Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1860 Page 1
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THE EVENING STA1 t 1" f r US LIMB ED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SVNDAY EXCEPTED,) if THE STAR BriLDIfiei, ^ ? n f ? -- - J # (firming Star. * V2i. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JUNE* 18. I860. N?. 2.288. ^? Viimtr oj rentttyivama avenu4 1UA ft., IT W. D. WiLUCH. fmttM ta by earners it K? rmr, or r ??bU rer nocth. To mail raboorifeorc the pnee is IU" a 7*v, m Jmmns; ft fer da month*, t\ for throo months; and for lou Uu tfvrea month* M the r?te of 13 oents ft weec, Single oun, oji ce*t; m wrappers, rwocwn. IITAiiTnT!!imnT< should bo Bent to tho ofloe before U o'clock, m.; oU?rwiM they may not M Ml BBtll th? BOZt d?T. THE MATRIMONIAL DISCl'MIO*. Hrmirki ii(|eitrd by the < emmunlcatlen of a "Widow " I ftia glad. Mr. Editor, that one of my mi h?.? had the courage to publish her opinions in regard to matrimony. If this were done more frequently, perhaps there woald not be such general]; erroneous notions of iu character and claim*: and this Divine appointment might be freed from many of its abuses. The contributor to your columns, alluded to, has given expression to sentiments which we hare only too many evidences to convince us are widely held But though this is so. we are not bound to subscribe to them. What iscommonly believed is not by any means always true. On the contrary, the most important veritie* are often those which are most uni versally neglected. The great mistake made by the Widow," as i' seems, u in attaching so much importance t . wealth; >t rather. ?u throwing orer it a light , whi -h is clearly not iti own. Iler principle ia something akin to that of the Scotchman, who *uid to hii son "Mak sill-r, Jock, mak siller ? honestly if you can. but mai itMoney is certainly valuable. We all have a little too much of the "material" in our constitution to mppo5-j otherwise. It is a very worthy object of desire: and there ia no possible objection to the proper pursuit of it. Beside, s man ? ?ucce*s in Jte accumulation of property dhows that he is poinded of some virtues. It is very seldom, too. that fortune favors a sloth lie who has by his own exertions gained wealth. most certainly have soma khare of sense . and. above all. must have been attire, energetic, and industrious. Bat no large amount of intelligence is requisite to pecuniary prosperity ; and a man may reach the very pinnacle of succesn in this particular, and still pos?es? none of those qualities of the bigheet sort which give huuian natnre its dignity. Whether this i* usually the ease or not is another question; but Tery few persons, after consideration, will eoinc to any other conclusion than that this alleDgrossing pursuit of wealth tends inevitably to eruih every noble instinct. Now. as had been said, it is not denied that there is such a thing as a proper search after worldly prosperity. If a man's efforts in that direction are prompted and guided by intelligence and real virtue, success will be good for him. If he regards wealth merely as a means toward the attainment of something higher and better, let him have it, and everybody will rejoice. But if he considers money as an end?if the thing itself is looked upon as constituting life's highest good?then he degrades himself in the pursuit, and unfits himself, not ouly for the married state, but for every other position in society. Industry and enterprise should be encouraged. There is no objection to that?but then they should be rightly directed. They are beneficial to society only as they contribute to society's general and permanent improvement. Tf - - _ *_ J?-5 1, a -* - a* lutjuo; 10 uvoiicu siuiyij iv cnaDie US TO take conspicuous place* in society, certainly that is an unworthy motive. It is an unreasonable motive; for if persons would only reflect, they w*/Mf see what a pitiably insignificant distinction is thus conferred. The honor of a position in aociety rests upon more solid stuff than that. Real respect of an enlightened community must be bought at a higher rate. Such notions as are expressed by the "Widow"'?I say it with all due respect, because I I know she has too much of the true woman in her to be willing to put her own doctrine in practice?but such notions, I was about to say, are a very good index of the mushroom spirit of the times The present is decidedly an age of upstarts. It is an age in which eTery waiting-uiaid apes the manners and habits of her mistress, and in which every two-penny-a-box match seller labors to make himself" respectable" by giving big parties and inviting distinguished guests. People are tired of the old arrangements of aociety. The day when a man stood upon his merit, and that alone, is almost forgotten; and he now is most honored who is most richly endowed with shillings, and she most ardently sought in inarriige w&o possesses ' whole acres of charms." Men and women bow-a-days want to outstrip time. They are unwiUiojf to wait for the regular order of things They want t? be higher than they are. but they expect to accomplish the rise by other tlian the appointed means. The truth is, they are running wild on the subject. It ia natural that they should have ambition?it is right and desirable. But ambition in this country has taken upon itself almost entirely the form of discontent. Instead of quiet, steady, dignified. rational efforts on the part of the people to benefit their condition, we s?e everywhere an impatient repining?yield!Dg aoon to envy and jealousy, and then to all sorts of absurd attempts to leap over distinctions which they are unable or indisposed to break down No, no?when positions are judged of by the m ney standard, it argues that the commanity i< losing its virtue Itlndicate* a corrupt state of morals; and it is high time the people were learning to ba*e their action upon sounder aed better principles Let a man s distinction be derived from his diuracttr. Let him be valued just as this is good. If he has disciplined his mind and heart?if he has practised himself in all that is virtuous, and constantly endeavored to turn his back upon vice?if be has exercised the ' powers of his head ?nd hand, so that he can nrinz them fully to nlav in all eireumatam-**? if his life had been one of training rather than mere acquisition, and he stands before us a man ?f houor, of integrity, of intellectual strength and vigorous will?then he is entitled to oar respect and praise, and that, too, though he possess neither money nor impudenoe. It is nis own industrial qualities, and not the mere aocidents of birth or riches, that give him a claim upon our regard. 44 No poor gtutUmati will address a lady !" Ha! If that i<nre true, borax and boiled milk could be got almost for nothing! Believe it or not, but such a hesitation would stop threefourths of the marriage* ' "And three fourths of tke nU**ry too," did I hear the widow say ? Well, po**\bly she's right?but I claim the privilege of my petition to put in a demarrer. She has seen one side of the question. I the] other. Neither, perhaps, is able to give a ju ? decisieo. but trutn is developed by antagonist; and we may learn moderation from each othelr's excess. That there are unhappy marriages no one | denies , and there may be a large number of them But then it remains to be proved that the majontv are unhappj, B?d, whether they are not, that a marriage under awy conditions isn't preferable to the bitter solicitude of a single life It is hard to find a man who is nil unkindne** Every husband has io him ><ome mixture of good; and until 1 am coovin^H rh-t in the greater namtxr <>f cues this food how- i erer little. is wholly buried in the 6W, I'll join in no very vehement denunciation* of m*rriage 8i far from believing that a poor man ought not to address tne lady be loree, I decUie frankly I think each conduct U perfectly ?xe tble?nay, I consider it hi* bounden duty to address her. lie owes it to himself, and to bar, and the neglect would be unpardonable. But there's a difference toto eatlo 1 etwe/?n a<l dresnHf and mmrrytng. Let lovert m ike their confession* to each other as often and a* fully e they pleaee: but they mustn t be altogether forgetful of tha loaves and S?has ." The airy ciuudm ?mca iove promise* will not do for this world of solidities. It might answer for another sphere; bat. u things arc now, a* . mast be earefol not to marry nnlers there is ' tonm prospect, at least, ot sapport I have s^en v. mew here the remark that marriage it a * feast where the r^act is often better thsn the Jtnntr?and a French writer observes that "a tnaa of senae may lore lihe a mad nun, bat Berer like n fo?l' This, let it be understood, isn't an argument for riehee?it is is favor of aetoratieB, end rim pi j embodies the spbit of Agor's pmyer As to the degree of disparity advisable between the parties, no role, of coarse, can be laid down. It is very much a matter of taste. Beside?, the meanings of the term "thirty-five ' are very different at applied to different persons. I have known men at twenty-five as old as others at forty; and I have known girls at eighteen greater old maids than / am at thirty. However, the position the '-Widow" a?sutne? in thi* part of the subject is, I think, wrong in spirit. Persons marry generally I f^.,n ? ? *' r* - iiuui \siuci uuiismcrikUUQ.i IQllQ 10086 01 ID6 mere outward advantages that may be secured. The motives which prompt, or which should prompt, to such a union are mainly of a spiritual nature. Marriage was intended as an intercourse of souls, a communion of hearts and minds; and when the contract is entered into without a due regard to n utual adaptation, a gross indignity is perpetrated against the noblest institution of humanity. What reason is there to expect any similarity of tastea and feelings where the only conoeru of the woman was to get a man too old to aee her wrinkles ? How is happiness to be looked for. when iU very first principles are violated' A woman need have no fears of cloving a man when they have both in their choice been guided by proper feelings. If she is worthy of. and retains hi* esteem and friendship, there is little dancer that she will ever be or uncared for. If, though. Her life is one of vanity, and affectation, and hypocrisy, and giddy thoughtlessness, she must expect to disgust him jnet in proportion as he troubles himself to observe her. Admirably fitted too, indeed, for the unselfish duties of a husband is be who has spent all his soul and the best part of his life in devotion to "business!" A man cannot dispense with the refining influences of female society, if he would remain a man. It is the better side of his nature which such influences develop?it is the part of him which bears the stamp of divinity; and when that spark) is dimmed, he becomes little more than a beast. In a word, then. I would say to every young lady, "If you wish to marry suitably, marry your equal." Anciext Maiden. Reply to Widow. Mr. Editor?Th? Star of June 11th publishes the views of a -'Widow." on who a l?Hv should, or should not marry, and invites criticisms. As wars and rumors of wars are always attractive reading, perhaps after the war among the row. a war among the widows may not prove unattractive. A lady may marry a gentleman of any reasonable ?ge, be it younger or older than herself?it is the want of discretion in selecting a sympathetic disposition with your own Many men are as old and settled in habits at thirtyfive, as others are at fifty-five. A sedate, quiet, study-loving, home-staying, sober-minded man caunot make a congenial life companion for any woman wholly given up to volatile pleasures, or the mere evanesence of life. It is agreeable, perhaps, to meet and pass an evening together, bat there the harmony ends. It is a compromise between her exuberance and his studiousness, and for the time each deems the other quite a pleasant person, but it is only a compromise, it goes so far and cannAt Ka f.. ? * 1 Uv? w PAvtnmcu lUI lUCI A refined gentleman will lovr the eompsrion of hi.* choice, if ?he posse." the requisites to please. and will forget her ^rears, in knowing and estimating her imperishable virtue*. Too often, after marriage, ladies make wifr-hta of themselves, and lock up the fuscina'ions that won the husband for them, or keep them as "poor folk"' may as holiday clothes, to revel abroad in hopes of being seen as well as seeing. It is a want of self-esteem?we should study to be always agreeable, let it be ever .-o difficult: even if we Tail, still strive, the spirit will fall upon us after a while. Married life is a profound stndy. and should not be entered into lightly or unadvisedly It we confine ourselves exclusively to the !(uly gentleman of the present day. a lady should not marry a poor man?a thing he cannot be, for he is made in the image of his Maker, to be the ruler of a house, or a.* the t?rm house-band, from which husband has been taken. Lut many marry poor, we cannot wander far from our own firesides ero we can find, since a happy union, the beggar his become a hanker, and many where the patrician is forgotten in the peaxnut. Many who were united in a shanty, now grace a splendid dwelling. "Don't marry a poor gentleman. vtvii ii juu d9 ricn yourself." I say why not ? a refined man can always bo relied upon. A man loses a great deal when he fails to marry a truly refined woman. "The poorest match a lady can make is to marry tne son of a rich man." It depends entirely upon what kind of a man the rich man's son is. Modern education has done its best to bide the man with his father's gold; but we find most noble exceptions every where You need not marry one, unless he possess intrinsic merits of his oir/i. We should endeavor to make ourselves perfect, before we exact Jierfection. To make yourself congenial, ustul. and honorable, goes a great way in stifling the indiscretions ana gilding the excellencies that exist in the well-selected conjugal relations So full of deception is this fair world, that I am aware how difficult it is to choose the qualifications we desire. A high-bred, fashionable, gay-minded, cheerful, societyloving man ahould not marry an ill-bred, udstylisn, home-staying, stupid, cheerless female. Had she the youth, beauty and wealth of his whole circle of friends, be. in less time than the honeymoon wanes, would find in h?? breast the thorn, but uot the rose, the petals all fallen, the honej and odor all gone. We mutit cot look for uninterrupted bliss in any nation here. But life studied and dare-tailed together in the true senae, forma a pretty little cabinet for human lore, for conjugal bliss. Exaggeration in liring, or contraction, cannot conduce to the pleaaurea of existence. Moderation in all things. If you are wealthy, lire as wealthy people should?if in moderate circumstances, lire accordingly?if poor, lire poorly. If too poor to lire, why exist upon the kind hearts, gentle hands, and sympathetic tears of those who saw you wedded in affluence, checked by misfortune, reduced by treachery, and beggared by trickery. But nerer change your sympathetic lore, your affectionate caresses, your genial social intercourse. A widower mar find himself more congenially wedded to nis second than to kis first wite, but it la not that his arrival at thirty-five years of age makes him a better husband; he may have lived to oorrwat errors ia his own life, or experience may hare taught him to deal gently with foible* in bis second love. Age has but jost the same influence upon the mirriag* state that any other inoident eould, distinctly and apart. A combination of characteristics most form one harmonious whole to make married life blissful If a man is old. and yet possesses endearing fascinations, do not let his age reject him. If a man be young, or exactly of the right age, according to the I widow's notion, and yet is minus the true characteristics of an honest and honorablehearted gentleman, be cannot make home happy, even if he could And you a home. Though I approve of early marriage, with discretion, I think ladies may and do marry very happily, *ft?r *w?nty-fre, thirty-five, mi ctcq oia?r In thu, oar own city, and in oor own cirole, how many could wa call upon to teatify U> my aMertion. Marriage minintera to every enjoyment in this world. Yet a* up. tightly object* aa bean are, you should one at the front, and the other at the hack door, and you will aoon find to hear and to forbear keep* a house quiet and oomfartabU, aad a lovitie hornt ia far better than a gi hlfk Kowr old ia good everywhere; it ia th? of many. Poverty?dread poverty?I | | cneak from ^rn<?ri?n??? T* ?rr-? * BUI lO no; yet m rriad or alngla, iu grip ia never tightened or Iro ! Perhaps it U mora enduruble tuited with a sympathetic heart " Young men do aot make u food husbands, eren when rich, as in former days, why I can# not tell." The fable of the frog and the ox oomM to my inind. Or every mother's son of tbem wants to wear the cap of Fortanatua, because? "This acre thinks better of a gilded fool. Than of the threadbare saint in wisdom's school." T harp, vnttnn mw L ?a - .. . ?.%vm *m*j twuguio, ouu (uuu^u uul as wise as the widow, I am likewise a widow. Mrs. M. Washington. June 13, I860. A MRS. 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Wa woald ajy to a?ary mmhar who haa a child aaffai in[ from any of tba foragoinf complaiut*?DO HOT LBT I Torn ri> t J id ic?s, i*oh thihiji nmi or hthiii, >m>u? vwvmwwu 'HHiriHair.n^ cmia ma u>? rciitr tQftt will t>? it R* ? yt, IDOLl'TILI IV* I?10 follow tilt a?? of th mtdieint, if (irrtly mid. Foil dirtctior.a f^r ciinp vll! a CO'iip?:iT nth bnttit. Nona rtnntiio iu!iii iha fac-aiinil* CCRTlt ft PKRKINS, N?? York, it on (li nttidi wrap po oid bj Drargiaw ihroorhont tho nrld. Principal Off Co. No. II Collar luilt, H T. Pnr a onlr '2S (Ionia par Eotno oo II Iftwlr GEORGETOWN^ IWERT'MTS For harpfr's fkrrv.?chanue of D a y'i'.?On ami alter j uly 2,186". JIT* tlie strainer ANTELOPE, Capt. B. J. W klls,carrying the United nail. will mw Georgetown evkry MONDAV, WEDNESDAY ami FRIDAY, at 7 a. m., and return everj Tui??dav, Ttiurmlav ami Saturday. N. B ?The Antelope will run ai? l?*fore until the al>ove date. je5-2ni* 1ca just received, I -)" BBI.S. WHISKY, (nmorttHl.) lan do. 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Just received and for aale? 10 rolla new atyU Fancy Canton MATTINGS, M do do do China do on <ln *" " -1 1 1?* " w mv uv i\pu cnecKCHi do . 40 do do do Extra Imperial WHITE MATTING. Which we are pell in* now at greatly reduced Pje4^a2w CLAGETT & DOJDSON^ Danebury house, ? Temperanoe Novfi. by H*??7 Wood: 1 to! ;Jnoe fi A amtlkr Hiatory ot Graroe, from tho ear'ie?t tinea to the Bnm&n Conqueat, by Win. ?milh, 1.. L. P.; triaa H aa?>a Cicero on O'atory and Orations, tranaiated and edited by J 8 Wa'on: prio?76oenta. Hiatoiy <>f Gengbu Khan, by Jaoob Abbott; 1 vol.; ^fSV<*H?*D ? WOH. N. j#9 ao ar atreeiand Pa. ar. PERSONS Dwimn* honwkejpirn or haTiac* aurrlna of hon^h^M effeota o?n find readv aale by eatlini at tut Parntahina Store. 4*8 Tth k G *ad H sUmU. east jugs. EUPOLFH BUl^. V. I C'? 80N9' ""?? . M? JOHN P. ELLIS'S. IM P?, ??, ' | AUCTION SALES. Br C. W. BOTELER Sl SONS, Auctioneers. TRUSTbK'S SAl.E OF SUPERIOR FUR1 KITURE BEING Till XJITIXX 1FP1CT* OF TMI Clarendon Hotel - By virture of * d??ed in tra*t bearing date Jiuuary Ath. 1'6?, a?d dulr recorded iu Liber J. A. (*., No. 1*?. folios from No. 119 to No 127, one of the Lund Reoords of Washington ooonlrj) C , I shall prooeed to sell on the prem iaf> on THURSDAY. June?th,at loo'olook a. m . ail and singular the goods aud ohaitela coi.tvined in the bandlig known aa the Clarendon Hotel, situated on the southeast oonner of Penn?rl*?uia avenue and 6tb atreeta, vie One Superior Rosewood Piano Forte. Elegant auite of Rosewood Par#?r Furniture, Lint Gilt (ram* mantle and Pier, Rich RAt.U of RrniMtAlU * ? p ___ ? ? wiu li?"0 V??II WliUB, Velvet and Brussels Parlor Chamber and Hall Ro?ewuod,n&va nnt, Mahogany and Oak aetu of Chamber Furniture, Carted Hair and other Mattresses, Pillowa aiM Bolsters, Blanker*, rhee's, Comforta, Counterpaens, Towel*, & o.. Wain t Extension and Round Dinini Tables, i 0?k Diuinc RiKim Chairs, tiaa Chanoeliers, An extensive variety of China G'ass and Crockery. Silver Plated Castors, Mutter Bishes, Furks and Spoous, Table Cutlery. A o , Bv Room Furmture and Fixtures, Cooking Utensils. Ac. It is deemed unnecessary to partionlarizs the articles oontained in this very handsomely furnished e*tat>.lshm*ut. To persons in quest of good hous?t.old furniture, it presents unusual attractions, as the collection is verr large, eir.bra.-nng the contents of about forty finely furnished rooms, a.l of wliinh ii nf " 1 ? >? mo iiiwqv superior anu budst&uuiii character and in exoellent condition, haviu been purehiwed nc* in January last. Term*?$?<? and under cash; over #40and not ex oeeain* $ 00, 1, i and 3 month*; over $100,1, 2. 3, 4 ana 5 mouths, lor approved endorsed note* baarinc interest. KD HALL, ' rustee. ieBdtd C W. BOTKI.KR ft SONS. A pet* Br I. C. McGUIRE &. CO., Auctioneers 1 TRUSTEE S SALE OK VERY VALUABLE Real hsrxTE o* the roRjeicE or >evexth axp E street*.?tfy virtue of a decree of the ?>irouit Cou t of the Diftriot of Cnlumt ia, pa*??<1 in two oauw in ? hioh Stathain, Smithson & Co.,and Austin Sherman, respectively, are complainants, and John F. Calian and other* are de/endanU. the nndersi* ned wi l *<>1! at puhiioauotion, to the hichA.t -~T ' - ? w" > uui\oi/a i, me mn an* 01 J uiy, I860, At 6 o'olck p. mupon th? premises, Lot No. 8. in Square No. 466, in the city of Washington. D. C-, fronting 59 feet 11 inchM on E street north, and 75 feet ?n Seventh street west. This veil known property is situated on the nort least corner of F. and Seventh stre-'ta. opposite the tieneral Post Office, an<1 is one of the ve y beet bu?i ess locations in the oity of Washington. The luip'ovemcsts consist of f ree three story hour's on K street, ino:uding the drug store on the rorner i f seventh, and a two-*tory hull Ung on Sev nth street. The property wi 1 he sold in sepaiaie parcel*, acoordir g t'> the improvements. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase m^ney to be paid m cash,and the residue in two eqn*l instalments, in six and twelve rronths from the day of i-aie; the def-'rred payments to benr interest, awl to be secured by the notes or bonds of the purchn ser or purchasnra^%itli a surety or snretiento l-e approved by the Trestles. Should the terms of rale not be oomplied with within six days aft*r the da* of ?ale, the Trustoes reserves the riiiht to re set the property,at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, a ter five day's notice. Ail conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. C. IN ft l,K. / Trusties A.AUSTIN SMITH,S 1 ruEU>eH je 11 6t&wftil3 1. C. McGLIRF, A Co , Auos. By A. ORRKN. Auctioneer. rpWO-STORY AND ATTIC FRAME Hor?? I asp Lot at thkcor"cf.b or For*-AM> a hai.f and south G St? , Lland, at Acctio*.?On THL'K?*l)A Y . the Mb day of July,!?*? ?, I tell, 11) front of the premiums, (if f> o'clock |> III., the f"l lowin* named valuable property, Tiz : l*art Lot No. lo, in fquar'* No. -?W, with the improvement*, which Oon?i?t of a good two ?t?ry am! atlio Frawis House, containing al out x rooiaa. Thin property if situated tit the corner of Four and a-ha f an J south G utrefta. Terms: O. e fourth o?sh; balafinein G. 12 and 18 month*, for notes bearing in<?*re?t from day of sale. A deed given aiul a !??,! of tni?t i?k?" *i> veyancinc at tuecost ol the purcha-er Slflofthe purchase money to he paid whfn the propertf m Knocked off. Su< u'd tint amount not t>e paid down the property will Ui tl:~n and there put upa<am an 1 ?<>ld tn (he next highest bidder. who tha'i pay the moner. If the whole term* ire not eomp!.-id with in five day*, the property will be 'e^old at i he ri*fc and c<>?t of the defaulting puiohater, by aJvertinn* auch reaaie three timnn in the .National Inteilirencer. SAKAH M. ANDKR?ON, Ocvikee undsr the'will of JOS. T KVA.NS. j? 13 '2*wAdii A. (jRFIKN, Auct. By J. C. McliUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. 'I'RISTEE'S HALE OF TilK EE 8VIALI. Brick Uvtkllisu hot*k? is tiik rkar or Tbmpkras( k Hall.?On WKUNtisDAY AFTKKNOOM. June 7th, a! 6 o'clook, orAhe preiniiw*. hy virtus if a deed oftrimt dated Marco 7, 1?7, ar.d duly recorded in Liter J. A. 8 , No. 131, (olio* 112,13 114, and 115, ons of the land record* for Washington o^.uitj, D. C., I shall ?e'.l Loti H. I, And K in a tnhdivianu of square numbered 373. fronting *acii about 12 feet 10 inches on the 3ft alley in the rear of Ternperai.oe HaP, together with t ha lmnrnpfttnonte ... vw>ioiaitii|f ?n mrc ' iwwumrj Kriok DwHiing-House*, containing five rooms Mch. Term*: One third oash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, gjoured by added of trust on th? premises. If the terms of sale should not be complied with in five davs thereafter, the trustee r*serv<* the rithtto rese t, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, after one week's public notiue, Al! oonveyanoing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers, THUS. J. FISHER. Trustee je4-d J. C. MfOLIRK * CO , Auo'a. f ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 HK Next Drawing of the Koyai Havana Lottery, conducted b; the t4p&m?h Government, under the supervision of the Captain Genera! of Cm?. will take piaoe at Havana on THURSDAY, Jcjib u, 1?O. SOKTEO HUME HO 63R ORD1NARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE *100,000. 1 prize of ...8100,i*W 80 prizes of. 1.'** 1 do m ?o do 60? i do .? 30,000 158 do ?*> 1 do SO,ono aoapprox. ?? s ? i do 10,0001 IN ALL VPRIZES. Whole Ticfceu, 8;iO?Hal ves, $10?O garters, fi P" je? oashed at sight at ft per cent, disoouiit. iiiils on ail aolrent Banks taken at par. A draw in* will tee forwarded u soon u the result become* known. Ail orders for schemes or tiekets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, je 11 - tr Care of City Post. Charleston. S. C. TMIIT 'WASHINGTON BRKWKRV," J. now in ftill operation, under tbe management of th- new proprietor, can Airman an* one Dure Ma't Liquors,of ouperior quality, at the following low pnoes, delivered tree of oharge to any part of ?he oit* s * X ALE [Family Beer). per of 8 galls. XX ALE ... 1.75 do. do. XXX AuE^tock Ale) ?2?? do. do. XX PORTER fiao do. d<?. u^/iVVM a n?!T r -* 41 r*" ?? i* O ? M V A ?? ? ? - . i . . (J 4 W llO - QU? Hall-barrels, barrels and h^gsheacs at a proportionate prios Order* civen to the driver*, or sent through the PoatOffioetuC COL1NEAU, Wasimuton Brewery, will be promptly attended to. ma '6 I in NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at 9 o'clock p. m., and New York for Wuh-^"inston everr Saturday, at 3 o'olook 9. m. Passencen oan ioin the Bhia e? Alexandria. ?" time before the hoar of the (tenner's departure. N. H.~In the event of the eteamera to oroaa the bar in oor.x?*neoo? of low water, ail jooda wul U promptly uhtored to and from the steamer by the underaicned. For W O'figSiVR'lf Ill.NESART. aotk-H.MfcTtr WoaUrn WharrM. WASHINGTON (FIRE) INSURANCE COMPANY. Avrntu and Trntk Strut. J~C~ MbGUIRE. Preaident. H. T> HANfON. Swr?tan. ma 7-?tr BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-Iw U cob?oeatxd 183n ?Jobh 1. Domalmom, proa^ M. OorLTK*. Seo't. Thia oouManj INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. Haanri >?> ? ??V.l -?- ? - ? - ? *-* J *' " INVITO poiH^iunw iiiaiT w UUOpIQQQ &l J*" I Companr'a Agenoy for the Diitnot of Columbia, oftoe ?f L?wia Juiuos k. Co., Banker*, loth street n 2-T^??S"ai.V2& Atm, YELLOW PINK LUMBER. LL Deeeriptiona of the tbon Lamber, for pOA RDS inn FLOORING <dr*a?*J t* andfMMO) furnished <fjr*ef from the oothern rM.ll* by ?uL?v * DOPO^TS GUNPOWDER, P??r mI( at mftr.ufietww price*^ JOHN J. BOGUS, womrMwii.D. C.. Sol$ Aftnty for tkt District of Columbia. A illrr H fll?hr?J>ITl# AVATw O0 4*1ivotw frre to all jartp of the Di?t Kt. Ordr<? ou alto bvtoft atffasoftaeof Adam*1 K*pr??i? Company. WawMorf p. D. f! f*s-Uvli DlANOB Ppfc RALR UPON l-ONQ CREDIT Jus v ' ?%&*& 8^ nti'SSff" oat ?f* ,to~J?? ^^OHN P KLL'H 306 Pa. AT. SUMMER RESORTS. CARLISLE I The fevonte reeort for H1IITK SILI'HIE STRINGS, Mountain Air. CI'MBERLANO CO. xVel! Ven*aftri'&?? *. Pennsylvania. Orood Societ tad * G*m d Accomodations PO* I r*^or partieu!?r? cend 300 1 !?r.?.lrf.u - un t^i^, ,:l E^iUbSTERMS LOW. IN k VIHSCHKS. j* ? IQw CarittU Swrinft. Pa. WH HITB BUl.PHl'R SPRINGST 6mnMi? COUSTT V*. I Tkia lone established watering p.hop ??? opened for the reoeption of visitor* on the tSth A M*rcy new and important arrangements h*ve been made sir.oe last reason in till* m kr tabli'hm'-nt, and no effort* Will lie ipareti to maka | the fUMU comfonabie. Person* can reach these bprints by t h? Orarge and Alexandria Kainad from Washington; by the Virginia 0*utial Kai.iuad from Riuiuuoud; or ?? the Virginia a-d 1 ennersee Railroad from th? r*?>nth and t*oothwest via Lynohbarg and Char I lottesville, with on'j 3" mile* star* travel. I JEREMIAH MORTON. Prwident. J. UUMPHKEV8, General (superintendent. j" U dtJoly 15 PINKY POINT PAVILLION WILL OPEN f jr the reception of visitor* on the A . . A ZMhofJuiie. In ooDi'quenoe of my ab ViTAV m?no? for several months, Mr*. LKx *i<'iLBl take charge of the uiai.acement of the Pavi iu % istel by inj boh, Thc? H. Dix. Hoard per week .$ ?; board 9?r month 92" je 13 eolm* W. W. IHX? Proprietor MSALT VVATKR BATHINtt. ARSH ALL'S PAVILION. (Moore'a Landing > will be open for the reo* ption of viai A . . a tor* <-n the 13th of June. This delightful ie?ort for those 6'<ekiii* heath and pie&e iuBl ure, it unexoeiled b? any plaoe of the Inbdonthe Potomac river It it situated abut one hundred miles from Waahington immediately on ihe Potomse, and in foil view ?f 'he Ch?aap-ake Ha?, and famous for fine ();tt <ri, Soft Crabs. Sueephead. a.iJ other Fish, aud eeity aocese Lie b the steam ' oats plying between Washington, Haiti * re aiu Norfolk. The undersigned has ma ie addi.i >nal improvements in t is BatN Houses and many ether improvements to the oonif .rt and ei joyment ol hn 5u?st?. The Bathing oannot be surpassed. Sp *nid A tig i:ig and p enty of Fi'hing aad Sai ing Boats free of ehargc. He has spared no expens*I pr? viding a good Cotillon Hand orin lajing in his atoek of ohoioe Wines,Li<]uora,Secars,*c..and for ih<>ae who wish to avoid ex<reme fashion and to seek a retired p ace where they can make themeeive? at home, there is not a more p.easaut p ac- in the Unit-d States, i'he proprietor pie'ges huns-lf that nothing shaH be left undone on his part t> rend r them so. Terms lor board bv the day. wt>es. ?r month reaoo.>able. Persons wishing to addr*?? ti.e proprietor wiU direot to Leonard^* wn. St Msrt'i oonnty, Md. jeS 2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor Hvgeia hotel. Old Poist Oowro*t, Va. Thia celebrated 8eat>o?rd Watering P ao?, li>o* ted in fail vk* of Hampton Roads and I . . A Chesapeake Bar. ana at me firat him tar; V po?t of the United State*, t Port Monro will he ready for the reception of viaitora on the 6rat of J tine. B*? ide* the attraction* of the mi'-tarT e*?ah!i?hmunt *rid the fine -Bui of Fare" pre**nted in the ii'Aiiy luxuries of the salt water re* ion. tie Bath at Old Point Comfort la peculiarly curative. For Rheumatisni. it is a! moot a ?p-?c?fio; and for ita prop-rue* in thia re?ani tt.e proprietor* area! owed to make reference to Mr* D-. L:r-n,(relict of the late Senator l.inr.,1 and to the S*ecretary of War and hie lady. A tpaoioua building and sundry improve menu add larreiy to the aco< mmodationa and oom forta of the appr^aohmc aeaaon. The manaceir.ent of tho Hotel and all bo-rneea matter* punroclwl nh it ?1 ? _ .... . . wa ? M IIWVI t CAUI ?# oharre of the junior partner, Mr. Wiilard. JOS SK.jAH. C. C. \VILLAft D. main lm Proprietor*. '1^ POINT LOOKOUT. 1 HK Underngntd, loi < and veil known to the travaline pnblic a* a p*opn<*tor of the City > . t k dotal, Alexandria. V?? ami the 1. mu><: W^w W States Hot?j in Waehi nfcm oitr. hai^jBLX lra??Hi for a term of ye?r? the inaircifioeiit t>?> ?: Pavibon a d the niimerou*c<'ttAre*onnnect-*d with it, recently erected at Point Lookout, liie point of juLCtloE of the Potomac with Ch?-*Ape*ke Bay, a:?d bawnc furnuhed them in a utyie rquai to tiia*. o| any other watering place in the United r*rate?, ?ili op' n the ectabluhmeiit on the 12th day of J on- next for the reoepuo:i ot vieitor*, hi* arrang-on*. t? beIL? sufficient for the Oomfortabie aocottimodatiou of at leant 75" guest*. Point Lookout beside* b?>int <?e* rvedly tha n?o?t famous price in all America for fine 0>fter? Hoc F ^h. S-.iit Cra'vp. S eeph-ad, Mackerel. an-i all ther tail water luxuriate p<>?i?>-?-e* finer faciitie? for Surf Battling than even Cao* Ma>, wh''e t e back courtry unrnefllately adjoining it?incindinf the Drive*. Partridge and Woodoook Shooting. Ac., Ac..?offer auv&nt*?e* trtethe, su*en< r <f i nay otiier watering ?la?e '>n this rontlnett. Tii* Wit?r Viewsfr^m the pntiUion a*>d frorr ai. th-? c ttas's *re extensive, varied. and or arming The h<-\!th of the point is iincxo?''ied by that <?f mountain 'egio;ie, and th* aeoe** to it hy *team*rs from Baltimore. W*ihiii?t<>n. Norfolk, and Riohrnoud, will probably be Ja.iy to anil from each of tho*? cities. He hMi spared no expense in providi:iC ft fine Hand, Carriage*. Horses, Pleasure Hoa'a. A c . for hire, or n stooging hia* with the b<wrt Wine*. Liquors, Ac In eh"rt. hia potrora will find at tli?ir command every luxuiy arid o<-tnfort obtainable at any other American watering place Hia terms (or board, by the day, week, or month, for individual* or families. will he reaa.nable. ma 23 dtJuly 1 LOGAN O SMITH. EDUCATIONAL. CCOMMERCIAL COLLEGE. / *o. 47? Seventh st.. Opposite tkr Otntral Pou Waikimftm Ctf?. Armori&n Sy?tem of Penmanship, Booxkeeping. Mercantile Forms and 0al ulations. Business Correspondent Bills of Exchange, Current Bills, Commiseion Sales. Gr&.. mar and Arithmetic. It^A Preparatory Class for Roja. (L/* Ladies will be instructed in fins penman HPRoom* "pen from 9 a m. to 10 p. in. For terrae apply at the Rooms. ma 2* -S?n \VM \V VOI'NG ? CO. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J NKW Arrasgrment. This well known and popular ninar y, whioh lias l<een to snccos^ful under tlie enlir? rare of Mn Richards for more than ten reara. will be opened on the firat Monday in Septt>m'>?r next, uikIt the united *>ip or vim on and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z RICH ARD&. in the well arranged and deligtitfully I' oated Union Academy Building. For farticulara. see circulars at all the Bookatores. ma23 tf MMRS. McCOK ICK'8 SCHOOL.. Rj*. McCORMICK deeirea to inform ne friend* and the pubUo genera., y that she will resume f ha /intiAc r\ f har ?? 1 ? 63 WStW ???a?avw v I UVl CJVUWI *.'U Ml" 111 luvituaj IL ccp" temher next. Theooureeof **?dy paraded will ormprieeai; the hranohee reeuiaite toathoroofh Encliah edaoa In addition to her day aoholara. aha it deeirona of reoemnc into har family a fewjupile u boardora, aged from 10 to 14 yeara, who will M under har immediate oare and oversight. Her arrangements for tne aooomirodatwn a t dae oare of pupiin have been inoraaard and otberwiae improved. Thoae la Vvaahirftoa deeiring partiouiar mformatiot. with reference to her aohoo, may apply to W. D. Wailaok. Editor the Star. Por term* and fnrtn?r parti ealan apply at hat realdeaoo?No. 3* Cameron street, Alexandria, Va. I. r-tf WOOD AND CX)AL. WOOD AND Delivered to all parti of the cityjat the loweat poatible rates. T J. * W. M. OALT, Ofioe 269 Pa. av., between nth a?d 12th its . ma 17-tf north eld*. The aubjjckibw.r having on hand an exteneiTe etook of FuEL, ia prepared to Mil at a very low figure for oaah YVOuD Sawed and Spilt any aiza. Call and aee f i yourself. r. w BATES, Wood and C??al BmTit, ma 1* S. K. oornar of Fourteenth and C aU. P R A N C I 8 H A KPB R. FAMILY GROCKAVAN'UVEKD STORE, I'tnif ?/ Ntte York af nut and TmOi strut. Re^>-. ifully solicits the patroiiac* of those who ro*t be id vut of any article iu th* aiM>v? tin?. Ifla emWvors tihall We to pit w. and bf a strict attention to th? want* of the public, he hopes to merit a trKsav,., ?M. ..? >, ? . -foaad in a &r>t cla.<> Famil) Groe?rj an4 p M W>or?. r. % 17-tf TT?LECTRQ PMY9IOLO?Y AND EI.K<"IKO Ta l'horn b<itIms, ?b"W1t?? the bo?l methods for th* n nf hv A. fi. fiftrrRtt. A Rout* SiJeSrtew of Slavery. bj rtakamiab Adams ; 7* c?nt?. XT?eii?,Mr Ow*n Me-Mitb; 76 cent*. Jn?t pob.nhfd andfor *?<? at PHILP A w^t'ONiOIS ^ Metropo iUr. Bookstore, *S9 Fa..bit. Mb and totb ?U. ? 1? %>H tmt' for L>a>n?'? Btacoaarr. ^^tS(p'ii,?S<sa!r,A3rtK**ma * W. 6. MtTZKBOTT. THE WEEKLY STAR. Vkla vmUmi rially N?w iw?H wi MBlactgrwtarvtrMtjrfimtorwtiag rvalue ttM ?wxii>M<nmmir iiniiiiiKwixnor rmiug. B*bzn?E-E:: Twntt ooptM U ? Mi ahMrlNng le olab* rstaH mbobi nM|hN,,i wfthoala>j?Ni i??tiofi jf7%i m*"Lm*W r- r- r". ??v ?i m w mi? Mr win N ^W"v *" "WWiy I to0***nUdtMaP'ZCr'Xr ^j?y ** S^.^rM^THREK cLvSL"* '*"** * "" . ET Pottmuuri who let M H?u win kiii low a ennmiMios of M state. FOR SALE AND BENT. \/AUAB!K RFAL K8IATK AT I'RIVATK 8AL?.-Th? auboertber u authored h? <K? o?"?f to Mil at pu?ate ?U, two ttaeta L*ad. The hr?t ia mt'iated uear "G'kdofc." the roaidooeo of the aw Z^eSanah Sorry, and admit* tM lun oi |?r I^iimii Lm Mm uttor*. *nd ooi'mm two land rod and twenty euhtaod thw tantia of aa KTf it we wooded and waterad. w1 in a tuck atatoof cultivation. TM i?i?fo?iaiiii oonsifct of a ooi*lorl*!l? dwolIin( hoaa*. two toba? oojxueea, and other oat honooa. Thi? land offers (,r?al iudu**?i?uta totho** wit* m* to purchase t?a. ?*uu. b*iri? lusMof U?* mo^t delighUui neighborhoods in soath*rn bmnf but about enii mi * tr>>m Wm.ihiiIm* cj(t and Ire niilas from H ad' n*t>urg, and of Mif MWM to church, poet <>?e? and nil A to, & very va uaHe traot of timb*r and ?wd "ft..,? it u'aated aboat four ???i es froia Wash inxt?n cut, on th? sta?* r<>ad leading trow that o r to\>p?r Martborouih, aad contains ftv* hi*dr?i and twenty fmir a'-d two tenths n( an a?r? All of ?aid land it oov*r?d ia wo"d a? <1 B'tl ?n ft h*avily tunF-wed. aa 1 from Us trotintlf W Watk iikctoo. renders K Y*rj I?s krd *rs a rars n ^rftnmt* to t>iip V<H>4ert and oQwrs M tarfn W"?"d and timber Tl?? terns, which will h? liberal, mad# krwg en %pp'ieati< n t > the subtrriber If the above srop?rt* is nit diavoard of at prt vat* sa.e, <>n or be/>ra hATlKDA\, ?h? JOth day of June next, it will on that day be ..ff-red at sabtie sale at Torcord," the r*"id<": oe of Ti-omat tt*rrr, Em at tn? hoar <>< U o'aioeh who will ttt* f eature m showing the ianrf to all who mat dear* o purchase !*AMl'KL. H. BKRR Y, as & 8awtds i' pmt Mtr!lmroa|\. DOB SALE?A sssall FARM of*aeris~ sTtaated r Rl t h? 1 .4 rf IA Ftiia ii?-Pir.S A t ' in* hone*, porn hnnee, a tablet. * o; and watered . within four railea ofWuhmitoc ; 18 aoreaiuoaltivauon, tfre laanium haodaoote wood land. It it peculiarly demrableaa a country rw denoe, being perfectly healthy and moat roinaatlMlly aitaat?d :exoeil?nt hahing and hunting luaaira n/M^r. M \ R RIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain \|t?N 1 (iOMERY COUNTY LANP FOR 1*1 CALK.-\\?b??f( >r u * ihraeor four km dred aorea of Land lying on Ui* P tmrao. I niiiaa from Georgetown. P. C. The Waahingtoo A?h duot and mm of tb? hoe at roada in Um i?>ontt pa* ? through ?Uia laod, and the mo t of it 'ov-mmw U wood and the other portion la a- il of U?e first a > a ity. App.y to BARNARD * RUCKKY.Aaolio*. *?, Georgetown, or WALL k. 1)AM NAK 11. h no tion*er?. WMhiiftin m* SI L< UK >ALh A crtt inritm, Toiv lcr*t or wel improved LAND, veil auited for a market *ar?|en, with new dwelling house with four rouooa And kitchen; well of fine water in the yard ; under rood f-ncin*. and will be aold b>w or e?c liaaged for ctt> proper^ . and or mut'nkU term* Th? land ia at Hall'* Cro** R< ada. two and a half mile* from ieorjMown an<i in Alexandria county. Va. Apply lo V. P. COR BfcTT. urer Bank of VN a*iiiuc ton. ma 12 tf L^OIl K t.NT-A Mill STORK, oorncr of ?h at. t an<i Penn. avenae, u' derthe Cla'endon Hotel, awitabie for a harher'a aaloon or oicar a tor* rot information mature at the Hotel. roar >> LM>R RfcNT-The KiKs>T KL.OOK of the baud r inc niimediatf .y opposite the weat widi of the City Haf.,recent!* occupied by ("baa BTwaJiact aa an ettoe. A leo the front room ia the second atory aud the third fl?>or of the aame tmildiac. For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACH. rVo. & Louisiana arcane. ja 19 tf Senators, members of congrkss.Two sp.eiji: .d anitee of ROOMS, eiefactiy far tnah*d, win l a TOted during the aeeaion of Cob crews, id the moat deairatle u?oa.ity in thia city. Being within one or two saaare* of Brown*a and National Hotel*. Thoae id purauit of aaok Roome wir do well to make eariy application at No. *tw tk atreet. f-etweer D street and Pa. a*. _ de m POR fAT.F.?A nice three a?or* Brtok HOUSE, I on Id atreet, l?etween D aad E atreeta, in Kibhev'a Suttdiriaion. The above proprrty will be . , 1 /I ,.i Aa?W f*. r 111*1 P - ma/1* lrn,i?B ha inaalf ine of H. W. HAMILTON A C6* No. ?? Tth str<M>t. <>pp(*?4t? Cectre Maikot. Title perftooL fe7H TRUNKS, BOOTS ANDSHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVEO A NEW SUP ply of ? !? ' tin* K' Caif Ski* Dr??f Moota ar.i! Gait?r?, Patent Leather iiiipH f"h>th fiait*r?. Calf Skin. Pateat leather W^Kj and l.Mimi Shc>*? A ?<>, an tockofBo ?'aud'""hi'drm' .*die*' and B >'t? and 9ho*a, all of which I a-* arl'iBK W * ceedmiry low pnera, J. ROSENTHAL. 5*20 Seven h ?tre?H. re* *5 8 ^oora aW iv? D itreet |>OOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THE ?> TIMES. \Y<? aro cow mannfaotariB( all kipda of BOOTS and SHOES, and oonatantlV r^ooivinc agA* mpp'* ?l ?ut*rii hm4? work of ?v?r? HI aonptio*-, inad* "xpr??a.y to order, and wiil^^Sj b? Bold at a nuoh !(i*?r arioethan hap h*rrtnf(>r? charged m tin? city for Hinoh inferior artiolea. Pe-roDC in want nf Roota and Shoee of eaeWn or city irad* work, will alway* find ajood aeeortment in attorn And At tlx ovuct Bri??a itite n at aaJI. URI^TIN ft HRO., *-r St 4 Ptmmrylv*'j* SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 49* Tt? ntm, VwMUtt (Md Ftllovr' Hall, Wm- ktntium. D. C. Travelers will stndt their interacts b- nuuuni mj TRUNKS, V ALICES Ac .before pur chaWSn* e.w? A* 1 u?? dom but thrKfiM best material the market affords toe *rnp (he tws' workmen, I oan confidently recommend my work to b* superior in Strmgik and DwrmfaUtw to Trunks that are made ip other ottiea s.i,<J eold bar*. I keep constant!; on hand, and make to order (on one week's notice) every (Wenetien of BOLE LEATHER, IKOS FRiME FKEKf'H DRESS and WOOD JWX TRUJiKS; ASHLAND and otktr VALICES, THATELIXG BAGS, HAK VFSS, SADDLES: WHIPS, # c.. #e. Trunks. Ae? Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at abort n< tioe Trunks delivered m any part of the oity, George town, or Alexandria. A s ?Agent for Howe's ceieOrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de tft-ly JAMES^.TOPHAM J^O 6"K OUT FOR F A FN T No. ftl* SEVENTH STREET, L- r> r <L i f. 11 J mil r uw7 juwt9 otwid rrj rcHWi nm*i, H. W. HAMILTON-ha* opened a PAINT SHOPand PAIN r STORE on the N'*w York elan, where can always it* found PAINTS, OILS, QLAS8, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac., at wuoleaale mud retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE, AM> BUCMTS with Brtkhk* TO Loa*I N. fi.?Particular attention paid to Houee, 8t(^. Ornamental Pamtiug and Graining. Hainwd aad Knamelfed Glas* of all kind* alwa*t on hand, or furnished at short uotioe. Ha warrants aaUMnetiun in all w" k fntruft'"d to his oare. and is oonfidont that h<> can do work a> ch-aa, if not cheaper, than anj other establishment in this eit*. Ojr? hjm a cafl. Don't forget the lumbar?it is Seventh f ma lVtf ETTTV 18 DOWN. y OLE'8 STATUETTE STEPHEN A* DOIGLAI la form and feaularee Una tmaabifel aad aoemrata specimen of American art is aii*i:r**aead pj any apeoimen of like eharacUr e?er pr"duo?ci It is a /a<umiU ofthe "Littie Giant." Specimtas i:i-i* be aeet, and Stateettee procured at CuLvim'e l?ro ?tobk, Ho. see renn are&ne, ?wrw of 1* h street \* a*hir<f ton otty. P?r?ou? ! the Ihrf^otof Coiorr.Ua and State* of IMaware. Marijaad, Virciuia North Caro:-uv, N>if< Oaro lma^G^-rfi*. Florida, Alabama. tftoMi L^>uii:%>.a, Jpr> ri t ou?i?? of lb* Btataettt *illa>' drao* tf?elr ore era to crPcCLVJ5l. Waabiaftoa oitj, 0. C? aooonj>ani?4 kf a rwaittaaoa. teS3%afenr.uir=rr-*'t IET Editor* of Mvspa?era la tfce feraiou* IWn giving the above tweir* in*e: tjoua la (awvapf flutrt will he fir?iih?d b? ? >eaa.afeirta lbM OAS rilTUlES. ~ E Bar* in ?t*>re, ana are <iailr i^oeirtaf. 9 AS FIX Tl R US of entirely NtTPaHmaiid Mfu and Finish, ?np< *:or ia ml* to aerV'if bereto/br* offered In thi* market. We iant*?tUa*a( TOfraJ ly to cell an<1 examine oar stock of OaatM Wiler Prawn*. feejia* ooaMeat tbat w* ba** Um bo*t *eleot?-,l ?ta?ek ia Wa?h!bfU>a. All Work in the a hove Tine mtraated to oar oar* will laA artetmilf Nl *" "" I BUT S-|f MYERB ? UOWKH IMPROVED NVKHiHl.NG t*CALK8 O. Thoi* So?m arenffartd to Um nMm m tk? moat (impl*. dartbl*, ?r 4rMCtkMHW?r?r ?fl ta m. Pi r?t olui ffMni btn kM imrM uib by trie I nii^a Suxfi Ft?rtad Vir(i*w Ar mmrti fiooiety; Virtrxnia Stato AfnnltidnK nHua InoUMWFiir, PormtrlTMia; N?? YorkMrnu; veraioat it?u Pm. Jth, Ac. 1? ?>?r> mm fk? an'.tJitod mm mm mntW inl jUm FO' St *|^Olli?lSBS ITMU, DM* WB?' K? n f ? M WOW. *K?i pLRK^>LD ft Y K Wr'!V|^^^

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