Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1860 Page 1
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At the meeting of the Board of Common Council on Prtday evening last all the member* were present. A uirss^ge from the Mavor wm read, in which be a*y> "1 have succeeded In getting Conjrreaa to make an appropriation to par the debt of $4,0U> d ie ns bv the Government of the United Statea," inH I ? "?* " " " ?.? mini? luai me amoani idui oouiflKl 1* aifd to pr.y for dredging the channel of the river, thrre being no law for that purpose. He also ?tat?s that the instalment of #1.200 already paid to the contractor* for dredging, was loaned r>v K M. Linthlcum. K?] , and recomm?nd> that be be reimbursed out of the money obtained from Congress. Referred to committee of ways and means A.ivlher menage from the Mayor wa? read. ? attention to the precirlous condition of t i anal bridge on the east side of the marketluMisf, which is likely to fall verr soon; and ?t itin^ that it was the duty of the Canal Compel nv to attend to the preservation of the bridge, but thev cared little for such obligations, and woi .d not rebuild it if it was to tamble down tonight; and says h- makes no recommendation, u t..e hoards can de. :de whether they will put it In trood traveling condition or "let It slide;" referred to atreets committee. Petit;on of Henry king, asking an abatement of taxe?, and tuat of John R Parkburst, asking remission of a fine, were referred to grievance committee. Certain orders of the late Philip Uormley were referred to claims committee. Mr Fearson ottered a resolution from grievance rommittee, for remission of fines due from Gilbert Vanderwerker (S37u). he paying all carta on the umr; the third reading of whicu being objected to bv Mr. Hill, it lays over under the rnles. Communication of E. I- Eliaaon. aakin?r n?r. - p I 111 its ion to Up the watrrmain on thghtii street, was rtfrrred to vritri committee By t>iKK??tio?i of Mr Dunlop the amendment to tbe omnibus stand ordinance was withdrawn ?>y >lr. Fearson, as it was stated that Mr. Tenney was willing to hare one coarh in front of hia store and Mrs Lan^ was willing to have two in front of her premises. Resolution for cleaning and repairing streets was parsed i ne annexation resolution from the Board of Aldermen beiujj under consideration? Mr. Teaney said he would move to strike out that section which propose* to have the committee apply to Congress fo: 'egislatlon to take the aen^e of the people. We hive much business all the time before Congress, and It would be well not to briug a matter of such Importance before them unless called upon by the citizens to do m. There were eighty-eight signers to the memorial he had aeen. bat two were ladles and wu since dead, which reduces the number to eighty-live voter*. He had understood there wa? another memorial, signed by residents in the fourth precinct, but had not seen it. We have before us a memorial signed bv elebty-flve voters out of 1,300; whether tuere is a large or small number of property holders makes no difference. We must look to the list of names, as the matter will Jiave to be voted un by the people whether property holders or not We ought not to go to Congress for leave to take a vote unless there Is a decided expression by the citizens in Its favor This measure was not In favor, but retrocession to Maryland has been mooted for a number of years past, and could, he believed, t^nmand a majority There was no demonstration in favor of amalgamation; It was urged here, but met the approval of only a very decided minority of the Citizens. It was useless to get Congress to pass a bill, when you are certain of defeat at the polls Strike out that section and let the duties of the committee cease after conferring with the authorities of Washington, and reporting terms. It strikes me that It is taking away our right to give the committee power, which we may wish to repeal when they report terms I don't believe satisfactory terms can be agreed upon. Whether you strike'oat or not, I hope the committee will not put the town to any ezpense. l?i 1*57 the I annexation committee cost ?77 49. each Corporation paying half the expense, and then came to nothing in consequence of a disagreement aboi I the Long Bridge Mr SUke said that from his understanding cf th? resolution, when the committee reported to this corporation. we could accept the terms, nnd submit the matter to a vote of the people, or reject them before applying to Congress for the right. He would vote against the amendment Mr. Dunlop said he did not see the necessity of striking out, bet had no objection to )t. The object '-an be accomplished after the committee report here. He was anxious to see something done, as it was the mo*' important measure we have Lad before the Corporation It would advance the iitterrmU of ttoe town, tend to improve property, enibl* us to get appropriations from Congress, and would benefit all classes The motion to strike out was lost. Mr. Williams moved to lay the whole matter on the table temporarily. Mr. Stake hoped his friend would withdraw his motion Mr Williams was in favor of the measure, but would state his reasons for making the motion This measure was a great hobby with the Board of Aldermen, but in reference to the police >nd other measures they don't agree with the legislation here. They lav aside measures we recommend. 1 think it good policy to lay this aside and negotiate Compromise on other matters thmrm _ uuvw ?u knocked In the heed bv a policeman- it would be no bo nor to be a eitizku of ?uch a roet.-opolla I once thought It would be an honor, but do not thtnk to now I hope the board will withdraw lta opposition, and make thia amendment a cardinal matter, and have no agreement unleaa the l<ong Hr'.dg*- u at once abandoned. Then might ?'r.ltiea which a narrow stream divide like kindred rork* have mlugled Into one " mi. r-w?? wuw?%? ua uii xriciid, wiiO wss in older Citliea of the town than he wu, how ioa?; ttiry bad been warring against the Look Undgf * The rat time be ever visited Georgetown. aoine twenty year* ago, they were then discussing It. If aoBexatioa is accomplished, we can ttght It with increased vigor. Scarcely a day passes that Mr Addison i? not at the Capitol wltn something to m ibaut the Long Bridge. Some honor* you cannot rob hl? of. " J have succeeded in iettiiuc from Congress ?4 ?U> expended on the Falls bridge." W here were other member* of the committee, aad what were toey doing? i should think they would feel chagrined and hurt, as I ?-? 1/ r ? ^ - - ? wvui? u < waa a UMIUUCT Alt IUI UeOrjZetOWII can do u Georgetown will not avail In this a.alter Tint li i settled fact But If we wtr?? part of Washington, and the force already there against the hmn added to oar strength, we might then be able to remove the bridge He was willing to trust to the committee, and, after 1 further remarksMr Tenner snld there had never been a movement on the part of the people of the town in favor af the measure The Corporation had moved In and In I860, but the citizens never. There was no spontaneom movement, no public meeting*, bot there had been meeting after meeting on the subject of retrocession. The President stated there had bee* a meeting Mr. Teuney said yea, he now remembered one, tout that was the eniy ear, but there was vpte > .1* /.i? S4g 4 The motion to lay on the table wa? laat. Mr. Tenney otfernl an amendment that the ommlttee a^ree to no terms which do uot contain an abandonment of the Long Bridge Mr. Ounlop said that wu one of Um causes of the former disagreement Mr. Stake opposed the amendment. We bad sim ceeded heretofore in having the bridge remain in a neglected state, and may succeed in tbe entire removal of it. I can't see why the gentleman wishes to cripple tbe bill with this amendment Tbe character of the gentlemen composing ] toe committee guarantees me in saying that they will do what is right and act for the good of the town as if for themselves They are all our best men. and 1 think great j udgment was used In se lertin^ them 1 am willing to leave all matters which may ar se to the comini<tee Mr Teauev was very sorry his friend over the way would vote against this amendment, and rey \ so plain a prospect of getting rid of the Long Bridto as that It had been a great source of trouble. If Washington would agree to that, be would not oppose amalgamation But he could not overcome Ma dialike of It. We will loac control of our floor inapection. gain opposition, ard other portion* of Washington will think too inanv favora are extended to thia aide of the creek by Cfongresa It la not the caae now - Oar Interest* are aa well taken care of as W aaUngton'a.Thia Seasiou we have been refunded the money for the Kalla bridge; and two of our atreeta are lighted with (aa. being a greater proportion than the Corporation of Washington gets for that purP"*e The Senate put la an appropriation for lighting Bridge and High atreeta here, and left out Seventh and Twelfth atreeta la Washington, besides th? Federal Metropolis had g?t to be a bad as Baltimore was There were nightly scenes of disorder and raflaalam, aad a short time since ?-?- -'M? ' - - - after vote in furor of retrocession. The people have not moved In tbit matter: we were not, any of us, elected on that :asue I hare some pride In tlria matter. Washington will say you caine to us in 1637, and couldn't agree, and now you roane to ua again asking aa a favor that we take vou under the wing of our overshadowing city \Te had kept them from remodeling and rebuilding the Long Bridge, owing principally to the ' exertiona of the present Mayor of Georgetown. There la an "I" In the matter The "I" there ia the truth. Wo He has kept down the Long Bridge While he was making a speech against it a few days since, one aection fell down 1 do not ascribe that to the speech, as it fell under the we' trht of two boya and a bnggv After some further remarka eulogistic of the Mayor, and recapitulating whit h? 41? J _ ?? ? ? -tfuv ?vi iUC ^IH'U OI the town, ne asked the ayes and noes on bis amendment. The President stated his reasons for voting against the amendment. Mr. Tennev withdrew his amendment, as the vote on it might be urged as proof that wr bad abandoned hostility to the bridge, and asked the ayes and noes on trie passage of the resolution, <ind it was passed by the following vote : | Yeas?Messrs. Dunlop, Pearson, Hill, AleCobb, Pirkrell, and Stake?6. Nays?Messrs King, Tenr.ey, and Williams?3 Mr Williams said lie had asserted that if It was not laid on the table he would vote against It. and he would stick to his word The resolution annrnnri?tinrr ' _ r r.-r.---?.?B vwv iui me new | road was passed. Henry Polklnhorn's account for printing certain reports having been submitted, Mr Stake regretted exceedingly that 500 copies of the re port of the late committee of ways and means (costing 915) had been printed It was all bunkum and moonshine anyhow?about twenty-live people got them and read them, the others were laving on the shelves eaten by moths, or carried away. Mr. Tenney had the honor to be chairman o that committee in the late or 'Plug-Ugly'' board, and their moonshine report saved tbis Corporation f*2,000 annually in the coat of gas Thereport was a good one, but the gentleman talks of bunkum In connection with a matter passed and goue. H L Ofl'utt and John Marbury, jr., were my colleagues on that committee?gentlemen not given to "bunkum." Tba account was referred to the claims committee. Mr King submitted an ordinance providing for additional revenue, which was referred to ways and means committee. Also, a resolution instructing the market-house committee in relation to butchers' stalls, which was passed; and the board adjourned. Taklag the Census Id most parte of the United States the work of taking the Census of 1860 commenced on the 1st of the month, and the heads of families may prepare themselves to answer any number of ? v ^uvguvuB. x uu musi ieii tnem how old you are, how many children yon have got. how much money they are worth, what they are Sood for, or if they are good for nothing irother Jonathan bu always been renowned for bis curiosity, and he is now about to give it an official illustration which will turn everything inside out in the affair* of everybody who owns his allegiance. Every head of a family is required to give the name, age, sex, color, occupation, and birth-place ot every member of his household, the value of his real and personal estate, and the causes of sickness and death, if there be any, in his family. What a day of judgment it will be for single persons of an uncertain age' What a book of dnom the records which the man who takes the census will carry under his arm ' But there is this consolation : If you don't choose t > answer, or if tou see fit. afmr th? ?NW U 1/ 4 U ? X VI YatotM fajh?>n of answering on? question l.y iking another, to demand the age of Brother Jonathan, what he is worth ana whether hid mother knows ne's out, you are at perfect liberty to do so. And beside*, though tho questions embrac details, only general results will be published in the returns from each district, and, therefore, no man need fear that his domestic concerns will bo known to any one but the officers of the governmeut and their particular friends. Seriously, we tru^t that all good citizen.1* will impart cheerfully to the census-takers such information as will be useful to the government, and not visit upon their heads the responsibility of questions tome of which atvor strongly of impertinence; but which, while not vour duty to answer, it is their duty to ask Everything that relates to population, and which will throw light upon progress in every department of industry, should be promptly stated. Manufacturers should be prepared to give particulars in respect to their capital, number of hands employed, value of raw material used, value of articles manufactured, motive power and cost of fuel, cost and description of machinery. Agriculturalists will be expected to furnish information in regurd to their farms, and everything that gives value thereto, or affects the productiveness of the land. Politically this census is very important, for by it we are to be governed in the number of Representatives from each State in Congress. The rule is now to rive one - ?? w 1 . V^VMkWI* W iu C? C" ry ninety two thousand inhabitants, and the people should not, through obstinacy or carelessness, withhold information that is of such value to them.?Richmond Dispatch. Rem irkableeiicapcor Both kkom a House op Kepiue.?The Rochester Union gives an account of a remarkable attempt made by twelve boys to escape from the House of Refuge in that city on Sunday. The twelve boys were miffed from the school-room in the morning, and immediate search was made, but for some minutes no trace of them could be found. On going outside the walls, however, two or three ceats, besmeared with mud lying on the ground, revealed the course of their operations The account says: " iuere us a sewer some 20 rods in length running from the centre of the yard and terminatiug some 4 rods outside of the wall. The sewer is used for draining the yard, is 3 feet under ground, and only 20 inches square, and is guarded by two iron grates?one at the vent in the yard, and the other direotly under the wall. It seems that during the week previous the boys had filed off one bar of the grate in the yard, leaving an aperture of aborft 8 inches. Through this passage the twelve boys passed in a minute's time, and, single file, they crawled on their bellies down the sewer to the second iron grate, where the first boy succeeded. with the aid of a broken shovel blade, is opening a passage under it through which all passed; bat the last one, who got foul, remained there ten hours before it became known, when he had to be dug out." When the officers reached the outlet of the sewer, five of the boys had made good their escape, but were pursued and recaptured during the day. A small boy was sent inte the jewer to tell the others to come out, as they could not escape. After an hour's hesitation, five of them crawled out, oovered with mud and filth, saying that there were no more of them in there, and the remaining two were for a time supposed to have escaped. But about six o'clock a noise was heard in the sewer, and a boy being sent down to explore, reported on returning that two boys remained tnere?one fast under the grate. Both would iaevitaUy have perished before morning but for this timely discovery It required an hour's work wiw iptan, pick* mil wowi to extricate tbe one who *u under the crate, and when taken out be wu so much exhausted that medical treatment waa necessary to restore him. {HT James Glover, Jr., has been committed to jiiiln Lexington, N C., oa tbe charge of killing fats wife They were seen at their dwelling a few minutes before, In apparent friendship. He shot her iu tbe bead, It is said, and then raised tbe cry of murder. Tbe woman was doad when the neighbors reached tbe house. IH7"There resides a man In Waterloo. la., who was bitten nine years ago bjr a rabid dog, and four times every year slnee that time h? k-? regular spasms ot paroxysms, daring which he growls and berks like a doc, and froths at the mouth It is said he Isconscioos of their approach and give* notice to his friends. IET The peach crop in Western New York la rcpreecnted to be more promising than for serrral fears paat. r * ' A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experienced Nareeand Female Physician, preeenta to the attention of mother*, her SOUTHING SYRl'P, Far Children Teething, Wfetab fitly factlitataa lha praeaaa < touting, ky tafiaaIof lh? first, radacmf all inlarareatiao?will allay ALL r AI !t ut apuroadie aetiao, and it SORE TO REUULATB THE BOWELSPtp*"d a pan It, maibara, it v4l g>?a raat t* yaarial???, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ha?? pat ap and told thia articla for arar tan vaara, ai>4 ca^ 9 at, im con r man ci and th'th of it, what w? h??? Btvar ? KI *m ? .... ny tji u.j othii Ma diem a? nifU >1KS Hti it rtiL>D,iR a 115 4 11 l!f- f t aitc 1 to MTfict a cub i, winilow* whan timely 4 Naaardid wa kn?w innTUtMn *" inatanea of diaa*tiafaeti?n by *ny 9VV 0na who naai it. On tli* contrary,allar* 5 yk ip, dalirhtad with iu orBRATloita, And l*p*?? in tarma of hijhaat commandatian ef itA it.? jicai afacta And madical airtnea. W apaak in ;hia roattar " what wk do mow," afttrtan yaara' aipananca, a!?d PLBDUBOl'B BBPtTTAtloft roi thi lulfilmilt of WHAT wl Hit! dl CLAR In Aln oat a?ary laitanti whtra tkl UlM la Mlt+TInf frnm pain and (lhaBation, raliaf viil ba found ii.lftita r twanty minafaa aftar tha ayrap la admlniaiarad. Thia ?al?atla preparation n ina pr??eript>#n of ar.a af tha meal BIPBRIBKCBD and SBlLrtTL PUBRBa in Niw Enrland, and b?? baan oiad with !* by ia-Tai l?k? iDCCBi* lb THOUSANDS OF CASES. It nat voir talia?aa tha child from fim, bat ln?if?r?taa tha launch and bowala, corracta ac:duy,and ji?ai tana and aoargy (a tha whola ayetam. It will Imott ir.atantly raliava Gx.2r1.n6 in thk Dowels and Wind Colic, andarareoma cmi'ilaiwi, which, if not apaadijy ramadiad and in riaath. W ****** jfcaiiaTa it tha a SIT Aitn at'R ??t r im FOR id* in tha would n all eaaaa of DY?- CHILDREN BNTBRy and DIAR RHOEA IN CHIL- TEETHING.I0""' * >riaaa from taatbing llor from any othar eaaaa. Wi (00M i.t to atary mothar who haa a enild auf 'atinjr from any of tha foraifoing eompiamta?DO *?0T MT TOUK r?*JL'DIC*S, NOR THE PRIJCDICBS OF OTHIH, lUnti bat?ia*i> 1 *' ' * ' . _ ??_ wuiiu ana ml r V11II IH&t Will DI mil-yt?, illOLl'TILl sum?to follow the ot? of th rntdicin#, if tiirtly us?d. Full dirtctiot.* for cinif nil t r.o'nptnr ?seh t>oiu? Nons gtnaii.t ??!? th? Nc-timils CURT IB k PERKINS, Ntw y ork, it on th* oaitidt tnppi 8c,d hj Druggiit* throughout lh? world. Principal Offica. No. II Calar Kuaat, N. T. Pntl wit >5 Canta rar Baltia. M ll-<l?l' georgetownTdvert^mts T copartnership notice. HE Undersigned having this da* entered into copa'tnership under the nam? and stfle of Oo*?et A Wool*, for the purpose of oonductirg the ORO CEHY aud COMMISSION BUSINESS, at No 1High street, Georgetown, th* bouse a* heretofur.? occupied by W Dorsey.whe ewe are preparing to show a well selected ?t<>ok of choice Grooeries, Wines,Teas, Liquors. 4o , and are prepand to sell any goods in our 'in* of busiuess at ch?ap a? any house In the District Country merchant' a'd i others buting to sell again will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing eisewher?. We name in partHi hhds. p i ieP.R. and N. O. SUGARS, *?bb!s. GIBSON WHISKY, ? bbls. REFINED SUGAR, 50 bbls. Rec. whi*kv. 2i boxes prime CHEESE, 5 hhds SHOULDER BACON, I 100 bbls prime N . ' POTOMAC HERRING, 5'bbls. No. 1 St JOHN'S ALkWiVKS, an bbls. No. 1 HEKHING, I 1<0 saolcsG. A. snd FINE SALT. In store a d for sa'e by DORSEY 4: WOOD, ma 23-2awtf No 1 IS Hish st, Georgetown. F~*0R HARPER'S FK RRY.-C7L4A'G? OF DA VS.?On ami att??r July 2.1860. r*?. the st'-ainer ANTELOPE, ( apt. li J. W KbLs,oarrying the United mail will i:?.. ..... ? ? V- v?ovj sriuw II I'j v r 11 V IWOiN DAY, WEDNESDAY and FRI D* Y, at7 a. m.. and return evcrv Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B ?The Antelope-will run as before until the al>ovo date. | SH JUST RECEIVED, 1?JU RBL9. WHISKY . (assorted.* 180 ,lo. IIKRRIM, and AM-:WIVES, 2T> do. MKP1NED SUGARS, 10 hbd?. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 M.U. ( Hav fieldI WHITK KI- II. 25 ticx-s p'fnirt Eaatsrn CHEESE. For sale low l?y JOHN J. HOG UK, |m H I) 'PHE STEAM PACKKT FLYING CLOU) A is now ready for exouraious to -II ^ the 6r>at Falle or intermediatef* point*. Arlington Springs ar.d Alt-x ^ 111 and'-ia. on moderate terms; wit! make trips t ? Alex andna on SUNDAYS, in time lor divine service, will he over until after one o'olock. Apply to Caut. JOHN MOOR f:, ap 2m No. 3<> Jetferton gt.. <?forcefj>wn. CRANDELL, OPTICIAN, No. l'JS KrfUi *?.. Utorrttrwn, Has constantly on hand a large aseortmunt of FroDoh Near sicnted, Penseopio. f-"i- ored, and all other SI*ECTAOLES, ol"*=^? the Sest quality, in cold, silver, cteel.siid German s lver frames. N. It. Old Ptmei Repaired and u?w t.MBtMi bbi in iMin toordsr. ' ro 11-1? JOS. F. KIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cnr. Bnrfte and Jtff'.rson >ti , (itorfttmen. Having riven my personal attention to this tu anch of my Miiiiiri*, Iain prepared to- tj r attend to ail call* with pr> mtSn'M *' P?r*OM from adistanoo can be supplied at a *?w gjinutes' notion, an 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS always on hand. Particular attention paid to ;h* Tumoral of the d' ad from the old to the new burial grounds. Hearses aad Horses for hire. ap iM5m VIAS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'S PllILADEL 1T1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oon*tentiy receiving fresh supplies ot theal.ove delightful beverage, and invite all persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARMY fc SHINN, Agents, ft* ST flrMn at., fionrcsinva ~ DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. 1*I? LOOMIS.M. D.. tne inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at teads personally at hi* office in this city. MSW Manr persons oan war.r these teeth who**1*"' ?AAr o? Kar? ? wiu uu psiiuii onn ouiori who oaunot w?r these. Persons oallidr at m? o?oe can he accommodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they ma; desire; hut to those who are particular and wi?h tne purest oleanest, strongest, and mont perfect denture that art oau produce, the MINER AL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 330 Pa. avenue, tietweea 9th and lflth sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadelphia. oc 1-1t D DENTISTRY. R. HUiLS, aft?r a praotioa'test of two i??i mat hrt omi with oonfi'ienoe reooin -m mend the Cbeop'.aatio PDceae for inaertiiu mamm artificial teeth It has the advantages strength, beauty, eleanlin*?e, aud cheapness. Fa'1 upper sot* inserted for #96. Partial in proportion. Offioe 306 Pa. avenue. a* 1 VSELLING OFF!?SELLING OFF!w_?n China, Gl&u & ftueensware\?'t AT COST FOR CASH Desiring greatly to reduce my stork nreparatorv to altering the interior arrangement* or my atore. 1 will begin this day to run off all iny stock of seasonable goods at coat Tor cash. I have in store a !ar*? *n.t ' " "-i ? * * ?..? . ><Aj oac?M llIM'Ul UI CHINA, GLASS aiuT QUEENSW .ARE, Pl.ATF.n WARK, CUTLERV, MATS F'ANC), ARTICLES, and HOUSEFURNISHING UOODS generally. The improved Copper Bottom ICE PITCHER ami many other articles iust in season. Also, complete ("HINA TEA SE I'S, 44 pieces, for $4.50, Call early and secure a bargain II GREEN'S, 374 Pa. av.. bet Uth and 12th *ts., jel2-eo6t 1 door east of Kirk wood Hcuu. 7Q7? PAPKRHANG I N G 8 , 4 Qf. 4oO WINDOW SHADES. *oO In store a cood assortment of PaperhMcinc*. embracing handsome stock ofGOLIiai.d VELVET, MGOLD PAPERS, STaTI ES, CENTER PIECES, Low Priced GLAZED and BLANK PAPERS. FIRFBOAK l? PRINTS, A n il?> ? ' * _ wiicm 1>I warranted (JO l.l> BANP VlNi>OW SHADES, IMITATION OOLD and COMMON SHADE.bUFF OR KEN &iid BLUE SH*DE HOLLANDS. PfCTURE CORD and TASSELS, Ac. Every article war ranted a? represented, and satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. Orders punctually executed, in oity or country. Having purchased for cash, I will sell at the lowest remunerative prices. Please give m? a call, if?" Don't forget the number. . J MARKR3TER, No. 496 Seventh street, je 9 emit* S doors above Oddfellows' Hall. MW"? Figured and Plain Berages. Org*ndy Muslins and Frmoh Lawns, hanUs^me Figured and Plain Berate Ansias, pena Be rages and Bilk -? I t >s * - -? - ' * " woru J7H. With macy Iota of ano'ion ,"3*wkMk *? co., ma^oUt 39* Seventh at, ab^ve Pa. ay. COCKROACHES, BED BU?*. ANTS, I MOTHS and avert other Inatot ou b? au tirelf and HT<*otu?<lT exterminated br the u?e of ' MOORE'S INSECT ISXTERMIIX AToKIt is not r?i*<m?ms. Pernona vntticK **?) Carpets, Ac , for the atunmar. ahoaMTnot fai' tnui? thisartiole if thej ?iah 11 k*<?p moths out. Sold o >r at "OORE'8 Weat End Droj: JHore, 113 l:a ar fnr A freah ?oppij of Blue Liek ar.d Oonp-e?a Water jnit raoaired aa above. JeStv rflHK 1 -TV* * a. b? l m** AUCTION SALES. By C. W. BOTELER ft. SONS. Auctioneer!. rpRUSTkE'S SAI-E OK SUPERIOR FUR JL KITUKX BKINS THE KXT1RK ?mrrs OF THE Clakendo* Hotel - By virture of a deed in trust bearing date January 5th, KHn, a"d duly reoorded in Liber No. 190, folios from No. 119 to No 127, one of the Land Record* of Washington county, D C , I ?ha!l prooeed to sell on the prein ikm on THURSDAY. June itth, at loo'olock a. in.. all and singular the goods and chattels contained in the building known as the Clarendon Hotoi, situated on the southetet oonner of Pennsylvania avrnu* and 6th ?treets, vis: _ . .u? superior ttoaewood Fiano Korte, Elegant suite of Roaewood Parlor Furniture, Large (jilt fram?? mantle and Pier Mirrors, Rich aetta of B'ooatel'e and Laoe Curtains. Velvet and Brussels Parlor Chamber and Hall a not, Mahogany and Oak setts of Cnawber Furniture, Caned Hair and other Mattresses, Pillowa and Bolttera, ^Vanketa, sheeta, Comforta, Counterpaena, TowT rts, Ac., Waln-t Extension and Round Dining Tablea, Oak Dining Room Cha rstGa< Chandeliers, Anextenaive variety of China Glaaaand tirookery, tilver Piated Castors, Butter Dishes, Forks and Spoons, Table CutieTy- *o , Bar loom Furniture and Fixtures, Cooking ITteaaf.a, Ac. It isdeemed unnecessary to partioulariie the article contained in this very handsomely furnished e?tal>!ii.>in?nt. To porsona in quest of good houarI old furniture, it preaenta unusual attractions, as the ooitee'ion la verv large, embracing the oontents of about forty finely furniahed rooms, a I of which h of the most sup?nor and substantial ohar?ctei and in excellent condition, having been purchase* new in January last. Ternni-f40 ?nd under cash; over ?and not ex oeeomg !j (to, 1,2 and 3 months; over l'?o. 1, 2, 3, (and b months, for approved endorsed notes bearing interest. ED HALI., ' rustee. je 8 dtd C \V. BOTELERJk SONS. Aucta By C. MoUUlRE &. CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE I Real Lhtate o:t tiix corskr or ' ivimh asp E rtrkits.?By v irtne of a decree of th?. < 'irouit Cou t of the District of Colum: ta. passed in two causes in ? bioh Statliam, Snuti.son A Co.,and Austin Sherraan. reanentivni* '? r---. j i ?n v vuiii|rtaiii(iuti?| and John F. Callan and o?h?rs are defendants, the undersigned wrl cell at public auction, to the higfceat bidder, on THURSDAY, the mh da- of July, I860, at 6 o'clo'k p. m., upon th? premises, Lot No. 8-in Square No. 456, iu the city ol Washington. D. O., Ir'>nting59 feet 11 inches on E street north, and 75 fef t ?n Seventh street west. This w?ll Ircown property is situated on the northeast ooruer of F. and Seventh streets, opposite the General Post Offioe, and is uu? of the ve y beet business locations in the city of Washington. The improvements oonsistof free three story houses on E street, including the drug store on the corner of Seventh, and a two story buil'ing on Sev nth street. The property wi I be sold in sfpaiate parcel*, accordirg to the impro ement*. Tt rnis of sa.e: One third of the purchase unney to be paid m oath, and the residue in two cqu?l instalments, in six and twelve ironths from the day of late; the deferred payments to bear interest, and to be seoured by the notes or bonds of the purctia ser or purchasers, with a surety or sureties to be approved by the Trustees. Should the terms of sate not te oomplied with within six days ?ft* r the day of sale, the Trustees reserves the right to re sel- the property,at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, a'ter five day's notice. All conveyances at the oost of the purchaser. C. 1NGI.E, ( Trustee* A. AUSTIN SMITH, f ) f 11 6taw&ds J. C. Mobl IRK * CO , Aucs. By J. C. McUI'IRK A CO . Auctioneers CCHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE I.M V phoved a>d UjUMPRoVKD K kal estate ?Hy virtue of a decree of tneO'rcuit Court ol the Dis tuct of Columbia, passed iu the c*use where n Frederick \V .Se)hau?en iscomplairant and Charles MfulAH tn<l nthor- ? 1 1 ..... ov.tuiD. VACVUlOia A(iU lid r* M law Ai till devisees of Bonaventiira S.-had, deceased. are defeudarits, the subcoriher will neil, a: pulilio na* . th? foil iwinjf valuah n re*l estate Id Washington city : l.ots .Nog 9. to, 11 and >2. to square No 785. on the come'of north B and TnirJ atre?t? taut, fronting 157 leet 2H ioohaa on north B street and 125 feet .S on Third street eart. Lot No. ?, in rqu&re No. 642, fronti t 119 feet on Delaware avenue, by 83 feet io inohea on aoatu ' ?tr?*t. Th? whole of fqjare uoith of square No. 04^, fronting ?t; leet 8 inohes on Virginia avenue, 2*7 leet on aouth F street, hi feet 5 inches on Delaware avenue, aud 19 leet 6 inohes on Half street w< t1. l .ot? Nop. 1. 5, 3, 4, 5,6,7, 8.9, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, l.v *r il 16, in suu&re No. h*m, couiprminK the whole ? i uare and fronting .'?? f?et 2 inohes ?n nort > I> street, 24? leet 2 inches on i-orth C street, 36" feet on Kighth street east, and fVri feet on Seventh street east. And Lo'a Noa. 8,9, ar.d 10, In rqua^e No. 584, fron'ing .*) feet ea.-h on aouth f s'reet, betwe> n First aud second streets weat, b) imife^t deep with the improvements,!i c *n*ist of four well huilt two-story iraine dwelling houses Tn?? sale of the lot* in square No. 7515 will take place on TUfcsday. the l<>th day of July, IH6"; of the lot in square No. 6?2on THURSDAY*# the 12th dav of Jul* lien- ?f ' ?.j j ?""vi "i rifvtir lii'iiii (u cquare i^i o. wi on FR1 DAY, the isth dnjr of Jniy, 1kSt>; of lots in sfj'iare No. RfM, on MON DAY. the 16th day of July, 1 win; of the ioti in equare SUA, with the impr<?\emer>ts, on TL'KSDAY, the 17th day oi July, 1W<?. The tales will ooir.m^r.oe at 6 o'clock p.u .on the days al>ove specified, on the respect ve pr?*rui sen, and the property will ha ao.d in such parcel* or loti as may suit puroha* *. Terms of sale: One third cash; and the balance in 6, i2 and 18 months, ?ecured hv the purchaser's notss, bearing interest from the day of sale, with seounty to be approved hy the trustee anJ if not complied with in five days alter the *a 6 of proper ty, the terms of which are not oomph?d with, will be resold, upon one wiok's notice, at 'he ri^k end ex pens* of tti* defaulting purchaser. U pon the full payment of the purohaae monoy and interest, and not before, the trustee will oonvey the property to the r?*peonve puroharers in fee simple. All cou vnyaneins at the expense of th? n-ircha'^rs. CHAS S. WAI-I.AOH, Tn st-e. J C. MuGl'lRB k CO., Aucts. jell 3tawtJul? 17 ?y J. u. MoUUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. I^Rl'HTKK'S SALE OF THHEE SMALL 1 Brick Dwelling housks is tub rkab of T>.MPiiKASrK Hall.?On WEDNESDAY Ar TEK.NO? ? >, June 4.7th, at 6 o'clock, on the prem l?es. by virtue of adred oftfuntdat?<! M*rrh 7.18S7, a nil duly recorded in l.iber J. A. S , No. I31,lolio* 112,1:3.114, and 115, one of the l&nd teoord* for Washington e >unty, D. C , I shall sell Lots H. 1, and K in a tubdivisoa of square numbered 378, fnml'nr MAt! A.h#?ut IO /Va, ia ' 1 *L - W..B - _w. luvik iu 1 uynnu UII Hlfl J' I??l alley in the rear of 1'e.npera: oe Hall, together with the improvements. ooafeiatnu of thres two-story Buck Dwelling Houses, oontaining five rooms each. Term*: Ono third cash; tho reaiJuo in 6 and 12 month*, with interest, scoured by added of trust on tho premises. If the terms of sale should not be complied with ib five days thereafter^ the trustee reserves the right to reso'.l, at the risk and eapeuse of the defaulting purchase, after one week's pui>Uo noUoe, All oonweyanoing at the oost of the purchaser or pui chasers. THOS. J. FISHER, Tiustee je4-d _ J. C MrOI'tRB CO , A no's. p01S0N BANISHED. Corrosive Sublimate no more Is used, the He?! Bugs to destroy ; The whole world goes to Schwann's store, This Powder now we all employ. 'Tis poi*onless to mortal man. Bat Iritis ail Insects as sure as fate, And po impostor ever can? This powder truly imitate. Depot for SCHWERIN'S ANNIHILATING POWDKR, for destruction of Coekroa lies, B?dBugs, Murqui'oes. Fleas, Ants, Flies, Moths.Gar den Insects, Ao : also, Pills for destruction of KaU and Mioc?No. 124 north Seoond street, Phiiadslphia. For sale in Washington, D C., by DAVIEL B. CLARKE, oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and F. ur and-a half street. Many worthless imitations are advertised; be caations. Remember to ask for Sohwerin'a Annihilating Powder. _ 2aw4w (VI It W Vita U i HI II m . on.u~i-? . ? . ? a v ci *% A 1/ TT A s? fl 1 U A U N STXAMSH1F UHK. _j? The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY. ?t s^Tg*l> o'clock p. m., and New York for Wash i tit ton ever? Saturday, at 3 o'olook p. in. Passenger* oan join the ihip at Alexandria at an; time before the hour of the steamer's departure. N. H.?In the eveut of the steamers inability to oross the l>ar in consequence of low water, all roods will be promptly lightered to and from the stearuei by the undersigned. Por freight or passage apply to MORGAN i RHINEHART, oe?-8.MATtr We?tern Whales. Nil WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO U inform the public ami hi? frit-nds that he has on hand a large stock of Marble Mantela^jnite a_new ?tyle. Also Monument lt?*sl nn hami Di i Brown Stone constantly]ktpt a ^uraW?ork 'rmPtiy ?tt?ndU to P ? atne2 P?. mv., bet, lrth and 19th itn. rvupo *T'8 GUNPOWDER, r?" 04,1 ?' U ??<*> of Adam.' ? < roinymy. Wa?kuurtr>a. D. o! f?s-UwiT 83TSitifiSF ] > JOHN P ElAlt*. aoe P?. ?? | A *?^uTisr;Zfl.: ? ^ RTDOIPH B1JCBLT. \ SUMMER RESORTS. C ARLISLE I The favorite reaort for WHITE StLPHlR *2 ^* ?PHI*ttS, Mountain Air. luviffora .. ting Hatha, Large and CIMHERLAND CO . Well Ventilated Room*. rtnmyivania. Good Society and a Good raWe. AcconxoDiTio5< for K?>r pvticiltri lend 300 f?r Circular. _ OWENr. Cl.ENDENTERMS LOW. iN A VI8SCHER, J* 7 K'W CnrlitU Svrtnts, Fa. WASHINGTON f. I T V R t D II L' U E R N 8T*L\) E FF LErT P*ropn?tor. A''W l'orfc avenue, brtteten 1st nntl 14 tlf. In oallinr the atte tioo ot the pabiie to my grounds 1 would state that eTery a-rangem-nt ha>A . . he?n marts to make tbu ''Retreat*' nioreycj^y att active ever> day. M< i.days the Gat iLJLL dens are op?n t<> the public tree of charge?a owuo rt given by a select ban**. Thoaedesinng to enjoy *:he dance and waits ?I I find the lairon in complete order to render pleasure to all. Or othrr days the proprietor will cheerfully grant the u-e of the grounds for school or other Pic Nie Pa> ties with out charge. for the amusement o'children he ha* introduced a numb.'r of little games, never before eee? in this oitv, and calou ated at the same time to amuse the "old folks." N. 0.?Attached is my Bottling F.stat>'iehm nt, and families can be supplied with any quantity at their resinetoe, of hea thful drir.k. LAGf R HKKH . upon short notioe. j* IS 3m WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, GREE>BRIIR OCPJfTT. VA. This long established waterinc place ? a? opened for the reoeptioii of visitors on the 15th ol A - . A May. f?|Lt M*ny new and important arrangements have been made since last season iu tln? large ?? tablishm'-nt. and no efforts will be span d to make the guests oomfortable. Persons oan reach these Springs by t he Orange and Alexandria Kailruad from Washington, by the Virginia t>ntra! Rai'r<>ad froin Richmond; or by the Virginia a"d 'lennessee Railroad fr?m the South and ^uthwest via Lynohburg and Char lottesville, with on1* an miles stat* travel. JKHFMIAH MORTON, Preaident. J. HUMPHKEYS, General Superintendent. J" 12 dtJuly 15 MOUNTAIN TOP HOUSE, 1" Augusta Coitktt, Va. Thtawel! known and favorite p'aoe cf summer rco'tmni n open for the reoeetion of A . . k Maitoro un- er tho management of tUfur YfTStk V nter proprietor. JluBLi It is situated on the top of the K - RiCfcf m.?.u . tarn* at Koo?b?h Gap. 1.0 mile* vMtol Richmond. I Va.; the Virtinia v eutra' Railroad passing under the house th'ou^h the Bueh ldge Tunnel. The elevated situation,beautifu vtew.?.mountain aoen#ry, a d th* constant st-d r? freshing * rt^tN, make it one of th? m >st delightful p'aoe* of summer resort in Western Virginia. There la al?o convenient a spring of pure otialyheate water. Vi?it'>r? to the Mountain Top House will oome via Virginia Cent a' Railroad to Afron Depot, near the eastern porta' of the Bive Ridge Tunnel, where a hack wi;l always be in attendance to oonvey t one mile) to the mouutain top It is a'waja beet for persons to write several days beforehand. Terms: $25 p?r month; per week; $1.5" per day. Servants < bla?k lard children under 12 years of a:?, haT prioe; for white servants a little more :han half prioe wili be oharsed je7 eolm F- F. LIPSCOMB. \1 SA..T WATKR BATHING. JIaKSHaLL'8 PAVIi.IOS. (Moorr'a Landing) will bo open for the reo* ption of viai- A * A lor* on the 13th of June. This rieiith'fulYr'lftT ie?o t for those s-ekir.g health and pleas } '"? I ure, is unexoelleo br any p'aoe of the kind on th* Potomac river It is situated ah. ut one hundred mi:eit Iroin Wathington immediately on the Potnin?c, a..d in full view of ?h=>Ch*eap ako ?!?.>. and Kin-'iia fo> Lu~ 0? <-t-rs. Soft Ural/*, Sheephead, an l other Fish, and ea ily aooess tiie b- tiie i^am boats pljinr Mwiwn Washington, Baltimore an<t Norf. U. The HRdersigne<i Ca. mae aldiri >cal improvements in * is Batr Houses and many other improvements to tke oomf.rt and er jornteut of his gu~?U. The Bathin< cannot be surpassed. I ilia ftiwi ?-wlt "f Pltfciag Md ft?l iflf ^g\U frw of charge. He has aparad bo expense in pro vidian a good Cotil!?'! Band or id lajisg in hi* stock of choice W n;f?. Liqnora.Segara, Ac ..and for ih?s? who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to aeek a rf tireu p aoe where they can make themaelve* at hon.e, there u not a mor? pleaaant p ac" in the Unit>-! States. The proprietor pledges huns-lf t' at n< ?hin< sha.l ha left un'ione on Ma part ti render tne,n so. Term* Jor hoard hf the day. w<ek. or m'?nth reawonaMe. Peraona wi?hing to addr'aa the proprietor will itirrot to Leonardtown, St. Mao's county, Md. jeHiin R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor Hygeia hotel, Oi.d Poitit Comfort, Va. TIiib celebrated Seaboa'd Watering P ace, loo* t?v| in full view of Hampton Roada and R ? A t,he**peake Bar. and at the first ini'itary VjfsV p<>*t <.r th? United States. 1 Port Monro'>aU^ElJ? will he rtadj for the reoeption of viaitora on the first of June. H t. iHiku tKa at- ? ? " " *? * " " * IU. r . i< ^ v.wu.mic uj mo mi.tury ei an Milinent and the hue "Bill of Kare*' pres;nted in the rr any luxur en of the salt water region. the Bath at Old Point Comfort in peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it is almost a ?p-eiho; and for ita pr pir'ies in this regard tr.c proprietors are al ow- d to mike nTerenoe to Mm D'. L'cn,(n pet of the lite S-?na*or Lino,) and to the Secretary of War au'S hi* lad*. A spacious n<*w building and sundry improve ments add largely to tu? acoommoJatioiis audoom iorta of the approaoiung seaion. Th > management of th? Hotel and all bu-mees matters :ted with it are under the exclusive eharge of the junior partner, Mr. WiilarJ. JOS SKttAK C. C. WILLARO. ma lni Proprietors. 1> POINT ILOOKOUT. HF. Undersigned, long aiid well known to the traveling public as a proprietor of the City A * Hotel, Alexandria. va? and the LnitodYCT^y States Hotel in Washi a ton city, hosJU^BLX leaned for a term of years the magLtfioent i>?? ? e Paviiion a d the numerous cuttiges eocn?ct?-d with it, recently erected at Point Lookout, the point ot junction of the Potoinao with Chesapeake Bar, and having furnished them in a style equal to that of any other watering plaoe in the United States, wilt open the establishment on the 12th day of June next 'or the reception ot visitors, las arraugemei ts bsir ? anffi/iiAiit ft^w ?Ka ? ~r ? .? >UI vuo v'JuuullHie KJOOIBffiOOmali of at least 75^ guest*. Point Lookout besides l^inc dea*rvedl* the most famous place iu all America for fine Ojster*. Ho* F ?h. Soft Cra'-s, 8 eeph ad, Macker<|, and all other halt waUr luxuries poxfs es finer faoi itiee for Surf Bathing than even Cap- May, while the t^aok oourtry imra*<uately adjoining it?including the Drive#. Partridge and Woodoook Scootiio;, &o., 4.C..?offer advantages together, superior of ttioHf* of any othnr watering ciaoe on this continent. The Water Views from the pa illion scdfrsm a<> th? oottageg are extensive, vaned, and oi.a m n* i he health of ths point is nn-xoe'led oy that of mountain regions, and the aooess to it by steamers from Baltimore. Washington, Norfolk-and Richmond, will probaMj b* daily to and from each of tfto" oiti?M. lie has spared no expense in providing a fine Band. I arriages. Horses. P1"*" w""' ' Ac . for hire, or n ?tooKii>g hia ovlUm with the b??t Wine*. Liquora, 4c In ?h*>rt hi? p&lroai wifl find At th*ir oommant every luxury and oumfort obt\in?l>le at any <>tbor American watering place Hi* terres for board, by the Jar. week, or month, for individual or fsmiliea, will f>e reMoufthle. ma23 dtJulj I LOGAN O SMITH. EDUCATIONAL. Commercial college. N'o. 47R tfKVSNTH 6T.. Oproute the Gtn ral Post Office, Wathmgtem City. Armorian Sy?te?n of Peiimanahia. Hno?k#?iin? Mercantile Funr.a and C^ ulntiona. Uuaineia'Cnrrefpocdence Hill, of Exchange, Current BiiU, Co>nmiM]on MM, Grammar and Arithmetic. it/ A Preparatory Class for Boya. .hVif Lad,~ will be tnsUuoted in fine penmanKo?m? open from9t m. to 10 p. m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma 8?-3m WM. W. YOUNG k TO. THK UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. . ? . NEW ARRASOKMKST. 1 fllS W01I KnOVn A 11(1 DOHtill.r Siminar* wKi?k ha* l?een no oueoMvfai under the entire care of Mn Z. Riohards tor more than ten year*. will be opened on tlicii ftrnt Monday in SepUni'^r n ixt, sod r the united1 #jM>ervision awl instruction of Mr. aud Mrs. /. RICHa R DS, in the well arranrril aud delightfully located Union Ao*<1emy Building. For lartioulara. aee circular* at all the Bookstore*. m?a tf Mas-lttdSffl .. friend* and the paWio ?eneraj jr tcatsbe vul reennif the tiaties or bar School on the 1st Monday ia Saptem t>sr Q^xt* The course of stady pursued trill ooinpriseall the braaonee re*aiaite toathoromb English ednoa boa. In addition to bar day aoholar a ah* ia desires* of raoeivinf into her family a fewsapils as boarders, aged from 10 to 14 years, who wfu m ander bar in nadive care and oversicht. Har arrangement* for the acooiPiru^atioL si C due care of pupils hare boon aonsioera;:* : ior?iw. d and otherwise improved. Those in washir.ftoa dMtrtac paruaaiar informal c with referenoe to her ?ofiot)l may apply to vv. D Wallaob, Editor o For te'rai and fartier particulars apply at baa aaiila ,aa_Na 4ft C A 1-?- ? tT. 11 ? HI?ww iwoct* AtPjt*nun?, tf ti-tf A CHEAP Ml ?1C LARGE l?ot cf Mint, Foretjco SM Arc,er;o?n, orMkic at half yrio* for on* VMk onlr ftt t'.f M 10 HV ra of m?? W O. MKTTF.KOTT CHICKERING A. SONS* SUPERB FI >- * obIt for Mb* M M ? JOfiW F. BUMP'S, *< * ***. % . TH* WEEKLY STAR. Vkli (imUW riaU? tai Nm Jeereet?ene taUBinmlH *mn#ty ?f laU-^t: nf rMdiot iku ?m t* foiad is ?ay other?u pvbhahad mm Sattrtey Tnw- ftli, ? * * **?. M KlIiH SiQf le oo^T, per tr.caa $1 F re , I * Je? oop,.? m Twrctj n,iplm . U m tod. li inT*n*hto oonUi tk* " Wwn,u(U r h ilta Smt ?rc?Wt* 1 r xctc PM?r- Prio??THREE CENTS. . (IT* Po*tiaMt*r* who "* M l(Ntl VlU l?* < * ? JOR SALE AND RENT. \TALI ABLE BUILDING LOT* AT PR! V ATE rALE ?T"? subeemiar will selat an T?t? sale. Loti If) and 19. Square SR. front) n? ?ich a feet 4 inches un I street north. between *1 and 4th streets west. Lets to and 11, S^narf Ml. tots 29 an<l ?>. Sq uare SZU. ots 10 ami 11. Sq uare MS. art Lot 17. Sauare MR. fronting feet <? F ?treet south, between id and 4 V sts. Teriu?*?a?r CHAS. S. WALLACH. ma 14 auw4w Attorney. No. T Indiana ar. Five thre^-pt 'Ry brick dwelling HOUSES AT PRIVATE SALE.-TU sab scnber will Mil, at private sale one or all of the |ve well built and comfortable threo-etory Jpw'k Dwelling Houses on Ninth street, osposite Grace Church, on the Island which afford an exqellMit opportunity to pe s nsdeirin* a comfo-taUe dw*lr in* or to mvee. Price low and t rm? eae*. CH&8. S. WALLACH, AtWaey. mo ? 3Uw4w No. 7 ludtan* tvaass tjH>R SALK-A great bArrain. four KrN of w*l improve*i LAN L>. w<?M oiiited for a w?rk?t gar den, with new dwelling houae with foar roomi and kitchfu ; well of fine water in the yard; under (rood fencing. and wil! be aold low or axchanrad for eit) property, and on moderate term*. The Find it at Ball'i CroM K >*d?. two and a half iiule* from Georgetown, and m Alexandria count*, Va. Apply to V. r. COR BKTT. over Dank of U aehingtou gia ia-tf I^OR RKNT-A amaii STORE,oorner of ?h at. 1 and Penn.avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, auitable for a barber'a aaloon or oigar Mora For information irn>gre at the Hotel. mar 3P FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the buM ii.z immediate.y opaoaita the weat wing or Uie City Hat..reoently . oonpied by Chaa. S. wa.iac1aa an '>ffoe. Alan the front room ta tke aeoond atory and the third floor of the aame bunding. For tarma apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. 4 Louiaiaaa avenue. ia 1? 1f SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONG REM ^7 Two aplenaid auitea of ROOMS, efafaatty far mahed, will 6a rented daring the aeaaion or Ob creea, in the moat deairable locality in thia city. beiuf within one or two aqaar?? of Brown'a aod NaUonal Hotel*. Thoae ta purauit of auc: will do well to make early aap.ioaOon at No. 1T9 nh atreet. between D atreet and Pa av da t-U L^OR SALE?A nioe three atory Bnok HOUSE, F on 3d atreet. l-etwaaii I) and E atraata, in K lbbev'a Subdivision. The above property wih be aold or eaay term*. Prioe made inowc by ipaair mg of H. W HAMILTON A CO, No. ? ? nh str^jt^oppoaite Centre Market. Title perfeot. trunksTboots and shoes. Boots and shoes to suit the TIMES. We are now manutfcctunnc ai! kipds of BOOT'S and t?HOKt*. and oopstantl* reoeinn* upply of eaktern mad* work ?' evert M-ll| oriptto*-, made expreksiy to order, ai.u viliflj he sold at a innok lower jnoe than has been* heretofore oharged in this oity for Mnoh inferior articles. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always ftnd a Meortniect in store and at the lowest pnoea Git* a oaiL 6RI?TIN ft BRO., ap*-r >14 Pennsylvania a??s?a COUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O ?? Tt* man, opposite Odd Fellowf' Hail. Wa-kmgteee, D.C. Travelers will study their interests b< examiuaf niT TRUNKS. VALICES fto .before ?sf? chaiftnc elaewere A* I u#e dob* but UirHMl t>?at material tbe market afford* and ?mploT^^^^? the b*t? workmen, 1 <?:: o< i.fid-i.tiy reoominond my work to be aupenor in Strength and l>?rrmixluy to Trunka tnat are made .n other eltiea and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, and m?kf to order ion one week's notioe) every d^aoriotien of SOLS ris otktr VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *c.. #e. Tranka, fto., R*-pairnd and Covered, ia a workmanlike manner, at abort nonot. Truilta delivered in any part of the city. Gaorfa" Ajren*Iiorl*tlowe,a eeiebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. 3e1?-tr JAMES S. TOPRAM. WOOD AND COAL. | WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parta of the city, at the loweet possible ratea. T J. & W. M. GALT. Offie* Pa. av., between 11th and L2th ata . ina 17 tf north iwa. T'HK SCBSCRlBUt HAVING ON HAND A an extensive stock of Kl EL, ia prepared to eel' at a very low figure for oath WOOD ?awed and Split any sue. Call and ?*e for y oar a elf. R. W. BATES, Wood and C<?1 Dealer, ? a m U -? ' " - - ? ? * ' ma i-i r . comer 01 rowwNiui ana i; at*. R NOTICE I K.OPLAR STEaM packet LINE BE TWKKM HALTiMOKK AND jit-*. WASHINGTON -Leave n? IT ro*r?e at. wha-f, Baltimore, aa '?I)iA*o*n Ptate. every W KDNF.SDA Y, at C p. m. Columbia. every SATURDAY, atli. m K iley'? Whttf,tt the foot of 11th atrMt, Warhin* ton, a* folLOwa: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNIN?. at 6. ?>!a)^03I>?tatb^ every FRIDAY, about Um. I uj iiu'|iU| ? w. ?yy iJ * ' ' THOS. W. RII.EY. Aient, Riley'a Wharf, at the foot <?f m tft-TATfi?n llth ?? . Waahi ngton |^OOK OUT FOR I'AINT No. tl?SEVENTH STREET. Four Doors South of Odd FtllovS Hall. H W. HAMILTON hm opened a FAINT SHOI'aii't FAIN rt*T(>RKon the New York flan, where can alwav* be louml PAINT^, OILS. 0I.A88, BRL'slIES, Ac., Ac., at wholesale and r#tAil MIXED PAINTS FOR BALE, And bcckets u-ith britches to L?aji! V U ?PartiiMilar &ttAntn.n r?? > ' tn Mnnaa Ornamental Pain tin* a? d Graining. M?ir>?d a*d Fluaiuelied Gla*s of all kinds aiwavs on hand, or furnished at short notice. He warrant* satisfaction in all tro'k entnirt-d to his oar*, ami is eonftd?nt that ha can do work a.? ch-ar. u not cheaper. than any other establishment in this city- Give him a call. Uon't forget the number-it is 414 Seventh street. _ ma 10 tf PUTTY IS DOWN. yOLK'B STATUETTE STEPHEN A* DOUGLAS In form and feantares this beautif*. and aoonrata specimen of Amenosr. art is lnsuraaaeed by any aj>*oin.ei! of like character ewr f rodnead. It la a far-s<m i U of th* Little Giar.t." Dpecimorv iii'?j ur ?wa o ua pruoarea at Cclvm's Decs Sto?k, No. 26* Peon arraM, eornw of 12m street. Wuhinftoe city. Parson* in the Di-'triot of Columbia aixf States of IMintt, Virriuia. North Carolina, So?t~ Carolina, Georyia. Florida, Alabama. Mimimj pt.atd Louisiana, deairi' c copie* of the Statuette jrUl ad drfM their ori'er? to C. P. CL: LV'KR, W as hint to? oity, D. C., aowiwpaiued by a remittance. Composition Copiee ...... #14, Boa and Cart?e ? 1. lO? Editors of newspapers in the foregoing 8tate? gi vinr the above twelve lawitions is wetr weakly issu?s. with appropriate editoria s, will bemppJ>?4 with a ouar of the Statuette, and papers la other State* will be furnished hy the looai ac*nta III M GAS" F I X T UK E?T ~~ E Han in store, and are dai!/ receiving, OAS PTXTL'K ffSofentirely New Pamnwaa< Dedjr.s ami Finish, tuperior in stiie to taytkjac hereto Wia offered in this market. WtinnUaitiMHMMl 1? to oall and examine our rtaek of Gas and Wstsr Fixtures, fe?< inc eoutdeat that we have the bast _ _fc _ -a-1 .t/wtV i IVashitir fnn 3nwo'rkT" u.'A?HS'i>mW i>mm l b. W^.gk, MCGRAN. ibm 5-tf IT* D itriwi moit d?r?bl?, uid IWlU* MiMtnr ntli Vmr}m<o\%taXt Fair, *e.t k.o Jn vrmy ? * ***** IHT ? C PATTISON. /^n<i PURE Oip RVK WHISKV.?On u?* ier^ IT t>r?nd of Par* Old Rr? Whl kr. < n?per D?? ti . rd. mvt? by tk* m?*t r4t*h d i? p*.? ?lvMUt, M?rj[!fto4 *4 Virfiiii*, twihN nr?. Also, iMprtwd Hr?o4iM, ll>nnH?,Ou d, D?r?r ? Co.. J?1m Ao *i?q. P**oh a 4 A?re BrMdy, yare IIolia.Nl ??*, ali Jsmim m41M. CrM* 5?m, M Winn f* **erT ?vimj *II of ?i?rx;?r0 vrm^rm a wig w ni *1*1 r. . btaoo yojim ft KF.fH 'rtt AtnX., *? u-1t r* wrti ?rw> mil ?u a 1 kli-ow ltmui k /ill dfwnpfiom of tkt * *?** i. ?(.( <. ft>r ioari)9iuhi flo( ?t! ny .'? ? *?(' ib4*mcsi) wlllw'a -mr?ot fn>n; tftr tort&^m ntutk ? joy ft mltcai,' toillll urnAr P-t.-i ! _> - Hi ??? - -- ? " w ' ? ?i rwmm 'vw, PIANOS.?GREAT MA8GAINS 1 '"??r RO?7bk'*nt? Pimk), in h?st or4*? to* f tl" MX < ??? OmIi Pi*B f ? ?. 1 cw4 Par c Melni Ob for ?? :?ITTIt wlr >r aotomiAodatifig t?rmi tt 'he t*t r. t4 <fU>~ W O MKT*FtOTT

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