Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: MPS PAY J?e IS, ISM. ftptrtt of tke n?r*lB| Prm. The Cm'tit* titm trrat* upon the Baltimore Convention, and upon Republican Intolerance. The InitUtgtmetr haa tta usual Congrewlonal 'immarv and newi miscellany, and also anode* to tbe Baltimore Convention Thi T*ir Oris to Bai timoik.? [Fditoriml Corrttpudme* / Tk? Sler.) I left Washington on the 7 40 a. in. train to day. accompanying a heavy load of Democratic polltlciana, and leevlng perhaps twice aa many more to follow by the train for their especial accommodation, to start at 9 a m. The probable action of the Conrentlcn was, of conrse, the theme of universal conversation upon the cars, the uninitiated having each his own theory concerning It. The initiated, however, of whom many were along, evidently regarded the development of the two or three facts that has been made within the last forty-eight hours as having settled 4he question that the friends of Douglas who are st the same time acting in good faith to the Democratic party, will surely consent to give him up. Theae facta are: flrat, the publication of a leader in the Richmond Examiner, the organ of the majority of the Virginia delegation, in which it ta announced that In caie of the excluaton of the acceding delegation#, or any of them that may preaent themnelvea at Baltimore. Virginia would certainly go out with them; the second fact la that at an informal meeting of the Tenneaaee delegation io \Vaahington,on Saturday night laat, It -" as clearly ascertained that ill but three, if net but two. of that delegation would also leave the Convention under similar circumstances, it wn further well known to the initiated that North Carolina and Kentucky will not remain in tbe Convention if Virginia and Tennessee go out; and we may further add that it wan also known that President Cushlng had decided to issue tickets of admission to the regular (set eding) delegations, and to refuse them to the bogus claimants of their seats; making it necessary for the Douglas Interest to be able to turn them out cf the body, neck and heels as it were, to succeed in nominating their man. As that is impossible of accomplishment, it was regarded as clear that .11 til _1 an wu. uiuapn isougias at Baltimore. except theoe wLio have, in the end, made up their minds to abandon the Democratic party with him Ob the train are not a few of his " blearing" supporters?windy fellows, without character at home, bent on anything that may ppssibly result In a change by which they may become officeholder* or favored ones in the distribution of other f?t things from the Federal kitchen. The clatter of their tongues fairly rivals the rattle of the cars as we whirl along at the rate of more than twenty Utiles per hour. Yearly, asl pass at this season over this railroad, I am struck with the great improvement of the country It traverses, twenty-five years ago as neglected and unproductive as any in the Union. r*ow, However, it sniiles with diversified bountiful crops that would do no discredit to any fininoi agricultural section of the Confederacy. ?o much the more do the people cultivating tbe soil here deserve credit for turning tbeir originally poor and neglected fields into fruitful one*. Thrift and care is now evident on both stdes of the road. The fields, true, are but patches, when compared to what they were twenty-five years ago, when the land was worth but from five to ten dollars per acre, instead of forty or fifty, as now. But the subdivision of estates here has perhaps done most to accomplish this so fortunate change?as it has had the same effect etaewhere W. D. W h yrr The reception of the Japanese Embassy at New York on Saturday was an Immense affair. Th?y were received by the New York Committee at Amboy. The crowd thronging Broadway was probably front two to three hundred thousand. Cheers were given along the entire ronte. No unpieasaut incident occurred and tue Jaoanea* a appeared to be delighted with their reception, and the quarters provided for them at the Metropolitan. The hotel was illuminated at night wilh three thousand Venetian lights, covering the entire frouta on Broadway and Prince street. On being shown to their quarters the Embassy were astonished at their sumptuous appearance. The decorations include the Japanese coat of arms and many characters embodying Japanese saying*. Thov were serenaded in the evening by a band of one hundred performers. One of their artis's took a riew of the hotel with its brilliant illumi- nations and the military gathered in Broadway. The official reception by the Mayor and Councils was to take place at 1^ o'clock this afternoon, at the City Hall. The Governor and his staff attend by invitation. The seventh Regiment parades as a guard of honor. \Ur Extensive arrangements are being made I of tbe holding of the eighth annual exhibition of I the United States Agricultural Society, at Cincin-1 natl, In the early part of September next. The I exhibition is to remain open ten days It is said 1 that on thia occasion a larger number of premiums I will be distributed than at any similar exhibition I in the world. ' |IT The Hon. Frank Blair, the late sucxeasful I contestant in the House of Representatives for the I seat of Mr. Barrett, telegraphs to his St. Louis I < onstltueucy as follows :?441 intend to resign at I the end of the session. 1 made this contest to ex- I pose the frauds of the bogus democrats, and return I to the people the right of electing their own I Representative ; jpr* We have received from Shtlliagton. who I has them for sale, the Atlantic Monthly and Har-1 per's Magaxine for July? both excellent numbers. I We also have Harper's Magazine f'om Taylor A I Maury j (T7~ It is now ascertained by letters to Messrs | Grinnell, Mluturn A Co., of New York city, re-1 ceived by the Niagara, that the Great Eastern is I not to leave Southampton until the 'JSd Inst. ICTJoLn Kendall, Esq., has been appointed! ' eaeral Superintendent of the American Tel' I graph Line. j fr'S-HKADOfARTLRS WASHINGTON I II 9 I IhUTl Wt? 4 * .? ? uiuui nranim da l I'AI.IU.N. June fsui. WHO.? 1 he uietniieii of Coini.inv A and U wilt meet at tbeir Armory THIS EVENING, at 8 o'e oek. Bu?inr?? of important. require* t?e at t?ntiou of every member. Hy or tie.- of If J As. Y. DAVIS, Major. rrs?A LECTURE WILL BE DELIVKRKD ' L w by theRev. W*. Hah Lros.D D.,on WEDNESDAY KVbNliNG, Stu iu?t., iu Oorcu li Chapel. Uland. ooinm^ocijic at o'clock >ut>jaci?'Ri?e and Procreva of Mothodum in Maryland " Admitton aotnti j?. lg at fV-y-BIBLE SOCIETY.?The Twenty fourth IMf Anniverwy of tha Waahingtoa City UiM* Society will b* beld ta Weajey Oap?|, corner of P and Fifth etraeta, *ONDAY EV ENlSiG, the l?th mat., at* o'ct-xsk. A di*oour???, approp, iat? for the c>eca?ton. will be delivered by the Rev. i hom** H. STOcncw, a>id biicf remark* by other well known itakera. The public are cordially invited. je la-it* iyw?NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION.-The ll_3 ?ub#oril*w? to ?u>ck ol the now linilriiiic Aiiociatitra are rMnivtadtn m??t ?f *1 -1 _ _ ? ?? a wnnwiv SI All, corner of Maryland avenue and Kleventh >lreet. la and ? MONDAY KVKMMi next. tin vtl. i??t . al 8 o'clock, to adopt a constitution ?u J e ect <(Rrer?. C B. CHURCH. Chairman. CHARLES ALLEN. See. ol Com je 16 2t rv^5?A FAIR WILL BE HELD AT I.ANGIL < LEY. Fairfax county. * irgkiia. for t<i?* beneataf tiiM .tiVtiiuUi?t Episcopal CLurcii,Soutli, on the IMk, ath and 21 ?t instant f here will be Fancy Artx-te* ie prolu?ioe.and Refreshment* of every vanetx la abundant The Fair will lie opened fbr visitor* at two o'clock the firat two da??. aud will be continued ail day on Tburaday?ou which day vil be a auiiiptu<xi* Dinner prepared. Sapper eaeh evaing. The public are respectfully so limed to attend. je 13 lw* A WORD TO THE WISE-A good it is I ? desired and a n ee article watted, and for your beat it 1 wiil Ull you that the People'* Clothing More. N"- **>>l SevesUi street, i? the place where a food It and a good articls can l?e bought at Just r <o?i red a second snpplr of 3?r?njr and rummer Clothing, Hate aod Cap* at S.\11TH g, N& 4rtO S stioet, iffMite the PoRt OBce. Je IJ-lw WASHINGTON FEMLE IJfJJTlTUTE.?The !}* : III Jolt l!t??**f*r"W*tadtn nl"n,'m< , r, eeru/S^''* "5>' *nd*tk**&r ^ WASHINGTON VIEWS AND flOSSIP. THE Dklesatk* AKD OuT?i??m? R*C?KTIT IS WilllXBTn* I ??? w??lr h?f? ? iw4mI?i?1I? distinguished by long and earnest consultations among the delegates and delegations to the adjourned-over Charleston Convention and their outside friends and sympathizers. The only out* aider*. by the by, who were hers In foroe last week were partlsars of Mr. Douglas, and they were principally of the class who hare for twenty years been habitues of the Federal Metropolis when public plunder could be scented from sfar off It is notorious here that every man in the land famous for "going in" for a grab at any and every thing clutchablefrom the federal treasury? every chronie public plunder-monger?who professes the slightest identity with the Democratic party, Is a rampant Douglasite. Years ago, the New York Evening Post took occasion to style Mr. D. the "rogue's candidate" for the Democratic presidential nomination. If there was ground for so classifying him then, it certainly exists now witb tenfold force. He has doubtless honest supporters; but it is nevertheless true that there t? not a nominal Democrat in the country who U noted for bia connection with anr treasury plundering scheme that baa justly ctunk in the noatrila of the public, who ta not an out-and-out pro-Douglaalte. Such are the influential outaiden for the most part ?for through their aptitude for intrigue they are influential?who for the moat part have been doing tne pro-Douglas " blowing " here ever since the beginning of the seuion. As we intended saying above, they have, during the past week, been principally engaged In the work of acrewinn the pro-Douglas delegations to meet to day at Baltimore, up to the work of driving the delegations from the Democratic party States out of the Convention, to aecure for Mr. Douglas the empty pretense of a Democratic party Presidential nomination by a convention that will not contain a bona fide delegation fr"in a single State that can be e*p?ted to vote for any Democratic Presidential candidate in November next. Months ago we assured the S/ir'j readers that Mr. Douglas had fully determined to "run a stump1' against the Democratic party; and the present policy of his friends to drive from the convention the representatives from ail the Democratic States, that he may thereby receive the coloring of a pretended Democratic party nomination, is but a move In bis game of getting Limseif before the people really as an Independent anti-Demo ratic party Presidential candidate. Knowing well that be never can be nominated with the assent of the bona fide delegation from any Democratic party State, we have not the least idea that he can carry a single electoral vote in November next. But his position as a political gamester is a very desperate one, and he Is accordingly playing for his last possible stake. He bas doubtless spent In his canvass for the presidential nomination, and previously for the Senate, more than a hundred thousand dollars more than he was worth when bis senatorial canvass commenced, the extra hundred thousand having been advanced by friends, principally, who seek to make " good things" by speculating upon the National Treasury in case of his election. But the amount indicated above doe* not cover the pecuniary cost of his electioneering expenses; as thousands on thousands of dollars worth of matured but unredeemed * paper" now afloat, made to cover such expenses for his benefit, prove. Without stopping to estimate the pecuniary and political loss that must come upon him by his defeat to day, tomorrow, or next day, at Baltimore. we may safely say that such a financial and political slaughter as it will result in, will have been previously unheard-of In this < ountry. The Massacre of the Innocents was nothing to what it will be. Thousand* of pestiferous, speculating, treasury-plundering and In all respects untrustworthy politicians will die in a day, like winged maggots?May flies?in April. Honest men, to whom some of them may owe money, maybe losers by their demolition. But the country will be so infinitely the gainer from the lesson it will teach, a* that the day should be welcomed wheti th*lr politically-dead bodies may smell as unini?* takably in the nostrils of the public, as their corrupt practice* and purposes do now, while they fancy themselves on the high road to succesa in their schemes. The Vacast Qcartkemastership?It i? required by the 9th section of the act of lri?, that promotion In the (Quartermaster's Department shall take place the same as in regiments and corpse. This Insures, It is said, the promotion of Charles Thomas, the Senior Assistant Quartermaster-General, to the bead of bis Department, tries Gen. Jesup, deceased Naval.?The U 8. storeship Relief, of the home squsdron, arrived at Boston on the 11th ins*, from Aspinwall. The following is a list of her officers Commander, Benj. ,\I. Dove; Lieutenants, David A. MrDermot, James 8. Thornton, Henrv Wilson: Assistant 8ur?reon-R R Hit*iuii* O J ? -v-v.., Captain's Clerk, J. T. Young; Surgeon's Steward, Geo. Bullen. Rktcbnkd.?Col Drinkard, the able and efficient Chief Clerk of the War Department, has returned from a Drief vliit to Maine, whither l?e had resorted to recuperate his health, and resumed the duties of his position. Farther trim Fnrope The steamer Hainmouia. from Southampton, bringing London papers of the 1th last., arrived at New York on Sunday evening. The latest advices from Sicily announce that the Neapolitan army bad capitulated to Garibaldi The articles which were slgued on board the Kn^lisb war steamer Hannibal, between I- lid and Gar buldi. stipulate tL it the Neapolitan army, twenty-live thousand strong, should quit Palermo with all the honors of war. and embark with their material on board the Neapolitan qtudrou. The evacuation wm to commence June 4. A terrible and desperate light, In which many women participated, bad occurred previous to the capitulation, at the Strada di Toledo, between Garibaldi and the Neapolitans, which resulted in the repulse of the latter and the immediate commenceu en of a bombardment from the Neapolitiu *qu-dron The above news rear bed Paris on June vJd, and was fully confirmed by other deapatchea received next day. The London Times says that Garibaldi is uow master of the Island. It is asserted that Slgnor Carassa had demanded a guaranty for the territory of the Two Sicilies. and also tbe intervention of the maritime powers Piedmont, it Is also asserted, protests against intervention. Letters from Naplts, dated May 2h, state that a ^raitd manifestation had taken place there, with snouts for Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi. The town of Agrlgenti, Sicily, had risen on hearing of the fall of Palermo. A lettr in the tendon Times aays that by tb? terms of the capitulation at Palermo, tbe Neapolitan troopa were to land either at Measiita or Naples without molestation tm cessation of the carnage at Palermo Is due to the Intervention of the English and French admirals. Palermo suffered severely from the bombardment, and the loss of life was very great on both tid'-s Miscellaneous reliable information from Constantinople ?sierts that the French and Russian Embassadors had officially informed the Porte that these Governments approve of the resolution to institute inquiries Into the situation of Christians in Turkey. The Emperor and Empress of France had an Interview at Lyons with the Dowager Empress of Rusila The health of Prince Jerome was Improvirg. l/OR SAI.K-AHAY HORSE : boo<1 umlflr ?*dr dlo o harue?s ; *?>ld lor want of use ; can he s^en at B'RCH'S Stable. It* , HE "TRANTER'' P1STOL.-M. W. tiALT * & BRo have just rec*ive?l an invoio* of ?is-i. < - - - ?'?vp.i r-i R,i?n nrro.rnr, ' "Said to be the hue t Pistol* in the world Alway. on l.ami a complete a uitinentor Colta and A.lams' Revolver,, the Der inger Pi.tol and Sharp H 'p atiin Pia'ols M. W. GALT k BRO., ).itiSfZSi SWtffS&L FLV AND MOSQUITO TIMK.-Thow who v u d prrf r o 1 ep without dutuit4nc are i itor.i.e 11 at ve have in ?to?k for ttt?m a neat, oh -ap, a >d beantiiu article of ILT AHCht.> Ml Vi;4 rr. h. |11>n_ ..... k^il. _ T ~ p.*"- "I? w*lcn t4-Wfidu<Uia lly lun? aad curUui. in wmt r. rh?y will b < found very . rnauiautaj * d convenient, 1 heeu'UiiiiiQr notcsn bt oae aunte. vttft c a u- Ii< r , t a< ftxtui??, picture frames, Ate. Al o, a rich ariMr of n.ateriali for umrwr eorCARPST1 Nti^CUR TA / '"^NATKRIALS, AND OTHER FURNITURE DRY GOODS, j?18 eo?t Pa,av., Marktt*Ho?, No. 4. UUTItk CVNGRKft-FIRST IIMiun In m SiTfATB on Saturday, alter oar report closed. Mr. Johnson, of Tenn., presented a memorial from citizens of Washington, very numerously signed, urging the passage hy the Senate of th?|ill from the House of Representatives to lacofMTatr the Metropolitan Gas Light Compear. Mr Green, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to which was referred the bill, explanatory of sn act entitled "An act to authorize notaries public to take and certify oaths, affirmations, and acknowledgeinentnin certain cases," reported It back, accompanied by a written report. [The report states that, after a fall examination of the laws of 16th September, 1S50. and 29th July, 1854, there does not appear any necessity for further legislation on the subject; tliat the statutes above quoted fully authorize notaries public.duly appointed, wtthln?the District of Columbia, to take acknowledgements of deeds for the conveyance of personal and real estate In t^e same manner as when taken by one or more Justice* of the peace of the said District, and that all acknowledgments so taken by sny such notary since the 89th July, 1&54. are valid and of binding efl>ct ] Mr. Clark offered a resolution that the Secretary of the Interior be directed to include in the estimates to be sent to Congress st the next session an estimate for completing the north front of the Patent Offlce building, with a portico, according to the plan of the architect: adopted Mr. Hale Introduced a bill In relation to the duties of Postmasters, and a bill to punish and prevent tbe unlawful detention of inafl matter. On motion of Mr. Sumner, the House bill to amend an act relating to the consular system of the United States, was tak*n up and pasted The Senate then proceeded to the consideration of the joint resolution from the House of Representatives concerning the public printing, which establishes a national printing otilce. Mr Davis moved to amend the resolution by striking out all after the enacting clause and to insert the bill aa favored by tbe minority of the Committee on Printing, to wit, classifying tbe pflbtic printing under separate and distinct heads, and letting it out by contract to the lowest responI *ihlp hirlm r after Hna ? ?. -- ? - a ????v ?I "HOt TCII The subject led to considerable discussion. Senators Davis, Cameron, and Pugh sustaining the amendment, and Messrs. Fitch, Bayard, and Green opposing It. The quest ion l?eing taken on Mr. Davis's amendment. It was derided in the negative?yeas 1?, nays 29. Air Brown stated that he had paired of!' with Mr. Toombs on this bill. The question was then taken on the passage of the resolution as reported from the Committee on Printing without amendment, anil it was decidcd in the affirmative?yeas 31 * nays 14 r So the resolution is Anally passed. 'l'he Senate then proceeded to the consideration of the bill making appropriations for the support of the Navy; and without taking any final action thereon, adjourned without a recess ! * thk Hounk, the general appropriation bill being taken up? Mr Sherman, from the Committee of Ways and Means, oti'ered an amendment providing' that all extra do? uinents ordered by the (louse or Representatives, not already executed, shall be printed by the House Printer, but nothing shall be allowed for composition when the nme document has been first ordered to be printed by the Senate. On motion by Mr. Clopton, the amendment was amended by providing ttist it shall not be so construed as to'authorize the printing of such documents by any other than the Printer elecUd by tho H nnin m?/? n?h??? - * ? ? .x.v.01,, u?v> ?* ucu mc piixitiuh or any pan thereof has been assigned or transferred no payment shall be made. The amendment of Mr. Sherman, as thus amended, was agreed to The amendment of the Senate appropriating f32,4(K) for the Auxiliary Guard of the city of Washington was, on the recommendation of the Committee of Ways and Means, non-concurred in Adjourned. In the Skmatk, to-day, no business of Importance had been transacted up to the time of our going to press. The Hocsk resumed the consideration of the Kentucky contested election case. The resolution of the committee declares that Wm. C. Anderson, the sitting jpember, is entitled to retain his seat. Mr. Chisman, the contestant, spoke in favor of his claim, and Mr Stevenson followed on the same side. r?ri?ui> Gov. J. C Harris and Hon J. D. C. Atkins, of Tenn., are at Browns'. - Hon. Jos. Burns, of Ohio, and Hon. W. 8. Ashe, of N. C .- art* >t Kipirurnn^.i Hon. Geo. W. Palmer, N. Y ; Capt Hawes and Col J. W. Ripley, I'. S AJudge kendrick, Ky ; Com Price, U. S. N., and Pierre Soule, La., are at WiWards'. Charles Goodyear, the great inventor in India rubber, is confined to his bed in ?ew York, bv an attection of the brain, from which it is feared he will never recover. SavitRK ToasADo.?Lykins county Kansas, was visited by a severe tornado on the Sth inst., st 3 a. m. At Oesawatomle and the vicinity, houses were unroofed, and mucl? damage done. The houses of Abraham Halliday, two miles from <?*sawatomie, wa* blown to pieces, and Mrs Halliday instantly killed. At Indianapolis several buildings were destroyed. At Hanto D. W O. Baker and two children were killed. Rumors were prevalent of further disasters in the vicinity. The cattle disease has broken out in the county of Huntingdon, Canada Kast. a region celebrated for its dairy products. It is feared that the spread of the disease may be general, and the Montreal Advertiser calls m?n the r. eminent to Interpose and prohibit the importation of cattle from foreign infected districts, and the agricultural societies are advised not to hold cattle shows or fairs this year. ON FREE EXHIBITION FOR THREE Lays only?Mr. Washington's great pietu'e. representing Marion in th-i Ca^p, Sergeant wc Donald Hringing in a T< ry Spy." Paintect for William McDonald, * ?q.. ??l rfa timn" at 1'HluP 4t SOLOMON'S Fine Arf Ga'lery. je la 33'2Pa.av. bet. 9th and loth sts. Tins day markeddownT AT COST -AT cOiT FOK CASH. At MAXWELL'S MANTILLA STORE. LA? E SHAWLS. I.AC K MANTILLAS SILK MANTILLAS. LACK HI RNOIS LACK I'OINTS. (.RAY Dl'STKRS. (iRAY SI ITS. BAREGE MANTILLAS. Ac..Ac .AT pkimk cost roa CASH. ENCOURAGE RESIDENT MERCHANTS Our h'.i ck of MANTILLAS have been arranged (for convenient i-ale*) in our StctmH Story Salts tioom . and tha' all may see .heir tout a' a vlatice we have it a ked them down ia plain red figures. To compete w i ll wholesale merchants who ? .me here from the North, ml er the jobbing is over there,) 'ooffer tha remainder if their stock at retail. we will commence on TLKSDAY, Jix* 19tJi. to otf<*" our entie asso.tmerit of MANTILLAS, A.- .at exact tost for Cask A ve jr la proportion of our stock in trii& line was purchased at nurtion for ra>k. ami we will give our customers the ad\ antage f these ttrrat hamuli?. We were the h st to establish a sepa ate aud <lis inct department in the Ladies' Cloak and "anttlla trade in IVa.-kintton. and we respectfully solicit a continuance of the liheial pa'ronHue tliat wo have enjoyed fjr the past five years. Reiii.-mher tl.*? ' --? - - - vv??iku>jiivu un i i; 1 * June 19 h, to soil every description of LACK .a n SILK MANTILLAS a' exart cost, ami tlia; tho place is MAXWKLL's, Original Mmtitla Storr, j?* 1R eo3t Pa avenue, MEMBERS OF CONORESS - ND OTHERS Who are *?H?n to return to their home*. ami who would a hi to the comfort ar.d Ix-anty of i heir hotiHen, are respectfully invited to our warehouse. Pennsylvania avenue. Market fpao*, No. * third door ea^t of Ninth street, where they ma) find a full and complete a*iortin*ut of? Elerant Wilton Velvet Carpeting!, from 81.25 to ' #1.75 per vard, j Riou English Brussels do. atfrom90cts. t > # I 10, Rich Imperial Three-ply, <2K lbs. to the yard,) at from H7H cent* to #1.10, Splendid real imported Double Ingrain do., 70 to Wc. Very Rood do. do. do. at 40 to GO'-., Alr?, all w ilthe twilled a d plain Venetian do., for halls and parage*, 25 to 75 cents, Also, elegant wide Oilcloth*, for rooms, halls, passages, step?, Ac., which we cut out to order. 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Also, superb Kn.b oidered Lac and Muslin Undercut la as, a> from 12k cents to ?3 p? r yard, And all the ornic??, s*id Bands beautifully representing flowers an ' fruits, with rl?h Cent e and Side C- rds, and Tassels and Uimps t? match In consequence of the advanced stage of tU? season we have detormi ed to ran off any of tH- above rxxls at jast about the first cost, and at pr-ces warranted to be less than the same can bi had slseW*i^re. Al1 goods sold to go to a distance will b* carefully picked for transportation and sent of fros ?f ?*lr* Ioost h li-iatoo CLA9ETT k PODftON. 1 '' ij ~ ? # 0 EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, kc. Eighth annual pic nic of the monumental cr.UH. at AR- -IT"?j* lington spring, on NESDAY.June 2>. Tbe membere^ -^ * pledge themselves to spare no pain* or ?xp?nM to make this on* of the mo?t aireeaMe Pic Nice of the reason. Withers' celebrated Bras* and ftnng Band han been encased. The eosches will leave the oorner of Seventh and L *ts.,and Pa. arenuo aid Seventh ?t..a lo'cl ck. and every hoar durin* the <1ay. to oonneot with the fam packet Flying Cloud and g. W. Riggs. at the corner of 14th ?t. and Canal. Tickets Fifty Cents. admitting a gentleman aad ladies. Je 18 |t* THE COMMITTEE. T il E ANNUAL PIC NIC OF TIIK Young Catholics' Friend Society (GKoaaBTows. D. C ,) Will he held at ANALOSTAN ISLAND, On WEDNESDAY, June20. The Committee would mention that the proceed* of this pic nic will t>e devoted in the ^ | us-ial manner in clothing and eilurat-^^4^K^* ing indigent o phan children, a* they^^*^^^* have l?een doing for yearn pa-t, which shou'rf enli?t me pinronage or the chantably di*pos*d pitblio. Every exertion will be made to render the occasion a pleasant on*; and good order may be expeeled. Good music i* engaged. Tirkettfor gent emen 30 cent* : ladies' ticket* ?*> cents ; and f<?r children under 12 year* of ace 10 cent* ; to be procured of the Committee a a t at the wharf. Hoats will run from the foot ol High *t, every 5 minute* during the day. je IB 2t COM OF ARR ANT.F.M F.NTS. Oil PIC NIC I F ST. PAi r.'S ENGLISH MTHF.RAN SA BHATII SCHOOL, at AR- -IT"? LINGT'?N SPRING, on FRIDAY. n Jun- 22. The tteanier Geo. \V. will leave the canal wharf, corner of 15th ?t.. at ami in a. m arfd 3*% and 6 o clock d. m.fiirth? I lekets 25 ct?., including boat fire; children ami servants half price. Dinner an?1 supper 25 ct*. each. Confectionery at city price*. Tickets mar lx> had at Mr. Noerr corner of 11th and K st*., at Ridenour's Confectionery, and at the hoa'. jo 18-4t THE GREATEST PIC NIC of the seai^i 18 to take place on the l*th of July, at ANAI.oSTAN ISL A Np. under the au*pice? of the SOCIETY OF VINCENT OF PAUL. The most extensive arrangements are in progress to render the occasion one of unusual interest and attraction. The ohjcct is a most worthy one of obtaining fund* for the relief of the poor of the city. Full particulars will appear in a subsequent advertise inent. (States) jelS 3t T NOTICE. HE UNION FIRE COMPANY int?nd giring an EXCURSION TO GLVMONT JT*"*. on MON Da Y, July 16. Particulars ! in future advertisement. Bv order of | je 13.21 Aeo3w THE COMMITTEE. EXCURSION TO GLYMONT. HE FOUNDRY SABBATH SCHOOL has chartered th" sate and newl* repaired fc st.wner Phesix, and will give an^^Tljflfci Excursion to this delightful place WEDNESDAY, the 2)th inst. Omnilm??" ? !! leave the Church,corner of 14th and G i-ts., at quaiter to 8 o'clock. The boat will leave Uth st. w-iarf at a. in The Mozart Brass Band is engaged for the oncation. Dinner and refreshments ran l>e obtained at the Pavilion. Ticket* < for the lx>at> fifty cents ; children under 15 jeai s of age ?5 cents. I _jeJ6 at* ) HE PIC NIC OF THK SEASON. The Young Catholics' Friend Society Will nive their ANNUAL PIC NIC A l AKLINGTOX S P R I X G, On MONDAY, June 25th. Tickets sti Cents; Children IO Ckntv The proceed* will be devoted to the education and clothing of poor boys The well it known character of this Association BfTAia' gives an assurance that all who tend this Pic Nic will enjoy a day of uninterrupted pleasure. Good order will be maintained. The ferry boat Geo. W. Kiggs will leave Fourteenth st wharf everv hour. tl.. '' * . i.o unn?nuva oninthusRs will connect with the steam packet Flying Cloud? leaving every hour for ftie Spring by way of Canal. je 13,16&d6t FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otker "For Sale and Rent" advertisements, tee first pafe. ] l^OR RKNT?The HOC8F. No. a>rth F a street, with or without furniture. App!?'>nthe premise*. jr lt'-lw* l?OR RKNT?A very dtstrahle new FRAMK r DWKLLINU HOL'SK on () utrept, Ift^on 8th and 9th, coctiining 9 rooms, with front and l>aok \ arH* wtalifinir ?"' ? * www*'( I n ?? !< W nirf C O u V mi 16 ft t. A. lirVALL, Ag*nt. je 18-1 w^ Temperance Hall. E street. HANDSOME I.IT N.E COUNTR V SE\T .NEAR WASHINGTON FOR SAl.E.-Th* under^ned offer at private sa'e a beautiful little Country Residence of about six sore*, on the Seventh trVet roal, a short distance this i iln f>e toll gate, and adjoining the residence* of .Mesara White and i.ewi*. The honafl ia a comfortable two-stor) square building, with wide hall, parlor, dining and break fa>t roorna, tiv?> chambera, ami kitchen, sit ate<l ?>n an elevated point hack from the road, and juir.oui.dod l>i a gro\ e ol handaome ahade trees. The grounds are tattefulb laid out with walks and drives, and contain a young orchard of fruit tr e<, graperj aid vegetable garden, choice tiowrs and ornamental *hrubf>ery, Ac. 'I here is ai?o a gardener a house, stabling, spring hou*e. a tine pump of water at the kitchen door ; in short every thing requisite to render thia ai el-taut and comfo-table residence. The term* of >ale will be tna le liberal. An off -r to exchange unproved citj property in part will be entertained. je 18 iw J. C. Mc(?L'IRF. A CO.. A wet > FOR RENT-A FRAME CO'l TAUK hOI Sf. ?n M&asachuao'.ta avenue.between 14.h and 15th streets, containing fi room*. R?n ,fl? per inor-tn. For particulars apply on the premises. je 16-31* C OMFORTABLE ROOMS, with or without / Hoard, can he ohtai:i.vl ?n - -* ? j *? ? ?>a<"?? I 4*6 K st.. between 5thnndf?th. Table Boarders accommodated with goad Board. je t6 2m* COl'NTRYRESl PENCE FOR KENT, *1 Beltsville, on the Washington Bianch Railr< ad. Term* moderate. Apply to the Pout Master at *aul p ace. je 1j 3t* FOR RENT-A two-story FRAME DWELLING, with kitchen and wood-shed, on Third j street, between U and H sts., No. 595. Rent #12 par month. For further particulars inquire of W I S. JONES, No.'295 &1 utreet, W.woen G and II it?. _ _ je L3-7t" THRKE FRAME HOUSES PO* SAI.E. with their Lots. The\ will 1>e *old on easy teims. j Thn houses are neai ihe new Gas- Work*, and are n?-at home* fur the working man. First payment small, and the balance in our and two \?-ars. with interest. Apply to GILBERT CaMERON, ht.ild er. je 15-2w m/iO n i? a'?? ?? * ? ? ' II vm n r.i^ i ? rue large KUU.M in the third sto r ry of the building on Sevo? th ft , second door south of odd Fellow*' Hall. To a punctual tenant the rent will t* reasonable je HOt J AS. C. McfU'lRE A CO. FOR RKNT-A HRICK HOI SE.on Mus-achu set s a v., near loth *t., containing l<i rooms and passage, with good cellar. Th" rei t will l>e moderate. Inquire of GEO. T. LANGLEY, uu L near Fourteenth je 1J FOR SAL E?The large and well arrauged DWELLING-HOUSE, No. - G street south, between 8th and 9th streets, (aland, containing 8 rooms and l?ck building. 1a>? 25 fe?it byliOfo*t deep, running back to a 2>-foot alley, and having on the rear a good (table. As the ohji ct u to effcct a I closing iip of the p&> tnership of the late firm of Klvans ? Thompson, this property i? offered at a price much l>e|ow its actual value, and on t-asv terms. Inquire of JOHN H. EI.VANS * CO., .109 Pa. av.; or G. R. THOMPSON A BRO., Ninth ?t? near Canal. je 13 lw ffOR RENT?Two beautiful new BRICK llOt'Sr S,on Eighth *t eel west, between M and S streets no'th, west side. Apply to MARY* C HAISLIP, No. 3*1 Nintn street west,or Dr. KEASHbY. No. 33a Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth gtre? U. je 12-lw* FOR SALE?Five aore# of WOOD LAND, uitable for a country neat. _ mi? i no suoscnoer, as attorney for Mr. Chris. C. Callnn. < ff'rn for saieSaores of that beautifullylocated woods, immediately beyond the Columbia Collate grounds, ol the Piney Hranoh roai, two miles from Washington, out the Fourteenth street road. Persons desirous of purchasing will oall at mj r fihe and see plat of the same. Knot disposed of br Tuesday, the 19th of June, it will be sold at publio auot on, ?jr J. C. MoGuire, Auctioneer, at 6 o'olook ? m. on the pr mises WM. *. HOLL1DAY, je 12 d *94 Peon avenue. 1117" fl,2no to loan on city security, apply as above. FOR SALE OR RK.NT-The four story URICK HOl'^E, No. 4 5*. nor?h side of I) street, 1x5tween Second anil Third, is oll'?red for sale on a lone lime, or for rent to a good tenant; or will be exchanged for property si ua'ed between Seventh and Eleventh rcet'.or D and II streets. Inuuire of C W. BOTELER. 316 Iron Hall I jo 13 eo2w COR RENT?Tk?i haw ?ii -* " ? ?uu w vil 01 |MI((OU vnrot* I ?tory BRICK HOUSE. No. lt?3, on G street, between 19th and??tli sU., nouth side, now occupied ' by Mr. Bodi*co, Russian Legation. ro?s*siiion 81 ven the 1st of iuIK. Inquire or Mr. BOUTHEY . PARKKR, neat door ggt ma 16-eotf UUR RENT?Thtye first ela?s and reoeatl* r built HOUSfc.8. four stories high caok, hand souiely finished. and having all the modern improvement*. such as wat?r, gas, one of the ve r finest location* m tjiecjty? on the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue, and opposite the Caaitol grounds An; lie wi?hing to rent a fine dwelling will find this a favorable opportunity, at 1 desire to rent them immediate!*. and ?iii low, lug aire of P. \V. BRd<VMNQ. '"jei-t7" 17OR RENT?Three BRICK HOUSE8-oue ?n r Twelfth ?tr?*t, Ivtween C and D; on? ou the corner of Twelfth and H ata.; ami one on H, betw?N-n 12th ami 13th eta. Inquire of JaMKS W. B ACKER, on H atreet, between 11th and lSth^Np. F| d|oR RKNT-A thre* story Pit AMIS HOUSE, on Ei?ver th rte?-t. between 1 and K Ir Olre of M. SNVT>ER.?the rlomb n* aud Gaa Fitt at EOib!i?hna?nt of C. Sbyder, next door to Jth pi AN OS^FOj* RENT.?Several at ?1 >er moi th I *? JOHN F HI Ma - . o fVMB f. BulA \ AMUSEMENTS. #"|DD FELLOWS* HALL.-Third and Lwt U Wp?t of tb? Triumphant IMioopm of ThM?B*? ?f Hetkukil Art*. LAST NIGHT BUl^ON^OF THE PRBSKNT TH1H KVKNINe tho follow: nc Heacheaw be t?A beaatiru! Gibraltar. A ?^ea d *1Im< rj of the pHt Wi?|, Bfton, M<w*i new of the K. ok and Tow of Gibr% tar. City of Sail burr, with a beautiful View of the Rielnc Saa. Napoiacn CrosNnf tha Alp*, in which 90 <* > butlis fi?are* are repreteaftad. The wonderful and anrivaleO Autuma'oa tMa*k rope Va? t?r. To ooa elude with a < ra?d and nwfn! wen* < f a Storm at Sea Door open at 75% o'clock; perf>r?uu;oe wir 0"mm n ?e at I. On \V dti- eoay and Saturday Af t rnoon* Special Performance*; door* open at 3 o'clock?commence at 3 Children to day perform a.icea IS ?U. Card* of adwtiaaion 3? ot*. ja U Fm* PRLK Q()NCRRT8! ^ KNST LOKFFLEH, tinr York ??*?. bff?rrf* t*t an4 24 itrmts, would rea??ctf.ill? Hy to the cubuc Uwt A CONCERT oftfM KLECT MU*IO anil ha nrea arar* MON V DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS darini the won. ?t bn Pavilion. eoiamenoioc at ft o'clock and ending at 1> p. m Prerioa* to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to thoee desiring to while awa? a few hoara la the masr dance. ICE POViU VI* iTL'D inco - - J 7 ? vi? u i? m * n I *" ?* iv r.o? 1T1U 6Tf TW QVVOnpUOl of CONFECTIONERY a'waya ready at city yrioM. fartiaa deairmc tha 'iardw? for Pic Nio par ?oa a. ara r^iMlad to giva aday or two iiotiM. i? IB 3m 8 a Kl'tf EN HOUSE 4JID CONCERT SA> OON. The und?rmcn?d take* p oa*nrein inf< rmmi hia frianrfa.and th? puhlio canaraUy. that h<- A . . A ha* refitted and openrd thia eatat.liahmant w on ao entire new ?ty la. JaLBUk ' Hia hv 1* furiiirhed with the beat Liaa>>i,| choiceat Winea, Cigar*, Lagsr Beer, Refreah menta.Ao. A fine hraaa ard atring band haa been angagad for the a*aaon. A CONCERT of VOCAL and INBTR('MENTAL MUSIC. DANCING- Ac, erery SATURDAY EVEN ING, commenoing at 7 o'clock Jel? 2i* G. M. H LEHNA. I i M'.NI INK BAVARIAN l* BUCK BFF.R ! Th" unil'-rmcmvl rexpectfnIN informs th?* pnhiic thai he will hold at the particular request A . . A of 111- fiP'nda ?II<I *. ?>n *l)N V|T!bV I) \ Y n?"x'. the l?t>. in?t . the veo.>n<1 gran ' XLlBU, f'OXCKRT. on which occasion he will eerve invitine tup*i.? with hm far superiorally renowned an<l celebrated imported genuine BAVARIAN I.AGFR BKKR. which excel* any Buck Beer ever *ol<l in thi* country. Come one, come all. and enjoy a inoat pleasant afternoon, at the <>ar<ien Ri-n'auiant at'acheil to OKOR'iK SCHMKI.I. S Hotel, \o?. 304 ami 306 Fa. avenue, lietween 13th ami 14th streets. je 16-2t* WANTS. WANTED-A SIT! ATION a* coachman, hr a man who nni?rrt>Hli ha ImsinMa. Refer rurot. riven. Applr ."No. . .?.? Fa. avenue. Mwo'n 31 and .U j? lg-Jt' A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE -AGED WO man wishe* a Situation a1* plain cook where there is no washing or ironinK. Ha?t no objection t'? go:ns a short distance in the countrr. Has go d r 'coirimfiniation*. Ar>!re<.* H<?* No. 10. Star office. * lt? % % ? ANT K D-Afi r*t at* DR ESS M A K K R. to ^ * * traveling with i? lady. Apply A'.*U Seventh st. None need appl> hut tlioae who are competent aid well recommended je 15-** /M)VERN ESS.?A lad*. who has had expenenoe "T in teachinr Kntfifh hranchfs and Music, desire* a S'tua'ion in a S" li. >n, or Kami v hy Autumn. Referenda ichauted. Fi?r particulars address ? statinc aWrv?B.. Horse Head, Prince George'a county. Md. je I! H' WANTED?To have everybody know that they oan find a Fine and W ell selected Stock of CLOTHING *nd FURNiSHING GOODS at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING S I ORK, No. 460 Sev enth at., opposite Poat Office Department, apf Sir WANTEJ).?Every one to know that SMITH, Seventh at, charges fair price* for hia Gooda. Go to SMITH'S, Seventa at., to get your HATS and C K PS. ap 6 Sm _ LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On Sa n'd*v morning, the l$th lust., be^ tweeu 7tii a'd Htji suets. iif-ar the atore <>f William R Riler. a LEGHORN BONNET, new'y bli-a^he-t and altered. The finder will re ceiv the thanks of t ie owner by It aving it at St v?-n8' Fancy Siore, Penn avenue, near Ninth at. je IB 2t* IM OST-On Saturday night laat. a brown morocco -J POCKET BOOK, containing several lettera and carda with the addreaa o( the owner on them. Tl,? kn.1.. ?.ii -?r ?... -i?? V?Iiiri 191 r III IPkVlUt II Rl .^lrirf>rott'? Mo?ic S'ore.or at SehnHl'a Hottti. on K ft r?-t. 13 ti ami Utli. A ?u:tat>le rewanl will l?* eiveu for it* recovery. j? ic-3t? B. TULLY. PERSONAL^ I XOTICK 1 HEREBY Deput- and authorize Mr. Ha*ry (to?BKTT to collect ail account* <1u?- to nip. a* I am compelled n. to lx> al^ent from \N ashing ton in the w^?t! for the next two or three month*. AII per.-ons t ? hi- will p-a*c u.ake pa> men t to hi in on premutation of their ieveral account*. j* RICllARD ADAMS. GEOilOETOWN ADVERTMTS For olkf (ti oTK'toirn adrerliHmtntt ic firtt pagi OTAYKD A WAV FROM Til K SI RSPRIRER Om thf 111! i i n?t.. a KKI> URI N l)i n r* t*f . i - w , wiwi n- rn* an.l a ?trap rouml neck. letter* A C. cut in i?; white in fore-Jha^M h^ad and ba< whit*. A lib?ral reward will begiven lor h?-r i* turn to M r*. ANN CLEaVEI.AND. No. I"** Bri-lgs it., fignrftoyn. ,ie lH-3t' |>X()K NEW YORK.-The paok t *choon?r ftnr I pri*??. Captain Cole, ha* arrived, and will' omipeiic-'!<>n Imp as * ?>v? on 11 1)9 DAY next, 19th in*t. For freight appl? to McCORB ft DODOK, jn 16 63 Water street. FOR BOSTON ?The regular ?uperior clipper schooner J. W Shaver. Capt. Ira Niek-?^^ erson. lia? sr. i ved and is now tJi?<-.)iarging her^^^ freight Sh?" will !> > receiving cargo f>>r the^^^ above p-. t TO-MORROW MORNING, and will xail earh next week Apslv to HARTLEY' ft BROTHER, jel6-lw 99 and lOI Water ft. DKS1R \ BLE DWELLING HOU?E FO R R KXT?The la-ge and convenient brick dvl l:tig, with l-At'k-iHiilding* stabling. Ac., on Bridge street, adjoining Dr. Cis*el ?>lru? store, and opposite the Farmers' arid M-ci.ani<-?' Bank, in for rent, to a renponMhle tenant. The rent will be mixlcr?t?*. Inquire of CHAS. TRl'NNEL, Acent, No. *1 Frederick street ma 9*-e<i3w I SEWING MACHINES. -MDIKS Are r* queried to cull at tHe atency. Mr*. J RVI^'S TRIMMING STORE, 101 Bridge ?tr*'t, (iws'lown, and exam'ue tn? b?*t family SEWING MACHINES in us*. vis: Ladd, W'elwter A Co.'? Improved Tuht-Stitch Mi chine, and Harris'* Boadon tawing Machine. Fr c? $<" to #7>i. je 5-rolm HFA'MNG IS STILL SELLING BOOTSand SHOES a* ch? ap a* the cheap?4t? gA| Gent*' n? at Lasting Shoea. at $ I Jn. ffli D . Pat. leather heel Puni**.?t flJtt. fll Do. do. Gaiter*, at ? ! iSto ?4, Boy*' Ho. do. at #1 25, Gents'Calf Oxford Ties. a{ $1.2Sto #8. Ste?-1 Fiame Scotch Gin?chani UMBRELLAS. at $1J0. Ladies' Sun Utulirellas. at K3 cent*. Bring the money when jrou call, at je 16-3t HKNNING'S. Seventh ?t.. Inland. WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLER. Proprietor. JVrw York arm**, bitvee* l.'f mud 2d JI*. t_ 11;-? 4i? ?*! i ii me im.prnon oi uie pubiic to my grounda I would atate that every arrangement haa A .. A be?n made to mate ihii "Retract" moreVCS attractive every day. Monday a the 6ar-Xll?aLL dena are open to the public tree or oharge?a oooofrt riven by a select band. Thoeedeairing to enjoy the danoe aad wait* ?i 1 find the aalooo in oaapleta order to render pleaaure to all. Op other day* the proprietor will cheerfully grant the um of the ground* (or aotiool or other Pie Nio rat ties without oharg e. For the amoaenoent of ohildren he ha* introduced a number of little games, never before seen in tkia oitTy aad calculated at the same time to amuse (he old folk*." N. B.?Attached i* my Bottling E?t*b!iahm*Bt, and tamihea can be aupp icd with any quantity at their reaia?noe. of that heulthAil drink. LASER BEER, upon ahoct notice. _ je 15-Sm CORPORATION WASHINGTON OUARTKK1.Y SIX PKR CENt. STOCK for rale in lumi to suit purchaaara. JAS. C. McGl'IRK k CO.. je 14 6t Aoct'm and Commmaion Merohanto. SELLING OFF "?O CLOSE BUSINESS. I JOHN R. MORGAN would reapect-^g^A fully inform hia customer*.aad theooimnn- J nity generally, that he has ouaaludttl u>Ww clo<? hi* business, and tn order to do so as ' im ii possible will offer hi* entire ?tock rf nis own make BUOTt* and SHOKSat co?t for cwh, and hi* other coods at almost u| erieo. To those in *ant of reliable jood* for wear, I would say, five me a call and you will not l-e disappointed. A* I am about to clone my basioess, all accounts on my books will be rttidorod oaor bffo? the let of J uly, when I hope they will be respondedI to promptly, that I may meet with promptness the obiica ti< ns due by me. jTW. MORGAN, No. 303 south side o7 Pa. av.t je 14 bet 9th sad Mth sis Bargains! BARGJ&NS ? Seventh afreet, F?yfc|*3ft duVtu^ i? H?* ?*T?*t-y m money, SS shtSrtai* TIES JU,t rwwnrwlao dojten ofW oeat NECK .Mi?f T*,? Tl*^ *? kj?J oocl. drop laandhuy A'8hv?ia &-. enth ?t.. opposite Po?t Ofioe. A lot of 6n? Oe?l?' Skirt. tn.l ColUrt SupSJWHE.'"',,1K-" Wl T?. Aurora Ti?,m4 iS^ptSHRfr fcsstti?- 'pRs* ADCTIOW SALES. gy For ( Arirtifn Sa -? r*'Hj?LC* By J. C. Mchl'lKt: A CO . Awicwt^rt. DESIRABl.K nWFI.LINO HOIW * ? U?t Emt CtriruL * . ? H BD *TB**T? E*?T, AT fWJC Arcrio* ? THCK^DA V AUhkNOO JBI# * ?* B'aloot, o* th? irfiriMW. we rk%B *oJ t? ** hiffcoot b rtd?r, wilho?\ rwrrt, c4 L?o" N<', * r No. ~3&, ir 'itui ? f?ef <> K4?tC?Ft" eet i>'twe?n fc??j f Vl'd ? '?<o >**. r*" Ti'Dt inch-*; W'her wtH 'h* ?V mM'r, ?*>?. UtMi* of 4 U|| IfO-KlU *r h\??m I t D?' lUL. H(>??r Tortrr On# fourth ?* ><. the r??i'? * It t "" 1* m -nth?. with iitMMt, ?win< b? ttod l? Irm. 1 OD the ? OMktO* )t)? 6 J. C. MeO 1*1 It K. A CO.. AlM. Bt J C M<KillRK A CO . AuoUo*?ft TRU*TEK'? !**UOF KXCKLI.KNT FL'R jiixrn amd Hor?rn<u.i> Frr*r? ?? *A rI RPAY MOHMVO.Jn* tSd.ot M? the fir*' floor of the Aoetn* R -one Bfri'tooofB Used of tru?t do^d May I8lh. 18.V- aoddu j ro eorde?1 in lib** J A. P. No. 175, folio# Stat ** . oitf of tho *nd rooordi for Wa'hi:.<tOBOO?Dty. wo ha!) ?o!'? One^eicollrat tH ootaro mahogany eaoo Pibbo rorw, _ _ Wa! ot oarTed Parlor Sui?a, 6- ?h?d m hair oloth. Marhie t<t Centre an< ;*.>fa TaMaa. Whataot, Waniit Fauof Tan e?, Reception C Jiau?. Gilt frame Mantel and Pter Q **?+*. Iiamatk ar.d La?eCartaie* and Cornice. Bruaaeia aad thrae ply Oi o <>th and Ma'ting, rtat ha"d?oma ?>'u? %nd cold enamel lad Cbaiwber Furnitara, with Marble top*, Sat handtoi Mack <*nd i<?id ?biim ad Cha?l'#r Furniture. * th Marble topic Heto'W* rat Ch\n Furniture, S?t of Mah<??an? Chanihar F?ri.iture, Rom*(mi1 artd Mahocar.v D'eeein* Hwreaaa, yiucle Walnat Wardn-bea. I'aiatad Wardronaa, Six eurlrd hair M iLttrraaea. Bol?t?r? and Pitiowa Blafck'ta, C<??nfort*. Count*'panea W?ahatanda, it-ami* IVilet Pnadaa, Walnut extenei u l la ri Ta la. aaf iterator. Mahocao* *v>v . *-<1 i *:e ? *' rhmra, Mah-'tftET S ia Had, f? eep y hoiiow Chair, VN'hit" Dm>>?r !*"t. a?awnre. C>okint a- rt 'Hier J'tnv** \\ re k r . T?fether with the uaaal quantity of Kitchen I'tea aiU. Tae?.. AM ?-J-- W *? * vara*. V>r- mtr i UilVI , TOM II, f?V*?r IU*( HIT ft credit of 3 ,6'. ami d*??. for lati. fartorily an doraad aoto?. int-r. at. By ocdar of th? tmt? jo tH d _J_r v our IKK k CO.. A?<rta Rt WALL kBAKN&RD, Auotinnwa EXCKLLKNT AND NK.ARLV NKW CAR J*HOr 0?? I H'fttfikth *., at Al t tio* ?On MOM>a ^ AFTKHMmN, iVh inrt , at 6 o'clock, wo wi'l i? . hi trout of tho preimaoa. oa Thirt#-nth >tra t l?otwen | and K ,m>?r j now a '<1 a.t Caponter'a Shop. auhjoot toafronnd rent. T? mn On* third ruk; halanca in Maari ? da*a? for aatiafaclorit ondoraad noioa. bearini lateroal j# : 4 WALL A KAKNARP AtcU. THIS AFTERNOON TO MORROW By J- C. MoGUIRK A CO . Aacti?i??*ra. CJTOCK AND FIXTOH Kf* OF A FAMIL\ ^ Grocbbt f*to*? at Prw-ir Acctiow?Op TUESDAY NOKMV'.Juu* Ino'olock. at tho Fi-ri'j Grocer? Store of H .H Vn??, K?t oornor of Pennnylvania a von no and Tenth etreet. wo shall sail all hi* itock in trails and atorc fix Barrfla of Brown Crushed-and Pulven*od Beware. Sacks of Jsva end Rio C?(To?. croeii and roasted. Imperial, Gunpowder, Yoanjr Hyson, and Black Tea* 10 boxts 5^n? Candlee. Bates's Adamantine and Tallow Candles, Apioee, Ye%st Powders, Soaps of rarie?e kind#. Icd'.ito, Fif-blue. Stare t>. Soda, Lard, sardines, Cap?ra. Pick let, Cortf!**.... Saperior Brandt. Whiakey, Gib. Ruin. " inee. in wood and glass, Sf> (* n Cigars of various brands and * nali 'i^* Neeti of Tub*. Spice Bn*ea, Buckets, Wash boards. Roiling Pins. Ropes. Brushes. B *9*nif Mate, Ac., Counters, yhelnng. Weights end M'aauree, Wiider'a Fire- prouf 8sfa, flatfiHm Soa ea. New Expr<at Wtion and Harness. Desks, Glaaa Ci?ar Case, Tin Cadnies. An. The Fixtures, l.ioer ae. Ace , will he sold private It on easy terms loan; *ne desirous ofcontinn.uf the Grocery bnsic-ss in the store. Term*: #*< and under ca*k: over that s?m a credit of S) 60. and 9n days, lor satisfactorily en doraed notes, bearing interest. H^Cata'ogues will b* rea'y on the day of sale, jeu d J. C. McGl'luE A CO.. Aaets. SPECIAL NOTICE.?All Persons having ? settled accounts on my ho<-ka prior tj the 1st of January. 1M<>, are rea?ectfn t rrquested to c.oee the same befo-e the mh instant, otherwise the*' bi!lswi.!be placed in the hands of an tnergeUc collector, without regard 'o persons. My recu ar monthly cuatiiners wi Sn<1 tlieir bills read' at the store on the tftk ins taut and if not calied for by the JBth instant thet will be presented. and a settlement, eitncr by cask or notes at ?hort dates, is e%rcestiy requested H n vnts * ? FUTURB DAYS br A. GKKKN. Auctioneer. VBAU'AKLF. LOTS FOE SALE-On WED NE*DAY, the .<th mutant, 1 shai Mil. in front of the premises. at r "c ?ck p. in., two of thp in.*' desira'.> LoU 1t; t he mcii.i 5 of the Wa?lwr.ft< i. statue The* ar? pan* of on*ma; l.ote Not. l*a;,>l 17. in ^l*r< No ?S. I ottnic ?<*ch tw^oty ? j (mi one (X ie*t I inch) on the south aide of Peiin syivania avenue, opposite the six buildings with an aveiace depth ot ton |m j mehes and $1 f?*t itches, respective!t . ai.d running hack U> a thirty feet paved alley. ?ith its out ft directly in the rea' Terms: One fourth cash: 1 a n.roe in 6.12, ani 1? months. f>eeds siven and deeds of trust taken, ach at the cost of the purchaser. T.t.e indispu table. jeU 6td A. GREEN. Auct By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ]\JEW THREE-STORY BRICK UorPK 1 ^ I>oT AT Ar. r >!?.?< >r 1 H I RpDAY, the 21at inat&nt. 1 shall sell in front of the premise*, at i x o'clock p m.. the north tventy fe?t front afLot No. 9. in Cruttenden's aubdirision of Square JH. frunt ing on 9th street vett. runmnr nack t>etweei. O and P itrMta north. ?o a public alley. with the nap ove menta, which constat of a r.f? Three story Br ok Host*, our,taming six good and ?onr?ci?': tij s: ranged room*, witn wide patutN. and built in the beat mar nor, by oneofths beet workmen m thva city. The sa wi! he worth? of any on* vuh;n? to purchase a fine suia honas la a heathy loeati<r "I ernu: On* third oaah; the balance in C. IS. 1*? and 94 months, for no tea bearing interest from da? of aala. A dead given an<1 a dead of truat taken. je 15-d A. GREEN Aaot. P\m IBL1C SALK OF A VALLABlK FARM I III ALkXAXnRIA COUXTT, Va.,4 HI LBS rtOM Washisotox.?On ^ ATI K DA V. the fed of Jane, W, at 12 o'ciook. in froet of the Mayor's oAoe, in the oity of Alexandria, I will sell,at pub.ic aactioe. W a ..res of Laad s.tuated as ?Iki ve of whiok I- H Bardin died aeixal. This and is highly improved the looation is perfectly hea thy anfl aooaesible : the th'ee markets of t?e<>rietown. ?../* Alexandria, bain* 7 mile* from the latter city, railroad, whioh f**w* throneh the fopwn TH? buildmt* are aiibetantial ar<i in good order. It wi I be eo.d in on* tract or divided paron* to sait purchasers. Term*: One truth oaati; balance at 6 IS, It end 34 months, with interest J. LOL'lf* KINZKR. je 13-dt22j CommiMioiMr. MARSHAL'S SALE -In Tlrti# of t*? wnta of |eri laoiaa, isaued from the Clerk'* offioe of the Ciroait Court of the Piatrict of Co.un.i-.a. I?r the county of Washington. and to M directed. I will expose to pub io aa e, for eaah, in ront of the oourt hoaae door of aaid count*, on MONDAY, th" 9th day of July neat, 1M0. at 12 o'eiook m.. the followinc property, to wit: All Wfnaini'i niht, title, claim aad ivtereat in and to Lot No. 1. is ^uart So theeity ol Washington, I) C . I together with all and ainsa'ar the improvement* tnereon. e?-ixed and lened upon aa the property of Aadrew Rotawail, and will Be aold to anU?f> Ju Uicia a Noa i 4 and 2t5, to Ootober term 1W, in favor of Pktipi A Kintman. W. SELDEN. U. 8. Marrhal for the Diatrict of Colambm. _je 13 dt-s MARSHAL 8SALE.?In nrtaeof a writ often faciaa leaned from the Clerk's ofcoe of the Cir e*u oi the District of Coiambw, for the couty ofWuhinttor. and to me direct*!. I inli expose to pnl.Iic il', for *Mk. in front of the cenrt home door of ?aid oounty. on MONDAY, the *tt dtl III Jut n?lt. IMil illln'nliyibn. tl.~ MU. described property, to wit: All defendant'* rtf ht. ti'l?, olvn. ?Dd intwMt in and to Lot No &, in Square No. M6,in tke oity of \V?*k.n?>op. D. together with all tw< urn m tb? imfroinint# thereon, eeis<>d and levied upon a? tke property of J< c. C. Nioik m, unci wih i* ??ld to ea!ue& J?d> riefco. US, to Mm term IMP . t* l**or 01 A. and A. Riokardt. W.SKLOBN. U. ft.'Marshal lor the Dutrict ofCourabta je IS-dU I A H T I L L TTT WAWTIlLAg! MANTILLAS ! RICH SOLID BLACK 8ILK MANTLES. RICH Sll.K AND LACE Do FRENCH LACK IN POINTS. BERNOIfcE,Ae. tern 8MeA STRIPED CL&TH Si ITS, CHILDREN'S TRAVELING DCHTER*. AMD AL*0, A ffw of the celebrate ! ?h*pe rtlltd Ik* "A II A 8 CLOAK." IB lifht textures?the(reate?taorelty of theaaator.. The ahore rompt i*e? th? entire balance of a l?rf? , I. nu v We Imh'? b ucht th??f mxxlg for c*?m at a f rMt sacrifice, and will toll Ihero vwj 1 ? fur cash. The atmve ? -oU* are of the latest at* las. ud lectad from the first factone* hulk in York Parii; and, in order to afltrt nnmadtfl* sales, the whole of U? stuck Ium been ridiioMfvilr fiftf f?r oent frum the oririi ! oo?t. Wi ha ve Mcniwd tlw ?*rTte?s of Mr. flri n* VlBLi>, of New York, to aasi?t us ut the sals of this 0PUMMD ASSOITMBKT Of MANTILLAS AND TRAVELING SLITS. Ladi as v aid do veil to make au early mXL CiAOETT * MAY, S?4 P?*KiTWiiiu A.raycs. jell* KfftwiH-n Ma aJ Mk*"-. SAILY STACK LINK BKTWKBN WASH 1 arrr i ? with the Loudoun an.; fla*pahrrfW*JE^5 ^ frsiiFi zraa~ vs. .". "Fiv:, 'j''' 'VN S "K NE?. Prif f

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