SB Weat at., oomer Albany, New York. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. War Dkpartmknt, May 25, I860. Proposals will be received at thia Department until 12 o'clock, m .on Monday, the25th aay of June next, for aupplying the Stationery desoribed in the Mifojoiuwi schedule during the fisoal year oommeno lug on the first day ef July next. The Stationery muet be of the beat quality. Samples inuat accompany the bida. The aunoeaaful bidder will he required ?o give bond, with approved sureties, for the faithful raIIfi.merit of his contract; aad tiie Department wi l reaerve the right ty order thoarticlea at euoii timea, aud in auch quantities, &a it may deem proper, aa w?ll aa to increaaeor diminiah thequai titi'a Mow stated: PAPER MADE OF LINEN STOCK. 9" reams despatch cap. ruled to pattern, weighing 16 pounda, per ream 20 reams foolscap, ruled or plain, weighing 14 pounda, per roam 200 reams ouaito nn>t m!?H n, i? --- f r " ( ' >?'! mmmus I" pounds per ream 50 reams note paper, rule') or plain, per ream 10 ream* copying paper, per ream 5 ream* b otung paper, p?r rea n 150 dozen blotting boards. p r dozen 10 ream* envelope paper, bufl'or yellow, royal. per ream 10 ream* Manilla wrapping paper, super royal, per ream 60000 envelope*, official size*, extra heavy, per 1,000 40 000 envelope*, letter *iz*?, extra heavy, per l,0i? 151 groan metallic pen*, per gross 2.t?0 quill". No. 80, per 1,<*?) 60 dozen Faber's biaok lead penotls, par dozen 2 dozen Falter'* blue and oarmine penoiis, per dozen M dozen penholders, per dozen 2 dozen ivory folders, plain, per dozen 4 dozen erase v, ivory handle*, per dozen 10 dozen 4 bladed knives, Rodger* and Sons', pet dozen 2 dozen office soissors, Rodgers and Sons', per dozen 20dozen Maynard A Noyes's,or other black ink, in qnarts, per dozsn 20 dozen Frenoh carmine ink, in ounoe vials, per dozen 4doz nInkstands, Draper's, Whitney's,or equal, per dozen 3*> pounds sealing wax, scarlet, per pound 10 pounds India rubber, prepared, in pieces, per pound So dozen siik taste or braid, assorted, per dozen so dozen red tape, in pieoee, assoited siz s, per dozen 10 dozen red tape, in rolls, assorted sizes, per dozen 20 pounds linen twine, per pound 6 aos?n Urge ja mucMage. p?r dozen mM-UVM WASHINGTON CAR R1AGR FACTORY, t" D Strut, Between 9tk and 10(4 Strut*. We have iust finished a number of first class CARRIAGES, such a* Light Asp, ?.o Wagons, Park Plea tons, Family Car-VffiRSfiBK riages, and Buggies, vhtoh we will sell atJBC=*L? a ver? small profit. Being praotical mechanics in different brauohes of the business, we flatter ourselvrs that we know Ke style* and ?ualitj of work that wi>l give satisntion, oombimng lightness, oomfort and durabilitT Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at u.. .K-u.W.,ftfsd pjj Ooaohinakers, suooassors to Wm.T. Hook, ap JTdly 12jKW fMHafc Untlrf.ECLfc i fUr M> our woll m ?~i Cr?\> AmU Cider, ^^Tlgyy**?>p"6? ?un>juaj.Md will b? & our ?n gtBUftfcw* * ?[lg Jg* roo? rl jOH , W W" # M1DI0IWM. Nor a fJWB 155 Jissa u~?. Sikind arise from the corruption that Motmi* in the blood. Of all the dieooTwiee that have n made to puree it oat, none have ever been loun l which eoilcf equai in effect AVERTS COMPOUND EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA. It oleaoeee and renovates the blood, instils the vigor of health into the system and purree out the mm which make disease. It atimulates the healthr fuDotion* of the body and exprle the d mordera that (row and rankle in the blood. Ita extraordinary virtues are not jet widely known, but when they are it will no longer be a question what remedy to employ in the great variety of afflicting diseae*a that reqmrean alterative remedy. Such a remedy, that oould b* relied on, haa long been sought for, and now, for the first time, the publio have one on whioh they can defend. Our apaoe here does not admit certificates to ahow ita effect*. But the tria; of a aintle bottle will ahow to the aiok that it baa virtue* an'paaaing anything they have ever take i Sufferers from Sorofula, Scrofulous Swellinge and Sorea, try it and the rapidity with whioh it ouree. Skin Diseases, Pimple*, Pustules, Blotcht?, Eruptions, J*., are aoon oieaned oat of the oystem by it. St. Anthony's Fire. Hose Erystprlas, T'tttr or Salt Rh'urn, Scald Head, Rintworm, kc-t ahonld not be borne whue they oan be ao apeedily cured by AVER'S SARSAPAR1LLA. Syphilis or Vmrrinl Dxstase ia excelled from the ayatem by the prolonged use of thia SARSAPARILLA, and the patient left as healthy aa if he had ne^-er had the diaeaae. h\ tn ftl* trA ORiiiaH K? 9/tpnrn'a in tka Mood. and are generally soon oured by thin EXTRACT OF 8ARs*AP ARiLLA. Pnoe 91 per bottle or 6 bottles for $S. For %11 purposes of a famil* physic, take AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS, which are ev?rr wnere known to be the lent purgative that is offered to the American people. Price 25 cents per box, or 5 boxes for ? l. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR A CO. Lowell Mass . and sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 15 eoltn XT t?' JL La tAj T jAb a Iir!l?rEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S J l' S T L Y CELEBRATED TOXjU ANOiJ Y 2NTM, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Nenralgia through ail ca*?* where Opium was ever used to that of i)?lirium Tremens, and the oommon chief cause of thsease LOSS OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produces all the requirements of, and may be used in all cases wherever Opium was a A1 J - .t: * ? ? ubou wiuHim pro uoing aryimng nni unrm, ana leaving the patient in a perfectly natural irate. The Universal Cough K f medy, (freed from all the common objection of ?*ough Renvdies, which produce nausea or prostration,) may be considered the common enemy to ail Throat and Lung Comp'aints. and used with perfect impunity Asking all to court from proprietors or friends the mo?t severe investigation of both Rf medi?s,and readme of our pamphlets to be found with all dealers, ana more particularly to purchase onlv of those who can he dep?n>ied upon, we wait in confidence the decisions of Patients and Phvsici&ni. "Prioes within r?ach of a'l " ttknkral agents. J. W. Huxnewkll ft Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf. Boston, Geo. Htnxewiili., 145 Water st.. New York, Under the special supervision of JOHN L. HuNNEWELL,Chemist and Pharmaceutist, Boston, Mass., whose signature covers the ooksofthe genuine only, and to whom address all communications. Sold h? all respectable dealers everywhere, and a'l the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. mar eo.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" rn\ipnr\*n pi.inn l ytd apt dpimii: ,, v, 1 , .# 1 ?vtl/ t Itnv t uu VII A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL.and DROP8ICAL S W KLL1 ^GS. This Medicine increases the power of Dicestion, and excites the ABSOH BKNTS into healthy ac which the WATERY OR CA1.CEROU8 depositions, aud all I'NNATURAt- ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLA.M M ATION. a"d?is rtwd f?r MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELM ISOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For Weaknesses Arisine from Exceare*. Habits of Di??ipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse, Attmded with tkf following Symptom* Indisposition to Exertion, _ Loss of Power, i.ossoi itiomory, mmcuiiy ol Hreatt'inn, Wwk Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, imnass of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universal Lassitude of the Mnseular System, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dryness of the Skin, Kruptions on the Face, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These svmptomp, if allowed to go on, which thia medicine invartaMv removes, MMh follow* ISA POTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In Osk of Wmen the may Expire. Who can ear that they are n<>t frequently followed by ?ho* < "UtREI UL DISEASES" "INSANITY aNI) CONSUMPTION." M*nv an< awnre of the c*tt?e o- their suffering, t*vr r*ON K WI LI. i'OKVECIO. THE RECORDSOF THF. INSANE ASYLUMS Anrl the SI'lnnrKoly D'aths h* Onsumrtton Bear ample witiie?x to the irirth of the **nertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of ine<ticineto strengthen A nd Invigorate the 'ystom. Which Hxlmbold's FXTRAtrT BUCHU MrnnaHi4tu. A TRIAL WILL CONV/>CK THE MOST SKEPTICAL. FEM A LES-FE MAL.ES-FEM AI ES, OLD Oli YOUNG, SISULE, MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATiyu MARRIAGE IN MANY AFFECTIONS r ECU LIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Burhu is unequalled by anv other remedy.** in Chi rosi* nr Wntentii.n Irregularity, Painfuin-**s. or Suppression ofCus tonisrv Evacuations, Ulcerated or !-oirrh<>us state of tlia Uterus, Leuooirho'* or White*, Sterrlifj, and for a I complaints incident to the s x whether arming from lndisoretlon, Habits of Dissipation, or in th* > DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SKK STMPTOJIS ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOUuiJ Kb WITHOUT IT TaJrt no mort Pal."am. Mcreury, or unpleasant Mtditm* for unpleasant ttni Ita-girous i)if*aas. HKLMHOLD'S F.XTRACT BUCHU CCKK8 SECRKT DISEASES In a!I their Stage*. At little expense; jittle or no ohangein Diet; No inoonvenienoe; And no Exposure. It pauses a fr?Quent desire an t gives strength to Urinate, thereuy Removing Otatruotions. Preventing an 1 curing Strictures of the Urethra, A lllvlnv Pel n a nH Infl t mmetion ? ? >>>0 'iim OiU 1HIIIOVI yil| D? ? t I UOUV ' U th<? oi*?n of di?easb? (inrt expelling aM t otsonous Dtttns'il. wi/f irortt out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS wiio HAVE BKKN THI ViCTIMS of QUACK*, and who hav- paid hurry ft>? to be cured in a short tune, have found th?y were deoeived. and that the POISON" ha?, by the use of "powerful itTRi.NGKSTg," l>eer dried up in the system, to break outlu an a.-?r*vated forr?,a>id PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Kklmbot.d'h Extract ButHcfor all affections and dieeaae- of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAl-K OR FEMALE. From whatever cau?e originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases of these or>-an? r?uqirethe?ii of a Diurtlt HELMB??LD'8 EX TRACT BUCHU IS THE bREAT DIURETIC. And is oertaio to have the desired eflflrt in all Diseases FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMKNUKD. Evidence of tkt mast reliable an4 responsible tkarter will acoompanv the niedieires CERTIFICATES t?F CURES. From 8 to 3D wart' standing, With Nam*? mows to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI 00 per bottle, *r six far 8.V00 Delivered to any Address, securely packed from observation. Dkscribk Symptom* ik all commnmcations Cure* Guaranteed Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Par?nr.?!) v nnfla rati Kafnra ma on A l/4a*ma? VI I. r - ... i? t'< V ?'i iHUtl lUC?u UI theoity of Phi a?1e!phia,H. T Hklmbold,who being duly swum, doth sat. hi? preparations oo.tain no narootio, iio mfrcury, or o'her injurious drug*, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HKLMBOL0. Sworn and subscribed before me, this 23d day of November, 1854. WM P. H1BHKRD, Alderman. Ninth street, above Race, Phila. Address letters for information in confidence to H. T H El.M BOLD, CheroisU Depot, 104 South Tenth it, bet Cheanvt, PhilE. b?WARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endra-.or to dispose * or thiir own" and "other" article* on the reputation attained it Helmbold'a Gen iine Preparation!. " Extract Bnoha, " M Saraaparilla, " ,4 Improved Rose Wash. Bold by S. B. Waitk, Seventh atreet, and 8. C Ford.Jr, oornei Penn. avenue and Eleventh atreet, and aj.lj)rvug;sts everywhere.^ A?n run nr,L.n HULUT. TAKK NO OTHER. Cut oi-t the advertisement ar.d tend tor it. ANt) A VOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE. ap4 eolv f IGHTNlNfc! LIGHTNING!! Li LIGHTNING!!! In Time of Peace, PuriurotWu! F. La BAR RE, Soutkweu tomtr of 10tk and C ill., MAnvrACTVSEji o* PLAT1NA-T1PPED LIGHTNING RODS, Reapoctfiflly announce# to th? puMie of Wmmicton and vioinity that he u prepared to execute all ordera for erecting Lightning Conduotora on th? moat approved aojentific prinoiptaa, o?>natroct?d of the very beat of materiala, on very moderate term a, All Plasma-tipp-d PolnU which are inanuikotnred b? me will be atam^ed with my name. weather Vaaea of any dene* made to order, mar 29 Sm 50 CH F KTO ST A N f)A R& HL ACif'r EA Hava bMD r?o*ived. Tina Im la exoellMitj prio? W tmti p?r pound hy ohart or otherwise. Wl faaroarnaxt lot will ooat u? niora money KING A BURCBELL, ma 2S rut. PiftMnth ?t. ann v?rm<>nt ?v. rpHK LIFE OF STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS, By 1 Jamaa W. Shoe, ham arioe 91. Sal'itie Lucky, ( 'lug volamaiof Abbott'* Raia bow and Luokr 8tona?; prioa 5*aaota. Juat raaeiraa and for a%(? b? . 1 BLANC HARD k MOHUN. maOMLLAHBOUB. /jt / wommtn flQ DISPATCH! % ? U the Piecei! -K^ At muid*nt> will tappm, tr? mi imJ! rsrafoicrf famtlut, it it very desirable to hare some cheap and convenient way for repairing Knrnitnre. Toys, Crookery, Ac. PALDINO'I PREPARED ?LI B raeeta all ?uch emergencies, and no household oas afford to be vithont it. It it alwsrt ready and ip to the stiokmg point. There is no loacer a neeee lty for limping chairs, sp.mtervd veneers, head.ees do.Is, and broken cradles. It is jaet the article fur oiins, biio.i. sno outer urnaaeiiw wora, to popular With Iadi*a of refinement and tut*. Thta admiraNe preparation la uaed ?old. betnf hemioally hekl in aolabon, and poaaeaainc *11 Um valuable *ua.itiea of the best cabinet makera' else. It may be used in the plaoe of ordinary muoiTace. being vwtiT more ad heal ve. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prici, 25 oenta N. B.?A Brush aooompamea each tattle WKoltfait Dtpot, No. 49 Cedar atreet. New York. Addreaa HENRY cTsPALD!N6 A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Put up for Deaiera in Caaea containing Foar, Eight, and Twelve L><>*en?a beautiful Lithograph o show Card aoeompanyinc eaoh package. |D^ A aincje bottle of SPALDINU'S PRE PARED GLl'E will aave ten timea ita ooat annually to every houaehold.^H S?!d by all prominent Stationers. Drucgiata. Hardware and Furniture Deaiera, Grooera, and b'anoy Stores. Country merchant* ?hon!d make a not# of SPAL DING'S PREPARED GL UE. when makict up thwtr li?t. It will ?tand any climate- fe 1ft-ly 3% WS5V t UK FAniLT USE. WILL MKJID ARTICLES IH Wood, Leather, lr?ckrry, Aim, Iv?ry, Btnr, Alabnitrr, Marble, Rubber, OatU Percha, t lath. Paper, Papier Nxhr, Shell, Hern, Hour, Plaster, kc. And indeed thereis scaroely an article in the whole range of riom*?tic eoonomy, whether it ! ? for use or ornament, which when broken, cannot with this preparation ! < restored to its original valve. It challenge* the world for its superior. It is indispensable in every HOUSE, WOKK-SHOP, COVSTIXti ROOM. and no person after a trial of Starr's Chemically Prepared Glue, would willingly dispense with it for four times its cost. It is always ready, and a;wats reliable. It is ? U - u J ' 1 * Iivv "uciionr ? uir Anu 1*4 DOT MJ^CV?<3 DJ climate, and where known it haa become a fixed fact. The attention of dealer* an>1 oon*tiiner* ii invited to the following testimonial* regarding (Is superior qualities: Nfwaii. Nov. 3K, IMS. "After a faithful trial ?f STARR'S PREPARED OLf 'E on Wood, Leather and Cloth, at the Phenu Works, i mod cheerfully r<?o?>mniend it* ua* for ail piirpo??B generally required, aud especially for family use. C. A. Caktb?." " We. the undersigned having t?'*t?"<i S TASK'S PREPARED GLUE, agree with the above reoom mendation. * " Wm. B. DoraLAic. "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, S. J. "LtuhBB Wrisht, "Machine Depot. 23? Marketst., Newark, N. J. "hkoenbckc a i .itt all. "Carriage Manufactures, Newark, N. J. "Wm H. K.&k A Co.. "Carpentersand Builder*, Newark, N. J. "LKVK*ICH A ExDKma, "Carnage Makers, Newark. N. J." SUrr'i Chrmirtlly Prepared Glae ia sold by all Drugctsts, Furniture Dealers, Grocers, Fancy Goods Dealer*. Hardware Dealers, Stationers. and by country merchants generally. ddipl' *1 * aiL'vTm nro nrvrTt p i f\ iv rj. v> c< .1 i i-> i r* iv dv A l iiO< A brush goes with ?ach bottle. Put up for ri<?l?rs in c**e? from 1 to 12 doten. A splendid Lithographic Show Card, printed in oolors, given with f>aoh package. All orders or letter* of inquiry br mail addressed to the STARR GIA'E COMPANY, 61 Liberty ?t-, N. Y. will repei ve prompt attention. lLT* A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly I sf 74f? I* k sA' < it WUnmfmetnml tjdm- I I %SK 'r m* (Ik* oJtlfgt m Mr >(<r ^ r If Ikt Val'ry *f 'K- if *. npake"*,) /" ?* J' ft 7 (i 0 XAf/wif (,Hr?, if bt sill imjBBtf; ^ ^ " " - J* .V J J -I - ifl I drprnj *;>. * QtUiff a tmrr nffit'A , ^ ^b f wk*n tkr- h*,, (A? Vmlirf Rinf", ?? ' . , a"? "'?' *? '*? H-+IU <ml*. /< > r,j r ^ t/ rja 1 L? tk* fr*f / Ay**. t*V r >_ \ ' '*? [?** * ?<It- *# MtJ*etm*l , ^ ; f q?j?''' \' ?5^ J Soie^ roj tor.% 4> s**m^ ,5/ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS M?firab WITH THE SIGNATURE OF nN THF 1 ARFI Al I HTHFRS ARF AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. fOR SALE IX \TASHI\QTOS BY m& 23 6w BARBOUR A 9EMMES. i i T HE SBbMritor^ftTuif in&d? KldiOotu to hi fMtorr. injtkint it nov on* of the ItrieatA^M^a. lath* Dutnot, where hi* fociUtiaa m*nul?otunniCARRIAGE A LIGHT-KSSKS WAGONS of *11 kjnda cannot be anrpa?ac?l, and tromui .onj exp*ri?noe in the bnamsss, he nop? to cive general aatiafaouon. All kinds ofCnrri*?ea and Light Wifou kepi n hand. All REPAIRSneatly dsns,andnilsrdsra rrtnyi vrfi? 0,rt^a2ss!nss?&r Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thia day, embracing nil tiAs and bum of ??oie Leather, Uc e> ljml Dreea nnd Packing Trunka. Our trnnk^?*" anlAe room exhibita nt thia time the gr?nteet variety 01 traveling irq uiaitee. at moderate prices, to be found thia aide of New York. Alao, evenr description of LADIES' HAT BOXEB, VALIC^K CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS; ft.c. JETOld Trunka repaired or taken in exohange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., Trunk Sties Room, mar M-tf *89 Pa. avenue. I.?. S. LAJLAJL I.1.MOTT. t.kifTIT. (/ma*. mot* * "gmkjra rtir-ut Will ?.lfSiSlSP?&SrBm? ul A?> JACOB REED, _ J mnTicmn or NlLITiAT CLOTHING, Com.*** Skord akd Spbvcb 8ts.? ' PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR BALE, D3E54SSWS ?* .?* jto?jR|o*? SpJ?I your ACER* BUTTER IN BALTIMQ1E.-W* I oaa at all Muoni of tha yaar aopMyyoa with Tirj grada of Bottar vary ohoioa. wa>a*a aoma pew aa low aa ton o*nU, and from that ap to Um *? < ?, ? ~ ^ * MKD1C1NE& IIMIJIL 1 BU'Tl"5ni HOCPITUi Mm ftwiwK a* &rtm,? &r~4f <m ~> p Fftvual Himtdf m tk* WmUI. FOR ALL DISKAM-.* OF lMPRl LET NO FALSE BtLKACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMKD ATKLY. A CUKE WARRANTED, OA NO fHiM.f, IN FROM ONE TO TWO VAYS VmHw *f ?h? (til. lircirM. tfcumi ( it< IM*?n u4 lidtii DuUir|n. I [?< ??? ? < D*toti?y. N*r**a?i . Dy*|>?Mt Latifnvr I ? *pir IW.M W !.? , Va'piuiwc ? ik?*?*rt7Ti?<d j Trtnn r? ftwni rf|||?| w Ml44i???. Duml W ;?. MM4, T*r?v. Rmi ?r Sk in, ?l ,M l*|?. it"" o? ?f lh?M TamkU PWordtr? irim| trmm SeiitAry l?'U ? YmO>?ifc?M u( Dtiinto't fr??tK?? ?hic?> Ha>~ w. - *^4 ^ k?. - ' TOlBu MM BepaaitllT vkttan Mtmt tka ntttwrf l?iun ? *, Uu 4r?mi n< <MUMU>? kakN *Mt tu*>. i avaapa a A kali" a > |n?? haaaanka >f Ym..| Ma> V tha Mat aJtad talania and knllant le tall act, vka aifkt v.r >arv *a U'l Mlrucii liataamf ftaaaiaa VIIk Utttutfari aftlaaaaiiaa ?? vakad la ihvu; ika baiaf If**, Mr MU *ul Ml (Ml 111UII MAKEUP FEMONC a? T?u>| Ma* taaiavplaila* Maaihfi, k?n| * vara af afc raata. vaakaaaa. Mfaaia 4aVlH?, tlfciuaa. It., ajaadna ((rat a vka piacai himaa/aa4?r Ma aara ?f l>i J. an rail# M? can Id* ib ka >?? > u a f*M.*aaa aad ?aa.t< antl? ralf fan kit akill aa a pkfMCiaa. urrtCE Ha. T ?obtb runt^n i irti r? I aft kat. 4 aid atain| frvir Baltimara ittau, a lav .laara fras Ua tartar rail tat ta akaaraa um u< xatal, kalian at ka fiM u4 aaatata a auaf DB. JURMTOa, Maakara af Ika Bafa, Catlaja afftifaaoa, Uataa tnltaia fraa aaa af tka aaai aaieaai CaUagaa u cka Svlial Ctataa. It4 Ika (raaiar part a( vl aaa iifa haa kaaa apaei >? ika kaa Itala af Landar . Parw, Phiiadalpl.ia aa4 alaavkara. kaa a?fattad tan;a af tka aaaal u(aaiakii>| earaa tkal vara a?aa taaat, ituy traaklad vitk n*gu*f ta tka haad and aara vkat aaiaap, fra?t naraavanaaa. kaiaf alaraad ?t aaddaa Ulr -j LllMk.i.Ul *ilK fra,.a.a.-i WI BaW . . ? - ^ - - - > ?? - Un with <tni)|(m?iii af Bui, aara ear"* inn?4l>ulf, TAKE PA*T1CBL*R WOTICK. Ta?itf Mar. ti.d vthirt vhitiitt wuarad tt>amaal*aa b? * nun prtcuci rodaifad la wbaa alaaia?a habit frajaamly laarnad fraaa a?il eampar.iaaia, ar ai c'-aai. |ba ala'ia af which >a nightly fait aaan ban |aa>aap, tad it *ai carad, randara BirrHf* lnp(Mikla,u< daatraya hath wind aad had*, ahoaid apply laaadiaiall. , TVaaa ara aan.a of-ha ud aad wU?k? ? " by ??rly habtu afvaaih via I Waabnaaa af (ha Bart aad Uaba, ram? ta tha Haiii, Dinnaia af fcfkt.Lan af hlua awa Pawar, Patpiianaa af til auri.Drapapay, Naraaaa Irr.iabt* If, Daringinimofth? I>i|nu') rmcuaia, kaaanl DiMu^, yir puma of Canaaanpoan, 4c MKMTALLV.?Tba faarfal afactaan lha nlad ara n??ab ta ba dr?ulid~taaa af Maur;, Canftaaa afldaaa. I'ariaaaiaa f { i ma, Kail Karnad.nga, A'araian af Sacia a ?aif llia.raai, Leaaaf Salukda, Timidity, ate , ara aan.a af ;ki aaila pra RERTOM nri LITT -Thataudai.. aawjadf, Mat to lha caaaa af lhatr dae lining haalth, laaii.a thaar ?tga?, baaaming waak. pala, caraaaaa and amaeiatad. b**mg a ati.p,at appaaraati aba?1 tba ayaa.caagh wa?m|?aiiaaf'.?:,aau fuaa DI8KAHK8 Of lMPRl'PKWUK Whan lha auagaidad aad tinpradant *at?r? af plaaaara data ba haa imbibad lha aaada af thia j Miifal diaaaaa ( laa aftaa bappana that aa ill Uiaad aanaa af abama ar draad af diaraaatr daiara ana frara applying to th.aa ? b a, from idmmuil raapaeta*ilttp, eao ?]? bafnaad bun Hi ?vi* lata Iba banda af if: arai ' and daaiftiiuf pratandar* ?!>?>, tneapablk f cartnx, llcb hu picanur; ntaiuct, kaap hi-r tniv f awn lb aftar maoth, er loa.f aa lb* amallaat faa ru ba >? lustd, u< w 4wp?rin<t tin vitk rainad baa"b ta aurk aaar hit rallnf diMppotn-w bp iba aaa af (bat daa "t paiaon, Miicir;, baataa iba CW?itri?il i?nj ?i.i a? tbfa tarn Ma 4iwui, Mck u Alicuoito'uii Ritn T?>raat. Rm. prorraaan ( viib frifbifW rapuliif, til< 4aatb pat* a panad la bi* draadfa. aafariafa fc? aandi-.f hiia t? that aa ataca*arad caanirp fr?ir whoaaVoarr-a m irataiar fa' v? Oft JoaNrmitKMEDT r.<R <>ri.awi< ? uihin A HP1MPOTCHCT r tbla rraat aed iirrartatit raiaada vaakiaaa aftkt atgara ara apaadilp earad and fall ?if?f Ba Ml' Thaaaanda a?Ik* maat air'aaa and daktiitatad. aba bad laat all *apa,aa-a baan immadiatalp ralia*ad All irapadimanta ta Marnafa Phft'aa a* Maatal PaaaaaH aauatia. Laaa of Prarraati'i Favar. Bir??aa lmtaall('a Traiablwif aad WaaAuaaa at Elhaaauaa af Ua aa ta ar**1 kind apaaadiij carad tNDOUtMMT <?F Til PILM TIE MANY THOl'flANI'i carad atthta inautatlaa at-.bta lb* laa; aa*aataaa Taara, >ad tba namiraka iipaaiaat > ! > aal cparatiana parfarmad bp Dt iaKraaa, ruaaaad kp tba rapartara af tba pa para and nianp rtiai raraoaa, oaucaa af wbacb ba?a appaarad afaia and aftia balm iba pab'lc. ba aidaa bi* atanomf aa a fantlamat. af charar*araa" raapacal Mltip, ia a aaftciaui ftinmia <a iba aliiud. |ar ta It m n * r\ t? ?' *"> ? ?va^ UR. J. DM?tr, IHFUT? IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS. Are now hem* uaed from Mun? >o ?he ti r?*i NaJt Lake, an J the universal verdict of all who dm t .fm either a? a mntin*' i>r a? a brvertwe. i* that the; are unau'paaed in the world l?r. 1hk1? iieM them i>u -c?t>afullT in hie practice for ?> ?ear* ?re we pnrctiaaed of him the aole iklit to manufacture and present the lor a*le to the pul?ic. For the ou-e of li.cip'ent Conauii-ptioii, Indigeation. D*? pepaia, Tile*, Nervous Him* et I- einale Uim plaint*, and all oaaea 'e^uirint a tonic, the? ar? l>e yond doubt a moat invaluable rewedy. Aaide f-otr thair medicinal p-opertiea thej are a pure, whole ome and deughtfai Bevereje. producing al the pleasant exhile<ating effecta of Brandy or Wine Without their injurious reeulta. all fnetula of humanity and aii a*1voaate* of temperance aaeiat u? in anbetitnin* heae vaiuaote V?cet?ble Bittera for the tninrral poixmt and miuitrrntui L?** ?.? with which tl.e count')' ia flooded, and thereby effeo' aid in ban flung l>ieeaae and Drunkoneaa from the land. CHARLF* WIDDIFIF.LD A. CO . Pro?riet'?ra. 75 William atreet. New York. J. PCHWaRZK Arett. Washington. D. C. PR. J BO~VK?5 pons* IMPERIAL 0IX BITTERS, For Dieea?ea of the Kidneya. B adder and L'rinart '>r?an?. and eaoecia 1* for F?mii? (iMtmntnint unci. Ana win ?uppj the trsae at mj prioea. rear TJ U ^HK ALL SUFFICIENT TIRES TBIKtCMAA, 1, I, t I, Pr?tirttd by RoytU Lttttrt P?tint of EntUmd, mmd Mtwrtd by tkt Seal* of tkt Ecoit it Pk*rm*tt4 4* P*ris^a*d tkt Colitgt of Modttmt. No. 1 ia InrsJmble for azhanatiOB, P^rmator rhT?, and all aitraioa! diaabilitiea,. No. it eoropiieteiy oato? a'i tr?a?a at tbom I dlae&aee that have bean hitharto traatad brute qm aaii a it/4 aArniAinm r M of nnitftVlft Mn MI SflnA. "ever fail to cure, and are warranted to give attic i ictiim. CIIARLK* WIDDIFIELD & CO.. Proprietors, T* Wi.iiam ?t., Mew Vork. J. M-HWARZK, je7 lv.r A*ent. Washington. D. C. H16HLY IMPORTANT TO ALL! mrm. cqrs INDUS VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It ta well known that in the Spring people are m?re apt to oontract dieeaae than at an* other period; and it la eqaallv well-known that the way to ward off diseaeo it to keep the blood pare, for "all the ill* that fleeh im heir to," anee from impurity of the hiood. the roa.n spring of oar ecistonce. It l*. therefore, important to all that the system should he thoroughly r.eaneod and puriked. and this o&n be done in the most effectual way byaeirt MUS M. COTS INDIAN VEGETABLE DE CO'^TION. the l>*et rtnned y discovered forthe care of diee???t of Skin. Frysipe a*. Sorcfala. Rheuma tism. Nervous Debility, Fever* of different kinds. Uyapepy, l.iver Comp Mnt, and a other direaeee ariaing from impurity of the blood. It baa effected the raott remarkable ?tree, ?> ou be ihowi. bj numerous oeitificatee from pereone of the htgheet re*p*cta *?i 11ty . an<t ta rH>?mn?wl<>d by all wko have used it aa the moat invaluable remeriia. aget.t of the day. C7*lt ta aold by all the Drocgieta of Baltimore, andat the reaidenee of the proprietor. mtcox. IS* Kaet Baltimore atraet. between Bden street and Central avenue. None genuine anleaa her nam* ta blown on the bot'lf and her aeal on the oork. IDr Prioe 01 per bottle, aix bottlea for #5. Wkolinlt Armt. R. 8. T. Cis??l. Druggist. Georgetown, P. C., Wholwal* Agent for tfca Iha No. 3 hu entirely ?upp.anted tie inj?y ioa? im of teroury, thereb* innaring to the sufferer speed* relief. diapersicc a:! lmpanUM, *?<* rootini out the eooui ofdiaeaee. rRle>EMAR.Noa. 1 .stand 3,are prepared mthe form of a loaence, devoid of tMtt im mail, tad oan be earned us the wai?to?>at p-ok?i. Bold in Lr oum. and divided into eparat* doaM, aa i r (MMM VkfMM.UlltUW). Rou. Rioord, p of #s or (oar hum for $9 which utm f s. and in f 27 oaaee, whereby there i? a aaviaf of m-. To be bu. wh<leaaleand retail, of Dr. B{ H ROW, J94 Bleeoter street, foar door* below MeDoacal treat. New York. Immediately on r??oeivin| a re mittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneaen v* to any part of the world, aeoarely packed, aad ad dreeaM aocordinr to the inatruction* of the writer. Sold al*o by 8. CALVERT FORD, Jr., Waah iiihm. D. C. <?* < Cl 8W1NDUNS QVACIP. liKTinN Dnuki ?their Hooka. Cordis*. I JtJnehu, Hoapit&V iaatrarrienta or Kmc*??fe?a &KB ill, k.od, ifdit^Md to prolt b* my eipwiMM. vntafor m* ?riT?t* Circular on SPERMATORRHlEA ITS CURE With itAoi^eeoloeei, i? refect moJ l^ggggwteaetigB^ 7"*r fKOH STAMPIN# A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PMLP * BOLOMON8. _ Aiwrta for Ltartaft'i Limb Pmwi 279 T-.?2.TE" i- one usrfts sLiJ? sssvs? ^^H:*?affi?5grl liilSBSi^g , ? ?? ?PB IM? &n<t ill i^vT* *

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