Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. rC7 Tke%fk T*? 9tu m frtmfi en th? fusurt M?m prut m mi inui / Bsitimert, ut tdititm it ? l?ff? u N rifmri it 10 h fmt < prut mt mm M*(fr *??, 44f?rHMMMli, tktrtfort, should b* Mat m hfvrt 7V?i?? 0'tUdt, m.; MimrtM ii*> NOTIC* ? Dx'trut tf MmUM *# *>* tnstrfd M tk* B ALTIKOmi (*TW art rtotivtd t mU fmmmrdU frtm Tic Stk\ cJUt. Rklhjiocs ?Yesterday. the weather being Keasant, there w-re very large congregations at e churches generally Very man* of the auonerous visiters en route to theCovention at Baltimore attended diviae worship during the day at th* Capitol, and also at the various churches Fo*hdrf Ckaptl ?Dr. Edwards, the pastot, preached In the morning from Mat hew. 1.21? "And they shall call bis name Jesus: for he shall are his people from their sins M The speaker commeiced by saving th*t in the first chapter of the Scriptures, and ?mid a list of genealogies, both the person and character of the Son of God flash upon our view Who he wss snd for what pnrpo?> be came to earth are quts'lons wbicb present themselves to us on the very threshold of Scriptures, as If tliey were intended (by being so arly mentioned) t? prepare us to understand the descriptions of h'.m met with In subsequent Scripture. In our time names denote only persons, without respect to their characters; but In ancient tinaes the nam- ?f ? r w v. w fv>wH w u ?""ic wui' r, circumstance, or cbaracteristic peculiar to the person named?e. g . Kmanuel meant <iod with u?; Moirt, drawn from the water: the name Abraham ia a reit?rat!on of the proraiaes made by God to that patriarch; and. in general, the names in ancient time* were full of atgnilcance, aa Jehovah, the eternal, telf-exirting one; Lord, the supreme ruler and 'owner of all thing*: and It i* because the names referred to hit character, that God will uot bold him guiltless who taketh it in vain. There have been men who have made their nsmi illustrious by their deed* of benevolence. and the world will ever fondly cheri*h i their namea and never let th?m die; out these k very men (helpiag other*) were th*m?l?? in state of bondage from which neither the sword nor any other human power could deliver them; for he alone Is free whom the ?*on make* free. I* he free who ia rontinuallv tortured by hit frar?. who otanot look for a moment npon the broad ^ipniwe of nature without feeling that Its Maker U hi* enemy* Then look at a man who la under the tufluence of hia passions; passions auch as bind hia conscience and dethrone his reason See how miserable he Is It was to free him from this bondage that the Son of God caine Into the wodd; and now by faith, bringing with It forgi veuiss, the tortures are removed; and the extent of the enjoyment corresponds to that of the forgiveneas The Doctor here compared the peace of a good mm to a stream of water, first appearing as a ailver thread upon the mountain side, and then gathering strength from each of its tributaries, until at length it forms a grand, majestic river, and flows pure and deep into the mighty ocean. He then proceeded to point out the relation between aiu and punishment for sin, to show that 4he former neressarily is attended with suffering, and that the object of the Gospel is to save men from Mb He closed by caving that we are not fpft to m?p? ? AV ' - * * -?* ? vvwjvytuic va WIS BUOjeCt, DUt IlITf the testimony of one who was permitted to see within the portals of the Ifew Jerusalem and behold '.he hundred and forty-four thousand who had washed their robes and made them white in ths blood of the Lamb. Trinity Ckurik ?In the morning the Rev. Dr Butler, rector, discoursed from 1st Epiatle of John 5.*2t?4 Little children, keep yourselves from idols." Idolatry, properly so called, attributed to things and persons th< powers and properties which belong to God alone, and rendered to them the affection, homage, and service which belong alone to Him. But the devotion to any earthly * good or pleasure is likewise called idolatry. One is properly and tbe other metaphorically so. In both cases every man bestowed upon tbe creature the love and the reverence due to tbe creator In the one case he says to the object of his devotion. - Be thou mv God," and in the other he says " Be thou iastead of God." They did not understand St John to limit his caution exclusively to the one species of idolatry. He then proceeded to warn his brethrsn against this latter description of idolatry, viz: the consecration of all their powers and affections to earthly things. In the evening the same gentleman occupied tbe pulpit, and selected as his text St Lake 21.13. %M r m ? " - * d mri'i .-okii?in me morning, the service wm conducted by the pastor. Rev. Jm. A. Proctor, who preached from Proverb?, 22 *? Train up a child in the way he should go, and 'St hefc.Tfi ia old he will not depart from it. After the sermon, a collection was taken up for the Geaeral r*unda> School Society of the Virginia -Conference. At night, the pastor preached an earnest discourse from Hebrews 4.1fi? ' Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the Throne of Grace, that we may obtain mercy and and grace to help is time of need " Tht A**rrnhly't Ckmrck ? Rev. Andrew G. Carothers, pastor, preached the funeral sermon of the late Samuel <? Brien. from First Samuel, 25. 1:?- And Samuel died." The Sabbath School and Missionary Society of the church we-e present and united ia singing most sweetlv. is my Home," and ' Homeward Bound " At night, Rev. A D. Moore preached from Kphe?iau, 1.7. Asylurr*?Rev. J R Proctor preached in the afternoon, from Psalms, 2?, 14: "Wait on the I^ord; be of good courage, and he will strengthen thine heart; wait, I say. on the Lord " After the services baptism was administered to two of the inmate* of the Asylum The committee of the Y M C A., as usual, distributed religious papers and tracts. Mttkoilitt Prot'stint Church, yimth street.?The pavtor. Rev. P L. Wilson, conducted the service of the day, and preached in the morning from Revelations, *21.3,4 At night, from .Matthew. 11 3D? For my yoke is easy, and my burden Is light." McKen<lref Chnptl?In the morning the Rev. Dr Hamilton preached from Ephesians 4 21. The sermon was practical and forcible, and impressed itself upon the serious attention of all who listened. St. Aloyttus ?At vespers Rev. Father McGuire preached from the Gospel of the day, St. Luke, 15th chapter. Di*](imzd?On Saturday, thecase of the United States against John Car berry for assaulting and besting and breaking the jaw of Thcs. Penn on the 19th of June was called for trial by Justice Johnson. Daniel Ratcllfle appeared for the defense After waiting an hoar for the prosecuting witness, Mr Ratclitfe askrd the dismissal of the ( ase J ustice Johnson remarked that as this was a case of a serious character he thought the attention of the G-and Jury should be called to it not withstanding the failure of the witness to sooe&r Mr naiciicr? replied that the justice bad done *11 tbat wm required of him. If tbe complainant or bis friends desired to carry tbe case to tbe tirand Jury they could do so. The r-ase was dismissed John Holloraj), charged with an assault ou Kugene Flaaigan, appeared for trial. The warrant was Issued on the oatb of a respectable cititen. A *ubpena was :ssued for Flanigan, and was placed in tbe bands of an officer, who returned tbe writ 1 ncn tit, k.c. The case was dismissed Death is tmk Gcn>Houi ?John Jones, a colored individual, well known to the residents i of tbe Second and Third Wards by tbe alias "Old Free baps, was taken to tbe Central Gaard-beuae on Saturday night, and died in the cell range before the hour of trial Sunday morning. The habits of "Preehaps" were calculated to destroy life In a very short time, under ordinary circumstances, and It could not be expected that be could endure a long roafnement in tbe cells of tbe Onard-house in the miserably fllthy condition la wblcb they have been for eighteen months pest. T u? d-ceased was picked up la tbe street and carried to tbe Guard-house as a vagrant. During the nigbt be asked for water, wblcb was givtn bins; and in tbe in or sing tie was found dead In tbeceU An incueet wss held by the coroner, ?nd a verdict of death from intemperance, or dtliriunt trtrrtmi was ? ?? >?< Th? Pvanc 9cbooL KxaiiiNATiosa which we re to have taken place tb>* afternoon hive beea _ postponed until to-morrow, na account of tb< death of Mr* Margaret Frremaa, late a teacher la the third diaUlct. Tbe examiuatloas of primary achool* will take place to-morrow, aa follow*, commencing at i o'clock: *eond District?No. a, Mlaa Ward, by Mr Millar No . Ml** Heed, by Mr. Fort; No 4, llr*t department, Mi*a Baird. by Mr. Cole Third l>1?*r?c* ?No I, third department, Mia* Tucker, by Dr Iroualde, No. 5. Hr?t d, ^rtment, Mi** Simooda, by Mr V\ hjte; Ne-?. Mr* Free ma*, by Dr.Walab; No. 7, Miaa Hawklna. by Mr. B brer; No. < , Mi*a Davia, bv Mr McKnew. We are under many obU^atioua to toe Truateea for courteaia* ibown uadurlax the achool eaaiuln at oai *o tar, aad bopa to be favored with a cont ana ice of tbe tame UVT boot AxcaaMKMT* ?The **a*on for open air plea*jre* being uow fully inan/urated. our amueemeut caterer* are tax lag tbrlr braloa to And something new and attractive with which tu tickle the fhnclea of tboee who patronise them. Why act *tart a boat race? Have we not oa our ' raiciajc ca-iawl" two celebrated f iat ch-impiou boata L'udiue aad the F<tlcoa* aad 1a not tha? PoUmiuus ctoee at baud? Have we mi>C alaa , .l ?..n <-*- '* -- MM J UUIUWVf ? ?IMU CiaOl, W1UI UK! YrfV be* of xr??nd tbe bMM? L*t'a bar# aomethin* in tbr way of rpoft. and M ttbtol oar own ?etUag ap Ov? kuons trill ImI two intercatlag coenmnnieatioaa 011 tb* oottdf of tc-day'a ptprr on t <* matrimonial qnation, the dtseoMtou of which ?m roceatiy aurt?d by a pretty "Widow," wboae commuuicatlo!! la contalaad in our wwklr of -iturday W? bar* another emomuBlcatlon ?? haod m the tubject, which trill appear ap aoon fa we caa tod r* -*n for rt ^ Ciixi*al corit?Jmu Term?Jmlr*. Tkomm Hartley (\mtrftrd?The J one term of th's court convened this morning. Hon Jndge Crawford on the bench. The Grand Juror* were called, aid anrwerrd to their name* as follows : W. F Bayly, foreman; Wm Orme. L. J. Middleton. C. H Wiltberjer. Henry M Sweeny, Aaron W Miller, Benj L. Jarkson, Edward C. Dver. J?s E Morgan. Geo. Mattlngly, Math^w W Galt.Chanc** b#?t.?r Jar L Kldwell, Jenkin Tbomu, Adolpbu* H Plckrell, William Wall. Joseph C Lewi*. William W. Moore. John Purdy. Tbotnaa H P?non?. Nathaniel McGregor, Robert C. Brooke. Robeit Beale^Stanidana Murray Judge Crawford then delivered his charge, which wa? of aome length, and embraced observation* upon the varlou* crime* and misdemeanor* generally investigated by the grand juries of tbi* District. The petit juror* were then called, as follows:? Richard Petitt, James 9 Holland, A L.Newton, Wm. A King, Wm. H Flood. Benjamin F. Moxley, Thos. Orme. John B. Turton, Caleb Buckingham. Stewart Smith. Warren Lowe, James McColgan. James Kspy. John 8. Waugb, Columbu* Lewi*, Wm. Bond, Terrence Drurv. valentine uonner. John R Miner, John Scrivener, A. Bullet. John J. Jolce. Chas. F Wood, Joseph L. Savage. Benjamin F Grey, Tbos. D. Lamer. N. Boyd Brooks, John Messmer, and Win. Cl?wv. The Court then took up the case of the United States rt. Paul Henry aliar- E M Chandon, in which the prisoner was charged with forging the name of Chas Gautler on a check upon th* Bank of Washington In hit favor, which check was presented to Marshall Brown. Esq., of this city, in payment of a board bill, and duly honored by that gentleman. On being presented to Mr Gantler It was pronounced to be a forgery, and hence the charge The jury returned a verdict of guilty as indicted. Examination o? Pljlic Schools.?Primary school No 4, Third District, Miss Lydia E. Clioate. was examined on Thursday last. I>y Mr. McKnew In consequence of feeble health, he was assisted by Rev Mr Elllnger and W W. VlcCattiran, Esq., the highly competent and gentlemanly teacher of the male district school The exercise* were commenced with a few remarks from the Trustee, In which be endeavored to Impress upon the children the necessity of feeling perfectly free, regarding those present as their friend*, and to throw olf all embarrassment whatever, when called up for examination This school numbers on roll AO scholars, present at examination, 59? sick, 1; 1? children now waiting admission Early in February last, 60 were transferred from the register to new school No> The school Is divided into five classes, and were examined arefully in geography, history, arithmetic. foellino nrallw - ' * " . , r >?u in wnunj{j ana reading, interspersed with delightful vocal music, consisting of solos, duetts, and choruses Although occnpying some four hours in the turn1 nation, it lost none of its interest; indeed, the list class was rather the most in Westing; they resd with astonishing accuracy and distinctness. The examination throughout proved to be pleasing and most satisfactory, giving conclusive evidence of ability, close application, and attention on the part of their highly accomplished teacher, who may well feel a conscious pride in her success in teaching '-the young Idea how to shoot." This is a most interesting school, composed (with but two or three exceptions) of pretty little, bright-eyed, cheerful, and well-beLaved girls, ranging in age from 6 to 13 years The proficiency of these little girls in the studv of vocal music, under the supervision of Prof Daniel, (who was present on this occasion,) is indeed most remarkable?the precision and accuracy with which they kept time, the strength and sweetness of voice among such young children, was well calculated to excite surprise and astonishment If parents of children who have not yet availed themselves of Prof Daniel's services, could have been present to hear the little girls and boys of Primary No. 4 sing so sweetly on examination day, they would certainly do so now. What accomplishment Is more aeslrable for young ladles than that of possessing a good knowledge of music? The examining trustee took occasion at the close of the exercises to congratulate the children upon the satisfactory manner In which they had acquitted themselves, and the teacher for the success that bad crowncd her labors, and then Introduce >>? c ? u- ?* >.<. .?ir r.iullger. who expressed himself highly gratified with tbe examination, and especially pleased with the singing- He concluded with some Interesting remarks, addressed to tbe children, which stemed to be well received, and highly gratifying to them. The exercises were several times interrupted by bad hoys around the door and under the winaows. Would it not be well for tbe Mayor to send a police officer to each school on ex ami nation day ' Alxxasdbia Mittii*. ? The Sabbath was pretty generally observed by the churcb-going community of Alexandria, and at morning service all the houses of worship were crowded to exceM. The Union prayer-meeting held at tbe M?lh<wli.i ... . .uicnui v/UiircD, was alto well attended in the afternoon We are glad to be able to state that the Pioneer MiUa. which for want of patronage have been lying idle for tome month*, will again resume operation! on the 25th of the present month, under the supervision of a gentleman from Baltimore fully qualified to carry on the enterprise Canvassers have been engaged for tome time past in getting up a Directory of Alexandria, and having nearly completed their task, the work will tpeedily be published and circulated. Waiker't band of martial music (a capital band by the way) paraded the street* early thia morning, for the purpote of reminding the citizen* of the pic-nfc of the Mount Vernon ftuardt, which It being held to-day at Columbia Springs. The Sabbatn achool attached to the M K Church give a grand excursion to Glyniont on Thursday next Workmen are engaged this morning In repairing the damage done to the tteeple of the Friendthlp engine-house, by the storm tome time since. Thi Hot*ls ?Since Friday, and up to thit morning, onr principal hotels have be?n at thoroughly crowded with ttrangert as during any week preceding the inauguration of a President of the United States. Among the visitors we noticed the familiar faces of several distinguished gentlemen, connected with i?J _? .u*: ir^mauTc ana executive department* of the Government in years past This great body ia en route for the Democratic Convention at Baltimore. Yesterday, a large number left in the special train, but the rrowd did not appear to dimintab TbW morning the exodua was more general, and the ball* and porticoes of the hotels were comparatively desert<d. Yesterday was devoted to the discussion of the fitness of planks for the platform, and of various < <indidMrs to stand thereon. The delegates, of courae^Tiad little to do with these public dis -uaaions, they were generally participated in by the "bone and sinew'' who were attracted to the hotels by the crowds of gueats. Fire ?On Saturday nitfht last, between 0 and 10 o'clock, firm was discovered in the bouse of the Western Hoae Company, in Twenty-third street, Pint VVinl Th. -? -* ' ....o ?j'ir?iu wiin great rapidity after buisting forth, and before preparations could be made to stay them the entire building wai consumed, and the walla fell In. The apparatus contained in the building, however, was all saved. The building wa? erected by the issue of stock, and waa valu?d at about #1,000, over three fonrtU? of which b-longed to Mr. Win Rlgglee, and on Tuesday next the property waa to be sold. The circumstances throughout indicate the willful act of an incendiary. It was not insured. Although it Is said to be the doty of the police to go to all flrrs. riots, fce , for the preservation of the peace and protection of property, a riot occurred immediately In front of the President's Mansion, and thougn It continued for some time, yet not a policeman was seen to venture within striking distance; at least no arrests were made that we could hear of. Tub Will or tax lati til*. Jbsvf?The will of the late ben. T. 8 Jesup was proved last Saturday In the Orphan's Court of the District of Columbia, before Judge Purcell The Judge decided that the will was executed according to the laws of the District and was duly admitted ; but the codicil, making some changes oi the property named in the will, was not according to our laws to pass real estate, but Is good as to oersonalitles The ectate consists of property in ?w?. ? * * lur vnuiti ?i vuiuiugu ina iuo la Kentucky, and an amount of cash In hand. Lost Child ?The family of Mr. a B. Zimmerman, an esteemed citizen, are much distressed by the mysterious disappearance of a son of Mr. Z He has been missing since Thursday last, and all efforts to learn bis whereabouts have failed. He ia an intelligent boy of 1U years of age, and waa clad in a white linen jacket, dark pauts, nnd hid on a cloth cap. The benevolent will relieve t ia distress of the parents by giving any informst on relative to biiu, at McGregor'*, on Seventh s reet, nesr D. * St ALOTSica.?Next Thuraday is the Festival of St a loyal us, and In the Catholic churches a day of peculiar religioua observance On tftat day high mass will b< celebrated with many ceremonies of high interest to the Catholic worshiper. At the Church of St Aloyaius. In this city, the services will be of an exceedingly interesting character, and ibe performances of the choir, under the management of Mrs. Cecelia Young, will be additionally attractive. T?.? ? - ? - ? - in ox mow who desire to s/*nd a plr-.tant day la railed to Uip ple-aic of 81. Paul's Lugltsh l.'utteran Sabbath School. From a knowledge of wUi.t t?ey bare do ir heretofore, we are aatUfled tbat plcasure-eeeken will bo imply compensated tor time and monc/ by going with them oa Friday next to Arlington Spring Jn*kph Hum, deceased, was yesterdsy burled with Masonic honors by St. John's Lodfe, of which he was a member. Foa Fi*s Mastillas abd Tuvhijm Bdits see the advertisement of Memn Clsgett * May, ) another column. I III I " To**t" aw? ? Last Lot* at Washing- ' Ton ?We hm noticed that, since the ?rr1 ral of the Japanese In Philadelphia, correspondents wrltluir from there to the New York papers have, wltb that marvellous faithfulness of observation and graphicneas of description peculiar to the | fourth ratals, recorded the saying* and doings of ttiat really-interesting piece of Mphontsh h;m?nity, "Mastar Tommy.'' "Our Tommy." '-Kveryiwdy's Tommv," aiid bis "lady lw" in Washington. We quote, as a (federal example of the whole, from a late number of the New York Herald: "Last evening, for the Irst time, the lady quests of thft Continental ? 4"***?*' ?UL ?. i. ? ?uu mtciTitiw wiiu them?by main force, apparently; bat they were moat graciously received, except by ''Tommy," who remain* stead/bit to his first love, left behind at the capital, and abruptly breaka through the crinoline fortifications when they are about to be made too compact by feminine curioaity. The ladies endeavor to comfort thcma^lvea by'making the nickname by which Tataie;i Owajsero was christened by the reporters, and with which he seems to be very much pleased, a universal one among the Japanese." It is impossible to irimlr* ? ? ....< v u>iy mcwici Tommy'* discriminating taste, considering the bevies of beauties to whom be was introduced here, in selecting the young lady in question as a glorious type of a southern belle Combining rare qualities of mind with unusual personal at tractions, she never falls to make her presence felt Deeply smitten at tirst sight, he experienced all the feverish sensations of tirst love; he became thoughtful and despondent Like a true kuight enknt, however, he laid his plar.s to find out her residence and need weiav he succeeded. Brooking no delay, but In hot haste he called. accom> panted by one of tbe Naval Commissioner* M utual explanations followed, and tnereafter Master Tommy was duly enrolled as a privileged visitor, of which honor and pleasure he duly availed himself. As the period of the departure of the Embassy drew nigh, he " felt her happiness was his, Her smiles, her love, 'twere life." A n?) ? ?1A * <i>i> oMiiuu^u kjiiue preparea to admit the poetic beauty of the sentiment that? "Distance lends enchantment to the view,*' he, poor fellow, thought that a daguerreotype of hi* Dulcinea would be the best way of reminding him of her. One was accordingly taken and given to him. Hit joy was excessive?apeak he could not; but his feature* told all As a fitting conclusion to this article, we again quote from the Herald : "Yesterday, [June 12] at the imiisi?, a lady presented Tommy with a bouquet, upon which he stood up and made her a polite bow On the same evening, at the hotel, ha was favored with a second bouquet, which he carried about with bin in a very ladylike manner indeed 1 saw him emerge from the Commissioners' room, looking very proud and happy, and holding in his hand a letter which had just arrived for him by post from Washington. It was addressed to Tommy, Japanese Embassy,'' and was written by the girl he left behind hiui, and whose photograph lie carries In his bosom by day and lays I near his pillow at night. He says tUat she is "fsr more beautiful than the picture," and that she lives at '-374 Fourteenth street " "Do you know her he asked me on one occasion anxiously, and when 1 rsplled in the negative, he appeared to be overcome with painful surprise ana disappointment. Alas for Tommy, the Tatelsh Onojero of Japan; but the course of true love, as some of us may know from experience, never did run smooth. The State of oca City ?Below we print a communication from anoldand respected citizen, proposing the surrender of the city's charter back to Congress, as a remedy for the government of the mob under which WMhliiuUn "ft11" ever to continue the present police in place It become* necewary for them to rely upon the violenc* of tbeir peculiar allies That is to say, at election time*. Wf print this communication not a* approving it* suggestion*, but rather by wny of showing the spirit which the rule of the mob here la generating In the minds of inany of those most directly and heavily interested in the property of the Federal Metropolis: Editor of thf Star .?The proceedings at the polls during the progress of our late municipal election *how moat conclusively that all aucceedlng one* will prove a mere faree. judging from the preceding election*, which haa been regulirlv tending to a state of anarchy, becoming more and more dlaguating, caused by Jrunkmntst, rioting, and murd'rous aasnulta made upon respectable citizens while exercising the right guaranteed to them through our city charter The reprehemible parties connected with these outrage* art not romposril of the property hahUrs of this rify, irko protiur* all th' rrrmur to the rity% and the only person* who are Interested In the result of our election*, and who only should be permitted to participate in the election for city ofllrlal* It is the roicdy tltnunt, in connection with imporitt atioriatet, whose unwarrantable proceeding*, which appear to be connived at by the police, either through fear or otherwise, that are responsible for producing in our midst a condition of things that the property bolder* are determined to remedy. It ia clearly evident that a state of affairs now exist In this city which require* immediate and prompt measures for its snnne??i?m ? r r -' ?f*"" * The means proposed, 1 may say universally propoa*d, by property holder*, composed of nil political parties, la to apply to Cun^rtii, at their next session, by petition, praying that body to annul our city charter, and plare the entire management and control of the affairs of thia city into the hands of th* Government, as It was originally Intended when tbiscity was founded as the seat of the General Government If Congress can l?e Induced, which no doubt they will, If the proper application is made, to take the entire management of tbiscity under their immediate control, it will be a great relief to them In the removal from the balls of Congress of the annoyance from outside Influence, which la continually brought to bear with Congress in connection with our city interest, which In almost every Instance has a detrimental tendency in retarding and In many in entirely defeating important legislation in behalf of this city. Congreaa, und?*r the proposed change, would be enabled to legislate for this city in a wise and judicious maimer, without being constantly barrassed and annoyed, to which they now have to aubmit, by representations from conflicting Interests placing them In a position to almost prevent them from legislating at all for this city, as it is almost impossible for Congress to ascertain correctly what the citizens really desire iu nave lofiu ao.. in sbort, Congn-ss would Ik* very much relieved from the very unpleasant dllemmi In which they often find themselves pla id In legislating for Washington, while the property holders will be relieved from the everlasting political excitement during tbeelection campaign, in which they are mote tearceltf ftrmitted to p"r tieipat*, and which they eventually will beentirely deprived of, If the present system is suffered to remain If a change is effected property will be f laced upon a firm basis; taxes will be reduced; fe and property will be ^ure under the guardianship of a Government Police, aud our city saved from further disgrace by insults to national political partita, composed of members of Congress and others, at their meetings within the limits of this District. 1 Lope I will be excused in suggesting that printed petitions be placed in tbe hands of our citizens, who will willingly use their influence to obtain the signatures of property holders, to be presented to Congress at their next session, asking that our city may be placed iu tbe position originally designed, In placing its affairs under the ,..??- ??- - iiuiitvuiaic wnuvi ui tue uovernmeni Pkoferty Holder Highway Robbkky i.n Smithso.miax Uhocnub. On Saturday night, Oliver Harr. a huckster in the Centre Market, after closing his stand was returning to his home in the Seventh Ward, by way of the Smlthsouian Grounds While walk ing in the path, a man jumped from behind a bush and attacked him Two others immediately joined, and one of them struck him with a billy. Mr. Harr has but one arm, and stood a poor chance with such a force. The third man truck at him with a knife, and be threw up the tump of hla amputated limb, and by this means probably aaved his life, the knife passing through bis sleeve, grated the flesh, and passed through the breast of his coat, and struck upon his ?uspendsr buckle. He was then knocked senarl-u. His money, amounting to over forty dollars, the kef of bis market stand, and some articles of minor Importance were taken He was bndly bruised about the face, and bis head was cut. There is not a place in the rity where a strong night police is more needed than In tbe solitary Smithsonian grounds and other parts of the Mall. Will not the proper authorities make a move in the matter ? fCOM Mt'JUCATKP. "thsxk ib dbath ik tbi i'ot," amd mo Propmbt Klisba to 8tat It ?It is probably not itcnerally known that the city scavengers are famishing several of those engaged in the marktt gardening with ordure from the city out-houses, and that the gardeners are using ft in ita crudest condition for the culture of all kinds of vegetable?, aud even strawberries. It Is nevtrtheless true. I Vegetables and flruits so produced are daily sold in the different markets of the city as first quality, evidenced by their large dimensions, when In reality they are not fit to to eaten by man or beast; strong in taste, aud unhealthful In the highest degree, inducing bowel complaints and the ' numerous diseases attendant upon a vitiated state of the blood. I think of but one remedy, and that is for tbe city authorities to leqaire that it ; shall be mixed with earth at leaattwo years before being sold for use If the evil be not remedied speedily, the inhabitants of the city win probably experience ravages of death unsurpassed by any city on the continent, especially among Ha infantile population. ^Vim. 8** Notici In anothat column or a Mr, commencing to morrow at Langley, Fairfax county, Va , for the benefit of the Method ?t Epltcapal Church Booth at that place. Tna Old Soloue* or 181* moat at the City Ha'l. (Aldermen-. Room J at & o'clock thla rro log, :or the election of ?Uli era, and the triMT I ou of other boa! sew, # Littli Fights?saturday bight, torero! fghta occurred, resulting from a too frss Indulgence la politics and wbitkv, none of which resulted seriously, not eveu in black eves or bloody noses, the prompt Interference of soner friend* and the sbK*ncr of the polloe flavoring quiet settlements of ? Ppos?d grievances Sumlav morning, some bad not alept off their e*cit?*ment of the nlMB previous, undertook to aettle their quarrels bra appeal to fists. in the vicinity of Brown*' Hotel; bot friends interposed, and induced a postpoaement until time had elapsed for "sober second thoughts "? la times of high political excitement these little affairs an- frequent, and onlr x-rvr i? proauee ibamr after the parties have time for reflection. j Thtpdos'? Tkxpli or Womdih, at Odd F?l" I low*' Hail, continues to draw large numbers of our citizens, who can appreciate the wonderful performance of this unparalleled piece of mechanism. It la crrtalnlv the most beautiful wonder that has yet graced our boards, and those of our readers wlio have not yet visited it should do so at once, fcr It It rapidly drawing to a close. By thk amnousrkmknt In another column it will be observed that the next academic year at Mrs Smith's Institute for Young Ladies, In the First Ward, will commence on Thursday. s*ept 13th, and that parents and guardians, who Intend to send daughters and wards, are requested to enter the names in July. Th* Japamsi.?Our friend Whiteflurat, dagnerreotypist, hsa for sale photographs of the cniei Japanese functionaries recently liere. which are beautiful (peelmen* of hi* art, <u wrll as excellent likenesses Price tl the set, aud worth live times that price. Hkalih awd Lo."*o Lifk.- Many elderly persona of both sexes who feel that thev need something to reinforce their debilitated systems are afraid to resort to ordinary stimulants because the? know the temporary excitemect they produoe is followed by terrible prostration. Precisely what tHfcy require is siipplierfin Hoftetttr'* Stoma?k Bitter.*. This great restorative combines the tonic elements t ey need, and its operation is not momentari'y but permanent. The strength it imparts remain*, aud increases day by da> if the Hitters is taken regularly in conformi ty with the directions on the bottle. That health may be recovered and life prolonged* use there is no manner of doubt. We commend it to all who sutTer from Dypnpsia, Diarrha-a, Dysentery, g"ncral debility or the natural decay consequent upon advanced age. For sale by Druggists and dealers generally eve rywhere. je 13 eo3t Wistar'e Balsam or Wild Cherry. From Ex-Alderman Ferris*. Bosto*, Feb. 3J853. Dr. S. W. Fowle.?Dear Sir .?For several day# I had been s(itt>ri 11 k fiom the effects of a ?evere cold, accompanied by a very sore throat and sick headache, which completely incapacitated tne lor business, I had taken but a small portion of a sintile bottle of this Balsam, when 1 experienced im mediate relief. My cough was brok n up at oi.ce, and my lungs entirely relieved fiom the pressure which had l>ecoift?< ?o paiofui. I attribute this entirely to the Kood effects of your Wild Cherry, as 1 took no other medicine whatever. 1 cordially recommend it to all iny friends. Respectfully yours, Sam l S. Pfrkiss. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. Pr?par'Ml by 8. W. Fowle A Co.. BokIoii, an<l for oale by Z. D. Giiman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Waite, G. Stott. John Schwarze, Nairn 4 Palmer. Wash mgton; and by dealers everywhere. je 13-1 w,r Miter's Miraculous Vermin Destroyer, the oldest and t>est reined) known for exterminating Rsts and Mic", Cockroaches Bugs, Ants, Masquitoeg, Fleas, Motha,Graiu-\V orma and Gar den Insects. ITT" Principal Depot, 614 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma lH-3m Ltos'* Msonktic I*?bct Powder Kx terminates R?<1 Hn?? ?_? ? ? ?' ? ?"? jo, uuaviivo, I 1CIS, A11VS | Garden Insects, Ac. /( contains no Poison Lto*'* Maoxrtic Pill* Are Certain Death to Rat* and Mice. Sold ever> where. ap 9-3m Homeopathic Rkmrdik* All of l)r. Humphrey* 4t Co.'g upeeific Homeoparhic Remedies put up expressly Tor family use, in boxes, at iS and 50 cents each. aImi, in cases, containing 2i> rials, from .?4 to each, with hook of full directions. For sale by '/. D. Oilman, 3.?n I'a. avenue, wholesale and retail ag?*nt: W. A. Fitzgerald, 3.?3 north F street: also hy F. IS. Winter, north corner ol K street and Vermont avenue. Also, Pond's Ertran of Witth H'iZ'l, for internal and external inflammations <>f all kinds. Sold as above. may lj Mrs. Winslow, ar. experienced curse and female physician, has a Shoot km* Syrup for Ckildm 7V?fAtnt, which greatly facilitates the prooess of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammationWill allay all pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and re.ief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in ail oases. See advertisement in another column. oe 11 It Barry's Trico?hkrotts is the txrat and cheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleansing, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drugsixts and Perfumers- >? ?" c? _ _ MUSI > Will Thk k?om o? tif?trrrtton is the fatality among our yuuni and niid'Ur-axed to indulge, in exceic and debasing liahit.<. Tho*e who are yearning f >r some influence to dispel the jrowmr evil, should read "Human Pr<i'lty,OT Ph>i*inlorir*l linearrhes." It delineates in rit-ul rolnrs (for it is beautifully illustrated i the causes and effects of local and vital disease and decay. pointing out the only sure snf'ty ri/P'?read the advertisement of "Trf%tmnr," in another column. Sold b> Dr. Barrow. 104 Bleecher street, N. V. Puce 25 cents. Sent free everywhere. Sold also by S. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, D. C. ma7-lm To Cojcscmptiv**. Queru'r Cod Livtr Oil Jelly. This great specific for Consumption is fast suptroeding all others in its curative eiTeoU upon those afflicted with tubercular diseases. Prepared upon k._L<_ .:r- -< ? uiKiiij Buinuuno principles <>l Hie pl're 01,', and rohlxMl of the nauseous taete of the plain artioie. it is received into the stnmaoh in ltii jellified form, without mastication, and is gradually dissolved and digested, passing into th* small intestine* drop by drop, supplyidc the wastes of the body by its nutricious properties, and 'hus assisting and sustaining nature in overo<>ming the disease Approved by the New York Academy ol Medicine, and recommended by the faouity everywhere, this preparation is confidently oflered a; a remedy for Consumption and a 1 Sorofulous aJeotions Sold by Charles Stott. Washington. and by all respectable druggists. Prioe .fi per bottle Pkkfold, Pahkkr A Mown, No. 15 Beekman atroet, New York, mar 16 3m Wholesale Agents. Pknwirs.? Persons desiring Peunies willalwayt ^nd t li?iri fnr , nhunt" at tli? Star I llhn* m.imtsr pied, On Snn'av. ?he 17th instant, of consumption, ROBKRT U. HARRISON, in the <7th i oar of hie a<e, lorinorlv ol Laurel, Pnno? George's count*. Md. < Baltimore papers copy.) * in; BOXES BEST FIRE CRACKERS, 1 ?>iJ I3>.nr<i TORPEDOES, FIREWORKS generally. Wholesale a;;d retail, at je 16-31 LAMMOND'S. Seventh at. HAIR JKWELRY.?Brooches, Bracelets. Ear and Finger Rings, Necklaces, Vest, Guard and Chatalsin Chains, Stiid?, Sleeve Buttons, Crosses, Lockets, Charmn-^oarf Pins. Seals, K"yt!. Ac The above articles of the new -at and most unique patterns made to order ofauv hair. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers. 354 Pa. av.. je !6-3t 4 doors went of Browu'i Hotel. THE GEM am S& OF THE SEASON, fifi Something new and neat in the way of Gentlemen * SI RAW HATS,just received. Gents' and Boys' Straw Hats, tn treat variety. Hoys' Military and other Straw Caps. Children's Brown Flat-, with bugles. at 6Jo?ut?, Do. Colored Shakers, at 25 cent*. All kinds of &ILK, CASSIMKKE, and FELT HATS. Very low for cash, at HEXNING'S, je )&-8t Seventh st., Island. 4GENC\ FOR FAIRBANKS SCALES IN J\. GEORGETOWN. The undersigned have been appointed Agents f?>r the sale of ttie above celebrated and we i known PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALES. A fu 1 rupply constantly on hand and for tale at lowest ra?e?.^ n/ii ana w&i. B>;AUHn erectaa la any part of the Dutriot or adjt>ininc oountiec. All Scale* are warranted durable, acourate, and to eire satisfaction _ BUSEY A BARNARD. Dealer* to Agricultural Implement*. |e?-2m Bridge ?treat 2 doora weat of Hi?h. J U 5* T ARRIVED CUNNINGHAM & BRO.'S, 4111 SSftNTH ST.. SHAW'S* CELEBRATED OAS RANGES. STEAK BROILERS, FL*T-IRO\ HEATERS, NURSERY KETTLE BOILERS, Ac., Ac. Call early and examine there valuable articles C. W. CUNNINGHAM A BRO.. je 16-3t Plumber* and lia? fitter*. LOW PRICED OILCLOTHS. Ju*t received, per tmamer Monticello? 10 ihei-U new rtvle FLOOR OILCLOTHS. ? no in 18 r*?t WHltha.very heavy and cheap, which we are cutting up a* p?r diagram. Also, one cA*e KNAMELl.KD ?TLCLOTHS, imit\tion of nioroooo, for u p hoi ?te ring neatj very cheap. j 4 o2w Cl.AOKTT k DODSON. HAT IS SODA WATER? Simply Pure Water impregnated with Carbonic Acid Gaa. The Soda Water it known by iti aireeahle pungent taste, by its slightly exhilarating qualities, and by it? buHWin* and aclinliation. Thete properties arc strikingly exhibited at a low temperature. It should leave no anpletsast Utte, and should be entirely inrocuous. The public .are requested to call aad Jadfft far themteivea DR.VOGjsVs'AND CHBMIST8, No. 300 fennsjlvaaia A WW. j? i-eoiip' : BC Cbfcrt? Hotel. T1E OP|RAHAT.J.rt arrhr*d, by axpreu. I GEORGETOWN. Cmrtsfmimtt nf Tk* Stmr Gbobsktowk. Jud? If. I9M) Th? burning of the ^Yeatern Hoae enpiae Uouae >rear the Circle, in thr Pirat Ward of your city, on FSaturday nl^l t, waa w'.tnened bv a gr?a* number I of our cittseus, who wwe attracted tnltber br the | strong llkjht. Our ircmen were as uaual noon ^ ! upon tbe ground, but nothing could be done | i The building aeema to have been flred betw?-en j tbe celling Jot eta and tbe roof, and waa totally ?' 1 destroyed M?it of the apparatus, furniture. Ac , ? m uvrd While the firemen were upon the ground, the tide wails fell with a terrible crash, but fortunately no one was Injured A young colored woman, wife of J acnes I<ee. (who ie a son of Alfred l^ee, onr well-known feed t dealer.) died very suddenly on Saturday night, f at her residence near Godey's ice-house An In- K quest was htld over her remains yesterday morn- , ing. It appeared from the evidence that her t health has been very delicate for soaie time past, r md tint !? w?? -? '?" * ?~ ???nrunf oi urr OffllU ^ The verdict of the jury was that she came to b? ? death from some cause nnkaown to then. Dr. { Snyder baa beeu summoned to nuke a postmortem . exam.nation, which is m progress aa we close . thia letter See the advertisement ia another column of tbe f plr-nic to be given by the Vmu Catholic*' Krietid Society, at Analostan, on Wednesday. We will j j have something to say about it to-morrow. 0 GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS -? ? ? A Resolctioji relating to payment of orders on County Road*. fa Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Brmrd 9/ / | Common Council of (At Corporation of Uiorgetoim. ti | That from and after the approval of this Ordi- v nance, all orders and requisitions drawn on tiie Clerk of the Corporation by the Commissioners 1 appointed by said Corporation, and the l<evy Court for the county of Washington, to superintend the repairs and improvementa of County | Roads, shall br ?... n.? ?1 ' " - ui ?uc uiurr ui ?ue ^ contractor upon Mid OuiuDiiuloiKri. and shall % express on thetr fare that the umouut stated in c tbem is for one-half of the said Commis?ionrr? accompanying order. (Approved Naytt, 1*60 A Resolution to pay repairs on the Road from Seventh street to Stone Warehouse P Ktsolved fry the Board of Aldermen mad Board / r Common Council of the Corooraiiom ?f ? That- the Clerk be, and he It hereby authorized a to pay to the order of Hon. H. Addison, Mayor, and a majority of the Commissioners, the auin of p three huudred dollars, being one-half of the appropriation made by the Levy Court on the Ttu n May. I860, for repairs on above road v Approved May -26, ls*3o. t b A Rksolvtios to pay three Accounts, t Rtfolvtd by tke Board of Aidtrmtn and Board of t! Comw.on Council of tke Corporation of Gtorgeiotrn That the Clerk pay to the order of Or T S* * Lanck ttftv dollars for his service* in vaccinating f the poor for one year up to 25th March. leflO; to a the order of H Reaver twenty-one dollars and eleven cents for his bill of rests for the month of April; and to the order of John Booth twenty k dollars for services a* Scavenger to the watch- <1 house for five months up to May It, Approved May -J6, 1st*). A Rksolctio* authorizing the removal of a Pump Resolved by tke B^ard of Aldermen and Board tf j| Common Council of Ike Corporation of Gtorg'lown. t< That tbe Mayor be, and he is hereby autuon/^d r to have the pump removed from, the south foot- 1 urav nn l-'lr?( ?* * 1?*? " .... ? en. uciwrru ruga ana Yoio- f mac atreeta, and for tbe purpose of paying for the g aame and replacing tbe footway with flagging t over the well, tbe aum of aeven doiiara ana tifty n cent*, or ao much thereof aa may be neceasary. it < hereby appropriated, payable by the Clerk to the c order of the Mayor. [Approved May M, IHWI. A Kksolutiox in relation to the contract for Dredging tbe Channel of tbe Potomac river. Rrsolctd bp Ik* Board of Abler mm and Board of * Cowrton Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That Philip T. Berry and K*au Pickreil fee, and they are hereby appointed a committee to eoufer with the Ma>or respecting tbe waya and menu* n of carrying into effect the contract entered into * by tbia Corporation for dredging the channel of ? the Potomac river. (Approved Majr H, 1-fii'. v A Rtsoi.t'Tlox in relation to the Long Bridge J! Kefolred by the Board of Aldumtn and B.iard of Common Countil of the Cor/iorution of (reorg'loirn, That tbe further sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, or so miKb of tte aame an may t>e nee es*.iry, be and is hereby appropriated !o be ! [aid by the Cierk to the order of the Con- * grefcs.oual Committee for the purpose of piying Y the expenses of a steamboat. A< , to carr> mem- P bers or Congress and othera to view the different localities where a bridge may be built to connect bv rail the North and Smith Approved Way !K, 1HJ0. J A Resolution In relation to the Porter of the Orphans' Court. Resolved by the Hoard of Ald'rmen and Board of Common Covnril of the Corporation of Georgetown, * That the Clerk pay to the order of the Porter of the Orphana' Court, one fourth rf Lit pay at Porter of said Court, three dollar* per month from 1st April, 13W, until otherwise ordered Approved May 26, 1*<W. TJUST PUBLISHED I1K GOVERNING RACK-a Book for tiie , Time and all Times: by II. o. R.; 8vo., l<-4 pp. 1 Part 1. In Slavery Sanctioned 1>> the Old r>",t*ment' * Part I. Is S'aveiy Sanctioned bv the New Te!>tamerit ? Part 3. TUe Republics of the World. Part 4. The Douma a il it* Results. I For sale at all tne bookstores. Price S> cents, ja 15 3t THOS. McGILL. Pnbli ?her. ON THE WATCH! ATTENTION ALL ' Members of Coigrttx in partuulir, and Cit item and M anger> in gt ntral. . Just from (i neva over one hti4 dred WATCHES, manufactured by the tno?t JCv skillful artisans, and which Will t?e sold at itrcat l>a')caias. Wan anted to k?*ep th? ! ?*? time. Also, a tine assortment of JLWKbs \ : all to he sold cheap, and sure of givm*: general >atis taction. JNO. Kl'LI.NSKIA CO.. I je 15-l'?t* 304 Pa av., tx-tw. 9th and loth sts. ^^kiysVlT THE TIMEb < - HARVEY S F??h and 0?;-ter Ex- . press, arriving >tai v froiu the North and South with * the following delicacies: FRE?H SA MON. CODFISH. MACKEREL. SHbEFHEAD. . HALIBUT, TROUT, I SEA BASS. HOG FISH, SPOTS. BLACK Fl-H, TAILORS. BI.L E FISH. LOBSTERS. HARD and SOFT CRAB.% CLAMS, Ac. , And a constant supply of Florida Re^f GREEN . TURTLE, and those fcu? Urge Lynnhaven Bay SPICED <>\sTERS All persons will find it to theiradvantagtftugiveni'acall 1 ket. a? 1 have every facilitj to ?ell lower tlian can be had in the city. All orders thankfully rcrcivd and promptly do li vered to any part of the city free of charee. Depot?23i C ftreet. between l<Kh and 11th. je 15 lm T. A. HARVEY. Agent. \f OORE A KELLY'S 5 ill PATENT PICKET FENCE. Something Worthy :kt Attmtio* rf tk? Public ?* ft'try State of the Union. Having perfected the patent of the Fence, hich we believe tliat we can demonstrate to the world of mankind to be the most economical, desirable and substantial of any Fence ever invented, whioh Fencing ve propose to exhibit with the working * model on Monday. the 18th iut>t, and will be eontin* r u'-d ten the Auction Ruoui of A. Gxesi*. No. i'26 Seventh street, corner of it, at from 4 to 7 o'clock p. in. _ .Ufinber* of ^outcre**, nentleiuon visitin* the city i and the public in f nerm.1 are very re*;>ptfully in- j vied t attend the exhibition. We ura pr~rared to x'-ll Patent* to any State, Territory, county,or fractional pa ts of State*, and we Hattur ourtelvea that ?f riciilturi*t?. niachini -U, and all sciontiho teaU-'mea wn] coneur with n? that the 1'atent Picket Fence is the one thine h i.eede.1. Come and ??e. k MOORE Jt KEI.LY, Patentee*. t< A. GitEhN. (1 je 15-31 Agent for the sale ot Patent*. a {MRCU1T COUgJ^JHE DI9TRIOT OF u BenedicWoat et al., i No. 1,164 * Michael Miller'* heir* and admin'r.' Equity. The truitee in the abore oauae having reported that at a *ale made b; him on the 3d March la*t, under t' e dscre a in *ud oau?e. John M. Belt iu I trie hi*beet Didder and became the purohaee* of the " we?t half of Lot No. 114, in Beaii'e addition to Georgetown. D C., and a *rr.a'l part of Lot No lis. in the rear thereof, at ar>d for the prioe or *ura of p? 9430; and William H. fiodey, for Waiter Godey, of part of l<otH4, in eaM B all'* ad lit or to *??nri,e town, 'aid part being ? feet by 3 feet, at and for the puce or au.b of #t*t, and tnat awd purchaeer* have c full* complied with the term* of *aie. It i*. there- J the Conrt. tht* Xth day of May, MB. ordered , that aaid ealee be rati&ed, on ee* oauee be hown to the Co?rttoa or before the let day of < J ulv next, provided a ?>>ey of thi* order be peblleked ;' in th* Evening Star three tiinee a week for three we ka prior to aaid day. By order of Coart ^ _ , ' ?.T3fc... '.BS i- ISKB-SW- * 1 VWff ? ' omi A Uf VIVI?? 1 m? a? st*w8w J)R SCHENr^F PHILADELPHIA, SCHENQps RrCfloRlC SYRUP. > lx>aiai?ne avenue and Seventh afreet, vtaerefee bM V i ft nite of room* ntftr by fer tha *c ^ommodftuoi. of = hi* peuenu. Ao<2 ill pei?on? lftberiog under DU- ' ggi^^ssfija i THE LATEST NEWS ?1? W T n /t n ? r? *"? * ? A nufiunAr uiu. THE BALTIMORE VONTIKflM. Baltimore. Juue 1? ? The Corv*?tlon mm ?1M at il m Tb? tbMtrt wh drtwItM'H rb* iMmblif? wm f?lM t? orfft by Ho* Ca *b Cuahlar tad a prayer wm wUr b? Rrr DT ifpCrone The President nowgratalatrt the Coo -entloa *m ita reeewmblleg, anl expreaeed the lope that harmony would pr era: u nt . i ? ? ? rrr.tnii UI?('*TCHKS (Special Dlspatrb to tbe 9tar ) Baitimoki. Juaelt- ? la his trt4rni to tbe >nTfntion tb>? morning. Pr?1dwt Cashing Mlrd that he bad no power to nr?ctt? anv dele ltd but those who vrsfs la ths Convention ?kn i4.k>urnlnjj aa entitled to seatf. Leaving he question of tbe right of tbe src?der? to bs dftd*d bv the r? organ I ted Convention Also that be question of the plat/orm ts Still open Oa tbe inestioa of adutiasioa.s motion to itoue tickets to lie seceding delegates was made, when It was >roposed to amend that by referring their rl|bt, nd that sf contestants of tbelr sms. to ths old ommlUoe on Credential. with Instructions to fuse tickets to anr and all who will not ?t*e a ?liC? to aupport the nominee of theCoavoattoo *d*<?lon ta now In progress on the sd mission ? that amendment, on potato of order W D W [Special Dispatch to the Star ] Baltimore, June Ip ?Go* Blfler wlU return ^!,rr!?1"*,on- 10 rote ** Tariff htll Hon ilfred Gilmer, a friend of the Adminiatratloa, IBM Kia n />. ?? It. r>- _ _ mi . . - mmmm r in ?Ut V/WI1 trouoii i d 111^1 iook reli for Breckinridge J. C HRtE DAYS LATCH FROM El ROPE Arrtval of the Uthraita. Farthse Point, June 17?Tbe steamship lobemlan. from Liverpool on thr Mb, via Uii onderry on the 7th. i*u*d heee this eveoiaji, nd wu boarded by the m?i boat of tbo Aao iated Press. The reported postponement of the departura of be Great Eastern to tbe Sid lint is fully con irmed Later Sicilian dlspauhea Ind ctU thH tbe re orted capitulation of Palermo it partially lac or oct Advice* from Naples state that tbe King tad refuse d the conditions of tbe capitulation, nd hostilities were to be recommenced at noon Tbe Neapolitan liencral bad gone over to tbo evolutionists A later dispatch, dat?d at Palermo on tbo eeeiin? of tbe 3d. announces that tbe bombardment rms not renewed, and that the armistice was coulnued. Garibaldi was still master of the town, tit tbe Nespolltans beld tbe fotts Tbe terms at he capitulation were not carried out, but aego1 ?tlons were continued Letters from the French rqusdron say the armisIce is to continue to the Mb, a?d that Goribeldl, or want of ammunition, was forced to grant the rmistlce COMMBtCIAL. Sales of cotton three days 17,000 bales, the i*??r:et closing very dull, and qotitioas for inferior ualitles were barely maintained and prices very rreeular Flour and wheat bad aa advancing rndency, but corn closed very dull Provtotona rere quiet Consols W \d96 N?|r( lk?t Wellaxb. C. w.. June 15 ?Yesterday naor? ag Constable* Bender and Hoffman pracaadtd o the towuih p of H umberstone to arrest a nec'o iaiued Banks, for an assault with Intent to kill ianks, at tbe approach of tbe constables, came rom h's ho use with a sun, and flr?-d on then k-versl shots were nc hanged between tbe paries. resulting in the killing of Banks Another iegro, who assisted Banks, wss badly wounded. >ne of the constable* wss shot in tbe hand. Tbe natter Is now being invest.gated. Condemned as a fclnrer New Yoke, June 15.?Judge Sprague, of tbe .'tilted Siatrs District Court, has condemned the cbooner W aoderer as forfeited for being engaged n tbe ftlave trade Baltimore Markets Baltimore. June IS ?Flour cloaed dull with iouIi VV u~at closed dull and beavjr; red il 3u?l 35; white ?1 40al 45 Corn cloaed dull nd lower; yellow 65a6?c ; while 70a?4e Pro 'isions closed steadv: me*s pork >18 25 Rump til I ...J fX- I- * * ? " ?^ - - -i?. imiu ?uc in Dcncii ma Hfrrei wmily l<#ed dull; Ohio 21c. Sl?w V?rh Markets Nrw Yoke. June 15 ?Flour la higher, State L'? 1l)ao l5, Ohio S3 ^ia5 ?0; Southern %J 55a5 *>. Vbeat ha* advanced Sc.; Indiana white SI 40. lorn L?a advanced ic.; m xed tUfrtc , western ellow 67c. Pork la dnll; meaa S17 37alS.lS; rime tI2 5<?1? <M Lard ia llrtn Whlaky U toady yj AY NAKD'S bkeech-loadiVg eifles AMD shot gums. >er Miaate, IS Rounds Sore ml 1.000 Yarda. Weight only 6 Posada. I or sale by * H SEMKEft. Atent for th> Maynard Arm* Company, W<ukiHf<m Ctly. RlC0XXKt>AT10M*. jieut. Gen. Scott anidofthia Rifle "It ia the moat beautiful piece of m?oham?ra 1 ever MW." i. M. Ball, E?q , Muter Armorer at the U. S. Armor) at Harper'a Ferry, anya: "I believe it to t>* the bk?t? the vut bi?t brooch loadin* trm in tbe world." I. H. Lock mood. Km.. Pr< feasor ?I Field Artillery and Infantry Tactic*, at the U. 8. Ntnl Academy in Atapolia, i?y?: '1 hava now no heaitat.o" i ' pmnoauoing the Maynard the ni->et remarkable nfl* I have yet smb. and, u such, w?ll worth? the patronage of the Government and the publio." Ion- fjowiLL Cobb. Secretary of U? Traaeary, My? "Siuoe the mtrodaotiun of tbia arm ta tha Cottar has net with unqaalifeed approbation-and the Department now taken m eh pleasure in boarini testimony to ita great nority over ail other email arm* heretofore farnished it" Et>. Stabler. Em.. Hare wood, Md., aayr "If my huntinc da?sweretobe (one over again, three timet the ooet eca'd not fadttoe me to dispense with a May bard R>fl?." Jvars Bkadlv. Cooperstown, N. V.. aaya; "For a I bunting purposes. I unhesitatingly give yours the preferane * over all guns I have ever Known." 5. \V. Cook, Eaq , Lockport, N. V.. aaya: "In Car t. 1 think they will about through anythiag bat a frogsn hem ook." IjT For information regardit^thMi^a^n^ap^ly to Agent for Ute Majnard Arms Company, ia 16-1 w Washington. D C. '}12 SIGN PAINTING. 5|2 THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN THE CITY TO GET SIGNS PAINTED. CALLON H. W. HAMILTON, 19 SEVENTH STREET MS AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHY AND HOW HE CAN PAINT SIGNS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CITY. I. B -PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID to HOUSE PAINTING. >?T ?w M PORT ANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. a. ?. WK&BB l/U.'B A B80 LUTE? JAN D"P K kVKJtl V/U*K. ut (round from freah Sflllt, MMMtM WIN J u* rxpreaalj for the purpose wiUK>?t Nfcrenc* j otwt. Th*y are MautifuJy paaked ?n trnfoi.. inM ? ilh paper.; to ?r?r?Bl irjurj by kMMt|. d?1 are full weicbt, wbile tit* owavy ffTOaad ?ioe? are almost invtrublr atiort. wj/irml ? 'Ttyo-i DTll A';c?fiS7W{fM*'' p t eintT" trii: will abuduflx HOT*. MkaufkcUred oalj to - __ a- I*.<f.n? 1 ft p?*. N00"' w o 0 D!! 8TOVK ud KINDLING WOOD.U &&L. ri t w m ?88 Pr M., batvrM llth tad lSth ate., ma 17-tf north SILVER-PLATED i^.v-VitTp^.'vFZ'rJwjaK >ii ni muen low pnc ? ti utMy ?M xight for fttaay otMr ??t*l liahm*nt m tjf. Call Mi M, It SS8 Pi ITMlt, m?*l H. Q HOOT N O O D A<f ? COAL KM P*.. Av., Brrw. Uri AirelfTe ?rs., mwSiSrifK wii. Mi-ii: mim li wkfk k*j tmHitkfjtk drm, (Mk( itoMof U? im.?t u?jr%bi? wtiioaU m tW ity <*H*' S^tt e2*I^ieU? -B-LjTT^*^Q9{-|^|' ?~a

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